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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, December 6th

On Tebow's tip, LaVar Ball back at it, David Samson on Mike Hill (We Apologize for the Audio Quality Today)


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Yeah. Well. Not right here John Glenn does every Thursday morning news tomorrow morning at 8:20 AM all the happenings around the NFL. Professor got e-commerce bonds Brian's going to be an accident attorneys and you've been an accident. Call 810473. That's 800. 7473733. Have you seen this video Tim Tebow. Yesterday a solace video Tebow were recently met up with a kid whose special needs like I did if he goes zero. Met up with a special needs to pay Larry Ontario as at Disney World. And I you know they surprised the kid can shocked obviously upon seeing Tebow. And and TiVo's and apparently look like the whole afternoon spent hours with him just going on rides and hanging out and he's amassed and being Tim Tebow and it is a bath it's unbelievable. And any gives his full attention. To this kid the entire time off. And I mean I know I've never seen anything like it look with a professional out there really happens there there's so many professional athletes and celebrities do who do really tremendous stuff. With kids in our special needs that whole deal. But this since he could really does seem above and beyond. He it well the only other person it reminds me of is Danny war awful. Who also ended American brain cancers I have what are the chances in our good people coming Manning everything at Florida. Like he on her dad and in the other I got a little blemish on her allege didn't learn there is just them fearless journalist in me was a bit of his alleged. Serial killer yes. I anyways and well they thought about yes getting more powerful key ended up dedicating his relate to charity work and I think that that's the I think that's the thing with ten team that was I think the difference between Tim Tebow. And maybe some other athletes is that Tim Tebow. The life goal probably first was killed. These this kind of that it does it says. So that he can have this kind of impact it seems like that was. He's the you know what it was like calling his new yes that is his goal. Whereas other athletes I think obviously are more focused on their athletic career first and then you end up getting involved in charity work. Tim Tebow is the guy I guess into as the guy where. You know last week when we were talking about who who wasn't that them recently. Was involved in the old Matt Lauer okay. Where Tim Tebow as the guy for me where if you look at Matt Lauer and I was shocked the doesn't really I was surprised last week with a metal hours enough they're not mean. The trusted newsman seems like a good enough due was very surprised with Matt Lauer and it's. You know I I equated the steroids. In baseball where situation because they've got is there any anyone comes on the steroids. Why did that surprise you all you know it appears the same thing with all the sexual harassment stuff in Hollywood and media and what have you and why should we be surprised that I need this. If that's like Tim Tebow as the guy it's not possible for Tebow. To be one of these names that come awfully Tebow is the guy. You will be you know steroids. Sexual harassment whatever it is like Tebow. Is the guy where. Yeah not possible would be completely shocked and stunned and there's no way that you go is. Ever going to be an extended the major controversy behind Tim Tebow sorters at fixed or not. But he knows that a major controversy likely shouldn't be surprised any of these guys get called steroids. We should it be surprised any of these guys at the sexual harassment they can beat anyone people that got me he completely. All of the wall crazy things together you won the big your daughter but that's that's the guy I hit driver. I I've met a lot of Florida Gators in my time and I can honestly tell you that every single one of them that I have known personally. A lot in the death. If they are they all week we really angry gods why it's so I think that's why would be surprising not because. I mean listen there's a lot of people in the public guy who we don't know when you know you might feel like you know them but you don't really know when nationalized diet. You don't know about people view obviously our feet they are famous. So hey I don't know of any person he'll I don't personally know who's famous would necessarily shocked me really Tivo series I think you'd be shocked he's he's a bunch people who personally know him all bounds for him and they all talk about how legitimate. The persona is an end and just how Brady is. WP XY AM South Miami and W and that there. Joseph the. He's the guy. He's the guy whatever you know I've always done to Tiger Woods in the cheating on the wife it it. Tebow as the guy you if you would be completely. Stunned. If it is. Sometimes gamble reform of the play did does have an event like this scandal is. Belichick actually stunned about Tiger Woods Sarah plain annoying if stunt defense defense he had the pristine image. I had is that they're ridiculous I mean he was do well being famous. Athletes who had women lined up down the street for him who was not really that shocked if you're finished you know he gave in to temptation there. We've seen go its shock you if he would have keying and his wife yes. Anything negative about people were talking anything get anything. Yeah I mean it would shock me if I did he was yell hey I need something like the