ZRA Part 1 7-11-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, July 11th
World Cup be floppin', HEAT sign Duncan!, Spo wants Melo

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That's amber there it is day Wednesday morning the eleventh morning of July it's good to have you aboard here. Morning amber. I see is there's he has walked in and marry me Romberg morning on the television morning. You know for the first time. This World Cup. And we talked does for a new thing it but for the first time I got aggravated with the yesterday. I'm watching France and Belgium. France won one nothing they're now on the final that's taken place in Sunday morning. So much from theory on the highest scoring team yeah it was it was very guy's going to screw Bryce Goran. Eddie eagle eyed in the game's great. I care about one hour one that it's only got ideas greats it was one nothing night now and I don't care about that you could have a easily have a great game it's one out and I had. A million was kind of born but anyway. This is the first time this World Cup. That's I found myself aggravated with the flopping and fallen down and faking injuries. It was so over the top from the French team. Sue all over the top. And I understand there's a strategy involved although you claim but I I understand the strategy involved. And especially when you get to late in the game and more in extra tiny amount. And eight you know war were not known as fast as we possibly can because we'd like the second to tick off. But the French team I mean they're not getting the ball away. There are taken the ball and tossing it aside at. And it they are so transparently. Trying to waste time. And it was it was so it was such awful sportsmanship. And and again I get the strategy involved but I thought compared to the rest of the games I'd been watching this woke up. I thought it was Seoul. Over the top yesterday to anyone else have an impression. And I didn't watch the game master ranked by. What I do find interesting is that I've learned. This tends to be specifically a problem. From Americans and Americans have a really hard time that we have a really hard time I aim to her talk with the flopping in soccer I don't think it's recover it's just because I've ever read our big personal habit in our you know sports is much although I would argue that frankly we do have a basketball they'd just how are playing a heart or otherwise I think those guys who rolled around to honestly. But regardless. It seems to be Americans and have this big issue for the an immediate I didn't grow up. Playing soccer and it is a strategy and soccer's I think. Foreigners just think of it is part of the game. And we are thinking of it eyes taking away from the game and so because of that they've done things apparently an international player. You know you get penalized if you flop when you're not touched at all you know you're not penalized appear essentially beer. If you are actually. You know fouled or injured but then you. Over you know you're you you. Oversell. The whole world may not fun anymore I'm getting foul intelligent American thing there but no more dollars and apparently it's some of its mostly in America. And thank you so from what I understand anyways. I heard this discussion about how they actually instituted some rules to they're actually trying to make the game more appealing to American that this is like a of the big problem on the international stage is that Americans. Have this this issue with that in no ways diets they don't in other countries and of course. They want pot they want soccer become more popular here quarters you know of course with its huge country why wouldn't you without market. So apparently it's that it's somewhat of an American thing I I find that I I do find that to be interesting I I think it's just. I really think is just because it's it's a component of the game that we are really accustomed to because we don't really broke without strategy. I think it was the soccer gods is Toni don't want soccer anymore because of one game that I want to watch and when you're gonna pick to watch yesterday too wasn't it wasn't great game and there was a there was a pretty about video the whole Mexican team making phone in my tuneup before. My name is known as the biggest whopper in the world I mean it you know I mean name are is that player that. Everybody knows that his whole strategy is that how. How about how about late in the game Nancy because it was as a parent as I have seen. This World Cup book where you have one team and that is headed that is trying to waste time high. Okay the French team. Was so. Purposely. Throwing the ball away. Tossing it in the opposite direction where the throw what is supposed to be in making the Belgian team go and chase it today and throw it and and I mean it didn't that I can't possibly. MP looked upon it outside the United States as good strategy that's awful sportsmanship. And sit back and it in the strategy and I'm gonna wait what I know I don't I know it is good strategy but it's also what jet. And it takes away from the game how everyone not wanna see the team plight. But I don't quite I'm not sure that they do in other countries did they do the whole you know good sportsmanship to the excellent today even though not lawyers us. Very Matt OK and like they Gordon Matt. So at that can't just be an American in the Belgian players were really really mad while this was going on and they're pushing and shoving the French players and try to get the ball. And Andy yell into the refereed and their point that they. They were really match. It just seems like in that game in soccer they are willing to you. To use strategy wherever they're able to use strategy so it's illegal. CU oversell an injury. Or to you know oversell. Foul then they're going to go ahead and do it if it's illegal to try to keep the follow way. During that time then they're they're going to try to employ that strategy. It was one Hollywood is one French kid OK and and they're playing at. He takes the ball alternate to into the face in knocks him on the chin sure hurts okay. Ball hits him on the chin. He goes down into the ground of course you gotta go to the ground automatically dad he goes down to the ground OK but then the ball is right next to him. He pops back up once he realizes that it's okay it's there dribbles it. And then kicks it down the field and then falls back down to the ground holding his face that the hell are we doing. You do understand why in soccer it's like that it's because there's every. No it's because every yellow card and obviously reichert likely means so much Wear and it's potentially. It's such a big deal. To get. To get those calls look I export its not lake OK a five year about Elaine you know and move ball back a little you know it's not like that it's it's such a big deal those. Those can