ZRA Part 1 6-12-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, June 12th
Watching Marlins?, Kawhi spotted at Aventura Chipotle, Cooking shows

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She. That's Ron's memory or anything Tuesday morning to 12 morning on June and it. Good to have you aboard Romberg morning if you embers out today she'll be back next week. So in the morning at them and there is nothing going on sports. There's nothing going on it's meant morals that lets it. Like I said there is nothing going on and sports that I hasn't on the row and yesterday. As many beats out. Ballots. Those kids is that news commend the Brian Anderson community and steal shoot. That's right the Marlins won yesterday's super troopers looks. So. Super trooper and she goes and writes I've known little leagues remote site. Yesterday on the show we realize that Jeff Nelson who does us some cream post game analysis. For the Marlins that he looks like gay results. He has he has the three dollar haircut it's it's like it looks like his nickname or his middle name should be Chet. But he would you be shot of his middle name was Chet Jeff Chet Nelson. He looks like a police officer who does not to let you all for the warning he gives it a ticket he writes up every single she's come super hardly comes your way oh my god. You watch the Marlins last night we'll let did you hear it DC any of Tommy Hutton I did that's arisen how is that. How smooth booty look odd that it was graders. You know it's good to see him you know just get back into a rhythm a little bit by a eventually yell at peacock spreads to others and the you know you're not gonna have Tommy hunt on the television broadcasts if you can't rent her and so eventually I'd like to see the peacock spread his wings today. Did they make a thing of it that is say hey Tommy's back blah blah blah. I gym and right at the beginning set up the Google should be or whatnot it is I kind of got right into when just goes don't think it seem like they're just doing normal it is due to an outing knowledge it's not. I got in the last game he came into the Booth. When they announced that he did like an inning with us. How's that dudes named Severino. Okay all of us that's the move and that that gets you out of happen to dual whole thing if if if it wasn't his actual deed beat it wasn't actually the first moment he's been back on the air that that's actually good move by them then to and they didn't have to address it last night so they've probably did not address and last night's live about a good four days here of of good PR here surged but one. It is weird though man like you're talking about you you want you want Tommy and be a canyon and you know now is Dow's one of those things especially in the later years where he would eat you know we'd have no problem. Getting you know getting firing getting angry naming critical Marlins in no no problem doing a lot of mentally and led the believed to. That's where. Came to his demise so maybe yeah maybe. Probably make some sense and it's it's just interesting that. You know this this ownership that Jeter would bring him back and it's good move okay. But it's interesting that this ownership would bring him back and ritual is the one that Jeter want to get rid of like rich Waltz who. I mean like what negativity is rich Waltz brought to the broadcast and besides he's excellence Tommy Hutton is the one who would be negative now. Rightfully so well okay. He's a big negative for the sake of EE wasn't negative for the sake of being negative views being honest OK and sometimes you have to be negative our rights. But the guy that Derek Jeter is cool ways having on the broadcasts in and bringing back is Tommy Hutton put rich Waltz piece outlook. We get a sense of insects and I didn't even think amid sense when they got rid of Tommy John because yes Tommy hunt would be honest but I've never heard Tommy Hutton. Be negative in the light of being negative towards ownership ever will then he had yet. May be two weeks a fire remember correctly it was like it was like a sporadic he would kind of ran a little bit there was there was probably about two weeks in a row. Where he had multiple occasions were during the broadcast that he was being very court really you remember number that's up. Mean I. I guess that's a good memory is is this year ago talking about yeah yeah you know me I've got to watch too much sports in my memory bank is exported the imam painfully honest for a photo a lot of room in the aisles. Yeah does is it just doesn't make any sense I mean I'm glad they brought Tommy back but Tommy Hutton were cool it happened on the broadcast ritual or not we may be the answer is as simple as what I said yesterday. Which is you can bring Tommy Hutton. Back on the broadcast. In a smaller capacity the news and before you can't have rich Waltz in a smaller capacity ritual supply and I play got. It would once per and it's a major spot. Tommy Hutton. Bit they're there a couple places they you can put him and and and a cobbled them all are reduced roles from what he had before that's exactly and just our. The conversation we're having it was one of those things where I was I was kind of taken back by how. This than met the negative comments about the team or the organization. Was going and I looked at our camera looked at you and legislate. Not and other do that are particular worker for the team you're on the golden. Bee honestly I don't I don't remember that usually. You're allowed to say a few things but you know he's walking a fine line I don't I don't notice at a Muslim okay the next thing you know I don't know of an oak. It also depends too late murmured their own it was a crazy person so if you did you say the wrong thing or wrong day you're out. Because they remember they give Mike Redmond as a manager an extension. And then all of a sudden Loria the next year's. Only two ways managing and decide and hire of Donetsk guy. Environments season's greetings are crazy winds are light. I know that I like the doughnuts like the donuts there guys Jennings right yeah Google that are blessed with. It is and if it was a question of them think Gingrich Waltz was going to be bad he's obviously awesome. I think they just want Newt for new sickly they're just throwing new paint on it. And like I say bring Tommy back at a smaller capacity. Can't bring ritual which Walt can't have a smaller capacity but even with them going with the new voice I think it's impossible. You know with this new Marlins. I guess I read like media relations or whatever would be to realize. It was broadcast is bits of elude all about it and that's because both dude sound the same so we need to that we need to win to sprinkle in some different. Because it's. It's so it's Tommy Hutton in the pregame show on the post game show does doesn't make that broadcast