ZRA Part 1 8-20-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, August 20th

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He SaaS long runs in amber. Tell me right now Ohio State has some strong vetting process with Urban Meyer we know what happened when you as the go to Florida Gators are you kidding me you what's your answer. Yeah I I don't I don't have a problem not wanted to hire him just off of the suspicion I think an Urban Meyers admits you have weird going on the aisle. Yeah it's yours is that a liar yeah so we're. She take on the gas tonight can help tipoff from predatory lender that arena. In any minute 7 PM coverage just tape on the ticket begins at six you know I mean look like that's stupid that's the breast cancer. That's good I'm Gary. Happy I am home has done extensive. You lost him again like I get in new play yeah you lost all my back behind cancer to be like and don't go starter. 790 that ticket. Morning's top flight. Guy goes out again today. Really still Disney World. Or hang out as cool good for that primer likely more pool. Good morning armored Euro Tobin in a slam. Study Steve. So it is a thing nice to be greeted in the morning bury down I know I actually recognized you guys unlike thousand dollars and zero. So I did the thing. I did a thing where. My company email. Was making retains a password which it does every few months where it's just drives me gawkers are summaries on. So every time it does that I was I stick to the man I don't change the password and get it countdown. Ten days kind illegal gratuities holders know today today my email block today command line. Today the man I was told the notification Jesse every domestic demand. And then the man typically went but during the panels the get TU BA sticks it to me but during the count down though Ifill really good about myself I am taking some story stands. Curled human kinds. In the corporate world you play in the you're right I am trying and does not quite good by Billy they want. Yet they did and if they sent out agreed this morning in it was horse team pats were in order to access. My emails. I do bank I didn't think her fetus. A luxury and Robert. Pretty generic. Or the visionary for you like boats and sober boats and slowly but there was so little live women and accused now not anymore sober. So we're. Well there are and the homestretch. Do small mom and merely and in that sense right lifestyle display in another man's print out your audio now. Mean 20 have you Kevin reader was also a lot of fun went and went to the beach on Sarin. It's in fort building to kill us all that good Tellme YA ear wave is putting out its. This amazingly cheesy still loving you sell my ex is she in the dog tell us now as you get hurt that I'd love then I delivered eleven. Do you mean is not gone there is this a light years she put out the sap is focused. Edges it out how great you are now lucky she is to view video. Most use items in all I saw was tome and be in the number one dad building forts in wrestling and riding bicycles and kids that's supposed to talk about I don't read. If you didn't realize written under the most I'm a picture both Canada and YouTube. Picture looks all the way but when my daughter says it's story time and she goes with the book that's more than thirty pages and often nightmare no sorry. Out here is Reza as opposed he right right to build sport's true how I love this man of mine Bret Hart. Hash tag I pick to get one who hash tag best daddy hash tag best hobby hash tag best friend yeah. I mean I was in serious element Illinois I don't know. In the years. So that not delay. It's pretty awesome. We like each other loans to were weird indicates that kids never made it hard for seminars will be stupid hard beloved. No room and I mean really you always separated the kids from from mama and your kids they can still in the little terror phase of sons animal you have and everybody knows that has kids if you wanna if you wanna tester marriage. Have kids. And if you want to me like to refight and joy each other because of kids yet. How and how quick Emeka. You know when Jamaica because it's normal them. My you know they people they posed by the thought ouattara's reference of the food and she did you. Yeah if there's an excitement they're significant Sony did you fight wears a thing I I don't tell was went on a tennis tomorrow are you gonna divorce over known and she he had that. Well that's what age you asked. As I did it hurt her binges or disadvantage depending how you look at it I do have. A friend that told me that that's that's the biggest thing with marriage verses just living with somebody and I feel obviously I feel very married. I I'm not legally married and she told me that that. That the biggest being a ballot having that that it. Having an official having that piece of paper signed. Is that you can't just break up like it's a much more complicated process. So every season every argument is okay is this worth getting divorced ever know RA old and. I feel like I did a terrible would argue I feel like I don't know him and my because my wife loves to scrap. My wife loves a fight and she also loves having everything her way and she makes the metal and everybody else scrap. So I just not just here with development. From. Idolize you. You want to turn up the divorce documents or signing all right now we'll put him on the night table you could hang out as long as you want. One bouncer wanna bounce yet okay amounts otherwise leave that alone with this other Georgia is wants argue amount and what I don't have any energy to argument my energy is spent. All day long. Trying to figure out how to make money and try to take your kid. You aren't into it all you NB a very deliberately 20 am Mears and soon. Yeah I always had a personality I mean I'm a little. And his friend she's never been that Psycho. I've always been this guy on the guy that says I haven't changed. In the real yeah I bet I bet you haven't changed at all that only sees changed or there's no I have a little lake I mean I'm not I I'm. I'm not at all those streets you described with her but I am allay. I need an. I need a real relationship than involves a little. Waiting everyone's while I actually. Did have a relationship for a couple of years where there is virtually no fighting at all I mean yeah. Very like pretty much nine if I'm and it was it was a it was a little yet stagnant and the little stagnant and. See the way you really should go about arguments are set of doing that trump card of through two words to say as I guess that's cool. You should try and win arguments like their competition arena like I was box Emery and that's America did you understand how frustrating it is for female. When you win an argument you understand that they're gonna you know something else given zero satisfying it is when you an argument with that who eating grin you know your argument which means it's gonna it's gonna let somebody know. And my house and I'm Alison attorney too so it's like. You can't the dumb