ZRA Part 1 8-11-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, August 11th

Brutal Fins Broadcast, Worst Training Camp, Pete Holmes interview


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. That's all runs every area. It is safe ride today morning. A 11 morning of August. Morning everyone out there of course Deborah Wilson then morning's John does well and everyone else Robert Hager warning the two movies music. That's a Friday Manny devote every 1 this morning and and down it could take back your glory days are numbered. I don't know what it is menace like wedding singer like the soundtrack. He's not he's on the playgrounds. Also times. Tell me morning. Picker try to pet. Is that the dolphins jaguars both threw for two. All he grabs television these are going to feel even playing knowing and another approximately a small we that if Milosevic ended their ass. What does that say to. Whom it percent or anyone to use that phrase or jaguar ON. It's Chad Henne. I'll look into bad wow all right resurrection career resurrection. Next her Warner called flame down. Caulking like that fire under his string we're streaming before. The second bush got to back up now being he's not Molly before spring. You last night as I watched from the Chicago game and a quarterback in Chicago from North Carolina ensure in the draft they're too risky yea he was good right. Thirteen of fifteen of the Joker lit it up in LA and what I was not good right he should have been probably around fourteen for fifteen because that tight end dropped the ball in the end zone that's cool out. Committed remember he was and was freed at a question and MIT is going to have Iverson right can really not right and now he's again and of being like now they're talking like he was about this into first pre season game that's cool. And I'm single I'm saying prior to this game last night a lot of people pumping him up saying he's the best quarter in the draft now let's call them that you were such a good opening this one Chicago man. That's cool. That's when you really like the first pre season game and your team like Chicago. If you have somebody actually watch she was wrapped it did it's those are guys you get to see. Not exciting you've got off track. Adult Internet spot next week like you to tune next week you really excited to see their new quarterback we don't do kinda had that this pre season. I mean I got an ideal guy knot again something I don't watch next week couldn't are particularly paying attention to the Booth. Malice at all premium I don't know how to Milan and solvency vetoed all the all the garbage talk about it and I survive like street knows it only does it and spotted and now I don't and we didn't hurt based off of dolphins how do you wish you know I don't know which is just watching the guys cover the game. I don't know paid a little bit more tension has a look you get all professional I'm like there's no homers and picked up like all the media guides is we had number juicy not organize the creature taken I don't know and I don't know. Critique sign so. Be careful they're. In my home and I hired turning into quite the professor now I. I guy you know stocked and it's his first one. Is fine new sign one or lazy and more first he's been doing dolphin game flows or the monitor is now welcome the first one of the year obviously you're now a little bit America some blue. We talked yesterday to this is the hardest on a vehicle there is a bunch of guys who aren't you don't know an organic T. A hundred Greece. That. Greece just like really bad man if he's not contradicting. Let Matt Moore and what their starters sang imagine and maybe you want to just give another opinion. But but the guys talking like he's just mean you hang out like Dick sucked no comment and talk about a few plays him what did you like I was could lend Greece would interject into a it's the first pre season game and then went into the to dead silence. And they and their starters like. Bob. And do we know you know he's got some good things a's saw and then you know bubble chime in. Three seconds later and not have the name of one of the players and not easily reader should say with the other guy just said I was as a holy smokes. You were right. It's great when there was a point where. They marquis is gray had a catch he was good is like and their voters and everybody remembers who the quarterback in college and agrees that I didn't forget. He is talking to him. It. I. I didn't hear any broadcast less and I went to the game. You didn't I went yeah. They're all different and you do that I went yeah he's gonna go to the second on the line now and then never mentioned you're gonna last night Greg this embargo I don't known unaudited Wednesday's look you know we are there are gonna picture mile boys there we are. You pay for your MSN. I am mad as strong arms dom are single and to giving him ticket ever. Folks understand slim move this game is so sly you know it's just slimy slam you know slim handles go our goal and getting personal any guess they're calls him. If there's some kind of thing that slim can snag on the Sama on the matter to some good work and also game player. It's because I guess when they call and slam is the one of especially on an intern here slims the one who answers the fun of patches that gas through and then and then toxin to guess after they go off air with us normally thanking them for joining us. Or. In slims gays strong arming them and to free Taylor's. Calls the move where will we were debating yesterday on how he kind of came about getting those tickets are 800 theory yeah land as it does it's aimed aids on things lob joining us we appreciate. What. Web site again that you buy tickets at the ticket ticket won the no I don't believe in nearly that tackler and a guard vigorously well how do you meet. And inns are they so much write its and I think yeah. At seven well. It was actually Tom Garfinkel said hey slim thanks so much for telling us about the mistake that we had on our website where we had a cam oh patriots hat. For sale or. My daughter right now is like you're welcome soul you know what are you up from me yeah. Yeah here's. It's a mistake dialogues that does the program was awesome to worried zero point. So I use semi it is an analyst at Gartner lyric. But late the day before. She's late and slid late. And really Garfinkel on Friday I was late and you know that's how month errors and doesn't let it get ugly because we've visited the area regardless there's those that. I mean Susie as they oh why use. No I first receiving game and I get there on Thursday morning in my. Hang a way I know what you're doing here you like Garth legal under. She proved it again I don't Thursday's pose a frightening it's best as a man crush -- print or we will we all do really glad to wield really