Weinstein scandal would be this good how unbelievably shocking twenty that okay mega L agree yes. But I would imagine that there's. Some scandals out there that would Sony surprising banner would be shocked if people walk by someone who asked him for an autograph and didn't get the autograph of the shock me. Anything that could be perceived as negative Brownfield would shock the. If you look listen you know I do want a tough fight these kids. How did not love him. The amazing you really think yeah I'm Tonya got to see this video I saw yesterday and you know what it's the same as every other video with him but you gotta see this video. It's unbelievable. He really is the best he's the best period Dennehy beginning but I don't think he's in Jersey and I didn't make us. Humor that's story formal sit on the airplane for the dude was having a hornet's look at this and people know that is what is handle on the guys just. And the guy was in came back to life. Staged do you believe in Jesus is now learning now what it is yeah enough. What is Thanksgiving and Judaism that didn't you name it spins into that doesn't sound like they notice the states. Age and. Am I OK and then send the Cesar. I got the plant and you think you are hitting the main what are you doing either you don't hear played through it that's risen again there was on an airline plane. How dare you plan. The headline their brides eubanks accident temporal scanner thermometer. Well you prepare for your holiday these don't forget to get ready for cold flu season with the accident temporal scanner thermometer the number one prefer thermometer pediatricians. You. Every woman if you notice I'm not yet been concerned. I think as they have all I signed a nondisclosure agreements that that is my theory with us or you don't think he's a version a you think he's. You can you can you come full gamut I of these and I think he yeah he must he play goodness the last eight. You know why he's very religious and I do you know people who Wear a very religious who did save themselves her marriage you are also very attractive people and and if you know in their twenties and actually did we until May itself but they're gonna I can only with our ala Fred this is the thing over here you romance like they're real but there are lined up. Down the block and I don't brown was a floating around that number eleven men I know he's very elegant look you know Susan you know if he's so good looking to any sister conquest. That may and that's. And of temptation might not know either. So why you know it's possible that he is enacted this year definitely say no but it seems like Pelosi burnout he's got to be around very eerie. I don't know but there's gonorrhea but they're cute they're that was and so I my dad's name and it. I know six of him right there and 0608 and belief does that sound right to nine years easily 31 probably. Philly during the heat regularly during the team I think in 06 when it ended when they wanted to complete brave yet but he was honesty and rental only it was a learning what was by himself he's so it's only 2122 without points. And he's very toll 3031. He's their name them. Nailed it yet he's thirty so yeah I mean it it if I I would imagine that he's at that he's done some some thin. He will grow mentally and Brandon and I would guess this he has signed a non disclosure herein. Heard hurricane hurricane protection and hurricane Benitez an insane Mets. I'm hurricane fan and I agree that I would like Tim Tebow to date my daughter. It it it really is completely irrational whenever you're allegiances. Hurricanes and seminoles and whenever it's a bit easier it's completely irrational to not like Tim Tebow. It doesn't make there's no hospital single drug use and coastal what's not to like came over some account and so your hard time. Whatever the most fun because those trying to get in the put him into my leg and throw the U. They look good though there's youth ratings and neither has abandoned that idea it doesn't play nearly he's our guy you know he's Galley got by an immense so you get people to take like a lightning would strike you or something he probably has special also by the way he's huge. From our photo shoot and I would work Tim Tebow. And see no good save them and I know the Mexican meat and trust me. A threat a threat and a veteran Dominican but he probably but he really didn't need these days I barely knew now I would say no problem looser more snow is taller than me. You don't know there's no way to know easily so just got to generate about these guys could also easily I need liquid. I think first of all how dare you talk briefly and everybody and have you CNN. These men women usually when he was playing baseball doesn't like it doesn't and he doesn't fight monsters they he definitely does not afford them. Really the including C you'll pardon blading most straight wrong yeah a little idea that. Brilliantly doing can't fight cinemanow religious implications yes but but in terms of big sinkhole opens up and it swallows Romer and I definitely plays over. But there's there's into the matter what you really bizarre and if you if you if you actively dislike Tim Tebow I mean irreverent I would watch. Want your bad persecuted great great person. It makes sense not to like another one dual possess the Columbine. I doesn't really because they wanted to pray before the terrorize rather notable for that I made and then. Gonna show up to him then. Maybe he's begun to San Antonio Spurs tonight at 8:30 PM sun will not so. Speed or he has not traveled on this