jock really can't get one up on the eternity because he's gonna make things all that we be surprised. In my house that was both attorneys. Agree you have to like only a minute and better over the years you listen you guys arguing there's a sore on each other. Paperwork on arguments. Take it easy they get it easy and it's easy TT wants you argue often. But it's we've we brought up over the years we've gotten better about it my parents were both attorneys and remarkably they didn't. Didn't they managed to somehow not argue about my have divorced a little gap but not things that not going to be arguing. I didn't grow the hell's walrus on March. Out of doing slammed the reading inappropriate jester is behind the glass and other parents. It wasn't arguing what was it. An end. The better. My parents married on the wrong embryo. Blown global yeah women talk about it and it's treated walker in the box than. I don't know I was already got me an arm fire 30 in the morning and box and an end of the public closed box that I. Pre season football game getting some bad. Romberg football foreign. Yeah. We got any of those segment sponsored. Who won't we should now ya I think we should maybe the sex shop next door wants to sponsor Romberg Romberg football porn as search up next door. And you know there's a sex shops or does not pretend like you've never got rid of the don't want sex shop to open once in my life. And it is a general Elin bought that thing what was what was of Ireland fought and analyze that with a little while Venus paying their creator of and a little Willie Lewis. Yeah that plays I would do was a little more class. Is better lighting. Up lists and I was putting it very politely. I'm dissent solid clearly console I would bet letting them go to what hustler Hollywood. With bed lighting. At her oh that term about. So when I did sign into my email this morning after teams passer and after the man stuck it to mean. IA was able to get into that headline service so I can give you this morning's a hard hitting headlights. Right Carey shows off her giants glistening. Man's in a wet starts. Nights. Are you gonna show us sing like her diamond ring because and showed some monster diamond ring back in the day when she married that rich rich dude overseas. He did I think they're talking about something else here. Now is it may serve moms and I've never know it's my it's man to man sounding an ever heard that freeze rates memories are memory glance I. A half Sweden. I'd really union is nip tactic in his skin tight wet top we knew about that would keep some of these that are ahead of that when you read this website meant my. What's going on here just gets fed to me. In the Kendrick flaunts her sex Tass stick body while walking around in the short like you dress. Do I not get these final and I think I think the company has blocked you from we all the rest of us on Adam. I think the companies like I erase a lot of emails but I don't really get in every user is not warning was a room. Bullets from a company I don't know I don't own locker room gets a lot in my locker we subscribe to that and then November something as shout out to radio button let me search my that he may have been just. No I knew we we subscribe to the prisoners should. This guy is yeah well it's a service this year that your company does to be worked for broadcast company I mean there's certain. Are certain services that broadcast companies years in order to receive information. And it helps us obviously prepare for shows and the right content listeners not be greedy here in you please forward. These kind of reminds me it's funny Entercom has really block Stromberg from his outlines. The ultimate I think so I think they nail. It can't be trusted. Check out Ireland Baldwin's latest racy insert rams snapped that upset her father. Who. These are the headlines this morning. And then there's also headline. Eight out of California. Where. Numerous drivers had to pull over on the California highway because there is nails spilled all over the highway. And it's. Amerigroup entire rate now this Inger isn't so much understands. So many tires nails. Tim where we're still in the mail things on roadways but how does it. How we not solve that issue it's not a difficult issued assault. I shouldn't there be if you're driving around when males or should be some blond you have to have them contained in some manner. And why are we using nails in road work. This shouldn't there be some better system like it's 2008 teens and their buicks and leaves her Khalili wire nails even necessary anymore. But it we have to work would nail a Philly they should be contained batter. Because. Trust every money manned by as many as I have a lot of social tennis stupid and argue that what I wonder you know a new would be under tire place. Which do you still owners are boys town near you that none. The move. You get out there are transporting Elliott's truck sped details and notes and does apple analyst bill. Does have a little amounts into her own material under tailgate them. All overnight by and then just somehow austere business cards buy out everywhere I go out telling them vertigo. So. Read is into the pre season football don't own a weekend and last week none out and so we will get into your pre season football today. Or anything thousands of massively exciting to get into today and what some indoor soccer over the weekend that was not massively exciting why. It was on the question you watched like on television on calico and know now I did not now. Cheese icing on it was like this is one indoor soccer is like and put on indoor soccer. And they're just playing soccer NN procuring. Can you explain the soccer boy and a prestigious soccer what is you have to watch. All kinds of soccer Philly he's fully embrace this soccer boy title now. I want we were talking when we heard that he heard talking to our west soccer when. He knows he's arc when the show now trust and everybody gets a radio personality they they eat that we yeah. You'll love is a homer total is king of the nicknames on me today he's OK with the saarc boy nickname I'm now no Felix boy aspect and at some unseen but expand. Somehow he's he's OK being linked to soccer apparently. And TI at that when we're talking about our our wedding he would I said maybe the so there's there's these pictures of this is our preparation but there's pictures of plate weddings were like and the bride and groom once they get married in Iraq and on the island you're doing a beach wedding they like ruby balled up in there it makes merging Pixar. And he's like soccer balls he he's a really jumps are both isms are boy I'm like oh good lord told embrace. That sound of emperor. Who put. You realize your wedding photos will be dealt only with questioner in equipment. I'm stars there's no way you we are putting any bowls. All of the guests. Anywhere you could have athletic. The equipment. Suitable opponent though and you wedding shots Sosa grab the croquet stick soul look cricket pads pass them. So sort