ZRA Part 2 12-1-2017

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, December 1st

Judge Zaslow, Canes ahead of schedule, Big Game/Not a Big Game


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That ticket all week long history of Tennessee football update presented by image on the mean accident attorneys have been been an accident. Call 807473. That's 807473733. Spots out of directs the right court always the right price and by East Coast public adjusters. Scott dress it's called bird or call 855 get. ECP eight or visit East Coast public adjusters. Dot com. Heated text in the show on the calls friends on marquis attacks line 67 ninths and fours as all of you interviewed for the Tennessee job I'm not instant. I'm not and that job. Do you think that there is. It federal answering it down. They're using Tennessee is a leverage. For their current jobs and money it seems like they're earn a spot monster par where they're only gonna be able to hire a Tennessee guy. Like someone who lost Tennessee who really cares about C. Yeah and along the Tennessee Peyton Manning because it it seems. It's it's possible. That you've got a lot of these coaches. Who could be stick in upper she on out. And the way that a deal like the way he was real wrote of course we got done dirty little or no doubt about it I don't that's really what they're all doing I think some of them are just. Like I said using as leverage in and not even necessarily disagree with tennis seat but. The AEA get an offer from Tennessee they these talks in Tennessee and they get offered more money were they are and they on how much regional leave because they're comfortable where they are her and and it it's got a got them arrays where they are and they know what to challenge it's going to be to go to Tennessee. I think there's an aspect tool where winners like. On a brotherhood thing. Between the coaches don't like what happened is she on how Nelson he honors out like I haven't heard that he's apple yeah but still it's a pizza fraternity the coaches you know. And I think there's also an aspect to it where as long as this is the current. Athletic director as long as he keeps his job. You know he holy Kane and now me directly sell but he totally caved to the pressure from. The fan base. What happens in new locations not at Tennessee guy who comes in. First two maybe three years. Teams struggling not performing up to the expectation. All of us understand beast gets crazy once and fired paid as a deed he gets weighed by the fan base. That's why I'm anyway of that SEC school allowing Jiri you know three years gear you're in terrible and the fans are gonna want you fired it mean at some point boosters. In the SEC do you have a lot of the draw. I think it's a great opportunity. Tesoro that great shot that you're dealing with a massive institution gets great job who doesn't need help. Terms of their history in terms of their success rate it's not like it's a new programs starting out. It's a phenomenal and smell a long time Wilson's regularly very relevant Tennessee a twenty years on that shuttle you're still packet in 90000 people 80000 people on a stadium a great standing still packing that place out no matter what. They are the premier team in Tennessee like that's it there's no other team. Arm and he's a great opportunity for any coach out there but again I'm with you on board about the whole. Coaching. Trammell the medal and I'm glad they're doing and I don't they're more nervous about if they give him that dirty and they didn't do work if Tennessee didn't do your homework. And put him on blast like that they should have known better shame on them. Mom and what's the chances of that possibly happening to me too as well basically fish at a Fisher cut bait so I I think that anybody who takes his job. I think I think it's great opportunity like I really do like I see like but this early Lane Kiffin scenario because there wasn't. There's a petition now. The fans they like 80000 signatures to try to bring a link into Iraq killing lane loves the fans want Lane Kiffin so. You see I ever CE CE CWW servicer McCain chimed in on who should. Be the next head coach there Tennessee nobody's running for mayor of one of the cities in Tennessee. He's writing Mayer hey it's awesome one word. Once no idea you undertake is rubber monster under eager to the undertaker the brother. Tests and from another mother detained chimed in he wants to hire less models. Let's mile street next head coach at Tennessee. But that's this Cain have a lot of pull I don't know it's not like I say I don't remember. That it seems like someone's got a little bit importance. Well I think Tennessee's about to have it even bigger problems at the south ST huge job becomes open and that's not necessarily. Believe. We have. Really on the right thing that I think hash tag your ally of the grand I think we're we are gonna get that announcement by Sunday. As Texas dam ever has reportedly at this point offered him now seven million a year he's gonna eliminate ten. Year contract why canes fans should want because I kill didn't you already had the recruiting for multiple recruits now deacon just like there's turmoil will keep you journey with the SEC for three years and so now at this point does this every year and who won a big SEC job comes up but at this point it's a taste good thing for the cans of if you in this point he if you leaves and in your he's very losing recruits not leaving no he's battle and they have a really highly rated recruiting class coming in the top ten. And he's very dirty. Use one string. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you call. A Texas Dana money's no joke and it apparently reportedly one of the reasons that. Jim volleys thinks about leaving is because he's frustrated that after she's facilities aren't up to par in their boosters are. Apparently we're willing to spend money on that. Florida is about to break ground on a new 61 million dollar football facility that breaks down ground this year and then obviously now you hover in Miami gaining steam and how would you guess Dana bash job and did you see after gaining steam as of start clearing the count pressures him and piles of Don yes no because that's in the by the way University of Florida out passers Oliver Oliver campus dollars. Right unmanned cow crap the minute you drive in which doesn't even remotely and do not need not even a little Angel Nelson who don't know how pastors and by the way it was like knocking cal rosters from. By the way rushing the the whole it's it's always he picked exactly green it wary of how tipping into its rooms Robert. You thought about that those are two different things about a mile away by the way the able you know let's make fun of the 61 million dollar facility they're building and the whole you know amazing. Stadium on campus kind of thing it doesn't really work burn. It pains me and the make fun of them. Donating as we keep winning yet donated eighty solid hard rock looks like few Louisiana now and no one there the innocent until pretty desolate through there on I'm on a day is this one's never let us know there was zero we can I saw pictures of Rivera. As I need a little bitter. I'm waiting for the recruiting visits from cocoa he tell you want to it's not something you're telling officers they just play at home. The Los we gonna we can before. Well Lester they're at at this human rights and rights those we can before Eldon her home for at this young alleged Al and a lousy officiating yeah answer bribery was I'm telling you if you look at images from a game it was pretty good because I made and I'd ask. Ayers is now ten increment I mean it's not spell out obvious indicators and an aunt as you are absolutely awful this Thanksgiving week. I tell regardless in. Obviously not a size should be sounds it's. A new game with two horrendous and he's online Thanksgiving weekend is going to be ace sell snapple and has his fans I got so yeah. That was the best one out school re also allow like one game. Does best when you're at school. If you don't care so much about gators football you buy the seasons and it's like sixty bucks a page get what like six games by six names like sixty bucks for the season okay. Man to sell that you he and that I have this new game. By your and it's horrible person they are huge waiting lists even of the ticket to be allowed to get tick I doubt it was also when I found out that I got rewritten gains we don't really get tickets yeah. Like it's not like University of Miami you don't on that again I went there to double in my mind when I started going to Yemen it's like why I don't automatically yes we didn't get the risk taker ever free really right and maybe. Cindy get guerrilla. Yeah advantages that you have we. We don't have loans available boutique or even actually does give the entire Amazon is also a much smaller school. When he's the play with guys like Fred Taylor and and Mike Pearson and Aaron Walker and you're trying to tell me that bill o's guy. Do that you get finally take this in the U wagon for you for a football players. Oh you get the whole suite in the end zone that provide food and beverage for you liked what. We have to pay a minimum amount nordic it right to possibly by. That's not a knock on you that's that's how popular that interview go to those games and that's how much does that tell you know he Florida hater I'm back at Florida in the offseason because you don't. Usually not remotely true that's a little. Really so there was more Florida Gator players former Florida Florida Gator players working out the university Miami when I was in the NFL there was sporting Mecca Florida. Because it's obviously it's Miami so they probably have places down on learning aussies and so of course we're going to work out here as true as to why did you think that these players. Any NFL are going into in Gainesville for the reason. We do as good at doing that that's the reason we there was going to I live in Miami. No the reason we know a lot of guys don't become down here in the state your. Primary because it's my nanny and that. That's a little bit liberal and he entire roll out entire on the on the that Al that he has a higher level did you do you have former Peter put this reason I always instill confusing you say that is you do it all these don't these gators game Jeff former gators players on the on sidelines rate late. Emmett Smith is gonna come to a game on a silent NS does get to know haven't heard any beans were thwarted a dole it out. Now with the kids and spending time in the slot how big how big is that the that the golden man I love you flip I am obviously what does your head companies usually aren't. Ari on the former Florida Gators going back to the gators to go help out and work with the kid shoots him when he goes out as soon as good I couldn't I'm waiting for one good name