ZRA Part 1 8-9-18

Zaslow & Amber
Thursday, August 9th
Roms hit on Gretzky's wife, Vegan pro athletes, Bob & Dick game night

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An amber Tuesday Thursday morning the ninth morning of August. Could that be aboard air amber wasn't the morning of acts throughout the morning. Robert morning it is almost coffee if you had so during the morning morning you Democrats well I I don't know overtake my first sip of coffee until I've. The show starts. I hadn't energy come brand mainland with the yellen the good morning ago but what's funny is you're silence before and as Mike goes on like we're all sitting in this room. Silence not speaking at one another. Permitted Don and Mike comes on. Does turns and a crack. I'm preparing it and I'm ready to go and by the way I feel like brackets are really chill I don't know why that. Really loud and I don't. And bank should go at all I think that that's the opposite turbulent being go. I think the head the crack is an upper well and it may give you a lot of. Likely wrong my dollars in crack is limited. To stick with my I could be wrong. So we got all tonight yet it doesn't. NFL pre season games this evening. But the only one that matters is taking place. Right down the road here that are home dolphins and Buccaneers tonight at 7 o'clock down hard on stadium that's right. Became not being able to do it. Subtle announced the the first pre season and I don't I'm not saying come on it's going to be a big game by. I'm saying we have to consider. Every gets going on that's all that's on that. So dolphins and Buccaneers tonight in the first look at sand hill since the end of against when he sixteen right you've resorted to an email. In a year plus. And I mean I don't know what you wind up playing here excited did dolphin fan and any and gets the second quarter league without these guys and hasn't been wide about it Obama watch all of its. All that's yeah I want to what you know one of a stroll at all. Sources seven. Solid game ipads or 7:37 o'clock I'm mortal hands terrible emotional game I mean still going to be brutal though it when you don't know anybody in the air. In and you realize it's the first game pre season and that's the kind of book why you're witnessing all and you name preceding had a football. And here's the thing. Is it adds one to make sure that everyone out there. Stay safe. Okay. Make sure you stay safe tonight are we is that a public service announcement embark on a public service announcement okay. Everyone needs to make sure learn that they say safe tonight okay because who we know that's. Dolphins pre season rolls around and you sit at home and you watch the game on CBS four okay. And a lot of you out there. You like to play. The Nat Moore Bob Griese drinking and a tank and it's wanna make sure am and out the State's sixth. 'cause it's it's it's a dangerous game our rights and you know you know we're talking about here. Take a shot Bob Griese says this take a shot when Nat Moore doesn't know that it's okay. This this isn't this a dangerous game okay. And I really particularly dangerous first game of the pre season they probably don't know anything right now get all this and you couldn't assault when you say because it probably I don't know anything. And I'd I'd I'd want to be safe I don't I don't wanna hear stories. Your body got his stomach home it's okay. They got that's that's concerning to me OK so just the dolphins fans out there. While watching game from your home tonight. Annual double affordable three seasons on with your buddies and say you know what's let's doing that more Bob Griese drinking game. Ice I don't wanna hear any horror stories wall morning okay I want to have a good time tonight. And enjoy the game and stay safe. All right that's all so if you wanna go to public service announcing code W wants okay this is just me. To you and I want you listen to us tomorrow morning to you listen to us right now okay. Let's elders to. That's it's. A sorry tenth ever of a good time tonight enjoy the game and let's stay safe aren't so we had some dolphins don't talk about tonight's. We we we might settle it heats up we'll see Melissa we'll see if we get to that dumb I'm not really mama by an antennae though rumor mongering. Out there are going on with the heat's I am naive you could smile on my money laundering and hope and I'm not on the abide in the rumor mongering. If I do why is is Tobin is he is is he fanning flames. Other new players I don't know about Oden the same claims that you discussed yesterday what flames were you standing yesterday afternoon and more you do when. We we talk about the in the show the Dion Waiters like in that post about it and clearing all along talk about something out aliens or work over this cockamamie white senators are you less of Hussein as a rumor mongering even noble wanna get to island al-Qaeda now we have to. Is there makes sense like they've you know I saw that the blog this came from and they basically just went off very Bleacher Report slide show Baretta. Yeah. It is people are asking me yesterday others Whiteside to Cleveland trailing. Lilly it's all right wanna clean and not now I don't think Serena does not. Fans' side says these rumors are heating up Whiteside to Cleveland by what I can get Oz they that's a distinct and so whenever I go to these blogs like Arnold where did this come from. And it's eight clicks back to a slide show of five locations where our five trades the cavaliers could make and one of the reasons I'm lights on land. Our data added that C ia not I don't even know this wave is more than timing and it. Partly out of analysts and in Tahoe rim has perspective regarding these murmurs then that's bad news for their armor that's the thing is I'll always have perspective with these guys guys that's sister completely fell mr. I don't I don't edges drag and that was and flying not by Ngo. Tours and are rumor and fan the flames they want when possible name one that they're responsible. That you've been irresponsible at the end of a journalist I'm not journalist and ignited and. Us so today marks have a best today marks the thirty. Years. Today. In that we though that word appoint in our lives and we could see some that was thirty years ago and and actually remember it. Today marks thirty. Years ago. To the day. That Wayne Gretzky was traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings okay thirty years to the debt. And for folks who who don't we don't know how significant that tricky was OK he was the best player on the world by smaller. And he didn't want to be traded it wasn't like one of those deals this season the NBA all title takeaway Leonard he's wanted one of the best players in the league. Demanding its rate and Israel may wanna play San