ZRA Part 2 12-8-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, December 8th

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They got as the horses into the ultimate New Year's Eve we get party for guys in Vegas you can win a round trip for you and guest. Holds out for guys to take you see the firefighters to render and and your guys amber and Zack brown band Yemeni so it's a great way to ring in the new year if you wanna win go to the taken my me dot com right now the ticket Miami dot com slash tickets. You can go to Vegas to see these great concerts a winner at a gas must be 21 or over. To national contest. New pair of four rocked to its giveaway later on this for back to keep in pelicans. So keep listening for that so. Right now result Carlos stand mrs. We got a list of the teams that he is going to approve the Dodgers the Yankees the cubs the Astros all very very good teams all teams that went in the playoffs last year deep into the playoffs last year. Under the list expands so quickly. All I don't know man I think I think the the big thing was George Karl had eventually tell. The cardinals and giants head I don't wanna go to you because they're just sitting here in the when they got to make moves the giants are also in the Japanese neighbors some market. So bad moves to make as well I'll be the part of were ever really a serious threat and this comes from off from Greg Misch has been really big on the story and he says as noted Roger Palestinians desire when has been greatly understated this is not about geography. And you know those did the team that he wants to go to if he's got to leave if you if you give a contract and you are gonna make. A bleep load of money and you like to city you live and already. I don't think you're gonna move up and moved to San Francisco. 24 basically another rebuilt even if they're willing to invest in the team a little bit more than the Marlins are I don't think you make the move on to do pull the trigger so. Asia and beyond he's happy here is comfortable here than he and he holds all the power bright he doesn't have to leave I mean and I know the Marlins are threatening him. That they're going oh you're gonna be on a terrible team you're going to be part of her regal kind of in his entire Marlins career right so I mean it's kind of like are eight what to believe this. Writes yes it's it's it's one of these things where you're gonna have to make me happy here and look the mall that try the move with a libel gonna play on a stripped down team member currently. Okay you your you said you pull a Phil Jackson here today issued Derek Jeter in the organization neutron angers you restarted trying to belittle him. Don't make you feel stupid I know that that sucks that he has that clause and he's got you by the by the by the great efforts but. And the breaks that's that's what that's what happens when you. Any earned it by the whammy here enact laws mean those vases Terrmel for teams in the hands of the players but of anybody's artist I can definitely deadly animals. How much how much of the sent the Saint Louis deal and the San Francisco deal do you think would have been affected they're trying there. Re create a Mark McGwire slash Barry Bonds scenario on their team I think fishermen bring Brett. Plays into it got Syria that violate that Bailey a big hitters that are more fan base and solid Abbot did but they're too big rivals are really good right now it you think about the the cardinals and the cubs are are really good right now anything about the giants and the Dodgers are really good right now so you need to go. Make a splash and they mean on a silly have the money those teams do they have find money laid a solid they're broke ass teams. But you need to make a big splash and right now the thing that's amnesty with a no Palestinian deal is IDs owed about 300 million dollars. But let's say joke Austin was the freeagent. He's probably gotten about that money after hitting 59 home runs and extend and and have in the season that he just had an MVP season. So. This is there opportunity did you get a free agent basically in the prime of his career the problem is. It's not really they're controlled just like free agency he gets to pick and I don't know if if if it doesn't feel like there's been a lot of movement on the teams. That are on his list we knew about the Dodgers we had an idea about the Yankees. Asher as a member of the cubs before so that's yeah that was out there now is the one that I had never heard in there so. If these if this is the case now. Is this going to be some religious is Ian and being on the Marlins this year late that's out. I've been wondering I mean it seems like maybe he really is maybe he is really. Not affected by essentially what this team's trying to do I mean he realizes that he'll power and Amy's not gonna ban might easily. For the team. Baby's going to be in my Amy Marla may be I mean that I wonder what it. What I mean attack in gaelic. And what that I mean they haven't even had reportedly Jeter and John Carlos and still have not spoken. Hello Blake. It's what does it matter I guess at this point if you if you're if you're John Carlos tenure here because you like it here and you like your money. You may not have Marcelo resident Christina Ellis sheer grit deal. So that may suck but it may be rides it out for a year and tell. That'd be you know that's the play that might give if if there really is animosity there between both sides you'll sound like. An idea that he's