ZRA Part 2 11-14-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, November 14th

DJ Williams in studio. Tool of the Week. Canes vs. Notre Dame, best night of your life.


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Hate writings on the ticket. As football Fries come on now zen like Palm Beach volley all season long get ready for all the games we look at the dolphins and and who's gonna beat and that weekend. It's brought to my Palm Beach volley they're always number one draft picks bonds' place goes well adjusters to embargo on the growth. And Lex is in North Miami football Friday inning and 798 FM one a four point three HD two's ticket. That gives us an opportunity here to go over our injury reports OK our energy dollar and Levine injury report. All the secret zenger. There are they're guts or injured because they all are a Vaughn. Call 807 or seven free at 800 cent or 73733. I had. Why I had friends last night. Who do you have friends. Would you say that's. I have I hired friends last night's who. We're so fired up. Over the canes for so I had several friends who said on Saturday night that paint scheme with the best knighted a life. Last night of their like I'd several. I got my grand said that I hurt my grand say something pretty similar I don't know and your friends are married or have children seven. And yes it's and it appears to not be an uncommon thing to have said. If you were at the game once our necks and even here Mike rice CNET and I certainly don't consider him a friend I was signing a regular season game the best night of your life all he can't do that with college football regular Zito might try and by selling the NFL where OK it's wanna six team blah highly negotiable you re a pretty absolutely do that have you lived there national championships and only forty point is pretty important no come on how does winning a red. That's that's like me saying of any regular season and win it for the gators is with battered on easily as the national tea agent and it makes us. You're a fan of football in general I don't think you ever experienced a nightly Q experience at hard rock or that stadium for whatever name it was. And probably the last 1520 more. How to get to be their last fifteen years the dolphins included. I don't think there's been a game and not like I don't. Staying back and you'll work day right they would have experience and that's insane you about a lifetime I certainly think it's the best game you've witnessed the last regular people as they are just higher light but that's a record fifteen or under. If you know if you're golf if you her sanity and wise as those friends would be. Thirteen year it'll. If you're her keen fan who's 25 years old you've never. Been to a hurricane game like that or your friend 25 years old. It doesn't have to my friend I'm you know their people or call on the best nod their life. If you are eager to 45 years old and lets you went to UN more immediate but if you're 25 years old and you're huge hurricanes can't. You've never ever ever experienced. Game. So I think it's completely reasonable. Here to feel that way it you went to that team on Sarah especially because you would like him. You would have experience one to. 25. Okay that and you're going games on Robert seems you like seven years old eight is all remember and that's. I'm amber moment you tell us all the time moments of arm he game is that you don't really enables interaction differently yelling and college game had grown experience that anyway. An old story two days ago about a game McCain is gaming or farther to Q just your eight. Notre Dame I remember it very well experience. That. The way that you do your uncle if your Dalton. Same thing that we told that story made it sound like dot. That is even more impacting on I think it's best met reborn but it's it's it you don't experience even. Close the same way you understand though you understand the magnitude of it if if your grownup and I mean as a kid yes it's my favorite memory. Of going to cain's gains as a kid I was eight years old and does 1989 and and then you know eating you don't you don't experience the same is and it's only so I don't I mean I'm you know my parents and. I think I think firm means it's seems bigger magnitude wise when I was kidnapped but it seems now I mean it's so great. But I have a little more perspective on life and I because back. Of the athlete is gone for you because you've met someone I just I mean I've lived and other things have happened in my life I certainly wouldn't I don't think I would probably define any. Sporting event. As the best. Indian day or night of my rally probably Hillary Hillary on anyway. The accelerating emotion that you pat. Like you you're not married yet so your wedding day champion category ever dedicated yet so your pedigree Kerry campaign category you're saying the exhilaration. Of being in a stadium with almost a 100000 people in your tellem the smog and Tony that one of those as one of the boast epic. Part of your look good will they absolutely. Were some of the greatest days of prop the thing is by my age now I've had several of those experiences. I've witnessed several national championships at enters a you know much SEC championships. And a bunch of great regular season games in the swamp as well so I had sort of several experiences also other watching other teams win championships wash your heat win championships things like that. So. I'd in the and also just a perspective were sports. As