ZRA Part 2 10-18-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, October 18th

DJ Williams in studio, Terrible injuries, Canes vs Cuse


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411. 180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Tonight and in about three minutes from now you can't sort of thousand. Not a slam dunk contest and during headlines each hour we're gonna give you an acute call two and a four pack of tickets. Deceiving he'd take on the spurs. That's aren't there. Never seen an interview with James Brown when he delivered the lady from among the CNN or something. Monopolies he's just outside and then songs and he was higher than a hundred if he's getting after him and new museum after it. Bag. And he calls. Me because of turner. Every. 7 o'clock tonight he imagine X my game Willis and Ron Rothstein had a call from Amway Center I get it started at 6 o'clock. Worst injury last night Gordon Hayward it. Give us a call here from TN TT now and I listened listened to the snap the Celtics are only our analysts and but last night I'm watching it live and I was I was really upset watch and it it was very it was very upsetting to see. All the players immediately run away run to their band run across to the side of the sports. That no one was watch the cavaliers bench because it happened close the cat bench. They they don't run off their seats Danielle to scatter. And they're all scattered OK it was everybody turned away the candy covered her face and it turned away and it was upsetting hears the call live on TNT. You can hear. In Kandahar Lin's voice. EE you could hear what he's frightened. When you say ladies he shaken up by UB here right away I was. Owen Owen mom watch you when my son and and my wife downstairs. In the the worst reaction that I've never had to an injury is easy for me actually. OK I was watching the Panthers back in the day when Richard zednik had its throat slashed by the skates. And the blood starts pouring a bullet that was a pretty nice but it's another contortions as the blood did for me it's that I'm watching the team and I thought Richard zednik was going to dot. In front like that's what Dick that is thought I was crazy and at first an intern here yeah it wasn't about it wasn't about the block I can handle. It's that. I thought it was a outs wants to guide guy on live television and that really freaked me out that that really really scare me watching that. Buying. When I come back and let from. He did he came came back. When you're you're a possible one acts to pop we came back and play yes 100% I would never play hockey physical you're you're. May is next year he came back to 1000%. Continue to play hockey yes absolutely those tough man but I've ridges and it was going to die. While I'm watching. But that last at a I found 3 am those gross it was hard to watch and eyes several people to accident you know like how does it affect Gordon Hayward to pay would get of course according to be back next year he can back failure. As any team that year yeah. Any any in his career continue to believe he left the NHL went back and played overseas like queries from on his from a sweetener something maybe but. Yeah I thought he was gonna die he jacks checked OK that's what's. I thought he's an it guy that's why I was scared watching that and that was a nice view the Panthers donated panders pregame intermission and and post gala shaken up from Alice in Dallas on you don't of the CBO my god help him help him like I. I thought he was going to off. On the ice last night now. Last night you just I mean you know he's he's lived it's just how that is that is so bad they right now. Texans were manage. Manage to 72881. You going to thousand dollars. Every morning through the end of the month 7 AM AM. And also in the afternoons couple times right now that he would manage. Tex at seven to 813 chance to win messaging standards we apply don't tax and try to 2000 dollar slam dunk contest. On am 798 FM 14 point three HD to the ticket. He was once. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here okay. Slot DJ is he needed just walked him in the midst set up here. At some point during the headlines here we're gonna hooking up with a four pack of tickets. To see the heat take on the spurs a week from tonight we'll give me another opportunity. Turn the AM headlines but every hour every hour today up until 6 PM the station has given way he tickets does he get the heat opener. Here tonight Romberg the worst injury. That you've seen on the field now you ever suffered big injuries player you you personally. Right added that the Michael. Did what it what haven't hit. See you rely on the field and your ankles for the whole thing was turnaround there really a term and we were told us. Yeah I Julio time legalese really. I shall listen you more so that. That they were Leslie that happening you. How would happen. My left tackle Alex Barron and of giving up a sack. Where the the defense of and a member was Kerney or if there was. To wrap up in Seattle but men and a slamming mole Mark Bolger on the back in my leg in the that's how that. Many Il looked down and and you saw the we scared you know I just wanted to get away from it. You look at what