ZRA Part 1 4-25-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, April 25th

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It's a zone runs and Hamburg. It is a Wednesday morning need 25 morning at eight roll good to have you Florida. Hamburg morning and I think Romberg on this somber day and good morning and it's very sad. Release who got the Marlins right solving the morning's. Big comeback win. They got six that number six and pulled it off last night's 2005. Game losing streak guys they got six hole wins last night. Six hole wins not all one time the last night was the sixth and went to read it to you name. Can be deceiving the way that I sent its. So last night basketball is done and we are no longer the center of the sports universe. And now we get to look forward to the next you know. Four months of baseball. Maids pretty awesome. But Haig as one. Now Dylan tired this morning's travel so yeah. Because. It's about four months of sleep is coming your way again you know what I. I was I was still nanos and a foul mood last night's. The summer Jonathan begins. Obama Fiona right now. Not right now do you have any open any point last night after after halftime under house. No because a guy is into the lead ballooned but I did you know when I know Zoller. When it was extreme because those Texas that goes text and I'll walk obviously with us Texan with a friend last night. The during the game and we have friends. And and a friend when the heat fell behind by six as a just six. Because it was a huge three it was to four point game the entire first half. And whoever was made use Belinelli that is three to put them up like six the first couple minutes in the third quarter. Dallas like now as being in the race here and and it was the beginning of the end is that leave it ended being 110 run and and two yeah and the closest we got was eight Swiss. You know like two and a half minutes left huh. Yet it didn't close the heat offense was terrible last had to keep it close a six point lead felt like at twelve point lead at the time did you get a little little tingle behind your kneecap wouldn't Julio and it got about five or six point zero at no point now now now is the ultimate stat padding from Kelly Nolan only after he was in December the a statement of I don't know of course but what you do is it it was the most phony baloney Elaine good box score you're gonna say. What would what really bothered me was. Obviously they seem like they got their little pass came up where they were just as a step ahead of the 76ers. This was during that time exact armored Keller when it was sort of critical points. So when the guys are trying to get off to get on a double team and you get rid of the ball extremely fast so the streaking guy at the key. In the somebody sticks deficit to six or sort of doing the same brand and it just looks so much better and smoother mean when the 76ers murderer. A lot better. Then know a lot better than he eats a lot better and if you wanna do that okay hold them and let us do economic look a lot better there a lot better and I know Eric in Tony we're making this point throughout the game last night and the rights. You know especially because and he'd had missed so much time he's only been back for three games now. The longer this sixers team seen alive in the playoffs the better they're gonna continue again. Them at their degrees and results. And that doesn't happen very often. Where unity late. Teams use the regular season to improve the rest easy two games in the regular season and don't forget that they had a week's race this team this. I knew I had to I mean they were on what a fifteen game win streak at the end the regular season they got better throughout the regular season ends it will continue to get better double play out over. So thing with sixteen games remaining in the regular season which is not a lot of time. There were two games above 500 leg completely average team at that point and then they went on the run at. They finished with fifty wins which is an excellent season and Blake. The last half. Of us like the last third. Of the regular season and then in two now usually teams use the 82 games to get better get better and you wanna peek like around march or so whatever it is. And this sixer team. It is still getting better in the post season and the longer invade. Stay alive they are going to continue to get better especially because like you said because and beat is only been back for three games after missing. The previous twelve before that their favored not a commodity east. I think they're nine to one odds to two win the whole thing actually which it would suck it happened but they are they are favored to an east I think they're going to win the east. And you know challenges and at this point late do you look at Toronto. And think and yeah. Don't walk the wrong it's okay. Yes yes of course they're going to be challenged yes it does viewer winner of the bronze cabs out. Yes I I hear it and I think it would put it on the caps yes I don't know what they are notices well Regis. It seemed like the heat. Although in the beginning the first couple games of the series they were physical they were matching the intensity that as a Kalla the Rich's songs like fourth quarter they weren't just got beat down that is your name and I'd and they get a lot last night's no they did in time and allot him every time. I didn't seem like they discussed. I do think other teams will have an opportunity it's right you keep up furtherance you. Further into the game that he had I mean he had. Phenomenal first quarters against them every single game and I'm just collapse in the second quarter every single time and discordant hanging so I think some of these other teams might have. A possibility of pushing them harder and I think it's Emmy Kate block for them. They were beat up by last IDs war they weren't they weren't physically don't they were a beat up team. They did not have lots it's why they had their worst offense performance in the series last night when your when your season was on the line. You know and the thing is. Halftime of that team our site that's the game you needed leg like you needed it to be 4646. At halftime you needed a low scoring game. Scene needed just twelve more minutes twelve more minutes after half time. To go into the fourth quarter can you go into the fourth quarter tied measles tied adapt and can he owns the fourth quarter to twelve more minutes. Can you played and even for another twelve minutes and and you got a chance. And it got out of hand real quick 'cause the sixers are a very good offense seemed there at the best defense team as well but they're also very good offensive team. And yet he couldn't hold it 'cause he went into that drought you're going to go into offensive droughts. It happ in in the first half of the third quarter the sixers