ZRA Part 2 1-2-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, January 2nd

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Absolutely coming out of bounds. Now and then send fifteen. To win tickets and upcoming need home game one destruction of the game right there too. State college football's not over yet guys about the sports go watch big game on Monday that's right try to famous special grow the wings. And drink specials presented by and join me accident attorneys. 807473. That's 807473733. Someone's a dolphin game ball on Sunday afternoon. And a lot of money my tickets. Why would you pay a lot of money for your tickets. Well it's expensive leader or not any less you wanna sit like way up I was born when opens game as expensive. Surprised you know I figured it's a final game. But there was. Seated tickets and look. It's all relative okay what wasn't that expensive. No okay but. You got a lot of people from buffalo we're gonna wanna go to game to game was. Very meaningful for the bills and that was all a lot of bills fans there as volume more bill's chance adult fans the world lot of bills fans there. Big bills crowd big game for them okay we did begin not began muscling bills Altman's probably a big gain even though we were on the buffalo radio probably added. To hear her on Miami radio not a big. Yellow picking up a game. We immediately began eating really in big am not a big aim a hair they want the ratings. So I went on Sunday OK but the. And and it was terrible it was it was awful they they did not from the whole game left it nineteen to three. And an actually had a chance to I got my new is 42 packs the end of the game David fills the rowing the interception in the end of the dolphins had a chance to. Actually win your little David fans who support his career at some boy like at all. Mind. That team and this is not to be a popular opinion. I'll tell you one. Later that night and the next day. I understand the bills and dolphins arrivals of gag. By. I'm watching videos. Of have you seen in his videos of of the bills fans you have bills fans who stayed. At hard rock stadium. And their watch in the end of ravens Bengals on the concourse. There's hundreds of there watch the acres because they needed Tennessee ordered one. And they needed in the ravens then to lose the needed one of those teams to lose and they sneak it and the charger route Jason tiebreak. And titans went. And new ravens are out. Was like 2724. With a with a less than a minute left and the Bengals have fourth and twelve from midfield. This means a disaster scenario. And and he donny's agrees play the bills have had twenty years in the sure he throws a deep touchdown pass on fourth down they score. And the other did on the video the bills fans of the concourse level and then all I mean they're going re easy. And it's our rocks in their home free and then you get the video. In the bills' locker room in the visiting locker room back party seen I haven't seen the fans in the concourse at a locker in the video of the bills in the locker room. It's so good. And I I yet it is not be a popular opinion okay. But if you get stepped out you adult and venom for a second here and important. It it was the jets now don't feel good about per second if it's the patriots. Out and about per second but the bills there's so they're solar relevant. They've been sold relevant for so long. That I I I I don't have that same feeling that seat I don't arrive gets wet. I don't have that same rubble feeling for a team that hasn't been the playoffs in eighteen years. OK so home watching the video of the bills afterward. And they're going crazy in the locker room all app and probable finished. In Baltimore. This reason the day notional one acting in this rolled over. Okay and they complete a four down there's no reason they should have shot and then you see this Kyle Williams okay. Who's been buffalo forever and has never played a playoff game. It's a big man he's 300 somewhat counts okay what do right yeah they're a huge beard. I mean this this guy he's built that for the eleven seasons at grit and admittedly as an eighteen years and he's never sniff the playoffs and you Buffalo Bills. And duties cry either as a tackle and yet do is. Riding. In the locker room and he's got his two little kids therein and he's picking up both kids in the whole hog and look you step out you dolphin fan of for second there and again it's up the jets to the hatred and all of those you'll probably still relevant. And eat yet you just look at an unbiased perspective for a second. And it's very cool. It's. This column Lloyds is chronic. He's crying. And now that when jaguars right. Play underneath their basket by the June oh yeah now a world does that strike. Wouldn't want us c'mon man don't you Ruth Jack is right. Solid yes on that. It's it's still really really cool video. These kids WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to admit. I'm trying to plug as a feel that way you guys eat you should watch the video of the fans. Of the of the locker room. And I'm so high I knocked it about as it is it is hard nice meal that AMs and now it's a mean