ZRA Part 2 10-12-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, October 12th

Jamey Eisenberg Interview, Dolphins leadership, Dak abstaining


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Public system today is Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital kids love in Philly I saw the museum of discovery inside a Fort Lauderdale. Saturday November 4 one study by activities for kids yes celebrity meet and greets character photo ops with. And more publish your job is a pleasure for to give details don't take in my gonna come that's always a fun event my kids loved donor of that. Love mean people cat. Gets real gets real talent and plus they got to see ought to think there. My cute looks and others. There's a VCRs are mysterious. And their killers you're seeing a sea otter who rolled around and lay on its back and crack open clams and oysters on his belly wild. Looks like uses homes. You received that corpse screens he's got to get his food man Kory he's got to go out awhile I've gotten is gonna join us and a few minutes of which has about the most drug joined. Prosper Jamey Eisenberg Yemeni Tennessee questions. Your team right 786360. 07 ID can Texas 67 on some board exam the first. Lines he speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSS best HD true Miramar. Headlines about Dubai indeed dot com are you hiring join over three million businesses they use Indy dot com barring a bush next job opening of the world's number one job site indeed dot com they're also brought you by chili's. Chili's as news even bigger than ever ribs their folks on one thing Romberg. One that long only want one thing. That is burgers there's fetus. And hold a menu then. It's better. To come see why series is back baby the back. Anyway the win yesterday. Game winner from Jordan Mickey with a second left. He he lets the don't want 7150 would battle by a fifteen boys just went up seven points nine assists seven rebounds. War zone from the field. But I thought he looked great I thought he resign I thought he was facilitating and use get right. I thought I was looking good for a referral justice there for roms of a war about it right. Or dollars out of the storage it gave no aside no Dion last night there's an affable like good game Panthers and Eagles Alex's game man. Eight point five Cam Newton Carson Wentz. Good matchup. The other your poster boy dorsett and yet has no doubt about it. Woman boy came to win man my guys so stressed out all the damn time as a so stressed out elegant job. It isn't really good job he's a says heading towards doing projects that's who he is man he's just. He's all in all the time. Tonight the Panthers finally back and actually take on the saint Louis blues have various sites we now about yacht jogs in the Calgary flame now men and one last night in overtime where is Calgary and listen to where you grew up. Cutters like in the did notes middle of the country. Where you're from. Mom rate above teaching the kind of you know that hit that Sochi on in the United States if you had a hockey team do you restrict the red wings are do you have like crazy idea because when I was grown up who is. My whole family was was Montreal Canadians fans. Back in the day and I collectible cars and earn it's I became like they have sent. But I think for the most part. I was during the Detroit Red Wings just unbelievable run a hockey town USA kind of things those stuff from an old flop. Report which has now as a 1000 bucks text the word trail less trail TR. A IL seven to 81. That's 72881. Text the word trail the seven to anyone you put a thousand bucks. The national contest with some veterans may apply do not text and drive. Adam gaze he says that you are distress is mended from his father. For Nick Saban. During an exit I don't know man I don't know if I just exit in the prices and Gaza this. Feel as huge as yellow the crisis. Galloway reprimand that not enough volume is did the target of fatherly advise that Nick Saban. Not so much you embody. Derek Jeter he is he just hole ID and an event this past week that he would not go play at a problem. If a Marlins player note for the National Anthem so that's. Good to hear from deadbeat seeds. Roger Goodell he denied Donald jobs we've by the way that the NFL's may be players Tiffany and they are gonna meet they are gonna read this I was up early this agreement in Jerry Jones of the players. All meet. John says he's taken the pressure off him he's not the bad guy is China seem like the bad guy. That's wagers put a man. Here's where I stand. If you want us neat he wanted to get me the National Anthem you wanna stand for something. A damn me if you wanna sit if you wanna stand if you put your hand on your art and older alma. All the above man whatever floats your boat because you're not there to pay homage to the country you're there to play football. And that's it. You wanna sit in the locker room you wanna get tape. Wanna go through your pregame routine. Go ahead. I get a man whatever floats your boat