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Zaslow & Amber
Tuesday, August 21st

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It's just long runs and end. New fiancee answered rib barbecue letter yet and when he got on vacuum and his knees behind his head to calm him about how does that ever happen yet. What's that causes Angel here is that big that you Angel barbecue lighter bay get the argument that blue Angel and he drops down and lays on his back and rest back in his knees. It's fun. On 790 that ticket. And yeah. Thanks for joining us. On this lovely Tuesday. The morning Romberg I tow men. Hello slammed Eddie and a new study Steve. While more Dana does as well we wrong line I surrogate attacks from dazzling yesterday no. House show going. Tax we misses it. Has a ballpark that we yet is. Many accused me and missing him to play iris I replied spying. Let adult than stock numbers on on other than pre season you set that you missed me. I relax I like the big boy chair. Those always girls sooner it is a big girl Terry out the last five days you sexist. But always these doesn't remove this doesn't maneuver is always believe when he's out yeah always every time checks and see other shows on. The things that says just get implode without a bit resist checking up bunny has talked to you awhile maybe. May I feel like he should just enjoy his last Dave vacation. Knight now more about what's going on here a little I was sort solemn occasion for awhile you answer that last. You miss it nemesis with a 0790. LA. Let's say amber if you Josie do you never work again and gotten. The idea. Yeah that let me idea idea everything it would ever work got to. Yahoo! Yahoo! does yup riady nutty ideas a girl's name. Yeah Uga have you been together this entire life of its yacht the body is yadda yadda. Not just the idea I know we can you know and and know what that. No do you view the body and. Who's in the world you just go through life figure I got amber isms have better. Am hearing problems than just saying they're take offs have been normal sayings I have his Yani Yani is not a thing again it to pay. It's it's a I just made a thanks so now to think Sony sets so it is done. All right you got here is that you recover that's our X it is how did not know works. See her common folk say. Yani Yani or yacht yacht. Amber. Says yacht. AMC TLC IOK you'll tune on money LLC I think. No known so early this morning quotes and things that it makes sense ago Massachusetts child. Knock on please. They're used to the anchor us and earned him in my legs this morning it's five through and it's an instant star. She Oden CC. Wheels on the rose rulers can rounded around. Spent. It's nice. That it was just referring to make pleaded not seeing now yeah ID and Rivera the idea Aaron that got to pick one. Most kids anything more than thing to have had jumped one and yacht to. They thought. Gonna guess a Twitter accounts figure out spawns from China out. Saddam never instruments is toga and haven't drew is not ham are being down to wash his hands business. I'm so press's eye care on character I think the wicked tweet that well. It's it's really really is it somebody who spends way too much time listening to our show Jamal follow it. Now I haven't told my family and. Oh shoot I noticed an intermountain. Power plant on the not buying your bit as a music. Lou lord knows about my father for a dollar no not actually my mother Stanley direct father's family I would take issue regularly and which makes no sense that wreck our scrimmage not British anyway very two years this is the British accent it's a real accent. It's an accident of monies. What should get a few column is in his nets who was still talking like this. The death smooth on the number goes to those rights. Whose were it's two. I think more zeros to my net moon. As we imagine minor sure ends are like when I was child or. Hey coup when I moved to you and stone. In men's. Moon. Nine room it's. It's swim class we learned to swim like Scrooge McDuff don't do well will. ABC's. I was born sooner 12 threes so determined money. So normal pools. The color blue to booked into the facts that we like to Walsh our money and how well. And all pool to because the laundering. Green. Sarah you know. Yeah and laundering money how dare yell. Helmet area I think he means literally. The ones who literally want to having clearly you know they don't want us feel don't have other peoples deserve to get on the fringe and you know that money and there. The senator knew them. People blossom talks and. And host of the boxing. Oh all your out of boxing requirements. So slim. Slim you have a sausage named after you now. Her sandwich sandwich yeah proper sausages. Proper sausage now now that is now named Sam writes. After some called looks so well it's NATO it's it's going to be a series of San what you see in a World Series and you tussle and won a slim to. All slims picking. Volume one this one is pork and weeklies. Which I don't know if you know what picked pleased. It's like a Haitian condiment kind of liked did you design assailants. Yeah I like panic came up with that with him. With Freddie for improper such as the owner. Who's robberies body. So Robert how do you feel about slim stealing air. Your sponsor stealing improper sausages I'm not proper sausages forever so. Slim missing out man slims that slims do it's my shorts really I know. Sandwiched in the Marlins hitters than you have a food there is for him insane minorities the permanent corporate breakfast that Bruce's. These lights out. So he's gonna be he's gonna do the balls cast every once in awhile. Which is awesome guy he's airplay in now good lord knows when exiles it comes back. Yes I am I national on the balls casts its like politics comedies spore it's all the fun things. And yeah Freddie for proper sausages is gonna be doing it every once in awhile and we're going to be partnering up on some. Delicious sandwiches. That is spreading my uncle ports podcast network does Freddie knows some of the nonsense you discuss on the balls that's the reason he's into it. Yet isn't anybody like totally down. You what to do the show. He's he's always wanted to be on radio act. You know for everything we started talking about and we tape last night like I could never I can never get on what you guys. Now and I now I finally made it. The he did me in beta animated I know alright I'll look at ready straight to the top. Showed up to know and what it's time out on a scenario earned never having you on my podcast again. Unless did you make an appearance 00 souls in next week. OK since you need MTV. Video music awards last night. No no no other you didn't know they are happening no clue in our quietly and they are happening