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Monday, July 3rd

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Needs as long runs and end. You have one Rayonier that's not the finals. Did those pretty awesome yeah. I don't want to CBS but I want I want to give you the gift of good television shows and as you watch for you you why you much ground I'm telling you now. Watch madam secretary. Yeah let's headaches CNN and ninth last night and he area sports. Swan in the left school she seems like a sweet spiritual religious woman's legs you know Rick let's keep away from the help with spiritual. Very welcome to soothe like god OK okay. You seemed source hammered persons were now starting to get tax and I happen to have the Texans scene opened first tax the only amber your good speaker. This number. Yeah and I was living. What accompanies. The gas being let Alex is wrong verdict with the on the pride you can imagine tells the far. It's your. On 79 lead that tip. Is beyond me. Don't live for us. As we roll out of the outlets were in men of the giving that's owners of the it's burned down in. That's all of us. Snow that light turns out on airline did it happened so very important on the label it as no one more on there and that is just like gave regular light bulb. I wasn't expected it was over on court at some thought. Years on the air. There he kind of disturbed handling and I don't know. This is just like united shows that lets you see the on airline but I think it's just burned out religious adherents. Texan. The woman really sought to play drove two hours to come or not be on the air this morning blood only is just relying on the late let's parental wanna walked in here at the outside light of our room was on and nobody was on in here. Might have some going martial arts move reverses you know he'll be fixed like three years okay enough or whatever removes the new building perfect. That's a little before next. This ailment then you're. Maybe four decisions that's illegal that is illegal in its process. You know I was here and sadly probably by Tony ninety when I was here on Saturday in need is some somebody said that and were moving in September. And once. All sorts of tax and a tax on all sorts telling us they can tell that they can hear is undoubtedly there unfortunately well extra cents. Don't you reject ago good morning good morning how are like or ma'am go to hell you like the crisis of the moment. I let's fight sea levels Garrett that lions. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. to show Miramar. Here's what's trending now from a policy air remains headlines desk he. No problem. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge men's dot com. Another tax rate to nearly listeners hear sorry about that that we have like 20 violent attacks this morning so we are twenty strong media aren't. The bonus and a team I'll get the ball rolling and get mentally ill effects in all seriousness I was via another good month for remain in my get a domain. I'm waiting does that mean it okay. That'll be dangerous for me I that's the one that I got to go to to know that I'm off you know. Or you know let the little that is. True I don't know how we're gonna know now so you now I'm sure it is today magazine keep locked in your radios because you never know what's gonna happen because people can hairs on the brakes who. Our lives and their jobs today these headlines are brought to you I auto zone. Now an AutoZone get twenty ounces of AC pro refrigerator with hosing gauge for just 34 dollars and 99 cents after a five dollar mail in rebate. Restrictions indeed deals and stored it in zone. Auto zone. The all star team was reveal all of your boy Marcella Ozuna was named Ann and Al starter. A very cool. Very cool from ourselves in a get a voted in by the fence surprised well earned it John Groce Stanton makes a team as a reserve it's his fourth career selection. Matching Miguel Cabrera for most in Marlins history. What's going on by the way with whom why why haven't it and why haven't bid to wipe the home run derby said. Concerned judges count I'm saying why hasn't judge judge still hasn't committed racked. He wants and Bruce Berger of musical on the newfound star athlete I mean I meet. Human rural roads in a little derby begged me is really. Have even he's. But he's in all I mean in what would think in the all star spectacle period what would think you would think with your newfound fame all. Anybody wants to do his comments do you hit a lot of home runs but here's the thing. It's it's it's gonna actually put pressure on to do it you know it's not just this newfound though look at the wonder boy and it's all these home runs. Now you got to do it against a man and John Carlos stand who's who restored your whole. And it is a wonder it scared this or I mean hole. Now this or B hall musher Marcum prepare but I do look door you'd pick or. Are pro or an idea or