ZRA Part 1 6-13-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, June 13th
Who paraded better?, Zas wants a Keys invite, USA gets 2026 World Cup

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Hi good morning everyone. That's all rounds Emery is a Wednesday morning T thirteen the morning of June good to have you with us embers out this week. She is back next week from vacation. Romberg is here with a ospreys not humorless he's in the keys let's second drummer let's see how we sounds morning. Good morning sir Howard K there you go excellent Tobin good morning GO of those. So we got a few things to get seal on the show this morning. A wanna start out with a you know you had yet a couple of championship parades yesterday did you see highlights from either one of these parades yesterday. Always. Billion with a load so well. Obviously one that's a west man miers and in the whole Golden State crew looks pretty pretty fun. You had the warriors and the capitals with their championship celebrations. And it you know look though the war is not a do it it's the third in the last four years but the capitals okay. It's the first championship parade. That the Washington Capitals have ever had it and it's it's the first championship parade that's been in DC he. And I mean how long are we talking here you know we we got to go back to I guess the early ninety's rates when the Washington Redskins. One one when they won a couple Super Bowls again to the eighties and the early ninety's when the Redskins won a couple syllables we got to go back a long time ago. Since DC has celebrated. And I mean oh well we we dug us cold days ago when we saw. Clips of him do on the keg stands I mean Ovechkin. And the washing capital is it there they added they're drunk we got him particularly ovitz in Hattiesburg on out of the data they want. I I remember when the heat had their parades man yelled those braids can either be really cool rates war. They can be. Or they can be really lousy and let's be honest you know the first the first heat championship parade in 2006. Was not a very enjoyable experience okay and the reason that I say I'm Roxanne perspective and the reason that I say that is because. The whole thing was held outdoors. And it was on and believe oblique hot legs anyone remember that it was on unbelievable we hot I remember. They had to carry people through the crowd. To get them medical attention. OK it was it was. Incredible. The heat I mean look you talk in a you talk and end of June and OK in downtown Miami like eight. Britain and in downtown Miami have a different landscape as well to. What that then. Yeah back in 2006 before one of these buildings one up in the in the Biscayne and the downtown. Probably a probably a little bit different but. It was crazy. Hot. And he'd learned their lesson okay because six years later when they had their next championship. You know they did the parade outside and then everything was endorse okay. Then and said their DN you know as many people have a good fit outside a and we sort of a big stage. On the platform at the arena never watches outside gets heatstroke. Okay they changed it when they do the parade outside. It doesn't last terribly long and venue dual whole show inside a packed the arena at 20000 people. And that's it okay and then you do the show inside everyone had a great time and those two. In twelve and thirteen world lots. The one thing that I have a question about has a lot of you were making fun of the amount of people that were waiting at the airport. For the plane to come back once the once the team at the capitol search. Wolf what not it was more like the Golden State Warriors when they were on the way back as well when their plane arrive there is only I don't know maybe a few hundred people sitting. Area where war is right that that's it right three or 43 to forty you know three shift of some forty years like that I mean look you do the math. It did you order a huge. Warriors fan and and you went to the UN to mat team at the airport. For a for two out of three years who would you also go three or four. Yet but how many. How do you know is my point how do you know when that plane is coming in like because these guys are saying hey don't wanna stop and stay in Vegas or wanna stop and stay here for instance I don't know what. The capital murdering that they stay in Vegas a little bit longer than they were supposed to house they got to get the information the plane is about to be tackled that question. Yeah I mean I'm I'm sure I'm sure Dugan find out if he really put forth the F reds who question among a mature bub but you're right you don't know how long they're going to stain are there making a pit stops somewhere. I you can be hanging out of that executive airport fur radio a day in chilly wind up on Baghdad that that's a question. Unsure that works out but lately you guys mean when you guys came back from a from winning the Rose Bowl. On EU because your college came right back right. No we don't want our separate ways I ended up staying and going out to Vegas you allowed to do that. Yeah Mea sure grow and Joseph fan across he restated we went to Vegas. But I get I mean made it sound silly question why would you allows do that like you I mean your your. You're you're with the school bearer essentially responsible for you like why would you las do you. 'cause I think. You'll families are all there for the most virtually all the guys that have their families there with them at that point in time did you senator traveling back home and it was it was the end you're not going back to school. To turn around and go back to where reroute because at that point you have break you know you're on I mean spring breakers semester as a concern us or Britain or you're a better break in this semester as. Well they're together though we are here we thought there seemed to imply Zoete you have to let the team know hey I'm I'm not coming back William. Yeah I'm sure that's a discussion our program cover Coker but I think it went after the easiest there's counted heads on the plane like I ordered him Robert's not here her and I was drummer like this to play her or do you like we think he's the biggest comment we we don't know I'm running on the on the way behind the plane like -- slick busy already gone somewhere rule we do. And and the thing is as it was got eerie feeling after the national championship after we lost and I don't know what was I think just everybody was Arnold it's a shell shocked by it but everybody was kind of in this massive phone but it. Nobody talked to anybody for a little