ZRA Part 1 7-17-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, July 17th

New kids concert, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade flirting with Miami,Why you're mad/glad?


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Weeks as long runs in and finding the decisions in my house. Don't lately. Acquaintances but I make him. Decision. I'm reject your situation on meet. All right so you don't make decisions that would do and live with the consequences if I make the decisions and live with the consequences. Although when you make Alice and she once you make because they're scared of the consequences and you really want to make the business. For his stamina is really Smart in meetings thinking any nominations when really you're not really the one making decisions because that's the Smart woman does this mean she's being. They're making decisions when really it is making decisions once in May which means she's making decisions. Everything you're seeing right now is really confused between the upcoming I don't know what you're talking about wanting to know is that behind choice that's right now under way and they threatened restoration. On 790 that tip. It won't get one. As a bronze amber is a Monday morning the seventeenth morning of July April's morning Dana mining Romberg morning that it is totally in the morning on W. I'm tired this morning among airlines. Damn big now as Diana. Higher this morning Russ and I still don't know giant last night was intriguing nine ain't news that I intend on doing that too is Ellis. Totally you did intend on doing that and drinking when we had DNA on the show on Friday were area as to give him about during your gas. That look that's that's how this time I'm gonna creep up on intimate you know IE yeah. This away. Oh wait a minute seminar at it and think of course I want drinks yes let's go back tier Boston let's have drinks of course and monitoring for the show starts in the mode be another beer another beer and play Anders. I don't know last night so if you buzz is still it's Sunday you know. And now on a good time and I. Lord knows I can only and it's hot if I'm wrong okay so he managed ring getting injured a lot naturally and that's a winds of happening last I told you went to show last night and I'd see him UN's the show last night right there. Did you see it all time now gotten both do you really really early I looked in the middle of the lives of their kids is this is because we departure really high and the parking garage. And a lot of the shows the same as last time. So like we discussed evolves you drew. I don't you gotta worry about that and that garage not on the timer problems and now like we regularly and we were in the garage notes. Although he admitted. I think beast posted a photo over the weekend uses something I thought that some hard rock. And woods posting that even stack and rocks. Where I made a couple calls I had entrapped him and learn a lesson and now a teacher and a couple things. The vet at many hats and I as easily camera bank and shows a lot of fun it was cool we will get around and it and not know it was it was cool and I with a friend Danny wood for the show and and the show was great it was it was really an. Similar to the Eads a couple years ago and you're right and he was probably very similar. But here's the thing okay. Zach Zach grew okay New Kids On The Block. One of the things that now I like seeing the show because Danny McBride that's why like C trio. But one thing that I like about the show is those guys or really really really self aware. Really self aware and to me at the funniest part of that show. Is the women in the crowd okay. And an I mean they're playing up the whole thing there are very Selma winners of the Gaza last night almighty god. Hulk Gonzalez earlier able hall I was just I mean one of the songs okay. One of the songs Jules Jordan Jordan of course the heart dropped from back in the day that's a good looking do let me tell you something Arnold. He's still are very I mean I remember Jordan one that I legs back and then one of those songs that he does he's up there in front of everybody okay and and he's to the union a united unit tight tank top. Okay when he does the song by hole and up his tank Tom shows so the tank is just under. Really you're disease and it didn't letting get bigger this concert the other guys when the shuttle in their regular close he's there. Which just the Naples hang it out and the six pack as a whole show with the tank. Just talked under his. I mean. An anti ease I'm not redneck is very rich I'm very shag is very active. They're very self aware of those guys but they the crap out. Told it would you agree it's probably 80% women out which sent me even more may be more. It's out of five women the right Ezra is pretty wiley who refers got pared down it does seem to me usually a stampede either of ladies is just hoarding towards the arena it's a CNET over the near and they were they were hoarding. You know personal look at the man is funny. Ugly because you watch a lot of the men and understand and likeness on do it for you guys he knows and Cameron. Arms crossed. To understand and oppose last night I did you got. Tennis analyst yet watching the guys his body okay is that it's what it's like god damn when it is over at three get melodic got. On the girls. If reconnect after out the entire show. The whole show out there wasn't wasn't monitor you sit at home and wait for them come home oh I don't know when they're just thirsty is anything I don't know and I don't know he ravaged. I look it's not just New Kids On The Block I was at concert employees and and perform on an island but let me Tyson and it's I don't girls are on their voice now now know is all I'm saying that's raising more I'm saying. That's why me about boys to men boys to men held every Levy. In that building in the hall on the other hand right about that you're you rights bots I'm saying I think it's easy and it's crap. I think boys to men appeals to you both genders as what I was was my point is so I think that the wind is I think roms it was saying why don't amend just stay home bring her. I think some some guys marks a wanna go to the concert because they wanna see. It out but probably more Paula Abdul replacement may be the voice commands and more now on local. Group or you can love listening to them you put in their CD you have your make out sessions back in the day you get second based. That's your boys to men go round yeah you got your outlook would never putting a new kids on the knowledge and are not Yahoo! you don't put a voice of Matt you from voice a man. And obviously out I don't know I don't remember any of those guys be in good look and maybe a short but you might