ZRA Part 2 12-21-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, December 21st

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This hour on the ticket is sponsored by phone train route fifty stupor. Award winning both trend. Well let's not just changed my nurtured. Minus now we take you to call for shots your game you're listening post game last night. At that he'd beat the Celtics 1989. The first person give it to us when you beat you from the stadium for tickets and upcoming you don't games make you don't go one way ticket is proud to be part of a broader Cotchery. Celebration all things New Orleans coming Obama we champ Dieter on Saturday march 24. Tobin and decent LeRoy they're giving you opportunities to win tickets. So Ellison their shelf. And you can win. That's courtesy of crawler bot to read on am 719 FM 14 point three HD to the tickets start sending your question said in your tax questions. On the calls brings on more Kia Tex lines 67974. As Jamey Eisenberg from CBS sports when it's your fantasy football questions. If you wanna get in a 7863600790. He'd ask him the questions yourself. Let's gets more headlines here now. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. These headlines are brought to you re count Temps tis the season for your and projects and increased workload accountants is perfectly matched candidates ME closing out the year breezy this account tents dot com to learn more account Temps are Robert half company. Did you wanna get to the trainer does Tom Brady some request. Ellis do that Gaudio has teased as so here is Tom Brady on line at WE I know his trainer. Has been banned for he used to travel with the team he supplier and the plane used to be on the silence from the games. He's been banned for everything and and treating anybody else on the team except for Bill Belichick still allowing him to treats Tom Brady so let's the only reason that he has any access to the team anymore. Ian interesting guess he's a little nervous after retreated maker apple appears Tom Brady on WEEI. Not have any comment on the of them say Alex and you know well doctors huge part of what I do. So fortunate. All the different but everything that we've been able to do together and Alex's. Note huge your trees then why not so quiet. It would seem that it's probable. And is is probably something that is a it is agreement between him and the team or him in the coach sure. You know whoever is not allowing them. This gentleman to be around a team anymore. I would sax sound like it's awesome that Tom Brady is is abbey with. I imagine he's not love. Come to the facility or do any work on. Apparently he is apparently he's not other then to apparently he can still celta facility from one I'm reading to treat Tom Brady enough as it. It's interesting beat Tommy can you can't let them stop treating I'm afraid all the sudden know all is said these are aging forward like normal people you know my favorite teammate and real odd. Estimates older the left tackle Sam may heating and no. No you're not allowed only Tom. Enjoy only find out that he's on performance ends in her duties not on. Whatever trust me there is street and boxer is Null and I don't you know frail and skinny Tom Brady is slick and you know Hoss he didn't what do you say to cornice. I was using. Meantime pretty is not to be an in a while exterior that bowl cam Tom Brady can be on things like human growth hormone which is okay. Well not it's in your place order I tested positive for a in the in the NFL. They can't test you for that I thought it could now but that was the whole thing the Lebanese community. Growth now in order to go and give it an accurate tests are need to be done immediately post NFL game which is going to be when guys are super fatigued dehydrated. They're gonna go and argue the numbers and and 'cause the elevation levels of your testosterone. Host a game is when it's it's it's the most. I believe opportune time to go and have that test done and and the majority of the people but I know mom usually and that by the end of the week. I build do. A couple injections throughout the week and then they'll just ended for the game on or else he's injecting now. Just don't know about growth just to he's injecting love and touchdown pass. And as I you really believe in you know really really leave but Tom Brady neither would you really believing you really believe he's just aging battled back in a way that no other NFL quarterback has ever ever age in the history of. The world correct you think. That's just he's just a lucky as how he's just so much smarter than everybody and doesn't take this semifinal win and collapse the minute anybody you know what I'm doing good and and the ball is out of his hand. So when you do get that opportunity of possibly take him Tom Brady's head off siege from a mile away any ducks and he gets goes underground any turtles Benito that's how we just what about grant all the Sunday and very holy ghost. That is raise your eyebrows and off. A lot of it is you know trickle down effect read or something ailing like your arm and you're wearing a cast all the time other things kind of compensate foreign and those things are gonna be a little bit more. Liable to get her out of. Mean I d.'s he's had to shut down the skies for claiming that his super green cure cancer