of put this becoming a distinction ticket that last name do tick at the pictures. We please so you'll be riding in on the backs of Clyde sales with white flower strewn beneath your feet that would fit this fox costume. There's only one way to listen to the data on your Smart device or computer and that's the radio dot com asked before at radio dot com. That's where stream is now on everything else that you're looking for. So they download every dot com math and don't miss your favorite to get show which is obviously this month. We want to let you know that if you have any issues at the app you can email support at radio dot com and our corporate folks we'll help you get it corrected. Pretty dot com the new home in 79 in FM one a 43 HD to the ticket. Do you have mind these XW eighty XY AM South Miami and got a US advanced tab at the beach Ito Miramar. Radio talk. Come station. We had more pre season football including your Miami Dolphins. Who lost to the Carolina Panthers 27 to twenty in the second pre season game but it's. But it's. A different. I mean even though little loss what did you think about that first cup of football. It. It was the second pre season game and I didn't even watch the whole first murders played extensively and I watched the second quarter. They didn't tell it didn't happen. That defense doesn't are encouraging that first play no. Waldman the first play it was like secondly what for a man that McCaffrey did it to the house. There was probably one of the most. If you're a drop of blocking scheme on a power oh and it was like it was 36 borrow your tailback at the ball goes up right hand side. You pull your backside guard. If you ordered draw it up on a chalkboard. On who to block and how to block it was perfect. Although the dolphins' safeties didn't know whether to Cooper wanna watch that and whether to go inside or outside that they came down laid the one damage on the line of scrimmage conceive McCaffrey is so small. So just like boom driving a truck roll all the way to the house was nice do you think that bill does and looks at a guy like pressure McCaffrey and disclosed. Can't live a Miss America. Because he's white light that's right. No I think what is easy easy easy as the ability to share a little bit he'll share it. How big so I think if he misses out on any good white Blair is. These slots is only now possessive of barriers Susan isn't shy and what you thought he would. And easily. Head of the over the same draft but even still he's got a Dudek Puerto. Stuck there this year with Chris Hogan 7-Eleven. Definitely the sky and the TB twelve. Talent top talent that's that's how that's how we that's how he equates these things. How do you feel Latina now because people felt pretty good about him. Mimi. No he he messed up I remember watching and even came to the sideline. So personal and third drives Dinah I like everybody knows it's the drives I doubt whether we should himself in the foot or miscommunication so. I don't know if you saw or noticed that when he threw that go route. Money is down the men's are down in the red zone. And it kind of basically killed her drive after after I lose councilman got a holding call get tones of a holding call on just being lazy. Just Leahy Z grab and a guy before it fell right Daniel's legs and ultimately right tale anyway. Ten on to throw the ball out on a go route. But the wide receiver Rosa running a gold whoever you were dramatic comeback road and Ryan has run into the hot run of the sideline you seem to happen it's chess and that's that's my books like my bad. So Ryan is promising picture so you know between now offers a line holding the false starts. Not being on the same page to wide receivers it's still. An error loaded office. So they prima Thomas let me out. I mean is I'm down much of a concern but the second pre season game. Mean because that's us up their rookies do an anonymous and Martin are not on the same page a wide receiver you're you're. What many years starting using now here this is six. CDs you geek up Vincent pitchman like that you you're going into the red zone it's like it's called money time this is where you make your money. Now your kicker. Both kickers who are fighting for position on this team are fighting inviting you into Q3 points and you should opinion sex if Jose in many of pre season oranges says. Don't worry about the in the red zone offense it's going to be fantastic and it's field goal. Losing there. I think you were actually really good and Tony sixteen red breads are Hoffman's. In the pre season no no all of generally yes and the regular season. Tina Hilton as the day fourteen for seventeen with a hundred yards. News earners your minutes pretty d.s at their salaries doesn't playing her it's like their shore loaded stats like is an uprising geysers are down on. You didn't sit in Canada and seen interception on cam untended and rode them was right in the nine U Huntington. And then in the upper boards and so even in those small opportunities in windows are you should be gifted touchdown. Then scroll and sort to cruising games and in limited action and know first in touchdowns. Adding to bigger issues of the dolphins are ranked last dinner on defense the first two weeks at the pre season there than delegates who just mocking them yet. And Ndamukong Suh to you mr. Graham. CU mock the Miami Dolphins of course his former team he said eight comment on and on a play it was a play. It's not lose the RA it was it was the run rate it was but it was a video of it get news and he commented likes or to the met a certain you'll know. Assertive the guy LLE a he hit us at the LO well mall and cap. But us with his hello well the dominance it has an emerging. Him to monster. The Miami Dolphins remain optimistic about linebacker ray won McMillan and the upper and two yeah he had he's had a rough receive. Malcolm X Lou no. Leg really slow and the other guys that small. Keiko the small small men like Huckabee he's not he's been valued at three years how it's possible we have a guy disaster strip mall. Possible. How explain it to me. He. Transit board shorts and board shorts and protect like that's a two man like sandals Borchardt a broad tech and that's that is kind of deep Gordon was minister also may be key is. The figures out this is night and there are now he's got their act like Rocky Balboa and doing doing jujitsu it's like hey man. No room. First of all. He can't now it's illegal to use that John did all viewers it is a big round lake so that's out no macro leader by the way revenge in this this upcoming week hazard at the ravens in town Joseph Flacco verses ski. Do us all when he lit in my. I remember yeah. And given the moment. On the. Gay said about great comic Mellon every now he's got a good job. Going through the progression that we need to go through. As a really a first year higher than it's been through NATO missions that year we lost pretty much the entire season last year he's progressed well. Billy is getting better after watching his game he's