ZRA Part 1 5-16-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, May 16th

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And. I Corning at one. As Iran's an amber is 8 Wednesday morning the sixteenth. Morning though it may good to have you with us here Hamburg morning hey good morning Romberg and I think itself that would put through what you put us on. Habit of the matter what your problem votes nobody you don't the list of all the songs and Robert hates and another song. Red red red red red red. Muddled. So divergent. And now Powell the and a biodiesel. Far. That's in defense of the water is there. You. Bloomberg law. General war eagle in the air war. The only one queen. It's. You you make what is a song. You're my best friend in the afternoon then. Who's your best friend Al Horford. Is your view that the yesterday. And this is the son of beast was skip and I'm always to yesterday whoever anger and. I guess film of these senior bodies Beazer policies a lot from her arm ours yeah hey it's not really straight then did some boss you know he's normal when he accidentally also bosses here negative growth your report to him. Do you know. But I your fantasy that was the theme music as beast and skipping into go lens office yesterday well apparently he can't skip because you're walking boot. That's not why he can't skip. He's got a motion yesterday and Romberg is Robert Robert Louis he's he's fit to be tied. When he got the news that B and the reason he got the news is because beast is the guy he's the guy record revenues because you screen shot of it and over. That's special to them I texted to your own. Rose you causality is broke at Texas you beast is your box out yeah I usually did not bees bees is the kind of guy who. He puts out the which he puts out the social media puts up a FaceBook. Thank you. Bull what it is is not really think they play voice they can all go do you mean haven't he's the kind of guy who puts out the things Cuban it's not really think you itself. Hey everybody look at me as a front to disguise as a shaky. He really forever indebted to. Carrie and and whoever made I don't know what you're an easy easy a promotion we see your name and people who are the people out there listening had no idea who you're talking about it is there relevant is just the position that the ran like they're out of relevance and I'm thinking people that. That are in a higher position that is serving maybe I'll just be just Romberg just call her a little while ago. And my guess is that the people you stink in like these people that are way up above and the company to be boys think you have no idea of what took place yesterday anemic zero point zero. But by. Puts out the Yankee news and so grateful on social media. But it's it's it's disguise. Replies as a disguise to show everybody look at me I'd got a promotion. You did get a promotion. And what's funny about it is you. Always call him the assistant to the program director and how easy actual assistant pro at both 790 you know you can you know am I can't do anymore. The mentoring him I don't it is dreamer and all that you do and it's he's got queuing up he's officially in charge are partly cards. Of Q yeah first things aren't as interesting and I'd like job right the first thing you do in these trying get that job back yup. He's trying to higher rankings Atlanta area and you can put himself and yeah immediately he used Abbott job you'll remember we should be revealed to us because he said on and Tobin snow. He said that he's relies the only way he ever going to get the morning drives alive. Is if he becomes programming director and puts himself out there you say it is it every talk show host dies now it's. No Laker are blowing Cleveland's day. That would happen and even yeah I haven't golden. And I mean that is not a morning dance like these programming director of ads peace plan. These seemed well on his way of these ones programming director he's the high speed and he's on death the way he is a murder of go land. From today you know that position and easy and sniper came and it's the land yup that's right. These to be the man up he's this he's the greatest agents like pads. He's just he's won them the way we want from presidential or vice president or president of the United States it's nice. Any president I mean who cares vice president President Bush and Cuba as president isn't VVVP. Does age is not it's great I mean I'm Billy probably not he's do better fare better in office and it's because the focuses on all the criticism that focuses on the president is probably get the same amount perks. I simply say lately you know no want to assassinate the vice president would do a really long time is the president's been assassinated. You know I don't know dog race in a buddy wasn't the sad that you don't really long times the presence does that mean the most. Polarizing presidents that we've gotten along and it can be assassinated as it has been in people's lifetime. That that a president has been assassinated yeah. Apparently you are it's gonna die in and not an end there was an attempt on Reagan and Kennedy wants rice ass and I'm not that long ago really. Even think about the fact in our parents' lifetime too presidents have been there's been an attempt on two presidents lives I mean that's that's not great. Those are great on this shot I think he's thank president ordered her term in office three years that's not actually agree. I think being president. But I don't know I agree that bad being vice president make you safe either and I and I I would imagine I spoke with. Thank Aaron and he may be doing dangerous well he told me who he wanted to do Vito your veto power right he did not mean. I did I promote my hands. It's a weird to let like Robert is clearly not happy OK it that bad piece got you that peace is now his boss okay or one of his bosses at least okay. And and it's a weird thing because and is probably plays a role with Romberg. Where it's a weird thing because as. It's witching when you have. Someone that. In your building a pool. Is now technically your boss who was not originally let like someone with a coworker. Who then because some when you come become so when you have to report to. Think that's that's all right got to be also report toured his boss thing is about how can one. Oh you know it you're gonna you know like we have meetings every week Clinton goal and ultimately are going to have on the lungs with BC anyway for every week reform all the obvious where this quickly you know you're gonna have to have a one on one with B zero point total hours that occurred down. Let's wait hours and I'm like let's like let's make up all I'll give you an analogy you'd be like if one of the guys on your offensive line became your assistant head coach. That he weird for