ZRA Part 2 12-15-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, December 15th

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Sensing it is. People are brought up watcher you know about crowd about three Romberg adds celebration all things New Orleans right or seduce you like New Orleans love new mightily nor owns of going there in April. And in the collection you know what no you maybe not not in New Orleans you recognize Richard I guess you know it's it's like turmoil oysters. It's phase and so that probably the personal who touches on the food so a lot idea I don't do. I want to kinda deserves that and through it all mixed together flavors currency had general I am right or zoom. I don't know turtle soup man and I haven't even had Terrell see your mom out for he's taken the next level and a amounts. Cotchery got on the Bobbitt a bee champion or march when he foretell what NBC and LeRoy I you guys are broadcasting from their rights Mets got an extra work about mob boss. Well there to give you opportunities to win tickets are rights. And get ready to win courtesy Grata by tree and seven I need FM 14 point three HD to the ticket I wanna get to David Sampson suffered a moment here. You know you know what this Toby you know about this Colby Covington day fighters he could fight you like him. He's he's coming on strong but he's he's he's basically taken the playbook out of jail Solomon like that's his new thing marketable that makes sense because he seems be huge stir. You status from them this is this is last night's okay. Yes that that would make sense now you're telling me that he's decided to be the he'll fight or. They easily tell Simon okay which he's actually he's almost like chills protege like they're from the Baltimore any extra trains here turned the governor Greek. Okay and I knock it spoiled the movie four year X I would never do that but. He he tweets out late last night he gives out a major plot line. Console wars a food gets out of enemy if he gets out of major plot lines on Star Wars. And then follows that out ways to save you nerds two hours and 33 minutes here. We're older and hold on it doesn't mean savior if you know her to hurry. I mean a good Amber's on the side of the bull good good stance to take. Save you nerds two hours and 33 minutes of your virgin lives you're welcome I'll try something new it's ladies night go get laid pass sag my heaters or all virgin. The attacks or did right in this morning when you're talking about teen Star Wars on opening night Tyson did ray and I can't believe does does not urgent Coca. Yet your idea your right to mean the only people who. I mean is that is the guy who directed him always a virgin do is a guy guys who still aren't like anyone of all the movies that are successful divert. Are making millions and billions of dollars off these movies and of ice might just aim is the person seeing it on opening night is the best in people or to rest stop seeing on opening day. Sue Nazi government now no I don't like that that's not cool Oliver yeah that's not cool. Sadly I think it's okay to see so you can't see any movies opening nights any movie. It comes out today I need to go out of your way to try to buy tickets early and get trip. So I was the only way you know we on hand by the race it's it is start me star worse specifically. Bearer is. I mean there's food there's this ST yeah I mean this op play I'm the first personal world thinks Star Wars is the little nerdy. I need to get a big guys on the Big Bang theory Toby and love themselves. It's our horse and and you love guys who love Star Wars. It's same thing lately and adds it's the same thing like with with calling Howard like Colin cowards whole shtick or if you watch WW we are Virginia and game the throne still like gimme game thrown you watch game thrown in your mother's basement in your virgin you know. Q what studied every year urgent and elegance. It's ended the video I do you think. You Sosa as the game at the rodent that's also interesting to me but I don't know I give her game aren't dirty in is I think immigrants is never eat this Covington is spoiler true. I don't wanna get into that I don't wanna put exhibit's us now. Doesn't matter earlier arguments that would it is yeah you know the people but these are gonna betting that I got to move given people may follow him and like they're not short beast on the truth not like oh. It's not her priorities immediately the first responsive Yuri bleeping bleep hole this coming from a long time fan yet I wanna get involved in in that. I don't wanna make people upset. And Omon. It I is seed but that rate errors that that's why saw the movie last night's do acts. I don't state all the Internet because I'm afraid to be a jerk. Now again I wanna see the movie that hampers job during your seat anyway. But that's a main reason why that's not have answers on the on the governors are Robby is deactivated Twitter until he sees the guess you don't do that. That's going out your way. That's going out your way. See the movie that I wanna see on opening night is not go to my weight that's that's pleasure that's enjoyable having to change things in my life for. So that's something doesn't spoils from the from the that's going out of my way that about one. And hats. On the movie last night is something I enjoy some I wanna do to fight to stay off the Internet for a week. Because I'm not gonna see a movie and actually that's going at a much that's changing my routine. No hiding data into a movie that you would stay on the Internet per week for it and I'm not. I'm I'm not a single entrance into