Antonio anymore. Wayne Gretzky and wanna be treated okay and and it was a little bit complicated you know Edmonton did wanna pay hand men and and and I didn't Gretzky was well ought to take less money in the o.'s analysis let's just trade him you know. And it was it was a whole mess Gretzky is at the press conference grind when they're announcing the trade. From Edmonton to Los Angeles Gretzky is up their course why he's OK he doesn't wanna be traded and I just wonder like that's got to be the most secretly. There's never been a better player. Prime of his career traded then. Wayne Gretzky in that moments right. The thirty yards and didn't want to write it I wanted to keep it right you don't like you know the though the Red Sox they traded Babe Ruth before Babe Ruth was a room do you now Blakey Blakey became Babe Ruth of the Yankees like. ID EU wasn't Babe Ruth at that point with the Red Sox but. Gretzky he's got to be. That scenario doesn't happen anymore when you trade greatest player in the sport who does not want to be traded. What are the gift for a return. I'll well. As I think they they got a bunch of pieces I I mean have you go look it up Beasley maybe till when you look up like on Wikipedia what are the Oilers get sort of what is what's the city Gretzky and Marty McSorley some excellent was licensed ports are bridge traded to them to Los Angeles and it probably had a bunch of pieces. Back could that a short did not work out for them you know. Now our number I remember paying about first when Gretzky treating Kurd. When they had the likes superimpose. That horrible LA kings Jersey on him it was the blackened grave when it came on you know so put your computer image almost imposed. I Jersey with decent throw America it was it was it was promo of the awesome god one of the things that shocked every hockey fan in Canada. Beyond belief. But it was a reverse real way to bet happened it was crazy to trade him I remember it was it was I think the 31. Thirty for thirty. The very first ESPN's thirty for thirty. Was on the Wayne Gretzky trade. It was the first one that came out. Angela's in the very first it was one of the first and it's who is a really good one ands and there was even a moments where. When no one felt good about it when they were coming out to announce the trade that press conference in Edmonton. And the whole thing was contentious. Negotiations of one not and then right before they're about to go out and pass the curtain and go back and sit down. Wall like the general manager from the Oilers. Said to Gretzky. We we we didn't we can stop this right now let's let's just call off what's called off and music nine store and and they went he went into. And and they went out there and Mike you know they did the press conference and news in trays up sobbing cry. A lot of that they got was money there was an even people all my I just wanna money. You don't want payment and it's the kings gave them money to your saying. Yeah is how much. Fifteen million of them in cash and throw a lot of backhand and a first round pick for a nine draft somebody named Jimmy Carson Benjamin Carson a market tank usually miss they pay one shot up. Booted up first pick turn and ten Ers tropic turn him into three Preisinger nature of the doubles. Big news the producer it was. Overall is about money is not Nadia and Gretzky and then also getting money in return. And that that. And that doesn't happen whereas other. Good business roof. In the end we just from a business perspective I know wasn't a good Hakim who there was a good business and oh I can't imagine Zidane is making more money on the back and from saving them money. I can't imagine he is growing up all throughout the ninety's like the Oilers were always garbage they would need the list of the best in the eighties and it would garbage in the ninety's they were never any good so I. Mean imagine naming backhand money. Late in the in other words what you innings kind of like cats you know what they're what they were paying LeBron and all the other players he wanted ne'er so far over cap and still are but the amount of money that he brought in to that franchise. And to put into perspective too late reviewed donors in hockey may be too young to understand how good Wayne Gretzky was just like Wayne Gretzky at that point is Korea was better in the Dario. Why yet are Gretzky was. In the parliament doesn't mean how can you be better than LeBron getting them on he does is a resort where Gretzky what does that NASCAR event ever on record list and by an out here amount of percent it's like he he blows every record over water. Like my view me as the next person was so much further behind Gretzky then the next person is by LeBron when that is true yeah there's nobody there. Almost elitist in his sport double. Playing a sport is a great business. Sport currently Gretzky hands down raise it what he's not aboard Gretzky what he did was better at his job than even LeBron is at his job to put into perspective okay. Wayne Gretzky. Has more career assists. And anyone else has goals Kansas is. Which is insane when you think about that he has more assists than anyone else has bulls. Assists playing in a game where people are out there on the ice trying to hurt you trying to get too early to when he played that era. There was good time and in those guys wanted to absolutely killed lane and put political season couldn't. He's hundred gold season it's. I'm more reflective of the of the competition but he but I legs. Oh yeah he was he was Inco I don't bull. It was crazy. To trade Wayne Gretzky. It was six adding that won three Stanley cups in the eighties I think I mean you obviously can't put him in the category of Wayne Gretzky at the morals of content on the place. He treated the MVP do wanna leave. They only traded Miguel Cabrera for money. They each bring it really bad they traded stands in it the stand situation is similar yes although not level how great they orbit. The sand security was MVP and that's right. And it's and the Cabrera. Yeah Myanmar the Marlins at the Marlins are Clark situation that you could talk about. But this wasn't so good that you could win with just him it's on like Gretzky was back into LeBron at one of those fire submit in his sport he was the best player in the league here. Yeah but equivalent in trading my traps like elect yes that's that I can stay in Louisiana even know no one thinks stands best days are. I put you once he had the award that said he was the best player in baseball I understand where you're saying about I'd say he's not saying is I mean look. If we're gonna do that we literally would go to the entire history of sports pick four players Doug the most iconic player in his sport. But he was the best player in the sport last year just just to give you a