ZRA Part 1 6-21-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, June 21st
Zas loves Gordon Ramsey, Everybody hates Dwight, Roms finds out Lewis Brinson is black

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Yeah yeah. Yeah. I. I morning everyone's puzzle on an amber is saying Thursday morning the 21. Morning of June Hamburg morning DO Romberg morning hi. Tobin good morning good. Mentality I love this Gordon Ramsey now. I told you last week right. That that once in a wall fault on these TV shows. That. You know I I wouldn't expect to light in a windup really liking and I and I saw some clips of Gordon Ramsay you know he's up. He's British chef right in in my describing him now by Wright that he doesn't restaurants someone right leg errors. Amos means schaffler has the he has rich oh no that's not his thing not opened boxes saying oh no I think he did. But now he's I don't know he still does I think. He's opened with a guy is trying to become faint very famous he wasn't very name is Josh and then became enemies of the TV shop now for so long. Typically the way the with the south world works what I understand is. You work your way out to heads up at some banter restaurant and you open your own restaurant to be done. And you know you open and close them an open and close and then you might have multiple restaurants and in eight on the radar in new lows you know. Do is hello smiling now being TV I mean he's on TV for so long that's why this link you just discovered we're just now my radar our rights. And and and I know I mean I I'd seen I'd seen clips before but I never watch the show is because the egg. The whole little idea of watching. People intelligent. Call all some food. Does not it did it is healing to meet that don't eat the food or you're just seeing all simpler now didn't do anything with you okay he's bred as. Is restaurants have been ordered sixteen Michelin stars and told on the giant a bunch restaurants. In the EU and yet Michelin that's like a rating system for the ship's okay. Yeah I get stars Michelin Man. And so. I always knew this Gordon Ramsay was I don't wanna watch this show is I don't eat the food rights. But but I I'd seen clips of the years this Gordon Ramsay and some of them are pretty funny. And so I saw. A segment of a show ideals last week may be as sugary. And so last night's must be on the I guess on every Wednesday night okay somewhat in Foxx Mickey you're so is this is he on a bunt my TV but I T was set on fox last night OK so how has a watchable cup earlier in the day so when my team back on it nights. And he was on Fox News is Gordon Ramsey show they never found it a case called 24 hours Helen back. All right so I guess the premise of the show is he he goes to this. He and his team they goats 21 of these bars or more of these restaurants. And it's 24 outs. They're 24 hours you'll re launch they're completely naked over. The restaurants OK they're they're they're they're change in the menu that change in the law committed their building stuff. On the other bills and and 24 hour they're doing and I guessed. That's the premise the show 24 hours Helen back okay and he he fixes and reopens the restaurant. And then you watch like the soft opening you know you watch them screw operated you really good now. And that shows good. That's as good. He's been on TV for over one year. When he won here why he's so much and are always finally draws hundreds of this effort although apparently is finally broke a lousy candidate for Zaza or is this. Not on out of the barometer when you've made it 1000 discovers you know nine and I was as low now Warrick is as analogous specific to military families being reunited. Two kids getting puppies for the first time and two and two parents becoming officially the adoptive parents. On the step children okay once in a lot idle or when deaf kids here for the first time right right right like that that that can make it appears to win deaf kids get a new device McCloskey put on the color white people went when babies gay ged classes OK when you put the glasses on the Q little infant OK you for the ugly glasses to a Gaza on. But the ugly glasses on the cute infants and then they get to see everything knows the role on this as channels so our rights. But not and it's not not just a regular shows that you likely is corn ring NC so what does he Abby as this. 24 hours Helen back and what's what's the big one kitchen nightmares. Zeller is called hell's kitchen and tells us or logos on Allen. What what what Sony's like you have three or four different shifts that are trying to compete that's competition won via all the excess eclipse of that okayed its super mean there really mean. Yeah he wants some meeting the show last night. And look. Let's be honest the show that I watch and I think it's a direct root ball or maybe he still Iraq someone's ripped off the other with John tapper bar rest. All one of them written off the commune together a government dollars for your arm. No no no no Johns hampers the guy who doesn't show our eyes and ears think you know vol homeboy who who does the deals are organs. What what's his name that's the loan it slowness right is that is in the modest yeah. And that's the really not the same yet not the same shell. My my friends who was who's the shaft that I went to Spain with he is a sap on RS. 081 of the shows are written off the other Wright is on for years and this is Britain Gordon Ramsey show I believe this one they're talking about. Just started. That recently. Are you aware of that and sing shuttle I mean it's not this not what I'd do it once arrests are. Ones bars. On once the shots doing and the other ones you know bar and not know it and Holland American Idol now is not. MRS yeah they are Floyd's a full restaurant that he's he's rock in the area not now I know some of them are some of the Mariana your rate I mean by it it's just a slightly. Good sense I can book the book good shows I did I silly and exact same they just rice someone's not trouble. They're very similar. Similar. Now to our rescue I think it more than 24 hours a turnaround period as the emirates this sorted out very similar that's it and it all got the same thing going on because. They're both me and Gordon Ramsay in the big I am not suffer John I don't rescue was so much meaner than Gordon Ramsay was last night at a hearing is like and rail link that's not a putt on rent exactly know. Tapper ladies what you see on bar rescue. Is exactly who he apparently it. How I find it. Has that New York yes had you heard mentality to him OK ORS yes yes very into so I think it's I could see that it's okay. Is Gordon Ramsay doubt he's apparently got multiple sides to him because I'm watching that show us a and yeah I mean he's Tony would need to get done OK so you could fix up your restaurants are but I guess seeing clips of that. I guess it's hell's kitchen you tell me is the one where the