ZRA Part 2 2-16-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, February 16th

Comic Book Conventions, All Star Weekend, Guys/Girls Trips


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Someone showed today sweetness giveaway today it would do and as we get tickets again need to get Julie's who we do that someone today. Oriented talk on the on the boom in the those missiles worth. Now we'll never use them. All right. I will do that at some points you know at some point this hour keep listening here in the 7 o'clock now we'll set yup with with a pair tickets to an upcoming heat home game we can do that. Coca very good. So we're talking Alonso ball would resume the autographs a 199 dollars per autograph but he key big all the brain and he is charging. For his autograph this weekend which I mean look. Capitalism the one the autograph we don't and it's a TO. IA I personally would never do that never do I I'd I'd much more prefer picture I'd love I would love getting pictures you know with athletes or celebrities or what have you much more than. An autograph or a school you know especially B if you get a you know piece of memorabilia like we a lot of signed memorabilia in my house. Mild or some likes it a lot and of course I used to like a lot too when I was younger is real lawn signs off. But you know this one of my life I'd much rather picture of dollar run into a celebrity or or what have you but it always like I'm wondering. What that demand is going to be for Alonso ball 199 dollars it's it's an incredible amount of money. And always makes me sad you know every time. I take my older son we go to we go to the comic con every year that comes to the convention center course to all come into this so sad. Where you know they got the way to comic cons work. You got one very large area which is all the different comics and toys vendors okay. And as a lot of really cool stuff. And then on the other side. Is where they have. On the guests you know a special appearances. And and you get a lot alike lot of old school wrestlers okay are always at all of these events. You get so once in awhile you'll get some cool lack OK like I went to one. A couple years maybe two or three years ago when Jason Momo law. Was there like 'cause at that time he was called Drago from game throughout him now he was not grown man who don't forget he was Conan through Wasim. Mary's Conan O series Conan O Alan okay it was in my dreams like he was not command yet he wasn't a big DC universe stall or he was used is called Drago buddy you know game thrown school character. And sell once July you'll get someone like that. Who and and there'll be a little bit of a demands. But but they're always there always some more when you're walking through the idols there in China check out who's there and you don't wanna make eye contact. Because there's no one in line and and you feel so sad that you've made eye contact and do is probably open you're gonna go and get his autograph. So that's that they're doing absolutely nothing to. And so we could also make a little bit of money. So I read I've been I mean and there'll be no line fur fur former WA AF superstar Virgil. Virgil always there is no one line OK it's very sad. You I when's the last time. I saw yet they yet to guys from a bit made a few of the actors from Karate Kid. Now Ralph Mott Seale was there. He was talking to several people he was busy not too busy. But he was innocent yet to grab much it was there he was busy on the guy who plays. Johnny what's his name I zappa is that his name I think he was there to look at how. Haggard by the way. I mean do looks all of probably fifty years old at this point he looks all of Michael Rappaport he looks at me he looks he looks he hates to OK but he was there and he was talking to a couple people not a big crowd. But you know what zero crowd was there's not a single person like dissent they're looking old and lonely and the issue. No no she'll double AC would never attend something like that but. John Kris man. John gritty sense say say say. Own sense it was in there and he's really old he's he's in his seventies for short. And sense say sit in there no one's on the line is chew on there is sometimes make eye contact you know now I gotta go over and do some guy again against money. An autograph. But sense they was there are no one's online deep Roy. You know a deep Roy. You move deeper boy that's that's the little that's a little dude he may and that's a little pretty clearly opal won't buzz in the Charlie and all the back. Religion and knowing that deep. Deep Roy it was at one of one of the festival that comic cons that went to no one in line is deep Reuters only his deep. Me out of it ensured that a real name of that that is named the deep Roy. Any decision their old lonely all by himself to sad lonely deep Roy somebody important or mean enemy now. And to it's the beds and him that's him. No interest until back I'll tell you a deeply intelligent 199. Let's seventeen dollars I'd probably when I guess Boller my guests forty bucks flat. Detroit autograph picture. Probably exchange phone numbers definitely worth the picture. He was so sad moment the Suton there. Know why don't wanna talk Roy Roy. Evidently was at the wrong convention I guarantee goes to a park to mention and they put up that the Roy's here boy yellow body and make it a little bit more money they yell at fetish thing down on there. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. But as you always run this ad autographs. Sat us and we've delayed looking haggard. Oh yeah Johnny Johnny looks his age okay looking Uga does golden guy but. He looks his age but John Kris man. John Kris. The 80s80s furthered her own tour and yes still a little bit yeah I am so America now even it up he'd been I'd amber what he got. Frosted tips are there's no easy way to cent weighted list but last night's they held a candlelight vigil in part blend for the Stoneman Douglas shooting victims. Pubs first baseman in any Rizzo spoke at the vigil he went to stuntman died deal Douglas. Here is Brit now. I want to Solomon Douglas. I grew up installment Douglas. I've played on those fields I went to those classes. I studied in those classrooms. The same school we saw on video yesterday for all the wrong reasons. We see this on TV too often. I feel like it's all the time it is. There's a cycle to it. We get horrified that this violence. Is inflicted and our kids. We get angry but there's nothing we can do and nothing's done about it. And now we ultimately get immune and move on to something else. But that happens in our own town. In your own school where the movie theater. Or nightclub. Or church. And we realize that can happen to us. And are safe. And tight knit community Parkland. In fact there are a lot of communities out there. That know exactly what we're going through right now and have to relive these moments again and again. Look I'm a baseball player but I'm also American. Among Floridians. An apartment there for life. A lot all have all the answers I know that something has changed. Before this is visited. On another community and another community. And another community. It's great job Anthony Rizzo come on down and speaking it's important. That that community look I can tell you right now 'cause I got family is employment communities very proud and Anthony Rizzo spoke he's a big deal there. And that's a it's really good job. It's a really good job in common and and support and and obviously I mean he's hurt I'm sure his family still lives there and park on the mandate it's it's. For people who donors and nearly here in South Miami maybe never been out up there it's no means over an hour away you have been South Miami. And I mean it's it's like for this to happen. And hawk Lyndon click happy bill. And it is it's beautiful it's very very family friend my team there's parks everywhere there's greenery everywhere. Trees everywhere. It's just very much. Happy suburban lighten. Yeah it's it's nuts. And Mary and it's there it's a very very safe place it is not a place you would ever expect to do to get shot at it this. And have their own police force had that rates that I felt like I you know what to say commit Italy Netherlands we sort dot say I mean it's it's 62 extraordinarily say it's not pleasing you ever ever fear. Your kids being. And what's got us this. Community this community is like a little Disney World right like everything's very well manicured it's groomed everybody's happy everybody's really nice. How confident are you that this is the last hundred hear about something like this. Hiding this and this shows that it can I mean this I mean. I really knew it could have been anywhere I mean as such as this one that shows it can happen anywhere admitted it we know it can happen anywhere and it's. But that's. Popular thing on my cup of anything in regards this kind of soft little notes my government that I went what does it have to take is at the take like may be one of the one of the people in politics elegant as the one of their kids have to be killed by what it would hire it and at least as far as ally if Hillary told you if if nothing was gonna be done after kindergartners were. Murdered nothing's ever meet. Ray was it which I don't agree no I was sent off and I breaking and I don't do debris and we just we discussed it last hour where you have. So many of these kids these kids who were involved in this shooting these kids you are in high school right now so many of them. Are speaking out against this in calling for change in wanting change and I think what that show us. Is that generation. The generation was actually growing up in this world and who's actually being affected by these horrific beings. That generation I think is is really really vote Lee calling for change in striking that suggests that even at this current generation that's in power. Who frankly didn't grow while we school shootings and their schools