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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, April 26th
Josh Allen Tweets, LeBron Game Winner, Dolphins Drafting a QB?

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Access long runs and end. You know sing in the world by storm now. This African rat that showering when you're human beings who has a solid feel I don't like I lost my mind less delighted stroman is armpits I don't like hair reaching around trying to scrub the book the much Kenya I don't like it. Freaked me the hell out now and understand what's going on I guess I usually are rats would do a little gathering up and everything DA's washing under the armpits and is here freaked me. I'll I don't like its third round like everywhere and how loudly like Donna cello and all the rest of the crew Rafael Michelangelo study is masters winner of the that was master splitter or a close look at new Hollywood voice I don't like it to the cigarettes that curves like that freedom isn't he has cleaned up man I lost that. Stay yelling match. Just lousy to each hours. Stay nearly. On 790 the ticket. Iran's emirates Thursday morning the 26. Morning. April. Came rules in the morning good morning Romberg morning Tony cool morning. That means the bomb on. This ball snuck up on me lifeblood. Of the organization the draft. Now ready. We got a mail from our bonds this name and just Collins it's perhaps no RBIs and I enough for that I didn't respond. He's got an insane the art and heading higher and I addicts have some sort of excuse. But I'm not prepared it was a pretty generic I gave you need to call the homeland he had just better at it now it's. Face it every every prisoner station has to call on air talent has to collender interaction. So they've got time for us we're having an unprecedented. Good night abroad yeah right there's no time of York for the roundtable of reporters at one point it sounds like there's no time LeRoy and the big bowler to get. Either gonna have time for a solution oh yeah you're right. So what's hot what time does the draft start tonight is at 8 PM the most BP I'm asleep but it's didn't the. It's a mobile there is no there's okay I'll stay up that are so what is the draft and that's. At 8 PM. I don't know how. 6:11 o'clock maybe maybe that was a little uncertain how I got it down after 111010. Out of it except that the sort of explain airing T tomorrow morning. Some are it has so it starts at 8 PM and what are we talking about here is it five minutes into Linux ten and its gesture. I think it's five we are not prepared. I mean if this is why weren't the ones doing better show but if they might even be a lesson but remember they shorten it a few years down Yemen Yemen and was fifteen years and I sure didn't hand I ensuring that deprive. I'd buy it I hope so I don't that the patients I don't think that's ansari a Wikipedia I think it's ten minutes now okay. So it's ten minutes and you're talking eleven picks. I mean you're talking and two hours and you have you want me to be until 11 PM today and see we as adults and and seated right here's an outs you guys tell me about its mark did that but this is why I'm out fur. Egg calling into draft showed to annihilate. Job. Well eleven at midnight get no sleep for a heat playoff game with ten minutes. Okay yeah I am now it's the stakes throughout his six raised and he too. Seven minutes. In Italy and then over the weekend eats five minutes right. Party long. Four minutes I'll wow they shaved on the belt you know let's take an extra minute away the last really early with the picks in the later rounds a less time you have decided cheers and his interesting and easy 8 PM. Tobin is it 888 and on Daytona. Our rights at him out so I am not calling into the draft show although it sounds like a fabulous thing that both of our stations are doing to other fed sixty varieties of first time we don't like let inbreeding that's apparently this is going to be things are. Yeah I'm I'm out it's an okay day you know it it dolphins are gonna select after 10 PM it it would appear. And I I'm not what you're not getting out of my head. And going to a quiet rooms and only my kids that are guides like Sicily. This Jonathan just began. OK I enjoyed myself leaves one in the fast please you did your starting it up like that detects mean Romer an episode yesterday in the summer Jonathan and honey can I have my nights back. Please. Told him you're looking happy and he get bounced. You guys bigger events etc. it as natural give balance that's natural okay. Do you guys they get this OK do you see this. So the big quarterbacks and it enemy was and there was there was some things happen in the NBA lesson and gets that mean things. But you guys figure that. The big quarterbacks who are expected to go on the drafts well on the over the arts for guys that sing and don't Arnold's and baker mayfield and Josh Allen. And Josh Rosen okayed knows the four guys. And it's and the real hot. And this Josh Al and OK. Is is in royal and look at a controversy here did you see this. Where he has had to apologize. Over offensive tweets. Daddy sent out. Yeah I think he's maximum Rosen a little Betty sent out like. No no don't know the offensive tweets sent out like 56 years ago when he was in high school out of town it's hot because that's the new thing that we do now okay. You know this happens indicated. From Villanova what seemed like di Vincenzo whatever his name is. This happened Medicaid from Villanova to where where when when one of these guys when these young guys use pops up on the CNET. OK we we go and we searched their Twitter history. And we see it they said anything easy. You know like remember Larry Nance junior who now plays the Cleveland Cavaliers when he was strapped to by the Los Angeles Lakers we've found out that eats weeded. Kobe Bryant when he was like. A freshman in high school when when finances oppression and may may may Colorado rape joke then and now he's got to. Go to training camp Kobe and that's kind of weird you know it. We do this we Simi that he made a joke and yours fourteen year old right this is so we we do that now where these young guys. We don't we searched their Twitter accounts conceived they said anything. A co offensive or controversial. A great bend Simmons put his tweets it opens I got upset they discovered a couple weeks ago that my band Simmons and I'd have a Twitter Friday. And back when probably a year ago and see all he and it does exist anymore more of an Simmons say. By it was about average Everett's ball thirty. This is they are. Our heads that the LeBron got it. Yeah yeah I was urged all okay it was about our small market demands. And I am. And