while after that it was it was almost like. No we just got thrown and it really hurt everybody in almost like the coaches saw. But it was going to be the beginning of the end. Was a really bad plane ride let like for for these teams that lost that you know it upgrades yesterday and for these teams that loss of deep Vegas Lawson home. The cavaliers. Lost at home so. It is very at least don't have to get on the plane. And go anywhere like there they're just there it's it's essentially a regular game for them they just go home and do this thing but man like. If you lose a championship game you want to lose in the series and you're on the road that's a bad plane ride back man. Even the even the different bus rides that are very was taking leaving the stadium I was on a bus with personal about seven or eight players and Willis McGahee was laying on it with a -- extreme across the bus. And then he had his girlfriend with them and I had mine with me. Climbing over Willis is leg in and there was probably about maybe once security guard on the bus with a certain maybe one of the coaches as we were staying behind getting. Getting her injuries. Taken care of but is it just it was a staggering. Departure route it was it was weird I just I'll never forget the feeling I don't remember a lot that went on throughout that game dom but I'll never forget the way that I felt. In that game who's just a weird weird eerie night. We'll see you know fans hates way and the when when a team when their team is losing the big game and you look on the bench and players are laughing giggling their talent jokes are smiling a many sort. And Errol that they're talking about it it's stupid to get seven them move for smiling and happy you know but. That like that plane ride back OK after you lose that championship game. Is any war is is there any time a positive mood coming from anyone is anyone tell a joke is anyone have a nice conversation just a. Pass the time on the flight back. None zero point zero and the reason the reason why I think I had such a hard time dealing with loss in the NFL was because. Are just wasn't used to it wasn't losing in high school it was a losing in college. Arm. I was I was mortified with the last loss that I had coming up call it's so late are I was I was a very typical person to feel lost. And then when we get in the NFL and you start losing games. You know guys are on the back to a plane drinking and and giggle and and and making fun of each other art I sent in my face. Basically looking out the window I just I didn't wanna deal with anybody I couldn't do both lost too well and it seems like. A lot of other players and in the way that the did they dealt with it was it was really strange to me how are we came from the Butch Davis era were. You know I mean greater U luge but it's better hold a pretty big frown on your face don't smile on anybody don't be Kiki and technical Kiki in Bangkok time. Toby Kiki and cut down on the sideline man at that than any funny. It's an alienate some clinics and steal land when you lose our pro level that makes sense that you all right now. No and then I remember like guys like Kyle treaty that you know big funny Kyle Brady tied in from Penn State was with the jaguars. Who comes over like it's been on the shoulders agreement that you stood at the end of well we do a lot of lose and in the NFL he's right though. You could lose 67 games the world while some houses like you cut it yeah he's he's he's right to know he's he's right you know if you are six or seven games in college sucks so hard. And if you lose six games the F. And then and then you'll. Sub text or change line you know Luxembourg as Tanya a brother Turks don't change ran a good read your bank account on Tuesday close Erica ran. That was the ligaments Patrick when nearly got drafted it feels like he's gonna swagger in here and he's gonna change the culture of the dolphins. And other cultures kind of been the same since the seventies. So. You have this this is right I'd look like that's going to be perfect we're gonna still be a machine as late. Now man things are changing you don't get the pick of the recruits like you did were you or your old school. We have we're gonna change it if you if it was so easy to change the culture and to do that kind of thing wouldn't big guy and to change the cultural what do the perfect got to change the culture with the dolphins beat. Although I don't know the guy who coached you at Alabama. And is winning all those championships has he was here. And ain't nothing changed like that that would be the guy right it would it'd change the culture it drizzle walked in and dignity better. The guy who coaches you at Alabama would probably be the best candidates to be able to do that and gray was an Alabama yep same thing Ellis you. And and that would pentagon. I in my whole argument my whole argument with that is is I think probably the prime example is Jeremy Shockey going in the New York Giants with Tom Coughlin. About Tom Coughlin with Rosenthal muscle has not yet. And and Jeremy gets there and fights the starting linebacker at the very beginning your practice turns around fights another player and basically it's an acute scrapped in the mass hole in the cafeteria. And then Garzarelli who the hell exists and it was who were German he just he hated losing. He'll fight anybody in the world in about us so if he was in they're changing the culture as a rookie as well if you looked at that's why he became so good and how he was so well respected so early on his career was because just what and there are just. And given out. I don't wanna hear more now owning your more on that next. I snow. Robberies in the key easy side to get the weakened so orderly and by the weekend starter early eighty means he's decides been an entire week in the keys. This is is that what is a third and it's Wednesday man. The middle of the week late Wednesday and and you obviously went the keys yesterday OK so it's not about am spending the weekend and the keys you spend in the entire week in the Keyes is what you do. You're more than welcome to come on are now manly guy enough that this is my life it's okay mileage this year in Cooper city. And and and sometimes in north my duplicity in Miami Gardens yes that's right Culver City and North Miami that's nomination that's where my life is there's never budget now. That yellow that does not count as an invite man. Died Tuesday night's come on come on Dallas meet the trees that that is not the invite on sorry OK I you need to invite me for the weekend. Where I can bring my kids in the boat and