temporary. Of course. Looks was I'm wondering I'm wondering in the whole situation going on Luke with. With I would judge might be the easiest. I know there's probably not a jinx involved relatives militant cover Madden situation going on with entering the home run derby now homeowner he's just got such a good thing going right now that just doesn't wanna Maceda doesn't have a distraction doesn't wanna change anyway anything of the swing well. Easiest thing. The most famous or as Bobby Abreu back in the day he had a solo home runs than just had. Just terrible second half and so should everybody from donor Norman there are those like. I seven years ago. Boy you know extent we're last year wasn't a thing form it's and those guys airing giants don't don't don't change their swing that they're them their problem looses so get out there and in the end and let's clash Hitler's let's go. There was any not even expected to meet seeing he's and it was me it's supposed to still be in the minors or don't. Is over forming in getting rewarded for and then just. A voice heard Justin Moore is up for the fans final vote let's don't pass tag to vote bore his won a five players up to that. So Marlins fans get on it Ric Flair tweeted out his support for just in bore. So really it was group was reflect our own support by Minnesota's Rick flair big just abortion yet from he's gonna talk about all star worthy. App bore 41 deserves to make it to the all star game but born now Marlins dot com slash vote only a few days left and very excited would you vote not just some more credit attitude. I took him on a piece. Oakmont you know excellent Maureen do. More than Moreno now the Marlins beat the brewers yesterday Nintendo three merciless and I had a home run with Stanton is bad after neighbors complained about pine tar. Yeah I agree on is made him change bats. Then as an estimate binds or salty and they and apparently they brought him from what I saw that it wants to be alive but from what I saw it looked like they brought him another bag and then they'd positive like that that. In Sudan about ways grabs. Stands that. Any candidate. City hump and ends up being an AM obviously not a bad issue considering he blasted that one out of the park is well Jesus. Hayward and Matt with a Miami Heat on Saturday. In. Other he had no let up as wishy washy. They've put up Hayward banners outside the arena. Many players were in attendance including Hasan might I didn't Udonis has woman James Johnson Goran Dragic Skype in. A source close to viewers that he was impressed by the meeting. You can go to our users give a damn plane. Let's Amanda's Louisiana is really in Slovenia are a good thing you know he can adjust some things for the Slovenian national team is important is busy. Move in a little far away as you oppose brother. Probably. Heard met with the Celtics on Sunday in Boston he will meet with the jazz today in San Diego. So annoying this at Gordon Hayward already. Could this say and I army's decision I don't like when you that in like fifty hours like let's go mom oh you really was he they said Tuesday or Wednesday mean you have to expect that he wasn't gonna meet with the jazz until today now of course is a decision comes as good decisions should be made tonight. That's it like what is this day or week to choose her decision should have been made on Saturday. Look at how I overly practiced drinking Scotch at 9 AM. Not have Reilly I'm out there Armani suit talking about hair gel that's when the decisions have been made it to derail it take this long no way like let's go Gordon Hayward you Gordon Hayward and emerald brawn took. Boy he's when he ride day easily he's LeBron as much as I dislike the guy his LeBron James although there any word is the biggest freeagent. This guy he's only we're gonna recruiting trip everybody else's like decided they're like why you'll give me a hundred million dollars okay. And so everybody's like I Haig Gordon Hayward you want the Max you what the Max you what he urges wants money staying in Utah. It's not that much. Difference though it's not a tie it no it's not and and especially arsenal and here is is about the same he makes more here and it is yeah not only only running attacks yet but he doesn't make more salary wise he makes more in Utah. Writing you ask I continually money in his. Pocket plus plus that you do opt out the slate it's it's not even be a difference on these gonna throw boat America. Electoral nobody really knew who what do these guys that gets the end of their contracts on the ball opt out so even if he does a four of immunity is a four year deal with the three or opt out. He's likely to end at five you know we. So I've noted the the seller has not gonna continue to go up the way that's been going out but this thing now next year it's going to be flat. Yeah but he could be if he's with his guys within the team long enough they can sign you into the cap with the