ZRA Part 1 5-18-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, May 18th

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On amber did say Friday morning the need. Morning a name that's on talking about a lot Friday this primary morning. So this is like one of those songs were back in the day. It was all electronic it was all about the beat and you get these lyrics for a half of the goes all about that I think bellies. I think that was that was some net. This group used I don't I don't think you look all of doubt this kind of flake. You know electronic sound and that will hold wicket to you hear the whip at the end of everything is the colors right now yeah I I I don't. They use some that the cars are. So it's back a morning event. Amber's out today she's in Vegas. Gym bigger tour. I think just vacation. And she is their for a couple days see did you get the answer mr. With so are flying this is how we travel this is how we ball kind of thing oh really I I don't Voller. What wall what was the and small ones it. Obviously it's programming. Getting picked up at the airport limos always at right in the hotel rooms really seen what they've got away from commercial flying ever since Steele first first class coach incident whether they announced that you know. But I think I know what our own plan and they put that to bed when he put that to bed pretty quick it's embarrassing that batch. Do you exit we and he gets mangled and money out because he knows there's money coming in on the back. All you have buddy yes so he could he could splurge a little now he knows it's going to be a big you have your guess is give a thumbs up my dream and I was that he felt I read it. So. Oh well. Sore. And the news don't go bowling. So well if you want to prove yourself show me your day trading excuse. So. Can you please. Paul would be you'll bank statements. A little always see you need to learn that though hello all you need to reduce. There's no red make an onus woman not a young samba. It's a broken finger and he wanted to Charlotte the toggle belly of the private just normal. So before you get done putting my breath oh excuse me so I did not know you entered a not great great granddaughter. Could you please by the way put my bags at the front of the mine so I. I mean it's exempt and that is embarrassing where she she said first class she could afford it's. And he sat in coach because he couldn't afford it. Sitting in first last night I think it's worse on her part like you gotta be sticking out and get a couple definitely not a write about it yes not a lot of dot. So Google. We get sick of your (%expletive) you quite striking what did you dads for grandma mom. Oh mine too old not only are you pleasing me young it's. But we also need your role. Smashing good looks and striking physique bigger and get Greg Greg Greg Graham mold Wilson worked ups she doesn't see and I. I've been decades. When you fly would someone like a friend. Do you buy two seats next to each other or do you by the two idols seats. So it neither one he was in the middle and be welcoming to the families. One condition. You must service great great grandma law as well. Discussed. Did you guys by the way the question is questions because it is more important. By the way good to talk about this Judge Judy she keeps a tight. Did you see this judge Judy's herbs now oh my god somebody sent me a mere minutes the other non interest charge Jody has got to go machine like an hour. Mr. Harris yes you picture forming on said that guess and I'll sort of like in my act as my gonna jump on our program our Judge Judy trained well Clinton. Great guys and guys like offended Judge Judy Trent yeah but not eighty. Since he's got some job in the truck relevant pages is in better shape the Danish rumors. And personal now and secondly. It there and I don't care. Don't Judy. Jump June 8. Mona JJ's courtroom this weekend. Send in the picture the only it is never an announcement has here and a I don't you know me and I'm scared to take general Mountain Lion now I lost my question while he looks set up when you fly with a friend do you sit. DC two seats next to each other. And now obviously one person sitting in the middle or do you Biden to idle seats so neither one used in the middle but you're obviously close and still talk to each other child. Item and does anybody to idle seats is it's a guarantee built and I don't need talk to you because were on separate groupings where I want to talk to enjoy a year ago legal removed yeah. Be forced to talk to Noah and my friend but I don't be. Don't feel obligated to halt to them whole flights. A nerd side by side you were the wife and her remarks Imus and you have to sub asylum why not an ad that's silly that's silly not here tell me if you fly just you and your life you'll buy two pale seats. Can't do that dude. At that does that does immoral and L a BOB honest and in premed classes in first class. The always easy or hard are far don't know let's then talk about coach obviously comment on my side by side. They can not sit next to your wife. Moment. Interest in my room and let's take a look at this Judge Judy need Syria going on here. Her rates to exude the booties on. I mean I gotta be out as the volume eight species she has excellent cars Georgia. But she's also eighty a day so if our rates but she does have excellent cars. And she got their car dashing moron yeah and I I would say that she was shoes probably real look. Fifty years ago real hell cat with a look at the farm or on that thing are you serious straight months and you know the judge you got this watch this beds all day yeah isn't pushing kids to sit and bony ass good for her. She Raleigh that are fun mind good does it puts it up on the bathroom sink. These are oh easily easily beat her mother the bathroom sinks opening Korea were to use in the Mir. But mad but teacup on the bathroom sink you don't want lay on the ground. I so I gotta be honest at the guys here Amber's on integration back on Monday. I am not feeling great okay yeah I'm doing here I am not feeling and I'll not say you look good though you got a good color earnings and then they clean interface to banks now. Sure is gonna tell you lose your skin looks good this morning in pink you are Toyota say they Q thank you. I I got sick ready ID had chaining here's what happened okay. I'm unsealed my stomach is fuel sick because. C yesterday. Late afternoon. I have been having recently little bit of a bog problem my call our little bit of an ant problem. And no one seems to know how to fix it okay no one knows how to get rid of ads in the caller and ate in Erie here every regardless idea in Arabic Goowy Goowy it cracks me out of there yeah