ZRA Part 1 7-12-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, July 12th

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It's national roms and end. Sterling Marlin and Brian the break Anderson hit back to back Jimmy Jackson summits on the. He breaks his nickname is ground. It's the races here you're the break. I think on the rate of I wanna go on the break of these officially accepted the nicknames that's his nickname. But nobody else is using it except for you that's it'll come around and you got to meet you nicknamed giver I blew Boller did dying made you nickname giver. Did die. Nobody died I've just good. Cowboy at night he's got a rake in his hand Justin Boren did donuts around is violent night got Marie can I suggest that till we had him on the show last week he loved it. It's perfect you know lesser rate in his hand. The breaker. 790 that ticket. Sat around and am very it is a Thursday morning it's well this morning on July hamburger morning hey good morning Romberg morning. Its products. Now not yet now nuts as we day's rally in England guys after Wednesday has like sorry. It's a you're gonna come in with we friar an overnight yet. Now not yet slid in on the board today Tobin is out that I get a foot fetish convention. So we'll be back on Monday some suns run in the show he's taking care of us raise your hand if you're surprised apartment John uses the import. Jason lovable. I'm serious really on some islands of Brian out of the lovable of the things. Intends and efforts had been catchy Eliza Bryant nods in the confirmation of pizza. The that are greens monitor these guys view us to run. Dot com I don't know much of this but I did see slim going back important people on Twitter about it. And Alex illegal agony oh the Grammy you're Rick I I saw somebody Bryan's win. A limb go back in court unless they're back and boy about I I just saw that Judy did everything. Read but was it it wasn't in fact that he weighs I don't know the context of his at all because although although. I saw these headlines you know Bobby Johns does veto the N word I kind apparently yeah I messed up top brand and I'll tell you that I mean. I'll tell you apparently he used the N word during a conference call when talking yeah you know. When discussing go home kneeling situation in NFL you know those big thing bobbled John last year eventually the NFL switched. Pizza provide as the heat's hot. Is now in the main. Pizza sponsor for the NFL we just never again express anger as a member less I I love beads on us remember last year. Well publicized is very upset about. Yeah I remember last year people thought that Jerry Jones. Hold hop in July and to get bowl Dan and I don't know that part ended up being true or not. But people's fault that there was a whole staying because Jerry jones' be in the rogue owner. And that he and homage honoring cahoots. About the whole kneeling saying and and and all that so probably John now admitted to using the language and the yen word. In what was a conference. Whole idea of them but my my point was didn't he use it in saying that somebody else senate. That's what I was getting from what it so what I saw her on Twitter know that he was saying so and so used. So and so said. Well and port. Ease easy admitting to using the bad language I would IA I had a hard time believe in chairman steps down when quoting someone else who's used in the N court. I am adding firemen. Didn't that he said that colonel Sanders says blank. Hirsch said blank Boca are right to get probably like he was in fact quoting somebody else. Problem probably probably not example loading gauge if your pop jot that colonel Sanders uses the yen board probably. Probably not the example and and he winds of now stepping down chairman a Papa John's. And you can call me as a surprise that was back in May. Right right whatever it is interesting that as Joe White it has just come out. Because I guess he got pressure from his more are missing a bunny like it's time we need to step out eyes like a moment out later mean yeah whenever I mean there'd yelled do these things against daytime. But he's he's now outs OK and yet edges IE I've read that late last night and it dating come is very shocking to me. It it seemed like that's the direction that it was headed in that Papa John is the type doodling so happy with the black dudes who'll large kneeling there in the National Anthem we get there. Say it yet he says that colonel Sanders. Called blacks and word in complaining that seniors had never received back fox and not really saying that Sanders never received any black will last and he used that word. As I would the super tanned that plays colonel sandals on Amir commercials well that's a new stick got I don't know while that I had different guys playing colonel Sanders 21 of those KSC. One of those can't see colonel Sanders apparently some. Upon at some point had years. And word ISO Papa John was saying on the conference call. This guy used the N word in the backlash where was the backlash against. And the cheesy music in malice is what he was saying he's just basically repeating what somebody says it rates well you know yeah exactly what I like every other white person does when they basically recite rap lyrics. In a statement later in her arm when their car by themselves and is statement issued to the company puppet John shatter said news reports attributing the use of inappropriate hurtful language meet during a media training session regarding research rule. Regardless of the context I apologized. Simply stated races and has no place in our society. And now part of Johns stock has plummeted. Once or five registered. We did. I think I might have fared too far for those fighting a war pulled thing district that's in the water off that's right 54 to 2% on Bob Jones and you on puppets tonight and Arnold upon. Still there and got glasses he had said. I don't care so would there have been backlash if he had just set and work instead of the actual word that I guess he said colonel Sanders said the and word in there is no our. Glass on the call on May shatter solid downplayed the significance in his criticism of the league and its players quote colonel Sanders called blacks know beliefs. He said complaining that Sanders had never received backlash the parent company of KFC did not immediately answer requests are gonna get Casey should say. Illegal goal. No comment. And it's not our problem would be my guess. Is the routes that KFC thanks so buddies outs not real surprisingly Samie now surprising. The World Cup yesterday. I thought yesterday's game kind of boring. I've got both semifinal gives a little X except in the that was it X times great course. Croatia and a high in the game in my a sixty something minutes. They tied to gain a one after England scored early in the game yesterday. And soccer's not coming home means is not adding a common all my favorite mean yesterday. We're coming home as opposed to hammer home eighteen coming home to fly over the they did to you as very cool yeah I'm all the jets need to understand how do that. Yet all the jets in the jets go into formation spelling out. It's coming home crazy man Arnie and Gary Clark Reverend Wright. Thirty yeah he got practice that a lot right. Well those are your starting points I don't think directly to fighter Japanese artist on plants amazing but that was awesome regardless of the game goes to extra