ZRA Part 2 12-13-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, December 13th

Star Wars premiere, Should HEAT pursue Paul George?, What will it take to trade for a star?


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It's a ticket but Friday presented by coffee volley all season long to get ready for all the games dolphins are opponent this week in his buffalo. Bobby trolley they're always number one draft pick spots by East Coast public adjusters embargo on the growth. And Lexus of north mighty football Friday Iranians OpenId and FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. You can text in the show on the Coral Springs on all Kiet Tex lines. 67974. We got going on their number up we got misery and a lot of people you about spoiler alert you. Kind of coma. Kettle black there have time it wants you wanna do exporters when. We have reviews for everybody for stores cannot principal source for use a lot so I'm not insane on the air ground guess of Texas and he spoiled for for everybody pursuing Cate Blanchett was a sister. While wall a couple things OK number one comic book movies okay. They're based on comics. That had been out for decades and okay decades. So the stories out there and there's mythology revelers and for a while truth well OK I don't know that our routes that you work for. And and number two as forays. Her she playing the scorers. And low key sister. It's not. It's not ruining anything for. It's Ali it's the surprise at the end of the movie that they're related they tell you immediately at the beginning of the movie it's part of the story. Okay it's it's not a sport at all completely inconsequential looked fantastic too by the way and like I said he just look at the characters you look at who she plays her and if you read the comics and ONE about the comics is all while she's playing their sister I never saw her and that like hell. She could. Really really good. It's ass. Yeah pure pot smells like cool pure heart subtle. Yeah and on not giving I mean it's it's really crazy now I'm going to source morning opening nights all wars last year and I not the first ones last one or not in the middle the last and I amber. And I'm not giving you any smaller Romberg and its its root it's kind of crazy never seen any of the solar films you know dog breeders of who's who's are they to the father to. Google Lou it's all Boca Mary aunts and spoiler. Now he's an elected to do was look at his god. Is the black du nu won yet is the black dude actually yeah. Figured now. And does and in this chick that's in this one issue like the new Luke Skywalker is that the whole deal. Rain. And I'd I don't know. No I mean she wasn't in the for I don't know I don't know what's gonna wind up happening on and on and got us in movie I'm gonna seed I managed 93%. Certified fresh on rotten tomatoes apparently. Early projections. Because here it gets so many ticket sales weighed four Louise not I bought my tickets won it by like part of fine theater tomorrow night opening night it's still seats available. For different feeders. And several different showtime for tomorrow night. To find Peter had to see. Me sold out all the plays early projections that you make over 400 million dollars we can call. 400. Million dollars this weekend this weekend. Weekend people is that one of the people sleep out early to go and get all dressed up and go go see it are now present path suppose that's something different amino that you don't mislead us on more of aid it's it's. Thanks great way movies do not eat you reserve your seats in its old poster put on forty degrees tonight there's no reason say outside man. Also you buy your tickets way in advance you get dressed up and all you do is a character in a media. Newman adults grown up. And to rest stop. You know you're gonna whites are in your pocket or unknown. Or manner known now don't do that now. I'm into adult man uncle owns more nights like it. I know it's best bar that's sort of going opening night for the solar films. You're there with all their people sick is in movies or Lucia these days every Wednesday at once hawking them in no one has any etiquette it's okay. Anything in public really heart okay people saw for the most sports and movie theaters it's as bad as anywhere yet ago. It's. If you go to see a movie like this you go on opening night you're in that even with all kinds of other people really really really care about the movie. And loans on best behavior. Is it legal only a week or till. You be around people don't know what the hell's going on. They got the cellphone light on thirty answering their phone they're texting during the movie they're talking during the movie now that's disaster if you wanna go see one of these always you go in concert tickets cheering and stuff like that on the good part happens in the things go down. But people here in May the very end if the media and the client is on the applause immediate the end not Durham movie community go on opening night everyone his best behavior. This dismal movie Maurice. Don't know what happens long time but we do get a terrible experience. Awful I never go. As a matter very in the streets because that experience yeah I don't deal about the terrible experience the deal behind you take your chair. Person next you hawking bet people cellphone it's all. Mean that's highly the sought will be turn your cell phone ring Roth. Shouldn't be to hold that. It's also urges us to get experience now watching at home that's true but TVs are so nice equality so good it's true. But so. I'm Dave but you know a movie