ZRA Part 2 1-12-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, January 12th

Mr Irrelevant, Believe or Don't Believe, Big Game/Not a Big Game


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Your station kiss 99 Alabama coach in the 33 annual show of golf. It's how much importance on January 20 that's next weekend CBC report Pembroke Pines. He got the food drinks. And Darius Rucker man does country music. He's performances. Including who would have found game ticket that chili cook off now had to take my dog comedy we get on the show like to promote probably. And I wrote uniter not got an email backs are gonna do that. I've tried them tried numerous times a screw that up I think he said he had a bomb slipped on Dan Marino's couched do. It and that's what he says he's a tricky thing and I'd say that you said which urges find infuriating. Thing. How much men now. Is because your famous he gives a stay here as long as you want easier and you put it a music video years ago. So was he was there anyone who has millions that he was and what they were here today and dolphins make me cry like when he says that line it's Marino thrown a pass to him. In the video. Yeah. Already know that. Yeah I leasing office because dolphins are like super sweet and always Gentile no huge gulf and did not know that and because the dolphins always lose in the Macon cry. And not but he does know that's what cooler grandsons reference think a literal dolphin not there such sweet. The moon. Animals know he's a huge dolphins fan. Loves the Miami Dolphins nuclear rye seed that's. I led the way over my head was at dolphin yet alien. It. Eats accidents on the Grossman's smoky attacks on 67 ninths and for. Sport senators start my day than pop tarts perfect start to your morning show came along of course. That's freedom he's listening and have to win these lets and though. Real stimulus message revenue from Houston. Saying they're Houston's is crap here with a good back the home. I'm gonna get to listen you guys in the car thank you man precedent. Understand a gag a get as like the show but he listens well thing I appreciate it was I got news you guy loves our show but doesn't have the time to listen and guy who hates our show and listens like this a lot more or like a lot more you use this if you are decided in the second guy is so much better interview ever heard of a guy coming out of America a happy ending mass auditions like oh god I was horrible. But it working. Word gets how horrible that'd be good to go right you get the information a Smart a guy that's right. Supports happened that's right and life is certainly relate to a happy ending a sports rubio now you better believe only it's the story today. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSS best each. Teach you Miramar. Accelerates in the media wants the NBA also drafty publics that feed on who gets picked last personal. It's about what about the media want you to be public the whole point in. Setting up the format. Is to televise that is the whole. Point that is not been doing what the media is gonna write about it afterward but even if you wanna believe that pork okay that the media wants a feed off of who gets slapped so. The hell hole. Wants. Okay big guy who was picked last. With the NBA all store. Is a top 25. Player in the league. He's better than everyone else in Italy and go. There's nothing wrong there. Oh but no last alternate that was picked for the Pro Bowl. He's better than usual rob were now. You got consideration and put out a slight tells us troops from this even got to get a class in the NFL draft. And me. I was picked up. Which is Morse whose horse mr. irrelevant it's like all right miss her elbit felt better after the draft mr. irrelevant or wrong definitely mr. rove. Yeah a year free stuff yeah. And into the year. Saying yeah rumors remembered that you quit the sport use and says that's he fell as the fifth round that's Rothenberg a felt so much worse than guy who was last little point I was last in Robert Robert thought to be bouncy. The bigger universe signing bonus and endorsing the duke quarterback. God it was nick last he's got that guarantee many think Quigley nine years guy was picked last. Who the hell that was is there a point in the NFL draft were you just would rather be an undrafted free Jessica after the sixth round why because the money. And signing bonus in the years that you're locked up as the NBA's like that or if you're not selected in the first round in Georgia rounds if not select in the first round you want to go on drafted because the money's not guaranteed anyway. And in the second round and you get to pick what team you wanted to try out Danica had about six or seven different options and I had maybe two or three of those were. Non state tax options so I kind of went with the non state tax thing on the Tennessee was one from Jacksonville. IndyCar Saturday was up there Denver was another one and somebody