people compete any means at all. You sold meat. And I'll watch the young wonder how much this actually happens in real restaurants it must now. It's the restaurant I don't watch in last night's. Is a one in a million okay he gets to this restaurant last night's. And he's you know go into the kitchen and he's he's got the staff there and he's search enters stoppages trying to see what's what and that plays a disaster. Okay. There's a dead mouse in the bottom of the toaster. Course there is new you wonder now is is there really Arizona put on front show Beason is better TV I don't know under. I don't know I think it's real might be a huge real. My breast is actually aerial and you know. There you got yeah you got it they take out food the food out of the freezer OK and it's just it's disgusting food it's got like freezer burn you know when. And and he tells he tells it you'll hear you can make this into aloof on scratch your back and that's a look like you know they look like a little flaw it's disgusting food that was that was frozen together in the freezer okay. It did jumble as roads of new ones it was a restaurant all the jumble as rock caller. Restaurants to we'd go to them like that. And asked to be Altman and write the most become big as he common thing right that these restaurants. That some of them can be discussing in the kitchen right. Out core regalia a dress it's very very difficult I mean I've worked in a restaurant it was like diet it's. It's very difficult to keep though the roaches and rats back home ought to say exits just this is life. In 2004 Ramsey apparently appeared on British television that on two British television series ended up becoming ramseys kitchen nightmares so I was back in 2004 so I guess. Did you nightmares actually started in the UK and the US urgent started a couple of years later so it's. And on for a very long time I also look to longer RSU I don't talks that's appealing to me until British you'll Hillary talks when he gets sultry. And he's like make him love to the food when he's just by himself and he's doing his own thing. I like that is that's like he's in tents. He says Cuba in Newport the soma and he you can always sexy women and take the beat Dick Pena tilt the scoop the blotter on top of the staking so wrote letters are just. Makes it makes you just wonder what that might bring Shas is right now. Owns a restaurant in Boca really what's it called shallow all mocha and I was there. CIE Allah and a lot of due to pay these people put their name on stuff all the time to. Well it's part of his holding company I liked the episode that he does Wear it to kitchen nightmares version of and two children. He's teaching kits can chips so we so much nicer and he's really sweet dedicates. Who watched the episode last night man. And and they thought they had they do the salt opening like it's 24 hours later and do in the opening and they seem easy going good but man like. This one table they get their order and the chicken the chickens brawl. Because a chicken like it's right in the middle on that that's the worst day raw chicken and you have a guy from raunchy it is automatic Salmonella. Cook 101 it would chicken ready again and all these reality cooking shows seem like put on demand. Yeah but you also gotta consider. The people indication. This on. Yours okay so when he comes back to in the kitchen he's an aide is his role and the people like like there are upsets you know it there. There's those people in the cage they they Bork that'd be in more in the. That's true reality shows like them into huge majority of your reality shows people on the mark actors but most of your reality shows what they do is most morality series aren't actually scripted person I. But the events are scripted what do you think so whopping good chicken for chicken it's really they're stealing you. And and bully is so the producers would say undercooked the chick. Rihanna really an hour rot chicken and that he's gonna bring it back in and you've got to attack I mean that's what happens almost realities as I don't know the reality shows. Are disappointing it is true new areas are scripted as they are not much. Not it's not it's not so much and people are memorizing lines because that would be very difficult to do you are an actual actor but I think I use on areas skirt. I choose not to believe that I don't think they are purposely. Messing up you'll I don't know I I I. Would hope not but I'd I'd I'd hear that they do not on our rescuers now you are you really say that's what that's got to be real that's a new year. It's got to be real. I'm always skeptical though because they issued a majority or television shows that are quote about reality. What stories are partly not because it happened down here like they did the bar rescue thing down here are my buddy's place in the growth of us anywhere means. Yet they remain in that lasted. Maybe occur again is right and try to put those rescue Boris did you have a little perfume on illegal and they approached borrowing and they were when you had narrow coming here and spruce the place a little bit with the. They hole they'd totally redo a lot. Exactly switching I Felix is a cool thing for the owner like France Emmitt and so it was your body does all the television Japanese ports. Musher who was on a three or not it's his place and talked to said they came in here now we did it and then. And and change the name you remember you remember this is a couple of years ago you remember if if he gave you more details yet pity they changed it back to what are we including renders us up on embarrassed the honors showed your address I want you would be hit it all to talk to someone. Talked to the guy who had the restaurant and get tapper honor you'll have a joke and I'll. Ali. And then candidate doesn't know. It sees as he won't tell you every time that he invented NFL Sunday ticket on direct you. Every time every time every time he invented apparently. Everybody oh yes ever everytime dog him you invented NFL Sunday ticket on tapper I don't know how responsible but he claims that he invented. A remarkable time to guess what is talked an enough we're good. I'll I'll talk to the guy who are as Clark that he turned back consumers who get amongst morning anchor yeah yeah that's a dissing. All right alimony. Stuff going on today obviously the World Cup continues. To get the NBA draft. Two nights summons that I think this can be a lot of fun tonight. Many get a lot of big names out there seems like deep draft but more importantly it seems like moves are bouncy Mays on Dwight Howard got traded yesterday. Drill again. To play from Brooklyn this year. Every it was a new team it's amazing what Dwight Howard wasn't perennial MVP candidates okay. Took gill and a magic seemingly by himself okay to Orlando Magic to the NBA finals back in 2009. And two shortly after that. He joined the lakers. And all went down he'll. He's