have been cute but that's about it but don't you go what but the sex symbols and and and the ones at the girl posters on the Lebanese put posters of voice a man on the ball. No limits its nuke its posters at all the girls I don't. Is tones a 100% right the crowd was a way into boys to men but. It's it's a new kids grout every one is there for New Kids On The Block. Boys and Ambien there is a huge bonus but everyone is there see new kids on the blocks here's my question okay. These witty one therefore taken out there at the show okay freaking out. If you need any of these girls okay they tell you on the biggest New Kids On The Block fan I love that. Woman has the biggest New Kids On The Block and that's our first question for you okay because it guys say. All the biggest so and so fan on the allow OJ I never told anyone ever on the biggest fraud in debt I've never set up well. Are you aren't I'd never said that you have an app where you compete with people about its double on content concerts you go to him out of competition it is it is only popular amongst people who go to numerous pro Jim concerts all these women noble claim they are the. Biggest New Kids On The Block and that's an important question. My second question which is more important. Was it a question. Why why why I think many do passover question the second question is. These women they love it's all watch OK and that behavior. That he's here at the show notes like. Militia of The Beatles beyoncé age and the winner of the big east. The younger women then the New Kids On The Block shell probably and now these women were were young watching nuke it's thirty years go right is that they're on now so that's what's interesting about it is because I would imagine break because The Beatles you know I think he tells CIA EW still ZIEC -- Justin Bieber when he you know a few years ago back when I got really appealing to a much younger audience I think you see it with those sorts or even like Sara Gomez. I think you see it with those people who who played suit you know credit teens and and early teens and and those women where is there were girls really I should say they might get hysterical cracking sides miracle I can't imagine. That the women who are now you know in their forties at the New Kids On The Block concert. Are crying like told in the history. Certainly when it right back me up there and of cool in my guesses it's dubbed the weighted I would imagine and I didn't get to go last night is as a told me about the concert too late. Hey I would imagine you know ways that I imagining going would be like how winning. It Zach sort of like our strip public that's like. That's like fantasies about guns mom does eat all the mommy a professional. Woman who. Normally has everything very under control and all that kind of stuff is. You know full Rory five years all the Crowley and rich kids fast break try to get a piece of Jordan then Jordan Knight gets up there and it brings back all those memories he hadn't he's still extremely attractive he really is how can nude in front. Of her and so yeah you patty active police say they revert back to you know me almost thirteen days by. You're awesome sexual eyes now at this point so it kind of yeah. Don't a lion like your forties right now awaits us ago on the women and there's sexual peak in their forties right. I don't know as well that's something some evil giant right now oh okay is that we decided OK I don't know. Texas and give his work hall pass what it would've would've camera last night was just. All about Jordan I backed admitting she Jews like hey. You could it be if it can happen. You do your own resident yeah. Negative and take down any more women future you get your own right now we may have an energy left she she came on the famous okay I'm sure let's play that game. It's always. She wants them play totally you don't win it and it's now the women that behavior but really good looking girls though some are I mean I don't some Indian summer not some aren't some. I. They do is in front of these studios because we had we had seats are laid there are they kind of have run front row of the section we were in. And so she goes she's like kind of like scoped it and further well and she's like eyeball in the studio sessions. My goal is to touch Jordan and I. I would go over to go to security gutsy by get past them. My argument with that yet that's that you would you would you like it's added the security of our military threatening is that it should look we're issued by an exit dominance that's seven. Can you pass that plate can't pass the security guards tonight. They really gift of few drinks the mound they see as journalism and its own wild in the late owner announced her mommy are you tonight it's such a CE you know it's interesting though a New Kids On The Block I think part of it is specifically rebounding is deeply into it so much because because I had very self away and now that I you know followed Danny and every you know all the social media and all that kind of stuff I see it you know they do that cruise. But the block heads and did they do these different events and then of course he has. He has the charity with remembered Battie and some of those women a lot of those women are block heads you end up you know wet and having breast cancer and get involved in the charity. And some of these women that coliseum where it will will go on unlike you know five cruise is it like new tenant hot and they follow them around the country. And this is what they do. But new kids on the blog definitely plays into that implant so I think what I think another aspect of a bit of it is would that be and specifically those women feel like they know without all of us you know I think. Because they make themselves so accessible which makes it more fun for the win and so I think it's kind of it click on your idea and then I think those women end up hanging out with each other and I think it's sort of like a coal community totally. As you just screaming audience and as she like she weigh into it when you when you go us and I produce kids here now for for bush cement only really a whole okay out of his video my wife singer embarrassment embarrassing errors which one Ben's enabling got to go once read that that's let's say they'll be with boyz to man. They held every one of the pilot pilot I would enhance. Asked if I would have been there they didn't even in the Mariah Carey men they had all of the women singing for them out and seen the power. Ways to Manhattan was crate examining an enemy. It's it's it's such a lot of young man it's such a funny show I had a great time and amount you know understand and I'm enjoying and laughed paying LA goes guardians their great times I hate IE I've McDyess