as at the end of the day I'm not buying season tickets or paying money to watch huge Stanford in ordeal for. I wanna watch you play for and that's it. I I can't get over the the attention that this is continually grabbing and it's so deluded now and that it's not even the original. Reason why. There kneeling for the thing is just now assists so. Asked stuff just doesn't make any sense man like it just doesn't make any sense whatsoever that it's got to the point Rivera the commissioner. Owners. Are going back and forth and battling over the saying it's like. Your exhaust. I can I just don't care I don't care if a man all the power to you Neil. Neil make a standard that's the platform you wanna use. Go ahead bro I'm not going to Neil. All I'll support chewing your decision and Neil go ahead on Monday alone the care about the openly to Canadian. I've always respected the anthem I survive on an own. I don't know why some. Lists or soft spot or you're gonna keep pushing back because of Famer councils to become citizens and to what you've got to that are accessible and understand the other hand on the combat Americans but I've always found aspire I always funny lady and three penalize the reason why I really do love the intimates because like I correlated with. Unbelievable jets flying over top of me or you know getting ready to play football game might otherwise I never really. Heard the national in the men and you know are the NFL guys that write what they get checks on of America now and a advertise on the I don't bomb but I remember. Chrysler member standing at Heinz Field the first football game of who played at Heinz Field. Was a sprawling University of Pittsburgh and we held the biggest American flag to ever. Ever be made in and covered the whole football field there was some of the policies set and he said I wish I was holding a maple leaf. I remember I was talking a little bit more Keats and have some damn respect. Discuss tonight's that you just peed on the White House floor. Four months ago you tell me to have some respect. Let's does it around deals announces Q means there was gas line to possessed young communion. Lab. Now go to Jamie guys emerged today that John has been appreciate it. Armor or writer and doing good doing good eyes let's get it let's get to a. I mean it is it's a. Six time brand to New Haven trust is offensive line I don't know I don't know it's good bangers and mash. It Tucker that somebody who's getting 45 Perry of events that are going to be ample opportunity there's going to be you know a long run. It's a good defense they're great and good run defense is not a great one. You know unfortunately the way to beat the falcons from your running back position it is here with our impact that it backed bill. Include but not a dice strength but. I think it is about the tree the morgue like and number two type of running back that you'd just start based on the volume as opposed to it at least level number one and police are superb. What about the dolphins receivers are any of them were starting right now. Bill bit nervous keynote at park with a 100% that was story obviously in the street get a point for catch it hard to get away from Dartmouth slander because apartment market he yet. How does he could potentially go you know this is going to be. As great as the defense has played it later and the great author of thirty in the lawn they played norm outdoors you know how that typically goes for the saint they're different indoors and outdoors. It is going to be and all that coming off a bye week Matt Ryan's numbers awful are we are. Typically great so if this offense put up a big number and it off the particular point. A big level you know maybe they expressing doubt no doubt who backed the the patent pact but right now I think it's kind of a cautious approach. So you have an easy 120 to hooters. Boat okay. That would get into it need one. Kevin Coleman. Our quote McGwire or Breda. Why would I would have said McGwire if he's only got there but apparently Matt Forte may return for a critical but the damper on them so. Go with Coleman you know that the thing that he does well is capped at the backfield and you saw what the page were able to do for example with their running back. With Camaro having an impact game I think homered to be involved and act in the inner battle. Iron to what about an Amendola. Marte was Bryant or juju Smith they need look. Even though you know I mean you property tax game that he's expecting very silly ball you use the gentleman placement though. You know that's been her for Brady so that I'm an old. Or about 710 people but because circuit court of build off. In it's you can get your calls of Jerry 78636007. I'd never return except as a resident of Austin, Texas 67 us imposed on the John dollars was for Jamie. They don't wanna go he won't quote collection are being injury and are in Larry FitzGerald and shot object and Aristide here. A lot picked up can build and my wallet and had Jermaine curse on the bench we should