the dole loses little little as you put it in context of life you know it's sort of not late for death anymore you kind of have a better understanding of what actually is no hyper dat than it as a kid. I mean there is nothing to me that was bigger then Gator chop off. These kids WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to omit. And I totally get it you know this Saturday night if you're a huge canes fan. And you know let's say year your suffering cain's manner in your thirties forties and fifties let's say you know. That it would which would make you a long suffering canes fan and in that regard because you were able to witness a lot of winning. Then we're talking in the eighties and and even in the ninety's like like I certainly did grownup here. How you feel about Sarin nights are nights if you're if you're a huge canes fans Saturday night was a remember. For ever. Game as that was. And and there's no amount of money. That you could have paid to go to that team that was not worth every dollar. I was always out doing me a million dollar not paid a million dollars go game that that's what cost. Whatever the game Hossa in the 500 dollars 600 sent 800 dollars is where the wholesome one is it. For you to get into the building it was worth. Every dollar and it's very rare. The day that you could say that about a game it's did you have a very people pay thousands Super Bowl and they usually don't let us not to run as an upset about it yet it cold day yeah the whole day was phenomenal for for the University of Miami came translate and he thinks it enters into that. You base all one of them better as a close game McCain's win at the end. No no no. What in light that was exactly. What you want to know is an old school canes beat down what you want to let you begin back. That's you know the was back when when one of the best teams in the whole country codes into the build into your building and it yet you know you did you catch. Ass kicked in and we sent home like that's. I was an old school canes beat down that game. As far as the finish to the Florida State game was good it was a it was a classic mining at this you finished. Even though we do with very good and even that we know at this he's not very good with the classic classic finished. That Notre Dame blowout was a thousand times better than the SU game and it's not at clubs not clubs. Regulars so Matta area with Clinton again felt like the 2000 at issue game like the its delegate turnaround of the water on aftershock because. And he's a like you you wanna talk the US backs up and I still think you get you gotta you gotta go go win the ACC and you know we talk but because things and you do hold you was back but it certainly make he was back argument that if they're they're in it they're legitimately. In a national championship conversation and nor now that writes. I think that her back I think I'm sorry say that at this early back. There is more than you've ever seen the last decade and a half they mean yet they haven't won national everywhere it I guess everyone has Devern. Definition of what back but to me if you're approaching and Lucy thinning here in the national championship conversation. Your back at all did you win a national championship to define you was that. I'm I'm like I remember everybody is asking what my goal is for the steam at beginning of the season and I was EC championship right. None at times coming in and I get it Xena on that for all hosting make anything easy policy not that. Art are mormons are one of her little bit of a payback for parts of but the more more keep looking at this game and more marquee looking at the rest of the season. There's a lot of favors we owe a lot of people stop coming in the last game in the Orange Bowl was a University of Virginia. That embarrassed us. Embarrassed solar fuel. Again maybe I know this isn't my generation of football but I would love somebody to repay the favor for what happened. The last game in the Orange Bowl when everybody went there. Teary eyed about the fact that this was going to be the last game played on a recession disgrace and it was an embarrassment. So I I I know players have come and gone since then in classes have come and gone since then. But Chris Long always had a little bit of Europe. A smile every time he he let me know when you remember what he did. In the last game of the orange boy and I'm I'm I'm very disturbed about balance so our eyes I expect the celebration except I expected the party. I imagine a lot of kids are gonna be even go to the Jay-Z concert you know I've I imagine they had a great weekend you earned it enjoy it. But again 24 hour rule move on you have a lot of unfinished work still to be done. You know I mean this book is not done yet keep going Rexall as a climbing on I'm still celebrating our cameras photos are weaknesses as last season at the as the University of Miami hurricane who's considered the messiah for this point. For for the University of Miami to resist turning into a legend he's he's he's the white Santana Moss. That's what he has is a cinema arts tumor has and I believe that this is his last game. Here home and I know he wants to make a statement this is going to be his last performance is what he's going to be. You know in his mind you're only as good as your last performance at home for your fans so. A mom really looking forward to another beat down I'm looking forward to cain's finishing. What they started tonight by the way let's not forget to an