anything ballots may let. Must in all the and a mom Mollie and possible how is he gambling man. As it was gambling releasing up Internet early I'd stops he's is that they of the his thing off Twitter. Around candidates in a pack trolls are disorder to gambling let's get exercising goatee like what I it would record. And I watch it late at night late and I wanna check the NBA scores. I don't want espn.com. Hinting he might ruins I go to NBA dot com I grew. You can avoid sir site. The degree if you won the plate. Italy had a fight this again and that was what they said Joseph Rogan only can't can you. Whole week rap is he fighting as we now know is not quite as we have got to go to Manu imagine like due to the arena. Really hate your heart humor that just going like for instance a guy like me who you who couldn't relief. Probably could Caroline but less about this point I couldn't. About what's going on Star Wars attrition I went and would be a myself nicely and typically seen this movie. To turn around and blasted out the next hour on the show here and talk about what happened in the movie just like totally destroyed auto and I would need that. Cool this is so angry man MB so Seth. And I think people serves as a story they think it's a dozen hurdler but I would never got either not cool. Cool. Can you imagine in his post fight speech in the center of the doctor remake ready arena. Just spoils the awards I guess is a lot of the people they're probably at that fight. Might. Not. Be in the star when I had a much. I I I I'd like you need to take a look at the biggest grossing movies likeable I would like talking about it's yeah. Every if I would ever say anything about Star Wars I mean people texting calling from right jobs. People what made me iron they just don't like wind horrible things that happened is saying don't. I'd love US CI obviously a huge sports fan going up people and at a Reno they probably don't like songs like. And. Read comics not cool because it's super popular I mean it comic con is is it is nerd all but it's it's super popular. No one saying that Serwer is isn't popular you think that people who like that kind of movie aren't you see. I'm sitting right here. I people who I think it's the people going to read on via opening night are maybe not the same people who are huge you that's seeping chances. Audience the most able to opening weekend I'm. And only you are I don't know if that's necessarily. Be. The bigger picture in terms of people who are released or resents us. You there's the people in this room yeah I figured genuinely upended and so limited is a new and confronted by Ameristar and I'm not I'm trying to understand we're in front you. Think fantasy movies and superhero movies. You when your amber super into an embargo on opening night breast critical amber -- big they -- us nerdy I learned some very things about. Amber you voice a hundred times edits Mary a get that why would you assume that people who like UFC. Aren't seeing people like salt more when I'm sitting right here her. You are reaping go we were talking at a bigger scale I think that's Ames Robert spoiler in the night I don't know why you're screaming amoeba saw our people like me but I think what I think Romberg you're gonna I didn't really look at flight combat sports are probably knew that first EU European or an NF to have been. You don't think I've ever been or would love to go to watch UFC. It will return but my point is is the guy that is gonna round out the whole Star Wars thing on opening night. Is the same guy that's enough fighting. Octagon that you're going to see in an arena filled with you think there's thousands and thousands of you sitting in that arena watching this guy fight. So now it's a ignore someone likes you see am likes more it's going to watch this guy fight. That was the question at the beginning missing wasn't going to see discuss fight and watching this guy fight in ideas press conference routing everybody out by telling them exactly what's going on what Joseph Rogan. Officer or Schroeder Star Wars whereabouts call the movie is what's your question. I'm making a statement I'm not asking you questions US mere question at the beginning of this talking about are you the only what does it. Not around the his career and it was a nearly so it's I don't. So very sorry that I think I'm understanding what you're used I'm sorry I'm not own any off. Damn would this particular fighter right the guy that is trying to ruin everybody's day today by being a total jerk right telling all the Star Wars fans right going on right that's how this began rights and we're talking about imagine him. At the big fight. With Joseph Rogan talking and telling everybody on his grand stage of what happened in the movie which is gonna Rwanda for everybody and I say chances are the majority of the people that are probably in that arena. Are the same folks that won on opening night so it's not going to be some payments gonna really disturb I don't know why you mace I don't know where you would come public that's Ayman Al I I don't understand that. Because you don't see him fight no body knows that go easy OC flights see individual fighters seized yourself for your wedding bell. Or two ago. It works if you go. Hmm no you're gonna see your particular fighter. I. I train don't get me go on. Trying to pat militants are trying to string trigger a trade of Randy Couture I don't little bit about MMA as well I've done I've gone I've fought I've done a few things in my I fought more than you probably is my guess you program for a little. Hats off to any kid going to have you wanna