Ron I pulled out of the south from her yesterday I did like I got her backstage passes they were said no way in far. It will call that closed in our into the as well as a couple of them and aren't you I had should fifteen minutes ago now I called. Amber wasn't have a man tried it I landed. I try to look at the will call rules idols or might considered you can't go get your apple right now. As a as I was trying to get stronger in time like you could have made the show you out I couldn't amid the show I couldn't pick I couldn't make UK I turning to dog that's the prop that was the problem that was the big problem I could have made. I could have made new kids would have made it there in time and and it passes out east ocean drive I put my. Yeah I could actually got a pass is they were at will call I mean we wouldn't even had time to we had. Young who you insert a new assault and there island better off completely and Q blonde girl back and run home. And you made news again right. Get tickets are positives away at even play average. And today. Nobody that's out dollar training camp board is right near. Stimulus in this morning at 7 AME candidate AM your chance 1000 bucks the only going where 7 AM and at 8 AM this morning. Is to your four opportunities thousand dollar four days. For training camps of today make you listening at 7 AM answer ADM give you the Aden a code words to stay in the and you do that at 7 AM in today ADM and will be your chance to win. Thousand box you got anything yeah and using this weekend Romberg you do any form of what you have going on. I keys out on the I man out of limbo and houses he need to have on I'm gonna get Sambo are just sell your house of high grade. Is there any key I live down there and earn them I will. I'm Hillary in his pocket that money or were OK it's a very expensive house the lowlands ring nice neighborly and pine crest. When you sell that baby and just a live down in the key censured. The exact good idea of Ariel and I'm. I'm definitely addicted now I've got got bit by the Keyes books so it's it's just simple little manually cut you. I honestly got I don't really even eat when I'm down there are very rarely because on doing is working and I imagine once the house is like finally finally done and I'm up to do like working things anymore that you enjoy it. He hit during a battle is that while we don't all I is yet housing quite ready for drilling progresses yet all right Martin and I if I seem to be living a beer. On down there holes I think that's what in the common. First since he's in a bad keys and vibrant are probably no no we're Herbalife I've probably drank. This weekend Bernard thirty something foreign something. My guess through breast or even yesterday I guess I'd be down about thirteen or fourteen just and a. You know the only time I ever drink beer is a time somewhere like that again be at the beach house or in Italy some sort tropical. The members and that's a really just really in anyway I'm hole I mean I leg beer but I never really bring to be here or otherwise. Let Obama water here their image soft. Mature yourself and over hydrated but he's most cars just when you're on a boat off cold beer and Camby had been there you're barbecuing and we gonna we gonna like cooktop going on the on the on the boat we had. You know Tiffany had her lunch the baby had her food barbecued. Peers who was the time this man who's a who's annoyed approach you you're you're great provider. That's all Dubroff. Is serious man's and so what I did great provider in. I know I know you get it back man I don't know of course in my point you should I'm not gonna buy you you deserve it's no ROY there. Amber's got you headlines for you next. I'm makes you get that done every Friday Romberg right here responds by bodes front row on the T so perfect. Sham no more winning boat drawn in Rome from that is not just age when you juror. How's reader in this amber nearly 8:9. Am I mean this does not. My yelling here is as I've it feels Blake. Feels like yeah probably lead elementary school. Middle school middle school maybe. Some of the crowd is funny at that show last now like there was this one there's one girl was. On the younger side there's fears an enemy against. Animal when one of the songs he turns around my wife this is I was one years old when this song came out so into it sewn into. Let's see Atlanta once that it lets see I'll make love to you was 94. When speaking 95 align their hits yeah rain around Monday night jam is at fifty candles and disarm America for the camera that it wants and draws one of the sexy is mammoth interior. Yet what is really I forgot about them and we that we were really bummed out about not being able to see Thomas I know that to my boyfriend really wanted to indicate the longer you know the white. One house did pass away with the lowly. No the guy with a cane at least a lot nugget so let's turn in castaway and on and it was a room as a whole dispute like him in maybe a lawsuit involved and everything on hold bad falling out so yeah it does not know attitude es don't always act. Actively seek he does have some kind of condition Manning is part of why is the team. But. Yelling date AK and now like awhile ago I mean it would seem that he I guess it operated in 2003. Nearly two different accounts that sorted by the essentially take Baghdad the bands are up aunt passed away and it's bad seed apparently. Yeah do with Cain really low voice he has been in a long time. And did the babble on BC I. He have something happen with him like he couldn't sing anymore or something that you know anything in not that I got it era. Our explanation meet meet its bitter side of the story. But he's no less safe as fast as Muslims SA out of the story and it's it's a messy thing apparently by the just do a journey and are pleased with the Filipino. Well as he has MS and I can imagine yes he probably wouldn't be able and nobody can tell he's been a lot of Filipino though it had a good drop. From journey yeah there's a little you know Alex Cabrera and get them legal guys are DMZ Mary I am not take common. Yeah. I'm mentally I'm out of therapy you know the reality is on the right I'm a boxer imagine. It and been to the debt. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS at this age age old Miramar. Here's what's trending now from a policy air remains headlines desk he. No problem. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge men's dot com. I would freaked out about it you've got a Filipino on stage of boys to men and he comes in with who group. And you've been doing on time downloads or send it back it doesn't have much negotiating I guess feel you can and funds and as a divorce you. We've had tools. No meaning harmonized. With about a harmony now guy days. It came to visit the big you know we did it. All I I think no I don't mess ailment music school they're all harm and I got to practice double times like the scene with the they can find somebody probably in the. Philippines opens problem with boom boom boom boom boom boom Nancy I'm as ready June numbers are new. These lines are brought to you right count some severe sweating your summer deadline strike count times are highly skilled Emery accounting and finance sport when you needed now to visit count on dot com. Accounts ams is a Robert half company Marlins that's what by the Dodgers losing on Sunday three to. While watched Friday nights in the house rushed flat Friday night was such a killer because now they're back behind it again like right when it seemed like BO again things don't. They go to the all star break their five games under which is the closes they've been since they were thirteen under appeasing get a chance to get things going they had National League best. Dodgers in town and they're in position to win on Friday and AJ Ramos on Friday night could not make pitch. Yet who wild pitches in the ninth inning okay. And then gives up the three run blast. Yasuo Wiig which was a second home run of the game and that's our hero who. And the Marlins lose six of pork you win that game yet the first game against the nationally best Dodgers OK maybe you put together a series win who that knows. Instead you want to get swept. Okay and you're now back to eighteen under 500 Friday night was an absolute killer it AG aided combined plate. Incredibly. Marlins say on the Phillies tonight 81 at 7:10 PM caller is on the hill for the fish tonight in a text their rates and I can't stand boys demand every last song was about some backing could. Some bag and as a group become you know I had no. It's a baguette I don't know that case yeah yeah IE he mine all this is a knee right it any the last. Yeah oh nor the cooler bag and then as time Ramirez said dad means you hear different OK you're with a bag and orbiter bagging on you get a. Getting it'll Thursday he's okay that came and they were formed by thirsty dues are there aren't there thirsty an enemy of the women they mutilate is thirsty. I really didn't help you elated I play when you're younger. Barry Jackson B ports but deadbeat Dietz has declined an invitation from Rory amounts to join his group. We had because he wants full control. You once you gave the least money possible. And have the most power possible what are. Bet he's bring an end 25 million of his own money Jeter and some more time limit to actually control both business in baseball operations territory by nine and started. If it's you know what rapidly you know Medford went to mosque has. In her take her Debbie jeetz yet Carolina I'm I'll be reportedly welcomes the idea of this joining portal is the hole so they're saying I do wanna get back. I mean I am also not doing either one or what your putting into 45 million I'm putting in the rest of this one point only let the general one point two billion and you want control of everything you want none on the business and raised well now. Get your night Jeter declined the invitation. Because hornet mosques. Is offering to be part of the group. But not offering to be and shawl or rates. OK so Jeter of course declines. There's no chance. That this warning Hamas is offering Jeter what he wants Sergio won the declining and and anyone of these guys. Or going to offer Jeter to be a horror the group does a good thing. MG O'Neill when Jeter to be the face of it a day Bryant when they may not examine a problem with him being the face of it but not. Have any real power behind the scenes as is my guess how you'd want it to font type judge here she is off his rocker I understand what his deal and finally what sport it teeter in in all seriousness of Jeter ever wants to own a sports team what sports team as he ever going to own where he puts in 25 million and he gets the control of not Joe's business. But also of this. 100 recruits of what has answered slop all one where he recruits a bunch of suckers abuse investors. That's the one it says while the Russians say there is is Dave with this David Beckham walks down here is as handsome looks and I'm not. Irony is that there were an insult I care they have. I mean. It's like now what lied to his views are David Beckham is something you have anything he wants. Was your back on that company's work ms. bottom yeah. Reportedly believe grows that Stanton will be willing to waive his no trade clause in his giants are showing the most in trust in Stanton Larry Connors type in a system. LeBron James. He wants attention. And he got an answer Graham boast a couple and Ambrose actually posts. A picture of the American Airlines Reno and he wrote a ton a great man marries a right and passed her that day. Hash tag AAA. Hash tag strive for greatness he then goes to the picture of himself on a boat with a Miami skyline in the background older teachers any writing. Under it for all of those that had anything to do with me being weary and today I just wanna say thank you he but being Q and all caps are Ostertag last assets iceberg is I'm going to take Apple's been limited took three years. I'm just going to go ahead and it indicts supremely indirect and I'm not sure we really had anything to do with him being where he is today. But sent a little I'm gonna take its. As in banking. I am and go amber. She's taken it. And has to be has gonna pawns in just trying to make Dan Gilbert upset when a pretty big LeBron is you know where your next. Six. Or any number doesn't play down here so who's got number. This I think that tragic graze though like are you guys are all going on the let's roll that's going back about it. Rob our bellies and did good this is so. Can rub my belly to he's so I think you'll know you are you are Jonathan's as well. Miami radio host voice of the city again and your tellem does care about my defense doesn't wanna play a part of Iraq. You know plays fast ball in front door and here you are all these little it's a butcher. Or abroad did you shall mud there were good memories to last week we said that he hates Miami does yeah. Eat it he could change his mind. And weekend as well he achieves more like his mind. Why can't go from not caring about Miami to realizing you know what I had a really good thing it and I did not realize what I had until I left to look like he's at wisely and if he I'm not saying that we have to go back in time that we have to go back in time but he's allowed to change his mind say you know what I was wrong I really do love Miami and pounds and he. Here's the here's and he just did all right. We're stuck with it with a long haired seven foot