like they just didn't their schools are safe back and minute you know as it was different different a different set of problems but they didn't have these mass shootings and schools back and so the it's the current generation that's empowered if this isn't something that they're going to change I think it indicates that at least the next generation. The you know that next generation beyond us is the you know at least going TO. Call for that change at some point I'm given that's years from owl when they'll be in power but I do think it shows that at some points this world changed. Do you think. Some of the rarest thing where it took seeing that for really really say is a domestic violence do you think that having those peeled the social media videos of actually being in the school hello to zoos bruises there's such a real rawness to it. That I don't think we've seen before with the kids in minnows with the biggest third. A recent we've seen it was Vegas we've seen it when I believe with Orlando we we have seen it I mean yes CAD hook was during this. Era as well where but it is warriors were first graders so they weren't using their cell phones in that scenario. Do I think that helps. You know I think that the problem I mean what's not obviously it's hard it's hard it's so hard when we have these conversations I hate. I get frustrated that this is a political conversation because they don't think they were discussing ways in which to try to prevent the slaughter of children at that should ever be pulled the local but the reason that it is political. Is because of an Ari campaign contributions and at the end of the day. If you're a politician and the NRA spent millions of dollars on fuel to get elected into office you are going to all. Cater to your lobbyists I got you elected like that is how it works so the only way Danny gets changed is. Essentially of the politicians change and they're not necessarily the ones who are. Taken money from the outer rain necessary or or if less politicians take out money from the Harry and maybe there's some groups who stepped up and they can match that money another wasted those politicians don't feel the need. To take those campaign contributions maybe there's the means through which to get contributions. In some other fashion and where you don't have to for a bat agenda. And that's just how politics works and that's the sort of the unfortunate try to politics. Does he got here I am sorry. And I should mention that Jarvis Landry Kenny stills TJ McDonald and Tony let it from the Miami Dolphins they were all at the vigil as well very cool. An all star weekends Goran Dragic will be playing on team LeBron. Wayne Ellington who will be in the three point shoot outs he's looking to be the fifth Miami Heat player to win that. At three point shootout to. The most in the most in the league the he had the most players ever to one at three point shoot out very cool. For whenever Glen Rice. Glen Rice. On dogma no luck I was I don't know all my guns right Noelle who has treated by a at the last Democrat and to. I was so excited that night almighty god. I it was it was the coolest thing ever James Jones also one of us are born yet but but it I think Glen Rice won it Harold miner also won the slam on. But we always the night's and back then he would nothing man they were they were in the NBA for like. Seven years at the time six or seven years because this is like 949495. He were there's six or seven you're in the league. And yet Harold miner and Glen Rice only also we get we know our big guys play in the all star game they never had an all star the heat's big hat and also are at the time I'm pretty sure Alonzo Mourning was their first ever also our. When he was when he was traded here it is a Vernal solid leaders and also the hornets also MVP. With the hornets. But for a team that never even had an all star. That night they won the slam dunk and the three point contests us the best one messes my life tough for for sure more it was the first one and on to found on six there you go. They're amazing nights yet wall meal for sold he'd only been around that time like eight year seminary years and yet the but what what's crazier than Alonzo Mourning was the first also they had it took that long and again all sore but the fact that Goran Dragic is just the eighth all store in the history of the franchise. But I mean it when I heard that number I should've been surprised but when I heard that number. That stood out that he did you know thirty years only at eight all sources. They've Alonzo Mourning team in sets and only don't SARS yeah would I usually there here's a lot that that's a big number reggae and Adam. Doug players yet Alonzo Mourning Tim Hardaway Anthony Mason and LeBron James Dwyane Wade. Chris Bosh Goran Dragic and Shaquille O'Neal. Pretty good and has provided you're in nerd New York he Anthony Mason is that people forget impressive mesa is the one that people get suck on. But Anthony Mason was