like this guy Josie immediately it was going to be inevitably spoiled for you okay. So you can't wait if you're really into it you can't wait for it's about home. If you go to the theater you'll be next that people were routed tell you go on opening night to remember on price and. There's not a movie that comes out I'm worried about it being spoiled. Terming boy yeah I'm just not into those kind of movies right regular mood that you were W spoiled our our movies like this superhero movies or or these kind of you know. Franchises. That Joseph Connolly in his most movies it doesn't matter you know what is going to happen. What does it sounds like united is ideal run around there Antonio. You know the the endings a lot of Lance. You know but even as they did it wouldn't make much of a damn difference I guess. A sort of. It's WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. Early synopsis on Friday morning rob all the I don't really you know spoilers on donor before. Slowly and was good but I don't think it was nearly as great as all the critics thought it was speculate that those people never watch musicals mom is the musical performances where okay. Nine and then watch steady market musicals you've seen way better. And spoke to you is they want from a guy from notebook yeah. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and they weren't great I mean they're now they're not Broadway singers and the music in that in Laila Ali and David evil does breakdowns strongly didn't. Didn't it was like they were forcing it in order for it to be musical. Particularly good musical at the view well versed in musicals or anything better than when the move on version when it comes. And no one reason is good I think Moulin Rouge got a lot of entities that Kate I mean Chicago's have been did those are all Broadway plays Greece for me is the best. There is an increase is going Greece's the bass resize musical movie. Ever made. He's kimono and is. Is team. What was that he's doing his Travolta. These headlines are brought to you by Dell get the right solution would Dell's small business advisors get up to 300 dollars off select servers and business PCs with Intel Core processors until December 17 visit Dell dot com slash small business or call 877 by Dell. Miami Heat host the Portland trailblazers. Game is to night's tipoff from AAA. Is set for 7:30 PM that means doesn't did you start to break here and 78 at 6:30 PM as I eat pregame show. Let's do this is this the start he's doing. Winning stretch for Miami book number three in a row and only want your little one that's on the Sarah is now out six in a row this isn't like him a piece of soap opera to notices this is separation. That's that this is reminding you this is separation. We made this week is this week is you are your 4 AM at the bar. And you just look over some love and and you guys settled BVW to sit in the corner ready for some action from what is happening at rice had to get yourself out of tells pretend like you don't know. She's done it's on to data spong. I don't I don't you don't walk on the work computer no ivy don't you walk on over and sweet talk him sweet talked at that I'm with you plan. I am with. There are tell me right here without Manitoba Erik Spoelstra is one win away from tying Pat Riley the most regular season wins by a heat head coach in franchise history he has foreigner 53 wins. Pat has foreigner and fifty. Well does not begun is not be tied for best ever. That means winning is the most important thing if your most wins in the best. Got to win tonight for spell has stacked whimper spam. USA today is reporting that the St. Louis Cardinals is a favorite to land Marcelo zoo or not. Or anyone wants do. To take them on player and give them nothing in return is the favorite. The national blue jays Rangers in Colorado Rockies are also interested in taking him and giving the Marlins nothing in return. You gotta be easier to make these deals and get the best deal possible if you're at the winner meetings were all the other you know general managers in Brazil and she worries as a Mike hill has it is taking care of feel like hills the reason why they have to trade guys like Ozuna and and and Gordon did just you know that's. It's such a bad look that is that the game I can't believe that it's terrible. Is that what it very Jeter can't do any wrong is he so clueless that he doesn't understand the optics. Or is it's I don't care I'm running the team I'm one of the owners on the CEO and I used to it. I think it's both but I also do think it's Derek Jeter's I'm not sure Derek Jeter's faced much criticism and his entire light. You know what I think is a fact that he's is that he's gonna put a stamp of approval on this is going to be his he wanted to do it from the ground up he wanted to gut everything. That way and you know at the end of the day if they did the balls. Awkwardly your badly it's gonna be on him and I and I think a guy like Derek Jeter he would monitor any other way I don't think he's gonna. Try to point blame her or push the blame of the franchise being horrible on anybody else aluminum salts like he came in here. He told everybody from the very beginning I am gutting everything and I'm starting from the ground and I as the patient lies like Gil sillier than. I was not as easy to liaison or that's the only thing I could think of where he he's just need though he. It's either that Simpson's a raid and Mike hill does have an incriminating photographs. And that's why nobody can get rid of them even the new guys or. Maybe Leavitt hurt on to something