ZRA Part 2 2-20-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, February 20th

JJ Redick slip, Tool of the Week, Jerry West on NBA


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Martin Lawrence got to get out to be she wanted to get my dot com Oregon radio dot com. And appeared in South Florida you can get heat games online as well it's muted this year you can do than pass to so many ways a listen all right it's. The Getty Tex in the show on the Coral Springs on smoky attacks line 67974. Texas writes in the new Chris Rock on Netflix is really good to be a CD yet I've not watched it I've not had time it's you know as in don't Tillman who watched it I watched part of it. But Tobin Mike. I I thought that I thought it was I thought it was done. I thought it was Elie depart the scene is a good. Wyatt my boyfriend and care where we're watching it to govern but he's having to stand up man but that's why haven't finished yet is he really think it was a great soccer. No that's not to her at all by it interesting and you can stand it was emperor. Everyone. Is Dave Chappelle not for soccer like we've gone and seen Dave's a pal in person ever helix Dave Chappelle. But yet he didn't hint think rocks still had it to the same extent that you Sarah I it's it's not as. Little lecture you and we on code used to what is titled getting in their divorce. What do you mean I saw him I song like five or six months ago on shore I'm sure it's the same active for the most part NBA talks a lot about his abortion. How he was at fault news really open about all that stuff. You know I was also had a bad timing because I why did. Blatant that day after a stuntman Douglas and the whole first segment is him making jokes about how we should go show you how the cops ago issue. White children. And and meet or shoot children to get the you know and because he makes lot of he may ease making a lot of jokes of course about you know the police brutality against African Americans and he's saying that. You know we should go issue white children and and you know something we get done and what not he's idiotic jokes. It was just like really bad timing on my part to be watching this after a whole bunch of children has got shot up. So that's also why I think just the mood in the room wasn't now where it should have ended it was aria very depressing. You know 24 hours and then also to be watching and it just wasn't. It is is what I don't think I was in the right mindset so that's one reason I stopped dead in Atlanta. Re watching it again and it's you know over the weekend. No one here just like tone and not a black panther was shot and Africa. You know let me ask them T when you watch game thrown do you say not this is in west Ross citizen New Zealand either. Are no but I don't go out saying that it was shot western us okay it could well OK I'll. Nature take place use that filmed by the not really the movie is in takes place in an African. Country that's accurate boat but that's only set a just stunned a city be factual little undercover brother was like a superhero. Use dude rightly undercover brother wasn't as well as a superior all right the comedy bit bubbly also wasn't super here. Diseased got you don't come brother right. You know you can always tell the low key races people stuff like this question what happens I mean white. People don't. Sammy. He racism that flying in today's world that's always a good way to find low key races person. The guy who's jealous of what black people have just I don't think that's a white guy he's jealous of the guys understand what. White white people's gonna. Yet like it's not that difficult of a con tap like the reason BET existence is everything used to be white television. Guys I know. What it was like television. And that's why BD exit there were no reason to have such an easy to you why you need it and WET. What. That. Sued wishes he had what it means your season and so are black people.com. Or black mates whatever it is whatever dating service it is and good wishes he had a. First mother's probably is a white people.com a probably involves a lot of people wearing hoods and it's probably around a hand. Just just wants black people have jealous jealous of their life area too much does hit him way too much additional months and waits much good things go on for them that he's missing out to mourn those things we'll see out on the white man wishes he had that white people.com. Domain. Tough break man. You know what you rank very hard to find any. Any entertainment aimed at white people it's very typical white people are really under represented in the entertainment world you. It as a marketing as a black superhero movie than your segregating it from other superheroes I don't think so because the movie just opened 300 million dollars so final I don't know that it's. Ian segregated from Manning a lot of people are directing that last Dexter to farmers only yet emea and that then maybe for him okay. Are you got that I can just be good movie what folks on race and all the debt how that is what helps to discredit. Listen ye got yelled Geisel that's okay. When and when you guys when he got little kids who seated superhero looking exactly like they look it's a big deal as some people right. So I rely American girl on all his other goals yeah RB analyst of came out of divert collar Birtley delays and all the door to Smart humble bit. OK you know black kid loves embryos guess what. Know these guys look like me that's socks and all the sought and won and looks like him and big deal and I'm like wait. Wake up OK we got. I'll do it costs. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SP HD to Miramar. Indeed dude wants white people.com he's claiming that by the way that's intense or about Guinea's claiming that he's married to a black woman. Eyebrow. I'm glad there are yeah I mean it is you're so glad you so much Jewish attic which yet they had sought it's cited talk tough break for you meanwhile. And debris someplace. The Miami Marlins held their first full squad workout on Monday it was the return of this terminator. It imply no expert Sherman's. Owner of the Miami Marlins were doing and made it to us now and a wasn't funny then hopefully views on podcast the Elizabeth emperors Sherman met with the media along with Derek Jeter. Here is Bruce Sherman telling you that the new ownership will not siphon off profits I'd. Didn't get in the personally -- the other point is in his crib when to a three year nobody in this to make any short term profits whatsoever. This is a long long ball and I'm excited that we get the play baseball now and I can be a fan again. Oh okay what are using I am before an accident is that now because he wasn't apparently a fan of the Marlins before. Is he maybe didn't like the Jeffrey Loria ownership group and really that was bloke he would he was implying that alone would that's that Marlins fans should be happy about. Must've found bonds thinks of the Garret the home run hitter. Sherman says any talks at the Marlins lack of finances could not be further from the truth and Derek Jeter says it's untrue that every man is upset with him. He thinks many fans are giving it a chance. Marlins outfielder Lewis brazen. He's a good guy he visited art in students in the hospital. Lewis prince and discussed also with the media what's going to be the biggest challenge this season. You can make it as big advertising war you know you go out there and do your job it's not so much of a challenge but. Like you said this'll be hopefully my first season full for the first full season I think we've. No hope that it's opportunity you know it's rigged so that. That I deserve to be up there and wanna be up there helping this team but you know I think the challenges as playing every day you know in my routine down. And you know watching video pitchers didn't know pictures and ultimately you know doing my job. He is he is going to be the face of the franchise they're going to make him in the face of this team. Young player from down here he was centerpiece of the Christian yellow trade. And and so far doing saying all the right things. And they are they're going to make him the face of the team and I hope it doesn't suck. I hope it doesn't suck till. And terrible. Bloomberg palm go about all the right things base and find out if his team and what he goes out it's like 150 in spurring that will be lousy Lawrence you know he's happy to be here at a local Cade and and and just terrible. The Marlins and worst common Douglas caps for their spring training opener on Friday. Miami Hurricanes snapped a three game losing streak in defeated Notre Dame 77 a 74. Line you walk in the fourth led Miami with nineteen points. E-book. You Zune do go out and go fourteen points eight boards two blocks. In. Maybe hurricanes deal line coaching jammed credit Craig Kuehl and gal skiing. In a corner and once the US is more press about one minute and to tell the truth of first time you ripped that thing apart I was like hell yeah a good job. Dan Craig the men of all they each got Craig. It got me Bruce Feldman is reporting but he is likely taking the same gig with Nick Saban and Alabama and if I was preparing for the last name not so much. Rob attacks last year says he's never been a ship club 35 years old to stir crazy any good I've ever heard of that one most Serbs. Surgery there off the US won only a 125. Well what's really great I never you are somebody I don't know if he's going to change in order to get the Papa John's and potential factor of three back there but that's also the finale were you wanna hide your car back here's a case nobody wants to see you from US went right. The stirs the Stewart and like a staple and economic community for a long time there was have there. Is it good Romberg and an answering a question. I don't know you can't or not. I'm not particularly known local Tom he's never been 35 years old white women and a really long time that knows immigrant was strip club went on he might find any Republican had done. What shall I answer Ressa depends on your flavor man whatever kind of flavor you're going your location as well source sounds like do that question has locations going to be dealt so. From. Looks eczema to get on a highway but it is true he's not a good or somewhere. Them. In you'll see amber. The dolphins' list are still targeting baker army field according to Barry Jackson and the dolphins have made plans to have dinner with him the night before Oklahoma's pro day which is on March 14. You're excited about that here's something else you may be excited about that well here is Dwane Casey on willow just podcast. You know is the next generation player