going on eleven old run in that kind of game when both teams are struggling offensively and 110 run feels like a you know twenty to nothing run. And and that's it and you Don Philadelphia just walk. Everything down it seemed like in the second half it's the became out of that locker room saying you know what. Our offensive game might not be on point tonight. But they are not getting baskets and assuming every Tripoli that they were finally got he'll Belinelli hit a cult law balance jumpers ready get a couple 30. That may when he issued a it's unbelievable but even the best offensive team mentally yeah. Yup the seas and yeah. Yeah there was one open shot. For me there at how the ball movement had to be so it was always a subtle policy reason why I don't cuddled on the basketball is from a reason why Kelly will make a formal and it. Evidently he he hasn't had a million chances did to knock down some sock that was in the pay hallmark. Available we don't know there Nelson couldn't get the ground ball a million around who. Haas who's my boy. Console that that's not my boy that a juror off some my boy so what is it there was talk to heed officials that you. If you're gonna talk during his meeting I'm available for talk to me he wants in his Tom deuces ignored now chat you know we talk we out ten minutes you know he loves the. Give him hey. Yeah who and who made the decision to only play him ten minutes. More room don't we question that this is an at all wanna see more room well on the Internet and in just the series overall I think that you could have a discussion about. Him having the ability and his whole role mysterious have a good defense against and beat him and he certainly was not. I mean there isn't he would've given you nothing not offense you have to buy it even last game in the last game he seemed like you really did it disrupt Ambien and young to foul trouble by. Why not what I just want him to foul out and you're gonna limit his minutes and severely anyways well. What what does it matter ideas he stunk news he was he was Harrell out there. He gave you nothing offensively and minutes at defense and minutes second lows plus minus on the team he was terrible minutes he was terrible. And and I and I thought he was good on Saturday you know double double I don't you know in real nice game in and he he was awful almost ten minutes yesterday. I he's he's lucky was on the floor for ten minutes. And I'm so over you know he he he's the biggest guy and the floor okay I understand he's bigger he's the biggest guy on the floor not even an attendance at enough to eat you know the floaters of children's extend full but you soon Santorum do 82 games I mean tires that the floaters okay dawned on somebody's head. And you know there was a possession. In in the second half early in the third quarter where you on the games adding he will come out a timeout the sixers were up by six they won on their first little run of that third quarter and you know ball's moving around they're trying to get whatever shot there again and finally they find Whiteside underneath that the good ball movement and just the whole thing slow but he can't handle pass you bubbles it. He's hold the ball download now he's got four guys on top of him as a he's got a pass out because pleasurable teams and god forbid in four years in the league us on knows. Pass out of a double and triple team and find a guy with a decent pass we could shoot a jumper and senate make them. Grabbed the ball his ankles so we can't like I mean column all on him he was sold at last night's. He was so look I put us on and he lost war. Forty games a one OK they lost a better team with an average deficit to sixteen points mine yeah but he played his last game at the I mean I I could say at definitively. Today via at and viewed you know everyone knows. People in his last game at the Kamal. Now eighty LPGA eagle on some type of you know at sort of filled rant after the game mentally voices displeasure to win any sign after the game that he. Did he speak officially to the media. He said it not being out there are at least give me a chance of played at least give me a chance of fighting can understand about us playing thirty minutes and I played bad but at least give me a chance. Now they gave him chances. Even any chances. He blaze last game on their blood Dwyane Wade deeply lust now now I know some blatant lies Italy you know that. The problem is what else he can have to give up with Asante get rid of and that's the question. He said that the coach wanted it more spacing on the floor when he was discussing the freedom that they granted them beating that I was exposed approach. It's right that I thought he wouldn't get to go back in the game and he never den. It's right not bad it is and the second worst but now I don't have time on plus minus and one game sample sizes. Button doesn't ten minutes into the second worst plus minus the team intended to play holy crap that that is that it's that. But and regardless OK they lost there's no shame in the isn't human at avenue and the sixers are a lot and it was proven. I mean I've I don't care I don't I'm not making an argument that enzymes should be here next season at all I mean I I hope that this team looks completely different Nazis and I think obviously moves need to be made. I do think that there is a discussion we had just in regards to these playoffs. Your best chance teeth and civilly and that's it against him bead is this on whites and again that was a better chance of disrupting him itself. Why crisis essentially limit his minutes. That's what it was like you're hitting great offense or else also soda and lasts nights. We got the ending we deserved I mean let's be honest and Philadelphia moves on to play the winner of Boston Milwaukee he moved on to a an offseason of the horn of uncertainty. I'd that's going to be the main portion of the show this morning obviously Derek Jeter last night on real sports Brian Gumbel got a few things talk. Do you feel better. But it is fledgling wave with his last game your playing upbeat music so when he's come back. Does it bother you that we don't know he's coming back and I'm now is C I don't wanna sit here. And speculate. And speculate like. I I would want to. I want to give proffered to and respect. To the greatest. Athlete the South Florida sports have ever had. I don't think he knows I think that that's one reason or in his position as I don't think he's pulling me that decision I'm guessing that he wants to. Take you know a few weeks dress really think about what he's gonna do after basketball I don't want to ask you if he's not it's not that I don't wanna do right Gabby tweeted out that she hopes it's not the end but you know if it is he's at a legendary careers like you don't leave and. They feel like he's seized. He had that that there there's a good chance that