in the past. Tom Brady may explain Leo yeah I attorney are you hydrate enough you'll get a sunburn you know the solicit doctors believe he returned to Kuwait they believe in the pro. These headlines rusty right count test is a season for your and projects an increased workload accountants is perfectly match candidates and the closing out the year breezes account times dot com to learn mark count answer Robert half company. The shorthanded heat took that Celtics AS last night 9889. Years Kelly O Linney. Was great he owns Boston. He scored a career high 32 point two was twelve of fifteen shooting only knockdown six of 83 point attempts apparently Kelly Atlantic. According to basketball after all here's Olympics satisfied with when. There was there was definitely satisfied I'm not you know not only because of how the game went book. You know we drop or two nights ago that was in a pretty big for us and to come in here and I still on their court. Does not an easy thing to do. Josh richest men had nineteen points last night Tyler Johnson only scored six but he grabbed a career high eleven boards Jordan Mickey continued his solid play in is on Whiteside absentee eight points eight rebounds. The hereof tonight they host Dallas Friday night. Let's join Mickey at the video tribute if ourselves into the. Before the game the Celtics honored Kelly holiday with the hero among us award which is given out to individuals who have made an overwhelming impact on the whys of others in the Boston community the Celtics as a first time an MBA. Player has ever been given not a war. A spokesman said the team gave former Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester the war in 2009 he was the only other local athlete to receive the award to our hat happened in almost decade different athletes receive that award. That's a pretty cool thing for Elena key he did an unbelievable charity work when he was on the Celtics the dolphins placed it in Julius Thomas and garden. John Mon push rod on injured reserve I would sit placed on injured reserve meaning year. With a foot injuries. And makes it eight to would be starters on ire from Hamlisch for a different had a better year last year. Put a lot of journalists who blogs are instantly Julius Thomas but I don't like guys on mass. A ball. Easily and almost got children with the tide and pass that was that was that Rendell and almost killed Americans on or not. Oh couple years ago. No now is so what's this thing Slade who was it in was declared it was a Sims and I want them and Otis Thomas first you that he knows couple yeah I actually as last year. In the last two years ago but he was is senator Claire don't remember which one. BA deal died and his claim bowling out for the bills are announced not really now now and I'm really edited your life Sharon for straight to move on now. Canes got an. Big start to the NCAA is inaugural signing periods as you have to when he. Verbal commitment exciting class of 2018 signed national letters to contend it's a take your work are why do you not care. Those are loads of do you know how Michael gets accused thing. And I'm with you a 100% on this one I'm with a few 100%. Innocent animal source and amount of of falling that these high school kids how of and were there signing I don't blows my mind causes a lot of money so more can so much more concerned about these group of kids. Then the current kids that are on the team and I highlighted re ally that that's what every. And her decision to direction your going I mean you're getting top recruits here in hopefully going the right direction ran Eddie Shannon I classic and often in LA it's in. That can happen I can certainly happen but I think way I think the reason that this story should have some exact here is because this is you know another rate were we were cleared recruiting class grade which. Is important tool. It's good thing I ask you talk about. You know a dual threat quarterback he has common end. So it is so ironic so so the other night against him gonna just own with it was from the sale sat here and. I'm sitting there does sound Bradley those sales here's a well now now you are I had rounds. And not and all of a sudden you know I see. SC coach Rick what can I see some of the coaches walked in that I see to hold them team walking and and they had their big ol' dinner there the other night which is ironic because you know I can tell the Los someone to Jo zone. Mom and I and China semis of these guys so panel looked awkward but Tom. We've we've sturdy remember a time bomb. Looking looking at what's going on with coach Rick I haven't done that in fifteen years the last time that team ended a cordial stone. Was with my team was when I was doing my halting Mohammed Ali in the street. That was the last time at Miami Hurricanes team has gone to Joe's stone crab. And so the owner over their felt there was only fitting in late James felt it was only fitting with. You know the rise in the success of what's going on and on university Miami. All the new facilities. They've they found it really really. Imperative that the unit sorting doings re doing some of the stuff but these are due back in the day for us and that's obviously. Going to Joseph stone crab and and having an unbelievable meal friends family coaches the whole thing was like 200 person dinner