else and I was a Sawyer. I still have like the love for the white fees so missing here in the state of Florida and go to Jacksonville when you're mostly text. Can't and so lame. Let them who have no huddle the NBA players not wanting. The draft to be televised. Him harassed I get over yourself. And actually played mr. rove in Saint Louis and Rosie. From. Here's a linebacker who now does unbelievable work for wounded warriors wounded soldiers who have had a BT's and stuff or amputations stuff. He puts together like worked out programs for them he had a playing force quite a bit like special teams stuff like that in Saint Louis. How was his name search of the B at the end is less insist the V I don't know I can remember neighbors and a pinhead by. But yet he really really cool duty does amazing things I think actually the NFL network the spotlight on this year. I am what he does for our or our military veterans and and wounded soldiers. And ultimately they're keeping them from preventing them or helping them prevent from my suicide stuff like that because of his. Juan to you know make him better feel better working out exercising. He doesn't like a lot of football drills and walk on to stop ever the hell is name is a month figured out or give it to the second. Mare and world in which an. Spiegel wounded Dion Waiters who looks like he's gonna be done for the season. Yahoo! Sports reporting SA is expects to have surgery on his left ankle after receiving numerous opinions in Los Angeles. Away from the teams so we you'll probably an announcement I assume on that soon. Let's say we don't talk about very much who I am I am looking full I didn't think I was going to and I am looking forward to his return has run immigrant. Really yeah I had I don't know what he's gone back although remember last on the coach talked about was a few weeks or the coach made it sound like he's going to be back this year. And I did not think that I was gonna miss Rodney Magruder I have missed Rodney Magruder and I think that when he does return he's going to help this team. David from Bora. That's is all morals or evil or abdomen and quite so deserve to be. I knew that. Router or from there it's just another guy as a player from justice Winslow. He should I mean all last year screening Rodney Magruder spent an injustice Winslow yes. Any better rookie year than until. If you wanna go back to just is rookie year because last Hewlett Beijing Games running Magruder had a better rookie year than just arrested and Rutgers better than just once. Like I couldn't when justice comes back. The heat fans just oh yes no answers. When justice comes back to the heat and wanna seemed like now when Rodney Magruder comes back to heat and wants imply then insulate. Amnesty and their. Policy template I personally don't wanna see an unarmed and horror I ordered dynamite at a normal time. What is making you want to see Winslow play. Because this year it's not his defense either. Defense was lackluster this year I don't know about that by comparison to a prior to get an idea measuring now. How he was like a world beater when it came to defense when he first came into the meat ladies version as yet he's still a pretty good. Ice and I imagine that it worked out there on the edges work regardless. I'm I'm not rush to see justice Winslow back out there and when Rodney Magruder is available yell wants Iran and grew up there again. I do mrs. apathetic facial expressions after it is really good things after does that include justice have. He's even keel man on face an even keel. I'm prepared to crack a smile. I'm looking forward to run in go to combat good shoe wearing count them out there. Very good defender he's an agitator. Registers a solid guy solid guy aggregate and boulders kicked out of the game yeah. It was awesome yeah junkyard dog and my. Yeah he's an eight and the need not dirty player but he agitator. He's he's got that he's got that thing about him that annoys other players of the guys yeah warriors have us on the east that is to gaze back in the through receive the Cleveland is the disaster and he's lost 34 point by thirty foot wedges into the Toronto around LeBron freaking out on his teammates the cats the cats mean to because he disaster in his park as a mean they're they're probably going to be fine he studio backer cats. He's wild. So the bronze trim as teammates just say Tyree like the video of it on its a Graham and the small gossipy Eddie league. Harry likes. Harry likes the video LeBron yelling at his teammates and the day before the broad and like the video. Of easily enter on dump off. It's like Thaddeus leak. It's like a drug that may offerings. It's got to be good if you imagine like LeBron has left there with a choice of light carrier ring herb. I don't know who of the last guy would be feelings and yet her it's like. I'm the only top 45 player you pay millions of dollars on voting by all my peers the all star game please don't