ZRA Part 1 7-14-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, July 14th

Mike and the Mad Dog 30 for 30, Conor and Floyd press conference stunk, Marlins sale update.


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Peaks as long runs in and you were daily I didn't need here. Great shape he's been phenomenal. Good looking beautiful bond no. We just certain woman and I don't really feel like. Maybe just took you'll hear your lights on in the hands legs his good deal breaker for him. But all I mean you would be maybe you. It was easy to deal breaker originally feared and. Meet here. I mean what would you do local woman that'd be beard I don't know much Casey's hair anywhere like in there you'll you'll break they're getting me on any honor like reading anywhere alone and I. On 790 that ticket. Those. I don't wanna get relaxed. That's Lorenz an amber at his age Friday morning he'd fourteenth morning of July I'd love Friday morning. And rules in morning Martin and Robert good morning they'll television and warning that. Did you watch the thirty for thirty last night so Mike in the mad dogs. Is really dead history of Sports Radio there. Is what ESP ND eighty ESPN is that it's best when they do this stuff like that thirty for thirty. And lastly I would would would turn into one of my favorite thirty for thirty's that they did I really love to. I didn't I missed it because I was too busy watching last couple up so it's a defiant ones and ours is too sucked and supports Joker while. I mean you g.s to rail missed it after all that after all that I'm gonna have to catch it I mean Avery play those though so normally eating Jack rebound again inside job probably. Be able to catch at this weekend defiant one uses it was unbelievable era it's that of violence. Yeah element that you could enemy we were in the middle watch again there's two good. Now feels like multiple episodes to go we started watching Ed you know quite a ways before they're thirty for thirty started in there is to student too darn good. And now I don't know if I'm one is about is it's about NW low no WA and what you're more. Our way and allow it is actually not it's it's well it's. It's about Dr. Dre notion is right well it follows his entire. Career and it's a ballot also with the guy who started inner scope records and which is an all of the Jerry. From its romance starts now the dude. Very that's very evidence anyway back. And he and so they. It it's about just that both of their lives of his starts on the childhood verbal Lamine and the kind of coming together and how they. Built that empire that they both ended up building and and is that over now. I yeah I mean I watched all the episodes. I don't know they're down and there's it's like a jockey series has its Jimmy I've yet to Jimmy I don't that's from that's as. And he have a sinking of Jerry that the guys the from CM to bring about this a strip out content that's right that's yours getting improved is that Jimmy I've yet he. Started inner scope and ended that you know beats headphones winter array and he Wentz and responsible for a million artist so wasn't just about NWA but of course that is where. Where the movie starts because the drain and that's where his career started as with and that Iraq but it goes through a bunch of you know gangster rap does not just gangster rap and Marilyn Manson Nine Inch Nails. You know in the ninety's in inner scope house or you know. Black Eyed Peas. Gwen Stefani you know there's a million groups. You know while it is slim same air Tom I EPO use YouTube but that was all before that was all before or scope they radio or scope. Believers think age their dark series you don't. So you were you watching those it was HBO like you can watch HBO yeah actually sound. Did you. You you watched the tentative at thirty us. Oh OK to sound like you're you're grown amber legacy view you did actually see perhaps it would not an unexpected is it nozzles I am now dominate the front of the course and not a nice I would not be watching. Whatever you watched and I who probably won't be watching Michigan that's not that's not yet that's not losing pretty and I ai I had on its. Plus the defiant ones particularly if you like in ninety's music in real ninety's music knowledge the music that well well well. Okay yeah I mean I am now manicures you know it's. The other early ninety's music the the stuff the good stuff the won though the ninety's music that I like that happens is still reclaimed sold out shows in northern ago. No. And. The nineties music I LA is worth billions of dollars a stroke he's worth billions that's true. That's true. But he's got like is still playing sold out shows everywhere they they do isn't a lot of time and being strapped in the stock users. Which is very cool and really it's just sort of about the meter in meeting you're. Never set forward a rise of doctor. And you saw Austria Compton right via Al is is really good. Which one. The goal that we really I don't know is Peter's yet a year ask me street at a content early and yes very very again yeah. Well which one is and what it would move. Just the way you ask the court yeah I'd like you could tell you were on our side of that last night sons Isaac for the that he did very very end seated to block movie though right. I have not seen the two of our movie that I am not well review I ever that's not good and so that has disappointed me and yet now is now well. You and apparently they they they veer a little bit from the. Actual story an ally that surrounds you is eventually good and I think Jersey in the theaters and with all the negativity Eckstein about it. Lot of complaints coming out of the parties that were actually their lives are portrayed in the movie you ever susser content now now now now out of that inning Pedroia again. You know he's got serious here that it's occasionally music. Yeah yeah I I didn't even know about it. I mean I know is CBI he's been making the rounds recently promoting this show. That's I mean that's how member's name when you're trying to remember who was. Bomb but yeah I had probably like it I'd really like it. Let's let bill I I I did watch the 3230 in my guys said news it turned out he one of my favorite ones on Mike and the mad dog now I because your Sports Radio narrator yeah yeah I know and all China's economy would not really the economy usually you what did you mean health. You know I once I went on Twitter last night. You know after where just said to see what some people thought is I I really liked it's okay but com. I'm very bias yeah I know the background I know about a lot of the stuff that they're talking about in there in the history and all that. In of course for anyone who is in some balls what not anymore and a lot of people or in sports talk radio that duo they're up in New York was a very influential duo on doing very influential on me. And so on when's on their. On