ZRA Part 1 7-13-18

Zaslow & Amber
Friday, July 13th
Ellington back, MLS Miami, Zas' dream

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Keeps national runs in Amber's gonna show you one thing I've been impressed with the basketball fun is the the boy DC shoot. They pulled people assembly you know you go to the list will be difficult for people yep whining into an additional. It. Why Dallas but why you're no. It's it. I. 790 the ticket. Winds as the Iran's amber it is day Friday morning I love thrives on talkative. That's neutralize like I want a died yesterday but he thirteen the morning of July handle a single morning I would have been weird yesterday it was a Friday on its. So you get an answer now on Thursday Romberg morning good morning. Slim is on the show again Tobin zoo in somebody's got some foot fetish church three so he's away for the weekend and we back on Monday. So slim is run in the show here forest he got them when they're with all by yourself. You got some help ya ya ya the year a little bit helpers and OK son sees on his way perfect Derek are. So anyway its patents do we allowed to get through here this morning I will structures are telling you real quickly to talk muddled bit don't get here. Wayne Ellington re signed with the heat OK so it's good news easy you don't wait when that's gonna happen and making headlines are that it. Of course it's at the top headlines. Wayne L remotely yeah yes yes yes. Coming headlines allies come through much on Bleacher Report any news or in his one of the stories on the right hand corner obviously and I got to actually it is it is there of the bells going on they're gonna report. So not only needed as Wayne Ellington re signed to the heat's. But get get this team friendly deal okay he signed for one year six point three million dollars. Although there are some money how patents. And only. It's owning like six point 2378. Some day idea Perry specifics so Andy Ellsberg is doing some glittery. Yeah a new one here. One year six point 27 million dollars this one has signs definitely adds doubling some of the new it has blue area of witchcraft or other draft and I have. So it's a couple things number one Wayne Ellington wants to be here really bad that's number. Number 20 there is like amber alludes to you know it's very specific number. And it's a low number and it's a one year deal and my guess is he'd know what they're doing bad that there is there're there're other moves that they also trying to make. Now does it mean that there are other. You know major roads and try to make. I don't know that's the case but it could be as simple as yes they they wanna you know have so specific amount of money available. For Carmelo Anthony now I know that this is not a part of the mid level exception that they have those exceptions suited to explain it. You know on the simplest of terms the grits okayed a year over the cap and it's a grant you're allowed to spend. Money over the cap. Will Wayne Ellington steals completely separate from that heat or able to offer Wayne Ellington a contract up to starting at almost eleven million dollars. And they gave them almost half of that and just one year so Wayne Ellington clearly wants to be here really badly. And it also makes me think that it's it's you know there's a certain order sometimes they got to make these moves. And hopefully means that the heat have other moves that they are also trying to make it may be as simple as yet it wants like Carmelo Anthony. Which been talking about for a while here I'm I I think is a good move buddies good fit for this team. Why isn't as in so long. Why is able to land any answers and I mean let's get it on an awful first police on the there. OK well why don't we memo about a long tail. Well start revision or whatever you do want to trade it in their current premium now has given permission a lot of talk seems like legally yeah but but that was thunder guard with the softies and ask. He's with underwritten they they want to trade Carmel I mean that that is best case scenario for them. But there's only probably a couple of teams second absorb meant to cap space I mean as liberal in their hands and knees begging those teams have taken. And then they save all the money OK now it's not likely going to happen. And they're gonna wind up having to waive him and eat the money so I mean that's that's that's what the holdup is the diplomacy just doing what. You know there are doing their whole lot of snow who use who and yes they were BJ's cared. Trying to prove to everyone that he it's still pulled a ball though he's saying. Regis ROU scene he was whooping with EJ's kids or not is not oil and auto. Practice and so you know EJ he's got the pole so you know EJ. Aspires to have his son become professional basketball player makes them work like I've never seen a drill sergeant give a kid worked before but. There he was you suppan with with Carmelo at Connecticut the tag was practiced like a pro become a row or something like that. Something along those lines the idea. There's over there shoot hoops with Carmel Leo that. So some good news four's the heat Franciscans are all happy Wayne ellington's back and it's very team friendly deal on doesn't strap the team all and it gives the heat his bird rights and then a year from now that you do whatever they want with him. If they want to keep him so it really is a super ads in aegis deal. For the Miami Heat are tool will get back to that. Yet. On the town hall meeting yesterday with analyst David Beckham gets the welcome. Tell about dream I had yesterday and we wanted to on the ones that I dream and you're talking about how handsome they're about and look them in your home or your dream post yet they're pretty much they they go hand in handled here yeah in my dreams back on good looking around and a lot of evil ones out bar on main dream about those Hansen David I am so why did you dream last night OK I was on the Marlins. I was I was a baseball player for the Marlins I was on the team okay. In the clubhouse. And put an almighty my uniform. OK I am I am on the Marlins and it was also. Okay beyond the US of wild beat him Majorly BA's all players so cool Sokol. And I'll tell you dream of a ten year old I'll tell you know based on my experience though. Last night. I'm writes okay. Being a of all the professional sports of all the professional athlete that you can be beat a major league baseball players the best one. Okay it really is it seems so cool temerity to Basil plant Opel player hockey player. Being I don't know enough about life solve the major soccer players OK it's really throw them in the conversation. Being a major league baseball players seems like the best thing and that it got me thinking about what it's like being a professional football player. And man if you guys. Really you guys have. That that late huge the short end of the stick. When it comes to the enjoyment level of being a professional Apatow you get to enjoy being a professional athlete. Holy crap man like your practice is practice some so awful okay every single date results on new. Being had it at practice okay it went solidly beat a basketball player being miss all player. Chatted up with two teammates. And now he's. This is really bad because of them the physical grueling nature of these sports a year your drive into the smaller with the least. Physical. Activity seen in my dream really and involve high in my dream you know last night here and I'm actually an element edgy drama as well Larry I think it seems like you would be similar to batter being about wire than being a base umpire