you rights. No no what do we or does he would know whose whose whose duty is original teammate. And not as assistant coach a laundry you're assuming something here that I don't think you should be assuming and I know. I know I don't know about this case having year assuming something that mark that is not that you pay as you think that he's going to take the bull by the horns and gets the. This would be stranger for you because you've been at 790s I don't out of 790 pieces only that a 790s since 2012. Have you seen a grown man get motion and person. No legacy that these come to me ask you to do more immediately put on gasoline and a good face much I could fire you because he is a Garcia later. By loves it he either upset. I love seeing a good face much. A mine CNN emperors and basement so insult I would be Audi 5000. Of these Mexican music let them really thinking about you need this. Bush out to push. Money at the thought at all it is the immediate phase much tees are way did you did you think that he's telling you what to do its immediate out of out of my way. Outs go. Text rates and respect your boss Hummer yeah most of your pulse manner Yorkshire respect your boss and respect him now negative. Into a but it meant. Better yet he go to on the overhaul when I go down one hallway. Just do it too hard left hand turn into the kitchen and just wait for me to get out of the building and then you go about your day he's he's in and taken pictures yes. I do yeah they say hey you know if they sign a Max deal shoes zoos say it got Andy Ellis park next to me sign a Max deal give out you season everything's so clean sheet in a took the bit to his head and everything. Look at all dapper moral long sleeved shirt. Get an awesome grimy grind G shirt that he normally wears I was cracking up the back your arms are not right now I was sitting very professional yesterday let's that they like he's been stubborn warranties teachers that and that wouldn't have a barrel hanging at the bottom have always been where he's been ordered button downs for over the last week's column accents you're right actually does make sense then. There that's calculated so was he up for review Italy he just automatically. Mutant man and let's contract must have been if it misses is near contracts. On his contract negotiations welfare as smooth and one out of a hundred was in the respect put your balls against Holmes and Robert do you be respectful troubles is that I have learned I think the key to doing well this company isn't so much performance but is buckets. Because then that's yeah that's what I've learned. KeySpan else. Mueller was grams this Els I have to do is success. And arrow so. I noticed that I was so we do not buy that needs a cease and everyone did it is he being who Moodle. We every single person you know an Angel can sever by the weight of a sitting in the studio I don't wanna be I think you'd think Randy. What the believed that did rim C do you rate and he just got here yesterday it nanny ever. And ran on the speed great friends of serving you coffee for a long time he's very young. You'll answer me I think this is brand in the sibling you don't know I don't mind being Gramm's game but I don't know what beast is thank you Ramsey or you don't know who's asked BUU 10 leave out of the kissing okay about it is saying is coffee every morning smoke piece of through your Catholic. Don't know if that's bombings you don't know who was asked you wanna you wanna leave any of the gases out because you don't know when you get to kiss and in the future what that person can do for you so he'd includes as many people as possible in England Maine hello now Barrett honors photo really think rain. When you rumors photo allegedly commented since Graham. She was a fan I to thank me that he wasn't thanked that she wasn't banked. Hello I don't know what you what you. I had no idea what anyone had to do than any other men who into the bank. Seems like he was I think into Iranian I think it ever gonna. Yesterday was not even close to the only thing that made Romberg upset. Next. What it's heard that way in Canon's. You know the Marlins one last note about drama in second in the Marlins won last night for two. You may say so lovely and Chen. It did a great job got away and get more note that's the point your work. That's the point this Dwyane Chan is such a loser that even when he pitches well you know runs yesterday. They even when he pitches well. He can't even stay in the game long enough to qualify for Wyndham. He's such a look over and that is a matter to me as to whether he's yet you know what Mattingly S open against guys were terrible oxide but Mattingly. Not only elect only delays wanes and that it's good. Good. Did you get any action news on management's on interest. Dodge is I'm I'm starting to realize because Don Mattingly never lets wanes and get out of anything. And I feel like it's been toxins affiliate because wanes and the clubhouse cancer. Because he's so US cities series I'll be a hook it guy so yes so that's how well I don't know an additional and doesn't care and I like what your added no he's poisoning the club out. Hold on you know took his philosophy is the guy who I don't believe speaks English is C. Clubhouse cancer yet. One drink a policy goals can read as far as I mean as we mentioned calls Mattingly reread what does what's movement Rihanna. White what is spoken about this but I have my money there. Now. Okay. Comment 20 paycheck and that's it. I I understand that being a problem where you got a clubhouse. Full of young impressionable players. Okay who but none of which make any money. And then you got a guy in way yin Chen who makes so much money and is terrible. And then if you add to it that he has a lousy attitude for whatever the reason I don't know the reason is. I I I don't understand I can understand not being liked. I can understand that. Now are probably rubble lot of guys are wrong way but but this guy is so don't let your co. How can you expresses bad attitude to the extent that it becomes a cancer in the locker ME you don't speak the language only yellow we don't read that August well it's it's like this he has his interpreter rhythms that with him all the time does it panel has anybody ever heard green and vision. Natalie is an observer uses an accountant. It is counting holes casually without having meetings this is wanes and the gorges Alex stacks he's got the phone like Floyd Mayweather just hash. Well we you know Eagles and training remind every Tuesday and Thursday just after two Monday I think it's payday. Any any sits up on the training table he's got like a little bit of limp and a hip pointer and the like what's the matter was a matter and is an asset in my wallet gets that day. Obama at all I got to Pakistan go. It's a right