we do some fishing otherwise that's a phony baloney invite like that when you are. Ali you look me in the back or anything like that when you bring the kids man this going to be like a bloody mess. One I don't know how to fish. I mean you know you're you're gonna have to show me I guess I guess again. Again holds the line into the water I mean I don't know I think I could do that and I can actually cut your base and everything and put it on your career yeah yeah how how what I know what to do that. Yeah I mean lessen the symbol as it is take debated them. I decide to shove it on that book like like what else is it that symbol. Is it Q Obama regularly in my eyes dirty nasty squared permanently cut it up a little bit and put that thing under a cumulative ago they had gloves right. No gloves man and are on the Helsinki c'mon man. Elizabeth slug three days isn't like gives a make you mix of the jump. All. That means. What would mean mix of the chum mix up the term you know without his knowledge to jump. The charm is like old. Show old nasty fish guts mixed with you know just whatever they discuss why do you need that. Orcas are brings the yellow pill to the surface of the water so you hang that bag off the back your vote you shaiken a little bit and that all the little fish come on up. There's one little fish c'mon up the big finish on so what I do as I mix that block that I follow the night before with a bucket of sand. And some boats broke mail. And you make your rumbles and then you just go insert thrown him in the water and watching where the ball falls because you have occurred works on the oats. And then you can see yelled Phil come up. Some holes. Jumble. I'll tell a man fish. This sought soccer's. No man's armor priests are not Amanda soccer's okay elicited pigs that you're doing and to get them to come up some even catch the need them there's straight suckers I'm sorry. It looked on trichet used to get a stupid fish. She fumbles. And says well drift boat recently. A lot of new organs sick because who's really rough seas that in the organs curvy. And it was there if if if one of the members of the crew saw you are about to puke this into the back of the boat and a lot of ways opportunity get some free chum. You know did you get a jump magazine nude pictures taken to get put in the vacation photos. Outs idea IA I love this story which is gone viral OK and and they're shown now on local ten. This you know as it was a few nights ago I believe this week we can talk about this did week. This this state championship in baseball opened me up in Minnesota okay with two friends. Wait I don't really talk about this or how we did and I saw yesterday I love this story so much about sort of pretty. Gail I love the video so much OK if you haven't seen it's. And and the video's gone viral response from a few nights ago is a state championship baseball game. I think is actually the winner advances to the seat championing as a semifinal game. The winner advances the state championship in in Minnesota. And at its high school baseball and the one Qaeda strikes outs on strikes out looking strikes out the battered looking. For the end of the game and and that seemed the team in the fielders. Is now advancing to the state championship in Minnesota and all the players come running out of the dugout on the field manager there and jump brown on the mound. And even the that a catcher makes a beeline right to pitch herta to jump on the pitcher in Jim Hunt but the picture. You know gives and gives the capture the old delay okay. And and he he he runs around the catcher and just and the cash used joins the fray at you know at the mound that the rest the team jumping around. And the pitcher makes a beer line. Today hitter who just struck out look at. And and gives him a a huge bear hug and they're just standing on home plate the two of them just hugging each other. For several seconds. And then and and the pitcher that walks the battered wall hugging the arms around each other walks in like over toward his dug outs. And then. He goes and joins the celebration with a seamen as turns out to two of them are best friends from childhood the pitcher in the batter from. I guess rival schools you know and they're they're they're best friends from childhood. And it's such it's such a sweet moment. And I love that video so much. That that made that video plays on a loop ones as look channels channel by the way still taken investors. Okay into looking to invest a little bit of money in name in a television channel that a network if you will. That that is going to be huge one day okay. Dazzled channel plays videos like that all day well we're talking about kids getting poppies for the first time in their life those videos there. We're talking about our parents becoming. Adoption papers okay being given to them. Bide their stepchildren. All right the parents get surprised you know those right and the parents get surprise that the adoption papers the that's played. We're talking military families being reunite did all right those are played on Lou bonds as a channel. And even videos like that last night's win it would baseball players bear. Who who have a nice friendship from childhood and and friendship is more important than when in baseball. That's obvious play on the is that slow channels while it's the greatest channel so in robbery the got five on. It's just make you cry network right like god it's it's the greatest channel if you tell me. That that when does that slow channel eventually gets going it well okay when does that slow channel events I just want they only got kinks and I want to make sure having is proper. When does that as a channel eventually launches you tell me if you pass by channel that was showing the kinds of videos that I just described you. Does nonstop UNC watch that. The make you soft network known. Don't house when you comb across on YouTube like the military videos. You you'll fall into a rabbit hole and watch is many of them as you can. If I feel like losing water and crying now but that didn't happen and. Oh man I I will watch I will fall down the rabbit hole and idol watch those videos. On Luke OK and that that's what does that look channels going to be so that video rental leader colonel -- cried since 86. One avenue 86. I remember but but something like something that happened. Revealing your summer now and putting or. The last time the last time I think had a good cry was when my grandfather died while isn't it and I just because the funeral they'll probably. 