really yes I would much rather have that it'd be sellers on the road waiting my. Oh ballplayers AE they have such a great schedule in terms of like definitely you can actually have a semblance. Other normal home life to an extent when your football. I think the baseball players who tell you though that they like the time that there on the road they get to hang out. You know they're not EB a basketball player on the road I think Sox okayed because there's a lot of rabble. But why you go to a bunch different cities in baseball. Same city for three and four days at a time to travel isn't so bad. You get to hang out in and live your life in these cities and hang out we have bodies and only making girlfriends or what have you. In guitar or ago I think the base well I think they'll tell you they love that aspect of the with folk all. You didn't really travel and you get on a plane for a few hours and then you play any game and economy back. There's a lot of people who prefer it I mean with I would imagine in baseball at its old ME YU I'm sure the first couple years it's probably pretty cool you're on a new cities. Once you've seen a whole country absurd it's pretty old you are really necessarily wanna be and city acts for three days away from your daily prelates why be sleeping are on batted. Point and on top and by the way don't forget who had this conversation before which came as surprise to robbery the ball all players curfew. Yeah the football players they go to these other cities may and they don't have to experience the city. What what's in 10 PM. 10 PM curfew via don't forget it's only during c.s and their off seasons. Talk of being what took an in season yet and that's one but again that's when the advantages of being a football player your seasons alive. Shorter these guys all live in South Florida during the offseason and and can travel and do whatever and enjoy themselves at some arguments mean made that putt the ball could be. Arguably more enjoyable like the coming days well frankly would be more boring I mean with with football that grueling nature that scary you know. The advantage of is you're you're not bored and you're not board Brack. That's was a all the open this way but as a lot of false enthusiasm you know to get up out of bed work out of 5 o'clock o'clock in the morning. And go up there's are banging on each other. That's the the does the Khaled is the thing that sometimes you do enjoy. And sometimes you you really don't enjoy especially when you're having hindering injuries because you're not gonna sit out practice because your dislocated fingers or because you have. Extreme amounts of of inflammation throughout all of your joints are just like I do that half the guys going to get warm and earnings physically able to move fluently. Fluently. Until how quick you practice. You know it's it's food clear fluently. It's fluently fluent but it's it's one of those tough situations were yes you do you do have to create. Like we used to kick the door open and take two shots of excite don't drink before we run out. And just run out on the field the biggest amount of false and whose yes indeed a possibly we're all screaming and yelling knowing damn well we don't wanna be there. And what that does it becomes contagious for the other fifty something guys that are on the field at that point time. The guys that are dragging ass I don't want to practice. Sometimes they really do look at the offensive line to go ahead and say look at these fat bastards can get up for today's practice such fat bastards got to give myself operatives practiced so it it it's one of those things Reno did it becomes contagious thing organizer are acting like have a good time so coaches really try to find our courage the guys who. Are those guys that like to be either jerks by having that Paulson is an awesome because sometimes a coach a circus go to mr. oh and in ninety garlic. So yes this rules of a strange world meanwhile the thing is hell on how water it's just it's just the worst possible draw you get into hiding to base all players enjoying his in season like the most of all the sports. I really do the baseball player goes to the it then rants of the game they go out to dinner at a nice restaurant angle of the club if they want but they get to chill and hang out. The bass a player you got to get on the plane when you're on the road right after game not hang out that city the global player does he get to experience the city very much. All when he's on the road you don't and you're not hearing in cities Italy even Cooper city who are you Jesus or where you're never home. I mean if I was depression lastly I would very likely have a different take on me I'd be traveling all over the place okay. And the hockey player has similar experiences the basketball player where they're not on the road for all that much they're getting right back on the bird ran after the game. I'd like to basal players gets such human life. As such items you might let the race and the Marlins dream sounds more like an iMac. Coaches always confronted and talked here about you know try to discourage you about having a good time on the road because they're they're take is you know we got to seventeen weeks. Pulled off seventeen weeks you know hope we were in the playoffs hopefully were planned for Super Bowl but you got plenty of time in the off season you're in trouble of these cities that we're going to need. I think he's much better. As you just it's just is a shortened season when you just have to focus for those seventeen week. Arguably an and you just put everything into it for those seventeen weeks in grind for seventeen weeks and then your free. That's the try to encourage. What do you decided a wanna be a baseball player like it seems like that's right it's done. My burn them. So we're boats wonder what happened yesterday with the town hall meeting ends. City Hall there. Beckham George mosques. And LS they'd they'd push back the vote they're not voting whether or not to put this on the November ballot. To let the public vote that they are pushing this back until Wednesday. Of next week their meeting at 10 am on Wednesday next week I guess. Adding it was combination it's a really long yesterday and I'm really late to. And also is that. The the the they want to amended deal like they don't think that this is good enough right now. Suit to pass and and be on about so apparently they're pushing it back until Wednesday I don't know all the details. Apparently they're pushing it back until Wednesday. And they want to some changes are open for the deal to be you know switch double bitten and they can vote and you know what to put it on the ballot November that sound right based on what you guys had a. Have them for the might have heard about its what was the situation. Yesterday I wanted to know what went down because apparently I heard that both parties were there. Billy Corbin had a crazy Twitter. I G post about the T shirt that he was wearing. Which is what I want to win that feathers. Basically was he was dogging one of the writers. For coming out one of the commissioners that. Let's big difference writer commissioner I don't normally I don't I think he'll be put some current quote on I think it's I think it's one of the city commissioners one of the city commissioners. Basically when when Billy came out and said something about the soccer stadium this commissioner came around basically said his mama's place for. They lament out he's he accused the commissioner of being pay for play and bill and and the commissioner ideally you'll mama is a paper plate