that's right. Yeah now it went loser guy gives up no runs can't even qualifying Furl win. Can't get through five innings but why would he have pulled them if he had given them aren't. Because he's a lose our custom. Because he's a huge loser that the people I think it was a triple switch in the event about matters or not only know triples which lets and I mean game number. You know 32 no. Against the last place studio city at W anyway again. This there was one of those days are his thoughts malls game and somebody went in the game I had no idea there were JB shock I don't that is. You know that is an apple this is jock straps and there method a man I've started out there like. Announced it again I don't know if it was hot a Hollins with the other guys saying it in the united on our broadcast but it was a now into the game JB shot. Oh man. Oh my god my wife neither noticed that when a team she's how many people talk during baseball and only Molly got two guys are gonna play about you don't and one does the organ. Was she goes on how many people do it. There's a football and are you as you two usually miles a gallon and out that's two people lament displease the sounds and let's join him on talk no regional and a new dolphins and you put three. I can just ams and many Ronald wanted to let that marinate for a Hogan matter I don't be root on the left that night who went to the joke was there a slant that he did not like that I was smooth body F from our white even noticed about the whole. One voice is like that they got past that one voice. But we're not expect it's good to Somalis and height 630 Molly slide hasn't won voice both I just get started as a one voice. As I respect the process with two. I had so robbery guessing like I said robbery yesterday was angry at beast and new is not the only the uncomfortable situation for the Rondo yesterday at next. It. They sent and I want you to join us so much for cancer on Saturday at Fort Lauderdale beach. Join us as we march through those fighting this disease for more info visit march for cancer. Dot org. So witty headlines in a moment and Romberg has from a gas storage freeing a couple minutes here so so there was. I don't view as a notice on social media but I I keep track a lot of the stuff. You know there Roy is of a few days ago and the like not convention bowl whatever they call to war all the television networks a start rolling out new shows like they show all the executives and everything the new shows that are going to. It's called the up front some news shows that are going to be debuting in the fall okay Indian and it sounds sponsors and act kind of deal. So getting a lot of previews out there on social media of some of the new shows that he be premiering. And this one she'll call my eye of I forget what channel is at its one of the networks Knoblauch when the cable channels now I don't. And by the way I don't I don't trust the shows on network television anymore mean ABC NBC CBS fox. They did they just don't know as much leeway as AMC. And FX you know the cable networks on I don't trust the network television shows and want us to comedy union that you could mean. Comedy only don't sell fought an on time Oleg hourlong dramas don't trust the networks. So I see this one and preview for a show called manifest. Okay. And at and the concept is actually really cool. All right where apparently these people all are all on an airplane okay its rate of light of flying like cross country LA to the East Coast on the like that. And the plane gets lost advantage it's OK you know like that flight wolves and a few years go Malia and a little cereal he wasn't Malaysia right. Polar few years ago that and I just vanishes like remember that it needed her found the place we we actually don't know what happened to those people write it they they found pieces of it. But but they didn't find bodies in a fight on bloody lines on the plane itself that writes from. A couple pieces of and a very remote island is so over it no idea what happened that play OK so that's what. This show is but then imagine. That five years later. The plane lands. The plane lands. Like nothing happens like aliens hundred time more poll Bhutto's you know that you need that much in in the preview OK but the plane lands the people on the plane and have no idea is that they've been gone for more than like 45 hours. And that people who greet the plane at the airport Billick what the hell is this. These people had been presumed dead for five years that's pretty cool concert seems really cool but here's hoping that here's the thing that caught my not okay. I feel like every year when these new shows are made it. We're just hoping for the new lost. And I feel like that's what were hope that Billick that's what viewers and a lot of people were making new shows that we're all trying that we're trying to create the new lost. Because loss was such a huge. Deal it was of the I mean it's one of the biggest. Television shows small time loss did you guys used to watching all story now I'm really grates regularly ending at. But the show was really really really great. And and I feel like we continue to try and tried out the next. Loss to where there's an a huge element of mystery involved in the poll shows try to figure out or what what is mr. why's this happening to these people. And this show has a little bit of that deal too as well. I don't expect it to war calm because I feel like we have these expectations on a show news show every single year which trying to trot out the new lost. That your personal upper west world. That it's the new laws that it's it's every every couple of episodes as a new twist the eased Tuesday girls or did you used to watch lost that's why don't get the reference but it is just watch it and lost yet it too it was immediately greats. Oh mean what it was ruled that people signal what is gold watch the show they Barrett's I am gonna quit less problem I'm done an item just tired of the wrinkles. Typically. So do you think that the writers of that show manifest. There is like a bunch of guys that dissenter Monica high you know Indian high it feels like five years. You're moving in such slow motion. That maybe just all the passengers has got high before they flew its concept right it doesn't sound that I don't watch the trailer I I think the show looks cool I'm a weird. Tell I'm wearied give. New shows a chance because I hate the idea of starting a new shell. And etiquette canceled out the first season. All of a waits to make sure it gets picked up for additional season and I'll go back I'll catch a monument but it's my time he'll be airport workers like. Is on the plane comes back down because there's night's big brown normal time because they never at the airport workers they're coming down amendment. There weren't you being man it's been three over and then people got the pilot when I'm old enough three. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami would you accept that each each O'Meara car. But I guess the not a lot you let you have you guys ever heard that work should Wear shows get composite lost lost. People waiting for a new walls. That's a meaningless that's that's the way his wallet yet. I'm waiting for the visited new detective rebels are showed pictures to detect protective nobody actually what I knew I wanted to through the regular for the fall since the loss and coming back into on so it's tough it out here that man. All I mean I told Joseph watch that movie brawl in cell block 99 and I got to see it's there and he plays really well masses so. I can't I can't predict in the island and help. I told you I'd compromise once he and nauseous what's the one. If cute what does that. The 300 guys with the hoses name. The 300 go look at the eyes Girardeau what's his name. Is that is named some like that what's his name's Gerard sensual look. George Butler Butler to our when he plays of the former CIA guy that turns into a killer because. His family was like killed and his wife was raped and stuff many goes to jail in the as a salute long plotted the many kills one guy with a T bone. Because he orders state from del Monaco an easy sell us a little movie at WWW sells the home it's a great movie I cannot exits that would Jamie Foxx and journeys like. Georgia spot please the president knows this homered to impose whose got to protect him when he's the president also has an at a different movie awkward there two point. An accordion we come true. In Eastern Conference finals last night the Celtics handled the cavaliers 107 to 94 in game two here is what is sound a lake on the cavaliers radio network. Yeah. 551 deaf boys. Mustered only thirty guys in the second half an eight ball flight thirteen. LeBron had beyond the forty point triple don't. Jalen brown would have 23 points again Al Horford fifteen points ten boards. LeBron 42 points twelve assists ten rebounds to listen not to air Smith gave and by seven points during Clarkson. Now and and and and cancer in ports and I'm 47 minutes art race in a minute to zero point and one or bush likes and it was DNP coaches decision. Ayman emotion beast. Like he marsh Smart. Well look I say so what is more Marcus Moore was excellent well now I mean just all you rank and Al like marble out. He lives he was so good last night's all over the place and would undergo an American prom or something with new content and and aunts and JR romance jailers the problem means some sort of backing around his early twenties on aug erroneous but. JJ just bought out man like Tim Smith is completely worthless as an MBA now. And he also had a really dirty dirty fell last night JR Smith. Where he got you got ejected from the game was like four minutes left in the fourth quarter he got ejected a flagrant two foul against Al Horford. Very dirty play good yeah flagrant two very dirty polite. I and heat it in and a wrong when I did Ronald he got a split in two I think it was just of what I want. The area flagrant one and they all on sort it was like one and one or some alternative Smart attack won't yet because right seat. Offer what's the best excuse me and offer went the basket and JR Smith. To hand shove in the back guys in mid area that is dirty plays there is in the NBA I don't know who's the announcer McCall a cholera McCall but he was like there's no place in basketball that maybe can do an amount of the game you you heard a very badly do and I'm saying that he should give me because that game and and so and markets markets teed up of course because that is here they're showing it right there. Margaret Smart then got to report almost has had on the backboard. On Marcus market suitable horse because he runs nanny gets in in in JR Smith's face and he showed you got to do your market Smart the littlest guy on the court it's embarrass you gotta do it. Okay and and this market seat up. I thought I'd answer it got the flagrant two hopefully he gets a flagrant foul very very dirty dessert plate until. And I mean you get the fine and everything. But. Yes they're gonna go and they're gonna Cleveland with the cavaliers down. 02. LeBron went to lock perm briefly in the second quarter when he took Jason Tatum shouldered her job he scored 21 points in the first quarter. The Boston Celtics are 37 NL all time and up to now and a seven games here I hate that that. They immediately in mean inning nothing in means nothing means that there are 37 now all time in her head to well he's a. It gave no means a bunch of ghosts a bunch guys aren't alive anymore. Who with 37 now contributed to that mean nothing this team I hate that. You want LeBron playoff history raised down until we get that's interesting at least yes so in 2017. He lost. To go on stand in 2016. He won the even numbers down doors to Golden State in 2000 and eats he lost to Boston. In the same situation and 2007. Lost years and seven you know. In 2000 when they're down at a Boston Eddie went to seven games that's still Altria a lot again a loss of 432007. Loss or is that 20071. First choice for two and then in 2006 blocks for the three threes and he's won it twice in a seven game when he's down notes you. It's possible cinemanow Chansi. Never down 02 with the heat that's true and I look you know. The series going back to Cleveland. Cavs are are are certainly you'd expect they're gonna play better on their home floor. But it's it's it's tough after these two games to think that Cleveland's gonna win the series. It's in very yet a blowout game one games it was not a blowout to gave the Celtics really dominated second after the game. And what not a blowout and it is difficult after these two games though. Today is game two of the Western Conference finals the terriers and that Russia it step up from two and a senator suffered 9 PM. Yes I into its. I I love that I I love team won that series at first half of game one all man. I loved game one I'm in this Keisel all the criticism nationally both sides of there. Of the country of James Harden just throwing the ball over the individual one on one plate he compared to change things up I don't know that's their team. We do all year long they're not gonna have any more ball movement after the match out of criticism from both sides of the world here that add up believable watcher actually Houston. I don't think only here's the thing what do you do lately. That's in that offense OK and isolation offense and it's worked very well for them all yearlong because they have two guys and hard and Paul court. Excellent in that situation. It's worked for them all year long to change up one game. Like Alec that would be. Don't appear to