step outside of stand them for a second. It's it. I mean I'd rather read that moment. You know we we we want the players to care that we root for and you watch in the locker room there with a bills as a lot of guys seem to really care. Okay it's it's a cool scene. Is really neat. These headlines are brought to you by oxygen temporal scanner to monitor ready for about cold and flu season a cold is a cold the flu brings beaver beaver paired with the oxygen temporal scanner thermometer backed by medical professionals everywhere. I am not room for next week I am the decks. Jack was Mike you suitable as do its outlets do it let's do it. Jaguars. Vikings. For that ratings of record of futility. Could you imagine Larry and does does elegance Cinderella story why would that be a ratings monster but I would like their other eight and under. Jags. Mike's. Super Bowl Steelers. They refiner. In the finer for this game and oh. These kids is go find homeless persons under the bridge dude the judge didn't we guerrillas were Cinderella story won the jags. They're newbies giants gave me Nixon beat me yet and it's really pretty improbable go from three wins the Super Bowl champions portals. These little islands to his professional tee now so cocky lastly there you go deeper on a two week sixty you know so cocky and he's been so that. I mean I'd. I actually surprise of the jags don't win this week does odds. Of X rather than I guess. These terrible. Above semi finals occurred and Georgia defeated Oklahoma. Yesterday fifty poured 48 in double overtime. Great Dave college football yesterday between that I mean the final games stink I see dollar roster by importing it. Can the vacuum was obviously fantastic and people mean you see over the low rate team accountable he cited C noted in an LSU but Al's obviously great fan. Georgia linebacker. David Bellamy. Tells baker may yield Williams well I. Low balls out of outs. On his advice on picket midfield in prison wall he ran through their warm ups is the star of the game. After they went up and it was 213 years annoyed that. You know it gives in the throat slash I don't know he's the jump grabber when you read your home course humble yourself don't say like well. They. Are sound and fighting her of being outlook saying to you shouting get out and yeah and will. And could not. Are you being public you're shouting at somebody else to humble them zones sure couldn't get a message in a visit there is isn't. Complaints. Here's baker may pale blue. Kim lives over. It's. Good luck threw it. Can you give the throat slash he fumbled a league of throat slashed and then crying. Now. It. This and then the crying or two different very different points but you know women you know as time frame I don't. Let's let's cool. You'd throat slashed and cry. On the gotta gotta eat if you throw slash now. More passionate he saw. I I I've never seen. Heart and granted they went to the same school but you know I'm wondering what the comparisons being repairmen and gentlemen so. Going into the central draft to you know he's he's pretty arrogant buddies. He's definitely back gearing up for the Palestinians Johnny tour they expect to die I would think this kid. This Kate to be pretty good we are talking about first round projection form a lot of this is Angela Vidal has taken you know I would think is key to be pretty good. It delivers to his late John amends though was the it was so clear diamonds did you wanna be in college football. And I I clearly cares about his time and Oklahoma yet that that's a point in time it's. Well also and when people may beckon Harrison they say is not fair because they repealed as happy off the field issues that Johnny Anselm did in terms of you know some of the partying and extracurricular activities. Version army field has esteem. Edge and terms of cockiness I'm not sure that he has the off the field stuff. Well there even like those all famous because there's can spit out there accusing him of faking being six and have to do all the off the field so yeah he wasn't available for any clues in the days leading up to the game in Georgia was bitten it was get desk as he doesn't. There was an ad and you via the action stuff that all these teams up to do for these bowl games. If they claimed he was sick Bryant. It's a moves dinners and. Stupid appearances of auto stuff that doesn't want to know it's it's you want a lifetime doesn't arsenal who later. You know I Philly gal that stuff insurance insurance really annoying at the time that the same time man know as far as the eye whatever elegance fun I would think Lleyton people actually want you to make appearances you don't want to be at those dinners mean he might wake up in five years and wish that maybe he'd. Partake in the some of that is their right to appoint his life. It with the average NFL career in my avenue row pretty soon learned the point is like where where people aren't aren't asking him to soak for those sorts of bank. That's why I just thought it was like it was it was ridiculous the state that he he's like being held from from doing these events obviously the kid was sick. You know it was up to him