perhaps do rated a year burger and Smith don't have to. You know there have to be hard cap it. Pat Riley air Spoelstra flew to Los Angeles to meet Deion readers there's this clearly receding in dress from the bulls the knicks and the kings and apparently had a meeting the lakers the lakers last night's MX agent that GM of course this is former age. Out of all those gonna go and I'm nervous about the lakers now know what you wanna go to the other places look. I've got fires right now while some of the things the lakers are gonna go assembly alone if they're gonna give him like a huge one year deal like similar to JJ Redick jitter and excitement of one year twenty million dollar bill out. Well the knicks I mean I mean the kings are not having an enemy using up their cabin doesn't isolate Iran aside until a huge one year deal as well like. Monster that might have to wait I think also never restricted free agent offer out to Otto Porter so. Mats can believe that's for like 25 year. And that obviously hasn't signed it he had. And then he got to wait for the you always for the the wizards that they're gonna match is the so they will match so. That may also take over at times of the under doing it if he wants to run and. He wants a way to otherwise he gets suspended by the fact that he's in reading and he didn't need guidance and then Amy Simon. The lakers does he want a long term deal it is just gonna break the bank someone do one year two year deal on oh man I mean the thing is he's young enough so if you wanted to just doing a two year deals solid he couldn't bet on himself again and still make good our. But he also has never really gotten paid a lot of times is the way because these guys like to get that one could pay day. Already behind them and then they'll worry about the op in the opt out. Not a valid if the river they heard on Sunday I'm in lake search report all week on what's he looking for what's he what's he about. A lot of teams may be willing to spend more. For the one year to maintain flexibility for 28 team agents because there's so many. Yeah freeagent Russell Westbrook runs and all that stuff. So. It's an instinct but I am but who just won who just want to go join Ross so. Paul George PG thirteen ambition extraordinary. I go to Oklahoma City. Because you don't use them to to someone else is Dodgers though they DL go there because he talked to on the slam magazine Alec it's a you know there that they heard his family about what they did them last here. So he's out of he's coming up right against them. I think what you're gonna see is if if Gordon Hayward doesn't sign with the heat. They're gonna they're gonna use all that cap space and do Dion and James Johnson on a huge one year deal yes frown on them yet well no just like. Just Britain legitimately here are our I can imagine on and there are now. I imagine that agent in the late to sit here's the weird thing like James Johnson was out he recruited me crazy. Yeah that's wheel well and he told Larry Jackson and that he's Asian he's willing to wait for Gordon your decision that he understands that the heat's doing there is exactly what you want obviously. And the guys that I mean not that speaks well firm for our chances of getting. Of getting and retaining James Johnson but I can't imagine that James Johnson would would sign a one year deal. What if it was point five million dollars. That's insane like windows twenty million. Today these I don't know you have heard league and our Jessica potter and innings running CNET done more I mean ever yet. Do and I hope the players the publisher in the yoke of LeBron James or a Kevin Durant orally to huge star. A lot of these guys do like having the security. An even dry cleaning and even LeBron James is multiyear deals and then with opt out or even LeBron James it's a two year deal opt out any signs an extension for another year if he's even prominently in the bronze never going to be the surgery even if LeBron like horror and ECL. He'd still get a big deal red us are saying even even he doesn't have actual true one year deals. As my point. Well yes I mean it's if if they get her something that can opt in and you know what I mean it's so it's it's safe for them right and the last couple years it's been just really. Important for players to go back into free agency because the salary caps skyrocketed but yet maybe now you'll start seeing longer term deals I don't know. There was a lot of things that I have and references and yet Leo simmered as we can roll on into an exciting just to rattle off some of the things happened or we Israelis get into an actor you know get into next. It's mostly field crowd back. I am on Monday morning that is out today him Robert you're the blue and since and it's zero. I'm new sin happened first break. And Tobin sneeze and it's not into the microphone and then people that still hear me. I think was slim summer Allen and dolls and O'Neill's. Mucking