ZRA Part 2 12-11-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, December 11th

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We believe in this market we leave in the fan base we are focused on bring in the fans back. And we wanna build an organization that sustainable over time we're gonna build this organization based on respect integrity. Honor. Program hard work. And I think those things are always rewarded in the long run to carry players. Coming from a and I try to move forward not look in the past but. I come from an organization as a very very good job taking care of their players. And I think that's important you know we want this to be in work as a nation where the players wanna come play. The employees wanna come work here but more importantly the fans wanna come watch games here to. Oh my goodness can you imagine yeah. How pretty it figured into this jet regards to sell the team and attendance is going to be worse immediately how the team to Derek Jeter mind. Think we would have thought that sound like a good idea years ago the tens will be worse. Alia Keebler so everybody was so excited when they said yup they're T here is going to be the guy down and I was too I was into it. Yep me too. Me too little suckers didn't realize the difference. The Yankees a list of the soft crime. Derek Derek Cherie. Derrick Jeter looked me in the eye and said you know this sucker up pinstripes and suit. Try to tell yeah. You look at all self once and you suckers. Suckers and repair myself by a million dollars a year. Suckers people keep forgetting about that five million dollar salary yeah I know Alan Bratton did five years from now hold me back isn't higher investments and then you know and he's just each is making money every draft. Speaking of which the making money. In series so it's okay. Poke home. For years. The Marlins. David Sampson. Always very chatty lately okay the Marlins and David Samson. Screaming for for years. He's losing money. Any early so the reports out there and spin got a hold of documents. Media Marlins fans. MLB. With the revenue sharing. Not now lose money now possible and I'll lose money David Samson liar. David Samson a monster and screaming for years. That they've been losing money. Now Derek Jeter is CEO of the team. He's screaming that the team's losing money. No that's not. It's a little lighter moment is on the truth people hated David Sampson because there David Samson job was to always do Jeffrey Loria is dirty works and he was in the position where people are going to hate how much. It's highly now in opposition as well which is one reason why people are so mad at Derek Jeter. David seems and with Tom Levitt tardy I think it was last week and he said that the team. Is losing money and that any owner came and what a turn Aston specifically with this happening or you Mossad our team. And David Samson said yes any owner who came and because of the team's financial situation because the team's losing so much money. Any owner who came and we be turning everybody away in the these unpopular decision that's most of David is saying that when he is not sort of the Marlins a sort mass. He's in his because Sampson and lower the ones that built that stadium took money from the people. Through. I don't know why you're seeing Owens batting an eye every when he steerage hearing now I mean you've gone from Derek Jeter golden boy of baseball and I mass loves him. To everyone is not a mass so angry with. And ask him or that the reserves are massacres because of the fact that Gloria and Sam some of the ones that built the stadium and the money from the people. And the whole loss of money was giving scream because a lot of the debt is getting put on people like that's where the dead is going bear making money. Because a lot of that debt is getting washed often written if you look on the books the way that the revenue is done in the way the iris is getting report of the money. A lot of that debt when they're doing their taxes is pushed on. To the 350 million dollars of that was taken in from the rest of the public that's the reason. So Jeter Jeter dieters. They're still losing money. But you're not one that band of people over Miami and the stadium and lot that's that's that's the reason. Hold on a second OK so why didn't people believe Sampson know. When they were losing money the last how many years. Why was blown call Sampson lied your team can't possibly be making money we SE one or the other either David Samson. Was. Always on the truth. Or Derek Jeter is the one lying reign at the team itself is losing money but the people that on the team are losing money. The investors it was. What does that Uggla at lose money than than they made a billion dollar race and drummer that's right that was a lighter resembled I don't once a year to year basis like always all season losing money they were so that team right now the ought to make money hand over this one out. Okay but all on on a year to year basis David Sampson has been screaming pork. And losing money forever and ever points here's a no lie thirty million dollars revenue you're making money okay. Dissidents