which I that was too. And accusations from Billy corner and he really did. And occasionally or between the seizure is. As incest and wind accusing people of organizations and I thought that the response from a government official yo mama is the favorite play was pretty funny. And that really or mid nineties certain words that that the the that town hall meeting out of contact. With a beautiful pastel blue blazer street Miami Vice though the daily is very well attended the whole thing you know a lot of people who are idling or it'll let everyone into one to be in the right there's big liar or a corner I do have a question though what was the latest economic yesterday about this soccer fields supposedly. Is on top over going to be on top of Mel Reese which Miller Reese's on top of some kind of waste out. Also never really concerned about the back amount reasons on top of toxic or hatred and blood I know he's golf course I see no other like other mom know her is not like waste. I'm like I could have been an Allegiant air and all of a public golf course was built on top of talks that way it is honored to. Amazon and put filings in earnings for all of structuring it's going to be going around you would update. Remove it wouldn't be the RME certainly wouldn't be the first time. But the that they didn't count that that was going on because now they're saying that this might cost more and more money than projected. Multiples of millions of dollars try to go ahead and and it rains it. That's the latest concern now is is of course the financial implicates the realistic or not to build a soccer stadium without it being expense like I don't. You know I know he hybrid and our concern. I'm doing it you know I if the if the if the public is very against. The building of the soccer stadium because it's going to cost money then of course it shouldn't be built anywhere frankly I mean it's not it would cut it would be I'm sure. Costs would exceed expectations of it was built in Overtown as Weller any of these other proposed site because it's Miami in cost always exceed expectations on here well let's be honest. On into it some selfish. I aid it did benefits me personally benefits my livelihood have an export year bill another stadium like I'd. I understand the pitfalls and and what the public not to pay I'd beyond unselfish I gave I had more important you have and other professional sports team here. I'm very transparent about it. Like Ellis for the Marlins stadium to. You know on bomb. On valid in general dreading that public dollars and now this is not exactly public dollars are the case although you know. Cost overruns and that kind deal may fall on the public and that's what people are afraid of here but overall I think public. Money should funds you know billionaires in private stadiums no ball it selfish and Elmore spore seems. Mean that's that's yeah on I got no run admitted that. And I'm one who thinks that soccer is you know has a very bright future in this country's I think that eventually this will happen. Regardless I think eventually Miami would get a soccer team. No matter what happens with the specific stadium. At this time because I do think it's a great market for soccer. I think it'd be great market for youth soccer is well on the personality development programs so I think it would be good anchor the city of Miami. Iowa and get some reaction from David that come from the town hall along with your headlines it's for you next hour. And under can't grow. And push. He plays Doral as the place to feed for the final world soccer tourney in match this Sunday. Sorry 9:30 am presented by Bud Light official beer for the 2018 fifa World Cup. Beer brands goals same place arouse located northwest 36 street need third avenue and Doral. Watching game and a giant screen and later Tina top prize including the chance when ticket Sera Madrid. Or Barcelona play. It's all sponsor like Cleveland clinic and rip it energy drink real energy for real people. Our it will try and will try to have some more on at some point this morning who was at the town hall yesterday and get a little information on what's going on there with the analysts and that whole deal we what we do know and the most important part is. They did not vote yesterday the commission did not vote yesterday as to whether or not to put this on the ballot. For vote in November that his bin deferred to next week they are going to decide on that it's on Wednesday morning. So that sounds like he had a few days to fix a few things maybe grease up a few pockets. And you know then wind up getting a vote on on Wednesday so we'll know more about that then so can you guys help me out here. My a my beloved pop John's 50% off the gnome. And Marlins got rid of tests Marlins got rid of one seeds gone so I wondered heater gonna follow suit now. But the end panders to that matter the Marlins got rid of its okay they are done whether it's they are no longer. They are no longer do in the the Marlins five promotion they suspended it indefinitely brokers and nobody to back but they've suspended indefinitely. So that's done that's that that's a bummer for me I really do take advantage of that I use a lot when my kids so anyway. Here's what I need your help with his when he needs explained to me OK so. They they've dropped the Papa John's promotion oak time. Papa John's the day before. They dropped to the dude who did the bad thing right. Rates on your resigned on CN. OK it was hurting us CEO raid he was just know he was not CEO Larry on the Ugandan born resigned as chairman this is the ads the chairman he. And this is I think that's a bit telling to beat I think it gets overlooked and that's. He had already been replaced the CEO while obviously his company. That her other reasons aren't related to this conference call its company had already hide you know issues where wit with him I don't know from I don't know if it's from a business perspective or because of the NFL. Stuff I think that's when he was no longer CEO was after the whole initial controversy with the kneeling in the NFL. I think that was when he stopped being CEO and a couple days ago was when he steps out. As chair as chairman so it seems like this has been a series of events where his board is probably saying hey we need you to 60 yeah darling halo and not do any bang and then you know he did this next payments like Arie and I are completely out so yes he is. He is nots he saw men in power any longer. Are so he's not here OK so. Public Johns the company. Hey they got rid of the guy who did the bad thing monster is still profiting quite largely off the companies is not running it or get ul is an is that is that the way it's working this. 