up the mad run on her turn now. Dozens dozens of of the amber on Russia Thursday mornings in the attic like Castro to buy East Coast over to just as we've got your assets covered. Call 855 get ECPA or visit east goes on and adjusters dot com adults of the last also just the total amber right here on the ticket. So yes orders of the freeagent things that I went down as we get them there the whole people a lot of lot of big she's getting spent by idea by the NBA he's sort of. It isn't news really are free agency was us sell bombed or bombshell as as one would have its when Ramona shall mourn broke. The story that Paul George was headed to Oklahoma City. In a deal of course with the Indiana Pacers are they got a whole lot of nothing and some all the depot in the next in return. It's yet that's Wi-Fi Lou the the rumors of the carrier ring super rear of the cavaliers. The only guys that given up carrier ring and it was given up who's given up that much for you to get one of these stars nobody. So weird to me Daniel we're stinks that. Certainly not giving up high re hurting for a guy and a one year rental it's in Nigeria and that's what he wanted to know remote reportedly idle time. I don't know about that the clippers signed Blake Griffin to a five year 173. Million dollar deal and not available to December yet. Reportedly reportedly because of the broken toe broken bones but as a toe toe toe. Telling the nuggets signed Paul Millsap do every year ninety million dollar deal. The warriors signed stuffed Currie to a monster five year 201 million dollar deal and the LeBron complained about it. Yes he complained about why is there salary cap again when he was a vice president of the players union and agreed to the salary cap. The other really tests a Kurd get shorted by have lab by tournament thus does it he's getting shorted. Well now we all my prayers and write a busy even even if you is decided big and a monster deal at some point. Even if his deals 250 million he still underpaid but you all know that Iran is always going to be underpaid because of the salary cap to tell works the guys the top of the Decker underpaid. He's but he's he's being he's being a phony or he's failing he shot and it's him he's conserved is that curb does not know he's not concerned overstaffed crazed concerned about his own wellbeing but it may as well hitting Chris Paul are the ones who agreed. You the salary cap structure I mean as it currently exists so they don't strike was right Bolivia dearly if you're really that concerned about it. You really think 200 million is not enough the raptors paid surge of opera and Kyle Lowry pal Larry get that hundred million dollars to deal. Yes see that's surgeon about get a put out a statement that says he's nationally seven or see those funny and Beasley these rumors are unfounded and untrue. I am 27 years. Course you played you annoyed at what would that big you know you know broaden ties that yeah I have to go overboard lying. To make it seem like it's on the cheers they. If you wanted to said no answer to your old saying Serge Savard is not doing is having hairs on I just think that if you're Serge Ibaka and you're really it's what his seven years old you just say and put a seven -- so proud of worries from anything's Americans are sound and. Aren't sit out the rest of the world would she would probably be correct that that we think that he's from some back woods. Milledge is an offer one in fact he's from. A city that actually you know has things like hospitals and records even out I'm proud of where I came prominent my heritage. I'm proud of the hard work and I what is I'm very disappointed with the small part is a zionists had to rivers in them based on stereotypes out any proof it's not it's the small high he's a he's got about prejudices against. His origin as a Africans. And he relegated to take a stand he said he was born in the capital of the Republic of Congo a city with a population bigger than one million a city with hospitals a civil registry. Ear that an administration. Wants rounds like this is a lie I was not born is a jungle like this I mean that I mean it's true though I did is so. So late Reid did keel is that we do that you on the locate your from Africa was a so so your birth records must be incorrect is running its huge city in Africa. It also looks a hundred years old though. And not a matter of the dreaded it's like to watch a pulls an inaugural understood that most prominent. He looks a fifteen year old in the batter's box now he's got a big beer belly and he tickets to fastballs anymore. So that you question number of losses changed yes. Oh my god yes that's been on hold brag not yet it's in round rock and sorry yeah they glory since. Following Obama had a closer with a with a with a fake name for years. Late that happened in a close or closer used Leo Nunez for five years and the one ages shows public hey guess what oblong