Twitter last night to see what direction and the very first. The very first Hindu tweet you have some ability yet to be a sports field present selected the very first. Hindu weeks is from Brandon Marshall. New York Giants entries of advertising to your giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall woman just walked out of there and it's right there Brandon Marshall the very first week. Saying Mike and mad dog 3430 is after an awesome. Edmund Marshall county care you know. They care I don't know maybe bread MR some growth wasn't that I highly doubt. And he only played in New York for a couple of years and that this will be at least 32 and I mean I knew it and. Earnings moved lived in Florida my whole life I mean a lot of usually the first Sports Radio period spurs radio geeks yes I am all about them and burn them. I had a hard time Lee and Brandon Marshall was listens it's might get mad dog you know 101520. Years at a very hard humbly and are kind of farm ironic turn he was just doing a radio interview and got up and walked out when asked a question about my surprised nobody's talking about. There member turns around and comments on thirty for thirty arm. Radio legends of I'm a kind of ironic what I don't know what that's you have to do it each other. Old number one Brennan Marshall doesn't do radio right Brennan Marshall does television work when it comes to media and in doing that type of work when it's whether it's it's it's. During his two cents in on. On football or just talking about his life for the league or what's going was doing. Inside the NFL's a little bit yeah. And he gets passed a question. I don't know what. Radio network he was on it was on WEEI in Boston story was up from Boston at an annual at a golf tourney rice doing a radio thing and they asked her about domestic violence in the Dirksen senate problem now know what they asked him about the started being why is it you don't hear the audience you'll hear him or doing your share a year ago this from Debbie I'm Boston. There is. And sports you know or stores get treated differently we say there's a different standard right that you said that black athletes were held the difference and where. I'm meg considerate score that you guys. So if that's what you guys wanna do good and you can go to bullet. Like guys do black guys in the matter couldn't treat differently period. OK so obviously that would admit that Brady was treated pretty so let's cars we like guys in America it is treated differently. Sure I'm out. But I but do you think the professional athletes are treated differently but that we're having been hand suspensions and gave billikens it was just like in the skies white Aminu we've dealt with his interview. Cargo for this interview. I'm bill to cut it short term positive fly. Because then we just have some stores over you know I mean come on mate going back to a year ago broker. Let's part of the bench that you guys made moves that your bread and martial artists they like you treated differently and asked which covers up the fight what you guys that says if you believe butlers of the absentees and actually times as a result of their conversation in the Chicago Brady Brandon took what radio all the time that's what we do you quote. Saying the subject on gitmo from them and in my pocket I guess what the other thing gonna ask you do you think that. In a way this is I'm going to guess about that. OK okay answer this user who veteran questions. He throws confidence. Thanks for stopping by Brandon Brandon. Let me let me soon at a very heavy breather though the least I don't have a very and there are. Eight EE eight you lost a few seconds there because because some that was dumped okay you know this is a bit of an awkward finished there and it it was it was dumb to what you lost there was them. About to ask him as he's getting up there asking him about his domestic violence. Because they apparently want to lead into a Ray Rice question but right when they started asking did he says ul Li yeah I'm I'm getting out here. Because EE he swore an and it dumped it's he lost a little bit there. And beckoned and then as he's getting up spills his coffee all over their equipment. All over their way that he threw his top economy deadly did not throw a deadly not spilled my accident and late. He start apologizing and he picked up their computer sort of wiping remic did you see every on how to so that yes I did yeah resembling not a bumper sold or you can you can believe that it is but it was definitely time for guys delivering the message that I just threw his copy and I'd definitely be deadly and not the rose coffee they on the occasions that ultimately the so they didn't wind screen that's why yet you're here in the yet all tournament. And I look. It's Siegel perspectives there because like the one host says so. Holds. It. Is it in mountainous up console and it's called is Kirk Barton county and present a very shallow end and if that's a look at. And any they are right about that where. They talk robbery. Morning ports they're handing out on on eight or talk about radio telling cellular brass about re eighty suspensions black players white players. I can understand that perspective from the airport. But from the other side from Brandon marshall's perspective you know. Ed golf tournaments. Didn't know these radio hosts. Getting care about this radio station he's doing and a solid by stop by for five minutes and talk in Molly's at this golf tourney. Does he wanna talk about lifers are black rob and. Well I think he's out also vote like they are trying to get him to say Tom Brady's treated differently because he's way. Black players would have been suspended longer. And then of course makes headlines then of course that's controversy I wanna get all that and I mean aliens of the deep they worry he tallied eight Nottingham and and I hate. Yeah Yankee. It's it's probably is probably 7 am I out of I know and on the me you know I think going to be afternoon by the afternoon but what do what are time it is is that lake golf and relax the U want you black prison like. I'm and right now our group right rob and. Climbing each right does he tried to say it because it was obvious the way that the host were deliberate that they don't think that there is preferential treatment of white players in the NFL now on the marina side they don't see why very it seemed very obvious to me and I and Brandon Marshall said. Let's just say we don't all black men are treated differently in America Peary and dissent is kind of like your blanket way of just saying there's always you know there's always is at some state Morris Almond different groups and treatment towards black. People here he had black men period. And then you don't need to get into the minutia of greedy not greedy sports plus volume kind of bring it into his arena too much and then they still went on. And then you bring up his domestic violence when he was down here in Miami as I am well as tiger and the but the original point the original one was even people who don't. Lawrence Kansas abortion as other business elicits cordial would have you Britain a Marshal not strike me that guy who listens to sports radio and I said. Very first and tweet last night on Twitter. Is Brandon Marshall. 