awesome things where he cut lips Hedo can lassie wants to do a lot of things that you wanna. Linebacker Mike linebacker dale I think it's trending in the correct. Direction you know it's funny about a days here is comes in these press conferences and it is such sound reasoning. But he has such coach resting bitch face. He is the worst body language on the sidelines. It's amazing. That the coach thing around I don't. He's never negative guy and he's he's extra he's sort. Would you be a very positive about what's happening I. But that don't come to every answer be like yeah ample well are neat I'd love to hear what always happens after lake Saint Francis drive. Stalls out. And you could see him right away start talk and recovering his mouth as paper and just MF and everybody on the football field just. He knows exactly what went wrong he knows who screwed here's the funny thing about it like I think we'll get mass. Had I guys I'd like reporters almost questioning that they think somebody's not doing decorators. Who. Mean you guys always do this it's like Huskies were watching you and you always do it's got to understand like he's the type of guy. Whether he was a player coach he's a bad it just doesn't wanna deal with the media he just hates it its almost works quite like anything outlandish claim Russia Q what are to explain our team do you guys but just write whatever you want right. I only wanna come this podium to talk to you people to what legal and coach Mateen. Hingis in a boy genius like come picturesque that podium and talk to people. Would you invent something with him. So what that does does that mean it's well there's a lot of things as armed Dutch about this crazy eyes he may be a good coach I'm not denying that he may be a good coach do you deny the so while he knows he may be a coach stick to personnel as. Be the only things are getter for browns a Morocco's. The thing that joins me crazy about him as he's promising this grand reinvention of football that we have somewhere down the alliances like. You know what. Just tell me that you go to the football that's football. That just don't I don't know football that's coming up with some like hybrid Australian rules rules football was something we've never seen before. Telling a sound security though to keep saying 080 it's common it's it's just so innovate and Jenny had to give me Samir spurted all it's down the line Steve it's comet. Later and I'm I was I was really really happy with some of the defense of players that stepped up like Quinn. And what you guys that are gonna come and look I'm looking for some special that your of this Quinn kid I'm these she's looking. On an unbelievable for the recited Cameron Wake a pets. He had an awesome might get an opportunity earlier on in the game as Wheldon would say as the good man Charles Maher Charles Harris is gonna be relevant to dip but. Cam Newton just so big on the one I think was the first series from a mistaken. It was a gash for the slavery before the gash shipments acts or what that middle. On hand you know how many times almighty god will be restarted. This is the first time I've ever sat and listened to the commentary. Actually I I. Get three were texting us the whole time listened to. To that we'll ask him what you normally do either seat in a bar or not paying attention of the point. And did you watch bowling balls without volume Don knows as a way of what Obama in my whole life when we watch film to watch with any sound path creeping so it's like that's the way almost like a guy watchful wanna wanna hear anybody's opinion other than. What I'm looking and I'm on the football field. It's gonna suing her to dissuade the way I look at so yeah I watched football this the most ounce of this the first time because I wanted to hear what is Oslo game was all about. And holy smokes man. Like this might I couldn't get over this it seems like something you should be doing or somebody who does color commentary for I don't know for college under the call see you do listen to the sounds now I listen to this idleness and really get something he should do for homework till the end to different prize concert is how they march does disconcerting to do that now on these guys all my. Auto on the I'll never do this again which are just can't. Just no way I can listen guys in Joliet man. No I don't I look here's the thing it's like somebody having oh. A long tenured radio career who went to school every day for radio and having them sit next to me and assuming. I can imagine is arousal frustration. You know I mean like I can't enjoy a listening to that broadcasts I really cannot and I'd like I like Bo Kemper open a notable camper and women all assured adjustments in his arm movements on the sideline in. You know I enjoy that my fair. Part was when they had tandem bomb in the booze and personal. They have to decide which one of the old geezer is that they outcast because the brute and so small citizen Greece to the back of the brew good. And then and then you see you see Dick Stockton is. We got my Ted about Jonas what's again. You know as executive to vice president of football lovers all right whatever. Whom what you got now. And that's late got this piece of Beirut has. At the what do you think that the blind date they're aware that there's a Cameron boot ride like this is a listen I'm talking about man. I don't know how many times. Stockton called gun show. God shock. It was like yo mandate EA EUX is is O in French dodge show. All of my is name published his career like his halftime segment how to. Honestly say half time report curt Terry holly Michael and Tony you look on graphic for the final two bullet points. Well sometimes. Young offensive tackle right there here's sue the only thing I'm worried about right now is how the hell is this possible okay. The dolphins. Did they pay these guys rather easily volunteer work right but this is where is correct they pay them and probably quite handsomely. It's it's it's African and not into lingered TO. What you'd make my ears and it's playing what he looks what do you do what he's saying like what do you think he makes. A guy like greasy organic now more what are they paying him. The door is put that on TV and here's an improbably heavily they cut a presently similar to. They're not only doing that now yeah yeah Jerry involved in the. Deletion as well meaning as an office I was. It was a says he's there every single day's very very balls and ambassador is like the same rule out roll like conine had a the Marlins in two and a hundred Dawson late. Generally go and get this you have the salary and you do most of Dick Stockton no I think now more is is more like like a really real such job right I thanks to my experience he plays like office like that total tournaments was all the journalists he runs all their shared and us ambassador to the young legislation known. AT and why don't that's I guess of when I think of ambassador and thinking of somebody who's more like a phase one of things and not necessarily somebody