Oviedo. Well I don't know why well John Carlin was a fake name. Now audiences really in. That he's never gone by ever in the history of the world know who he is rules on call low would use Suze too afraid to speak out of the young boy off. And here's this money is our callers too hard for the teachers Iowa got some clout he's a mogul normal room now at. Like when he got famous at any dissipated it's coming to Miami and he decided that he once don't help. The sexy John Carrillo it is the third out in the ladies and you might sneak in his name is Marcy. I what's your name. John Dunne the high level. Please meant that he now from his cousin Jean Carlo lake for the a lot of people hopefully a lot of Gian Gian Carlo so. The Italian and I didn't do. Any like well he showed of the club payment Angeles might. Are what mare. But hey Dave what's your name Murray. I'll answer named John Carlo a hole until we get that rope for a really quick John Carlo. And the motor. Cab signs Kyle core refer to a three year Tracy million dollar deal love and as a whole bunch of other stuff. Also haven't already heard she worked for John Jrue Holiday and real prowess pelicans for. Five years or 126. Million a deal garrido honored victim. New Amy you do it out of me me in. Its original files and that's what this really now is awesome and follow. I can. Is he is he in jail still wasn't any get arrested for selling other types. Really. Philly that remarks at least this medical bong with a babysitter and waterways and wildlife. If you ever go into one of those smoke shops or something it's like you can get find for saying the keyword. Daughter of water pipes because they're for tobacco auditor's seat. Lot of people are Kara on giant pipes the smoke a sick room yet to back him and it's better for your lungs. So over the water pure president you are through a couple cubes in there at the bottom of it ping the entire record let me find aliens not illegal word. I think they won't they won't serve viewer though find a way you're in their former. Meanwhile the guy behind the counter is is this higher than a hundred hippies and weren't everything freaking tie dyed he's got and I have a bag around a shoulder he's looking at the YouTube views and no idea I get a ball no we can't see belonging year me and you gotta go now like come on do. Yet including new recruits and Noonan and Ecuador had total and utter today. I don't Cella. Earn. It's really good and smoked. We need to win immunity going home to roll your own cigarettes as I get these papers for it come on dude. He and you give doodles school immediately the paper in Google around. It feels you're just making yourself or grab one of these posters that really cool is this lack laid Manny look good when you're sober since he's. Heights over a year there for like regular tobacco and then these pipes over years if you wanna like V8 bit. The use like we've got to for concentrated tobacco we've got flowers. Since Cooper's achievement and a ban. To be and it's been. Don't down. To go down and at the very university Exxon again and you'll believe on the bulletproof glass bow and every one. Metal and Gerald Green used to smoke flat bill lived. So liberty and vision. Yes but I gained huge uzis. You can actually yourself for this arm that they're meant silly stuff. Is so belongs. The Exxon by Barry collier and in my empire is a little gas stations are urging bonds and gusties number. Since seller how man cursing at the woman making a sandwich Google on Bartley a full and Israel and Miami I think the year Fort Lauderdale life is in Italy do not include Atlanta Miami win longer than ever of the Lauderdale idling in back wanted to offer you this. Next to the Jamaican guy where you flicked his his Ding Ding and and a lighter comes out of it and it's right next to the Chinese horny pills or put. Not now I know there is a nice it was a very knows notre term bills or their now I now display case along with the Zippo lighter than has marijuana only 400 yourself feel Florida is he too little money. Rednecks who snacks are things work. The coffee grinder works yeah. Plays boring wholesale semite to you Aaliyah who who who got in trouble with that tomorrow that's like a weed yeah right we unique you do need help Kenya help. Parents only need assistance being in that way you're. You've been on odd drinking. All night then Sunday we'll do it John Jones John Jones day was ordered though that's why popped her steroids and given how old is Johnson's. 29. Oh is he died young so Joe Young. She's hired doubt he's who's got biting going eyes hype going on slim is not tired hired every listener I don't want to let a slim you exerted themselves in any manner. I exerted myself this week in Italy thank you very much. But then what's after thirty like you once if you've got well enough drinks in yet. You know there's a term they aren't something. You could just you know diet not drink as my