he does come back I mean she seems Sonata. I just don't think he's decided I'd and I think it's completely likely ray because I mean maybe you just don't make that decision during this season maybe you decide to. After the season is over how much are enjoying. Not having a black hand adjourned any Ozzie and then maybe consider what else. You have going on and what would be your role if you came back in with your financial situation would be if you came back verses. What you could do a UN and Cyril you know broadcasting her focus on your fashion minor or whatever he may wanna do. When it finally indiscreet deserves to to to have every one and talk about how amazing years but I. I'm not gonna do its exact I don't want it to remain isn't retire early. I don't yields you'll just a dead. Well you know it when he announces it now he did say the media last night that he's in Philly and then as much as he loves Philly. That that would not be announcement that he would ever make in Philly isn't spell. All I'd I'd I mean I just think that he's not too and last night no matter where it is I mean that's I mean that he he said hey you know word that essentially were on the republic if you look silly but that's not let's the take big Dennis that I would ever say here concern by the he's a favorite obviously. What he meant by that was about announcement is common one in fact it's coming it's going to calm in Miami it's not going to comment. So mothers sitting. I I think I'm guessing that maybe just hasn't I mean Robert in my mouth than an athlete may not have made up as minds. I'm sure they've had while options and then you. I'm only mentally guy knows what's coming off an emotional high emotional low. He's gonna make an arrest decision amending something that he has been doing his whole life a must one of those things where he went into the season. Knowing that this was going to be his last but the only time a player would do that is if he's comfortable and content with its current position. Which is close enough bouncing around he was everywhere else using Cleveland it was in Chicago we was now is in my really so. I think I think that he will take a good amount of time to it just reflect a little bit find out how long it's gonna tapers body deal. Although he didn't play blu coup amounts of minutes this season. Still is gonna find out how long is 36 year old frame is gonna take two would get rid of inflammation and feel a lot better about themselves. And then I imagine after an offseason of vacationing with a few friends and a lot of cigars in a lot of drinking nights you'll figure out what his situation as an open. Look humidity a 1000% sure if he decides to retire because until you exactly what is the difference that's the thing well. I'll say exactly what is gonna wind up happening is we're gonna get to a point next season no matter what this heat roster looks like. And stimulate the hole he can use all the offensive play like we're in like February or march. You'll that he can use old offensive punch to Kolb went when they actually want to like which he beat 1000 if you talk a cease. You better be 1000%. Shore. That he wants to retire is that conversation is going to happen next year they all the way concede he's got fifteen minutes in them. Beleaguered though with Ray Allen awfully good season and a half buried and when the winds Ray Allen gonna come at a retirement come join us they apparently don't was ready because he was never. Use never and he never came back in Lebanon Israel then pretty good but he but he made great choice is gonna eyesore Sally Field and I've always felt like that he was done after the season. But again. What's gonna do a lot of influencing his what kind of roster it's put together by the Miami the sauces and because yes that's true now. Now why am I gonna come back and throw passes the people aren't expecting him. Look you can't play get it wrong. Job and they who gets that's hurry. And get coal why in. All of that and maybe even bode cousins OK Goteborg to move in then bogey there then I could see when your big man business on peace man. And I am I guess the eye could see weight coming back. Yeah now then then he decides Yahoo! Clinton let's run it back man take for him. Amber's got your headlines reaction from Wells Fargo Center last night that's next. It was created ticket import testing windows it's when it's an upcoming game con serve the greatest fans Courtis. Money technology partner you local South Florida technology company visit them online. At a court escort dot com. This month by L'Oreal BMW Pembroke Pines and brought to buy your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez calls real five to 800. Burma. At some point is 6 o'clock hour to give away impaired tickets the Fort Lauderdale airship OK that's coming up on May fit to make six on going where. We'll do that this hour. You Texans shows 679 simpler tax rates weighed better than Marino hardly yank your deer all on that one man. And it and to be I don't know that it's that close. You know it weighed more than reversed via the. I think Gaza depends on your. Mean if you grow up on Dan marine now you might all feel much and you logo anywhere in here and you had dementia during Dwyane Wade's glory years then maybe you think that. You know wade wade it's certainly he. And we talk while we in the past sense for a moment here just for the sake of the discussion. Wade and was certainly. As good at what he did it. As Dan Marino was at what he did. And then you add in three championships in a finals MVP and and like it's it's it's over. I mean where I know you don't wanna hear it especially all older folks down here. Well I visited any doubts at all I'm guessing that that person who done it narrowed in taxes also added to. They go unsold Marino can't tell about it what do you they don't soul arena and. All right okay all right as and for full disclosure for people listening this is coming from a huge jaguars fans. I'm being told by wade. Just as good at what he did as Dan Marino was what he did and wade is is the biggest Witter. That we have ever had down here a. He dug and it only. Made Magic Johnson what has he done. Well it is is a businessperson. Who's got aids. It's a marine does not UNAIDS. Let's sort it speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. to Miramar. I don't think Wade's a great disaster we've ever had down here I mean you're delusional you wouldn't Jeter delusional. You could argue Jeter's about how. He. This weight body play have a date is brought to you Renny and aptly we've ever had down here is LeBron did he ever had down here I mean just somebody stopping three down. It would be LeBron james' music go to rather what was he before he got here. Nothing. Quit on this team. Three insulting Dan Marino and the brawn James this morning you're on a small hole this morning. Close