and entering into he's he's he's in the post he's in the pre post into for now. He's he's got what you think his visit movement backing him terribly human in no way no way I vote you'll death what you think is Lisa Italy three man but definitely I agree with autos the resemblance is because I know the Marlins now are starting to pay attention a little bit too. The the fan base or try to figure showed how to gain back a little bit of some trust. And I think are listening to the streets man in the street to tell them that one voice and me too well look you have every mode fan OK is is it that does eventually happen. And don't have beaver a minute number camps like I'm a much trying to America under the revolving Jergen. It now button hole. Hollins really going anywhere okay what's owed is referring to is that you you'll eventually have some games are Tommy Hutton is a third man in the Booth. Have you get are balding analysts again is really stupid and they're not gonna do but. Any more unfair and would love to have Tommy hunt back in that Booth. Every now and then and it would be Smart for this Marlon teams do in some K it you know look they're trying to eventually they're gonna renegotiated TV rights deal. Okay and it be nice to gets an extra viewers. Now I think sometimes. You know local teams at national to action accession to see local. I think sometimes you have national and local broadcast that. Think a little bit too much more a little too park about oh. Who is doing play by play and who's doing color analysis on these games the they'd put a little too much stock. Into who is on the broadcast because I mean let's let's be perfectly honest here OK you know told what you're saying here that. Severing don't Hollins with sound exactly the same which I agree okay. But has there been. A single Marlins game OK you've decided you're not go to watch because Severino Hollandsworth sound the same. Its way Mike albeit it's used so you know it. I don't know who's who's talked in an all out real yeah. That's. Grant look this season that's not so full of BS. Yeah how easy it this early in the morning and straight up liabilities. You meant your flat out Astaire and don't know and to capitalize today on I turned it out before. Realized too. A couple of mistakes these games so something has little bothers me out. Think his mattered again you don't want to be there to begin. Of the one of those things are your at a place in and if you don't wanna be there to begin with a little things elicited a lot of times it's in tomorrow's games today are these businesses feeling like I'm two out of obligation. Yeah I I'm I'm past that point like guy I have. I have reconciled. With myself that I am not watching the Marlins this summer and I and any type of show Reich or anything like that's. I'm not refusing to watch the Marlins. Does I don't have it in me to spend my summer watching bad baseball. Yes a you know he's all baseball sloth like baseball OK but baseball is slow enough. That that is it not only is my team gonna be bad. Bonnet I mean where it was everything that surrounded the team man and all of you know. The moves that we've we disagree with that Jeter's made upon being here his first year. Don't have it in me to sit there and watch on nightly bases bad baseball this year so it's like. This down go Marlins in doubled to one so far this year bought. Like I'm perfectly happy if I had tickets and going down there and go into the games. I can destroy write anything I'm just you know like my wife said to me what you know why are you watching the Marlins anymore you don't to watch tomorrow there's elicited a terrible known cares you know. And says so so you're refusing to earth using anything OK just. I just can't Muster the energy to sit down and watch the Marlins this summer like guides I'd adds I don't and immigrant. I'd rather chew my wrists open torture than watch baseball and television but I would rather go to the park. My experience of the park was from our loved. Are you really don't know us here on strike or anything. Use it you know it's Alex Lago a lot of people are never go to there's a never go to the ball blogs always kept Laura's units like. I did any is that much you know I pace all also. I'd I'll always go to marlins' games OK even though you know without likes the old the old owners crazy person but I just you know they look. If they don't care about winning this year and I don't care about winning this year you know at the clock care. It's the model on somewhere or watch cores like baseball they win. But I haven't had a Marlins game one of my how long time man now I don't happens every team okay. I'm not I'm not on the way error. Of what's going on with the Marlins. Although I'll be completely honest and they're been some mornings are walking near a zoo animals wasn't really that net debt that is true. That's drawn a lot but I'm not. Boycotting rating like that. So Obama garnered romp last night Roy him and they ran his ass and asked mr. Frentzen and they pulled and they pulled the the tough guy move where even though that they already took command of the game that he got himself thrown out. For good measure he wouldn't happen without umpire last night I was whatever and then don't give up seven runs and loans. Team can hit some sweet Lou. What is it also push. Affiliate sweet Lou I was excited because of the girls removed feels like he's feels like to hear his name more dual pushed it and isn't really go sooners average in his arm bases yes and it's very low so low very I guess seeing opportunity. Don't base try to yes you say eight bad dude. I didn't want him to all but about averaged like 160. So bummed garnered and have a good night last irony stars and some of the umpire you're telling me that this umpires gonna who had walked in from home plate in stare down the pitcher what they're about to do some than. But now home plate umpire is a super tough guys know. That's always been the case man if if if the hit series same seven. It's a right up there man oust their animals saves on back I hate that about umpires I hate it every other sports the official okay. Is supposed to 88 it is supposed to defuse the situation heading home league baseball's the umpires are so confrontational. They exacerbate the situation happened time and mate would be so no whipping any asks OK don't try to fight anyone. But in in Major League Baseball. There's such tall guys the umpires and they admit they're they're consistently exacerbating situations instead of trying to toned everything down. Are a lot of pars pretty big umpire isn't he doing every I has bombed or even numbers itself and yes it is that you think bombed honors top guy. Giant you know he's he's really been duping dot com in this third on his walk properly let's get a bridge right there have been in the street man Mike. So so this