ZRA Part 1 6-22-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, June 22nd
Ocean's 8 review, No Heat deals, Riley lowering expectations

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And then. Now. 22 morning June. Good to have you aboard here. Gambled fund for a weekend swords everyone's weekend starts at 9 am right excellent we're almost there camera good morning south Romberg morning. Tobin good morning pick. Is that the best that our freedoms start at 9 am on spreading aids uneasily Jimmy like it legitimately like. Three day weekends every week or every week that's. The only thing about these hours that makes these hours are in by the way any of these early mornings salute. It work for. IDA is okay. Yeah ESP speaking of which just I remember when I first started doing negate OK I got a nice note from Paul Castronovo. OK and united on Raanan. And I got an onslaught of competition technically daddy nice. I NS note from podcast you know now and the end and the union is that it but by the way justified thirty games soccer. And there are about song so and so I expect the so. That is that is one of the great eggs about because even though we work Friday is okay sought I mean reading we can we we every Friday. If your own working at 9 AM. And that's. Yesterday again even goes somewhere every week on its sir you really which is that definitely that the best part that stopped listening to try that to try. Being done with work at 9 am on Friday to love it's. Love having what is essentially. A three day weekends we all of them for I am way up record yeah but I don't recommend they still recommend them okay. Being done in nine and it's the bomb so we got a few digs talk about here this morning he had the NBA draft and last night yelled World Cup Argentina role wolf. So I will started Bill Owens the movies yesterday afternoon. Credit not go solo though and argue off the show you sewer harming your current size and relentlessly moving today. Don't know what the movie's only to mama popcorn trig you don't mean word if you know what I mean. And we saw we saw oceans eight. Yeah that's about you know now it's when Marion yeah yeah I know female version of ocean's eleven yes yet earthly reason it. We'll see I am sorry I thought it was. Just like a remake of ocean's eleven but would rule it's his teammate now that it's part of those series. I was really those ghost busters whether they're remaking. You know but with limit on it and oceans. Twelve and thirteen ticket on my thing. Watching basketball finals so much in women's basketball. The always and it's nothing like that I mean as I even remotely like that a majority image image movie is gonna he's doing exit BHF not even aim and lungs and. The women's. The movies that are like that you know a oversaw the ghostbusters movie okay good cast nodding and are you does Chris and win Aegon was really good and Melissa McCarthy and Wesley Jones and Versailles and that Kate McCann who's very funny great test not a good movie. But you know there's other. You all feel type ensemble cast like bridesmaids friends it's friends and all of that. Then all of us Marines of the movie it's one of the finest American movie I mean she has diarrhea industry. It's really funny. And so yesterday I had moms and all we look past this early primary S imports of bad moms you know it's who you know which one I like from that moms like the one who. In a non Mila Kunis is not Kristen Bell the other one is naymick can't ever remember that's the one I really like. Okay well I cannot address or an immigrant funny are zen like appearance arts know as Portland like watching them in movies that I like I like the war I think she's really honored by an yet and so. Anyway I I see ocean's eights yesterday. I didn't know why I thought it was a straight up like remake but with a female ensemble cast I'd be boring. Not long is that thousands of well you wanna want to remake of most well I do is 30 okay this version wasn't much better than boring I know today. And let's hope critic OK I'm not a movie snob. A lot of times I'll go to the theater I know wouldn't get into okay sometimes you gotta appreciate a movie for what it is all right. I'm not a snub. And and the result hey you there you know as it was closing I was very predictable I'll tell you what. I know the home is way too easy OK. Hi it's too easy. Not good to me like little girls like. He can make it for girls read only is there Presley is usually does everything was so easy for that there wasn't a whole lot of it's any like real roadblocks. The ground there any chance by any chance that any of them distract some of the men with their looks. Or aluminum appearance. Good question good question on right isn't it aren't making a stand out are they any. Any kind of. Hey look this way but look at me kind of situations are really no no no not really. Never be don't know ocean they'd Sandra Bullock she's the star living looks a lot like my wife OK as a dig that hole lots. Is Sandra Bullock OK and Kate went chats. And she plays she plays to. Oh what's her name not that a six whose stores movie yet she plays she place. Forests sister Monday in four rag hello. She plays Helen and more rational buttons reverse. Girlfriend. The younger version of Benjamin buttons group. Oh she's really a nursing an engine by hand and all that we had does not this is singular moment plural. No it's it's polo and there's there's a bunch of damage Benjamin buttons few Beers if you can't there's an there's a bunch of them yeah Africa but to little old man run around a mole man babies is so cute. So yet AT and chat and mean detailing what like a lot you know from the all fist. And Rihanna okay I'm wondering Amazon has Rihanna comes on the screen when my wife's gonna say something to make she knows lover on ma she uptight man. I don't know what it is OK there's there's other really attractive women. In this cast of gaelic yards I'd been sent Opel unit and you can see that your frantic effort to attack the way that you like Catholic colleges would since she is she is so good looking mode today. And and she's got got to shreds in the movie which is necessarily a lot that I love OK I mean she is. She is a perfect ten meant she is all some barrels a lot to do anything this Rihanna she is great smoke it once throughout the movie to her. That's why you that's 11 of the that's her appeal right ISIS' is Alec about girl. Maybe I mention album named by Earl but maybe I really like. She's crazy like. Really how women like the bad boy ain't ILA. Rihanna sort of like the bad girl that's right. So I don't remember them to us that she first started Knology. Now I don't know maybe like late twenties maybe thirty but Musharraf starting