3030 my mad dog as an awesome wrinkle in the Indian care about Sports Radio so members' orders like you like yourself and care about yourself. Doesn't know who might not Domtar and don't care goes and they always put your last couple years princesses there he did lead late that's probably why he watched yeah sort of thing like any athlete or anybody in any kind of professional setting. They wanna know. Who was the best at what they did so I imagine that's probably the payment peeks his interest is. Nor heard a lot about these guys are these people are wanna see what the hoopla was about probably. Checking out basketball players history or or or for that matter probably you know shuttle cock didn't care early and watch it. Do you like it is reasonable and you lightly. This issue I mean if you watch 3030s. On subjects that you don't know anything about but he. You know the duke reach out these arguments I've Watson is there if there is somebody I had no idea about but I haven't watched arena and a pair called out Alia I've I've watched some I don't care about her probably be really a silent documents a launches object and a it's yet happen. Yeah. I sort of have a good voice today we got out of the fourth tag to get through monsters and that's cool. And you know this did the Oregon guard perform at a shoot out we'll take. Nominee given way to listener but the problem giving me anything. You try calling and if you want when it. Michael first seen it can't get rules Lloyd's guys your voice you know he's one he's like the voice synthesizer. Don't know it's you. CBO Leo it. You're trying to. Definitely tofu. So. We're to talk to more to talk to our Powell Danny wood from New Kids On The Block this morning he's gonna stop always easy call is under stop by easily call in the they they've they've they've got to show somewhere tonight I don't know there he's in easier call and they are here on Sunday. New Kids On The Block they're here Sunday night at the hard rock live on some bomb didn't tell me about it until two lane or you know they had the Internet and has a tour schedule adds. I am rely on new name. Blame me I mean I I apologize but you know split over few days tell me about it let Julia Esther and then they're willing to. You know what let's I had told you Saturday let's say told you a month ago. Would you not plan for whatever you're playing this weekend. Well a good month not this is that the isn't what I'm going to say we get is to go us here may know he's my niece is we have bodies this family emergencies that's a cyber Johnny telling them well I still would have had you go to Atlanta this weekend there was an unexpected trip how ever I might have been able to try to or brains to be back in guy I look at our dad is now does not occur in the deaths that your style. I civilian the blame. So inured to come yeah you go Sunday and Yates and look W backed me up could still win last time lost two years ago. Till we get back me up as a all new Google books so easily as little Tobin. How much phones that shell it's supervised amoled Seubert says that because a boost mantle's and that's why. I know it's exciting I'm so excited boys. And Paula Abdul is opening for the two that way don't care about size. In fact I was a first Montero went really I don't care about that now yeah. That's algae many men Dominic last may get my sister airline in my brother it's it's it's it is uncertain for them to go to an Atlanta. Coming up big give it to you pamper like the Robert Ayers up there isn't another. Man and events it's a trip down. Memory lane boy it's a man I mean that's pretty solid and. Younger side at the U it's always ending with New Kids On The Block but if you're on the other side like Boyz II Men. You know my boys to men they were. Struts and the cons are times announcer seven I think. Boys to men were ready to change its tickets and old all boys meadows it was mid ninety's early mid ninety's does that sound about right Mitt early mid ninety's I think it was right. Yet earlier you I mean I was early teens and I mean boys to men was the hottest. R&B acts. Is that right. I'm an artist now color me that they think his first is that it has a Color Me Badd open for Paula Abdul and I went icons are never did. And my mom had to input eons over the years during one sexy well. Course biggest city amounts colleague Matt Allen a sex yup huge hit. Very controversial. Cute kit I wanna sex you up great song great as. I'm really not every dollar aideed CIA knows a lot of viewers and hiding the only color about I had no great song call me bad. I'm easy name another pro you know I don't know I don't know no. No grade jam whatever happened to those kids and those crazy kids these but he still tourists but police mentor about. How. So yes boys to men is opening for new kids this weekend which has got to be pretty easy Donnie wall from the get from the bloc has been in the news last couple days has. He he lefty monster. Hit. For the wait staff at Waffle House. MM we had a story wasn't few days ago when man who was ERJ Robertson. And how he left to stop. I don't know what I what I told actually that are very generous step of fifteen dollars for rob Barr the bartender give animal model and. Yeah Donnie wall is all over news yesterday because an eighty dollar bill all he left. 2000 dollar which by the way how he's been eight dollars it all pop ups when I saw the story of my opponent as a local people I called believe again. To relate. The rolling thirty deep open there are smothered and covered in chunk everything when you get these Perry Oklahoma 2000 dollar tip and that. School yet the owners always always it's easy to beat southeast of the girls there and we're also excited. Yet as he Steelers her comments are really cool so we Danny and then did a huge sports is huge Boston sports and huge sports say is always so pumped up about Gordon Hayward I can you got on screen. So we'll talk to him mad at at eight clocks we're Michelle and decent and fell a few out there you listening you wanna go although I think very limited seats are available for sun announced exerts. Exit number one bush cement came on for prince Miller will lied about. In little baby as little baby brother Nikki I tell my dog for his his his baptism he said he was gonna go and get boys cement. And I don't remember that surprise and at the end of his or walking miniatures and started saying in Bali from I don't remember I don't members and some man. Amber's got you headlines morn next week. Last December more than 151000. Music fans came out the four letter to a beach to see two when he national acts perform on the sans tickets for the 2017. Rip tide music festival on December 2 and third go on sale Friday. That's Friday July 21 at 10 AM. And while we have no plans to announce a single man until early August we can confidently say this it will be bigger and better than you ever imagined and that's a promise. Get your discounted tickets for a limited time beginning July 21 at the ticket Miami dot com when they're gone annual papal praise ray died 2017 for rams have a ninety FM 10 or three HE two to take it. I was doing headlines you're telling mom speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FX HD to show Miramar. Here's what's trending now from a concierge for men's headlights to ask PG. No problem. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge mint dot com. He's kinda pricey by auto zone on his own makes it easy to get the parts you need when you need them I am line pick up and store the same day get in the zone AutoZone Miami Marlins they returned to action tonight against Los Angeles Dodgers. It's really. Takes the hell hole and Arnie and McCarthy first it's a Marlins part except for a 7:10 PM. Maybe in Iowa you know like a joke and I say but it all immediately good. So it's it's a joke it's also kind of real so it is a guy I'm tall I'm not Boston on him he's been really. Feel bad for busting on him the first a few weeks in the season. No because Dan's really being your case is not good as a good thing at all but he's been he's been really good and any owed close air India has been excellent as well. The two attempts trailing arraigned yet again good thing because they're paying out way in Chen. Eighty million dollars to do nothing for two years I hate him. And communities are. There. Mayweather Ian Macgregor her world tour hit New York last night in its Asian. Two hours a Li really walked out one way only Coke and no shirt on my lay claim draped in the Irish flag. Balls at a rally quality easily now are became circuits. Before was. Little derogatory and grow a little original thinker. I mean it's gotta be hard for those guys to do Larry how did you meet this neat things seemed genuine day after day after and. Any early so I noted it last night we'll get notes Toronto is different I mean. Different country than New York but they're so close to each other I can understand Los Angeles than New York Los ends and Toronto and and then London okay is there. Very very different in four places but. Hard New York very close to each other. Oh I'm sure they weren't late because they were accidentally getting to New York. Less I mean not known I mean I'm just saying like I don't know was there really. Like what is what's the reason for doing Toronto and New York back to back days for the different countries and the different neighbor views like my they'd be different people always a different reviews yet. Now so I'm that's the that's that's why you're going to different countries and that mean the New York crowd came out hot they aegis group bit and that's after two hour away. But they were terrible I found this actually Connor Y La is about well let's just buses in one. I'm against. Good newly. And it it Gibbons. Yeah. And it. I'm just to pitch up plus. The Bratton. Yeah yeah yeah. And it seems you see an intern went on went off later fart in church it's taken a turn for the stupid yeah. Man you out on. Canada in Toronto. Yeah maybe maybe two press conferences is enough to give my and they do a week and I wish I were shooters came that mink coat and said nothing. Picket the ballot by it was Lloyd any you know users of Floyd did what was better whose foot had some good tricks. But he had no Vulcan materials like he resist he was cursing every other word. And he resist shouting yet at one point he says. Sharaud. And like his bodyguards. I mean. I guess this is the formation has bodyguards it would have to surround somebody there was bodyguards go and they surround Connor Connor has mixed martial artists in his in his crew. This is not gonna end well Campbell for Floyd's as a poll Mel even if they're giant Jews had yet as a matter and and so like this looks like it's getting real tense. He mixed martial does sprawl you guys now now remember these guys these guys you know they do in that broke. Mean yeah yeah left right now. And so let legacy in the zoo zoo oh let's round well yes I know it's done there but I seen the dudes who are always with Floyd sand the heat games and that is really big fat dude. Legged it definitely excited like they live brow dudes is his really big I asked these guys these guys that you hire when you go to the club know why we're having a term on to win and I would never do and yet and why we're saying no no semen sane in the stands intimate. I read in the Abbott you don't like yeah dude a movement that make dozens of supplement from there again there goes her leg from RAZRWIRE. Well as otherwise Syria Floyd has has has these guys around him and he's just he's like skipping around the stage is going. And the crowd is booing they're so upset budget they waited two hours. Reportedly they couldn't hear any thing like every third word was there is speakers it's a terrible idea and on the your marks of course. And it's just it was just disasters. Can't tell you had a snake oil salesman the your marks that's there that's their territory up their New York canal one enemies he of course the presidents of the Florida Panthers think bodies on here anymore. It's it's sucking the money out of South Florida's hockey fan base in his instead taking credit for Kennedy to the warriors Nia writes. Exactly and then and then. Beat boxing promoter and out to writes that. What does he got a amber TMZ got up to Chris Bosh you said that is how this great state and he says his next move might be basketball in stuff. Quote I'm all right basketball stuff. After row after a pair whites only three points led the heat over the clippers in summer league play 91 to 84 word to them out of IU was held out for the second straight game. Com. Rest day for bam. According to load resilient Ramona assault warrant the knicks have pies trade talks or Carmelo Anthony would win I hired him we cut out to the new GM decides to do their rights. They have reportedly agreed to make the kings. Us out here in the new general yet you got to let you have a say in the biggest move the French is making right which I mean. When you bingo who's gonna fix a franchise you definitely think of a guy who is with the kings. Look they're not gonna get a big time hire okay. Not a don't you think David Griffin is a big time hire the guy who was with the cavaliers decent iron but that put even a guy like that goes in the air and they're not allow him to do the things that he wants to do so we took his name out of the running. You never gonna get a big