who's actually. Making moves behind the scenes. And when I mean when I when I port to the dolphins he had he had an office he was there every single day here is they're all they like working out how did you not know Obama team to play in the team is my question how do you none of the names of the square easier that you're very far removed from when your work like he's he's at the stadium or at least he was back then I mean this is. Org the dolphins years ago by. At least he was back then he was the stadium he was involved in more in the business operations all the charitable work with the dolphins. DO so that's a very very different thing that pop operations of operations and Davey did a completely different place or my ability of people you never see the players if you work. At the dolphins who in their business. Offices at the stadium. Nodded and on game days. Moore is senior vice president's special projects for the calling your master relations and an advisor to CEO. Yet he works directly with the CEO. I'm very close. That's his legal very act. The bank says is tying an orphanage just hang in there Panama and telling these relatively tiny I was Darryl was there an MIT. It's oh sure. I was I was literally shook aliases they got the power turned it off when our turn off the volume is a couldn't handle as to whether it was funny to be it is this tandem late Dick sucked there is no time for his for his title whatever that relatives he's Dick Stockton broadcasting legend. And then and then my ten about it some repealed chummy. Guys and all of vandalism yes. Well no he didn't hole you're seeded late sarcastically. Didn't like it is my tent about Charlie way but it didn't feel very genuine. Lot of alana wholeness behind that comment. The Marlins. They beat the nationals twelve to one. Homeboy got his first hit was a home run on comeback. And your rain yet they're his first career complete game. But that's a core suspended deal. You annoy me appeal process as a boy this is why appeals because if you did an appeal and he started serving at his next I don't think it's separates. Oh really have to repeal passes to just delay the process just doing the processor but it is also laws in different amendment tired of these parades. The rest swept this weekend Ford aims EB spears giving up with a brazenly come on now all I'm going to believe Don with braves fans now ignited 29 the game. I heard you took out all of Italy I'm telling you get to a big fight where there I'm not a lawyer John Michaels yeah well jumpers that mid day host a camera angles he tried. While John loves you know John loves John listens to the morning our morning saying no he does and new warnings also loves Miami which he loves Miami used it for him to to keep up for his city. I am I love Atlanta I genuinely have hate for Atlanta Braves and their fans and so Donnelly living in Atlanta and I did and I like John. You know John has tags you cain's tattoos Oliver's isn't here he set to this multiple cain's tax you. This mile fiance are. I think Miami. Gets what they are. Like we've got members using complex but I don't think will ever start around saying we're the best fans. Diesel into braves fan these Atlanta Braves fans. He definitely vote passed fans. And it's not. Terrible fans. I love is ever any terrorist act could be further from the tree and prayed at Atlanta DeWitt Atlanta is seen around the nation as a sports market it's not. Is it series of dollars was Howell Miami scene it's that it's it's very very similar they're also an event Taliban all the attendance isn't great people don't think of them as a bit sports market yet and little big Miami residents sort of thing is the very similar to our hands basically there Chicago. They think the Boston may not worthy tender years ago never. Even women and almost thugs. They shout out I mean they did they had a lot of fanfare around the players at that time is it is very similar to Mary snow down here who's very known that you have a playoff games that couldn't sellout. The bridge gave us. And they think that they are amongst the best when you don't really stadium was located really cared about an hour and they move the singing by the way the new great stadium is so is I'm sure it is should and should tell some of the fence to get their aides to be it via. The whole complex outside the stadium I didn't actually even though I ain't going to the ballpark. If I was aired during concerts but it was outside. The ballpark is it's not it's like nothing I've ever seen before. At a stadium tonight and try to do it clearly the cardinals have going on as well and I did Detroit Tigers and I know our own business aliens I don't like grass endured numerous concessions then no wait no it doesn't calm act third in the hole. It's all their talk about doing with the the Miami freed on yet. Contractors down here over the Dodgers team Rosalie Atlanta follows through religious errands and yes yes it's really really cool where all of these so elegant restaurant that is the city's come through promises are like their fans who don't show. They just really and then no reason no British sense. Residents must I'm specifically brazen desperate cents a year ago falcons and broad new beef. No me Obi. He just hit it really good at hockey fans these analysts are either now stands at sea. Hawks. This without. Reports say we should play more than hip hop music so we didn't reach and pleased to more bark urban fans. Who looks numbers of those old like I know he's had more he disasters in the hawk he's got a Marie admittedly any united baby. Great show soccer. I'm Tony renowned soccer team over the city and through amazing. Ray. Once again partnering for. With the local time weather authority team league chief and certified meteorologist Betty Davis former director of the National Hurricane Center in hurricane specialist Max Mayfield. And hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross to keep you up to date on all the latest storm news this season. Our storm coverage on the ticket is sponsored by BNT services protecting you with PGT impact windows and doors. Keeping you up to date this hurricane season and 798 up from one of portrayed CTA ticket. Irradiate dot com station. Rhymes with Blanton told me that it's Romberg here on hurricane duty 48 hours on. Running for a yeah so you're gonna need to bring sleeping bag to station now approaches. Did you just hear. What I hurt my did not last year I was not a hurricane cover zero or not to laugh I have been killed last year but perhaps. Plastered bailed went to Sarasota but in fairness to mean I had to go. I had to go you know all the hurricane sigh because getting a I'm from Oakland and you went raid into and I went right into the damn eyes that storm and they went Olerud is there's that thinking OK I'll put it this others die you know is gonna hit South Florida and then it hit and it directly you know without the sex out of so I ended up having to evacuate we all my family we ought to back we were all of our house is