and you know there was Monday Night Football. Last night and while I watched a few minutes of the call scam clutch removable. And you know there was mom and a real subtle down on it being Monday Night Football and every season I mean I don't Manson or import excuse her money capable of Manila's. When win when cleaned up nice man that session and broadcasts along time ago yet but he's playing this year the right he's just gonna do this for the pre season and is gonna jump back on an era. Does little birdies on these Don I know I thought he did a deal with them where he's gonna work pre season and a little. Who's gonna plays in the cowboys. He shouldn't. He's echoed her to wrap up or his postgame wrap up I even had a pretty good idea here is they pick out looks like television. He's called my seat I well know are you surprised they care must it Urlacher him. He in the spring hare in the good AG which is not ball near the area the island that they are going on this Clinton. There's been a really bad or maybe it's a hair and he's got a giant giant yum occur in the back as you can tell these were ballplayers always I always Solomon helmets and now. Yeah pay attention until Canada am irons and age we came out together but he's he's he's. He's cold he's going Ruble into question tired and he's not really came out. We cannot you're. Aren't old news. Helmets really really really tight and uncomfortable yeah. And so you'd just get used to wearing them or dinners like the funny point first couple days camp are preparing and then your neck is pretty sore because you're holding up you know that the sixteen pounds a runner Attleboro and you know peripheral vision and I am correct the kinda then candidate Philly it would be. Devices that's why I said I understand how times waddle around a little edgy Brendon thanks. Well no now what always confuses me about the wall comments is the guys who have. All the trends like huge amounts of drugs and like yet Hines hare in your helmet. Wouldn't it be really uncomfortable. I wouldn't help in sodium type not only. But they get stinky. Tristan and its thinking after a while because what people don't watch her parents her account group tomorrow so people just kind of rinse and Sims scrub the scalp. And the dreads rocked out the back may get the musty or some nuisance and gratis really funky a lot of a lot it's under a home excellent due east that we called for the predator a chemical that I was nameless but we thought it was appropriate at restaurants open back this helmet. We look pretty cool a little school it looks a little personal here or she Mathis yet. And Goodman sat around Victor who to Edwards doesn't three. A lot of information and nobody needed to was committed to the MTV video music awards were last night it's you guys running here are some of the winners. Knowing that it would have island the performances and really cared about who on the words were able to perform to who performed last. We'll that I don't know because I didn't want some really under the best and worst of the BMA's bests and humanize his performance. Apparently he was this a clinic he wasn't going oh Carty. You're making no card to be. If for her she's got the short parents are in the right car I did look at some other Carter picks I woke up this morning Madonna was running the worse like she's being criticized. She apparently does something strange she didn't every. Franklin tributes. But apparently it didn't go well probably not course not. Politico well. Votes she won why would anybody think that that would go well. Apparently he led every. Aretha Franklin changed the course of my life. But that it was hard to determine how our why because Madonna proceeded to launch into a lengthy story about her own attempts to break into a singing career. A little suits the story had little to do with shouldn't we have a breeder Lan or should have been essentially she made about her but she's this is very and then she made it about hers of people are very critical Madonna a Smart ones. They get like a girl for instance may be summoned by sharper Huntsman who has the pipes to sing songs like and we know rate hikes Madonna doesn't have pipes. What does she say. Dillon played the lottery insulting Madonna as or have a voice anymore. She got to register I never had in mind she's. She's taught that she's had talked on soccer mom and a lot that's not a sign remember promoter Rainier arraignment nowhere near report in the. But the. An incredible region had Jewish she's got obviously great music's got great songs I mean he's not saying one of those things aren't that she can't swings right you can't seem. She makes she made a lot of great songs she did it ever you could lead singer is much better than like Britney Spears or somebody. Is not that that. You're your putter and your listeners and your sermons on tallest midget in the room. Well no I mean I would put like Christina Aguilera has incredible singing voice yes Britney Spears never had a very good singer voice at all. Obviously Britney Spears a catchy song Madonna was both better than he's yours she was not Christina Aguilera. Not into all alleged teen idols when they first came out. What entirely sure Madonna is any better than Britney Spears so 100% I don't delegate wasn't enough of her music on nearly 100%. Need to talk among vocal is me I'm talking about vocal Madonna has so many more slow songs that are just her saying. That britney's belly I don't or him or maybe I wasn't gonna Britney Spears out listen take information stinks. Of credit I don't think you have you do you have credits but I gossiping cure and music snobbery is maybe he's also not focus on us teen pop idol. I'm like son. His guitar drums and he's a musician you musician and I got my own sandwich so shut the hell up these were two of the Shia men. Know Wayne and Ricky rose. Erdman video of the year. What is Havana. Obviously. That 10 by let her own when a pilot cabello. And lightning sounds just like Rihanna and that song like I always thought that was around before I realize he's been in my car before. Pre I don't know Camilo come cabal are cabello whatever were you in the car when she was in your part of from the airport. And then how that down. Was awesome job better jobs around you know where men or this is ridiculous use with my body. My idea went to pick up my body had no idea someone else was with them it was there. This is before she was famous yet think she was in the fifth harmony or something. Oh she was a member fit harmony that is on that and register as I know I'm right that's our and your and your teen pop. I'm registering your box and I mean that's not just Don EU hearing Mary you're comparing Camilla Belle just harming you the way you