road trip with a team of Monty goes tampons. I'm going to bring. Government can bring here and they believe it is not at all 30 PM when the Miami pre game so I'm just kidding honey you happen. Be listening that he's now. So I became their version none gears completely safe part of the problem and you very much I'm sure you know it. Let's talk the whole thing I thought you talk a bit of offense definitely occurred. Think that I think. Where was I moron and he once daily living dispute more. You on getting those open heart pounding of the best 'cause that has had founded. The vessels available. I was still thinks or carries the voted present from you know. We thank you couldn't defend the momentum clearly. President this is a great street before us a moment but if you don't get her good friend you always have that. Oh that's faster than its. It's just a little resettled or call the yeah does. It sounded because because sometimes sometimes when you. And you don't hear that involved me getting a tougher shot. He is right I mean this this this team passes a boy aids too many shots but they're they're certain as I don't you shouldn't mourn justices not one of the guys need shooting mark. I was trying to think of other guy is other players here I think it is and it's aboard diner eightieth with a who. I'm usually I'm really well I hated him and you played I had great guy ale brewery or gun another great guy does unbelievable hair you learn who already sky guy and yet you self fulfillment houses that I'm like Jerry beating the even though he's a summing up as you're talking about all of it doesn't matter what your team allegiances. It is you have to as Blake didn't see that happening yeah I'm like wow I'm good he does he happily for Diana while even though he's a stinky seminal part owner of the falcons. I think there are gonna love him to be part owner of the falcons and the messages from military monarch and this year. Some of the safer softened the facts. In team tooth knee Miami Hurricanes beat Boston University 601954. Yesterday Lawny walker 26 points five for seven from downtown Tobin says. That's always good we talked and in the country. Get got to be our number ten minutes yeah for now. Who both know. Now Nagin and bought his metadata. West Coast of a three what I had to do get that lonely walk through was worth it yeah. What he's worth what he's saying that doing nothing doing what he's saying right now John what are you implying every night flying who wrote it. There. Were according huge series and then Craig together miss something good giants are offering their top four prospects in two paid 250 million of stands remaining 290 million dollar deal for John Carlos Santana in the. Hey I'll admit it if the Marlins and getting top four prospects may eighteenth even if that's the bad firms a song hey you knew oh look I mean. I don't know anything about that stuff alana I don't know about their farms and be more talent as the their farm system is not very good dollar bought I mean. People are telling us that their farm system is not very good but at the same time why are the Marlins horrid hitting them. As hey this is the deal for this is a deal that we like. I don't UCL. There Tobin senator burns is the fact that series haven't confirmed down I think methamphetamine I got easy answer is odd because Mike hill's involved here and he doesn't know what he's doing a a place that's the easy answer and there's some truth to that okay. But still you gotta get a little bit of credit there that the guys who are running the baseball team. Know a lot more than we do you gotta give a little bit leeway there so I understand saying hey times have a great form system. But in its skilled at the top. Or prospects. In the in the. In their farms have you ever say to him if and if we. If the multiple often choose somebody in LA and they got the ball they got later sued both traded for Mike Trout. And they got both volatile four Brothers right laughing in their face you're right you're right the marlins' farm system is like the worst you right. Again I I don't that's not my area but I think it comes down to this like we've talked about thin whether or not he has a list maybe he's got a hard media list. And so they just got a big day. There's Billy I'll pause and advance we'll see so building military labor Dodgers yes. Giants maybe different. Cardinals now. Yet there's the box next to it but the market MacArthur enough and so the Astros the Astros apparently were worse in through talks to the malls and badly plus two seconds I did the Red Sox are now but just flat out no. We're the Yankees ES present the other team and we got. I have an idea of the and so we only did it really the only team that we know that he said yes. Two is the dark blue and know that we can number one I don't even know and I even don't know like why not just help them make do you think he actually he ended the so Melissa as he wrote don't I don't went down on a piece of paper. No we leave we'll know we've reported that he made a list. Yeah we don't know who was on it. No one knows finally got a lot of drilling one game everyone's assuming god I stood out after what happened with this payment offseason about the buying in the selling of the theme. I can't take anything. In the media about the Marlins until I actually see it come to fruition Derek Jeter now. He says you have to have some patients. The Marlins as far as you know do you have any immediate goals do you want certain things that it. Will you be patient or do you think he's going to be a guy