ZRA Part 2 1-19-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, January 19th

Romberg peacocks for Barry Jackson, Zas hates Instagram live, Manziel vs Moor


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It's 999 please country to host the 33 annual chili cook off. It's like forward it is tomorrow. Tomorrow a big deal CB support network appliance you're on. What is do that's who you ask me if I'm won't please all the time asking you if you don't look around and ask you you're going is the sister station. Now I gotta work tomorrow. Orleans with some breathless. Boundless there's Drucker. And he came slinking down you know it's a festival radical that ball OK but my son's got soccer. In the middle of the day and I'm living my life okay. Timlin and what is that I'm anti I didn't say about it is that I'm living my life OK okay. But it's tomorrow at Pembroke Pines to big deal obviously 3030 and you got drinks he got the eve booty got the whether it good weather as we and c'mon now. And got SR packed lineup of country artist gave it to get that silica golf now at the ticket Miami dot com and it has called only guns no no and I guess it was. Holes its coldest it's going to be. Yeah yeah I guess it's a sixties and 70s and this morning vocal in meeting yesterday morning around my house I think it's sixties and low seventies and remains a religious which gusts cut its yes it was typical I'm sorry. 44 degrees and a lock on the door in the morning 47 the morning I mean of you right now it's forty and 48 re now like I was cold this morning at the that he on in my consulates and comes all the way up or you're not gonna get any of that warmth. To call yet tomorrow it is warmer note below it looks like. Is 67. Rob did you Keiko that's your body so we we gave via. You know W we three a bone error as far as conducting an interview on Euro. Mary and listen. There are now only is in the does period bombing bird just doesn't listen at all in the experience. Either locked in on you know that beard isn't listeners. Couple months ago he says it. So what are you doing now. That's at a talk on the radio. He goes oh well we'll get get Helen and I immediately I don't Ali himself. All on a when he said the story over again so what happened. Berries like so what are what are you up to what he doing and you know in his voice yes I would need to as a parent talk radio. I think varies is tunes you out because very seems to know who I am he seems to know I mean when we will announce that I cancer on the show he is on it. The second he knew about it contacting me to read about it and maybe just doesn't listen to use stick to possibly. In a penalty penalty would like put me in the category of like a person who's like a media person which I I second that I come amount of media person accent you'll. But but I'm not. As what is the neighbor the Robert says I'm not a media person but he hosts a radio show. Five days a week and it does color commentary on the week. Yeah legacy if you an idea until a court of law and you make a case for not being a media person and I make the case on the win not win. ENTS as Al huddle and media media as well you'll break it down a high school senator last night on the Internet yet there you're more media than any of us yup review you know our jobs in the media outlets I. Jobs admit you have three. Could see the football players the few that the ball was so grainy. Football that is so terrible. Minutes that's what you were not able high school football footage but it it's a traditional. Speeds WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. You Texans on the calls rings on a marquee attacks 967974. Bradley the only vigil deep lawyer locks for your two guard reserve spots over drawn its. Does that mean that you also have to consider front court players is competition. Since it's a wild card spot you're absolutely right. Yeah hundreds or writes I which is looking does try to keep it simple ones on the guards. You know that you'd take another caller to drugs compete with this guy that guy but yet your 100% right. And he also writes in the end visited assumption or make you always say that the all star draft isn't being televised because of athlete egos seem to go on hearted amble we don't know that's been case no we actually do and that's he case it was going to be televised. And the reason it's not to be televised was they said because players requested that it puts them in and in possible position. No we we actually do know that that's why they're not televising and the commissioner agreed. And this is a week ago no we we actually do know that it's it's because. Its because mentally he was known luxury pick last. Unbelievable Tex also right see you guys hear about the despicable Jim missed complaining of testimonies. All our antigen is doctor excuse me. It's Spiegel Jim has doctor who's you know on trial for hours been sentenced further sexual assault charge against the I gymnasts complainant testimonies are affecting his mental state. And hear that what Ian do. Yeah I wrote a letter to the judge is saying this is offensive Emmental stay in the judge