doesn't happen you got a guy that's gonna stirred on another guy in a couple words together. Police I'm gonna happen in an official. Noting the umpire made a slight throat out just two outs. If you're not all the talk to an umpire elect of the two out all of my guess would be the tough guy take off your mask an instant from a home played absurd now all my guess is that he was arguing balls and strikes you can see even mentioned balls strikes deal and every argument to even mention. Boom gone. Peace. Peace. So huge wins the Marlins clearly. I was injured sometimes and feel like the music sounds a little bit like commercials knows when the times or a thousand. Yeah. I paradise. Plus our basketball game last night I'm coaching my coach optimist club that's. Yeah loss last night's first loss the season. Yeah it just adds already and I just gonna get Seattle one on one just couldn't get it going offensively. Narrated tough standards he was big or small there's it was big junior and not let it out you know not a good mental side hit a hard time in he he I mean he lettuce and scoring but he he had a hard time last night playing in the trees are Snyder oil. Yeah yeah like he you know that jumpers that the baskets that he made worm was mid range stuff to just couldn't get at the basket you know you'd get by the kid who was guarding him and he's got these two trees were waiting firm in the paint so Interpol often shoot you know midrange jumpers and he's able to knock down a fuel bomb. They got the free throw line once knocked down a couple free throws but. Well on other looked at facts matter to the matter is the help. He was he was deal. And that you can't get on her talk about the rest of you as most of us don't hold us back. The view it's not get a lot of delegates VO nine heat and he's looking rather who I got your Jamario Moon. The Yale last night. Net that now we defended really well can't throw her in the game our rights but. And I thought we're gonna win gold in the fourth quarter of lower again it together you know. But but some good exactly get a couple kids last night scored baskets that had that and outscored yet this years as a good thing recently been to build on Brent. But I I got to do a better job okay because it is I just offensively like we we got stock. OK and it's my son's ball to OK because he's the point guard by Lou we that we got stocks throughout the game we just couldn't get anything done. And and that's why I and I need do a better job in practice I need I need to come up with some things that you do that it what is and is really it's an out there you know noisier. A list coming up with lace is read it Q it's going to run water to write IQ he can you can't employees of these kids I'm. I my buddy he's got its summoned basketball and point guard and it's is underwater to meant run down the Arnold of the ordeal to determine the you know importance. Yet you can't come couple plays of these kids okay is couple reasons number one. Because mostly EU and young one maybe two players who if they're being pressured with the basketball. Okay they don't hand. Nor most kids in this age if they have the ball and they're being pressured. They're panic. OK but they have to make a move. Are rightly view refresher Miette accelerate to someone pressures you know whatever I don't eat you know you can dribble the ball away from the defense and call the plate and wait for develop no big deal. At that age eight to Kate gets pressure there panting so the whole way they are trying to see develop breaks down immediately. Okay that's the first thing. And the second thing is there's so much substituting going on because every kid's got plight. Okay. Every key is to go to run employees that your call laying computers and sand CE it can't you can't play. How many times during the game you get the one Q in the corner. By Iran's ranking and your peer to pick in his nose americorps. Bill Clinton Helen. Baseball things and debate is that's a baseball thing inbox every indicator is sitting in the outfield. Today lied about just like our Grassley. That that is out of baseball thing that you got the kid who's playing. A second base and he's. Throwing the clay around wait our turn yet that that's a baseball being viewed it in basketball and down the floor ones involved. But you can't run plays I mean your practice and plays in practice. So until wasted time you can't do that. It's all of a defense our rights you need to be out of the fans you get stops you rot of glory get fast breaks and easy layups and we got no late yesterday I mean not. Yeah that's about it in that age. 89 years old. Yet that's how you went smoothly that has grown up dumb cornered richer or you know back defense you got lips he got to get layups you now and we get any way to get any layups last night it's okay so yeah we had a tough time scoring why some are atop and scorn tip okay like we just we just didn't we do week in getting done offense he's cute play basketball. On keep tablet donor Kepler Fischler peace can. Yes yes there on the same lead on this article and basketball are no. I I don't know b.'s two year old and my son so he wouldn't be in the same basketball league anymore you have a tough time having these punk kids not try to be stuffed her. Some things you bring up all I do not have a tough time with that's OK but it is interesting because. But the first practice we had you know you got a couple kids who are chalking it up from owes the Grunin. And and and I forget who was so what's Chris Carter. A couple years ago. Chris quarter format that's why Leo forceful or who said it that set Corey is ruining. Basketball is Chris caller who said that. And while that's a silly thing to say that he's rooting basketball. I can't understand what point was trying to be made to OK because. You have kids these days on deal with the young kids on DO 89 year okay. And eight Arnold's son Peter nine lessons not until 89 year olds OK and you have these young kids who see stepped cores the most popular player. And they're trying to be staffed curry and her stroller from Obama drowned her shock and that's the reason it's like. You can't you can't do that and. Seven Murray playing it was I was emulating either Dominique Wilkins Michael Jordan. Well. Into the back street John's Duncan so Kelly emulating docs now these kid's arm hazard line up 400 feet from the house and just trying to throw. Can't you can't do that like they're trying to be Seth Curry and Seth Curry's a one and a million type player. You can't be eight in nine years old and chalking it up from three you know it's like it's like a grown up that you're trying to be Shaq. Okay you can't each shacks one and a mill in shacks backing down on anyone in the paint and he's looking you know. Kids you can't be sure you gotta be guided to between OK they get to between curry