more willing to go somewhere else like Carmelo did with the with the next like OK Phil Jackson's out here. And that's a better place from Illinois will go to Oklahoma City if it's for a year won't just check it out. I think one of the things that Jeter may have underestimated here too is John Carlo the threats of him being on a stripped down bad team it's like Arie but as John Carlos also very fully aware that he instill. Build a brand around himself. Be famous you know do well on the home run derby and be an MVP merge with Alex being on a good team troupe like he's that good it. Richard Richard let's get the headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSS six HD Joseph Miramar. Yeah and slim and slim designs and I hear they're still gonna have prospects from getting rid of the other guys and some that's true now I mean you don't others processor and a pan out and it would maybe take years for them to develop and Annie and by you know maybe John Breaux is not as worried about that is obviously here. The U. We Elliot like I it like as you mentioned. Yet these teens obviously is trying to go to winners and guys in that's what Craig Misch is reporting that North Dakota winners. Makes sense to go to winners when you Marty established that you're so good that you essentially don't need to be on a good team to be recognized so now really the only next step is either a winner or why lightly. Well I think to if they end up moving yeah Ellis and they move those which is gonna suck if they do move them. Those guys have probably get even bring back that are quality time prospects because their money's a little bit more reasonable and in. Trying to pick my agent's friend my agents premium baseball agent right rather eaten so we've had him on the show before and I asked him about John Carlo to a house like I asked him if he would get nasty paid if he was just a free agent after the one season he had last year. And he said kind of but not the same amount of money that he's got great now so apparently. The 250 that the clubs are willing to pay rate now the 250 million dollar in the fifty million dollars at the Marlins. Are talking about eating right now is basically par for the course from what a lot of other clubs or start negotiating throw around with John Carlo. Yeah so that's probably because they're proud of Ghana's long though right because our coast Contra doesn't so I think he's 39. So it if you take it away you know. Detail or two years of that that's basically in their numbers so they would probably go until he's like 37 or tomorrow. Maybe that would be in the ball hard as crazies are 39 years old shell Marla skin like a million bucks every year but when he gets paid by the he would do and that's I think July 1 every year. And Andy and Larry eight mythical that's a cool deal and best deal ever. As you do you care forget like the Reza mayor John Carlos was the first and ultimately only year. That he played a full year and did what he did a home run wise like this this was like his epic career year yep all those other years you like your memory just wasn't finishing the year he's almost seem to be performing from a after the season's. I think tolls stigmata. Of or the stigma of of having injury prone for a baseball player is probably playing pretty heavily overs. It definitely I think that's I mean that's that's for sure if Tehran is the only thing I mean this is a fourteen year the year before he signed the contract. That he got hit in the face like that's what is fault. But but you're right after that there has been you know than the hand injury and hamstring injury all those types things and and you gotta wonder your body like he has with all that muscle. How is that going to ages that going to be some bad breaks down when he's already had injury troubles in the past. I don't know yeah yeah. These headlines are brought to you by oxygen temporal scammer Ron matter while you prepare for your holiday please don't forget to erase your old. Saying Iran and I'm gonna say it's all the artists like M Berle scanner the monitor is actually the hardest read we have been around to different Alan. I just great guys like I used just plow through ago and I am not. No no and no this is the first time you've you've flood that one I'm always amazed true here that like that's you always nailed that one of all of them. Then I do blood so much but that's all and yeah you always fail. I I know it knowing this land is gonna be difficult so I try to take my time with it I try to mentally prepare for it then. And I didn't just and you'll know why we dreary holiday feast. Don't forget to get ready for cold and flu season would be X engine temporal scanner thermometer the number one preferred thermometer or by pediatricians. There's metal ball last night the falcons beat the saints twenty to seventeen here's what is out of. Juanita seven tame the falcons beat the snakes. On a night when it wasn't very pretty. But it's a falcon victory. There's dirty birds Monty Freeman rushed for 91 yards and a touchdown. And the falcons brush off the choking gesture from Sean Payton in the fourth quarter. It was aggressive want to bella so you look it up now he lives he was maybe I saw price and actually retreated it but on top of that they picked off Manning three times last night. Already all the always against the saints Matt always. I don't like any cuts to the point where is like if you if you usually good and is in his like last two minute drives in Vienna passing game to