said. Although it is. 51 please 51 more you're not you're like ornamental. You look at you you're literally not that clueless late in the I think I've heard of you know being self centered and and not. Having any awareness for anything other than yourself. From the bad person. About Burson man. You party has to have its. Something operates it ever be able to. Abuser I don't. Probably to medal position out front and years of age old but it let's not pretend that there aren't a whole lot of terribly horrible people in this world you who are Smart. It's tough to sit here he's like honest to god on Google wants to be honest to god wrote a letter to the judge telling the judge that it's affecting his matches he's a early associate every she's only uses those woman that he has assaulted molested. When their mental state is bruised hip hopper and I don't understand that's socio passed out he doesn't care if he cared he would women doing it to begin with. Impostor loyal ally it's impossible for us to sit here and trying to understand and wrote this guy and despair prism entered into being in your last long a popular theory now bringing us. Good news. I'd just doesn't that doesn't happen right. Although sometimes people can they separate the general population in great because of that it shall we put on protective custody and Joseph eased on Domata Bogota to find a way. That's unbelievable UA's Everett out. Miami he'll unsupported by the way Tobin here Texas right in did you see the Los Angeles Kings. What their mascot did Basilan produced taunting the Pittsburgh Penguins bench. All morning Jacksonville Jaguars Helmut. Elegant funny that's funny I hijinks that go on at a hockey game hockey's fun. Are you really it's in my kids who are you know as explained my daughter the penalty box. She likes she wants everybody be in the penalty box the other guy with a beard marriage you know I got the sharks with the beard. Who got ripped out the other day. All over the place does Joseph Thornton yes he got the ridiculous your group got got got a huge chunk of his year Ritz all of us hurt during a fight shorts Ratner like yeah he gets started the penalty about she's mocking a blizzard just we were just suffer the penalty box it's great. I love you bring your kids entire amount. Of times I feel like that's got the penalty box got to put an appellate explain. Gotta I I I liked is car's value bus concern -- going to pad their games and and is this really go to the panther games in the exhibition season is no one goes. To panther exhibition games there's no one there and you sit by the penalty box needs to rate up talk to the guys in the box. So when their comments that pound the visitors under for the Panthers but the visitors and their comments that penalty box like tennis yell other cheating but the cheaters I yell at them that you know Hokies cheating. You're cheater it's like in the box. And yelling at the guys in the penalty box is fought. Exhibition panther games they ever in the building can hear you don't there. Aren't funny in a box. And somebody's breaking the rules as cheating is cheating right. Held his cheating. Miami Heat to back in action tonight they take on the Brooklyn nets. Tipoff tonight from Barclays setters at 730 beyond that means coverage begins right here on seven I 6:30 PM with Miami Heat pregame show. Cavaliers remain a game up on Miami have to herb barely holding on against the Orlando Magic 1040103. LeBron says his team is in court quotes 00. Struggle bill. Meanwhile LeBron was voted an all star captains that was stepped Currie. Brian says he's playing to win this year. From the Easter starters are Jon is into to kimbo hi re Irving Jo Ellan beaded DeMar DeRozan and of course LeBron James from the west. Kevin during an in need Davis DeMarcus Cousins James Harden and stuffed her. Now again for people in their dual different this year those are not distillers her east and west don't nods due east and west this year those guys are still orders. But is quarry is you know what team they're on that's to be determined solely to the Jersey say team LeBron team's staff took question on how. They had not revealed the Jersey yet and apparently they look a lot different from past years without him and I players that design them to her now now. Can't make eighteen LeBron and team staff for and I hit the probable but their retired players in the rose a business coaches right Tina Dion. Team Jerry Rice or particular event right it was now on. That's the point. Like red and whites are I don't know Arnold into that spot. Texas writes in the broadest riches DeMarcus Cousins or Anthony Davis first to fuel speculation about LeBron wanting to pass to trade for one of them. I think any theory. That it's true that. He could go with a guy like Andy Davis say seed is the kind of guy a wanna play with. And because eating get him this way I'm gonna leave mile he does less regulation but but it's not in the drama decides that he be sending a message Cleveland because is they bumped up in the trade deadline this year to write for. The all star break although although I guess I guess does it this