Dario and his how likely 21 years old twenty years old known known Osha's teenager. Which interspersed are as solid machine exploded here discovered her. No I heard that very first album here at. I mean I'm not saying at that you know there was a very Latin requirement amateur and that he's hurting they're not talking about shoes teenager and a. She's thirty did JC discover if it's easy discovery JC discover who discovered on a Gillick got a filly to remember JEZ I thought it was the am. There's like the guy in the arm that big you know all of. I can't think right now my to me personally it looked so I really Smart. Is linking back and one of the biggest producers and helix discovers everybody Rick Rubin lack dying now. Dragged into easy Howell the wanna fire lake. I'm Rogers. Known instances accord with Kevin Rogers. Evan Rogers of Enron's Ken Rogers and you cannot go houses discovered. Rihanna on his off time that's right. Different I mean she is sit and and she doesn't play like a beautiful character and imovie last night she's like you know she smoke and blondes and she's lake. You know she's she's she's kind of this is kind of you know. Grungy you know she's the other look at beautiful looks really good she's so time is our commands more. Girl from Cosby's Oleg on Lenny Kravitz easy Marian currently some bone bank right it is a bona yeah she's she's pretty she's got to be a lot of holes and taken down Lenny Kravitz and augment Jason Aman I mean is she was the goal Newman lump on my amber I mean do you c'mon I go and Jared yet come on. Edge is she's got a lot older than Jason Momo. Lisa I'm happy images keep passing away early release programs director Julie I'm fifty she'd probably almost fifty Buick just look at Casilla and small mostly early thirties. Ida and mint these. Not a big from a mentally mentally everything got more homework assignments they're. And I imagine Somalia but I mean this is what my computers during running I had enjoy this morning I computers during Salam. We're gonna have an interesting day here associate how to compete during update for windows and 0% complete it's been at 0% complete now for like fifteen minutes. The thing is this update has been in the background of this computer firm maybe three months. And slim has in Britain are engineers about it like me before and at times and told on the they need to fix this compete. Or ghetto don't you. It's an email to the vice and I think probably you know our picture and go to don't know what is on the bases darn computer that multiple host not to use the station and now all of a sudden I come in the morning an ailing completely completely. It was a bonus fifty in my most thirtieth. Yeah why do you Arnold and I thought but still she's all look at all jiggle a lot older than him that's a lot older and spent a DNA we are Gabby union thing going on there all the honest yeah but especially I'm talking like Jason mom mall I mean he can anyone he wants you know. And and is easily. So deep way and she's fifty year results. Good good for him and her image to view this and historian tell her being like his soul mate but he ease in her acute among gets. Most the other kind of like if you wish. They heard doctor it's like is daughter is she as daughter like looks just like her and that's got to be aware during Cosby's show a man. I appreciate your stepdaughter is. Now remember we already had to go well yeah it looks like he's the yeah exactly and has brought to reread. It was easy and what did you also originally in a different world rights. Different Waltz started when she went to that school when that daughter went the rights write a different world got to be one of the best spin possible time right Rachel. Passed me one of the best and Allen actually work and it really liked it shouldn't but even if you are unit liken it to great China. You may not like him it's a great Shia actually worked which I mean that's very hard to. So you know welcome back as angry at 5% completeness so you got the NBA I'm Brett through last night did peach rate for step curry. Will let you know next we'll give you the. All of insurance lawyers get to Friday morning. Sony guys watching NBA draft last night guys into the draft that knots. Romberg. I into the NBA Europe notes open US Syria and out of work demand. It's its own Oca hungry user NBA draft expert Robert Ayers. I think goes an exact from Romberg adding he hatchery young man. Going to Atlanta and out and I say you know didn't dodge which is they were treated for each other. I think Robert had any doesn't exactly yesterday tray onto Atlanta my read about that a couple people. Pointed that out to me on Twitter yesterday last night that Romberg a pin that is exactly right pitch ray young was gonna go is the land. The NBA draft analysis started off a Little Rock yesterday is yet the first pick going to Vancouver dale wasn't sure about the other team and somehow he also gave the heat two picks in the draft when the heat had to help. That was a bit confusing as well he tried to tried to get the first round apparently may just as winds are available. They try denied they deny. He clearly denied that what was going on once you don't want to sound from Pat Riley says the heat still held availability and all that last night until then yes okay god can you imagine you're covering that's what you write for whoever they herald the sentinel I don't know. A year out there you're covering in the Miami heat's draft war room to sit there in the arena. It's one needs to sit there and Avic ball. He had a war you clarify last night B it is obvious in terrorism through. That just was it was never offered up and TJ Holmes and no players were offered a penetrating her she climbing back calls and a. The FB is right we gather today listen we try really item of justice we wanna pick you know we just on justice and only want him anymore is out happen. No cover in the war room yes being in the war and be amazing OK but but. That that's what's happening and to realize site you sitting in the press him and is waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting all night until Pat Riley comes out of the end of the night and decides to address or letting it happen and that's got to be about her or until bowl public TJ and Betty you get a lot of dry maybe people. Questionable old catered in food gets shot with some really take this draft is like last night Juniata when demand okay. You Barry Jackson. May be many tomorrow to ignore what has your group knowing he Miller there not catering and food yeah I I don't know I don't know of that and you know I don't know that's here last night's. About that some meals that they that I've stolen from a player's locker room. Well