the at the time the third admiral sword he'd had. Like cattle that likes war Anthony Mason or not school and more success it was best humorous careers you know that he was soul man. But but Anthony Mason at the time is the third time he'd ever had an all star when mesa made began use my fever on a two out expand. God rest his soul. To give it to be defense is Agassi and in this Carrie champion she did she did this interview where. Rod in with the champions erodes I don't know host kolbe she's writing and in Hoover yet whatever series with LeBron and Kevin Durant. As Yasser about the big news that is the bronze counts she can ride that Cooper this job over but she's asked about the all star game in the bronze they. It's on us it's on us to really you know fix the austerity of mail are they actually debris at this week his pores are gonna be in the two and his. He did say all we judges of that fix it but play defense in this game. Maybe I will everybody else affect sent a mentally is it. Is an issue driving a new era or is it just that she's just aren't there are publishes tons of it nice car but it but it sponsored by Hubert now. Is it is ideally I think under giving LeBron the app can carry JP in to happen upon the camera as magic it's it's it's a call ailing son who is driving. But it's it's it's it's it's a sponsored Gruber a lead sponsor my new critique here. It's a car sponsored by over yet caller told the carriage Edwards is not doing sports that is not right around maneuver now I think you write an older. Caught. Be any us amber. Wells is interesting here. Former Miami Hurricanes tight end Greg Olsen donated 100000 dollars to McCain's indoor practice facility very Jackson says that brings the alumni donations up to two million dollars. Romberg still can't find his wallet. Ron let's go man I don't I donate time I don't think I'm just like what's. What's the dollar amounts that they would not except like give like give the wrong dog wanted to don't if the rom dog right now wanton donate 500 dollars. Can you show with a 500 dollar check they get Muehlegg Romberg like mom when he more than split into a 500 dollar donation from you. I'm surely would yeah so it's man. Okay here it gave them all their man. It's an older drugs and I'm involved and very involved very involved in a dozen all money literally. A man of let's go. I gotta fill my gas tank. Buy used get upside then gets my money back in the league donated to the new practice bubble mailer that can I make this up I do marine. Thank you fill up a lot of boat well I was in a boat I was questioned. I don't think so I don't eczema do you question. Any LC amber. That's headline Syrian. He. The ball. A point here. James Jones. Who's from Miami. Tom Magic Johnson with the spot on commentary. The most important thing. Is to make the three point shots. They're gone back and listening to these things or got about. It's really annoying broadcasts yeah every year yeah insert strategists talk about the baskets and a little inside joke shut up I always do like this time of the year those who some. Some old. And the heat have to have the most players who'll won the three point shooting at Glen Rice Jason Kapono daequan called James Jones. And Wayne Ellington will look to become the fifth member. And I Kapono by the way had a best performance of the four when he wasn't even close he small. Every one besides he tied a record he smoked everyone it was not close to us on our wall for him he's off he's he is. Is authentic this is really studio in the country that there is an authentic autograph Jason Kapono teachers in. I can say that unequivocally. It's the only studio. In America. That has an authentic. Autograph. Miami Heat Jay's departure is in its personalized to me amber. Here's the autograph I don't it was on its lowest seed rural. As well and wins. It's any errors GA it's what you need unit plus is she really wanted to admit you're getting. Spectacles. He he wrote that form that is for me and Monday. Most likely won't move into the new studio lot we'll take that and I'll bring it back home that's mine you personalize it to me. Anyway it. So that is on that is on Saturday night but I I always like going back this time a year because you get these videos on FaceBook. The all time three point savage and and that's Larry Bird. Labor's got the greatest story ever from robbery you've heard this before right Larry no I have not that I I need to hear it's the best of OK Larry Bird who'll all top all time low key trash talker okay. And it's. And you can look it up and it was like thirty years thirty years ago this time it feels like 1988. And Larry Burton three point shootout man the first of all sort of starts where he. Goes into the locker room before you know there'll get ready to come out and participate on the locker room together he goes in the locker room and his walks on in there and says okay it was plain for second. Are that that's that's the first thing he says like you