little bit of a scenario here when Wayne was on the team the year before. And Wayne scored personal point scored like a 150 points and but everybody else around him like the messier is the Curry's Anderson's boutique and ends. They were all up around a hundred points each so not only was Wayne getting a 150. Everybody that was flying around him on his shift was getting a hundred points. And the following year the team leader was Carson and Carson barely sniffed on her points. The rest of the team is unlike the fifty's and sixty's so not only was Wayne scoring. You know 50% greater. Then the guys that the traded on the release him good Saturday when this Stanley Cup final in 1992 and they were like being you know and they became like a hockey crazed town. Those first few years there in Los Angeles with the whip with with Gretzky thirty years ago. If your hockey and its fuel thirty years ago today Wayne Gretzky was traded. You get a lot of go later around the bottom of his neck a source press conference as soon to be a lot of weight on on his face. Does winning. Old one. Not on the new Wayne what are you press conference where why did Wayne Gretzky have a press not true I just saw yesterday. We're trying to go on on the wind and look what Wayne Wayne looked about forty pounds heavier older dude and he had a big waiter like old man McCain I actually it was thirty years ago he had to have been in his late twenties. He's he's got it in his late fifties Wayne Gretzky. Yeah probably sixty daughter's look and don't tell us Americans and her. Why hell's happening yeah XT late 50s and I am until diploma and working no regrets his wife's story right. I don't you have a dollar and I'm learning came down and shut it down real quick here the rest that next. And he tried to get after one time. We should get aggressive on while we were talking about her daughter Gretzky his wife he and my staff I tell you what I did with or what I try to do. We've just Gretzky played here ocean journey attractive they're interested Janet's. Well it's not because if he's even Wayne Gretzky on Google the first thing that comes up just as Wayne Gretzky and the next surgeon comes up is Wayne Gretzky is good daughter than the next search that comes off is linger at these life. They're pulling and it's like we're wink at cease stats opera but the. For me and it's like it seems like to be like every professional athletes nightmare I'm probably forever father's men or flowers come on I'm a single person athlete but. It's it's every dad's nightmares that his daughter and a growing up and being the way the only knows they might now shove she she's she's with. Johnson she's settled down she's come down now boy he's my god man Mike. What do you do what you do he got so tired of answering questions about his daughter usually look just don't talk methodically doing your life looks like mr. daddy's girl like that. She it's honor for you know it's Sauna drawn on business and I'm down in the gym in the hotel. And I think I just went out for a run and I came back in I saw that Wayne discussed their disease there will put the junior girls hockey team he's presenting some kind of award and candidates elected junior girls hockey team. So I chop that have a way in the lobby for a little bit and then I go upstairs and I weren't hit gem all of a sudden this. Smoking. You know me like I like older women I'm I'm a big fans don't end of the blue am and I love older women so golden and use them. The only chair. Now I'm just cheering her man who Michael are meant. The time robbing the cradle on my own racist and so Canada are cinema on the treadmill and then. I don't know what it was tournament resort and then all of a sudden she walks and she's got like you know the whole lululemon thing going on as well you know being a Canadian company and very good looking girl and having the most lululemon Canadian. In the money to buy Lulu lemon I'm supporting getting that much has assured is like 825 dollars. And accelerate us. Scioscia some on the on the stair master which was greatness of the treadmill. She did after the other through force their practice there and son are you want the one Axl Rose severely terror boom boom good to go announced. What does it had some manner let it ago. Just that means you're good to go that she'll get a really good. How many allegro numbers being good it's an amazing and perfect anymore and now much mind you I don't know if it Brahms hadn't been good at sports his whole life I don't know if Brahms it would. Think this way and usher this is all men who think this way. But you get on the stair master next to the guys think clearly you want to have sex with him on what this is how Romberg thinks I'm women now she probably just walked up and then just walked up to whatever stair master now. How much can she wanted to get on and probably won't not even notice a Robert was there. I just played out the next 22 minutes in my head of how this is gonna go down a but I'm I'm really is a man's world and tell did not men just think that I see everything before it happens when it comes this kind of thing so. British demands he would have ended up finishing a task which he didn't know that did not finish the task. Ask for and I asked you just work day just climb some stairs and got a lot out of luck talk for for a little bit and. And then went out there stretching and she's there restrictions about now it's on the on the mats on the floor stretch it out a Michael perfect Yuriko. Good to go on man's view we and where I cannot guidance. So I extend my work a little bit longer because she showed up after our start. Idiotic and and that no sudden swings he comes in and I just additions Manny Ramirez a stroller. Is that he's cement. If that didn't know she was no mom out a phony never read before I just choose some smoking pot Canadian girl who won it together with them. And absolutely not. Access denied. Cameras got headlines three next. Seasons. As well games guidelines please Lion. King told ABC Maurice Jones-Drew looks like lately. And girls' eyes and fat. Robberies on us that he saw Maurice Jones-Drew on television last night Maurice Jones industrial. Famous running back in the Jacksonville Jaguars since he started. For many it'll isn't Jackson com. And robberies tell honest that looks like Maurice Jones to eight Maurice Jones joked yeah he's he's been in recent. Oh yeah and Ryan Howard Alley he obviously wants wasn't is playing. Yeah very Philanthropic Maurice Jones-Drew in the Jacksonville area. Now emitted Agassi that man lol yeah I don't care that he's great because that is part about it a DJ tells stories about all times are put together in high school. And he still hasn't talked with Greece. He do he says he has had to live that life so I'm Laurie can now