get going what you're going because you're so offended and so upset about what's going on about Star Wars. And I'm talking about the majority of the people that are probably watching enemy life. Live for the excitement of fighting men who want to fight in more animal is the winner in an arena probably in their life have gotten to a few fights are not the same crew that a sitting there watching Star Wars on opening night with giants Star Wars blankets and light sabers and though. The green you're sitting on a radio show you now you say he's saying you're the minority and UA's he's saying yeah. This is what I'm saying my nor are not everybody you're an individual you're a certain person that won't watch you have seat and like she got C and probably won't just can't do every. Eric. EST I love Star Wars and there's other on the tie a Texas and the excitement definitely would be the minority you know most people would it be in both camps I mean it attacks on a breather. This matters. Not a big deal. You're saying you're everybody you're not everybody. Treats Star Wars like Blake politics and religion man. But I don't I don't I don't get the whole upset and excitement about the whole thing went. This hour on the ticket is sponsored by boat trailer around the taste of perfection award winning both friend Ron Roman statues changed but nurtured. And in. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you call. See what they're wont hold the sponsor. And be there. His mind again right you buy indeed dot com are you hiring training or three million businesses that you indeed dot com for hiring goes next job opening on the world's number one job site I know. And the them to understand bread is the sick with people who were at WW WW he has this statement that it super nerdy your best guess. Our WW fans also beat USC fan. So what's the difference there that. I do think WWE use to have that stigma my own are still it's gone more mainstream but that was definitely the case in the right up and keep going you're really into WW humor yeah. WW take your example you feel like the people were WB flights are fighters is I married talk. And because almost all also who hasn't fought okay like you said if you people at WWR fighters. Now sort they also like you see them. Because it's Edwards too when it comes to a ring with a few people in it that are going on back out and battle in Napster's situation it's been like to view went to see. Him. USC is not the W derby thing as. So why so why so why does that make sense to you that. All these nerds at OW also love USC. I'm not the one I called everybody at the we don't we honor I know what you're saying that the people who like this kind of movie are the kind of people who like USC. I'd go opening night to a movie theater are the same kind of people that are probably going to be sitting there watching respect fight correct it was more about the individual fighter wasn't about the sport in its own. I'm talking about fighter who just bashed every star were spanked but trying to ruin it can be in a jerk that was my point. My point was these specific fighter that is doing this the same guy that is on a stage but it's telling everybody what happened in a Star Wars movie that you're going to see if you don't like this guy and what he does and what he talks about he's totally being a jerk. Then you're probably not gonna go watch him fight in the arena is my guess. That was my point. I mean I I can tell you from my perspective. If USC we're here. Couldn't care less who's fighting. Odyssey UNC. Mom whatever the courts. It allotted to go busily opponent that's why there that's a lot of errors in the UC doesn't come here very often is because just because they came down there and they threw whoever on the card node went. Mean so is this guy and main event type guy. Now he's he's he's just getting out of the siege all right let me get -- I learn now by making himself look like the biggest jerk in the biggest A hole must here's the same guy who said resigns or filthy animals that that was balanced create contact us being just. Yes yes I told you he still deals on trying to be leaders toothbrush joke now I don't. But is it deputy differ re shivered and and with the boomerang in Australia which is funny how. It. All right let's keep him and got I'm glad I'm glad to talk now. Many back in action tonight against the Charlotte hornets tip off from spectrum center is set for 7 PM means coverage begins right here on 790 the ticket. 6 PM at Miami he pregame show. Colorado Avalanche beat the Florida Panthers yesterday to 21. The Broncos beat the colts in Thursday night football 25 to thirteen Brock oust Weiler twelve for 171954. Yards radler and two touchdowns. CJ Anderson hit thirty carries for a 158 yards. Frank Gore left the game with a knee injury. Many dolphins take on the Buffalo Bills I game is Sunday at 1 PM. Amanda sobero is reporting that the dolphins want to sign Jarvis Landry to a long term deal. Jay Cutler says he's gonna keep his beard and songs with dolphins keep. On winning speaking of which. Opportunity me tell you about spying on the opponent. Brought you by drew owners and amateur ends and pine crest owners Joseph prestige I dealer has all of your drone needs covered new purchases repairs. Customizations training sessions and more of his image owners dot com. That's true owners sampler ally in the skies the dolphins are taking on the bills this weekend. People think that the New York Jets had the least intelligent fans the season for good reason but. Don't sell the dummy bills fans short OK they're group is known as bills mafia