the other night. Agrees a lot of the ranking sites like rivals their ranking Miami's classes it nationally right now for worker it's phenomenal. And that's a lights. Our rights let's get to our fans of the ball questions here senator questions for Jamie you know trying to help get you a chance of games we get their editors don't ball. And he detects and calls brings almost detect signs 67974. Jeanie joins us. On the right fuels and doesn't mean users get signed truly says beyond convenience. So Jim are trying to help folks out fer for one final sodomy that you don't know when he leaves any more than two weeks seventeen relic. This it this is at right champs of we zip weeks sixteen grants. For the most part I mean there are opened people that are we are there period and they cleanly and and it always that Billy and he acts but wouldn't be so there are people that haven't just. I feel like I was mentioned earlier Philly at Philly Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts were kind of the trend setter in regards to. It's not not having fantasy football on week's seventeen anymore truckers. That the colts what we're notorious for the way they would sit the players in week seventeen rights. Literally here Rocco the wanted to dispute two bedroom where it is. Yet they probably when you're crack into it out of there. Who before we get some questions yet again enjoy it and set an 86360079. Decent we're now at the end of the season who who has been The Who has been the best pick up. For fantasy football players. It it has to be out and tomorrow right. In a relic you know I mean he could mean an argument is it healthy triggers Camelot but. You know that worked out yet we are certainly has been the back he would pick up on either now. And who has been the biggest disappointment like the guy o.'s draft in the first strategist called rush you fancy hopes. Yeah if you pagan periodically probably equally or don't mean irrespective. Our doctors are if tiger on your car and that really wonderful. I let's get your questions here again 78636007. Idols are with Marty Marty go how would you question for Jamie. It all right good start let's go with Novell Novell got we do like his work let's go Novell Novell Europe for surging. Bring you Google Chrome are currently Swanson thank you all the entries are eastern in the open championship this you know. Yeah unplug unplug there are. On when they're all. An aide saying we saw that moves. Almost a world so poor old standard won't. Yeah part of our gallery you'll. I think he got a Little Rock also and I know he was a good point a lot secret program to each other arm and and I would. I was a beat down I don't know from is doubtful the same thing you're pretty effective is the thing so. I know my on the road and you have bigger out there by you know what he then you wanted to but maybe that's gonna quarterback a lot. We have another falls questioned doctor Foltz. Ike Ike hit truck packed right now on you know you are the big let down and meanwhile we. And Rick we're only coming back government to defeat it was a bit up air go prominent people. Blake portals or Jim as Winston. I like both that speak directly or violent or older or on your it's funny sort that going to mean pretty numbers are a lot mark. You're a lot of Tom Brady or are you know what about a bit and he eager he would bring portal credit you are eager and I doubt it ever occurred North American auto that you're. Let's say it takes a lot of guts inevitably bored Rosie here you championship weekend fantasy football 'cause it's it's pretty likely that he's your back up OK on your team. So whoever is your starter. And I didn't sit down and you're gets the very end and your angle of morals the championship week that's that's gutsy Jamie. You're that Obama really and you order delivered week in week out I mean you can. Ottawa would not known Peter out or get credit of that no I'm not out and he talked. He could rhetoric right now and their liquidity and you know put them under our. Where is receivers make a play at army getting ordered back earlier that order are here he's got to get a equity. More tax and for UP PR Stuart Shepard Artie this Alex Collins or make Evans. If it is what I'm gonna go compound on my I know you ever come up but I bet you by your your art. You are probably there are Graham. As well and Nicole Purdue that you know go in the apple going in there all more uttered an art or better I think the outcome we will. Let's give stand an opportunity ear buds and we question. They Alex Smith person Miami you're Kim and over that limit. They're great they're great in and that kind of reason I liked them on the bucks are on a short week having to go on the road arm and a lot more to our player connect game. I can't Atlanta and all the linebacker while they're down don't McCourt had a pain. I really hasn't been there all these and I think it was gonna camera not you roll well. Acting camp and a great body and number one quarterback. Josh Gordon or does Bryant. Opel got a cart similar to what are dependent and now I don't order a point here I wonder what. Cowboy mentality is getting here Elliott you read them and are now Dominic off though. I think it okay where they weren't the book they are neck in the at their Broncos are banners. That are you know this is at