does he what he wants and be affected right now he's a meter man he likes the B hard man especially for football players they haven't that's all players tail boat where. You who knows that judges ate together I was analysts. Zero lineman Mike Romberg they always lose weight. Because because it did because alignment work so hard while you're playing to keep weight on neo C you do the job is that you guys lose weight when you stop blaming everybody also all those other. Since import is probably weighs about 250 as ready as things. It is very tall man but Alex tried he just looks and forced notre linebacker pursue a running. Good Basil what you think of a sand home walk walker the man who rose is not look good peaceful he had Antoine Walker is not cameos EOC was a jerk. Mean does the ELO good bye that's got to be so hard for some former athletes because their whole lives it. You know there they're eating significant leaks they're big guys in general. But there are also working out so hard every single about it. It is it's the working out and then you stop playing in the you don't have to deal without anymore back grind and an eight starts catching up TO you know I'm gonna. I was on our working out when I was about twelve years old when I was in the seventh straight I would go to my buddy's garage and we would do bench press and curls and put on White Zombie and and kind of get after it Pentair and get after in the garage was and so called on the grounds of Canada that's that was the best part about it though that was the best part about it. And and you know as the mama little kid and it will suit yours or your twelve years older. Your year here in the garage with the old green waits through you know the long way to Dublin Ontario. Yemen with you buddy easing. And it's like let's go with lights on shirts off. It's go time shirts off their shirts off little kids targeted in an hour. This is airing in weights and then the buying body builder magazine's march Ali's body builders get all massive and then you know the young bodybuilder to comes town to the nearest. Supply shop and you takes a few pictures weathermen you and as what is this this love affair with Lou Frey and outcomes and to Lagardere who resists. Dose thousand tents. Let's do some headlines here. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami. At W at best advantage BHD to Miramar plea deal dot com station. Put the whole point it was like. You've worked out forever but I've worked out since I was twelve years old structures on one worker anymore. But I used it anyway you still do as a. A couple of fat why your buddy also you're not eating the way that you a back then if you kept eating the way you ain't back and you would click more just him from doing double the caloric intake. For sure records. Not true though that all football players are eating. Are eating that way while they're playing I mean there's also a lot of football players who are superstar superstar record some. Story today were these Tennessee Titans players are like Steve Toledo and in a summer begin right now. I know a couple of players I know our actions begin right now I guess that's again being during training camp or a lot of these guys go begin the pre season entering him all summer I think extent but he needs to clean out meetings leading up to you it was and a I know a lot of guys you are you more on that begin yeah. Yeah Disney meats and a ball and yeah I think they do it strategically. It's and maintain themselves you coming off the off season you're getting yourself back in. You know Superman man Chris guilty later here in Italy on your cleaning everything up eight you know very strictly. There's loads the list Campbell of Egan now bend and unity needs eat like him eat meat all I know her purse in the league is so yesterday when I had my area. You don't fully Degan Pat White my might might juggle and in my deals for the good snapped. And to the doctor tells me I think you need to your pick looked at this book. Call. Reversing. And whatever your heart situation by a missile team or something as a book about becoming a beacon. And I said yeah I'm just I'm out of you know yes and look at a big whales are. All these plankton eat only good for the whale man obviously on the arm. Dixon this year's NBA draft does it began attending this day one of the top picks and he was like the first or second pick chemical. Lorena does not know is doing not playing basketball yeah denies another surgery. Yeah Odyssey of deviated big slab of the they admitted Porter house once a week dudes that put the equity couldn't be less enter a you only go to Doug dramas and trained. Watch if I find out he's a begin out you gotta be in this market and advertise market. Kitty to meets. Meets with a lot of fossil athletes who follows the end mail plans is a bank are aware of value to us via. VN. In Beaumont. Not again no chance I teach a chance. Domesticated. Giant. Technology and begin body Miller's on. Online. Application to embody a dollar diamond themselves of supplemental drug silly and Gordon now now does it everybody's living super clean lifestyle. Super clean. Don't mean that she's a claim you don't mean me woods throwing Derek muscular arm by any means. But his men by and Julia are going on the Miami Donna just look at me. And now to your answer yet you're doing red meat yet muscular had this to me while you're cancer. A bus me a Norris and outset committee. Many don't and it's a mastectomy reduce it to the American yes whatever Miami Dolphins open up pre season play 298 toasting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. National football is back people. Kind of so versed pre season camp pick up from art art stadium except for 7 PM. I've decided I'm not going tonight. I don't have it in me. Re not going I joined the ideas and do it's I can't I was strongly considering it eligible pre season games that sells awkward compromise here with a five games last including a road game I love dolphins Oliver did museum. We all into into Atlanta yeah it always heard it would like to do that again actually had a great time but it won't be waiting for the falcons is right where I only wanted to do we see in the sweet OK I wanna do it again once it. Yeah it was fun sitting MS Wheatley the guys awaits. Awaits I told you know I guess. Extra baggage are a few weeks well you let people were in the Saturdays ago by the guy code of don't bring sanded beach via the and it's right. Did you you've Stanley you brought your boyfriend are only too much sabathia it is it's still much as nice nice time I was huge dog and his family if you five golf unions are enormous fan OK so always like the biggest dolphin fan here. But I I don't have been in me to go to pre season tonight that is it's it's now. And a mafia. The