they are known for jump into tables that's you know like wrestling style tables on flyer that'll deal us on field guide until he last week he instead of jumping on a table wells on fire he jumped on a bore you. Yeah one of those col two local barbecue grills. That's that's a bunch of idiots right there and that's buying an opponent brought you by drone arts. Guinea steals as the dolphins haven't lost patent Dovonte Parker yeah just. Makes one of us the cavs beat the lakers yesterday one point one and 112. How many are based on their million game narrow wins during the past. None they're sixteen or seventeen yet the they've been playing well. Let's get do. If and Brendan Mars is reporting that the lakers are a longshot to sign LeBron this summer. Sure windy once LeBron he being mean he probably uses as a wanna go to another nice city. And government laws into us. There's laundry isn't signed into similar Miami good looking people. Terrible them the silicone brings. A hall to bag always there's. I did you wanna get to Sampson supplements do that here you any Al stress. That's headlines and I should I should about the movie some villages ages ends and you guys jumping on me and my connection and I thought. Well these are Pulitzer I. I know or meal yeah I know I'm very I'm very sorry that I like I need somebody in my whole. Star Wars in college with my boyfriend at the time. Who was and you I would make fun of her being dirty and he was dirty and he was great and I adore them and it's not like I have anything against people who liked Star Wars films I just think the obsession with star wears a good runner up in Dubai I -- it's amazing how I think people get about it's. And don't know is such a source some. I should mention abroad as it was a mistake I do wanna add because they have laid see you guys jumping on me and I feel stupid and I and I action. Our rights I did do a whole lot more interesting is what took place yesterday on on Dan's shell OK Dana staking out let it sort of sticking up for the city of Miami. It dated stands on its Matt heard David Santa stuff. I heard let's are going after the commissioner basal rob Manfred. I haven't heard David Samson. So let's get to that next. You would hope that new ownership. MLB screaming don't. So that we have an ownership that comes in and provide some additions and you heard the players on bad teams say we could get pitching. We get that pitch. We all know the pitching is available and they come in and greens Iraq so you're you're not a jewelry stores it's company and I can now be com. Pawnshop. Business trying to pay the rent. Building rather than focusing. On these diamonds growth she. That's Majorly diesel super agent Scott Boras right there hey listen to take it all week long for your fantasy football update to decide who's not all like good sup presented by Andrew on the plane accident attorneys you've been an accident call 807 point 73. That's 800 them we're 7373. Responsible ought to direct the right card always the right price and by East Coast public adjusters. That's your assets covered call 855 get ECPA. Or visit East Coast public adjusters dot com. You can text in the show on the calls for an Samaki attacks on 679 some four Texans seemed to enjoy that last segment on and on it. They enjoyed it very much yet each other that they love lives and Sinn yeah I didn't. Have a right to it happening again. People people seem to like it at the rose form and and slim given the thumbs up on the aside it was not fun to me. Means or listeners like that yeah it's so finalist now I guess that's what matters. It is sunny nice and Islam that is rightly put effort under it also wants the answer Wright's ideas that flight there was no vote blows exchanged during the break I'm sure everybody was wondering. Now owes me apologize and what wants. Or Robert did throw RK ought to know aaron's Oslo Norway RK ought to know where Randy Orton style which are Kato. As we move it differently on your friends finishing movement has moved well man that's the smoke or you can remember rehab with a front and just one day is that he's runs them. All Roger haven't seen the social media. RK out and I he'll all. If he's alone diving boy okay yeah see Matt. He has I don't know that is moves goalie RQ what does it stand for since resigning him no idea uneasy ms. Randi Kaye Orton. I think it's it's neat though again knock out basically the RKO got there. See got to put it together. I sent I sent Romberg yesterday. This olds. Macho man Randy savage blow its African heritage and trying to demands debut it's like it's like in the mid eighties. And I sent it to him because the point is. It's its own out Regis because that's stuff so some that you zoo on the would never fly to a macho man in this promo. And he's got ms. Elizabeth there with a much a man in this promo is telling mean gene. Because missile as it's spoke with Hewlett spoken to. Okay and that's have been known. And much of and it's telling me this would never flights and much immense telling mean Gina. Without using the exact words but he is telling eighteen he's going to eat her later. That's what he is healthy he's gonna giver a little bit of talking to be rigorous stern he's. He's going to eat her see what insinuating. When he sang it yeah unity I'm just trying to figure out how I can send this to my wife to make sure this year makes it into on. It's it's cobra he is telling you mean gene. That because she spoke and got out of line he's going to meet her later. Wouldn't that can never be on television today no. We don't mean now well pledges at this with mr. Boyce no and