work. I had a dog that's a gag to try that. But so I decided you know is recommended Ingle by a bomb from Home Depot and you can do today it's smoke out the car and unanimously Jesus Hersh you have that I'd recommend that a couple top horse what the ants like on like it's not nice to do. So I decided you know what I'm we get the bug spray OK and go this route first all right amber amber at essentially bomb the car myself. With the bug spray OK and you know you get a true rapid in the caught us volume born on the windows branding like that like you got yet trap it okay. And so I get back in the car this morning it's been like twelve hours. And I'm hoping in you know the smell is not there anymore. And it smells so there it's but it's not as strong all right been twelve hours. But I do totally smelled the bug spray and sell you know fifteen minute car right here this morning I'm just inhaling the the blogs brits leather seats are you go you your club lost. All that's so that I Saunders inhaling air bug spray for like fifteen minutes straits. And and I could steal it you know I can feel it in my head. And I can feel to my stomach literally am I I am not so yeah I catch anything from me. But I I am not feeling great ghetto boards are you sure your minds are playing tricks on your and Arnold I don't know. How ran out. I know my mind's playing tricks on me is not the point reminds plane tricks it's playing tricks on new interior what you did you aired out on the way here no windows down now it's not a box that you help us. Kill them listen. The I had I probably should of Leggett and I didn't I didn't think about until halfway through grind out planet telling you'll probably come too late plow fields so hot. But no one seems not to get reduce Ann's problem in your caller. And if the likes fiery answer ready hands and they're stupid black can't. Seven of those students say oh I have government sank Gator of them. Nonstop put a bid traps every day there's like you know by 12 room in the morning. Odds are you thank you got a call like a bug company that's and I got a mild anti Arab minority in what what it killer because honest to god. There's one on the market that is guaranteed Sega and ID say United's out like the answer Don. It comes in an orange box and it's like one of those things where you got a clip. The one little bottom end piece. An album waxes in the other and you just lay there and the next thing you know the next day you got like forty little and it's opened that box and it's over with. Don they think it's like sweet honey nectar you don't have any hints that it becomes a like a box of like six of armor three of armor whatever girl long. Three inch long narrow. Little housekeeping it is and it's just it's night it's good night for the chance. I'm not a great shame man when it adding an area gay you know but. Doug and hailed a lot poison on the car ride this morning act act is that your ploy to get out of doing in Liberia this week here. With the with the full house or what you are on a lot of people staying in my house. Is that you'll sister Lubbock and there aren't a lot of people's in my house the last few days in the next like week and a lot of peoples in my house from impressed you about the whole sister among takedown situation on third and final. It's my. What's at arresting a little bit about the real sister in law take down we have to bring her concert north accuser on yeah I got my sister in law on her fiance seen in my house plus my mother in law staying in my house so I yeah I got a again packed house in this crystal that are three and half our map he walks in drops his bag says art later disclosed that Katrina yeah Robert things get my people my house I had to entertain them not all. No poll would you feel obligated to Obama you got now people come and ordered. I feel a little weird in itself at least the first day and it is Lebanon that was the first thing that they'll go out there was Thursday. Feeling and Abdul song and dance in our. Why oh why I've known him for many years. Boy song and dance why it will much I don't press this is me. I am soaring hands and it's not like it was a beautiful day ripping gore will do step there was like horrible and he meant when there's something you know they're hanging around the house and there are tiptoeing around because they don't normally the owner of the house that such drama upstairs not a big deal but I'm I'm not entertaining them. Do we got to do askew com. One common entertain you. The difference occasion. World or having we're having a party in our house tomorrow for warts for my sister in law engagement. It's really nothing and this alleged affair but that's that's that's why you in the letting. What I mean I like my union grooms and and the daily as they say god no one of these weird guys has no friends they are being got wall on about totaling. Let's now I'm not I'm not I'm not gone on to Australia. Yeah it's it's in Australia one of Jordan Australia I don't wanna go to Australia. I mean is this is your wife going yeah she kinda pass ago should go home no. You know Imad Celine not going to Australia won its wolf first of wall. It's outrageously. Expensive okay you can imagine. And number 20 and it's not just say I'm going if I go. That means Abbas have to go in OK so I'm not buying four plane tickets to Australia that's number one. And number 20 you can't hit me on a plane for 24 hours I mean you breezy. Are you are you crazy over XP I'm going to be held and hell at you could've stopped it hell. Held an experience resulted hell that's without a series and especially today with what we have an iPad as a what not get your monetary you know and watched two shows you know do little nap in there 24. Hours of Manila and when they invent time travel. All all go to Australia when I mean when I can be ordered at. Olga. I definitely don't want Mahler trying to noted that you're doing is. I had no way serve. Now through my boyfriend travelled twice for hours by herself to a wedding where there's a bunch alcohol involved in a bunch of good strapping young lads. In the she finds out what to do injury do is when guys like anyone assume that you do is. Moment. Australia. Knew she come back. No I'm not going to meetings held western Dakotas and oh yeah oh yeah this is a dumb thing she noticed an ongoing years have you on your knowledge against it. Yes she gets it or is one of those things where like she understands you because you only to travel Naji gets it. Yet she she understands it's you bureau there and throw that American accent on the government on my god that counts oak whatever it's over there aren't there he. Here are my we and there. We Lewis scooter with all full