idea playoff that that comes out that's nice tonight that's gonna come out where it's gonna be sitting but again you know it's one of those things that Mark Richt. Continually. Continually put in the off caught you lose you go down you win you move up discontinue gamma. Continue to win whatever items and I don't I'm not wrapped up delegates it's nice that the number two in the eight people. By at ten to nineteen yes a lot I don't want to go to ball under the overcomes its tonight tonight's the important one. And what ever they wind up being tonight's you know acknowledged react climbs engineer Wisconsin what what do okay. If if if you win a your final three games. You you're going to be in the plane take care Gaza and does it matter if you're number one in a material material for no because he gets the play golf. There's a real advantage and if he gets the play off. You're gonna have to beat to awesome teams anyway to lightly. You wanna light it up yet to be who is selling the NBA where you wanted to one seek as the plane 819 socks you got to be too awesome teams no matter what's. Al get caught up in the rankings 1234. Am whatever they want to be in tonight you in your final three games the canes lately controlled on this. And everyone mountaineering now for saying that it's not the best night of your life. If you win an ACC championship and you be waiting playoff games especially if you won a national championship tell me it doesn't feel better than beating. Notre Dame during the regular season as fun as I game last ball does game and I did tonight spend money and I game and I think I got every minute of hand I watched that game on TV again yesterday. I've never done that I never go to a game witness in person in re watch it on TV I re watched on TV yesterday it depends. I mean you know Clemson is obviously a monster and that's to get out to be to win the seat if he feels amazing and you rays beat Clemson fans but sometime sometimes the game before the championship. Came in it's rare but sometimes that can beat the big one that that could be the one actually felt better. I mean hell you know a lot of people don't and I don't remember that I in 1980 US Olympic hockey team like when they beat the Soviets. It was not for the gold medal buried some reason for the gold medal okay. And asked him about that game the game was was beaten the Soviets OK so sometime this error. But sometimes the big one though really memorable one. Is is not the finale and you know like. Now now look at international if you get the national you know national champion I'm not audio better yet why not radiates or to address national champion of the canes but if we're talking ACC title game. You know it's it's possible you're gonna remember the Notre Dame game more than whatever whatever happens with Clinton it's it's quite possible. Confetti rained down on nearest pretty much about stealing in the while these Atlanta brought you by Dell Dell's small business Black Friday sale is now on the lowest prices of the year in free shipping on everything shop door busters on business PCs with Intel Core processors called. 1877. By. Dell it is when you win it. A similar confetti falls down on you blame me don't win again our premiere after. Arrogant or Ohio State they'll steal majority manned you know they did back then of course he got that dopey Ohio State chain that they broke out in chain yeah I mean this is a law of stealing things from Miami love. Monday Night Football last night the Miami Dolphins got to stir in by the Carolina Panthers. Point five to twenty YE a blind audience yet come sorry you can't beat you yet can't be too upset to you sought a mile. Here's Louis or attic rationing my name is off it's. There's really no excuse in pro football for you to have almost 200 yards rushing put up one you like that and have guys standing up looking around. Didn't blown off the ball look and generally disinterested is always two sides to a blowout like this if for Miami. They got a lot of work to do random case has a lot of work to do right now there's been some hard conversations with Mike Tannenbaum the front office. As to what the heck is going on with my football team here I can't cut everybody I can't send a message to everyone someone's got to play. Maybe gotta give you some different player. Stack attended believes in the garden a team like he thinks they're good at seeing that his evaluation. Kim Newton threw for 254 yards four touchdowns and rushed for another 95 yards Jonathan Stewart rushed for a 110 yards the dolphins defense gave up. 294. Yards rushing yeah. It's rhino were 550 yards total offense. That that team the defense their vomit. Here's Allen case. Don't. Do things better we're kind of shoot ourselves in the slit its longtime. Home. There's a hole in the wrong time there's something going and then we have a penalty over this role of we had a hole in mrs. We don't get a block correctly. I'm sure there's been calls word that I may fit. Yards and publishing take action you know it's just. Were were making mistakes from Rollins. The NFL pro followed. Dolphins last through weeks say hey here's our CNET for Sunday insightful on Monday Night Football in a and all three of our big show is in and dolphins say they really responded by letting the NFL no don't ever put us on prime time again except for we have another minute for ball game. As we know this year only have a one against the Israelis AS number I guess I'll raise awful. Business I gaze that's