engineer around relating how would you maybe be did the solution there. Yet it's solution anxiety in doing that Turkey with a couple this easing is. Never doorman at a Labrador. Yeah MI duh he might scare shed a full round with a gay. Laboratory. Noon do I let him out like that is. Highlighted that lie flat. We tell you format battle we're glad about that comes segment works at a news show now I got a broken down for you. I'm sad mad. Out on vacation with Gary L union. And everybody talks but these banana a boy is getting together and sat asked Dwyane Wade is this lowly us banana boat is out there alone. But no friends. Let's actually on occasion my friends know friends not a violate no no famous friends who the famous friends we're really just a real life. That's why do what muscles give him props for being with the bird person he vowed to be with. You better let's check yourself on feeling bad toward the lonely banana boat because you don't want that banana boat to be draped in a knicks uniform. Next season next season. How they're doing is he's created. Do you think they're all gonna go to New York State judge does. I just a bit I think got a little bit have a things phonies like. LeBron like I wanted to go blow those guys are. It couldn't I agree because I mean there wouldn't they should've done that many years ago when they all did actually wanted to team up but it. LeBron to the knicks might not be as crazy as we make it out to be because of LeBron leaves Cleveland's. We all say lakers but it doesn't really make sense firm to go out west I am surprised at these guys keep on last to be honest because now the web and in the west is so stacked and find different he. But it is you actually wanna ring Jane I think that the reason the prime lightly Leland. Is bigger than basketball. Team I brought to LA resolve not to themselves not exit not to ring Jay's necessarily but it seems like on the move her work on his brand out LA and and focus on other opportunities and act and whatever else he's going to end up getting into that's gonna end up making him. Huge sums of money played if he wasn't green season you'd have to stay in the east of here abroad. And so it was weird to see this so Rajon Rondo Leo Bob by the bulls and the way and waited. Businesses stir people believe uses such a phony on this. The is resigning nearly on music. I wanna say thank you to Rajon Rondo over putting our personal history we have behind us from the Boston days I enjoyed learning from you. Read. That no idea storyline it's how steady line as NASDAQ bomb blasts. What do you remember. I'm glad this morning. I. Live near the door let me be excellent and already remain angry that the morning. I'm regular listener did this morning that he's losing it he said good morning and he's a good job on Saturday amber I drove my first show on Saturday night in. Good I was who I think you went OK I was sitting in doesn't chair though and then Italy Ingle from that shares weird like overlooking. I coupe from that from Matt Stairs to a whole new world. And uses a different sort of like an executive and a song about him and be free agency did you feel like booster the ship OK I think they did and I think I am not confident felt comfortable I was actually a little nervous there were went on air and obviously get nervous or reduce John Allen actually Obama's oval little nervous. Remember when joy to have that 1 time in the morning she was like. Really nervous got her super early called the night before but it's what you wanna talk but we are that I just like relax. There's division. And prepared over let's. You do well. I mean I really don't have nervous at all. They have a lot of talk about right yes we hit the satellite to dock about Gordon Hayward man everybody is freaking out about I kind of anxiety. Who is on snapshot. Of the theater was tacky I mean it wasn't like a huge banner. As it was fine because it wasn't huge banner was teased by thought it was a the thought it was you know I thought it was good because it was I mean it was it was a bitter they also have I think the banner Dion they have a banner of I wouldn't somebody out or Xeon and so on maybe they have they have a few banners down that stretch on the labels and then they put up the banner of support here but it's not like they put out like a life size you know monster is banner on the purple and I. I just I just think it's over to LAQ they are professional violated laws is Goodyear pay a hundred million dollars to its you have to patient Eisen with a fake jerseys I don't think they're. And it doesn't it as a way to play him on video I mean not on not an as an adult strategies is done. Equalization like isn't isn't sales like if you isn't doesn't the car salesman want to get you to sit in the car. So that like you actually know what it feels like to be in the car it's. There's your cars has say right now that would be like to have you here I'm here