ZRA Part 1 9-13-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, September 13th

Shocking movie deaths, Leaving games early, London over Miami?


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So Iran's amber did say Wednesday morning these thirteen morning of September handles and hey good morning that power. No. And sing at Robert morning zero. And and I told NE UV a few minutes late you'll be here I don't know sometime before six and assuming. Slim is back as well. Robber who we backed who tomorrow. He. He is getting a flight out of that the planet is he is getting a flight out of Atlanta. This morning it's actually going to be witness this morning from Atlanta. And I think he got his flight. Two two moved up. I'm skeptical as I saw on Twitter had an eight hour but he's not gonna empower until Monday. Yeah that's and you know our whole NFL money roms it is so I don't know and maybe he's gonna take that PJ somewhere else he's going to be all about getting himself go to hell I mean down here somewhere that's for sure is gonna have a hotel on Miami beats in music and forget about this. Well listen isn't busy ironing. Live until wee hours of the morning a little England's opening blizzard. This guy he told me yesterday I got a message from him in the afternoon and you know Atlanta Atlanta's like no power right now right. My brother and her brother still remember our net and you say in some more outside the city Jersey as NN. I was 24 hours no power I drove into Atlanta senate the studio with me for me I think I could stay Orion anymore a mom I'm in the city now. And like he sort of freak out less than 24 hours into no power he had to get up and change hotel and change city. They're urging as a de Louisiana fell money he conine I don't and 18 floor. Now I understand it's hard to get two little kids. I get that that's difficult situation but he couldn't even go to 24 hours. With no now. Forget the two little kids in my boyfriend won't let us leave and go get a hotel because dogs. He feels that as a bully can leave the dogs here we you know we walk the dogs and then we go to the hotel and you know when you come back in the morning you block could not it is lucky dogs well the dogs are not enjoying themselves or I can tell you that there will be panting like crazy but there's nothing we can do about it I mean they're they're weighing in on the marble floor a lot and drinking a lot of water and and panting a lot in. They miss their air conditioning I'm gonna do well and I wouldn't beer enthusiasts dogs and ivory. Love dogs they're your dogs are mine and every met them I wouldn't be repeated dogs have a lineup I don't care about them but I did you you I would not I would out leaving in her hair in that situation in your place and like they're painting and it's you brought I don't know it. Dogs I mean it isn't the arrow then it's not I mean it's not like it's a Milli ms. right they're gonna do you know islands I give he does Austin that haven't. All other dogs outside which I find me this is my dog you know on the next to us optimum menos 71 degrees Fahrenheit on my way. Com feed how old sin and mean it was sleeping by Bennett I mean my dogs are so spoiled. Kids it's only just sort of wanted to go guts I. I ignorant idiot now my dogs are are used Google life now they can't handle little lack of air conditioning and yet I tell them I said. I tell my dogs as you know there was used to be the life of dogs in Florida other recent not beat air conditioning. It'll you can't you know all the whole you know some dogs live outside your correct OK but it. That that doesn't hold water enemy because you know and he believed the dogs in the cause they can always are boring. That's ridiculous noted that's ridiculous my house of it at my house isn't like that I mean my house is annoying and I. MA I grew up in Florida without air conditioning you know I mean they did used to have their reasoning in Florida. Boy and you notice for gold loan money to do some poorly Xena didn't exist does let acie didn't. I don't live in. At that many years ago you notice you I don't wanna live in that world. And you know all those people were fine now the difference between that and this is. They still had electricity before AC so I think that they still were able to utilize fans everywhere which would be. Quite nice to regret my. Fans. Honestly I think I'd be okay. If I had but a generators like at least like you know with a couple fans do it may be charged my Soledad I know triggered by the finding as miserables and finding it. Biggest rising on his land around is reading a lot. It's not a bad. Yet people other Killen for generators garbage generated chug I found out I'm talking on iphones. Carl Levin's yes there's been days dazzle house. Did you see that. The iPhone eights is coming out next week I haven't seen anything and has no powers are not axis or I'm saying it rhetorically now the iPhone eats. Is coming out next week you know that means right what does that mean means is dazzled again ya point 70 yeah. Look it is terminal Beaulieu says those again that I Foley sent and that's right. I've donate is guiding next week like it's available reorient a couple days I don't know the mad at me I'm like and it means that Armageddon and. I phone. I still have a sex. Which I'm meet silly I'm shocked by because normally apple break I got there is apple conspiracy is apple always breaks my phone book Arianna you don't know that's a that's generally I think that's something to your phone to make it breaks it's a bit the new iPhone. It's happened every single iPhone since you know I can't and I didn't I found one yet and it's fine how it's a buyer's credit in Sochi that's right always upload download the updates you know there was -- determined and W a new iPhone and you download the update an artist that your phone blows up. But bites but those six as a as it gives them they didn't they forgot to break my phone. So it's been hang in and there are but I didn't need to get a new font monetary excitement to I started known certain. I have a hard time talking to people on an outlet in the when must current speaker phone. I was very excited yesterday means that we are getting a new phone and I phone seven here it's great. And I hear it's it's a great flow. I'm looking forward to it so that'll be not a week or