Miami Marlins lost to the St. Louis Cardinals yesterday's seven to one now. To Papa John's day. The Fisher off tonight. And folks are wonder and apologizing still available despite months in the drop out Johnson's old deal I did it. They're Jeter told reporters last night they'd love to keep JT real meantime. There you know decision don't you tell him longs are trying to build around him and offer him. Ten year deal for one million dollars. That's the much she says he's one of the best all around captors and need some needle some tonight. The Miami Heat will open in its season on the road against the Orlando Magic that game is on October 17. That against the Washington Wizards on October 18. All right so October 17 there you yelled oh in magic dust yeah. Also like to every year but biggest thing we just always open against the tar magic on the road as they're very Smart investment in the Tampa Bay Bucs who dolphins intemperate bucks. Are always the first pre season industries and a regular season it's very common that he played a magical opening night yes. Entire schedule gets released Friday the Miami Herald is reporting that the heat are telling Josh Richards and that they might TU. For having him be more aggressive. Offensively. I'll cut and went right up his game up all right. I'd. Incidentally announced major changes a college basketball yesterday that includes allowing undrafted players to re enter school thank goodness. And allowing elite prospects to hire Egypt's while others on high school. This will also impose longer Posey and woods is reporting that the NBA in USA basketball were blind sided by this announcement. Well. I notice that if you can hear a little bit from from quotes around ski describe it because it's. It's a little there is a little more to do it had been just the you know they're allowed to hire agents can can we hear from him here. USA basketball they were blind sided today by the sense say announcement the NBA the league office wasn't ready for this proclamation. There was a feeling around the league today that the NCAA continues to try to get other governing bodies other institutions the NBA USA basketball. The fix the problems without collegiate model that the NCAA doesn't wanna deal with which is. Again as Seth said the model of amateurism and paying players. It says here in the story the NCAA launch a commission and set a sub committees who address the fallout over FBI investigation into college basketball. Resulting in several policies ships including. The assigning responsibility to USA basketball. For something the organization Carty told the NCAA wanted no part and that is bearing responsibility. For selecting eagle Lee senior high school prospects will be allowed to sign. With registered agents so USA basketball. Is to choose geez you know elite high school prospects. Of the point that would be choosing the guys who were actually going to go to the NBA draft and that would be the point like okay you're LeBron James will allow you to you. Sign with a agent. Of the NCA seniors they're putting that onus on USA basket right to choose evaluate talent to determine who actually going to get drafted. Which is a bit. Ridiculous it is tired now don't get responsibility on the Imus Jose they don't want the responsibility because of course yet that the problem without his. Is you have to be darned sure who's gonna get dropped that is an NBA. Is there any is there anything in. Now in theory I liked the idea. Is that. If a kid. Is not drafted he'd go back to school gets you back to school there is there any reason to not like that rule is there anything that it is there any potential problem. With the kids having an agent he doesn't get drafted even and now go back to school doesn't need new ball is a Mac school. No I don't but yeah I when you declared some kids who don't hire an agent they're allowed to go back to appoint you think about what basketball lightly as I would like something you don't hire an agent. If you hire an agent now you're allowed to go back if you don't get drafted is there any potential problem there. Is there any reason and that should not be allowed. I mean because what if the server seating guests who would've thought agents search praying for a lot of other stuff. Well so that's at the the negative is that the concern has always been this relationship with the agents and players like Roberts alluding to it so do you allow them to have that relationship. Then yes like Robert saying you're allowing them to essentially happen. A professional relationship and that nearly them to go back TO. Two college what I'm black dented a place advertising about an hour and thank Eleanor. That would be the issue essentially that purity in this financial relationship with the agent. The other problem of course is is people think that this will encourage agents to you you know hang around these universities and and be sharp sent that you don't necessarily want agents. Be able to do that's four you know kids who you who maybe shouldn't be signing with agent yet. However I personally think this this rule change is great because that's been one of my biggest problems. With the NCAA rules and well we always talk about one and done and you know whether that should be changed in these sorts of things is always to. Small portion of players anyways you really would be able to come out of high school and and whatnot but there are kids one of that one of the biggest. Arguments against changing the one and done rolling keeping kids in college is that a lot of kids. Didn't think that they're ready to get drafted I think they will get drafted and don't get drafted and that not everybody you know is it ready to go pro or. Breed desired we solid rockets or yeah your right exactly and and that becomes this you know large problem well one way to fix that and what the problem is to let them go back to school and that's what they're finally. Letting them dale. Or can also mean that more kids decide to declare for the draft because they feel that there's no risk. Because they don't get draft to read about how that's the counter. Parliament the so things are signals like what they've found with that investigation was really that. And that whatever was gonna come out. Was gonna screw the whole system anyway which is a seals and the one that was taken out all the college SS. Like it feels like they know. All man the shoe companies basically ran everything we need to get out in front of this to make it seem like we're being progressive Wheaties aren't allowing some minister really pretty much pretty much otherwise everyone's going to be screwed. Any December. Miami Hurricanes linebacker than mine backer. Michael picked me. I mean really Taliban like 6:12 on the morning of possession. Michael pick me is that