the most impressive looking. Past what Blair are in person like you commercial actor is so unbelievable important public LeBron is is right there as well but. Wait is I don't is it's in the super human and it's. Hard to imagine of those careers on instruction sets are Orlando. Delights and weird career grand you know because when he was trapped in a more overall is still the time when you know that that's senator you get that franchise Saturdays and go number one overall. And it it looked like he was going to be a you know eight it looked they used to be a hop hop guy for a long time. And this is a guiding you know when championships with you know kind of in the vein of Shaquille O'Neal our rights. And gain that never really improved. You know like he's he's a power guy down low. But eight yes we have any offensive moves his offense never really in roots. Real good defender Rio good rebounder. Is gonna score a lot around the basket. But. Develop any kind of offensive game. And has he terrible reputation. Among teammates. And then you look at like Carmen Ortiz traded last year. From Atlanta to Charlotte all right an enemy I'd written like nothing out a memo they traded him for. But I remember there was a you know the locker room was. Wolf what was was divided okay. Because Dwight Howard was not popular in that locker room and I remember someone said when you're siding with Denish Ruder. In a fight between teammates you know the other guy as a real sure why we're tomorrow shooter apparently he's a huge church. Answer you know I remember one of course and you know that when you're suddenly Denish shooter. The other guys are real jerk that's a little edit star point guard right at all of he's got a bond values yet he's got the patch in his hair. Yes and and the two big tyrant like how as a result so let's get some Motrin about a disparity as bad as the quickest hell you got that reputation to. But they traded Dwight Howard and we knew this before in Houston as well apparently he and hard and they may have had issues. They got rid of they are and him they traded him to Atlanta Atlanta proms the locker trip to Charlotte and Al Charlotte. The problems in the locker room. Put this added all crap trade the Charlotte just made there was problems blocker and of course that work. To be an English so. That Charlotte made yesterday also the other is the cup check things enter it. Like he has infamous silently that's right that's right my cup match caught Jack is now the general manager Charlize is hired and museum in Los Angeles were of course the trade of bloodhounds and worked out. So we clearly don't want. Howard anymore being taught me that that there was problems in the locker in Charlotte so of course the worm had Toobin. It's such a bad trade at Charlotte made simply just dumping Judd point hour because they did it they traded Dwight Howard. And and all they got was a couple second round draft picks and and that awful team if in Moscow is terrible total worse contracts. And that content longer than Dwight Howard's and they took I wish. They admitted they like our it's weird for a guy who had so much success. You must be some huge kind of jerk. I don't seems any always seem to Laker ball like early in his career he evil evil yeah. And it's these phony that's that's the label Romley Marconi as a what happened with him and I your board what showed Robert last week at the infamous clip. Stan. On Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy and Dwight Howard's last year end and it's embarrassing moment for Dwight Howard and he said it's one of the worst days disliked and it was certainly embarrass harassing for Stan Van Gundy one and you know stand when everyone in the media know that yes key you know he was told that that Dwight is trying to get him fired an end point came in screen is on around stands at notre talk as a they coach say do and you know and it was very embarrassing for everyone involved. And yes so went from two white trying to get as coach fired Orlando it's now every stop he makes his teammates. Every solid next but that's the thing really came as the leak came easily super Christian persona. And also. Happy and very likable happy aligning eEye yeah there always smiling but he's so has our reputation and I mean they just did. Commercial from the movie. You know I'm talking about during won't you do during the era on the aisles and DirecTV commercials with what it would chow back in the day mr. child yeah I'll during these NBA finals or is the commercial for the movie Seoul have promoting where they. What was that what it was no it was some sort of bomb. Where they're Billy they had announced who was playing. Madhouse in the movie you're the villain in the movies are so I think Denzel Washington movie I was the best one in the commercial enrollees and he was doing those commercials and they were saying it you have to you have to not smile you know he means not not very not that's his reputation he was a very good in those commercials he is very. I donate some weird it's really strains. Somebody huge jerk for every locker room you're in for preteen is he writes. Our didn't easing jerk. Mean Yemen around it. At every stop he made this like but he didn't nobody's good yeah real good. But it's there that I tell you I would think right it was it was a look at it is easier jerk. Because he thinks she's really good at basketball and has just above the law hours just appoint a jerk because pitcher follows herds not purely that is a jerk like twelve hours a super annoying to be around. Well yeah Ramirez and knowing friends and ever been around somebody thinks they're really funny yeah of course he's Connolly valley Glen how hard it is is a big like fart joke guy. It's not funny to beer and he's making do and pranks in the shower not a funny guy he thinks he's hilarious and and it has its exact tired of yet how much like when you finally get that much from eBay is not MVP candidate anymore you put over that nonsense. And Orlando media group did that mean that's sure oh yeah and MVP can you in the finals and a bad. When you when you make informed choice jokes and two and how would in the shower every day out you lose by fifteen points and he's funny could be right. Emma yet your headlines next. It's totally sound that's all right. It's got the radio dot com am right all you don't move him wind or. An ad for months now go to radio dot com download the new app. Be able to enjoy all your favorite shows here on ticket force ours there we're talking about red dot com. New home they and seven idea FM one of four point three HD to the ticket. You XY and south why would you accept. Each. Tonight is the NBA draft and zinni just got a regular sort seven. That's right let's let's go to. Trend on television work work. Think starter. The covers are conservatives the drafts are it's great question great question I would did that makes my wife looked