ZRA Part 1 8-10-18

Zaslow & Amber
Friday, August 10th
Kenny Stills kneeling, Dolphins-Bucs recap, Booth  was on fire

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Good morning everyone. As a Iran's embryo it is a Friday. Morning in the tense morning of law is on talk about LeBron bears. Morning admiral Wilson EO robberies in Atlanta let's hear Ali sounds morning Romberg. Airmen and dirty dirty blow here in Atlanta you are allowed don't be afraid check all those levels before you know on the early in my problem. Well it it becomes all problems now. You do sound good element Hotspur you sound good good to hear it came enough for him that's alright yup I am under ordinary hot to me yup very hot. Headphone Jack to the Q yes no it doesn't sound loud mean not a partisan now that's metres and good round rule don't allow outside of that so gag and handle it. So when the morning. The most don't reject our right to meet a mistake it's okay. It's Friday were already for the weekend that mentally say ideal. We had a big plans the week and amber big plans that weekend and we got going on. Doing that. Amber Wilson's on two more days so tomorrow and try to Suri. I'd she's not a big plans robbery got big plans her momentous. This hiring and appear in what are you into floor. I got to disarm for the falcons ma'am I got they got a game tonight with the jets so. I I got some analog photographic MIT the amber Wilson tour of going the soccer game on Saturday night we'll see we'll see what happens okay what I mean you're doing something for the falcon. The falcons are a lot better than the dolphins and it's a whole lot more interesting for him to what do you get him out of the falcons right now. Well some people might know this but I actually played for the falcons back in the day so I kept a really good relationship with with with Tom estimate on how Arthur Blank. And Kevin Winston only paying you say you blanks house. I wish she's got to town to assure us. Oakland police shot it's the question what are you doing for the falcons. To sell. Irrelevant in the man's business it's gonna seek its. No no not not really no no but I do start after the hurricane season last year when we had to come appeared fully. For the hurricane we have seen appear for a week I've kind of rekindled some friendships or relationships and and Matty just had some kids somatic had a pair twins and so I kind of just back up here in the full thing you know with with the falcons a little bit and stuff outrage at that second relief restraints written secret OK not Mac Mac might not need a player to practice and that might be like a big HBO coming out of retirement spread and I mean the arms and I ain't the same iPhone is minding your arms. Due to some of the falcons very ambiguous Erin raised secretive but okay Roberts up there and land they z.'s doing so put the falcons. You know I I saw I I saw yesterday actually I never keep track of the stuff I saw yesterday does that the Super Bowl is in Atlanta. This season and now I feel like I've really can be an opportunity it's all side. I got there Texas should be like that I enjoyed it very much so ourselves cost we pay so bulls and Alain this year media maybe we should do the radio thing. You think yeah I think 790 sending us your Atlanta for the super that is my next question but I mean I was. Sending us. Elaine is really close so I don't now I am I this Ivy League Atlanta like I never wanna go up. Produce super Willie bowl week I never wanna do that and I don't know the I got to dig Atlanta so I may be intuit for Atlanta. Otherwise yeah. So financing and obviously amazing Steve Hammond it's easy for us to get to be here I can tell you what's gonna happen at the go present the idea to rhymes with Glenn. He's gonna say sure AZ and I go out there you just have to pay all your own might. And then work. I think it could be fun at some of the denial on dad's six months from now tomorrow a you know crazy that it just yet. But yeah all right so Atlanta Roberts up in Atlanta due in secret falcons off. Did you guys stay up formal Robert do you watch any of the golfing in less. Yeah I definitely did you know one out to dinner and then set there at the bar for longer wants over the falcons are so beginning ever for the most part by the time we got done dinner and go back to the room and watching watching them with us I guess when all because those are national New York yeah all that's right okay see you were able to watch some benefits right it was an NFL network. Okay. And and amber did you stay up for the dolphins last night's stay up for the whole game yet no hope. Definitely not coming yet they're not the car back. Now I did not I did not care does it come back now let's first half. I noticed dead instantly how irrationally angry I was getting just in the first quarter alone on and I by the final watch pre season game one more mail in my life. Like any time you know legal and we when we would suck I'm just like why am I reading is that's. I go we have no offense and getting off frustrated the defense is look is good to leak Keeneland as good as I thought it was going to jail. Even though I luring out that it is in camp and I'm really in you know game one why don't care. Were you a little deflated on the on the mr. Obama driver warms the dealer. And I don't care optional owns W very incidents some didn't. I'm just you know it I middle people were mile on Twitter now pre season is did you look on putter to watch again or did you watch the game game. I mean I did all of that I had the game up but I was on Twitter is well on generally isn't that no I now meanwhile lord. Now I don't ever ever do that and any scenario where you keep our warrior you do in the message boards saying you know while lots in the game. I'm betting about a where I mean twitters the best for sports fans. If I wasn't a sports fan I don't know that I would like to order that much but I think if your sports fan twitters the best social media platform. And it's great to watch games on interact with people lawyer watching the games see what other people are saying see how they're interpreting it especially for something like. A pre season game that doesn't matter at all and is somewhat grueling to watch anyways does not Allegheny to be tuned in to every black. Fourth quarter was exciting what Goran not a fun little finish edited dolphins. Took their first lead of aviation discerning now UNC Indians all lost 16 point four but they took their first and only lead of the game who look like a comeback fails. No Bryce petty. But it don't go first and only lead of the game with as like a minute twenty left in the game something like that and pension and it did not last long because me in the defense the entire game was leaking like a sieve okay. Enough so I unit sat me that none of it crazy how one not to get upset about it. And out and the Buccaneers they drove the feeling is nothing like he'd been doing most the game and then they got very easy field goal to it's a win the game in the very end so. All they lose the pre season opener 26 and 24 by any Eddie get a fun little finish there in the fourth quarter ending that ideal most of us can agree on through one pre season games this Brock costs while others parable. Oh. He has on that football player that's surprising. All that surprised me because he was really good in Denver the year they went consumer wall. Later on shots fired late breaking explain that to me how it happened how can. Standard difference this Nam okay and that's one of the re that's one of the things that bothers me about football OK and years ago and now. Wasn't long don't know when his aides that he should be terrible but that's one