blaze. I mean you're you're you're you're. Goes on their head that I can't do here. There's a freaking kangaroos and street in an and you know I saw that video of the kangaroo no punches and do good dudes yeah and then the dude clocked the kangaroo. Yes see where you know John Oliver he he did his bit where he's buying. Memorabilia from Russell Crowe's movie collection a hot. And that movie went to support co Wallace who suffer from chlamydia. And this clinic is actually run by the crocodile hunter's kids and so because of his donations being so Jenner they named the clinic John Oliver who wall chlamydia clinic at in Hadley would enter your name on a chlamydia clinic you're celebrating it had seemed pretty awesome. And. What does that meeting called. Yeah. Specialists or it could be it this the National Anthem. I I don't. Nothing like this your game. My history and all the others. MacPhail security does all night this tonight. Robberies were a great show at this morning. Fan of you saw the shirt. Robert Stern a picture of Levon Hernandez it's like the shadow on and and answer a you know you can't tell it's leave unless he unless you know that it's Levi it's like the shadow Levon Hernandez and he's holding up. The World Series trophy or no clues as those that are out there on demand is let cooped. And it says and says. In close I love Miami so I got a great certain. And Levon off Miami. I mean merry Oden and are you my I don't know you Miami Miami very very good to leave on. And and Robert doesn't know what this or surges and I'm like dude it's an amazing shirt that's really cool that that's Levon Hernandez man 1997. And he was I mean he was a rock star that year. Down here in south Lally he was Jose Fernandez before Jose Fernandez. But he wasn't a he wasn't as good as Jose Fernandez although he was you've got goose egg a money post season bid today year. He wasn't as good as Jose Fernandez. And also he he was the year long enough for me mostly money for two years Tobin 97 and 98 he read a map to that. That sounds right over ever bits and they're very long yeah because it's another to middle of the business nearly blew up the team after 97 so heating it to hang around for awhile on Jose of course was fearful wobbly Oliva Hernandez was Jose Fernandez before. Jose Fernandez use a really big deal here. And now add to its but then just imagine. I could've heard of this traded they traded into the San Cisco giants for Nate Bump. And Jason Grilli what a year late when they pay nine so here's deals a year so he's given two and a half years while the after inferred guy whose last name bump to Miami county. Bump yeah. So yeah just imagine groups imagine how big Lee Levi Hernandez was imagine if Jose Fernandez who would have you know and the National League. Atlanta series MVP in route to the Marlins winning the World Series disaster relief on Hernandez was he was the NLCS MVP right new in the NLCS MVP. Definitely the world's there's all idols the LC SM VP. Not in the world's there's a repeat Ulster games answers all hicks I thought he won two games in the NLCS because it but I definitely remember when Walters OK because courts remember he had the Mott EA he had to game balls a game six or whatever was he had a game that EE LE Eric Gregg game. Where strikes Levon how many site as we that would like it's dollars and sixteen yeah I solved outrageous Levon had so many strike out. To do with the Celsius and eager to so. LCS and the World Series and I don't think he won the World Series and repeated it a mortgage it would Peter LCS and to be and the World Series. Well that's crazy. I can imagine if Jose Fernandez did on that Romberg that's what Lee bond. Levon was this Cuban sensation injury whatever you regard to the World Series he was this Cuban sensation. Rule. And a rookie rookie. Who won at the LCS MVP and in the World Series MVP. Against that he was he was Jose before Jose. As a great charity got a man. Jenna tomorrow. That Eric Gregg game. Where if you don't remember against against the Braves in the LCS and I think it was game six and he goes on the Marlins clinched. The LCS against Atlanta leave one's on the hill. And I mean. That's strikes down. That strikes on pitches or at work B six inches all the plates at a news talking about. The other down. The empire. Richardson. I agree strikes on for us but man. I'm gonna show you during the break robbery ever pulled on YouTube is almost like watching the naked gun yeah. Yeah it was it was it was like Leslie Nielsen behind home plate naked gun. You have got theatrical romp will not not not the theatrics bars called strikes but the strikes that bore hole. It was it was so it's like it's got a known thing that only got all happening. Elaine why were bracing and watching that I I would pick the whole my television. That they're out there have been no other reaction to that as this was before the strikes or even shrunk more right. After that we'll and it's before they have like they put blocks tracks are good for box tracts of but it doesn't matter because you're watching the game and anyone conceded the pitches or five inches is a pleasure possible to go back and do the fox track. And some talks on Arnie does not play any game it's not NASA lose track. We'll show you during the prank and not necessary dual flock strength is gonna watch the eyes. And you're not gonna believe that it was a real game possible this is the game watch fox that was invented it hits solid right away in this deal. We fix it's not only is it real it was a real in the determine the National League champion. He's setting out to hold my television but were brace banned it in your season and like that. Great moment for Miami now. So it's gonna do your headlines next. Fine let's get to. Let's get some sports today let's do what headlines here so. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS SHD two Miramar. It's gonna did headlines this morning embers into Vegas he's doing Vegas stuff. God got going on overall drop their series finale to the Los Angeles Dodgers seven nothing knock Jim needs he says ala. He was terrible as usual yeah that that but good news though came out of actually it's yours that's one of those who are like you you know. Yeah you're gonna look back and you're and you're glad that Clemson beat McCain's 55 to nothing because it got Al Goldman fired. That was a good day for the University of Miami. Korda thought that losing 55 to nothing to Clemson would have been a good thing was a good thing right rob Burnett you're happy for that game right. Yet that's a good thing the Clinton's game you'd know when they were losing 55 to nothing and you gonna feel good about a great day. Was sort of saddening for Al Golden because uses sitting there it is multi phase psoriasis in the yellow Mata he was rubbing his brow looking down not a little cup. The crowd at the city alone and look at the crowd chose because it was seen today. But why do you stay into the aisle model you have to I don't think. Do that after you know every dollar profit that he started that I should India those who steal our go to the end zone battle all the kids would stand merit taken these so. And then that would look up at. It was called diving to his Duff these at that point in time were were all the former players. Impairment members were in the student body was in that end zone. So we would they do that military Omar with their hand on the chest and he just he put his hand over his head and started by rubbing the sweat from his brow and just wouldn't look out. We'll see you look back Allen and were we're indebted to Clemson okay Dave they did the universe you know a huge huge males and RS ago monster to a cable that that's a different story double we like what they did a few years ago. Last night's or yesterday afternoon was it was a good day for the Marlins because you need to solve what is it was designated yesterday. He's another bomb okay who is stealing money from the Marlins so he's gonna make it seven million dollars while doing nothing. The other Palestinian don't know if he's there he says he presented picture and school. Be relatively this anyway it's and a school students it is a lot. Well they're not sending him anywhere now because they designated him yesterday because he's awful dropped him down he was another horrible signing last year. He stole money from the Marlins and other criminal. And at least going to be someone else's problem now so he's gone. What's out yesterday honest because it was 1210 game in the afternoon let's see you know we don't look like away now we all we all thought. That yesterday it would be the record breaker. Because. 1210. Thursday afternoon it's not camp today is still school going on who the hell is gonna go thinking. Time to find out how many people went to the Marlins game yesterday which honest attempt. Yesterday's attendance was thirteen 1820. At 1210 in the afternoon. On a Thursday. Monsoon. Your telling me. But there was thirteen thousand people in that stadium I think it ended up being like field trip de fer for schools letting go a lot of schools there early were saying hey. There's got to be camps. But schools Laura wood taken. I have days to go see the Marlins. That's what happened yesterday right. Monster about education yet teaches kids and have been a field trip today you had a yet yet kits there. So it was like the second biggest crowd this isn't. We are right. So all the places to go through these kids baker went through. To museum. There than stuck educationally driven. With the Marlins. They bust him to the Marlins and seven nothing. We crowd. Support the team. Not yet though the hockey are ya I'll buried alma you have been let me just say they beat the capitals forward to that series now even to a piece Brazil's one game real series of team's owner raises that there isn't going to be. The federal America what do Perry now those who want Washington out and play like arms are my opponents. Yes so so the road team has won every game and it comes after the first two games in Washington where the capitals really. Vs gives him excuse me what do capitals really dominated. I am and I we're looking for a look at Bristol we. The way that Washington won those first two games but Tampa you know Washington got on the board first yesterday in Tampa responded right away quick two holes and they end up getting the game winning goal midway through the third period and new gotta you gotta series that looks like it's gonna need seven games. Pretty good stuff. The Miami Heat there at the draft come by and right now they're gonna work out Miami Hurricanes drug Bruce brown did in a little background. Or the immune amen I get drafted. Already the Macon moves I. And that maybe they're Wheeling and dealing a satellite side for the number three overall pick. Who says now the material world taken in what second round. Not a first round now. Policy these big man. Who was the idea was yesterday traveler who assured Upshaw and labs and though by supposed I don't know man. Is very much into his body. Xeon DMZ coverages and his girlfriend. They were all there were all over the web site is on once Woodruff relish it looked on JB is like hey pay a gimmick crunch he can do. Can get to a basketball game without any owned NN I mean five trips on the floor is tough and often. Who cares about grabs. Dude saw in wind not only got and its pilot yourself out of shape. You got run out the gym by guy who is also out of shape because Joseph beat all got crushed for the next series was in he couldn't stay on the floor yeah. So it took us out of shape you are you Richard and run up the gym by the out of shape guy. All terrible altering work. Payable big man Shaquille O'Neal what is Orlando mansion saw market. 28 million dollars minister growing about it for three point 95. Today Olsen 48 million who is buying that thing would it. Bluegrass group army blue roof got itself heat basketball court in the roles that does show Acapulco. And. Like to be you put that baby on the market late. Crisis now if you bought it for under four million dollars and it's on the market for 28. You better not be hagel and Mike that needs to be a crisis motivated this now. Well let's go you're gonna make an unbelievable killing on that house so let's check into that house that's got to be quite millions and millions of my until he billikens custom basketball arena that's a thousand square foot arena with bleachers and yet that's important that's him because the chart wonderland. And it's wonderfully and. About it you guys know this guy he's boys with cornstarch and the idea I think a firmer curtains actually got full size like African safari animals in their whose well what big giant lions and stuff. SARS. You're you're charade up Don Don sits all in the name is is spelled DL and CIC years your senior Conan done. That's definitely the league in in in the Yugo the sea is is etched sound is concerts Lugar on Chechnya. Well it does organ of the NBA yet he's not committing. Yeah apparently he's not sure if he's gonna joined a league next year for it's going to be one of those deals worries draft and and he got away eighty year to an outside yeah. I I can't pick meant that the case. Yea your ticket atop the draft you need someone right now. Seems to me it is a power play by hand because he wants the sounds ago trade for gore on May do more culpable for immediately little