Lisa we got injured on Twitter. All of his treats are got one. So I cannot prove that button Simmons got into Twitter fight with me a Twitter and it's no I didn't recover that some ports on the cotton husbands Simmons that all of his tweets to delete it's. After a certain date so that's pretty Smart on his part to you'd never be able defines what shenanigans he tweeted I'm high school so I know these kids should DO. So Josh down I believe went on the Stephen A Smith show yesterday and apologize missed okay. Because he it was found that he sent out tweets when he's in high school just. Lighten the N word fly. Just lighten it out there on KG in the and work white dude in high school just let Nat and went out there and fly. And that's always an in law we're eager. He went to school Wyoming OK word negro are clearly a nice little gritty girl I mean maybe maybe somewhere up there in the northwest over the data please. On. What is a let let that and word fly. And again. On how all right and while Carmen Cali. And I a farming Kelly you. All right so anyway I mushroom that means now it seems like California it's pretty. Diverse yeah succumb operational but it in the form part impacts any anything near and an orchard by the way but anyway so have a good. You know should it. So so so what moment your farm. Can't winners and I was in your eyes let's say I mean I've reformers. You speak we don't let that fly around ground on. You tell me no is now. Our farmers still I speak for formula and you farmers theory hasn't been on this Asian bird. For five years now because there's been didn't get it was ahead of its time. Am actually out there man that's and what they've come crawling back begging me to bring it back as an and an up you think it'd then. You don't get right now that's an edit his negligence or they pay for if you don't love me mine here. You don't get to lung Yemen now you should ease you don't even do play a forestry podcast. Not the station well. It won't all right and by man's means he means it was. Good Len and that jotted down a Kennedy and now you want to call in tonight react in the expert yet good Landon. Yeah you don't get to shut down borrowers fury and then expect. Extra curricula activity at a bus top. And I wanna hear of that conversation was. We told you that you need to shut it down. W me I know you get a new you do a hell of a good go land and just don't. I don't think people get it form. The fury. What does that. How to us consumers because we're just started on the glass is a motivator and knows her horse and bullets your response. Did you try to defend it is news they only did did defend farmers usually isn't it like this loses this is his groove of becoming boss and he's got to make his imprint on the station. And I know we don't wanna quit we we we're not trying to call anyone out so we're using code named her it is as good Len. And so Len decided. Why are they talking about forming on my morning show. Forget the fact that it was you know wildly successful most popular segment on the show right. He's no way that's not true and an odorless it was. Trust me. People are still clamoring for it but I won't give them any just yesterday in just called UN. And is captured right now like Axl Rose maybe maybe one bit of their comeback tour but not until it's on my terms. So give me this just sounds situation next. It. Oh. And and. I'm so. It's a new thing rights where when that when young guys answering whatever sport it is you know if we have we we we don't we searched their Twitter history. Tonight's the NFL draft so Caine Josh Allen is embroiled in Warsaw summed this Josh Allen the kid this year where Laramie to console was the two two years ago right. Although that have been during the draft and that at that video got leaked noble but leading up to. Well no political power during the draft is meant idea yeah I think there's a more pick figure out what it. As the drive was about to start it was a good day all know that Hillary Clinton little longer in Madras and hope so Larry tons always the kid two years ago and he slid to the dolphins and and Josh Allen here now I don't think this is gonna calls in this lippold a lot of notes the most important position in sports quarterbacks I don't know. But Josh Al and yeah is isolated are now. Who the hell knows with any these quarterly no. What's got these four core ice going anywhere from number one it's being available for the dolphins like who the hell knows okay this really is I really do think it's one of drought like I don't care about the draft in general. And I feel like tides could kind of thought there are multiple reports that are saying that the browns have softened on Sam Garland to their pick between our between Josh Alan baker who the hell would I know is okay. Ed Brown's been linked to all for the quarterbacks they've really got eligible Mark Jackson. And so anyway. The these suites Madden like I mean Josh out had to apologize I think he went on Stephen A Smith show yesterday and apologize to these quarterbacks and in doing the rounds Josh out Josh Rosie and has been on television a lot. Make it up baker may feel the course is always on television. And so this so just these it's these tweets and when he 1223 tees in high school case talking 56 years ago he's. Probably 141516. Years old and I use the arrow in the and went out there like it's nothing. OK and there's even another two way where he was asked him questions someone asked him why he's so white he responds with if any point they rights. And sacred. Hand now I don't I don't I don't love the the go on back into hiring and crazy about kids tweets from high school a can't feel like. All of us are probably much different people even the difference between fifteen years old and 2222 years older probably a lot different and we gore. At that age but. Mean I never really into resembling battle that. That's nice that's my point that's another thing like. Twitters public I'd I'd be sold now I don't know maybe went too old white schools so maybe the other people weren't screwed on care but may I ask where he gras I he's doing and Barry how like how will. So am I out. Every single time that I go do an inning with the younger kids Ehrlich football camps serve. That word gets thrown around. Left and right like it it's amongst the white kids amongst black kids their friends the Spanish kids. It does not really started Allen around tele keys sparring it out confused thinking he can use it as a term of endearment which obviously. What people I can't say I'm all played humility and a better but at that age and she's saying like a extraordinarily. Racist things in addition to using that word opening wide today right