of the things that bothers me about football is. EU it was any good OK I know you know the star players you know you know Tom Brady in Aaron Rodgers and AJ green and you know. EE you know you know the scholars you know there are really good OK but outside of those guys. Who's any good. Because you got a guy like rock cost Weiler who was really good. In Denver and essentially took them to the Super Bowl before they gave Peyton Manning back the job and from there between Houston. And now just you know the very little that we've seen here in Miami. He stinks like how it happened. Because he's running with twos when you removed the ones it's a whole different mentality and different feeling so Glickman Brock was a ruler well in Denver he's obviously. The starting quarterback he's throwing the starting wide receivers playing behind the starting offensive line. The look a certain bode of confidence he might have and then. In budget. If you saw speak you saw points last night in this game both offensive and defense Lisa first of officers who have developer room right so when you start getting in a rhythm and driving the football and figuring out how you're playing against your opponent. It becomes a little bit easier to to to look better so you know the ones. Although the offense didn't have much of of of the second series at all they still look good like you're about to develop some kind of of rhythm after that for stride you know right. I think they ran a draw play at the end of the drive to get and so forth and one so it looked pretty good doing that got off as a one shot to deal line but they aren't. The one group on that team that everybody was questioning was the offensive line and obviously ranting and Hosni but. But everybody is portion of the offensive line all of the smacked has been talked over the last three or four years about this offensive line in the patchwork of everybody they looked. Good in my theory you all I remember Peter Paul and Joseph McCoy on that defense of life. Exactly. So I thought they looked really really good not only the starters but right about the backups did well I thought the backups did well running the football. I think you're only wanna get a run into rushing touchdown the second string. I thought they did really really well but the defense this is what I saw last night from the defense. I saw a defense of group that has been who opened the offenses pass and practice and they are so accustomed to in and used to. Seen that guy across from them doing the same thing over and over and over again and it almost becomes repetitive monotony every day when the defense sort of practice. So when they were ball and at the beginning a practice now that they've had a week or two against each other they might have just relax a little bit and and and their reaction time isn't as fast because it kind of seems like they're they're anticipating and expecting certain things that happened when you play gets an opposing offense. You don't know what the hell's going on. That's when you run into trouble I thought that's what we saw last night with the Miami Dolphins defense. And save some of those football warned earlier in the show this sort of a lot of dolphins and New York man it's hot general. I've got to tell you got a bunch of games from last night and yet it doesn't total games and got a few story lines. But also spent most of her time to an adult and he attacks in the show's 67 nines and four it is Friday as on talking about. Greece last night so many have to see if there were any injuries or a lot of games there last night. He always had injuries are there any injuries last night to take note of especially fear of the fans football fan yet. Gotta keep track of that kind of stuff was ready to know where these boards hundreds of concern I know. The the Redskins running back and a rookie running back he got hurt last night was made Geist area's Geist. He got hurt last night he had to leave the game look at your knee injury to we know anything else and serious they're Tobin. I don't know I think about there's Desmond. Looks like accordance ninjas tendency would present the majors are currently we got a life back. Was there a whole Andre via. Michael went down Dallas and that was out there doing the whole the whole night last night when I'm on Twitter and I look at what's trending and lenders name Nazi baker mayfield is trending more little. Josh Allen was trending all night long and later click on the names and numbers hoping it's not about say body got hurt like that's expecting. Every time one of those names is trending is that someone got injured but. Adding it's I didn't really see anything on on anyone's significant their last night's that's good because. Most of the league played their first pre season game last night so robbery or suffered injury free season. Tehran. Not to tell the truth I don't think I have no I have not just anything through practice like nagging injuries like. Dislocated fingers and and stuff like that maybe an ankle sprain or two but nothing nothing serious. That's obviously one of the main things we're watching last night what is trying to and a hell who just played and he was just the first series yet they drove the field so. You got enough pork and they just play eighty displayed the opening series there last night's. And except for the past that he missed to and until law on the third down to pass over the middle it would kept the drive alive. Except the past that in his over the middle do we agree that's and it looked pretty good except her. Of the best time bomb I was happy with last night and especially no other offense coroner read and scrub it up. How Matt roll up mom has soared by having Ryan roll out to the right to boot right and get him going to moving moving the pocket the source play out the gate I I enjoyed that. Yeah you look you look good I think EE look at as far as Alain a moving that he could move and yet he was able to move bad. And of itself tied to have been somewhat early for Elton band. And he said after the game as well that he doesn't think that any man touched him the whole series right and again that that's a credit to the offensive line is very very good. Especially. The first unit there and then when you consider they're going up against a very. You know pro bowlers you out like those of you say a bad ass Tampa Bay defense of blind those guys are very tough. Our goal is playing. At the same rate that they normally play those guys actually really trying to go after Canon help men immersed pre season game if you know your RD EB you know you're on the team per share. Older and they're not putting their life on the line that's pressure at that point in time but but in the pre season you kind of you do which can for the most part and and guys will get worked up especially Pro Bowl guys and guys that are kind of get paid big money that if you're going down lower your mix it up but for me for instance if I'm voting it's got to McCoy. I had to mix it up all the time I had I had to cut his legs out from under him I had to stay up top on so I was that frustrating. You know just nasty where wolf guy that was trying to cut your legs out from under you never knew where I was coming from so in the pre season I always got a little bit of scraps all the time because you know the big money guys weren't or more about the life at this point time in the year. Robert was so proud of himself yesterday at one point late in the show yesterday Romberg sends us he sends us a text message of the screen grab them. Sports Illustrated yeah I was gonna say BBC you know it's an old. Big east preview match Athlon auto Sports Illustrated let us forces out as a Sports