a gravelly and tough to the end to the very meek they meet case after after the game yesterday. Or be in and downplayed beating him down more you'll play great sure. What's up rob wow here's a recent years Jay Cutler. Got to set it so it really well in the locker room you know that's that's three weeks out of sixteen so there's there's a lot of football left. The pieces are that in the locker room and I truly believe that if they're on different teams there's there's a lot of good guys in this life talent. This really coaches. Let's get back to work and facility and we can't. For the job as a club football let's play. It each clears throat off my. It's. A school. Yassin and Amber's right is weak fourteen dolphins have another opportunity to embarrass themselves on Monday Night Football this time though at home okay this time at home. So there's that's a look votes and John it's not like a plane Tom Brady and and. Johnny Damon reports that the cardinal to the giants are the favorite to trade war John Carrillo a front office executive. Says regarding the stand and trade and John Carlos running the show. You know the favorite to Traber John Carlo is the teenage on call wants to be treated for my kills it is possible he won't accept a straighter off. I that he does have a sense of what teams he would accept a trade to some Shas might kill all the chances you get four weeks to. Miami Herald is reporting that Derek Jeter and her Sherman planned to have a ninety million dollar payroll the next two seasons with a possible increase in 22 when he. Which depends on whether there four point plan for increased. Revenue so now some so awesome and a million imperiled and so lost decade ago now so grand. What else is entrusting us. Term did you see LeBron him out of the Diana someone heard there the guy and a silly amount LeBron when is it doing immerse America. Yeah LeBron and today we'll run you know being it yet of the his cab seemed they all rode the subway and get ready drives a pastor. Hands he was snapped chatting. When he was on the subway to show everybody how you know regular they are as a railroad or subway once and our lives hang in and that guy sitting next to LeBron on the subway. Got angry down because LeBron put a camera on him and the bronze and the guys have connections that can you not in kind of added the bronze. Bono weigh one also when he got Ron was no way. And he said that it would that's what he said the guy then came out later somebody interviewed him he said he had no idea who LeBron was. He thought they were just some annoying high school basketball team regenerate it in those guys are heights school I mean Dwyane Wade was sitting across from abroad. By its. Regardless he didn't know who clearly in a minute orders the Davidson LeBron blasting out at all like the I had no sense of personal space kept elbowing him the whole time and then put in my camera on snapshot he was not have a this makes sense why would an NBA team be riding the subway as true. You know I want to well you wouldn't think that they're pros usually they are amateurs limit high school but yet you would think there were some sort image lakers. Mobile we go play the giants we would always go right subway back and forth late to the island and back over in Jersey we grow obviously right over Manhattan or where men and go over to Jersey to go to restaurants and before games we would always read the the what is at the underground subway right. It was all they called subway. And what's cool. On Dell DJ Williams can be honest next. And offering title again. It is Saturday road trip or the wrong dog make awful come home maybe a twin peaks on Saturday morning I'm wrong. Getting there around 8 o'clock man last winner gets an 845. Get on the bus nine bells. It's going to get after have a good time they get on the bus all over the stadium just our tailgate and that's when the that's when the fun starts given their cores my zone. Paying out plenty of food and booze you got a cigar roller over there yet tons of muses we got the deejay going on. Chances on winning some prizes. Of course cain's game baby exit. So eater back in action tomorrow night's. We wanna do tool the week right here okay so many give you a few minutes again on board and we have to do it'll fort pack going give away for too little we can we do that Tobin. Yeah four back yeah looks that we do that's so. All Q upbeat take three honey he could take three studs or whatever you wanna do all right so four pack of tickets. To see the heat and an up coming home game right now you Gelman told a weekly be few minutes 786360079. So that you get onboard here. You know how to hold a week works. Now the dolphins last night 45 to when he won the Panthers they crush the dolphins. Ands. Yeah I'd I think I think were adding more relieved. I think we should be grateful. That the dolphins played on Monday Night Football because otherwise. Monday's show. After. I'll remember forever hurricane game. What have we we would have spent. I mean we would had I don't know we wouldn't have sent my time on that boat had to spend sometime earlier and had dimension you know and and instead it. Because the dolphins were not Sunday and we knew it or get crushed. We got to spent all of yesterday shell. To celebrate the hurricanes. And then last night the dolphins windup Grunin divide at least for a little bit. Paula it dawns on planes Sunday they ruin the week and vibe OK they just. They they may money's always a bad vibe so it is a