like. It's something that is. And it's it's. A little very excited. With that and hunt and no not at all so I went to once the game last night's saudis here and the broadcasts by. I dad's idea I love that stadium man. I do all of that stadium it is very your fantastic. It's a very European stated it's really great. Earlier because it's got its soccer field as a soccer opened thank you right com. Did you hear that man mr. Ross talk about all the different events you wouldn't try to do is on the television broadcast they actually why the couple minutes and and tell you again I didn't see any TD brought us at the game I was in manages the couple seconds. Com. Thanks reminder. And but they're asking mr. Ross about you know some of the venues and I think that was Monica pushing how beautiful stadium is Alia and I am more special mammal mr. Ross and a is in the boot that it is at the house that Steve built as opposed not these are not slow all and I mean let's hold on settled out of second Mike. Joseph Robbie. Built the stadium. And looks a lot different Evans or Roddy yes but don't really heat you can't do the house that's that mr. Ross I mean he put it in how how many hundreds of millions of our money. I broke 500 million dollars of his own money I don't know. If we can say about this. Joseph I put his money into it's no Joseph I don't know now lie in similar Ross did the Coral Gables pine Chris move your floors to avoid paying grass or renewal property taxes. He kept a couple of the structure walls up. And our gourds is called a renovation as a post do you know doing older you get can't say the house and mr. Ross Miller Joseph Robbie bill that's stating c'mon you see you can't tell us that fixed yeah yup it's the house and better. That's all a hundred times better that's for sure and Joseph c'mon Joseph Robbie EQ that's. Yeah Abrams puts respect on his name episodes are obvious that's there. I don't know I don't know advocates a picture and Dan Marino statue last night. My son once in my elbow on social and Dan Marino highlights. A couple days ago looks a want to show all mama goes Marino like you know well Marino he actually said that's on you know about Marino and he knew he knew enough. You know I was like it's Alice plus pilots. And and so watch a lot of high. It's few bones to game tape there Marino Dan Burton again all I know we're going to actually plan go to redeem us and is really a last minute thing but a couple days of this is that your sunny. Let's wants some Marino highlights and any saw the statue you know in the highlights alone we are passed in Basel wanting pictures depicted in the Sacha. What are is cool for your kids there is it just kind of annoying then that your kid is aware of how good. It used to be. Age before your child was ever life. Now it is really wanted to have a grasp some kind of you know history of the team he got to know you got numbering but that's all he needed he got an marina. The ball one yeah see there you got the best advice and he was ever gonna give you amber. Adult of the Lincoln mini museum in the stadium that's really really cool and irritating your son Blair a lovely saga yet all that we pass him before we set club let's take them and there it's really mean. I was in the history that they need her iPad has a history lesson. I really do like all of that stadium it is a it is a pleasure man it's an nice crowd last night. Obviously not understand it's okay but for pre season game. Very nice slow ground that's not a thoughts and registering now beating etched in Dalton's one last night 2.3 twenty. Falcons on hold the lead in the fourth quarter man he's got a problem I mean c'mon. I'm but it was not all good for the dolphins as a matter fact. You have a really lousy feeling. About last night's game that's next. Dolphins at last night's point 32 point you'll come from behind action there. I don't see the receivers named by the big touchdown. For indeed dolphins analysts say is in it to more create does that sound right to Maurice stringfellow. Wow that's axle pronunciation. I write emails finally Nebraska ordinance. For some Canadian cigarettes man you know the more is the red pack he murdered the Morey is really players like scenario is what's that was enough. Pack of smokes to Maury stringfellow during the six tour with Jay Cutler Jonathan's I was alone. Springfield to more EA stringfellow with a 99. Yard touchdown. The calls in the game last night but not only because yet to 99 yard touchdown but. The it's hard recede Korea saw they were pounding that into the end zones agreed and they were all far. Don't see all that often pre season game to remember all those guys competing against each other. But it's only one of those guys who run over to graduate and jump on all on street bell it. His job and Lucent and I don't like it looks it definitely at the post game one bouquet and green you grab a guy and talk to impose game. I like Bo Kemper and like I like what he doesn't think it is great job very good. He's just pretty late cold hearted when it comes to grab the kid post is a charm always at worry is that. Is Graham is okay nobody knows your name before tonight and I was like ouch I smell funny I like them and adding an idiot with. He doesn't know that though why is that out some tree pro who is give us. It's like well I'll gain a street and reduce the main backers call the jurors the area now is immediately welcomed the welcomed a little we got. It's worth hey you're rumors a lot of competition. You know what are the what are you gonna do we're overdue what do you tell us your questions like. Should question did the kids is probably had probably one of the best horse he's ever had his career is an NFL game his parents were there to watch him. Yes so yeah into the athlete you go home. But put he should know better Boca or should know better doing that wall all of all the you see your look at it from the players whose perspective. Both cameras shot and that spot is to ask this question asked the things that the viewer wants everyone of those questions you said was exactly with a sore one's real question and that's exactly what the viewer wants to know. That leg on Thursday and career. From arteries in my. So cellular voice stringfellow with a 99 yard touchdown Leon secret rule with a great touchdown grab as well. Where the dolphins escorted took the lead Indy was second quarter believe it was. So they win last night 2320 falcons that they got to work on hang on to fourth quits two games and run now that they've blown double digit fourth quarter leads. But the ED story of the game last night is that indeed. Training camp we help continues. And break one McMillan the first play in his professional career that he is on the field. He's covered punts he suffers what looks via a significant knee injury may get ELE two official