are right yes of course hand walked in and he'd on the floor immediately just walk rate and I'd who's who's playing for second. And expand and so three point ship eventually sort dispersal he never takes the warm up off. He shoots width in the warmup. Everyone else in their Jersey and you know Jersey shorts he he keeps his warmup on. And and it's like his video of guys watching on a modern back Michael Jordan being among them. They're guys watching a modern Michael Jordan keep slamming nausea and even take his warmup off yet it keeps round by round keeps the warmup on. And so he gets to the finals Larry Bird. An. He gets to the final racquet and he'd like he needs needs make that four out of five which he needed the final rat pack. And he gets. The final the fourth ball when he makes it that ties dale Ellis. And then he gets the money ball so he misses they're gonna have to go is some kind of playoff and if he wit if he makes the money ball he's going to win the shoot out. And so he shoots the money ball and he starts walking off the floor all the balls in mid air not even looking at the hoop. These sorts walking off the floor of the ball in mid air and holds up the number one. Does it watchable go in Inkster. It's it's it's the greatest doesn't even watch the ball go win and it imports of when and anyone. So so now that I'm like thinking about this because this is the basketball buddies so when I was a kid right the old the old at the Detroit Pistons about the back the dailies you used to watch out. We are to be huge distance and meant Joey. And Detroit area because of obviously the back to back championships and and coach Staley in metal Crusoe coach policy and a I don't remember coach Ross who I mean he's the game Bjorn rules man that was his defense. I didn't I didn't I didn't really remember I just remember coach doc and for our part I don't know and Dolan beer in the whole you know the whole crew rice that the teachers all appeals so. Actually the only basketball game professionally that I ever went through was the Orlando Magic which keel was on the team now oversee the pistons way back in the win it back in the days so. I'll sit there and and and and I'm thinking about this one was the last time he saw Larry Kurtz smile because he always seems to have that on them face the mr. not a dirty game men face not I don't think I'd ever seen him smile ever. Not during games. And I mean that there's that there's that infamous clip where when the Celtics are in the finals and there they're about to clinch against the lakers and he's on the bench and he's waving that's how he is smiling in that scene right there. You guys you guys are watching the video over there now right as a watching the video Larry Bird in the three point shooter on the other side yes it is true that you want while it's so good it's a but yet Larry Bird I mean easier on smile during games and installed or that three point shootout either. But what you see them smile as like the GM no rush head guy over their own in Boston right now no I don't think interpersonal there's a little bit less and is totally. But he he he he launches that final shot which he needs to go into win. And so it's walking off the floor while the balls in mid air doesn't even watch the ball go and he's walking away was number one thing ariz in the air. Of course it goes and he wins. It's it's the greatest. It's the greatest three point shootout. You know that's like the white people claim to basketball Allred is Larry Bird and that's who we always claim that's or go to his or her. There's labor. That's you know that's who we hold up was gray sweat ball and yeah I mean is the greatest player ever. You know blows at you they're with us is that the only as possible in the cover got us on the logo maybe I mean Jerry Lewis is the logo. And and certainly in this generation right now Dirk Nowitzki is the best white player that's undisputed. Eloquently whatever happened only stock John Stockton or. We're about the the suns are Canadian guy thousands name mash. Right I mean you know people gonna put Larry Bird had a Steve Nash. By I think adding those the three guys that aren't there needs Larry Brown Jerry West and Dirk Nowitzki I think in the history of basketball we get very. Giving getting like three players what does China named the 21. That's all that is totally reverted in three players to really get to a yeah yeah that's exactly eight good ones yeah. Texas on the Coral Springs on monkey attacks line 67974. Haven't this amber my friend paid off his girlfriend's credit card debt as a gift for Valentine's Day but people have been dating for a year is he soccer. Yes yes. Also don't. Helen nice Sunday law sir. The leukemia she's forever is now. How much is great. Well any bits really. I don't drug Gregory and AME deal. Yeah yeah 101000 dollar yeah. On Valentine's Day you give me 500 dollars yet if I could eat. Drowning in debt if you're a 500 dollar credit card bill. Okay nice of course