committee has sought the workweek Monday is bad by no matter what's adults made the Monday vibe even worse. But this way I am ruin the weekend five. Because that is its. Even though we're only talking about one of the team's winning and I get every team went over the weekend this past weekend was was. It is a tremendous Miami sports weekend. And and I I really wanna think god okay I'm a xenon 1 guys require am speaking to god right now for on Gaza hush and thank you so much. For not having the dolphins play on Sunday and I love the incidence okay thank you god for. For further coincidence even though between union notes not a coincidence and they got it got plans the dolphins does he does he is in charge OK I wanna thank you god for not schedule on the dolphins on the weekend in Macon in a Monday nineteen so we teach us celebrate the hurricanes over the weekend take you so much a look at. A series he. I'm pretty let's amber amber and I say. Praise god yeah that's right that's right. You what are you put president Horry says for not having the Dalton's play this weekend too as they got his point across okay ESPN news dog and a praise god yes that's true Texas writes in 67 ninths and inform the Coral Springs on marquis attacked sign Romberg cultural playoff rankings tonight committee rewarding if they agree to be ranked in what do you think we should. Be ranked and real quick ought to say they're not there's nothing than to ruin now. There's none of them on the what are they gonna do put us boards that a three year to exhibit three of five parents it was a matter I don't care. We had when your final three games an annual you're guaranteed to be in the playoffs winning cures all as a matter when it is as a matter. I know Tex writes in the UN back in less humid championship SOH. Oh that that's just ridiculous. As a OH. Do you means. We adhere. On T get the leak out here if you think that the U was back before winning a championship. And that that's a look. They're competing for national championships ever there Bakken there in the national championship conversation and he'll play off. Conversation but I would also say it extends beyond that I think that. What you saw in terms of fanfare. Around the rock plays into whether they're back nine and you saw that on Saturday night the fact that. You had to stadium that was reminiscent of those Orange Bowl days and that there was the national dry around at there was the readings or what they were. At the turn off for college game day is what it was is I think all of that indicates it's certainly the EU is is very much on the way I'm just. Back just really excited for the kids like that's tests that's who I'm excited former excited that finally. A lot of hard work. All of their efforts you know unfortunately the classes before them. Work probably just as hard as these young men but never got to enjoy the fruits of the labour and I think that. That I'm I'm so happy for the kids because they they really do look collector having fun if you go back and you look at what we did what we were playing. We have fun we were like happy about being there there wasn't any. Walls that were put up around our facilities there wasn't any. You know back talk going on saying one paying meaning another it was just oozes love those low for the program in the fan base that's what I'm super excited about is that people in the community. I can tell you how many times I got what the public to the grocery store. Late Sunday night to go read some groceries and they amount of people that stop me and asked me about the McCain's some of them canes or talked about their party that they threw over the weekend. As they weren't able to get a ticket. To go to McCain's game. That's what makes me happy man I'm I'm so excited right now from school. For everybody involved from the I'm excited for Blake I'm excited for coach I'm excited for the players I'm excited for the future recruits that are going to be committing to the University of Miami. That's what that's would symbolize is being back to me. It's a tool we. Yeah I. It's time for a two day two of the week which brought you live for lumbered for nearly fifty years total was in. Providing service and quality of experience for homeowners so affordable web sites were rumored outcome to why they are more than just lumber. I'd sit on this cozy get us into all the week all right nothing too serious and tourists they of the four pack of tickets to seat heat what's get a kick started here let's go it Lenny all right thank you a long time good morning. And long time they hear that. AM my school. Going off the grid empowered OJ Simpson to get washed that hotel being drowned and still. Yeah he was Lucy was loose error or our Larry O'Brien hang on there you know the Jews. Here is Dave Dave Obey god god. I really wanna go to those two Florida Gator wide receivers out each other at all but I adding I don't Hamburg this week. Were defending all five while about Miami being up black spot on college football and saying that Penn State was more worried are. More recognizable program then Miami. I got a bad luck I don't think we had had a wild running around in our program. I'm not gonna get her on musings of revisionist history argument is carried out of Yahoo! gardens in the area what I am allegedly set though. Here is. Daniels had dinner he got. Okay I'm going to leak court I mean it on in our ADR. I get it out there that are in day incredible turn out. And yet they Notre Dame are you kidding