starter Ebert. I think you can guys that aren't you know FitzGerald is. In a situation where he's he's gonna get a lot of targets in and the slot receiver with that the working lines up. Against Tampa Bay has been very successful. And the same thing with a sawed back and you can avoid Patrick Peterson because that's where Mike Evans as a result. But we're you gonna vote as of the Peterson is gonna you know try government gathered so you know he did the politics are shot at the chart that was coming off on bigger game so you're you're it doesn't hurt it. Consumers and hey Jimmy what's going on man much better quarterback if you what do you do game went better cart away and I'll need replete. Got a look at every Karen in them law go to go recruit that Don. They got fathers are our probable. Look in America you know I I think you you on a public vote your script and say you know when you opened up off a little bit. Dignity and feeling in and lassie got Rudolph involved. It could be a situation where they're taking points agreement offense on the road put up a big number so. Either there's probably a high feeling died there and then I would that would would in Overland. Just think that went have been a struggle a little bit on the road or shortly. Agent had to play one that I McAfee a budget. I like particle that better you know McCaffrey is it is is not getting the thought is that you'd love to be. And and beat them toward lasting you know it got him out of 45 point day you know maybe nine point than in a PR. Spoke what does it revel has gone down has been fantastic and in the secondary although it doesn't scare me at all I think you're looking at as part of having her murdered. We'll select position. Similar injury. Or Jauron. But. I wish I was as simple but but I think he could Margaret and in the past. I think Landers event that. You know just against targets are going to be in his favor Dixon you know don't buy it last week is that in are the norm it was a lot of bought the covered in. And he put up you know three big cat is so Rangers think is going to be in a situation where you're going to be part of a lot Johnson James like. They're very similar in other differences that adopted by the end Boehner also white you know to it's just our consumable. So with the way that the browns have been operating I think we'll be you know I'm from new wrinkle with a different quarterback Kevin Hogan. And they're they're kind of the same interpret accept you know again doctored or have a knack of getting in the right. The gross do you think that Marcella she saw as just above yours you washed out. I don't know blow up what I would kind of on the mark public owners used in the leak at the very good matchup against San Diego Akeelah and the starters. And if he has another decent game though he's been kind of in that cold because inquire hearings speaking record here six yard touchdown. I even network gateway the classic forty yard touchdown. I would try and rate of you know some of the by that name recognition. And again humility where we are looking at a thirty cholesterol got a market that got done at the level that used to 'cause he probably it will record a lot side. What about a Adrian Peterson he got traded this week should you start him on his new team. I would part of this week you know I tactically the approach I'm not very optimistic you know it's because of the situation that he's been here he goes from. A you know has been in in income taking points situation where he's just not gonna have the chance to get those very toward the end of game. Between that very similar you know so. Without a part of an operating on I don't know he's an evolved uncle and learn and turn things around you know they basically it went from an old running back Echostar to go running back intricate but. If he does you know do anything starting off this week. They should be little more optimistic about. Your other drugs of any. Yeah. A question in my only a mother league guy who shot a log in or met after the assured that. Love both guys are reaper cart to get away collapses during expressing our own game against Cleveland so. I think without either plane you know I don't know if you're gonna be able to Boehner and your situation or if you want China trade one for people kind of off this week but. A lot of hearing who over our community that. Do things that time analysts are due next week are much greater. To me has very CBS sports tennis expert roses are great job taking your Fennessy calls and everything going down for that. Roy budget diamond. I got a little more my team's thankfully a little format. And the stage I mean I am. What I do you have format. You know this is sending his his Jersey to the whole faint. See that he package that thing up in senate though claim. What does that the youngest player in the first rookie to have a ninety yard touchdown run. Is there really. Real standout. Is awesome it's crazy and by the way everybody that other listen in right now. Blake James the