do really really good. But there was is always something about the saints or the giants that he would he would find a way yelling pooped the bed somehow it end and like throw OPEC core. Or do something it was never like we were just write downs it was always like amateur OPEC and that was it maybe. Give a breeze like materials make the very end I mean that's like copyright C as a game reversal and they're going in there like 120 yard line 25 yard line go on and on the fourth and Hamburg when that game yelled. Saints running back held in Camara left the game he's being evaluated with a possible concussion the room. That's Suggs is as an amazing season two. Was not hit but I saw early in the game where it was against an unmarked day yet in it with Dave is. Helmets alma N and and the doctors were headed apparently via the specialist on the sideline and watch the hit like three or four times a watch how we locked off the field and they made a nipple. That is an aggressive Jergen Mr. Bush on bay and they're showing it now allow me is not quite Pete Carroll the detailed in the choke that over the the throat slash any yelling choke as he's doing his job yet he's he's meant to each other double and chokes choke grab back in the day. To win when US CP care or seahawk Pete Carroll. No that was and there was a featured speaker Earl and jets peek aero jets' Pete Carroll you're dating yourself right now. You totally back in on that good how are you going right now and a finish jester who also got one. And the bidders beaten real like. Real lives we were you for sure were a lot of old so glad you're alive. Has Tillman is the young and on the cell unit to the throw such a million of Bridgewater robredo on a given McCain's throat slash yeah because he kicked the. Oh yeah did you is confused Teddy Bridgewater with Pete Carroll. Yeah because they I could throughout the choke and who said the slash. We'd sell Pete Carroll had a slash now. I'm Bridgewater obviously the throat slash oh okay gains mutilate him sit in sincerely apologize like attended brutally kick their ass who cares. I like to throw slash of the gets to be brought about yeah I don't I don't understand after its last thing that he waved it at the other night did it again not a big deal. Nobody is agog you Sherry and gala to find a relative fine. I mean always I haven't heard anything about a mission to find him from red vest tight pants that he warned you're in the other night that would probably sales and by those bands. The ordinary day fashion icons and the BA and made that out and I meant that came skip and in that arena please feel like leggings. Powerful Burris who are you in Italy or something. In worldly you took among them Milan fashion show that they are going on arm and he's always over there right. He has always over an hour boards of fascism I writer is at the other someone talks to deal as though tell us some McGregor has some fashion show that mountain McGregor yeah trouble first fight not a bar. Yeah he got so we're fighting a body allege that puts an Irish mafia boss. Yeah eyes are so I don't look at and say is he's still in in a conflict with the Irish mom. I don't know if you ever get had a conflict with the Irish mafia but he was out about because there's this whole thing with with Scott McGregor where he was out I don't deal with Israel or is Lucius she's good look and I know I really don't know and I as an adult thing any kind of worried that they gathering this is the main session I'll blame please do they had a big big. Big screen in front and real time. RI TA aura Olsen are I did not know he has on you lately and an air real winner best. But Rio or like she tweeted out she fine she treated odd date night with common McGregor. And and Connors like in other cozy up this fashion show. As she like a lot of backlash on on social media from McGregor fans does McGregor is. Famously got this this girlfriend. Out of the dilate he's got a hundred million dollars in the U looks like he's limit of the famous life really got to know why. I don't know why real or should be port slight that it is inappropriate for to put date night if they're not. Really they yes extremely inappropriate what do I am telling you I mean you what I've taken pictures together you know in close quarters and I'm out with you and I take pictures like that. Cuddled up. I around eight Nye a major way for Bridget and think and now probably not. I I posted pictures of me and Romberg from the night we went to the concerts together and we went we were at a ticket events with his road trip. And there are so many people commenting on a couple of pictures enemy Iran or deleted them a really yes because people were insinuating things and I didn't want his white children and and after yes Steve Lawrence in meaningless insinuating things about me any or yes I deleted those fixer it's. We had a cozy as a zone if not on the sauce on the party bus it was a it was I was actually I think it was actually the content of the pictures when we're actually at the concert together that bad. Got the most. Comments I incidentally mass. What about the economy burger perjury mound did you read read read our is is now that I am looking at these photos they just Google her she's much more attractive and remember her being that when she first came on the scene. When she had the bleached hair and she first guy to feed him some well known just her and being good looking really and they noted. Because I didn't know they tracked I don't know how