is a runaway and huge try to get away from you wanna be around it so that we were secret that you witnessed was that I've you know I've seen I've seen them multiple times house enameled. That's like it's a common football injury when he goes all out at last night's tornado cylinder there right quote coordinator or developments Chris Cooper. Did that and remember. Really and I remember Willis Willis ran out there. It's ordered by a young to give back don't go look at the ground when everybody do go look at this it is this is slap another way you saw it would last items angle shot at his foot slap it over the years she bought grams compared to you won't wanna grab it wiggles because this is not this sport source injury you ever. Had on the football field. Great great thing about minds is hum. To market but I I completely Tories don't play in the rights. I tore all the nerds on site and do anything that was great but I think when when I dislocated my elbow. It was pretty bad if the disk with the dislocating sup is the is discussing does that basically ultimately what it is we deal with Hayward is a dislocation but. The bonus wanna hold on your ankles just snaps off a makes it easier. The dislocations of the ugly things at once thought parts miso wasn't supposed to and certain ways via Westwood grosses you out there and I used to be able to handle watch and like broken things and balls like. Like MMA matches were used to see guys like kick boxers take another guy and the guy lives is leg up to block it with a Sheehan and all the sudden his lake snap like Anderson Silva I don't places like dangling as an out when you see stuff like like on icy stuff like that now I cringe because I feel like. That could happen to me like football as major realized that that sets those injuries can happen you like not like in the common workplace like like now for me. And it obviously is going to happen but. But in the common the common man going about his day is not gonna have his foot spun around or his elbow bent the other way or Willis McGahee style the knee bending the other way it's supposed to work with and with the dislocations. He's. What sucks about it the most is the quicker they get it back in place. The better of healing process and Robert was also saying that they don't do it and in the first few minutes late last night they get a blood situation in Toulouse for at least so like when I dislocated my elbow lake. You know my doubles basically making a vis the opposite way only and how much is take me and they're like no we got to put it in and it's scary thought. Over here I cannot just make an important like come tomorrow and you just sit there. And it's really showing much better and it would abide well. I don't scare you when you secretly. Scared. Yeah you look scared last night she sue your fourth point the other way and you wanted to run it you got your boyfriend and about your future. Jeremy. Has been through your mind. Haywood doesn't of the mosquito so when I guarantee money you want your element you're worried you're worried Jackson you're worried about their future what does that mean look. DJ got the gold she's got the girl or chased him is that you logo but is he's got to change into the. Listen when you get that Helena in this school hit me officially the is that we want to officially made it turned over to soldiers. He's the assassination listen intensely personal provided us this morning so that's gonna be the actual chain and then you're just weigh in on. So that you don't the commanders give it to good incident here's as we are intelligent. So let's do Susan headlines here c'mon now man by the brought to by India dot com and you're trying to there were three million businesses that use Indy dot com Brian. Enjoy bush has doubled in the walls of one website for jobs indeed it dot com every image in the Gordon Hayward interview that went down a stay injury injury it was here's carrier ring his new teammate. The first game and the first time on the court in last long here is on his reaction to happen. And injures to a person you swinging tunes. We understand. Those pick ourselves up and you know get on with school continuing as best you can with that. With the season and so is what does no experience to their roots and you know she's going to be. Fighting to toward the first things first loses you know put nervous person and as well shall we or as one who goes back. This has his job is gonna drop for about three days before he gets a surgery. That's got to do open up he had a man came to listen. And it can't assert real slowly goes right I don't know which I just know you've got to take a lot whatever they give you whatever says and ask for more due to time yeah for more on that. A true leveraging the this being now called the nerve block. You are no this is no man Obama less so that's next that's next level what is. They basically go into the nerve or wherever they're gonna do surgery the injured area. In the ages dope that nerve and literally that whole area of your body it's no woman is an April 23 days. So you don't post surgery when he usually had they say it's you know the most pain and all that. So I got the nerve blocker and they do they go with a