me it did art is it back in the Hulu we. All right hang on let's give richer in opportunity here god Richard. They're going on government I'm caught in order to move. On UN and there were picking on to a nor apron and that they. Is crap beat out of them. All they were they anonymous and they got there other couple yeah it's great for our radar for a coronary by it would walk on that's rough RNC smoked aren't I finally got smoked at another they started to slide irony here is banned god then we got. I really don't either or umbilical grown is that the current tour. OK. You have nominations Benigno. Here is Johnson & Johnson who you got. Yeah actually wanna go with it and never tired because almost the whole wheat and I don't know how many different weeks you've been talking about how I just do your broached how did you impeaching a gritty PH bitter probably that it be commuted to it took so we do we are already seeing that being beaten nobody is it garlic and catching it yet I doubt weigh how good at it and my distance to the art and I. I mean it it. All right hang on Johnson and finally let's give Miguel a chance we got Miguel. They guys deflected nominate myself. Allan Bruton for Notre Dame patrol Colby and I troll romper actual everybody that was sporting that you. And we got smoked and I didn't even listen to the radio yesterday at found out that. Apologize. Guys Brett Romberg apologized on. Oh all right Brett Romberg a band that you everybody at work. While Whitney. You think you Miguel hang on and under urging him into politics doesn't do it you know TJ here gentleman scholar like a gentleman spoken gentleman there Miguel all right amber let's vote here DJ wanna vote suited yet everything on the OK we OJ Simpson we got amber Lee Lee Corso got you on fans who lost the fight. We got LeBron Levitt's art and Miguel nominating himself amber you got. I am not going to vote for the Joker who nominated me. I am going to vote for the guy who is stand up enough nominate himself. Our rates Robert yacht and the the two presidents of the chess club you and RS will on concourse I'd area by the two Notre Dame kids are I DJ what is Jews duke missed you can get it better Vegas cosmos Lewis. And banned from those Vegas hotels and that's what the juices apple should do. I'm actually go to guy nominated himself as well wanted to go Lee Corso because he kind finessed that that whole situation. Has the money pumped and has taken you've got to go to Miami that he put on a little cut habits do standup guy there. So when we got. Ago LeBron. Yes nets that's your style. Are you and you know. Wins is Miguel also you know it's really a real gentleman okay he picked the wrong team. He was trying to get pain in the ass and he came out here is tail between his legs he apologized so Miguel disable the fort package ticket it takes three bodies have yet to not coming home game how you look at. I hang on to go get our information okay. Night there ego we are pal DJ Williams here in studio with us and we'll continue talking hurricanes' next. Hope watched him as Marlon. Watch film impressions when you invasion. What kind of hero. No overhead and issues that get distracted. Quickly because it doesn't Saturn and and he's here which is an excellent on the schedule. Thank coming out there music festival and our life or December 2 and third RO beach of course December 2 and that's the ACC championship team. But that's okay because you come home buying you can watch the game seven I need to get sports oasis who watch the game. At a sports ball defeat in the sand the only place do you did you ever heard that before OK so you check that out and that's brought to you by yeah England it's being linked 79 to get sports oasis not to be confused are you doing. You. Rip tides is that I enjoy on the accident attorneys 807 or seven free. That's 807473733. By Gloria. If it's quiet asked to be good and by being one blogger you link is America's oldest brewery angling logger respect it's earned a retired tickets on an out to to buy dot com speaking of rip tide IU DJ's here lesser pals DJ since. And let's trying to dismiss an off mica a year you better and that DJ. You plus zero for the for a few days what you what you once you and the speaking to retire as you say you such easy over the weekend did it's we are because of the sort our show here we're saying that I feel like the show kind of snuck up guys all. Let's check it on FaceBook whatever and seeing how Jay z.'s doesn't dole was taught arts tonight's. It was as close is sold out could be possible but there was a much buzz around the side here why it is applicable me. The tickets were bought her before Berkeley group. Robert is in July. It was a few months ago. Long time ago Mozilla isn't yeah. So it is for you liquid saint and Obama Girl and she reminded me every every week don't forget about easy November. Twelve flawless it was good it was good seat and port also on the Ford Salma actually in Chicago and the reason that it was so good is. Nowadays you can you rarely received one artist on stage. And can entertain. Many people use you guys background as you got sent an especially hip hop cars got seven other guys Mike Mike but it. We have the last couple tours he did beyoncé yeah split equally Timberlake idea how to Timberlake when I won't grassland Chicago's Soldier Field this when it loses him. He had some big screen TVs that kinda maneuvered around. The arena. Sold you can have a great seat you can really get a feel for