Illustrated OK and you know it's it's a ranking the teams in eighty you know and a top ten or what have you and and it number two. It's tough Tony by Todd joined by scouting reports is what it is from Sports Illustrated from I guess we're talking seventeen years ago stands unfortunately and and Romberg sends a screen gravity says make sure you zoom in on the rights. And then you zoom in on the right side of the page and you know got applied key returnees. OK it's. I didn't zoom in England Romberg sends me any thing they don't really do rely on it sounds. I know that that's a very bad idea so I I didn't even Paula the screens that gravity Zeum. Yet of five key returnees OK number one out their quarterback Ken Dorsey senior. And then has you know a little note underneath 58 touchdowns and 26 and one record. As disorder and then it has wide receiver Andre Johnson June Europe. A 199 yards two touchdowns in Rose Bowl. And that has cents or Brett Romberg senior. Hasn't allowed a sack in his career. And payload that's. How about a senator being on the key returning starters who else Bork. Why and I never even knew about that and guess who sent that to me my boy to choose to it was like I was clean and my parents. Basket that they have makes the couch all these different magazines and then look what I came across. Senator. Brett Romberg senior hasn't allowed a sack in his career at such a good little nugget. And so it Bennett and allowing just the elite you allowed just 12 your career. Debbie Doherty also notes also what are you crazy allowing just one sack is so awesome yet hasn't allowed. At sac in his career is so much better the Bob I'll put that up there I might have to try to find the magazine may be. You know email decisive I get that. Do you think about that go to the using nano today and today. No I never even realized. That that was an actual statistic control I was doing some kind of an appearance and Malick murder Fortier in the NFL and that's how they introduced me. Of never giving up a sack in college and I was asleep ruin. Coming up a little taken back by it but. Her eyes and I've taken backers just taken taken back when I was just taken back exit taken aback. It's taken taken aback I was taken back and you know now that separates and there's an a in their somewhere I don't know if was in the front or at the end of the word via when I was little was surprised. Amber's got your headlines plus post game reaction from the dolphins' opening pre season game next. See what got you on Friday morning on the weekend starts in a few out worse hosts a talk about. It was a good training camp but dates every day and the ticket spots my HT jewels a coconut grove. President of staring at the age an age difference or discover them HH jewels dot com bimetal law firm. A 100% dedicate your financial recovery fighting the insurance company is worth it. And by Lexus in North Miami always an amazing deal. So so yesterday it rained a lot here Susan Broward it rained a lot yesterday. And yet you at all Biden west Broward OK and hand and an amount it rains a lot. And and yesterday was the first time for us on whoa what's going on there won't. Lol not in their Tobin. All that man. Those crazy little runs and is their commercial and over those crazy. Insanity. Robert located they'd determined there. I mean they deadly stolen only taken him and they give us an or else he's seven. I was wondering with Romberg if he's on the same floor as the gospels decently where I was last time and if he's freaking out via. You know that the nice the right exactly yeah he's an and men who worked at that station where they hit it down with it. Romberg rhythms yeah robberies Atlanta OK he's somebody probably wires something over his board by accident okay but little gas and he did it. Eight robbery years okay. You don't mind and don't let on this rally here in Durham and rumor myself I don't know what's going all right are you announcing her that I was done. Well gospels this year in Denver around new it's probably good that's good it was a good move on their parts. I I gave they got a little little warning us hey man I don't know from a direct kind of guided cements the Gaza while our re trying to do to be. I'm I'm not the right kind of guys. I'm glad hand that he am glad he took the warning and he. Either have to isolated jail Gordon bathed in the holy water out of here what I gotta go exactly. So it rained quite a day yesterday in Broward and and yes it was the first time. I've I've had money you are that my school my backyard completed fur and maybe two weeks now. And yes it was the first day. That we didn't go in the pool because the weather was bad yesterday afternoon okay but here's the points okay. I'm under spending like an hour. Staring at the pool with a all the rain that feeling it's an overflow I don't know what the hell to do like them all worried because of the rain. And the pool overflowing. Will look when news what does that I don't and view not have an overflow system you have all our I don't know Michael over it's all I gotta do it's like I know like gold to the pump you know. And if I warns I can you know I got the handle and the laurel come you know so. Bring out the on the PVC man that's what did you do know how much she sign it should be set up C they would do that Tobin. What is going on over Hillary now. I mean images while ago some tackle the video on political floater you have leaders charged ever gonna come over and turn my valve dial counter clockwise. For six inches. Again how whistles do floor. Elderly do for you didn't they got to show you along the water line along we tell your tile water line how high your pool should be more so it's as simple as that way. I'd let the water house and I'm also watching. You know the title on the water and add some I'm just keep an eye and ninety I don't know what it looks good. You know but honestly dude it's gonna evaporate some press anywhere you're gonna find yourself put water back Interpol now. All sizes. Yeah you don't really need to do and. What role literal eyes and and a hurricane coming knew how to do any pac OK now what that's like to hear I'm I'm all I'm not doing anything. All right so I don't do anything is what you side budget crisis was averted can't we are very worried for him not. Use the tackle I got a guy but he comes excellence like well so that means is fine. We pretty normally Liverpool bank that's insane Miley what are what are what is a big storm. The day after you pull icons and go to sixty and the economic and an atlas is a tropical store guys are very you don't you don't have to worry about draining your pool okay so you regular rain not a big deal regular rain racked your regular color you are not as it does play it'll be it'll be okay. All right it'll be a man and glad that I'm glad you're here will be axed. Level I am done to see you know mom to stare and although I'm Sarah the window like Roscoe Parrish once note I'm just at a stared out the window. Well I'm nervous I'm rusty so that gets my adult. That's hilarious and give me understood it. Let's admit it. I'm a better mood today and outlook Roscoe Parrish story to tell you just real quick so you don't know M Rome so you know Robert you remember the rust of our story and rarely out of the buffalo earlier I was like yeah Roscoe Parrish or Miami hurricane Roscoe Parrish is drafted by the Buffalo Bills and he's probably never been at a South Florida. And he's never seen snow okay and hand and cans and and that's when the time of the season that it started to snow. I forget who was in May eventually since it's okay Troy Vincent played toward the end of his girl buffalo. Emitted in Troy Vincent aware EU rules up Susan Norris moss is spot. To pick a Motley go to practice it would have you and it's no man in a weather's bad. And is waiting in the call like home gang and went for ross' go to come out. And just after lake several minutes is sees these two and ice peek at the blinds. Look at all scared doesn't wanna cut outs I was scared to lie around this announced it was Armageddon I love that story let's door headlines. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WS at best dad at the beach or Miramar plea deal. Come station. Yeah looks like that's tonight just stared at the pool with the rain coming now isn't the Roscoe Parrish is too little high sticking out between the blue. In Florida what do you think people do what every I don't know only people of pulled it green tea time mayor. Well Amityville inside scoop here yesterday we arrived and all of a sudden I'm looking out the window there's a massive storm coming here so we get to the hotel. And the sky turned black and there is a pretty good downpour but I'm talking like a typical South Florida July August downpour. It was covered wall to wall every news outlet every station and the best part about this was. The same news station for about 45 minutes to an hour kept showing this one image of the highway the weather girl did it even the people at the desk the anchors at the desk. And then early guys it's gridlocked out there were not moved. I looked at chemists that it's a still image morons you guys keep showing a still image that's why it's gridlock no cars are moving because you're keeping showing a still image and yet they were there are freaking out with the rains are. Here yesterday it was a pretty debt looks like Roscoe Parrish who's at the Cleveland that are yesterday I am. And I until that day anyway and equity total and a little where you criticized what accountants reasons Tony thirteen years ago. He continue to load and go into full time. All her own blood did I do wanna say that because the first person that I did. That did pop up on Google was a motion. Oh no audio yeah he's got a little bit of trouble on Roscoe I always Downey's doing good things. I don't I think out of Cleveland arrow it's fun though it is time that's it no and let's not let's let's leave Roscoe alone. Loosely use. Jewelry theft now. We just didn't pay his bills and yet these roster present. So tree court hearing. To pay more than 40000 Jewelers that I received from a store right not a big deal. The bigs on meeting of the jewelry back so that's why it was considered. After victimless crime to Iowa on the sister pays it has thus let go out there. All right tell you what's not to it was not a victimless crimes I happen to me yesterday. Because these damn kids. These teenagers. So I have you know I have property in Sarasota that are right now. These these stupid teenagers. They decide to go steal car. And the little as a stolen vehicle to learn how are your door was open and there are Leung as a candidate flat latitude to your thumb is two of them were minors via this and two of them were like eighteen is an 1819 year old guy a guy is. And then two girls of course there's an. It got to have the girl you gotta have the girls and on and and the girls and girls was about the best judgment when they're seventeen your thought on who they're dating. So anyways they go they steal a part of for a Bauman then they go on enjoy arise and that apparently and gets another good and apparently they're not very good at this crime life that there at that they're trying to lead because then they go 82 boats try to break into another house but then they get spirit because they see a homeowner. So then they leave firm that and then they flee and then they flee over towards my property and in doing so they see a cop. And the cop to this point I have no idea that it and you know that they've done anything but apparently they are spirit at the site of a prop. That they whipping you turn and then they're like flying like me you know going ninety down the road and in its you know 35 mile per hour I wrote with a sharp turn to how old are we talking or doing old the 1819 or guys and the girls were in both seventeen possible policies is pulled out there stealing lose control of their car. Ration serial my property. And take off running and the girls did not take offering the guys to offer any of course serbians are being cotton arrest and and goes on time Ron. From and that I really is my AA homeowner's insurance deductible is doing better dollars. No I. I have millions. Zero because they stole hearts on their car insurance and there are also a bit the extensive. A record. It's your kids and did not people who organic. Good morning amber were the first Imus supplement that's crazy things really well the first on an accident has cabins near my property putting or even. Even Costa. So now all I'm going to have to pay a couple great and because these. Idiot add her right is CO. Steal a car and and do so and then not so not so great fashion I mean let's. Department wrecked I heard that song on Harris that's socks and how my day yesterday as so I was into the bad news. Two words Tobin when he is picking on me but so then not a what do remark today that would remark if you want to drop the bomb is double as is alleged bomb. He's right drop on me some hammer mom. And I got scared yesterday got shock is that that's about it I'm very scary percent. But today in an environment all the old all the book committee about what was ninety's the principal suspect that this. But he's mad budgets gets reaction the dolphins last and Emeril we got intimidate Buccaneers beat your Miami Dolphins 2624. Increase he's in game one. Ryan CNN hill was more for six for our 32 ER and here is. TNL. Our first attempt the 45. Play action fake ruled it was right is Daniel throws it now will the as a receiver. It is hitting stills out of bounds at the first down ten they'll get the rust off right away. How how tonight's download boot late. They arrived at the left rolled out to lose right hit Haiti still perfectly stride up the play action. Exploit. First light first play from scrimmage there you go tail shown all the army. And those the crowd as the conflict who was their presence at this and there is and it practically nobody there and I did that social media. Very balanced it for 11115. Yards off Siler. At a paper yards. At a get out I imagine the weather played a factor also. You know I got driving down from Broward west palm and the weather's terrible for pre season game or coming to Miami as well at 7 o'clock game so it's like come home member going to be traffic and it's raining Nile. There's Adam gays is thoughts on the game. Like the energy elect focus that we had you know lead them to game. You know before we got other guys were wired and ready to go. And then more got out there and there's a lot of good execution there are some things that we have to work on. No we're really shooting and two together. You know actual pre snap penalties we fell short of that immediately you know just put the ball on the ground. You know that's that's something that we just have to make sure that we don't do your arm and first you first glance you see your boss go over Soledad good you know we lose a ball. So we just you know let's. This young young kid trying to trying to make a big play and you make a mistake and learn for and I know development. He kicked the ball out of his own hands. He jumped up he did 88 million the highest out okay. You hurtled excuse me and and and at the top of his jumpy. His knee knocked the ball out of his hands. Opts out. Here's Ryan cannon house that's on the off so I think we got tickets are obviously