so all Waltz on in there they'll have the long line at the Apple Store being big line for the iPhone name. Palmer into school right up the sales department person and again hey you know late to get a new fight line right there iPhone and I cannot play a iphones have been. Come with me sir and I won't Greta the counter and I get myself that I phone seven. But just suckers waiting in lines that I'd donate nearly a thousand dollars I can't imagine how much sent phone calls. I can't even imagine. I think it thousand dollars nor remember I think ABM upgrade or event that makes it cheaper but I think you can just buy it outright I think I parties must agree. I something ridiculous around the grounds whatever these new phones come out I always think about how. When the window when that the cell phone the the razor. When the RAZR came out. The razor rain desert the RAZR is Alonzo Henry is there was the new it smaller and it was like. 500. Dollars off the ray he's earned the stupid raised her college ball man. Bunch of dubs I I had my little flip phone I'm good with that our rights. You know you don't pay a dollar whatever it is that phone. And I'll wait for an equal to come out and is a razor is razor relate 500 bucks have an ad that is such a big deal at home probably sucked. When I was then and when I was in college right around the time I think that the rays there is really popular idea and we dated a guy who recent order his phone is. From China and he used to get these breezy phones and it I mean this was before the iPhone. But he is if he's crazy phone video crazy stuff or their way pool via this phone that looked like. I don't like a lipstick container that he'd pop open and and and you could mid Tex star and it it ended this was all before you know we had much about stuff going on. And they have an advanced got some stuff going on over intent of the navy should check about it you are you need a lot of by the end latest iPhone. I was terrible prank on the wrong dog last week toe and amber is here to do well he's got he's got he got so scared and there was out. Romberg gets up to believe. You gave me is on personally you show me provost and pornographic. And as Neitzel and as on look at he gets up to go to the bathroom. And I am who watch this is holding his phone and he's not the bathroom. Go to the languages porn phone. And I clicked on Chinese. So it changes everything in the flown to Chinese. Which is very funny and it is funny easy to come back and he's gonna start using his opponents all and Chinese and he's not gonna be noted do anything. It through it like it okay I I clicked on a Chinese and might it takes like. Ten seconds and like it up loads and also on the phone is. All Chinese. And I really nervous OK because. I realize IE I am not realize magazine noodle but I got really nervous because I don't know these could be able to get the phone back. Because I'm still on the page X out of one page I'm so on the page now worry you. You know change the language. Even understand how to navigate back to it is it's all. And is that the formulation song like the site so I clicked what I was the Bennett press wolf for what it said something in English. And like I hope this gets me back to oral wanna go oh. It was really difficult to navigate through you know 'cause it was in Chinese. But if you voted actually given the antiwar click at present. Is to put it back to English. Answered a few seconds to load backgrounds and all welcome but. He's never been able to get back to it out it got out of the settings tab you know all on the eye but you never would have found his way back. You had Chinese phone. Really eligible Chinese or inferred she is well bridge day it's hard it. You won't be what are you the ball it's over decades as dodi's I don't use them all alone per day. Smiling over in Allen out arts and on his phony and China was very funny but I mean it's a sad it is that you're in all of you well. That's of that amount stereo to blow through text that they. Only on everything comes in Chinese and you don't know what's going on. I outlets out hauler I got nervous and nurse he wants you to get his phone back to working. Regain and about their chuckles not and these smile that's. All right I'll tell you what if you. It feels like it all and don't exist. Philly Bubba does things that mean I mean I'm living in a black hole of sports renounce so bizarre. Bills at the mining Altidore but for someone who has power again now. Pure and don't don't exist and in when I am from. And our island near finally put it shows if I knew united not only was part of my parents why do you got the power I was rated. So we never lost all slim you have Arjun. Well. There young sleeping at slams I think they wanted to spend all the money some nice plays a live as power. It's. And yeah. They went fifteen innings us. Can you imagine imagine watching now that men of yesterday if you learn from an hour to an actual based on. Yeah it's for real but at least that was the West Coast can beat now. Mr. But it still ridiculous ridiculous. I mean the voters of people from my game and were sleeping in the sting and the mental doing that to go home. It's funny how my my attitude and with stuff like that has changed so much that's that's the biggest change from media. When it comes to do sports fan when you grown up and sports fan it's an adult you know a lot of people. As I know what's important now and cares much about you know that all lower you know why I'd. I don't like the business of a professional sports anymore it's all about money I don't love it I don't care about it as much anymore to Federer when you get a lot of that stuff you know from winners when you're young and when you grow up for me. The biggest shift. In my. Line of thinking when it comes to sports it is. I don't know probably in the game early. When I was young and you know chance Tom Lehman game Marley does not matter what the scores I would never lit it you actually leave early. I'm giving is stink guy I'm not even answer okay leave early we believe in full. And and and getting food there and again you get a pretzel you know what a game. Not yet brutal if you. Go and maybe halftime only my seats at coney are right I'm game. I would never leave my seats I'm not I will never leave early okay and and also because. You don't leave early and and