2000 in. Four and he is easily juicy cry and for people. Yeah that was the bad part about I could even talks really get it out and its genitals and at the front like we do. Kind of thing call he made while those are you of that who from the north repeats or after. We'll beats makes everyone feel better and lessen my cried was. All USO BER my dog killed me I was transfer week. And that was that was my last season in the NFL that was 2012. Loss of their ego so us updated updated information see as it was last two times you cry it. Zigzagging the last two times and even last one time I don't remember last two times. Is our viewers I thought brazile are salmon are you crazy that dogs scorer. He did it's really it really is the worst. Lilly got I had a friend I'd a friend he's dog died a few weeks ago an NFL bad for me is really sad you know but it's all Ali isn't dude I'm I'm really sort view. There's not a single thing to tell you renowned make you feel better. Measles is dogs sucks compared my dogs the way I thought if you don't let the best one. A quarter out via. You're very lucky you lucky you are the best one. Every time I see when Amber's dumb videos turner Carter lose my mind my actor talks suck yeah because yeah to a US the best one you got lucky animal dogs. The best one happen to love. Haven't been raised by you. We're chances yeah that's right Tobin when amber not here can you do the headlines today Yemen night Tobin gotcha headlines next. And they get back on every Friday morning with a rumble right here they. Sponsored by boats Ron Ron this case of perfection award winning coach Ron Ron Ron that is not just age to putt nurture. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SHD true Miramar. All right Tobin is going to do the headlines amber is out shall we back next week robbers in the keys but he's with us our rights is he spending the what he likes call the weekend he's getting as weakened so orderly even though he went to the keys on Tuesday. Which I don't burden for for normal people at the entire week then you're spending in the keys are telling god. We'll quick nod to the mud mud just they beat these savage is a giants' 321. Stone Caster to for the RB IGT real with a two run double so do when for the fish. There yesterday a little tip of the cap will put the cattle that the cat will argue knowledge today. Took a series over the old sweep today while got to do have a and good afternoon game today is Wednesday afternoon good question. Good question. Don't know. Over the country. And the Atlanta Falcons just Alice. Post a video who was the facility just say they're export. I also announced that. What's he do and like you like to do that this summer worried visits the football teams he likes to see out as a member as he visited. That the Seahawks he's visited Pete Carroll. And and who policy visited Chip Kelly or again. One year that story came up with the pace and space and remember that's right so what's he was trying to lure with that to then what's he doing there. Just had that would Thomas and Quinn Quinn is obviously a Seattle Seahawks. Coaching tree guy too was OK coach Stan Quinn was from Seattle so I mounted an alteration of him out there and then obviously you big fan of Thomas Demitra to his well being one of the bigs exacts. In the NFL so he went out there and went on a little bit. Ice and I saw. That is a pretty good the equipment room up. Sweetest Jordan's. New nose by the way ball's not going to answer to that supported series in nineteen tonight. Did to him tomorrow. It's as good as gone for the sweep mean they wanna win it's Oracle's we've been out for me you take out there it's a threat of California set pretty good that stream big man they're going for the sweep. Barrett Jackson goes sports buzz that their multiple people tell him that the here interested in retaining free agent Wayne Ellington and the ads newsman like of course that intercity it in in re like why would not be intercity retaining Wayne Ellington it's expensive. Studies the eternally right when arm in arm from armor region overall Barry Jackson on nugget zero over him. Like he's been doing this for far too long yeah indelible over. Who was pretty good it would give renewed the generic info that are real snow. There is generic and Soledad the heater in sync even when talents and I mean OK like go yet so add that that's a held a news flash. But in and it's in general he's a very good reporter he's the best reporter down here. Yes. Does meet yell sometimes slowing and MS you know now and read their Wayne Ellington and today it looked sport the slow time a year. Sports buzz does have his good nuggets as usual Serena mess all right we any resentment. He used to have some early good late Wendy's 2 o'clock in the morning fresh out of iron nugget you brilliantly got an old. Nom and I think the last couple times that we present but reports from Barry Jackson remembered generic I will tell a seven game god tell. I'm gonna bury than you do when man Gordon stepped opening up a little better practice to get some real info in telco. To what Brian when a horse does at least give the 5050 you know you showed them. Well I he has got to Harlem got another little nugget from his column. A league official who spoke with Miami says the heat would like to move off Tyler Johnson's contract. Then also. Not news it's. That's not. Only known this for two years we don't sit here that he sort going to want some Tyler Johnson going yeah Swanee 1819 see how I got outside sources now that's not. Man. Those nuggets is getting colder and colder yeah did you read their teeth it's the fourth that. Ohio. I think you're trying to move their contract before the ink was even dry on her for drugs and trying to move Tyler Johnson's contract and two years. Millions suspect in the sports buzz to be honest with you. So yesterday retirements last segment the parades were going on to say yes. And capital's huge celebration. And Alexander Ovechkin let the crowd know. He knew this is coming along. Lot of love thing. This morning air. Zain whitlock. Yeah. I'm not a 100% sure that wasn't John Malkovich. And lastly. This four year. I was saying we're not. Speaking of John Malcolm which by the way. So when editions of the cast a billion huge excellent addition to that guy out he is he is scary no way out key here is scary axes and a bit of a pickle. Scott newsroom. Odds MBA rumors that are out there right now acorda Marc Stein has grown believe that he thunder could resign Paul George try to get tortured stay have been saying that all year. You should absolutely stain oak gonzo it's good spot for him and about the if Joseph Joseph