'cause I'm confused. As to. Why then why an organization like the Marlins. Is is washing their hands clean of Papa John's when. Papa John's. Day they acted in a got rid of the guy lately they didn't think they got rid of the guy who did a bad thing damaged. On another shareholders are America probably furious and my guess. They're probably approaching him with a buyout will probably give him some kind of via so if that happens to do then that no organizations that Warren biz that. Pick up the business again you know what I'm wondering if Payton goes and that you know yeah. Owners and our order. You know hoping that it because now he's not at all involved it's that you know you'd believe you let him. Blow over eventually maybe that another words may be the board the people who now run Papa John's may be their idea is okay we're gonna remove him is as much as possible commercial market you know he hardly stand down he dirty look at you know he was Armenian public face we accept a CEO that he was to remain a public space. And the chair of the board and then now he stepped down as chair of the board and a public face so now he's essentially nobody within the company except for I'm sure he's he's older. You know vast majority shareholder add an army shares he has but I you know he's obviously so profiting largely off the company which is YA a view worm. Really opposed to him then yeah you may not want to support pop Johnson's but I'm casting the dual running Papa John's are thinking okay. We've removed him will remove him Q moxie Yemeni work will put a new public spaced out than eventually. People sort of forget his affiliation at Papa John's. It's a good generous Intersil like question was there's no owner said he has no intention of selling stock he says I want more ownership not laughs. Okay. Although you know. I guess you and definition of ball it is weighs a shareholder oriented but so Isaac and that's the reason cause confusion boards like. They got rid of the guy who did the bad thing but we're still we're still mad at them like that sounds good to the right and they're getting rid of the guy to get rid of the bad things. He his his ownership. It it in 2017 am running it article his ownership at that time was about 900 million works. And Papa John's. He's animals a billion dollars and. I saw it so I just as long as he still an owner in any capacity and and Papa John's been a big problem that we're on the right. I don't know they are not yet but it's certainly you could argue that yes if your supporting prop John you are. Putting money in his pocket and you could argue that sport seats that's that. Apparently they love who you really look. I haven't had beat on for ever I don't want any of these ties to places I I mean at one Ani Pete about that often but when big deal ideally any Anthony's coal fire. Not all talk and I'll tell the chain and talk about them. And just from the chains again not enough words if courts and Mario needs let's let's be serious here a camera on Pete's not idea writes it would talk about the she. Pete's like dominoes Papa John's full season not a pizza my go to I had my choice could so we're told them up to about real deeds and not a c'mon is that have a different conversation. Funny when I was a kid and really in light Papa John's and I think it's because Papa Johns was too I don't know Papa John's is is more than thirty years although it isn't sold itself to be sold in its like a truce so Oz and I think the cheese is a little higher quality and I was a kid. I just wanted you know jump Pete says I had not Pete to have so much better than Robert John group and now is a dole. I definitely think. Bobby Johns. Is batter. While Angel eyes. Keep hearing this new revamp dominoes as early and I haven't had and they are pretty strong talk about the CEO they came in its quarterly reed did a franchise CO Kaman a completely revamped. Domino's Domino's image all the dominos and their B to. Apparently you know you could tell the pizza is good or not. The next day if you read COLT. That's taken tell it took a cross goes for cardboard and it's like solid rock and the cheeses wickedly horrible I tell you know you got a garbage pizza and hints. I've never met at a at a rate of pizza place. To Edberg a couple pieces home sort in the fridge in the next they would take a bite if it's still soft if the cheese is still a little bit chewy. But either silver because you recipe. None have been as well Colin are. Not easy guys bringing in London. Speaks got a UK XY AM South Miami and got the US advance Santana pitched eight Miramar. Radio talk. Com station yeah Jones is solid party may they sold across dreamy but they also sell frozen pizza is true. Hey all we got movies and already they sponsor Russ oh every ball so well and then added tell dawn raid. Like being so overrated are going to get my notes. Yeah I ME what I saw I saw a Dane Cook was like a month ago two months ago he does Trader Joe's been. He's he's so spot on okay trader Jones got to Lyles go get your peanuts your vitamins that's the old store. You are crazy to close is amazing almighty god cool I'm not first on my I had this show does is hyped up to no end it until probably built one in Pembroke Pines so there's another one it's in Davie. They put a putrid Jones the last couple years as a you don't. On the check this joint data stewards about a global food's okay on the check this trader Joes out and assume it's about a block it I could this is it's. I had two models that this is it's okay this is the mill Levy wanted traitor Joseph. Easy 11 million for the cost of all they're up. And it has the bunch of interesting cool stuff I mean maybe could play to a different stuff than you guys write fiancee just twenty Trader Joe's two days ago. And I text them last night. I was gone through fridge freezer might herself like a wet whoa re under do you want to triggered under some weird. Am his job in my freezer and easily his strategy legged addiction rate of heart is happening so many freezer items that are just the most bizarre items that whole lot of vegetarian. Items I was sodas and when you're right turned out there soda supported the first time I went to most hyped a place is ready Trader Joe's while law. Oh so Mantilla Y her amazing overrated. Things. Trader Joe's and law law triggers a lot of us live music on the week and use that name is. There are a lot of room that day and those who idols and be careful. Now play. A mixed nuts it's there I go there are make I make my bags of nuts on goal and that's a grab the one mixture and I'll grab another mature and go all grading traders are missing out tonight and that rang and apparently she relying on good you know is about as as as the bomb it's a fake by you as the guy that cookie butter though. A Trader Joe's. You don't I saw by the city higher than anything going in they're looking for cookie Bhutto who goes look for could Cuba could give letters. That's the leader there there you go about it the thing you don't I saw by the winless yeah he has market tale. I saw a commercial for this and I don't know how this wasn't invented earlier okay it and your okay manage your. Is Kate. K original okay you open a jar and and if you spoon and taking take of Joseph you're welcome to 2018 and that's that's that's been a. And for how long now. That is somehow led doesn't seem rally has to mutilate me Italian Lira got a driver and a decent kicker you referring to the actual mixture that makes Kate. Okay. It's OK but it's in a genocidal war. And you're eating a I would call those like American apiece picket thing that kick on sticks. Take every pore now not an out that's not enough which by the way at the cape robs its star acts and housing graph. I don't know what they're in the is announced but they need to be studying or my son loves a sort of nor remembered as oh we'll never had some of listening seven dollars well spent their Robert. Hate international law or why why someone why we thought this sooner. It's taking a jaundiced and needs Kagan as her all all all. All Bennett Trader Joe's or about that it make a little more money would have a day Trader Joe's in everything it Trader Joe's turn as wildly interesting so worried Italy born there was one and that's designed well it's one. Judge issued his great play yet it's so interest of food so extinct you know we're going to straighten traders as a small but there's a ton of stock in their interest not such right so true. Not Smart what's the explain the