twos that we ended up having to. Hunkered down and in a friend's Condo thank god he let us use it. And as it was it really fun couple days he used he let us use it he was used up. Who's us and he it was Ali was it was a very packed house at night. Her mother and my mom and a man over and it's time out we we get everybody in the summer party of no power so this as you do that's how you do berg came. It's this guy just let your whole family uses place where does he ladies do here. He was caught so cops when when your. When you go hurricane pops and of ravenous livid shelters at least over there aren't hour's time Howard or you're out there yes that are on and first responder deal yes they are on nonstop for days comment on anyways we have you covered hearing aaron's a united ticket a hurricane does approach because Romberg will be on our station for four read our story. Bringing you live. You can wait for or you could just do a normal person should do we're just actually tune into the weather. Well I think mentally doing nothing Rex and bringing you local ten this year. Pending agreements which are okay Tommy thing. So yeah Channing and hopefully we have known her answers are leading experts on the matter and then we're actually just gonna go it's a sorority. Thirty being paid to do their job and go on live television unlike many Richar error. Or next urged here reform we did hurting coverage returns that. What were you similar which is lap. We're going four hours lasting microphones are often so even as house that are being arranged stop being strains. Some adult spends. That's considered what Obama. Others old man moon who have a couple things out of the second pre season game that bothered me. Why is the ball the penalties. For one because. Why are they the second most penalized team in the NFL last season penalties for this dolphins team. Herb big big problem. And never blossomed and Patrice problem in training camp and a big problem during pre season games and the second pre season game. Eight penalties for 69 arts. The great Bob it's not an and that's frustrating and I don't understand Romberg. I guess. Explain to me Howell. A team could have such issues such chronic issues with penalties and never be able to improve on it just seems like an area. That as the years roll by that your guy should be able to clean it up. Is it it. There's only so much coach do like how many times are gonna make Iran how many pushes ornament you do. If a player doesn't take pride in the fact that they're playing mistake free football. Or they understand the importance that when it is on the cemetery the play of a driving your down near the 25 yard line. You can go ahead and win the football game by getting seven points as opposed to forwarding. And losing your mind and then having the kicker credit come out because you got moved back piracy charts like it is. You you have to as a player really stress and the importance. Of when you're fatigued and tired. Your your brain takes a crap. So it's one of those things where your body is getting ready to fail on you but your brain has to tell you. Pay attention to your little details are snap count. Your hand your feet your fundamental football don't worry about all the other stuff because what's gonna happen is it's wanting to get beat physically because your body is tired. But to go it beach yourself up mentally before the play even gives you an opportunity to win. That's where your issues come in and I think that's for Miami Dolphins are stuck right now they have a lot of talent they have great players summit team. But are they emphasizing the importance of the mental mistakes when it comes like. Spent my comes to the the the dire need time ago it it's really got what I do love about this was I don't know if you guys noticed when when when Xavier however. Sorry however when one Howard got his interception. When he got his return. I don't know if you guys noticed when they show him celebrating as he's walking back to the sideline all the guys are high firemen nominee and doing their deal. I don't know if you saw the defense accorded a Matt Burke grabbing me to its Patrick because on the play before. Make of its Patrick had a little bit of a flub yet to get to a certain spot a little bit quicker it was a little bit late on jumping neck quick. Quick route that the quarterback Cam Newton threw he was like a step late and he was supposed to be there for support for his safety coming down. He gets to the sideline when everybody else is celebrating coach Burke is grabbing make a Fitzpatrick and coaching him and telling a mature out. The coaching I'm on the play before. I think that's really. Really promising to see the defense of coordinator not give a crap about the recession at just happen because let's face it it's the pre season. He doesn't care good job good job our congratulations you've been Merrill might long you know here's your report. He went rate to Fitzpatrick the young kid who are trying to get ready for Sunday's during the season. And explaining to him what he did wrong to play before. I'd love that I'd I'd love that beyond recognition and I think that's phenomenal I think that that's going to make this dolphin defense. That much better going into the season not allowing the kid to come in. Celebrate when Howard not letting him understand the mistake that he just made. I think that's what's gonna be cancer for the team the fact that Burke went and grabbed them immediately. After that play out and and let them know what he did wrong. Great. Cited about that. When you're talking about things like holding calls her is that it's our nose mental errors are those guys trying to get away. Now it's just been racing really it's it's it's laziness it's as it is you're getting beat sees no holding it. That's it for the most part but how he got beat if you watch the way he set the guy I was really tight shade on his outside shoulder and then you look. This is where became a lot of but a lot easier for me to understand football as the years went on is because I was able. Physically I was overmatched a lot of times because Robert Milan process longer aren't a lot longer arms and me. So what I would do is I would started a lot of film and figure out tales so for instance right now I'm I'm setting up like console on I see that. Bad defensive tackle or defensive end is super super tight on my feet like he's really tight shade army romo's helmet to helmet. He's not gonna go outside because if you looked at for the linebacker was positioned behind him the linebacker had his outside leverage so he was gonna be able to protect him. If anything went to the outside shoulder so you can have two guys responsible for the same gap so what happens you looked up linebacker climb over the top he's the one responsible for an outside gap with councils what shoulders. So that defense of under attack was pitching inside and he did give on the one step inside moved. And console was show up he was Stuckey stepped outside too far to his weight was