who's gonna want things very quickly for your organization. Think you have to be patient might mean in order to. Build a franchise groups where we're gonna do here and we're gonna build a first class organization. They take look we have you know look to build a minor league system player development and scouting. And you know I think a lot of times people want immediate success which all of us do. And at the same time realizing that it is gonna take time so I look at. That was my princess. Christiane that the Afghan. Deadly good way to build a first class organization is three classless and only handle people who worked there for very long time it's our patient does blow. Mark Richt was named the Walter camp national coach of the year you're unwilling to be patient with the baseball stuff this marlin team has not made the post season. And in fourteen years so I'm I'm used to rule does not being good okay I'm I'm willing to pace on the baseball stuff. When I'm not willing to let it sit back and and be okay with. Is the way that guys like Andre Dawson and Tony Perez and Jeff Conine and reach false. Have had been treated that now I'm not willing. Would you do that can be a good that's probably part of the problem is the issue of maybe the complacency in their tutors ours is thinking what's going on down here in the lives go. Whatever the hell is going onto a change of the recipe a little bit because obviously expecting a different result from the same sort of people. I have heard some analysis that that people think that maybe he underestimated the passion amongst the Marlins fan base. And down here because it's a smarts and because it's a small fan base things part of it but he wasn't realizing how passionate room. Are any Marty small but that's small. Fan base cares just as much real Marlins as Yankee fan cares about the Yankees Siemens aren't as many of the. David stands and somebody toward answering he says that those firing back given he thought he did Dahmer member he says that those firings went. Weren't as big of a deal as they've been made is that everybody is very professional enough conversations aren't nearly as. At about a deepening athlete really quickly Willie Taggart is now the head coach of Florida State's football program with sixty years thirty million dollars. David Stanton joined limits our show yesterday and amber said and had a pretty inching explanation as to why Michael sold an office next. Okay. Our love and brought bought three in my saying that right television has done right and let her eyes celebration of all things New Orleans. I got an apartment I began to Peter field on Saturday march 28. This week Tobin and peace and LeRoy if they are getting you the opportunity to win tickets can be experienced the cajun food music train to new bass. In the shadow morals. From a crawfish boy old so far. And the kids very can miss the Big Easy without ever leaving South Florida you're going gumbo and jambalaya. And oysters get radio and courtesy of quite blustery on and that's it and seven I need. An FM and and seven idea FM one a four point three HD to the ticket you be crawfish guys. Well assert I like oysters and get Iraq off the I like oysters but you gunman in that that's pushing you around here okay up. Forty getaway pair of tickets for fort rock before the end of this hour and next hour and say yup with a four pack of tickets. For heat and pelicans so. Listen freak you call for both of those there. You see this only get the dolphins and in a moments here and and I'll get right back Stanton and yeah Dana stand and join the limits our show yesterday. Did you guys see or hear any look more ball and it's on the middle son we Angelo ball. Yesterday we in global spoke for the first time he's the kid who once at UCLA Lamar has pulled him from UCLA didn't hear any of us. I let her lose her him sending shoes to the president that's what are. Well I was in what I was just raw bar on CNN wary of where Italy Angelos speaking. Wherever they spoke with yesterday thorough solution both The Today Show up okay good lord heard now there on the today's surely he's getting the trial to replace Matt Lauer. And so that's good I'm on The Today Show than yesterday it's the first time we Angela spoken since he came back from China and yet the three players there's three total burns up there. For apologizing for first dealing in China off. And agonizing a Glenda and of course Laura Tyson make up his big plan it's like washing dishes he can't pay this you must play best offense this. This so the so. Lamar moles that he's he's pulling you pulled the pulled Brees still I. And it's times just get ready for the NBA get ready for the NBA draft. And reportedly he's not he's not good. Yeah and it is LaBarge said he can get his son ready for the NBA much better than UCLA can. And that's what they're gonna be doing now they're gonna be one and done anyway. They only went there to play basketball and is now playing bass or not because he's suspended and not fear the suspension he's born amazing get ready himself. And all not fair suspension I mean like. You know he he's good how is it not fair you stole stuff from stores that you actually brought this divorce has. Case in China trying to decide lightly used punishing China spent nine happened jailed there and they it and decided joking when he get another chance made bad decisions are going to send you home and why is he also being punished CNN's like. If money you know if if I uneasy for example if I. Commit a crime of and I spend a day and a half and Gayle would