needle. A slight son Daniel Israel hide signs so. It's it's a total a record zone you know units are your July but they are going with a needle and it has like a little let electoral. Last sort of find it to find in the morning there have been looking around responded yeah when I find it. Whatever party by just like to open up the movie like Erica we got we got it then they're going to put big boy needle. I like instantly eight you'd have your bodies don't feel. And if it's amazing usually you get it so the first three days of surgery after surgery when miss the most painful you don't for the single day. And then by the time that your body is went to somewhat of a human process and it's like okay the pace. OSHA had every time Maxtor. The chasm and on to beat the southern just say one acute in 99 and late game. The rockets came from behind they beat the warriors once when it's you to 12 point one James Harden had 27 points and says. The body heat they open up their seasons either take it on the Orlando Matt yeah 7 o'clock to offer don't have setup man here is Dion Waiters she's excited. Tomorrow we're going to be loaded. Both from the beginning. Wouldn't than it. Whose star who. Got a mobile exclusive. Do we do have we bet we'll remind you that the world. I have one. Yeah annual to predict a win tonight one and oh man Warren who. Broke through an interpreter for him. Well you what did you understand and I'm Warren who. Listen closer don't ask me interpret. It. The middle of the gamblers from one of the most difficult guys to understand nice guy advisory disease in the late talkers Lindsay will he talk and it's right equally easy talker. It's your football days by tobacco and agree on mall. Friendly inaudible price you want osment about embargoed coconut grove apologist docket and that's what sparks was empty by the Miami new times and Lexus of North Miami enemies and automotive experience. You guys of this young its story. He's well he's headed to god one got another straight dealer he can play this. Bothers me a judge's obligation that there. People off. It bothers me to be idealist who is too much. Too much about the NFL especially this year but too much about the NFL is us talking about things that aren't the NFL you know likely with the implement and the protests and owners' meetings is cabernet invited. Is he Hugh Elliot domestic violence Izzy suspect. It's like saying not for the NBA beam back. It didn't turn on my site lets lets us watch it says it after manned the NFL it's constant. Off the field stop. I'm so over so yes. It sounds like the answer your question bulls question again guys though like this is you tell its story it sounds like Illinois residence all right yeah. Let's go onto another out of the story Roger Goodell. Saying that these the owners make the players Neal C standard hawking about it and say. We did not ask for that so. No we we spent we spent today talking about the issues. That our players have trying to have been trying to bring attention to. Issues our communities to make their communities better. And I think we all agree there's nothing more important than trying to give back into our communities in maker communities better that was the entire focus of. And our cash and New. England. Oates it's that ship the grooving to a Sinead tickets spoken yet yeah that doesn't look back at its heat spurs go over five account to slide 7865 before. 0797865. Before 0790 call five it's the four pack competes. So he's he's represented and and we haven't even touched on dolphins yet today opposites it's you know a year opening tiny MBA sort of last night's. Let's let's get in the hurricanes got a pal DJ Williams here and us next. Hey Atlanta via DNC one AC IA's hottest teen date on this horror. And October 20 this Friday menu automatically registered to win the two watch Eunice wait that's three outrage there. No purchase necessary suite includes food and drink so take it Estrada layman beauty and seek. You're chancellor sweet night. Wins one he's hottest team now through October 20. So Gordon Hayward injury last that is the big story Tyree Irving's return to Cleveland. Game was greats. I think. I think bulk of the season Boston's bats Bynum gets hurricanes and second your awesome and a bad spot obviously because is the link to eat you can't. It's typical to look at Boston now and trying to make the case that they are a contender. Okay day it's Dave were contender. Before they added Kyra your Irving because he added Gordon Hayward to a team that already had Isaiah Thomas okay. But then you move Isiah Thomas it was a great trade for boss seeing a cut curry having to take over Isaiah Thomas every day okay. And now I got a team that looks like to call it it could compete with with Cleveland maybe SE a works out. But now you lose Hayward. Carrier ring as your main guy listen Al Horford Al sorting more. How how or does not at ease up big time anymore Al Horford is a good player he's a hard yup. He's you know how how once or auditory points every now and then but documents every night anymore. Okay is not Al Horford you know 78 years ago in Atlanta on him so you got hungrier being and to really young guys in Jalen brown and Jason Tatum and bridal looks phenomenal