show median picked last there's no shot Roger is gonna draft carrier ring please. I don't happen. Anyway so this yellow is going on LeBron took over as coach and of course Mays Ty Lue. Expendable his tie Lou what was going on in the huddle. I was I was there I was in the culture so it was obviously an around the back. Not trying to. I tell you that coaching circles the dumbest thing you don't saw and other doesn't coaching circle right. So a timeout is called in the NBA and the coaches assistant coaches they're standing out by the free throw line and the players in this kind of sitting down and waiting. The coaching circle is sold. All. Because of its head coach. Standing at the free throw line he scribbled some stuff down as had and the three assistant coaches. Just standing there staring at each other debts it's it's where is that promised things receive Spoelstra during work and Chris Quinn and gentry looks super nervous to staring at each other and JaJuan how looks like he does he probably knows what was the category soup it looked like time that he was pointing at the new yelling. All day it was one of these is goats and sits behind the bench is to assistant coaches cannot. Get up from the bench like I don't see on the bench sit on the bench there was one team and I forget which team it is. I think it's I think it's the Celtics and Brad Stevens actually. Where where Brad Stevens goes to read aligned to the time he's drawn a self on the on on his clipboard. And the other assistant coaches or on the bench and hawk in the players and trying to tell and so. That's what team should be do it's a surprise resident of these egos so to digs the smartest men assisted they just stand there staring at each other. Ominous thing by the way is there a single team in the NBA who would trade their current head coach for Tyler. You can have a tie Lou right now you just so walk outs. Don't Dorell contracts. Don't don't worry about what anyone says. Just you think it's hi Lou. He's a better coach than your current coach and you could swap yours out for Tyler do you think there's a single Tina would do that because I don't clippers. Holes like like I I I don't like Doc Rivers either ironies I think uses overrated coaches there is. Mean. One tie Lou over him. And go to like literally don't tie Lou over duck and Curtis remove our ball thinks that he's been in the Walton. And a lot more ball doesn't lakers until argument you look on the baubles fizzled when you're gonna wanna see when LeBron James does concentrated. Its weekly rates it's good to see things I want ESP ample and a microphone in front of you that's one of our policy here if they can Alonso in the broad lea played together because he thinks I'm way Alonso are like pro day and all that stuff knowing he is he is set up the double crossed so hard on him no way it does LeBron goes there with wants on all these go bubble until and in no shot no way you're. Andrew Williams my friend enjoy this year in LA as you're about to be somewhere or wherever they get the best piece for you that's what's going down. NFL weekend divisional round of the falcons at Eagles Eagles are three point underdogs at home. Yup the titans at New England during and thirteen and a half point favorites. Good god Sunday at 1 o'clock yet Jacksonville Pittsburgh Pittsburgh is a touchdown favorite and New Orleans and Minnesota Minnesota's a five point favorite Knick games at 440. I don't wanna get into that here so the let let's do NFL the rest the hour here you know as the the wild card weekend last week wildcard weekend. You know and and and the game being torn great I mean I enjoyed the Jackson a ball flowed into like the low scoring game what have you got the quarterback play was really bad is ten to three Anderson union like OK fine. ZE. It's. Titans and chiefs. Do you see a ton of it is probably good game okay Tynes came back they when I was winning director and kept him you know Bob and all that officiating that officiated that game. And you know you had the game with falcons and rams not a very good game falcons won by a couple of school courses great game for the falcons defense. And saints and Panthers was okay you now. Do wasn't great wild card weakens and the ready for that hair raiser down. From last year. I routinely think that the divisional weekend as the best NFL week it's because you're you're getting all good games the one seeds the ones and the twos are now playing at. Yet the teams who it if the favorites one and you get the other division winners that are playing this week and also at the ones and the twos you get great game to get the best teams. And a great games. And I don't think gains and a great this weekend. IE I don't I don't think of that great T mean wall falcons and Eagles okay hurricane. Great game man like YouTube YouTube piece. You'd be surprised if nick falls just spits the bit in the and the Eagles can't get anything done. I'd be surprised if Atlanta