is Randall he too is readily follow events organized the feel like he was misled. Maybe all it's weird that he that that he could sign at the lakers to the right you already silently Tennessee ball Julie's Randall on Twitter. And that means that he's a Laker now. So it it be weird if he could and also signed with the thought I'm not sure how they're gonna you know reconcile battle situation that that's something to keep on down. What do you see my team out there are doing in order to compete against Houston's in the and local residents here Buddy Guy and I'll. I mean they they got they got a fine team out there who was willing to take Carmelo. You know cardinals going into the final year to dealers and he'd like 27 million dollars there could be a team out there who has incident taking Carmelo and get rid of a couple bit longer term contracts and then. Oklahoma city's adding pieces that Oklahoma City team. Works better. It seems when they have less smaller players okay. When when Westbrook almost doesn't have to share the ball as much and that's that's kind of the way he sent. Operated this year like you know also what the Big Three and a three star players who adores the force our colors look drama on greens not a big offensive threat. But this Houston team. Two big guys they re big guys okay records on store player they are two big guys and two varied all dominant especially Harden. Two very bald dominant big guys with Harden and Paul pat Gillick Oklahoma city's a similar spot. Because you go back couple years ago was just west on I mean he had all deep ball but all people was not the guy was this past year. But it's Westbrook and no other source and that's pretty good man and then this year you know you feel like while the so much better and he warned that much better with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony hitting it finally get to Carmelo Anthony. And you get a couple of we got a couple you don't like role player types were about this. You call vote Casey. Music we'll trade you mellow. For Tyler Johnson we'll look at that he he may be interstate in something like that because even though Carmelo is Aiken 27 million dollars. And Carmelo Anthony's probably not get you too excited to your if your heat and the fact of the matter is if you strike out in free agency Carmel is a one year guy. OK so you hang out with Carmel for one year on the worsening world it's still score can't defend it still score a little bit. And then one year that's 27 million dollars it's coming off your blocks that's kind of a big deal then so I I could imagine. That the heat's would be eighteen that is interest in something like that to clear off some salary. In in two in in a year from now I I I can imagine he'd been answered and ultimately Bobby. Could fit well Russell Westbrook not a guy who really needs like those the kind of players that Oklahoma City needs a guy like Tyler Johnson you know who who who can just be a role player and he makes a lot of money but. That that's the kind of guy that works there or Obama's that you're gonna. Spent a lot of money battered spent a lot of money out of fits better with Russ and Paul George. Instead of this is this league. Eagle was to keep all sorts it. I'm saying I'm sanity you can't bring back George and Carmela riot but don't say if you ordered keep both those guys what's the point of having Melo the edges being an anchor to your salary cap. Even if you look at a guy like Tyler Johnson talk money yet you gotta trying get rid Carmelo if if you Oklahoma City and I think it would be to a team. You don't spot like Miami where maybe it doesn't get twenty cents from Miami. But it allows you to clear out some contracts that are longer term. There's this website called the basketball society on line and their source that that is made up man us where. There's sources are saying that LeBron James intends to tell the cavaliers today in a meeting. About whether or not he is staying assumption is he's going. This is giving the cavaliers time to kind of scope. His teams he's gonna get on the list and you scope. How to work me trading into the south title mentioned talking about that Romberg you mentioned talking about that right there that he's trying to do the John Carlo thing with the Marlins are a lot Ahmanson and talk about Barry Pearson Tobin did anything else for headlines all thing yesterday Greg Hardy he scored a first round knockout over Austen Lane and his professional on the made debut on dale let's Tuesday contender series actually looked good. He he looked really good he knocked this few doctors do out out Dana White Snow White noise saw a dollar signs immediately upon that knockout he immediately said there like a real crazy about it so he said afterwards that Greg party's going to get a contract in his little of Dana. Who's going to the big shout this is strange put you know it when you look at a guy like party. Already has has no experience com and I was his first professional fight it and com. But many can punch and obviously you know there's a lot more to that guy. So what we're gonna do is we're we're actually gonna bring Marty in. And put him on any. You know. You know this this guy needs these gets more experience and wolf figure out how to do that we've done this before and and that's it you take a minute field party. As and as Greg Hardy asked for in her gender match yet that's his style he likes. You you at all and yet you like punch in the women. Cyborg her hard I mean not even WW does energy and their matches anymore it's his Greg guarding an aspirin or gender matched the news and Dana what can. And given that it's OC and our rights I don't against LeBron stuff next. And in so yeah. It was an everyday of the ticket if Cortes ticket window it's your chance it would take its upcoming game concert. Or another great event Courtis mighty technology partner and a local South Florida technology company. Visit them on line at a court escort dot com sponsor might Lauderdale BMW Pembroke Pines and brought to buy your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez call 305800. Irma. So. IE I am settlements it would bring in the so appear but it's kind of snuck up on me. Tomorrow morning the World Cup begins. And a C. But multiple Emmy it's it's it's in Russia being Russia okay but. The World Cup starts. To more. I feel like that's not a couple little it's a big Ilia yeah I like it yeah and my spirits. Well I mean it is Canada in its me C hero qua Oregon Mindanao and does not act as a candidate in the World Cup. And we're not. That's disgrace. The holes I mean. Well yeah