I'm sure he would love to be attending a lot of those events. Alabama defeated Clemson yesterday's vote went for six. Georgia will face Alabama next Monday night in the national title game we'll times a game eleven hand EC. SEC. UCD nine how stupid is that Monday. I it's always a Monday I don't know it and then a final fours like two Super Bowl Sunday are use the longevity of that yet able you know I don't have any sugars and tonight's finals no soup we certify recipient. As a barometer. How this final option going to be today to us is he still in and tune in and how well you see him on us now. Apollo so much it's your I think it's open now. It's eager I amber yeah and how perhaps it comes out not on and just like it's on the down DeVon you know is a new a new go to gas for fun down. Reason gold's next. And no way I didn't see that's why doesn't like Fred and make any appearances on an arsonist or more income and easy it that he's gone national. Shrill little friends see those he drew made that man now that's not true I look at you like and that's. Drill I call him right now and oh come on the show as Asher. But yet he's he's been on fund myself who loves his eagle on farm ominous. I don't know it's good good good question. You see us those alma mater this morning well yeah he claims against schools on it this well look at some guys who you and sometimes it's you up this morning at UCF. Pride. Nice cash only night right. That's are saying nice Friday and O and a single you see of course is Carol course item course. O line. On that's shirts. Kurtz media manager don't emanates are on West Bank knight's pride. You see a minister perfect season got my current you know Jersey they beat Auburn in the peach bowl 3040 to 47. Apparently UCLA is very for real. They're Twitter accounts weeded out whose next college football. They. Felt good for Scott frost you know that's got to be a super super emotional situation for him where. Because he worked really hard for the last you know few weeks and month to meet a big deal on the broadcast the entire broadcast how he and his staff. All what were essentially working two jobs the last on this fly him back and forth usually that coach doesn't. Doesn't work the ball game he leaves for his huge job in the hands and and it paid off any major major major way. Because it wasn't just what in the game it was a great team need to come from behind a couple of times as there are several lead changes in the game. And and they held on in the and the mean Dave they earned that game and you know they they beat an SE team that. Has eaten grant. Of four loss seem losses. But we've been able to their plan actually ends and you CF just them hammer governments to and a one point before they got one of the last Ozzie to the season yeah there were to let out or lost steam that is beating both teams that are playing Amman. As crazy and you see. Frost is also an individual to dispel them the way that he talks he's he's like he's Pearson you know he'll he'll look great catcher. Really good talker slow methodical you don't those coal in the UCF section they showed they showed on the camera one point in the book there was a lot easier Diebler and in one of the UCF sections you have to dudes sitting in the middle you see a section where and there are red Nebraska shirts no way no school. I threw me they were they're like justice and for the new coach now school. We lowly Los Hamas won more than a wrestler Weisman said they got Tom involved I was like OK it's done it's over with Susie Susie did daddy involve the star moment but he he's just he's all about Nebraska Tom Osborne basically calls them as you know. As it loses that ultimately. Took him under his wing blogs are running about university of losing getting back to a there's alumni to go give back their coaches is pretty cool deal policy and amber. Goldman's we'll pick eleven and this year's NFL draft. Mark Richt apologized for beating me breeding rather than not being he practically ready I see what I did did you go out and he's right there on out back. He's arguably the parading these missiles during the orange dancers seem people throw for less official said the game that had him putting his hands on the official had nothing to do with a penalty that there will call the penalty anyway because if you walk on the field or you run on the field like the way that he did that's to be a penalty anyway. But he really is lucky that he was not thrown out of the game chest bumping grab a guy like whipping his armor and even even through economic zone is sort of identity and security for the news push in his own guys and push a lot of you know coaches around or was he was worked out ahead on the games like again owners and its first I didn't see you Rick what he did right I just heard the call it's personal foul. Goal. Unsportsmanlike conduct. On the cause it'll open houses happy you know and it's. I mean he he look McCain's it seemed like god. Hosed on a global really. Diego. Calls just trading. As Russian anger is that that game probably would have been different. Add to its. You know that you're so shorthanded OK you without arguably