ZRA Part 2 2-2-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, February 21st

Fins not locked in on Landry, Stripping titles: What's the point?, Bryant McKinnie interview


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They've scored eighteen feet. Windows to chant went. You local South Florida technology company does them on line at quarter scored dot com. Spots like Lauderdale BMW Pembroke Pines married L hi globe as a Martinez they're interns attorneys he'd listen that's against the wind your way into a heat game what I've elevenths card yesterday. Rotted techsters are asking if you saw him Brian bunt he do you run you know I didn't feel I notice that I Lewis looked impressive model idea look pretty impressed every so I don't know I I saw it live and I thought it was I mean an Emmy award winning tell want to truly be the one of the bodies things embarrassing news running during the show is -- during the whole show they were and what Atari cup claiming. And he's much faster than people would expect him to be. And I mean finally went down to ocean drive and sprinted. For the cameras but he did it on the ocean side he did any illusions I had. So he's running through tourists in India price lists and it's ridiculous and he's holding up his pants it's really funny answered falling down a cell phone in his hands or is alive on Aaron he's running he's going down most were views he comes back in it he is just. Pouring sweat everywhere weighing whether it. Best thing about it was it was a still shot right under initially it was a still shot it's a Mosul one of those great for wait for wait for Linear cut comes and striking like a cheetah you know he's got black long board shorts I'd like basketball dam before and he'll surprise you. Like he might ask you aren't you claim. Oh there was the a little bit of mind trick where you know will be at the eyes were deceiving you but is it because everybody was standing still but it looks of class. So Ebola or expanding they'll be able lock her eye and I was I was sure I little nicer I would think it usually but he looks. They looked so fast I'm nicer about how I would describe the experience I'm onto a lot about you know what I thought I was gonna do you guys have heard you're not hurt or laughing about how slow he saw it thought it looks like it here. A different shoes on at least I thought he's gonna pull hammy I think we did our rights is a company have regular clothes he was not. Absurd it's not as fast as he can run because I mean who can run their facet is holding up their shorts no one down ocean dodging people and you know Big Brother that's it's. A lot of I was I was impressed at how he could remove his running style looks like he's trying to make the bathroom. Is that right like he's going a vision towards ETDs. Grow debt looks like he has this he has to just drop this. Talk about me it's the first thing apparently that shows a minute to the table is named I'll say it hander now it's like that. It's got what you XY and south my. Would you accept each show. Your Miami Dolphins announced that they are placed in the franchise tab under his wing and dream that means he will make sixteen million dollars this season. If they don't come to a long term agreements. Yeah we talked about this earlier in the shell lie I think if they don't come up with a long term very well might okay this is just step one they can call with a launch an agreement to OK as long as. Obviously engine doesn't signed that tender and he's not sign a lease for Y okay if he's going to. They they can come up with a long term deal but I I think this is the recipe for having a very disgruntled wide receiver. In that locker room for the entire season we know that is a moody emotional dude okay. And he wasn't too pleased about not getting his money last year but he signed the contract so he's gonna play through it today is gonna man up. And now this year he wants get a new contract in the dolphins lease right now are telling him we're not give me new contract two and a kind of pop this thing until next year. And I think it's a recipe for a Ito is getting sixteen even though he would get sixteen million dollars for this coming season we all know that you know he wouldn't be signing a contract. With only sixteen million dollars guaranteed he would want a lot more than so he's not gonna be pleased to. Are they gonna be here I don't know. These are the contract is cheap yeah no reason for not to be around next year easier after that and we start having this conversation but for I don't know. If another team decides to offer Landry deal and he wants to sign with them than Miami Reid received 21 wrong during that so fast so fast pro football talk is reporting that the dolphins placing this tag on Landry demonstrates that they have a desire to trade him which of course no trade can a current told only every scientist tender. A transaction is unlikely unless he agrees to a long term contract from the new team. I I'm not I'm not quite sure what they're do when there by eight. It feels Italy don't really know right this moment what they wanna do so let's do this and then we still time to figured out that's kind of what it feels like. The Florida