Shaq. You can't be one extreme. Or all the way the other extreme and and you got a lot of kids who are trying to be South Koreans like you know you you can't can't shoot threes. That's not the way that you're supposed to learn how to play the game at such young ages on issued from thirty feet out there it's ridiculous. So I do I understand how that's not the how to be a detriment to young kids. Playing basketball on grown up now claim bass will is trying to be like Seth Curry this fundamentally. The way a separate place and that does not the way you want to start your kid playing basketball. I'm looking up China file who said that about sector and in the NBA but I just put in stepped curry room in the NBA in the first article is. How's that career ruined my son's fourth. Or basketball in yeah and men's journal yeah like I I can see that's. I can understand that you got kids who think that they should be chucking threes. And wall that's what the NBA is you ask people. We ask yulia layout. Is fundamental broke the Ramona yea you need to get lay ups rose Borough mark Jackson's OK Mark Jackson aren't. Says thought met a set Korea's great he's champion. And that is I can't do this. Reid says oh that's right people and people thought that Mark Jackson was sixty sour BZ one is the warriors coach. Yeah that's right mark Jack. That I go into these high school gym that watch these kids in the first thing they do is run the three point line not Seth Curry. Work on the other aspects of your games bulimic and just be a knockdown shooter and that's allies MEPs are complete basketball player. He's east right now. And Antonio right now Seth Curry. When he grew up sword play was definitely not running to the three point line when he was growing up like you eventually of balled into doing that. But he's right and let's not forget Seth Curry what 63. So when Seth Curry's playing in middle school met in high school surprise when it's cooler kids to look at the basket Merck. You know when he got five kittens running out the three point line all game long yelling I did it orderly Anderson Mark Jackson a sand. Strippers break the person of the week. Easy chip. Understand what I'm saying listen. With the greens are future. And what I mean by that is are going to be high school June. I'll watch these kids but the first thing they do. The other aspects of missing people they couldn't just about those who. That's not why he's their VP he's a complete basketball. He's a 100% right. He's a 100% right. Always got your headlines relax. Done everything right and wrong spots and wrong the taste of action and award winning the trying to run run there's not just needs to blood nurture. It's WXY. And south why don't you accessed at HTV show. Opens into the headlines forest is amber it is out soon she will be back next week we also told week. Coming up about 7:20 this morning will say it with a fifty don't get carted. Courtesy of flora Bloomberg can help me out with like you saw it was a home repairs what do we got going on totally got Disco was due. Our miles when yes said the defeat December's Cisco giants seven a five JJ revenues so they go ahead two run homers seventh on the air. Brian Anderson AKA the grounds keeper is that due rates he also in DP is fourth home run for the fish. Lou sprints and he was too for the pair of RBIs in your boy way incense and you know now it sucks a great. Deep deep pocket a road less. Montero. We may Zachary he balked in a professional baseball player. Balked and a run it happens of them don't know at the umpires to call not call a guy making eighty something million dollars balk. And run. The who's been over this with waves and he's too rich and he doesn't care anymore. So it was a weight shift from wall made a move was laying a little bit of room that's what Ben Howland said he book. Is too heavy and so it teeters offers balance. And that's special shoes that's so we talked yesterday isu is officially the opening a whale season. And it's big news yesterday so we have that story. Yes essentially was the big sleeveless black yes we've gone real well like okay. This one lighted like great. I think it might just be a blackout threats we thought that Bulgaria and have great evidence and always hopes. All we know is it's a black dude and it's a shot in the back and he's got awhile it's hairstyle. However yesterday. Word on the street spread. At the chipotle avatar that's my chipotle in the that go to eat for lunch you all the data and Sarah welcome budget is in Miami Gardens. On so it's out of parts like five minutes. What you are so mad that you can duplicate that picture is so bad humans don't matter every day and today. It was the day ago. I saw the picture that dude took at chipotle of coli Leonard over the shoulder and Andy it is cynical island Catholic while it and also quality and had his glove over the course with a bucket live. It is is definitely cool islands acquire words. He's and he's in town you know always free agent right. Don't care about that look a lot of these secret meetings happened to make sure that things are able to do you have any other public should hold lay an amateur. You gotta catch lunch afterward I don't you don't you don't Miami you know South Florida is ready popular place for for vacationing not for Portland it. And disclose it like a beach guy. Not so much I mean I think anyone seems like let's vacation in South Florida type guy anymore you don't like the beach. I live here. But if you didn't. You wouldn't come here and in years hearsay your sane. I wouldn't be someone who goes in vacation the beach oh on someone who lives near the beach that's how much they like being here. A live look. Why Leonard's downer and some things are happening it's just a little bit too convenient that we are on the cost of free agency now could be too convenient if he were ignore hang out in Milwaukee right now are okay. Like hang out in Miami is not convenience. CC here's the part that aggravates me. Here again everyone's hopes up man. But is going Roberts who straight hours and went to three every day does get everyone's hope all booked up for free agency it which I mean and this guy's got a free agent that you say get hopes up I asked for yesterday immediately is the show started please give me any sightings of free agents that are down here. And all that all that I'm getting immediately is hey guess what happened while visit to Poland. Like I saw a picture he's definitely there he was definitely at chipotle haven't Somalis saw the picture but. You're vacationing itself what did you staying in. You know Hispanics are playing now harbor. Area downtown that's for the saying OK the state went to Abu Jamal by the way which is like the best moment on tree. Can't add that those are exceptions I was traveling with the FBI I'm not a Jamal's without it is a multiple players is