up from yesterday Emma. And it got morrow night you know oaks what gets me going on while once he going to be on tonight Nancy we're gonna home in time. And she looks a bunch Eunice. Just seven Hammett says a ready to give me the phone okay she's looking up an opponent the phone is what you normally get an auto wriggle note just give me the phone okay because sometimes. It's one of those deals that try to trick you it's a to tune into the coverage and it's really just a pre show it's an hour early get the ball OK so so I get the phone she thinks that a 1000007 PM has issued Seattle so I go yeah yeah you beat Tommy so if this wasn't from 2017. And I hander back phone to look at the wrong year now it's the right time. It turns out which looked at the wrong year that's what I needed double check Oaxaca. In the NBA drew 70 am here at the earth is the order the first ten headaches. Phoenix has the first panic in this year's NBA brow entertainment can't Sacramento now. Pick number two Atlanta through third pick those who relative Memphis as the fourth. No ads they can go either way Dallas with a expect all right today Cuban and I got. Orlando with this expect they'll now take a bus no doubt Chicago with the seventh they'll take some good. Cleveland would be eight castle lucky that it gets and use our rights. New York Knicks with a nine six in European can't rule one who'll never ever hear again. I mean is her do you ever driven bruising is chipping out of a gallon Arie he was an original knicks' pick and playwrights in the in my state America or should I personally. It was a senate sixers Philadelphia its tenth back why is this cause I noticed. And obviously looking through a lot of these kids. Why is it the movement is getting away from big man basketball wire the majority these guys basically almost all seven footers and visit this draft apparently that is heavy with with very skilled big man. But it's not about the league getting away from big man it's about the league getting away from traditional it Nasser to determine the more Kevin Durant style. Yeah guys guys source you know jewel and beat his big man. But he he feels when the predator you can shoot the three little bit all right man who can shoot these days he's very they want to maneuvered shoot and more mobile but there is no. OK if they are mobile these guys or excuse Kelso on the transition from going to put them early 1819 years old. Yeah yeah some very good point gnome but if you're looking at a lot of these kids. In terms of bone and muscle must stop what do they normally put on. Going from a transitional. College basketball player. To NBA basketball that is looking at pictures of LeBron when he first started. You look like that kid is well it's independence of the anyone he was a big. That's some dues or be put on a lot of muscle bronze good example. On and and there are other dudes were not built that way Kevin's rant is about as skinny right now as he was McCain's lead nineteen years old Sunday just cannot put on the muscle man's. And I mean you understand that's what you made we understand weightlifting and training and earn our retreat there. Good Miami's Lawny want bearing go in the top ten. He's he has ever received in dress from the next and from those in his hometown 76ers is gonna walk about you the highest minor and dropping ever. We were to sue the directors are women if you move was a Brit any top tens. We were literate Barry draft and I guess he's got a in the highest it's that's the way back in the day rights but even like to it was a Solomon's always looked on that but they relate to a mile an hour something yeah they weren't top sensors. Almost a mid teens Tim James was mid teens teens. Robert hite was second rounds right James Jones was late first round of the week. Others like somebody in the seventies or something on we looked at those we have the scars it up in arms terrorist problem overall number two obviously I take it got vision he's hall of fame analyst from back in the 76 since Rick Barry. Lonnie walker is about you know Shane Larkin was late teens I believe a yeah a lot Walker's sounds like he's about to be the high contains draft picks since Rick Barry could be picked him and he doesn't trickle. Projected number one peck Dion Andre with Isaiah. Says success in the NBA to him would be getting a second pop acts. Well let's let's seem a bit bigger than that and I know that's Ifill has the right add to hurt so he he looks the most physically developed out of a lot of data impasse on this flight. A lot of the other big men are around 225 to thirty. Seven footers 611 and he's he's like 26265. And he's he's a Big Easy and hasn't duke men can't pass on. And this as a kid your member who. Who was the coach what's what's his name Arizona's coach he looks shady is how memory on some trouble in the middle of the season where he was indeed he sat out for game because they apparently had there was there was the report that the FBI has him on wiretaps auto -- Sean Miller and he let me he looks like cheating okay. And and Sean Miller. Was was reportedly. On wiretap talking about giving the country 800000. Dollars right it was a 108 and and it was so it was Shawnee was caught. I like looking at the comparisons. Andrei seven point 260 gallegly and NBA draft dot net an eight day tied comparisons in Lincoln pennies can steal David Robinson. On the way I closed yet they act and if they think he com's Dave Robinson. Gotta say you got to take him to an end visit that the general or it was easy admiral admiral what it sees in the navy when they drafted emperor yet daddy day he he calms to. David Robbins helped you never had a I think people don't let eternal little while ago remember driving to coconut grove and hearing imam avatar you're trying to pull so much out of them. But it was so damn corny. He was corny at all mired. So square know Gilani walker con sill in this OJ Mayo. Look at it you get money walker late in the lottery concert Jim has come. You take that learned it was not a serious sports and earlier in the next Donovan Mitchell. And that's very high interest at that dilemma I guess have they have like the game translates the baby the numbers aren't as impressive because got a mission battered the pros and it was in college and Donna Mitchell went bluntly number nine or something like that I don't have for banner at the with thirteen all allowed that low yet you know you're right yeah. Thirteen you. So he may why don't you know why did having gone lower than money walker would go. The Marlins lost the giants 65 yesterday. Barack did anyone get because they know scrap Brian Anderson and continues to rate. He was three for five. Kelly is very clean yeah Terry tame note no one throne and there's other of the phone call from a mobile thank marries figure it did it giants figured hey let's not be stupid. Marlins are off today they start a series with Iraqis on Friday