time hire. Okay but it means let's number ten like a million people won't want that job because there's a million people and ask well who would want that job. Yet it's not going to be yet you're gonna get a guy like like this who a lot of people don't really know a lot and and like you even get the impression that he's not like this huge name. And isn't just anti drug group from where he's coming for yet dizzy I got a any higher because it where he's coming no hiding hiding anyone who has any kind of pedigree. He's gonna want. See you a certain amount of control knicks clearly not well again Billy as you take that job you know it's it's back like with the Marlins. You know before they hired Mattingly okay the Marlins they're always getting first time managers okay we're talking. Guys like Freddy Gonzales at the time Joseph Girardi. Mike Redmond that always getting first time managers guys in the first managerial job because. The Marlins don't let you do certainly been in Abby let me take you staff and not really do this to happen today. It's 130 gigs in the world course to take it Democrat management remote like Graham marketing department last year in my head coaching position it exactly stuff like that's like the Marlins Marlins and never get the big time managerial hire. Because they don't allow all the manager to do certain things now's William Mattingly Mattingly of course was big time hire but I feel against a similar spot that the odd mix or when they're not gonna get the big time hire they're only gonna get smaller guzzling hail ball on to an X amazing job. We got a Texan on anti zionist morning that says two things why is Dwyane Wade tweeting boron and which did happen to Wayne is treating gore on. A lot of life and a well. Yeah all the now I think we know lie and his second and a component of us Texans why is Willie Reid wearing his own Jersey out to dinner know that happen I don't believe a small Photoshop amply. I I do I buy don't you don't wanna move to have you heard this Willie redux did Arizona Jersey I can't beat these research I don't believe that slammed down. And so was he must and teachers he right or was it was like the nets are usually agree. Are you read nets or not. Impossible in many revealed Iran it'd be of like bunnies so that maybe it's trendy Internet that would actually be funny I would do is be funny. Lou there's a more and the bronze you a lakers rumors people think LeBron with scouting Alonso mollen some relief when he attended his game I told Gary. Course people gonna think that's I mean that's what he's doing so easy conspiracy theory on them on another triple double last night. Again and he's the ball in Nike's as opposed the issues are what I think sell and you were hit I think you're Nike's again I have been written about I think you're right he's got the way to to. On by the way aerial hold on yes we got going on and Goran says I'm going with column of the bigger and then doing and says that kimono dragon you know better. All weight lately Guam was at press covers only about fleeing just reading about it and saw how Lawny Aston whose who he's got is don't McGregor. And into it was as you know about compassion and drag in an and Eddie Guerrero dragging him OG I roommate. Overlay. He'll tee it low hit a block got I told you yesterday. Is there criminals did pretty cool. Pool and. Angels it is pretty cool things down. And then. And once again. I don't play that way more that way for baseball Jesus around all the bases. Can get there and they all celebrate. First pitch walk off home run that's even Oprah I guess you do for baseball uses. He makes a big TV there's people out there he's. I don't his death are you going to be a believer that getting called up September. Yeah freaking. Height and ball. And it poses to double. It's that's given up the Jack and Tivo. Who's known as one of the worst thing you walk on the field laughing but here I am a man. I think you look on the field chuckling into the pits like the opposing quarterback who gave up the touchdown on the Tim Tebow adding Adidas and you log of the field chalk going like voices do is base Jesus claims. Or. Tonight intervention and I ended yeah. Reportedly there's there's upper Paul George Berkeley Thompson the warriors turned it down PG thirteen since the end he would protect it is well. I have been entrance. It's for clay Thompson. Hold sources the NBA would have rejected it adds and I exactly L works. Illegally talking I was and I why wouldn't why why is about how words are beaming the MBA protects Terry or sometime this one praised trade deadline. Or like this going on during the during her. As a society and its. We're talking about didn't think. They didn't just rejected a bit deeper end and and it's all teachers should go Chris all he was an example was owned by the week. OK but it's this duck the only time it's ever haven't don't think that's silly time it's ever happens. But. I don't I don't know like Canada's three I happened with one of the big trades back in like Magic Johnson days. You know I don't know what you're talking about but the Chris Paul trade was rejected. Idol hornets. Were owned by the so it did and it cannot reject rates hole. To see you sure sure it Nagin. I I I don't alma turned it at that that's remaining. A deadly Schumer and what he want to trade for another guy like trigger happy big. And and that's Israeli dues and has come out recently for whatever reason and he said. The only reason their project is there one more rather than deal is that cup check panicked. But it's that the crystal shouldn't happen. The hornets. Don't usually at an annual. Now nobody wanted it says NBA doesn't mean they do wanna go one of their best players for guys who got catfish is that would falters or I don't know what George. The players union can't. Can't how many say and in this stuff either. Oh oh warriors and pacers wanted to try to limit trade about but the fact oh by the way I don't know why they were rejected it pretty. Seems a very fierce straight Klay Thompson were pulled toward its atmosphere is it gets matter fancy you got a really good what are your could Thompson a contract unitholders gonna leave. Johnson and out that anyone would it would object to that's a very fair trade to replay some of them in the pages long Klay Thompson the didn't want Kevin Love like that that's still goes as apparel. Chris Paul says I think they would have been very airtime are part Paul George's I think it would have been the Chris Paul Alley situation where they deny that Terry. Oh he isn't exactly understand the rules and links that makes no signals to our tree with some respects and about a 101 I don't know. To what Howard was not treated to the eats the heat signed him. And he signed in illegally. And so the league came in and said yeah this contract doesn't work you better figure out a way to make it legal. What happened