year you're two best players I. Heard it would've been a big difference maker I think if he's an active and of course OK you were valued Syria and any Richards okay Corey this year bird in the big difference maker. Without those two guys even a double threat of running regularly at home and Eliot you're without wall meets hired a year are okay. So there's a frustration I was like hey Marty up against it. And value yeah you got game OK more shorthanded you can't miss calls. So I get from coats perspective again. And finally the Buffalo Bills sent to the Cincinnati Bengals wings for sending them to look like obsessed wanna. Us in his service. It's that doesn't work is only the front office wings. And Selig it says to the front all the sense you know Carol Marvin Lewis. And the coach dispersant goings on once a they right now first person calls and the contests line 786 by 34. 0790 tells the sharpshooter of the heat game was you don't Friday night wore on Saturday night to be either one. And we'll say yeah with a parenting its an upcoming heat home game related to all the week next sauce. I suppose it's around parts brought out street celebration of all things New Orleans coming apart and did you see her on Saturday march 24 that. Quincy is as great event right here investigate into the cajun food music drinks ask in the shadow of New Orleans. And going tickets. Courtesy grotto Monterey and and 790 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. So what are giving guys a few minutes ago on border when it's cool week OK 786360079. You give your pairs of tickets. Nod goes to give your nominee we vote boom we say up there ego. Beat sex in the shown a Coral Springs auto multi attacks line 67974. Again gain on board right now do it will weaken a few minutes be wanna get on board here. On text or writes in does look like out and gays lost controlled dolphins would all the penalties this year. Looks like the players don't worry about reprimand really care what the coaching staff or owner thinks. The first city asked for before you might be on that. You know the whole. Penalties seem that he's a big block penalties and you know it's lack of discipline and and all that. Is actually core relation between the two there why this what is lack of discipline. Whatever you think that means what is lack of discipline meaning that a guy wolf you'll fall sort or jump off sides or. Those are poll penalties and and some penalties Eminem wooden the type of penalty. Matter I mean you're talking about passenger seat here are some sort inappropriate celebration or unsportsmanlike conduct yeah. It kind of let people who are against or be considered losing gets personal about unsportsmanlike conduct that put a different categorical one of the most penalized teams in the league this etiquette fourteen penalties ten portraits and Alec got off on Sunday. Is is there are more relation between not being disciplined and a team that picks up you know 1011 penalties in a game like like what's the relationship there. Here's here's looking on the outside and as I've no idea how they practice. Usually teams that are least penalized teams are the ones that are practicing perfect so you know there was a perfect practice. Especially when we're stressing this on the Thursdays and Fridays when the going through there. Third they're quick walk throughs a lot of the other stuff to the new team facility wise. Perfect practice mean. No balls on the ground no no false snaps Knoll drop balls on the are throwing to the receivers the running backs are hand offs are getting in everything's getting executed perfectly especially. When you're dealing with a team that like Adam gates hasn't like hit very much in practice it was not a lot of as the quality going on practiced. You expect the players that proper footwork or hand placement should be right during practice. You're not pumping you're not banging so rely on and on working your crafting your technique and being a little bit more professional. I like almost. Almost envisioning what you got going on what you're going to be doing on Sunday at least preset penalties wasting all year this long was I mean that's that's that's discipline that's not losing. The the respectable players are losing. Whatever you wanna call it what what team now I think precious. Practicing poorly and not fine tuning in and picking apart little little things that are going on parts coming out of just relies on the fact that okay purity of professional football player you you already have been this good for this long look on the we rely on your fundamentals that you know what to do to become a professional opera because I'm jump out young coach. He doesn't have that old school mentality of a fine tuning in going back to fundamentals and in doing your blocking assignments are about other stuff. I'm like OK look your pro. The year earlier all conquering out of the locker moment do with the market Parker your professional football player. No ought to be a professional football we came across pretty unprofessional and they don't know look at somebody who is so it'll probably rely on a lot of the younger guys