hormone blade a basketball game to see how it feels our game. Triple double get that would year I can play yet like Romberg going to get recruited LA OK Brett Romberg here you know I've come to the U. This is an impressionable kiddies a dummy. But now I like you're a grown man like enough coming. Listen I got is the there's one could be court light and I mean I Amy flew all night on air and his wife he's taking his sweet just time making this decision let's be honest I mean all he needed to really DO. It was visit Miami and Boston. For a couple hours column today Boston's even arguable whether he really even needs to spend much time they're always clearly Miller Brad Stevens. And then. Why is he meeting with the jazzy CA Diego he knows what the jazz or growl you know I mean really the whole process can be so much simpler if these guys won its beat these guys don't wanna I wanna be wind. Didn't die in some some guys really enjoy that stuff despite worked on my agent last week. I couldn't get over the fact that that like some guys really do need to be Sharaud really almighty god. It's all players a salutary around the football players who just has grandma's like not a from what I hear from him yes the fly out so many times to go visit these guys are taken to get a cellphone and help them do this signal that it's like you're grown ass man handle your business to undo years. Likely to a lot of rosenhaus clients and I'm should not just from a hospital lot of agents clients. They need to be baby so bad. Unlike that I usually do and Beatty I used to wanna be an Egypt and Gaza in obvious errors in sports broadcasting and I wanted to go to law school and I thought you know an agent would be. Met with me and who would be the next step and I talked to some agents in the business and all of them told me to stay the hell away from being EJ and and part of that is because it is difficult to be one as a woman because she. Run into issues apparently with a wise although there are some some women in the room is you have sex and do very well that is sexist but there are in there are some women and visit and do well. But it can be challenging but the other the other portion kept saying is that they had to do it all over me they'll like the money. The very successful agents what you put up with so much pride in. When you're an agent because like Romberg said they need so much babysitting. Some of us are here whipping boy in you gotta gotta answer to their breaking call on just. I'm because I was actually going to get involved with my agent I was gonna go in and handle the football side inability to callers. Yes we are basically be your Iraq I was going to be wrong can I went on a few different things with him talk to Peter for guys and stuff and there's just are not interest didn't and and did he purely demand like that is what you're begin at now like they can you can now. I mean terrible that you yourself. We're grown. Arrogant enough as the lawyers earlier you deal a lot of coasts are actually Sowers. She Malia Iran matter well this morning I'm a little map. You cannot. Do this to me anymore. Next door neighbor in the keys. Brawl over college friends with her cart record can call it a mile main towns. All the sudden. In arm outside and a registered vehicles. And everybody's in the pool. During her phone music blasts them. I'm like what's going on next door these two were never around forever from Carolina's ever. Assortment to peak shouldn't switched Murphy. The seven tricks in bikinis next door we're. Remember these down by the pool is well on our pool. With the two kids so were worrying area coming and they're up when I'm up and or another about getting what I took my first candor from. From the from the mound when the third floor and I took my first and particularly I can see over the the landscape when you will. And I are seen women in bikinis so I can do it assists and distract and we'll here's the thing. On their own family we kept. I got my fan room. Can't be. You ought to be the weird creepy yeah I'm I'm not going to be the we're older guy next door you know running but I was you lower yielding an extra lives. A mile that Emily from the balcony looking garrison or. Come down here on the pool as a scenario and alls I know I don't do those appear. Sure you are what did you get your ass down here again the board your two kids you know you want your three year old as a welcome Biederman it all on its. On about a family I think I would even yelling at TL so on a book you know that you can't that you had your 37. But told authorities said they and I told the palm works nicely rhetorical moments in the mirror almost. Fool me you're killing me. So they all they'll show up knock on the door and welcome muscling a bottle of champagne or on the way to dinner and they brought over like a bomb a move. And as I am looking to get the door on my answering this for can dory now and get store police