that's true media day that is true we we now a couple of years and around have almost died of starvation and India.Arie had data in and razors and very odd that they don't provide anything for media having marital my and it's so strange Mercer and doctor Tom are proven Morita and by zones and whoever yes. My dear Tamara. I need to be at the wedding and I kinda I'm totally terrible name because it's Alan hopper I'm into here and totally cool yes the term. I went to the he'd draster you recall that on about your mind. Well I mean well it sounds that your scary destination it and I tell you you can save the stationary OK I am I mean destination wedding on the dog don't we don't want it doesn't Amy Cooper city and I can't yeah your excuse travel. I man. Don't do it and round and what it might weddings and a Pearl Jam concert all rolling in Croatia. I I don't see Pearl Jam another country like I'm gone they're torn other countries right now I don't go I don't like it's I'm going to Boston it takes. Better. Being to doce yeah and another. You're here. I'm I'm I'm going to Boston go to Molson to see them okay you have any desire to see the world that is with what's going on there I can do here. I. Stop eat drinks lead boom there ago and anyone want these countries are far older I get here in Europe also I saw him I see right now. Oleg there it's him it's amazing these someplace there's been you know that the majority eager buildings are older than. And this country so this is so remarkable here is walking through. You walk through places that are thousands of years old. House and you want a new house its nose is all the old house is in pain being able to stand in the middle somewhere that you only read about or seen in movies especially really really moon spokesman national. Whose blue and beautiful it was it was very different from here are two very very different from. From here. It's good to see different parts of the world look zone zone moved him. During quarter whom you or your menorah Mussolini's counselor it's no it's our policy and care about that's errors it. Or is that is it in Cooper city Louisiana. Here were Mussolini did anything. I just had to take up to a 100% on my computer for dates and now it is on back down to zero yeah I know I'm an 18%. So guess and get some guys and sound from Pat Riley coming up amber may you'll have some that he lines reading headlines up my cell phones it'll be Dylan Pat Riley apparently addressed to the top resign her any of this last night so much of there was anything interesting okay from pat Ryan last night Woolsey. All right guys didn't address I haven't heard any event eat her hands and I hardly read through this announcing it and I'm gonna go out elements that there's nothing interest. Well draft they'll last night it's OK nothing nothing terribly surprising happens okay. I thought there isn't a little bit of fireworks somewhere and there really wasn't not not a single big trade happens okay. There it unless I miss it overnight not a single big trade happened. You know some draft picks were treated and what not buy it no players. And not in any real rumors. As far as big players being treated me is concerned. And well more now with your headlights now. All bush bush bush. That's right she's going to be edited piece to the fact that ticket that. To me right there and better at radio dot com radio dot com the new home. A man 790 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket NBA draft last night a watch most the draft I stopped watching a mid second round. I was tired and I got kind of bored within it wasn't that exciting it really went to plan Willie's what seemed to be going to plan. It ever won before before it's not be you know 56. Picks. Were selected last night it seemed like you knew who was about to be selected was about to be chosen. There weren't any real surprises they are at the top of the draft except you had the gunship kid who was selected number three and he was immediately traded to. To Dallas who had a number five for ray young let's get more on all this let's door headlines. Speaks W. He XY AM South Miami. Oh. The NBA draft was last night's. Phoenix had the first pick. It's at the Andrei eight. Out of Arizona. Here's a designer by. I'd say yeah I'm not I'm not a college basketball aficionado brocail watching very casually watch a lot obviously internment time com where throughout the season. It's a casual watch for me yet too much else going on between the NFL the NBA the NHL doesn't doesn't grab my attention the way those sports do. So not him it's hemming and know everything. Buy it if you got a kid. Whose exact size okay. And who who's got the older the NBA ready body okay. And and he's being compared to David Robinson. I got I know what this league has turned into now Lawrie at the big guys who were shooting and and is eight he made a point last night saying insane that's not mailing a lot about to change my game is our standard around three point line I want to bang down low bone bruise and wanna get those baskets and defend the paint all right so he's a China tem like you some nice not to. I take that can number one every time that a guy with this size. I know what the league has moved toward I'd take the big guy we could build its near rounds I do not believe that that is that that that is the eight. That that's an extinct position OK in that league. I I I think it's such a no brainer you take the kid number one overall I I think the suns are in very good shape. Follow not really an amount well good he is not a single barely scratching the surface on his abilities and other gonna put men and he's so big NBA diet play an MBA workout regiment NBA money MBA facilities you know you do on the coaching staffs that are just out of this world. They're juveniles Shaq and Kobe comparison you got the kid on the outside in DeVon book Horry got the big physical big guy on the inside would Dion dream. Let's say sort of team. And in hell yeah I know Joan VT moved to the outside if he wants by you look at what's what Philadelphia's do when you got you got the inside outside with Simmons and and beat and that's oil wanna start my team I know everyone loves the warriors do. The worst anomaly. Okay you can't you can't just try and beat the best seat if he can't try and replicate the best he never would arguably the best team ever okay let's novel. In your you're referring to being Armey and senator Graham has ordered her mobile crummy outside. Haven't at a big time perimeter scorer OK and having a big time bruising big man. That's what I wanna start my team still and I had such a no brainer to me this Phoenix did. This wasn't it it it was for a little while it's a god on Chechnya the