goes to it just takes care of cement. Defense that Philly has. I mean able global CSI. I love it took the offensive line isn't exactly the best offensive line in the world got a good senator over there there tackles pretty decent and I. You know you're you're going to be your against him were also there on the defense front okay religion titans and patriots there you cannot possibly think that's going to be competitive game. You can't. You can't go ride the merry go to at the patriot over girls just gonna watch that can distort the pitchers zero plus watch every game from start to finish. That's partial and you don't care about Henry either rig running Beckham took a tennis here and the adults he's got two weeks repair. I mean I'm. I don't up to its fairness labor and see but yet get two weeks repair. Many get Jackson on Pittsburg I think it's super interesting. I think it could be a blowout. And saints and vikings having to be very good game that that's that's the last game of the week and so on the floor. There's only one game that I meet personally but I'm confident in saying I think it's gonna be really good game just want. Does one out of four. And Philly don't normally think that going into the divisional round normally divisional round. Yeah you got you got great games to get divisional winners. At the ones and twos and this year you know one divisional winners Jackson Hole. The worst quarterback OK you're what are you one seeds lost their quarterback in the Eagles. And in the other game you know there was an upset we're Tennessee who like John clinic citizen ambled along in the playoffs you don't to nine win team that's playing at the rate. So. I'm anxious to see what's going on and so it because a yes Philly has a great defensive front they're a nice unit up there. I go and probably get the best of Atlanta's offense sublime but if you look on the other side of the proposed well. Philly's offensive line is legit as well you got possibly the best center in full ball right now by that little fellow their Kelsey he's phenomenal he holes like an animal. And the way that Atlanta's defense is designed it's it's smaller it's faster. Com. It's disruptive. So you're gonna get a lot of isolation blocks upfront it's gonna look really really nice and and after the weekend that that defensive front had for Atlanta last weekend. All the disruption they caused against golf and offensive line from from LA. Is this going to be a nice little game man I'm I'm looking forward to the weather seems to be holding up as well so I'm I'm really looking forward to we have. The very hot segment coming out for the NFL playoffs it's called believe. Don't leave us. Wherever you. So our main culprits normal pregame show this Sunday he'd take on the box on it go at noon. From the American Airlines just write new wouldn't be certain that breakfast at the arena when I get there. Cause rigs are all of the locals Clark prods like Comcast business built for business. There were good and teacher for a lesson that a big Mountain View is that Miami. Who considers that he was like. I would love Clancy like Miami I don't think it could be as good player split places like and ultimately he'd be distracted a salary saying. He's good joke teller. You never media day this year maybe is last year it was two years ago yeah. Maybe dig up the 1% from reference thing. UK and Tex in the show on the Coral Springs on all Ki attacks line 67974. You all wrong Alonso bawling going nowhere specially the way he's been playing lately. I he has been a lot better on over really like the last month he has been a lot better. Alive. Am us in the lakers one Austrian lakers lakers don't want to treat life. If LeBron James goes to Magic Johnson says I will sign with you this summer but I'm not playing with a bunch of kids. And I'm not playing Alonso bull it's you know why I'd want you to trade him and get some ready now pieces. And one doubles all. We all know that he's that daddy's all. That's all Hussein I don't think magic wants to trade him. But of LeBron says I'm come here mower or treat these young guys again bigger pieces yellow doubles very very gone at that figure is it. One's a ball playing better to probably solidify LeBron go on their mortgage broad it's an amazing for loans a ball he finished strong. Joining here Yana Santa to compose the the joke teller Brett. I'm Tony tells jokes. Okay. Because they could easily. 