a similar gear you brought that about our a collector. Target player has a he. But the bears in the play the brown is critically review quote he got all off Matt Stafford and Matt Ryan. Eat at a map right yet began to hear what over there or not I agree nor do we ever doubt he well armed Iran in the ball below. And in order to Norman who you're re being quarterback a point there were. Promote it get Ryan our brand in my much easier order with the bank of their art and quick mode and they're bankrupt or be a lot. Who is going to be the top pick in fantasy football draft next here. Cracked and our economic partner earlier what Gambill I think more people where are the tried true you know guy in el camino opera expert. But tiger or you know Osama pain were Koppen look like right now going to be art. Yeah we're gonna be it's pitino would be injury guys know who who kind of acted in the north where David content for example all. But if you're looking at early in doubt the energy jail. Commodore partners to her you know what what BitTorrent a brownout you know they better play well sparked a gain a lot and an accurate oh. Are picked her you know if you go to mark Reid you know another big player by our top of their game and what I mean I don't get down there he dismissed you will have a partner that. Outlook beyond what he got the ability to do it into opera. Eisner's Estes a GQ UI so yeah he's so like chair man Douglass saying his old. Did get. Pablo Pablo go nightly question Jamie. All right who for two excellent job is a greener lawman. I'm not saying that rent wanna be right. And while a woman. Obama comment on the Allman yeah it could beat Gartner gonna whip Eric. We Obama or black per hour using immigrant aren't really well. But they're bitter because Europe is because there aren't going to bear. The tape his birdie or TV is Brian Alex Collins. If he did you want it. Are looking at Google book running backs not very very good and the Packers allow the spectacle than what we're gonna. Jamie did you hear the commissioner Major League Baseball loves art yesterday. I did not but I am coming here because I heard it. EA should get to listen. Yeah it's good stuff. Our Jamie excellent job man we appreciate your help all throughout the season I'm I'm I'm assuming it's a meal last time that that we have you on the season for the fans. You're gonna keep continually having a largest U wanna find no movies is there's going to be NC no I don't I don't Tennessee Oilers I don't I don't do what DC stalwart Jamie. Yeah and you're the worst of the movies men like her now it's OTC just yet. Now monitor removing their arbor recorder is still. A move meant a year and a year ago you know hot seater to feed. Well I'm gonna go and they want to want it the other. I'll catch aren't the reason that when you're younger we go to several movies in one day I Xena. Our media well IC has only come to because it's it's it's stealing is the feds have us in India are writes I'd see Jamie. Murder are tied things you do man when we appreciate Jamie's helped throughout seal hopefully all of you preview jeans although pleased and helping you outs threw out you were. Principal has helped me right Chinese through. You have some of these meet Chinese food. Market have been a good question it's available to them you still you still you do when they playoffs is you made the fans of a little lesson in an. So you did not policy tiebreak a little records are subjects are in and I out of this world which are favorite dish when it comes Chinese food. This particular you're he's shivering soured you get has zero here so is our chicken is good it okay the honey chicken is to. The you know chicken broccoli appointees in America land and how much bigger broccoli. He's didn't do you want to assume no warning of crazies do so you have to Brian rye ace. Now you'll had CU which you can count on him. Your season does mean seventeen and dishes in here on what's your favorite Romberg. I'm a big fan of of this researcher in this system dialing and I general's ouster in two runner continuing to Brian's time. To find that when Chinese other camera doesn't bury everything in general those editing good chicken. If you go to China. Would you say your body or your recent Chinese food. Ridge's ghost or a congressman from yeah is just through a number leader in China just food there. It right now first person who calls and he gives us a sharpshooter of the game 786 by 340790. I needed to every post game show first person gives us last night's sharpshooter of the game. We're gonna say a with a pair of tickets and upcoming heat home game all right let's let's give you more from rob Manfred on when Dan Webb it's hard. And then once you got to join that's next. Letting risking his life brain injury last night. Mother is dead after them life he'll use it so much pain. Maybe if you look at his hamstring to war so yes limp body towards him saying. Kelly Atlantic career high 32 points career high 63 point 86 of eight. From downtown Boston not CS in the playoffs now and and to. And the season series over he took that past two games to one of them slow tiebreak scenario Boston school rooted. Quit so with since we took bad ass in Boston looks like they're the best team in the east are we then went on the best team yet. When Ali just yet so