just the Avant Toro that was next to pay anyway I don't know. And there is that. There is it's Foley in the haven't normal I don't know it's bullies talked about it's or next anyway which by the go to spot about this okay. And many in the area and going out and throw mall which is like I said one of the best small country. So they've history he's gonna go to haven't normal inside nigh and guess what I'm really gave this pain in the ass driving go back to elect no sir. No us every single pull it together here it is the mighty subtitles to pull support as. Well as a place you go for lunch after you have a meeting. A cat yoga I'm not catered and didn't. Precision out of a lot of greens to your theory appears just the Avant normal. Individual that's doing your vacation to -- smaller most beautiful moles in the country it's bullies got at least the need I ask you meet with he says that saga. It's business it's it's blue collar it's cops Allison and they don't cater to launch a seven dollar. Two polar march is what he's he's going to a good man term are more of that article after meeting with the Miami Heat just having a fetus. To understand you can't have an official meaning that doing so dense Romberg that's that's talented and he's obviously having secret meetings with players. Man we split he's meeting with and where Kagan for his house. What do you think he's got good eyes of chipotle done struggle agreeable burrito bowl lock these young bucks multiple. Just Winslow and here's the thing and it's also disturbing. And all the parties it's also necessary in order ahead. We use in the regular to hold a line. Isn't that simple app where you would get my flu lends credence I mean you are you ready hideaway Najibullah line OK OK I don't anyone in Broward and allocated to pulled I'm doing the Vince McMahon billionaire struck out walking right to cash hear what my food. They handed me a walk out Elmo well I a piece suckers. Here's and here's the question though is he waiting for the server to put the amount of chicken on the top of it to find out if he's gonna experts chicken. You know that's goats and you gotta see what kind of person to do that you're there we've got to meet topping one I did say that I could say that Evans or exposed pretty stingy so is probably gone double check you gotta order right away ready go to dinner for tomorrow. They've they've got with new I can tell they got to new guidelines in the last twelve months note I do sometimes your chicken kitchen. I asked for the skin commentators got any extra could go and that's really pull the skin off that thing chopper up what happened Thomas what should attach an armed and that's why are you extra without pain that your. You talking about figure and a system that's that's. What you gonna do it sorry labor isn't what do you do when there's video of that service have you done as has McClellan working out together okay well Woodson like that happen. Happens when Brothers anyway I'll at least its interest seeing. OK still that means anything but the very least interesting. Among bloody every time we keep shown me his picture quite Leno bumping and with the UD. That's you. OK he's not a freeagent. You think you're big Gregg Popovich wants us on Whiteside. This player in the NBA we think Popovich who want less than some Whiteside got lost much there is Utica. News because the situation. You go to one regency. Free agency is it. New equipment aged preach using free agency is good news is prudence that you. It you YouTube now we're back headlines. New QX. Numbers of appointment almost vacation and haven't heard any exactly my point. He's ever business different business boys. Slim. Super happy now Renault plugged and others will say your throats so I'll tell you what this will also lent credence to things that are happening. So. We don't know what happened with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade just says a lot of headlines two hours ago LeBron six movies about lifestyles not about basketball. All the sudden. And where it goes that is names on every single show Duchscherer who loved. He comes out the tweet that says let's as the let's have the records show. I don't have any inside information whatsoever about his decision which obviously means LeBron go all the love and hate men and pump the brakes madam amendment. And what you what you write down. The funny thing where Ian you know wade and LeBron are very tight so okay we notice our rights. And it's in it is my boy was at the center of everything okay. Is is in the middle of this decision making process would what do you like asking your boys somewhere here don't you do. We like he's important as a high eats okay. When you wanna know just her friendship standpoint. I always they command wait until it adds a tigers. So if the one guy is so close to contemplating retirement. Like when we get together may go make a comeback and do another year with you or someone but. Out of I would really be too concerned with the guy because I wouldn't wanna have that. Information hanging over my head with the amount of people that are caused him to be asking me so what do you do what your body to do with your what your friend to do where's Ron gone it's going to be one of those things really just. Seriously be happy with affect you don't know is that you do know when your whole mud back eventually it's gonna slip into law on. Yes say the wars general manager Bob Meyers he said that Kevin Durant can have whatever contract he wants this summer. My out there you go Allah that got a sub always reminds you of the Andre Dawson all time can't move okay. When Andre Dawson back in the day. Played the Expos exposed in wanna many more they thought his knees were shots they thought his career was over. And Dawson just once in the cubs the cubs are renters said. And just handed them a check a blank checks is here I'll play for every woman played for. And they signed an edited to a deal to one year deal Arnold contract laws and show is not that much money he won the MVP. Him move. And I got a good contract course and the cubs all time of love the hawk and turn. The final little fight news tonight Greg Hardy. He is making his pro MMA debut on Dana white's twos and I contenders Tuesday on former jaguars offense that Austen Lane is getting much. I don't think so awesome they got some fights Greg parties got finally what is this that. I don't know what's your question I don't know what time they're gonna fight we know worsening in place. It's I imagine it's going to be abusive facilities in Vegas the last relates. Global bubble would be that weighed on Tuesday while noting that in on Tuesday all of the above on the website what's on that seems to be really stupid added late you know. Nighttime base Tuesday. Anyway in a contender series the cards starts tonight at the eastern all that's