athletic director from University of Miami wanted me to instruct everybody these remember that the game is not tonight. Don't show up to hard rock stadium tonight because there is no game. It is on Saturday at 330 in the afternoon apparently he or she managed to get in a bunch of phone calls a bunch of emails asking about what time parking lots of an a tonight. Questions pertaining to the game tonight there is no game tonight it it's actually on Saturday at 33. So. FYI now just in case there's a follow up to administrative record I agree auto mall friendly knowledgeable of the price you want also to address embargo on the growth. All of this docket and invest more sports what do seventy rather avenue time and by Alexis North Miami. An amaze and automotive experience. I'm due for the sandbar. I haven't had the fish tacos but I have had the burritos there. And they you have to respect appropriate that I have a 50 my friend that owns it and I haven't been there in a very long time shame on me we see white trash bash there. On Tuesday night's. You have they're the girls' wrestling. And then hosing them clean them off from the street and the growth nation believes we should bring that back I was a judge my wife was an appreciative of that. I would have to say the big lift her chair and be one of the judges. Let's go so well in his some credibility leg of if if if they're gonna bring back to judge you needed judge's experience of course Tom and I'm wondering because it used to be like Matty lights there was like. 99 cents or buck for Matty light. It was white trash bash on an over a news it was it was a Tuesdays or Wednesdays in the growth and nobody can help me out on the text Ryan Arnold was still going on or not but undue. Undo our I got Talladega nights this week and man number I'm gonna Birmingham Alabama mine so I got Talladega. I'm. So yet cain's game not tonight Saturday afternoon from 330. Dolphins apparently a Newsom. Yeah. Roads are very good news old man seen Romberg. They'll probably it's going to be bisons as well party time it's just like part of the roundup sentence as long beats. Same. You make of utilities and any 11 AM the satirist riches to win to get on the bus. When a pair cores light tailgate passes duties of the game. That I Coors Light whatever your mountain climb on that's brought to buy votes on on Don like clothing was the coliseum register now. At the ticket Miami dot com and remember they're going to cain's. Georgia Tech. Saturday. Saturday. Not a hard lesson don't go to the canes game tonight there is no instance. Will be stupid commending you for clarifying that it was. White trash bash on Tuesday nights and on Wednesday it was any Beers. And Beers maybe. Miss those Gaza's on. The hang in on. Through the telling him. I'm gonna go work out you re believes the lines to beat is to be just like college from the C what a Birmingham last offer this evening. Wild us is a story robs in the in the Miami Herald for moma on the so narrow that primarily the dolphins franchises franchise realized the offenses overall. And fixes may not happens after the season. Of course the report have been internal muttering about resume in the off 128 team. One source said to Saudi air that we don't know how to fix it immediately. That there have been multiple blown assignments this year. From receivers. Receivers up there edges do what ever on the routes. Miss him blocking assignments. And this is a while now that the doll of the police union of Alabama rushing dodged. Wow yeah targets that it's not a good stat. It's not a is that especially when you had its you know an elite running back last year and now not so much so. I don't know what the fixes I don't know what gays does but it is it soundly to pay in the asset geyser. You're in there and assists. And receivers aren't on the same page especially. You know dimension jars led to be when the guys who missed assignments. You know I think that. Regardless of Lulu would would LeRoy SA news saying that because the other cover with Taylor hill maybe you do it every wanna but you got and on familiarity there with Cutler. NC Kansas don't do it every wanna kind of stick to the scripts and that may not be happening. So I don't know I don't know of the fixes there they can do anything to get him get rightly you know the two would soon. And if they were to go get a huge road win this year it would feel a whole lot different especially as do those in the Super Bowl last year. But I as tonight you feel that they have promised that had to hang with the falcons meant. Rogers you're just if you're making mental errors just not paying attention to detail but that's really all it is it's it's the lack of concentration. I wouldn't say pride but you do have to have a little pride in your job. And what you're putting out there. That's disheartening that the future to hear that there was a lot of mental errors on back and forth down on all. Avenues of what was going on the offense so I think what it was also. You know you had