stuff come sound shall find out for sure today. And you know I'm gay said he has no any by an ACLU said that and the post game last night do we have that madam gays. And gay city in not only about an ACL even though that that was low rounds with. But. You know mile on crutches last night McMillan salt and second round pick the linebacker who we all know was gonna start for the steam and middle linebacker. The dolphins aren't confirming anything new to a bunch of tests and we saw what trying to NL last week where. Yeah you know you don't know it looks like it's its hyper extension he's gonna be okay next thing we know he's done and now we don't even 07 certainly we don't know EER deal weights now. I'm I'm looking I'm Ryan 101000 whenever you got a non contact football injury in the guy pulls companies were all around the ground that's a scary and it's a Teddy Bridgewater stuff like that you know some damage has been done. He obviously ran into his player you know he he ran into his own guy a contact them aside of his leg. But the way that I saw you re be doing the ACL test on the sideline land on the bench. It seemed everything was pretty much intact his knee wasn't float around too much from there might have been just as pretty does strain. But but again you know it's it's. We got to wait to get out of the well they're still out to the NFL reps put put. Why you putting your all gonna be on special teams there like. You could've found another guy another one of the hundred guys you government team to do cover punts we gotta talk to do you don't want to put you do wanna put a lot of your. Really good defenders and especially just in case of its ago punt defend where you don't know if they're going to be. Possibly during a trick play anyone you gotta be in their for coverage understand certain things like that put preceding game and you look at your starting middle linebacker you want him to go and their cover upon. We talk about that and plus Amber's got headlines for next. I'm just. Signs that. Yeah. She's huge fans and now. At weekends at an aunt and city and am beyond 2000 arts training camp four days. So today the final two chances and fourth chances all day today with two with a four chances on our shell that's what's most important one remind folks well. What do we fanciful bully got to come out that's it it's thirty annual entrant beaten John Clayton fans of football camp. CBS sports Jamey Eisenberg he's our pal also he will be there to. It is Saturday night August 26 at sport of kings at gulfstream park in 6:9 PM it is free and that's that maybe you wanna go low and catch the name with a Gregg of budget and all do it together and have been Stanley. One registered its money dot com it's brought to buy and John Levine accident attorneys 800 simple seven free. That's 80773733. Sponsored by Palm Beach Hawley either always number one draft pick. But energy fuel like Craig Turkey and by champion four by four for more details on attending. Free and go to the ticket Miami dot stop dot com it's your headlines here. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS advanced HD to Miramar. Here's what's trending now from a policy air permit. Deadline to ask PG. No problem. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge mint dot com. These headlines are bright you by Firestone complete auto care right now Firestone complete on repaired at some eight dollars by mail and on the Bridgestone visa prepaid card when you buy a set of four eligible Bridgestone tires what every drive drive a Firestone. By me the Atlanta Falcons when he three to twenty yesterday get excited then. There's a bump off their ego quarterback David trails eight of seventeen per 184 yards and two touchdowns. Mr. Boyd. Stringfellow. Led Miami and receiving two catches 116 yards. She's 99. And 99 yard touchdown catch he's a big wide receiver man he's a big body yeah yeah he's a big do. A toll on answering phone. Now and talks about things like okay Amber's a known here and why clearly as a second year I mean that not uniting our touch there you go. Second round victory on McMillan left the game with a knee injury some reports are saying it's an ACL hair out Indies would not confirmed it is and so. Around and wait for quite a player goes down you know holdings neat people ought Asia was about a slightly immediately when he took the field he stark and reports on the year. Settles to Allen and let's let's add doctor you do some tap into. But this couple tests before we got you know someone who is sitting in the first row. In the end zone. Who saw walk the field and declares he's out for the year. Make Iran. I am now. Nominees should go walk off the field for the most part it looks like he might just have a little bit restrained way and minutes and also some other guys can be beasts and just. And denial about the just ordinary seals and doesn't know what forget it I'm walking I mean let's let's let's hang on get. Can I get a wild and how orders from from the overhead camera view of a theory be doing me still has some arm behind the bench it looked pretty decent to me it didn't look like that Bettany was you know fall apart I sold it Tobin call in Roberts reporting these final play on there's always totally wrong and watch these races ago. I'm gays discussed dealing with the adversity all these injuries. Don't keep plugging. Keeping her guest double. Plus our guys knew our guys you know adversity bonus. In addition. She's going to try to fund. And always seem to find guys us know that back rule or even starters head. She did after. Try to don't beg. Oh and Selig did the he said the training camp of death continues to Lou great comic Nolan he's the latest casualty last night's gad that's you know ten hill and jade GI Ian and the worst part about it is. It's a whole big names there it's like the biggest obviously Jai intense exposure to earn her poster boy and and McMillan wall who the hell knows. That's a guy who you selected high in the draft you very high hopes sports it was at a position of serious knee OK enough. In my mind last night not to see that this is another thing and I just shook my head that I didn't see this happen but I heard when I was in the kitchen. I don't know who said it or which one of the guys said it but. They're commenting on Harris defense event or a really good night he looked awesome video they're kind of calling him Jason Taylor escort the longer leaner not exactly the most physical dominating player who was really good getting off the ball and that's a pretty decent moves. This city we haven't had a great defensive end around here since Jason Taylor and I'm back on this in my Obama called on a minute. This monster probable presidential Cameron Wake regularly pretty decent the Iowa side about our I was like hold on him and then on top of that Olivier Vernon