in a funny thing that or what people say once and a while. I mean I've known as I am in life like it's a if you go if you go black you don't go. Act like slop like it's true though. Not always. So but but but it's all these all these two weeks though. Like I just I'd be so which team that someone is going to senior it's and it even. You have fifteen or sixteen years old I knew better. Cited Iowa new pattern and you would say it publicly. Surrounding the N word yeah around people that I don't know. And raining down on him and credit rating for the whole world to see and by the way and we've got and here's terminal is definitely shows such the level of stupidity in addition to obviously. Oh the racism in the ignorance I mean it just shows pure stupidity also. Totally a 100% but I had I think I think the only two black people are my hometown where my boys one kid. A Tug boats before Justin walls and and his brother I think they are mixed yet as moms widest I was black uelmen was principal. Mom was teacher. And Jews and Jamal they're right. There were like the only black kids I knew growing up in the very beginning when I was a kid. And we we had our little crew we elect my little boy from Trinidad my dude I had I had usage small. And that I'd lost throw the Filipino kid that was her crew saw battling a little League of Nations or promised my crew and then as I got older. The grand bills moved into town from Guyana and that was like the only other black people in town loses like I was at you know so we really didn't have. A lot of mixed black and white we have mix of everything else he could think of east Indian. Islanders patiently to do we had a lot of everything. But we didn't have. The the black people if you will mixing in with with my community at all it was nice view and far between so. To use a word just it wasn't there from Mike I just. I never really heard it and I never really use it as a kid. What was there for me a lot I went to a predominately black and Hispanic. High school in order was always around me but man like there was never any since war would have felt comfortable stone now know what I don't feel comfortable is when Spanish people use the word black but the use the Spanish word for regular. Or an eureka like black girl or black black guy but the use the word in Spanish it sounds like percent and made. To me you know and it's just it's opera for meeting your. So whenever we were around like the guys in the locker room or whatever was a cutting dividend tax group Juaquin said something about. Some little black girls are Bryant McKinnie and used the the negative image you like though that means that a you know his most rigorous still got to take about how. How is someone from Josh Allen's your team who when their hired they see in the Stanley hey is there anything we got to school rub. Now in your Twitter FaceBook just talent he has as a PR team they may feel does yeah well but it may or may or is your mark. What's happened. Sick or Barkley as you'll mark. Yeah I think kits they're probably your I know there is probably some good news as large billions like before chuck wanted to run for governor. The other ladies scrub everything that's right you got anything in your past delicious the most boiler island so she's it is very thing obviously is referred to spoiler alert his it's pursue them in the shows and kick rocks his his dominate your united like a conversation we can't tell. How are you really yeah. Talking to. You need somebody be in that remain now if you only to slim without an angle lonely and the fact that duke is like a. Behind me as been up for three weeks has been an epilogue and parents it feels like mood lighting. Wish I don't know how are overnight board jobs deal of that because that I don't know higher stand always. Our faults. True or false because I hurt I hurt. That our engineering department said that they're not going to fix that light because we're eventually moving buildings scruples troop Barbara Starr and says no way. Guaranteed to genome Utley now when I heard it here as a pro. No matter how lightly you're gonna give him labored and moving at buildings were another thing you don't want. I don't pay an electrician is that the fix the ballas. It's easy red red red wire not. It's not all others it's not a it's not like this year that's an art that's there they're not waste their time fixing any warning not gonna go to Home Depot because we're not only by the west which by the way if if brand new building in any year from now India's surprise. That maybe you can quote on quote moving buildings for over two years now think building I think I think they rented an abandoned warehouse for I was told Ariel our engineering said that they're not fixing it because we're moving buildings. They did it grow our holiday party in a building that was completely guiding Italy can complete rules averaged just cement wall like some. Hate wires saying it now records and generators running gag and so rom urged right they could have just rented the building. For that party so that all the employees being oh okay well there's a building. That exists and it looks like a building that you know you could do construction inside and. It seems like your misses are to be in the apocalypse because everybody who used to work here it doesn't work here anymore and they're gone to another building now. And we're the only one people here like I'm surprised or another we actually have a show going on because we're the only people that are in this building. It is weird. How few people now work in this building because they'll move to where gunfights sixty it is. All of our sales to reaction is a lot of our staffers. Are all of the guys that. That buildings pop and a bill was bang in right now program beast is Melissa much. I'm not upset about it well I don't minds as being mean the only of the college the handful of people who are here goat come and go infected. We actually got a lot going on today OK get the NFL draft tonight's last night's breezy things happen in the NBA playoffs Amber's gotcha headlines next. You realize how. Coverage like going on here. We'll say about that throughout the show this morning let's get toy headlines at my. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. I'm wondering enough for you if you're doing a lot of clear in the throat coffin. I'm wondering if you're like me because of something important going on. My body won't shut down on me especially I've been given no sleep but to the minute that that event is over with hence this summer Jonathan has now begun and you don't have to basketball anymore. I'm wondering if your boys and they're okay now it's okay to me it's economical it's sick for another week. No that's that's just silly bro logic you going are immigrants underneath the jets not a real thing where you make yourself so your body. Says okay it's time to go now now it's not he'll break time. No I'm not sick at all. And is under central Clement broke. Every doesn't average day favors us moments ago remembers today I don't know if it is not doing as always get the funniest years and a great to have a union honestly. Phil live. Do you know yeah. You stand up for an NFL draft tonight. Woman honest none all I'm understands old Altman's a mass not that much different then you're heat's schedule notre. Don't want a 1000% stayed up till the dolphins again and there's a lot I mean there's lot going on not to stand up for that you guys you got the NBA tonight where you got. You should have a couple of game five Boston Milwaukee should be two nights. Game is going the only game tonight's going to be out west came on. Wall. Emerald tonight about what happened last nine moments here not yet just just Boston Milwaukee tonight that clinical his own sickly and I thought there. But they're just they're just army second panel sorts together second flatly data maybe sit around waiting signal starts together doesn't matter hourly the series ends are along the coast sick around all starts again. Earlier is asleep again tonight I don't think the summer Jonathan is officially started yet. I'm gonna. Now but but if there's a difference between net between you know hang out my couch and watch in the sports and go to sleep late. As opposed been out working men and your mind as it is his movement and then again homely and legal exhibits strange or go on sale and New Orleans at the sector answers and Saturday with a sort could be all the ease getting determined. No I don't know right at there'll be eight games they'll be game sevens game sevens can take place in the same day as the game one and that's essentially starting at the same time because then. Game one's in those other series they're go on seven will start two days later so that that happens all the time. I'm saying like you not to have Golden State played game one tonight or tomorrow when he still game. Fives and sixes to be played in the first round that day they don't they don't mix that way. Yes Saturday to meet you saved the MBA to have game ones in game sevens going on in the sand are reliable. Too late is the NFL draft eight. 79 neither take its. When does the coverage starts Tobin do we have any idea right now. She goes right right right OK we are starting a right now draft coverage. We've covered it. I estimate mentions. Lire and they go from 560 will be to gather broadcasting from wears out Tobin opens camp the right there you go room. Great they are in the war around that seem right there does that seem like a lot of access that we will not gonna get what they are going to be adult and camped there way. Yeah it's going to be ten bomb. Riordan and it's doesn't it's going to be LeRoy and they go in the war room may get their pick live on on our air and it's nice to come to allow us. Into that process with them. Also. Beast is broadcasting from where Tobin pieces and broadcasting Jesus MB roving around kissing ass we have like reporters' roundtable are rock stadium who who'll of these reporters. Think we have easily they must do to draft. Party I Archie during an umpire and Barbara yet and you can be easily Omar Kelly and I think that's the three. About senator. And with the toe. Solid and Cambodia. That doesn't Omar Kelly do you buy sixty all the times I don't know he can dislike him anymore is just believe me idea. And I can't. Stirred issue. It's like half the talent on the station that's not remote usually at a young girl remotely true does that mean girl. That is not malicious and matter of fact all the I'm super nice though I'm not a I don't know close to address I don't have any beef with anybody and you actually Corey you do if you've people I've never had before those people and those are the exact photos and still shots and screamed shoot the beep he love me tell beef he loves is there are only a seven night I. And now without a sixty Aaron always I like Frito. But now I don't like freedom because you keep stirring the pot with freedom I know almost there and any spot I mean Ivan Ivan done or said anything it's not true I've. I'm not stirring any pot. Is very nice really goes. Red woods opens Ursula and teeing eleventh in the first round. How about the fish is as well. They beat the islanders yes ages six. She noted that I did. It's the first series win of the season for the Marlins while hole a couple of two hours. From now on our right break in my. This web update is brought to you by O'Brien fuels and downstairs convenience stores where they are truly steps beyond convenient to LeBron James is the greatest player. Tied at 95 Jeffrey could trigger. The far side you'll find LeBron give a timeline LeBron goes to work. We're fired a free to go. Okay. I gotta tell you I hate that call. Why I hate that call if if I'm listening on the radio grand you can hear the crowd cheer so I guess you know when am but. You've got to tell me immediately that it went into negative. We got you gotta tell me right away on my let's mince its its a guys thing. I don't I can't wait to back on better super exciting I think I am I luckily I did Cleveland guy. It's no listen listen don't know granny you could you could tell by the crowd. Oracle. A what was happening any city hit it the buzzer even got on a given me again. 95 Jeffrey did trigger. The far side you'll find LeBron Felix got my LeBron goes to work fired a breakaway. Do you immediately he nailed it he didn't nailing it I don't like you need got to only run by excited can't by the way they were in Cleveland's and you could hear the crowd. It's got to be brought you luck. You gotta give it to you right away no we don't you know don't island mes a light analysts. LeBron last night's showcase in that game that Indiana was that in the it was a mutual in the first half OK the second at Cleveland took control there by ten or twelve. Indiana comes back conveyed they wind up too high in the game OK so bonus it's a jumper with light. 