canyons where enemy. Went when whole foods and Trader Joe's seeks employees is Ehrlich a certain. Formula that they look for you got it yet be weird. Where's offers the only with a look at the top of the list. Yeah what are they look for when they legs seek employees. Any of what part of the requirement it got tattoos like arm sleeve tattoo that's a loss or dreadlocks one of them audience if you got like the body how to win and there it when I got there hoop earrings you know that that stretch out your ear lobe that's an. That's a good thing have to be hipster or Richard that's a good thing. And it TI if you got to know his ring that's you nose ring eyebrow ring it's huge plus you are you're you're hidden here and just whatever. It was my dear you're in every character trait that I received but overall you gotta be weird. Down on your lot take row I call them while law. The people freaking out I mean while they are now I'm saying if you wanted to and I went through while I was there are you know what was outlaws you're you're downstairs you're is great place downstairs and called it down to being sort problem gets gray I say amateur over there to raise our ports and man. It's great made amid the sandwich you know this is why there are and that's why there are guest spots I brought them over a year they're great promising to came over there may mean Sam its new. Yes super low Obama did announcers is great man. Don't read about my house and I amber busier times shying got. Man with the golden arm is back Wayne Ellington has agreed to your return to the Miami Heat on a one year deal worth six point 27 million dollars. You can't believe I don't think it's just that in that is a great deal yeah. I mean there's no way to prove that that's a good job. After several hours of public discourse during yesterday's town hall meeting in Miami city commissioners deferred a decision to but the development. Of Jorge moss in David Beckham's soccer complex. Multi Michael wells Miami freedom and they're putting that on and they've delayed the decision to put that on the November ballot are pushing that decision back to Wednesday. July 18 of course handsome back home. Spoke extensively at the town hall meeting here he hits so I know. On the on an owner of the team. In a city like Miami a city that you guys love the dual. This time around may when I was eleven years old and they did is exactly why would have done I would have laughed. Because don't all that was important to me Willis. Playing football becoming a professional football and as a young lads. And there's a lot of young go around in the played the game that we love. There's a real chance that we are trying to create something for the city of Miami. A global it's they at global school we'll bring in a global school in the one of the most. Interest in important. Fiber and it starts in cities in the world. And pursue irons were soon translate. The memo American Lola Moore and I love Ellen hawks are reluctant bells and very dresses and I am terror and various drags him. He is so good looking Alamo he talks really is so handsome. Here's a woman knew it isn't did not feel like I do about David back. You don't win it'd sexy. Just like back and exactly. Soccer stadium and I am in your time doing. Sorry. To go to a vote to keep him there and all use. This. Is with the lure. Teens. On people thanking them thank. A I was up thanking I mean c'mon c'mon bill like this in our rights and who it will make a lot of jokes here on this show we're certainly not roots. You're a town hall he'd yourself a little bit honestly I gotta say she didn't curse it was just the most unique visual reference desk yeah. I understand she's big sexual references OK they could do that I'm rusty commission unions and City Hall it is a little bit of respect and class. I am what people think is going to be so knowledge is this city commissioner gonna go OK now I'm voting against the stadium because. You likens this boat to a sexual position. And it's it's embarrassing the way chest I don't works again how that's really common enemy viable points and order deterrence and permission to your side and that they can now and out of. Root shell game believe me will hopefully go I'm globally are Mike bones Arnold on at some point during commercial break as well in a lot of trouble but. Clot so tired of our mice ever got hot there are so great show which show little class. I'm sorry feel that way and I am. Can recover after that as an assistant now are there ethical mature America okay old CNN can. She did say the sex and everything if you is an encouragement to Iowa but I bulletin I'd like to thank you. I do Philly David Beckham could just walk. OC's commissioners didn't AM and maybe them and smells really want to pay any ground in monetary Kimmel he did say he said this is the first time. And he's walked into a room in a very long time and people aren't smiling out on this is the first time he has in the ballot. So I'm probably right probably get anymore they've they are I mean they celebrated their late twentieth anniversary they're posting pictures and stuff there's. Rumors that they are having marital problems. And that he was stepping out on her but and they did put on display like a week ago I wanna saying was an anniversary she gonna get I was leaving his post about how they wanted to. It's a little up in the air whether. They're fully together and. Lie if it double was my mother a guy I'd be better off. Speaking that way in this town hall and again on. We. I don't comment on silent has never happened before I just got text mountains. And I apologize. For months it is amazing. The Marlins begin a three game series against the Phillies tonight and Marlins park Teddy note though gets the start for the. This curse lives is. 7:10 PM so bad as last outing seven runs three innings he is the worst he's got its texting me it's thoughts. Oh it's you guys out I was really born. I was leagues I was excited whose texting me at 6:11 in the morning it's just you guys. I did Thomas agreed to a one year. Two million dollar deal with the Denver nugget all. All the nuggets backed up that green struck good for them wow all right I know that Dwyane Wade it's weeded out you guys a you know go prove yourself doing weighed very upset. That Isiah of the way apparently Isiah Thomas has been treated well actually true implore. Who don't get along well listen I mean this was when you response to get that Brinks truck. He would. And that make everyone's while other words they can't measure your cart has. And stern doesn't he's joining his six NBA team. Misty noticed that I'm wrong sets and that breaks and no it's done him wrong. This year in Germany killers back in the conference umpire for Atlanta and that's sort of an out and really unfair. Ellen yeah now we thought we get rid of the big guns mean LeBron what west and our stock and as Jeremy Lin Nolan now. Is this true that a woman does is what you had sat me when I text alert went off a woman flashed her buddhas David Beckham. The town hall meeting rock concert bold strategy she'll comedies okay. The Brooklyn nets I'll turn my top one next time the Brooklyn nets treated Jeremy Lynn city Atlanta Hawks isn't an exchange birth intersect around the neck and. And there you go and they take an act contract. That's a move now on the NBA teams traded a bad contract to take on the bad contact teams that rebuilding they'll take on the bad contract if you attach first round picks to. That's the move now. Does it sits in seeing how that's the strategy now on that week. Was always like that that's