Imus for now I'm rely on banking picture now I'm realizing yet I'm realizing that she's to pursue other related to the pretty amused or Ireland one or not mumbling routes that they. But the famous leaderboard. Famous and famous people ever she. There just like admitted all of they get the cut McGregor has pitches around the nonstop so I just figure you. Investors famous people are doing a lot more than than regular people are known and famous people it's like a tough especially Hollywood man Ali was ordered to sort of giant orgy everybody's who's doing everybody in Hollywood it's just it's crazy man and all all these famous people they just they make arrangements is almost like McCain is tender and I'm sure there is actually probably an app for famous people. That only famous people have that ultimately just have such would be so time does visibly is a day. A what do you do for a living or get your movies okay Lama rocks are human just do one time that's adored Tom brought in case. It's robbery that's true because I actually on mom on that or you're on that one yet whenever I go out to California day I'll turn this it's it's crazy and I'll tell you ha. You're on the famous people app where everyone just has a six iron yes he is a media member. I'm knots. That is that is actually none is exactly like Robert says it's just everybody just understood just authentic orgy editors there is a topless photo of her. She has dated Bruno Mars. Rob Carr dashing in to sing and really Jonah Hill. Breed and chubby chaser rocky inner well of the she's is she is knowing Dave and our policies knowing that he won any is like she'd like she dates around Snoop Dogg apparently. For him and heads to stoop like sixty years old eat we answered it is very married even better. Lauren does it all the worries and as you shouldn't be around Sierra. Your husband is always there whenever they are here beyoncé I need to get her on the app. About Calvin Harris. Those targets and bring out my lifetime my semi final moments with Prince Harry to side by side. Pretty scary before mega mark the Prince Harry Carson once. And it is confusing that was my one I fear us and Eagles to redevelop it like every occurs when the Pacific reverend Terry own variants. I where it was and how might the Panthers beat the jets explore. Or checks scored a pair of goals for the caps. Nice. Wells is interesting here record by the resentment have a record renowned. Mean when renters news there an area. Panthers. Standings. Loading. This energy out here and excited ticket. Area period against the way this one up here and panic there as fast can't. Or is every studio you go to his office like a million times nicer than the one that remark and I feel we are and that's studio in Atlanta and like a Mac. Glass front buildings smelling really nice it didn't really amazing is every other market that Entercom owns is that it's a rumor is amazing and then Nam made this announcement to new ones going to be sick though that's the they tell us don't tell house of Tobin being so that the new line is the rise so it's going to be interesting behind. Don't tells me. That's right Chambliss as we know the studio we're not gonna work there I mean they have been telling us like two year where I think it's a carrot to dangle in front of you or yelling he's trying this new contracts were gonna avenues studio it is true they did tell me that what I. I got the job fair. There's 1113 and four rounds of Tony points in the east which has that I am. Other celebs and watch the pad is that we six points these sums are 1113 and four. They're like the Miami Heat. Yes or mediocre. Although they don't play better little worse than mediocre but they. Natalie they didn't cut a couple of wins their last and therefore afford to their super mediocre. But a huge campus and now. Yeah the Miami Heat they are in Mexico City and take on the Brooklyn that's tomorrow night 60 am we will have. Coverage right here on to demand tickets starting at 5 PM with the Miami Heat pregame show. Cores well item action it stinks that the boat's bow Hudson and some things that I once and after the recent loss so. Bring up for the realist in the week humiliation next. So. It was a thing all week long physical. Injuries who's hot who's not studs duds and more it's presented by and John Levine accident attorneys Heidi an accident call 1807473. That's 1074733. Also Russia but also direct the right cart always the right price and ice goes public adjusters we've got your assets covered. Only 55 get ECPA or visit East Coast public adjusters. Dot com whilst on the with a real humiliation just a minute but wanted to little spying on the opponent amber brought to buy drone nerds and haven't torrent down pine crest drone nerds. Is your authorized DJI dealer has all your drone nerd needs all your drone need skews me. New version auditors on nerd mean of course prepares customization is trading sessions a more visit the today drone nerds dot com south close ally in the skies self. Both football world I think it has been should look. All right. For the longest time. The best coach in the National Football League is who Romberg. Obviously Belichick it obviously Belichick say it again Bill Belichick. All right got it. All so I didn't. Yesterday this documentary comes out. The appellate checked legacy except it's not the Belichick legacy. Because he's they're getting interviewed and he's talking about his family and that's not his name. My distance Internet and let's. Let's so