look at Cameron weight or Donna consumer and say watch how they practice because we don't have time to BBC you've got the big difference between college and NFL. You're not there to be babysit you're getting paid to do a job. So you don't know how to do it watch somebody who does and go ahead mimic what they do throw their practice are they successful what they do. OK then watch what they do I don't need to tell you don't do this and don't do that watch the guys that know how to practice know how to be professional. And then my job is to get you ready for the game by developing a game plan so when I get time taken away from me game planning and coaching. And an end and teaching you how to do plays 'cause I have to worry about you not jumping offside not worrying about your summit that that's were becomes a little bit of a foggy issue I don't think. That Adam is that style of coach to go I'd just be on them all the time I think he's more considerate is almost like to hear for that matter because of his agent and the way that he talks in and the way that he hangs around with the players not not off the field but on the field in the conversations that he has. He's almost like a senior veteran quarterback of that team so. You know it's it's tough to say that he lost the team model that you lost the team they just need to did you speak to fine tune the way that they practice prepare that's what it seems like to me. Again you get on here we got a couple open lines over to all the week's 786360079. You'll. You in other pair of tickets for the for an upcoming heat a home game a game again 7863600790. He's about a year must be honest yet he did and he had a bad. Season and I was I was so glad I'm coming up plus he does this mean or I don't I don't know which should change your overall do you look it's about your. Okay eight yen last year. But a beer and I'd hear it here at the advocate here in the and about here that it's going to you would change my overall perspective in terms of just my excitement level now all the jury's still out of it. For me I'm not saying that I am. By any means ready to wash my hands about gays and I'll feel that way at all. But I think you have to deal little less common than you did coming off last season to you or. For sure that we have the guy a Stephen Ross is still telling us we had the guy in of course there will be no change. What I've I room and the reason being is because if you look what happened post last year right you have a defense of coordinator who. Was really good and I know everybody's like questioning the way we can't just yes and the players like him I played for. Basically is what I'm giving you a lot of guys estimate table for as Joseph cigarettes and number one good last year ignorant as the news good guy with a blitz packaging that they did price is keeping him and a decent so. You you lose your defensive coordinator. Analysts say and you get your quarterback who atom gays but let's face it Adam gay scored America. He puts so much time and effort into developing right a right tenant in not developing him minister priest but developing how to coach ranked and only focus so hardens and solely on coaching right ten out. There when you lose that guy OK now you've got to revamp everything you're doing. You relying coach gets busted for doing blow allegedly on his desk before meetings. On the now that units such shambles your starting center probable center you left tackles gone. Like everything if you just look at the course of these events and I know it's a professional football organization and a lot of guys lose a lot of coaches a lot of players but if you look at the great ones are the successful ones. Of course have gone anywhere. They continue to coach their year in year out their players or the consistent players that are they're yearning Europe for the most part. You're dealing with like a lot of distractions out of your hurricane aligned coach whom blow losing defense cornered or you're starting quarterback obviously borrowed. You're running back he's got treated your pro corporate America revert back to back to order. Now is Adam gazes decision I made the right to criminal usury and of course is it was huge and changed the entire course of the season niners into his. Doing what he Kelly keep code with Jay Cutler obviously that situation to work now only he'd hoped it was going to. But with trading away jade giant mean that was that was his star roses and he couldn't go on which age IA is definitely there is talent there it seems like. And even though old line. Coach it I mean your your boss or it's you argue aren't you responsible only a lot for those who are under you I mean that your last year I had a plan. Like the government is making game plans he doesn't have time to pay you right. Why it caught on and is it is that it seems like his behavior. Woods some very extreme that still seems pretty extraordinary that nobody in the dolphins' organization knew about. Those issues it's all of that. You're the boss. A man but still looks bad. Does it go guide us sang I just think Adam relied on men to be met and you hear. If you when you're gonna