185 seconds left to tie the game LeBron turned the ball over. LeBron turns it over on the next possession so when Deanna gets the ball back chance to win all deep knowledgeable on the clock job on the clock. Two rides at the basket out on the broad. He gets a step on him and he's got no shots are right the bronze obviously you know block it LeBron swallows it they called timeout with three seconds left. But here's the thing. You go to the replay and EUU sure a lot a lot to live but because the replay is a very clear goals and LeBron goals and an ally and a ball. And it call it's and I don't even know he allowed to review when you're not allowed to review I guess not all the review that's. Ambrose and it was an Colton hands at any which way you look at its. And say get away with it and they inbound the ball at half court three seconds left LeBron right there. Fee if dating to his left three point at Bob moser. And the cavaliers take a 32 series lead now people are gonna complain about the goaltender that's fine but. There are and I'm glad you addressed after the game of course he says that it wasn't but he didn't think the golden ball also a decent lie to you didn't think it was good chuckle isn't yeah team like Iowa he can not think was wants that gold and is that I don't think it idol and oh OK I thought I believe is ready I think it. First in the beginning Easter amenable to an Nam and I'll Google then he could say doesn't think it was as flighty you could think some probably rob law is a gold from the industry you're allowed to issue. Post game technicals. But you can't political. Goals we don't know Ross was prepared post impeccable and he put us. Most India wouldn't oceanographer we're viewed tape on him that's one. All elect the next day it retroactive yet they do in the play offs because they keep. The old ritual they could retroactively look at. Tape all the coaches in the game last they can rescind or they could they begin or they can give you want because they keep all points system in the playoffs right so they can go ahead he's going went in the game last night with the technical RD on the board is that how that worked I don't know it's it's it's. It's its first hole canceled classes go. It's federal awarded is forced the team is concerned that's like a look back it all we could use that technical in the game but I don't know the only points of the game. It's a personal tally where he had a certain number points throughout the policies he gets suspended. So it's just for his personal tally. It doesn't affect the actual gain they're doing it the next that was because what he was like about to step recorder here all. Right because it was an altercation and he stepped foot on the court when he is about check in from the sports station refereed to make sure to be called a man what they won't they they were reviewing tape to see if he was gonna get suspended right. Okay and and aided in knots. And him of course but and even knows the game tactical for the situation yet Alexis a personal tally it's it's not for the actual game but LeBron OK so yet it. It was a gold cents okay lives. Here three. So even the material like yes the three Arab peoples are gonna complain neatly payroll by one rights so won't you also complained. He had three. It been down by two points at a time and this that and writes. Generally nose will complain about it is different it's different hitting a shot when you're down there is when you're tied I guess it was probably a little more pressure but and finally I don't think it's worth complaining are now it. Like the bronze Michael Jordan moment the game winner moment I present the referring to assess those 40. You are hell. I mean it. It may to Italy latest Michael Jordan moment I met so many times he's an estimated fifteen for fifteen on free throw line in the 44 years according to your points last night ten rebounds eight assists. The raptors beat the wizards last night wanna wait too in 98. And now leads that series the read to you wouldn't tell us that grew it was a one point game with like. Four minutes left in. The wizards just couldn't it was nice for 93. And the wizards couldn't score and out owes a great game DeRozan put up 32 last night at thunder beat the jazz 107 to 99. Thank you you've got is 32 in that serious that went under other. At 45 points last night Rama and thirteen rebounds seven assess Mora Mike 25 and I'm down to my eye sees me. But just try to close out the series of three into one. The jazz were like 25 in the middle of the third quarter. In this league is so crazy now. Under Heidi by the end third. What was 125 point in the first half and he was had entered as a 25 point lead in the middle of the third they were tied after three. The rockets defeated the wolves won 222104. Hours so they are now heading into the second round after five games of that series. The Bruins beat the Maple Leafs seven to four in game seven. Was a game great game. Yeah that's another one UMB and it's a 74 reds it's applaud not enough in game one game was in fourth that the lease or all 43 early in the third. It was it was a great great team. And didn't shocking news Perry Jackson is reporting that the heat are expected to explorer has on weights I'd trade this off season it's a dumb report. They're expected attempt I can record and I hit your resources it hurts to explore. Like report yes yes you could even mean will continue at the NBA breezy night last night next. It's okay. My thanks champion or by court South Florida's number one Jeep truck that's easy customization shop. You're guaranteed that the hottest war by four modifications in town called champion for like 487865023446. Gonna save it for X. Ford dot com also brought you by your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez called real flight 800 Burma. I ton more talk about as far as heater concern the last cited the NBA NBA playoffs he had Houston advanced around to. They are going to face the winner of Butte tall and Oklahoma City as that series almost and the last and it probably should've ended last night the jazz were like 25. In the middle of the third quarter and by the end of the third quarter he must. That league is crazy. I mean no no lead is safe anymore. The game is played so much faster than he used to be and the three point basket is. A much bigger weapon than it's ever been. And 25 point leads get a raced in half a quarter. You mad Cleveland take a 32 series lead last night LeBron at the buzzer. And he had Tehran to take a 32 series lead with another home when the home team has won every game that series against the wizards. Tonight you have deem a six. Boston and Milwaukee the box will try and force a game seven. That series looks like one in the series for the home team wins every game OK so don't expect Milwaukee to win tonight but. It's funny. How things have changed with LeBron. Where. Do wasn't that long ago. Specifically when he was here. Okay where. Yeah. The whole narrative LeBron. Can hit big shots. Isn't the clutch guy. Doesn't win the big gains. That was particularly so before he was here and may not what's. I was a narrative when using Cleveland the first time. Absolutely