time okay you know the way the next time works it goes you have to decide what entertainment have I just wanna not have known that that's a stoppage time costs extra time next on overtime. And they they do to fifteen minute halves. And and and it's not golden bowl okay it's it's 215 minute apps so one team scores the other team's coach didn't have to mourn the at two time games this tournament for both teams scored in actual time it did actually mentally yellow cards that the game know that they don't go to who's the dirty is who wins yellow there was that happened in the game no they go to shoot outs they go to -- I have to SP case when everything was equal then they had to go to the find out who had the most cards yellow cards that house decided there was a humongous argument no not what I'm not even a little bit. It you should not sort of got things wrong. In a joyous i.'s joint regulating. Over 250 dollar. This again I just hate they had to go to you know what guards say let's make it by now they had to really fun they had to go to yellow cards. To determine who gets in from group plaid is correct that's true correct as Elliot yes. Armor for that is not what anyone's talking about here. We are talking about I deem. Wouldn't have a big game. You're talking about a game to what I want extra time and then peak days and 5000 dollars under agreement out. Not only remember it was decided by yellow cards that's how it came down about a minute delay and raving and what are have been decided by yes but let amber said that's a tiebreak situation. It's a it's a go big game it was that whole it was a different thing that a game. Those are brimming determining who was who was getting out of group black should sit and house. You can make your bed and then have me agree with missiles so yeah I said that number give you five total bury you was close very steadfast the UUUU duels and I'm proud you. You would go to me a lot of money you do you does it deserted department and yeah about a yellow card and yeah you you were you a hot item rights. Just in the wrong spot. So so the game yesterday in his. That it it was about five minutes into the second extra time session and collision sport. Croatia who I mean honestly it's and it's a very. The smallest country get to the World Cup final warlord or second smallest yet. They're one of the smallest ever gets in the World Cup final so Croatia advances glacier gets in they scored a goal in the second set of extra time. And let it get is how it's very exciting and of course after glacier scored and then things get really free and tick in the last few minutes. And England's trying to get one last crack dad isn't and that was getting super exciting. Man. I can't help it peel after every one of these tight games. Okay and then and and the whistle blows in the game's over it feels like such a theater loss like eagle players. You know there on their hands and knees and and and they're distraught you know and. It feels so no. Hitter they try soul all aren't. And this all aside it's over it portion for you. If you're watching the whole soccer match you know and other sports you could tell when a team loses but there's a couple of points in the game with a team basically aft up and they lost the game. How can you tell that and soccer word of him the ball going in and. Are asleep but at Missouri's seems like they were asleep on that second goal that Croatia scored in children's Croatia scored necks or time I was of it was a bad defensive look for England like it just seems like they it. We gonna sleep yeah I mean and I'm sure they are so tired at that point blank thirty minutes of extra time each you party run ten miles or whatever but yeah I it seemed delight. That they were just the guys closest to the that we're just not with a distinct rise of one guy got in front of a fringe is. Ought to be on I mean I know the line is out I'll check on a wallet talk here France's got a BA a massive. You know what I'm you know the reason why are are probably don't watch soccer's because the ebbs and flows and game. I find it very difficult to find out what climactic moments or a game my input all you could see interceptions you see big hits you can see. Touchdown plays you could see crazy runs and then in basketball dunks Alley oops. And you'll wild feeling to get used to basket by Philly for you know you bought you have a hard time with the with any game that just has a constant float away right which I'd get a because I also come from I mean my first love was football our short growing up. So yet with football it's like stop start stop start so like okay this is the play in it's very easy to determine. What the play is how the plays drawn up like it's easy to see it Max effort for severance are so right in it so it's easy to see what the coach drew while and how it all works. On both sides of the ball. Where is. Sport that's just in constant motion. It's a lot harder for us it's via a I exceed that it's really the development of Mariah plays. And when somebody is out to launcher when somebody's trying really hard when somebody. Is on their assignment I think it's harder he never played the sport. Ref France's minus one tandem which is pretty standard okay. By Croatia's plus 360. I mean that's that's got to be like okay. If you're gonna bet that game and be lucky not laying down very much Miley union met the favored France minus one to and you get good odds there. But plus 360. In a sport where you gotta tunnel one goal games plus 360 can be light on co Asus accretion is a massive underdog. You mingled money he puts them down Croatia. All right we got a bunch sub to get sued Yaris Thursday not what is good is a Friday but there's any decent. Steve CD. LeBron James Merrill is the face once again in mark Y two nets. They cleaned up the LeBron mural that was made in Los Angeles and it what is DED faced again. And now the guy who who made it just decided to covered up then and now it's like a blank. Mural like there they're not leaving a bit of a doubt it's not picture of LeBron anymore in Los angels are siblings of people who love Kobe is that work comes from. Let me Kobe said he loves about LeBron is there. Any of it Obi said it's cool. What why would no be fans B upset it's. After years of breeding the constant you know. Told Kobe and LeBron Kobe and LeBron what would like. Uh oh he's via. The guy is saying I law fits. Idols is any better I mean all of its army of Dwyane Wade reached out and had his acceptance speech ultimately for player coming in here that you of ultimately. He did for years there are players and I hate is a changer. You're your mental mind frame on a guy if there's a player that I hate nom mad in the heat of signs that. And because us. I was found on any as the best player in the entire world is that exit ever at Torrey Atmel yes it makes it easier I had. That he bump its in your hate the guy when I hate it. The guy because of something that has to do with the wait wait OK like this is. Not like in the broad because that has dual Kobe Bryant imply dislike a guide because of something that has to do would wait wait. And Dwyane Wade comes out and says I love it's it's totally cool I have to be cool would it then. Why why do you because he sets or because he's cool pix he's the one in more likely sing only on applying for the excitement he's trying to get let me try and give it even more eight. Let's say Dwyane