Sansa knows a true avenues for years. They're teetered alassane same thing and no single wire and I. About the idea that you put this in articulating period yes they're Jeter yes oddly angry at him because he's lying about the team making money. I don't even know that's part of the congress he's in right now because I mean think people had a chance to focus on the other drugs not try everything else that he's do autopsies are trying to having anybody saying he is or is. Long as does but here's the thing you're arguing why's nobody doubting and rather than lose money in the on the team to lose money with your book the story now as wide as they approve the several guns broke and I I agree I agree it's it's not really so he's carried about yet people are upset with other things about him. Would yours say one. But when people and so did I cut the payroll because it was money that's explanation I. No they don't have. Nobody had to cut the payroll. In addition to that part because the team has been losing money year after year so they have to cut. They understood that didn't sit right under my eyes lost what was it Santa lie and tell because right now bugler upset that they even gave him the team in the first place. And to Robert's point there're some essentially decision is claiming that they could make money until they were in a new stadium and they got their own revenues. And that was that was bull crap because only one that Newsday it was to sell for a billion dollars and and write it off on the people of Miami I guess why the try to make it to the malls and losing money lasts 567 years when Everest had been losing money a year to year basis. If you wanna look at it would legally I'm on the tax you do your analysis yet to have a guy so the total owned it since a lot of because because those guys got a statement got a stadium paid for and they don't get it isn't even being. Nobody I think that it that is what the conversation one is is there's different ways to look at whether the team's losing money and I think what Robert's point was when you're looking at just the pure. Money and money out revenue will perspective and they were losing money just in terms of payroll and whatnot but then you when you're looking at diet. In addition to the ownership at the stadium and what that brings and then and overall they weren't losing. Plenty of different avenues of the way that they were going about tax isn't yet another. Single any differently and in other words. There's there's several ways and there were to run the money it's not how the numbers exactly not then but we do like that and you're right if we don't like that and there's not a single team in. All of its ports seventies was much correct right. And that's something that's been said numerous time to completely losing money in sports don't buy teams because they wanna lose money and our legal marriage is pretty good and that's like bunnies yes I'm talking a year to year basis I'm not sure that was hammered and usher people were talking were calling David Samson alive and yet here we are they absolutely thinking that they counter argument was not actually losing my gun out and that was the counter argument that the revenue sharing the Marlins made this much money this year it is so much money at sort of thing for a long time the Marlins on a year to year basis are pocketing. Millions of dollars. Let's sort headlines and use what's trendy now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you call. These headlines are right you may count tempting as a holiday vacations happening even when hero is do you call accountancy provide accounting and finance professionals on a temporary basis and fast as they count times dot com. Accountants are Robert half company. Lot of bosh in Mexico drug cartel jokes coming in a lot lot of those are on things are very high and I signed on those poll this guy here attacks in this guy's in the now okay or still does hold on to help. Stanton hasn't said yes the trade. He persuaded to but he loves Dodgers love's teammates in Miami. It anybody we. Did some deals done. He took a physical. He's he's been entries by yankees today like legal did deal on dude don't abyss as illicit zeal and I didn't dealt. Mean like known once immune and he's out of I'll go to Israel for so that's the least likely guys to get Dell our young it was elderly account under noted there on their contracts by. These. It on line. You're just doing an active frenzy Ellis now idea was just trying to heart early on Alexander it's not so I said listen you still got me man. But imagine being a good baseball player being very productive but you know you're stuck in a downward spiral for the next couple years in my sock. In any sport mountain project teams suck on the either about like a first first pick in the NFL draft giving drugs to Cleveland Browns like mad to get to imagine the feeling you get the you you know money what is going to be great for the first 45 months but after that you're realizing how horrible Vissicchio. Another money is always great and if you live somewhere and in the Cleveland Browns Salem and Cleveland here at least