Panthers closed their Canadian tour with a 10 loss to do with the Toronto maple youths along goes back last night Horry came back put my short but I antsy. Long night last I hope not back America losses after a comeback push someone else no man might Tito he was he was good lesson Lillian did he ask our goal now one other and read a peppered low but yeah they had simultaneously while manner you know it's a hostile environment and and police are really good. Eve the pandas and a very good road trip there the hang around and an outside their hanging around. Don Mattingly is telling brace Harvard mind his own business after a brace harper made some comments regarding the Marlins offseason move this year's Bryce Harper. I was very shocked that they were gonna let go of studio is chosen and stand because it's one of the best now fills in the game. So very shocked about that. I mean you can't say enough about what stand did last year when Ozuna did last year and we're notions on the cost of yourself. I thought they were great cheer I think they decide that a couple more pictures and everything you're doing good stuff. And. I understand or Mattingly has come from if he's upset about it he doesn't want your other players specially guys in his division talking about. His team especially in a critical manner but. It is very clearly. Okay is someone decides ass. Race Barbara what are they while the Marlins did in the all season. Bryce Harper you know it was a bit of a lightning rod Bryce Harper's not just sitting there and saying hey everyone come gather around let's. Coming in my thoughts on the Marlins. This guy is a guy who's going to be a free agent so he's gonna get asked about other teams like anger over the next. Prayed over the next season I mean I think that's going to happen in the race harper also he talks so he gives a media. Some and a report on him during a very slow news cycle also I think that that of course is part of this is well he's outspoken. Mattingly told him quote take your of your own dugout. It's not really Harper's please comment on us he doesn't really know goes on here he may think he does but he isn't know with the discussions are he doesn't know our players and quotas either kind of aggression toward TARP program. Mattingly that law a legacy as a Don Mattingly served as a moderate those three players now. Now now so why is Donaldson governor of the defense he doesn't one final thing to having Mattingly dear Mattingly you don't want to have to you deal with these comments frankly. But it does sound like the Marlins are being a little bit sensitive these days where Derek Jeter's old set you know we talked about yesterday about. This narrative that's out of that every fan hates our moves let's listen no exit every cent each removed it okay on the don't become a martyr here but it's yet right EU is exactly you've done a great year and we're not in knowledge and it's. You know. I hear there are talking about a person Derek Jeter who's not used to criticism he certainly hasn't had any they have a deal last the world's hatred and Derrick as a former player I'm sure he's been asked about other players and their teams americanization Olympia as friends in baseball they're used to not give anybody anything I mean arguably he's dollars and give anybody any rank in terms I mean he's not a Bryce Harper in terms of perhaps it is just it's just harper voicing his. Answer on a question about other players so were you surprised that the government is better because those three are some of the best in the game at what they're doing so. How was that meeting to come to the defenseman Don Mattingly to go register off its motion to keep boring not only is not use always as you is likely ask some really simple plug it really is Don Mattingly he's. Pinion. I'll manage your own locker room yeah but yeah I know is it operates her purse. Jobs to manages nobody in your dog always want these guys answer questions so we knowledge of the question I'm to present the government there removed some Gamal to be a little bit sensitive these days and they really have no right to be sensitive not. You own man own it's deemed to be terrible stand to pissed off yet known. Well and I heard the guys on PTI debating this topic yesterday and they were saying howled the Marlins is what everyone is talking about which I thought was interesting but that was their analysis is the Marlins. That's a big story and people are going to be talking about it because of what they just dead. Getting rid of these really huge toy ideas because Jeter. And awesome to many is it easier. I your thought she'd I didn't know tension and it is John Carlos and and it's Jeter mean. I think it's a combination of both we yes of course Jeter. Brings a lot of attention to this franchise which is what happens when your of one of the base help us going basal player of all time losing Yankee run your franchise. What has I think that every single time you put a microphone in front of chuck colonel Stanton or Christian yell much or anybody for that matter that left the Marlins that went elsewhere. Going to be asked houses different from the organization you just came from and the probably not gonna say the greatest