aspect okay. Yet to really young guys who work servings dudes now in Boston. That's that's content OK so. Then you look at Cleveland's. And the biggest thing that I notice okayed you know a lot of guys who looked out of place right Derrick Rose. Was nothing special Dwyane Wade was in complete non factor. And the team. Could it 3833. Point makes us. Cleveland something like that you know that big time at three point shooting team luster of 553 what makes last year. At last night five for 22. DeMar was the headline about doing way talking about he assisted or set up ten or twelve big plays last night at all EEE officially at three assists sodas do I wanna say that you know he did a lot of things that don't shop in the box okay. I mean into into Wayne's you know Dwyane gets the point his career where he he's he's gonna he's gonna have nights like this weary it doesn't look sexy I mean. Three for 108 points. Even a factor last you know slab in the phase as today when Kevin ons like. The third ruled too Willy Williams. Well. That's that's old yet that's old yeah. Yet this this team and I'll tell you what he. You know Kevin love the center that's because he got a interest in Thompson out there you want three point shooting. And Jae Crowder computers while also but as a team five of 22 Yemeni 520 twos from Cleveland from three last year. The big time three point shooting team last season so invades they would not special last night either a year yet everybody lighten it up much are you love your Korver you have LeBron was basically use it. It was a team after it worthy at 23 point makes my dialect affected it was a 120 point game last well. That was the second game I mean the second game was high scoring and get that from rockets warriors but Eastern Conference and is is quite different and Boston's. You know they're gonna be an also ran team in the Eastern Conference when no Gordon Hayward if playoff team for shore OK but other top fourteen the Seymour now they do nothing so. And Cleveland. Cleveland's probably gonna be the best team in the east although. You go look at Hogan's. NBA predictions did you see this Romberg EC it is DJ what is your goal Tobin yesterday okay. He he put out a post on FaceBook with his his NBA predictions. Okay. Is every year every it's a brown okay well he made his NBA predictions last night how many years have you been run. And late I would say among a streak of four years in her all right Randall what would it mean bright everything on an eye opener and it's not only. I it's fair amassed at some of the here I messed up while the east OK yes Cleveland as the best record in the east and I do it yet loss at number five did you know Gordon it was gonna get hurt. I did I just I was a believer in Boston I think Brad Stevens is it missed the Playhouse. If they were five of Romans and Ali always Miami is the rate at that and also the heat finished number you fix it 'cause I had them China has a little more rumba. Somebody saw me pay a dummy. The K you can Miami at four and Taylor Cleveland in the Eastern Conference finals that aren't making three that's true. Yet it yet you write about are you going right to disarm whites cards if he went prediction is that what you're doing I don't know I'm going off gusts as well MO Karen got to have the guts god did you get her own story gets good here here's forget the season here's his prediction to. I'll Washington ya to yeah I wanted to and what did him. Series predictions okay like MVP elite that James Harden welcome Rory but here's what it's fought rookie of the year. Am at a bio. You screw up this is not this is to us that this is an incredibly strong rookie and this is getting rooted in Canada by already rookie of the year younger than okay rookie of the year ban Emma. Most improved player that being Tyler Johnson of course it is because that's crazy college yeah that's. Thirteen point two game last season against this. Meg a boy it's hubris isn't you should not mind it is my prediction most improved player Tyler Johnson. Eastern Conference finals prediction any guesses at Miami uniform Eastern Conference finals prediction Cleveland vs Miami who is all right I like that. Finals prediction. Golden State vs Miami while now and finals I'll prediction. On illustration. This third. You've been right the last forty. It's all right in the heat illogical put stickers on people's cars the other morning I got a highly straining order and that the city of devils. And even beautiful setting games take up the wars in your home you know I mean six. Now now the warriors have a better record I'm assuming and he in the regular season Wright's church or share I mean a psychic craze I thought but he six because they they don't do the three. The 232 or more six means they close at on the home floor and I saw known and popular that book I might. I am I'm route and go straight to live two you know with that you don't believe I'll have a little party and women who would you say is as though you don't think he either because of the finals. Two I think I had a chance. This is our CY a mover for him and I since. But the company married there and whenever anybody a mile and a 2 and 6 o'clock tonight for preemption at the