a locking. Me which I'm about the tournament camp player with a walk and blew it just. It was it's below his means you've seen limping. Source tells a Miami Herald that the injury is minor and at a walking boot is perhaps Harry you're blocking and it kind of what you and knock in beeper Russian or. But the one it's not leave that one is not miners are urban skinned knees and he's out for like a he's upbeat dirty air it out the Sox. As my engineer. And finally. The Miami Hurricanes got 83 million dollar donation towards the indoor practice I'm pretty I'm. And you. It is wrong dog feel old that's right at the indoor practice facility brought. I had no lad named Robert if the knee is EO is the co-founder and all of a women's golf lyrics and he came. There's Annan trust writ of Florida and Vizio family it's going to be called the Robert Benicio Stanley fields and his. Honor of the tour around let's go man renewal there when ever. Build on all of on the hard had everything you over the white hat on the wanted to come and big Burma if I guess burn for burn to go to Miami. I should mention also that the PGA championship starts today Tiger Woods tees up at 9:23. AM. Lot of high ground tiger don't into this major in enslaved yeah who would never gonna learn real hassle we announced on yeah. Now overrule. Our once and not make the cut this weekend's oil and amber. A broad boy am I mean I would in I'm I'm being realistic now know it sounds like your being here in war and good major. One good showing little work coming hours though I feel like that's significant Iowa City mostly. Dolphins and Bucs tonight next. Vaccine trials continue I'm still unable to transfer my immunity to infected hosts. Crippling viruses. Basically Asians. I wanna get sick. I was getting sick. I. Occasions. Israel. And they've tried to evacuate the city seems ready to make. Infections have been. It. He's. Our special laboratories about it. Asians don't look so yeah. Know that it's. This disease I can't think oh my friends again. Casey Asians. Breath. Yeah. Yeah that was. 96 love is gone you know Reagan sports updates and a big statements from from all. Go to download it now. Grid are coming home for every game 719 FM one a four point three HD to bring it. Friend. He attacks and they say 06 at night seven cortex I think it's ladies tantrum was directed Josh Gordon as he abandoned the team and wasn't injured. And ridiculous yeah. Not very likely. For a. Exiles Reggie nuts when Gretzky was not the prime his group. Grassy thirty years ago today was traded from the Edmonton knows Los Angeles Kings it's one of not the most famous streets in the history of sports. When Chris was not the prime his career how messy it was better player at that point. I. You're right about not being in his prime of his best years happened before that. But still it that season that they treat him. You know 150 points in forty goals I mean guys and guys in the NHL today don't do that anymore. There are no 150 point guys anymore so you write is because is. Record setting years were before he was traded but. That year that he had before he was treated amendments in is the best year any player in today's NHL as ever have so. Technically right. Tonight you have the dolphins and the box tonight right down the road at a hard rock stadium. I want everyone already about the PSA. Want everyone to be super careful tonight are I know we all like to get looser when apple and a fun and obviously includes a able Nat Moore Bob Griese drinking game okay. I don't hear any stories and once stomach pumped all right be careful page you know. You donate. Which are these new rules in the NCAA generals in the NFL bogeys a handful new rules you know leading at the helmets the sliding and stuff like that's. And is no chance of Bob Griese knows these rules OK so if you gonna add that. TO list of take a shot when. Just be careful is all sang and on sex and the old goats still do in the play by play right. And you can't stop the old goat Dick Stockton old goat. Still don't play by play tonight CBS four I'll tell you odds are shunning sought abroad as those kimbo camp and he's very good. I'm I'm just neighbors very I Harry's parity forearm he's Kim very okay it was a real man month as a man. I a major on Utah governor's open. The putts that guy that a man discovered training camp you just at that forearm shiver like everyone's everyone's. Arms yeah. Yeah my arm whenever you're doing now and they're coming president. Akimbo cavern is not is that jockeying for position like here is again and he'll Frito position like right behind somebody rise in bulk of the free up the Frito position. Is getting behind the players who could be on camera. Well he's he's a stake in the telephone pole arm right over your face and his leg and got a dumped covered dolphins' practice doesn't consult cameraman and dripping all over kill animals for that arm Kilby is come on man. Kimbo camper. Data here. I think he's excellent luck as he. Yeah and I'm guessing that he's still on the broadcast tonight that he still do on the sidelines. So anyway pay you yet it guaranteed to get several things would tonight's Q if you watch on the television broadcast okay. BA you're gonna get a Hawn. Other like eights is not a coincidence when the dolphins announced the whole. We're building a new facility. Because you're to get so much of that tonight on the broadcast. They don't happen just. Alia you know so much loss the best and are going to be some instead time in the broadcast and it's not a coincidence because a lot of the play by play and color commentators won't realize or know the name of some of the players from the third or fourth quarter. So are you think it's going to be. Let's get lost in the Booth that Audrey and never going to be Garfield and yeah talk about it yep that's her idea let's not forget the old goat this year old goes out and expose of the nation remember when he has Ron Burgundy moment. On the visa halftime report. Curt Terry Crowley Michael and Tony you look on graphic for the final two bullet points. Sometimes. Young offensive tackle right there I tried to try to gloss over it. Maher. Now what he's a zero and that it lets do it again listen carefully a gay because this is straight up Ron Burgundy. On the visa halftime report curt Terry Crowley Michael and Tony you look on graphic for the final two bullet points. Sometimes. Young offensive tackle right there. Now should you gloss over it like they did they are or should be acknowledged that while that little god knows what might play by play guy out. Listen Arianna let them out for sure those which solaris first week back at plus stimulus Stockton and she Larry that's that was. He's a Sarah saga called Mattox is like the first a year that he's doing games so he's just