have burn you sentenced to community service or whatever is unsafe. And likely also going to be fired from my job or even though. Even though I was already punished and served my management from the from the county if you are slightly confused about I'm let me also going to face the repercussions. At my job so yes it if the kid it. You know served his punishment but the Chinese law officials. Green you likely the school's gonna punish him. And that's do you not even being on the clock he was on the clock he's over there and on a university function yeah it's true that if you were sent by error come through dual function you got caught stealing those fired as the underdog and all I don't know assorted questions on how much you're as tired no matter what even on your personal time. Because you're tarnish our house does is still in Chinese prison as dozens and I area that's true. Funny just the whole idea that the that he already served his punishment in China why you also being punished yeah I mean are you serious I find the hole. Comic part about that things affect Iran China stealing sunglasses. The move to come pointing here instead that's big dollars for the here he totally blamed his teammates so. There under the bus they its wholly blamed his teammates. And the reason he did it was because the other two guys who hang out with they didn't do they did at first and so he's decide to do and also I can save you so much my whole league plane to advise 300 dollar flight from LA to Miami. Also endured I Lil Cuba seven different people out entirely some Louis Vuitton Chinese timeless if you wanna bet. I was for about five bucks a pop has also leave around her. As amber was referring to get to spend a day and a half of Chinese generals say and Zimmer was referring to do it yet hit the eighth if you want your house getting yesterday it was one who came out with the group will answer yeah. You know has said he has no chance to be drafted. But he's not on anyone's list. I don't know what no one is done this one in done Nathan yeah I think what is Lamar balls talking about his son has the all the experts say there's no chance he was getting drafted after the here but he has no chance young could you not easy he's not his brother apparently some very bad. The quotes taken out of school let things won't get the good education and it's a solicited hey you know I haven't been on board with people questioning. Where a car bomb as a parents. I don't think we know obviously how he is in terms of parenting skills behind the scenes. But now I do think that there's been some recent developments I can understand people being critical about. Obviously his son getting arrested being one of them. And then now his decision to pull his child out of school. When his child would have gotten an education when it seems like his child is then it's going to get drafted otherwise it may easy professional basketball. Is it's the only avenue does his son will need to taken so maybe he would need to be armed with a education. And that that seems like a very poor decision when he was about to get an education for free. And then also old having his older son turned down and those huge deals to which I thought was. Really interesting at the time and I still think they conceptually if you're somebody like a LeBron James coming out of high school I think it's a really darn good idea as to build a brand drag yourself and own your own brand did not necessarily sinus deals. But the problem that his son's youth deer hunting and seriously that they give to the lakers yes. And he ends up not being very good in the NBA then it's going to look real bad that he had a son turned down that lane changing money. Does the danger. If the kid was. An NBA prospect now a great delegate topic where it wants a ball but if he was an NBA prospects. Everything that's going on now with the father Ramon we're seeing an easy you know or only in month number two. A one to malls NBA career Narnia the father is meddling. And the lakers are changing more more enforcing policies. Specifically geared toward a lot more ball. Keating now old. Teams who have Paul was at drafting indicated an had been. This Stanley part of the organization seriously Lorenzo is like. Now and all you know hill will be OK once he's drafted at all but he sees it to great talents okay teens want the talent first and foremost but they indicated. He's not top kinda pick material but he certainly NBA prospect the teens had to pause and being involved. Within it and the only answer is absolutely. No organization for both surface and they're good luck and higher quarterback because you take a leader in the National Anthem. Years after he tried to make a statement and of course in basketball nobody wants. I daddy of the year going in and accused coaches of how horrible they're good they're doing their performance. Blasting out the organization and I don't think today's day and age nobody noticed or that. Well hey it's always telling great I mean talent is. Is why it's the factor is there revenue as you're Canadian lawyer mediocre talent that can be drafted. Great so. So no I mean now if he's Kevin Durant coming out of high school then you're coming out of his first year college thing yes he's going TO he's going to. Still get drafted high I see that illegally arranged first I had just some he had then you know teens are gonna pass on they don't panic. Yeah I think so too. I would think that now they're and it's not indicate he's here but I I didn't think so final event data stands up next. I wanted to