we. On Monday we were the worst team in the east as we lost to Atlanta but then we became the best as a beat Celtics. Payless and every day of the court seat to go into your chance to win tickets and upcoming game according its mining technology partner. Annual local South Florida technology company for all your business needs his them on line in court escort dot com. Spots open to vault dot com does cash now fee if futures struck a settlement or lottery payments. Call 883 my ball and by Lauderdale BMW Pembroke Pines crowd members. On the home and automotive group you listen to take it to mean your way into heat game. When he gets who got on the phone about ten minutes from now. But a lot of replay actually won re played the clip that sorted. Dilemma it's hard Manfred interview yesterday. Where I mean did it needed here east like it was a whole thing will play if you closed three here but this has been a thing for awhile now or dance show it was a day's news and sports yesterday. Because you never hear commissioner grilled like this. You never hear contentious interview a commissioner like this usually go on Mike Greenberg are Michael Mike wing go show and and there. You know it's there would have refused to say it's it's there's it's the salt this'll balls you have heard okay. Ands. And yesterday this to a business from the get go this gave you an idea of what these ten minutes or so. With a major league Baseball Commissioner was going to be where you'll where Jesus is planned to trade players and slash payroll. You know it's interesting arms. And no yes or no please. You don't I'm happy to do Yasser knows. You can't elaborate what I just wanna know pure aware of that plant like you'll if you did you approve a plan. It had slash payroll again for so. We do not approve. On operating decisions by any. Ownership new owner current ownership or not it and as a result the answer to that question is now. You can't you're coming on here and saying that you weren't aware of Jeter's plan to trade players and slash payroll like it was with a lot of rock like that's what we're store and like. And a lot of them. And if you call me a liar I explained to you that we do not we do not. Getting involved in operating level decisions in the ownership process the ownership approval process. Clubs meet those local decision. Were you married now or you'll weigh Arabs and don't worry you'll love it. Now we were we did not have played your specific plans. From the Miami Marlins or any other changes. Crew in the ownership process bolstered decisions that the individual owners make. And big to not have. To be cleared without. We got now I think we all agree. That's when he says there. We do not. Approve or disapprove. A player specific plans. Adding we all agree that he's playing semantics there when he is saying. Player specific. Moves right exactly what I would have done up I was answering that question asked the commissioner based says I think we all probably believe that that make some sense that he wouldn't. Have very specific. Like we are trading John Carlos stint in a strategies were revealed he is sport. Right and and Witten and DM was trying to get I think the broader two did you know that they were gonna cut payroll and of course Manfred was whiz. Played the semantics game but he was able to do that it was still a proper. Answer to the. Set except the first question was did you have that the original question was do you old were you aware of specific moves are right and and Howell. And that the team was going to slash payroll and any follow it no rights and and and my guess my guess is that Dan. Knows that that's a lot knows that that's not true and that's why I guess I'll send immediately. Jerry Jackson wrote an article in the Miami Herald but says that Dan has several sources that were meaning that say it wasn't true. I know I would have been interested to know why. Didn't bring that up and press harder if he if he knew with the commissioner. Was in fact lying. Also who has written in The Herald right after is Amber's referring to OK we're says here source directly involved in the marlins' sales process after here in the lab it started to be sent via text quotes. Commissioners said it was not aware of Jeter plan to slash payroll. Absolutely not true. They request and receive the operating plan to all bidders. Project Wolverine that's an images claims called it phony. Called on his group to reduce payroll to 85 million dollars this was vetted and approved by MLB wire two Ruble by MLB. Every investor and non investor has the Wolverine financial plan of slashing payroll to 85 million dollars widely circulated and quotes. I just don't understand though. That Jeter publicly did Jeter publicly tell us numerous times they are planning to slash payroll to under ninety million. This year yes. So if if if you publicly saying in the presses and I and I mean not heated eater probably set until after the it until he was he was the owner of the teen bride and not that it's not as if that was aid but it's not as if they were it not transparent about. I know but but the question is about the process before the ownership group. Not after before. He saying that they didn't know about it but then you gotta ask yourself OK somebody jobs would lie okay so. I don't. Or he whittled around the question