await your. I took you a whole lot of weight your position it is always in your minds. US and is the only college were former players don't call us back when Nebraska held on the kits for the states and other month. I'm just talking afford a particular. Once forsaken them. Mean it's so it's going to Spain went a little documentary about the Florida State players coming back to help the floors say O Muslims Deion Sanders who want to with a Jonas got yeah. Don't like at a floor Osama got a for a guy. Don't know I don't know what he's I. I don't know where you get for doing it really don't Jacksonville Jaguars is it the power to legacy and Fred were never go back there OK we'll let me tell you personally to about. I mean it was an IQ I can't guarantee but lake and let's not pretend like Fred T did almost get kicked out of college because they've. Very big scandal at Florida that actually got other players kicked out because he's getting paid by an easy as we don't even need to go there the. It's not saying hey why has always been a plane at one out didn't for celebrity. It doesn't sound like loyalty and bomb blasts uses murder I. My. So there's there some controversy there when he and I know the players Fred Taylor separate zones mother who for Chris responded Jason Taylor Jersey. But now that I'm. It's too isn't it. And now is sort yeah you and I house. And knows that that weren't drama house and on these and I guy to pledge items that are around that is dead how do you know or not you killed and hated his stepfather wait like and that's why we're that's why is saying now you don't even know he's alive anymore I don't know if he's alive anymore so when you security for school in the morning to be at the table eating breakfast and he heard come out of his mother's bedroom picking his teeth any would have Tobin shirt on wood no one -- on that room and walked by the breakfast table Odom our. I'll. Believe the difference he didn't come back to public is an ominous son went to Florida is now. Only only when the joke on assignment don't. Fresno is very critical here very pretty McNamee and. School teacher rob is that every I really try and pretend like Fred Taylor didn't do anything for the program after he departed from the program. But he never came back Arnold Gary Newman Greg hey Imus. I'm former Gator has mixed up but am I think now. Because I'm still waiting on your story Roberts is making stuff up from a guerrilla I want to find out all these former gators I go back to the program and help out by the conclusion is probably don't demented I am curious where do you think that's -- the stellar news are going to Gainesville. Yeah I mean. Already drawn delusion there really are literally my yeah commuter and I'm ready draw a conclusion here I've heard both sides judged as a straight draw a conclusion ready. Our conclusion is. Mighty hurricanes. The best most parliamentary boom and much alone right. Just to get to another stab at home safe again and he's getting in my personal entity much older alumni yeah. I'm resiliency we look at the attendance and the old me yeah. Well you know I'm so happy and you know behind my dad doesn't want. Alumni game I dabble hitting my gaveled both you to be held attempts. Unto you might solve climate Georgia this kind of short this courtroom. Mikes are off on a charge here. Number I give my rule again. I trust. Can I trust you to. Can I prosecutable or Mike's back on nobody can hear what you're saying right now and I trust you to do it gave a in my bag and I trust you to. Guys often I don't want my. Michael I cannot trust even ones that I am making your eyes or golf turn off I am making my rulings once again. Ruling its mining Eric means. But the best. That's the ruling that's that's it. And I've made my decision. Until until it comes here and and UN as a back he's. Then and then Florida as early fifties and then all the of more than double B and Florida's about. Stability squadron. If you CF of TPC about your mouth. TBC about him out. Yeah yeah get her. And took a broad view our CN content support. And don't even prison. Let's bring in any no we don't Yale to bring in the real humiliation of doing. But by prominent. You can't let you even. I hear she is is there any new Tony just double double bunch so we can you know get the newly suing gods have. Hopefully you're right. All right. You know. I was and on the we all that we haven't gotten to a Captain Underpants. And I'm like no one looks like that once so it retreated to dress like captain on our hands it looks poll shows us in key lime pie which. And I tore up some key like I over Thanksgiving. Cruise. What is the rate holding up the you know getting a bag of candy corn throughout the show follows so the roads are still on Halloween just. A blood I. I'm gonna vomit in the bottle now and as I hate political. Well I think it was announced and what is via Miami knee it's you gotta go getting. Christmas bonus because. It's it's your groceries going out code we get that I'm done for you your guest series that went on the board is on the door and arms leave. Men are. Yeah that's gonna get a demand in golden arm. And don't nickname. Never been. Hello Mark Gray and the candy and Costello. Those who rose so groundless. I can't hit it towards it as well it was weeks ago we're working G is the name we need in him sell candy corn Amazon both. Well they still candy corn has made maybe you. It'll get Mark Richt on