matter so much and that's why you get the over its final person early rest. Teresa we go in the game. If before the refereeing an off week we we'd be running. Strategy I mean we do basketball and it doesn't seem to bother Americans in basketball so much I think it's just because they're not actually rolling on the ground. I think the only reason are not as doesn't part apart the scores are. You're saying they would pay. I mean pay in and hockey. You know what you draw a penalty. The major deal you get five on four. It's a much a much greater chance. Of you scoring a goal. And the NH if you for the referee you got a good chance of scored a goal like get the power play but an NHL long time ago I mean they instituted. The driving role. And if the referee thinks that you took a dive that penalizing you know I scrimmage for the NBA do that for years now I think the NBA. I think the whole flopping issue while you you get rid of it. If he's pledged 5000 dollars or eleven you face without cares about 5000 dollar fine OK you it it they'll referee has discretion. MBA at three officials out there they have discretion. Every single time on the floor if they think that you were fouled a. They use their discretion. And they called foul if the referee. Thinks that you flopped. Technical foul boom. That gets rid of all but that's it and that is how you get rid of flopping in the NBA. Referee's discretion. In general it's there it's their discretion they think you took good doll. I am but you're getting the penalty if the whole technical fouls for every time that the referee thinks that you flopped in the MBA. The flopping it's. Only four in us interesting though that would be an interesting ruled institute during this sort of hypersensitive. Age stick and today injury. We'll head injuries the one that you need to be careful out it was not just had injury I mean eight I think we're all aware of all. All injuries period but yeah I can you imagine a scenario where a guy his. You know it hits the hits the coordinate rough things that he's faking it a really his head hit the war in Iraq didn't realize or an elbow and it is matter. You know that's I Ed diet is is the issue there supposing you're just having your refereed a split second make a judgment call about whether he's faking it or whether he's not. On a British have solved it. There is there really that there also is it seemed like him more. Because even with a 5000 dollar fine on not being anything if there's still level machine that comes with your era I don't even does it. Errors and I don't. Case when the rules first instituted. To think the thing because your counsel that we got frank bulldozed turban about it that you were the biggest. Offers in the league hopefully nobody hears crybaby in the NBA they that's why they a lot of time there's no pride thing it's not like Ehrlich I'm embarrassed a flop like beeping it's funny they get caught now. Now like where and when that's up was going down frank bove called need to base lovers of the league beep before people down here were pissed about that. There where there was an element of how called assist with the team pissed but Myers Maher added Boeing made secretly laughing that we asked was a team this to go there with their upset and remember that he also prod themselves in me a team that takes a lot of charges. That being part of the culture. So but it has guys were really embarrassed by flopping they wouldn't do they do it all the time in the NBA all the time I don't think that our strategy of the game or not embarrassed. Yeah and a leader of our suppliers and not so different the only difference is not roll around it's only damned if it's. I I I like it and you like basketball more that's what it is he broke bass belly like him more. I was so aggravated with backing yesterday you don't have the stupid French kids. Apply. Let's go out yellen MIT plett. No to me. I love you keep for governments can what all of them like the early a lot of them aren't they are mountainous commuter assembled in fifteen years older than someone executed. It is a kid. Speaking that is always true. I now it that this bug near seventy now. Fifteen years older than somebody or there and guys get in senior discount the movies 55 result Beckett right there just got a first discounts. Plan made fun of my dad first time at the senior discount movie theater by them out wolf. You know as long time to fifteen years and I rides Elizabeth but man and I yet it's like you as always it's our answer I was all its I discount. So I did yesterday. I watched the first quarter of the summer league game. Last quarter like. Me and so on dozens and it's not to say dis like that. And cartwheels. About to work yesterday. I know what is named Duncan Robinson pretty early in yeah dining. So are there to me. And Robbins to make. My mind legally for fifteen. Wrong. Party. But. It's fun. Look I I I trust their judgment when it comes of that kind of stuff in the players are developing and right away they've given him a contract an undrafted rookie before the season has even started you know like I I trust them as well with Josh Richardson member they selected Josh Richardson. In the second round. And they signed him to a three year guaranteed contracts all. So. What's. Second on picks don't get guaranteed contract in the send me three year guaranteed contract before the C. It makes us early and it was like nineteen when he came alassane. Ever you know still the second round pick this kid it did not know. I hit those notes series went to schools it was deathly. At least one important note I went to school before that I believe is a transfer students so he was like 2122. EDT played. Several years in college used at least 21 years old when he got to be and yet but he he wore on me and what Albert just W difference but don't you play three. When he 59414. Outlets okay all right. Our other needs 24 hour McQuarters and he he. Has an opportunity to be the first. Since Denny and George to worry allegedly had CAB did the financial analyst at an darn well what do you population later what was DD three Woolsey. He was at a school called William apps. William William asks. It looks apps William apps I don't it's not EPH us William EPA jobs. I assume apps but in via seismic mr. Yeah I guess so are. Yeah 63. Total loser boil satellites that before he actually took off 38. Yes suns already into his forties why now Olympic your games of the wire via. I'm not boxed in because he wasn't a real key slim all I know and it or not that I'm in because he wasn't Iraqi platelet 76. NBA below the early into the black rhino I was there. Too mature to handle. To Saddam greets so dot. You're included the total don't know why they are our gratitude out that I had to make it flurry of the now you know now appears that there. So we're just shut the office of the Yankees yet you can't achieve