yeah it has analysts even a let's. Blitzer bullets Belichick list. Let's. Listen Mike belligerent Belichick. Let's. Kids is. You can't just change your name you know gets his duke that dollar check this volunteer commitment that that much. Their new might have been movement annunciation going on on the wrong so liable we might even doing wrong mole time. Why wouldn't you are correct it lets you know you thinking big at some point late last periods but other people think. It's this chick doesn't it is it's is may I mean when he was younger you would think you would it at least. Said a little me some then bill and now he's just twirling all of last year beneath me I know I don't accept this bullets sick. But lit chick so his mother was. A coach's well sprayed his father was a coach so I think so tendons and yes so elicit no one is knowing knew that this is how you pronounce his father's name. What would you he's obviously William Wright he's not bill is he William something Belichick. But the data or or bill he's William Steven. Apparently bullied check. Blitzer William Steven people don't want Bill Belichick. I'm I'm calm bullets or forget it he DA has mamma com Belichick Hong Kong and bullets. He's been in football. Since well since 1975. Really but he's been a coach since. Since that 1976. Is Tom Brady even know he he didn't you deny one amendments in the media since 1976 until now. Com will magic. Well that's time. Little bitchy little bitches can I give us this rat bastard again he's got to tell engineered this it just changes name for all of us for all the public. My desk and speed and let's. I am I'm sure I gotta be Gaza the item this is weird to me and the fact that he's he's good at the maybe the greatest football coach of all time maybe the best pro sports usual time. And images. You just give up and and give us a different medium but late this is grinning going to be up there relate. Bullets sick man what does that is that it's gonna be going on their mother and a football now. I don't understand. How did you do. And why all of a season. Like Patrick's at hand he at least may have announcement before the year started. I'm not Surtain I'm Surtain and get it right. You know what I can probably see what went down back in the day kids weren't as cool as they are now and obviously as the generations evolved. Think about Belichick sick for the sounds like. That kid probably had a little bit of a tough time growing up. You mean they're doing Hamlet slim does did Jerome. I don't know how would go to a little bit chick I would go with bowl Belichick president bull crap. That's what I would go with some thank him maybe I'll call him and you know why does that change the way I Nancy in my name I'm Isabella I and. That never even crossed my mind is proof that Romberg was a bully. I drying out the fact that he gets easier didn't. I think all the guys are trying to tell me the name of their child like Francis of my brother when he was having his kids random names that he was gonna name is kids. I just sort of write one off like runners on off like this motorcycle when you make him make a play on words. Not on how to deal with the poem the with elements version of the NF. When you reunion basically word play. Yeah I guess you go to Columbia those ways of doing war play. On a lot of the name's Barbara there was using outlook looking think about it the name you just gave me and I certain right form off at least six or seven different things at the kid to be called going up through. It doesn't always work leg ballot isn't quite sure Benny my thinks like that brightly name my parents wanted to name mean they apparently changed at the very last second to. Freaked out that the bad kids would be mean about the original name that they wanted to name me. Win lose that that name never would now it's like demanded daughter Ellie may do what I wanna name hurts now I'm scared. Line. They wanted to name me ask that. All know and little. Well don't you think selection my mom freaked out last minute like a few days before I decided I ever instead because I was afraid. Kids were gonna call you know and so it has been toddler and questioning. Good returns. When I I. Was so is it then I ended up actually knowing you being in school the Grumman has briefing nobody called her at the shore and urgently to dig even crossed my mind. How are much bowling ally asks her mama which are named Dave. So any History Channel I mean you can't tell you same passion name a daughter asked general outline. Ritual and what do we do whatever it out of your heart desires it is true they sure in the name railing gave would you sure it ever he's name and you just can't believe that this. Well I'm a little bit more stock on the asked Ben what it would be doing that it's what is there to do other than that do anything. Found out. Isn't ruined that name for it's not tell amber yeah I still really had an enemy and that's been that. That's been here has been there via dark as that has been everywhere. Oh yeah a gig if you go. And I'm an owner. All rumored Kool Aid and. Then. A you know that Wilson girl was one and the one that has been your grammar I think will be will then the other in a minute and you do them last. Let's get to know we'll humiliation to a slow. Out there really got a couple weeks left. New Year's lineup. So is there anything that you need to know about this we don't ever let them are bricks and again because they're lazy is believed. Humiliations for two weeks left. Then maybe. I'm