know let Donna dying man. If you want me window from time to square the. Play Wii UK thanks Peter 150 yards from your door we go to break so early and were not own breaks hourly. Steve we don't really have to go to Eric. To do that he saw in your damn job. Anyways. Artist of the year was also this Camilla. Belle island check on. Song of the year. Was rocks start by post Malone on a personal. Carty B was best new artist on him. Best collaboration with. Zest and artisan mean is is that even arguable well there's there's difference of being the best servers are different have been most popular in Paris may I don't actually I don't worry I don't we. Now as popular as the best. No that's not always true sometimes it is it is this year I'm telling you that's not always true with this category sometimes people who win this category are. Are the best artist in the category that never. But other people as a category with the music. The beauty of the grammys not the VNA I'm telling you would be amazed like the girl that a few years ago that incredible voice the curly hair and never. Her name she wanted she was not the most popular by any means. I've heard rumors that our member rename the lord. Now now at somebody I'm telling you that deny it like it's not always who wins I can look past winners category it's not always choose the most popular. You're thirty BA's competition was little pomp and little woozy. So comedy name's. Hayley. Yoko. At any minute of these other people are feeling name I know really is Arabia -- Best lab was DJ Khaled ingredient. No one else was and I got a pond in the area Monday. Love watching those shows and seeing like the people who actually make real music. Sitting in the audience like an old school people that are like really musically inclined to probably studied music and RNC Jones is yelling don't believe that the people that really responsible for like Motown stuff in and and they're sitting there and are watching someone like Carty beer on state or there watching somebody like little woozy. Or Kodak hole and I'm John sometimes just to learn more musically inclined than you think. Some people sometimes as people are more musically trained and you bank. I don't turnaround between rich. It has some old you guys every night every time anybody's arson a new artists are Philly you guys are all. You were just hate on an off more than I was as long as well resume McCarty million U best nor does is it I'm not a big party beavers and I got really some of her songs are. Hold your summer on the taxi but I think party be that doesn't. Guys angry bees are very nice to me. This and why you always end up in the box because you go one way but them wants somebody hits you with the fact of something else. EE completely contradict yourself this is why you get boxed in so much. I first thought I'm never box and all the second of all were only talking about Carty beating. I don't know much about party bees history and in terms of. Trooper her her education from what I understand she was stripper but doesn't mean that she doesn't have some sort of musical inclination I have no idea. How was heard. Artistic influences are I am not huge personal fan of Carty beat but I won't go out there and say that none of these rappers. Have any sort of musical. Training because. Often they actually do more setting your bank. And just say you need you don't even need training to be considered. Eight you know high caliber artist Greg of course correct. Obviously you don't notice the ones that are high caliber it's they never get on. The. The so simple. Mumbling the same cadence rap which is today you know some guys like Jay-Z Eminem. Like maybe con game and do a spotter Drake like my dues are. A common auto tune is now director you have at at some point T pain was doing and we end like and then everyone started doing it was like this annoying thing. And then like you have. Everyone just doing it because it's the thing to do even though the super talented singers are doing it because it's hip and like being hit. Is an art in its own. Right you know aren't saying they are much like the taste of it even though you're you're probably just biting. Normal search to a I'm eager to. Your legs to being kept knowledge that. But like I woke up and Newble got you got like that's even though it's older like us on like post Malone song actually. I mean every hour every weekend and I was on the keys are put that video on. You like it living your best life song I like that because I'm laughing my ass off every coming your peak is during the ocean drive. Photo shoot DJ. Kept playing that free can song throughout the whole photo shoot and l.s like. What are you doing and everywhere we would walk he would like strut his stuff that song was playing on his bone tolls at this real song and like this is a legit Sunnis are. Yemeni did really did like Ecolab with with snoop Tobin wants to do today parody song about Adam days of that zone there in my gay slur. This is a very complex on as a lot don't I never said it. Would you say and substitute for the line coming out of a live in my gates like. You can't be out there trying to scheme the defenders. In turn asking this tendon ligament gains. I go to I noted that. It's. V. Okay. Amber can't sing and Emerson having. Surprisingly as you can have ever loosen your notes. So he's wondering Rick Eckstein both Madonna and Britney Spears thing concert he can't even compare them forge ties an N. I Madonna's and he hasn't been a pretty darn well braced for is is incredible performer correct I'm we're just talking about not liable police can't sing at worst. Really she's got her when they made out. Yes yes I was high on our super yeah Ireland masters saved her career. So it's something up we get it seems like you guys are angry at the theory that Franklin story like Madonna has no business singing Aretha Frankel wolf reverse bodies that Donna one of the most. Famous artists of all time but and so small she didn't sing Aretha Franklin from what I understand last night. She they actually showed a video of Aretha Franklin covering a Madonna song. They showed a video of her I believe singing that song that's well yeah and again Madonna nearly now are sol. A hundred times you'll get somebody doing a Madonna Madonna covered karaoke bar. You never gonna get somebody doing a written Franklin carry the burden on to illegal jury to bring out all the time jerks will do it because they think today you know I think there are still a lot of people do our area as. ECT. What it was yeah. When he went out and are you worried and you'll. Issues rather than I medal yachts and yankees and PC Jason PCP CT yeah. Or PCP. And how are you glad I we only get that was amazing respect. Has little