talk about men being men the subject Oreo when he talks to coach when he talks as players as coaches. If your grown ass man beard grown ass man handle your business. Finally I don't manager to an extent when you can't be the CEO of the company Billy everybody here being grown ass man and when you think about really like to comment and do everything as brightly as Al. He's the one that went on hired all these guys and it said you know what I like which you do I like which got going on amen rely on you to handle your job. This is somewhat responsible and even worse acknowledgment. It back to cement let's do too little week here. It's time for that too easy to love the week. Drug device portal lumber for her. After two years before Columbus providing service quality and experience for homeowners in South Florida visit the website former dot com and see why they are more than just slumber tango we got from this on. I know and I missed him. You know it goes no you cannot do miss them aren't. Being downloaded very listen myself. You know two of the week goes to give your nominee yearly votes. And will then say yeah but the parity turn upcoming heat home game let's start things off the year with sit there Viktor gutter you got. A happy on the year are it a lot of our bowl games rugby grab a couple weeks. And down the entire won't be too cold enough for bigger ram you know who started that you. I didn't 800. Everywhere I go see the same thing and a mourner and like why anyway copycat that fourth quarter domination aren't that that's latest say one of the Georgia players on four fingers of undergoing an overtime. Knoll as an abuse and dummy the dinner say what is form. It's and it here is Ricky Ricky go ahead we got. Oh my wife Barbara model phonetic and he called B commit an accurate should also armed bank EU and Alitalia Twitter feed could be a column on the low that I could find out what jokers. When firecracker. Or it's. And it's oxide hang on rink yet even here about that's not a unibody you're about that's held in dead about the those super scary and you were the worst person in the world for doing that Sox did get our student. They go to a new year album I got David trails shirt doing the we. Cutler moved. I attended a game. Driver and on the field every day or good and then Utah intersect. I'll tell you what date on your cat a day when I couldn't believe watching sales. If you run of less first down on third down and have a stretch the ball out over the more or try to pick up that first down. Steps out of bounds a half yards shy the first down. Get a punt they were just gonna say the you can believe you're watching adults when I hate to watch and actually here is Mike Michael Henry got. I nominate these or ignored are dotting your morning. Well at all that would be where you know all we are. Several listeners know what he does yeah. Yeah it was a nuclear and not so well IA's summer and up real quick learning on Mike how that is harsh criticism. And here is Jo-Jo finally we got to the week. Yeah I'm going with the road from you Boone gave big first cut so worried about people hold up or finger up or worry about the reps will call BK. Yeah my hang on now is frustrated they can't stand on how. And it sucks you feel you couple and they were equals the dorm big calls. You miss the hold on the offensive line it led to big play and obviously the past inaudible what would an ambassador for don't holding in the end zone interceptions said Dave price. As frustrating. All right here are nominees you got anyone is holed up 4 fingers at his morning UN Jersey. You got the dead hopes in the sawgrass small yet David Dale's got east. And got the SEC officials from the Orange Bowl game Emery got. Well I would I think that the adults in the mall during firecrackers or are the worst people may be on planet or yeah as we try to keep. Keep this not so serious I'll go with David failed stay on and Sadler for paint a watts David. They only on their friends I'm a whole bunch of fire Kurt your malls really really but Margo some more smuggled beast in front movement and every. Told him. Go with the the rest being ten will make him marker in anger while we're all splits decisions does that slow the powers in your hands on a factor. New AM RA it's. Well you know what I'm not gonna go a beast being eyes because it's it's admirable when you step in and fill and the ads uneasy job on getting up at this hour in a more and that's not easy Haaretz all admirable. You know we need somebody to fill in for us so we can take vacation I had some are gonna do that's. The referees from the Orange Bowl kind of stinks go to caller to wood went your way. He's good at a shot on the very end so Joseph you are the winner to a week this week will say yup with a pair of tickets are upcoming new home game you go to. I love that ironing out we all information data. Are there you have such as Joseph is our winner this week. The SEC officials from the large old those are our tools of the week the site I was gonna do it but I could resist. And and. You're enjoying music group on how old is a guy out admirably this is one of your friend yes and