back then was quick on quick refresher course OK this is late ninety's late 97. Maybe the heat signed a Juwan Howard why. They were the least circumvented the salary cap the way they signed him and that was really distorts. The bird rights. And the order of the way you gotta sign players in your salary caps what he did aired TV simple explanation he signed Juwan Howard first massive contract over a hundred million dollars. And they waited to re sign Alonzo Mourning as Alonzo Mourning was coming off his first Hewitt the heat and he was preaching to. And they waited to sign Alonzo Mourning inside Alonzo Mourning but the bird rights ringgold the cap. After Juwan Howard beat Pitt does isn't a war like that I got it you got the Alonso you got you knew he needed there's a cap holes. Okay and the way that he went about it. Was illegal so the commissioner came in. And said yell. Not only is his contract not count but we're fine he was well may also draft pick to eat. And and so Juwan Howard now couldn't fit into the heat's salary cap to re sign Alonso are ready. You look back to bullets I. I'm I'm reading that that they can retail for things like the salary cap like you just mention an X. At this thing Gaza says they can Vito for violating the spirit of the CPA. As well and it's I guess there there's a reference to Jason Kidd trade to Dallas that was that was vetoed by the NBA. I don't know and is anything altered Buzz Aldrin is wrong when it talked about makes sense. Ms. to accents. Did you forget that that he signed two on how 200 plus million dollar contract when he was so lucky they reject that trade so wall trade and that they didn't allow the signing. As the heat you know certain met the cap there. He was so lucky. Instead they went out and they signed him calling PJ brown and that money. Pretty good. A pretty well. And it finally withdrawn or was that a hundred million dollars for joint news really good player. But I mean that would not have been a good contract. You he was really good out. They would want how to throw usually awarded the fifth round probably not PG rounded. And finally Kevin Durant was officially in on the Peyton Manning burned at the scene there you go. Can have anything for glad we got that cleared out. I can't it can't possibly be vat. Sour at a joke right. All right tonight the Marlins are back in action that's not using port BZ parties whether or not they're going to having you won't come and next I'm. Really comfortable with the idea that all three of the groups that remain. Involved had the capacity to it to deliver for the fans in this market I mean my only criticism of this process. Is. I like it makes the process where. They agree on price there's a lot of work that needs to be done in terms of legal work financial work make sure the club structured right. And then a nice announcement we've one winner unfortunately what we have here is. The bidders. Kind of got public before all that work was done and it has dragged Donald little bit and I'd like to get to resolution. So that we can stop talking about a sale and start talking about baseball how about that. But just let's listen in right here to the ticket starting on Monday got training camp thousand dollars for a days. When a thousand bucks useless and it's set eliminate damning are shown that again at 3 PM and at 4 PM. Monday through Friday next week. We need code word text in you might 1000 bucks that's draining 101000 dollar 49719. FM 104.3. HD to take. Dallas Major League Baseball mr. rob Manfred few days ago press conference here in Miami. Now the Marlins back in action tonight. Still hoping that that's something is gonna go down with a potential moral and sale. No ideal when a coup if it's going to happen. You've got to figure when the commissioner is talking there how the processor dragged on. A bits. Signaled it longer than they expected to. How do you now look at that scenario let's say it has have something to do it Jeffrey Loria. Like that just makes too much sense rights. We're connecting to many dots they're saying that the reason it's taken so long there. Eight ED got a team that is not worth one point two billion dollars there apparently based on for their estimated between a what 80900 million. It's in it's actually not worth one point two billion Loria bought the team for a 150 million dollars he stands to make about a billion dollars. And somehow. You know this situation has dragged to all on a bit longer than everyone thought it would. I feel like a good league not a connect the dots there I want to be wrong. One could argue that that is worth as much as people are willing to pay for a rate on a remark it would get people are apparently willing to pay. Upwards of one point one. We it's been conflicting reports what are to be actually come up to you were sweet spot of one point two. Hands on saying there is yes you're right of course is worth whatever the highest bidder is once paper of course and they are all willing to pay over what Ford had a valuing the team but I guess I guess I'm saying is in the team is estimated worth between 809 and two million dollars and lawyers asking price is one point two if someone's offering one point ones like. They brought. Let's go out. That's what a fascinating one point three grade and we think that he has in his in his. Abe essentially his list it listing price if you well what's one point three. And apparently he ones are reportedly you know one point two is where he was hoping that they would com. It seems like there several buyers who have come to one point one I think we lot brighter report that one was at like one point 15. And so now you know has wearing a mosque about a one point two is that what he's a front runner or is he the front runner because of something thousand that we just don't know enough about this. But of course say the negotiation some of that is Laurie ends and some of that is you know people who are bidding with Gloria I you know I. I don't understand why people think about selling at an organization that a billion dollar organization would frankly be as simple thing or an overnight thing I think that. There reason to a year finding this to be complicated and drawn out is because is that we keep. Hearing these rumors about it every day in it's because there's so many buyers involved. Typically in and I heard and I. And an old it was David was Manfred her and I heard somebody in based on at a remembers the commissioner or not but he he was set talking about. The difference with this sale is is that there's multiple groups who are trying to buy and so that has lied to you a lot of press coverage about the current groups like conflicting reports. And that's why it seems more and long and drawn out complicated than other sales may be due because typically you know you maybe have one veterans whose you're really going back and forth with. But that really outside