if they didn't just walk away go right was Norma you're a young player on their team that was talked about doesn't always saying that. What. What what were Branson did is bad. For for baseball it's bad for the game on the. I don't know alone on on San Francisco radio on on came BR other paper. Mark Blanton who's has been a bit easier for a long time. You see he's he's one of those guys is he's protecting baseball logic yet he he here he was this was Yasser yeah yeah I guess it was yesterday morning guide to. Give us your perspective on this on the Princeton kid I guess in Miami it's sac fly and connect them like you walk off the last night it's called them right field line. There's little bit about Justin and hunter when he's leaving McCain had had some form is set to state their rookie maybe being a little bit too exuberant not maybe Nolan unwritten rules of baseball how did you see that. You have my perspective loosens its he just was disrespect to the game now. I'm all for being excited and and being happy got a base hit there. There's nothing wrong with the pulled the bat out too long and flip of that in the rounded person. Continue to job. To me it looked like you look at history. That's shown it's not needed you know be happy celebrated team is doing right but to. And let's face. You you know it's not needed Strickland on in the dugout punch in the door breaking his hand and being out for two months getting paid for that's all they. Brazilian deal with a guy looking at guys hundred for the game when he hour and I I don't I'm Anderson Shaka is baseball players the professional athletes but they don't like a little. Competition. Well look call spate of Spain it's always strange calls based beta it's always the white nights on the black kid or Hispanic and doesn't like the way celebrates. It's always black and Hispanic kid who don't respect the game properly and the white player talent that is respect the game let's call I mean. OK but it may that was a white glare flip the baton and brings in spotted Reid probably would get the same reaction today I agree you are no different diet or black. He's black hearted and there is that add that if there is that traditional undertone that we do hear that but I do don't you feel like though reliever would be saying mr. Brenton was way flipping about as well Netflix I mean I think that he's just an old timer is we sounds like these old timer who is just. Try it LA it's disrespectful. How fun in baseball and it's a big reason that baseball is not popular amongst. Money ills and and then Jahri shopper monorail that and how they're all. He got to wrap it when he tidy and ninth inning he can't be too happy about doing something good note in a sport it's super duper mark. You better not get too happy otherwise they throw 95 Mauer are based on the ten. I do wonder there's a point where baseball changes the read these unwritten rules because he's unwritten rules are harming the game. Only apply I don't wanna sound I don't sound. I don't send grim but literally these people die all we do we have to be generation removed a from this because there's more people that are out or aid should. Cool are starting to think more progressive when it comes to baseball so all those all the people on generation ahead of us being literally have to dot. But look at what I of one of the problems that we how does mark and Lance and I mean probably via the disease early mid thirties exactly. Yeah you're talking about a guy who you know we're is part of our generation who feels like that that is also be marked by. And yet he's adopting the attitude of the older generation because that's where he'll he came up playing on her so if the players themselves continue to. Adopt this nonsense. That these nonsense unwritten rules exist in baseball. Then I don't know that will that the problem with that is. The regular PME the fanfare around it is such a hard day you don't appreciates. That younger fans it's such a. Our game and when you do something that good at. That's really really hard and. And he's jealous if you sell agree and running to the space is like the reason that the NB AQ is getting more and more popular as ever but he loves the competition in the NBA the the pettiness. Social media the sub tweaks you know that everybody loves the drama in the NBA and baseball. I mean they try to be so darn drama free that they won't even let a guy. Vote celebrate at all. Honesty and make so ridiculous. You imagine when a guy makes a cash and wide receiver makes a catch on third down he signals for that first down. The linebacker. Who who wouldn't make the tackle to stumbled for the third down easy defend. And yeah and disrespectful it is like a wider efforts he shot a lot. Because it it if you didn't break a tackle he wouldn't be wouldn't signal for the first national Lamar. And it's strange to me because account is seemed. This old white crowd knew once surveys toughen up and is against participation trophy is that and that's the same crowd that's crying about somebody celebrating. An eighty something didn't spore visas disrespectful of the guy who they just did it do away. Strange dichotomy and soundly broccoli is yeah. Top. Portugal beat Morocco. What is exciting day yesterday Tobin. Fourteen hours. Three goals and a battle thirteen hours and three no different hockey by the way is so different. Read yours go to Lebanon argue this fighting and hitting. Here you have flopping. Look at the big game OK it was all the beautiful game all right let me teach double B podium what hockey and beautiful game guys are running around would knives on her feet soccer I mean I I enjoy watching soccer more than I saw a guy in his next sliced open in the hockey game yet that's for that showed. A guy got his legs. Yeah and you know I'm a little differently those fighting in hi DeLia I mean that's right you're watching it my agenda you why I mean just watch the watcher. Writing sports I know you deal boxed in and that's what it is like those guys are way better fight like we're watching bad fighting. This are not what people are aliens on nothing's easy with the GameStop. And that's what I like hockey game wrong. Does John bush next on them. Low close on his career coffee that is not just about fighting does not just about the goals OK it's about the journey. To get to the goal of income and how I don't jog over to go and kick it. It's it's it's about your builds up man it's about the journey getting to that goal not just about the goal writes imagine over two games of the world class athletes out so I want to rob score four baskets. That's as it's totally different sport that's up spore it's so apparent. Rush to do it right eight golds. Yeah he's other teams are trying to score goals. Soup with steroids too important way this fix and not as fixed and sock you gotta you gotta figure there's something on on their I am with you there on. Seems like Paris. You're like I'm Saudi Arabia one nil Spain defeated I Rihanna won and now he's on AM you might anyone Denmark. Takes on Australia. 