coward. I and so the hurricane's. Lucky to do by the way you're. Men and I hope you're right I will be at your super super with that. Why didn't I just I just like the got won't allies that we really don't know in an open open yet really guilty when the championship there right. I like guys like me and told us some bold predictions and he full. So anyway. The hurricanes okay hurricanes at Syracuse this real some McCain's speedster news. Wasn't that team that you guys kick their ass will lose. Whom all the long time ago meant to Syracuse is an AC's hero yet will now yeah recently having an Garcia he went small time. I mean 59 nothing remember back when you guys were on the team her and took until I was at McNabb was like her and are not killed so I wasn't meant all right Carrier Dome McNabb guilty now. It seems that the the following. If you get through nine not guilty here McGahee. Well Nutting is pours Portis and gore but a thousand yards rushing a little. Wouldn't do the payback hold McNabb being we were up by like. Forty points and ran a fake or Sean Taylor scored oh is that right at least it didn't release the ball in the end zone nearby got around like a campfire and Larry collection. Walker became an animal all let's not let us and for Washington does he realize how much from one of the parent Washington as you go into that Syracuse game back then you have in your head we want payback whose avowed enemy does not only did daylight what. What was they were calling timeouts to let the seniors. Gift and innovations and walk off feels like listen you guys were in the game isn't let's get this angle. So we got to China's development beat you only got into this dark colored fake punt but for now as a BD all of she's. By the way by whether Coker hall of fame yet yet young shout out and got shout out to Larry Coker and almost no wrong. Big media. Big big big way way was that previous probably one of the most terrifying me emails I ever encountered playing my life that's basketball. The world are here. She she would fight meant for money like hey Mike why she she is she is one of the bad as motor scooters I have ever come across I think you I see her and I think a momma Jones literally fight. And for money right note USC's Terry Price I don't USC training. Rear Mickey put it grossly. And in light left wing group like toads. Now she doesn't play games by like like crazy party won a couple of block parties on any block parties like girls make and will make mental change. In the middles and he's on the list who. For all fame says you analysts or dorm areas she may Yonder Alonso assaults amid news. And as far as the full audio Larry Coker which is great and deserved Frankie no needs is on the threat to our young frankly I don't want to confine our social media channel I graduated went out and tester and ordered Devin Hester wrestles yeah that's really cool really cool that's good class for at their Coke earned DeVon has earned. And Frank Gore but the hurricanes okay Syracuse stream contains. All or I mean who who who seriously. Who thought halfway through the season. Vax. The hurricanes would be only team in the ACC undefeated. That you could fault that's the spiel honesty good football town on now. I get to believe what I thought. You would've thought that Miami would be undefeated which many people thought they total loss of Florida State took a specially when the four seasons aren't up to number three and let's even take away the part about Miami being undefeated. You probably didn't think clump civil and have a loss let alone their common serious it was OK so this is all or haven't you for that matter you know. This is it's pretty cool it's critical topic right now and he's got me as you started in Auburn Alabama where. Yet you do don't you write your rights even if even if friends wanna go down to write the Alabama first game of the season you're right you can totally see up assumed loss absolute. By McCain's being the only undefeated team right now. Pretty also learn how now we know how you reacted to the FSU game because who you know on tape and play the audio and everything. Always what was the finish to George tech like three. Listen I mean. I honestly was lying. We've we've got a one rabbits foot from the day on me for the year. I met last drive almost so upset about some of the the play caller. Because that's been a common we are extremely down we were down my way to right yeah yeah they're my 2.4 Tony today and we get the ball in field goal range right. Is this like America. It's a wet rainy wet wet rainy game and I might be. Homered to an average in seven dollars or care or he had two big runs on Medtronic chaos and am close to them and why are we dropped him back trying to throw the ball she gets sacked what happens to get sent. Got a Google grateful I am one of the drop action holding call that don't particularly in Italy allude to gain that all its might listen we're aren't compatible range this person down you run the ball three straight times a propaganda. In the first down. And you still have time or two with a minute left got time to work like. To meet in that situation in you you you you you you're a lot smarter which you play call. And I was just so nervous and it to me it felt like. About blow in what you're about to blow it that we get the protocol of goma in the in my Maliki over the hole and the odds it's. We don't have the right amount is like here we seem to be well. Yeah. So to me Paul's call it was a close call Rick there and it and even more balls the row flow easier I think you know. They don't Toma bear some plays or some games that changes your whole life. You know you look at Tyree with the helmet catch and things like that in for Langham. Did you realize and I'm 65 hit late in big time NASCAR but I would like 65. 