the greatest action camping at the there. Know once they can that's. I tried to explain my wife by your yankees yesterday inexplicable she couldn't understand. Because she was listening to a Saturday ass off and she didn't know anything about your pinky so what's the deal they Amber's pink keys thing is we're talking about it today. And it then and tried to explain it to her like she'd never heard about it before him like that like this should understand that. Which we're radius that it has. I I am given you an example most people listening to know giving you an example about my thinking that almost listening you know I know you understand. Yeah I do explain it to her so you'll you'll want to show the next time you Sears it looked you are I cannot straighten my pinkie snuggle listeners listening to permanently bent. Obama. Much slightly differently there now. An eventful. Yet their final degree angle there yes and there are even last me. It's quite possible Nia that it appointed street a downward. Amber paint he's at your headlines for next. Yeah. Yeah. She'll. Yeah no. Yeah. The. Okay. That's who I was. That's right. Okay. And yeah. Duncan stroke right there that's it that's just that's. He. Just hope to repeat to him he's regular old radio destructive play in the same song here that. That single just dropped your top four that just happens don't give up its ropes injury. Duncan stroke and Duncan Robinson and newest member of the Miami signed yesterday to a two way contract. I actually watched the first quarter of the summer league game yesterday is a full disclosure cause nothing else was on. And and and I was I was going to Norton with the broadcasters in anything about the screening room nothing. At one point they we're talking about Duncan Roberts like. Is dedicated I would be surprised if at some point here in the heat sign in. Some ways hours ago we saw him. Co writes or board of your Sabato in the fourth quarter just about the most Adonal then because those broadcasters who were clueless and at war. When they came back from a commercial. So Donell. Is due in the sidelines for the team so they went to Saddam knows that he can tell them paid by the way they did act. Actually sign him today but Sid don't know. It's like he's he's broken a story like he's got a scoop I confirm the way he. Officials that confirmed. Actually it's in box do you. This press release confirmed that with the heat of national spoon away and garden permit. Confirmed in Hamburg and Paris best result in that spot. LeBron right distorting Sports Illustrated today is mailbox and he is confirming that LeBron is in fact go on mathematically you know. Remember his arms in Milan to sign in the paper are at a photo of him. From homeland meaning heat send out a press release they cite a player Saddam is confirming yet that that's true that that the press release that does not think news. Breaking news on sports. Were all sitting here trying to figure out what's going on and it appears certificate. It is confirmed what Sports Illustrated. Posting a story in LeBron james' voice the last words of the piece on coming home LeBron James is going back to Cleveland. And you have confirmed that the elsewhere in arm he he's going practically. He sucks. But it is good farm I I got I gotta gotta be my mailbox. Bistro magazine does exist. You stinks. You saying sit on those things now now elects not restored art. That followed Taylor Taylor and on the phone smile on the exit of the month. I don't know she's gone all Hollywood and it works on all of your former enemies smear right now mine our enemies. On a more online do lefty greener passengers. Not to behind near walnut high I don't feeling it and left crying and she left. I don't even see my lap and went to your to your enemies yet and I don't feel like it enough behind that that makes it sound like. You know that I don't like. She ever really in it would use is it seems like it has is talking our top mixes them where does she really. Like well. Was and bring him back this stranger pizza thing years or all right yeah. The carrier that's your honor you know discovered slam it's other people's pizza on the table bull wet when the waiter is taking it away and then asks the way general what do you do with that material obviously rode away. It's Islam when he was in into this this meter podcast that he got spread out to urges. Need to get that herds opinion on whether or not he needs to be its. What I don't understand we dissent there but what would she ask heard would you ever have of his pizza here. And how the cubs added no yep rather than talk about. Would you ever eat stranger pizza she asked can't Howard that's cute odd she's. I think she's essentially producing topics on. Colin Cowherd show professional golf chosen for a month on direction producer partner and hate hot dogs. F in hate them they celebrated anything bit of joy on that gets real talk I did not think that you be able to bring any topic into calling. Art so he loves her. He loves her so that now ports not surprising. Now I would like to eat. Sir there's also part of that would eat the stranger pizza. If it in no one would ever know about it but it's it's just not. Beginning at saint Pete in front of people yeah Ali got I'd be as she did not do it was their bites taken of the stranger. What but he Eastland was the pieces that bitten he was indeed the pieces that had not been touched it's you know maybe two pieces weren't touched. But I possibly do the same thing except I'd be ashamed for anyone to know that I did that. Look what I was originally. Against him and horrified Muslim behavior but then. A figures Rezko closed on podcasts about the point of have you ever want to know his name Brandon is it at all aspects of your seat anyone ever gonna know and but he brought the point oh what about when year when just that work in a random conference and somebody leaves some pizza that that was there for a meeting. I'm gonna dug it out of that I've I've done that yet what that that is different I think that's okay. It's a yeah it's apparently oval waiter is taking it away you you can't babbitt's. Well oh yes a months time to say that I strained if he affects is it's a misnomer who went home it's a misnomer really got to. A lot wedded pizza. That is ordered to only play the stranger who's shortest pizza. It was not too is due to Joyce pizza and that and then she passed and it's not an idea my writers typically know his beat diligently yeah. We know now what is this changes every within its gold XY speeds are claiming that Julie's. She told it on the podcast it was hers then she gave the rest to Mike Bryan's wife Cynthia. And then it was taken away looked perfectly fine. And the waiter told me that it level now has and she's changed the story around so that it doesn't sound so obscure on her podcast went listening audience doesn't know. The actual participants it was not her people. I don't know what it does mean that family members that he's out of the event did slim no but. Whoever it was it somebody's feet who was this or was that whose slim nipple. And I guess. Yeah. Let me hear you play I know but you know the time. And what somewhat all you did al-Qaeda is from that table you know as a Brazilian it was a once it's totally different it's now I'm now I glamour article later I had that they had that they played their hand. Every time I've heard this story I thought that you guys were out at some restaurant and that there was another table not I know affiliation with 790 when the latter I. Let's clear this up then and then what do you put food up let's go is up and what if that was from another table that's you still don't know what I would do my best as you are. Absolutely yeah so there now let's do it. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami at WS at best it can't teach teach you Miramar. Leo dot com station that's been discussed. He he he got bit by the radio dot com nomad that's not ignoring a bit you've got a not ignoring all the nor attempt he had duped but also until it's fixed all the art to and the talk over. Miami Heat of things happening gag is. Bode is reporting that Miami along with the Houston Rockets were given permission to speak to Carmelo and that they did so in Las Vegas in the nude. There ego finally and as we mentioned we liken him to a connected to some tech ominously once they don't want to us all I had in the last couple weeks seven Walsh Smith. Don't want me. NASA wants me. Loads adds that smoke has been a strong advocate of signing Anthony. And that he said that he would play in major role for he at power forward will let you know that China commenced and that's their pets at their pets to hemming and you can't proffer it out about that's like that's what the hurry and get in here instead Houston. Found out about it. I really answer series can ruin our 44 when team it's free. Art tweeting me. I can't eat all the heat are gonna become the dolphins it like talking about this is. Am a Tina RD gonna be so mediocre this season I mean OK here's is a one it would be a one year deal. It what does it do now is contained a franchise let me come on. All the think's gonna ruin. A lot of people worrying that he is he that he really is gonna stunt the development at these young guys and doing a lot of that he's going to stunt the development of Winslow analytics this may become habits all these guys over the season develop bad habits man. Miami Herald that adds that a team source confirmed that the heat's are intrigued with Anthony. To help improve their 23 ranked scoring last season I mean I mean you don't. There is also raises. Leads and and this was especially true before. Wade got here again its biggest issue last year. But and because Dion Waiters went out score late neither can I couldn't talk shots one on one written seems Yelp and Carmelo Anthony. Even at this what is court is one of the best day that that's absolutely one of the best. Without their main issue last year was just haven't act guy who could hit. Hoff looked. Contested shots. And Carmelo Anthony is one of the best in the league that slick what are we talking about here. It's exactly what they need eight. However is reporting that it would be a full fledged surprise. At Mallard does not sign that the rockets and people are calling and Alan rockets. Deal a done deal are all out on Il. Those injured. What a done deal. In that he assign Duncan Robinson. Two to weigh one contract. You know go to guys have played this team for years there on the song made for them Duncan Robinson. And member of the team for odd night and day. The heat beat the jazz this summer play 9890 bam put it 24 points nine rebounds two blocks to steel's strong. Robbie stroke consent but a twelve point he is 3% in downtown young men and New Orleans and some early coach Eric last would not commit to damp or Derek Jones junior playing anymore games that summer. They've done that I'm right. Yeah I mean who care organs are loving it down barriers of it's like Arizona's seniors Herter with ankle and and banned in my exams done. Sam Dunn bam bam turbines already. It's funny they were actually talking about this on the broadcast yesterday were what's more important trying to win some early championship or the you know you played enough games let's get home and you know get back to work our game instead of the plane. Gains and yet I think some judo what you needed to do. Yeah. Barry Jackson. Is reporting that the heat and tried to move the song white tie and tail at Tyler John Dunn but they have. Not sanitary market for us. And its leader tried to move bad contracts that's apparently news Dion Waiters is a model or four. I thought for a long time that's for now to dog times Barry's had a decent night euphoria amused known as the evening want to trade some Whiteside. That's the news. The Miami Marlins fell to the Milwaukee Brewers eight to four yesterday Kristen elegy is three for five and drove in four runs. You obviously don't be afraid scored five runs or get half all public Johnson Mike on his Bobby Jones and a couple days in a room you may would do that so I got popped John's last night's OK but it does at least once a week. A public McCain loves the kids in law it's a so so yesterday we got Bob Ellis on comes any Jose we need to type like. I'm fine and at. You fat man and look public John's kids no you're yelled the troubles and yeah where's I normally don't borrow is fighting for your friends with my kids eat pizza toys weakened Donnan Nike was I don't know we have left exit I don't know how pizza and prettier face and I beat. I don't normally. I got out I was I was answered eleven on via in my grill the other day. As the Beagle slab of ribs when we give a bleep about this this console there's amber. Got me some sushi would no rights. Yeah now and then let's go for good and her ankles finished. Syria are healthy fish and seaweed is what that is or isn't he I don't hey sushi rolls. I get him wrapped in it's been a great favor and we know race. Calls of the calls up issue number and I get California roll not know rice please oh you mean you you want eventual NC we Harriman code minus the rom please see you wanna pop in and mocha and Newton. Got some walk city is taking a pizza tonight. Okay and I agree it's something different besides Bobby Johns. And he goes no let's get John's Marlins won yesterday and I'll play out it's not the Marlins win they did win but they when he has a five runs it was before. And your spoiling your kids when I was really nice we ate hungry how he's all the time all it's so true we never we never ordered irons or pizza when I was acute. It was it was on it was an at saint. If we ordered in pizza. Now that was spent. Sheets most