European kid nineties we number one overall. And so our ma'am I'm looking at clips ST Andre that's such a no brainer to me here is under eight and. Is his it was to me on my family and coaches know all the work I've put in this game to really try and be successful and tee ball my goals and we put out prison everything we do. No matter what type of child should listen he went through always has stated everything wouldn't be successful. You know I saw him on the set that's on the set App Store or maybe medium was the one on one but he was on set with the guys. On ESPN later on in the day in in the first round and and I thought he was very impressive I'll tell you what. Almost every kid was really impressive last night that I was I was very impressed most of these kids. No go when they're talking like they're mush mouth you know it probably did they handle themselves into. Very impressive with pretty much every kid we're glad to reverse the wardrobe yeah the flashy stuff you know then. Basketball no way you know looks really good except except what's his name nitrate young winner with of this your pants shorts. You don't the stupid and short iron and commodity look ridiculous writes everyone else looked fantastic. Sacramento the second picked up Marvin Bagley the third out of duke and Atlanta had the third pay they're the ones that took Luka. Don. Memphis to Jerry Jackson junior with the fourth pick. His dad and dad was NBA trade in young and ended up in Dallas with a 32. With Atlanta up early and go to my Obama. Chicago Lendl parred junior Cleveland took Collins sexton. And then New York took have been knocks at a Kentucky I'll say one in the Kansas such trash. I mean just such trash. The Knick fan okay and is a lot of them and attendants there because the draft last night was in Brooklyn. And you know it admitted they're all the all college basketball experts all of the ax there's such experts are draft experts to deal okay. And this Kevin Knox. Gets picked at number nine. Media news. Crowds boo when the only candidate. Kids that don't have his repeated something wrong okay why this is a reach or some might. I'm when used it was supposed to go. And and you got you got the knicks fans all bow in the air. So much set the clip of them asking Kevin Knox how it felt about being booed because she got a I forget the woman's name you know it was due and the post or Taylor okay who's doing the interviews and and she had to ask him you know what what do you think about the Boeing. You have a clip of Kevin Knox we had eight clip of heaven not but I don't think it's addressed in the going. It's him talking about Murray's. I could figure out of it's not that's fine for both put their their blew it and everything outside experts had knocks going to the next brutal campaign of Knox next yeah. 200 paper aiming his or draft that they haven't been the panic. Where where. Both for the knicks picked they had the camera on on this this like a father son duo the kid must've been like ten or eleven OK was the same kid from the pours Hingis right Andy point restate this morning goes that's the same family that they seem slightly for a Porsche is liked him back to the odds because it is Soria on them. Amin did expands it got the tickets you know they go to the drop. Condemning expands it. They are the data accident the MBA did historian Matt tram or were the father now because such a die hard and expand like ridiculous clearly there's huge knicks fans saw what happened is disarmed totally apologize ended up going to hang out portion Angus -- pushing this is Jersey yeah. One friend. It is really good so they show this father's son duel that their weight and the knicks are on the clock they're anticipating they're excited they're standing up there ready for the neck okay. And then restated to surmise that goes this is the damn this is the kid in the father. Who were boo and yelling and and who syndicate was crying out of its sure not this etiquette was cry. When they made the forging is it okay and of course Chris just pushing it just letter a great long NBA career. And and they booed the hell out of him. Again they take this Kevin Knox kit. And not let him. X has become pathetic all mixed into such trash is such a parody of themselves used to have respect for knicks fans in the basket on her rightly you write an houses now. No they've become it's become like the jets and that's a thing of the jets fans didn't booing every single pick but all those extensions today SA to go viral it's release I get. I don't know anything about this kid. This Kevin Knox the same waiting nearly article recessed forging its. No bad eighties guys and the kid gets picked who by the way the kid wants to be really successful and help your team get better. The hell. There's such trash knicks fans there really. Trash. We the eighteen picks San Antonio took Miami's Lawny locker before yea. You could ally walker go to Santa residents busted by spreading it gets picked up last Larry we have all go to Detroit Gordon Brown ego is Troy yeah imported through. It's pretty good amicable kids grow up Obama and first half of the second round very good so yeah undergoing the same pick I believe. Lonnie walker that Sheen Larkin did. So he didn't he even can't stop the highest pick since Rick Barry. He tied in market eighteen I I think he tied and he was a time anyway. There were multiple reports circulating that the he return a trade into the earth round obviously did not happen. Miami Marlins are back in action tonight against Iraqis. Don Mattingly was suspended for game after this week bean ball it's changed the giants. Reroute danced really was suspended for five games Staley has appealed that suspension tonight's pitching match up your voyage Kenny no no he's on the mounds. Against John Gray 8:40 PM is your first pets. You watch Elam in August. Promoted somewhere in reports a lakers were turned away by the spurs when he attempted to engage in trade talks for Hawaii. Seriously kind of stuck there really bothers me because it's I mean I I'm really I'm pretty certain that the spurs will not trade and the lakers okay. I don't think there it is treated in the conference. But I'm on. Quite certain they're not to trade in the lakers and then a few days ago. You know you got that one report that spurs the spurs are open to tenets of trading coli Leonard's Laker but they said the there not up their shopping or how bright. This formal offers it they're open and they're open to trading into the lakers are which was surprising to me and and then yesterday get the report from Mona shell burn. That but there there was a phone call and the lakers were quickly turned away so how. Quote they basically shut the door and house