just get paid boo Koo money did we just have an unbelievable year for you guys like two years ago. It was about I was like what are you seeing right now united defense offense is Jason Taylor. This that I don't know we've got that's another thing that was it's a holy smokes man nine now you're looking for things and Olivia Bernstein on here remain in the highest paid late. Pass rusher amber and and she and Cameron Wake US keys. This year Richard showstopper defense attorneys say he's on the team by the way early what is that I don't know that's just in of course I mean you know it doesn't respect on the on Jordan's name. Yeah we're talking a little bit about Beckett he was whose phenomenal for the dolphins don't know his story right this. Her performance finally tell me they have a nanny wants and Jason Taylor move the nationals beat the Marlins greeted Tearrius and I. Our. Jon Garland is 39 homer of the season now billion dollars in deals on Joel coliseum to most and it's. Eighteen home runs in his last thirty games oak high. Over the course of the season that's on pace for 97 home runs. You stand out. I mean I needed I agree that it was the most is a McGuire that the most bonds whose very we're very C seventy Nelson's 773. John Carlo yet as well so they got friends house area so they got the upper deck gave bonds the record 73. The John Carlo over the last thirty games is on pace for 97. Home runs as these that's right. He's got three home runs and the regain speed on pace in under 62 now we're a thirty game sample size which courses. You don't courses seasonal we're taught him lessons 1% but so thirty games. 97. Home runs in the amount with the remaining part of the season to possibly responses record no no no right now lady indeed be awesome if you got to fifty. Right he's easily and at the fifth of the awesome. We all survived as the number. Yeah 55 would be that the board this adds a lot on you and your sister number lot ORS and you got your boy yeah leave you put what did you play you don't grow as he gets 55 viti what are they about that. As soon as the redundant that's level. PGA championship leaderboard of deep brought to you by Edwin watts golf John's home of the ninety day 100% guarantees. After round one Kevin K listener and the more majority Ol isn't shared the lead at four under cry and thousands that. Many hurricanes football team unveiled new green and black jerseys. Do you think her bad ass I don't know keep it simple but I'm numb really enjoying or Bjorn. Olson the world Bjorn. You're going to most dominant names store Bjorn as your first name you could just go one of them. Come on man what are your parents doing their store you're not American. My pro in our region from I'm just out the Norwegian her Swedish. When Zimmer who came up. But then you look him up. Agree meanwhile I think you Alice had goats Lane Kiffin is hash tag in his tweets past ID ESA you know I don't like it. I don't like it. How disheveled was Agudio. So batters and allowed to lose those jokes it was definitely not a hoax. Definitely not a yeah not a show and lower case at. Lower case today and then capitalizing the view on the hash tag Denmark. Or Bjorn. Oh listen to see Denmark just so. United browsing amber. Email and that is open media workout yesterday and says that Congo's business until CNET does a victory for me cracker. Selma by man in Charlotte you know is going to be born as hell on a criminal thing where own knock anyone outs and you should watch it because it is even if that happens that's it's essentially like Connor winning the fights. We wonder 89 at nine Floyd's going to try not to. Not even if he had the opportunity to have you wouldn't take that opportunity and looks like he's going to let the fight go on and. A lot of people in boxing will look at as an embarrassment if he doesn't knock on route. Really is a lot of you on boxing but it is not here who does he care is Ehlers I have a review what it did not mean I think if you lots of fighting would be embarrassing but if you let Conor fight on for awhile now on to seek care. I would do this and he's gonna three million dollars million for the site in Paris late in it it's it is a thing where if if Condit does go this is him that. It's looked as an embarrassment to his bullet that is the one of the best boxes the best box the last fifteen years. Angela guy never boxed go to listens to them. I mean if it doesn't orally not in it was a different fighter I would maybe see is more embarrassing since Lloyds and known for knocking people out that's not his. As honest game per say that's not his style home then I don't think it's quite embarrassing I mean I think what it. Matters to him is keeping an F 150 record intact I don't think he can throw the site. But I think he can allow blasier Connor a dancer at them. Getting lost in the Internet world lesson animal and a minimum auction videos on my phone like 12:31 o'clock in the morning and all of a sudden the whole Connor McGregor Floyd and kind of pops up on one of the media real. And I'm watching Floyd Mayweather going. Breezy on his old man when they're in the gym together this I don't know if you've seen that clip and it's is it's unbelievable. These two going at each other's throats and you get the old man talking about 41 and one or something like that trying to throw his record out there and then. Voice on the Mena them at a cab driver who just due largely to. Was badly when trained against him. And they're against their relationship got real sour but since Floyd's uncle sic is Roger Mayweather was treated for a while now the dad's back in the in the spotlight. What does he got here present tendency though. On tour with this crowd nodded if you don't you don't trust me every time just every time he gets armor and so he's going to be either curing cancer or making people here already learned how to encounter with a autistic child in the standings and anyway around immediately homered and made him hands on them out yet emotional embrace women on his stick. And gloom. Look imitate us. You can take this how do you want OK what do I say this but this interrupt so so yesterday. He shakes hands of the autistic boy in like the front row where he's in the on deck circle. And it any sense of the plate and he hits a home run. Take this army wants this and Tivo. Think the only way to summon up a very special man that's I was doing it you can't you couldn't zero rumor that the wrong. However you'd like put this Tebow is a variance. And I need you can learn thousand moon. Not yeah you divide. I said yeah you're running for re at it how ever you'd like but it is very clear this Tim Tebow. Eight could be shaken autistic boy's hands in in home runs it could be. Comforting someone who have a heart attack on an airplane okay. What what do you wanna interpreted as