every week and 11 night one night not us we wouldn't or my brother and I would typically order pizza like on a Friday night or Saturday we're glad to have some friends over. But it was always hungry alleys. Which hungry now he's weighed cheaper in the bop dot since. And as you got down. They add that that's that's more the center of and we noted that damn well the Wilson's actually had probably Johns in their kitchen make him the damn pizza right. So I'll put also bubble was indicates he is making out and fresh pizza as. That the pictures curry in public Jun. Spilling over itself with its assaults but it keeps telling us better ingredients better pizza did annoying. Tell me dominance it now. Mr. you know the world's gonna Peyton Manning's surgery next him in the kitchen make appearances through. So and don't give credit score us score a few more runs Marlins okay making a little bit easier for my bank account. What do Pete's in my house went back. Put an Outback Bowl the hash tag bolts. Well I know a permanent I'd like NIC agonize Britain earlier brick oven pizza dough and I like I'd just be super fast. Apparently didn't hum it in the veggies probably helped and remember and ordering through through pick removed owner. And service quite yet sometimes but you know I declined our beat who I wonder the College Park there and go to ease the peaks of. France. Is moving on the World Cup final they beat Belgium one nil all. They're opponent will be determined today England takes on Croatia at 2 PM saint hooked. I'm poorer England and in effect he got a ring hoosiers are now. No I'm portraying an ongoing ongoing old school they Sudanese to run this joints so om nom I'm going to England cranked and you want the whole I'm coming home thing. Yeah let's do it and in Croatia. Yeah I'm gonna Croats and the president. Nazis. Wait they have a woman president. And what do you do and there's and I ice that's surprising to me and my right and who's out while that she could be in a position of power like that Cristiano Rinaldo. Isn't leaving Real Madrid. Chooses you to shine that he met. The Jews are grieving she were president. I think issues ugly maybe it's a better chance we president of is all business. That time for men gawking at. The last attractive man I'm cool you Eleanor rhetoric. Keep federal each would just go violence and rice we have this idea that women can't all be attractive and it's. Intelligent and he's on our own cute during movies TV why can't every present. I would imagine it's perfect and it's perfect ten walks in my results the president through one now I can't take that serious. And. You take a series that's ridiculous and yet we're on a wave Amazon works opposite way with man. That's like. Now but there's aerobic job I'm sorry you just so you partied I don't you light. Would the president of programs or the Canada is not far Wii Wii Wii hasn't happened orders that are the points. Is that I like I like they're commit incidents that bring in fall that passenger girl can Lander to your girl bro or let me seem if she the president gracious yeah yeah convict. Boettcher girls are and so it looks easy and very attractive to girl that money seem very attractive. I fuel out highway on listen to choose busting. She's drama put out there she's she's busting out Tuesday. Ace he was white bus ER two foot she's very Bastia. Crazy Kirby stickers woman a little. You'll fail as sick as it does not mean thing herding women can can actually still have a brain and be extremely intellectually and don't they Howard. Here policies of mine. Well nothing I sexually degrading the president of the country as well giant now on I don't know where business out. I don't. And that is what he would grow our regular guys would think that this is a compliment to her and how is he would think I'm cheer you read is the pinnacle of success. And her. Industries and say she reaches as high and he's an all the. US Croatia. As the pinnacle she doesn't want to be present you know US well because you know she's Croatian yeah as the pinnacle she would disagree total. That's our boom boom despray. Hewitt and you reducing her a set of series a really unbelievable no operatives and you are you're out of your making her sexual object your there was what did you do zero for you the great. What are her policies Romberg what's your background how did you become the right Campillo and oh I learned because like their better. She was the Croatian ambassador to America she went to school here. Which is cool to have George Washington. Grew up went to high school enormous scope for a little bit and then him realized American manner pig can't act currently humidity. This with what you're talking about yeah like it I agree the whales out of the gluten. Yeah. You know now you're coming around I don't wow this is ridiculous I don't like is a nice. This sounds ridiculous we're speaking about pizza LeBron James no showed his pizza party in LA. They had a ton of feel all of the only way you need NASA what are arguably free pizza ablaze pizza and LA. When he tweeted out yet ambulance putters since April league news stupid social media blackout and blazed and yet there is one of the original investors and he and says it for real what city it was in Southern California music. Hey Culver City come on how you want some pizza. As the original. LeBron he's finally get he's gonna make his first appearances of late should. LeBron saying calm on ballots and get some free pizzas or do you think that that means the bronze in an either or they had to make an announcement that he wasn't coming Mexicans who did it the people thought that he was going to receive that color out to blaze pizza and get some free pizza. Do you think that means he's gonna be there. Now. Now is. I think I think it could be attacked confusing you don't realize that he owns police pizza. You are they more likely to think that he'd be there. I don't that you should think Demi is going to be there. My don't think so. Needles that's a month it is feeling better and head coach of the heat's. Is push companies to sign Carmelo Anthony next. So we think. You can't steal all of our cash with the ticket thousand dollars summer swindle. Listen the keywords are now between seven and 6 PM Dolan to expand to 72 meetings one. And you'll chance eagle on money went member Texan drive message that it may apply to tickets thousand dollars summer swindle. Coming next week to AM 719 FM 104.3 HD to take it. In radio dot com station in 8 o'clock hour this morning we are gonna talk to ESPN's aerial watney Rory he covers and it may UFC. You have seen a big night this past Saturday Dana Kwame wins at championship Brock Lesnar is. Apparently the next opponents. So we got a few things we talk about burial wanted to elect talking and lots and it was a month or so ago so. We'll check in with him. And blow cattle and