Europe in the desert yet you make an and a son outing that it's in my arms of Reading the tea leaves man Don Cilic and Dragic. Not dry. A unique. Or tragic. And my. And finally got a world peace is that is offered multiple times a throw games in college up to 35000 dollars to throw games like they do. Well. Insists saint John's lead without carriers. And it means a lot yeah doesn't get to school pride did they also. Horry Michael Jordan's ribs. I thought he broke Michael Jordan's ridge in the Michael Jordan at the game winner over top of him after he broke his ribs. Yeah I mean I'm a bloody machete played the same time. We're talking about that they've played they played PS are actually in Washington an MBA article about a yeah I don't know it was a wash it or not. But he was talking about how they were playing and he actually cracked Michael Jordan's rigged so Michael walker are the crackers and the Jews and then he dairy game winner overcome my head. With the ribs then current. So I showed Romberg during the break the highlights from 1997. To show him what his shirt means Romberg who's where and assure this morning. It's a leave on her man Hernandez out of Miami shirts and and strikes almost with for Robert and ice I showed him the clips OK I showed him. Is a storage and well it's what abilities metal piece says that they're playing pick up game. And that he broke Michael Jones who's a bigger game before Michael jordans have a game what are overs will years this. The articles from one to sixteen he's the victim was and 2001. Nights. So. So I showed Romberg during the breaks he's warily by Hernandez and a Miami shirts and Ian believes. Eric Greg's strike zone. And Ted tells reading about. Normally the man I've never seen a catcher have to shift his whole body. To try to frame a pitch like usually when they're catchers are primitive pitch they're gonna tilt your glove in her till their glove down after they catch the ball. I don't know he had to shift his whole body. Outside the batter's box every single time has pitched a five a good five inches out the strikes on sinkers that horrible occurs we're just. Way outside the bar there aren't terribly great pigeon stuff fifteen strikeouts are great pitches. Was it was a lot them that was a by bad at one point in time to go to the biggest helmet off until I threw his bat down in the middle alone stand marquis Grissom Ryan Klesko Fred Graham you actually really has raised Zack and down on the ground Mittal at that. Yeah walk because he has he thought it was ball four death trap a second ago pick up the bat. It was I mean if you are span. How. How do you how do you sit through that gay and can hold my television did did he reprimanded that umpire and I'm and a two strikes on a prize of a strong union so it was a consistent I did he do you have for the Braves Stewart now. No go. No although although there is an argument be made their way it is it was Maddux on the hill for fans out there isn't arguments he made their words okay you know then. Walt why wasn't backs. You know doing the same same thing right there's an argument you made their. There is they're pumping about the broadcast was talking about the showdown between Raddatz for the rookie event you know operator broadcaster sort of flipping the script to talk about the rookie maybe we should be. There's same illusion we talk a little bit more about this rookie is crazy nights and a. Ran and won them on the the national championship the crazy nights regards nine strikeouts in the game was really use some bomb. Yeah but that that's brought that's like a normal Greg Max came though isn't it. About a only Hulu were the pilots and this strikes don't we just during the same time that they had Maddux smoltz. What they do they have the they have put they have John Smoltz functional as matches holds a lot yes Simon was there to tell and he said he's apparently good braves team that gets you just one on one World Series about rotation. And the class every year in what the division every year yet you bless every year they won just one World Series as when Dave justice who will probably bear to read. That is disappointing note to me to post what are and it doesn't amount to very. And until 1997. Where the lawns of course war world wild card team and I believe that was the oh well there are the first walker team to win of course but at the first who don't want cup playoffs not short. But before that the Braves to make in the playoffs every year and it was only. The championship series to get the World Series it up to into round two gets the World Series the Braves every year. All are in the National League champion series and on 11 World Series. Then it's big disappointment. On this attendance for game five 97 LCS I guess her game fought that was game fives and that was there. It does not know they clinched the OK I gained five NLCS. Joe Robbie Stadium. Ongoing and 65000. Not to rush fitted to. And a lot though 50000. France. Now. In a place is crazy man for the playoff games I hated plan on a free news it was like the biggest small crowds ever when the Marlins you're not a lot of cuts that I would get amok for arms or my hands in my legs from playing on that stupid baseball diamond. Hated hated it more than anything my lasting memory of Joe Robbie Stadium was watching you guys the it's on around wanna kick off return. The catcher. That the receiver basically caught purple ball and got tackled immediately. But he ended up sitting back on his own ankle and it snapped this put arouse whose land their home not a foot and then maybe about. A quarter later a running back got tackled and snapped his. Put all the way around as well about my lasting memory about Joseph Robbie. Horrible horrible parents. Parents. Missiles uniforms meant to make of these highlights. Was is that sheets collect real threads we'll do they do something to put something out about. But Tony for is it not was it 25 years something era there ever been a couple weeks there where to throw backs for a series. But I only just let's go. Pac man those are so nice not a fan it's not a fan of the new dirt flying defined. Lake. When they came out of the at this point due to Gloria. It's Lee couldn't shoes there's a 900 colors in the logo. Edges. A what you did just stay on track with a one thing and those malls they had those who opened stressed the also the cool best uniforms and love the vests. Black cats with the with the old logo appears slim trim and you know. We'll throw backs see Tito Alaska oldies do was puzzled next month. Very welcome on eight hits. Had a radio dot com. As the official new Obama seven. Listen to us anytime any way or the mall got thirteen thousand yesterday. Still