respect. There's really one way to listen to the ticket on your Smart device or computer not with the radio dot com map or at radio dot com. That's where stream is now everything else that you're looking for hours ago download three dot com cabaret now. Don't miss your favorite tickets sell and we want to let you know if you have any issues with the app you can email support at radio dot com. And our corporate folks I'll be getting corrected read dot com the new home at AM 790 FM 1043 HD to the ticket. These Stella UK XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD you'll Miramar. Radio talk. Come station. While we're talking about female canines. Can know what they say about pay back it's a real. Well you I'm sure you know the word on they can go so into words. All of my late friend Aretha Franklin shells some RE ESP ICT. I. Show some RE ESP I CT. RE ESP I CT. Mona PI CTV's. Guys. Like here. I'm thinking of bitch and then use trying to spell our respect I think that's probably what happened here he in the C. I guess I can make fun moods it was does misspoke enjoy the other day on an additional. Why were you even spelling enjoy living in code word did you say and jail last built in going. Even GM there are put in GM there now. Knowledge and very confident of that to Brasilia in Angola. How many boys dealers and air so import most of. Standard procedure there's a reason you have the GOB do. The first eighty. York Miami Hurricanes. Are eight in the country. Yeah buddy a hard time McCain's started the season in the top ten of the AP and coach's polls since 2005. We get is that. Bill long touted hammock mentions I think I think they had like. Thirty something votes or something like that I saw that curtain down on the parentheses. Don't you worry about at the bottom 820 brands adding amount the point is. Here is the top five Alabama. Clemson Georgia Wisconsin. Ohio State's. Florida State is nineteen. On the AP top Tony I am. And Alice year whose McCain's face weak one is twenty fat Imus Reese is ample. So much news to make history of the fact that the the AD. Reports these leaving it worked for the answer to it. I didn't need any you're the that it may well yeah because you know Luther Campbell's trying to go into the hole. You know you brought the black coach in Florida State now your kick in the black media out kind of thing Michael race baiting comment. And I and it why would they be kicking up by eighty out of their. Bring in a bike parts and luckily it's like one black man on top is that insinuation don't think I'm at Florida State is forcing the athletic director to leave. The school which Y and from my and me looking at it looks like. He's kind of upgrading right by going to do is one other promotions are and I guess that's a big promo show how many like replacing it looked at. That's the only place that's the only way it. Aguirre. Pushing him out. Why why is he insinuating that something to do with racer sank but why is using has but why do receipts he's saying their. They did there's racism a -- states they'd like they can only have basically one black man as highly as I and you you'd. You you've got the black man to bring the black man in but now. You pushed the other guy out or something like that that's what that's for the tweet was about yesterday. And I was like a couple of minutes of the skies getting like a promotion and he's going to work against two way he's. Everything promotion maybe it's not I don't know much I mean what position is he taking over and looks father's position now that will resign over the exit felt. Think ahead of something out over in the NC 28 there was an amount of growth and yeah and we are what what do you do one and trying to cause trouble pure plays Oliver looks. Position as the NCAA is executive vice president of regulatory affairs. He's the vice president anything's down important he is her leadership team for the NCAA. In fact I think I want a totally out here speak you know I'm outlining that vice president Celtics campaign mailed. If that the viewer wants to go and push me on down pushed me on our. On go. Already pushing you up to light. Job. Not the next. That's really an expert about I don't actually beat expert about that beast Adobe's. VP it's out here on out. Did you guys hear Scientology here this Andrew yesterday. On the silence is Salter extras a Smart causing it lands I don't know how anybody keep a straight face talking in the sky with a love him now everybody my life. And I am really here. Here alone. I like it. Come on I hunt them. He serves as company caters to produce yeah we have some stuff oil. I'll call tomorrow we know do. Which is exciting herds it's a farm team it's a young team. I'm women by not sexy he's got a burglary copier it there like him aren't buying deep voice a sexy generally. Winston kind of sounds like he's very young so I don't but I wondered they either so little girls out there on grounds does sterling a brand like. He shaved the neck beard though annoying I think he's a rock in the mustang is about the stature and now he's got the status but his hair grows back so fast it's basically darted back at all really yeah here's back. Toward eight. Yeah I call these. And taken HGH since he was nine law and arms go our social and there is doing pretty simple and we've got some stuff to work aren't. He's supposed to themselves. Obviously hadn't. We've got some stuff our hot. Spots oral these slop obligated his knee monsters here there. York Miami Hurricanes unveiled new uniforms for the season opener and Alice you all needed him. There are made from recycled material where environmental awareness is they want you to see being mindful of saving our oceans and on and they're doing their part to get you don't like come. You think about the environments Maher what's. Moderate them. One they look terrible the look like those old uniforms we had a couple years ago owner Al Golden. Don't like it when it not when indeed its first order Weathers knows the last year and Nike will have the green helmets. Pretty normal to me I was surprised because I saw his leg activity online and and I went actually looked at the uniforms consulate and what's the big deal I mean I fear you environment there like that. They're fine whatever other kind of boring. All green shoulder pads dull like it. And regional arms and used thing a riddle I don't like making only being statements with my uniforms for the environment without thinking it environment. I donate the environment I'm thinking it and I don't need him on the Leno aussies and the entire prison and here's the empty thing is. I know I know nobody cares nobody cares who want to uniforms are made out of stop trying to be cute about it. Just let them go play