and a and he videos a assume I assume this friend massive Gator fan. Which made it so much worse how lazy now I Syria and Romans doing the late forties all out. In the house like Edgerrin James videos. I don't like old wine Madonna yeah. Gator and I had better things and are now I gotta put on blast because he text me last night and said please don't talk about me is the tool that we can honestly and broadband and goes I don't know but that was Rashad sitting next year and house that was injured. You. It's accidents on the calls rings auto monkey attacks line 6797. War. At the dolphins game on Sunday reaching cog NATO I didn't realize that he. Has never played in the post season he was so happy that he's finally gets play in the post season. The finish that game the dolphins game I mean the bills are paid they got the interception to steal sealant there. But if you haven't seen the video of the team watching and visitors' locker room and hard rock stadium the finish of the Bengals. And the ravens I. I I am I you know I know we're dolphin fans and I thought it was really really cool. I don't reaction of its jets on their actions of pages but the bills adjustments so nothing okay for for eighteen years they missed the plans you'll. Longest streak poll of professional sports we'll just not a lie down years while. The jets no matter what they went back to back AFC title games at least the jets you know ball was out and into Aeneas Italian 25 years. The the bills were the longest. Active. Playoff drought in professional sports eighteen years now it's the Seattle Mariners. I think it's sixteen. And then you probably and the money more opens at fourteen ranks and adolescents some are doing 1416 Ellison was fifteen. You in the mine in my bones right after surgery junior was the last time that the Mariners and I'm going to know known each road team winds and Ichiro Seattle team went to the end and Griffey was. Probably on the reds by them would be my guess is they won the there was and senior of that one and injured skiing and then lose and divisional round or whatever is like they always do the Mariners. Yeah adding I think it was a teacher team but dom. Yet Mariner's now the longest routes so anyway the the bulk of the dolphins' season ended and it really ended the way it should of you know that the most the season was embarrassing. And the finish was especially embarrassing. And I mean look like. It looked like a a team is that. For most again elated and care okayed data couldn't do anything. I understand part is because he got a quarterback there who's who's really not ready to be an NFL quarterback. By. The fittest of the game. Where they get the touchdown. To make it I guess was it 99 at the time rivals I do three and animated nineteen to nine. And you get a huge melee on the field which obviously Andrea gets ejected. An injury gets ejected. The case no case that got some fouling it that it is getting ejected. As Drake. It was. Emerson injury lead at that data cull all the personal styles of Augusta buffalo. When no one else can reject how bad was the helmet toss you all EEI mean like. How badly I think it was. Just do it this budget. Wrote it any wonder what nobody can do that elderly guerrilla counter a owns the helmet to CA an elderly in a war costs through look at stuck to his hand. But that was like the epic. I'm gonna toss your helmet as a watcher had to be in at the end just like suppose over with and doing Rick one man what are you doing there. It was such bad look for any injury to because. He had such goods any elephants Alito but it's such a good string of teams aren't like our quality we found are running back except that look why you acting like Romania and if you study it is minor league all that stupid themselves. It was it was sold hoosiers and you see literally out the attitude problem. Yeah. Could bother applying trade battle plus and they'll send to any injury to two you know the Steelers now to really punish him like this could use him in jail or the like apples and Landry of the like this you know you gotta you know punish the guys who were. Malcontents and and let's let's let's. Talk about obviously entry here okay 'cause. I'm really feel like the finish to draw obviously entry season summed him up pretty well. He he is a whole lot sometimes. You know. In a in a game and he's an emotional player that's that's produced you get. You get an animal or you get a guy that's going to be like a firecracker four you know they'll man are you what are you willing to do you know until coach you know they'll. 122 to sixteen game and he got an experienced quarterback with a minute plus left. Would probably like to add jobs Landry out there. With the game on the line. And instead of gonzo thrown out of their game. Probably like to obviously injury out there. In that spot but instead he can't control yourself you would you would like a veteran receiver I'm going to settle your quarterback down yeah I agree with you on that one but. You're willing to take that risk with with a player like when Jarvis old find out there won't take it. And out who else are they gonna take a look at they