hit jello is sure if I'm gonna work and now we're going to some of the things he's going to be answered in its. All is more than 200 don't know I just want to do this. But it wound up missing out on this whole can only because. Does anybody did anything and always about money and I was low in the locker room on mothers in LA that's like. Paying you right there really means is being able to play with their. That's all from all Brothers are going to play for the way Syria now. Tell me if I didn't do. Anything selling himself that it plans. I'm here to visit me actually believe anything thank. Both started out of life and be done work plus. No not necessarily that's the big fat dvd. Yeah I mean one thing is what cruises for it every little thing as the only thing that the word does this I'm getting dressed and at the lakers what else this worked. Oh the curtain goes that's a pretty big. Debt already know they've this it was a really good basketball player like it in the inning was through LA anyone's seen in LA I mean honestly his son could -- done now without a doubt involves. And it was luck involved there too by the way no rule out a lot of the lakers didn't get the numbers you bet heavily dependent I've got to do was a top pick kind of guy may. He was going to be drafted the top three anyways eight and he was from LA and he wanted to be telling everybody knew that he did in dad's club and I eager to pull the world there wants is for Boras did any kind of feel like his dad talked him into that position. I'm very good. All the do you go to college stuff no yeah he was really getting college for him are you into. I don't think you talked NBA season that they use good bye kids. It's cool he's got red and only let people offering more proof. It only read it over so freedom of our ball ever got this platform is because Alonso Obama that good. And golfers. A defense set and I think it presents you game day tickets to get access last minute he think it's sign up now and he's gained eight tickets dot com endorse even SMS alert when they get their indelible. You get tickets for as low as ten dollars for the game on December 16 against the clippers that he's gained eight tickets. And you can sign up right now. All right so David since you joined Levitt's our show yesterday got some calls stand trade rumors are all out there and apparently now there's a whole list of names. Bunch of prospects I'd like phenomenon whining about them coming in their top four prospects the giants apparently that surprises me the Marlins are able to. Deaths apparently the top four prospects in any organization but maybe as he nears Texas points out here. And incessant phone calls from almost he had sex line 6797 or media center points out here. The goal to stand Trace dumps salary the assets they choir comes second. And that's for that's true and what that could possibly need is yet thrust into that good. Amid the top four prospects in the organization and media organization doesn't have very good prospects they're just one of only. A couple teams who were willing to take on as much salary as the Orwell and stay gone which is reported to be 250 million. At a remaining 290. Million dollars so yeah may need it if it is we know that first and foremost a dump salary but maybe it's. So much more about bats. The bad. The process really aren't that good that's musicians does not have been a strong forms is not know this case. But that could be why they're getting the top four prospects in our organization because yet you know another truck. And the Marlins are going to them because they're team that is willing to spend. Their teams want to take on all of that money. No text writes I'm gonna hate my heart that's on the bench Peter. Yeah I I I didn't and that it envisioned being in this you know. Upset with him this early either. One thing Simpson found love her show is that he's been very surprised. That. He's in here hasn't been given the benefit of the doubt at all. And he shot is out with a bit unfair. Well it's it's the wave that. He's gone about the business so far given it's it's it is very and very short period of time there were talking that people and people turned on him within a matter of two weeks. Mean because he made some unpopular decisions but we always knew he was gonna have to make unpopular decisions. We do I tell you admitted I was the only way to light speed. Fired but there were a lot of decisions on the net and up to him I think it was I need to think that he wasn't gonna comments clean sweep I don't know why everyone thought those decisions are just going to be baseball decisions of course they are going to be all across the board the Marlins Marlins organization. I mean it's right is all Mike hill's still there. I thought everybody was gonna get fired so it doesn't surprise me that he clean towels and that some of that is going to be disturbing to the community because of course. You don't want everybody to get fired. Yeah they're very passionate Davis isn't also said that he it seems that any owner who payment would have. Did she like best which you were saying you thought wearing Hamas would not have been the end celeb attorney asked him that very specifically regarding why Hamas. And Danson said that any owner that came and because the team's losing money and Internet Kaman would be doing this exact same thing and again. Yeah I don't believe that. David Samson did he gave the explanation as to why Mike hill's hill's job Ian and Justin finally crack in the case. Let's do it this is not a shot at Michael oil would