the show but he did a lot of his old classic songs in Ramallah in years he's great because sometimes you'll go to hit up constantly. Real hip hop he's real gritty you could tale that he's passionate. About a scratch. These daily flow calling Diddy 'cause I seen a couple things liven him before he just went off and just started blowing in like reckon the president doing a bunch of other things like that that he do anything like pattern though. The idea PG had a moment actually you know what he did he get a real passionate in this own. I believe that this long. What's to beyoncé about. His infidelities his his response to. Eleven to eliminate yet and so before that he talks about the you know he Gabler interested in off don't look tough songs in my life he's like this the tough assault on ever written. He was like you know I'm just being honest and being true Holmstrom muscle down like. You and makes me get into the song you can tell you know. A lot he was hurt a lot because of you don't have to tell us Obama in his late but he also in the song talks about having the toes kids. About the many years and why he dvds and it was real. And then you mix that kind of what the visual he had yet pitches up like famous photos Demi fall rolls and is to feel happy at the beach. And as you listen to the song it's like. Your chair pockets do this. Particular talk on the beach holding hands package due to news. But there because you admit your antidote is is that may you know event and you're OKMR Arthur Davis though. Not tried that before we don't do work and importantly give duke is double here is this our Caylee that thing with me. And I went to remember video me you have to catch me. Like G easy just admitted his infidelities it seems like he was hot. Just as I don't miss. Little out there and how is that what what's her name when that's in the elevator got me alleged reasons. I believe so. Salons when not nuts without it that's what it is the problems. I believe so I mean that's what people's views as a sort of nuts over it typical may remain in May and the position of. Our old news does in my closet is the latest rate area. So last night the dolphins. They lose 45 to when he one way to spend a lot of time on the hurricanes need clocked out would DJ. But before he gets that let's let's get this out the way bomb last night was. Last night was the first team this year people aren't they come all the time. And he comes in with a reputation. But last night was the first real game I thought he was absolutely terrible. Yea you know I thought the most part been okayed a series very limited okay and the pieces one and do a lot we know the offensive one of my past protects a lot and they can't rumble. They're not terrible past okay. And. We'll just walking is usually a position that the coach is gonna put chewing or your quarterback can help you out by either getting rid of the ball earlier changing protection or identifying certain blitzer because he supposed to know what's coming in an end always he's always shock and he's never under senator okay if it lat yesterday was the first game where there is no defending Jay Cutler's play I thought it was so bad. Well personal hurt. Carolina Panthers are basically number one in every statistic. In the independent spirit right there great defense and they don't make mistakes and play well together. Then the Miami Dolphins are almost last in every statistic like. The the way the game played out it was exactly how it goes down on paper. Com. I do think that they interception right before the half of the there are very costly miss any change to gain aids is actually legal and 107 its only forced to change it changes the game here and you're no longer allow has offered to come out your same game plan being down by ten points now. To a defense that is very very stingy to get the first feeling EU. Decision tree yeah. It was very bad but again. A lot of it has to do with a defense like. Says asserted yesterday that you know nothing about loop keep cleat I think he's a B across the board and everything which makes them and they. Passive he does everything right he's going to be in the exact position in order interception late in the coastal low keeping the almost eight yards deep on the right side and has. He's going to be in ormat possession he did exactly whose post is due he had the underneath of what I do running a pulse seven rout. And you've taught by your codes to app to the tightening clears ten at twelve yards with your head around. Get underneath the ball he did exactly that got an exception it's just it's it's the office to talk to take what the defense gives. Yeah at that point in time so what are your blitzing and you're replacing a man without adjustment decided just on route. Or defenders blitzing off the badger corners pressing or your singled up on one you take what the defense is giving you entered the one on one matchups and things like that so. I don't think the dolphins have the ability right now who had adequate defenses are given an. Four for the most part. There is in in every all principally there's a beater for the defense you can't cover everything and everybody but. You have to pre determined especially with Cam Newton dual threat quarterback who know digital eleven on the roster to go and do you actually accuracy and pocket passer like. Nobody is project run the footballs we're dealing with a few skill positions at this point on you know more would DJ especially in the hurricanes' next.