three. Hit be looking senator. And we're not exactly happy relationship right now and he's got as vulnerable and he's a citizen you up text you want he's hoping to get those three dots back. Don't given the dots back right hold your ground. We're not approve boarding call the three knots or so ago when you're in the booty call. Read outs on payment kind known birds do it all three dots are huge bill Schneider Atlantic on and three dots not huge slot each. My heroes are boring and he did not believe James is serious and Dresser return course. I mean did Miami Herald he does answer Ambrose from c'mon c'mon Dion Waiters. With Carly trying your route to wade back to the Miami Heat. That's a silly have you seen why is this is nothing silly about that sadness or rude well. I'd be any damage credited to Dion is there enough space on Dion Waiters island for wade count me and Dion replied yeah damn right any day we 10100. That's the goat since this weird like oh he doesn't. He's a free agent he plays or other team. And I guess that's the part of a weird. Your hand he's the. That's early this thing plays for another day you know I know there's no rules the player to player but still I mean he. As a team and some. He thought he also reached greeted somebody had led. Ed Dwyane in a heat Jersey and Dion in meters next next three daughters and makes each other Arabic word and he had to re tweeted it of the onto he'd emote geez. I will tell you this. While IE overall I do not believe that the heat our interest in taking them back at least not this year. I don't believe you don't save an amateur level for him on putts. Every day and it goes by. With them hold on that mid level exception makes me believe their save an effort to win. Well I'd I'd tell you that I don't take it back but every day and that mid level exception which can sort out at four point three million. Every day that that is not spent on someone. I believe that they hold that. Just in case. Somebody also treated huge Dion tell Duane to come home already they tied doing in weighed in Deion wrote I'm trying to strike in scratched an op by the bucket list so obviously playing with three weight on his bucket list. And Dwyane Wade had tweeted out its first couple days ago at Dion Waiters sign me up for one of those that on yourself than doubled down tees spam there you go all the spam. So you cannot tell me. But these CU I mean these Syria and the members are they they love each other they're BF a rebel. I don't I honestly I'd I'd. In all seriousness I did not mean that there is any chance that that Wayne was coming back. And I'm at and and just from this this Twitter love fest the dream Dion Waiters and Dwyane Wade it makes me think that maybe we'd wouldn't be opposed to. Playing with him on is what I'm getting wade wants from us and it seems like to me wade wants a comeback. But I that surprises me about the good ending wade would be okay in a role where that would be frankly very reduced role because Dion would be the man here wade coming forward. He comes back in the bulls give no buyout given twenty of his 24 million and and he gets the other four million from the heats in the four point three million except Hillary has bad. Them clintons act. And is that gives it money July let's be honest and you say it's risk. I suppose yes blows the other question is has more on feel about Deon and waits flirting. You know he's not happy with two and now I can be true moral. We Mitt divine out. Any LCD on the news it is doing comes bag and then LeBron thought you know LeBron and other friends why aren't regular yeah yeah. You look run in Miami is I'm dying and I know how that would work since we have no space left it out early know what the hell would get rid of to bring LeBron back will connect. Clearly not Dion disease draws well for away and now you know we know he's an honest rather well you. Eerie sounds good properties. Any Al Sweden. Of mortgage now eyes guys' press that stuff for this hour this guy's got a lot of nerve next. I'm living in your mind you football season is right around the corner. Tickets that you cover from training cancerous in this month we're we're pretty soon very close man. All the regular season and the post season and Charlene accident attorneys call 800 cent or seven free. That's 807473733. Football you are right here on am 790. And FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Again make you listening at seven ends at 8 AM this morning it's two with a four chance you gonna have. The bureau of. Or obtain a thousand dollar four days begin today you have a chance 1000 balked at 7 AM and at 8 AM may cheer listening on Hal so. I can't get over you know it was written about a little bit in The Herald this weekend the worst reported story in history South Florida sports and that is the sale Miami Marlins. And it was written that they shrink to 3430 on it one day actually the story. Of the worst. Averted story. How the worst reported story in the history. Of south stories sports yes what do fight told you. It would it would not go perfectly would any other organization now it has to be with the Marlins but part of it yup. It's certainly part of it there would be a situation where whether it was documented covered reported. It there was an absolute hoops show of course it would have. I don't know if that's the proper narrative though because we're all acting like this is a bad thing when I heard at the commissioner speak on it he said that the reason that there's so much. Confusion being reported is this as a nose and they know is because there's multiple bidders. And so that's seems like it would be a good thing solidly as there is no multiple groups of people who are interested. And spending a billion dollars on a. I doubt this is like this is Greg. Legitimate stuff that. They should really do either did their research and reporting properly prior to try to be the first one on the street announcer the team is for sale that they were sold the team now. But any dumb idea reporting issue but in other words I'm not show that it's bad it's actually have a negative reflection on the Marlins I mean you can argue whether. Our news outlets down here are doing a good job covering the story. I suppose and as we all have seen Bernice and it on any particular information on it but it. Knowing currently bacterial moral and I don't think it's a marlin is being so warm we're discussing it let all the results are. I agree it is just a funny quizzes as the morally so you know that. But boy did you know the memorial having made him. Our reflection of the fact that because the Marlins a popularity the Marlins down here is is so low. Day they don't really but the new is Al it's down here don't really have awaited copper