I mean does don't have sloppy plays he plays soccer and ice. You got you got some lame teams that are I mean it's a disgrace. That you know some of these teams are in not United States aids is grace period of the united not in its. But then you look at some of these other countries he small like Russia and Russia sucks soccer you know but Russia's and this home does the whole team. Automatically get it I think they do they do actually this positive announcement today Russian Sox this was announced that the Tony Tony six hosts probably. Any time now this morning good to US and it could be US also very that's why a lot of dealers are well. At least and I went race as we know or in war and what what what cities are bidding for I don't know I see you're up against the he's not yours not your rights. Oh you mean like what cities in America are yeah yeah as a good question. Please not Miami can't be right we would know Miami orbiting writes that now would be lower rate whereas when his back stadiums most of Buren. It in a couple of years buy it at that that's EE you're talking about. You know if it's in the United States is not a city it's normally like 456. Different places yet nights in one city knew it would be all over the country so I'm hoping pet at Miami is not one of them. When I say that now it's very possible that Miami would be wanna down. Yes it says because it's going to be like the North American. World Cup. And so would be Mexico Canada and the US the US cities that are involved are. Which old home event the putting of all these like really LA Chicago analysts Chicago Nashville Seattle. League a lot of you gotta have in Seattle a lot of places are kind of lose all their four. Maybe Atlanta at Atlanta's. Big but the MLS right now they have led as a very good summer rain elements Mercedes-Benz yeah yeah later as a very good Soccer City right now. I'm sure Stephen Ross apart rock stadium favoring the soccer games all time. You know what mine he would have to be in the mix there as well. That would that spoke at the back that aids is it's several different venues all over North America as opposed like the Olympics where it's the Miami Olympics that please don't ever come here that that's that's a nightmare. But the World Cup considering it's in several different places in North America out actually be down that you got here. The only places so far just there does like three cities have only been out of dropped out of the application process others exit exit Chicago. Then align part of the minute oatmeal Minneapolis. Chicago would have wanted to Detroit Dallas Snowe wants management of the Cotton Bowl and strategies you stadium. Charlotte's dropped out of it no initial. Knew that I am us weird. So yeah this budget was that don't wanna be considerable Miami's still does wanna be considered yeah okay that's cool that's news is there is there any massive venue out Nevada that that but they would wanna go at a casino wouldn't wanna build like increasing stadium to whether they have a concert venue there were. Something redo all they are girls and improve the building for the raiders so like I suppose that could be a place right. My guess you have to be awesome but I an World Cup yet doesn't appear like it's on the list of teams that are up travel. Our ability to save their daughters that they are building a raiders lasagna and jacket my mind he's got to be involved will look at it look at the soccer stadium. No it's it's football slash soccer stadium bar rocks what do you think the fact we already have those games being played here. Yeah armaments or yet that's yes absolutely that's a big deal EMI you have to it it it actually be silly. It's mine we're not fault you got to games coming up where he got Byron Munich on next month and manned city on going huge Nancy can't. And then he got man united and Real Madrid and by the way they just they just announced a couple days ago that I think it's in September. It's like Colombia of verses. Someone is coming down here yet another soccer game that their board reduction. Where you know a lot of people are always questioning your fan hood with an answer B. My pin. Yeah I remember reason it would mean a player will keep you just not be a fan of the team. Like this you have to actually know it died into the into the player team Asus. Pallet that's. You just thrown a dart at a carport return on some guy he sues not man. Gamer Asus mayor and city big play for them. I only know that Gabriel is a Gabriel or is that guardians probably got audio. Now I I I happen to know that because his picture on -- screen now on you know yeah I know replacement city. Otherwise I would never bats this industry come across my timeline timeline the US soccer president as his promise fifa that it would make eleven billion dollars profit within the World Cup here. That's let's go out. So good for the move you know anti you don't even always you know fever is always involved and shenanigans they're fixing all kinds of voting insult like that lets go one and somebody whoever we're up against others got. We promised twelve billion. That. But the price is right about that or. Espinosa feel to have at a so they're gold cup sorts to morrow. I'd like ugly comments all I'm sure there's a couple of game summit a look it up but he wants like Al says right here that the host the host country Russia. They played 11 AM to more their planes Saudi Arabia. All right so I figured I was probably ceremonies there must have ceremonies today and right but it's gotta be it works like the Olympics like that it. No not out of the league in opening you know ceremony or anything like that and I'm on the works like that especially because I sat. It's it's in. It's in venues all across the country not and why is it. So for the Super Bowl you'll always have like these gimmicks workers like stuff going on prior to the actual. You know lack of a better term like to kick off of the Super Bowl. And then you'll always have a baseball you'll have a home run derby before all star game or something along those lines of what would be done talker. Not it's a long walk. I don't know I Norwalk. I don't know they are going on man oh god I'm very I'm very. Likes a lot OK buddy wanna say that I like sock a lot a novice fan OK got to be something hiding in youth soccer so could be like a long jog. Could you hey let's score for five K which all around for ninety minutes. Now like that that that's something very similar to the games so it's it's you can do like you know we have the home run derby and we public flight football games so want judges to