be a bit of a panic move up. Tell it to change what was I work the entire year you've got to see more ball movement the right they got to focus yeah I think I I I would I would agree with that but I also don't think they're gonna change because now it out appear to be. What's more creating entire season also and thrown out the window after one game so I don't see them doing it even if maybe it would be the right move. The Marlins doubled up on the Dodgers Ford at TO. Rail new joke three perform an RB I double rights close team but what month and half. Good trade can reduce them honest attendants Tobin. And time to find out how many people went to the Marlins game yesterday. With a list of its. Yesterday's attendance was 6242. Really packed the place didn't. David not if you keep doing this now Stephen Hawking got better things do man. Like recipes yeah. You know I yeah had it a hat yacht over 8000. At one point a few days a gallon. You know when you lose six out of seven you know loosen those fans and other services as tenants once they gave yesterday. Other organs and record and I didn't really yeah. The west eyeballs. Bumpers shirt there's going to be a new record I was primarily otherwise. Drummers I thought for sure the weather would hinder that attendance number of ought to be worse it's experience that that your all the other opportunity tonight's music. And you had and then again tomorrow. All we get rain later on today's vote goes yes it's raining flexible today entered I think we're going to be in 5000 not right let's keep our fingers and a tow. The NBA draft lottery was last night the suns have the number one pick in this year's NBA draft. It's tough me explains you guys how much I love the draft lottery. I'd like to unload its goal line that I hated us and them listening to that all my love its whole month. Of the first make that kings have the second pick the hawks have the third pac bell is just looked at the top three I love it's they cavs end up with the eight ethnic. And I NBA draft lottery Boston did not get a lottery pick for the strapped. Philly gets to keep ethnic and number ten. What I felt like it was like Jason Bateman in the movie dodge ball when they're trying to talk about the picks in the guys and this is I thought it sucks like what is so interest and I love it. My guy and -- this of the freaking NBA draft I got the dread what I got the draft order out and explains my silent and stable a bit late last night because they're going to want it and I don't like anything our employees should have been on the cab to me in my side explains you just like point 99 or stop. And so I am I I have the draft order around and explains okay. It bailed out this envelope in this scene isn't there that means they jumped to that means they got into the top three. And so when number idealist seven ruled out and Sacramento wasn't in the gamble would. A whole. Page of the top we're so excited we're so excited. Look at the heat Ernie minimal Miller who cares I paid for it I love the draft lottery man that's fun. I'd I'd like when the teams win the lottery so Sacramento one yesterday. Atlanta I'll want as well they were supposed to be getting five fibers ID five there's those because they jumped up as well. Actress is the order you guys to write you know every team has a representative OK all fourteen teams some of them it's the president of the team some of them it's a it's a current player. And the Atlanta Hawks. The owner of the Atlanta Hawks I don't know his name but his wife. Is is an actress who you won't recognize. Okay it's this it's this woman Jamie Gertz just an entourage. She's been sued and won two she's lost boys missed 25 years ago but not watch a movie you recognize her. Putter and JAM life Jami Gertz OK you 1000% recognizable spores that would rely on board yet keep subtle India and yet. And she's tea or your organizer. Joseph Romberg. So she's irreparable hawks she she don't it's all been hurt badly they own the hawks and she's sitting there she's represented. As a group promote the kid. It was so yes she's an offer it's funny she's sitting easy stand America sees in the top three and out she's the hawks' pick and it's it could. Stern then. And the goods all the really good movie get that song and you get Jamie guards standing there she is herself part owner. It's now and say Jamie Gertz there and next to her is Josh Jackson. And yeah Erin fox these two huge dudes and right in the middle as little old his little actress it was it was Susan you've seen. I was little in the world cross over time true. We're a sports world crosses over the the music world or the Hollywood world steel selling license so what are you again critical of that draft lottery. But because England followed the pelicans and answer Graham parents are follow me eat. I do think tomorrow because this possibility lead by the way. Oh okay you're going to be tough guys what was buddy growling and yelling and screaming interest in Thompson about last night as they want to bounce CEO Tristan and it is an agent did you see the Internet means did you see those about. You know Khloe Kardashian isn't enough that you go home and you're you're white you on a feeling he's like persona non Grata on now to a prison Thompson. In the advisors seem adding a billion and it's now. Comedy was sure his teammates like him maybe now like how many times you're trying to go for rebound and Kevin Love is like hey man. I'm getting the ball stop being what your being rate now I don't like your being your your injury relevant right now just go away go visit and wanted more strident so hard last night's purchase still and by the way Tristan Thompson doesn't want. And you don't need anybody beat you like Trisha Johnson made it seem like he wanted Tristan Thompson pattern I'll want any of Marcus mores okay. Because it is likely with the the real one yeah hours to realty he does not want any Marcus Morris. That that's out of date off okay who what when they announcers called to the toughest guys in the NBA in other. First and Thompson's arms at prepare notes until it's always got DVR Marcus Morris and is identical twin brother was sitting in the front row. Who went there went through those guys in the NBA going battery your government wow another dock there they refer to Tristan Thompson is about guys. Well. In a friendly American Airlines has banned insects ahead jogs and goats as emotional support animals can bring my grasshopper. Ron Jeremy I didn't I didn't get the book reference I thought it was in sex. Might. And inflate CX about it earlier I was. Thinking in play taxes already banned. All right tremendous tees that we done with Romberg story from yesterday he tells it next. OK let's try. Barack. The regular. In this is new on the 79 did you get downloaded today it was