11 AM France. He's on rail at 2 PM 300 game Argentina and Croatia. Caraway. 00. What do you mean he ball yea it's. Soccer it's the abbey I think you can see with the World Cup it's happened for years now know you can just see that passion all around the world like we are. On an island by ourselves over here with our ignorance towards soccer we to czar of things are changing and soccer over here and it they certainly aren't think that they are I don't. Signs of enjoyment I am ruling council to like it I'll still miles behind the rest of the world Iceland hang in in the World Cup in word not it's so embarrassing this is really bids as well. Is it is it is it embarrassing you know watch that it is he. All right you have children and then they raised their children like you have. You have savage is a sign that maybe he would be an excellent soccer player whether it could be your not gonna go to the soccer and so he's gonna waste his potential talent all because you have this nonsense ignorant attitude. This isolationist attitude re don't realize is this good value of soccer to the rest of the world. And then America's gonna continue to lag behind and really it's going to be all your fault to a bit because maybe not a sign. Yeah. Soccer players and her family somewhere a sucker boy this is this is all pillow talk with soccer boy every night. She sent out it's totally his fault that sucker up I suck dude it's to be popular and get on during the middle the World Cup in their. Amber's late fall asleep on her pillow on her fiance. It goes had so let's also say about it he's go to sleep easily than you dreamed about doing tonight at ten team. McCain. Does that. That six and seven I love it camp last night no goalies. Two Eagles. Well let's get and it's more players. They get the better players sport. ESPN is reporting that beat Cleveland Cavaliers have no desire to trade Kevin Love no matter what LeBron James decides to do in free agency will be treated tonight. That is how. Port city of windows your chance to win tickets and on Sterger another great event of course Miami Heat technology Boehner and a local South Florida technology company. Visit them on line at a court escort dot com and sponsor Pilar del BMW. I'll Pembroke Pines we're gonna nab an NBA draft primer coming up. Later in the show our NBA draft expert is Brent from certain and he's innings and give us like essentially a mock draft he's gonna let us know who's a milk diaper was gone where whose Erica. They only do the mob. Could drafts like that for the NBA it's not is not a serious business you little Caribbean being trapped like that in the NFL propped the the NFL draft is certainly more popular but I'm the player who care. Did I mean there's good there's nothing like it's nothing like on the same the coverage or on an art rock this is not as all the same as are trying to achieve that people apparently more about NBA free agency and they do about the MBA dropped. Yeah it's it's is on the same boats tied his be fond neither does well Jimmy mode does. How are these browsers like at the muzzle center covers the NFL draft got them Muslim issue apparently he's going to be volatile events. Tex or race is so again Romberg who's gonna give us NBA draft Friday when did you start watching I'm Ambien. Well. Ever since grown the targets sleeper cell is going to be coming over here to the United States and so they are coming here now. I'm around to support us MBA expert we can get us all you'll see thickens when us and you'll see. Texas writes lyrics are talking about IE I watched last night's the Gordon Ramsey show. All all on fox at 24 hours Helen back alike and as my new show now watch the first time last night's. IA I did just recently discovered this is brand new show at this. A new new television star Gordon Ramsay is is name. And that shows on man you check that out I think it's got to it's got some promise to. And an all right my question is exactly like bar rescue okay they're they're essentially the same thing I guess the only differences. Gordon Ramsey's donated 24 hours flat like like the clock is literally clock OK maybe that's the difference. And and Robert mentioned now yes sandbar and coconut grove. Texas writes in eureka Texans 67 nines and forcing embargo to grow the change in name and the law filming episode and change everything back. In less than a month. So any change at bat like they got a full free make over. Given the make over wasn't what the sand bars about the Samar is like a beach he not grungy but late. It did it's it's a college bar. And then they tried to put put perfume on the walls and planters up on the wall with floating you know shelves and in the gate totally change the color silica. I remember they changed the color a little bit to a reddish wall they had like accent walls everywhere. And it just wasn't what they and put like steel. Also like hurricane shutters but against the wall to try to create like a little bit more and industrial vibe and and just this is not the Sambora broke the sand bars like these throw parties and their dump want to sand on the floor you bring and you look at flip lost. These sadly Jumbo putting wrestling the you couldn't talk regularly are used to think Peter Judge of the bikini contests would usually make it immediately. And immigrants who were on the middle street and the police officers would do them the solid in holding up towels. While their hosing each other down which was always. Gentlemen my sexual Ream we helpful I mean you know the owner from Sam bargains I have yet he sent a message and are whiners anonymous is Ramona talked about I don't wanna find out about that I am very. Really great and reading an article online. Has that reviews. From the changes are made to sandbar and people were calling. Changes awful. I guess they had. They Agassi yet it's it's saying that they ended up. Switching it back but in my ears a lot of hours ago patrons were complaining nozzle well I think 2015. Alan and I picked that up there. There was. It was just different manages it wasn't the same five and they have like they brought him like wine glasses and champagnes are it is yet out there and be sure basically a sort of was a try to turn into almost like a piece sure and that just wasn't what the Samar is about and MR about you got it in the front door back door. I think people are taken is really Sears a president is that. Bleep you virus you're cloudy or even you know John I don't channel. My RS about her and hurt their heart man yet don't don't understanding our camera sitting around talking Mike about it and he was Tellme uses outages. It was just totally wrong and restore some remnants of what the bar rescue did Bristol had some sub pop idol get kind of thought of him about that. Another idea of the Samar