the thing happens an eminently nets that the more obvious. But I'll but I'm talking about low outs to all never leave a gamer. But now. I got no problem. Like that you're talking about the game Saturday you know with the Dodgers and giants and it went in it was really relates. And people were sleeping in the stands and went almost ending 3 am out there I'm. What look at it three in their tax edited 6 AM our time and it did like right before we went on the there are some products who I am. You're certainly a live here when and a little bit before we went on it ought. And it was it was still going on yes yes and like 5 AM eastern time but. I mean it's Monday nights. To add. Doing there I mean all of your eyes on the Sansa with a point where adults. Okay adults. And your and that's the difference between now and when you were younger I mean when you were younger you wouldn't have been able to stay at the game until two area on the nobody had ever now but I understand the purpose because they're selling those who know her people sleeping at play it'd just be a millionaire is he doing there are. Whole home. And now I mean you know the whole of the beat the traffic and everything I I don't see you tomorrow and tomorrow and games at the end. We thought if I park in that garage have been report in my pork in the parking garage not on Mike sometimes get a special pass an important first lord baskets on other girls want. But otherwise it went common folk. And I'm blocking only the fifth floor and by the way. If anyone could figure out what held a rhyme or reason as to and it's the parking spaces in the parking garage at Mosbacher. Million parking spaces opening to keep going up go all weeklong golf areas. And the W attendance here in the garage tend to keep. Weaving you're the Rudy gauntlet. The fourth and people that are great parents wide open. And you. Yvonne tomorrow's game I'll never states of and I think I'm never sees some I'm not getting stuck in the in the grudge. I got no problem leaving games early anymore no trouble. But it's hurting it went bringing in gobbling up but my son to middle third quarter the other obviously up by a lot of new equipment. My son's eye candy did you want a ghost like sure I have this drive let's go. No trouble leaving team anymore that's the biggest difference for me. From growing up. And becoming a sports and tigers don't talk about rightly courts yet I just in when all the all money now it's not a pure don't like it as much anymore you get a lot of that went live when folks are adult as I loved it's much more rights. Right when you you will you get you out of the you do get a lot of that I am anyone I would get it. When I was a kid I absolutely would stay every second had to battle bubble when I was a kid I was in control. That necessarily how long I was saying eight games you know we used to drive up. Every Saturday for every gators home game from Sarasota on tires current MI that would take me. And in my dad wanted to oh lead early in a blowouts and get on the road to start the drive back. What do staying up that night and a round and went you have to go to sleep tally would be a stay up for the game. I'm normally I am my parents were were pretty cool about that Italy and yeah I think my parents I was listing its and dream expert Peter scams. Also weak and you know I mean is us on a satirist dipping our cholesterol. College football you don't particularly back and you didn't have repairs ninety what I. So you know yeah you you make exceptions are and it got back many night games last super early. You know during a college football season so no I don't remember I don't remember my parents ever ripping us away from exciting game they always does have Super Bowl parties every year. We're always lives near the Super Bowl and have our little friends over and and do something big for that every year. I was at bedtime 10 PM Tempe it was a bad temper standard that time your kid you know elements will tend the announcement that time. So he asked you this anomaly isn't out I don't know I'm not apparent heat games though he made like 10 PM and heater play I don't know because his. He gains and detectives are sending this tent and it's it's pretty standard time that. You know an NBA game and and yet so made at Soledad it's understand human annoyed that he can play. And I ads are an ice happy that. Netted ten Pia could not stay up past 10 PM. I don't when I had so much trouble with Bryan Shaul the three it's hiding game descending into overtime is running around the house you don't shall at three. I got so much rubble doesn't seem bent the title to you know when he gets the Greek but they're going overtime now. Get stale the old and I can only three I want to add my kids pulled them out. All got a little Google are not a buck up little portable I got in trouble was because I'm I'm I'm yelling. And I am on jumping around the house yellen natural at three puzzles in bad now mom I'm waiting I'm waking up but rather. And that's the problem and I get it from the parents Ers are different there's perspective at the hole I now have kids but knowing everybody I mean everybody and no has kids. And you know validly here and decide the frenzy eat you understand that that half the reason you have a bedtime isn't just for your benefit but also for the benefit of of keeping things peaceful home generally because like you say you have your brother and a having you know things need to run like clockwork the sort of story I get excited parents don't need you to be grumpy the next day yeah it out on them because you wanted to stay up to watch the game and. Com and now Ollie Ollie vehemently nobody is its. Ounces not reality united TV you couldn't buy anything that lives yeah. Thank you need electricity and you pay all our names couldn't find any wing alliance. You gotta get over my good fortune you know if if if you're the good fortune rather power BC your group who do you like the I'd be happy for Obama now OK and by the way. Tobin extend to her a couple times out invitations to stay at home okay the place where I live okay the place I've raised my children I think my meals. I walk around in my underwear but I don't want her I know it hurts a steady and to live with me okay. And she she's she's not she is not signals appropriate we empower so. You're allowed to allowed