of that it's not that and usual you know these sorts negotiations typically are complicated. Which you think it's harder believe. That Jeffrey Loria. Stand sneak around the billion dollars from the sale compared to what he paid originally that Jeffrey Loria stands make about a billion dollars from the deal but that. He's haggling which so going over you wanna sell for one point two. And it seems like eyes off creating is warm 11 now granted it's under Melinda it's a lot of money. OK but which sort of belief. Haggling over one point one when you want one point two. Or. The flip side where you're the bureau multi billion dollar businessman. You see some new wanna buy 41 point one. You're not willing to go to one point two which hardly. What what's different what is the what is what is 5% of one point two billion dollar house. It might I'll. End. The inning or. I thought of one point 2000000005%. Of 50520. Million dollars is make an isn't that certainly that's a good 500 adds yeah and one half rounds are about how to say about six era to and so so 520 million dollars is what he would owe the money my books and likely would know that my 4540 so that's so that's roughly what Hewitt owed this city. In this sale Jeffrey Loria area so something late. You know the difference between one lighted 1208. Building bears into either percentage he's going to but the city be solved before march. That's why I've always been skeptical that he's gonna sell before mark he like Harding way so the so then so then does owner side saints among my cornea mosque and. You find it hard to believe. His perspective that. Well I think I'm Jeffrey Loria I'm sitting there are like listen. I'm asking one point three you're gonna need to come up and there's over here and they're like 0111 you know one line and they're all haggling and if I'm if I'm Laurie I'm sitting there like. Hey bro all make a lot more money by just sit on his team until March so it's a DU of U wanna come of the get a deal done you can come up to get a deal done if you don't okay I'll see you nailed sell to somebody else. After martz is I think he has every reason another words not TU. Not to lower his price to get what ever price that is that he wanted to once you then you know he can kind of stay firm because for him it's it's an added in Vienna. That was to take longer. It sounds are you saying then that you find it harder believe like that makes sense what you're saying. And it sounds like get a hard time believing. That someone who's worth a couple billion dollars or two apparently or animosity is. Has it would be haggling over the difference between one point one and one point Chileans in it this is an investment you think is worth. One point one billion dollars and I understand. Guys like this are businessman because they're Smart and I know what they're doing that's sort of a hundred million dollars day it is a big difference underdog does undermined out spot. It sound do you see any have a hard time believing and and and a great day of a hard time believing that if you see something that you think is worth. One point one billion how we don't work how you know income it's one point oh. Well you know Liz I think that I think that what it is your dealing with a with a good businessman on both sides having you can say whatever you want about ornaments the man's man a billion dollars off the steep and so it's. It's very easy it does say that he's demo on business for himself. And so we you know you're dealing with with guys who obviously have you know quite the rap sheet in terms of their business and how they run their business and how much may they've made separate down. Both of them might be is standing firm and that's another reason that these negotiations right take a while. But I would think that at some point you know yeah I deal bits and I don't think it's just. With this I'm not sure it's just been a race thing I cannot assure you it's just that nobody's com exactly it's you know one point to a Murray hasn't been willing to sit do you take anything off app craze I think there might be other factors as well I you know I think we've seen apple we've discussed with the two year grouping and do they even have the financing to come up to now I'm jealous you know I is I think that some other elements here was some of these other investors when it comes to grandma's it appears that he actually has the money. And that those negotiations on acampora. But doesn't seem friendly with one another and we're hearing optimism and so you know maybe they've sort of reached a handshake deal. I do like Matt white blanket fashion show on the bottom yeah. I'm not well and higher on math you guys are terrible at math is that reliant EL II and then I'd like this all I am always. I I admit that I'm terrible about man you guys are supposed to hold it down and you guys are yet either it's earth quite quite the waves off the air since the numbers more like sixteen million not 600 million Iliad actions here which makes all the sense then it with a glorious position even because not takes obviously. The difference between a 119 and 12 makes it even a bigger difference from your grandmother many as to keep back to the city to make less sense that it's a lot less your money than he'd have to get back then we always you come up just a little bit more in the silver is your covering the hit but he steak and haven't give the money to the city. But you know and about to make a billion dollars giving back sixteen million of the billion. You don't become a billionaire his view you would think sixty million trivial for all Lori by the way is not a billionaire but not close his bounds on one a yes he has about a mile it's also but it's also a bit of a wash because as the reports of and the malls not confirm their lose and over sixty million dollars a year if you believe that. Mean investors have looked at them. Yeah I mean I've no idea we it's all kinds of funny math that all of these sports owners subscribed to. So I I don't know nearly we've played that game before with the Marlins where they claim they're losing money. And then. Records come out dead spin gets a hold of the records and they're actually making a ton that I arrows math now I. Think as much of those bosses office you and and the rich get richer. It's I am putting all of that debt on the fan base on the taxpayers. It's not going on me and I'm collecting the profits that's how that financial statement works for tomorrow on sale. They make sure it was a parade route just the tips every Thursday morning on our show it's in the 8 o'clock hour to sponsored by East Coast public adjusters sketch assets covered. Call 855 get ECPA or the East Coast followed a stock on the several lesson listen and gorgeous tips on aims of in nineteen FM. 104.3. HD to the ticket I'm glad this morning. I'm glad this morning because. But between the lines grabbing all the