that Major League Baseball puts pressure on and the Marlins to keep them in place because it's ice drinking I know that's not true African American official title game are you guys or urged ER that's not true. I don't believe that's true. I hope it's not and that's the only explanation monitor come up with a thought it was interesting theory is that you want more diversity at the top sport yeah I would encourage its second major sports would put us. About your job but you know keeps its diverse set the old steely Hilton but only weird thing about that is is is diverse the Marlins diverse already mean Derek Jeter is diverse so I I don't really understand why that would be necessary. I think that's why it's a fighter planes I think it's gonna be rough for the first few years it's gonna be really really rough down here. They're going to field a literal and we did this before here but they're going to fielding minor league team the disappointing part is they're going to field a minor league team. In that all pork. Okay we saving or reverence. There will I really wasn't actually lived in Miami you didn't it work you look at Broward wanna I don't think didn't either it's yes I did I only definitely did I had actually owned a house in Miami at the time and was paying tax nota lot of it is it's bad taxes and it's not actual residents I mean it's from taxes but not from residents know a lot of it is it's a sum of its hotel taxes yet. But a lot of it is but no I think a lot of it is is from actual residents I think a lot of frustrating. Regardless it's taxpayer money okay and having a minor league team. In a beautiful Major League ball marks that the city. In one way or another paid for was never ever ever supposed to be the deal. And they're going to be a mightily Tina this year I mean. I thought old deal was trades in portrait everyone else and Stanton is that one here. Where is none of his friends but instead it's traced and they're they are intrigue Gordon. They're going to trade Ozuna even though we didn't think that was gonna happen they're going to trade Ozuna. NL wall it's not known that the Marlins are incident moving yell it's apparently a lot of teams are calling an inquiring of out yell it's. Winds of treating him to rectifier cell man but that's ultimately what it is they they realize there the team realizes read his blood watering now there trying to lower book. Go to it's going their make offers zoom players we can still pick off move. Stinks. Really sinks. That's frustrating though is all right let's say at best you wanna have my killed there as a liaison you want that for concert. Why aren't you they're learning a partial to that he's openly telling you in these press numbers are you know I got a lot to learn more in the business. Okay. Albeit the heart of baseball right now and learn from everybody doing that size got to deuce front rank things got to see the warriors played heed the patriots play the dolphins. So our guys got better idea player initiative. You don't I'm only I only just made one of the biggest trades in the history of baseball. But. You know and god not a I don't I don't need to be at the winter meetings like guy I know what I'm doing even though it never done before and and every. And every move I've made so far has been a PR disaster but I don't undone. On into. It's it's very upsetting. Really is. I'm also wondering marketing plan that these guys are gonna have behind people trying to get out of the ballpark to watch games they should spend a single dollar market or are they going to be giving it some work to spend any money on marketing. Is on its. What would you go. If you could bring people to the ballpark when you have the number one hitter in baseball what what do you think is gonna happen now. Who is going to be is going to be. It may build sports to market the team right a cool little port. And immediately ordered hit yeah. Himself out of death and oh yeah he's gonna have to himself he's gonna have to do better and I'll I'll throw tomato sample board. Better not. Altered tomato and lettuce in your. Don't really mind bit has made it hard minutes made I'm not sure that army I'm hole I love my fire I will climb up and a big we don't I higher climbing available now I'm one of those big lettuce balls I hope he does but it didn't sell on a billboard justice he's Oslo lion billboard and smashed a tomato and red. They got to let they got a latter there by apple will climb up that latter I will idle some motion tomato right in his face nobody believes anything and who is true that true the highest paid person. In that organization earlier be on the roster is going to be there tutored and is there anybody else making five million or there swing untenable. Cheney knows who aren't journey returning an exotic and all of search trying to it in any. There's coach sitting on takes him they would if he's able to pull a fee simple of away and send trade on mouth chasm yet you know why I double I. Would you French kiss and yes OK well I was gonna say that but I really don't do that you'll French guess yeah there's no chance. Did they don't try to get her to wait intent because there's no chance to getting real way and Chad did you ever made the call hey I got a proposition for him. What do you think about wage. This weather met with an airline is completely complete silence. Other several relievers that are that are making more than Jeter like this all makes more and Brad Ziegler makes more and yet they got against several guys who make we're going to make more even when they traders who now