things about tomorrow it's like let's BI. It's just been there be complementary overall yell it has not had anything negative to say John Carlo the again negative. Ozuna I have not heard from but the yellow which has been very complimentary. Hello is it isn't fair to say John Carly are getting their negative I mean you're getting positive about the Yankees and then the Marlins fans are gonna get sacked is gonna take that is in that nobody gets tomorrow. And stands introductory press covered to mean they ask you also at the New York 3COM. Yeah he's kind of complementing begin weren't the only donating to earn his chance but when he's asked you know what the Marlins fans should DOD says stay away I mean like that's that's pretty negative thing not to say I guess the talk is a leap of bowel Marlins. Are a real is that he went Milwaukee liberally sandals called circus. Yelling at all in Milwaukee yes it will I think you do Crumpler and it's gone too when iconic franchise. Organization you know and obviously. Monster names. Of people. Are mad that I that John Carlos. He'd never experienced fans cheering at spring training or. Which some Marlins fans are saying we were cheering a spring training we talk about missing insular team yankees. Marlins fans wanna compare themselves that and bees I mean. Was it is not that we'd. Up that there aren't some good Marlins fans because our all our but it. The Yankees are are sort of next level when it comes to that fanfare and for good reason they've they've been kinder to their fans ever all given them something to cheer for. Far more often on the marlins' half. ES speaking of the Marlins of course we talked yesterday about how Lewis brings and the new face of your Miami Marlins he. Went and visited the victims of the Stoneman Douglas shooting in the hospital here is Lewis Princeton discussing that. I went to the hospital as they have visited. Ben and Matty bestow enough to another recovery so I want to go visit you know those kids there are. Our warriors what they've been through and you know all all the wounds that they have they have battle stars for being in high school math just. You know that's unheard of and it did it. You don't need to stop something to be done about it just going to see those guys and you know just put a smile on the face and know that you know professional athlete is thinking about an improvement. Item and I told my act debt. Back. Soft mound those guys' faces without no heartache in all the pain that they're going through I was about to. You put a smile on those it faced. You know discussing actual. Good kid this Lewis brings in eager to be easy to root for. Yeah he is content yesterday speaking up of those victims in the hospital Tom Garfinkel. Tweeted out about Anthony Borges I believe to tell you say his name. Mortgages gorgeous. He boy is shot five times when I'm setting a classroom door to block the shooter to protect his other classmates he received a five bullets shutting that don't work. Tonight 9 o'clock in the much other students tonight 9 o'clock on CNN is the town hall. Which is taken place that means he sensor. Two nights Jake Tapper from CNN I believe is is moderating and or hosting. And you have all in all those kids from Stallman Douglas there you can have a bunch of you know representatives from the state of Florida who were invited to attend hopefully can have a bunch in the area face musical bit. Hands. Out imagine it's that's going to be a hostile crowd man got to respond kind of seen as we saw I don't. There's going to be some than I mean yesterday a lot of those kids were in Tallahassee where the Florida. It's house voted 36 to 71 against a motion to hear a bill banning assault rifles. And limiting magazine capacity and there's a lot of summon Douglas kids who were there and they were crying with the result some. In hiring horrible people on an earn out. I don't know is not how that works you know I don't wanna get crazy Vatican's that's not my area buddy you know all along on the outside it would it would seem that too you know what's on and hearing -- trying to pass a billion series is only hear about some than. And they voted down even hearing it so obviously doesn't look good but like I said don't get crazy about it on my area I don't I don't know the ins and outs of pallets up. Works well you know my point was just that a lot of the students are are have been in Tallahassee the last eighty others opened ones this morning are meeting with one of the senators to drop the bill they've been very active and the floor Jill Florida legislature over the last few days and I am out to some of the murder of a back down from Tallahassee to go to this town hall tonight at. It was on her big gathering as well yes episode dolphins are wrote Tom was out or dark Kenny stills too on James. Who was the other player that I saw over there as well bomb. Any who together they had like a big big conference yesterday as lower. In a lot of the younger brighter minds of South Florida reported voice their opinions and and basically. Between heroes you know were categorized as and and and just offering up really really good suggestions and alternatives to not only just what was going pentagon