that week a tells aideed it's. Is that you can easily he's got his own you know ways he's got ten. Step sandwich rule one of belies talk about public loves candy corn is more correct that it I'm I'm I'm gross ups thinking about it candy corn is so trashed England's white T ansari a call legacy at. Ability. Tell me it's not. Kenton. I I'll tell you what I'm tired of hearing about the hurricanes' next. I'll feel like Eric in many key. It now before every game start out offerings audible also funny tonight at 7 o'clock. I'll get you ready for heating hornet's. Calls rings audible home of the low cost caller brought to life. Hornet is really porn he later learned so undermanned Tommy doing all Alina horny name as your man Obama measurement. Roger like Comcast visits builds of four business syrup or our guess is defined what we have today. Yankee he he does a guy that gave it a dummy. He can't he did that thing where you yeah you do you put your fingers next a year Malkin you stick your tongue out and it looks like you're doing a sexual act this. 35 green didn't need a little fingers I don't know what to do the two fingers yeah yeah on and second of all we really Jesus you know. I know you're gonna ask you did it rock now he did it dealt with the two feet yeah. Yeah double or iPod are slim Texas Longhorns hook more get our roster he did and with his point to us and you're supposed to do your middle finger near. It was dirty and what it was delivered letters Tom if you Florida's dunks and that's discussed I think his yes yes and it's disgusting yet you can't put your time he's he's a dummy sometimes. Yeah the gloating just over the rocks are the with a tongue out but I could see me not only didn't find for that and Meissner now and he did it with a ton of and Indian army. It. That's an heat face tonight now that that's who I am is gonna go against tonight. Damn at a buyers and against and Dwight Howard tonight does that mean kingpin than when the when the landlord comes over mouse click the rent it's disgusting. She comes in and she's she's she had some with the teases grounds. Back and had to pay the rent there wasn't gonna do and fuzzier than this one or yeah sick human being you he had to do a filthy animal. He gets the hurricanes and a second here. 679 supports don't actually sell its video apparently didn't do with the two fingers man he's got picked Anders as well as photos though. Pointer in the pinky so and I usually did do the right way that he did as an athlete and fly has definitely unit did wrong ways as well no you have 200 to hit the wrong no 100 million that are about wakes with thought that's what he did not forty and doesn't address those who is very steep for its best. I'd really like hey dummy. And it's what is he you're a dummy who need to make the thing that's good because I consumers Basque. Sir. Mix this appears Dwight Howard act like he's going to downtown Julie Brown did that this. What what does it and that's arrest what does that mean Edwards and explain it to agree with her. Well. I'm fine and what's the maximum thirty. It's exodus on the Coral Springs are marquee attacks line 67974. That's of what you just said about Billy Donovan generics bowl should be fired under his stay he lost LeBron and wade. Early else talking about. The heat and I think they should go after all George I think they should try and trade for Paul George. And Cindy get Oklahoma city's gonna be open to that about a month or so from now. It's about you know they continued struggles not knocking it down to Keaton in the offseason they missed the playoffs and ultra it will leave. I repeat should. I think that you be on the heat rate. Like pork but anyway bomb. Adding Billy Donovan gets fired because under Billy Donovan watched they would wind up losing Paul George if they were key and Paul George leaves B of free agency they're gonna wind up losing Paul George. And Kevin Durant and watch I didn't dance EU not heap job. I really is is the departures so I think it and I love Billy Donovan but I think that it's of them having all the weapons they have and then underperforming this season. Like a half of what these guys went a league hasn't winning retinal well great it's I don't think it's necessarily about the departure look Kevin Durant what a black illegally and winning it. Have not gone to a 31 lead in the western finals might of he was no he said he would. Easy set earlier this year I probably would not have left is probably would no luck yet. I mean yeah clearly it wasn't a winning team he left and it wasn't winning TV yet they held onto a 31 lead in the west finals they go on when the champ she's not leaving him and I don't think you left. He said he and our good will it coaches getting fired is because he didn't win the actual finals against. That yeah LT yet they all go together though it did the winning. Do you that they could get a carry over that warriors team got that's not the issue the issue I and being the bigger issue is this season and win it must and he didn't get fired for not to we not getting tired for the departure Kevin's rant. Also a first year the bigger issue is this season when now when he did it he did great in his first year. Every getting past that warriors seem but this season and they should have a bigger issue is that it's. Dia. That the that there are under performing with the east by. It's now as opposed the question of the attacks about Eric ball show a