updates on what's going on there so yesterday we learn that. The Oklahoma City Thunder have granted Carmelo Anthony permission to. Talk to other news. And I want to lie. They've granted him permission because. Please. He's obviously had a contract they have to grant permission but what what what does local. You know what I guess I mean I run and he has to waive his no Drake was pulled up to trade. Eight made eight it even equality came to Obama's audience at all waive my no trade clause Oklahoma City it is and trade no I don't think that money. I I'll try and answer my own question I think I've probably only answer it would be you know. Oklahoma City best case and after them. Is they can negotiate a buyout with Carmel knuckle incentive to negotiate a buyout because he knows that Oakland city needs to get him all the error. Teams so they can save against the luxury tax and now would mean they could just stretch is contract over few years they seem a lot of money. But they still pay a mold this morning okay so caught in ritual that's. But my guess is that they're letting him. Talk to other teams because may be he goes and talks to a Houston and Miami apparently goes on to team these talk that apparently two finalists. Maybe he's soul. It's the real old about the idea want to play one and that he's like you know what screwed up Casey on negotiate a buyout. Well bush is reporting that the thunder working on trade scenarios were Anthony. Would be moved as an expiring contract and be weak it's becoming a free agent went to twenty million dollars clears waivers are Casey needs. Anthony permission to waive the no trade guys which is done so to facilitate his access. The only teams that they would trade him to our teams that can absorb the cap space and not send any money back Houston Miami or not those things. So yes the best case in her broke on security team that has app space that is yes we will take Connell Anthony and already said he backs the second round draft pick. Obama's he would love that. No one's doing. Now and Carmel also would not waive the no trade it. To go to one of those crappy teams that that can absorb the content it seem like Sacramento. Who has money available so that's not gonna be an option. My guess is that they're letting him talk because maybe it was that easy donuts at by. Which doesn't have to. I mean he's you know. He did waive his no trade. I understand you not hear what I'm saying that he can he can waive the no trade clause Oklahoma City is not going to take back any money. To doesn't matter what the he'd go on and say they say I don't split the media like all right toward a treaty back Tyler Johnson and and Jane Johns on and on all this morning we can't take money back be it oh it's. As a matter of UH no trade clause doesn't matter if. I think him needing I think him meaning to do that. And it's good thunder and essentially needing his help and some of these scenarios that they're trying to work out is why ain't. They would be willing to allow him to go talk to other T. Yeah like I said the reason is that are hoping that Carmelo says you don't like buyouts. 'cause he doesn't have to. Yeah all the money. And still then why the Clinton double paychecks. And what deserve Brent is meetings happens in Vegas lawyer did that makes sense because remember a few days you're saying hey didn't we see packed rallies impressed you were talking. And data some yes I mean like that now makes sense because. This report is probably coming days after permissions granted. And that's why Pat Riley NC impressed if we're talking. In assets at Vegas on early and it was likely they were talking about Connell Anthony and paralyzed voicing his and we would love to trade for. And Sampras again we don't know who piggybacking on so that makes sense as to why does to talk. But I wonder if it makes heat fans feel better if Erik Spoelstra is the one or one of the guys who is pushing hard for. Carmelo Anthony because you are a lot of people other odds could stunt the growth. Of these young guys will mean to head to head coaches. Responsibility. To make sure that these guys continue to grow a lengthy five point meet future. To short term think. So let's head coach wants node in each of these guys continue. To to grow guys like Winslow and Richardson. And and ham. And at the head coach is pushing so hard. To sign Carmelo you know goes back to all the radar critical after Carmelo Anthony is not heed culture radio talk about war the. Head coaches out there. Pushing for this guy in the head coach Connor knows what Peter ballots and kind of knows about he culture deals. He'll sort of look at the fact that they're going to be walking a fine line between not having to baby sitter got a Carmelo Anthony let him do what he does. And also not making him contagious. To the other younger players while still focusing on the younger players and their development that's the one thing you can have the younger players seeing bad habits. I'm a guy like Carmelo Anthony who has been labeled as. Not exactly the hardest working guy in the building but also allow Carmel to go and do what it is made him successful on the past and instill mold your young players. You know it's it's a lot different from even if other teams in the past have had those complaints. Dudes make in 22 point five million dollars a year you can't do a whole lot with them dudes here in a minimum contract a player and work announce CF. You know slow the difference you can't just say goodbye to Greg what you make it a 25 million dollars you make in three million dollars say Carmelo you know like that we appreciate. And you've done for us and it's all working now known address or your. Also you're also accepting that fact that the old dog truck and learn new tricks you know you're bringing amendment the fact that he doesn't play good defense and he is their strict score. So you can't be upset with him and the fans can't be upset with him. When a guy's not exactly getting back on defense you know but that's one of the things are also got to worry about the whole heat culture prides themselves on slap on the floor and getting down and playing some defense. And Carmelo is not that guy don't be upset with a man coaching staff as well can't be upset with them about that either. I just think we get there is an element to that where hey you know he he you knew what you were getting here and can't now be upset. About it's I don't try to change him you know you you might get him influenced me might catch on a little bit maybe. Maybe strain himself to get back on defense once in awhile but but don't look for that to be part of his game. Look my best guess. It's obvious. That that's that's my best guess. But it's it's not surprise me at all that you're going after McGrath and parred. And that's a good scenario to this one ear OK but my my guesses me and like what is the