Kenny stills got the big contract job his engine to Dovonte both won big contracts he figured they'd be doing everything they could and does sound like. I I know well listen I know color is an awful. Lot. It does sound there's a lot of help around me there and that's why I think gaze has given them every excuse in the book. That he uses more. At a public colors is not that vocal leader and you probably even audio in Gaza and minimizes the fact that. Not only is he not a vocal leader but this isn't his team he's he's eases he's basically your rental car rate now. You know when he. How often you gonna get a guy if a guy is injured and he's part of the organization and he's a leader and he. For like a better term keeps Moshe. My comes to game time in and making adjustments you imagine a new guy that comes in the they brought in the game and million bucks. Total former. To what's going on here with the guys on this team has no relationship with anybody. And he comes in here and he's just coroners do a job this equipment study mushy. Among them develop any kind of camaraderie you're at war with any of these guys them to land on just around the top and that's it I'm gonna go in and XQ my Simon if I get hit I get it off the line so if my ride receivers are running right routes. That's their bat they're the ones getting paper contract this year next year the year after I'm not I'm just coming back for monument Jemima so. Yeah I guess adding it just seems like be that that's that that's tough for especially Delonte Andy and Jarvis they do want conjures I would I would think they would wanna do. And everything they could to make. Bear in new quarterback feel. As comfortable as possible and they know that okay he's not able to read the the word freelancing is the term. Or or breaking off flavor if jars is just try to get open is not exactly stick sticking to the script and he's not find the way ten hell would I than we got to try as well. Think about a ten L has an incentive he's he's got a reason to try to find. Kenny stills in terms Landry he wants from the beater for a long time because he's going to be here for awhile then. Intel and are going to be here he's a fart in the wind men he's going to be up and gone before you know that's the whole muscle problem so. You know. I I know color. Look at his resume he's he's been labeled as a guy that doesn't care. For the most part about his production on the football field everybody else tells a different all the players are displayed with. Put his body language and in the way that he appears to to show his interest level on the football field is what everybody's taken a look at so. If you're if you're generalize or labeled and put in that category of guy who doesn't really care imagine. Not having any kind of high or incentive. You pay attention to detail to orchestrate offence to stay later to do film study to. Go back and forth and develop relationships with those wide receivers. Maybe even if the fact that he was just only to be here for one year in and go to another team next year but no man and the guy is the guy's gonna go commentary he saw how cool it looks for two Romo and how much praise Promos get answers and an on air conditioned blue man it's like. Hello my here in belted a million. How much a Ramon getting paid to do the NFL I only use promo money column on Romo. Almost win more famous. When Cutler. Posters because you know you're in the biz you know I was pillows and yet now I don't know my guess is a million bucks easily. Among the more than a million. Did did not get hit. Our road to two million dollars a stand and their commission for her four hours to call football game and go to Helton after going day in and day out day in and day out move my family. Come here was my legs out you stand alone in the hotel. And hysterical or. Well free Wi-Fi is Sig butts just pile and out of the Astra. It's depressing. Are on tap and out the mini bar. I just don't see. When you hear. Mental errors on the football field blown assignments that's just. But just attention to detail and and and basically ultimately pride in in what you're doing what product I feel like I would get it more for the Lou for the line because the line feels there's a lot of shifting this year. This is the first time in my two or three years that all the starters are pointing yet but not really because. His Laramie moved over and who's Eckstein whose plan left guard and am. And bush rest thanks. All I know is Lester assuming there's a different lineup that. Offensive line every single weekend and that was the crutch I was like what they were saying that this is that this is this is good reason why you Amazon has it worse this year. It's armaments then Ngata I mean other than their coach hoosiers do and Tony Montana and Russians. Out of this meeting room under the gun and I just opened the fact that the coach was doom powder. Has any effect if any of probably the better we come to their little more energetic and exciting. You annual play for a borders