terrible there's a third fight so pro life. It's probably a foot by nine. I'll kind terrible nine Saddam also knew when it happens yes send me semi illegal links like a watch on the YouTube on my apple TV here's what the odds. Sugar. Rick causey plus 135 underdog nonsocial. Underdog. What's the other guy awesome win is minus 165 is the favorite Nazis he's. He's certainly in favor knock on the sidelines and I hope Greg Oregon's log. Our army joined and members shipping container and it's Dan's third annual mother's PSA test boldest challenge South Beach this Thursday and wanna go. Register to get money dot com I mean that's. Alone bring it on their soda shower every cut is expertly prepared plus like four shots. Grading man chooses to 1890s Yuba City that sports in its power shots and Davey and viable Ryan fuels and bouncers convenience stores. There is truly steps beyond convenience. Themselves go to events on Thursday as I told IRU I took I was asked and I said that I would go. Press said that I would go. Without really thinking it out as his tablets and the congress yell go you know it's so they don't have to have the conversation like I'd like Scottish and and so over. And but now and I was like now that month. The rerouting like I heard that they were saying that Amber's going to be there you're going to be there does annoy him embers in Spain I don't know they. I don't they said he Amber's going to be you know my Brian figure out then that's a mistake also Mike rice settles itself. Season. Yes he like like a month ago I was asked this and raised in one of the commerce is a gal ago and already and feel comfortable an excuse to not does Leo are gone either. But announced on to pay the piper like it's two days away so I got to figure out what what's happening and I and I committed to to go. And tell what time again. I don't know it's probably it's probably after their show residents the F there show. She talks and not know what times that I can minotaur and find out to Miami dot com Bogut shall soon be like to talk event is my guess yeah that's that's or go to sue writes. Should know. Good afternoon Blanche. Yes that's like a pain in the ass now for me writes I mean because. I'm gonna go home after our show on Thursday you're gonna get that I guess through your regular drive home so isn't gonna kill yourself definitely I'm deathly get the Titus OK drive down there. And some. What a pain in the ass now. You thought you think it's true that through programs like the privileged and wanna have the whole conversation about reasons I can't I'm I am a little jealous because I I can go for that meal. I can definitely go do that meal. But am I hate myself for three days after that because of retaining some water. Go crazy barely a knock down our revealed bloated and leave I'm I'm good little meal. Me it's nice meats unit the bacon wrapped filet I don't know rapture can I don't do that. Let's get straight up you know again yet the tenderloin the filet. You know. That the prime like it's in our normally get crazy at the peek at stocks. Signaled salad bar. I usually just extra Roy got this album is sometimes fill up on the solid party my cell vehicle rules a good rule. Now now plays great bush I read you look go to money dot com go okay. It's it's going to feel Lisa what time does that Tobin to and it's got to be after their show at 2 PM guests right. Drive the event Bennett didn't have it's on some quicker access to time on it right it did show up and go to whatever retirement who don't get there'll will be there. Our. Now there's not a ton going on sports and exports in moment there's not a ton going on sports right now. Let's look at we we are we are one of the shows we are the kind of show that talks money about. So that's outside a sports we're good like this is an especially horrid time of year. For a show that only talks more court sports but it's it's not a big deal for us. Although although I do miss watching sport did you miss having sports to watch at nights. Like now Bruce. I am so myself members have battled the last two days I've been solo mission. No friendly. I had opportunities to see some movies I didn't want. How are are there any I mean you know it's he's not. It's not Friday you know big movie nodding movie all right but are are there any like really. Salary challengers I still haven't I got to see that scary one and amok and what nights on the decode during Mo and Redd it's very. Yea you can't Hasina and her and you and I didn't do them man now and you can't do that. By it but I had BC solo. Sores and Z so I don't watch crap that's cool man this cool how to that ocean date with Sandra Bullock I'm looks fun. Yzerman and no seats restore its bids much abroad born of a heist. Blood dental. The other that it doubles one I would like to this dental wanted to the first one Asia as a dental dental school. Knowing that my BA. American winner right there migrants who you are you don't l.'s actual school you don't always call them we hotel Armas would Jodie Foster. You know let's about. It's this it's this hotel that serves as like a hospital for minerals. Like that yet. So you really got to really I'm gonna majority toss or two men like our camera what movie it was there might have been with. What's his name not Gerard Butler but but there holder pulling off a bank heist she comes into China is our job Jewish like a lame movie man at us like likely gets really you know what you see Jolie's legs in that movie inside job elect a movie inside man may be called inside man yes. Yes and then dental local cop Brian climbed a York's electoral alive and that's sort of its its climb on and Denzel Washington and Jody fall says the movie man. Yeah that's likely stories about a some movie now her legs are out of control yet she's like issue like gay what's it called Jamie Lee Curtis man. When Jamie Lee Curtis is a smoke from two even with her activity are commercials. Ultimately to the whooping yogurt eating eating James eating Jodie Foster at one point was attractive the way Jamie Lee Curtis who is only. You turn toss bonds are troll rate real moment got their. Also Casilla is getting a little bit on the older side now. Yeah so stimulate ripe for Jamie Lee Curtis said he watched the video or John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis. Shoes how are allowed back in the day gentler thrust Jamie Lee Curtis though in true lies man who'll vote. Problem the warm Eddy Murphy and and what's his name where she. Goes and hugs in my museum guards get this is the prostitute. You know she's back now in India Halloween movie it's coming out she's she's she's the mom she's she's bringing back the old role in regional role Mike Myers Halloween and she's old Shelly long break aaron's the you know that movie were amber Wilson's grandparents and it. Which Ruiz that you know Mortimer and and nick were back trading places. I know I'll. Remember Wilson's trying to dictate who can my eyes to dwell on it in the real world and who has to be a bomb kind of thing you got to take advantage that's the game ratio will display in the think that's one like the games that they do over their heads to Arizona. Colon so to do what should reduce I would tell me it is. Believe shenanigans reviewed polls. What do you think wish. DT today that cost this so don't give them a janitor is certainly a regret the custodial service Mensa out of one of all 432. Buildings in Sarasota sort of go and see if we enjoy Emeka. A deal out of him let's gold Donald Trump he did the same thing bettors but he's a dollar figure become president. Look what happened Adams as a jolly good fallen a friendly what did you one dollar. 