gonna go about his business are it is so you get a pass in that spot. But on man two thirds of the wanna light him up on the normally miss them a little bit. And I know what he's as the saying goes you won't say what Zach. I'd say hey and here's your latest and greatest Ron Burgundy moment I do something like that they pay for the seat I think you'll go to if you did that didn't. I have a relationship yeah do that city. And you just saw the preview Frank Herrmann three I was units are on the you could say that no not have to have a well you got a good. Chemistry between YouTube and order to be Betty -- well it figures out exactly I. That you get away without prompt Americans to do the decade together even they would Tony would flub them better is her smooth. Yeah I had them robbery that your overestimating. How much leeway you would have an ad it's the you do that all of these at halftime report. Curt Terry colleague Michael Anatoly you look on graphic for the final two bullet points. On man Eddie look we're obviously make it fun because it's worth Megan fought them but like I I I I do I do really like Dick Stockton and he's very good. Very easy to do that. There's areas and those Ron Burgundy yeah Ron Burgundy did that movie it was written that away because it's making fun of people always guys it's it's got I trade easier. These are and the truck addressing his job number one night ye ye can't you can't leave that to tell that the EU at a Celtic sucked out there yet people like you leave your cues in the teleprompter. All of us it was some that needed to be put in. And it wasn't. No well I mean at least my expect I don't know what it's like to be in the Booth calling a game in that scenario in my experience just with teleprompters generally is that it's. When you and there are queues on the prompter and then normally they are offset by some sort of disease. Or some sort and being outside the skirts are yet like they are queuing you to look at the ground again yet it seems like that is what he supposed series and was a readout Porsche. And here again on the visa halftime report curt Terry holly Michael and Tony you looked upon graphic for the final two bullet points. That's why 000 when Wendy wrote the scripts. When they put the script and they didn't have the final they must not have the final two bullet points up yet so he paired she. Handed theory they're queuing him to look at that graphic to read the final two bullet points because is not in the prompter is what they're doing and maybe forgot to put it print the cease. Well normally that's offset by a bank in parentheses or something it ME it probably was but I'm telling you it's a lot -- I mean this there's a reason though ideal collided during a teleprompter teleprompters really reap the actually you know rate dipped about a it's not easy for aggravated. He'll go anti at a lately ought to cars easy and that's got to brush it off another. They get the amount. They met in general they get mad the light does he'll go get Matt of course it himself. And cell phone right the amount of pride that that the play by play guys have Aaliyah. I had my Gleason. My first game with the police and hell is Michael Lisa these were PSP and demoted DC. Say this guy's name why did. It methodically and so the other like Robert. We got a veteran for you were good to go he's gonna help you on your career you guys are gonna play off each other very very well. In the first game. Mike takes his headset off after the first series in the launches it against the glass window and then start going berserk and all the some sort scene and swept. And then out and continue to produce a sand. OK guess or not he uses boom camera from a news cameras in the Booth right now because Mike is sweating profusely and so Mike is leaking all over himself he's he's soaking through this certain time he's so frustrated there's like a feed that kept cutting out. The spotter that's in the boot their rights things on the piece of paper wasn't doing any work form it was it was our cards on its you know you got you got three hours pretty much intensity that you got to. You have to fill time. That's tomorrow and that is it for us today and we will leave you with an eighty. I can't do it was good luck. But. Now we'll and why I don't hold a lot. Beautiful live he couldn't get down on tape and then they did at life and it was flawless. Mean. It's. Look I want to talk about those moments still I mean how I'm doing the opened for he'd get effort that apply it. Our rights. That I am glad he's moment is ever worked in televised into those moments. I'm proud of that. Again back to original point be careful tonight we dolphin drinking game right. And nobody say the priest then it leaves the terrible. Jobs as we live in American Airlines Arena. Early start tonight it's a 7 PM. No it's. For all borrowers keep basketballs per share. Prime beef imports in the moment it fuels hours I'm kind of slow Donald. He calls earnings auto mall Miami pregame show on am seven dining. And FM 104.3. Eight states here that ticket Jonathan's dazzle here we live from American Airlines Arena our game time that is set for 738. Know what that means. I. News for the wizards. Are now valid ballot remember. Noted. Multiple time yeah. You know you'd think it is great to name the team have you Bieber and Freddie are a big deal but that's the problem is that for some reason I did and that he. That is the problem. The calls earnings auto mall Miami pregame show owning and seven I need. And FM 104.3. HD two that ticket Jonathan's as though here we live from American Airlines radar came time to add a set for 738. Know what that means. News for the wizards power. Yeah it might in his last night in a moment personally Diana the city is once again Barnicle and weather authority team. That means T certified Mitterrand's Betty Davis former director of the National Hurricane Center American specials Max Mayfield. And hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross keeping up in all the latest storm news this season are some coverage on its. It's bonds by DNC services protect new PDT impact windows and doors. Teed me up to date this hurricane season and by game 798 FM 14 point three HD tootsie if in radio dot com station. Girls attacks in the show's 6797. War we had dolphins and Buccaneers tonight pre season game number one right down the road and hard rock stated the first of sketchy of caught up on things you might have missed last night. You know the Little League World Series. Is on television now kill only World Series and going on for a few days and I'm wondering what you guys stink here you know they got the coaches there that all might dump. And here's here's one of the coaches he's given until one of his players yeah. He likes to write recite