Wade OK and player X gotten twelfth flight tourney game and that's off fights okay. And that's why I hate player acts because it you know fight toe and we hate your guts for life okay immigrant comes here doing Murray gives mirror comes out. Let's say Kevin Durant into alien to a fight Bernie game. So I hate Kevin dreads thoughts because he got dual file I would totally on line of face he'd forever. McCain on mad that the heater gonna sign Kevin Durant that's why NATO. Dwyane Wade says not school we've made up. It's all good being cagey boys and at lunch Lisa how can honestly Matt then when it was when it was in the eats it. So years and years of hate your heart you're gonna just got a leg up. When a because yet and only an eight mile markers I think I'm defending my god my dicing its cool. Back and I got back down it do do what your friends are important of KD material all over town meeting on this place Palin do we have friends let's agents outside a sports you use your stick it you hate a guy because your friends your boy okay. He hates that guy you're being a good friend Anders backed up you got okay you don't have anything personal with the other guy is back nappy boy okay. And eventual boy comes you won dances yo every school now all good. You got it's rocket man you're backing up your boy. Knotted years have you would mean Frito I don't have an issue of freedom but after hearing you brainwashing me for a couple years now. That's it. What do they call you and say it's all good comes out lumbering last June about these people are bringing about. Frito I was brainwashed about LeBron for awhile who also Sebring watching me about I don't thing you see my older a little neighbor said that god didn't hurt the whole time she was on this Charlotte now she's we're about these bugle and isn't that bad does a very like sure. Win horse yellow yellow the wall when north it's that sort of I don't know I don't have a. Personal before many errors but but because you are brainwashed me I bought him but all these you vote calms you one day and CEO being endorsed met within. Great do it and look cool that you you. Say your line. On town and ally you've got to equal that now if your only dislike and got as I told you to an and I tell you nods all good it's all. You can still be mad at him. And that's what's going on out there and ally same needs dopey fans. How does remember how it's so strange because it's not it's not a competition between Colombian LeBron. I mean LeBron specifically waited until Kuby what the air to consider going to Allah and. It's different a pass the torch to somebody that is just up and coming and who was supposed to be great who has no history. But there's so much history between these two. What they dominated. Coast to coast. It's not exist or is having gone to LA before established stars is not like the type of market you have to have a home grown. If Michael Jordan can you imagine this if Michael Jordan gave the OK to go to the bulls knew the bulls would would have the same reaction the bulls fans about the constant comparison of Michael Jordan or some bulls. I was bosnians this all of a bin Laden they love putting social are all over Chicago's Brian Kelly and ends on Monday I had no emotional love it and most everybody would love it. It's Italy it was like up there it's like I mean. What was Laker fans mad when Shaq signs with the lakers in the mid ninety's because they can you never to be Korean that's my point so stupid. I don't get it. And we think Amber's got your headlines next. Hey Zain placed or. Place to be final world soccer turn that match this Sunday. Site at 9:30 AM percent I Bud Light official beer that's when he eighteen fifa World Cup beer brands goals. City boys are house located north us 36 street and 83 avenue in Doral watch a game on a giant screen to be plenty of entertainment and top prize including the chance to win tickets to see Real Madrid. Or Barcelona play it's all sponsored by Cleveland clinic and rip it energy drink real energy for real people. So kind of a bummer you know Cristiano Ronaldo is announce couple days ago he's joining move insists. He left rail Madrid and and it's a little bit of Obama because I got tickets and Garcia Graham Madrid verses. Manchester. United at the end of the month it's it's it's a couple of games that international champions cup. Published before that you'll survive Manchester City against Byron Munich. Now I'm going both games but it in kinda cool where Herbert also he gets you an older now woody played. I don't know you know I don't know of the big guys who went playing. But at least he's on the teen got a chance. Bly all type I mean. You know I I don't know any of the players. And I'm taken my son to one of the game and think in both my sons to another one of the games and my oldest on a little players of all Osaka on the morning. And eighty soccer players. Always guys that are playing in the world copies French dude he's Croatian dudes all those all the players. As pretty good sign for soccer down here are these young kids who know all these Leonard as part of a frog that a lot of people wanted to come watch. Per channel playing another nets got a bomber. But I'm sure those teams again I don't know the Ross is on shows he's another real winners and find out what you pay for your ticket and then now what's the thing you're going or. Why I didn't arrive on secondary market a regular prices so that that's not change the regular price IS OI I I don't know what they're wondering how much he moved in the needle in terms about how the ticket now I don't know why. You don't ever. Playing my guess it didn't move at all because he there's no guarantees apply it was the only site likely lag wasn't too. So I I don't I don't they get out on the change the pricing in all at least it was a chance that you can wind up playing. Now associates as a bland limits even so there you go. That's at the end. Yet that's at the end of the week. And the money cheese meat they got socked coming down here and and the timely obviously good because you see in the ratings board the World Cup soccer matches down here or are enormous. We really well as a sentimental about when they do on. Are getting a good crowds that are hard rock for the for the soccer as Garfinkel maybe. As Tommy gimmick going. It's really Stephen Ross. And Stephen Ross's team inspecting ross' us an entire separate team headed by a might. What's the name who's who's in charge of all the soccer stop. But yeah I'm just referring to the stadium saw that the do over there with a beer gardens and also the two leading toy games like it. I think right. Volume into it following the games and told him he's manned city fan you know it's rhymes and in the section. On Saturday night. And then Nancy section you on your Jersey air resources are for a Moscow are elegant scarf can't be really hot. A law to return again and it'd do and can't wrap them morally Hollis. When we by people understand that the two headlines. These XWEXYAM. South Miami at WX at best at and BHD to Miramar plea deal. Come station. You're Miami Marlins beat the brewers 54. On a walk off single by starling the marlin and while Bobby Johns 50% it's up. Castor had two RBI is Dan's really struck out seven in six innings giving up just you run Israeli Osce Giroux bases locked. Earning his third career RBI. Just ignoring it is solo later these fifteen on the year. All