3 PM by the way foolish now on on Thursday this week was free to yeah search of the text. Those guys in their sunglasses bit from Russia. Yeah 3 PM. Because it says ten amateur clips which can appear. Who's gonna who's gonna read at 10 AM matzo. Does it matter though let's talk shows on the air memories and yes a 30 PM that's check out apparently I'm going I'll see you there. So so speed which got a comedy shows to watch a mall this is an initial mineral watch. Always once in awhile I'll stumble on one of these reality shows. And I'll. I don't like real TV OK. He's much real world that was reality TV to me real world real laurels not and I don't care I'd never cared about rules. Real world like the Dave Chappelle version. Now the actual real world anti real world can't talk to. Pedro. And hawk OK on what real ruthless hot match real real world what does he look like these Louisiana garlic earlier mass panic you remember that. We met at all at the sketch out the mess l.'s hard courts suit because dude had aids. He. Died during the show it not I during the show writes he died after the ship. Would ever have would like that the one with Vernon and Rockies. Ergo don't blunder and wife and rock before. The may have a good thing too with him have a show. Or would it look like Big Brother houses are some valid and real real real thing it was like. Austin Powers little guy there. Our current choice as some real well Leslie Big Brother house to summon like that also a real world and TV OK that show was also an atlas that rule rules nonsense real world man. You know the minutes from WB he was already there. But he actually created is that right so he but he was nobody he was just use a guy who was on real world he was on real walls lie okay. And like the first episode. He's out there at the pool the other all hang out the pool little note to watch us and they're all the war might get to know each other. And he's caught in wrestling from us and there are like. What the hell's the matter with this guy's gonna be a professional wrestler one day you'll see honored to be a role arrests called. And and he's like one of the greatest wrestler is out there right now. As really weird you're the nobody's the Duke's Mike on real world is Mike is Mike and Mike. The ends of beat WE superstar anyway regardless so I don't watch reality TV. But once Wallace stumble across one of these realities as we shall but it did that would the show the tattoos. What's that called. Something inked now and I don't want Dave Navarro. Subtle. We'll judging yeah yeah yeah I like that shell I dig Dachau and they are they're competing against each other you know other. Doing real tattoos and and they're competing I learned a lot about that is what's in the show I like that shell but the show other stumbled across a couple days ago. It was it was the cooking show with Gordon Ramsay. Out of measure I saw. I'd argue and I'd like to match out as a demon in the kitchen and normally I don't like those cooking shows because his. I don't like watching them -- all some food and I can't eat it's like what why the home watching this I don't like it bots. It wasn't him in the kitchen where they're they're doing though the competition. He was like. Oh real ball is at a real restaurant takes over your restaurant yet yet he was taken over the restaurant and and like they're screwed up you know he's trying to do to fix the shell yelled at them acacia. It got so popular writes yeah what one called them. Hell's kitchen Gordon Ramsay and it's called hell's kitchen what he's not too in the competition where he's at the restaurant and so that's hell's kitchen tale I liked that show what about. One where you go like a bunch of late. Them the modern day beard guys drinking guys that I crashed series where those people called what are some what's the category that they fall into. A win would movement like what does that not preppy sooners asserts. It's your show words like all the restaurants are closed down is like at 2 o'clock in the morning thing and go to like an industrial warehouse area. And it's like one shaft verses like the newest guy so it's like a total. Really cool win would vibrant or grab a Mike fresh rooted in greedy aunts and a piece of British competition and it's a competition you verses like the battle ship by yourself hanging out with your like hometown crowd. Avoids friends or come to the Barley and I shut things down with you that's a really cool show. I like this they'll leg like bar rescue although I haven't watched in a really long time with what what's his name John tapper you know a member a million times a tidy invented Sunday to get. And and John tapper eight yearly fix up you fixes up your restaurant to your ball are you now. I like that shell but that that's kind of what this was like ball with Gordon rewrite. I really like to please drill sorry he's he's a mean human being slim sane it kitchen nightmares can that be what it's called you're right so it's so so he has two different shows Gordon Ramsay our senior there's hell's kitchen his kitchen nightmares well this one the kitchen nightmares I like that. Do you watch sometimes appear on FaceBook or somewhere that some one of his things pops up re trying to teach people how to cook and it's about after your 63 I'll watch those I like about how we make certain things and that's how I learned to make the proper scrambled X how when you pull off the heat and you mix them and you put back on the he wants to do your legs a little bit running your eyes that I seen that and then a state he made one time was gist of my Gabriella and when he does. I like what he's doing with kids. He's got kids who were trying to be show. Why do they that such a bizarre thing like your your stunned that reminds what what happens that a new one I don't know I don't think so as a while nobody's got kids in the kitchen. And the kids are competing in helping the kids caucus nickel I don't is very. As good job but he's known as like is that maybe or kind of enlighten his personality probably because