couple things number one. Erik Spoelstra and his relationship in the heat organization. Different from Billy Donovan and his relationship with the thunder OK it's it's not the same scenario are another thing. As far as weight is concerned Spoelstra has nothing to do with that they remain tight they love each other okay searchable does nothing. To do would Dwyane Wade leaving OK you wanna say it's an into LeBron leaving may be although I think we all know it's more about coming from the top Matt OK but. Eric Holder has nothing to do with when wade leaving and finally and most importantly and this is not a small thing exports come into NBA championships and the economy has not. That's small. Other techs are Wright's interview Clark pulled Georgie leads yet the money freed up laughter summit also struggled. You know let's go point worst case scenario you can't can been pull Georges de -- and then your back in the free agency did a good point. As a point. And finally here that Miami deal worked out well with Gordon Hayward. It's not the same thing you'd have Gordon he would playing here for four months where you have the opportunity. To. In 88 you know it in bring him in two with a team into the organization to place to live here for a little while and on top of it. Offer him the most money he would never able offering the most money OK Gordon Hayward and he didn't play here or lived here at the time not the same thing. The idea is to get the guy you you case of 34 months and to live a year and every day. Not just not just a six hour meeting McCord he would every day. For three or four months you get to convince Paul George seeing here doesn't it. I. The hurricanes tomorrow night's okay biggest gains in a really long time here grown tired hearing with the Miami Hurricanes and I want to hear the space on whenever it happens more. I don't wanna hear the whole head of sketch stuff. But cain's wind up losing tomorrow. And the team's fan comes out with listen it's okay we're ahead of schedule we weren't slow speed is good right now. I am I am over that I don't we're going parallels or what he thought or Paris I don't I don't wanna each year I hence I had a schedule yet another had a scheduling like you morsels he's this good yet. There ahead of schedule they were supposed to be good couple years from now but they're good right now. I don't wanna hear about that. Ahead of schedule self when it you know that they work for some programs or some professional sports teams okay. Every single year down here with the Miami Hurricanes there Cilic professional team. Every single year the Miami Hurricanes would talk about the canes beamed back the EU national champs just you can't have that motto all. And expecting you expect that your canes fan expecting what you expect from that school's football program and do the whole were ahead of schedule is ahead of schedule the schedule is. Win right now that's senior British are who we are right aren't there steps to get there. Majority of the week for the dirt conversation issue that has been umi is everybody's inherently it loses we can but you know what. They've exceeded my expectations this year that's been the common denominator what the underlying factor of all conversations that I've I've just about everybody. Involved with the University of Miami was we've exceeded expectations this year and look mixtures going to be unbelievable bomb. I somewhat agree with that because if you ask me the reasons we. Coaching with half of Al Golden's my goal my goal is to win the schedule in the weeks it's internship this year I was Michael. My team and we put ourselves and in the and the possibility of doing so. So my goal is possibly being attained or achieved through obviously to cues that are doing in the coaches that are doing multiple gold was just to get her to get to the first ACC championship. A Zurich said the goal is the proceeds I get it for for for other programs I would understand that being the goal. But again these different way that we put ourselves out there and up there we expect something a little bit more so. Just a little bit more so I'm expecting an ACC championship win that's what my goal was as opposed just getting there com which Dan is as phenomenal as well. But Mike the whole point was. When the ACC that was my and my goal. My attainable goal. I'm seeing so quiet. Open to different here. It's different to other programs don't expect to end stop room as these eight very low expectations in the SEC that's that's with the SEC's known aren't as. Willow answered inclusion really you. Teams that you ice time. This east expectation here is who went OK that's it. White cane to not been in the national title picture for fifteen years I don't hear had a schedule stuff like it schedules here. When games but the general conversation you just Maureen. Solving talents. This coaching staff. It's his car over her it start over when Mark Richt comes and it's not over I don't you have to give Rick a little bit little window actually recruit his guys and get his system intact but it's does anyone done a phenomenal shot especially when. Criticizing Mark Richt. Criticize. To its reasons for later all that stuff of of of thing you about stats that's that's for later you wanna think about now planned for you column I don't your had a terrible yet when it. I don't hear that they are they don't read it. Schedule schedules now. When Whitney Casey chipped it tomorrow