maybe Amaro let you know breaking Marlins kind of secretive still worried you know worries DA had that with the New York Yankees or something at the it would be harder to keep. Under wraps and you know what that's not good enough excuse. Like like the excuse for getting things little things long time after time after time again is not that maybe we don't agree relational you light on any good insight bowl and only. It goes on excuse me Nana who's making the skis but that's the reality of it I don't know if it's an excuse I think it's a fact I think it's a reality I don't think I don't know of the local news organizations out here have insiders. Or sources. Embedded with the Marlins at. So you can't report anything either either have insiders and sources and have good ones or desolate. Il gets a boring thing because the wise you're giving out wrong information W and Meehan. And listeners we get the wrong info and like. Yeah I. I don't. Know info up. I'd rather not had the relation to wake her Sports Radio station and we report every headlines every single day the new. Rumors about the Marlins so is out on us is well all. Is that on us I I think that we are trying to trust what all are reputable. News outlets but why don't you I don't we have people embedded with the eight you know we have people who have all been questionable we have people who covered heats. We why don't we have you know cover the Marlins people who don't sound like a lock on our show we have you know I mean we have people on the show who would who worked for the Marlins or work for fox sports Florida certainly have a really. He's our annual college season really we've people who negotiate side deals other reporters in its sound send them and send it in the board outside Billick that's all we have. What we're supposed to have people who cover the team Zynga has a press conference I don't mean sane you he. I don't Culver the heat's. But I I I'm I'm around the I would not sick culprit the heat's what would you say yeah. And I'm on the casts I I don't gimme a comment makes telling a reporter. Oh okay you're not a reporter but you certainly broadcast for the heat Indiana he's a regular. City you certainly know things for the heat's yes. So but my point is on nine and would argue that 790 would be lumped into that hole. Idea of this the local news organizations where eighty covering I don't. Number I don't who should be that may may be but I mean maybe we maybe we can do a better job. It again. Why I guess I'm saying is that that I wouldn't lump us necessarily is that sort desirous of we have someone who's like so and so 790 is reporting that the Marlins sailed this blah blah blah like that has never been the case not now maybe should be Casey we should do a better job. It we should have people. Who who can. Do that I I I don't know. Now the surprising to me I think would probably be the Miami Herald where they have actual don't they have actual Marlins are porters don't. Are. Terrible jobs every other Allentown here just like forces on a bad job losing your host is not a bad job and real reason you know outlets ignore poster balls as Jeter on. Isn't that job every one every once in a terrible terrible job. I think it's this little part of these I mean these sorts negotiations are really confidential suffering with somebody has to spell you don't let me ask yourself summing up to spell it coming on the inside has dispel it we don't let me ask this and we mean I had the answer this because we are local okay. But your best guests. Do you think when it comes it's sports teams are for sale all the time. Yes but there's not always multiple bidders or few. You assume I could not control or a higher the commissioner speak on it says that he was saying was you know some why this. Is why there's so little calculator or rivers and what is what you resale what went when you make his or I guess there's not that many Nemo maybe Muehlegg. And a billion dollars on a sports team and I I it's not that there's never bidders I guess there's here there's multiple groups are very serious matters I suppose this may be able to tell me as different as are all want to be approved by baseball. This is not one voice for each. Party that is trying to bid for the steam it's it's you know this guy is joining this group back guys joining that group. Christ our most join a group known Reno's like. That's the way it is it's is there's there's. Five I actually grew up a joint degree I do you almost to death I wanna join a group I join a group. Tiger and feel like you wanna put down 55 dollars and has five on it. And then do you are you like Jeter that you Wyatt. Before ritual you want full control full control when little baseball I gotta hand it is a stops I gotta be the fate I only had like. You know I think it was between a 20200. Tiger Woods' dollars put on. Dollars grant oh wow really click on that seem like a lot you know you don't pay you to aren't. Minority are you you know I love the show popular you know when we get we know you won the majority that was not clarify that there's no totally understood totally totally understand. Billy Graham is gonna get to Modano. Totally understood but by dialing that you Alex you want to make sure it was clear and Claire education isn't an episode that's a good job and owner. Thumbs up mom being a thorough reporter now that's all that's letting everybody know the right information that's right wing put out there Romberg guys actually knew was that he drugged Robertson trying to get he also you may have heard of him for his playing days a you know it's a money he makes arms. He says that he was approached. To be a minority owner with one of the groups. Donating president about those they think aping. Romberg as a point it's some of these groups are maybe a bit and organize and that's why there's a lot of focus releasing them money I. I think though that might be one group in particular. I think that the group Brinkley. You know we've heard maybe is in the lead and it seems like maybe from what we seem to Barney moss hanging out Lori ends up that maybe that's where little. I was late once he was not in the original groups right but it seemed like arriving party it seems like key is very obviously tightlipped so depressed and in in in all seriousness. If Corey Maas is lawyers are now are in very serious contract talks Marlins try to get the stunt. How those leaking I import it moss is currently not to the press. And it it'll clear certainly aren't noted like closely and I don't know and love is innocent little. I'm into the seminary is officers take an email secretary reserve system maybe and try to hold on his employees meaning you know world acting like impresses supposed to have some. So worsen batted