gloves and what else. Would you sit over here for a few moments Stutz. Is similar to your strip club voice and it it's it's close it's close he has got it back and watch his videos he's gonna beat her I don't think there's anybody better in front of the camera. A member of an election and legends he's a better than it flares more you know Carol also two yards to put those two on their bye. Holy smoke man so. Precious you booms are yet that yeah you that's in that one time. As he was walking off camera phenomenal man. Can coach. So. Yes Alice got wars that we are common in your hands. Agree what's up or just say in the part that bothered me about what's got bourses to against the Marlins couple days ago when he spoke about them being on shop the part that bothered me. Was when Scott Boras the sides and rate out the violin. And talk about how the Marlins at the community in South Florida. There they were bonding. After the death of Jose Fernandez. And yet these outfielders two of whom they traded now. Yet it's good or outfielders and and the city is. Has until around this team okay in the wake of tragedy and port is true or could be true. Like Scott Boris man. It solves any grabs and ourselves and if so you know we're still here when he becomes a free agent in a year from now. It's re on to send more souls who does that cnet's ice. So this site. That Scott ports is standard talk about the Marlins management broke up this you know this outfield in this onto its creative with the salt water community. Takes a Scott orders to break on that the community has of those players. Is the ball is all for a dollar less than another team. It's not him breaking out operated would be his player a player you know is to take alas is not Scott Boris make those decisions ultimately to play airman in the facility that bugs me is how are just doing his job and that spot but it think he can still. Have an opinion about this team because didn't he also represented Jose Fernandez yes. So I think that's probably part that's right emanating he is intimately connected to you this organization and then obviously that situation with Jose Fernandez and then of course at the reaction of some of his other clients to that situation doesn't work I guess a B that's the sensitivity to that comes from. And also that of course like had a history with Marlins in terms like not not is a really bad history with cancer is under Yeltsin and baseball agent is most of you are standing and on on sky porous. Yesterday yeah yeah how do you feel about the reports. I I I can hardly stand to. Because I know. And I don't know what people write about him I know what you got I know how we axe I know what he thinks and I don't think it's good for baseball. And I was in I've gotten in trouble over this over the years but guess what I munchak a kick it might UA's. That it's not totally his fault and that's what bothers me where are the ones who gave way inch of that money. All we had to do was say now. And he finds a way to make it to people don't think LI agents. Act. But I hole that an angry about the way he manufactures markets in the weight each make owners it was they're the greatest people oral. Let their one player weight and getting a ring. And that they have one foot in the grave so they better sign this player to win a World Series before the gun rights it's great manipulation. And we happens. We they have figured out. But as right as like Tweety yesterday to me it's fourteen minutes and counting it's. Because it's it's gonna come a point where you're gonna sign his players you're gonna get burned enough times you're just gonna stop. Man that's interesting to meet here David Samson talking about the manipulation somebody else it's a really good at business and I really got to doing their job and evidence that is in the turns and inciting and I really late David Sampson very much does the person who was really good at his job I respect people who are good at their jobs I respect people who do jobs that are unpopular that not everybody agrees when. Very much ends. David Sampson was one of those people Scott Boras is also one of those people. Sounds like with everything Sampson just sad Scott bourses very good at his job and David James in salty about it and I think that's interesting coming from David Samson. Who defended the stance on selling of one point two billion dollars over the over the organization word you know the return December it was overvalued by about 300 grand Tom. The light of people pay for us. And on the value of players is what you're willing to pay for the. Let's hear let's yielded more news more elaborate snow I think what they do wish you take the you take money you reinvest accent I think that's ready pounced quit all the all the Davis why would we trust these people with that but why but I don't I don't. David David when this game. They end because I could I earned the right that's why you don't trust me you have to trust the new administration because they haven't earned it. I think that things could've gone it's always best quarter in terms of communication or PR strategy but that's not being rude or mean that's just. Seen what I've seen being written by you guys but the fact is. Trunk that there's a plan and a process and the thoughts and belief that it now in May. Lol don't know. No I'm David no no no they go to ballpark that was the last chance knows the answer they deserved and I'm now. Had a chance there you Hamachi and no no no no no one. He's always had a chance baseball says is because based on all fours and it shouldn't be so grumpy day flight that David. Like. He