situation but. No just basically every day. What's his name regarded as a broadcaster greasy. All fellow. South along now former player now and format and browsers will now and then though the represented at that has the when he cowboy. Lady Ali AAF forget her name marriage Jerusalem. Wilson the Frederica Wilson Center named after all their arms muscle muscle thing. Miami Herald is reporting that the dolphins haven't Entrust in former Broncos running back CJ Anderson. Our Mundo sobero is reporting that the dolphins plan to keep my county cutting him with save them about seven million dollars on the cap. And that type minds. All right biggest story in sports today is going to be this story on Dallas Mavericks now workplace behavior and is a big one not quite sure what the league is gonna do about it. Also get a major soaring college basketball yesterday next. And the clock and say that their tickets for Smashing Pumpkins are coming to American Airlines Arena in July. Duplicitous or your caller. There's a problem get ticket at beauty treatment to money dot com don't radio dot com. Anywhere in South Florida TV he teams as well get a new this year could always do that so anyways listen to us. Like a sexy guys are so anti Marlins and so pro heats even though they suck is well it's disgusting. Some of us are fans and support the team and love this to support them regardless of the money hungry players maybe if you had to pay for tickets to so you would actually have passion for something is that low. And you well sign me up this Friday on an eye for so sad that person doesn't work. Here's the thing you pit stop later sports teams and also root for the and it is constantly I watch games again and root for the team and all of the blues but also be. So when they do things that I don't like like getting rid of the MVP. Yet being being happy go lucky in positive all the time by your team doesn't make you better stands me to deal grown up. An image you'd. Seconds and I not only do I support them on today I'd paper take it exactly and IE I go to games little games and I watch almost every game now idea this year I'll see you don't get off to a terrible start to a mom down and Monterey now obviously. But I do envision you know watching most games I normally do. Blind it's. And and you wanna compare organizations. Miami Heat so money Marlins. Going to head examined. Okay you getting exam are at one team gets the benefit of the doubt rightfully so. And the other team should never get the benefit of the doubt it should always be you got to prove it's me. OK in the Marlins should never ever ever get the benefit of the doubt. They don't deserve but you know the attitude war you know on the you take a positive attitude no matter what because your fan. It is just don't. Let me get better and make it easier and it makes it. So the biggest story in sports today and it's gonna cross over into. You know the mainstream news and all that it's it's transcendent type the story is going to be what's going on with the Dallas Mavericks where Mark Cuban had to respond yesterday to a big expose today in Sports Illustrated about the workplace culture. And that dad you know was taken place and apparently still is taken place. In the Dallas Mavericks organization Mark Cuban is is. Is leading ignorance. And it's based on a former president who you know made a hostile work environment with female employees. You got an HR director Mark Cuban fired yesterday for not handling the situations properly. And you also have a writer for the mavericks were mavericks dot com Mark Cuban fired yesterday as well for several. Domestic. Violence issues. And was continually employed by the team until this peace came out yesterday Mark Cuban fired him. It's a very big story I don't know what the NBA's did you out because clearly. Adam silver hashed to do something about it I don't know what is going to happen. But yesterday also was. I guess is a bombshell tonight sort of but sort of a mobile college basketball. Where you'll never see this before the first of whatever happens okay since the final four era which is going on for a very long time where. Lobo basketball had to vacate all their wins from the years when he eleven to 2015. That includes a final four appearance in 2012 and a national championship. In 2013 now we already know they fired eighteen months ago okay. But now they actually had to take down the banner. From 2013. And it seems kind of silly words like hey it didn't happen of course that they beat Michigan Michigan's are gonna get the national champion now. I guess who is known national champion a year and that seems kind of that he's kind of silly OK but. Apparently I mean you know I hear. The schools really hate and the players certainly don't like it and the fans really hate it's. And it's it seems it's usually is an actual punishment whether take it away that chance and it's a good well we really. Charities benefited from that championship. Varity recruit players off but champion said they party out of the money off of winning that championship. I mean what how old. How is this really that big of a punishment. What else are supposed to do take down the barrel thereafter I had TSE band