terrible crowd but don't dole what they didn't getting and we thought it was gonna be record low. At the ballpark yesterday we have on previous start 1800 change right that was when the big 40 yeah and how how is it Thursday afternoon and at all time. In and in May Ian. You know I understand can't take Canty like kids during a monsoon but how how how are you not getting the worst crowd ever at. The Marlins game yesterday after a matter fact let it's our shot believe was sending a Guillermo. To the ballpark again you prove who counts two counts on his two hands. The number of people that were at the ballpark yesterday and I don't know they ended up following through with that but. Mean hell is thirteen thousand people there and so that that's a waste. The waste of a bit didn't it drew that yet complete waste ends up being one of the biggest crowds of the season. And in mustard and they must have schools of guilt trips schools must have brought their kids there. Yesterday you know get an education and has steal money Junichi dissolve. Was designated yesterday Elissa did too. Let's go to outdoors dissolve was designated for assignment says the kids. Because eventually that's right it's boast that gets money so not really but you'll get caught and shamed. And and he's now imprisoned. That's what it designated him because he can't pitch well I don't know Indian FBI caught on because he's a criminal. And when you steal certain amount of money it's it's a different it is different crime you know do you things ID theft to evade the GB two to follow will wolf flip on way and send and so like those also if you testify against wage and spend hopes so we'll well let's go elsewhere on the block yeah. Tell sort of find them so. I'd I'd much I'd much rather have way in Shannon prison then Junichi it's is out do you think it's crazy that. Aid an organization we would want to get out of the country so much that they set up a player for crime. It's a crazy. Could see it happen does what I see this telling us they were David censor us saying. That Miguel Cabrera he would set All Star Games today and all the time that I wanna come home or Kamal public that. But but Miguel has like. As a as a citizen of this contract he's got a 150 million dollars owed to get out of that robberies forties he's 35 your soul is at five years in a 150 million dollars left on his contract. Now we have NC. You know I would guess going into the season and Miguel Cabrera it's easier to start to make everyone really sad but he's actually having a really good year Miguel Cabrera he's our right now. Lie that. Others all came out because he had this huge rant against tigers fans because they'll call the ball last year and people don't appreciate when you play hurt because he really was bad last year was his first real terrible year that's why are going to this series is set to make you sat. But it is it is okay and subdue it also and hearing about is about rushing back because last year. I came back and nobody appreciated eldest bill bell just can't kick dirt in my grievance and a not not any good anymore. But he still like you've got to think at forty in your paying him thirty million dollars. And dad yet and polls will be at that point oh yeah Apple's has Tuesday and has another ten years on that Cutley. Some and what was the deal that big it was at least a dozen years that that Anaheim gave him rights or Los Angeles I should say pools and that deal was in 122. Well. He became irrelevant and one in thirteen. Where much. The news media with her and you know he his current deal is ten years 240 million dollars that he signed in what twelve yes so he's got only four more years left is our sand. Yup he's making. 27 this year to 48 next year. 2930 in this is the years of 38394041. Process so he says no Tom Brady sure Alba pools is in his fifties. And he's terrible right L says the rep Yeltsin the bones of seven million dollars or breaks the all time home run record or is absolute jerk who could. I heard is a real jerk outposts yeah really they are Herter Tibet and I've heard ELI I've heard. Yes I I've heard that 2000 Saint Louis like total detail list from his teammates like when you were wrong yeah series GameStop and I out with a baseball players yeah I've hurt about things and yet tough to deal with but at the same time. I don't look away from some of that because at the same time es like super charitable. He's a way involved in helping sick kids and whatnot so I I can. I go look awaits and that sometimes for the same things he's really different of the good things about zone to woods though not them as do the does amazing charity you're put if you go to dinner was so does he have somebody sit next to him and doesn't allow you to speak directly to him now is you know I was really good about that guy sitting next on it was though also is -- them -- talk to you just gives the book. And you wet your pants and you'll away so super nicely when I was a kid man out of me so that's story so a super nice. You arouse a kid and and I was I was worried because on. On eighteen years old via an eighteen years old. And I'm covering a heat game when a match school UCF enemy cover in the game like deals an excuse me to get a media pass and be able to go into the locker and like that's crazy and out. And eighteen result. So so that it is back in 1999. So on uncovered the as a pre season game tips on cover in the game here play in the magical pants ass again on lots one I don't know anything works OK but I I I. I call Tom Brady Quinn. That the way to this thing works in the locker room and it's a small visitors locker room in the old Orlando arena. And and and you know Tim Hardaway Alonzo Mourning they do their big media session of and you know when they're sitting up there locker in their towel or whatever. And they just got a shower and they're gonna answer all the questions at once or like five minutes then I'd even move and all the reporters gonna go to the next guy and on the stand and like on the outside of all the reports like you know. Ten guys huddled around Alonzo Mourning he's a guy you wanna talk deal. And I realize Obama gonna get my spot you know that's Sox a mockery has talked Alonso didn't wanna pull the free remover just go with the richer are now now I wanna embarrass myself. So so all the reporters are done with Zell and the kind of left standing there wondering what the hell should I deal. And I Nia at least that time I mean I'm a big as some like. You're clearly not supposed to talk to him anymore he's done with what he's doing but I'm also going to regret if I don't talk to Alonzo Mourning. Because an eighteen years old and I love him so some slate. Screw a camera on