a year aluminum and it. Yet and that's the part that helps you sleep tonight is that okay Blake I'm labor bad baseball team on my life some pretty awesome you consult a great life. And wait for a not so great team yet compared to a lady year's team national athlete you're still making money and there were fish are still again all the way to new one near an amazing city and you listen Mercury. It is miserable though man Butler UELE. Year or less I'll still pretty great humanitarian slimmest or spent a proposal to link. You know yours here at the park games what are a half hours yet for Brazil's not tedious it's as he does not fund used to counsel late I did take out Salt Lake tell him wrong and don't let me. Tomas Salt Lake City, Utah oh yeah the Utah. Our little on our would Marley go there in the summer but you know wintertime here real cool reminds you of the what is on your your plane. You are reminded to Salt Lake City, Utah how do you does I don't know it's don't know why you're hanging your hat and I know what's Miami Dolphins take on the New England Patriots that's tonight many they put all pick up remark rockets at 4:30 PM get excited I'll. And then it's Marcia Israel in the journal of the crime though right I don't I'm I don't think he really is no it is not really hasn't really is. That's accessing not we 125 million bucks now the only human drugs stealing anything is not doing drugs either not actually correct stealing anything. You insurance or the team hasn't Sharon Daly he's stealing anything. John Carlos Stanton was traded to the New York Yankees for star Allen Castro who is going to be flipped immediately for salary relief. And per couple prospects who's really really who he was treated for an LA being men and there's a number nine prospect who cares on the Yankees and Jose devers is also who cares. Just think one thing to win Doug resist this is who cares want Lucas to the Yankees will pay 265. Million of the 295 million left on Stanton deal if he opts in for 20/20. You don't then in the scouts say that they've taken a look at these two prosperous and they look. Although I'm on Monday the Marlins counts right you don't surprise wants got a good exit you know either user hits port prospects must listen osu Lagos. The winter meetings are today in Orlando the Marlins are looking to get their payroll down to ninety million. You know. Before I before I realized that. The trade talks with the giants. And the cardinals were BS does not real trade talks is just news homeowners okay. And Susie he's all. Is always the OK before I realized that. I thought I was gonna wind have been wrong. We talked about this last week. Because we had that list of prospects of the monster and get from the giants and one of them was like a second best prospect so as you really good pitcher are not so terrible. And a member Salem commodities mad about the same deal they thought it was going to be a pretty mad. And Huckabee is mad understandably thought it was going to be because they're going to get rid of the money ends of it he you know they did not. You know they won't do so terrible on the whole they're getting back as farce prospects are concerned wind up being wrong about that. And it turned out that those trade talks were always fake OK it was never real thing because who the hell. Well as a player the team as a player was no trade clause and doesn't check the player first if you accept trade that team goes more to the trade perks OK when the Yankees are one of several teams that are on the trade list and eagle make trade deals are teens aren't on the list the more real trade offers OK that was that was Jeter trying to hide. The fact they were always going to make his deal to the Yankees. So I thought I was gonna wind have been wrong before it became hip to that and realize that's. And now it ended up being exactly what I said was going to happen if you're going to trade on call standard reading and trade money. Or you and the money and you and get you all some prospects and betrayal betray the money. They traded for Saul Castro won't be on the team next week okay and even be war. Average to above average second base infielder OK there's nothing specialists on Castro and they also got to single. A players. It was either trade money or get the prospects animal which. Scott Boras apparently let it slip that sound like brazen harper might be headed to the Yankees is well. That's what mania. There rich get richer. Claiming he speed Brooklyn nets in Mexico City on Saturday 101 to 89 just is Winslow finally got it going he scored fifteen points in my game he was fourth from four per in downtown in the past I just for the three point shootout. Chris Chris buys is deemed a little. Premature now I believe in Chris Bosh fixed justice went low we gave them that pregame pep talk Winslow said that's my guy like. We sure is yeah. Lustig gave a pep talk about Glen Rice. Never talk about ball four from three like a good wrestler tail he's a bosh is it next on his rookie year every day being black tee and it being from Texas. And I'm not gonna say that I look up to him because he's sees that knowing