I don't know that's how works and he's looks at job anyway. But all the adults who were involved in the situation should be banned. From the NCAA I don't know that's out goes in on that's gonna happen. But rather than that like what are you deal if you attempt to balance on the shoulders alone was a real difference Siegel put up their thanks so. I think says. It takes a loss at bat and ball points yet says is look at national team shouldn't attack has shoulder yeah. Yeah by. Actually DE. You find these schools schools and programs and make so much money like Google kind of what I am dead and does that make you find these schools like what woody and find. Billion dollars the debt he'd make Izzy take eligibility away from them. Oh sure it can happen showers coming your scholarship I am sure that itself has come to mean that tell you make it doesn't I don't care about taking away a national championship for years ago. We're not here with that being epic punishment embarrassing how embarrassing to lose title I mean hell yeah you know it's different college sports professional sports reviewers take down one of the banners and American Airlines Arena of the heat champions. I'd be in noise all hell I would like as a fan. Oh its socket and a championship. Her or hate it's I think it's almost worse for the fans really anybody else I mean. Everyone know he won that national champions at you pretty benefited for do you mean out of a program. And USC do this from the mid December and USC about this with rich all right it's usually is high high Yzerman but until we doubting Tim Richard trophy that they want. Amelie is now I think that the justice Heisman but do we think of Reggie Bush is anything less than a Heisman winner I mean we all know he won the highs and we all know he was voted the best college football player and I air. University of Michigan had their wins vacated I had you know when they went the final four in when the championship of course but. Michigan hadn't had their wins vacated during that stretch this is the first time that one of the scenes actually had a national championship. But had to be vacated and I just wonder like how would she is like Rick Pitino you know this whole time he's been stating that he doesn't know when he staying and me. And the NCAA when even here. The appeal yesterday from global what are even near you crazy like it wouldn't let me we're done with you could be imminent ought we're on with you. And a trade deal is actually supposed to now. You know they're there was sex parties with recruits with players. And it's you know claims whole ignorance. All how much Rick Pitino is expected to know obviously comes down under his. EEO comes out on his desk he's the head coach he's he's in charge she's the CEO but. Is Rick Pitino supposed to know all of these things that are going on a legitimately asking. I think he probably had an idea. We will we talk of well we talked about the Mark Cuban situation earlier there a reason that I was saying even though why I find it hard to believe the Mark Cuban wouldn't know the reason that I was suggesting that it is possible to own a team and not be involved. Heavily in the business aspect of that team. Is because when you you're an old raider you owned the team you don't run the team's cities do you leave that to meet you worked CEO or to your president. Here so that is racers you know radar mean Rick Pitino is actively. Go box so it's hard to imagine. That he didn't know and even if he'd somehow didn't know he's somewhat solid responsible thing in Britain because it's his tee. Burt Reynolds for these these are coaches know exactly what's going on public place all the ta do you have your personal security guys you have lies that are in town on these guys your your assistant coaches. Which all report back unless they just wanna handle everything in house with their assistant coaches. My guess is some of those coaches know exactly what's going on a recurring church in exactly who's taking who out. They know were there going what kind of time they're having to Beno what's going. Don't of the chain really your scouts aren't juniors. To your assistant coaches are answering to your head coaches during the you know it's. It it feels like to me that there would be a hard it would be very hard for hurricanes coach is amassed and now after it's Friday night visit. So what what happened last night with the guys who were guys go. Amid and the coach is obviously gonna know from the players as the coaches Grassley says the coach is gonna ask the players where you take and we as they're going on we're gonna take a tonight because they knew everything that we did. You that if we have had a big time recruits know coming to town and we think they knew who to give certain recruits to. Right so whether it was G Greg wood the third leg or it was Jarrett Payton or. Jeremy Shockey or whoever was they knew who to hand off certain guys do a prime McKinney who we're gonna talk to later on. He was a big club got so everybody knows that if you wanna show your group recruited good time. Prime mckinny's agree got a hammer him on out so mouse one of the things that. That I think coaches might have just turned a blind eye to