according to remind us how desperate to fly so so Ramona show burn it definitely plugged in okay motor show burn. Is telling you one thing and someone else a few days ago tells you the complete. Opposite as annoying to me. To me. And and you're gonna get a lot of that when it comes in the NBA starting next week we have one thing. And then the next day the complete opposite. That's an ointment. Pat Riley held a press conference after the draft last nights when nothing really happened with the heat during the draft but he still spoke to the media after the draft. Here is Pat Riley line where things stand with the way it. I haven't talked to him doing I've talked to his agent and a I think now over the next nine days between now and by the first and it now we can sort of focus on all of these these things so we shared text them. That he's communicated. I think on a regular basis Lotta people in the organization. But nothing has been decided between you know we want to have Duane back obviously there's been no discussion. About about next year. I mean remember I think she get it right Carolina nice Kimmel are lesser marks. Riley idea of using address these rumors abound that he trying to trade into the trap tiered sprightly. There are some opportunities but. You know because our situation. We felt that he was best to. Pass and every second round pick cause to stick round picks over. Future stick around picking cash something so. When you get into the sector rose again it's like a lottery is (%expletive) game monopoly and it's not it's not worth it. Source familiar with the kid that he got from Michigan but they're sending to the G leader whatever and who got. He would they would do it again they they got shot in men. A mine awareness so I went to sleep I don't know I don't the other you know America from Michigan but these are three point shooters and a 42%. Republican and Robinson he's Duncan Robinson strokes. They got Tim Duncan and David Robinson well yes except that mean his name is Duncan Robinson well let's sounds really good player. This is career average Michigan was like a forty not this guy is three point shooter so it's strokes. All right Brett is says that they are planning a long. I don't know if there's going to be any midnight meetings. Not this year you know this might be your conference to do that put. We will plant were already planning for the future like we did in 2006 through your Tony tend. And then from content Susan Brown left her commitment to rent rent with Hayward. I don't think we're going to be in it that way because we can't we don't have the cap space and we're up against taxes so I got to do some other things in reversing that direction. Silly signed some cable laid up to drop us it's like a free agent then. Okay now I'm not aware this is 200 million Juli Laura and Tom. So friend's sister go real problem and auto sow so one cameramen expert now so so that is sitting here telling everybody ultimately that. Nobody's safe on the roster. This year is roster he agreed lose kind of who and her Gordon revamp the Ross. But then in the same breath these talking about. He likes what he has kind of red white and your season revamp the Ross they really don't have that option and they need a lot of help there and revamped the roster they ease you into saying hey we're gonna rebuild and revamp like they got guys that contract let. I I and interpreted that way you did they revamped the resin made they'd like to but certainly not his decision. Easy easy some help to do it. I can't sleep he also can't believe any piece that you leave anything he says. Okay simply traffic marriage and you can't believe what he says transparent and I'm. This world soccer tournament update is brought to you by Miller Leighton originally appeared only 96 calories great taste less filling in please celebrate responsibility. Croatia defeated Argentina three nil France topped Perot won now Denmark dried even with Australia. One apiece. Australia. Am I am back does Obama get them back Australia. We're today AM those three A digs on Brazil 11 AM Nigeria and takes on nice landed at 2 PM Serbia in Switzerland. It was a crazy game that ended after 300 minutes of play at 11 who was our roster yesterday. Denmark. Drew even with Australia on and off on them one on. At the Mike. And who goes by the results of fight till when is that there's the difference between high and soccer's that there is trading at hacking as a it was a fight and Argentina game. So who's also fight Argentina was a fight thoroughly embarrassed yesterday they lose they re not and yet the goaltender made a terrible error okay. And they wind blows in three nothing in Croatia really poured on scored a scored the third goal in extra time. Okay in the second half and and Argentina now is in serious jeopardy of not making a not advancing. Argentina needs a win OK in their final game which against Nigeria who plays Iceland today. Are Argentina needs a win in their fight game against Nigeria and the need a little bit help. Once Iceland a team that does there breezy viking clap yes. Don't watch. It's intimidating man that you might like in Minnesota Vikings Hough. Argues Americans that are yet it's passing those big thing with Minnesota Vikings were they were doing like the clock I don't know that yeah yeah. Dietary habits leading in the NBA next. I expect you know a lot. A son. You know contrary to what people might think about this tree and that we have an operative and anybody really pianist for the Indians so. You go through emotional period for the player. And and you deal with that and come back in and you work things out. Normally it's nobody's gonna break everything down this weekend box saying NN day don't I don't even. Do enough you can for plugs how you doing this right now is the latest thing relate. Paid for what was that thing called putt putt a bigger partner yet Monica. I'll give you apply designing Erin now the company recorded when I hear what is this thing called. You know what's happening it's because you know these keeps arising in in leadership better than Tobin is sort of attached to these Tony contreras Hogan plays both sides. Yeah annoying he's always act like one thing on the show and out of being in the mid day soon. So that they bring on the street is they on the street now gone straight out here street they call you to please don't. I'll do that really NATO Hillary Motorola like Olazabal more tired than anybody in these two studios. Oh days or so ago. To the street straight you just on the on the wagon streak on the outside came through very very easily this week. No integrity. Slim terminal yes a gallery of others like timing and nobody's saying. You can get until an hour