seats fans we want we want Udonis has them to be back with the heat for fifteen season right we don't ever seem play somewhere else. He still unsigned Hanna is on these freeagent right now bought. He was that mighty basketball camp. This week. I don't know what he did he basketball camp and he wasn't a resize and what the heat's. Well Alan raised on I don't know. No I get me agreements where the lines here too much but I feel like that's that's a good sign it feel like he would not necessarily agreed to do the heat basketball camp. If you warning go and take pictures with the trophies and all the heat fan kids who were at the camp that he wasn't going to be back this. It's weird right and you. NEC addicts out. Yeah I mean there's only so much money first and listen to many he need to give them won't get involved there there is a much money that he is he would be willing to get I mean anybody would be willing to give him I would think so yet they frankly I don't think he would have an easy time getting a contract other. Least that's what they have they have the four point three. Million dollar mid level exception and he probably wants a good chunk of that the he'd do not wanna give it to them. So I I think you know I was a little bit of stalemate the heat definitely wanna give him the minimum. Spray which they gave him more than that last year by the way. The heat wanna given the minimal if they don't wanna give them afford three I wanna hang on their mental yeah it's definitely not go to illegals gonna party don't you all to play you know splitting no nobody's gonna get to. It's a great Steve Perry can minutes last year nobody's giving I mean that it moves. Are are examining a vet minimum on him. So he definitely played once a seventeen games. Seventeen I don't know it may eleven baskets O. It's looking up there's no way he played only seven minutes it is kind of insane ideas that he's holding Alec best and they turn squeeze them driving give act I do feel like that this is us. Very generous I mean he'll listen he's on the team became a classic on his right because of what he's doing any last contract right he we once again as much again right like right. I think the heat are gonna give. Fair to him and I think he I think this is all about what he wants to do music and I think it's gonna come doesn't. Doris still played lowest oldest won't be the figurehead in the locker room is what I wanna do okay order wanna focus on the few. He's not talking about not playing his arm and Allen going to Cleve. He he played sixteen games yes a 130 minutes sentiments but only eleven baskets you can't be in the NBA when seventy minute this season can you ask for more than league minimum if you made. Eleven baskets like can you ask for more no not yet you know you you know that that's not he is that's an outlet campaign and club where it goes well I mean. All right if you arsenic Manila that make him a cosic Japan more rate. Tell us how are you know that's only pay him for though there. Yeah race you're paying him if you're paying him to be in the locker room and that's where you're paying him for is to motivate the players. Okay yeah you could pay out and I am on Taliban and India and keep your vet been brought. That is the point is it's good sign that he's that he basketball camp I didn't I am a little frustrated when you're done it I am a little frustrate vulnerable spot when different posters on the gates. We you know you may think eleven guys kids you know on Iran is still over so preserving our roster spot for you did play for UF what do you since LeMieux were so right. That's right here this Madonna and you have nonsense stuff and he's a real nice all the nonsense that the horses and a middle game he has told me he said he eraser there's that's only because I only played for you of course but what football he is about Erika and like all terror battling him with Obama about that through far. What do you this morning sounds like he's about you out when it comes basketball. That's what buttons that's his sport. And men. I don't even remember now I'm I'm glad. Because. The New Jersey my nephews and my nieces and again. Now I may. We're going to sit on me that we're going. Look at I'm still upset the even tell me that would have booked a plane to get back earlier. And I could come back Sunday in time for the New Kids On The Block boys mention old hopes that would mean I'm gonna be easier Ifill you're just trying to hog vaccine passes yourself that's what you try to do that's raid in Tellme and Romberg until like yesterday we usually there's wanna go ads are a few days ago did a duty do any told me and they things just. Thanks wolf. Thanks and extra passes got along just great to see he's not here in Miami probably like. I had two months ago I always I only I only spoke to about a few days ago and when. And you told Ron murder right away. I told in the next day whose idea he told the same time he told her or walking on holy as we're leaving a stroke over there then. And spears entry all equally real equally bad about that. America because. I had to stop pump gas this morning. Right that's the worst public gas at five ma'am that's never comes organically and write these bogus biggest threat to stop pumping rate here outside of the station. You know and I don't ever rural neighborhood and a little notice and noisy did seven elevens repair right there. I had to obviously barreled through the amount of crack kids that I had ignored Greta guest is not a fun. Then I proceed upon my free can guess what the green handle which the diesel. And I keep count faster then it came out. You know when you watch the numbers on the yeah. Says I'm going to unique way to get there minutes seventeen dollars and 42 cents sponsor poems were driving expresses our diesel fuel I'm counting faster than the guys that that I have my moments as Xena put enough to get your caller over here and and get the gas after the shootout again it's it's it's it's stupid it's not a fish an additional two. As a you're contributing to a Miami being underwater the next fifty years or. That's actually. The truth commission that weasels though that talks Amtrak's just presumably. I just suddenly cold this morning moment of the new drugs this morning I I bold new wherever like that I had zero gas went from yeah. What are. Don't again I guess in the morning early years and never a good experience double what are you got. A love. Another is that sucked to the press conference and I'm hoping they've bounced back today. Even another got to go across it's too much across the pond on a play and I can't imagine they are having them more energy. It just. There's a dud that that farmers get closer to the motherland that might be. That might be hectic. Ethnic conflict that level yet will get some it's and sound from yesterday's McGregor Mayweather experience plus Amber's got your headlines now.