memorized protrude. What sushi. When it lose its opponents. But you know everybody knows. That's not being prepared. Told David wrote. Kate wise to know that plays a blunt. Gotta be. Can. Paralytic it's an away. Anyway worse than that yet but I nice online ice on it sounds sheet in coach chews out Little League player those anyway were not being brought. An hour and a -- to be prepared. They like. That's going to be all over Good Morning America. Pretty remote that oh yeah. That's controversial man that was nothing compared a lot of those other online shaming little change little video is sleazy shaming them. On national television. We're losing to doesn't miss the sign dummy your fervor that is going to be known as the kid that as much pay attention. Fourth secure likes it doubles is that a bunting. Well not now he's I was a kid that goes rogue doesn't like listening to coaches. I like it I decade better in the case that this is lazy middle man that I did that when talent my father and Little League must follow was coach okay. And he was tell me and like it like my stance. In like the way now is the agency that in particular batting like my stance and at like eleven quarters or didn't like my stance producer you. And I wanna do my way. And so I ended up in one into the gap. And as those run to first base stays like the third base coach of the time as a run to first base I I gave some. You know I give my one of these. Double finger still middle you know at a we describe this leaflet can't get it make you assimilate. Muslim mafia to go to Italy I don't like you you can't really do a good head and then add boo boo. During spirit fingers kind of bone and cigarettes are healthy you know as dumb as some angles of tomorrow as a run over to first base. But. Because I decided to take the time to do that to him I got thrown out stretching into adult. I don't know yet. You learned a lesson. Not nosed kid stupid thing to him. And do as a hot at that. At that clearly I was yelling at you earlier in the box changer staff and yell at me but Blakey and like the weight like he wanted to you know I'm not putting your feet. But he no big Malvern try to move might see the bears are you cannot issue a nursing. And I want it my way my way seemingly war to bow out while I was you know showing off to him I got thrown out trying to stretch it to double. Trying to the things your member right meals at least 25. Years ago. Anything else about about my dad coaching me in Little League except for that. Weird right. You learned it in Gaza and that's why you remember it seemed to kind of stung a little bit. And I are lessons online now I've I've felt I must have felt really stupid that's why I am a god. We'll hard knocks of course is going on even though apparently none of us are watching and a deep as any worries are watching it now it's 0300 Romney did actually finally loss or a bank. Back I think they're for the best parts on. Fun pilots on the social media are ready but that's OK I think we find I don't have a big problem the office of lines so we'll see. Well here's one of the highlights from hard rock and a hard knocks more than or rock or the hard rock I like them both. Where hue Jackson anti Israeli air ball back and forth. We need to get so much done our team has to get mentally tougher and being able to fight through the that we got to fight through. We've got to change this drastically you know we've got guys that haven't done sit around doing nothing. You know it I just don't know how we're gonna do it. Well I respect you saying that I'm behind you success ratio and let me finish ice sent us pictures you guys sheriff's then. Bewilderment you guys that I get to watch from a different blends buyout talk a long time ago you know what does it out and it took me. You're going to church sainthood LE long guys that does not mind so that's just the way it will be. Too but he's a big emphasis up there this year on guys that are sitting around what are its players she does suck our I don't talk to hear about it when a single lap only sixteen last year are right. Teams suck city sucks and they ever ratings are going to be better in the dolphins. Everybody's wrong I had anti assault. They went zero gains last year they one going into this year the new quarterback lots of weapons. Only. You said about the opens opens the dolphins. I don't to refine. And what am I safe line like like that's that's memories again you know you and me that that is that is having line late that defined that that's averaged that is the definition of why did you see your sex life was fine. I didn't but I got mad about that. Yeah packets yeah I mean and that tends but I can understand how she can get mad testifying could see that yeah. I'm gonna do. So we're all of the flows that are talking about the old go to a couple clubs in the Booth but nothing is better than an anchor. Having clubs and putting it all over YouTube this is Stephanie rule from MSNBC. California is partly because if it's easy fight it. I. I thought the first part was when it's tough to recover from California is partly thanks if it's easy fight it and that's the largest wildfire in state history. The whole state and serious story that's with honest status spank a California is partly an easy excuse me fight it. Steve O is on fire too good question. And why are they bringing youth in to go and fight those fires. Of California is partly both and it's easy fight. Did you cease unit because she can she let out. You know it could have been couldn't get a little bit of reverse psychology relate this you have to change. California is partly thanks it's it's easy fighting and growth on yeah. Tilden a. So the original please Jarvis. The does lead you obviously he's done an excellent to Libya Cuba as a country music note and a lot calling this these days is all about it that was a lot of years and not the apparently has as cats resident know about the receiver pickle juice. It's electrifying cash. I like doctors yeah. Carnoustie. The lesson that often every DB every defense doesn't. So bless him is pretty much. You know you know god blesses the visibility got him does that give us this ability to be the best and other people. You know so it's no different than coming on here and going yes indeed he's got a blessing. Knowing got to be Sunday for him to do work a solid solid though I am Sunday. I like it all right it's it's obviously it's it's meant to be a little bit of a make fun of things for whoever your going that's what I need to work. I was assault LSU's Twitter account. Trying to go ahead on this thing get back ODB in. BenJarvus trying to get him back together again and he said bless cement that was is responsible per goddess bless him got to do it got to blossomed. Amber's got a headlines for you next.