to go to boss on me and say that I'm I'm thrown your face like I am offering new. I'm already knew shelter offered a rueful I. Weighing my options what's what's more uncomfortable. It seems as low in his underwear in watching a superhero movies and on so it's idiotic to review be completely actors follow Christine does in his boxer. Briefs and watching superhero. Movies on nights and wrestling. Or are staying in my house where I can read my books but I am it's a thousand and I take culture our. It sounds like they're really it's a tossup so the currently holds fiance and enjoy playing blackout in the electrician. I mean you have your own room. Yeah have you on bats shower and bathroom in the as a mansion I downstairs to be all yours okay that's what actually gas remiss as you ought. You know the television. In the classroom is there there's art talk and don't let you play Xbox the next ones are very excited about the television but I I buyers and Xbox. It's the New Orleans. Would bring you a little bit of power. They're neighboring that are. Particularly Dark Knight blinked things that are being raised and I. Speaks WNEXYAM. South Miami. And tell you exactly each each Miramar. People got the storyline. Obviously. Treatment is something that parents died and it's. Yeah that's it. I was watching last that a confining on television. And ions of watching with commercial by the height. And bought it if it's not move in a bad enough electric commercial effects. I was watching. Armageddon. Allow I haven't seen that movie and probably. Twenty years doesn't hold up I'm guessing by may fifteenth in and out twenties to fifteen years that he I think she's I thought it was a year in the first let us. It doesn't at the time. Mean did you learn what sleep is summer blockbuster yes it probably made a lot of money. And and you're right it is I'm pretty sure it's a fairly popular movie Armageddon and that we predict 1988 spots less than twenty years ago yes like fifty years from CNET. Bet that movie is so ridiculous and it's terrible. It's a terrible movie and. It had a lot of special effects rating and a lot of special effects from the ninety's maybe that's why it was a big deal it's big deal because he got he is Bruce Willis looks. And and it's an up and coming Ben Affleck. And and you got the love story with Affleck admits high alert them about. It's speeds and legs as a lot of action until doomsday a you know scenario with the media I. We are not good and I was stuck watching that movie last. I couldn't turn off that you can include remote in your town of duplicates of those not at all on last night's. It was not at all. These guidelines are brought to you may boost mobile. Switched to be used where taxes and fees are included on all plans to lines at three gigs or four GL TE per line for fifty cents this make it easy switch switching. Makes it easier deceive ramming into switched my hand. AT&T service is really angering me my little own wasn't ice and movie. Do you spoiler alert and twenty years okay schedule today and not quite not quite joining. The Phillies defeated the marlins' ninth week in mid teen innings. Resource dies due. Well learn. Even though in NAFTA. Was a very selfless move what's so shocked you've ever been in a movie where this where like a big name die too brutal start dots it was closed. Big action exactly euros it gets what's what's the most surprised he ever be in store guys Gabby Burgess Meredith were accurate. Really that since the government well I mean for me Optimus Prime transform. Who. Lives at a public resentment also Berisha and yet but it but you call Wagner's. First ball. You increase the reef there and I storyline. It was the or film our rights. I am done well like a movie go see a movie dude die. Series dating it's not that surprising when they end up killing off actors because you know they're not gonna they're aging or they're not gonna end up signing not you know signing on the next one or what you do with that it keeps going on and on. But when it's just a one off moving. You don't know certainly opt in his prime transformers. Stoning OK let's what do transformers movies real world hell's going on on the court room okay back in the mid eighties it was shock okay today. Yet to see the movie executive decision. Resume her raw soul Stephenson called John Leguizamo. It's one of those movies or whether on a plane planes hijacked that I think the president on the point maybe and they got to be at take back the plane okay. And Stephenson golf. Who's a major actions torrent that's Weller alert Stephens and all the huge actions and our partners in 1996. And I would say about. Fifteen minutes in the movie Stevenson all eyes. Like what the hell hole. I mean you don't see an ad. Action movie and then. You know that Stevens dolls dot because no Internet and you you don't have to type a spoilers now. That we can map out a big action stars to die in the first 1520 minutes or you ought to know our rights. But Stephenson golf doesn't like the first fifteenth when I was in what the hell is this I've seen them we could under siege is awesome unseat Stevens got great movie. And executive decision he dies and Mike the first 1520 minutes and it's a doctor at text erode and then nominated executive decision yes we need to do it she goes again. You don't know when your go to C executives Garcia action movie of the big action star Stephenson now. Under siege was a very successful movie came out to be years before that Steve does it all started that. And he'd Don writes so. Let's see it's because Stephenson well John Leguizamo. Apparently Indy Brinker and bring I don't know I don't know them and Chris Brown dying and stomp your and stump the R&D. Does he dives up the hard. I'd as a rumor. All remember bouts on the art deserves a lot of shirtless guy and that's my. Mullah like those we've she's forced me to watch all does it sound or to. On the wrong line is what's the one on save a save the last dance Julius I. Oh yeah yeah yeah like I love that night and yeah in the last step up up up up. Stop by the seat and yes. Movies now that doesn't play like the janitor that makes a lot of sense. Janet or well yes and it is actually is yes it is and rehab program for his behavior yeah. Outlook which is more ridiculous Channing Tatum. Really good looking amazing dancer janitor. Or