12. A joke OK. I. Not not. Obama. Obama who. So. Don't wanna learn. As rob panel that can be in the face the French us. It's rough. The early November. Double pointedly thinking now's a good joke to tell him. We get it he thought to himself you know our friends at home mom to tell funny joke today. And that's Torre had. All right to. Let's do believe. Would don't. Very excited that I got to spore so I'm going to read off some statements. Regarding this weekend's NFL playoffs. We've got so if you believe or don't believe such statements made by you guys ready to things on our rights. This will beat bill ballot second Tom Brady's last game together do you believe. Or don't believe. Now IA now this finishing question okay because is that based off of a they're not gonna play together. After the season or does that mean they're gonna lose this weekend the Tennessee. So expedite that whole thing. Besides it's a question okay hold up double entendre where can he. And all went by it don't believe. That's the last game. Because I don't believe either one of those scenarios that I just prop eight they're not losing this weekend so it can't be their last game together deathly you'd be playing again next weekend. And even if that is the case. They're going to be playing together next year as well the rate he's not going anywhere graft is clearly not good allow Belichick to trade him. And six not going anywhere either if only because Robert Kraft wouldn't let him he's under contracts. So no I don't believe that this is the last game that those two are going to be working together. What's that you runs. Are you out this segment Robert. All men. And others like the big game not a big game and we just could submit all of your knowledge on the big game not a big game. Like who have no do you believe or not believe this is the positive coverage let's give. I don't believe no probably about whatsoever I do think there's a little bit of risk going on but no there's no way and his lawyer have villas and first in the giants' job either the moment. No way of them go and leave. Heaven and just go rot in hell for a little bit not think. Well the giants are hell won't going to print out there agree but I think by a man of god. Late portals will throw more touchdowns and interceptions this weekend against the Steelers believe or don't believe that boy is. Mom Amanda really. I don't believe that's normally I don't believe that I don't believe it for twofold one at a ECB bad movies can throw interceptions and two I don't. They don't way to Jacksonville wins this game is not what portals thrown ball over the place and I think it's also it doesn't already touchdowns they have to run the football I'll believe that. Tells us and into a little bit of criticism by Deion Sanders talk about how limit format doesn't look with the same running back he did at the beginning part of the season does. Seems like he's tippy toeing a little bit. The freshman rookie body is is used to the back. Tell you what he was very bombastic. Going into this season Powell. College or NFL. No difference he's got the exact same success. NFL is easy to be easy for a man. Yeah a little bit different sixteen game schedule now I got playoffs and that's that hey how schedule man whose game was week five. And that was the gay worry he had two of his best plays of the season. Also the the game where he was bringing in on the seat to become hit them now those replies that he's not doing that anymore is it your premise deployments permits for the most part looking for a whole dancer. Lately about. He says that these Steelers placed the franchise tag on them. He's out now more retiring after the season I'll believe as a believer don't believe his claim and that this may be the last game related of those dealer. I don't believe it sitting out port maybe but the retiring port of you you want you want money. So we don't get the money you can brits higher. But many don't get the money your tire that is makes cents at the very least for the franchise tag you're getting the money OK so. Your threaten. To take no money if you don't get the money you'd and a threat that may cents so I don't believe that's. Know whenever you get to see what Marshawn Lynch right to do when he tried to sit out a year as well came back. Hot garbage. No win on on the oblivion bills that are going to sit out for years they are younger and then marsh on rightly is but let's look let's be honest there's there's no way that you're gonna sit out a year as a running back and and not come back like a little bit the. Lead is now he can't do what threat is that if you don't give me my money I will take none of your money. That's just threatens. What's half million to. His keynote is gonna leave the vikings to the Super Bowl believer don't believe. Man as a good one as a good one I got you don't believe. I think the saints I think Drew Brees I think they got a real shot this weekend okay in Minnesota. You know I know Minnesota has been a very good and consistent team throughout the season. But still. This is a quarterback driven league there's a reason why guys like Matt Ryan are winning playoff games on the road at. You know why Drew Brees at this point his career is still big time quarterback big time playoff quarterback and always got a big running game from now is well. But you got Drew Brees. In a post season game against haste helium you can't make the argument. That you're going against Brees and on top of it this could very