turning water into wine this is a very nice this and a very special man. I don't know what you believe I know what I believe turning water into line would be the coolest thing I've been awesome wouldn't drink it Doherty. He's the best you've really is he in the back here really is and that's it. Ramirez is it time anywhere anybody got any documentation until we have a good time. Every loose your time the Bible study. Reportedly in the racquets in the Nixon re engage in trade Hotspur Carmelo Anthony has to already seriously. Hello over yum you're Yonder still has not found an NHL job deserves so much better may play in Europe and he deserves so much better. And finally ice cubes that he hopes goalie Brian joins the Big Three league in 2090. Our rights that's of the Big Three les existing exact it's Andy it's very questionable. Very very questionable our rights adults make a mistake last night with a break one make Mellon net. Yeah. It's Little League series you get into that almighty it my older son was watching it a couple of days ago. Are they what are you watching is College Baseball cares about this and it's a repeat if you're watching College Baseball. As we know it's Little League grocers and all cool. It's cool when you see the highlights in the kids celebrating but it actually turning on the game I've tried to do it before and I can't I can't really get to expanding its cooling. I get into it yet I will all I aid it becomes hypnotic for me when I pass by it on ESPN and I stopper moments. All of our time change Canada's and thirty minutes later still watch and I noticed like it's it starts to hypnotize me. I get into its. Next year or anything like that but. RL I got to dig it and you know what I like Alec really talk to the kids before the game and all name their favorite players and war and arms and and especially when it gets the points where when their plane right now I think we need to when he turn on it's just the job. This is the American teams it's you know different to American cities and states that are. Playing against each and about them when you saw a mix in the international teams and got the kids who don't speak English. But they're giving you. Their favorite major league baseball players a lot of that I think it's so cool pal into meeting basically are you really don't live in this country in the name all the favorite player. Is that kid the the other day that monsters thirteen year old Luke well. Now I've brutality that the jays Blalock kid who's like his 375. Feet really. All my god he he mashed it and always there to. You know we can talk about blue towel. Other boob how all that's amazing right that's amazing it was like on the same very. Yonder Alonso. Was rated. For baseball player called group how cool. And there is a little leaguer called boot pal and not to mention. Book Shaw and he gets his nickname. From former major leaguer boom howl. That's not weird it's no outs is finding all that weird isn't it weird is your friend but I think that's why. And that's why you find it easy exit what's on what's that well what's there. That's weird to me. I guess Neal when and that we are. A sudden because this at the Fleming on. One. So last night's the big news coming out alas I install the game unfortunately is training camp from hell is continuing in the latest casualty looks like it's gonna be Rick one McMillan Dalton's second round pick the linebacker who. Why is going to be sort of this team and most importantly was filling the position of raids need. Wore this dolphins team. And on his first ever play on a professional football field last night he's covered a punt Altman's about it ball for the for the first time. Actions are they're given up the first time. The defense is going to step on the field the first time he's covered the punt. And he collides with teammates and he's got the issue. I got reports out there are non exempts. That is substantiated and Altman's okay. Yeah reports out there ACL out for the year I'd sit back and waits okay Terry gets some beneficial that seems very very. Premature war. And especially a guy who's walking off the field on his own he'll be one thing he's carried all these parties cry out for the year. Walking up the old on his own under his own power you know for the year. And who can only twelve hours is already in north Dolphins Stadium has an MRI facility and it I don't know by getting in Iraq told us again like it's slowed. Down on the torn ACL on AM and and and out for the year reports but. That's that's the overriding story from last night's game and your gonna have dolphin fans. More mad. About him being on special teams and it seems like that's that's the plays the you're coming. Do what I don't know if they're giving him the start and and just warming him up with going ahead and do in the first punt block from. Again he was rushing the owner he collided with one of the other guys it was rushing the pharmacy awkwardly on his foot planet and he hit from the side the other photos and they're trying to rushed upon comment I imagine you probably just gonna stay on the football field and and lead the defense is the middle linebacker by. Unfortunately. Miss that in happened Tom but again you're you're looking at your second round pick you want him to get a few snaps to get his mind right did going to give him some NFL time. As a kid coming out of college I understand that but. But I just to lose your your second round draft pick your possible starting my marker middle linebacker for that matter as the year goes on. There there there probably regretting that situation right there and then who is that is that is that really is is is the social team's coaches especially easy coach here. Now OK let's let's back up for a second here. Starting starting defensive players. Are not normally you'd be on special teams don't remark yes Amar some ups and Omar are still some of them are. What what is rookie be one of those guys who would be. Yes yes usually it's your future second string line backing core. A couple defensive end you want fast guys in their when their Russian upon very rarely you have your big defensive linemen up front so you you are gonna have to utilize. The majority of your line backing crew especially the back that's when it comes to covering Ponce yes. I guess I got a hard time. Getting on the coach's second guessing in that spots. Landed. I mean it's it's such a violent team that. There are gonna get her on and the lady lake. I I always go back to win Sparano was the coach who never was freaking out or after the fourth pretty seizing game. You'll sprouted like the way the offense was producing through three pre season games so we decided to play disorders or pre season game which never happens okay. And Jake Long. Got hurts. In the fourth pre season game and an end to end up not being