mat team in big genius janitor Pall over. What do you sing that they what are you saying that did that go really good looking guys can't we can't be yeah around the collar workers camera. A millionaire you run into the general look to change him. Do you think that the well. I I have been since I have been to male strip clubs before and though some of them dance and don't look too far off from Channing Tatum dancer do you think you think those guys are around. Harvard grads. Jim I'm Jenna to Africa and Batman cleaned up after you got that under hitters and it didn't. Actually used to be essar are there really. Aren't fans handled delicately and against him and customers get paid well. Now know it think it depends where you are they had a aside gig. You know they all have night games. Called male escorts. Them Lamar. Google announced her rock stadiums suffered no structural damage the facility was inspected by engineers. They lost the panel briefing in some landscaping in that but Alpert ago we're talking Tom today to talk to me to clock grilled about an actual damage right template. In nets team gets we relent who joins me is joining us Los Angeles. No way right. Though is let's don't care. Tom Watson said that the teams are re on a first name basis with them Tom. Tom Tommy Tommy you wanna call on us so good on the Oscars. That the team's practice facility will be good to go after this West Coast is nominating Tom Hanks in Philadelphia shocking and sort of aids. He did it shock. That would signal Jackson and Diebler oh. I've seen people out there wasn't shocking how I'd never seen it. I know how guys than it sounds shocking visit when I was gonna is Emmy nominated manager Barry mourn scream I was gonna say I was gonna say screams. One screen one don't and that's a good one she dodged the first seed and oiler ruler great seat one amber. Great scene brilliant move for him. The Florida Panthers Tampa Bay Lightning and the NHL donated two point seven million dollars to harm I release. That's great job really cool and a great shot you don't all of organizations down here to Sid a tremendous job reacting to to the storm. You know the Panthers sent him there at their folks up to Massachusetts and corset dolphins lined their people out to California. Really great job I mean the heat I'm assuming don't do anything or and please no amateur they do anything like that they're flying people because it is you know it's not in season right. Although Alan are joining in half there was a lot of their players who were down here in Miami were together on private giants I did notice I spoke from their you know answer. Stories and that's pretty cool and for the marlins' new teen was at a town. I wonder. Don't really want to feel you know the answer I wonder if Jeffrey Loria you know it flew the staff matters some but feel like you know the answer that. We'll tell you know that Jeffrey Loria to actually you're saying no but Jeffrey Loria has been known to treat his. Staff and players on Dmitri to people who work for him while operation pretty apps and this year them sound. I ads and her anything and Arrington. I having yet or about the heat I don't know who pick those jets it may have been players in south. The Al winners will receive a one point one million dollar bonus to be plays in seventy games the heat this season. Kelly believe they can get to one million dollar bonus if he logs 1700. Minutes for Miami. James Johnson gets bonuses of four body fat measurements on Dwayne slay outline JJ to get a good golf that if. So good I mean eighty. That's that's good job he is a guy who lost like thirty some odd pounds or forty I mean boss an incredible man waits. And it's not a coincidence that. He's now playing the best fassel this grading guess what these 59 dollars make sure you don't revert back to what you look like global years ago and the W. Sets and Tulsa world what about cliff hanger Stallone drops during cliff hanger. What about Lou diamond built Obama. Which amounts. Goran Dragic had 26 point six boards eight assists C Pennsylvania over a lot yet to advance to the semifinals verse when he. Now it's dark in the rounds. I'm boiler. Miami ever really dies and immigrants draining surprising yet he damper on yeah he's the early on. He's the first that's when you realize oh and that. This is back touch out. Now he's the first. Miami Herald reports an investor knowledge dared year's plans once hires agent Casey close for front office position and not that. Lleyton DJ is cooking the books someone who you know little rat him out when it's Ponzi scheme. The lakers announced Kobe Bryant's number it and went horribly retired in December December 18 to be exact remotely split the warriors and the house. And Stephon Marbury announces he's making an NBA comeback. I like to see that. Let's not is it true ms. ignored port. He threw well and we do what kind of evidence would you like I don't see it amenities considerable ICC wants Obama every law. Like BCA can be. Because you'd you know he's you don't strike ease Chinese Michael Jordan right right he's been playing tennis since 2010 but he's language Chinese Michael Jordan. There's just there's that they built the statue of him he's he's the greatest player ever oh over the years aloft. Over there admiral I'd like to see. What Stephon Marbury would look like an MBA it's an act and get really bored really quick. You know I would I would think so he's play he was playing for the Beijing ducks then Beijing flight dragons. And he announced that the 20172008. Season would be too does an eighteen to either of these final one in the CB day and now he wants to come back to be. I I'd like Xena spent a lot to watch that Big Three really. Very little. It well then you're not reductions. Some more replay and no. Drama Obama operation Palm Harbor no no I racism Marbury okay these cities ChinesePod reported that he's forty. You don't wasn't trying to wait not as hard to be Michael's or number in China. You know what's a legacy eaten barrels even little short of short and I'm saying is is not a V the. The quality of rolling quite the same team not playing over their typically at a at a uniting to I don't know or NBA idea I mean not everyone. Chamberlain again. The planet and I mean you hear offending any audience I apologize. For amber. Should go to and tired. We're