the new thing we'll take your terrible contract off your hands but he got to give us a first round pick to. And finally Charles Oakley was arrested in Las Vegas or I can committing our lead or attempting to commit allegedly. Fraudulent act in the gaming is out until towards granting Lee reportedly tried to take pull back a hundred dollar check out her old shenanigans after he. He didn't take. But he didn't eat until six years and predict. Upper and thanks go to prison. Kerry Christians bag on about how works. The World Cup finals this weekend tomorrow's the third place game. Robinson the third place game. Third place game it's what are we talking years England's and would France between France beat Belgium wanna yes its England and Belgium. OK in the third place game tomorrow. And then Sunday you have the final which courses is France and Croatia I'd imagine I've checked the lines but I imagine France's A. A very big favorite Norris or some crazy. On social media there they're gonna put a giant. Watching viewing screen out in the middle of the water here in Miami and people are going to be able to go out on the water watch on the boats. I really sandbar area yam and that's rideau that's freed it from a semifinal looked amazing house and he has pictures Oka and looks for an awesome. We stick it worked for cool new new Wii was again. And I'll learn about. So this Sunday and sand bars. I don't know I'm Mike your eyesight and I really can't really key Nixon beach I'm not too sure really we're doing today. So this Sunday you got the World Cup final got friends in Croatia. Like we mentioned there you got out Wayne Ellington who re signed with the heat which is cool and it's very team friendly deal. All cnet's a precursor to other moves that the year able to make because it was just a one year deal and it was is just for six point what three million dollars. So we'll see if that's the start of other moves that are about teammate. Croatia is. Loss. It looks like they are plus 360. Right now okay and understand that's you know that that's heavy underdog. You laid on a hundred dollars when three entrants sixty dollars tool why it if you wind up winning okay laid down a hundred you went 360. Is a huge underdog. Against brands we can but look I mean soccer is it's 11 goal games you know late in courts seem to play. Opel put money down in Croatia maybe Ganassi went ton of money okay. But they are huge underdog where some of the prop bets and soccer to they have brought retirement now did prop bets is as much as like you can bet on it. You know the goal totals of course you can bet. On you there is spread goodness random okay you know late you can bet against the spread which would be France. Minus half a goal okay France minus affable. It is minus one tan and Croatia plus affable. It is also it looks like. Minus 150s supremacy might about the near explain to me not to drain out the listener by. How do you do have to Vogel well it's it's like hockey negate a hockey has hockey's like that also with spreads to have a bulbs that they gotta gotta win Bible is what it is. It would be if you're betting France minus affable they don't Bible. But my guess my guess would be if the game ends in a drawl. And then you win in PK is yet you know when like and I. Now this is aroused already set on an early one watered cirrus era. I Hillary's late and that's the case. At the FB had Croatia plus half a goal you went. Hey if if the game ends and attuned to draw goes to PK my exams and so does make sense and is slated to camps the toll is explained as during the going to be over are 11. It because they do. Regulation time in the name of that some other time we don't know how much and we're just gonna put some more on our. I look being held up quite patient does and the rules by the way all over beaches where it's Gamal are greater time that is true I Lance said I don't know what reassuring hand. Yeah I'm in oh I incurred on all of our. So much PP in the water so much so. I saw I heard on the early in the year. I heard on the way in here this morning nice note today is Friday okay Lou everyone's weekend starts in a all clears us to a half hours okay delegates all excited. You get to weaken start at 9 AM we take you right it'll weekends spread to sort of the week and we take it to 9 am and and it's a big party every once arts the weekends we a lot of fun. So it one of clamp generating on unchallenged and why that I wanna sell over the weekend. They eat an ordinary that your again starting at 9 am. I really geared Bragg and put itself in a spot where you we need to sort out together in so many of those spot available out there I'm very fortunate. So awesome you wake up and absurd hour mark. So we can start and a couple hours and out of course of the weekend started we all know. The EE got the movies sold do big movie not a big movie later on the show this morning. But I did hear on the way in this morning that they all are making a new Robocop movie did you hear that they're making a new Robocop movie Robocop returns. And it reminds me where I Saul. The original Robocop in Peter's square aim a little scarier is presumably gaga melted. Ideals 1987. Okay. And I I remember that it was 1987 weeks I remember I was six years old okay oh sixers old Saul the regional role cop in the feeder hasn't and. And I remember her I remember. It was so inappropriate for my father. To take me to see Robocop. At six result 'cause I definitely wanted to see it because it's sixers old you see the movie trailer on television you see the commercial and it's Robocop I mean. It's a robo cop. A six year old kid. It's gonna think of that movie looks awesome and he wants to see but the six year old kid doesn't understand how violent that movie's gonna wind up being. And it wasn't so much overall how violent Robocop was. But one scene where. He essentially dies street Peter Waller member plays got a cop who becomes Robocop and the scene where they essentially hill Peter Weller. Okay is really violent okay we are seen Robocop. Me. Hand and. Edu what you see on talking about Oregon did you know bungling a thousand times OK about it and it's really violence and I remember being six years old and that was not an appropriate scene now army at that age now. And yet my father took me to the movie. As the 163. Street in North Miami when I'm 63 street mall man they said a little movie theater there you know have their name I don't think him anymore. And that's we saw we sold Robocop and wonder 63 street mall. At movie theater there is that and he CNN and you remember that movie firm watching it when your sixers alters reality and remember there sir and imovie because it was because it was not an appropriate imovie for me to see at six years old so I'm remember. You don't remember the first Robert about remember the first in a probe removing your your father took you to. That was that was the first inappropriate movie. May the only inappropriate movie that my father took me two New Zealand and properties to drive ins are nice and lay in the back of the station wagon on a pillow and blanket. We are they short but what movie doubt what movie was not open. BC Canada. Hold up their. Yes Victorian government pillows and blankets some sort of cases so it's fun as fun as I don't elect. Really cheap. It was definitely case my father wants he Robocop to don't wanna go by themselves is that all you want to come will be let go I remember seeing that. A veteran arms and I think that house armed singer in my house or goes brew we got cable. And I saw that movie in there are some images and a movie that