night and and and let's see what happened in the cultural playoff I don't wanna he adds a loser mentality is ahead of schedule soft schedules here. Year and it is this you know on the U was backs up can you be back. It cooled it's yours will need to tell how. Years we've been years we've gone to a season that's the goal. Ace is he telling how long we do that your had a schedule. Right now. So grid of forgets that can't rule playoffs Sunday and it's escalators Campbell standing behind the Bianca as it happens and act and I happen. Be fine. And I'm happen. Although just wondering what the reaction would be. Is almost. Almost on top it's almost want to not before all the video of if you just if you just saw Kalus Campbell walking into that boardroom just eyeball everybody. Before that to put in their votes. He does not to do think though what she wouldn't you think about. Part of it I know would cottage for included about two minutes magically you know on win. That's a glaze gambles that close eye glaze you're going to be mad if they it if if it's mine screw job right all of a sudden the door. What are who envoy. No we guess vote. That we guests who cancel yeah screw Geronimo and you know Miami's whose job. And does not what does somebody drink it's not whatever it's it's it's what is. It would be known as the money's good job. Clay is not what ever. Clients. Yeah it's not whenever. Yeah it's what many. Thanks origins as a we've lost or tied and running back in our number one right receiver we are ahead of schedule goes to lose our at all loser all that that I started making excuses for lose tomorrow night Nokia loser goes from the exact arms from chick from cried at that excuse machine now at a Texas as what you talking about this is the degree your target list. I almost a year Richards being mostly injured. So it's not a great year it's. Yesterday you sing became lose tomorrow night I really enjoy watching an employee and your mobile mortgage. Well it. This is exactly where you think that the canes were supposed to beat then it's probably not agree if you don't think that there are over achieving an anyway and that they need to win that ACC championship and you don't think it's agree your daily. Smart I know it is a great year no matter what I object to the head of schedules stop the schedule schedules to. And they do you now what are your. There's ahead and any thing their year. There's year they have the opportunity right now to win the national champs have not seen that that's that that's passed a media expectation right now actually the only shortest yeah. And won the national championship this year would you be willing to admit. That they did that ahead of schedule for expectations. What I would say it was I didn't not expect his surprise then that is ahead of schedule they if they Mark Richt was to win the national championship in his second years are coats. We happen albums are Kurds I don't think he would probably say. That pain quicker than I expected to come IE ahead of schedule no became became quicker than expected but. I'm not sitting here fifteen years. After the canes have been the national icon. He shot I can see ahead of schedule and nobody watched you do with yourself and Amar your hair right it is ahead of schedule ache but. No canes who is watching the games you're you're an. Old people are saying no there's no it if you lawyer terrible thing. I mean on. And I ask this game but what if you guys who lose this game until but I think that there is at the damage huge majority cain's cancel still feel very good about the season and still feel like we did great we made as ACC GAJ Jimmy to that was the goal and mark breaks. Second year as head coach I think Susan is in good I think most people think that was all it they will EC CJ BJ I think most canes fans hoping king faster than I expected it's it. We're ahead of schedule on. I just wish that went into the bedroom. I would be considered ahead of schedule as well that's a good thing to be ahead of schedule in the badger yes dress for the urinal. So under the normal life you sound like want pump chump. I would want to go back. Swagger. Right. That's it you know it. So why. They told you I don't like going out and watch. No number one I don't live and die with her he's never really want to win tomorrow but I I don't get crazy that men are you. Yes and the segment LG BC and I came out and school. I don't I don't live and die I would McCain's all right. But if we're a team that like I've really really. Really get crazy about I don't watch it at a big game that out in public people don't know but tomorrow night idyllic Smart and lots of blood to Formula One yeah. It was not yet I would wanna watch tomorrow out but actually at the same watch tomorrow at home because tomorrow is the night where I bailed on my wife. We had tickets for the book of Mormon at the at the horse manner and it failed owner. I agree to go to my girlfriend's birthday dinner and I just completely. Wasn't thinking about the fact that the game is the exact same time her birthday dinner it's. There's no idea what you gotta get you priorities here on that belated birthday happy. Nia. Fire you know what time is the way don't show this and sorry keep the only thing I apologize. It's a Friday you know what that means. You can sit and wonder and that's. What the big games in more than games to apologizes for asking that do not. Telling you explain everyone