up to that. This way I play have a date is brought to criminal law firm 100% dedicated to your financial recovery biting the insurance company is worth it. The Miami Heat season comes to an end they lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 104 to 91 last night. Kelly analytic led Miami in scoring with eighteen points six assists eight rebounds speaks to speak as good box score. You missed some shots Dwyane Wade played. He did he put up eleven points in 31 minutes. And he told the media that he's been contemplating retirement but he won't announce a decision rain and. Bush I don't know given it thought. This is still in love living on you know breaking news here Philip. I'm sorry so I appreciate your own concern. We were about them later. You know from him Brinkmann an. Came out too quick baskets right when he checked in the US league is on men and it was like going to shut communal. Here is weighed in with air redirect him. No in the cynical comment as time goes through. Going into this summer Donald Washington view. Another examination you're it's like America was and then go into that thing in the army Sonoma you make the businesses and for me. And I it's all. You see it sounds like it's going to be a lousy at that decision and that that part so. They don't know what to do it is all on wanna sit here and talk about how amazing Dwyane Wade is. And bump up but I don't I don't want to view. I I don't wanna eulogize him if he's not dead for for a lack of a better phrase I I I don't want to pay tributes OK one and then. When it's not time to retreat. On senate I don't agree Dwyane Wade is everybody today's is going to be talking. More about how about this on right now all we're gonna hear the next week from the Miami media and sunlight I played a series low ten minutes he scored two points out policies sent him to play ten minutes. Here respondents not. In our I look back on this season and a lot of a lot of great moments. It was a little bit uneven a lot of bit. To be fair was in and out of the lineup with this with the injuries. And our team would evolve and Reynolds and he would have to to try to plug back in. And then do this all with the scrutiny. And the noise of of everything outside. No I think he grew this year. I think there are uncomfortable times and there are times that he wanted to have more of an impact and I love that I want players two. Analyzed like players that want. Sit on the bench and be cool but here you learn how to manage things and and and handle things are better with more than professionalism and class and I think that'll that'll serve you well cold forward. Adds it's it's tough to believe what he's saying there are several well in Charlotte dad that's tough to believe a coach a sane in that spot okay. Because they you know you feel like you know he did some growing this year but he took a monster step back when the team. Who'd never finds its own players. Beaten never find their own players had to fly in a Husain after a post game rants. It's it's it's very difficult to believe that the coach is saying anything other than it does the easiest thing to say to try and to fly all attention. I'm had a rough season this season but you and me and discussed after the game you also is an outline of it was an injury as well. And I just I just only do so disgruntled in these playoffs and at the end of the season. And I do feel lake. Diet you can make an arguments and a little bit of that. Is somewhat how he's being utilized by the coaching staff just because you don't necessarily air Max player become disgruntled he is a player who can easily. Becomes so now we know that he's an emotional guy we know how he is it he's very affected by these things that he does need. Talks and to me out sin and we know that about and we signed up for that he's been on the team for years now. There's one thing democratic and ball out they can do relatively well and give you the 161718. Points and many rebounds a block shots of the night. And mope or on the locker you can kind of put up with that guy you can't put up with a guy that's not producing and non performing. It and it'll get I I can't cut your limiting himself severely enemy that's why it seems like he's so disgruntled. What he's he's don't get me wrong he had a few opportunities to score in the in the ten in the fourteen minutes in the twelve minutes that he saw throughout the series he's got to leave. Finding games three and saying it's ten minutes in game four did you give up on right away because he's he's he's not playing well he was not playing well. Ears he was not playing well at all but you are winning that game anyway obviously I mean it I don't know I just LEY complementing data and and just try try anything. You can't you can't seem really what they are willing to try EU can't deisler bland team and I'm wondering in a five and allows us bottom line. Mass Cecil but that's different discussion I mean diet we've. But and it's about before and his plans like we can talk about his contract now that it's the off season he has a responsibility Lowe isn't. It's not about his contract when you're actually in the play I matters amounts note I wish I he has the ability he's the one he's ever on the team has the ability. To shut down too well on the back. He dies he certainly did not do that when he was out there against and beat. He certainly played well defensively against him and. No intent on Saturday and and it was like thirteen times on Saturday X thirteen times. That's that's a that's why a solace in foul truck I mean it's not playing well when you sentence a line every other time. It's not playing well. And again before they can be had fifteen trips the free thought and that's not playing well the reason there's outscored the heat sixteen in the paint in the fourth quarter in game four. And his son was on the bunch I understand but the rest of the game like you didn't he didn't play well against and beat and beat it into the freak on. Like a song on the matter partly because in these joint fouls on him. That's why oh why not let them like why don't you have women in the last my minutes went out let them palatable at least com. Strong code but he didn't and I can't he is a public and you can't have one good game five. But yeah I'm talking about right now. In other words like his usage in that game we're just discussing game for you make an argument diets. He wasn't being utilized properly which is why I think he got sold to he gets salty because of those sorts of things like pay when I'm actually heartland don't pay on impede. Then why am I not in the game at the last five minutes laughter wire we allowing them to outsource in the paint so severely 'cause I'm not out there when Joseph while indeed is out there. All I mean what he wasn't regain the Indian for now being they did play it now he wants into the