don't have any other option yeah I think you have to keep them because you can't rely on the Monte Parker. You from from here on fully on to next here the mother Barbara sport here it's like. I like hopefully gives us some and eat eat eat cake you cannot. Rely on him and even though she obviously injury is a major wildcard. And is gonna hurt your team answered because he he took them on Sunday gasoline or. You you need at least one guy we count on to get. OK as a bailout for your quarterback is well. And a low key what was a hundred loving cats in my term ends up. If it ended up. Leading yet felt OK bull whatever was the dolphins' record and you know legal line and to be able to catch. You you have to want to keep jobs and even if ever and I'm not a fan. On drugs exam. Every year but you have to keep. It against Europe and yet how joyous you you can't go into next season 00 we it would just Kenny stills. Mean you really figured you're not a fan of germs Landry at all not. I'm not a fan. I I he's been your most consistent threat the seas I understand you leave them with god involvement would did you adolescent bad quarterback but certainly with. A a difficult quarterback situation. He is he is not a big play guy. I don't think he's a big difference maker OK a 111 catches eating at a thousand yards. They whenever second all 111. Catches did not have a thousand yards he is not a big play guy. And if it's gonna say you behaves this way okay when when they're they're down nineteen to three in big. What sort and Anderson it winless last year what's sort of intervening in that really matters our shores and BOT controlling and that really matters if this team winds up. You know in a couple years now let's say this team winds of building some and get to a divisional game you get to a title game you play gives it actually matter. I. That's a joke that guys the other side of the ball in weeks haven't it doesn't matter are gonna get to draw obviously entry was doing and can it really matters. Well the dot arguably. Might be different situation. Because. Maybe win game actually matters to me maybe maybe there. Emotional outburst is because of the frustration of the game not flattering and because it's been a long season and it and a and a terrible season at that. And so maybe at this point. When you your final week. And it counts for nothing you're more likely to let the emotions get the best we feel it casting an old injured catching balls from a back to back up back up quarterback. Who isn't ready for the NFL and so maybe that's why you get the emotion out of him that you debt whereas if you were in a situation and where the game was truly important for your season in the playoffs are on the line and then it had been a pretty good exciting season ain't injure catching balls from Ryan T and help. Maybe you would be less likely to have an outpour slinking out. And I understand by the way there's a lot of animosity was in buffalo. Okay dating back to last year and by the way the in a few weeks ago in buffalo yet hole score rom your memorable big deal. Wendy's right in the middle that OK it there and last year he put it out again the kids career remember the it would would crack back block. Okay yeah there's a lot of animosity which obviously entry in buffalo I gets Bly. I mean all right I'm watching as a fan I cannot trust drugs and an epic spot you can't do it you know you got DBs on the other side. Date for the rest of his career they're gonna trying goad him into doing some stupid yeah. What I. Cannot trust arms and what they're looking they're looking for an emotional person on offense especially when the quarterback is gone and we Elmo bowl title was is an emotional leader. So the looking for somebody who would light a fire on officers on the football there's also big lights are about ourselves on a cut in payroll going into the season with a massage covers the lake. You can with the pages Dylan and the wind division every single year third two or three they're not putting any kind of monies that wide receivers like this what's the point wall. The point is CNN anchor six and that without jars Landry revealed a replicate what the patriots are doing let's look like they don't they don't big budget into wide receivers or the other. Even that's true way you know whenever we use the patriots as an example they I mean they feel like they have some sort of formula that you don't want l.s had and so I don't know would bear the proper brown. According to Vince Wilfork and the way that they have studied every single player in the NFL and when they peak in when they fall into does well up to one year who oops the bed after another that's why you see. The deals that sometimes the pitchers junior which you scratch your head about the dearly Weatherly hammered him and also you watch in the following year and you see how horrible of the year he had due to the pitchers have just some formula some. Breezy scouting department that knows about players and and their abilities I'd love to. Either we get to evaluate talent to that level you know. I don't teams like we can't Amber's got Chad lines more than on snacks.