and and I thought that dissipated over his ears here and now. You always think LeBron is going to make the play he's going to hit the shots and you always expected to win. It was so. Different just five or six years ago LeBron can't win and stinks in the big moments. I think five years now. I mean before he won with the heat yeah. Before he won with the heat but I was like here's account now anyone anyone would be an even equal and when you're talking almost a decade no no no no don't you wish he -- 41. Where does that speak after you quit Twitter that he finals yet wit to heat up 41 with the heat's other the year 2011 finals me. Always has here's what we're told only six years ago and 82013. When when they had already won when LeBron had already won. And the heater in game six against. San Antonio. And they blew a late lead and LeBron turned over through straight times and it's like man yeah. Added it's it's gonna happen again we're gonna guzzle whole summer even at the 41 A championship what are go to a whole summer of LeBron choking away you. The series give us a silly talk about point oh sooner I mean on a jammed into the all silly though we always silly. Did this of the conversation when he was the best player in the game. And is just phony how different it is now because yeah ye. And no one thinks they're gonna lose easily actually lose. Mean the best player in the world we've seen a for a lot of years now has resident is a very long lead most people how to actually win. Now I would bet that there was never the case before. I really don't other players you know I mean where we do it to the raptors right now I mean they looked like the best team in the east all season long but a whole narrative around the raptors as. Larry and DeRozan can't get anything done in the playoffs and they crumble in the playoffs and engineers are really a nice thing. Of the series in the makeup approved the got a little bit after that went down here we go in the DeRozan Larry Hammond those are just the sorts of sports Taki. Beings that we do you two I think all great athletes until they actually. Wins something which probably isn't fair told us LeBron Renault. Which is 33 of them mean I think. As he got I was 32 Stanley fifteen years yeah. This has commenced and how old was Kobe when he retired. 38 maybe thirty eight's I need surgery could we twenty years. Can we eighteens in 38. Went oh yeah. The running 33. There are. It's funny man. You don't expect LeBron to lose anymore athlete actually loses. And Obama not too long no one yards one. One team thing is is how much longer you you do it's it's kind of process the second round pick. Surrounds it. It was a McCain are coming out you know we may surround or he may he may go to the Eastern Conference finals. But I I do think this is the year ending spots where. I do think this year though that seven straight. NBA finals parents come to an and I I don't see I don't see him getting at least it does feel like this this year. I think Philadelphia's and when council vote that way when I watched them play against Toronto. And answers. Are not promissory what was there was a series that he basically took everything over. And dom Austin. We didn't last year when talking during the regular season and how many years ago he was two years alone. He just dominated everything like anything that we did the inevitable autos encircled sick when they want to element owe it to the finals finals yet. But there's no way in hell he would've thought the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to be you'll stay wars until he did what he did it looks like it's possible you don't know what you're gonna get out of LeBron. I've reached but he did have people say he did on 65 point triple double and did he did have a shot. Not Lowry which is named or Gardner it's not trying anymore Boston and thousands now. Irving my gate and you're never going. It really is it just it it's a bunch of ducks he's playing with there. In eat in Cleveland that bet that he them and likely given. It's all of broad it's all brawn which. How was when he was in Cleveland the first time. What he did the couple nights that he did take off during the gold states series he had Irving takeover formal little bit who who contributed quite a bit if I remember correctly those couple games but. For the most part this is just LeBron and four guys. The big play that people are talking about last night Victor role depot drove at the basket with just a few seconds left in the brawn blocks the shots to give himself an opportunity with three seconds left to hit the feeding three pointer at the buzzer. Buy it on replay it was a very clear goal tend to be some evict old depot Victor oldie but to say after the game I mean he obviously wanted the jobs with ex Goldman. I got a step on him felt like I even got grabbed on the way to program. The sudden she'd lay out in the backboard. Danny blocked it replays I guess you guessed it sees this is tough player to top form it. Those goats and doubled its editors are debating it was you clearly see it on the replay it and there's really brought. Under those goats and horses and things would go to Iraq. I'll try to make plays like that all the time and many medical move gummy lean and our right and went left and I shudder. You might recover speed. I think he is he says he didn't think it was a goaltender that's on casualties idea I didn't paint net okay. Maybe because it was able to even think it was mostly they're the first. I can't make a big deal about it you know if if LeBron misses that shot and they go to overtime of the cavs won in overtime that data below but the stink about it's. But you know Davidow who reiterated in the game boom there you go say it you know. I leads as big a talking points as it would have been otherwise of LeBron doesn't hit that shot last night. Mazen and Mays and explain to me what this super Max is that we're just talking about that San Antonio is gonna offer core what is the super Max as opposed to the Max. Certain players if they a if they unity with the organization currently weren't all there there's that's OK but then on top of that if they make a certain number of all NBA teams certain types of accolades. Then they qualify for. And X Chirac. Amount of money some background he's Woodstock and here is some background Millar Roberts talked about that kind of came out left field is that woes is reporting that. Why Leonard in the spurs must repair broken broken relationship before San Antonio even considers offering the super Max to coli. You know that was a thing last year that we were all keep in an Iowa corn he worked where Gordon Hayward. Made the all NBA team it was gonna