he's been known as a decrease human being probably he was he was he was really nice it's probably. I just waking up now which caught some of things man met snaps. I need to accept go to waste and that's our right. Mean Tony if a lot now about the radio dot com map. I download months ago plummet too ashamed to be some Inky get it. Go down further in the comment now don't mr. David ticket shuts us of course radio dot com the new home of AM 719 FM one a four point three. HD two would ticket with little bit NFL that we can get to this morning. Was received we have time would a lot of times I'll go home. Yet the NBA free agency got a little we lose we might have a LeBron nugget Korea OK. Okay. And got tool we can about forty minutes from now. So we could not be able with the the don't get card courtesy of Florida lumber but because it was now hey you're you may miss some reaction from last night some reaction from yesterday which caught up what you might have missed. And yesterday on the web it's hard shell our rights Brian wins Horst. To pool of the week inaugural. Hall of Famer OK he was on the Levitt's Art Shell. And he was asked which team should be the favorites. To land LeBron James. This season. Which is the team. That should be the betting. I don't have an airport. The bat and it happened. Would be if he could get on the phone with Kevin Durant and taught him in the plane with him in Los Angeles. That would be the weight well in your number one application. To point to about three or four players in the league created an important would change everything. But direct authority that as we thought that's. O'Brien O'Brien that's pretty good one really guy and that's a good one old son and they give it. Mean that's the move. That he could do but I don't need to raise. Durant has put LeBron wants why would direct your business but I understand like if if you're looking for the that you know that that it I'm eager to subway went out a compromise that's where you wouldn't do. I'd so couple things number one I'm it's on to that any ought to love it's hard thinks that that's on the state thinks that that was good. He should call Kevin Durant. And trying to convince Kevin to arena to go to Los Angeles with him. Unenforceable. Rivals are right I was calling your rival and teaming up with your rival okay. And secondly. Help would Dorian dude that that's why it's a rain leave a the guarantee championships. And the really good situation. For fun I know and to play against the guys think you would help that. Top that you could see you kind of place Kevin Durant to examine and a lot of people have been talking about a lady that just seems like a different person does he still have that. Animosity and attitude a little bit when it comes to dealing with the media yeah a little bit. But he just seems like. From what everybody is saying a different person because I imagine the surrounding supporting cast. Has alleviated a lot off of the shoulders and he's able to go and have a steady Eddy twentysomething point performance. And be okay and then all of a sudden blow the doors off the with a 43 point performance one night I don't overall he loves being able to beat LeBron. Bush is another thing that I imagine he loves a lot as well and that's his GM Bob Myers saying that you know what basically whatever Kevin really wants. Kevin gets. Have noticed. It's kind of made clear that he plans to come back but how would the length of the contract how big of. Wherever he wants. When your GM who is supposed to be sitting there negotiating and I know I know goal talked about it this morning a little bit but. But Thomas Demitra who I know very very well the Atlanta Falcons GM has when winning executive of the year I'm at his first couple years in office up there. I was winning the the NFL exactly the year and he was planning a bunch of big big time players he's put together a great great roster you know Matt Ryan you're dealing with Julio Jones and a lot of other incredible. Additions and pieces of the puzzle Tony Gonzales as well but. But right now I'm Michael Turner that one here yeah LT Michael T was a running back that your and then. And then obviously Roddy White a lot of the other guys that have put up. Ridiculous numbers on the offensive side of the football but my third trying to negotiate with a Julio Jones rate now. And and there's a different response from the Atlanta Falcons. Front office than there is going on from the very relaxed juxtapose. GM of the Golden State Warriors say you know what man. Whatever this multi MVP. Davey O'Brien or Danny whatever they held a guy Larry has Larry and Ryan. Whatever that trophies calls it O'Brien's a rat's a partner is involved. Multiple winner whatever this dude wants. Rather give it to him is I don't care appears to dream on greens got a couple years left Klay Thompson's got another year left. So I'm just gonna go or just give KAD whatever the hell he walks. The only part with the warriors were you wonder that David West had these comments and go it was a drama with the warriors this year. And as the only part where I always wonder like. And ever gonna have to choose between Stefan KD because growing steps contract negotiations there revenues due to the Superman actors. That area have to use unless they're in less they're gonna be cheap that photo shoot but what happened with those negotiations and remember the owner had to be talked into not going to separate. And going with a with a low ball offer which was less than the Max. And there's been this favoritism with Kevin Durant as opposed to staff curry. Ever since he's got that Katie was that the the ribbon cutting for the new arena just small things like that anyone that's ever gonna break. The locker room of oh. I'll come stuff does get the love he's kind of the foundation of all this stuff doesn't get the MVP. It was a three championships he has never singles finals MVP is just a little slick putt you know death by a thousand cuts import and I think that all the giants. But but everything has fallen and Kennedy's favor though when you're dealing with step Currie didn't like. The contract time didn't he have Boston ankles so he wasn't merely injury prone and then during the the finals he missed a few games and know that when their youth it's like circumstances where they couldn't really justify. Giving stuff. What he wanted Hala I'll they outing as a sort of sensory can justify its implied I I vaguely remember let's open I count our our counter arguments as to whether their lord of the table with with Katie you accountable counter argument you have with keeping law. But like what if a person who is. Round two MVPs unanimous unanimous MVP. What are the arguments whether it be right especially when he is overplaying its first contract I'll tell you I don't think this a big deal plus your headlines next.