old. And certainly. Secretly. So the most important thing going on. I do feel like right now. That the dolphins. Don't exist. It's it's a strange feeling because. We haven't even had anything to talk about in regard to dolphins. In a week a candidate they practiced yesterday. The team had to report because a lot of guys that dip town in the middle last week's than fly with the team on the shorter that Stephen Ross flew from. Out out of Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles but they had to. Report by Monday night's 4 for Tuesday morning for I think it has had meetings yesterday. And they're practicing today it's normally the way is scheduled goes off on Tuesday's news are practiced. Wednesday Thursday Friday OK so they're practice today. Out there in Los and assembly in Dallas cowboys' facility. And the team was dismissed. I think Tuesday last week NATO's once they so. It's been a week since we've had a even a smidgen. Of dolphins news on it and Stephen Ross being awesome and flying. And one out to Los Angeles and then of course. The NFL is finally here are. It is always important. And and on topic beatle people what you were still without power amber I didn't have power on so I mean no balance on a soul the so we and CE any of the games my and that when your finally watching it highlights he read about the games there's nothing on the dolphins. And it feels like they don't exist right now it's it's really strange. Now you're probably gonna stuck and some. Dolphins news seep out throughout the data all right Y it. I mean it seems far removed two things are out there is there's. Yeah you're right I mean it's just how they're right they're practicing out there is isn't a very stirred the whole thing is does that. So ranged. Feeling means is that such an unusual occurrence and that and not having a home game you know until you know 2000 point five. Now is really fired up yesterday about that hole on the situation now that's that's that's annoying to now Mattel Garfinkel called president joints 8 o'clock this morning it's is not rights. All right. Who I got idea deposed in a priority should be the people London. It's it's I mean it's. It shouldn't be their priority. The priority should be a the what's in the best interest of their employees what you'd teams here and we're talking about fan bases. Sorry but fields US are more important than the fans out in Europe and am what I mean by that is the folks who bought tickets and again aren't you up reform the pump break. It's not just it's not just the people bought tickets that came down with tiger agreements sponsorships agreement on the stadium agreement then it all you know all. I don't you know you're T natural disaster tough spot. Sorry we implant on its. Really sorry crop damage they don't think there would be enforcement Dirk lives in those contracts but it wouldn't apply I would argue that I was on the other side of it in I was as sponsor in London. I would argue that it wouldn't apply when you're talking about a hurricane weeks ago and there's no reason you raise can't travel to London for biking and and there isn't there isn't a good reason it's not it would be different Irma was that week of the game pots of. The only reason as for the integrity. Of book or there's not a disaster and they're very very different the only reason the only explanation is is this is for the integrity of a horror of fourteen. But it does it but that integrity of the game is in disrupted because I team's thirty scheduled in nineteen then goes off as plain and one could argue that that the integrity is disrupted beat cars on the overall but then your urges. You're just arguing then that you just think that the integrity disrupted period by having the game in London period I mean that's a whole different conversation you don't think that they should never play games in London I don't that's a different conversation. Then the audience I. Your run of the game being disrupted by this game it's not as if this game in London was then scheduled because of hurricane Irma that would be a different story. This is just proceeding. As well as plain it's yet. And I don't being personally I don't think that disrupts the integrity of the game or season I mean this was the plane. And we're the only thing that got messed up what's the Plano last weekend not the plane and the one a London. I'd I'd is look you know my a my whole point of view is. I don't want to have to look back at the end of the season. And I don't care about the you know the dolphins did disadvantage courses that this advanced and it's the swords to cement forever. OK in some facet beat for your home life for your work life includes all but it's a disadvantage for your work like look at. I tell goes all right at least in my entire life who dealt this kind of thing before I understand I don't care about that mark. But but what they do care about is if there is a way. Personally or professional. Tim makes things easier. After her eight and and it's a situation. That was not planned and. They know could make it easier on because it certainly does he get it doesn't make it easier on the NFL it does it's it makes it far more complicated on the NFL frankly makes it more complicated. For the team in terms of their front office frankly rescheduling that game and then having to scramble to try to get another game down here. I mean the only people that that makes it easier on his actual players at it that those are the only people. And even our Tom Garfinkel frankly would have I don't know if he would tell you this but he would have veto a lot more work to do reschedule it rescheduling their games and down here. Then he would have to deal with it they like mindedness play and why is. You don't just the world would team up it's not like hey that's come in house tonight they're all so many contracts and so much planning. And so many vendor isn't sponsorships and all sorts of stuff that going to every single one of these games what he may tell us when he's done an interview with us is what's going to sound good. I had to bomber it would have been nice to get that moved him whatever whatever but in terms of in his actual position. I I you know I know that his actual position you know in terms of of what would be more complicated for him and his staff would frankly be moving again because