you're ahead I love that guy and he means a lot to me. I've Cilic idyllic bosh. Bosses only guys who really tough on rookies brightly when do that foreign Bausch. Bonds was really difficult to wit there was guys like Winslow. And Richard CN. BA they Tyler John. Masha cupcake front office are also Lydia states stood just winds on stays fixed. Yeah Dick do you see that happening possibly one if if Winslow actually does very very good in the next coming weeks because of what bosh has basically. Tim McDonald at all. Smoked all the victims you know one of most of us and you heard or Mosul or say anything I mean and only time you've her want us and it's nobody I don't breeze Chris Bosh and thanked him for being there and giving them words and and you wanna given too much like because you get made fun of by Chris and it'll it'll respond to what some type role organization he would probably be incident that. I think so after after going as a worker on the organist. It was I think you know and so now finally the united Sammy do their time another being all chummy and being actress Bai says realizes that but that's maybe the transition and he wants to make it something really I can't answer to you free block me out. Out right now he's sure a lot of feelings involved you know his his wife was there an X yeah she'll get on OJ and I'll show me occasionally Crist traveled by herself. Look he's the heat and Shaq grunt terrible terms for a long time and structures is hanging rafters forever you know they get on gets passed. Yet passed and shock situation worse but Shaq actually sad terrible things about the Boston percent and that may be stealing. But never actually said anything that. It's simply sisters yeah it's you can you can you can ensure open at your own arena with free. Bashir which emotional man can't do that emotional basic course. Emotional ado let him give advice to just was a wave it than the waiters. Yeah deal once and keep shooting as Indians want for ten on Saturday night and you know Boston where busted him was a lot that's for shorten. Miami Heat is back actions night against the Memphis Grizzlies tip off from that explore a meet he and that means coverage begins right here on seven I the day at 7 PM and Miami Heat pregame show hosted by John Dow's up. Any us Zimmer. The heat's almost left spoke behind a mark that cannot and I are sitting as. Upload took a Jason plus let's let it sit a few minutes to go out a potty in the park. And he had to chase down the bus soon it's about an hour now without him that he started that's the bugs to be answered. The tickets will be. You wanna not to take it's obvious that bad as these are cats the bucks once wanted it is running at very funny. President when suffered a knee injury against the rams Eagles fear is that torn ACL. The jaguars and Seahawks game and chaos. But babies the Seahawks really Alter and Jefferson is the DN for the CI priests tried to climb into the stands to fight some jags and. It thirty babies I saw that thirty babies that Michael Bennett. Dirty babies Michael Bennet was trying to roll up umbrella Linda Miller Sam for the man in the years and well he's a dirty maybe. Bigger mayfield won the Heisman Trophy on Saturday night eats. And what else is interesting Dana White threatens to still Manny Pacquiao and whoever represents him if he negotiates with Connor McGregor over our that I support. What did you see your boy dating were full. You look like he was 68 years old how dare you she says she looks and just fine no child aerial. Little Rock older it is. He's a young crouch looks like he's been living in a cabin somewhere in Wyoming for those items to love how they're crowd shows up they come that a hibernation every year. He uses that Heisman votes. Photo OJ be an accident just loosen amber no picture posing next to Eva. Yeah. Little did they go and orders and who would go to ABC and the next day. Stand there and order. Anyway. Yet any us ever I don't parents. The Texans on the calls rigs on what gets excited 67 nines and foreign talk dolphins Monday Night Football dolphins patriots win the ports among their football Sean McDonough he's going to wanna sit in a five. When the gun because we'll fans friends and stuff. Quit Jefferson and he was pulled off the field these turnaround and come back to them. To the stadium stands. In his confronting the Fannie and Rick Malone thought Rick wouldn't say wow I'm right next to Jefferson this several fans there now. I believe one. Fans threw something again. I got hit quite as well Jefferson go into the stands. And he's since been pulled down more ice is being thrown. None of them would feel the team. Everything it's doing Jefferson inside now being escorted off the field when he was hit. Several times guys my ice and other debris that was being thrown. The folks in the first or second round he came from higher up but nonetheless it looked as though he was walking away he was hit. Hit by some nice. That's you know the jaguars are good and they kicked the crap out of the sea dogs and then they're throwing stuff at the players on the way out. That's I don't think that was a good. It at your