just wondering why Michael Doyle was the only one who survived the ownership change. I feel yet photos. I thought I thought at the best I can come up what can I guess they don't that's eleven bang there you go. Definitely has dirt on everyone has ended when he heard the deer Jeter's name is in the mix C hired a PI he got the item in a dig at the Southland DJ gay men indeed you have an Internet lives did not know whether or not these children. It Delmon. And he makes no sense. Now led authorities theorized that Mike hill. Is still there because he's one of top ranking officials a tiebreaking African American officials in baseball and that baseball would put the pressure on the Marlins to keep him an opposition. Mullis is mourning that's good for diversity say. Mean that's true it's disappointing but what's interesting about that theory is there'd Jeter is also. A minority we dared here is. Half African American married but it fell AA I didn't I had a bad that's what's strange about that dallas' Mike hill was previously when the suffering gain. I guess officials in baseball minority ethnic minority ranking. You don't get people involved in baseball but but now Derek Jeter is there at the same organization that does if you have a heart disease and a lack favors being spent. Point I'm all about diversity but the dude sucks get a room we don't hear about diversity needs talks. Mean if you can't trust Michael making zillions. There's nothing on a the resume with the Marlins that makes you feel good about him still being the team's president of baseball operations sort. As civilians it's kind of a troubling that they are getting near the top four prospects from the giants this feeling my closes when the baseball America. Looked up through the players were on this all magazines do. Duties but how you wanna give us your best four guys a great deal. That's going on right thinks yeah. When surprising. Dexter writes in why Jeter doing an interview in New York about the Marlins why you don't want on the ticket. There's no chance you're gonna hear Derek Jeter on the radio down here unless it's on in Marlins. Sponsored. Reaffirming that it has anyway try to don't find for the love of our shows tried. We even tried because it's completely futile effort but I'm sure or beloved Archos try to English try to return to Jeter and I'm right here. May this year and maybe here's a big fan of the Miami Heat pregame show and then maybe he isn't it CNN's Jonathan does little if you don't melt because you didn't ask. Now your point now. I am I am sure war Leavitt our show has tried. Again Jeter on the shelf maybe he wants to come on with the Miami new times radio personality of the year it's possible it is not. Maybe. He was a big aligned they had him and he always. Secretly want to play center ready just didn't have the physique for its and he followed Romberg because Romberg was the best. Football player in Canada and hearing is now high school career. He's only gonna go easily go the safe spots. And the illegal and talk and say spots. Anytime you're saving when he talks either but he's only insolvency spots and ads and Marlon sponsored radio program or he's gonna guess nothing. And all pumping New York where they kissed him right walks on. But it. And those that two places that you actually heard from him yesterday I don't evening I'm only television anywhere he's not he's not going anywhere where he doesn't. Personally know. The people or they won't personally employed by him you know like the hormones preemption. Thank you not gonna go into questions for anyone on the plus side I'm now afraid there's simply answer as to why he is he's not a music. I'm sure more the limits are shows try to get more or is trying annual market. Clearly this series negative effect on TV nothing. But I am not like I'm glad that part has try to get him on the planetary heat does get meteorite and I think there's new era. Yeah on the one of those interviews Stewart's life. Everybody's so mad right now that pathology is good change your opinion they sometimes. Yeah indictment says you know you're a bit like the size grew like a lunges Jeff Ireland on yeah those are worked out is no matter what he says you're going to be upset you right. Yeah eight you don't wanna hear anything you don't win her for anybody in that case nearly Osgood if you do here is is the host yelling at the gas. Try to figure that one that one radio station in Boston that hung up on Rick Pitino right. And it in the super rumored that the only way you're gonna be your future audiences that you have Jeter Derek Jeter honestly. Don't fit don't trade don't cause then you son of a bitch anyway a follow you don't actually want to hear from Kerry Derek Jeter you just want to host to yell at Derek your fortieth. That's all you want. We've got to get rid of the lost and this is Dustin Jeffrey Loria I mean honestly it's a billion dollars and now we get people to miss him. But that's what's happening right now oxygen coup and what the hell is going on here but the people of that jujitsu and yeah what the hell is happening there biggest. If you sit back in France. Sipped his wine look at Picassos and have a billion dollars I settled down they didn't carry with them I. I don't I was just thinking about this like Jeter can it not only did fit into thinking it's Gloria all these years. But I'd here's goes did trump appoint him king of France is that would happen and I don't know. He's good friend that dares to actually declined and I guarantee he's in France. Amber's got you headlines that's.