is on the fund bar like that hang out drink and party after kick ball unfortunately things to our rescue that place of its width of full of fun memories is gone badly or has been replaced. With more with the poor imitation of an upscale bar. It is not reflective of the area surrounding it. I'm not impressed with the renovation. We don't know what's real what's not all want I want to talk to someone was Orioles there's a lot of the there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff right that's all wanna wanna find out about Karzai I I dug that show last and I had a hard time believe and I'm watching the last and it wasn't like a 100% real. But you know maybe come on you know maybe Ambien for maybe it's it's a lot of it is completely. You Doug Gordon Ramsey sat what did not the bar tonight. I get to the camera and her famous the menu too because I don't Sam Alito in a bad ass burrito that I used to kill the debris as the not to as the weather that reduced out of control they do they revamped the menu on Salazar that's why. Telling you it reference who's the shaft on our rest now that's what he does he goes into the restaurants and mean. Goes through that Emanuel and all the crops and determined it was like. I make the little things right well this is what they do what they do is because it didn't the difference obviously with Gordon Ramsey show and our rescue his RS there really is supposed to be. Ben a lot of them plates is that they go to jail but a lot of the plate what they're doing it a lot of the bars they don't suit the bars eternity too much with the manual and so they. Limit the menu and make its so that they can easily get the food out really quickly. Half hour or so on you on the show adding Gordon Ramsay does that mean less I know I would be meaning kitchen nightmares. But on that show us I did not think he was mean and he's very help restore. But but tapper is very mean in bar rescue it doesn't mess around. But I wonder he's a better bully and at a farm has correctly and I think you guys physically and it doesn't matter my apprentice tapper at a higher selling banner LA yeah it's not it's not a put on a tapper is out of a maniac. I could see that my friend is awesome and very much New York very New York shop I mean that's that the people who work on our rescue are definitely very years ago with the incredible body that came on the vacation with the guys or is that not the guy with incredible body wish just have. Would you trust to shop within insane yeah embody my chef better have a bell what shot that I'll cut right actually there to be pretty yeah. Yeah. Is that that really say exceed. Australian sound great Australian or professional he's Australia's not to but he's not he's not heavy at all no he's at all than fellow. I mean if I'm shaft did not Hazmat and he's always brush up Islamic groups argue McGraw she story makes us and which you know can we you whom I have yet we pay. In many egos and like go shopping with you in any incursion there goes your house I'll take my Chinese look like Johns now. Many know who cooked the Italian suit on Food Network who's the smoke gentlemen she's cute she's a little. She's little tiny and sit and she's extremely Chandler G and Steve always cooking. When I watch her show she's always putting stuff that Levi aided I would not look like our. To the cutie and yet beautiful gay guy who runs Sam he's still runs it. Gave government sample on the phone with us six holes he do we wife's expecting sort easy governor crazy schedule do you mean she's expecting to have a kid yeah he should be on red alert okay column let's go. Get on the phone. I am. Yeah but that that Australian dude if I remember watching one of the social time you think he creeps up behind is really good looking girl who's getting groceries she has a hand held basket. And he's like. By anything that goes into it and say I come home with you and she goes absolutely and as a way to Poland as foreigners took action. And then he goes home to her husband's at a town so he's channeling helper cookies. Wow I he would like it was going out there going to the bedroom. Or roses. He was he was totally makings Curtis sexy he does and yes Curtis yeah it was the making the most sexy meal these government levels like holy smokes is an awkward. Somewhere if he's ever taken down and it. He's always pays to get them all on Sunday. You write this now you may miss some reaction from last night it's gone what you might miss next. Celebrate the fourth of July in the city of sun rising to join us in the AT&T center got music kids activities food drugs fireworks. Like music. And includes grand funk railroad as right. Gates open at 430 parking and admission are pretty received all of that can be searched writes on trying to shenanigans fitted sunrise FL dot gov for details or call. 9547474600. CN sunrise on July 4 and am 798 FM one a four point three. HD to the ticket heated text in the show's 67974. Speed in the World Cup Tobin told hates the World Cup in hate soccer. Robbers not a huge fan. Amber gonna amber and I like a lots and texts or writes in one day sons into a father he daddy wanna law. So World Cup the father responded if I wanted to sit around and watch guys not score of voters. Great response put on teachers they cut it and I can't duplicate. Did text like the Texas bald joke was really funny rights to demonstrate its good I was Tobin tax answers now. If he wanted to sit around and watch guys not score I would go to who'd speaking of soccer balls to launch some Russian not soccer. Those boys do it right. And I breaking me and. Both boys are. Doing something a little soft on some. I think about the same the same an equipped. Whatever gem that LeBron thing now. And when he got on Miami no reduces like the Russians so that's mr. SX series than he ever stop the wedding David Beckham is getting a divorce so I don't. Sure I am so I just don't. I just Google it there are we're rehearse their hard divorce rumor it's a mistress. How Miami might easy temptress. That's your rights that is what is you don't tell these guys that because we discussed at Yost that it handles with the new campers Clarence is name. They knew what I wolfman right so Hoffman comes down here he has eaten bread in this controversy talks with his beyoncé is Villa does fiancee since high school. But Tobin suggesting that the Panthers were fine acquiring him because they know that when you moved to South Florida. A two ticket to break your relations about. I thought well there's the relationship that's. Not going to be tempted by South Florida it's going to be Victoria Beckham in David Beckham right they've been tempted for twenty years and they've been OK even they made it even an LA. Look at. In my Miami. Three Britons were too skinny men I agree Beckham's get with that Latin fight greener that's right. I am wrong with some David's back let's put it that way chemical can't