fans of that team your team sucks and do you indicate that way he seems awesome and you're hanging out on pick him up as the you know what did he behave that way it. Like cited teams also match and you and you beat the former bullies set the seals on the bullies OK and you kicked our ass thank you behave that way. Now I'm not saying it's right to behave that way can't they started it can't behave that way couldn't socks and you lose the legion of boom in town. That for me you know that's cool what we can. Course like schools played again sponsored by Coors Light whatever amount climb on please drink responsibly and let's not pretend like the Seahawks on dirty babies and Michael that's dirty data. Robert you can't do that the final play the victory formation we call rust gray Shia that. Years ago okay with a box they put the finalists guy and and and the Buccaneers defensive line remember they snap the ball victory formation. And aid they died at the ball and then there have been teams over job gains over and seeping have a Michael Bennett from the Seahawks yesterday. And he didn't like the way that the offensive line was blocking him. I tried to go on like a bull rush games over it like the way the only trying to turn on the ground. We try to crabs crawl out on meet the senators knees and which is unknown though I don't care what time of the game it is that's an Ono no matter what so. Leonard just play fully later big circus bear. Kind of just you know fell on problem and rolled around on and doesn't have the spot right there were you like. You do double b.'s try to drop the lease at sternum on the guy or you just go get form sure her opponent's throat and guys are better format I thought Leonard format on a show jurors got. But then opens and it's hard to walk -- delegate and Bennett dives straight agencies just kept rolling at his knees it was elegant dive at the knees kind of thing but he just kind of took him down can't do that rolled around like an -- gains overtake the alcohol. Doesn't jog like and I apologize like elder from the it's never been on the objects while we're grown man come on hunters I've. Yesterday you played for them Romer say I think all the former jaguars this I think all the former jaguars grist for pay even I even Robert and then underneath and remember all some. Biggest what are you viewed adding it's funny we just throw robber like in the middle and you don't remind to a it is nearly as Tony miceli Fred Taylor a little Jimmy Key Jim Correll Brett Romberg Mark Brunell EE minor Burnett leads that you just don't in the middle. Don't agree knowledge is ridiculous and something that's on as policy wanna I wanna see one of the former generally what's yet pulled at some point. It's just go unnoticed not hands just as the Rome in the middle of it works former okay now and a funny. Born jaguar great Brett Romberg and Jack good to sniff the field and user. Did you see by and it was price. Texas writes in here again you Texans on the calls for an Toma Kia text line 67 nines important act involvement are playing tonight I do want to talk about the NFL here. Save a ball game tired of this game or else this say about the Balkans so we're gonna react to bolted hunter show tomorrow to have a game it's a problem. Save dolphins going into tonight's game to injury the festivities but the beak that stadium with a nice to be a lit up its municipal. Actually see all gonna be frigid that temperatures down her you know everybody's gonna have their plants all wrapped up in their. It's what anybody else and spans Boehner got answers are gonna look like bills mean of course yesterday as the Eagles fans in the Huard buildings snowman famous in the stadium extremist it's going to be 53 degrees and they're going to be its hangar with his two on and scarves wrapped around their throats and how what is. Is that whether it winds up being tonight let me see that kick off its gonna be in the high fifties. People are gonna make an ally he's going to be lighting fires in the parking lot. You warm. So tonight's one of those games that were in the throw backs and they all are it's pretty tickled they'd of course and they painted the field. Old colors. And and we've we've said this is Tom Garfinkel adult conceal before. Do that every game is usually ball out when the for those duties onto. Does not throwback they do it every game right. It's just it is just beautiful out it's just beat they're. And it's not the same man loses. Thing and it has gone on and loses in the stones and not just because they have also is. Canada some old jerseys and they haven't updated get there the same I would tell you hole beats hired dolphin fan base it would. And we come back I would like them to where. The old uniforms he goes yeah this sort of thing with him excited about is that from a to see some girls and some might mean I've oops I saw him exit but this weather just brings out. Q jackets. And knee high boots for checks exit. You can you know you can get doctor that fall tire that you have in your closet that you very rarely where you probably by boots for about 607 are about to pop. But you get to where