225 panel this is would have welcomed and we don't worry about your equipment companies that come down with a it was a good balls well and oh. It was a whole orbit there SAT at George tech I can tell that they were in two main. The corner was under the safeties to come over there in his only job. It's a separate mixing your formidable yet and putting and even touch U I don't return home yeah I think also the receiver. Let them doesn't come Dahlia can't yankees he's out of bounds and apply it in covered to commend our member did Alan B a source agency says. If they try to figure being on sidelines as you go and he'd take everybody he says I want in the green recall itself. One for you once were you'd teammate actually moved from a guy Tony can stumble. A bit. It's it's critical spot there and right now it is it's it's pretty known more mental or Chordiant kings. The mobile what I do like holiday when it is what I do like about Steve. Nicol is they have a little bit of sense of of humble or humid the humility to them because. If they would have been what these guys that's over and over and over again winning by thirty points I can understand that there might be a little bit of a different attitude around the building. Going for two of the season like the fact that that everything has remained close does not to air again they're not cocky. Com. And then on Ottawa coach and the coach harps yeah spot a time I believe that. I believe that they've been tried I believe that they had a lot of adversity they've overcome thank god they've overcome a lot about adversity com we've come out on the top of it put. But yeah I think were right were we need to be right now right were we need to be. We if you miss it. Last hour we spoke to the head coach and he'd Eric's ball struck. If you miss it and played again for Unita clock tower okay turned fifty minutes heated makes his team where gay Yee Eric Spoelstra again he played tonight. They are in Orlando to tip off the season who wanna get back to the NBA but I need I need your respective. On the situation. Seem so OK that's from Romberg and from DJ okay and it played in the NBA and in many NFL either. So all I need to clarify manuscript perspective. OK on out teammates Wilson handles this in the situation next. They got tickets thousand dollars slam dunk contests it's coming up again at 8 o'clock in eighteen minutes. I'll give you a code word he got a chance 1000 bucks every morning at 7 AM and aiding and make you listening every morning this Monday got a chance. 20000 dollars from us. For money ma'am. A lot of money right there. And turn our headlines this morning you'll have another opportunity to a four pack of tickets for the heat and spurs so he was pretty cute called during headlines. About twenty minutes herself and every. Our today up until 6 PM. We are set yup we tickets to see the heat because the opening the regular season tonight you Texan has shown Coral Springs a marquee attacks are in 67974. It's always got a question here for you DJ all right they're sick of it they would like you know it's a whole commodity. Says DJ hoped you boil away at them fresh to death dime like shirts how does that idea to hold the the turn over chain a dime like shirt. Although it took. Two other guys as the DME mountain mama make him cope cinematic answer. There ya de L hopefully still listening after resent and attacks so sliding to. But I need some type of verification that is simply not mention that you realize I'm probably gonna do it like that had a sudden I don't know whether that is true okay you got that they Oscars but it's true that burden mend just Mary Toni Braxton. Her real thanks Chris Anderson not it's it's not a not not not not my bird man I'm don't talk about. It's a big big attributed. I. And why we Kiki why would be awkward the existing like they're from two different worlds with some respect on my main her man she's all like fancier Ryan kind of lives our families now that are sisters don't show well both its lease on this show this this is the Braxton is a you know they always used to love Tony Bruce Ramsey with a don't shoot like six. Nationals who we're birdman is like it defied her birds all through. So I need I need you guys tell your Ryan do you see what happened with the Chicago Bulls yesterday practice. On what happened. So all you some of the guys will open. Yes my beat a couple guys okay coupled as the bulls in practice yesterday one of them is called Nikola Mirotic. Our rights six with ten European duties he's a he's a key player for them as a starter okay shoot the ball. And the other players called Bobby Portis he's in his second or