right. Marlins president Michael hill said. The team is less likely to trade players in multiple years on their contracts. Such Israel mute toe in Barre clock before the July 31 deadline. That they are rent that they are rentals. Such as Brad Ziegler for small. I the don't trust any any says Michael hill I just none of its. And if it is true though I think it's a good movies you can't trust and make these traits so I I would allow Lindsay any trades and let's keep them open. Mary Jackson is reporting that sparrow remains optimistic regarding her son. He's says Bose says he's been in touch with a sign that they upon how it's that they text that they Don tell once. Here are spat. The sun having an opportunity to start off the season healthy. Would be really dig through stuff for us so we have a great opportunities for internal growth. We have a lot of the guys returning. So that itself is think. The continuity and it's and the corporate knowledge that was burning from one season to another can really help because. What we're seeing in that's a lot of turnover. Every single offseason a lot of teams that's not the easiest thing to manage. We bring us some familiarity. Which we think can be for help Eric is it or lose it. Lucky you wanna add star players a chance already windup winning in this league but I do think that there is something to continuity I mean I think it's the main reason why Toronto Raptors. Are in the position that Iran where this past season they finished first in the Eastern Conference to make any big moves in any big guys. But they've been you know running with the same core group of players for several years now on ending having some continuity does is is big in that league. In the regular season now once against the post season. You gotta have the star players. But you got the same unit the same group who continues to play together continues to grow together. For several years I I do think you win a lot of games in the regular season. Like. The heat have withdrawn their qualifying offer to guard terror while in junior up big trade Cunningham an unrestricted free agent trying to keep that roster spot open big trade common. And rice and meat or groups is reporting that the heat have deeds to trade market for Dion Waiters we heard yesterday as well from ESP on. What else is interesting to hear her own bed this Chris shared and seen. As a report saying that the heat are very much alive in the choir Leonard discussions. Why they I think Dallas I think douse from like a week ago the problem with the report yeah and I almost forgot about it and he was putting it on everywhere and I think it was before LeBron. It is a part of our on an outstanding of from awhile ago I don't care about Richard. Croatia will take on France in the World Cup. After beating England two to one in extra time. James has agreed to a two year deal with Iraq it's. I don't see any knows when James NS is in the headlines probably times are moving on to something more interesting you know any else that I mean it's a very slow sports week is as of a home run derby participants were announced on your new. Not unless our guys are rants. And her rent or not it. And I AT&T value as one for four with a double all know now finally have our our game now I know the headline is still before us on ESPN radio this morning was discussing. Colin. Timmy of those banks less just suck then. Now in care you suck this morning nine I'm sad to Diana I'm not. Headlines remit of the giants. Uneasy on video is a terrible stories I mean an issue that you want 5000 dollars or lumber that's that's true that is June often I'll take a big check or money order whichever one miss you should he should demand streaky it's what you want to have a login that doesn't that just because business member what's the most money whoever walked around with just a regular data that. Not because you walked jobs I have to make a big purchase like got a lot of money the most money you've ever had on you just want Thursday China there was a time monies to keep 666 dollars while that is so stupid retirement successor that is that is really silly that's the devil man 666 and I don't that's. Untimely that the and a steals and it was should care about our fellow implication honestly that I have you had an Houston citing James does it might. That might mean that they wouldn't need to. Carmelo the fallout from the jeans and a signing as interested and Carmelo and if it's down to Iraq it's in the heat that might be an indication he's gonna he nectar and it does seem like that's news as well ninth. Knighted some very big news at all. Is the USC divisional series into business. Did you guys see the video of pac man of the pac man yesterday in the airports millions who scrap that you rarely do nowadays and think yeah yes. The the Pacman Pacman Jones he got into a scrap the air. The world's buddy was trying to provoke the police glasses crazy new green was what actually wasn't listen to the volume on he was just trying to provoke. A living hell out of him in and he went after background. But he won after Graham era employee. There walking in my. You know the gates. And and he's yelling at Pacman Jones and we'll see how the show or Earl. Is like fighting with his girl airline employee if I have wanted to do sewers like the only death that assign any that clearly works at the airport. He's yelling at Pacman Jones apart range m.s are all. And it's there you know like yelling back but his early just trying to get packed animal in a walkway and packed with like trying to walk away and then buddy just. Goes after pac man. And so horseback Graham likes her job goes to lay him out could play it up ways is defending himself and his girls trying to. Stop bomb is it Allen and finally Lisa Meyer has jumped in to stop Pacman once but he was on the floor so I mean to tell us. The pair yeah ideal hospital. Because I mean I know astute was due in step but it Pacman Jones like and a little. But don't forget EB hits big news for lesser thing is this guy was Bittermann hand is there's taller. Or get him Atlanta but I mean you yet you weren't going to be able to fight Pacman Jones. And you know I think. I think some off those guys are targets I mean you know Pacman Jones reputation you know he's had a lot of problems in the past. They're working at the airport can provide easier yeah actually these athletes and being targets because UC handing you think are and I got to do is get him to hit me in Iran. Syria and the police the police sold that way too because is dude had to take a mug shot lineup and hospital bed is set up and up and I am and the pac man was not so I got to see. This guy was when it quit you know the first ice first see the headlights Pacman Jones involved in airport and saying you think very he you know he's kept his nose clean for awhile eerie out. And that I watch a video and I'm like unknown and now now now body was absolutely trying everything to Brcko Pannemon. He was. When her present targeting an anti grand Townsend during Iran and that's injuries on him by Luoyang Gil. I'd been out with guys in the past to a level higher profile and they have someone with them who's who's. They're fall guy. Or don't fall guy none and I'll buy it and I wouldn't say whose job it is but it's it is that person's responsibility. That if someone decides to step ball. They're widening stems in. Ray but the problem is he's walking