now that's that's the thing that I enjoy so if you if you do have limited time on your day today of the malls movie to get the what's going. Mr. I have all sorts of its that I never gonna Wear now eagerly depressing could include. DC Tom savage had a seizure during the game yesterday it's. Allegedly look now let's see it looked like he had one that's seizure. And something I can I wasn't caution right declared concussion protocol and add that that believe apparently he was propping up Leiden. And it appeared he had a seizure on the field beyond Saddam out Claire and her broker let's be clear that ingush Willis is it okay. Well he did you're if you're the coach or one of the coaches. You had a seizure on the field is and coughing a life. It's they're not a hardy it's like you know what didn't care if he passed and got all on citrus down okay I'm human being you're you ending its. Cedar hall blood sea grass down coached him or call. I'm fortunate we're not into just as a human being to another human being seizure coughing blood sit. So number of human ligature Rangel now and I'm gonna happen to me. Seeing no. I got the guy I was can ball single click but obviously minor and it looked like he had a little bit of an epileptic seizures signature. Annie's and you'd see is hands like gyrating back and forth in the frozen. Getting caution arms and was having a seizure now that that that happens sometimes out of musher we'll spirit. It's okay well at what the eagle blue blood flowing in my kid like that whole coughing up the blood and I'm wondering if you excellent bit his lip or you know based on her to something like that. But. Seeing a guy lying on his back and and kind of rolling over with frozen arms ever shake your head straight seizure at that scary deal. It was in what seemed like it was it was on the side it's a streak so you know Gonzales and yet on the field. Mean doesn't want them to inquire concussion protocol there right. Many NFL wants nothing to do with. But even your product of the promises you even have doctors that are at home that are not just at the sidelines or at home and are watching these games on television broadcasts as well. And they call and immediately when they see something funky on players they know that hockey and hockey and hockey's an adult so yeah absolutely. The minute that somebody sees something's gotta call immediately implement of the game mimic that call immediately. There's Obama's ground and that's a story today right as we addicting. Yeah it's just probably gonna. Encompassed everything gets this is always in the back of everyone's mind what's happened one day when a player dies on salvage wealthy that hasn't happened in the NFL OK like. It's dude had a seizure. Shortest may have been. On the field during a game. You'd some guy and a mic and seize up like that you know it's it's scary I don't know if it was a defense of Lima that was an animal what you hit what seniors this is a hit him in the back of the head yeah. Pads that you magic guy's family. Know on television now Tennessee shenanigans back in the game. What a sports. What is more. Now it now the down then always been that way and nothing's chains. Only Arab mindset about or watching novel or watching when you see guys like frozen arms and like stiff legs and so put Melanie and knocked out in a lot of us have seen a guy getting frozen and wouldn't shaking the way that you shake I wasn't how long ago that we all love Jack outbreaks and we're gonna. Love that segment on ESP hamlets that lets all be honest about it. Yes you mean you know when you do see a guy come out of getting knocked out though when he goes to the sidelines and we're sitting there I've seen guys that we're like Enola. Maybe there journal and goes again and make everything starts working properly again but it flows like super fast like a river and guys are a little bit shaky in jittery. But I've never seen a guy on the football field Doreen. The point in time where he is. I don't know if he was or wasn't but he looked unconscious to me when he's frozen. Sheikh convulsed you know like that's. That I've got to skiers have to. Yeah I haven't seen it a zero address and seeing had OMC oh now nice guys not all over EE it's wetter than divisions and zero interest national watching the I haven't actually CNN and how much exactly the let me get a concussion arms and his arms were is a. Wish I didn't watch was the hallway shooting. Of that officer did you see that over the weekend they released the video of a guy in a hallway by pleading for his life and the male officer and of shooting armor something not gonna watch that one thing that I do monologue but I don't possibly gonna. So that I said no I'm not put an amount on you was equipped. Is acquitted and there was another shooting as well as American police officer shot a guy that was like holding officer's leg and here in Fort Lauderdale mount. I don't know I only watch and so. Only. The assault one you know like watching people dying now ended up. I don't want to. Ever show the video in the in the trial at the just got that released by the lawyers what are the wife's obviously in