game of the and now with more I minutes left indeed. I'll play the finals I met again for I don't remember like that out of by you was out there running bands finals lie and yes. You can set up the entire he cannot sit out the entire five minutes every did not it was a bad first and then that once it was right. And in Spain that may be true that they ended up things on back in with a mean with one minute. Or set well in his promising help for small ball again with a minute thirty laps. And had five minute mark he wasn't a damn minute thirty mark and he wasn't then. Bennett. And then with thirty seconds left. Both dropped the play doesn't give the heat the chance of that. Offensive rebound after we'd. I mean they didn't god does not see what my plan was nice and wasn't what you president of the last couple minutes. Or is. It seductively Iran and the outlook than the cubs have lost trust them forty minutes are you kidding mean it how much should he play game 416 minutes. And it was really what it is that's my whole point it would only he was anywhere near Olympia and let me ass and all these things I am I'm warning out game four is of course why you get a disgruntled. Inside the money. Behind you coach don't wanna play the guys are gonna help like why aren't implants on wall I think that they've lost trust in him on Kurdistan but that doesn't mean at their rights to have lost trust in him and not have him on the court during those for the majority of those final by minute one point final by minute why Hassan Whiteside. Get the benefit of the doubt over X altered. Why am I not allowed to question that may overeat is here's the thing with the sunlight tightly they're dimensions. We know. But he's a player. Who mentally. Needs some coddling and so we know he's a player who is going to get salty in those situations if he's not being utilized that there is an argument remade. Of why he should be utilized in those minutes. Why not writer I would Kennedy's plane while I knew I was playing well because he hasn't he has in sensible he hasn't earned. Yes and earned it as a coach and why a coherent. Because as a co a hundred years what's the problem as a coach you're tired of telling somebody the same thing we're tired and I don't like us on why does never being good tennis seem. So what we're doing now and all but easy to map out what else is fighting for their life there in the wells fighting for the life. And coach Spoelstra doesn't need to rub somebody's back every time they go back after game watch film does not. About leaving him in the game when he's being effective all of doc about the bureau of sand hundreds of Brinkley's marriage papers just think and I'm not the only person knew by the way is suggesting that's I mean I'm getting these stats from. I or when Herman right now to me not to where you got the end of game four stuff from. They wanna win and they don't feel like a solemn Whiteside gives them a chance this series and I'd I'd put all my trust. And which has been burned. Into. We can't decide you know no I am no big BM is there for the last five minutes of the of of game four I think that they would have had a better shot it's not an amber again amber I didn't runs in the last five minutes we import wasn't OK we just know he is not a must buy and yeah I wasn't in the majority of the last I minute to import a right. No band was not in for the last five minutes of game four he was in for the bulk of the last five minutes example aren't. Hello every one ever hardly wanna cut it up that you wanna cut about the the last couple minutes of game four. Does it when when we're putting together this coaching staff vs Hassan Whiteside. Signed with the coaching staff. Like I mean like 1000% to. Sports pretty I'm allowed to question the decisions the coaching staff it's what we deal. Allowed to do to get me out and let us do that I don't just have to double finally agree with the that this has on rhetoric that I'm going to hear from every other media member. Edgar and I truly though it's my way and now it's less about siding with the coach Seth I'm more about like why am I citing costs on that's one it is. Like like what is Hassan get. So I think he needs boat guys like you never pleasant things no no any player and every not here and Greg just sat. It's less about siding with the coaching staff and more about why am I siding with hos all asking decided witness on in terms of him be I'm not suggesting that he should be value or that we should keep him next year I'm not even having that conversation or that his contract is a good one. I'm just simply talking about who gave you a better chance at the end of game 4 is a big am or is it does not. And I would argue it's is not and that has nothing to do with me so I eating with his sonim does. Genuinely talking about the defense and ability and two Elin be at and I think his sign gives you a better shot if we like email or any in years. We don't get on ordering and if we go to game four again he we're down one in the closing minutes of game four. And when the sun was in the game and Simmons drove right past some and dump the heat's hostile about it textures don't do it away game for Whiteside mist is a Simon at the end of the game when ready when it's that three point or that. And new movie screen I'll go with there's a missed call okay. But the play before and Simmons dumped the heat's season away all our weapons on to walk us on stood there and watched. And lots and sentence and the heat's visit our during emerge clarification Ben was in for thirty seconds and go be an electric as on Damon and he delegates they're acquitted him more trials like Amazon may play in Portland okay. I saw that neither of them are and no hot like Sandra was a song was in. The two biggest basket and and school and I mean more ire okay let the two biggest baskets that Philly scored at the end Redick with the jumper. I think it was a legal screen okay even at the last of their report says it wasn't. It was a sign and then Simmons onto the heat's season away when Hassan stood there and watched. Are days I'm sorry I won't I isn't anything with. This is Sante we will we all agree on they designed to ache you'll you guys are in some with managed very properly in these playoffs. And it's. Nobody could see it coming in and sign it would be salting the hope is decreed as. The Celtics ticket preteens seriously on the bucks beating them in game 59287. Al Horford had 22 points. Fourteen rebounds. Told you that Celtics team is going to be easy as people think the warriors a limited spurs they 1999 anyone win in game five. This spurs' top priority this summer reportedly is of course to me was quite eyeliner. And CB wants to stay in San Antonio. Tony Parker says that he would return as a back up next season. Oh analytic on Saturday and have any points what he had a horrible you know rock