through an airport here so it's not like he house's posse I'm part of what is what is airport employees have a backpack on. But he noticed both guys get direct Exxon or scope. All me it'd that I am. I don't know or care. Howard's body dropped his order but he dropped to the packet to his back now back on these guys carry on you know we are not supposed to lead back into died and attended the million job lead I was buddy who he was gonna get back minute drop does not mean that I attended and then and then he was gonna call airport security on the. Pack following the rules on I always get worried traveling by myself if you need to drop this backpack. When he spite you you're you're about to Nancy you're a top problem. You know what I think body write a blues we allow. Matta towards ACL. When packed into the ground get said he really think that that the pac man landed saints have a significant punch CU may be right maybe artists like and are you did not only did he and ray only energizes me and hugs maybe that's why aren't as he's done added I think the pac man really caught and now he's now done is he's done. I saw it's time a guy who is we allowed trucks are glad I Dallas guys whose. Who who have a guy with them who it's like he had someone starts on then you know my pal over here it's his responsibility he sent in because someone. You know why I throw one punch in all of a sudden we got lawsuit here and I got to spend you know I gotta I gotta pay. Not not name any names were back in the day there was a little fight the grove between some UM football players and some are some frat boys and a one of the offensive lineman at Miami. Step back to go and punching guys in blue is ACL out before he was even able delivery shot. The guy that was trying to deliver the show I was a portable players trying to knock out a guy and as you step back he blues we allow while I came in incendiary. Playing basketball after work out obviously as the Cayman limping or he was more and are covered by the way. Which is funny thing in itself and then another guys know their football player as well got knocked out twice. Not fight got knocked out once. By guy who popped the minutes had hit the wall many went down on the ground. And then as he got up to go fight again some other dude came by and stole so we got knocked out twice a month fight. Do you be terribly annoying to go out. And have guys and have to think about guys step into you just because you sell and so because your big dude extra football player because your enemy fighter or what have you. And the you know guy thinks that he's tough guy and wants talk trash when you're at the barrio at the restaurant that's got to be really obnoxious ensures extremely annoying Kelly Evans as whole all the time all the time. Have you been Alan guys it's happened so I got it all got an old target all the time and keep it down you know I mean I have your own party Norman anybody else to have your party. Israel. Not what you were for. Yeah so heartening news your walking through an airport and people are on general trying to provoke that trend last year it's like Hamas. Seems like there might have been a little bit of past history there's something happened all you want to what happened to lead up to that moment with a video recording Stoller who now knows won't set. I'd buy it looks like it was it was an airport employee that was walking with another airport employee might their ship either just started or was finishing because they have their backpacks on so there are leaving the airport or getting to it. And may be one of the do it's it's something about tax bureau tax girl pat might is that some of the basic she's fine and the humor and then they went out honoring that bad though it fine and now. Odd girl following. Among McGee turned to. And indeed. Yet you're bringing back do you bring back geeks they're going on vehicle and loses geeks not men not modern geek like you know people's EMD. None and say geek out and on on just happy now yen yen and they are Sony yeah B. Now but I realignment. It's a good thing I I've heard people using fine it's already on the comeback. Is that you Stacy to ward describe girls in middle swells middle school now as the lord and I go to fine man. I mean Ambac. I don't think it never went anywhere. You don't really know. I don't think it's been using along timing. I don't really think you you haven't saying there's a lot lately and how do you keep trying to take credit or find it you're surprised at the like slim adequately outward when anywhere really sums are and I was surprised at the comeback. Ever once heard that word in that context. Oh I once heard it's for sure it is not use very much anymore I'm bringing back the way you're delivering it. You're deliveries later bring back not the only word that she's fine she's on there he bases bringing back the term five yeah all old and never went anywhere. I've I've exactly. Abbott is not Libby knew even ordering isn't bringing us up for weeks now you can also delivered anywhere until you know you're. I'm bringing that till the delivery and the word honey is going at a house party movie that's like somebody like in place and it. Baby was flowing yeah I'm bringing that back to man at the early ninety's I know. I know that's when I was in middle school man. Early ninety's dragon Brittany are nineties. Europe middle school in the early ninety's and you're oh what's early ninety's what what's the what's the beginning of the 90s94. I got help animals in middle school I guess would be technically the cut off of early ninety's now the middle school. The orbits asserting here in 94. Or Ole miss jam was the Jane I am what he's danced to apartments that's. Wolf it's good these days I've no idea who song I don't I have Armisen as Obama says are like what banks like O line. DJ. Yeah isn't that what you want it's I don't think there Mike are you a matching up army says it's just like the war on for two hours late I don't know. Unlimited data entertainers. Or religious aspect of it and then you go in you party after an and it the party Porsche and they have like normal so long as they are playing normal. So long rap songs and everything Eds and normal it's like I like. I think I have an idea that's and that's a year envisioning the Morris is not that Jewish songs mean golly go to college now hold little. No the straight up awesome party man. What's songbook tomorrow yeah I mean. Yeah the Bob Hope more are. You've got to. Colleagues. Both. Feels good to. Can play really glad sons born storage. It employs almost from the apostle and abetted them Bloomberg diesel for and I got me like Tony Gibson had just gotten. Cameraman is intimate book is listen the references in the songs and listen learn help applauding audience have a good time for ball when he gets a block. And they might say they found things celebrate tonight. The book the hot property and money to go to school we bought this kind of what we're doing fine on both sides biffle blew and the united. Animal to have fun. Tiger Phil Gramm seen them over and over again I'm. I'm back I'm really put our customers may. Some witness. They next thing you think his get a chance to steal all our cash with the tickets thousand dollars summer swindle. With some of the keywords begin an amount between seven and six. As a chance a caller money away now a member of Texans drive message in their eyes and applied 