off balance and now it's harder for him to recover back to the inside. And that's what happens you get lazy in your inside foot suck in the cement. So you just try to grab the guy at the ground and he's crawling to try to sector quarterback. You could almost have a situation rebozo ranks me because you're being lazy and you're not paying attention in the red zone to the telltale signs. And that's slows. Lizzy and analysis. That's her last beauty with a brilliant therefore we are well I was some of popcorn there close attention to detail. It's really a teaching English excellent that's the only way to make the dolphins pornographic or Al. I don't or another a lot of we won that's for sure. Way better light years better that's typical ray. I mean not pre season games gonna be the most offensively ESP. Because you have no rhythm. Like first receiving game you're out there for one series guys really don't care to Saddam go to get out there in and do my one series developed Opel deal might hurt so now that scares carry a little bit more and are going to be able playoff football. I thought I thought they put together some good thing like if you look at their drives are dryers are great first drive of the game sixth place. Another door on the football field more than the three and out so taking away the opportunity on the opposing offenses is how the battle so just keeping. Keeping the dumb mental mistakes in the general's panel is usually a blown up late they were rolling and then something just cab strikes are such children it's X Lowell and OT he got Trimmer the granted the defense of tackle got a really good jump like if they didn't snap the ball on one. Would like to space it was meant short at the offensive tackle for. Carol for Carolina limited and short guy's name. He exploded off the line of scrimmage of those on one play at Stewart can injury here in amazing spin move it to redirect to go back and so he was gonna get crow righteous kill gore got smoked off before you know and and that was because the defensive tackle guests at the snap count. And set a mother gonna go upside I'm gonna blow this guy out so he got lucky and obviously Kilgore Stovall. Do do what he's doing also wouldn't stop 330 pound guy from trying to. Blast off the line of scrimmage and and taken back. How do you feel about the competition. With the Panthers did you feel like they were. Very good. An airplane out of the competition or did you feel late Jurich is we got going in his. Game yet and later the summaries and he had he had won like catch my. In the second quarter I don't understand why another tethering got the touchdown new bright blue pastor Millen thought. I'm the guy Geist and take a little it's it's honestly got to it's like it's like an extreme practice because guys are working on different things that look on different techniques different stances it's like golfing and ornaments and when Europe they're practicing golf. You're working on different ways to swing your club and that's almost like what the pre season is doing and then when they're getting smoked or it's not working. And they're gonna back to the way to the used to do things but the most part a lot of the stuff is getting corrected in the film room so there working on new. New techniques and new ways to do things so it's it's hard to give. A good barometer I cam. Candid cam Mikey he he got sacked a little bit he also scrambled a little bit and he showed how big and strong he was an ability to deliver the football so. You know he's working on as the boomers who've won a matter of my it was holy smoke trying to little older little brother the left tackle. All the federal get along night that that's that's a film you don't wanna go in. After that game and watch because he got smoked too bad like three or four different times horribly gave up a couple sack. Success in the suit and two X what they go with Robert Quinn because it is it's seems with with all the stuff that happened at Fella does a pretty underrated move with all the stuff we've talked about. And it looks like they've they've they've got themselves still that the only value I agree I think that. Know that the salt and pepper situation with cam wake him and Quinn on the other side is going to be real lights that your. Just had gotten the mill that defense is has got a lot of grown to do which is why you have knowledge it is mocking your own social media. Just swaggering. He got a swagger and you love what does he ever talk trash he doesn't all it does systemic evils that would issue of social media itself Warren Buffett commercial doesn't. He's getting people's mentions what is that's why I think that's a little bit of what the hell happened on the exit interview shown that they don't need him anymore. There have been something said. Well I thought he was via pass receiving Roth's. As I cannot seem Enron really see Nadal is two under his wing at weighing in about business and he was euros as a stop receives Stephen Ross in knots. How he got connected with our bonds. Ross thing I think it's a isn't that that's probably coaching thing it's it's I don't together and he's disrespecting Stephen Ross there I think he's telling you are not my fault. Not my fault and I see I thought he was telling yo thing you need me. I don't joking and always and I do need them. Well there's a big difference nominees to double team taking away one of the offensive lineman another similar move they have more guys to block. Knowledge is secure partly that you can't pay Ndamukong suit that kind of money you're not close Randi then he had his own money I mean of course they need him. They kept him you're the sodium sponsor. That's the problem is like you go make a splash like Ndamukong Suh and you can't get closer than. Even with him being even attempt being rated as one of the top guys on your line and you having. The worst years giving up yardage because nobody around how how they had him. For all that time and they weren't able to build around him is crazy. It's crazy. That is so I mean is such a mismanagement. Of personnel and it's all right you had this guy who's regarded as one of the best in the league. And what are we here after news that not a great chemistry guy that didn't didn't didn't always marched to the to the beat the cushions that. We hear that I handled it may be I was it is due to put bombs around him maybe that's the reason why. And I need to take and crises our fourth annual fantasy football draft partying with Ana FL analyst John Clayton. And CBS sports fantasy expert Jamey Eisenberg Sunday August 26 at twin peaks in Davie festivities start at 1 PM with a live broadcast. Followed by John and Jamie do when they're being at war. Speed is limited so register now at the ticket Miami dot com there are no more spots to draft your leave it. They've been filled up things you guys is that you can still come and hang out and learn a thing or tear. Sponsored by Yingli tapping your inner eagle and by twin peaks eats drinks and scenic views apps. You can text into