is like a week from now so I guess that could. If you'll speculation where. It's before the trade does for the game. What this draft. Dating is taken place next week so it actually is it would deadlines is exactly right. John B says he's not interesting going out to Rihanna anymore not a he's an all star she missed a chance. I do I do lover and I and I don't I don't normally like corals who all our who have that figure. You know what she's really that who. Rihanna on this really Rihanna it's this certainly. And I really grown thicker and a snicker brown and maybe now maybe now she's a little fingers on top but certainly of wall yet yet on top she generals Rihanna isn't Friday like yeah she stand. Rights. Right no no I think she's fluctuated some well I don't think of her is I definitely don't like Everest to at a summit in Berlin. At times this summer about an even greater then yeah little Leo was then I don't know that it's. Looked on the plane crash. Now this only happening BAA to distance she was so darn young now too little and Rihanna is definitely not that she is she is great. She's bitten. Remember a deadly it. It sits on sang did you just not like she's not overly I mean she's not like. Like yeah intermediate to enter tonight countered or arms when she stick thin. It isn't just sort of girls being that she's Graham there there's a lot. It does not fat. Isn't used then. That's all by the clouds as it is an Irish and given the right she get to double again to wants punching. She wants what old we all. Heisman Trophy winner baker mayfield who commented on Kenny stills live Lindsey Graham he that he wants to blame Miami but hash tag get me to Miami. We'll talk about this yet any else bread lines. Wilson I tell you that he then clarified on Twitter now. You don't want a ducks -- us on well partly it's a lot Florida. The flirted campers or back on the ice tonight skating with the let's make a school night the puck drops at 7 PM from BB&T center. And finally. More hub traffic's bite in Hawaii apple and Murtha missile alerts there. It's not cancerous and get it during the last aren't yeah how would it was like that was your reaction ever he gets and it got it on your phone your last IA and Bermuda and North Korea's probably attacking and their reaction was to Myer some more problem that. Yeah got to get one more in the U exactly know the story yet you know you're aware. Reorient itself as a unit port took number one launcher on missile apparently so. Yesterday and today Kenny stills well done is live on NC grammys he's doing alive benign scantily S was he guess on NFL network is that what's going on your birdies and alignments Graham on set as he's outset. To join those guys there that's that's what I'm gathering to add the story right so far. As it seems to beat or Kenny stills he's live on instead Graham. And baker mayfield to. Quarterback Oklahoma. Heisman Trophy. Maria first round pick L first half of the first rounds are very likely. He's not one of the top two guys that are going to be select an ad that's Roseanne and Donald Wright like those guys. Renewed its top guys any other kids like Jackson and in May feel old and I mean there's one other tournament. Bigger mayfield I was big saw. A celebrity type quarterback greats come without honey. What's a good time. You know look hated it easy easy is to be a lot of hype around economy. And make me feel old all on him. Kenny stills lied instant granma. Rights hash tag. Me to Miami. It's one of those things are seen as portable mop a little bit put some good word and formats all. China sell yourself get me to Miami and there's just I reckon I was hash tag try to give them Denver Broncos hash tag. Ultra premium in them Broncos to all right and try to be iron one don't think as a new man. Baker may feel older. Is a very high profile quarterback the highest profile position impression sport as a rough is that as did. And he is telling us. The Internet. Pass sag get in Miami. When all of his antics are you shocked or baker refill with some aren't like parent. Not crotch across the field and was basically yelling at coaches opposing coaches to Gooden a mallet. He seems like it's not a guy who's got no problem letting everyone know what he. Kid you not filtered items in Iran with us I I did think that their significance of the fact that it was on Kenny stills in sick Gramm Pete so it's. He's so he's saying it to Kenny stills he's got its argument posts out to the world he sent it to you don't know nice Internet you can. Yeah but the wind lied in sir Graham works it's not it. It's not lakes it's not even a comment that you expect that many people are necessarily see the referral. You've never been on life feed so I know you don't. And you don't know how this works out well you never ally the answer. But it's sort of like semi just it's kind of Blake. What's her FaceBook live know what's other one that people used to do the joy used to do when she worked her time Paris got. Joy you know you probably saw a joint. Periscope break she's a pair scooby just Obama and when she's here we're all like hearts and likes political ads