is suitable make more than tradable but they're gonna threaten yellow which makes more. Exceptionally sharp from the Obama people come they opening day. The people are going to be on this Ross yeah I'm chronicle leaders and weight in check and Anson baucus is soccer pitch is here to a good job Mike hill. What a total boards board on now and another there and they'll clear until he makes no money and keep them Boris for yet. In exile and. Seeking a more Miami Dade is using hotel tax rent revenue to pay off the bonds and it youths that stadium. And those don't kick in though until 22 point six is the first payments. May get real expensive real test. What else do we have is that as well mlb.com is reporting the Marlins morial to discuss a trade for danced really. There you go the Florida Panthers losses and not a lack Cox read it to an overtime and he asked one points double. We need a point and I wanted to need need a point. Former Miami Hurricanes three Devin Hester officially retired from the kind of fell beyond that and retired. JJ watt weeded out when I was in high school I was a huge canes fan and I saw a Devin Hester in the Atlanta airport onetime first time ever asking someone famous for a photo he was equal to the photo and it was awesome congrats on a great career. He was a freshman and I was eating lunch at this restaurant he showed up with him and maybe a couple of kids on the team. And I had a nice watch on and it was back in the day when you know everybody put ice on their watches and everybody had diamond dial watches and any looked at me as like an eighteen year old kid news late. What do men and I'm trying to get one of those canals like hey man of the rest assure body has a do you keep doing what you're doing here and you're gonna have many many of these. Music meant thanks men and appreciated the disquiet you know I mean wasn't saying much but my god like rights blow who is golf and British return as a returner Chris terminal on. Wasn't exactly the smartest tool ownership though you know I mean by that money ran defense when he was defensive back. Randy would make him sit. Closest to the sideline he was the corner wasn't that I was close asylum was an elder was not staying to where it's like hey why are we using him on offense it's easier chance he can't handicap now is Dow was at Wright met pink out for football it's just wants to see tonight is Dana Devin Hester and a know that integrates real and so in recent history is known now thousand known thing wire lies and EB news on offense because they were you know he's that's nice not really suited for you sought. Yeah. More like he's he's. He's a great return that's that's what he has when I was told that he had to play closer to the sideline. I was like really. Whatever whatever side of the bench the field was on that's very yet play against Waltham unruly lock. Are things in my I think he's probably going to be starting pitcher but he's probably going to be first ballot hall of Famer no 00 yeah. For just a returner OEM and if you look at what he's done in the in the NFL in saint Anthony's know best returner of all time but it's pretty limited. Yet here on this JJ a lot what are because Lamar Miller treated him after his Devin Hester to be you should join the U fan again you turn to retain quality. And JJ watts is a fill other critics question on their website when I was a freshman again automated letter back from Larry Coker. I was too young and naive to know that is automated I was hyped obvious that never heard from them again I was twosome Urquhart. That's funny to see as the Wisconsin can write an early Wisconsin you didn't get out of the initially once was Gaza view that central Michigan initially. But he finished I was content that is a Wisconsin I think we need to have little Wisconsin. You know Miami kind of be thing going on but we're trying to track down all the guys are used to play for Wisconsin in the league or our local hard on our. Oh we like players. Out as and we formidable we know you grounding. You gonna write downs of oh no I didn't even ode to witness. I look at voting here and that Wisconsin we are contingent we have beef okay. Let's zoom bar. Runs its proud part of a broader laundry nobody ever brought a bond street acceleration of all things New Orleans. Coming upon a BJ Peter feel old on Saturday march 24. Now Tony that he's there's any process there. Well Donna Mason nearly rebroadcast their way you tell about it. But on a broadcast additionally the object when tickets. Mob miles breaking news to me in my above post I may go for fun but I didn't and windows broadcast day of broadcasting go gold there today here's any more details on it celebrating orleans' lead late you know cajun food in the music and injuring seeded he had me occasion there it just. Just bask in the shadow of New Orleans all right so get ready to win courtesy of Grata by tree and it. And 798 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket Peter back in action tonight they have Portland sorted sorted 630. Evolve is that 730 I I think is good Portland team besides the record blender you're kind of calm things down about this am I will be good team you know both teams are. There are do my best you know there there West Coast heat. Oh team just thirteen and thirteen. You got a really good player one of the better players in the league Damian Miller come tonight's West Coast heat them better off him and which makes them acting so the better. He. I think this a stretch that Miami needs take it man jump and he got to win six in row. Ides I roll