it's nice place it's that's a rescue tonight's bill all my god how I ever gonna pay off the firemen Dolly he'll be he'll get there and he'll he'll get there. But if it steal 101000 dollars you go to bed like oh my god I I can't make it dance you know and then the boyfriend pays it off and he's the best point. Pay for a semester you know oncologist at that before you are now ready WG who pay a political student loan. Texas right here you who has The Who put the cheapest on the shows amber or Romberg. Romberg owns it put Amber's really teeple. Well it's deadly Romberg because. To Segway from the last thing that you brought up I'd I ate lends money to a boyfriend wants to pay off his credit card debt and I would that was doctor and ask me you can't do that and I don't recommend against. That's a BAA at any bat for him he shouldn't take you need each and take. US law and actually find it also do a lot of impatient buying through you you're you're like a big I'm a by the conditions yet academic that I am a big experience and amber in that regard if amber doesn't hate for the likely if you have a boyfriend girlfriend for that matter. Debt debt debt doesn't have the money you have okay fight your if you're not gonna they contribute to their vacation you on the vacation. All right and also the reason that I have done that before is because it's a president that everyone benefits from greatly give I give. If I give my boyfriend's. You know plane ticket for somewhere or by a you know paper the hotel somewhere you know somehow contribute to medication for us than I benefit from that as well because I got in on the occasion tip. The time I'm I'd rather let's button experiences to have together I never regret I have never regretted chipping in for vacation or paying for vacation. Would anybody I've dated I do that would concerts. You know all all by a I want a good concert. And if tickets are expensive it 250 dollars a ticket to George doesn't really spent. I'm I'm by the two tickets and I'll take a friend because if I if I mass and rally not too expense it will. I can afford it so should I not go to the concert because my friends can't afford it or should I just go by the two tickets a bit of rain I do. That all the time olds taught. Don't debate that mean. The big debate that mean he's doing revenue that they was who would you rather go on vacation with your spouse significant other. Girlfriend or. Your voice. We don't. You guys are gonna say your boys got it don't matter where you're going on where would you rather go or who would you rather go O'Donnell care what you're doing methodically going to Disney World for the weekend until I don't like vacation. We both dealing DJ there's a whole lot of other men out there who would much rather go on vacation would both the all girls. In both of you all have a very attractive women is. Or about a lot of deer relate to go on occasion dear women it's like we're talking about or is it a girl from talking about. Or series is does it matter really TDs Amiri but he's practically married. Marion fizzle because if it's your wife look Q what's it like all the time OK we're illegal what we don't get me this is it reasonable for all the I am with my boyfriend all the damn time he's my husband right but you don't you don't I couldn't title last summer had a high strip poking out and I would really like that to be a lot of fun okay. I go on vacations all the time with my wife would gather all the time silly yes he right now. You would you love to go on our guys' trip like I'd I'd I'd really like to do yeah yeah and what about just the two days I'm going to Boston go watch program would you rather go with your wife for what are the go with a friend. It got really experiencing with my wife like that I don't take my wife delegate did I did two years ago I took my wife that we onto balls and birth for a quick Pearl Jam trip to (%expletive) But would talk about getting loose light load of money answered him for a week you know nobody's. Are able I wouldn't let my boyfriend and Amsterdam and his buddies. We are on the middle of the very obvious reasons it to the activity I mean I I had. I have a boyfriend in the past who liked going on guys trips a little too much to places like Las Vegas and at that very much hurt informal ones respectively it was a very. And deep problems. Really there is manly and totally unheard. Material Connolly was going on there dot com and common questions like why you like to gamble on the Bob than in Vegas. Anyways so he likes guys trips a little too much it's my current boyfriend's. It's is greatly that stuff because I genuinely believe that there's things that he'd. In that heat there's trips that he'd rather go on with me but then there strips like he just went to whistler with guy friends because report for the hell of a lot better skier than me. Anyone with a bunch of guys and you know that's what they're doing their on the skiing and snowboarding trip. And they do a