in horny moss is an office I mean that seems. I guess that's very hard time believing. That when a professional sports team is for sale. Like you know I love that show billions on showtime and one of the main characters the main hedge fund guy it is trying to buy a football team and and one of the guys is involved says that that's how we that's how we crown when you in this country by a warning you professional sports team. That's that's when you become you're you're a big deal you own. One of sports teams in this country. And so I I have a hard time believing that when a professional sports team like the Marlins like any team. Becomes first say Ole that there are not multiple. Bidders out of multiple billion dollar bidders they only recently. Only in recent years have have professional sports teams outside the cowboys outside of the Yankees. Be calm warts a billion dollars but I have a hard time believing. That when other teams in other markets outside Miami had their teams for sale. That there are multiple bidders with with real money aisles of a hard time believing that. The that the miss information. That we had with this story is out there for those sales ball and. I don't know for sure. I mean in terms had a hard time believing in terms of billions I mean there's only you know 500 odd people in this country who even have billions rates they're calling it I think 540. People in this country read you saying that an attack and do that but now it's you putting together groups are because there's so few people who actually have billions are so few people are billionaires. Liquid billions by what are you saying the fact that you think that part of the confusion here has been because that team is solid program billion dollars so they're not be decided confusion out same team with some six or 700 million. I think that that would be significantly better at it now I think got a significantly improve it is my point is. That that the price tag of the team and as such loses steam teams now generally but the price tag of this team is sell highway. That there's so few people outside people don't typically walk him with that kind of money ready it by the team so they have to try to put together group and then you end up in this weird situation like Jeter re a 25 million. And you're trying to buy a team worth one point three. Billion and so how many people do you have to bring in appear him and so I think that that's one reason that it's sort of as convoluted as that adds is it it was a clean sale or you just have one family comment which is what how sports teams used to be bought. And more are more often right where the majority owner would be and sell very rich and would call men. And then you'd how some minority owners he never hear about it but it would be very cut and dry. Break here you have a minority owner in Jeter. And Mary minority owner was then trying to find essentially a majority owner really that he can win here it's like a weird way worry minds. And seem to Jeb Bush Jeb Bush was gonna put in twenty million seed unless you have these groups we did it with a super minority. Owners trying to build the group to buy the team were thinking typically it's more of the Corey moss situation where he himself has so much money that he at least reportedly not very familiar with them. But he himself has a lot of money since he's the mighty Joseph majority owner and then he just has to find a couple minority owners subsidized. Talk YouTube you better not pretend you don't know or Hamas our audience it's very. You really are a run on reasonably. Oh well that's why we should probably appreciate a lot of room knowing these details of these as if these things and come out of lake. We first heard the digit was involved with the ownership group were all. Very very happy and but the reality is he has no because it's been a ball right now on Buddha know that without the without some of the report that's been done on the story when some of these details have been very important because our initial beliefs were. We're Withrow for a look I think a lot of it. Lot has to do with the malls dispute over the initial story was out of Forbes that. There's nobody in line for this team nobody really has the money for this team and again and not sure yet but how will actually really was true because hours after that we get the board go to. Well there's multiple bidders for this team is multiple people what had six Griffith and that was OB yes but just the Marlins saying what I don't were hot commodity. Would force this report was pay just what. As the money goes to what suspend the malls are asking for the ST a user and immediately after that. Hours after that report comes out we get. No no I don't know I don't know there's Romney and there's bush and there's all these people who lot of buzz and in fact this what's on guide and exists as he added up but there's the initial. Bush Jeter hedge agreement as well as they don't the monologue about army anatomy now. It a frigates have some armor cents a came on sesame what looked more like a quarter. A quarter more a matter when Forbes put value on the team of being I think was a donors they only eight argument on an end and insecurity Amy guy at a quarter to that she. He and it is exams and yeah well as I generally anyone at a quarter to that and that. I want you matter why you glad you didn't Texan on the show. On the Coral Springs on a multi tech signed 6797 port. They saw last December we at 101000 music bands they came out to for a lot of beach so much national acts perform. And tickets 12070. Retired music festival December 2 there they go on say Ole. This week July 21 that is Friday 10 AM and by announcing any demands yet okay we'll do a meeting the next month. But be Dicey bigger and better than ever thought. And you get discounted tickets for a limited time beginning Friday that's when he first had to do mining dot com. When they're gone you pay full price aren't so. I would say it hit him up. On Friday it's and I am retired 2017. From AM 790 and FM one a four point three HD to the ticket a map this morning. I'm mad this morning don't like when a listeners are unhappy or listeners are unhappy because say they're having trouble getting a signal. That DHD is not working that sucks obviously and maybe there's even some problems with with the regular signal I don't know mom and sides studio I can tell you for tort. But I know that the HD is not working and it would appear that some people are complaining about the regular signal as well that's that's very frustrating. Mom knew he says. Mayonnaise now this morning and we want we want to be here. That is a constant. Pressure more annoying to us that were a woman when you can't hear receive eminence than this