football I think you guys they're trying to save they're all going to change now they're all Korean live here are the and adjusts video is there are at the ocean is so toxic. Our economy crashed here in South America and we have a massive algae primary now what would you care about it is out here. If it's such a big deal that everybody. Pitcher passes over the West Coast cities or sea turtles if you care about the ocean Iger up on the west as I've saved planning its these girls are talking about you talk about the hurricanes program or Adidas suit but don't you think they can make a bigger it's no. Deal by making are doing that and tell everybody else I think hey let's do this. No and we'll be like somebody donates money or Jerry and it's like if you're really can't argue that don't like we're going to be donating we're dictating how did go to your charitable things as opposed to just praising. Charitable efforts period because that's exactly what we should be doing I get their turn this out of Honda wearing recycled uniforms to school because maybe this'll start a new men. Where recycled materials are used for uniforms. And that will help and that will help start a new member little kids who are obsessed with the Miami Hurricanes and watching these guys play on Saturday is. Will think it's cool and maybe they'll take in contrast and leaving her oh. You kids as soon you take the kids that suited to Loggerhead beach eleven doom as the sea turtles like I take my kids. Now my daughter's cubs of cleaning up after yourself at the beach not watching a football game at three Q why not do both Taliban. Because they're nicely earners list stats are aware they're too is that they're not you know like what. You don't like when they were pink for breast cancer awareness two point and you slam though is that we're back. Then the pink bats it's cool and unique thing to do nine and is now they were all sorts of bank. And yet they're doing gloves and says everybody on an accessory what do where some arm bands or sea turtles on them. Not the whole uniform I want keen to Wear their uniforms. But it's not like there's sea turtles on the uniforms may. I was so shocked to ice saudis uniforms because thus it's attempting moved there I guys really are all online you can make you can make cool stuff out of that were sent managerial see out of trash I'm sure it's all recites intra Tillman. One man's trash is another man's treasure in every area OSHA. Yeah. Lynn. I think we learned here today that told in Guinea's element to just getting like you're good slam where for a while always wanna know where they finally he's our uniform models for. Riddled with guilt slimmer and iron Erica. Mattel these guys socialists will fall where all remember that. Killing men. Every season Monday night full song turtles they're ravens defeated the colts won it in nineteen. Mardy what is it what did you have a weather went to mark present these as I sure wouldn't. Here. I wanted to win in the great idea because Mark Richt wants to save the environment unlike you really an island I think all these thing about is winning games and leaves a rat's ass on Zito and right now. What's your time as it yeah man so you know what Mark Richt he seems like a good man mark Mark James Blake I can and not only wanna save sea turtle. He gets through stuff that he doesn't like on uniforms easy ease into it he's is a little bit of a sticker that was just an oversight has part. Them here and oversight. Miami Marlins open a two game series with the New York Yankees tonight this is amber to stick juggled their combat 7:10 PM from Marlins part criminal Lopez's on the hill for the pitch. Against knock. What are the LSU tigers saving. Editors David Simmons riders who bothered. Gooden. Made Asia the school that abuses tigers and puts in the cage at New Orleans on the university may be followers not leaders. Dobbs wonder like if this is such a genuine gesture whereas there was there hell. Also why coming out of the ocean stupid. His want to cash in their ran like bomb that did not not the oceans are coming out of netherland Turks and caicos yeah it was like there was water with the pigs in the Bahamas that wasn't nowhere near Selby hell out of here. And I was in the keys either. I was there any water. Early you guys intake and a good feel good story good efforts to do good things in this world and just trash on the Clinton. Once again partnering with the local ten weather authority team achieved certified meteorologist Betty Davis. Former director of the National Hurricane Center and hurricane specialist Max Mayfield. And hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross to keep you up to date and all the latest storm news this season. Our storm coverage on the ticket is sponsored by BNT services protecting you with PGT impact windows and doors. Keeping you up to date AM 798 at someone aboard three CT the ticket a radio dot com station. This Mark Richt. Is teaching us how makes images again. You know this is this thing he died a sad and eat what was it last season does not eat how to hot dog. Don't go right that's right and now he's teach us how to make sandwiches. He told the athletic which sat there is Bertans in amused the athletic Miami now and launched athletic Miami school but is new gig work and it's her new gig. Burke doesn't work here and mark I know you're still here but I don't think there are so the suns and the sun sentinel they Marty let the sun sentinel to work for the athletic. And athletic athleticism magazine. It's a subscriber line web site for. Sports reporting. Taken online newspaper but it just sports it's throughout a lot of cash each it get more and more popular it's gained a lot attraction. Ants they launched a Miami division. Parenting Chris Perkins injured due south. To big ups to perk for that one. But. Merck ricks told the athletic. But hey if it's Hammond cheese. Okay you've got to go if you're going to put mustard mayonnaise on it you've got to go mustard first. Then the meats then she's on the meets then tomato on the cheese and none lettuce on it's made up. The top your lettuce is going to touch the many side you can't put mustard on the let aside it just doesn't work. Correct. I concur no I concur status science. This guy science I concur we ever had a similar to try to bite into America slides up the back. That's on your layering. And in the main Asia so obviously the man has always goes on top of the let's check Philly at and it is an amounts third could just be mixed together no nominal value one goes on once on the bread divot goes on the immigrant you know. There's good there's a CI displays. In Sarasota that is my favorite senators of all time and they have a specials ops but they're