doing stuff closed out today. Today at six hours of total ban on disseminated to get. That's a martyr youngster and again hello. Good to see you good to rig it to rig the loaded it's funny that. There. Oh you're so close to Atlanta got a new animals area but we got steel output jumps. Sheila pop push of a like that one I'm glad we're gonna get a mile and hear what each hand has to be in a queue line. Hey guys you have eight and your basic yes it do pushups in C because I'm black which is don't wish this is especially LaMont makes them thank you Q umpire asked the beer isn't doing that I'm better I'm maybe I'm telling you is the best thing I ever have an acute care of your vomit in my Milosevic opponents admit it Abu Ayman I would bridesmaid MA das is gonna come over here to make them. But I could turn to get the recipe from her make this is offend Obama English accent. She is highly of and admire in this acting out. Do you think that do you Jay's eyes upset that a Philadelphia they think that the quarterback looks like Prince Harry. Does he wants to those famous Brit on the teams. Not. Own resources. Yeah he probably doesn't drop that ever could probably at all he does it feel knowing cars and went is. You're all. Of wounds he can't vacation in London and like that's like is that the question now. I mean I was maybe going through the countryside of England bullets maybe let it will be easier but let's say like if if if consequences live your government the sound of the let's say his knee blows out he can never play football again. He could have a second career as is being a body double for for prince Eric. It be interviewed degraded just like Maloney trump rebuttal Toyota. Speaking of person wins remember when that's field goal kicker kicked the winning field goal when he was on the sideline talking about I would give him my weekly gain checked if he hits this guy right player that was standing next homes and what you say. And he was like literally I promise you I won't give him my game check this week Peter Williams came checked I don't know man idiot I would assume so. Another question I think dilemma the right to do a job. There was a must follow up after I thought that I'm concerned I was wondering if I checked your ever inducted into his bank account. We'll look that I would get an update on whether or not the kicker ever got paid plus plus. The jaguars coach he has a an addiction like no other next. Man. And. After seeing him yeah I still remember past post game show. Is that talent I love and complete wrap of the game Lexus and say were pursuit remember pines an amazing deal always and rookie right champion for about for several ism and Jeep truck initiative customization shop. Good champions four by four dot com respond the real humiliation. And later on key lime putt pushups. Was very upset about I was like the ones involving of food humiliations. Filing ones that we don't have to you going where today. Yeah those out there that's the one that we get done night I told the as does a lot fair and speculate next heiress is make sure that there are all. Able to be accomplished here because then there's no problems in terms of logistics and getting them done. I tried I tried it means just it's like to do this for four years it's hard enough or too little with humiliation blood as we've done already crazy. But what you wee wee wee wee wee wee storm fourth. We do we do but till about was it was going to be funny. Big news out of the South Florida sports world today to the dolphins. Football on Monday as though. And how much to previous this week hurricanes on a full bought economist McCain's like you mr. McCain's from the canes this week. And. These aren't in the downtown I don't mind the downtime right now I'm just. I'm excited command for the bowl game I'm Ahmad restored to put things together we're gonna do the big OTH tailgate and it's going to be about us up a little tailgate we're gonna do it. On the thirtieth begins at 8 o'clock at night I think we're going to be doing it from ranks fourth thirty till 730. And it's going to be that would of the kids say lit. I think that is with the kids new and latest. Pile on with Alan. So medical something good time bid doesn't going to be good time. It's going to be a phenomenal time tuition to be their ports what are you doing grieved while being Gorham. Oh you have a New Year's a moment to go skiing for a little bit yeah as an illusion I got it. Don't understand why am I good asset for enable end on avail but not also another name that I would consider. They'll let you do it Alan Romberg I don't tell me don't dog challenge in disaster out of Florida. The Texas on the tech is an absolutely are and asked an army we are I don't I'm not an LA I didn't I didn't I didn't need to have any help on out now well and it's it's obliterated and then everyone's accusing. That name of being a stripper name which by the way LA and have my name's amber are so that's true you are really universe there's names we do have a Superman I totally them. You because you got one of those days you'll love to have as a fake name. You know my thinking let's what's the name that sounds really exotics are you should have some. Take some pride in that the people want to have your name is a fake name I do take prime minister and and you know so it's not all bad. Imagine a couple seconds ago so the heat yes to the latest lawsuit and singer early Obispo and him the night it happened but that that was Reno some of the quotes