thirty year known as the league and big guy to lanky. And employee hours and about that like all day is day yesterday at practice okay. Apparently practice is getting physical they they had words for each other. Or Mirotic charged a couple times a gonna in his face importers and doing it in because you've got a starter you've got a guy that's getting paid. You don't want to ground zero yet you do you don't enjoy the guy that's going to be on the court that this one of the things you learn when you when you're not the starting guy especially when you know give it if your bubble guy. You easily replaced yeah exactly so but apparently Porta said look man. Should shame on me you them once reviewing gonna give me twice and he ran up on again. And that was it just. Snapped gonna disturb my arm to the part that you like unconscious on the growth is to all of concussion YouTube this notice of video but it doesn't acknowledge you. There's he'll come to know practice because we're out now is already out. Or dramas that. I'm not in their tip transparent Mirotic moisture is in Tennessee. Has. Is that simple art at its euros it's like Goran Dragic same banks. Only can you at least indicate the hospital immediately broken jaw and caution there I'll worry is that EE legislate. We're OK to peace and a biscuit and yes and surgery name school rig Ramon many years he's out for the foreseeable fees out indefinitely it sounds easy and be out for a very long time of thought he would that's funny does it. We're when when you try to beat Tommy tough guy. And and and obviously a big white lanky European dude. I beat Tommy tough guy like staring down on somebody or deny all the guys that it was a sucker punched the cheap shots we don't come out somebody were to handle valuation is viewed here don't come out some of your hands and your waist what happens what happens if it Bobby Portis punched him when he turned around the back to all your money now I don't know if that happened this cheap shots on out. Cheap shot yeah you don't union each sucker punch and she showed a student Nadal. You know. Now she does think he shot is is as a mirror each wake up one more good there. Soccer Portuguese guys not looking to have more shorter clubs looking for Arnold because it's cheap shot she does I just being cheap shot as you'd like to teammate. He's on the ground you don't kick. Yeah today that Jesse Kabul. Well one turned what you guys think happens here because Mirotic. Is key player them bring young teams that suck but they're TE's key player for young team. I reporters it is is completely average and replace will play. And my guess is that body boards is not on a team and what happened geno Smith that situation and just locker rooms the only other guy yeah yeah yeah yeah you right. Yet that I hold clocked by geno Smith and obstacles over golf tournament yet got kicked off the team. How come he rails like us but it was probably one was in the wrong member yeah just it is that tomorrow is very possible that it just the wrong which you'll sit back the other guy got kicked off team but how many rounds did they. Think that little form has got fractured jaw concussion are probably just snip and I think it is all the once I don't itself that was really big lanky awkward dude you've got a concussion when he failed most likely. And I think I think I think they got you reminding you rip and murder here and then. They have to rest of the owners it's come from a top what you can obviously you're always file legal charges as well assault Manhattan's Thurman. Thinks he threw assume that either then when he busted a buddies your and it's just no way that when the date comes and meritage is back. He was real long time now there's no way to in the locker room together again and I would imagine yeah. You know I definitely don't she'd shot it was she thought she'd shut. Yeah but I wasn't allowed cool when guys go out there that that that is. Moved ending up using. You don't because there's guys that don't like each other and it's heated things escalating talk trash talk trend and finally once they fight. Regardless of who wins it it's usually like OK we got them now. Usually doesn't and what's it mean seriously injured little lately and it's holes because the situation is is. Up until that point. Guys just want you to just fight and be overworked when I just get it done with yes just settle this like amendment now goes over night Indiana hospital. It would have Owens on it's still story. Because I got it well I don't know the story and the lock up the story doesn't belong to us anymore but there you eat eating its own this is a long blooming now yeah of course I don't. What the stuff I like. I really get a locker room light like they may look at volley portage cross selling fuel proposal much no no home sweet dessert probably the exact number is there. Our officer. You got to remember men a locker room is its survival of the fittest. You've got to you know fifteen toy alpha males is in the every day you're only to be angry ticked at us we'll open. You were in the wrong Tom Diaz opened and that's it it's not I actually doing a series I'll an alpha males I understand what you did you get it I do get news yeah I do get.