saying would you guys do. And then once he starts getting into the song and dance yeah they don't come anymore come out on I want and I don't want reliable don't don't come anymore school I'm not sure we ask McCain about that. Yeah yeah. No idea what it was like one of the mere primarily to go to guys who had since about it every time to its next Yemen report Brian Alex and as a result McKinney and up cystic fibrosis kick ball turner we got going on this weekend Saturday. Annual thing we've been doing you're doing something charitable look at Iran. Much a part of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Sent you were doing that we got that Saturday night. And I am now also Bryant also got his reality show going on as well too so see what's going on kitchen will be Mac. Philly that's like the hundredth reality show and if Cilic Brian McCann he's been involved in in my making up. But this one Brian gets fully before he puts like juices and berries and his parents the Forbes is gonna look good. I talked to Matt McKinney next. Why rail for baseball east. Five lucky winners there against him and its fans got to see a spring game between the champs from Houston and Atlanta. On Saturday February 24 at 105. To the park stop and take a shuttle the game was in the mid day show from one to three your chance to win baseball with beast. Is brought to buy seven knighted Sega and tri rail there ego. He attacks in the show McCall's friends on a monkey attacks line 67974. Reggie Bush not invited to Heisman house not abide to highs and ceremonies. Can't publicize he's a Heisman Trophy winner and cart signings loss. A lot of money to people like former Heisman Trophy winner has it been a former Heisman Trophy winner. Not on the Euro us do that now he's not a highs turbulent air former former. So associate eight not a liar and he never even won and I guess he can't be an island nobody got a really cool ovals former national champion but except they never want so we can't so normal. He has to can't be warmer than. Our text right here USC did vacate their national champs is that true. I remember that I do remember the Reggie boast bang. If they did if they did it we don't remember that that just goes to show how a little about how relevant it is to the team how it's a much more of an individual punishment like to take going to be tying in part that is the way school national championship no one hears about the. Plea NBA should Dallas in the championship to get it's that he will not as an indoor basketball on its professional sport we're talking about hearsay you know on any of that nonsense with stripping stuff okay. If you don't know that's in reference your biggest story in sports today is is this expose ain't sport's O'Shea about the Dallas Mavericks and their culture of allowing. The sexual misconduct and domestic abuse in turning a a blind eye to and it would seem more Cubans can be under a lot of fire today. He's already fired a couple of people and to the mavericks never turn a bad look. Right now. I'm not sure what's to come of that but you know the MBAs me very involved. I Don Mattingly and wanting to lighten up they sound like babies I'm with you there I I do think I did even the Marlins you put on a face and just he's coming kinda eat it's. Especially before any of the games have been played. You now. If they have them on gather so what is in baseball game does not don't had the out there in the so when some baseball games and OK then. You know Mattingly glow grousing in mind a business were mining hours but at this point right now. You just gotta kinda eats I think you did if you Jeter needed Don Mattingly you you'd be a little bit too sensitive. And that's in response Don Mattingly telling Bryce Harper was clearly asked about the Marlins telling Bryce Harper to mind zone dugout miner on business. That's those Landry worth 21 round bidders and you have to sign to a big contracts for possession receiver like in the dolphins have foresight. Landry if someone were to sign into contract bill Baldwin's notes a piece it's always will be happy to get a couple first round picks. For him. And I read I read this number yesterday where two obviously injury is the first. Ever receiver to catch a hundred balls an average on the nine yards a catch. That's. Birthplace. Sixteen million dollars a year that's what they're commendable six not next should sit here. All right joining us me Ryan fuel doubts as convenient source guess I truly says beyond convenience when Yeltsin great Miami hurricane. Offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie hear us. Robert what are you tell us what way you Matt McKinney got involved on art what do you got coming up. Yes this is just McKinney big thing that we were doing or for a couple years now started over at coral park high school. Now it's it's moved on a little bit further south now it's going to be an mentally park this Saturday the 24. So it's at 1 PM that's the opening ceremonies I imagine Bryant might be taken up the National Anthem at 1230 you know. He's gonna have to agree that Izod. You see an idea. Of Fergie. You can probably do better this brigade and I'll arbiter of corporate and grow Louis. I'd. Brian we