greet the streets of whispered. It measles and David overdue based over and that's all explain how. Sure you might get to sit districts assign divide began guts that your you've got your ear to the streets if I had to guess. I would say that the streets called YouTube face told. E. Coli is a. You say one thing or take one sided. On our show now. And it on your show. You may be pandering yeah. Two different order to pander to be some issues but do you listen to Russia you keep you keep saying media as if I'm the street I'm not the street or if the streets they got handed a beast. I would say they've never listened to my show. I can't blame I spent I spent on the selling our present in my show blistering in Iowa and that there is no promotion for fighters theory until beast. Got a promotion and promoting fighters area is open you're should be promoted its excellent programming. Leaderboard to promote. Beauty and the each and every single day twelve degree talking about and a team and the result of pandering. It doesn't show with. Odds. On Saturdays she's telling the greens that are taper Beauty and the Beast so it is pandering and who plays both sides. Should come on the weekend. With him. Terrible week on the same streets. Are idiots inherited defect if you if you believe the street true. Okay now is that directed Mears in the UN general do you believe the streets both a zombie has declared its. But it turned out. I am Sunday's series. Race here I am 79 in FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. What percentage two to. Your defense. Not two but it's. Also doesn't flow of the way to peace Tobin two days as written. And close this fund have your face melted. Fool who's just fine. So does Reilly talking about a son Whiteside. Saying that he is not all for Hassan up in any trades which I mean and then he had any offer everybody up at the spine. You know when you say when you say you haven't specifically offered a Husain entrees like there's a difference there between you know put now the feelers and his Sanyo. Certain guys are but you can make Hassan available. And then come back is it offered an NH raids. And you could pretend or or you can go play semantics say is it that's two different things and making guy. Available you caller on the league and say hey what are level no Hassan Whiteside is available. And that have you come around the neck Stacey we all Vermont NH greatly technically that is true. Lee yet offered in an age race. But you've let everyone know and did available all right to. If you interest in and by the way the real trade hawking is gonna start. Leggett starts after the draft in leading up to July 1 when the free agency starts like. Things are to start to get ratcheted up now because the draft has taken place sell. I wouldn't put too much stock into that whole idea you also got to remember part of it when when Pat Riley yesterday because. Trap wasn't very exciting overall it really went to plan it would seem and from heat fan's perspective it was a bore obviously he did nothing they they were there very limited located can't do anything. The second time three years he had no track towards of you know we get to that if he wants but the second time in three years he'd about not a single. Draft pick which is obviously not good would we again we we get that coming up in an. Anti money your rebounds in the first round and right and another eerie anemic play out. Right right do we get then a few minutes if you want but you know. Pat coming out and saying that I saw on that anymore he started mending the relationship he moved on it's a couple months ago that's also the beginning their. Of trying to let everyone know they and it's called the sun OK Sandra problem. If you want to trade for us on eighties he's good behavior of the worry about that we value assigned to get to give us something on because guess what. You don't think that the heat saw couple days ago. What Dwight Howard. Was just treated for because to Howard by the way while not. Brian Dwight Howard. How to still productive player but if I had to guess how was probably given yeah fourteen and ten last year you wanna look at a told it's like guests. Put avoid giving you 1410. Which much below what is some Whiteside gave you last year by the way and he Pat Riley. They see what Dwight Howard just snatched. On an expiring contract my new suns get two more years. On expiry contractors more valuable Dwight Howard just sensed that that platter team of fame monster golf. And a couple second round picks for the my guess is that he agreement seen us on Whiteside since the season's been over. That's my guess he's out shooting hoops who boys talking junk on social media. And he's over in Italy. Member Guinea Shoppach what are some everybody so bothered by Hasan Whiteside. Being in Italy during the off season. Shopping for Lamborghini and our blood and I know why I mean I've heard it on every single radio show every one's brought it out everyone seems a BT talking believe about this on for doing at all I don't understand that I really don't understand it like. We want to criticize a sign for his lack of effort on the court at the end the season. Fine when you back from injury and I don't understand what we're doing mom were. Making fun of us athlete mute a young Adelaide it's I had 200 million dollars are going to Italy with his girlfriend and meeting with the CEO of Lamborghini like and who wouldn't do it. There's some seven foot one I'm gonna do it more punch packed mass has ever glamour gaining report. What Molina and. Every hole what is and what the problem with going event as having anti indication when everybody else in his corner or are these CEO Lamborghini okay what is the issue I don't understand the issue is with. Why is that a story. Here no tall liberties app that playoff performance. Easy driving a Honda. You know this this is why she isn't what I get frustrated by the unbiased because it's like a drug Honda caravan. I mean you you you have the you have one bad season and that is where you're on you miss you on Karen worsen evident then everything you do now is this like and we meet. Miami media wants to make was that little thing about it was not like. What's on the ankle Honda Odyssey. Utility got to see the number one minivan is it as easy drive on die that's usually drives this time remember it's called work hard play hard suit bans don't. Been working hard in the gym who and a days with two ladies and bad. Sam's been in the league for two minutes when was he with two ways about it Izturis or in reliance. While we tell us more about this I don't either just did that Jesus selling thank you on his own and Saddam's sort of answer. Wow ultimately just like to