series I mean is it media but yet. He's back in and and and are giving him why or why it but it is just to the point. They've done this for disarm for so many years now so why all of a sudden or why would they. Put Kelly a clinic in. And put the onus on Kelly Nolan could throw skilling and also on that he's got onus on him I mean. Lee dykstra president Jonathan lately and I'll sell until now I am having a great night why would they give Kelly a limit the benefit of having a much as it and it out except earns on and that's why is on salt Kelly was driven and it was priceless on insult the Hollywood drivel on the ball over his foot or as well. Like it goes of validating the point of after four years of his Kelly's first to Steve. I imagine after two or three years of doing the same thing over and over again how Kelly mite poop the bed you think they're gonna continually go OK let's get Kelly another shot it's become another issue happens on. The bad for four years. An amateur simmered that conversation known how many guys got us on how am I have a rough season this season he's also been injured plague brain injury this season I mean this was the season he's had a rental coaches is an inconsistent. Coaches are hired him yet it's on its own saying I think they've they've Panama and easily and that it is it that's where it died and you can understand why you're getting a salty has all of us are going to get assaulting a front is very obvious. But the coaching staff does has some particular problem with us on white I don't get on site on my right. Partied beyond the already written him off but basically in a coach's mind if you have to continually say the same thing over and over again. Coach is like what am I'm tired coach and a. I'm guns of the doesn't have him in the classic you're not that's tonight on T live on Amazon I would probably be salty as well all based on how you obviously my superiors are treating you and how they're favoring everybody else who doesn't probably deserved to be finally got is when a coach on the Sudanese. Until as well and not play my hardest for. When a coach's mind is set on the way that he feels about a player whether you're a rookie or your veteran. You're not gonna change and that's why guys always leave teams and organizations get fresh start to go elsewhere and they might be rejuvenated Matt because other people believe in their ability right now it doesn't seem like the Miami Heat are believing in need to focus on is wanting to offer a. Zones that's not to buy that wasn't the way to get your best out of your center for the ability to hit like bad at this point or dislike. We're we're done. And then and then you get a first round exit as you needed him like he needed him to play harder as a matter and Nazr has rental I think he had that ability I think you put him enough place for you super salty and was mismanagement. Of him mentally. Miami Marlins snapped but I shouldn't question what are they crush and the Miami Marlins snaps and focused Sports Radio response questions. My man a not a big deal to somewhat. Mean behind the plate during an annual I'm not even a normal little bits. Instance you know he was planned for shortly and their leaders also by the Miami Marlins I eternal. It's five game losing beating the LA Dodgers three to 20 and the Miami Dolphins exercise that fits your option and on the Vontae Parker. He would make nine point four million in 2019. That Miami can cut him next march with no penalty and that's not months. I don't tell you a an angle that I think he is taking after. Last night which which I don't agree with next. They shot. That might take. Customize my champion for Dubai ports. Settlers someone's Jeep truck and SUV customizations not a guaranteed him the hottest four by four modifications town called champion for a quarter. At 7865023446. Good champion for export icon also brought you by your insurance attorney Eddie Lopez called real fighting conjure Mumbai DJ I sort by drum nerds and win what. And draw hundreds of amateur and pine crest Plano road runners dot com. Draw owner itself once IE in the sky and so. Last night lost in 232 series lead over Milwaukee. And that's I mean at that series don't into every game right Boston men and seven the home teams in when every game there. Which is usually a sign that neither team is very good but I would expect Boston's going to win that series in seven home team winning every game. The sixers are going to play the winner of that series and the part that I. Objected to from heat fans because I am I feeling it's awful shortsighted. Is the idea that he should have lost. To finally came loss this season to Toronto so they could play Boston a team whose leading that series are now that that ports are part gearbox I I do think that the heat would be able I think to be a long series of balls I'd irony irony because he's greet them. But here's the plug and I object to deal. So then you put Philly in round. And you suffer the same like who'd help hostility. Clearly that is probably gotten better and better and better after their first lately who the hell cares here it Phillies could be better next round and they were just now and I'm beating a play every game and that I convergence it can be more embarrassing them a sixteen point deficit that we suffered them throughout the series like who the hell can't talk about. Losing that final game just a lineup of Boston still do so you can book but it's to delay the inevitable so instead played Philly in round to round two is not in the inevitable it's night and given we would be boss. But let's just say they do. Ray and then you're ready so that you're the only county next week instead I haven't played in the last couple of weeks it's plain silly mid April. Do you play in the end of April at it. Does this success though because no just missed the playoffs last year now they mated they should look like anyway and he. Is just as the east is worse that Y two good question answered that when you talk about today but I I gotta go now. I don't know sale that the season is not a success because now. I don't think you'll mistake. That. Pat Riley brought this group back I mean I think there's a hall where. This silly radioed to the team but I think he I think he owed it. To find an answer. To the last apple last season find out what that law so how high we were or how high were weak. Post season last year when everybody hung up their shoes and it was done. And you had guys like James Johnson doing what they did you have guys like bomb the yard they are now go back to the level they were on extra they pay me on the net or just got too close it was never even a stretch wars like whoa. They look like the team they were allowed you'll never know we did studio and really it all season right zoos and another I was I was another shining light was the Dion Waiters. Everybody