appreciate you joining us here I'll look outlook I kick ball player you get out there'll kind of people clarion. I'll put it becoming you know a lot of implicate both like Romo. And I am a normal person bitten off. How serious you take it we will you chuck gets someone's head and try to run the base. I will competitive like that. Nationally look for the first time voters and try to make sure. We lost a professional team nota dot team was legit man and plus we're gonna do much American athletes who don't really wanna play how you actually play kick ball. Is keeping an eye on the ground and kicking and the holes and we're just guys are just trying to boost the dampening over the fence every single time some odd idea you know pop out and yes and Stratton who Bryant who takes it the most serious of your house you are joining you who has the guys most competitive. It could be your whim alone but the rule book did you want you know to fire. It. As a DJ takes it really serious Brett you take it serious Yemen I'd but I remember two years ago O'Brien and finalizing the game we won nine of doing a double play jumped in the year. Stole the ball out of the year in the drop rate back down created a double play technique myself those numbers it all and probably not that I got off the ground I was a little bit impressed with the Democrats. Panama Santana Moss and chase and a guy down the now he he caught the ball and felt territory almost at the fence behind the guy tried to tag from third. And Santana chased him from almost a home run fence. And got to before he got the home lately it was he saw hadn't moved mighty mouse violent man. So how can folks and get involved here again Llosa six fibrosis kick CFO Miami 2018 dot ashen. CFS dot org and you can also call for info. At 786255036. The or. To really cool event again it's down and Paul meadow bay at the market got plenty of diamonds it's Tony bucks a pop you get food get to hang out. You got a bunch of football players former football players colonel ball players obviously Brian's going to be the one hosting it put Antrel Rolle Vilma meet DJ Edgerrin James Olivier Vernon Brent Grimes Larry Johnson Roscoe Parrish. Obviously Damien Berry was always funny as hell all the time most sought and much more guys and I'm a big Macs got his plethora of ladies and men coming as well. Big Mac give me a little bit more info on what this disease has meant to you and obviously little girl that we we do all this for. You've been on been released are on in the army to pick up their you better beat the and in the world. So home. It's bumpy and it. We've got about a double and a bout with them omitted an order granddaughter. And that a determined effort and help them know what situation so much about the middle watcher. Actually grow up and they'll battle between B and destroyed a bench and aren't open up your. And there's so many different strains of this thing as well to it's a lot of it is still on discoverable there still is no cure but they're making giant leaps and bounds due to the foundation like kicks do you have and what it is basically system and processor. Is a rare genetic life shortening disease that affects every single organ in your body and it makes breathing a lot. A lot difficult and and others certain now mobile hospitals are mobile devices that people and parents can take advantage of put her extremely expensive and a lot of care has to be given and primarily especially the younger kids which are needed to stop so. Please come on out and supported and are you get to see that. That the celebrity Bryant McKinnie that is. Old old TV now big timers so boldly go on TV. On the morning showed up here are some respect and so we just give up or. Particularly like no injuries aren't a lot more like no shirt because I know you've been exercise and in the trying to play tennis and like Santiago. When I'm on orbit but. Then. I saw you was farmers are you ready for. Or are hard and sentenced him. And you know. You know Brian we're just talking about. You know as the scandal going on with Rick Pitino and little bowl and the recruits in like the sex parties and stuff and I want you talk about that a couple what I do want as ski areas. You know can you tell also about when you were being recruited. I UN or or maybe. Recruiting choosy and her daughter. Well why you don't that'd be okay. It's always like as a recruiting trip low salt. When you beat agreed to UN who the players that we're taking out to show you need time. It will conclude models on digital camera gear from Jerry circuit than the record dirty. So long. It took it up and commute here. Yeah all day long and I got a B are all going to bury it like it would look where you go. Out there in India are automatic and yet there they want me how to let. Kind of what people injured were included to review here include the right you are so mile per of them are utilized. A long weekend from people alone. It was a little Dubuque charms or your retirement. That that will make it hard to come here. And what about some guys that when you were finally a student did you take any out any attitudes. Would you take. Look we're putting him in the home. You've been and also to air went into