serious. But everyone's freaking. Out and just permits. Mean he's out yes it is is it normal for the play in the fourth pre season game now. But that game is preceding six teen games that he's about to be out there for sixty minutes. And can hold again hurts in an he one of those plays and any one of those minutes. A hard time second guessing who should be playing hero when they keep playing one. It's such a violent game you know if Hassan Whiteside. Gets hurt. Playing in the fourth quarter of eighth pre season game the heat this year you don't you wanna be pissed again it's okay. Some Whiteside probably should not be out there and eight pre season game in the fourth quarter but we're talking about football here and a game that is inherently violent. And everyone get her on every single play. You Yahoo! sought out there in the fourth quarterly pre season game not a risk reward data and what you do in that spot went with four all hadn't heard any single moment. Especially the fact that it was beginning of the game you know for several player. That's like free. You know you iPad really is like tree there's no way and how they can get up there under per cent a pro play employee will like that nothing like it's completely. It is completely ridiculous. For old rookie. Who's never stepped on an NFL field to have to play a little bit a special teams are it's completely out. An act at a the role mobile home. Reasonable. I don't think it's it's one reason I think primarily are not spot saved it editing is actually quite different that scenario then you get Hassan Whiteside playing in the eighth pre season game for Nikki hemming you're your talking about Eric you're talking about. A guy who you haven't gotten to see at all yet in a real you know and real NFL competition so yeah I Ian you've put amount parent and with special teams I mean that's. That's how free season really go to our enemy now is special teams is a really especially your first pre season game special teams is what's being evaluated later special teams is how light these guys get jobs now I realize. With nick Millen he has a job be a way that I mean that's kind of the bread and butter of your first couple priest he thinking. Especially the mill is not going to be your starting middle linebacker as the season goes on it starts in the beginning from. You're gonna let him run on your special things like that's that's how he's gonna what he was likely going to start the right the most part of this and they're looking at. Yes I. And I know people they're they're gonna second guess it and and that's fine and cancel we do blood. I I I just but that's sports. You know you want to second guess playing time and word actually playing it you know should be on the ice in this by the game should be on the quartz but it. He won a second guess that's stuff that that I think is legit. But. Well all of where these guys. They it just so many injuries every single night every single week. Mean you can't wrap them and bubble wrap. You can't not have them play you know before eight he can't not have them practice or training camper play before. This season stars are being way more injuries that way. The edges and and I also subscribe limits the whole state thing in that spot also I mean he got Kuerten in the ferry for now let's scenes because of dates but it is but for me it didn't happen on that plate than it was Capital One of these plays. I mean the very first play that he's out there. You can't protect about being ye can't you can't protect these guys is gonna happen at any moment it's such a violent game. I understand it's Prussia in the U lost urea. You know a rookie we have high hopes for. Who's still wanna position of great need. And yet it's super disappointing especially in this training camp because all he's been hit very hard by injuries so far in this training camp but. Man. I had a hard time second guessing in that spot Irish. It can happen any time argue will play areas and I look you don't Bryant's hand I know we're out there or let me Jay Cutler okay if next week. Don't want to color in the day yet. As a result project collared in the fourth quarter of blood nexus game now I would say no okay the only one McMillan is and Jay Cutler right. It is a little different when you deal with the quarterback now it's it's not you know. It snow it if it's not full proof what I'm saying where these guys who get her on any play you can't second guess when their plane when their plane now I don't want. I think there are some scenarios. They you pinch Ryan be a little bit more careful than the others but recall nick bell and. Special teams. First ever play of his and a vocal rear. Preceding game number one I had a hard time second guess that's final say and they were talking a little bit about that in the Booth as well even with. Even with Stephen Ross are especially Ross what the injury bargain how detrimental that was last week with the news of Brian. And and Steve Ross was like yeah we're gonna miss right. I'm Saku. Ardea peseta miner we didn't take long why is that out of sight out of mind to say they your Amazon was a move on Mexico. There's no time who's the new thing like he also included soon like how much money had to pay for day he doesn't just cost me a lot of money allotted though it has been a lot of dough armed. Yes snowman like this cap put. You know damn well immediately. That ten mom and gay speaker phone and a conference call and called processor at a Rossi and pandemonium books baby you ready and captain Terry over. I understand carry over I understand but. Movies that causes like on certain pocket okay good. But immediately on rounds this news really who's gay and who's gonna get over to the fancy dinners it's gonna be Chris and cattle area mr. Ross and Allen Edwards and I saw a new house Koppel in town hall in new Gandhi I saw all of that send out the pictures. Yeah she was on the hills many years now back and held Manila as Israel holds siesta key now may have a reality show from the craters hills gold siesta key which is very straight what is going national that was in Zagreb on siesta key variety. The hill you're probably you were in pro in high school Nichols can operate wasn't the hill still reeling college radio our colleagues call it's and it was it was incredibly popular amongst people our eats about because it wasn't it wasn't mine. Yes I thought he re allocation of meal it was it was about kids in high school on it was a kid you grow up and Orange County who went to an Orange County high school they had incredibly loudly. Family is and yet and it was it was like kind of like the real minor to one now only a movie that I wish I. Black was a show. Reason for the peace yeah that's that's that movie he's got to do instrument territories on the XC in his underwear. Is the same show is over you do