TU. Although although I I do have some people saying that they are here in the damned good OK so they're read it good listening ribbons on the air about the aids he's definitely not work and so. I would tell the people the CIA Steve to turn over to the AM which is on the wrong with that okay except I feel like if it if you're having trouble as he can hear me tell you. Yet that's the weird thing about that because I was also gonna say you know of course we do you also have the half that you can listen through and then the website and Alyssa Wright out eventually hear me give you the recommendation rank you know that's that's a little live through the website I mean that's that's how I listened to an all time. So it's believe me did if you others and right now on your frustrated because you not isn't sure that we normally listen to show. I feel you frustration is a constant frustration aren't as well they got hatton is Susie can send emails to Brian hurt dot London. At Entercom. I dot com they yelled at the end. To ER CON dot com that's one half VI a new show in the suit in the knee beard. Old man that was prices so that was so that roms and because it did the other day hello little brutal from you know it's funny about it is I and I only those incidents at the beginning. But it when you you guys for a minute at least in the first segment down elegy as did after that that for many you guys started to get into cain's football fan and I felt like that that was actually. That actually would be very good show because. She did you have you know a whole lot and I played well in the beginning and I knew I knew you I know you always make fun so wordy so he went actually worked with these before and I thought you know I'm Robert Maxey enjoy this more than anything because he's a super canes went on heavy. Then ask them how much UA's and then got a little bit sensitive in the news just didn't get sensitive went downhill after a while. But he's lost a lot of weight he's working out all the time right I personally come a graduating this. I'm not gonna do what are you asking how much she's lost that that you're closer to five right so we want you. You clearly don't wanna you wanna the bulge how much he was at the beginning. That's just why it matters eligible loss is what's important he got sensitive to that and then you know last month guys besides my asthma diabetes and all why did you. My diabetes and high. TV is constant campaign Obama I love my ceased but then attorney like his mom shopping habits and she's at Nordstrom rack or Nordstrom and you expect him about these Santa wasn't the only issue on its if you if she wanted to. If he wanted to her to buy them for him and I looked intimacy you were grown ass man with her own family your mother still bunched up. Corona Series Alice I Taylor well my Saddam double double lecture. Depending on the material might go excel who knows the moms and vines and Wilson vice. And we got I don't know we just. You know how it goes math at at a five hours to sit here talking just kind of got a mailer and I guess that banner it was Friday. We're doing an extra hour you're sucking up to the boss. Oh my soda in my I'm not this morning. Because is up though Lance. Took the naked on a rock concert Autoruns off. And it happened at the U was a conspiracy. Sadly didn't tell me in Romberg about it until I think she's right for the concert essentially radar of the school plane tickets I couldn't change the plane tickets. In the whole thing and it was still trying zoo does try to make up for at the last again try to pretend like you're trying to get means there's cons are they clearly made silver dollar and amber and and there will call of course is closed at a time I would have gotten there. And he has the art talent I missed out on a held a night last night it sounds like Amazon on three Ginn and the nose is red with Jordan I don't tore us with. Now they'll there must not let they have so much here Tobin did you shall get into the show last night servers it tones you trouble putting your backstage pass around your neck. I have an exit pay close early so petty as guest pass into the gets me into the after thing Hulk and Ira Rosen a member Arlen once it was studio visual getting the guest pass to. 08 did you have. They don't know where you in Atlanta taking care of your nephews and your means that a family hurt you you already booked your plane to hit the clubs back. At 7 PM when the show started 17. Holds and that's. All that kind of feeling if he had real bullet any woody could easily that's that is. I'm like oh I kind of agree with you there. As I could does claim is such a good friend Danny. Yeah I just don't answer I don't know what it's. Life fought and you're really not the sort. Thursday is the monster. On Sunday and I had thirty but I didn't I didn't play to get on Tuesday and already. Is sooner I gotta just. And made some different arrangements right it'd trying to back out there alien. Although it's it is a problem. This is a slashing you just take election now and then Robert woody I'm glad. Yeah. Is babies from Elizabeth. Whom we do it when it looked. I don't know more not a lot recommend maybe out of their tremendous. Soviet big promises today. And then and abominable build my -- table do you know your source for the baby summing lessons there it's if you already bored diggreel jarring. We're able to make the throw your baby in the hole now to our table slow roller in the blur together the way get them from a foot on one of them had been able on. What are they able for the rover in the pool good I like all right so trial are the fitness music it can be sorry if you're not ready we. Your building insulate it zero Mike downs Iraqis want amen amen to build it all here and then reassemble it down there for you still building outdoor kitchen yet. Because my boyfriend heard you on there and so he wants outdoor kitchen and obviously there strictly expensive and so he heard you on air so now he thinks that he should go try to build an outdoor kitchen from lumber because they and should they can't tell you right now it's it is much more complicated than it really is the feeling yes. Purchase to make before an outdoor kitchen I don't know you end my guests are viewing the honor at the same level in terms of building. Things are not as if here. You're telling me he's going to cancer and a nice outdoor girl. Person put some zone under Fred really it's a big bird's team he's got a fire announced an elderly and the economy flourish plumber and learn about. It's got a locking them where it was a work in the kitchen seriously. The outside you've got to stories that badly at the change it to guys that sucker boy. How lasting out it's Amber's got your headlines next.