and turn that he was really. He was really answering Davis this this set picks up the question all the media would just alias I didn't know the specificity so it. The initial question was the other such. It's an. So somebody somebody's lying here and my question would be lead you Parse the order and who has incentive to lie okay like. Why would these sources who were than texting Barry Jackson and given specific details here. Like why would they lie. Why would rob Manfred law and I would say rob never would lied because he's gonna look bad if he knew all of this and pop to. And I can't come up with a reason why someone involved in this process would then tech's Barry Jackson the details and and lied I I cannot come up the Roswell as a and I. You know George mosques or mosques and and knows that George was gonna come in here with his is buying I don't think you know that was gonna add to the Marlins as a utterly you know ism do we do we know that's. CIA still at any snow that Amir Dan said that that that was the plan for. Do you agree with him and amber and I challenged him on that who is you know how do you know that and wire US wire you assuming and at the time -- in now I know Deanna I believe is communicated with. Pouring in my sense I mean there was a period of time we're we're gamma questioning whether grandma's is even or help person. So I know DI didn't have a previous relationship with more must I don't know are we doing not on this show to rhinos as has been doing not a lot and we that we have this idea of this of this ornate mosques per cent. And that he was gonna comment and he was his and Alex and all this money on pitching in the Marlins are going to be great and I just don't know where anybody got it that I get from I mean it may be coming from somewhere he's pretty part on what I. So for a community like he'd be these basically on the board a Columbus which is one of the biggest farm schools down here. So he's he -- I mean I'm not I'm I'm I'm just wondering we are where we all got nothing dealers from his initial. Reports she's a real personality of some and I was questioning that was a joke that DN had been making on his cell. I'm saying where we get this idea because. I mean according I mean and now David Sampson obviously is still on their payroll and and maybe he had incentive to continue life as well although he says he's removed from the organization. But he says that every. The every owner that every plan was presented to them was to slash. I imagine I don't know I don't know now or not I imagine one million to one billion dollar price tag. It wasn't as imperative you would do the slash payroll but whoever it was also won 902. Yeah and additionally everything was around nine to a billion and the all the sudden this one point two conversation showed up. And of course and now obviously any proposal is gonna be okay will give the one point two we got to cut the hell out of any kind of payroll is going to hear analysts try to get to the team to a place where not losing money. I let's gets you got on the phone next. Right you're wrong. Romberg right here spots that holds runway on the face of perfection award winning book John Roma on the does not just age two but nurtured a. The heat won a thriller last night in balls and that's one of the season by four. Ninety to 89 and there's no one fell to 92 by we are going to talk to John Clayton and about forty minutes from now he'll join a small. Okay you weeks we sixteen in the NFL started rob Manfred Dan Levitt's art show that was the big story in the new cycle yesterday in sports news cycle. Actually the world it what do I say sports is big says biggest story in the in the in the world noose like me puke yeah however talk. All right still got joins us here in the right fuels and bouncers convenience stores gas line truly steps beyond convenient. Suggested you did you enjoy talking to rob member yesterday or was that uncomfortable free. That was a bigger news in the passing the tax bill put it better. Erica the number. I. I I I security Ike I like. The pipe in about art show a good morning god morning amber how are you morning how are you. Undoing while like you saw the body been out of work though is. The national lottery that is. Com they rarely year and and myself and if you'd like that and actually if period Willie had a lot of these were shot. Eager dandy took it that is good. I think for those Arctic note did very well we got that not filed a not so. I'm Bob what he's spending Miami and in that it yet you are out there and they Miami and the spending Eddie. Our Miami and the marlin prayer and bottom. And the taxpayers of Miami when he gets like that it's very impassioned. They'll beat South Asia goal two EDD and yet today. I was was certainly one of the bank I'd pick I'd more than and it because I thought I got. I did make it a lot but yet I I could that they are dug up a little Al. It was kind of it was kind of a bummer that you guys Greta time ad idea and the galaxy you get to get your thoughts on it so I imagine I met you guys will start the show today though with that but. A short ask you some stuff here anyways will sport a little bit the local audience but what what was what what bothered you the most about your conversation with them. And I thought it was that ought to be getting out what