you know orange county's. California or any lulls and I don't know Jack black and and the Hanks candidate. I don't is not a brother. That's utterly not used to watch MTV about your day. Memories guy he did the brother takes the towel and all blond he mix up pills and he keeps in the town hall case lot of exe. A lot acts. Or sell offs. So yeah a little bit about what happens Dalton's performance last analysts were the majority appoints the fourth quarter you guys you know third you know fort street guys out there regardless who cares and on the game Iceland it's on. But recall McMillan suffers from what what could be pretty significant injury that's a bomber we're gonna rich right things up. Al-Qaeda in about ten minutes are now. You know the show on HBO crashing. A little you know that show I don't see it I know I've seen one like any previews of the shop owner Jeanne. He Holmes is the sorely creator trees that shows comedian he's you to join us in about ten minutes I'm. Love when shows have real serious like the characters that are immature like real people real like people what he's based salt and it's loosely based on his life Russia right. Where he'd he apparently liked you he watches. He gets divorced he cast his wife cheating on him and we talked on this until war and civilians have been divorced and like yes without you lose everything is trying to become. Aaron correcting me that they she was originally on Laguna Beach and then she was on the hills. It was Laguna Beach at the original reality show how nice is that I and when they went to colleagues and they got a little older it became the hills and that's when they admit to Los Angeles from a going to be that's new power couple now. Now she's she's quite the looker. I don't see any uzis on Ernster Graham page either yeah that's true though you know she's not a gun smuggler no good match now against gonna feel safer around her than ten Al. I mean that that girl. At the pictures first big gun range. To take care of herself follow. Right good she can protect you now. You know it's I don't know Chris cavalier and protect SP you know lives. Next week sit down crimes and crimes on the couch. Follows our rights that's on Tuesdays don't get that out in my life right through the doesn't want you getting a glass and shots that you believe the Boris. And should and shouldn't every line is seven and Iran's policy. That's me. And that one. I'm more notably points on the 790 around to seek. We I don't there it's truth funny funny funny if they edit this money. It is true. Experiencing she was never on the hills you clearly didn't watch hill we'll see lower the main character on the hills and and they ended up bringing Christen. In the next violate the secretary is already so you Sony's you know it's a reality she writes her breath a these are all reality show I want to call it reality well now but I mean you know the reality. Actress her. Although her costar did release for a mother quite a show fictional Lauren what they were rivals labored Lauren LC did right Lauren Conrad did write a book that was quote unquote fictional about two. High school friends who ended up on a reality show I'll cover it well was taken scripted. Is one of the colors girl that English writing amounts relate the two girls that it is fiction all because as I understand how to non disclose under. And what is he referring to their colors girls that what's going out there assume that there's any mile numb and as part of her in as a part of her novel. I guess yeah. All right we'll prettier but forgets about that aspect at right standing in the goatee he had not a single person has forgotten their means everywhere like no one has forgotten. Talk to Pete Holmes HBO's crashing next. Guess fine through these steps beyond convenience. Pete Holmes may have seen his special on HBO we had a special on Comedy Central. But I think most notably HBO's crashing okay he is the star. And it's available on Blu-ray dvd and and obviously HBO go on demand that whole deal. He joins us here peak morning we appreciate you joining us here actually the whole premise of your show crashing I find to be interesting because it's it's something that we discussed even though or sports show we talk about some like this and I discussed this before where you like cheats on you okay she cheats on you in the show. Your comic you're trying to make it she cheats on you you wind up leaving your moments in New York you'll lose the house and I'll live with her anymore. She is the one who did the bad thing okay and because she did the bad thing. You now lose your house you're struggling you don't have kids and your show. Many times that dubious and Aaron I don't get to see your kids anymore and you peek yeah do anything wrong you know the big loser in this spot. But the fact that I thought I'd never have it about of that. I think that's kind of what goes about it that it is supposed to be. A celebration of the downed and it seemed like everything is kind of leaning against a and vetted and that being you know what you want to view the best they could have happened if he could he needed that push. In the deep end of comedy and history. And sometimes you know I that's what happens if realized that my wife left if realized it's a quite great artwork curiously. Put the time I probably would have agreed with Europe like I didn't do anything wrong like an activist that. But looking back at that at all a crowd of about. Like I don't know that was that was the best thing that stopped me in the big game to make it about sports public about sport coming into the game. Yes and and like you mentioned there in the show is is I guess a loosely maybe not so loosely based around real life experiences so how. How much easier than you Sally. Pursue being a stand up comic when you're you're not necessarily tied down by by marriage and family. I don't know authenticate it might be Egypt need to have the right Eric in the right yeah I certainly hopes that well I am I've engaged right now I'm not like M I area. Well my wife and I on the show at you know to be article in the real life. Wasn't that crazy about me doing comedy that sometimes I feel like I milk median that very people that that don't encourage and support them and I'm like. It's like wearing a vampire like you have to be up for the late hours and the blood sucking in the capital market but you have to know what to edit in new. I aural I've been really know just how period that load when we got very. And then I think that is fundamentally one of the reasons it didn't work. Did not series Jordan meaning because you need traveling all time not to be around. You know it's funny. I've gotten that question before but it wasn't it difficult free travel. It was kind of like what you kind of they're making a name we have you get to torrent and