monitoring the door. So she's like oh who is another spoke with a neighbor side of bringing champagne. Because like you go you fish in the neighborhood there yeah Democrat so. He had to sit now we took that out of my door I can't I don't want etc. College girl only a house next human none of you know the mom the model goes on her friend. And then their daughters and her daughter's friends all discredit her college and get ready for it to med school power yeah mom and her friend look at. Like it'd be a failing parents great question amber or not our thought about this not well I thought about that I have been considered the snap. I'm playing Kantor's. Too weird to any of this the girl's ability says those arousal would give her bottoming and I. Gotcha was a slow early victory in. I'm glad. And had a very attentive weekend. Careless you know I mean Billy weird covered and the sexy got me now you know not full blown. Haven't do you allot where you don't get the full blown and then Schobel situation on yeah I. Mix it up close on the Bonifacio. Slowed in the home. Slim the bag wrapped around. Young man. I don't know I don't know if I do that now. How many about it you know how little rusty had been awhile and guess what. Kids still got it man. Still got it now I asked her she's in a massive. Certain that that's that you and I only you would. He would hold you never lose its like running a bike. So you don't want any of the talent aspect I think I think just in time even if you're at practice you just get better. See our legacy total always goes I was born. If you're just always thought it's an old. Speaking you won't get much worse where you started. Right I mean men earning without it would be some and and and and has vacation. An hour talking at least an hour on his excellent. I guess on to be so let's let's rubber gloves were you wanna go because of the wrong list I CNB's vacation photos like. Want a man enjoy and please don't follow you what are you wearing what's already called him from a few different things but apparently started instead Graham and he creeped in their some now. How is that you squad the other squads to your account but then you just all the sons are using active Unser and with that accounts are used. Sponsorships DOD is at the same account that you named is being spotted on your wife must have started it like when insurance art and wow this. So every year is on here you were talking about some idiot squatting on your calendar shouting out to numbing. Owners have is that platoon is as open somebody's fighting on his account. Not as of those bodies instead he barely knows that he's the unit. I don't you're right to accidentally started and I bet you anything and that's what's happened. We'll probably accidentally started an account let's listen to a follows the missive follows the balls program. You know Soledad they'll know it's actually yeah. And it's just like us that. He could have like idiots click Donnelly gets some points and signed up for answer I am not really meaning two years ago. They would have thought. Anybody don't tell he barely knows and he's been an he's probably trying to get get a look at Amy Schumer is. Cans in there I don't really doesn't spell this program. Considers credible and a bad spell. Just like he doesn't over the Internet it's you know he dvds still he still use in fossilized old methods he's he's still paste links on on FaceBook have all right it's always thought that he's the way volleying is eighteen people think nothing irritates me more than two ways as loses FaceBook with our show late he's such a bad marketer. You know like it that it doesn't take that much extra effort to put a picture of something maybe a little more attractive to the eyes. And now he throws up up on the Internet and looks like code means so well that's a hilarious bit I can't wait to click. Want dries voicemails that look like digits where Contra thing that's yeah like all must be hilarious. Minnesota is running on this account and they put some. They put an effort into it because he's following eighteen people it includes things like resorts world Yemeni which obviously heated. Was in a one of the big sponsors and so this is back when he of the six detention over at least allegedly because asserted in the and his bio is following LeBron has obviously are probably have been here at the time the Miami Heat is following Hough. His Ayman guessing that this is back when he was probably maybe doing a show and Hough. In my line roc nation sports that's weird that's all he's following Phil Jackson's and that's maybe strange. And out of the judge had its program let's message the account and see if something gets forwarded to is as of the email or something like that. I don't know man I don't think it works like that but which in message and see if somebody's actually. On the other end this dorm it's a coupon site. Nabil over what's the deadline is next.