the soup. But in the criminal case that and bring out the video. Oh really only restaurant. Molester that described to went the oh that is just got released a interesting. It is considered too prejudicial. Yes. Passes concussion protocol. That big words you read that and passes concussion protocol seizure pulse and blood. I didn't go. The community to come promote peace and here we go hey you forgot you forgot you're out it's. It. Each hey got a little bit of blood left on your chimney by appropriate Tony announcing in you don't want your son to play football charts and it's great. You know and see them talking in the broadcast last night and watch Steelers and ravens great efficiency to finish the great finish apparently to Steelers came back down double digits they want 3938 great finish. And 48 your fuel Malia right you know like I understand where my Tom when is common from. Because they're talking on the broadcast last night on a ranch is Siri now in my Mike Thomas like you never hear me say anything bad about football. You understand. No one knows grown up I had nineteen cousins and the only one of us who got out of our neighborhood growing up made anything of ourselves as me my brother and we played for him. And and so you don't yet. I get always come in front you know I got the education. Got out of where every grew up and that's you know play pro or become a coach what have you on an old brother. A lot of great things for a lot of people and that is something that is getting us that is getting lost and all of us and and there's a lot of players who would still choose to play. Even knowing about CT yeah again and again. The the blood I think that though the conversation really though has to center around the people who didn't make it and the people who didn't make. Tens of millions op football that's. That's when. The football. Gamble isn't or at rain. Yeah depends or scenarios my scenario. My lifestyle my family's lifestyle the way we live not work. Markets is not an infant sounds like from Mike Tomlin was born and yet. You don't need it and also I mean look let's be honest there is that there is a component of this that you know you probably don't have much hope that your kids are going to you know be the next. DN Marino anyways. Although I know you and so you that's our chance you're gonna take if you came from a football field Lee with a lot of you know. With a legacy there and you felt like your kids have more channels and really making it and that is it's it's I heard my and I overheard my brother and his wife having this conversation yesterday because my nephew is just dying to play football again which they let him play. Bluffs flag football you know he's only six my. So when he was five they let them play out flag for Obama he loves football so much and and they told McKay you know no more kind of thing anyone's to play it well made. Nap landlord Alley the most athletic alien oral Lowe's has gotten out there. And so it is not he's not exactly be a fastest kid on the younger Spielberg has rigorous well know so am -- as so you know my brother were saying you know why don't we let him display flag football again and assist flag football in you know it six years old his flag for bonnet it's not very dangerous it is not a play that in the you know we just don't let them play you know as he gets older. And by a sister in laws that you know I mean if you like the next DN Marino or something but it. We don't exactly have any hope that the balls his sport so why don't we find something safer than he might be able to excel in a little better. Reliable account it is easier it's. It's a lot didn't isn't like easier decision. When you feel like your kid doesn't have the best product capability and other options and when he has other options and when you feel Elie design is only way now. All right Tobin wants me to read this. Holidays ticket courtesy drew hundreds given away up 400 how porn don't get court. You by the DJ ice market that rice or he could use the border dollars towards other did you products like dramatic and the fans and for pro. Fly on over to drone nerds dot com port it to them it either of their locations and amateur or pint Reza mentioned as a as a sense yet. That's thrown hurts supple does IE in the sky and winning the gift card so you can buy a drum just register at the ticket Miami. Dot com. So big stuff with the NFL yesterday the eighty Tom savage. Having a seizure on the field that that's going to be big deal throughout today but. Eagles in the grand yesterday's YE DN FL I don't really EP NFL but it's why he'd be NFL because you teen is awesome. And medicines over. I don't prop I don't have any problem of that though those things don't bother me because I feel I had always been the case of the on the pollen and things like a sea island's yelled terrorist. And it sports a new sport needs you the wrong way in any sport. I made and your gonna you know how those sorts of injuries. That doesn't bother me that much there's there's. Other guys on the field theoretically losing one players shouldn't be that detrimental now this isn't worth dying of eleven guys