believe how we came down here Russell was formed as the people who could ups. Don't mind my own thing in life. Passage is all. And it doesn't poll every president's newest and value may have missed some of the action from last night you're up early went to sleep last night you software which caught up. You see when you look at what should have an African wedding almost. She aces man whose radiance. So nick young and OK he plays basketball for the Golden State Warriors this past year he's an NBA champion now are necessarily from him he's a he's a world champion for life are right and he is still. On the championship toe war apparently is still celebrating. And TMC caught up with Sam and he's he he's all about it he is not just the ballots legalizing marijuana. Has passed legalization yeah. The first country first country in world. Would the legalization of marijuana it's and I imagine we'll head coach we'll. Get a life. Another guy thinks or oppressor can. We need big EE things that we shouldn't we should legalize cocaine so another guy who who things being stupid school. Greens. We should legalize cocaine and we did Miami would be. So while they be so does the leg he would be so we yeah. I agree yeah. Apparently came kinds lay does being silly don't listen to me blah blah blah but I I mean I lose it's tax revenues and a city every. It's another it's another guy things being stupid is cool you may mean a number of double standard for what it. I am you look like Dubai in no time and Rudy got this morning jacket game. I know John Carlo I was I was watching for some inexplicable reason as logic and on MLB network and a couple of days ago and they are talking about this appointing John Carlo is. This season tallying these ads are mad which I found that surprising as amateur Yankee but here is John Carlin yesterday. And and driven it deep left center Gladwell is my head is. And that's good game winning. I still won't go home run applied John Carlo suspended. John well. Knows deep royal still. Pain hits that two run blast blows then only at home run. And the Yankees have come all the way back five doubling down. 075. Victory. And one of them had great games though they hear. Yes and that the walk off yesterday's now as a true Yankee he beginning Yankee last night because the walk from mean there's so silly up there. Looked on cold numbers overall that he's in a lot of home rockets okayed its numbers overall are are not what you would expect. But you also the factory and he always and he did this year as well gets off to a slow start and the slow start has contributed to his overall. Batting average on base percentage slugging not being as high as it will be by the end of the year like if you are just take its numbers for this month of June. His numbers are very good okay like he's banked 286. Is on bases three bit before he slugging 614 all those numbers are really good but then you go back to receive the entire month of April. We're back to eighteen. And is on basis the real for Nissan 356 those numbers are awful so it'll even out and he's been really good select the last. Month and a half two months. Robert woody got. How could keep reminder another summit your about the years she's referring to actual hot dogs. I had a hard time understanding what was going on in this little snippet because this Phillies fan got smoked in the face by a horror to. But dogs in a little battle he had did it's it's it's awkward take a listen. The government's I never thought I hot dog which could bury it just came out of nowhere populous lake. I have heart and pride in Somalia and then the next thing I them and he stated that he shot it in our direction. And fan. Really hit me like a ton of bricks and my glasses flew nothing's broken thank. You know it's going to be. It's sore it's very sore big gives people a good laugh and if that makes somebody tackle and that's why I think I understand baseball. But not a hot dogs. The ball now. But the the hard done all your degrees. You know she sport because a lot of people they didn't buy something anything from the mascot and and lawsuits this. It didn't look too good time. But it would have hurt him in line is I haven't taken a dug up the face for a long time now 1 morning it bothered me. I would have been the go to those. Tell him what he got. I calculus is gone and and this band Terry college in Mississippi State's super fan. And so there's big rain delay and some of the news stations in off all Holler catch open people were you doing here had to get it. This guy decided. He's gonna explain his story on how he got to mrs. how he got. His itself to Omaha for the college World Series. The sacrifices that we personally my that they here are incredible. My wife's boyfriend told his prosthetic leg on Craig's list afford me the opportunity here but I get a long time. And I get a chance to be an alcohol and my double wide trailer will turn just playing a lot when I get home we got hate on me play. But I did get checked the local library on the line so I get to get checked that yup Monday night administered as I get enough money to afford him and new legacy in the next year. We'll be right back. There's so much about that that needs to be questioned there's so much about that beneath the dimple farm option there's so many question well. Percival Percival. We got we go to the library use the Internet that's number one. Reagan library yes you're the local library to get on the line and get on the line and OK he's got to get on the line of course to access the Internet. Then and he's he's in a good it's gonna go funny page it's a fun to me negate someone's funding and it's fun to meet page and OK. And apparently this is an arrangement that everyone's okay with. Where wife's boyfriend the place boyfriend. Decided to give the husband and ice gift. And that was get the money from his leg. And send the husband out to all law so he. And the wife can have some alone time fizzled there's a light. Normally I don't like Tony Harris yeah well it's a double. Turns into a single when he gets home mob bust. White team and a double I'd better. Here's Charles. Once these yeah I think that's really funny it. That's really great because their border what channel is Alan. Slimy TV. Abolish it wasn't ESPN was it out now I was like some local station in Omaha it's really awesome. We're saying for sure Rivera girl either wanted to ride it out because she knew it was gonna become viral. Or she has the questions lined up in her head she's not listening to anything that the bull that's that's what it is this is my question. Don't don't forget don't forget offered comfort yeah that's what it is yes that's an issue dollars and she's awake and stop talking and NASA watch yeah it was a girl let us a question that's actually I've seen that happen course lots now or it's just like. He just he just gave the answer that question. Amber's got your headlines next.