and knowing it's all hell that's the exact same thing as. I am alive that's what it's like still he yeah doing the hearts and and the light send and people are making all the comments and the congress disappear in it's that it's a constant stream of comments so. That's I think this is that big a deal I. I'll use I leave the saying Al. You come across the screen using it to Kenny stills don't invite me any of that screening and Kenny stills loses boy and went so won't Obama do now whether it's here in Liberia. Now. Still during. In. Lives election and nobody is blots you can't. Haven't blown around and even if you did you have no idea how to block idols blonde locks you and blocking him we do not like I remember doing an instant I did I typed into Google search block Brendan Tobin and I blocked my entire army will I every now on ended 790 or I'm Brendan Tobin thugs and I've seen this. Some down coming across the screen what is. I didn't come down hard on us coming across the screen. The money to bring it in here it's okay now you're you're ready I FaceBook here seat on down. Down down and cross screen. Yeah. On that. It's the countdown. On that I don't. We're gonna speak in economic front the other comments work on I don't think I found out across the screen. Yeah look heartless thumbed down at some of the hard. The costs. Of doing well a signal here. But he did you make Kindle loves to can you see did you stand there and that's always Miami resident of the effective because there was a no. The senate and then waste my time. Coming up any time now. Fake joints and I think it and get to game time and sunset place two nights. Gotta keep watch party for you get special guest there from the team. Office 730 for the party starts early all right you wanna get involved meg arcade happy hour 50% off any individual drinking a game time that's a spot. Games always on a game time is it game time players dot com watch it play it when it's game time. He'd take on the Brooklyn nets sent I need goal is to. Voice of the Brooklyn nets he's also oh. That means is that top team on CBS. I neagle and felt that the top team on CBS NFL right zone dance and drama all yes of course other way so that there is second team okay and number two. And was Rudy certainly talk a lot and it fell with him also held join a city 15 this morning nine eagle he had Steelers and jaguars. This past weekend for CBS the that'll be fun. The Super Bowl is on point backs baker mayfield adamant the Super Bowl is on NBC. This year. OK so it's Al Michaels Chris Collins worth debt that's that's my favorite grow I mean I know while Michaels is not what he won his buddy but he still out Michael yes I'm I think out of everybody usual homes and Marc Collins worth is excellent and and Al Michaels and it's me get out Michael -- Michael Sawyer yeah that's that's my favorite. But. NBC has Super Bowl this year. And its rotation base you know it's NBC fox CBS and they they rotate three partners of the NFL team match in the year than NBC has the rotation this year. If they get. Totals genome. And that's there's portals. Fools that's the super won't vary year. That's. The game. There again. I'm not not giants patriots or you know Steelers patriots and Broncos Seahawks. Some wonderful let's do it foale's. Morals. Or at all. I mean. NBC must be so no hints that the possibility of that. At times cameras on every Dem and those those are the people are definitely hoping the patriots get a so does that does that ball on the networks is that like there's a network at the finger pointed at them a little bit and I. Viewership Pernod. No crisis it's completely random mean elegant sucks for them this is their year in the game. You know lately they they badly want the patriot the NFL and networks badly want the patriots. Yeah the network bat the network probably even more so badly wants the patriots. Out. I don't I I I don't care. I mean were watching and no matter what it is not our team on terror. Although I although I don't want the patriots. I wanna Jackson Minnesota Sri symbol for me. They seem Minnesota you what it's it's never had before fifty some odd years was number 5252. Years the team is never. Hosted. The super. I saw all because this was the case we are dual member is asking this about the about the large logging in here and hurricanes hurricanes were not able to use their locker right okay well too. The rules it's not a home game you know also like I was asking hey are they gonna run out the smoke and everything which they did OK. But it's not like. It it's not a whole reports on the and there are I don't know I don't game. And they were not allowed to use their their locker room even of course here at the net now I think the canes were able to use their usual sideline. Think they were on our normal side and I think self but you know like the end zone said Miami or anything like that it was actually an the checkered. Neutral. And so on the jurors because there's a big issue going on the dolphins play it out and I adding dozens of your mind the next day letting your rights or that it wanted to enter his and they kept the ends on