well be Drew Brees is the last chance classic real chance okay. You win in Minnesota. You're either then go to play an eagle team that is very shorthanded. For your ground to host the falcons. In the NFC title game. Did this it could be breezes last opportunity to get another Super Bowl. And IE a Yankee I can't might I don't believe Minnesota is when he gets to bowl with a scheme in my hiding no one's got a no one's alive dog this weekend as by the you look at what you schemes and all your long he's been beat army poised to me underdog nobody would expect him what case you missed on and I do believe he's got an amazing job control Minnesota viking fans out there. Graduation you did not expect this to go down especially after losing your quarterback both of them for that matter. But yeah I think he's going to be has ruled against Drew Brees having Drew Brees is. It it is going to put all of his eggs in that one basket this this weekend and just. Light up the world they're in Minnesota is just the best running game drew New Orleans when you take that the closer you take that burden off your shoulders of not having to be that guy Emilia deuce and how they use Reggie. They they are ready you into this and Reggie Reggie Bush and specialty player man good Reggie came here it is so I've that every user as a go behind the tackles runner. And as everyone here and and you didn't. He didn't feel. We double more for us one more. Jade giant Eagles will hobbled upon the jade train you'll rush for 200 yards leads them to victory I don't even know that no I don't believe that at all not even close he marketable enough. I don't believe that at all. Mr. Not a big game. Ball on the NFL good time to do it that's next it's it's it's. What do we got here. You know our sister station is just 999 FM their host the 33 annual chili cook golf has powered by Ford its January 20 CDs that part. He gave tickets now at the chili cook off at the ticket Miami dot com. We roll through a few text here Korea when he gets big game not a big game in a moment. Tax raising idiot told it and the and the cavs are gonna get to the finals dumb ass but he spelled dumb ST EM BA as as. The event will be the last that's funny I don't care. Text directly lapping at their illegal epic Cleveland paint never gets old from of course. Texas writes in dam in Winslow are the only two players on this team with star potential who have to talk on yeah. Now our law you're seeing what justice at this point. Justice a rotation player best I think at this point justice has like most improved player of the year open candidacy downloadable future. Maybe maybe that award or accolades. Little star you are you going north from here at nights that's where all this this and using follow up text message out S. You have the attacks that wrote an early use a great start to his mornings I was watching sports Aaron and I had a pop tart and then our show came. You know here's a follow he owes no your show is better than sports center that's that I met I raised it leaked. You see you love the sport and see punctuation and grammar important. Good example right. All right text him back send him some slack. It's steps that some lag gets Adam. Those that we yeah except that I had about a dozen meals full their over there against him some and there's a problem yes but he. Text their answers as you prefer to robberies the greatest college offensive lineman either in UN history or college history. First of all must not made sense and I I don't add. Emerson and that's why would say that through what I've ever seen that I wouldn't say that mommy why is that robberies of the greatest college offensive lineman. In EUN history and Utley never collegiate history when Emerson has stupid. And and UN history at us we never said that better offensive linemen and you Wear a belt now Robert was the best center in the country that year. That's fact that's why got the war. And it the rest of the BC. Texas how does a person like that go on drafted signed a hurricane and simple you can answer that simple. I was pegged as. A phenomenal college football player but I would never be able to play in the NFL do to my arm linked in my sides to Exxon's. Those that like sized problems look what happens all the time how does geno it's rattled get Jeanne it's you don't try to get drafted in seventh round. Greatest quarterback UN ever had. One Heisman Trophy from seventh round and had met and had I mean minimal. And a book reader does that we've done amends though has Eric crouch. She was the best college football player and a year had no chance in the NFL tournaments and haven't you looked like a child amongst giants play the elephant is looked ridiculous sum I mean some guys are great I mean held to 2080. You can make the argument that Tim Tebow the greatest college football player ever. Couldn't the position did not translate the time seeing guys that were absolute dog who in college horrible. Horrible