went over there was a good entertaining. Listen and and I think Dan got more and more worked up in more and more. Emotionally invested in the I don't stands at all the labor and you. Strewn. Those guys are really good friends prayed out off the air and those I mean. That should be full disclosure here too so those who has a really good friends I think that this they hang out spend time together so they have a good report with a running at one another and also having up. Retreated to sit down when Jeter and declining an opportunity as well that's true. What Dan had an opportunity to go and its downward Jeter and his team and Dan declined he's not you do need you wanna go in there he goes should've I should you do want when you do that also of south wind wind with that's. I imagine just after the took over. I don't I am at a job apparently wanted to call in some of the most predominant media members on here South Florida probably have a little sit down and talk about how we should've done. That's why dams like I kind of regret not doing it because and then sort of saying well maybe made that you don't wanna lay as a roundtable or just stand not stand the issue to them. Students and general white and call me now. It is an oversight but Jeter should go with guts. Guts he would found a way to go and ball. He's not make you mad bribe Dow thirty Lee Jeter any good for always gonna call us and getting pay in let's cheaters paying him then Steve got might make that drive up. Really how that how can I go back and you can any Yankee hope that you can hook me up with the tickets. With sports in general beloved so I mean that's what made him feel like the best thing in the world now. And so so we're gonna find out that's two yachts president of loans business operations. I. Still got to what. Steve I did Jeter RT has no money steer somehow some Hollywood left that meeting with even less. Between on how you left that meeting was do that's owning his equity and Marlins. Between ever anywhere just hear it on the Jumbotron guys. Over the commercial this and that and then also and so I'm a business deal I think a lot of you run the impression and this is what Dan was trying to push for the message was. Was basically a baseball MLB and the commissioners of baseball and of sitting down allow wing. And not fully vested organization who and purchase Major League Baseball team that they needed to go in there with a planned initially was to go in there and they presented a baseball this is what I'm doing my Derek Jeter plan. Was presented from a baseball I don't get why do they care about the other teams exactly either to try to got everything to try to make something happen down here financially to make this team I'm. A so called on the tax booked profitable organization. And and that's word Dan obviously had a prom because Dan saw some of the stuff behind the scenes and actually knew what happened. With a lot of these presentations but Sampson was defending just about every buyer came in to try to buy this team and everybody was uneven playing field for everybody didn't have the money I. I also think it has to play a little bit of a role where. Jeter is still pain Sampson of Sam singles on the radio and trashes in the could be national. Included I'm not sure could be an important Simpson he's completely unshackled nah not her. I'm not certain is nicer his paycheck would be is contingent on him speaking kindly of the organization. But also used. Am defending judo like he's been in the situations isn't since he's been down here he knows the position Jews and better than anybody probably in baseball of being that unpopular. And he's always been able it's to take the bullets. He lusting cheaters so soft. I'll definitely cheaters here a month and he's whining and complaining about negativity and Sam cinnamon Eton blue marine negativity it's the last many thought that only buyers so soft you imagine if he kept if he kept David sandstorm brought David Samson back. I was so silly they let him go to David tends to be perfect date him I. Well he'd be this human shields for notre right now I we talk to Richie got neo. You know what I'm sure Tom Collins the road right now man. No he's not a Saddam like final five minutes on my god do you law should. See it when your chance to win tickets and upcoming heat game accord as mining technology partner your local South Florida technology company for all your business needs. Give them online at a quarter score dot com spots open your volt dot com get the most cash now if you destructive cinemanow lottery payments. Call 833 libel and by Lauderdale BMW Pembroke Pines crowd members of the home and automotive group. Keep elicited a ticket to win your way into heat. Game. Coming up the top of the hour. Break out that bastard wheeled humiliation. And see what's. On the slate for this weekend's games. We'll talk to Tony Fiorentino from the heat and at 8:15 this morning the heat are in Charlotte tonight. But it goes of course most importantly dolphins are in buffalo. This weekend and joining us soundly Ryan fuels and announcers convenient source gas signed truly sense beyond convenience. Willie talk enriching god NATO he's been our pal for a couple years now. Ritchie the morning and you know you guys is it you guys lost new England and at home a couple of weeks go on the dolphins beat New England. At home this past weeks that means bombs are better than you guys. I just. Yeah if I wouldn't put it out through my guess is here that's how. Arnaud works a Portland fortunately people aren't they eat. The better Oakland. You go into a game like it