how this works fine does as well. Yeah try to keep up guys right. Here's our work for a rattle off some games and you decide amongst yourselves whether or not. These games are big games and we're not big news in your opinion OK but don't. It's brought about Bobby Charlie Rose one draft pick first about number six Georgia Bulldogs against number two Auburn Saturday at 4 o'clock. To join together. Asked by Auburn earlier this year that's right they got killed earlier this game yup yup yup. Now and then bootleg turn over chain you saw that. It's it is it's likes it Italy be shoulder pads against spikes that's bootleg and help before the turn overturn that boatload not Bubba. All our fans they got to make it this game OK because they're still stuck in those bushes. That's it if it dummies. How do you really is going to be when they get beat again in Georgia gets beat again and Mark Richt is old and at the national chance of trophy talking about I mean that is gone to the time. Paris thing. Georgia. And all earned a a spot in the college football play out on the line. As the game. Are right next up. An order on this on television Florida State Seminoles and it's Louisiana Monroe new series this one is the makeup game. Yeah and get his most eagerly to both Fisher to me is last game as an obstinate coach Andy and his dog against him idiots. Unless they teamed him. Seven million dollars a year for ten years and my second. I believe you sent. A now familiar beard why do you think he's innocent and on its agreement with somebody offered you 7000000 and ten year contract reduced and with Louisiana Monroe by the way is that school by the bush it would board. The Dakotas on his. Hello Leo yeah I. At this year Louisiana Monroe not a big games seem Salk. Says. A positive. Next up the Miami Dolphins it was this again. Their take on the Denver Broncos Sunday at 1 o'clock that's right answer I. Where dolphins and Broncos brought a snake bite that terrible Broncos are coached by dance Joseph B memory recorded dolphins defense last year worst defense in dolphins history and that he got a head coaching job. Nixon sense that. For the dolphins Jake college back he's back bay. I can't even pretend to make that exciting. Anyone other get excited when there it's that anyone and I just bond you out right let me just get things doubled it here's an XML the dolphins. Made a big signing the other day old AJ derby. Got 35 catches. In three years old girl to come back grit coated the dolphins to win. Does that get you excited. Now include. Dolphins and Broncos right hand side is not a game just not. Finally gets canceled more. Miami Hurricanes. Clemson Tigers. ACC championship one Saturday at a clock no Saturday and purses numb our law and Clemson is coached by dabbled as swing. The hell kind of name is at a game we get to you know I a lot of questions do we have anywhere gotten the bottom of what kind names dab up. Hello. Hello is networking and broke her big name is that there isn't and what's your origination of that now. Now plays Campbell. He has threatened to riots in the canes win and don't make the playoffs but tell you what cain's gonna win or all gonna die. It's and it's it's it's going to be a Walking Dead out there. Now clemson's defense coordinating he's got called Brent venables giver this guy. He's insane he's one of those college coaches that doesn't ought to stand aside like so actually the staff member whose sole job is to make sure that he doesn't run on the field and get back coach antitrust would like a lot so he. Yes yes. This dude has to grab this venables and pulled back like every other like it used to be at least usually settle those monkey leases. Had this to make the lucky involves simple instructions. Right it's ridiculous. Now McCain to be that Chris turned and the gum on richer at Belmont Waltz in and you know the kids are not to be without. Me giggle when hint. But ten turnovers and turnovers and I don't know what's going to another. I dream big hump. CNN. And number seven. Has McCain couldn't. But I thank god I don't know. New York comes on you and now that's an. Because his little brother. Who is only fifteen months all the time. Couldn't say he Dre he was calling him that boy. And that boy became data the Dow boy that boy why he couldn't say. That boys are became tabloid which then came down low and then all of this damage is calling and data from the time he was an infant. His real name is actually William so his name is gibberish is real name is William Christopher Sweeney. Does it in his children his name is William Christopher but it's this feeling always call them data he didn't know his real name was William. Until third grade when he answer to ski and Tron tests. And yet to fill out his real name. Dude that's some redneck who did is he got his name is. That is red hooded Shipp I've ever heard it. Daubach. Really he really was born to be the total guidelines. Go redneck comments be pigeonholed into into all rolled being an SEC head coach it's like when you're named jeeves I mean you're going to be a Butler. About. It was it was it was born and bred to coach and staff. I mean he was born in Birmingham Alabama. Dow bullet. And his family members. Were playing in the banjo in deliverance. That's what it sounds like right. This day. Stanley it's possible Thanksgiving. Don't want them we by the way do a great mood but I don't recommend a scary. Amber's got you headlines next.