him by bought golf talk to lawns we are going note that he thinks he's done talk in the media right now. And he sit merit his locker is cut as toenails lately he he he doesn't it easy isn't it. And since that but I am bugs league's Colorado it's you know so so have I walk glances all sheepish you know. At odds are gonna ask you questions. And real slowly he looks up from his town is discussed on Apple's real slowly he looks up. Lately he's a pal shoot this idiot down okay because he doesn't wants to talk anymore nor should you did not and and he stared for a couple seconds. Gesture. And an ass like golly wanna wall when Alonso because of the kid and any an axiom wanna be neat unit which could. The juiced prisoner X now that this thing back then that was that you nation more than a thing as 99 and I'm sort of and the saw is like Alec quick little while wisely for five questions Meehan Alonzo Mourning uses very nice to meet he could've easily been Mina. And which she's been you know port lease of the time back then he'd been known Duke's EV you mean do that anyway Tracy were brilliant guy writes to me. Mark my summer jobs were there for gulf. A golf tournament provider for really me and we used to do those those summer Gruber. I believe he still does. And that was my summer job are the kind of put together Izzo summer groove and go pick up stuff from her place and you know go back and forth with the big box drug can drop off all the memorabilia and and dealing with him his wife are fantastic I was actually I was taken back by how big is caps were I thought that basketball players. You know generally I know they jumped through the roof but if you look at them for the most part a lot of them don't have crazy cats and Alonso morning's cavs blew me they look like giant hearts. But we're giant cow hearts on the back of his lower leg I couldn't couldn't get over I was sure meant those workouts government. I had no I did see let's answering time and efforts to Miami is that my first couple years of the university of and I just. I I didn't really I was in an all of Alonzo Mourning at all by any means. There's Obama's first interactions with a real professional basketball player. But put his cabs were like that's one terror remember about that dude is now only that man's cap is a monster took testimony daddy wanna meet athlete celebrity when they're nice to you it's so Batman and why he's got some horrible stories. Someone being mean warrants have tried to take MR lifers from my face went on what's. And Paula while when he wants that I also coming up if you're just tuning in now you may have missed something happened last night. Which caught up on what you may have missed next. Joining the march for cancer does tomorrow Fort Lauderdale beach. Join us as we march and those fighting this deadly disease for more info visit march for cancer dot or get. We'll get to Romberg story with Warren Sapp trying to steal his wife rain problem it's not real surprising. But first it elicited dollars and out here at this early may have missed some reaction from last night you may went sleep early you saw it. SA WFT. So it's caught up on some reaction from last night's. You may have missed yesterday Scott Ross you know he's the head coach of Nebraska now has yet that's right. But he wants to head coach at UCF. And they are these self proclaimed a national champions now nick Sabin and they miss the old Nick Saban has has taken offense at this okay. And to me that Nick Saban is getting all up pretty. About sucked then he really does need to get all up but he doubts. You know no one no one really thinks that UCF his national champion. Know at least who's paying attention to anything that we know UCS not the national champion. Every one knows this okay. And nick Sabin. Is somehow offended because they don't just you don't get to just proclaim yourself national champion you have to actually earn it. Nick Sabin big bad Alabama with their thousand national championships. Is all upset with UCF celebrating. They're undefeated season any given their kids rings and open up a banner. As if any one outside UCF is actually recognizing them as national champion mcsame and all are pretty over this. I do see this through the you to put it in the stadium to go if you look at the stadium and it says Atlanta held hands on let him have not only has underneath the press box Liam Madden it's on as it is though with the adjustable. I I don't think you can do that unless you actually lose in the game that that it was the governor's it. These sock. There's a don't know you have some count Scott Ross is the head coach at Nebraska but he was the head coach at UCF in. He he yelled at the clock back and exceed. I think I'm on the record enough with that kind of stuff Clinton Alabama's price you know one or two championships they claim that. We weren't necessarily recognize when everybody. I would say that that's probably a 1000% true and the way that those national titles. Used to be awarded back in the day where is you know you have the different holes and you know there's no official national champ in and these schools would just recognize themselves as the national champions. So good for Scott frost or at least might back some but exceed man get over yourself everyone knows that. You see ass is not the national champion. That's. It is the either that the backup quarterback came in for you and threw the touchdown in overtime and you won the national everyone knows this all right neck. Get over its work work work work. It's it's not that big deal. Tackle tackle vital law rights was that the kid who threw the touchdown pointers yet so yeah everyone everyone knows are right next settled down. I I'm I'm always registered I'm beautiful and coach Scott frost because my first year doing the TV analytics. Or the TV analyst works are. The one of the most in him and packed full interviews I had was and Scott frost we ended up doing the FIUUCF. Game. He. He's next level meant that his whole thought process and his is that I'm not joking you when when everybody was joking about. The Osborne being his daddy and Osbourne make him a phone call that there's two people he picks up the phone for his mom. And Tom Osbourne like that's not a joke Tom Osborne really is is like mentor. His albeit his almighty that that's his guys so I'm really anxious to see what he does have the Nebraska Cornhuskers this year my hat's off to a mom. I'm actually looking forward to see what he does what that program. Last night. I don't know I'm but he knew this but Ethan Hawke memory cannot training day. Yeah you know it. Denzel Washington and called his ninja yeah I've never seen it doubly bum me negatively on neighborhoods