the way it once the checkered ends on for the dolphins games in have to redo and you're right. But. Super Bowl this year if Minnesota makes it. Hey. They are gonna get to be on their sideline that they're normally on ice they they're going to be able to use. They error locker room I'll many locker rooms are are. At that stadium you know hard rock stadium hearing a bunch because you know the Marlins these players yet couple club houses. You know you guides. That you that NFL locker remodeled or even actual locker rooms or. The collegiate teams they probably don't use of the ya a lot of locker rooms and hard rock stadium. I don't know how many are rat. The stadium in Minnesota but I saw like there are some things that that are different like. The of the vikings they AE the NFC team okay. Is designated. To use the practice facility at university Minnesota. For the week leading up to the Super Bowl the AFC team is designated to use the Minnesota vikings' facility. So it's like whoa what happens if Minnesota makes it it not like someone out that there opponents he's a facility that university Minnesota and if the vikings may yet so they actually switch it up and the vikings get to stay. In their facility nicely and the AFC team goes to university of Minnesota and so on but the Eagles made it Eagles or go to university Minnesota. When it the vikings would gets there is little things like that but there's other things at the stadium that. The vikings are not allowed to do a that they would normally. Be able to do sell yet a totally. They have a whole contingency plan. And apparently they always had a contingency plan for what happens is the home team makes. And for the first time in 52 years they're actually dealing with the sinner I am bracket don't remember atop her head Tobin would media to look it up. I wonder like when's the last team when our songs I certainly can't remember. That a team was in a conference championship game and had a chance. To a suitable went that I'm sure that's happened and it probably has but I what happens. I don't remember either. Yeah I mean I don't even know how you would look that up blood. I don't remember that being in the kicks like I ever remember going into championship Sunday. And they did wow I can't believe that this team is a win away from hosting the super bull. It always seemed so for fetched. That a team can beat the home team. I don't have as a call to all the time not not discern real time but the scenario presents itself a lot in call estimate when I was at the University of Miami it happened to us one time we thought we are going to be able to do dom and I imagine shortly after us USC. A maturity USC ever play in the coliseum for the Rose Bowl for national championship game. Bush I'm sure more as they have like a couple years running right where they had to that they had to. It's Texas not beat USC in the Rose Bowl that not the Rose Bowl out was at the Rose Bowl I. Obama I think once you are the ones you're right by and then like I could be wrong upcoming I think one is. I guess college happens at LSU play. You know in the donut in the Sugar Bowl does not add to other home stadium now like that's not the homes and mr. says cap. Like hurricanes can actually play but next year the playoff is that hard rock stating. And you know we like the trajectory of the hurricanes they could be playing well and. But like I don't this. Any team guy. Was is. Well now could I guess some teams have played. I guess some teams have played Super Bowls nearer. There are recalling him like way Blake C imprint Cisco laid laid a Super Bowl in Palo Alto. And the rams when they were the Los Angeles rams played at the Rose Bowl. One year but I guess that's our closer I get they've played there's been teams you have played how Forbes Pasadena and LA stadium. Of course Pasadena well there is very close yes repair houses very close up on stadium. But it's very close. Since he creation of ANC and see no host team has ever been the top seeded comp friends spread Maher no franchise has reached the conference championship in the same year it's hosted the super ball. Or cancer. By the way remember when I have a conversation here asking you trying to tell me not help team on Bill Belichick cut the week of the Super Bowl. The math homework. It's up to check yet he did he cut to Quan Underwood back in 2012. The they cut the kid that debut for the Super Bowl sock. So. Local and I kid you. Went and use the Wyman and game. No they just monitoring your reserve defensive lineman ironically are apparently these two kids how to play together rockers and call it solely because they cut to Quan. On the Saturday and brought in the defensive linemen and Sylvester so Iraq. You imagine. Do you like you planned everything families line in the come to the Super Bowl or not you're down. Now you but you wouldn't I mean you wouldn't have necessarily expected to play Avery. Mean you're getting cut their private plane which still you don't have your married life and your wholesaling everything or what have you certainly they're not gonna play at all. Oh god yeah yeah yet even here even