sure. Camera regardless of Odom I love the Jupiter took our current committee did. Ozzie you play a big role I think I was I was trying to explain this earlier was saying that usually a big recruit came in they were either given to you were me I think once you're done and I think cheered Payton took over the role as the got to go out and show people the good times so yeah I think they gave me wince in one night. Should should only the white guy night and then I think in my year she liked the that Snyder something like yeah. And how would you keep these kids I mean lady keep him out to the club closes. Over there are rumored to Auburn and it. We close we close the club down quite a best all of the records they used to take GAAP earnings these these are squeeze a who the best time you felt. I'm probably in home. Markovic came in Puerto and we don't know where. You that we don't you make a mere illusion that you know. So did anti social but it's not you guys really cheap. Rate yeah. It for a chance overcome and you would come up with some jokes at some lame though some visits remember. Martin build a good friend of mine periods who is you know the right guard members on. It's wanna meet legally and are not me bids wanted his hosts which I believe was Dan Morgan at the time. Wanted him to just give him the thirty dollars in just wanted to go back to his hotel room but. And like to lay coli team wants a pocket it. Ranks were talking about is that Robert last segment here. How is the coach to head coach no. About what goes on with you guys on recruiting trips like should head coach me responsible for knowing everything you guys are doing. They they want to know at at at the break they do both then. And don't get in trouble without particularly when those that we thought that they. Robert yet the coach Jimmy any kind of Qaeda you know only cases. In less than terrible happens is wanna know about it right I'm labeled. Butch Davis obviously was was at that Helm when we did a lot of the stuff and and Coker does. Ordered it really cared and wanna have any kind of idea what was going on but but yeah maybe you had a lot of reporting going back to butch and I think bush was one of the coaches that. You know as long as you know the guys made it back home in their hotel room and in the urban and get ready to go up and go all day with all the class work in the introductory to to the campus life I'm I'm paying. BD was just like to get them home and get them safe for the most part you know what are not my oats government not to evident angle idea yeah. You are talking about this last week or two weeks ago with the Super Bowl now. You know DL the Malcolm Butler stuffing don't really know what's true but we were talking about how you guys have perfume you know and got it Shaq and he can't girls. In your room of the hotel when you're out on the road game and Brian you know Romberg here he was shocked when I told him. That football you guys of football is the only sport that it's like that basketball players baseball hockey there Albany at check in Chicago it was the other. The floor. Yeah we've been up like you when you're gonna lead to let it go wrong. Security and more. Exits you can bring anti on the low. Like. You only 40. Not a not a road. And on and nor does. Do these guys bring ladies into there room you he'll say once we feel guilty if we have family in town visiting and I hit it in Richard or you are going to be in the lobby that's it you're going for and it does not mean and you guys are the only hazard to children Bryan like every other sport man needs sailed in time nightly adults yet but you know McKinney had its own floor of the zone woes. What are. Brett bright intelligent kids out when again how they can yeah. Again this is this is going down this Saturday it starts at 1230 the opening ceremonies is going to be a palmetto bay park. That's located off with some 535 southwest 95. Avenue and again it's twenty bucks it's includes food come on out support kick. Cystic fibrosis with Bryant McKinnie and a bunch of his football buddies and again sixty years ago most children did not live long enough. To attend elementary school would this disease but but thanks this foundational one of the research that this foundation is provided. The median survival agent I was CF has about forty years old so it's done amazing things and thanks to guys like prime McKinney and his buddies. Are going and helping out foundations like the key excerpts of Barbara astonished. Great job ranking of the good work man. And a problem in science prime McKinney right there that's phony. We it has. Every football player whoever comes on the I don't know and we don't know that that's old and if any of them earlier in the Uga is the only ones treated like babies. Unbelievable you know he didn't rule. He's got a lot of friends a lot of the sports too that's the thing. How are you as in gorillas that's not only will we know this and we didn't play sports and they don't know this sort of wanted to we ask a basketball player and some we got a one of the basketball players and ask them what how begins to what do they want yes they really adult and they are adults. And it's Amber's gotcha headlines next.