reason you're signing with the heat for Carmelo Anthony. The money's going to be the same both teams pay you know one friend on one team one friend on the other teams that's the same. And at this point as Korea's gonna do your number sixteen is made all the money in the world one teams got you know theoretically chance when the champ should get a team does not. But we're talking about here and you said that one team being he is gonna have to go into luxury tax if they do bring him in. No it it depends if it depends what to do with went on to your not going to dump the OpenId let us. It depends. And you look at the eagle is a luxury tax somebody a ton of money that they're paying but it depends on to do with weight and what to do without food tonight I don't know and he's he's comfortable with pairing butchery terror from a team that has no not usually. No. Not usually does not have a history when that. Does not have a history of spending their big. On a team that. It's not a contender of cells of the checkbook there is nick was that the game with. Pat and Speedo and a and and it's not the get those decisions Donnelly the whole contingent was there all is they look. And saved a couple of weeks now man went there they are in they. They're going to be and now they all our interest and Connell Anthony I have it wasn't Sangamo but the spoke thing does make interest in just because. I know is there's part of me that looks like are they just doing the melting is that rally just trying to shoot Pat's job against some sanity. But the fact that that spoke to see something like. Does it and they about Erik Spoelstra I do feel like his specialty is getting guys. When everybody else is kind of cast them aside he gets those misfit toys and he makes them. As good as they can be or some some kind of new rule. And you know he's done that with the tent with attending counter 'cause the only that's different here is. You got a guy Carmelo Anthony who's never really had to play. For the contract before. And that's knowing the situation you get these guys that. So now you got a guy who's really never been at the discount that he's never been in looked upon as paid nobody wants you anymore man. He's also the point his career where it look like is this who you are are you a guy who bounces from team to team or do you wanna fix this. And he'd have an opportunity to fix. I use outside. And ours now the fans are so upset about it. Funny we've gone. Cyrus Smith Italy's happening I guess you and I as you might use them that's my guess. I think the game is he white is he black as are starting to be played. With the heat fan. Don't enrollments that people are asking around they need to see pictures of the game man did you see the need to see parental photos. The white whale that dude why. Look Latina comment from them ala playing that game he's a beluga. That's the way well yeah I know I know what it is. The government the Atlantis very. And I think the bottom of the Atlanta Seagram. An 81 of late last night which got what you might emit snaps. Lawn all right we get all your break in sports updates push notifications from all of your favorite shows and hosts a new real dot com. So download it now makes you turn on the notification in the settings at radio dot com he new home. For everything game 719 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. I'm reminded here to showing it on good morning on on local ten actually speed and Good Morning America and start yet. They're showing on the local ten I should I should mention because we have talked about it this week several times. All the kids in the cave in Thailand have been rescued they were all rescued and the coach. They were all rescued by like mid afternoon yesterday. So that is obviously great news. And I was I was reading a little bit more about it you know is describing to you guys that the most difficult part of the cave and get an out is that choke points. Where you probably can't Wear and the tanker that tank because it's only fifteen inches wide and and that's that's the really scary and difficult part. 'cause the kid has to go through it themselves the rest of the did they took the kids out one at a time okay and throughout the whole swim through the cave. They may have to Navy SEALs to tie needy seals who were with them. The whole time one right next and one behind them and there's even a rope that they're pulling on the whole way through. You know how long. It takes. To swim each Qaeda. Outs back to the entrance permits three hours. She's a summary at the spot tune up miles right stop three hour swim. For them to get from point today to point B in the dragon acute remarks on be exhausting. Three hours ago. Not amazing that for them meant an amazing so they got all those kids unfortunately likely meant we mentioned before Robert on one of the divers died. OK at the beginning of the on the mission if you will and so as sad that that's terrible and and that's a great man. Okay key he gave his life doing gay or attempting to do great service that that's great great man I don't know his name otherwise it would say it. And buy it. The rested and did a really terrific job getting those kids out they get all twelve kids Alex. And even got the coach out too and how about this. Because we wondered this yesterday apparently the parents they refuse to be mad at coach Miroslav garner percent to gutter right. I don't know that I would be as big a game that's got. You know there they're not they're refusing to be mad. Parents are glad everyone save by I don't know I'd have the same attitude maybe they're better than me so that's that's nice to hear. Our rights if you let us hear eighty missed some of the action from last night here up here early. Maybe miss Jill poured in from Cleveland dot com did you miss him all right. Or he said at that one of the big reasons that LeBron and Tyree boarding getting along with for that the whole thing I guess exploded. A year ago. LeBron. He does carry. Tissue bit. But even at that point fifteen playoffs that year if you remember everybody was hurt and this is before carried lies. Haven't like lake problems with them in these series taking games off this annoyed O'Brien. Runs the Indo. They're caught so off the questioning its toughness problem with doing it. On its media so it took a while they're there to. It was real okay that the discontent. Between those still. Because you heard there we talked about doubles yesterday were carrier ring apparently never won in the brawn back in Cleveland in the first place. And that we're here in this that LeBron Baltic curry with salt to immediately and now you fast forward to when they're being a year ago and or they really angry each other. Like how personally is it and I told you got from what I need. Was told yes it was a very personal situation and it was very real the two of them not like