6000 dollars summer swindle. Coming next week. Two and seven ID and FM one a four point three HD to the ticket a radio dot com station. Here's here's the real test OK so earlier in the show. We we told you how old them the mural in Los Angeles LeBron James mural has been the face once again to take it now they're not they're not. You know not repaired again it's clearly keep happening. So taken it down and and it's it's really stupid okay used to be so Abbie you Laker fan you EA gets you create great basketball for the next forty years. And you're gonna be a center of the basketball universe even though the warriors have won three last port titles all the attention is going to be on the lakers now. Your back OK you don't there'll lie and is OP Alonso ball it's LeBron now okay you should be so happy. But a year out there defacing the mural because yet so much love Brooke Colby who who who loves that LeBron. Is what the lakers but here's the example okay unity flip it around. Two if the player they you've always hated. Signed by your team. But the play was involved in the reason that you hate him in this case you hate LeBron because you have Kobe guy but Colby said it's cool you're still mad at the brought. Does make sense and has the say it's cool that no it's not doesn't. It has held the greatest player in the world that is coming your team. That you don't think it's cool you can go others say it series ceding big guys out there who think their standard Kobe like they it they think will be lying. Part of the media I compared to that's like you Tony Norman schooled me freedom and call it a whole new line buckets I. Kobe is not Coby Coby is the lakers who wanted to to win. Of course he wants the leaders to sort talking about here. Souza but here's the ultimate test is that just can't have LeBron report of some of his records this joint bank records here's here's the test okay. The he would assign Russian Rhonda. I would need to hate it's okay what do Dwyane Wade and came out it said. You know it's cool to great signing rights and help our young guys he's he's he's going to be are mentored to them and I'm thrilled to play them one Laguna. Just a little different because Rajon Rondo was the best player in the entire world I feel light. That would be a harder apps right. Yeah it would be for you to accept what I do that spot Rondo even the front of helping your team he's not holding your team like LeBron is helping your team you're right oh so what do I do that spot. Wanted to do you keep I view on lake Rondo that's right it's still not like Rondo and it's. Obama and his older who who's got his already nowhere and then vandalized Johnson hanging from his leg Larry Johnson Johnson came. Back and anyway it pledge. And that's good to better examine how his dad does it do it's it's it's it's it's a one on one situation that's God's good example OK because. We we hate Larry Johnson because a lot of history didn't like played together in Charlotte yes situation possibly with women involved there okay. And Larry Johnson plain dirty in that game trying to hit so in the face is when the face mask okay see a lot going on there. So the heat or go off to Larry Johnson. But Alonso also sit on a school now but zillow says yo. We made up were calls sound lion player because I watched that game so on there's no way after the game you're gonna go I'd tell me is cool now. If Alonso what do calm out and say. Larry Johnson is gonna help our team in and unite we have squash it it's cool that on a that I got to go to be cool though there's not a difference between tolerating somebody. And giving you the blessing that everything's okay and cool number hang an amateur and either you're gonna see LeBron hang out code west. All that Kobe's gonna be they're all stand and you'll you'll see them all and chatted up I absolutely. Yeah how ironic so we would talk to numerous times during free agent right here apparently now not okay Kobe before he talked a magic Johnson and talk. I'll make Colby article he loves it man loves it he's going to be all the time. Loves it but I personally it is possible without somewhere he's on entering a medically there's a fan who doesn't. And he said he was happy that affect the lakers are possibly going to be winning again so he said Lester was topping your watch she found it hard to get them into the arena. This year he says he's gonna be all and it's going to be a big fan now on all this other stuff but. But let's be honest man if you spent your career. Being compared to somebody else and getting them who's better who's not ever. Generally compared to channel our early compared to each other authorities coast we're cold we rescue Baird's Jordan LeBron was apparently Jordan OK they are insurance analyst and one another playing at the same time together. Yeah but it's not as if they ever met the playoffs and a playoff rivalry the only time that I ever have risen they got to the finals and face each other which never happened itself. There was an eight tablet big time playoff rivalry or anything like that like it's one when they played that twice a year in the regular season is great season game you know it's not a big deal. I just keep going back to what the big impart that I wonder was it can be sued do was the king of the west and as a site you know it's not gonna jell together too well. When you put these two together. Hate the heat we're gonna sign Charlie ward OK and PJ brown who very infamous Celine. Body slam Charlie ward into the crowd team 5997. He's got a semifinals us in the up a minor in. It Charlie ward were to sign with the heat's. I would hate it's but it PJ brown what do come out and CEO is guy's gonna help us here are. All I gotta be cold that she I gotta be that that she is a guy who got into the light is no longer met the guy. How can be mad I think into the fight I didn't fight him. He fought. Any school I got cold and it's kind of Blake. Lance Stephenson and LeBron and. Yeah but simple Laker fan didn't have anything riding on athlete LeBron we're still in Cleveland. And and have side who signed Lance Stephenson there you go leg and doesn't care. I aim for immediate target for meat when icy these quotes. The bronze excited to play aliens Stevenson and they've been taxing it into the period additionally I think Carol and I'm thinking. No that's it's weird but Laker bigs are weird to see is he am like the record. At the table only an eerie ear and out not veneer. How did example would have been if if when LeBron was still here and he then went and signed Lance evens in the year after he's done whispering sweet nothings in the LeBron easier that's the example. Quit prevention care in his journal. Michael runner plate. Beats don't home with him the late. Slightly got my point and that's my point is obviously LeBron doesn't care about any of the south got equal if you're just stand. AM if the guys who were involved in the altercations were involved in the beats. Or are recorded. It they squash are you gonna be equal to that speaking obese what's don't warm on Renault and Greg coding and and Billy Corbin. And Billy court now and they have a beef there's something going owner Kazaa that peaks my interest hump what is what is going there so what's the one on the record and apparently accused kodi about being like a humongous fan of the whole stadium situation. Who knows or cares anything about politics he carries water for