was it. When they've brought network is a livelier or did he lie in this particular case it appears that way like that I brought a very cute being buoyed early. Got out they. You got a Dutch city. Why would rot damper on my Bible the sources barrel why I don't think the source Terkel. I gave other rock out for nearly boy I am not I wouldn't they have the power rock or beat. Is that bad book on important if only true. Recruit and appropriately. Like the fact that I didn't get any business where Derek Jeter and Warner. I never operated just worked in the government baseball. Biden open that were one point. Billion dollars. Like the back that Eric. I either get what get a bit wet wipe out that your what do won't occur on days nobly on that he's not what that they can be not the one that brought them or not there. And that will add another ruby either gonna run equally well respect in this market. Where are screwed over real war and a ready by unite it than just dumping on the mentally wrong with other grouping owner. But in Major League Baseball. Still got I imagine that that Danny has some pretty concrete governance in concrete proof of of of why he's so adamant about the fact that the Commissioner of Baseball. Is probably saying one thing and doing another I I personally what when the Marlins came up for sale. I was approached as well to be actually part of what was going on and getting involved in May be buying. The Marlins and and I'd granite it was like in the super my new chair he was gonna be C alias of the same John Hagee or put down. I'm not a real you. Know how to I know but I'd I'd I was able to seize. Financials and I was able to see what was going on and how things were working and I'm sure Danny was approach and I'm sure Danny probably had the opportunity to do the same thing. Some wondering why yesterday this is for me personally I want to know or want adhered to and say. Rob I have proof items I'm seeing it this rate now in front of me. Without replay obviously without revealing any personal sources. But he why would you just say look I know you're lying right now for a fact in this is what I have in front of my face that is real concrete evidence of why you were not telling me the truth right now. The what that it it was what was our top but it in whatever operation that rob I'm not I'm not. A lot about diet and not go lab work eat your belt. I'm not be actually at our re I don't know albeit better liked it I'm not they're in the act that it not that. I did it they're on why he used you know like what I added I did I wrote the bit rate. I am I think yet problem well I'm not so what are. If you actually act concrete evidence that big but I think there journalist writer or you're a journalist go. Arctic like like most good journal yet is sources that he believes that whatever operation is getting herbal every getting rob. And I think that was pretty you know pretty evident with. Well the way he waited is going to have a bad out there about eight order pepper you go out but it. In it what it is but he. Now I enjoy playing devil's advocate in situations like this and everybody gets extremely frustrated with me but it's it's in my need surgery you whimpering another perspective it's tears subjects. That seem one sided and and would this one and it makes sense to me that it's. He would that demand for would have to know that Jeter had some overall plane and of course to cut payroll and rebuild I mean that that there are obvious to me. But it it also makes sense to me that the Commissioner of Baseball wouldn't necessarily be involved in the intricacies. Of you know we're gonna moves this layer to this team on this day. And why aid that you wouldn't wanna get involved or not when you're looking at approving the sale of eighteen so I thought Blake. Me and freight kinda danced around didn't use semantics. When he was talking about. Not in not knowing I felt like he was more saying I didn't know I didn't know John Carlos Guillen to Amber's gonna be treated as such and such dated New York Yankees. And a you know in return for practically nothing but what kind of everywhere rallied overall. Ever prepared a budget in this particular market is more or any other market bracket that dealt the red dot. That it now in the Chicago got the don't yank you combat ready he'd this is the Miami Marlins play in this. I made the commissioner need to keep. A close look at what's going on in a bit more and it beaded or Derek Jeter what is where mark what are you to do. That in my opinion shape market it is a bit more to it apple or pocket that. I mean I Devin what in the world every area that he art. Its rating that he did you Gloria and David they're they're putting another world there is comparing that he apart. It getting them all pork and making their problems like game with that ball or. And you know a couple of problems as well our payroll and being well we're not ready Reuters are not there at the and don't like big about a bit in the market rock there are two people pay more that's the what luddite here because there were Robert so many time. That and the other market or whatever on what you like. I think most he you don't admit it what it'd do earpiece like. If I'm not there for our data Derek Jeter Herbert and anyone any buyer Marla. It's their paper matter brought