out there. Worst one nor is when it glitters. Yet word while mayor is still. If he misses fought in court season is Imus says the final quarter of the season. So I Randy paid and there is still has but he was being he was gonna run away with the MVP he was likely you know when yes. Yeah I don't I don't know who would win instead. Is Roethlisberger get a job at this conversation there'll let me too he would fight hard yards passing yesterday I don't have brought it to him in the come decision. It right Lugar had five interceptions are around the season. And disciplined and against an adjustment stunk amber who inhabit is you quit football mama I'm chargers in the Balkans beat the chargers beating of a season yeah. So now I don't hope. Israel got lucky young home a second canal the chargers are talk remote playoffs boy yeah there are they tied at the top of the division I mean they they don't on the tiebreak but. Are they tied to Sean McDonough he's voice among and a four Boise did join us next so Indians a lot of the stuff with him as adults have the patriots tonight. The browns they stayed winless yesterday in overtime LeBron. Once the it'll click the browns are gonna win they were up two touchdowns and the brawn. I became huge browns fan. He's a massive front runaway getting a huge browns fan on Twitter all yet channel on on Twitter 02 touchdowns and is LeBron mentioned the browns. All the rest of the season throughout alone thirteen no they're about to get their first Wentz was huge browns there in black mama gave posted a two word of Philadelphia Eagles Jersey yesterday. I don't know he's from Philly. I'll go to Philly yet. Really mused boasted of what they're Jersey yesterday that make sense on them you know. There was gonna have a LeBron threw him out the picture of the Yankees with those Archos and Aaron just together. Bastard twenty hours are out of office he loves it. See Aaron judge sends out the. Week to John calls cynical might CEO sends out the at the scene from stepbrother said Brothers did we just become best friends. Do that. Connie where the billboard on times courier see it right you are receivers to San. Isn't right harbors or do you about that looked like soup. Don't look light sentence and libraries. Valueless like. The guy is John Carlo where nobody in my even in Raleigh stainless steel and is Myers at. Much better looking but if you tell me if you tell me like they're hanging out and you say they're Brothers you believe. This is my brother is my brother Aaron you believe it's. They did the same old OK and they look like they could be Brothers Andrew and cause my brother Aaron we don't recognize me guys to believe it's. Did. They don't know what he's better looking OK a lot looking. Yes it announces amended show illustration that don't like it totally beyond I like he's not ripped. He would stay in wages paid to beat the re losing it all big guys are barriers look like a muscle to do on the part of Iran dog like he Stanton. Stands agreed god yet again. But you just wanted to staggers you I am. Should have known and always be yankees. I mean for this to be for this to be one of Jeter's first moves it really is disgusting and it looks it could look it's disgusting. And I'm not you know. General except back. As you know being angry when Jeter in the whole marlins' situation. Any when the Yankees it's one when the Yankees are good. There's a lot of juice to that I don't have animosity toward the exit it Mets. I don't have animosity toward the Yankees don't care about that I like that statement is gonna go some where it's an American League team on the deal that a regular basis. On the tonight though the Yankees and standard gonna be here this year Marlins park the plane this year we don't did you look out on a regular basis by American League team and our mighty yankees. Okay. But man it is this Austin woken micro Jeter's first move my first micro he's he's he's not doing well right number what about macro and what's the whole over. View of this. Possibility of going on now bring in a couple of these guys and for the farm system. The guys that he's totally or anything. What do we do now isn't TV you're always news is going to be mainly as salary dump overall he can evaluate any I device we've got five years. What firing at just about everybody in the organization that was left behind. Including mayor there there voice of the team. Rituals who won two Emmys two days before he got fired or two days after he got fired. Bomb along with volume scouts in the legends in the the figure heads of this organization. Now he traded away the best player but the team had Sunnis. I know it's not the first city morning. Like neonatal keys the ain't yet that's the component of this that looks so particularly about getting in trouble for bill cooling Aaron judge shirtless on the work computer. Now maybe citadel madam I'm not feeling well when you go to the site to block his arms or are you know it's Tobin is just the torso that's not as spread it. As John Karr but his arms and Junco Stan he's Elena. Nobody is ever in your headlines puzzled look the voice motive for Bausch comic dot Max.