local sports team owners. Because his livelihood depends upon access he's just an extension of their PR apparatus wall. And only what else we got a real enjoyable to respond and why could I hold us up every second all right. Does that rate they're not now was our our we are we missing anything receded. This has I don't know does a frightful aimed growers and crazy when it comes in the baltics old Billy Corbin and all over Billy corporate who personally I've known for a very long time his family and and who and what like OK so. That's for full disclosure if you wanna sit am biased in nom nom pun I've known and its family of very young. Billy Corbin is like the watched all four in the city of Miami and like he's way into. You know the politics of course and he's mr. Miami Heat defend easy you know and EE defends the the city and and and looks out eat eat eat thinks it's his responsibility almost you know to to look out or. What's best for reform for the city you know and it's. I can appreciate that on so so he's so that that's right on brand for him to. Not be OK with. The Beckham proposal. And and he's certainly a lot more lot better versed in that situation and I that's virtual OK you know as a lot more so. In fairness Billy Corbin politics lean one way equal extremely significant. Oh yeah absolutely absolutely easy I don't Garrity liberal he's a supremely liberals so I mean. Munich just to get out there are so yeah an I don't know. I don't know it coyotes affiliation. Is politically why I use it has not it's not been all point here only not only do we all supposed to do is a journalist like Eric finds. I find Billy organs tweet interesting in that he saying you weren't not an objective journalist. Because you know nothing about politics it's like no you know that's the opposite of what you're supposed to do is an objective journalists are not supposed to implements. Political opinions into objective journalists include and are on a talk to Billy isn't political. I want an illicit scared been Luke Luke talk uranium on the phone straight talked him. What Greg Tony's response to Billy or Wren was William Cohen and AKA Billy quasi that's oxy that's not let's that's that's that's low brow. At that's not cool seems to know a lot about someone he has never met an obviously doesn't read very carefully career suggestion. Last time being a sauce of me more time making films people actually want us. All look. The as far as this fills the election wanna see you got to expect that and Cody there begins Billy is taken some serious shot decoding and the RNC understand that he got very personal very quick. I don't know why companies going out and on Billy's room name out there like exposing him or some and I that simply a low brow moved to me. I don't know that about but but he added it's very personal. That ultimately it very personal shots at each other. The situation Crespo would have more Crespo and encoding who is where it started is that. Press program tweeted out billboards that he is that. I this program I'd been so busy there forgot all about my challenge to Greg toady to debate deepened back and deal. Yes he was afraid to debate is 76 year old guy who's not senile. But Goodell is that who who is their real Percy is reading tweets from random people who is that person. That's that's the guy who originally tweeted to Greg Cody saying that tourney get Greg coated debate with panel Brit. David Beckham deal and I ultimately response to that Billy said. Cody was cheerleader for Marlins and he's nine wells told analysts in aegis carries water for the local teams let's say. Going and touch them if Gillis into a circus irons and isn't until we have Billy on the is about Niagara Coney Island. We're days today boiling and give the beef that we have a balance isn't ideal time your doing the Billy think it's your friends belly. It's. Gonna be difficult time I know all speculate we we need to give it equal footing on both sides of the actually yeah they don't have the deep on. Are here. By the way were Billy and me now mark lieutenant David Arnold and right now what he's gonna come out. You thought that you documentaries Ross oh legal and an expert let's get to talk about ago. I signed into two William. William Cohen. That's that's a low brow move around like that has got to put has given me yeah. I'll move is calling telling it is is is criticizing somebody's in literally entire life you're right when your Miami Herald journal how you're right first 3040 years whenever you're category code he's been key he greeted his entire your entire career in existence in the city carries water for the sports teams around you're right I do you literally diminish Greg police career as much as he possibly could and Greg Hardy came back whose real name and you think current code he's got a lion. Now you're you're right you're right embers defending runner I'm sorry that's ridiculous like any come why it doesn't matter what you think about Greg please opinions regarding Marlins park. Or this David back dumb. A you know freedom I mean come on did that your opinion about I. Is is that's when your opinion to have Greg Cody can have his opinion but you don't need to go after the man's entire career not my right leg when he's been respected journalists for decades on decades has. Billy could've. Billy really committed much simpler and like Billy Corbin I'm gonna have no problem with his work now you right Billy good amid much simpler instead you guys tried to trade marina. That's. There is only one way it was at cedars smut advisories here that's the radio dot com map that radio dot com that's one Austrian is having us to look good or. Go download re allowed comments now don't miss David ticket show. Regular common new home of game 798 FM 14 point 362 to ticket he says he. It's about public corruption a Miami. Chris program ailing I don't know where he writes his first crest late last and how how how press now. Oak Chris Graham is not his name now. Rights. Should I know it's no I don't know I mean I don't know I'm not admire them Crespo. I just figured Crespo very popular name down here in Miami smoker and my guess is it was engram at the end of all right well Crespo apparently started this the red. Which. Billy Corbin. AKA William Cohen iTunes has Cody and lo brown. And Billy Corbin and John thinks he's not mean you know they'll they'll jump any kind of debates Ian and Alex. Yeah like you its mix in and out. And courting comes in and Teddy goes right out to Greg Cody. Which an issue lies the center of attention because I get the US and recently maybe you know I think his Al Crespo wanted to debate him a bowel the David Beckham city of Lima article about it. He had to Britain article because I because why else is is is billboard just jump in and get all personal your career and are about had who've written about it. Hat what he must be in favor of the stadium I'm assuming he's in favor of the stadium. And it seems like Billy Corbin and Al Crespo are are not in favor the stadium well absolutely because you listen full disclosure might end. I'm in favor of it because it's good for our business it's good for us and it's good buzz of a soccer team here to talk about. I'm I'm I'm good with good Marlins ports and from Dana once in super selfish. Like I'm super selfish it's good for us to have Marlins Bart gets both the Marlins moving out Obama's team down here on super selfish. Yes