if you're in you realize you get a lot of fifteen the jobless if you are not even been arrested for negated an active and it doesn't matter. Who is really so I cannot trust the Gainey still flying your whole family do the whole idea that's that's obviously not enough for the patriots but it's a once in a lifetime experience for a lot of players. Look coming out we we know you don't wait all week could debate going on crime when all week long. To enter Sunday. And you wanna know. What the big games. What are not the big games or snacks. I. On survivor right now on the contest line will say able to force package ticket's seating he'd take on the crybaby Houston Rockets. That game is on February 7 at American Airlines Arena. Scenario caught a five are now 7865340790s. Heat. And rockets. Yet our sister station 9990 his country 3030 annual chili cook off is powered by Ford it is to morrow. Add CDs and mark in Pembroke Pines gave tasted chili cook off now to give Miami dot com. COLT Texan here real quick and we'll get to big game not a big game 6792 important calls from some Kia. Tax on WM steal the show shirt or morals or nothing shirt this Sunday. A little world and nothing teachers were the mr. isn't overseen I have my steal the show sure ready to go. There you go that's it right there. Speaking of Rihanna Jules unbeaten turning down Rihanna I think Rihanna stand aqsa rights compared to Amy Schumer she's a Tuesday welcome. Let's. Actor. Like both law though you do it malign alienation and more by it is quite weary lot hasty out of I told you that Rihanna is not usually the type that alike. Something about Rihanna sex sexy yet something about sixty Amy Schumer. Anyway years as this thing done. Absolutely. Amy Schumer seems like with every girl that you watch a move huge can afford on your leg and think it's funny I'm I'm not and that funny guy. Not into that. What you might be I don't know. Always stimulus in the ratings for the symbols what what do you want to do with this slate is there is there something in seen here with the ratings for the Super Bowl. Industry or reference for its liquor thing man I will save that for next week when we have the suitable match seeping up listening to sing and I want their. But acre mayfield. Broke a four gets big game not a big game bigamy fields. Put audience agreeing instinct Kenny stills. Insert Rampage when he was alive flight streaming so they call Pletcher. Was he like streaming is that what. Kenny stills how to live streaming like him and Stu grant sorry comments on the lives and Kenny stills but hash I'd get me to Miami. Which I think is also because when's the last time a quarterback. Before the draft was all about hey I love to play for the dolphins let's go get me to Miami and I am old ballots. Selecting what what number it dolphins. Somewhere around eleven I think I was eleven elevenths loan. I am all and that's apparently an area where baker mayfield who would could be available OK I am old out. Selecting him I'm all about selecting cousins quarterback heavy draft. It's like well you Elliott took a quarterback that it already number nine rinds or embrace what Ryan's hand held bag that's tide quarterback to take a number eight number nine left in. Except this year belies a top heavy quarterback draft OK so quite the same thing and it's. I am all about taking the quarterback even thought like I intend to make it all winter going to be a lot better next year wit Bryant can't help. Get the quarterback mentally I'm one that's elites don't like them I get. Yet and yet not give any tiger. Any competent that's with the dolphins are gonna do about it easy. All you brought up this way right now you think using maker refills go to memoir. Right now right now and I don't really can't make that once you play how I can't conversation. You never seem bigger mayfield to snap in the NFL the idea Cassidy is what eight army field going to wind up eating do you think Johnny man's always in Germans opened up their own bakery feels parable to join amends a busy on the mental health problem bigger than I don't know. I'm not talk about what size senator let matters right talking about ability. It matters that size matters in the semi adults flawlessly the only small quarterback would any type of success an audience what matters. Amber it's a matter. I is. You know size matters but it's it's about what he's got his ability then why do you what do you do with the ball you know so so you can. The demands though. He's not the biggest in the world but the way that he can move around do you think he's better than mammal like you've both seen. Probably the equal amount of playing time army remains a lot and and a man Enzo yeah that is obviously wait more than the gentlemen so I don't care about football one is in the lead one is not. One has a series drawn had a great career in the NFL in one has in. Yes I would say I would say now Maurice better than Johnny males only a lights out better quarterback than than Matt if he was if that was true he'd be in the way Colin capital. You can call accompany it should be amended and Italy were in a musical accompanist worse than Matt Moore. Common you know I. I'm amber city things calling cabernet is in is is somewhat overrated but some of that revision a sister but no I mean calling cabinet. Would be in the NFL I don't know I'm glad you I don't know I'm calling cabernet would be comfortable being in mount more roll so I don't know if we can compare it I mean calling Packard Carly wants. To be a starting court bracket seems. So that you know that's his goal I think I didn't I was at a different. Conversation. And that borders the exit calling patent covenant better than good enough to be to be a career professional backup of course. The YU's Matt Moore is the comparisons are you wanna see you one of these guys can be a better backup the dolphins. 