newest anytime and anywhere. Great. Go now your way to the gym get ready. What was your ratings go forty dollars. Our eyes. I is I got coming up today I went up endorses Donald a couple of hours he's out their laws you OCE. That he has ever spoke remember in my life walled Ben this is going to be really fun for you. Local Miami guy right yet but he's he's like that show ESPN. The jump. Is it jumped in sports nation. One of their shows the sports nation yesterday he's old and often very often well what's yesterday on all the time. Oh he's a sports nation yes yet okay. So jump I think is Wilmington Bristol. Our New Yorkers believe to as yeah. So so yeah he he's out there knowing Annie does is radio and in Los Angeles but up yes he'll join us we'll talk to the NBA playoffs with him last night Cleveland went down 02 tonight you got Houston trying to. European decent try to avoid the disaster scenario OK and that's going down 02. And it's. After after tonight don't you don't pass won't until Saturday taken an extra day off and do it those units or why he beat. Sucks and I get bask in that that series lesson we don't we tell Saturday. And that is nominally to Sunday anyway. We've got that coming up. So. Robert was annoyed yesterday because is beast. Beast got a promotion. And Robert you were annoyed at peace got the promotion. I he he's now I can no longer say that he's assistant to the program director he is now a system program director deserve an. And so he he's a system program director. Now I don't think that robbers annoyed that he got the motion now I think that your Knoll laid it. With the way that he handles it and getting the promotion he puts out all the picture is all my god he he even ease so it's it's a whole contract signing ceremony at. Paige it's this whole rigmarole all of celebrate me writes I don't know if it was put the dolphins rookie year through his beast you're our our retirement. Choosing between the two units always get a huge signing bonus. As well informed put pat on rides you know shake the hands the whole thing. Right but then when you actually do closeup on the on the paper that he's signing it it just it just says contract in the Mikey signs his name if you if you zoom in it it just this contract and then and then besides it's inside there's not a whole lot to. So but what do they go get to take the picture of him and Golan sitting at the deaths but who would who walked by anybody making compared to picture please. And in the guy's gonna go in their news really honestly take a picture those two sitting there we ask someone it did just that. Yeah that's that's what happened actually on earth so also so you tell me they stop due to take a picture won't use that. We would make any drama he's vigorously is absolutely not. Least don't even talk to me. Basement bush at your boss now. Better be careful Abbas he he is one your bosses slate you can say no one you regularly don't grant Haas now multiply he's the first a layer of your ball when I got is that homer announced he breakfast that's the only boss I got. The warden of the Matt. So that's not the only thing aggravated robbery yesterday I want to play for your three year old daughter the true. Ari what what's what's your ranking at home because your mother in laws are your house law to she's there on time Buick. And easier the two daughters you have the way fear the mother in law. Well I I I. I guess I get announced this now is what I didn't yeah oh yeah yeah. Yeah I got another when I'm really billion. Humanities that Daniel had. Are. I don't know if you graduate student at home. My hand and you're not joking right I guess what it is not joking right it did another girl courses it's. 21 sex at third likely eighty something percent and still beat that sex yet you knock in another bush but everybody has to all of the same sex they're going for the third option and went you know you're. What percent do you like you went for a third animal and pray it was on purpose it's it was not a. Bonus maybe you know we it was not her UT. Oh yeah now you know how it works room. While I was given the green light. But we even her pants. No no no no no no no no I'll. Currently. There the whole how did you specific about how altered about this happened you know you know all of us he's going to get you and you thought it was like okay. You more under the impression all my years and are here forty B when I had the impression all these years. That the clock penal as foolproof basilica we don't I never I never wore a sock and she was not from birth control. Up until our first kid which was four years ago you know once imagine why I've heard once we would like to get pregnant with a line. Carol we're revolver Baker's dozen your yeah yeah employing that that might I can you imagine. I don't I don't actually real concerns were pretty or Renault because epic about whether when did you find this out. Montgomery it's a hell of our machine. But almost four months obesity in the second to master. Obviously it's a time he wouldn't England announced that she wasn't any Massa yeah it's so I wasn't hurt him further than that it's more with hedge and we Somalia via. I go to the inaugural you must have just recently found out the sex the couple weeks ago. I don't read her video. And whenever we talk about you finding out do we what do we talk about the development of this child can you just use months instead of weeks. Even emails crazy in its prime it's because I took so early because I'm not a -- that's at 100%. But does else find that incredibly confusing when you also know how old's your kid is 137. When he muscled around and your readers and an all day you'll and that they could if they don't the Clinton when he heard that Obama won and the 39 month low. You also know the nine months is a misnomer it's tetanus it's forty I accept none runs misnomer. This is untrue and that occurred forty Nestle also I don't know pecking order in my house is just. I looked at my wife give them access at McManus if I pay for all your crap I pay for the kids crap I cook your food I go grocery shop and pay your bills. I say new on vacations I take you for boat rides a much the boat captains all true on the cook on the cleaning guy on the repair waves. All three in big key easier loading your drink it every weekend the week fed doesn't get to participate many that zero. Yeah. But it it there's a lot to one packed here okay. EU and that's what's so at this you had no intention what are you gonna have a third baby at some merit points now is I was with its grip on pal okay well you're stupid. Completely true because you did. I mean I'm not bringing confidence and you did tell me off air that your that your wife did. What's more than one another the ironic part about it was it was during the time that I was hanging