look along jog I don't know I wanna I'd always want to get LeBron so fuel gets an a few minutes and I'm very consumes the world cooperate now. Starting tomorrow how how often we get people who what do they count though. Who do that who is include grew defined that pressure in the cloak slump. What's extra time all used up the glow that actually time is nonsense they don't know how they're doing that that is making it up on the fly Americans love trying to fix soccer. Best trail Americans law of fixing sock elegant as a way things football American football that can probably be better. And it and have you heard someone from. I don't know Ed pick a countries of Argentina okay. Who decides that there watching the NFL once a year and then decide to tell you all the things that you do better be annoyed. Like you say. Just score more and why can we just I don't know what o'clock am escorted justice will Moore knows him well when it when you watch when you watch baseball you say wow we should score more. Yes sometimes it's not as though it isn't the game there's not a sucker born man. Says it's not boring sport it's not porn it's a great great game soccer so. A little idea you when you're talking with the clock situation now I get it because sometimes when I turn on the game like this and just start they had ninety minutes ago. Tomorrow debuts with the Russia and Saudi Arabia 11 AM I hope I know both those countries lose eight. And those countries is your. Here category and one of the lose I agree dot com hey watch and how many watts and sorry so if you got to root for your roots your four. While Argentina yet for shore I'll root for that now root for your route that at this one's commercial cost big man big big matchup coming up on Saturday. They are taking an Iceland Argentina Matty ice and Sox right. I have no idea Eisen doesn't sound like any good but that's at 9 AM if you wanna get up early yeah so little puzzle Argentina actions always come in time that don't normally ask sleeping on the weekends are all trying to wake up like nine. Yeah on you know on that large Argentina I'll root for. Argentina's one a better team simply never win the World Cup man messy that's like the big knock right. Is that messy camrys and win the big games when the woman in Argentina just when something a couple of years ago to remember it was on South Beach in my apartment and it was like the streets were flooded after Argentina just won some big game did they did win one of these tournaments recently inoperable cult though I don't think. Did my guess is maybe. Three years. Ago checked and I'm told you're who's sending World Cup champion. Determining. Eight IE it is Germany writes yes soccer expert it is Germany and they beat messy and Argentina and acting poker yes. Yeah Messi came up short you write why is she you like a soccer expert Chara we have been at the public resorted to watch. The Real Madrid I've done that before by the way I've done that the World Cup and we're talking in May and it probably like. 020. OK we're talking a long time ago. I got I got a buddy who's like huge soccer fans Spain pay huge soccer fan and it was one of the years where the World Cup. Is. In a country where the lion's games are like the middle of the night it's you now. And this is actually perfect with the games in Russia because Russia is probably Robert how many hours Russia had it was 87. Yet they. So so games that are in the evening okay great afternoon games that are in the afternoon abreast morning let's add that it might get that's fantastic for us. But it was one of those years where the World Cup was in a city. That beat teams are in the middle of the night for us okay which is which is so bad and I've done that before where. Kind of what would my body was like hardcore soccer fan to one in the pubs. And now. I don't know isn't like North Miami rookie of somewhere off the highway in Miami and it's 3 AM. 4 AM there are open and all the hooligans are there watching the live soccer at 3 AM. Let's they with soccer it's late. Where and when you say it rises r.'s board lately I think the game itself is one but being out and its port. But being out watching it in the at this like the atmosphere I definitely people are it's very communal people notice the party injuring their asses off to you know. You gotta be inebriated to enjoy that game because it's boring. So so stupid no I'm not I'm not stupid it's it's the truth everybody goes out there they get plaster with their friends and then there's some soccer. There's a go of what's YC to chat it up to like a perfect it's the perfect sport that you won't have a great time too and not have to pay attention to the television because you know you have three hours of jogging and then maybe one or two climactic moments and that's it. That's true you don't to be a 1000%. Dialed into. Every second of the game you can. Even glance away a few times in any don't miss too much judging by the reaction of the audience you'll be able to go and turn your head in time to television and CB OC a goal. I loved them and yet Germany Germany one last one and and and as rob it was meant to Argentina was the runner up. Spain before that's in Italy 02 that I'm referring to your Brazil. One that a year and and France and France's good. Could soccer. Partly about the France. It's such Sissy can't be better than if it's. I'm just sitting and now you may miss some of the action from last night because we cannot maybe to stand blaming you honestly be soft so I don't know he idealists. So it's gone double what's going on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night Kevin's array cannons or it was on the show. And CE mentions how he knew. That's with us tonight and even two nights that's yet two nights ago Kevin Durant was on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And he he knew that after game one that the series was over they are split the next game one or it was confuse any new idea. I'm just curious like do you steal. Are you guys laughing are you happy or do you feel like compassion for him after something like that out. But it's that's been I mean I'm I'm happy that he made that decision take. Especially with the game and allow me to get went sort of sweep. But it. Did you know at that point once you guys won that game because they really had a chance to steal like game did you know that it was over. Yeah yeah yeah. Have we got to go for the we've known as the yeah. Have you got kind of broke a little bit. You know I I don't think that's that's silly you know I set after that game is that this series is now gonna