is year your plane the physical part of the game to go into the game thinking yourself. And those guys are really big and they're gonna push us around. Oh. There are a little bit on on on what we're talking about because I don't know if you watch any of the indie game last night and I imagine. Are you probably didn't have this time and here I'm sure you've seen in a football book but he do you see Indy. Last night and can you elaborate a little bit on how you were dish rag on these fools and tournament to each other on Sunday in the snowstorm. Yeah I icon on the MRI and leave the but I did I I would catch him you know you into joking mood attraction there he is kinda that's been there or out. And I'll agree in bowl party is in New York so. I bought them linebackers coming out and play it the safety problem that corner action know that like bowling pin down. I love it man was that was as far as the. And down the work conditions there were pregnant in my entire life talking cynical you know most loopy old need no part of appeal. Now. I guess can you explain to us what it's actually like playing in that weather because I remember there's there's very infamous story from. It's like fifteen years ago when the dolphins were playing at the bills and Ricky Williams a dolphins running back and Ricky Williams ran for like 200 yards that David has the story goes. It was one of those super cold days in buffalo. And in the tunnel as the team is waiting to come out and play Ricky Williams tried to go back to the locker room he didn't want to play it was too old. And the team had to force him to come outs and lines of happening he was also he runs for 200 yards and and so it it's a fun little story can you explain to us. How actually he would actually like playing that whether. You know it's great technically a challenge you know. Com all putting it is. You know highly questionable that point you know you're just lucky to not flip. On the original play. You know hurt for all the employment turned into like that yeah. Are wrestling match you're out there is wrapping guys like trying cargo and people have been there who would certainly take your art that. They're putting compromise so we Xperia. Play is stressful to accomplish some. This is miserable. Permeated you know for me on on on going out there on or not they're -- you inquire that I practiced all week and I have down and then put. He insists no on the field right there goes the whole team partner you're out there it it excuse company that are out there. Brought in off. Are you more sore after a game like that because I'm looking at and I'm thinking and you got to use a lot more upper body strength where you know we get good putting your dogs usually it's a little bit more and this time it just becomes like a torso maneuvering. Sumo match for the most part are you a little bit more sore. After a game like what you did Sunday or you are you more sore vs like a heat game. You know it's actually get a pony is I don't we don't that soaring more teams but after this in my Bentley numbers at my co op them cash every people on the mall. What are you achieve it around in order. Definitely a little more or. We are reaching got NATO joining us near Buffalo Bills guard of course the AD bills play dolphins this weekend did you still have a little bit extra edge to you when you play the dolphins are settled deal overly. Ohno question and it's one appreciate you guys are our Brothers and I've been in a bit of battle all the guys they know adopted or are that is they know enough. Wonder. You know I respect who could you know oil market players are bringing it. Also wonder where I'm many of his style Florida I'm that I have a drink in the architecture brother beat them. About tomorrow remember those guys noticed that are at county is I don't know ten hill. Com you know and it's fun on the block they're PP if you got one if you don't have success your limit the playoffs by sheer. I I shared didn't. You know just as knowing that those guys you are needed now and then all know knowing that they worked so hard to get there. We don't have a guy like sue and him we go in this year after year to year he's not when your boys obviously never have probably never will be. Animosity or is that there is there animosity that would obviously these two have been labeled as like not necessarily the dirty its players but probably not the most physical players in the National Football League so there's always a spotlight when you guys come and and and and come to blows with each other. This year. You know that defense is playing a little bit better you got guys like cam wade branch a couple more guys what about a young bought by the name of god shall what have you noticed about him. And and I imagine you got a little bit of learning lesson for him that young rookie from Alice you. Well the secret is by nature and usually don't look like she normally. Those guys are are up plain and high level. Arm artery got toward their looks they got out branch they got there I can't chalk it. Home you know all rotate in their merry mood around. All. Would go to playing well you know they beat the light came on the plate knowing that I beat the special all year a home. 88 fortune and there are long they got path approach going to need it started at Eaton. Comparable particular experience they've gotten second there are they really her whole body and that's that the top passer remark or regional. Or county or they're strike it eat and so. Front was to restrict more often Oprah. In downward trying. You know actually stay out on Sunday. So aside from a little