off wins against Portland tonight Charlotte clippers hawks that that is the stretch. You don't wait for any got several guys I was on we alike got Hassan outs. And waiters is not stealing greats okay. You do have guys who you've been waiting to come around like James Johnson and Tyler Johnson. And Josh Richardson who are playing their best basketball season right now in way to lie. For those guys to finally get a golf. Now this Friday. Is. When all the trades can be made all the privilege every clan league now becomes eligible guys who. We're signed as free agents and you know if the heat don't soared to get a guy when Daniel and sarge get the rumors and that whole deal is out there indeed. Oklahoma City Thunder. Okay they lost to doodle pad hornets team a couple nights ago Peter played awards on Fridays bad. Ted and sixteen. The royals out for those fans to they had different so excited going into the season I mean I mean there at their problems did such a good job trying to tell bounce back from the departure Kevin Durant immediately. And it is just not working out. Is there they're twelve and fourteen OK that's garbage are right there there on the outside looking in as far as policies is sort of orders soared today. And yeah I mean I I'd instead of the beginning of the season where hey if you Kevin Durant and the next year. Eager roll on out nearly like your sense of replacing it with Carmelo Anthony Paul George mutual hole held a lot worse. You know an angle on disease robs it really great job and and it stinks that is not working out the book but it looks like it's not working out mean listen to this from Paul George this is from all George after. Lost Chara. Now yes. It's no tongue we have all the excuses no. Find a way to to. Brilliant doing a night in night out is no panic mode where we we have to start playing better skin to a point where we can't allow ourselves. We do we just say we move through you know we sent out. So what's to stop. I love the no panic mode stop it and every team doesn't see it's all fourteen team sock. You know you're there there there are almost a third of the way. And that that would sort of wincing isn't there a third of the way the season their under 500 team like you know it's it's one dvd heat of this current heat. And your game or 20508. Aka panic she can't know what you more. I mean you just don't poll during Carmelo Anthony and her new tell all cities expectation has never championship. It's all imports he shouldn't panic. Really and and you're going to lose those guys to err on the one year deals. And that's our main and that's slightly come Friday. I'm doing and Friday but that's why come Friday when all these trades can start to be made it. They're injured and I am I in our Friday and a week. Out now few weeks next month. And columns under rubble George. If on the heat you don't want Carmelo and losing your not around in us or mellow out it was a homeowner wanna got to the what do you think the move if you are the few other thunder is it just to find a way to get in Carmelo Anthony. Is that. And annoying at you think he think that'll save. ST again this and by subtraction Malia just seems any team Carmela that he goes to not display his career he's a black hole yet but here's the thing I don't watch Oklahoma city's you say you don't know we're gonna get brand Sony would take her Mallon Anthony author and nine I don't you a lot form on some. What do you need forum that you're gonna lose and in a year for not earned six months for not. But right. Right so so I knew I can help some thing in return I don't wanna say that they wouldn't get a lot forum that that's kind of bit because. Whatever team trades and don't lose them you know like in the military get a block woman lose them in a few months from now you wouldn't get on form you'll read I just don't think that that necessarily matters 'cause I think at the focus I guess would be more template is getting rid of them to get a little thing old sure they would too. Mobile and I'm not sure it's made it to life. IE and I haven't watched enough of Oklahoma City this year is really no blood. It would eat you know you could say that Carmelo Anthony's a black hole that's not working out and you look what's going on new York and really good decent team their 500 to New York recently better without him. And I understand all that but. You've got to look at Russell Westbrook Maine writes. Yeah from what I've heard in an I have and I'm watching them either from what I've heard. It appears that those two guys can't figure out how to play together as those two guys are such ball. It does not former coach so it doesn't armaments from god is going to take full adds that he's going to be fought on if you look at Alex Ferrer was out with like paralyzing back issues and spinal issues and what was get all the credit in the world as as good as the cosa Kaman has stepped in. And he was just like a mom really not doing much and just letting these guys play like that's everybody saw was anybody can coach his team because of the names that were on the team and people are playing for the team. But if you look at you get. He superstars that are playing for gold state I mean for for Oklahoma and can't handle it I'm a frustrated you can't be under 500. You know he has had a good coaches and no good just been able to figure out Carmelo Anthony. Marshall has run an expert Bessie dozens of them one assist him. All that's that's kind of the point your wife make a big got to look at Russell Westbrook from minutes and wonder hey is is is this is. The problem