go 12 weights it's either though. One direction which is the cavs know that they complaint with the warriors now they were right there and they were some bad calls and huge blunder away from winning that game so. They could play with the warriors and we got a series or that is a soul crushing type of loss to lose like that and they're going to wind up getting crushed. And you think it can be and that. Do you think that the post game videos of global on the isolation camera on their bench do you think that made. That much more of a difference as opposed to you know what they messed up within about game outscored move on the next I thought that that replay. Of all let video that lasted for the next three or four days I think that was jugular one point that's really hurt well that's that's. Where that's what LeBron did a bad job okay because I I do believe in that stuff sometimes where. It is your leader and your best player in the rest the team is going to be heave a they're going to take after your best players sometimes are right and it's why I love Tony that Alonzo Mourning Tim Hardaway Jamal mash restoring from back in the day okay. And when your best player and the skates it's LeBron is be eating. A certain way. The rest of the team sees its and they saw LeBron. Know that this team can not beat the warriors are right the body language is so awful. That's sometimes a stub does make a difference and I think when the whole team sees LeBron behaving that way it's a killer. OK so yeah I I I agree with the tunics and Robert what are you got. Man we're talking about earlier the parades that we're going on with the Washington and and watching the golds they operate. My Mandarin mongering we all know almost willful this dude is he went ahead and called out Tristan Thompson probably a little bit more than he should have by talking about men were just. About the same person we try to get me up in the middle the court after the game. Bruises come from a different well that's a real. That's available and I just really yeah as I love it might. That's so weird but good. You know look Jen long green OK he's very tough to root for I'm not a big fan. By I I do like that is not phony OK and he is he is not a phoney he is what he gets and the wrap the series. You know it was pretty clear that he is not about Tristan Thompson. And rescind top sitting game not like commercials give number one in game number one in the overtime he he gives Jim hungry in the face of bush for the ball. And that bond gets sick that guy's hand at this series even if these much for the ball so good drama hungry and he's only. I think it's bad form and you party won. I I hear you say and and I remember going back soon laws in the first year with with the tablet with the warriors winning. And trim on green he's got a drunken fool in the parade and he's saying about all the other teams that song in the cab sought in the bronze sock. And that's been kind of dream on staying the OK in the let it in in the championship parade. Forty busts on the other team so I try to get what you say in their do you think it's bad form. Just tops and all soft you can you can you can call it I saw all. While I mean nobody did any soft just Thompson also has military knows the leaks niche like he snatched on rolled Coetzer. Oh rye rat you that that plays apart around you think that plays a part which Ramones doing there. Are a 100%. Also what's the problem there gotta get my dream on that brought them. Sort of been the sort ignorant your championship for a need. Dan about it egging him on I you to select the forum yeah you know like the place that he's due. Correct Alka aren't. So low but remember suck for luck Dulles as wants to I do. Completely tanks get injured look this has been the sky's the likes ask what's been missing moon out SA. Throw the football. While I actually don't push for the first a couple of years seemingly Andrew Luck is doing his job and being a football player now thrown a football and you know this guy it's a rarity to see big foot and also that he sounds like bigfoot is excited. I am thrilled with Al this officers has gone from here I'm really really excited and our guys don't seem every day we don't talk about march. Hospital but a lot a lot happens every day every week. That makes me feel really really good. One I'm more about myself but also ball sort this fall clothes don't. It's awful Arkansas. He's he's totally the kid that answered the future. In the sixth grade and his voice was deeper than teacher rightly. He was the note was the first Qaeda. He was the first kid in middle school who started to grow in the mustache right I was the move whose voice dropped. And and had it. And had the dirty Sanchez mustache right no doubt hear at pubs and are bigger before anybody did yeah yeah we all know the kid that we hung out with who was the first one whose voice got a little bit deeper. Who got the dirty Sanchez mustache whose whose hair on his leg started to get dork. Okay which is always disgusting right now has always been around us the birds Kato's hair on his legs start to get dark. That that would Beckett was always grouse bogey but now is Andrew Luck. That was Andrew Luck. That's what's a little it's a lighter football it's sort of a last home laughable. Very large iron I picked it up for a minute pop and it felt great in an answer it was a little mental block to do it and I had to do it. And it's. While our Kirk's group reversed recur or collateral are important. Is it sure is shortfalls it's because not is because Oliver Liz was treating HGH in nine years old all wide goodness and as a drawer falls on an idiot talking about the commission from the except well that's the new guy who runs the exit bell Oliver. Assume events and the set and him avoiding its image chp and ask later wrestler sport. Out all possible. Wall blocked looks Obama and tigers in what regard from men in black with clear to go back to the dumpster divers. A garbage got it all and Ayaz I know to applause florist. Our goals are right for training camp. And it doesn't. There's an announcement on the ball's covered you know sixers in a row boat builders W plants or Franken iris if that's little conversations Terry Everett conversations but. The perks of my goals they'll grow much sent on what the game. Outlook. Electric admirably at the end and it occurred word of the day week. I'm. All for the day we play in Walt Jerry. Thought. I'm a little global on the model put in moth log. Ovals and also are also pulse. A little blip. On the applauded. While ball. But. So it's got you headlines next.