bit of the playoff implication you guys might possibly have going on you have your little animosity in war with the Miami Dolphins and and and a good body mind on your Kiko Alonso has his own little battle with the running back always yes. Seemed out of people remember this but you're more Kiko Alonso put on his Twitter account. The image of the avatar footage waited for each other right right but he ended up lighten his ass up and they put that image up and member McCoy came back in the stock and about he might keep my name out your mouth and keep my picture after page your bomb. So I imagine this got a stumbled to a bar conversation going on. I yeah actually go back to what that meant he would eat go about a picture ready that would post it and whatnot but he made it in it wanna play another packet and eco pedal off. It's. So that light on the road smoke and mirrors the imagery. And then and then you're very street being back where there are the it cheek comment Leopold Ramallah because they're obviously Mia help your age you bump. You know any EST you local further on the on not you can't show next minute speech that or not. At it is your favorite daughter. Yeah I wished that only talk about its first contract and how much money's metal yeah that that Amanda's house are gonna come to blows these two this weekend at. You know it it it actually chippy eight at the European the last locked and we are dull and there are quite well it would break my own we should also offered to record were. You are and point to one now we can get the win but. As probably one most cynical either late in their fight for their lives in the playoffs we fight. You know just that. Right the ship appeared. We got efforts so we happily equally. Cool Kopper controlled under. So you can enlighten us as former player I am menu current player in possible implications of playoffs or not how many guys in the locker room was already booked their offseason plans or or or made plans for the hills right in the thick of things. How many how many back door plans are there getting planned right now on the locker room. All I know I know they're not sort of all of whom are your guys have insurance all these in case it doesn't go through our. Policies meanings. Reservation. It's. Reservation yeah of course. You have reservations. Robert are you know it happened sharp early that day out I wasn't Auburn career yeah yeah yeah Black Friday deal getting in your arms we learn that for me yeah. No I'm gonna from Robert Robert Joshi is my thought at first at a furniture art first out of it looked organic that it was actually probably I don't know. You go back and mitigating each other and you're a lot. Hidden in. We we got a big town all the while that war from the start the one. Gotta amend the UK can't sticker for anything nowadays and you gotta you know got to relive it lumbered and you somehow. Especially got to Miami you never they bicker or any number so we got you got gotta have a guy. Finally Richie got AI EE got any stories of passing towners and Ndamukong Suh attorney game. On you know aren't really you know our I don't I don't encounter him too much she played over on the right I this year he's claim all oral eyesight by. You shoot shoot us a competitor you immediately it was dirty what you just physical and curl back where in the right way. On the eve after people. Calm. In a note is neatly dressed in a little bit minimum plagued U move form shiver ran downfield. A little war ship are now in Kerala. I spoke on what I gotta you are spoke on marred by iron in my. And well what helped me rate my in we still don't have time to trash talking on the older. A little bit older more mature low let's Richey like during the game. Don't got gotten. Not all that all people don't talk to them on the and they talked to talk my church they now know what you. Sure leader offensive why I basically saying that he's like the godfather you you don't wow right to talk to Muriel well here are doing the other guys and then they'll go relayed the message to meet you guys try and get going there and lightly at all there's adding god need Obama talked in like you don't I trying to iron. Don't share. Your card you spoke spared an eight mile an airline package to a year she'll are hopeful and get my wife to send something. Even look him in the. This man our rights always good talk you Ricci and if you look at it I hope you play well this weekend by earlier war room for adult and win like look and say you know. Yeah of course York and the product of by the way I mean I think it's a fourth day now. To your report your partner. All the tomorrow is well. How much go to Florida and NCA scenario pretty good for you man who writes I would not I would oh record out and a lot 00 wow well listen you're down you're supple and a couple of weeks there you go. Exactly all right art it's here it's either wow excellent Nancy nation from him on look I am comfortable and Monica and muzzled songs he's semi is Monica behind. How how about hats. And it's. An honor EG two right there to cement causing cause I need not Jewish name. It could be one of the biggest so. He be one of the biggest he's he's big like a size price yeah the big guy. Yeah there won't we're not a wanna say he could could be one of the biggest Jews believe it was kind of come out wrong that's why and they don't normally make is that would write a sore point is more like my what I say he's probably the biggest Q. Problem came across a radio waves a little bit like it or not at the moment that's always size ones and so the whole Wallace who Amber's got headlines next.