lot more extreme stuff then I would do is that a lot more enjoyable than if I was there or any of their wives repair refuses than others I think it depends on the activity. A lot of women think that guys wanna go on the guy trips because they think they're gonna be getting into mischief. For the most part sometimes you're right. But for the most part. You're not right because the reason being is because a guy wants to get up if he's tired. It wants taken out if he wants to go to the club at that spontaneous he doesn't have to wait two hours for you to get ready. And it doesn't have to be a whole extravaganza. Of what are we doing here and what are we doing there you can I just look at each other say yo dude downstairs and minutes program. We showed you also don't have to wait to you know sleep with those hookers coast an about your wife being there would definitely put a gram down that would definitely I like it she was there in Amsterdam with nearly Gailey might prohibit you from a spending as much time in the red light district. Andy. Seems. I. Well sixty subs all gonna help in some fashion with what's going on and blog you can you can actually do something okay the ticket. And all the intercom south water radio stations all the blood drive today from 9 AM to 5 PM. The Broward center in four Lawler real parking is free. It's available in the VIP lot across this to read from the Broward center. And that's at 201 southwest Fifth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale so again the Broward center to a one southwest at avenue. In warlord L you can come on out and donate blood and if you can't. Let's give way to ski tickets here with a pair he tickets who have been hanging on to we can give them away here lets you call number five in the contests line 786534. 079. And say able to pair tickets to win upcoming heat home game I Eagles attacks in the show on the course brings on more he attacks line 67974. Techsters accusing me of advocating for cheating which I'm not it's. Why would while we're losing a bid the dudes that I had that issue with in the past they've gone. Saturates and I'd rather go to grocery goma boys you know why. Exactly see astle doc and Leo as is the real answer capital ideal idol okay. I went to grocery go with my point. He wasn't all about. Why because because you when madam not one. Robbery you married high maintenance que bonito princess that was your first problem you boys like Joaquin should've warned you. Does it on these stories about your weight gets ready in all this that she does that mean it does seem very long. He realizes we have an event going on my if there's something going conferences have to Saturday and we have a dinner to go to or we have an event that night. You better believe camera 3 o'clock is when she starts but it if it's leaving my house at 7 o'clock 7:33. O'clock is the start time and it's like. Hair and makeup and it's just it's just repair the hole these are wonderful Saturday is all you may know I gotta I gotta get surrogate ready threes so make sure make sure you're here to help kids you know it's a c'mon and I wish I blow dryer here like you know put it an honor rap that was something they just go. All the role. True why it's so hard well I wish your toes sonnets or is he gets on me for taking like 45 minutes to get ready keeping that since. In 1945 minutes to get ready for it adds I don't know I don't know how long all week long you know what else. Wearing you out and hanging out at ease in the closet. And then all of a sudden if you make your hair done and you put it on your panel where it looks like she's a little. Chemical wedding and you have to wanted to go to how long is a taker. Altered tunnels it it'll buy them yeah I'm just talking about going public going out. I just like going to a dinner thing in May be possibly going somewhere else out there if you have the energy but I'm so god I'm so pandering by the end of the day. I'm waiting for her to get ready it's just like dude I'm I tell her all the time when you're done when your purses on the counter when you're done. Don't puzzles are. Tax rates and take my first guys Jefferson's being married married seven years now. That isn't a bachelor party Neil I think we haven't schedules couple spring training and lots more fast funny Robert mentions that we just want to do that was wanna hang out we know scheduled to my wife to SaaS wimp planned my answer is global baseball he's maybe some food breweries. Just hanging out we really have. A net no outside plans. We're not doing strip club thing or anything on that spec just hanging out us guys. It really depends on the I will say really depends on the person I do think guys are the guys are different and it it depends on the personality of the guy you know not every guy. Is in you. Things like she is the strip club life anyways and it is just really depends I suppose he had bulimic problems with it it's not not every woman has a big problem with their