horrible had no business wouldn't even start. For the local high school teams here and they've had illustrious cynical reverse happens all talk. I'm called on weird how we're so. Our rights it's that time we talked Israel Gutierrez by the wind about 1718 minutes from now all talks and NBA with symbol let's find out is divisional weekend. What are the big games in one of the top games. Tell anyone remind everyone goes. Absolutely brawl on new listeners out that this is out roles I'm going to news sent out a series of games to the hosts who tells them not to think it is a big game. We're not a big game are you ready let's do. First came up tolkien's. Taking on the Philadelphia Eagles Saturday fourth and five on NBC I. This gets your weekend started Romberg the falcons. Obviously David edge in this game. Former hurricanes net hurricane Matt boxer he's the punter but that that's that's a psychological bands to get it from the get. Now Matt Ryan. How does this burn advantage he used to put his hands all over Brett robbers but. That's true. Astro drew every single light. The first thing Matt Ryan wanted to do was put his hands on Robert tush Romberg facts would Matt Ryan's hands on his tush. More than his wife says to us drill program now Eagles caught some minds not playing here which is so. Weird too because I just I can't move when it gets time to look at the all time. I can't have any anything going on anywhere around that area just the thought but the American people that work yet but Matt Ryan I'm I'm just I'm okay with a man and multiple man. Putting their hands they're 7585. Times today but I KK I can look the what's going or near that. Show me on the dole Matty touched you. Course it might not play. It's a shame because he was looking to become the first ginger quarterbacks and Brad Johnson wants to rule about that jade giant. A big bloke with big bowl X that's what they got. Falcons. And Eagles. The big game. Is it helps big and you tell me though it is jays Irish tune yards who won it once you have this base looks like if you did that I would buy it needed now. Let's give up the titans are taking on the New England Patriots Saturday eight all all eyes CBS Saturday night titans. It's it's on it's incredible what they've done it brilliance. So Lewis Anthony Fasano and free agents still out as competitive bids going it's an incredible accomplishment. It's marry go to it he can make this the greatest sports week. In Hawaii. History if he beats the patriots. Dispute that a variant that's true does it. Tom brain has not lost a step. And it's not like he dedicates all his time to practice and film studies up like that it's because he's a full on COLT leader that's right you're about his TV twelve right. He is NFL's Tom Cruise. TV twelve is NFL Scientology's I told you I told you. Now some people think this Belleville tech's last season the patriots that's tough the patriots I mean. Hat you place only at go to it fell to dress like a hobo and stand in the sky sidelines while the greatest quarterback of all time wins but still bulls can't replace it. Titans. Patriots. Has not yet. Pages in question again aren't we move on to Sunday. Jaguars. Take on the Pittsburgh steel yeah yeah yeah clocks hole yeah Romberg jaguars. Mean. It's them nobody. Have you met jaguars fan. They don't exist. The jags are looking to become the first team put the colored uniforms to appear in a conference title game. Also the first team to allow it make it acceptable to good bring huge program public now the Jackson being in a conference title game but he didn't have the same point color beautiful my right. All okay. Now the jaguars. First team to ever. Win two games at Heinz Field in one season extra yup they're also the first team to hand out jag rags to the public. And it's inclement stored dogma here I'm on for Pittsburgh. I can't say mr. Jaguars. Steelers. And again. It's a boy began again I can't it. And finally to wrap up the weekend the new and saved our take on the Minnesota Vikings 4:40 PM on fox. It's a good joke though. I finals at a district they got a junior wide receiver to chip. I think it to us and that they ship to a receiver athlete. Every bit of two Jewish guys at the wide receivers that usual receiver acres to bow out. What's fun game. The bill say that the Minnesota Vikings for 4 PM on Sunday at all true Marines sure fire hall of Famer led until nick citizen thinks on Culpepper. Spigot things it didn't work out the dolphins' Ted Ginn he's also a saint he is happy decent and a vocal better than decent and they'll Korea the vikings. Purple people eaters and but that. Minnesota. Largest shopping mall in the country called mall America the mall is so big you can fit seven Yankee stadiums and how long does it for Beasley to get through Michael Beasley said to get through a restore it takes a year. And that is not real big mall saints. And vikings that's big game. You look at that rate there is big game not a big.