out with a intro. And he got his little boy run and round does he was a newsstand discourage her manly than resigned charles' ball. I I went nuts on him I was too soon now so Antrel not only has made the most money in UN history which we all know about already emerald to hold on you have another great but he also just cost you some heat cost you an incredible amount of money who okay I'll wanna I wanna know. Look what media Laura what made her get the pregnancy tests like what was the what was the sign where it's like I think it might be pregnant well it's ironic because the dingy you know works today that are Graham died. Was the data issues like. Oh my god I'm supposed to have my thing already okay okay is if that happens every month and then sometimes it doesn't happen today bodies are so large so did she CDE did a pregnancy test Bullock standing over the staying in night you know fingers crossed her she's like. You know like I think I was like I looked her in the face and I say man you gave me the green light what do you mean you think. She's a nod I don't I it's it's early out or and obviously you gave me the freaking green light it wasn't like a caution flashing yellow. You games that you run and get the tests at that point all three test. Boom because I I lighter that's an ideal like we've had we've had false alarm because we we we can't have anymore kids okay. And but but my wife said Ali you know right you don't feel kind of whatever and and my period is is late and I run to the store and get it like I don't wait I run to the store. And I've gotten the pregnancy test a boxer razor blades as well and no I don't know I don't know. Pat we're planning house so it's like I I I don't I don't wait on it's like I I will runs the store even though it's like 99% chance that we're never gonna get pregnant again I run the storm we do that test. Thanks very didn't Amber's gonna go single white female still on a Romberg baby. I might at this point I so we are acute problem now and yeah he's got a lot of girls and I don't know if they I mean this house full of women Abraham I can take an office answering them. I am look like they're pretty clear that he'll overall I make a baby's daddy may still look he'll be so so you're in your era at the office now finding out the sex and you really badly wanted to be a boy you know I don't know week we didn't we did like a little we were in the Keyes a little reveal things we got the envelope from the doctor. I gave the envelope to my brother and my brother rigged my fishing rod with either a blue Leuer. We're paying lower yeah. You do this color thing Williams and I did it right on the front enterprise cry no no secret I assure you that your. Your daughter is that video won at all there really halftime moves is timely and my mom in the family and and and emily's mom. And real that the broad. And all of a sudden it was a pink hot pink Leuer. And then manages our most collapse in the artery there I'm going to continue this next. I yeah it's a big news day okay. I need is quite hurt. Boy who knows calming everything is going on seven tickets are on the NBA conference finals tonight we had gained two or. On the Western Conference finals I see even obese got a motion yesterday is not about change in line as big day for peace it's a big dipper Romberg because it says Eastern Conference finals here it's obviously incorrect so he's doing good work. Tonight we have gained two of the Western Conference finals here and enhancing and Golden State right here I am 719 FM wanna four point three HD to the ticket. All right so. Inadvertently we stumbled upon it will what is a big Newsday. OK because we are getting to a story that is making it made Robert really met yesterday and what we'll get to it okay but this is so much better. It turns out that. Wrong number eggs wife is pregnant. Is pregnant again. And not only pregnant again the pregnant with a third girl. OK so he is having another baby and it's another girl because like we've been to this before and you are trying like it was it's a bonus baby. Correct it was. Nice way it was I don't personally I don't personally it was a mistake could. So he's had a bonus was no goalie liquor refused product it was a setup I. Dynamited bid is Robert Michael White might have set up. Yeah no I'm doing the timing method and I'm not fertile these. The the old western. Poland chew method. It's it's good to go public good to go I'm OK because for I don't know how long we were married were merry. He'd ten years ten years of being married and into years of being gauged. Twelve years and then a modicum of premarital sex ramming but because we might about it. But at the Diane. So like your thinking like a good twelve years. Twelve years. Of just a glove no love no love like by twelve years. Get after me. Nothing not even a scare not even a oops not even an out there and then all of a sudden. So as the clock gets restructured. After baby it's like golly man Thomas. All the time symmetry next tournament get her knocked up it's crazy a lot of a lot of women will go to your idea when they can't get pregnant and get pregnant out way. And then after they have one can it get pregnant naturally after it's strange it's like once you have one child it apparently changes your fertility and I'm. OK to go look at the rocks our forests are met them like I'm OK I'm cool with that. You know you have the conversation mid act you're like hey they would vote no in my good thumbs up runway clear what she's like you're okay no problem. So perfect she's got no problem and I leaning let's get this guy at least another week and how. I have urged it. So I watched that video during the break his his revealed video you know these women Robert you got these people out there they do the blow and they do the paint and at. So so robbery was it was fishing and where and interpret you reeled in net aides say your house and the keys and your wife think your Brothers filming in Weisman and girls are watching. And here he throws a line in the water somewhere here set it up sort of the rod put it in the water broke and at the end of the subpoena lower yeah you know in the open and that's notes at the rate. Colombia and that comes up it's a pig fishy here. Real it up and as a penguin and houses like who. Do you care what you're really you comparable. Yeah I was hoping for a one million idea on health treatment and fingers and toes is good for me to your wife Carol shield report. I think a lot of people pulling for me to avoid telling the truth like all the nurses at the office. Even the Doctor Who delivered nurse was like. Look I feel that the boy everybody thought it was going to be a boy so they don't Mia in order to break me down kid your daughter's care where the old enough to care. Well the weird thing is is