because. You know so venturaland. And in fact deep ball was. It was nothing special in Oklahoma City last year plain X a Russell Westbrook he's going to be also now. And he is the best player Indiana and he's pretty also. And that's you know. He's been he's been separated from Russell Westbrook now. And you could say that with with other guys to know who bet on that team recently okay. And now you look at Paul George. And Carmelo who are there with Russell Westbrook who knew it figured hey this this should help them. And there are so much worse than they were last year when Russell was was the main got okay. And Russell was playing with two other superstars. Who need the ball on their hands. It may just not. With him where he needs to be who's got the ball the whole time notably the problem rom for like differences. No chance in America does not faster call slot right. So Madrid there's there's no way that that that can be working together arena and I thought it was agreed idea when they sort of billing the steam in the offseason it was eye opening the hearing the team the players were going to outlaw everybody was like oh here we go distributed this to be at the Golden State. Finally they have a team that can possibly go against gold state now it's like holy smokes right how do they not find a way to make it what it's like all it took you a long time when LeBron Chris bought bonds got you to make it work this and third wave of the season. That heat team that started nine and eight you in the middle stretch of the one point one point two at this point like they they figured out a lot sooner than what we are in this season right now the obamas and. A tech series and how can you say Russell experts the ball hugged the man averaged a triple double yet he averaged diet without these other superstars hunting is still almost averaging a triple double but he shooting under 40%. Yeah it's pretty bad. Dad. I mean look if if the ball and hands the whole time. If you don't taking 1670. Shots a game. Passable sometimes get assists the other guys are going to school. Every shots text eroded and what happened when hard moments officer had a super team ROTC what was the general partner yet Horton was so it was the jaw wired so I don't know that. Yeah another upper coming possible star who needed the ball more on the ball probably wanna go in for some points on the board. Look at and I hate to enable it doesn't look bad though the career Harden had since leaving him the career Kevin Durant. Has had since leaving him with other superstars with having no problem playing with. And now doesn't look great just arousal let's rock. As the thing I don't measure would the granted to rent was great alongside Westbrook and he still grateful and hours and hours better angle on state. Makes anti plane until it got Karim got green got Thompson against them is to be better supplemented to rant but. Those guys are supersonic Curry's superstar means playing with the other superstars it's not as if is it haven't Iran can't play with star dale looks like any do you Russell Westbrook. And nuns that. I just think they'll understand the roles like if you look at green he understands his role you look at Thompson understood his role. Curry obviously. That's that's that's the main guy and it seems like when when Kevin Durant got over their everybody it took him a little while it took them a couple of weeks to figure out there. They're spot on the court but but the figured it out. Mike clearly they're not figuring anything out every now. Won't get funding heats. And wet weather whether racial but he continued to struggle or if they get it going steel calling Oklahoma City. About old torch. Infotalk Roma. From that it's not just aids but nurtured and. He Texans show on the call strings on monkey attacks lines 67974. Techsters are wondering. Who would he possibly give to Oklahoma I don't know return for Paula George who Oklahoma with ones yeah I don't know but pulled George is not gonna stay there. And I am a man it's scary is it might not stay anywhere else history detail. Yep you gotta you gotta take a gamble sometimes. You gotta take gamble sometimes and I think that I think that. So numb number one of the most money if you don't understand that's that's a major factor okay how much and how much more. What's the money difference like thirty million dollars on that was a lot. Thirty million mourns and Malia. Golf the most money if I'm an Oregon team. So you have that built in advantage. And you'd be selling him on Miami means that the prevailing thought is that he's gonna wanna go to Los Angeles right Larry. You know you're you're selling him on Miami and you'd be selling him. Not only is Ali how you're trying to sell Gordon Hayward with you where you got him in the room with you for 24 hours. Louis knows lesson. Now you hear yourself on a guy on Miami. With the most money in a the most money either by the wind according Hayward. Put yourself on a guy who. Often the most money. Miami. And you're Sony not for a day or so on for several months. OK ladies you gotta needling games. You sound and for months. On your organization so who would you give up to gamble on. They want really you'd give them anybody. Take us on they got Stephen Adams. Nine and CNN's you'd give us our contract. Demoted him once bold George. It's oh yeah but it essentially only six months of all sorts got a handle on so that's a wash and yet I want to deal west rocks. I don't know yet imagined that one Gionta they let him walk right then they'll let you don't walk they could get a