the show at 67974. Basil was out to those of you asking where he is he's probably sitting his house in 2%. Knowing him. We don't really know I think he was at. Disney World each assembly and he did possess the opening or he does not 24 hours he goes there at night. Kids on sleeps and hotel wakes up does the park during the day and then direct home. He doesn't on every vacation. He's so commercial and justification or he he will only go somewhere twenty per. Mean he'll play all the way to in New Orleans just to record for one event is a little right to that event weep. Seen hotel when he's not at the events and are gonna. Ideology is kittens and so it's kids won't get to see these cities they won't get to do anything else he's deuce in outs back a bit of word. It's strained right I mean I I get it if you're doing it to be cost efficient I suppose. But normally an extra night hotel we're home it did you it's spreading doubt that might not be back terribly Marvin expense. Maybe the plane tickets are cheaper her in her Leander you're probably just bribe enough he drove the so maybe the heat and wanna pay for another day passes the same parliament and really there's plenty of things your way and that don't involve having to pay for this. And I'm tea tea was doing more than one dad does is his for the brave insertion of kids publicity that was gets old real fast. Waiting in lines in the hot sun August. One the most remarkable things everyday looking back on it was I was a big sister in big Brothers big sisters when I was in college. And so I was only late 20/20 one years old. And and I had my little sister was twelve at the time and then she had a cousin. Who weighs five a five year old boy a ends. I decided statements this. And I took them to Disney World all by myself and I just did it hurt the day so I drove down there in the morning spent the whole day Disney would come and drove back. That evening. And obviously hadn't had no experience for kids at that age at all I survived it wasn't that bad. Isn't good damn kids now. They're cute. It was kind of fun I remember being really really tired after now. Really tired of the talk about its torture. Tiebreaking parts does as an adult. Without kids that may be certain cost. A lot going on with theme parks and it is an adult when I don't announces you know. It firming only. One and enjoyment it. Sit so it's a lot until they were up crowds also runs outside and under the theme park SeaWorld. Specially with a holy roller coaster has never been. Citadel is real causes a stunt put in there because you know we legacy the animals and tanks anymore right. That's why don't SEC a Moody's roller coasters are awesome and there are no lines. Alliance and that you parents slot which is clutch slugger kids out parents want is when you go on the ride then you get a fun. Pass when you get off the ride to give years your wife and she goes the. From a line wow I thought that was gone a whole different directions and lanky man mole and not that I was gonna computer's only a different type slot on the U weird man I mean and that's older ricotta parents. Toby don't do rides though what is there to do. Look at animals we do we put a shark George sharks are like sharks physical shark exhibit. Penguin exhibit is off the chain zone too much inertia Turks recruits nada they got they got sand tiger sharks they got they saw sharks. Yup black tipped sharks. White sharks when you go do this again this is recently and Danica letter last month. Muslim. Should note that starts that's Ehrlich chairman splashed us those. I that is so that still they only doing his go to the Georgia aquarium and even here they're here I hear Israelis particular Oreo and go get to the back. The backstage really nice day is he going to do that we went back state said the and you had an embryo was is would you go feed the giant whale shark ended. That's bags they see him in common to a oh yeah I think to some of the whale shark. In the although I could just do that here contribution. Right we are well sir that you would do a review we will do everything I've been in the water which are the keys earlier real real search sir. We don't hear some announcement. And having a blue albino whale sharks were in colder climates or the. Neither of them spotted pig applicable to white dots all over the place to reduce the actual Wales Republican and a whale. Wail wail I might get in the water well. I know I don't trust them I'm just the coolest rails are the ones are they huge ones ricotta include wells rate. Those who as well as ever seen armor I love them in Hawaii those things are on maybe Zain moves are what we're coming from outside the water and then. I am out there the and it just like in Jersey and it would capsize a bow it's the biggest thing you've ever senior I will just took over a boat in Jersey over the weekend. And had a good rescue the crew though Rama on the boat. There's an unpopular vote. It's really beautiful creature is her grown Iowa I want I want the app now I want to know thing. I went Tobin and attained the Georgia aquarium I will go to the jurors requirement though goes to whatever the hell that hole is that the Braves play in now on just mock. Mean it's not a whole at all if you actually enjoy yourself. In really I was lonely were smartly they we're on aren't outside the ballpark. In go bowling you know live the rolling at a baseball game can't wait big you can no but there's a there's a restaurant outside the ballpark it's actually. A very very cool restaurant it's like it's finally Dave and buster's ish Bellic way way nicer we head and learned her second. It's it's it's I mean it's cool it's cool or Alex it's hard to describe it is pretty nice. This restaurants like very trendy very cool very pack. He does need to get up in his jock. It's not Agassi. It is it's a great Satan to emulate and it terrible roads only Newton never know where that exits and it's an excellent and you know but only your shadow. Immediately you get a shot so let's do it. Reason being is because we're adults and then was this weekend that were installed in Jersey and his hat. He's rocking a number seven who on the dolphins' number seven. It really doesn't matter I think because this is the ticker right now because guess what guess what his last name was on top the seven. Inches. He's maybe one agreed aside this merger represents that you. Pat backwards walking up the stairs dolphin Jersey number seven last name. Inch its. Shout out must know I mean nobody believes that dude locked around seven inches on the back of his sir it is actually that. Men. Really. Yet this. Really and really doesn't feel that that's the boots them the feasible number this doesn't feel like that's a grand now. But I feel like if he's putting that on a Jersey that he thinks it's grants. Not that feeling is lie TV doesn't speak well you roundup Braly you roundup of your guy sir if you like he's rounding up so I feel each. L and there which I think averages like six but as I was whoever despite record.