Tiffany's always talked about her brother brother brother all the time about this imaginary brother birdsaw as the markets go and give them in the boy. It's time and I told the white but sit. Don't buy I am no clothes lead Malone all I want is a pair shorts he's gonna pee outside he's gonna hang out. Base that whenever he gets paid a bit. Singing didn't I am a boy absurd and her eyes like the universe is that maybe didn't make boys. How these you know post Alito boys walking around here word about perfume and Heinze opened suddenly one of those sons Hillary hangs out no sure all day agents God's pulls the pans out took a pass when he asked. Eat a failure suns one of those boys. There's those journals not you conception of the wall but relief relief low for the kids and little boys just hang out pull the pants are on their ankles and just dude we weeping at the PP TP out. Circumcision you know the whole nine I was ready to go it's. Man three year girls so I'm not going to get. Right. Three girls I'm not going. And what to do dated December when we talking around November or. Maybe I mean even October I think it's October and while some end of October early November the. And and and ivory told Tiffany she's not allowed to take anybody's name. But it's not Tiffany oldest daughter and my oldest and I'm not. So number rises weird thing that although by the way he has enough you know it's this is completely ridiculous is not is that there's nobody else to pass on the Robert name isn't to rob and his aides and that somebody from his. Directs. It even I can't point I can't explain it because it makes little sense it does and his erect a boy and needs to carry on the Romberg name even though there will already somebody on the rubber game my brother makes it as an escrow or won a national doesn't matter in the trophy but this is what I do you know this is what they do now none of you all can any longer make fun of mean that in. When we have these discussions about whether I'm going to take my fiance is last name or whether he's going to take money into different sounds like Robert wants his daughter's two. Differences is I think your father wouldn't push for you to keep your last name I think sometimes you Brothers you would push to keep your last name so I think there's a big commitment. Yes exactly so I. I don't think Tiffany's going to be the one billion pound daddy wanna take his name I'm doing knew you were taking my name and and that's not all do. That is not how it works your name is living on your brother has a son OK you have might look like five foot 10265. To seventy Arlen is playing mono. Now man yet just about the name I need six to striking biking looking human being that's it Don. And Jeter on Tiffany's gonna look like I'm making Eagles until I know she won't always wants he wants her son to look like. But then what if her what does she marries the that it is traveling. No right now. Draft Alexander. But it's not sixty and you don't bite me in my my son is very athletic career moving to Norway has better nod originally a game. I need like your different type of apple does any descendants of white true. I'd write notes I really drummer to do a DNA test because I I will laugh so hard when Robert is in no way she perform. Related soup making ancestry and anyway however you restaurant DNA like we're gonna do not a father. Though DNA that's you know they do the the DNA mapping out early you elegantly three kind of zeal he has because he's so convinced he's a viking and he probably had that on purpose. And that's the law which it appears the man who normal not that of their loved Enron a little girls and three year. Since he like three teachers female Tobin corals. The leisure car this email I'm not going. I'm not going. It's so here's here's automatically pauses while. As I'm obviously Mary and Mary QB and you inherit the family right so when the old man is is is. Past I'm obviously inheriting my mother in law who's gonna opposite eliminates yup I'm not it's like guys. Three daughters I'm not going through life I'm not the mother in law I'm not going. And me. I'm not going to be punished for everything you did to women when your younger Graham karma is unbelievable mammoth but finds poll circle. Karma. Duty and get the student Carol. I don't I don't get to the kid I mean you mean yeah. I did did I mean you or you can get him here. Nobody's gonna let this isn't. Just more of an Italian he's gonna what are we. Don't turn it. My my pediatrician. Books Germany's agreement so even if it's after what I looked elements that come Henry king Lyon. Now I would never how often do you see align its net dome and you ride I would never separated this he. So this is right I hate the new guys did as good as the madness resides in a six sacks is bull bleep I mean it really is I think. So it ridiculous desired just is just how how of the animal kingdom war is not big you're not that it's not animals children and also when the lights on the table and now goes the baby yet. Out goes that I. The animal kingdom like praying mantis relic she eats the man after she accepts them like maybe we should institute that rules out are much higher on the food chain. So if you're asked me if I'm done I'm done with my wife yes. I might have to go back and go like sailed the seas on a lion gets snip does that type terribly nobody gets nipped in that animal cap world would talk I think as the line has about 32 lines is that he rooms with and alliances don't it's not either. Here's a needed to you okay here's needed him for what you need it you have a conversation before. That the seasick we know it's units are of course. So you need to have a conversation with doctor buoyancy section OK and then the baby comes out to you go to. Out. Over degree yeah exile and and doctor does when I told I was like a pick the stomach don't take everything out when everything's going. Veterans guard it Sony would want him to take your waste dump out everything the American easier does homers and all of a sudden does come out by the way like I I've seen organs like on the table there and doesn't come out well. A stalemate but but other organs come out its stock. Yeah stock rose yeah well blu. I'm not going to actually take the tubes around okay. Does it will because a lot of a lot of ovarian cancers to this article like amber. This is this life and someone you enter that circle yet beautiful need to be encouraged stereo at the caller and helping it to the mall in silicon Indians pretzel. Looks like no Tuesday. He girls I'm not going to. I'm on diet item for us all a little broke mrs. Obama to be yet you know solid I'm going to be national statistical data to go and sent. Study in my car so that's that's given by a regular visits and it's going to be dead. They give us three weddings.