eat ya ya I'm your yard carrying it up I didn't doesn't give. Legal you know work on cars to play hard good for you and taken to the band damn room but you you can't tell me that lately pat. Pat Riley needs to get out there in front of everyone and make things sound like they're all great with some whites at. Because a White House. Howard OK who's a borderline hall of Famer. And who is still putting up good numbers and still an effective player and come at. 888 resurgence in his career this past year in Charlotte player for them. Dwight Howard was just traded for Timofey much golf and to second round picks what the hell what do you think you're gonna get for pus on what's. And I know. So is wanna do things either make it seem dishonest about labels you're trying get that trade value up. Or even better mend fences with the us on is getting rid of him for absolutely nothing. Like he can't do that lightly you better I would produce second picks it he's that bad to yourself or doing it was just a year ago that we are all high on him like a mall. You can't do deputy and yet you can't move and you had to move Dwight Howard Stern on the Pamela notes are on the family. It'll turn on the family that that drug you have eleven yeah I would say you got to try and repair I would say got to try and review your best repair it. It the other option is the idea that that the hornets discovered the White House yeah you can't but I don't act like he doesn't deserve to have fancy pistons. I think I should exist and I do them but yeah I would I'd rather mend the relationship then trade him for what won't just got for our. I am I'd and that that's clout says I'm discussion make. Yeah amid the he would come around a week from now on the traded Hassan Whiteside republic draft picks and and some stiff all. You can't do that. You do it does what he cans out there that want needed just get rid of him period I don't know freedom away for anything I mean it's it's complete and hurt I don't. It people Matt Matt. I can resume for nothing. You're mad because of his lack of Africa not mad because of his lack of ability. You can't get rid of a player that's that talented for not. What makes bill I'm an asset sales the end of the league they go hand in hand sometimes sleep don't they don't because a lack of effort is OK if he wants to put in about her offer he'd. Be able to perform better move thing it is we're limited by what his capabilities are and that's a different conversation I mean that's when the ceiling is currently there. The greens are always so good at when he goes against any kind of viable opponent he struggles at the same type of person who is going against and then when he's not. Your yard to get. The emotional game where he puts a lot of effort or you don't in his in his ability to be inconsistent. Is probably the thing that holds him back a lot of the fans and. His inconsistency appears to be an attitude consistency like when he went against us and killing an answer while enjoying and eating or does he work dominant obviously. In autopsies they got worked I mean at bats it's the inconsistency it seems to be an attitude thing not an ability I mean man it's an attitude thing you could change it I mean the attitude thing is always plagued his on his entire career. And the heat found a way she changed his attitude and then an honest their way any item with how himself I don't I don't think it was a payment I think it was how they handled. Map that I mean not us at. And Dwight Howard's also played a man Dwight Howard let's average seventeen points thirteen rebound and play 182 games this past year use is treated for 22 round picks and step. Well now he's working on a buyout with an axiom. I understand. But Dwight Howard is an eight a really good season. And a bounce back season as a good sees his means he's been Blair put out hasn't been as good he was his bachelor unfairly critical to right are Dwight Howard hasn't as crystal and how it was this year he has not been that good for several years like Dwight Howard still clearly has plenty left in the tank and uses traded for 22 round picks instead. You don't get much for Tom it's got to replace the elect you better repent their relationship. It's also possible that longer into an artist does Mitch Kupchak it's gonna I don't mean drew and his super team but still Mitch Kupchak has been trying its best possible. Enemy in this this is the best don't. You know. Mideast is as addition by subtraction that's the that's still wrong. Bill listen to us now it's caught as a reaction you might in his last night next. Celebrated for the July and the city of sunrise you can join us outdoors the DB and T center for live music kids activities food trucks fireworks. You have music grand funk railroad. Gates opening at 430 parking and admission is free. Free safety back your research note shenanigans are around trying to. Does sunrise FL dot gov for details or call 9547474600. CN sunrise July 4. But in 790 and FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. It was into us now you may even a sleep late last summer gets caught up on some of the things you might have missed. You might have a slight walker money walker Miami Hurricanes. He was drafted last site first round pick. You know as you go somewhere there in the middle the first John somehow out of his high is our lottery pick. He was in attendance he knew that some people had in his eyes water picks he was one of the draftees who were invited to attend last night only about you know a dozen kids were invited to attend. And why walker was one of them ball he ended up had to wait around till number eighteen combined. Use compensate nicely to San Antonio Spurs who took your money walker. Bonnie walker joins Pittsburgh Seattle here until well look you're absolutely right it's hurt our. Let's go with that the watch party and what it means for you could you could have easily left reading PA and gone to a different look if you decide to stay outlining why it's so important to. All this is so important that led the big thing in basketball. God loves you to print my misses basketball. Just like any bill to secure from Rhode. Solana walker was very excited last night and you know eventually got to waterboarding EE he got emotional when he was bit overcome it just really cool feeling obviously be drafted. And any go to place a good place like San Antonio where. It it's pretty likely you're you'd be put in position had some success so good to Lonnie walker. Had a great season with a hurricane deserved to be a first round pick. So he was like to number eighteen overall by the San Antonio Spurs want to. Miami Hurricanes who were selected last night as Bruce brown was drafted what 4242. To 