each other and an anti Reid wanting. Outs what the hell's the difference of the bronze policy doesn't like card reader. Why is pardon saying LeBron and his people thought that youth. Who cares if this LeBron is LeBron is carried out in care you know I'm on people LeBron article people being LeBron is very influenced by his people we know that they have average people don't quit your crying put them. I guess and listeners seems like it's a huge reason mile Miami because Miami didn't get enough power abroad you suffer senator people. So I'll listen and people buy atlas and it LeBron painful. LeBron has made those dudes in the and Solomon. Those those guzzling cars people and what they think it matters to him awful poll alive. Although it is funny you saint IC UR. Closer to your guy friends than than adults guys by far program and what my guy friends my big thing. You don't you you're not influenced by layered ice for an guides and friends think of another in my bills. Pressures on my parents. Parent I know bronze fan there's irony in all there are little guy is there. The people that and got out that people that would while LeBron collide like. They're people are are actually also the people who work for them like a bronze people it is we're tight as manager agent and it's but I am whatever you're also all his boy I just don't get that I don't like cartoons for just from your LeBron coming out of practice or out of the game sitting there and hearing his friends. Bitch about current re Irving being sought in the Brunswick. What were you just in the game with me like did you just play a quarter with me no so shut up I don't care it's the other way though it's LeBron pitching to. Am and then day I can yeah we lose and yes men like oh yeah that's why don't yen abroad yet yet yes Friday and yet I think they're on CE it's the same thing look Hawaii like I mean I. I think it's it's it's it's both I think these. These people. Or telling their player. How to behave I think I think the player expresses his opinion and that people are are back and. Well man not always. I mean and in a lot of our dealings an athlete I mean there there's a lot of athletes who are saying sorry influence. You're liberal you see him live from yet may be soft man get a taste like you bet I could see them all and SUV. Trying to pump him up those are going to come on there's a lot of athlete to get a lot about it knives commitments around them there. Is golden eggs geeks and they bring that baca embryo nueva. What some of poison and a situation. Yesterday on social media and you had a woman who is supposedly a friend of Osama boy's ex girlfriend's. Put out an answer Graham post with an image of Osama plays ex girlfriends. Completely. Beat up. And she'd put on the post that its key was responsible she blameless on McCoy she essentially implied that he had somebody indeed. The ex girlfriend's home and beat the hell out of her and she this friend also on parents program postal pledged that he'd. The his dog Mickey did illegal steroid aides may need be has signed a a whole bunch of things LeSean McCoy how is of course denied any wrongdoing he has been in Miami training so the implication is not that he himself. Beat her up but the implication by eight the ex girlfriends friends and family is that he obviously must've paid somebody or had somebody. Invade the home and beat her up. There are some reports that its she wouldn't get out of this home but it that this homes owned by employees at that you did that this is is axis would get out of all on I don't know much Ernie about his. Some LeSean McCoy put out on instead brown. For the record the totally baseless and offensive claims made against me today on social media are completely false furthermore I not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months. Here is Mike wrote back who's an ESPN bills reporter explaining the mccoys situation. This investigation centers around the home invasion that took place early Tuesday morning in the Atlanta suburb of Milton police responded when a woman there's a home intruder who now and beat her and she was taken to the hospital because of that with unknown injuries we don't know who the suspect is we don't know the identity of that woman and we also don't know what that was shot McCoy was in the area but what we do know is we Shawn McCoy does own a home on that street according to court records. Well I am I mean there's there's a lot to get to that we queen continued and a moment what else you got it seems like oh. Me in my boy they were over there are so precious and your board and fees. Celtics. Some but we got a lot in common with little ways from kids situation. You posted this on more excuses and they're doing agenda revealed. I've got to explain when and if that was the worst explanation ever ordered everybody has cowgirls the gender revealed party with a cute girls and he thought I heard the sound I'm just going off the fact that me and him have a lot in common with the wife and the kids that you really letting us really know what's. All I you have anything in common enemy may be as is both have the good hair it'll white's proposal were everybody knows that. You both pro athletes you both have been hair your health light Unita and have a lot in common you know maybe you both live and a house where Hussein is if you don't know I want to Edwards expressing here in the gender revealed party. I can't say anything hot. Eight. Me. Oh I've. Bird you. Won't. It's. You know it's yeah at all what I see in the media he sounds. On and news. Hello I mean. Problem with the gender reveal I don't really you can you can throw a gender appeal reveal party you're really. Hoping for gender because all gonna happen is that third daughter is going to see that video today. And she's going to know that her father didn't want her and I started stealing that's why it's Imus is it's just not necessary to record daily give year guys are open for a boy in that scenario like just don't report the dinner reveal all. And then you're good to go on the actor tell you will but you never know. I'm cloud. And no videos onto something a lot of tape these days you don't need to share everything like everybody you want this idea you know I have to share it there's no rule that you have to have a generation feel dirty smash you know we used to do that to have a doctor Dahlia in the room. If you're hoping for specific gender and then that way the cable never know because eventually you'll come around the idea. Like Robert has three girls now I'm Germany initially found out. That was tad shocking but I feel like you come around to the idea three girls now need to come around we'll talk herself into it is time to get there you'll be fine. Earlier this threw in the towel. Maybe just an and we got some Carmelo Anthony news or lieutenant isn't it parent of the album now just.