everything's thirty sacks. Over there those contracts dirty Diana I think thirty ready to go those tickets are sold. Those vendors RD sat up. But things are scheduled and then moving down here I mean nothing is impossible. But you know it it it's certainly that's the more complicated pack the only people it makes it easier on his actual players itself. Did you won't travel a bigger role because otherwise why would she also stood. I'm Stephen Ross is the owner is trying to. Across England and not doubt you are just not make more money you get our money that teams down near records to Austin Garfinkel. They say OK as an adult Ian sponsors at three rings up the dolphins though are the ones that. Asked for his apparent in could be so it's been and it. I'm not arguing that Garfinkel couldn't get it done or handle it but I I am telling you that that is more work for the front office staff that it would be in yeah is does that works hardy doubled to the owner wanted. I'm not suggesting that the front office job what it won the whole name eat error but it but you're talking about it makes it easier on everybody wouldn't make it easier on anybody except for the players I just wanted to be clear on that that doesn't mean that they can't want it. They don't mind the extra work but it certainly wouldn't be easier than leaving the game has established already. The stuff happens I mean game's been moved and many times before and anyway Tom Garfinkel works for Stephen Ross so he's going to say whatever Stephen Ross misses he would never come mound say. Yeah it's good actually. You know a ton more work on me and it's nice that the authorities that apartment that he would never be able to say that he would never be able to come on parents say. Know me you know what you know your your tell me that a conversation doesn't go down where. You know who do able for Stephen Ross sends out this email requests in the NFL asking for the deemed to be EO to consider moving the game back to Miami Tony Seaman Ross's and have some type a conference call. With his with news is you know Maine it was his executives that the biggest executive of the dominant being Tom Garfinkel that there isn't a cup place. Unilateral decision has been made by Stephen Ross say they tell me guys if I email the NFL now. I think they're they're on a conference call it exciting is this something that we should pursue. From my knowledge Stephen Ross doesn't make unilateral decisions he's very good at involving his executive staff and in decisions by. That's not that it is that in Stephen Iraq it benefits Stephen ross' to have another home game right I mean he would make more Manny it's certainly a benefit to him. Why wouldn't his staff tell him no of course has stopped going to say OK I'm just letting you know that that doesn't mean that's not necessarily more. Work on the staff because it would be more work on the front office specifically Garfinkel to understand. He's the CEO he works in the business portion of the dolphins beat him he's not the player personnel more she's not out and the offices and get back it would let out is in the state. That argument wanna put a foot from the get go via sponsor you don't tired on one and don't even hundreds and Jackson the volatile week. Who he is that the dolphins of and obligations Indiana well no I personally don't you think these teens are choosing to London meeting NFL's telling him there on one. Oh what I think of all there certainly want to. Hurt another and there are this photo was a volunteer this was because of answerable but that was part of that part of the agreements. What's it like it to give assumed rule you know I agreed to go to London for the one million time essentially is volunteering. And it and it hasn't already every morning Ellen and not at all. Always there and you're getting a symbol. That artist that is you are betrayed. Wall feel it doesn't feel like volunteer they they said it will go to London again we'd like to strongly be considered as soon you'll for the Super Bowl what's legal was sick it's. It's it's over written thing we don't as you go to the if you go to London again issues negotiation manly thing and have a whole presentation and ask Garfinkel that. Matter I gradually we will be heading that whole thing that would be exactly what he's where he worked on personal on trying to get past him of all it's actually Stephen Ross sitting there saying you know what I could use as a good excuse when it may get a little bit more money. Let's try and move to gain back your mind. And I don't. And it's just because Stephen Ross who make more money you're just saying why would Stephen Ross wanted back here all of benefits is a players and I said let's not pretend like it just benefits the players obviously benefits Stephen rosling. So I guess I'd say you're right of course does I just don't think that's. They I don't think that's the headline for him. I don't agree Ali has is that because that makes it's like it's it's advantageous position for the businessman what's you know what's. We recommend a little money we movements came back I and you could be right. Why why can't we say that it's both I can't be both why can't be. Better for his players and he gets to make a little more money and he gets a pieces fans as good first. Mean you know it's good for the team it's good for the brand it's good for the players in that sense but then it's more are never pretty else. The white flag. Right here. It's exhibition on the course brings almost he attacks line at 67974. And I'm mad. I literally things I don't know if you're confident woman and that way above this morning I want another classified as Mac OK but. And what the Los Angeles Lakers are doing and it is is a little bit tacky I look at him. So. War started to seep out yesterday. That the Los Angeles Lakers sent out like a man mode this season ticket holders who writes hey December 18 the game against the warriors December 18 against the warriors. Special occasions. You know make sure you read. You don't want those deals or take the plane warriors then maybe. Brian in selling tickets Nagle a money back that you may not want to do that it's okay and timing there is also. It is also Cooley is very on purpose by the lakers because. They they don't want zone tickets they don't rent one of those nights who has to be a