lessen the opportunity for the heat to be able to sign him because. You at all. Would've it would all for and that's super Max contract is only is Harden. When he got the theatre and yes Superman all these guys getting these 200. Plus million dollar deals are getting those super Max ideas and Gordon Hayward did not qualify for it. And makes it easier to convince him to leave you to all of you Chris and delete for less money anyway. You committees in the lead for even more. Less money so that's that that that's why that kind of thing that's bigger super Max. Did you see what Kanye West put on on corners that are low strong. Also. Armor from a free lunch controversy is what you aren't shoes I'll. Even put even got a picture of from inside has people are saying that Manny certainly a crazy but it out of Pixar so they put out a picture. Inside his home which no one's ever seen. Inside can crash in Kanye West's home. Because they had to deal never showing so Kim Kardashian and retreated and Saddam babe I thought we had an agreement Irish are home mr. Clinton cameras and our goal now is at it was him that I guess doesn't want anything. Out there with their home. He's been he's been in the media the more than normal lately I just easily acquired the robot Ron Jesse prior bronze score and as crazy with the with Chris Jenner. His mother in law and then he saw grabbing other all in Utah like I know a outlandish loud verbal arguments really only going nuts. And then he went ahead and he said yesterday which I don't even know that you were not a summit joy re tweet it. He's making more money in shoes rate now than anybody ever and fishery. Including Michael Jordan said basically we was I'm making more money in shoes that anyone that includes Michael Jordan. But you can't believe that things economies and it could be true but you it's Monday shooting or to right right well it's pretty easy spray illness and their wildly popular in January a year ago so it's possible but it. Is hard to believe that things he says obesity definitely. I think the reason you like Strom it's easy taken at he takes a page on terms playbook and in terms of budget saying. Things like saying how great you are and then figure speaking it into your eye is still essentially a bit in the same sentence as praising trop. But he did he did this a few years ago with his when it's fashion line was actually failing he was talking about how. Great his fashion line what it's how well it was doing that was when he had the mental breakdown and people say at that mental breakdown had a lot to do with the fact that a special I was actually. Failing at that point was starting to lose money at that point a year time deal about it in addition to the anniversary of the dot that's not there. But you wouldn't know his fashion line it was a losing money at the time it's of course he was boasting about how much money you may exit with him it's hard it's hard to now. I doubt he's hurting for money. Do Blake is easy probably shoot two on toggle on the end of a draft. Into a little bit of that coming here. Nobody yes they had to at all linked all day long. I'm feeling and a few things to say. Yeah and public cobble things he's really weren't good at Josh Allen dollar Clearwater or as a going in but I am just risen at a co anything's and maggots say yeah. I'll see that next. Unprecedented. And on. Well to draft. Home rage. For the first time. The ticketing healing and combine forces to bring you draft coverage again never heard all the way it's unparalleled. Heard before that in here that I learned in this market and never heard phrase it you never. It's all brought to my date five romp full automate you've inspired rom. Net recovered dean's campaign Davey pago and LeRoy as we around tabled. Dolphins beat writers means able to be rally be signal over its. At murder that's at hard rock stadium captain Curtis is gonna be with Chris Willingham a and our draft party at need investors. Putting it back and he sees. Back then I remember Oakland plaza and Hollywood and Alex Donna always back over and under Chris Williams and he's an English accent what's wrong. He's eating a meal at IU coach Butch Davis. And Ken Dorsey. That's right back Paul's. David buzzer DJ play watch sports to get strapped coverage also brought to a Lex is North Miami always in May easy and deal. And by Carolina auto body when two cars in toes in one place ago Christmas in Rome and in Fallujah. All the coverage right here on both 790 the ticket. NWQ am did you use Chris moving him over under is get these English accent once in awhile yet. That's how that works it's tough to place a bet on Mazar gambling works that's our rights. I'll learn yup Aaron gambles and so next hour we're gonna talk to Ray Allen. They feel about that and talk to raid. Alan about a restaurant. Now he's got a book memory you know it's got all that stuff what Raj and Rondo the book you know he's he's got a book. So he's he's on the book. And more talks will talk to Ray Allen at 7:30 this morning he of course you know he played for the heats here and ask him are like. Power 35 other guys so wrong when they say the merger. Who's the 35 we talk about thirty to hug every every single prisoner we've seen. Talk about Ray Allen they're just they're not what he's with 35 delegates like I was very specific number it's like two or three guys bail out those things and says about him best shot ever meet him like I supported him I'm I'm I'm on team Ray Allen. A 100% and grounds on camera onto a matter of fact and matter of fact I'll tell Ray Allen yo that ros and Rhonda I'm with you buddy huge jerk. I am with you man. And Garnett and PS out of Zurich jail team which Eriksson with the array. So. And by the way I will cease and a nice about Kevin Garnett back EG area 21 show that he does show good show you like it you liked it though. Well Kevin Garnett is easy got a great personality and in that. For what it's not surprising that he's really good at that it's got Michelle as Michelle and I hate him as a player receiving not nice guideline about ground. Line money I think he was severely affected with what Ray Allen Davies deadly belt line and I think he's allowed to be offended I just you know appeared that let's get over parody. So. Ed Carlos Boozer calls Boozer is gonna join us he sees one of those guys and had Big Three leaguer. It's coming to American Airlines Arena ice cube you know. And Carlos Boozer who play the brought Carlos. Boozer played with LeBron the first go round in Cleveland he played with rocky LeBron. Let it be kind of interesting. To despite calls his element about LeBron. And he's a Miami guy he spends a lot of time down here calls administered