and plan has press conference and there's weirdly he never you know spoke usually the guy or is laid out we got enough we get through this but he has imagine. Cabinets lights on in that game in which is weird you don't usually hears both talk about. Yeah kind of miss the big guy had it definitely affects us. And I made of I put this in his article. That the heat. Are allowing nine more points per game on one side doesn't play. Teams are shooting significantly better compared the when he when he does play issued 42 point 3% when he doesn't play there's no defense isn't an issue 49%. Beating out rebounded by a large a margin. It's very frustrating because that's the one thing that you always hear repeat that they take pride in his defense defense. They listen this thing about the space city state and from a floor you go to the guys coming up to compensate for that big void in the middle so they're not gonna get down backed down McCourt offensively as fast as these two as well. There's a look at the outlet pass from the big Fella and another there the got all these small guys that are try to compensate for. Taken over summary down stuff so there we fight meant wanna get in there and obviously that's when injuries start happens so Yemen that Sony's give back asap. Yemen I like the guys that are replace them late Q Canadian warlord Kelly a Linux yeah KO he can stroke it. Is you know kind of a turnstile on the phone signals with the media is as he gets turned around literally not fleet of feet. It's kind of plodding. And damn. Elmo's a more impressed when he goes out on the wings defend that I am when he is at writ as a rip defended really kind of silly he's a little bit lost there. Which raises think that's give Justin and AJ as he's super young super yacht and a relay every game on the watch and bam like all man this is the late. Guess you like these monks he. So imparted that it is cooler emails says oh hi I have played. So high and just dunks. When in the NBA and above the rim it is it is exciting it is except Seubert says he looked because the heat. They got they got they got find players but I don't think you look at you like man that guy's next level lastly I would ditto dislike. He's got he's got different kind of outlet a schism. Yes I really have exciting. Players. Are on. And I think he has a physical capabilities to meet signing date I mean other than him I wouldn't say. It was not like like morons really really good but I don't know I would call him like an exciting player yeah there's no I mean. Go to doesn't dunk. He likes to do kiss off the glass left probably go he can dunk now listed a few times in his career. Ingredients like site he was wide ass open was at the beginning of the season over the last year reason why have so many kind of like started stumbling on the dribble. And many think he came back and he started giggling and laughing when he had to lay it in a busy I thought about looking them up. Well everybody was almost I think everybody even stood up off of the bench to see if he was gonna dunk because he was wide wide open and you could see him take those hesitant steps that he was getting ready to get explosive off about one foot. And also any kind of trip to little bit and then he started giggling and he just laid it up and he turned around as he was running back the back into the court. All the guys on the team were laughing their ass off Ottoman he started laughing. And so it was a moment demonstrate playing great another op cracking a lesson in a couple of years ago he wades back. The other to Democrat about a Cleveland the minimum ruled that it is dying laughing is doing it just is like his little legs they can get a so I. Didn't wanna do it. Downloading and do you created were racking up. That's some good stuff red but there's nobody around and I really hears on the court by a result it is exciting but he's not adult that you could go on any jumps off he doesn't jump off the screen you know like rap outlet I mean who does jump off the screen on this team I mean nobody. 'cause does that well aside I guess assign a sudden did at lake. At times it definitely in his son's early it is as true as this is deterred a little bit from the heat he was the use he was more of your heat seeking missile when it came to go for blocks regularly blocks I was buried at all and and there are so exciting so he'd like huge his racquet a ton blocks Paula dunks and how is really exciting was a fun play at a lot still is not need that he beat the fun out of them. Yup and there's also nobody on this team who can love in the basketball because Gordon is the worst lover of ever seeing. The worst. Bowler has been a few trees or when is this whole trade deadline things to learn about fifteen in about a week wise Shillue Oca. Were now going to even met sued because they've been trying to trade him for ever. He's he's got one of those he's yet to Wednesday with big guys in the NBA it seems like there's a lot of big guys who really don't like basketball that much. And Joel was god that label of the do just doesn't like a game that much he came and people thought always automatically going to be amazing insist allied. Was to elect a one year guy at a Kentucky or duke currently again almost two years on the same team as justice who's on the on the championship would justice. Product so those guys don't there's a early struggles right now. We'll get Sarah headlines mom Megan deals them they've started their payroll reduction in outside of that next.