really does yeah and six here and rate or the legal office hand to resort yeah yeah he's way to monitor around the pin him down it's been really violent that scene where they kill him and the Bible for they have to make him Robocop to survive. Yeah it's brutal but did not appropriate it's it's really goods are brutal scene yeah I don't I don't I was ever exposed other inappropriate movies although. Well I had intent to seek I'm pretty sure my father wanted to see Robocop and and I want to see it Selig said sixers old guys are Robocop scores RC. He wanted to see so he takes me with them. But I do experienced that to war with my grandmother my grandmother used to take me to movies she's been always all the time and obviously don't my grandma's house when Agassi movie. But wasn't always and I want these that the ground is don't these are as bad. We all know she had it is she it was normal like Lauren grandparents set up. Where they had the matching twin beds that he pushed together if they want or its separate you know that move but with a lot of grandparents cool let's let him when it's when vet. Wheatley did they personally in their own bad germ hunt were invented a lot of grandparents have to win bets. Yet that aides who nobody wants to sleep nexis spouse meant about it again that's a grand total moved to do a lot like the old one of my grandparents slicks I didn't separate rooms and not twin but yet you're not at that that's a move they grandparents believe twin debts and and they're making king's back that if there is truth and he was just isn't one size fits all and us. Women today is you know you there's a lot of homes you biopsy you know to master bedrooms. Wood is what it did a lot of older people do is for home with two you know two masters I don't mind that it owners when their sleep separate I like I am yeah. I don't like the idea when that at all but I like the idea entities that are masters believe that. On the twin beds idle I shared that rural dog's hair club. Down to share anything else that. Ice he dragged go to the adult movies was never and would I want seers or ruin my grand mom wanted to seat so these early adult films and I'm bored out of my mind like Europe must two grams watch him. Late one I specifically remember I'm a light. 567. Years old Nam Yong OK and omen that the year watch in Biloxi blues. Who wasn't great movie okay. When your five years old was Biloxi blues there's all Matthew Broderick glory goes off to war is is it via armored to Vietnam War maybe Vietnam. Or he goes off to war that's a that's a great movie Biloxi blues but he goes off to a city joins the army or whatever it is in yet like they'd. Yeah that's where it is Menem I think it's Vietnam. And five years old like I am joined them movie. Get dragged to the adult movies but I remember Robocop specifically that's my memory of Robocop Oswald were two blocks it was explicit. Yes simply remember Robocop is being completely inappropriate to a drag me to at six is open liked the movie. Good movie I felt that way with my son to have done that before right taken my son to a movie that he's interested in. And I kinda know it's not appropriate for them I don't wanna go by myself. And I did that with them when I saw all the sometime last year when I saw war for the planet of the apes. And I took him with me. You want to see it because he watches the trailers late yet it will also you know political OK let's go see more from planet of the apes. Hands when the movie was over I realized that was not a good. Because it is moving in sat. Means that. Our remaining Garza is I mean I'm rockets won the movie for you but but their themes in the movies that the jokes were talking about humans and their killing animals and their kill each other and gather themes in the movie which you know and their families in. There's teams in the movie which are not terribly appropriate for kids and he was sad and made him set a meet the set. I think the first rule accident taken her first real thing that I got my hands on the I was like what Jim was faces a death stuff. There's imprison domestic it has some tissue putts and now what's accurate guy I've never seen any of that stuff like ice I should be watching it now at Purdue that's us up to watch dude and I mean that's what happened again is not appropriate watching face it faces of death manor house series like the whole Syria I would watch and Howell that's weird I don't need that in my life. But I I've done that all right take Mike it's a movie because I wanna see it and he want to see but he knows that he probably should. And that happened with me with more provided nice kid man of the kid wants the kid wants are very easily deny him look you want to go see movie Logan with me and we didn't let them. Yeah he's seen it all week we lost in my house. It'd take theater Whitney we once I got to swing burst and a gay boy once it in my house. I've always violent is now. What he did it can grow claws and he's got like mimic what I mean it's a feat the little girl more bad ass and he is a movie and you can't all right. Analysts on unit. Turning the Walgreen. Not I don't think we'll see. X. It realistic now you name is some good things happened last night which club what you might miss next. Playlist editing it on your Smart device Jacob Peter and that's at the radio dot com apple or at radio dot com that's why extremist. And everything else that you look at boards and go download the radio dot com that now don't miss your favorite ticket show. Rated dot com your home Monday and 79 FM one a four point three HD two to take it. If you listen to us now you may miss some of the things that happened yesterday last night to let you know which caught up with so rob bowling golf. He is a Rob Lowe lookalike and also the general manager of the Los Angeles Lakers. And he's you know listen but what what I try to beat the orders at their own game. Listen the road to an NBA championship pass to go through the team that won last year and we all know the guys that north have a special group but. One of the ways to attack what they have is with defense of toughness. It is interesting the Houston Rockets they are trying to beat the warriors went wars and they are trying to beat the warriors by being better. What the warriors or the best. And the lakers. Seemed to be taken attacked again some some greedy dudes some defensive type dudes. And they all are trying to beat the warriors by playing. Exact opposite type the style while also having LeBron. And I think it's pretty interesting. I think gets inching way to go about it. Because I would say that the rockets yet the rockets or is close to beating the warriors. As you can get at their own game and yet they're still not good. They still got smoked in game seven. Amber what are got this morning. We know the majority of the talent is now on the west in the NBA in the Eastern Conference is looking a little weak somehow TMZ caught up with Dion Waiters who is. Still recovering. Every museum of the start of the season seemed like or not. But he island's got back on court anyways TMZ product would Dion Waiters and Dion Waiters discussed the landscape of the Eastern Conference. I don't grow. And Anheuser offseason go I don't you remember how you can order. And things aren't you doing great that's good. That's good to know they have good ideas. Know you've given your experience from the brunt of these teams giving advice for the passing out if you. Approach this season now they don't have the run game anymore he's never. Figured the best thing. Right loving guy that lets you take that