keeps forgetting about the way it there will talk about Deion counting Waite county uttered. Everyone Persia yet Dion was issued odds of of this team and it's. Whether using Dion that isn't the answer and I every knew very well might not be but he certainly was huge piece intended piece of this team. So what do you say to defeat each fan or he nation. Who is saying right now. Pat Riley. The amount of money that you just spent in the off season on a Sauna Whiteside. Bumpy. And Dion Waiters. Argentines went on 15160 million dollars 179 dollars. Hard timely movie not a terrible complex that was couple years ago but I and so was Tyler Johnson. I don't have a problem with the whites like contract the reason Arab republic Whiteside contract is. Our I wasn't about especially and I wasn't about just letting him walk okay. You don't want to go through the first couple years and you feel like you buildings and been really good with us on and on let someone else enjoy. The fruits of your award labor allies have worked out the way he wanted. It would appear that Hassan and he'd have reached their breaking points so it's easy to look back at it now and say they shouldn't have done that but now. At the time I'm not about letting her son walk a couple years was I don't regret the white signed contract. The Tyler Johnson contract as the one that wins it'll. Okay and that's and that's and that's a tough spot okay because he came right you weren't going to keep him. And then wade goes to Chicago. And that it's like whoo yeah we heard it Toronto who would who try to get bumpy didn't go to him and signed yet when England. To offer sheets and heat were it was also you know part of it is okay. Or any get Tyler Johnson for six million dollars the first two years will deal with this problem in two years what guess what you know. Bills come looks like the bills come so they're gonna have to deal with it now. So the Tyler Johnson is the one that you regret. Regret the Hassan Whiteside contract double there at the James Johnson contract. I don't I don't go I don't get the James Johnson contract because they think that he wanted to make a move him. I think it's one of those contract to make a one seat. I don't think it's I don't regret any of the deals they sign this past all season waiters Johnson and a limit. Any and because I do believe that these are movable contracts. Now. I agree there because I saw. Azinger is Chris winning him tweeted me yesterday about its you know I did it can we talk about other sport about contracts on the steaming idea audience I don't need a back on I was thinking there. They're not great contracts arguably believe you can move a contract is it really about contract and the only one that you aren't going to be able to move is Tyler Johnson. Doctor right that that that's the one that's that's the one okay that's the elephant in the room but. I don't think bring in his group that was a mistake it's only mistake. If you're stuck with all these contracts of come out and we will see you will see it suck at them I don't believe their stock and until they're not these contracts. But it was not a mistake to bring these guys who you wanted to find out what you got here and you sound like let's let's comments warts without doubt it's okay to respond really didn't because the big signing one of them was Deion and we didn't really get to see that and he wasn't playing healthy mentally. It's tough to evaluate especially the way we saw justice grow. Now looks like just the second year is more the case of he was never held yeah but how long we gonna do this where where it is going to be dead the sum of the parts is it is eat you know. Is greater than any individual player like me it's a hearts yeah I'm I'm with you but that's why and that's why I'm asking. What the winners needs we'll have deemed a success winning a series without have been a success a successful season would abandon. Mcsame sixty win team to you weren't gonna go sixty and 22 like you were the last half of last season that was never reasonable. But a success was going to be beating that team that you wore the last half the last season. And and they never it was our readers I'm not saints 61 team bought. It's it at some point resembling. That team they never did. Now there are mitigating factors OK and then when they got the playoffs. While more three of the games worse super competitive okay history is gonna. Look back at this as the sixers role in the heat through fine. We're losers go on the finals. As she make you feel better. My point was when you're discussing this team and again it's not that I don't think it's we've gone off the sauce seasoned as I still do but when we are discussing his team in terms of the moves that right Elie made because that's. Where this conversation is going to beat for these next few weeks should Riley handed out these contracts and these guys didn't make sense for him TU. See this team this season. I just think it's worth a mention that he's not seeing the team he intended to seek his Dion Waiters was intended huge. Piece of this team. Where do you think Dion would have panned out or not is entirely different discussion but certainly pat rightly thought that he would have been a key component to this team. And he obviously felt like if you're a Dion Waiters you would have had a better chance getting out of Berkshire. Any US horse than ever deadline of Fort Lauderdale air show on seven I think it's got to dig into the show okay big dance. And six over the ocean front import alert old beach. More info and to get to visit Fort Lauderdale show. Here's Willard an air show dot com right now caught fire in the kinda signed. 78653407. Anywhere is set yup with a pair of tickets about that. So you see this story and it's it's it's very inside Sports Radio so it is wanna mention it real quick here. You saw those and Robert rapids in early in the hour. Powell op in op in New York which by the way is the sister station bars W a fan their next call it when I yesterday town yet their sister station of ours. And so watch resent. Shout outs this is Mike princess is going to be returning OK to. You usually announced oddities returning. If within an ounce and now it's just rumors aren't out. And I don't now rumors and I it's not rumors it's age he's determined they haven't officially announcer the station has not officially right now. I'm just keep you guys accurate here is they you're okay. Now he's CE DEC he's returning and it's gonna be back in. At an hour or less than what his previous time slot was. You know civic courage trio that's in the afternoons which is Chris Carlin import Scott and Maggie gray they're gonna be on. From one to three. Oscar means three people. That they're paying a lot of money to are going to be chop down into just two hours that's I mean princess terrible bad. Princess comes back okay