six million dollar tender. Instead Dion now got a 59 are content not to India with so I don't know. ROJ Diller the command. But that. You know that's on my Donovan Marty you're given a ban on. Is it realistic about it unknown China's and tried to Disney next Greek freak. I think so I don't know if I would do it but it's like somebody Paul George guy I think you know you can just a guy who's catchers as your franchise player. But amid a point but but we haven't tried to try and not get that the phone hung up on me so and bird man cap best. Yeah do you like it was there you and a friend of player. Those are really elaborate scheme like this guy got tricked by fake ass in the gods don't slap my body men who hasn't been a mystery to buy a fake ass lawyer is that they with birdman Burma's captors case was this Berman actually did sleep with the person. Whose task it is it was a captors mediator. Who is doing all the matches between the very company was tired I was still I think documentary out and I was still confused some lady often you liner up Carlos yes some lady who is in the midst of Kennedy personally that just wiring all the messages you call George Johnston in Oklahoma City which ultimately because she got his bird tightly you know it's an external you know I thought that be a good fit. For him and you know they're gonna stink. And I missed the playoffs. And the Noah. All the Texas and the tax line saying give them Winslow and return British or not he went lower return for pol tort meaning him whatever you whatever Mimi part of the deal believed I could and it more than happy that you definitely to shine it up there was something that's like who live with this could be. I don't know like when we have it. I think the only thing you ever and has bam I mean that if they don't need him all I mean you can always use a wing that size who can defend it as big and he's twenty years old. I here's the thing and here's why you would mobile local was look they're not stupid good front office and local city. But what you will you be banking on is they're going to listen for announcement because not working out not to stay in situation has not. So rather than just lose him for nothing at. You know if he can get and and then you'll also essentially lost sectoral deep Owen Thomas a sabonis retrievable. For nothing like that ends up being an atrocious deal. So you could winds up. You notice eating its and you lose all of them Horry kind of cut your losses. Any trade Paul George and trying gets some nice you know complementary pieces around Russell Westbrook and Stephen Adams both of whom you're paying it on net. Owe money to. For the next what or five years does he need to take on it bank on either that he can get it done with a bunch of you know pieces that are signed long term. Which he didn't. In the offseason they sign those guys war. You get another team in all. My another team and not by Emmy Islam is on the heats and I'm Riley. I'm called up Oklahoma City. I'm trying to work got to deal is all George he's going to stay there and you know yet to gamble course for my enabled mobile what is the gimbal heater not a champ. The gamble is UN double without need a Dion Waiters just is Winslow and bam advise you even without Paul George like reds they gambled so what are reelection next year so. So you had to BOT nets you end up not being at Siemens on the outs of the playoffs and more equity given. Would you actually given. Well your your giving up a team that you've ridden and they'll around or giving up any value however everywhere you gonna still married and a from their. A tax rates and I'm Ray Allen guide pap tests and that appears to be true is well Tobin was in the as the French has been does have most. And yeah the thirteenth thirteen though and not give up anything. Tim reaction estimates and down there are Blair's decapitate worked out pretty well. Yep he's not like if you have ball George he's the face if franchise and I can't have the face the franchise. Getting tricked by do with the screen and slot that that Sar. And by the way who hasn't been tricked why the late trading for a guy who is not under contract after this season. He had done that several times in the past. And it worked out great I mean they traded for Alonzo Mourning he was not under contract. They traded for Shaquille O'Neal was not under contract but they've they've done this before or on. Trevor Goran he was not under contract. Every time is that about Paul George we get these sacks with people pointing out that he has kids with the baby's mama wrote apparently lives in Miami. I could that could be a good thing out and and you know on to cut its chief on. This year lately Shumpert it's Mary we surprised fine special Alley baby's mother is fine. It's true we got beat the expectation do would be their expectation. But I just think that I mean he may or may not wanna live near his baby well not guarantee. Oh yeah closet. The only thing this move his doesn't Tyler's project kind of message reflects no because the one benefit of he doesn't have leaving his you'd want that kept the salary cap status. Because they get messed up again Tyler's escalator next year as a anyway that like they could if they can get him in the deal to be pretty fantastic you know I don't know do you think that they that Oklahoma City could use a scruffy. You are not who's got some hops. That bad to regular season sends out on Oklahoma wouldn't OT that feel like you fit right and Larry don't. Answer yes self. That's the sound one right there. Amber's got headlines three next.