is in these meetings and he's his hustle off the walls of penitence or anything like users are part of this business that got us to pull. A drug bush doubled the cost that's the most of what you Matsui offensive line coach is our anyway. In this idea. You can anybody learn anything Quito was so wired. My god. Courts are often the point coaches are just generically like that and then you have Bush's commute he wound. Which to Richmond. Brute intention which was an assassin. Sure drew attention. Actually burstein a cougar coach Davis so sure Coke for pro comes in the town becomes late comes from Canada from Toronto. The six foot 6320. Pound version wearing daisy dukes. In a match for soldiers' unit from Little League so here is coming through the little holes all over the ranked. He's hot mess showing up hasn't practiced yet because he's getting his stuff in order during camp he showed up late camp. All of a sudden his first day of work was the scrimmage in the Orange Bowl blows out his me. First day of going in putting on football equipment each so now he's walking around with the daisy dukes. A full leg cast because he didn't wanna have surgery initially they wanted to call and let the swelling no doubts they cast them promise for all the way up to his head. So daisy dukes and luckily it old school Jersey with what you could put dimes through holes. His dimples are up and through. And he's sitting at the cafeteria smoke and six. So he Kersey and Butch Davis walked out of the cafeteria. And butch goes. Show. You go not on us ushered massage circle. Sure go sit there smoke and darts with a cast applicants. Have it on his body. Eighties just a re also looking human being at three point 66 hair everywhere. Small incisions and welcome to Miami sure. Exactly and enjoy it isn't a little less than and now did you vote ball. All revved up for this weekend but yet another says 1000 dollars and about Tony in Minnesota back after the us. Slipped out of the vessels coming. Major announcement coming up for live side Monday. Born December 2 Paula needs. Television show a lot of saudis features Casey elevated Weezer and it meant the world this Portugal may enjoy away even more. Sunday at KC and the sunshine band borders Lou Gramm saw double more stay in the top of the tribute to prince lover boy Tito Puente Jr. is going to be there and more. It's all brought to you have presented by image on the mean Jackson attorneys. Got 107473107473733. The iconic item up for Florida beach. It DoubleTree by Hilton hotel at about what your vodka on his vodka. On his prized tickets on sale now. Attitude about it icons Elena Romberg here with views as on amber are out as I was sick and will be back tomorrow. And so we roll on show goes on Romberg as they say that show business what was that intro music was. Dilemma got to know him. Know. And it's amounting to limit got to figure in the respective of the there's sin out there on the altar. Nerve moon. There was this Holman with the priest. That's what you business was taken up in church when you comment yet with a live from talking to Z it'd be like. Emulate I. It's the our father. Better then what's the precise and a little. Got it all down. Then maybe you know the you know who's a back to back in San cameras as the the present throughout a blessing of the dolphins. McGraw. I haven't about oh yeah have a good week out there and that's just the dolphins out there for a win. Clearly many of his prayers were working. That's our role. That's how enroll every single week we go out there. We we do are we do our home we do a limit god he gets some communion blessed the dolphins and we go. That's how what role did you what you're talking weather just a member of the abstaining from from the Sox players. Yeah they're a season that we set a BS write and report back press got not having sex in his new girlfriend until the season's over. I press just on the whole year. No sacks. But apparently just plain angry now just played pent up pent up in raged. That's how it that's I think is gonna it's gonna get a kid on track form. Caption that matter maybe you'll get an Eli should do in the seasons as trying to recapture my whatever he's doing now it seems to be working these it was a great game last week I mean W Aaron Rodgers time but greedy last week when they lose you still bawling. Plus results of the deal that they give those New Delhi can be there's not going to be there. There's it's a circus over there and in Dallas and you know what but I guess I get it sometimes. You're so focused and the last thing you want to deal with news. Try to put any effort and have a six time Nam. Our momentum at the long time I NFL seasons all excellent work or more months and my my guess is they're going to be in the playoffs right so whether it's the super rule. I guess it did Tommy do tell me second week of Trevor is juggernaut gonna go get after it until the second week of tremors through says well think about this if they are that good. That is I think it's work. And