that's when are they when he would just like going to open my kind of like a strange. But that the quality was comedy that was I think a little op but it occurred. I think what we broke up and realize this is something that we used on the show it well like it kind of like you you were already at the big love of your life. Which was comedy and I didn't know how right she. I didn't I thought like you know I have that for your support and ultimately it. At some of that Hank now it but a lot of you know you rightfully want it more than that act. And that might hurt my current Yahoo! page you get that you look comedy if not then not so wonderful that work. So does the fiance ever come in and watch you perform in does that ever work as an aphrodisiac. He said that the really idiots protests comedian was beautiful women out because there is something. I guess we could they impressive refined and about doing comedy oftentimes when you would he do it at a comedy afterward. You know you kind of already won people over I think that's what you see so many. Comedians that are real ladies and that would never really my strategy but there's there's girl that I quit now. He's seen yet this show and that's how we bad and then we went out and kept going out so and it worked for me. Now this did did she go to the show to CU's specifically like that headliner of the show that she went sorry that's. Yeah. I would I would I would co headlining with my friends I'll pay the two years ago we've been together almost five years now. And she came and I would show and then we met afterwards it was really evolved. That's very cool we got peed on Syria does he saw RB HBO's crashing need to check it out Blu-ray dvd of course. HBO on demand and and that whole deal. Trying to make it as a comic. Especially in a city like New York ate it sounds like report seems to me like you can be pretty awful. Yeah I think that if it did pretty awful about what it scenes of scratching it just had typical would be. This started comedy. And specifically to start comedy in New York. I would have done it in another city for almost where I carpet basically at that probably your Chicago. The that I moved to new York and that's really where it irreverent at the wrote me. And there are a bit about New York it doesn't. Want you and it doesn't need view. And that the same thing of comedy comedy yet or you think probably doesn't need you know if you don't pursue your dream. To be at and that. Or pursue your dream to live in New York vote things will be fine if you quit comedy. Comedy will be fine if I could go under because one prison quit. And it a thousand people move out of New York today because it's so grueling here a thousand people move in the second believe. So there's something kind of perfect about during the show in New York because that's what it feels like. You probably even if you're not doing out in New York comedy or else you'll like and Adam. It feels like the churning machine that doesn't really care about you grow up. That is does making a room full of people laugh at turn one of your sets feel better. This and that bonding feels terrible. Not that the great question. I think bombing. Hurt. Well I never thought about that it might hurt a little bit more to fail but at the. You gotta let it didn't matter why don't I guess because you know we ask that question a lot athletes we have on the show where it's. Pete is the winning the feel better than the losing feels terrible and they all seem to losing feels worse. Yeah I think that's probably what motivate. Both steal you know it's like you know that the bomb or the law hurts worse that Tibet we have but the wind is it. Very very close like editors show that I'd have. And it was amazing and I hadn't been in have been have been at and there was a lot of the crew from the show came out I was like I can't apartment or that the grew. I think he's got up and it didn't feel so good is that. They're like I literally went in the green room. This bit just for a minute by myself because if I talked to anyone that I would have been Barrett myself. The way like it here on cocaine yourself and please use it to like your rabbit here now is saying is that you need to take in debt and come back to earth. That outfit I could give up that hill but at bat era that I mean that he'll like. The rejection of who you are especially you're doing comedy that personal. And you know you're you're really sharing a bit about yourself and it doesn't work. It's kind of like getting rejected by. Like a thousand urged state all in 11 good thing. Does it still bother you if if if the senate bonds are a few jokes bomber can you shrug it off at this point. Now it about it in fact bombing that we did are crashing. Obvious human characters like an open biker and that is chair of bombing. Even have it and Obama are. You start to get anxious that you remember what it feels like even though you're acting. Exactly I'd beyond paid in the crowd would be left and I knew they were not supposed the last. What might you know might I start where they got it right now all the stealing them. You can't explain your brain with. It is pretend it's still feel it is it's great the and other other opinions. Like he did Miller. Was on the show it you would perform for the extra you know like that there's nearly. Bringing me back to what it feels like that started as a comedian like I don't know if it was like oriented time machine. The homes here does HBO's crashing you've had a lot of really cool comics on your show I mean TJ Millard David tell Artie Lange the who is if you order a unified ticket these days who's your favorite comic to sit and watch. But it could they I love all of those guys and there are. Or. Yeah are these you here and there as well and I picked it it's incredible architect of favorite. TJ and I targeted at around the same I would Chicago. So I think I would wish people would go to each day but party was on the senate that I made and you bring it I mean we were doing the show with a bunch of people that show. He comes out closes. You put so excited to you know he's so great on crashing. And that would you even better than you think he's going to be at the bit I think that the real scope of. What you check it out again he's got specials HBO comedy essentially HBO's crashing. Is big hit right now it's available dvd Blu-ray and and of course HBO on demand you know how all that works good talkative Pete thanks a lot. You're at it and its Pete Holmes right there you love my cheating question I'm right about that by the way if you if you catch more white cheating. You should not have to move out the house you should get the house she should have to pay you. May have to pay in that spot. Everything in the show you do anything wrong call it cheating and how he's homeless and trying to via com.