special sauce is pretty much is may have missed mustard mixed together. We like some spice it's amazing now but that's why in my mind it was mix them together and on the same side of the San. North onto him as a member Emma Stone crab sauce among doing maritime. At some scraps that's often been Trader Joe's Yellowstone sprouts often out that's pretty much mustard and for the most part a scrimmage mustard. But may be a man and mixed out of blue dust is that this meant publics doesn't Mayo and mustard together one side. Depends what kind of instruction you give. But how did instructions where he put we're once I'm all the time. Well Heidi you're Sam just haven't. So little Mark Richt seemly is Mercury exactly as an act exactly the same way the lettuce has to touch man anus. The other side has detects. Mustard. She is tomato has to be touching that sees. Leo my request to elaborate sandwiched knowledge to me clearly cares about food to about. You just much is football. These various disillusionment especially when it comes to foods that are on bread so he knows what he's doing and where you know he's bigger he's a get a leader Derosa. Number two logo. Human beings are pranks are hand unknown cheese sandwiches. Then parents like Oscar Meyer then you know he's given that reality you know I think Margaret get some Boris had. Right now board heading. Right it's like honey smoked ham or so Alex opened real source or deluxe 1139 round. Over your current real southern ham maybe even get like a real hand that you dislikes lays off their big chain. He like he likes hot dogs does. Maloney he's a beloved Sam which carry a yeah I mean it had taken for like an Oscar Meyer and I didn't and probably never goes she's fresh sliced through it's always determine the prepackaged. What's your floors commitments which are favors Eric Robert G described once to me how you make your tuna salad sandwich made another big Barack Obama. A gantlet lives and how Robert Mason a salad it sounds so good. So how are start off there is obviously you grabbed them cold in cans of tuna you know them really really nice. White chunk albacore premium. I just saw there the day was like nine and a quarter for a pack before I lost my mind looking at that price. So anyway so it's again and that is what it is now and is expensive nowadays so it is what it is January Gregor on him. Chop a little bit onion pessimistic by chop up the good little bit a salary make sure it's like nice and chunky. Then you go to a little bit of red onion for color if you want than to dice up some red pepper a little bit as well. Put it in a bowl shake a little deal over top of it some garlic powder. Then on top of that you start putting in your softened cream cheese a little bit of cream cheese as well whenever it's all on a minute now we forming. They're gonna go ahead mix in the mustard and a little bit I relish bill relish do your part that there. Development mustered the reason mustered just a little arrow and Deepak add mustard. Then put that on there and I all Canadians are not have mix it in a bowl right let everything kind of blend together that's it for a little bit. The cracks in first pepper on top of it then you're gonna go and squeeze or your tunic can't put that on top dawn at the manager. Mix all that up then you putting your cranberry mix up the cranberries in there as well let it sit for a little bit limited hot minute. And you know and grab your mandates one giant heap and spoon amenities as you don't really need a lot of mayonnaise when he gets at this point. I try to go and back up on Manning's little bit elements that's what I use it's real and it's perfect. Mix it up boom boom boom bomb. And you put enough for each packet in your packet down personally and you'll never leave it like all loosened up in the in the container you pack pack it down in there. But to ensure all but in the fridge and grab that thing the next day or two ago. In real man is my be overstating. Look at the angry idiots it's not limited ingredients and almonds you can actually get the real real stuff which is the stuff that all the attic in Asia and it's normally be straight regular theater strip and your whole fruits and it'll just be coming like other elements like all like hagel cool all all all. And it honestly. And it looks really manages other Olympic green area duke Cyrus and YouTube do suits his eye on highlight the ones that hasn't laboring and it Blake it's lent Lemony is has a really really good minis are hurting hasn't spices and it. It's amazing and it's that's when I mix with tuna. And I'll just pop some Ellison and my tennis images are very boring and hurt Roberts. Mean how much how long's it taken to make that same acts like a forty payment process from the tennis out to amateurs were. Caylee Anthony's elements. Sandwich off between your wrecked. It's over with student. You realize how fat I was more wrote to restore rampant how fat I was back in the day in the same which artistry that was going on with me. I come pulling out the cookie tray and I'm buying actual low so bunds. And I'm opening up these bonds and I'm creating open faced sandwiches and audio input in the lettuce some before I put in the government I'm I'm talking like real masterful stuff here understood the Margaret before he got here any result tan and handsome he had himself a little moved to Georgia belly. And so Sally he's not keen what mr. Posey who he pulled pork semitism there you know. Well and I'll let sweet teen and her hands. Tomorrow most feared that there is negotiated crush and I mainly of routed new blind taste as Enron -- strict no no company got ten people up there but how do for you the content Tenet said senator ten. Homer only insulting it's as bad lyrics may get a sloppy sandwich in his main units hurricanes coach source Lotta hurricanes hall of Famer who I think coaches are. Very neurotic people which is YE he keeps getting asked about food and he's so he tail and his explanations. He strikes me as somebody who takes great care and everything he does and it's probably very and knowingly neurotic if you live with them. Sole line on our Philip at stiff competition from. Forgot that probably my guess is he doesn't smoke pot. He sounds like he's a high all the time any sounds like he's super craving with the munchies. You were noticed that course Hollywood can't smoke some pot the guys that. He says there's only a couple different way to weightlessness and yet the way he says well as play is like only guess is sick this and he must. Hole lead down. Before every every statement he's gonna make and so what needs to happen here as we need to have U verse richt. In and in a winner take all sandwich or MacArthur. Sarin drummer right. Whatever what circuit