significant other going. I learned clubs I love this I love that he's so what are we doing and why book as any to know what I got to where what's the temperature today. He's only going year on and temperature I I get the weather what's the temperature on like this same rumors you are right now I think that the whether it is. My name in put on gear in the studio let's just cool handling the sole. It's whether. The whether partisan wars thing a tiny tiny jacket. And oh man you. Iraq seem you do I'm in the same room as you have yet other news to Julie. Now you don't use it was all on the same temperatures in the wife and opposite you know islet like Lindsay. All women are all women a man stated adding it's been scientifically proven it's because it's something to do win. I mean most. I believe in god and made it something to do wade where your nerves are located in the depth of your skin I wanna say a battle over Fastenal would be better to speak on this but I wanna I wanna say that I remember reading. But I think it's a women whose nerves are. Oh surge to their exterior layer of spend a and because of that we feel old temperature more extremely so I'd like you would only way didn't get genuine difference between how men and women feel I am I kidding that's right that's why often men are warmer than women and that may. Have a couple is I tossed around as well. How about this idea I gotta wonder and I don't care with a damp temperatures if your cold be cold. Put a jacket on a pure warm ups what take a couple of layers off that's it. What we wanna do you wanna you wanna thirteen different articles of clothing in the car just in case. I'm on and Hershey buy where does this look good with the shoes get out of here with those questions my interest no. This isn't I this is so hash tag. South Florida problems because they feel like the reason. That your wife is doing that is because she wants to be very clear about whether she should Wear heels or whether she eat your words need to Wear more comfortable suit like how much walking you're trying to do like those labor give her heels yes waste user heal but acts at the idol. Since then you know we don't South Florida U I everywhere Alec and he'll straight Damian it in a lot of places that's more of a special event type of statements he wouldn't be having that conversation not often. Look man just make sure your armpits are cleared up she goes bad boys up let's go just just get out god shall Scottish in Atlanta. And spinning out into the women that you grow up a rounds in Canada more today. Did did they take for hours to get ready and did they Wear the wedges and he'll every event know. That's I would guess that it's somewhat regional all flat but also the reason why I'm down here. Right exactly so they can't complain about it conjure much more attracted to the women down nearly gear obviously much more attractive team you're why if they knew would have been to your show is to marry your wife. Obviously you you find the way she presents herself extraordinarily attractive. That. It's about the products. And he can't product to meet you like the product. It doesn't need all that work is what I'm saying like like Drake said it you know you have pretty as Obama make up on my view it it looks at a menus and looks smoking. Coming out of bed walking out of the house and exercise clothes are. She looks great like I'm on the you don't need only a natural appearance yet the other so she's actually doing for the other women should do for you. An important point. She's Jennifer everybody and also because you don't always believe. And it will tell you this like I'm a girl who who you know hardly ever wears make up and I definitely don't present myself in in the past form and it is right. Ray and I live engine. I guarantee it was every day. I think that you would accept. Judgment was with black shoes and white sneakers you that they I was I was I was gonna take a picture of I didn't have we seekers an arena only that weighed seekers. White Sox now realized by reason I got my teacher about my teacher because it does today often I Wear mismatched socks on a coming here with pork back my. Anyways I would like this I Ott did you I'm back and it sick like I've not had nothing like you're Blake you're describing with your wife it at least 99% of the time. However I will say. That is you know when year like I've noticed though that that you know men are looking at those women that do that stuff so you know they're they're maiming not stared as part of the women hill. Who don't present themselves in that manner. Ray Blake like men always tell you that they like you better without make up but then there staring at the women who have the makeup on I had. Stopped and subtle and joins us. Some of the smoke in his stuff is watching girls come out yoga classes or exercise classes with an exercise pants on. I wherever you're workout clothes all the time but as a bank. Their own panic in them Amber's got Jan 93 next.