that he yet so. I remember that where where when he played for the bulls' Carlos Boozer is kids like you know they they were chilled to the gains are there were really young back then. And they were teachers. That's cold man. So calls was doesn't Jon Vilma is gonna join us in a couple hours toward the end of the shall we talk NFL. Draft with him casinos not all these guys are all accountable here in here's here's what. I'm afraid is going to happen. The dolphins tonight. Okay. You don't want another Cam Cameron types that you can came from Brady Quinn situation OK you got four quarterbacks. And who the hell knows where these guys are going I mean Cleveland's been linked everyone problem. And I mean they're always the possibility that one of them is gonna drop. And if one of those formats are about Lamar Jackson if one of those four quarterbacks are available. At number 111 of them drops. And the dolphins don't want to pay. The players really do wind up taking him through no fault of his own. Is going to be immediately dislike it all. Dance. That's what happened if you remember now now look Kim Cameron Debian ride and taken frequent OK that was you right in taking Ted given probably not. But he was right about not teton Brady Quinn at what people hate it Ted Ginn EU Lee. Because they didn't take the quarterback. Who'll. At the time we thought miraculously slipped two of them in the dry. And if that happens tonight. The kid who the dolphins take it number eleven. Trent Marty down the road at the stadium and then all they don't know nick who is on the it's on the podium they are talking at dolphin fans got pulled out of the building. This action. They're ruled out building only we could win. Either way and there's no way whoever's going to be good they got to put it cued up there in a wheelchair that is dying of cancer so nobody booze to heat your home Roxy have yet to figure something out because I don't think there's going to be a Pickering now that the dolphins are gonna win on -- -- quarterback it would be so excited you'd be wrong about that your quarterback available eleven halves and may be understand me being do you just tossing onion and ray is wearing the Josh Allen might slip to eleven it's possible it's all to take them. I am about speculate who's going to be there we're gonna take me they want. I have a clue. Have you seen any of include a liar OK except maybe John bill would remain low some funny if Muster the two guys that drop because of the we'd mask and an issue that they're gonna drop because of the N word and all the social media just like. Capitalizing on the ruler who's dropping we showed you what capitalize on soft like that were OK let me Thompson with the gas mask as a positive for marijuana and two years and legally that's working out now it is easy to play in working out I don't know. But it hasn't it. But did they ask mats has net. Type of negative effect right so in in that respect like it's it's totally worked for the dolphins I don't care about that off the field. And especially don't care about silliness from 56 years ago now look come on down on Josh now Porter. For use that kind of language even at 1516 years ago fifteen it's 1516 years old. I personally knew better. Men who speak that way so you know I'll love it but a body crazy about somebody to at least eighteen years old. But it one of those quarterbacks is available. And they take someone else like like this. Veto of BLO cup okay well as an evil or did an area eye on them the limited logo that's rights they take live in the vida loca who OK at number eleven. You may you think dope yeah is that passionate about the draft out of your race if they all sold. Many needs and so many holes. That they can tickle IV bullet but it with a number that first round pick and it's. I ate in you can make an argument that it was a good pick. Only if the quarterback is not available if all four quarterbacks are goal on. Today it's like it's fine take whoever you want but if one of those guys in there. An adult and take someone else can we write the dolphins the dolphins takes an ounce. And it's an entity. Among them Mike may ox market giraffe 2000 any team he's even got Rosen all the way down at fifteen. It at Arizona an adult enough to quarterback eleven. Buddha the building. They're talking about linebacker. That the dolphins might be taking at eleven to beat his man we've seen for Lamar Jackson mystery and after rose and two as well sixteen seed we've seen it before over the stamped everything this was so bad it was so I am losing back to its worse than you probably remember though was beat pretty bad. On the go this direction. Is a Miami Dolphins. It. I've hit is doing there was of ads seeking emails all modeling heads of lettuce out of the battle on the only bad man like you PCI video you have people in the crowd is thrown middle finger I would journeys sounds good term upside down there's more pass background now I remember being remembering it now and I don't go this. Just feel like I don't really dolphin fans or or that. Passionate about this strap now you're nuts but it is still many needs. As was the death lewis' in the one in fifteen. Always coming off that it and I don't know if that's the last Sunday cared. Yeah is that they went 150. I remember being in a room at my buddies were watch in. The draft and they got outs that equals the number the number I remember when I'm watching I think it was not Rouse is at nine. When they got up what they got a podium. Brady too was a close noble liberal is Redd poured in to agree when we're all my guys available. Big ticket he'd get the quarterback we're so excited I I set out lots of friends if Quinn on this team. And then I I think we were we were so excited I had this team and and they get out there and they don't take him. We and we everyone was soul. Angry and mean right not to get Brady Quinn immediately what was he and from what scored a game comparable us. On throw you some awesome is also. Yet these long legs like excel running Ross if you knew all some immediately or read about it about Dubai don't take that eight could NFL career not for all better than Brady Quinn's got Ronald Earl ray and surprise you the dolphins took Ted did in the third round it out glory day he's a really good career. Number and I don't run on it. That's who haven't cited quarterbacks available that'll take him a bad it's what they were camped GM still look at people's ads. So I had the really irony is Wilson what is your take on him he's got good. I'm talking about for the draft and pardon me. If they camp. You'd never got beat and it would belly Amber's got your headlines plus which players touches she likes tonight now.