well it is arguably different scenario two on the soccer Saddam Hussein on the scene in general like I'll be OK with the Marlins park Greenbelt not reveal details of the soccer stadium beatle consult with. I got to lets you know and Cody is in a very similar situation. Because it affects his why would good. It's another team to write about yeah of course it is it is good for us. For pleasure and good press like I'm pretty good with the building stadiums or teams down here on sports talk about we want to yeah. We want people care about sports on here now in general. Do I believe that public. That the public should fund and privately owned teams and stadiums. Horse knots. But this affects my lawn but this kind of stuff so don't go to that. And also not using public funding from what I understand in general walker in general's that's a different bank. In general could be the objection to the saarc grouping is that they're getting rid of a public golf works. Diet apparently it's meaningful. Use the community. Awaken I had OK I've lived in south blood in my entire life in the last week. I've heard more people talk there's no worries melody school course but I have my entire life I had never heard of it to be perfectly honest here I mean I lived in Miami for many many years. I never heard and I let my soul lie director of the junction point is for nuclear desperate early June 830 CI as I'd just never. Urban dig are anyway talk about it yeah. We've done we've held Miami tournaments or the university Miami's practice and play their all the time but what the problem is is it's got an amazing youth program. You know ray if you're trying to trying to bring kids up to be golfers. Do you still otherwise wouldn't have access to golf right I think that's extraordinarily important I think that's a very important function. I just don't know why they couldn't incorporate that into the Miami Frieden comp idol or it must. I stated that he is going to transplant that I used program and haven't put somewhere but it's just a matter where's it going to be put right now there's a lot of plays like there's a lot of golf courses right now that. In the summer they like to QA and redo the greens and stuff so you know like route was closed up for awhile the bill Moore is closed right now. So there is a plethora of golf courses here in South Florida used but a lot of help that man a lot of rumor. Like and increase the horses of the world the crane in parts in Key Biscayne the bill mores. Not exactly the easiest courses to get on about some thing and a lot of the kids and a lot of the youth. Especially the youth that can't afford to go and spend seven dollars on around a golf. You know they have a really good youth program and as long as I imagine as long as is or I must takes care of the use program I I don't I don't know what the issue was going to be going can we say the same thing though about soccer like this why they're gonna vote like which you won 41 youth program for golf real and you throw him. On both there's no reason you can't have both there's apps in a reason so many courses. In in Miami Dade so many courses there's no reason that you couldn't move the youth program it even theoretically move it to a private course and work it out with a private course at that got me you know the youth programs is you know freer sponsored charitable but this is gonna vote right I mean there are other public courses around. At Wright county area this is what we're gonna vote rightly if I were able to vote there and and I can't among our resident I don't pick him on a resident of Miami Dade County but if I could votes. Just want want you soccer program. Isn't going to be used soccer program attached to us oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yes we awful fingers yeah Vienna on. All you need is a ball a couple Mets were as a golf you know got a bike clubs or rent clubs clubs are exactly achieves that even if you wanna buy the cheapest shoes clubs you're looking at about 200 or two or fifty dollars. It's a platinum for those youth programs won't yeah of course I'm talking about the kid dens of getting in the gulf he's not going to be borrowing clubs his whole career his whole life. I mean there is an issue in that sport in golf with getting. Children have access to dots or otherwise involved in the sport and there is it would help the entire sport of course because you assume that there's talent. It's better essentially untapped well that that's what I'm getting out there. Is that it's not lies that's all positive for the sport but it's a rich kid's sport. You would benefit from it not being just rich kids or so about it was available to a larger talent pool which would always benefit. This sport eon it would benefit the diversity a sport which which benefits the sport generally. It was like that for me when I was a kid like out of all of to a played hockey grown up love hockey they go to been good and it's like still ice skating and today like I I I know Daisuke. I put on skates for the first time few months ago drove for some years Mike I guess you don't forget at a skate or ride a bike you know. I I would love to play eyesight which could sport rich get notice I see and we are. And nodded and art and Florida are aimed towards Canada you got your daddy government equipment and basketball we you to show available. Yeah it's a blitz is get a non non links free and now zero. And there a way adults it is more of that but I I got this I'm. It's not a rich kid sport and our governor to doctrine argues Maurice and on your weeks freeze. Let gimmick and a four week I can I get some anywhere near my parents have been or are there. Or skates is gonna cost you few hundred dollars number one. When you got all your equipment hell if you wanna play goalie and you sir growing American all these you kids that are growing every that would replace Eric Smith College equipment you have how haulers not much acquitee got to have to play football. Given my daughter or guided hockey equipment not provided a good job on hello programmer at. You can use stinky bacteria nasty hockey equipment from some other you can do something. Staying children's. And hello everything they have helmets plastic. You do you disinfect the helmet. The other hockey equipment is in any girl she's worn around the point cushion. So much analysts it's like walking around sponges and I need to Gerry Spence has ordered a drink Dickey that really what about it as euros. Your year a year on equipment is let's grow share in all of sports audience of turtles we're just haven't got a Europe's. You Sharon jock. Does lessen hockey biggest cold like that and I do know I heard you outside. Not you know where you're in in this scenario yeah I can't wait for two very cold the other data to argue that there might not tornado hitting Negroponte Florida. That in a guy hopped on your needs those guys get disgusting east was still moderate closest human beings alive when your going outside. A 100% when you're playing outside because you're dying leaking inside that equipment you're reading more than playing football in 95 degree Florida he. He's a saint cannon Eric did the same at bats. Did you text Billy Corbin so we could trying get the ball out of his before dude I imagine he's probably sleeping with us here in the morning tent is set in. Defending the city of Miami get scrub politicians always sweeping. Well.