back in ninety better. And I want to see what to do the per one rocker bigger operate it good I don't want this bad it will eight for Butler. New ballpark I don't what that is ergo we're. I don't disagreed and us which should have happened I did feel like me and Fred set himself up for that explanation at the beginning of interview because you start off by saying. Eat there has been two World Series game in Miami and a dotting our little Hillary ran out of that was con I and I thought you know why that was him setting up Blake and this is you know bliss in this market is and isn't white and you're making as the error is thank you write it if you do have World Series there has been success. In baseball in my panties are idiots who else. You know we rob we probably could run the product in the ninety's that in the auto world are quite there yet but I bet money what the problem problem. Poured down on an accurate about it guerrilla beyond it in a lot are like oh well get beat get. If he's probably right not a bad right there like. Well most city pay its the world they're chippy chipped it by next. Interesting point evidence yet that that that's that's a loaded question okay because I felt it was condescending from him Maurice throwing that luck plays it's like hey you don't have a right to complain about any thing of ever because you won two world stars like yeah. You with that's. That quote each rocket they control beginner BP what the interview we've got sport that that. But the obvious but what he tried to do that they got to quit yet no other that that their old crap like. In not having the ability to even get eight than in Europe what you about what may or Guatemala and what would the world there that you ready. 98 and you know if we get all excited so it's okay we scan he won two World Series. Record pick it back we eat what we don't you. Real or not utter the words out there I can't let it not open a bit lower bulk up. Only about at great yeah. You got the Marley yeah you know all about world. You're you once you want to series what love screw you don't I mean get a memo like I got that feels like that's what rob Samper was trying to reply. He's I think he's trying to imply that your government skirt over that badly in Yemen skirt because you have two World Series yes is what you it's what he was during their. One of the other questions they had is we have this idea that that important mosques within was offering to spend all sorts of money into fix this team with Al. Trading away anybody and I don't I don't know where that idea homes from and I Agha nobody can explain to me weren't bad idea comes from and I keep asking do you know Stu got through that idea comes from that also seems to me. Dion has an impression as well. And then Simpsons on your show when he keeps saying that every owner was going to dismantle the steam and even taxes that's true that every owner had these plans. And I can see rob me and parade of every. It every offer in front of him is cutting payroll for two years and then rebuilding I can see why that he wouldn't be concerned about you know jeers specifically doing. I don't know I don't know I got off like it at Belmont but Robert. Was wondering medal while. I don't know I don't know what is well what if it did at that bad. But it ought credit are bigger politically. It almost brought that you don't edit rob they're preparing every game every every order bit ordered out. I'll look in the flesh they got ever it is really get out do not know. I don't our show and like it was Ottawa and oh yeah like everything is happening now. But maybe you wanna got a little riled up I did it more about many purely based on our church leader and what. Oh and the lack of payroll and Australia don't Carla. We don't know you know how bad the air we laureate David they're out there that apparently though I am pretty bad. I almost got the lead on Matt I don't think that's what were into debt he won't work to do. A Major League Baseball capitol about approving their. At a Major League Baseball player that any any order whether there are somewhat out I eat it is that that bit. Polar bear and they'd he can't comment body he beat people help build a new ballpark yet here we're not that great. He straight to our rating at BP is just what he added. Britney optic thought that rating on the warmer and warmer eighty. And while more than the current and that all is such well particularly based on their. Did you see that's real quick 'cause who we got to let you Gaza twenty seconds dear did did you guys hear from MLB or ESPN or anyone after where was any running or are you fired. Not a war the war on anyone not on he definitely not immediately based whole. Not no not from very deliberate and at that moment prevailed outrigger from their vote. In our nation will be listening out will be listening about an hour from now. Outer banks aren't they go that's who got. I mean mantra in Major League Baseball knew at. What they are calm and not for the new era dating and say well 100% they'd been listening Maine you know I mean do you I don't know if he knew it was going to be as contentious as it was like I did and I think I like that started the wave it. That he start at. When I drew headlines for you next. You would continue. 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