wasn't perfect definitely have. A lot of room for improvement put. To get on the field then. You know move the ball on the field looks human and end up points as we wanna do go to. Thought for our first in the feel much percent in into a longtime focus do you like out there. And I think we we start off on the good foot notes have to be able to finish that drive and excuse. And in order to get the ball in the hands. They remove the bald guy he got a whole lot of protection okay and and historically right channels has been excellent throughout his career when he's gotten protection okay. And yet very good protection yes say they're moving the ball and the drive ended up stalling when he Joss missed. Danny Amendola who who looked to be open. Down the middle of the fields. Eight. Tim hill may have had to rush the pass a little bits but regardless he got it in in that spot. And you would had a chance for a golden goes situation instead ended up and a a missed field goal which which you know wasn't a may double enough fuel bowl. But. For the most sports Hanoi and he liked everything but that rate Payer to mr. or M Dolan I think you like we saw in Canada. And in terms of when you go when you go and Google on ESPN. And you see the top of the headline. Of course everybody's big question mark was this anthem protest thing right but it says across the league multiple players still. Still. Basically showed their protests for idea equal rights but. I'm looking at it and why does it say Dalton's players to dolphins players we could said. Any other team in the league could set any other players in league. But it goes to Miami Dolphins too wide receivers Kenny stills and Wilson and then I guess cap critic last night. Went ahead and put up a nice little image of him and Kenny still standing side by side and congratulated on him about this continued. Do you give me a few reasons why that that is the case and and it may not be fair but I argue few reasons why that is the case. That the first one and for folks who don't know like Romberg Hussein dead dolphins did have several players less like Kenny stills and and new wide receiver Albert Wilson aping knelt during the National Anthem last night Robert Quinn knew Miami Dolphins he held up raised fist. The same thing that he did and and and Natalie and think. An and you you may remember Robert Quinn it was like a week or two ago mentioned that he's connect he's gonna keep you know doing some type a protestor and the anthem because you know that's freedom of speech even though it's. It's it's not in a speech but anyway. So yesterday during the game he had it or before they gain and a couple guys who were kneeling in the reason it's it's rented top there and the dolphins are the ones dimension because like you said economy answered don't question edit tabernacle Qaeda speaks of ball that. Happening sent down a eight tweets audience Campos or whenever with him and Kenny stills. And he's sending a message supporting Kenny stills and ideal for for continuing to to protest and Albert wells and yes so so that's that's number 11 of the reasons. Number two Kenny stills has been called one of the more. Notable. Players around the league a cool it is protest sing the anthem okay so let's number two. And number three which is maybe the most notable reason why the dolphins got the attention last night dinner at the top headlines like Brad is saying even though bunch of other players. From there on the leak were doing the same thing is because it is. The dolphins were the ones last week who got all that negative press not rightfully so. All the negative I'm Brett why because I care because of error. They are finally knowledge is that it's piling on and he'd and to about reporting for. So that I think is the main reason that the goal and assist us dress up manly thing they wanted to put all business out there try to be the first ones out there who are break the story. Meanwhile they didn't do her homework and throughout the week other stories came out trying to explain the reasoning behind. Them guys just sending the papers in first and then all of a southerner pilot on Biden by by putting more dolphins and headlines and and negative lights of comics now that's my guests know those those outfits are there. Correct I'm a very good that's my guess and short it's the reason. I didn't pass the first resigning as the main reason yet he's and then pollen capita addressing that opens specifically and and also luckiest Kenny stills he's been. Very outspoken very outspoken about his cock his position and answer via the website he has charitable work he's been doing in the name of of his cause and and so he's one of what you set won the biggest pieces of of the movement but. I think really it's just the report is just because the dolphins up breasts and so now the process is staying on top but all. Yeah like it or not the dolphins are now like that the team that is the face of this anthem protests like they all. Later knocks on fair. Miami heat's tease big news on his Twitter answer drama handles it well the schedule is expected to be released today is that does not the big news. Let's say right now money. If your big news is the schedule coming up on blocking. That's that's critical move an idea. If that's the news right now golf bag and maybe all of you did you actually my guess is they yeah they do what equipment it folic 4000 people. You feel someone famous follows you because of loss when someone famous ball. It's really cool and somewhat famous follows you. But then when that happens for me when someone famous follows me. I'd go to their counts look at how many people on the allow me to an eight while like 400000. People don't feel very good Miami Heat follows a 150000. People while amber wells and eight. One of the low and loan. Pretty sure I'm no longer heat and well seems cal follows me and they only fall like. 900 people feel really good. What's your favorite famous false. Idol where I had to think about I'm now admitting amounts obviously reporter. Miami Marlins are back in action today against the Mets Iranians on the hill again Zack Wheeler first at 7:10 PM and that's up. I get back the dolphins pre season opener from last night next. Plus seven nights are so it's gone that's OK so it all the breaking sports updates you push notifications from all your favorite shows and hosts its us. At the new radio dot com absurd download it now make sure you I checked everything out of cancer radio dot com. In new home for everything and 719 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. I should mention are quick that the PGA championship continues today with round two all. Our PGA championship coverage the sponsor by Edwin watts golf shops Helm of the ninety day 100%. Satisfaction guarantee serving golfers around the country since 1968. After day one Gary Woodland. Leads the way this at six under Rickie Fowler. Is one back at five under. Its is even if I'm on my grand parents not the greatest starts but. It's not a lot of amenable Clark. All right look I want tiger to be it. Go into the weekend and I'm I'm totally down would sit around Sunday and watching tiger be in the mix IE I just. No way we've we've done is both are aware we think tigers played well and I understand you know the last major few weeks ago tiger was eating on Sunday again it's okay. But we've been in this spot before over the last however many years when we all wanna jump on NC tiger is back he's got a chance. And nannies are back he's never back OK so and believe wanna see it you know. Hopefully many more back than he's ever been in before colonels say hopefully the next play guy and I'd only nothing more and mobile suitable