that means that it's gonna it's easier after cranked it up even more which I'm mad as she's gonna start toying with the mess with the games this oh it is a new relationship. You love the game more you love me. He gets more attention should government do my old it's not a place like Dallas who kid me. Although it would get crucified. In Dallas if she affected the outcome of any cowboys game by using her. Unbelievable honey pot to go ahead and make sure that deck press cut. As a little bit of fun and there's there's no way there's just no way punishment a city like Dallas. It's my son and I don't know I think that's at Davidson adjusting gave some ladies and play review to think that you are you are using. Sacks avoidance to think you're playing better. And if you actually if it actually airs out results. Even though none of it has anything to do with anything but if you think it does and you are gonna mess that I think he did Kirk gets cranked up I think she goes full court press. And messes we die even more good try amber slob and I think you be having a duck breast got lost. It's going to be tough to. Declined to Nazi demagogues like these says it's a pizza you can you can competes in front of me I'm not gonna take a Biden never gone to a standoff before. Yeah of course late you oh my I have a little slick evening I'm going to be used. To hear you think it's just whatever you want. Please just it's his assist a visible July. Take a number we roll that play that game until you know mama stands in front of me I'm standing in the shower and all the such was a blow dryer parent. And on you know expect kind of gets me in trouble that I during the hair and then has it's I can analysts though man why it's a very annoying sound. You don't need to go in the closet and going of the bottom drawer there's nothing in the bottom door we can't win that game. Now. Can't do what's in the strong issue of gun. In a standoff. I was just for abstaining or just through to win a battle in marriage group point prove why belliard and used. On yeah. To a similar in the Aggies used all the time about finance and retirement your wallet and descend like anything you just felt like you were being appreciated so you're gonna actually every day you're right. Some comments. Amid the hours hammer. Both doors cameras not being appreciated right. Com. Yeah I'd probably. Yeah. Now I have that happens quite often enough I think about it. And among. Amount being handled the way that I need to be hand that's for sure. Sure. Speaking of course hammer regular round match pretty soon worries about that terribly terribly excited killing. No way makes money more debt to students through. We'll geo political. Viking god I can't I can't really do bloody you'll anymore mom and have to go ahead and go across the upper back on the other big shoulder blade and get something going on their two and then maybe climbed on the left arm. So all public. A look like I have fallen football shoulder pads on. In the at a come down around the chest obviously and it's just it's crazy. It's like armour did this or is using this. So this is loud you know pay demands that. Resiliency that agent. While she's here this picture of her loses or weight cutting. Took that out of obscurity. Don 215 pounds from. I would guess she's probably one in thirty something. I want thirties she's like to trying to cool down after. No I was at when and that's probably being in the song until afterwards. Just came to the prisoners in this post just says she's going to. Now that a hundred point five pounds a new weight division in the AFC. But I think scary men as wild. And I think that's one of the I think it's one of the the craziest things in sports is the way cutting away all my guys I know when I looked and if for the weight loss competition I couldn't get over. How much guys because I'm thinking OK yeah how to cut we really cripple a do it. Little frozen life both therapy really quicker where we're gonna do lose some obese and Reynolds from a certain group going online and amber rose asking chill Simon has the us a couple of my buddies my scrap buddies given Rashad Evans on the young usually are shot was trying to get a couple pointers on how to do it I just. It's like nothing for these guys who lose fifteen pounds and a day just by sitting in a Sauna. They also do apparently doing the thing is going to be a hot tub. Hot tub Moses Moses interview about this front as we almost missed way. And meet the they just keep me in a lot of hotter I don't know and apparently that's. A new way too because it can get. Warm beer and Mormon natural setting then they song would you give him early and just to eventually. And then you'll stop losing weight question I was one there's you know hot tub annoy sway above water my sweating while I'm in the water as well yeah. Prisoner. The science of the body. And British and. There aren't. It's not good talk. That's ahead let's go to beaches are a thousand bucks also coming up junk when's the next hour as well.