'cause that would be the point the point is foreign to eventually be eventually yes and they were Byron Leftwich we went to the Jacksonville Jaguars and he rooted out Mark Brunell towards the end of season your your drafting this quarterback. If you're going to be picking 1112 or whoever it is going to be going to be your day one guy. Clearly this is something that the dogs this team knowledge I don't know how we handled it would be. You started this to be a situation where it will be an old school type situation the way that you know NFL teams used to draft order bachelor who's gonna sit for a year or two. Meeting to. I think I think he's gonna need to learn the NFL system tally isn't all that and run pass option which I think is going to be very good for him. Are these going to be in implemented into a really good offensive minded scheme. And I think the fact that he has put right tenant if he does get drafted here. What do fire earnings front general last whether he wants admitted or not. When you got a first round draft pick our quarterback I read in the top fifteen coming to your organization why are you gonna do right because you know. You can be expendable like I don't care how much your under contract how much are not under contract you get a top fifteen quarterback coming in learning to play football with the Miami Dolphins. Writer and l.s going to be on the hot seat no matter what are the minute ride camels are slipping you don't think that a guy like Adam gays is gonna pull the trigger on May be going ahead. And all our guys baker may feel going their try to get a couple rounds of football and should you be drafting motivation that I. It's it's your contract to motivate not only guy trying to draft Italy not only that an anti and it EE is elite quarterback who rates great problem that figured out one of the biggest things one of the biggest character traits on Dick army field is his confidence his his trash talking his. His confidence level on the football field. Is I would say Jarvis Landry asked why don't you say you don't got rowdy like veteran quarterback room who's a little bit more emotionally charged and your dog last front panel. You better believe it man I wish list as a smaller Johnny Mandel is listen a smaller than they comedic film. I know you're seeing a draft motivation no I would not want to drab motivation I'd but I'd be drafting that he did with the intention. Of him being you're supporting the best border better adapt to pick and that's one. It idiot thinking in Italy quarterback taken happily quarterback. I think it can help you happily quarterback. And it hit this kid can be elite quarterback great take them. He said republic years it tanning allows you greats are right and if not then you got kids sitting right there. Rule you know works for the patriots. Don't a couple of years. What will be will be ready to go. Intel Aaron Rodgers separate what three years for Phil writ Ers set a couple of years Drew Brees. There's there's there's nothing wrong voice and able filters behind drew drew he's yes I bet there's there's another all of these guys sitting for a couple years. Don't doing more to get its money. I I'd be I'd be totally fine. With the dolphins liked him baker mayfield but I do think rumblings of a good point. Which is. Make it may feel may not be a 100%. Always error that they had handed that'll big guy. Who is going to be selected as high as speaker mayfield has that type of competence level. Is is intercede in sitting for a year to. Behind our quarterback and firebomb was making almost twenty million dollars a year would make me feel may look on the outs as a god put it it was awful Miami out of there. Although if you have a confidence in yourself you might Gilligan and beat out riding you know I'm you know Ryan teen idols on T around eating Jay Cutler and the career quarterback Miami. Kids like it's noticed local the last four years to drag the NFL obviously you charged and he knows. He's Obama got it right into the division's. It generally in the divisions on T. Likely this war sports professionals it's our job okay. Overestimate these kids who play sports gives by the way how much they actually know about pro sports. Numerous it'll mean both of us dead when we weren't I don't like super Schwartz rants. Super sports fans not all kids play sports super sports fans big game not a game next.