Ethan Hawke who got a never ages six and smoked crack. Yes from way smoke and an Angel that's. Basically told them. Look hey. Bill Simmons you wanna come on my podcasts out illegal it does give my viewpoints on athletics and stuff and this lifts summit as you point to pretty remarkable especially. Since the knicks are allowing him to get any tickets anymore. I'm in the knicks fan for a long time but I got kicked out of the garden what do little immunity won't give me tickets anymore we talking. I'm being serious Ambien dead serious I I really was vocal on some talk shows like this that I thought it was a huge mistake. Let Mike go in you know I would have bet on Mike for a bit on Melo and inundated low light Dan Tony yeah I'm thin that I am in left team less than simultaneously. You can buy tickets ago she wanted to you know just winning young parents wanted him to film Goer and I wanted to be a fan for a place that doesn't like you know one person doesn't like I would call up the CA can I get seriously and all welcome meet him in the and I called up when time. In the sitcom. That'll be 7800. Dollars well ho hum. Well. This why is this the first time you guys are charging means that you should have thought of that before you went in the Jimmy don't show up you know well. And I was like wow this is real. So I apologize publicly many times to try to get receipts again. But now opened a business out there and say gonna get terrorism and 800 dollars for the first time ever because you. That's about things to say about them publicly about the growth of earthquake about the donor is that your that's ox man you uses to news Hulu union mood. Speaking about the next you know through the most valued franchise in the NBA. Yes three point six billion is are estimated worth what they're in the lakers the lakers are 3.3 and in the reason why is this Forbes came out with a list of how the NBA's value has jumped from last year 22%. With all the viewership increase in ratings really the possible television. Contracts in the future 22% so far so the top three. Are going with the knicks. And second places are lakers and their place your Golden State Warriors at three point one but the most the most smallest organization is a one point 65 billion. Network but he's an hole all clearly whoever the person is the contact. At the next that he calls up to get the tickets like. He's got a list of people on front of him the good do not give ticket list and the reason why I'll even rock are all. Fallon show. You mean. Says so readily is you should have thought this before you went went on Jimmy Fallon. The best part about this is slim to show. It is and understand that these guys are getting free tickets. What do you mean. You slim doesn't get the fact that. That's led swell guy sitting in the front row mess we're in painful to trans fat wallet pay for me those tickets what gets for tickets we talk no no I'm pretty sure he's made those that it's it's and it's just we're guarded thing man American Andre your pain if you sit in their right. But at MSG. Now they they want the celebrities like a celebrity row war the first row which. We talked to guys we've I'd ask Chris Rock about this amassed Michael Rappaport unlike. You know won't happen if you called the tickets and they gave you second round when you sit in the second round because there's there's a two year if the bureau celebrity messes we're guarded. If if you're like Howard Stern I can sit and second route. A mass is going on how certain doors and in the first row OK so I always find it funny when you see the celebrities or second row. At MSG OK they'd they'd taken a step back clearly in their career at the paint flows to gets. Paperless. We saw some of the pit like nobody is CU in the front row slender wanna see even on the front row but even hawk is not allowed anymore. It doesn't matter meant people could elect and afford it don't need deported no problems pay for those tickets. He noted there's ever a point though that lay always argue haven't done anything since 1998 so are you know little about. That's my big question like at what point do the people in New York in NASCAR and say yeah of course it tickets for you here Roby. Let that that's that I think got pictures stick when do they move you to the second round politeness at some days you never like Howard Stern paints it in second Bershard. What are you got for us morning. Mark Teixeira he went on the Michael acacia. Oh yesterday and was asked about the Robinson can no suspension and of course that's sabotage to Miami because. Why what is the steroid women out of Miami we get the drug and Marge says says not surprised by the suspension in fact that he knew about those assistant owned by Genesis live here. Roddick you know this system was on the list for by our current. No of course they're consistent you know. You know by the forum you know Al Gregory gets up up by pilot then assistant at Nokia popped their best friend when someone gets lumped into that group. It's because there's evidence there's a paper carruthers of smoke trail. You know as to a spot for mark to share I'm sure a lot of people are gonna be down market share for kind of routing his teammate that way. But yet you know Mark Teixeira is is paid now. Tutu gave his insights. Into the game that's really good insight man. You know it getting this ball that Robbie and you sitting by the way until Roddick don't got popped its ID say a year ago I had to run you know get pumped and he now. Riley joked got pots and and now he's done it would not surprise is assistant is. You don't abide Genesis list a lot of guys are probably gonna frown a Mark Teixeira for disclosed that info Bullock that's. It that's his job nowadays it insight. Didn't share also come on save 50% of the people to get pop DeLia. And everybody knows it again popped everybody knows they're doing it and in the other 50%. He's the aren't gonna surprise it was a thing that this one thing that. With the PB testing is that is a problem because salaries just keep going up in baseball. And the deals keep getting longer and the guys can't sustain it so that he'd be coordinating the Gordon regrets eating Mexican me. Moment publicly. It's not it. It would be much better applause continued Jews his brains out why do you could do is forty which kids are crippled which is better if your fans though continuing to watch out or pools be awesome or watch him age can be terrible. I'd rather not some ovals next thirty million dollars and hits it hits 180 because he's a hundred years old is great for my team it's a good for anyone. Yeah it's it's it's why a lot of the stuff the Salinas our rights once tried to get with Rahman's wife snack.