their feelings Alec. But I'd like to go to sit around on Sunday and watch tiger try and win another major been done in. Rentable store NB a lot for. Last night the dolphins data column short 26 when he Ford just tuning in now it was. You don't pretty ho hum game in the first half adult is down 1610. At halftime doesn't feel like they got a lot going offensively are down sixteen Korean agents score right forty into the have made sixteen and that. And then they wind up taking their first lead of the game with a lot of minutes when he made an have to go in the game as rice paddy. Back you know bright studies the fourth. Quarterback right now a game every start but against the jets in the last couple years so he's got some NFL experience he's a terrible. And rice paddy yesterday. Is it the men and half. You're up or down by seven Megan happened. And drove right down the field made it may mean a great pass to this sport kit. And he also got two point conversion. And adult is sort of personally league which is still remain a game that the big thing to take from Allen was was this Ford kid that was drafted last year I think everybody's are out of him as a good thing to operate I think it was the seventh round pick for the dolphins last year and you could see. I don't know if you're like me but are you are chew happier. That you're seeing some of these draft picks producing for the dolphin watching. The other big dude where. You know I'll I'll give credit credit still okay crystal what were critical to dolphins god knows we are but. You know since database is big here as head coach at its combination of grace and Chris Greer and Mike Tannenbaum but since at a decent base year. The dolphins you know let's say first three rounds 'cause that's what I really think you get no money players talk talk and top 100 picks in the draft. It we talk in the first few rounds on its first three rounds last couple of years. Date it looks like they have guys who'll rule our guys we're going to be contributors that I think the nice drop. And that's exam there. And now I understand is give ward was of a late round pick but still I think I think these guys have done a a much better. Ain't gonna veto the deal the deal afford as he's been impressing everybody throughout camp so far no. Everybody keeps talking about Wilson in injury keeps talking about Kenny and stuff but but apparently every time they call this kid's number. He keeps producing for them so like this kid might be one of the sneaky guys on the roster that if guys keep messing up what could have want to Parker's because it. Let's let's be honest did you hear anybody coming from to want to park. Us guys serious question that's a serious question and do this other way because that we UT's yesterday that that's what's gonna end up happening after pre season game one. The Dovonte. Go to certain you know assert any paper usually try to design something references they designed the first play from Ryan can help to boot out of the pocket. And try to get a little mobile and make a statement to get him comfortable. They try to do anything to make anybody else comfortable in the wide receiving corps. Definitely not Dovonte Parker or cleanup. Unless a serious question out that I don't know the answer to okay you ready. It's serious question we're ready I need you to tell me the answer is I don't know the answer series question. Did talk to Barkley doesn't. Good question that's my point why I'm asking a serious question to address the address I don't know I don't know the answer to its. Don I am not I'm not made a joke. I'm writing I'm not awesome balls. In Dovonte Parker played last night. I and is it that bad that we don't even know if I can suited up or not. Your your former user first rounder was in on top ten pick man yeah. What else. Like was the army introduced. I'm gonna do this so we didn't know Eddie did predict that we were gonna get frustrated about the Vontae Parker after game one of the pre season. I think that we should be surprised if dot Vontae Parker contributes at any point in the seem rather than continuing continually being surprised that he does not. You know. I'm I'm looking at the box score OK and yet ninety guys and team and like. You know how many guys were credited with a hoard it last night's. For the dolphins and he's wanting to gas like Brett you wanna dig guess at how many guys were horrid aided by Dalton quarterbacks last night also at 1118. Eight on teen players were credited with a target for the money dorms last night. Not one of them was called the Monte barker so I'm asking a serious question maybe he didn't dress I don't know I'm asking a series question did not remarkably us I bull. And another question is did they have both guess a key and just say a key on one of those you know receivers don't get me started it started because last time high tech. I thought there are the same kept always resided. And when I say don't get me started that means I'd I'd planet's getting a lot of time on that and it coming up I'd just let it nobody's victims mostly you're saying that the people that know about it are probably hung over and are not disorders and Doug has started. Hopefully we will lose anyone last night's. No one likes to play they're thinking games. Hopefully they'll lose anyone I love you all OK but I I given enough PSAs not warnings last night that. That's on you if you sick today from playing now more Bob Griese drinking game that's on you. I can't run Angeles I'm I'm searching and an article from Armond us tomorrow where he literally it's going through you know. Really didn't even so it didn't even go to the game us. All channels on air is going through the entire game needs it that he's listing all of those observations and insights from the pre season opener and I'm searching Parker in the only discussion about Parker is. That's as Avian Howard was shutting partnered on a practice and it that's more reflection on partners in power but there's nothing about Parker's performance in game one only. Only analysis about dating Howard. So how do we find out in late dressed I'm searching. Just Dovonte Parker on Twitter and serves he's a team everybody thinks that. I don't even see like. Mentions of him now for first round pick back okay can you analyst Teresa I'll I'll search an article Republican and late. You don't send text message to Adam Beasley from the Miami Herald and it just saying did divide our air. It followed an invisible camp with an invisible pre season game. Unless something you dress them. Sounds like you just the way the statement they make one oddity at play you know I would think they've put out an actors who were in the play in that has he'd be on the other don't have free I I'm not high. I appreciate it and now and that's unsettled Dave Hyde says you followed up an invisible camp with an invisible pre season game kind. Part Parker had no targets much less catches on pars and any played OK there is and the sort. All right take back the tax that a little island. Wow. We got to the bottom of you know this and detective work. I mean I'm surging Miami Herald sun sentinel on haven't had built these articles use the control last searched to find any legally dead. There would do retailers about to find a partner to take back the draft for is that now know and as I know we're going on now those guys though. Those those guys it wasn't knows Porter 40 am I'd figure I think this is a big fan of yours. No but I think didn't had a bomb dropped him all the time about Simpson's case got it now under about gays gays is a draft UUSU is resorting to days any credit for this stature but meaning is all supposed office under all this talk about gays