opportunity to that was going. That would apply to beat up anybody you guys that you can it put it in the championship hunt is here. The everything is so good there and then blood over. They've got now that you've got east lake and they getting I'm loving it makes them feel better. It's a big fan loves that it is a bit and and the idea I had never experience behind him on the Brian's left before I was not a request as a thug when we Rihanna caps he was beginning get rid of the on prior but they upgraded Dion Waiters and Dion Waiters was drafted the year after. LeBron left for the he's tough he's never been on team they'll front left and that question. So when Wimbledon news you know today we got Nadal verses and Djokovic it's going to be going down first and then Anderson verse the American Josh Eisner but maybe a lot of the attention has been focused basically on Serena Williams and she's actually shocked on the ten months after delivering a baby and almost dying. The she's doing so well. It's crazy I don't even know how to fill you know because literally didn't expect to do this whole well in my. Fourth turn it back in sixteen months you know so I just like when I don't have anything to lose I just in place of free and that's kind of what I'm doing. She's always seem so nice like everything she doesn't sound Jerry and I always nice I've never heard her beat me in interviews very cordial very down to earth mean she don't catching and to volume with the judds. My Latin America. With the with the court judges and he's got a not just well all right shows tennis court tennis. Met Joseph did she'd be pretty really yet to be pretty rough few smashed it yet she's been schooled and find good or her she'd be pretty rough. But sounds very sweet there super street. Yes so let me I think forest you don't have to be a guy I think you're good all right thumbs up it. I put on the spot that's my fault so anyway. Always mention how they're making a new Robocop movie and we are seeing the movie district nine. I've never seen that before the point is the director of the movie district nine is the director on the new room and imovie yes yes and apparently it's really people that move better seat before. But apparently. He not apparently he is the director of the new Robocop movie that's coming out this image and it's only at bat man. This new robo cup seek order Robocop the fate of Detroit hangs in the balance as Robocop makes his triumphant return to fight crime and corruption like that. Chris this thing is thirty years ago when they made this movie. They made Detroit look like a dump all my gun and looks exactly is in now it actually looks like the real movie. Yeah exactly a similar yet record and have to pay any money in it to make it look oral yet. The original Robocop movie when I guess Willis runs what it is runt males against 58. Emery I guess I mean I have no idea remember that and at all 89% release him. Yeah the man Kamal now accomplice dried tomatoes I mean people are nostalgic. Ray when there voting on rotten tomatoes. Are 100 let me say eating is not a. No I don't you don't think they take reviews from Batman movie came out out of my guess is that one of the first big because you know they animated and other the other what was the other robot the wanted to try to replace Robocop with or the moment when the bad guy when the matter yet those troubles computer graphic sit down. Down it's not gonna and everything I went and when when did you all did deliver in the border yet Robocop two. When I guess a ballas who not what I was horrible about had to be in the thirties 31%. And or rubble that is not good. I I quit after Robocop two Robocop three running as a rule of three in Arizona there was three never saw you when it came on 1993 miserable company was teams. 3% on mine and even. Can you imagine presumably given over to listen I want no 3%. Did you know that a few years ago they remade Robocop. Which seems storyline from the original waited remade. New resolve what's his name forget buddy's name who played. Who played Robocop I forget the dudes name Willis is it do you was it house of cards. What's that what's home poisoning our jewel can admin. He plays he plays Robocop he plays Murphy. That guy. Was Robocop in the remake goes appears to and it's good test and everything Gary Oldman is and it's great actor Michael Keaton Samuel Jackson. These are actors well yeah never heard about I neither this movie was made a few years ago picker socks and house of cards. Joe Cannon terrible. I like the show for me I like that as a rule I thought you was terrible. 49%. Average average movie the B Robocop remake. What's that by nothing else going on 49% about about that on into new Robocop movie I'll I'll watch a watch that remain. What does that remake and I guess sides are here and it's an exit draft what's the latest Robocop movie would you do it spends a date of weakness will Indians quite the predicament what do week is it depends what they would. First calls plug and play some how he has time about early and picture I do time for both. Telling him marrying thousands life and an excellent I do time for both my kids don't get picked up from school to like 4 PM. So joins us from nine until four. What do we do the. He can do and you don't have to do any housework any Iranians and I get on do you grocery shop yeah even. No one made it may for hire a guide I take your goodness Nouri yeah. Yeah wind is there windy have time doing what I gets so much time. So much time but it is not gonna movies and napping I talk about vacuuming item. We're not on a vacuum and must not I gets serious doubts melodrama moments. Anyhow there as you do me a favorite flavors like say fifteen hours a day at the principles she comes home and seized it back to you mean Asia and the kids coming up the middle and you know that do better it's my fault that I don't make a good living in only have to work several hours Tuesday when. Or what time do a little bit of a dry cleaning up. I got a fitted in I had to have these days doing who he's doing a mall I I now for. They're the horses went the worse is when my wife comes home insist. Hey did you pick up the dry clinic on forgot. And you are one thing. One thing I got what I did as I get ago seed broke a cup 400 in the very bitter eyes again. Dad's name and yeah. Yeah no that's bad guys that are amended what I forget the one thing. Or or one thing the one they let forget to do one thing that's bad okay I I hate haven't seen Africa out a deal I forget a lot and I forget so I don't allow. Write it down it's just one thing I forget a lot the last few times have gone the movie theater or how to use it as an escape the sleet. Why you guys are indeed she's in the movie theater shooter you're you're trash man I promise you like sleep at home not matter who you're. Some were there MS like my in my spot test track trial and movies you guys do that I'm kids. Is big fat dude sleeping and there's got to be his game from my home LA I don't know Dow Renault atom bomb snoring too I think my wife Tillman and start a startup in August Arafat. Turning it that night nightmare and a I'm an eyesore sometimes but I mean I don't I may have nicely telling you that you need TO lose or else she's a man in the year. Your your breather heard that night and as we re talking martz is Victor or snore and you Wear that mask. I've never met you get gas he amassed a lose weight. It was great man they get an apnea mask. And you wake yourself up to yourself you yourself are dying of loss of bread who who Rula. Amber is gonna need to lose anyway. Next.