bunch of warriors and they wanna make sure it's onto lake appearance. And it will be all Laker fans because the retiree Kobe Bryant's number. That nights but here's an event it was I guess confirmed yesterday because you know I'm on put two and two together to release. But it's tacky what they're doing to me it's tacky because. They're retiring his number za. Right birds that don't like value on them to make one. Open to pick one they're gonna retire 24 and eight. This year Atari 24 OK there are tiring 248. You pick a number okay. You don't think that if there's anybody who deserves to numbers are retired in Los Angeles it's clear out Bryant's no you don't. Mehdi Johns. And now know the good guys didn't Wear two numbers but magic Kareem. Shaq. Elgin Baylor Jerry west's. Is it better than those guys they're all among the greatest players of all time and they're all play the old played for. Among the greatest franchises. In the history Lee caught between a better no worse. I understand it wasn't decision they have to make. Well all cards regarding mount what it is a note asking is the bulls retire 45 Michael Jordan I don't know the answer and I guess is no. My guess the only retired 2300 got to guess okay. And it and the only war for one year 45 OK but I'm pretty sure they did not retire 45 but here's the thing. You retire one number if you lakers like let's say it's 24 which should be number their talk let's sit retired 24. OK so it's hanging up there. Oh one's gonna win number heat. When no is number eight Colby wore number eight the my heart monitor hope he's not go to any. And pack it's a nice thing I think it's a nice thing to do for heaven if you don't want anybody else to where it adverse. Then your tire both numbers it's pretty common up senator remember Kobe wore eight. It's I think it's pretty simple it's it's an unspoken being more you play you don't teen we're in other number yet you know wake Helio limit new listen. 41 of can't where it's. We going up in the rafters don't hold Kelly a Linux that they're retiring glad your Jersey coming up very soon probably the only go out and I you know nobody is that. He knows right. That numbers and go out there all right so I don't be stupid I can't Wear number 41 don't deserve it seem weighing in Los Angeles you'll pull. One number up there the other camera Kobe wetsuit don't be stupid you can't Wear that number Glen race tack at Glen Rice had seen numbers that you want them both retired no. It flies no and I editing it's tacky I would add two numbers that parts on Colby. That's on Kobe but it is what it is he's got two numbers you'll pull one of them up there every one knows that that's scope aren't what you I'm glad this morning. Yeah and I don't have power I'm glad because I saw the story when I came here. From ten T vote this Timmy Tebow you know the visiting Irma shelter isn't betting the airman shelters in Jacksonville he's been hanging out with World War II veterans. He's there's pictures of him hugging the people who have been displaced by hurricane Irma I mean he is just now about. I'll bet if Tim Tebow came down to South Florida your calendars I I bet that is true I had you know it would it would absolutely be restored. You got now is just he's the bath I'm I'm fairly confident assessment. Totally got. Glad. And Scarborough he's grown on me after a big win this week. Here's that stiff you'd ever matches wildest dreams that terrorism will have a performance like this and solid answer. Your wildest dreams you ever envision that sacks or turnovers when you. Arm. You know I don't know fight I dream in my wildest dreams can a lot of most are conquering and about you know my wife. In my wildest dreams but arm use all of those so great. A thing of all time great answer. Who the hell's this to us like you tell me Doug Brown as host and his wildest dreams there's Claes Campbell. I mean really. Plays Campbell's in Doug Marlins yeah wildest dream I. Do we really think Doug burns one of his dreams involving. Yeah I three I got news yellow Glen Rice seed in my wildest dreams like you know are not horrible names probably would be coaching the Miami heat's I mean maybe once OK but but but no he's not in my wild is three. I dragged it would your wildest dreams would much more wild dream for you be coaching a the Miami Heat in an epic win or be another neighbor there life. Ivan told Ivan told Ivan mentioned this yet not even to my wife this is a couple of nights ago. And it's one of those deals where okay we're sleet being you know it's kind of hot and had the weird dreams sometimes it'll be like when you have fever when you're sick you're sad what happened weird dreams. And maybe it's like and also when you're hot you're so one Albany gunman I don't know it's weird so a couple nights ago our rights. I woke up at my age auriemma in the middle of the night's. Dwyane Wade's plan that eating a kind. And imagery displayed the heat don't like what I'm seeing it's it's good. Uncertain liken affronts on on practically on the floor I've probably got one of those black leather seats on the floor American Airlines adding it's implement some important instantly. And Dwyane Wade is planes on the heat again and hit a big shot and walk got fouled and made vastly I guess circus layup shot okay. It was a big shot a big moment game and I cheered in my dream for the shot. And Brent Olson cheater to. In real. Life of walkman my dream. It all up because they cheer. You're wildest dream is I'm having a couple more seeds you Miami Heat game. I cheered for real it woke me up I don't walking out of the dream. So let it at on the on the way to him. And and now it now heads Buick that's it. The hurdle ability when you run back to reality. Now it's like well I didn't like the feeling you felt good being you know it's different again. But it it like that I was away. Google wanted to go back to sleep and continued the also injuring yet rather do you continue dreams if you wait now mile continue to dream. No not I'm telling you that I usually do that I dominate dreams I usually do acts. I can go back to sleep continue that dream. But this of the morning as Aaron you know. And the only way that's ever happened to me is a great barely wait you know I just wake up perhaps a second half on like that and if I'm up but now. I cheered. I wore got a dream which here.