got here. Now Parker Parker proceeds that we heard gone through just an a bomb got bamboozled by Lamar. And let's let the mark by looking but my Lamar Thomas. Todd said nothing to do it Nelson got bamboozled by yeah we are we try to we got bamboozled by Lamar Thomas yes because we had the moral on. Who was divided locker receivers coach at global we had one right at the draft and he praised him up and down easy huge life. Like I was like a mega try and compare Simmons can better. But we worse we were drinking a Kool Aid now like it was the smoke was so thick in that studio. We're excited about them on their part. I like Lamar zobel that the Mars that call it a lot like Lamar but is that I mean he's he says a bill of goods. And now do you not soldiers. Students. Always in the classroom always on the board try to through. Now thanks Robert Robert eighteen guys got targets last night not one of them was called a month at Parker how many catches did just sect he get though. Boy just sticking your guess at key not wanna know bugs just sector either knew the new kid that they brought that that guy's not in the box score and I got no targets but guess sixty. Got to targets. Got it just sixty. Is is not in the box score there's a figment of the imagination. And don't get a start broadcast. Because I'm saving up for next hour where. I mean I I am I a you know. You are revealed a preview. I inaugurated in academia nugget it's if if you if you didn't catch all of that broadcasts last night and I it's ultimately be safe with your Nat Moore Bob Griese drinking games. All I'll go get me started just yet. But I I would give you a nugget OK what do I will say about those guys about that broadcasts on site they want fire. They were on their game OK those guys were on fire. In that. And buy it on fire I mean they were at their absolute worst. Slim ten games. Seven on its. And dozens and dozens and dozens and losing and losing and losing gains. So much data obtained. No time to put a cocaine as old as time on this things and it is back in the whole game trade ads focused frame. And losing and losing games losing and losing and losing and losing and losing games again losing games. So much damn tank load times of cocaine. Grow as a stand on this thanks Adams is back in the whole game drain Evans thought his sprained. And losing and losing game today tattooed talk about. Just trying to keep the interest thing. She didn't offered fans a way it's just an apology Cameron Wake. Muster is Thomas tried attached margins bounds on the net. Never win that is a states. Live and only balls when he's made tens of the world to me what to do it's still against new dance and I don't question of paying. The lenient penalties. So good in the pro tax. I'm Jim clean no contact. Oh yeah it is going to be as an unnecessary roughness. Losing and losing and losing and losing and losing and losing and losing gangs or not. Nice of cocaine and I'll bring in a hot fire speaking of which are okay pursue reasoned yesterday. It seemed inexplicable because we weren't talking about or anything. So Texas at one point yesterday's bonafide it's. Why Texas is resident did you send us your resume answer that the singer appears to an end strain not something Anita. Just rob you got to write you send us all of is like writing and preserve Chris. Are put in the hole it's good don't be afraid to zoom in on the right hand side and someone on the road shows what he's. I love. Citizens and I aren't we supposed to be doing we were not I'll be sharing her. Are actually I Goldman Google me. Yeah yeah all are no mind. Internationally know. So less cited the dolphins lose 2624. And I mean it is a few days talk about a regards the dolphins last night Ryan tanning gel okay. The Monte Marco we got no idea where he was he was seemingly the only guy who did nothing. I mean they got adversary yet eighteen guys who are credited with a target and not a single one of them was to want to Parker ads and. Amazing it's amazing that we had to go deep into the Internet to find out whether he even played because all of us who watched. We were none of us were sharp and finally to taxpayers also we're not sure there is conflicting Texan doesn't kinda funny. Another note I think has people are set it where he was dressed but I don't know maybe he wasn't in pads people are very confused about whether he was even available. Really strange. Our rights let's get so what you might have missed last night if you listened to his early today come on. So every morning at this time it clear away the less you may now. Hopefully we'll get wild ones have been easy you might in this class and how much should we saw this okay. The NBA's right around the corner matter of fact today it it's 4 PM today it's eighty NBA schedules. Are going to be released. So there you go yell something something's going on as far as the basketball's concerns you'll have your Miami heat's schedule. And I get to make purchases this what this one's patterns mean amber every year is I got events that I wanna go to I think someone to buy tickets to. But I don't know if the heat are playing that nights so got to wait for the heat's schedule to come out and then when it comes out today. I don't I checking their conflicts and and can buy tickets for concerts and comedy shows and events that I wanna go to. Another certain things that I don't care if there's conflict I mean Pearl Jam. The who are here to lose out on that one. He did take off work. Now you're only got a year to lose out that want your check these complex dizzy conjured for the Miami Heat broadcast rights so it makes sense that you we need to check despite some events that are holding pattern right now however before you worked. For the Miami Heat broadcast did you also schedule your life around my name Miami heat's schedule. All I mean I it's need to pay I mean depends I as a fan did you sit there. Get the schedule and then save your life okay on such as I don't know do something no can't do it on such and such Saturday. No I don't know like they're if there's an event there's a concert or something like that. I'll I'll miss an easy game that night when I say miss it I'm I'm recording the game and watching him when I. Call now are you willing to miss he game for my wedding because you were telling me I had a leather part of and we are eleven turn at bat. You were talking to meet you when your wife at bouts of my my wedding planning and. I'll buy you my my wife was talking you and how old are you worried your conversation what is they don't make it conflicts with with the heat. Well it depends OK number one would have what I miss the game three wedding yes I would not it's a playoff game out as a regular season game pre wedding. And added they also the depends mostly on how far we're talking about here I mean number one and in plain old. Don't travel. Fur keep playoff games out of it's an away game. So worked though you just did you do the pre and post game from the studio and ignite a player I am burn of Earl once a lifetime event in my light you mean it's a way to play the yen. I mean for sure you are you 1% it doesn't work that way they. To view it would deals in divorce law you know it and most people that scenario Abbott a couple times that most kids or are you are. Pretty decent that is not going to be the first Okoye might be the only one OK but. No I I would you know it before as we're confer the heat broadcast it if if if we're gonna go out late Saturday no I say hey you wanna go out tonight and here voting not only go out once the heat. You know but it could we as if it lands a you know like to go to and events and go to the event and honestly it now if your wedding