specialty element better than that that you just described as you really want and you bring your best. Of your best at best of the table to make. We get going if you look on the door my refrigerator. The condiments that I have on that door is Loko. Might come talk and sweet pepper relish. I got banana rings like the stuff that I put myself I will sit there and full lay a pickle with a fully night. If I run out of my nice little thin pickles neither would do it. To lead to a set off it'll take him in the reason why it'll take so long is because gonna savor every single bite and chew at 32 times. He will sit at the table and he won my sandwiches for no less than twice as you say you think mark or group that your sandwich above his sandwich on. Above his wife's cell apparently is what makes me Sam test that. Mama makes samples about him only we're ranked in his own Sam. Well now we know well and by word name mechanism yoga aggregate make it a competitive Sammons will be making it competitive semites now at. After an on the job Simone daughter. Ramp up. Even at a mad that the man about to go down. Some guys and jealous over the sandwich thing ever tell him I would tell him. He says don't tomato sandwich and he says mrs. written and mixes and mama makes assemblage knew amendments bats fighting words here Karen is trying earns mama might sound. It hit him with a dear coach Leggett I want you to tweet. You have hereby. Them. Challenge. To say it's quotes sandwich. Making contents thinking sandwich off sandwich. And means football. Hall with their temperature credentials. Number we don't think our greatness your armor against or less and it assists resonates you don't you and me. You were owned sandwiches. That the news that its use all who work. Mrs. Clinton's. Richt. You're. Move. You've been exposed coach would gnaw on his way out of the those harsh your move coach. Exploit your car might have a brings the B word about at this point you know I mean he might do I get ready for LSU but we'll see. Yeah there is that whole you know well all things coming on here he's got a job to do so we'll see I'll get the hell out of here holes a day to make a sandwich. He if he gives it seemed to hire him wanna count and he's got back to open personal just thrown I don't know whether there's limited is gonna tell Augusta practice settling here. Rhonda I ceremony practice. Our hearts delight never makes it it's like an addiction like thirty minutes to make I have. The idea for you Romberg moneymaking idea I feel lake you need to come out there Romberg cookbook. You could buy the big chains on the front of it you know prepare chain's parent at that the EU you can get it. A LA get the you know ladies their trademarks all you gay doing real collaboration with them could be the University of Miami hall of fame cookbook. He's in response yet. B a best seller. I faced put together some wicked teriyaki chicken and pasta dishes too as well. Clip threats. Bring a little breakfast for us. Rather. Monumental talent Italian fusion going island and a little little pension and it too little. Pork cheek pop pop pop pop up Tanya I've been trying to make myself food. Since my dad and one way possess about event on Saturday. Every Saturday morning I make in smaller sport from the time that I'm like 78 years old no no BS for real late I'm Spearman a put like. All fat man on put syrup on on sausages arm I'm just talking anything you possibly banker. Yet orders include star so hungry. And. Seven and a ticket invites you to be to our fourth annual fantasy football draft party with the NFL analyst John Clayton. And CBS sports fans expert Jamey Eisenberg Sunday August morning's expected twin peaks in Davie. Festivities start at 1 PM with a live broadcast. Followed by John Jamie doing their thing at four. Space is limited so register now at the ticket Miami dot com there's no more spots to draft a league that's all been filled up things you guys beat you still come. And learn a thing or to get a fancy spear with the ticket sponsored by being linked tap into your inner eagle and make twin peaks. Eats drinks and seen in years. It can tax in to the show at 6797. Or text or rates. Do you cook book and you make the U. The UN you. Tell you this is your next. Venture grammar and Rhonda something here. Do you cooked it. Do you cook it you're right that is with the Texas at the U cook it cook buck. Good idea. Like it might do like that our Atlantic 10% of proceeds are giving the idea for reading me that you read it to be wrong for suggesting. Last segments. We know Rita and some. So there's a fan and knicks fan who is so disgruntled. With the next that he has decided to auction off his random. And he's doing a sack. So he. Listed his phantom on eBay and so far has spanned nom does gotten. Well the I don't know how many bids. And Al there's only if there's only a couple. And the movie but his earnings up to almost 2000 dollars. That's. Pretty good little he's got people bidding on his hope and goal actually is a guy it's up to almost 3000 dollars sprawling green mile an ominous. It was a mile so IQ is somebody gets to bide his fan them as in life he has secured for whatever team buys him. Apparently here's what the post that I hate the next I love the next but I hate the next I'm a diehard New York Knicks fan. My leg room is filled with Nick Spitzer is you know diehard means. Means you die. As of this moment many York knicks BM that is officially for sale. What is included in bidding on my favorite new fan I will honor the team of your choosing NBA fan what does that entail all Hulk. He tells yeah. Root for this team wholeheartedly. Bet 500 dollar on 500 dollars on the team total over winds wherever it may be insuring Irish for that each and every game. By the NBA pac is to watch every game of that team. By two different players' jerseys from that team and attend one home game of that team. Attend one away game of that team grow out my Austin knicks trash can replacing it with a team trash can of your choosing. Burn no less than three articles of Nick's memorabilia. And let your team easily display on my part. Because and expand. I mean they I mean this thing if I actually Reggie like look at this look at this pups. I mean it's it's it's and call it what it is aid what I. All of the situation with the knicks are good dizziness are rooting for the knicks again because what I want is him thrown in prison if he breaks the contract. Well first on the bridge contracts that yet we don't go to I. Nearly all contract and I don't look now and breach of contract ends up in jail and so not not our marriage I had a real and that you trust me. It restructuring and X I want him jailed. The breach of contract. You would genuinely think