42 overall to Detroit's. So congrats to both those guys amber what are you got. Miguel bridges out of Villanova I he was drafted tenth to the Philadelphia 76ers. Then. Hours later couple hours I think with like 45 minutes later he was treated him to being treated to the sons the sons treated Zaher Smith. In that 2021. Miami first rounder pick that they got with that Goran Dragic strain which team. Or freaking out over that trade last night by the way. Where the boys because apparently that he picks on protected. That's the apartment so it doesn't matter the heat the heat loss a year legally as a maverick that he he don't have it either way what does it matter what he's a nuclear rivals but people are freaking out because it is you know like people think like 20/20 one that the heat makes a really bad that year because all these contracts these guys they currently on the books those contracts are because he hadn't -- in on eighteen and one that'll be done by the some people freaked out see an amazing deal for Philadelphia because they get a kid who might be a good player and desires and I don't know what from what OK he's slightly very good player in the long run he's not him like immediately as ready to play and also it is until it yeah. And god is in defense this is because Philadelphia's citizens is our one of those teams their competition for food. For big free agents are caught you give them an agent an asset like that. That you traded data you know they if you are no control over it I don't know I mean you would just say I'm more on driving it straight is that some needs and certainly would buy it and you know the girl that want to make. Does go back state existing like the sixers are likely still be very good by 20/20 one of the heat are awful. And they would have a high draft pick instead it goes to a team that's run in the Eastern Conference that's to be super anoint a guy that you're you're right that said to be really knowing that he could doing about it. But what happens where this story is Mikhail bridges his mother works for the 76ers. So when he was initially treated now this sound actually becomes sad because then you know he was traded away 45 minutes later Phoenix. So you can play when he got drafted and exciting play when he got the wrath did you keep this in mind or mother. Who works for the 76ers she's there are seeing some soul happy that that her son is about to be home. With the mama. You say that you get choked up every time you see him running up the locker room. I didn't see a little lock him in every election and let them I think it's a real. Expansion so excited. And for those that don't know your story McHale you were red shirt and turning to a sixth man of the year in the year captain of the national championship teams so how lizards are. We need to declare that life. It's a lot of work. I've been through the nose to tomorrow's inaugural events and sent out. I started out as a captain over. Star player have to do everything in. And I just I don't think optimism this. Students who who have missed. Regulations is. We got tonight. The mother is so thrilled as she should be she's so happy because she's she's in the all this is for the sixers. And and what are the odds they they pick her son. And then like thirty minutes 45 minutes later traded them it's not. You know he learns early trades well. Do you think your kids get in the NBA wants to be close the momma BM mom's house. All of the mother's perspective like I'm excited for her she's so happy and then and then 45 minutes later. Her kid on national rated him. We gonna moving their parents the economy a lot of athletes on their feet moving their moms especially in the NBA UCL a time in the NBA because. These guys are so young don't forgot it's going to be so thin it across the got a three carriers a college like it these guys are really young so a lot of these guys will move my. You know momma down. Live with them with schools the fact that mom's gonna have to be put nothing Exxon's Europe and cubicle river per offices inside the bill I am so sick and yet. What are you got this morning man column avoid baker may feel that I love them even more now so earlier in the week. He ended up doing something on Twitter by calling out calling coward because call a coward. So that bigger mayfield knowing hell's going to be the first pick in the NFC not so he's unflappable. Fight and it is I don't know if so that he or no wait it Allred intractable he said like mediocre talent undersized a lot of us that there's no way he's going to be the first pick medical drafts of bigamy Canadian idol solely you know the behavior. The maker gets the caption and assert their will happen. So that was and he let that that's so obviously. Colin enjoy wanna go and reach out to say come on the show let's let's talk about things and baker sizzle polio being a minute salute you he was a call a coward yesterday. All less than colon coward making him aware of of what the situation. No watch his maker and you don't touchdown instead as Nile like this commentary right now popular not walk or you don't. Want what you don't know that. Our band is over there a student sections are there and then straight back to our sideline. Laboy did you watch seriously and I watched the whole game you did seesawed to celebrate my team it's like three touchdowns before that of like them now okay death you pulled the one clip of me running right there to our fans and people that traveled willed that game first of all. And then you didn't show the rest of the clip of me going door silent. No I don't know eagle we have to go to the site I don't gonna go to the hospital. Or gonna go after the trusting you're not gonna go acted like I just ran away from everybody what you did but then he came back encircled the sidelines. This is that what does a 52 clip of your showing me and I'm off the screen right there I'm like you to be your teammates as he watched the wrist the game was. I know you went back to the sideline nominal and go watch the of the touchdowns and a very excess amount. So you'd think my accusation that this doesn't this is a fact I feel like you're going for the fact that I'm not a team guy. I'm selfish is that where you're shooting career com it is say no I don't think I think duke I think sometimes you judgments just a tad off and I think the NFL the judgment leaked them to the game is so fast and stuff to make the windows gets really really tight really really small. Damage decision really respect in college he got that Orlando brown died on the court and all of that decision on what the celebration. See what people do in the league now celebration once. Hip thrusting not a fan. Get some thoughts on that next.