is falling body heat game. I would go to your wedding is always within traveling distance I would go to your wedding but I would watch the game on fox what's go app. Well I would have the game at my wedding. Ends up being at a time that there is he game I would have the game incorporated for what they got in on what it. That's a terrible idea and why do and it. I can't believe you're actually considering that I want and what didn't that's at all flight deal. I would have those embers and even go to he'd bring you watch the game but I'm also enjoy the weddings there. I just really it's really thanks very much a lot of us are really good hole and also not likely to happen. I don't believe that you're going to do that it's a terrible idea. Why he's getting nobody will be focused on highlighting the talking during this sale I during the ceremony I would have like a big screen with the heat nine. Over and over us those words 161000. Of that that would be kind of cool but no I'm talking like you know at the ever so often you have why don't you. Our or anyone think why would you want anyone to pay attention to a game rather than beat port you were. Wedding reception to the terrible idea. People enjoy that we guns. Mattingly is gonna be a ballot if you have a fine and me having fun I wanna enjoy and I letting divot so many weddings I feel like the record don't actually enjoy it. So the groom enjoys the wedding just fine you just don't get to experience at the same way. That everyone else does you have a good time. I think that's more the grim I think there's a lot of rides out there they dole I it's just a distrustful yep getting knee from table to table having to take pictures same thing Q having to sit down is muscle leading up to the wedding and then the wedding goes by in two seconds it's a blur in your mind this Delhi via a large wedding. Yeah that's what they don't want to happen now. I let's get to a what you might have missed our rights and like I said NBA schedules coming out today but. You this Jalen brown when he plays for the Celtics OK and he was on the pull out. Podcast the pull podcast. All right with podcast is that the pull up. You know like a pull up jumper sees him columns yeah I can and I think Danica. It's like exercises. I was asked I was injured in doing that podcast would seek chemical and which set to do that would interest and then they weren't present there and ended it clearly and but I was I was better from what I believe it is. But I was asked him do that podcast that he saw. I'm on the buy your own employer files it sure they knew that he reached out about wanting to do it at the game and Andy teased you go before. This isn't he more flatly that preempt regular witnesses in a call me you hereby tender it live right like I could totally back seat in a columns of what are. Yeah anyway Tim Brown is on his pull podcasts. And he told listen the rule book fonts. I'll emergency funds but no question about it I hate her body is like O LeBron you're gonna he's not only did have a strong role. On he's for the last seven years we've barely got a better addition in Armonk so it was aren't meant. He's not being misused investment arm plus there was sort rewrote its younger guys who gurus plane and we didn't. Dugout nobody. Like he should feel that way especially me because LeBron is gone in the Eastern Conference now I do think that Toronto. You know is is is going to have the best it's Ronald I think he's going to have the best record in the Eastern Conference. They were placed DeMar DeRozan nuclear investor agonies last year. And your place more DeRozan of the players even better than him OK so I I do think that's Toronto still gonna have the best record in the east but Joe Brown should feel that way. They went to game 7 Eastern Conference finals against the guy who left OK the east and on top of it they're getting carrier ring back and adding Gordon Hayward Sergio Brown should be confident in what he got. Well the PGA championship is going on right now as we discussed a few minutes ago Tiger Woods he is sitting at even have urged. Dave why not and here is tighter feeling good about it. In. Gone from cereal to basically twentieth and. Or seven months and I said last week up on printing. And so. Salma sent. Different trending and let him he's trending the right direction in different kind of trending is also turning on social media you don't want it you don't always wanna be trending. Robert buddy a man. Our our all our own parole a way to Angela Shelton are aren't aren't you seeing out the wrong definitely. Burn your third period thrust starters to have entered I was sort of. I really had fun I turn and really enjoyed it if there are quite have children doesn't illiterates fayed didn't quite know how much fun if the vote have done this much fun again practicing for acquire another of this affirmative. Playing football it's a pre season did you know argument over balls everything. The book air force but but it Stiller Danica sort tax revolt against another another car orders him it was a fun stuff on election. That's a big foot porn right there early so hooked it. You would agree you don't want overblown thing. You know it. Tom I actually am an mom not to argue with that much are you sometimes do. Harry saw how times do you don't already got. President Melissa's big bank that is to show. Apparently it's they could have had a different star McCullough told there was a major road and experience. And says that he turned it down nods is once multiple times and he could be a lot richer. They pursued me for the Big Bang theory and I said like no it's like and it was kind of like the way that pitch was just kind of saying all right these two like Astros this is an urgent and a pretty girl is at them you links linking elements that would be a that was a pitch and a good. And like yeah it was slick and it it always gets it really physicists like he'll do the met in person look at Ellison them uncle thinks and then they came back at me again and I shouldn't overlook them but again flattered that link now. And then the then they can Beckett me again and my even my manager was like twisting my arm and some are. Want that these matters regarding listen I have hundreds of millions of dollars right now food if I did that give it the same time I'd be bashing my head against the law. You have no one believes you be bashing her head against the wall but valve handsomely paid those actors Hugh Hewitt in the show the character right. And I had to have been right I can't imagine. You you don't repeat that kills girlfriend I mean that care I mean I don't it's you know why it's it's just hard to imagine the actor who played solid not. Plain Shelden because I think he's obviously so. Impeccably played. You'd think McCauley quilting can pull that off finally come to cook at that time to. He's always been who realized really got the most difficult of the characters in other words to play yeah I looting. I think he's got it he active and one and others that you like a friends thing where they'll get paid the same artist Parsons get paid more. Those so that was that was controversy that I believe that they are giving it the same. I believe it's like a are there any together like Roseanne yeah guys I I believe that's a start I. The net as I've got my head but I believe that was the story couple years ago they palatable to friends knew where they already issued to gather at our all gather on its governor. Infamy in just an unbelievable money millions every app that. I'm these days should be is abrasion. If you miss the dolphins last night we got to post game reaction with some headlines from last night's pre season loss next.