I know using that you could that you could be a lawyer actually used to be so. And you genuinely think they you can just walk into a courtroom and you can just say your honor boxed in or your honor can I. I would you tell that he's been boxed them mellowed a respected judge I would tell my opponent that they were boxed and I would never they would never be able to object I would be owed under injectable. Well breaking news hey your you cannot be objective here then suicides has died you know yeah. Should you leave the bench and as you're walking back to your side of the courtroom. You would give the guys are the holes podium deal mime of all. Still when. What they do but really what just hit me it became personal but exactly. All the jurors would love me I get all the jurors I want because I'm very personable Malick the rest these lawyers who you can trust. It would be fantastic it would be fantastic adds she's not a would you lead off the proceedings with. This German are you ready to see the defense get boxed in this is how they're going to give box standard and and then you would plead your case. And then you would as you would go back to your seat given the old window frame. Mine I would be like a lawyer chameleon I would be I can either prosecute or I can defend either way be repeated do you lack of altering you're gonna be a defense attorney and a prosecuting its. And meanwhile meanwhile these things prosecutors. Contracts civil contract disputes I would I would decide what the law is like you're somebody else I guess yeah I'm assuming it absolutely happened where a while you are and yeah. Those for those who smoke weed. No gel it's not until the offense but you breach of ten contract. And you don't imprison and. President so how would you present this to the judge you would just at the beginning. You're playing or is it trial you would you say your honor here is the law. Call your honor I would get on his logo well. And judge Howard not call him or hurt your honor not gives you know something. I think people like to be talked to on a personable level your job can fears about judges and how they are just either and there's nothing. On your level about a judge Jose judge. What are we if we are not a man of our word. This this Creighton. Moved it was is older it's sort of you know to miss on how you call now your calling and the defendant in this scenario may use yeah. Is not well prosecutor well right now and that's W prosecutors dale in the league tomorrow. She can make a point this does not box works when she was in the talks and I say judge or judge that. Along this creek and judge dead and the Internet raise his word out there with your Internet your word. That's more than the world. That's the universe oh OK if you or to rake the outlaws of the universe you're not just you know just committing crime against the country you're committing crimes against the would you committing crimes against the universe. And space as we know. I base this university as this person's candidate must be taken away and they shall be thrown in prison for this. Billy Bob who decided under the sell my knicks to adulthood. I. Decided with the knicks got good all the sudden illness are rooted for the began even promised to root for the hornets. He broke his he broke his word. And if we do if we do not stick by now word judge and or judge at what are we it's not animals. This person here should be passed away. The locks. That would be your clothing that I you'd and that I say I don't know that he's been pulled it's a little dusting here. Buxton. What with a good as we didn't have a I would. They did I usually how do you really would've been in jail for contempt of court ordered jaws would have been through similar pattern. Jesus considers new litter Carly isn't immediately rode big dollar whenever the judging just. That's assuming that yeah as you do all the bar and a bad this and I don't lose my license brands and our goal game. I want to extend I was in new bar to the heart. I knew our. To notes. So there ain't it impassable for about water present myself like that why can't her because of this guy. Or go against this guy will because it's actually put together action that I like to practice a block actually a federal crime and are there so you can you can present your cell per say you cannot represent anybody else would if they choose meets him. They can't choose you to you're not licensed to practice on the scene Florida if I can represent myself it's who doesn't work like that high either order a lot. In the court of law finder's. Sorry. You straight eighth and operating on yourself because they'll get opera the people man it's they. They could. But hey yeah. Are wilderness. In the wilderness over the record it on anybody form a procedure on you I could deceive your life. If if I if the tracheotomy you don't like I don't you lost in the wilderness and there's a theory cornered in the will hint. Now he needs to take somebody lets me. Make your life and death let's make it let's make it rubber breaks is like no guy breaks his leg these crime grew. On him. And and I've I've taken a split and I fixes lag I don't know what does it do you representing people idolize medical license. I wouldn't be able to do that I couldn't go in civilian life. Tell me I couldn't fix his legs they would say oh you're practices that put how does the onus I did. No you didn't have a lazy and either scenario what you'd probably not gonna get prosecuted for Obama now in the wilderness of doing it a warehouse in Miami. If you're doing and where about the Miami you're going to be prosecuted. For my. That probably could technically prosecute you for doing it wilderness as well that it is you're bringing us but they would bring in those charges against him pretty thing. And practice about it. But if I win and I get the results I want. It's not how it works it's good catch on. They can't catch line it's slow debit and cried the lessons practiced a lot actually saying. There's berries does and why do your job it doesn't matter by the way the bar has an entire UPC division that. All they do is investigate. The only surprise is the law if I have unlicensed work done that's fantastic work. Who's gonna complain. I mean that it's nine other irons are at home they have license is back in the day now when that when there were thrown duel for death to stay expect and Tina. Licenses don't bars you can use it just amber wasn't in the country judging your people are living in ball all we had did you guys. The European it was worth country existed on fire exploded in biology and Brantley dear do you agree. One thing I don't hear you about semantics. But yeah. In the wild about facts no I'm about to hear about shenanigans.