and and here's all the strands us one here and there's also you gotta now. And okay who who is is the drive post now. As it was princess on Christmas has preserve her feet. Thirteen year tees as producer for fifteen years. And for incest and mad dog take a flame Bert to Carlin went parlance had one ratings on those guys have had. Arts are Chris Carlin magaw grant tied one ratings with that means that they've been on air for a very very very short period of time you can do not and this business judge a radio show off of one put it means virtually nothing. And because princess goes on air makes fun of him his producer fifteen year it would be like a roasting. Hope it does slow taking a flame bird Tobin once Tobin finally gets his chance it's really disgusting behavior from France NASA. And also to note Chris Carlin left high profile gig in Philly. And I'm going to be guys have noticed the Phillies have a pretty good sports year so he laughed I think it was afternoon drive and Billy left the biggest Sports Radio spot in Philly. To take this W dot band job where now he's being demoted. Ellie Bart Scott handles handles situations is no way like he's got a radio guy and a media guy he's youth football player okay. Like I I wonder I wonder how a guy like Bart Scott handles that. Whole situation because I mean it's it's free and sets up on an am hauler and what. I would imagine bird sky cares less though BC's not immediately I don't know of Romberg. Understands the impact of that to the same degree that we would just because for us it's been our entire disagreement our entire lives and livelihood for Romberg this is sort of like a like an after it god I get tired make your career that's I don't know CBS have so about it at these words gut I don't know this is like what you've always dream to be an afternoon drive on that he up and I don't know PBS upset about it not and for some really Chris Carlin and Maggie gray. And beat itself over here. On TV and I think he still is doing television yet he as he does Steve is now he was on the panel member with Tony CB order now yeah. Carlin was on TV for years as well he was on TV it hasn't wise that's how I know that's here's the best it here's the best quote though from cancer as a yesterday is that Pasqua almighty god it's it's ultimately Paul says an awful. Well this is for those who started this Q and those proceeded by its time returned an event OK it's retarded he's been gone for 200. Per minute. The way they miss is time to return. Here's the quote this for those who started his campaign in recent days I didn't decide to go back to WS and until I was told I better not go back. For those behind it Dow is the moment I decided to return. Do the long long long long long run on him. Oh man bottoms and losers spikes and those and those people now have. See him in the yes fans studios everyday. This is its quotes in the neighbor about it. Now says it was a big got Sid got suspended from Twitter so he hasn't been sure he gets as an approach where the point where she asked him he only had the quotes. In the New York Post and I didn't see them committees is arguably the most of them with his wife and kids. Oh he was Rosenberg is all of the. I mean I think it's I think it's look. You know Larry I did see those I learned. Mike says eleven year old kid says. He's had twins. Princess. Early sixties under I would. Understand men that have kids who want. To have kids Utley those who is only kids it's not yeah. Jordan's got it in college and has two wins out fifty years old oh. Day at super debuted these a princess' first kids out of Canada pats all predecessor name you know you idiotic. Yeah you gotta you know it is easy and it hits a lot. But I mean how about that he looked he decides tired he decided to return you want to return but decided turn people told him you better not. That's I mean. That is that is something on on and as a complete ball. You've got Brett advantage. Did they let her then I'm gonna want you. To. Monday. That could bring him back of you once a comeback of course. But. That's at call for environment imagine. And that's a tough environments. You come to work every day I'm not talking from his perspective on Cynthia the other folks. And did notice some tension I'm looking for another job and I'm looking for an out my contract are looking assuming that then you don't. You lead the top station in the country. That you might give you the one that priest will fly at all about Miami and they I. I they all have had TV careers I think Maggie great team from television as well and. And that's a tough situation up there. Isn't nearly you're gonna tell Bard is not good enough. So I think I think I discloses on air before diet. That I know Chris Carlin and that because they constructed. In the afternoon show at W app answer please make France us and it is they constructed and see where this show is constructed. It be noted the obvious and so Chris Carlin called me before they started. And talk to me about old power shows constructed in our show operate what they call me come right outta the loop current U wanna call me but now how do you guys feel which we which at which we were all flattered by the time in now Heidi guys feel about this. Did the way that this has contracted failing that they edit. Us here. I forgot about it. Listen in the jumped after a winter book. Mean look at it it's still back at people yet I know our listeners don't know this business but it is so unfair it is maybe the most unfair I think Albert like nobody was listening a workers display. You guys are loaded the court senior South Florida necessarily work in New York all right. The New York's got a ways to go play to the campaign was that's what I wanna know what would got princess managers like. Said he can't come back onto the back yeah and how much money we talk that these people to make and there I don't know a lot of the host of the reported all three of them make under three his friends estimate three by itself was what the report. No billion no no no lie I read million. That their client they're meant you know third of what princess of make it simple yet I don't make it a million. Yeah combined those three are making them I know that another Russa said that that princess a horse's ass for a return and sixty cents on the dollar ally United States is at. Every that is good apparently though that was one of things to like princess there are talks that he was gonna go to do resources. Everyone thought he was going to her sister L he dug them I don't doubt about that might even coming back he's coming back with. Now it's not recognize is I believe Allred says can't go on mad dog radio. What can the money's right match I just need our comments taking shots at towards gallon at this down. It's a channel amateur is gonna get antsy so well it's. Amber's got you headlines and act.