comes on there's always everyone always compares this guy is like that guy and there's all you can always see a little bit of players and from different areas. Sean Henn has there ever really been another Shawn Kemp is there who who is it like that he was so unique. I tell you it's amazing you said the Kazaa said after our game against Miami the other night the out of them out of bile. That young men reminds me so much Sean I've known John since he was like a ninth grader in high school star to recruit him. And Jose Kentucky and watched him grow watched him develop a watched him win a lot of games by himself. He would bring the ball down the floor of things to play shoot the jump shot. Play the point guards whatever position in high school he had to play. Do you not admitted that O'Neal sweet like you doing here he comes to give it. Or nine guys don't think I want to and here's the best part that it wasn't it wasn't. And the other way around it wasn't hey who is stamina by remind yield could then that's easy everyone says Shawn Camp the fact that. Load just said Malcolm would never seen a guy compared to I would never seen another guy like Sean capped. And any came out I you know I think we have one neck in the league right now expand at a bios and that that part makes it more interesting to me. And pretty amazing. If it if it dam and a bio would would be new Shawn Camp for the Jason Blake giving your own shoe remember when the camps came out all of those and things were really not only come on here like imagine rams fans be great marketing chew on hellish on Campbell always got it won't look great name OK all I know Shawn Camp was so cool sick. He was a lot of fond man he was he was like. Authoritative when it came slamming that thing and look he's he's the guy who band is getting compared to when and you know this is what he looks like right now twenty years old I feel like five years and up and be real. A couple weeks and mean doing kissing column Shawn Kemp on Rossi called the Michael Jordan. Am out of wild. Must be so much of Sean I've known John since he's like a ninth grader in high school us. Wonder aggressiveness on. We usually have. These ball announce new pace of play roles that will limit the number of mound visit to teen gets per game. Our rights there you know how many six non pitching change visits per nine innings not to try eludes catchers infielder a mall it till it and that what happens. You know what happens fine welcome. I'm only do you track. Both France. And the us. And now finally. Charles Barkley is fifty feet five years old to. Did you guys see. You see the the hot water than JJ Redick found himself in. Over the weekend polygamous. Fill a film that man recap based non man JJ Redick of course a guard for the sixers. And I guess over the weekends you know they had a lot of players throughout the week. Record a happy new year. Uses Chinese New Year to add their rights. Record happy new year message to all the NBA fans in China which the year is the year of the what pitcher I don't know I don't know and don't buy a you put me on the spot. And and so yet a bunch of money go dry and it's Hassan Whiteside had I mean all kinds of players. War were in the studio wishing happy new year. And to have the clip it you have the could be don't have to like to say what he sent our. Already soaked past all the in my let's say that word is not really that means offensive stats that really get cancer and defensive wiley and slower everybody knows it Cianci agents solar. Usually when someone uses the phrase chink in the armor on distinct it's that our via a CSN in the slogan silly campy Patrick I don't eat out latency period but anyway. So so that worked okay. And and in the video did some didn't some Brock he's so why not for saying chink in the armor bold the guy who likely the editor who'll. Oh loud that's saying to be on espn.com. Was fired into a jealous knows I mean often but anyway com. So in the video JJ Redick okay by the way is super. Active when it comes to social causes very active. And really one of the good guys and and JJ Redick he says is it's on which happy new year it's all of bar to all of the NBA. You know. Leaps in China wow that's a really got hurt us all know it's it's so odd. You mean it's not on purpose hole when you Wear when you want. When you watch it you know that things that makes no sense friend to get up in a series video like that. And angling naked choke or he doesn't understand it's a racial slur is what he absolutely understands so here here is his explanation he came out with a with a statement immediately after okay. To all our NBA fans in China and everyone's celebrated Chinese deal wanna sincerely applaud as anyone and it offended after recent 76ers game I was asked by the NBA. And Tencent is allegory a production company may be okay. To record video wishing our NBA fans in China happy new year I was glad to do it I was intending to say. NBA Chinese fans but it sounded weird in my mind so I changed mid sentence. NBA fans in China it came out the wrong way at the time we recorded no one in the room not tense and not the sixers PR steam team. And certainly not myself hurt the war that purported to say. Had I known it sounded anything like that would been mortified and recorded greeting over again. But does not award in my book have you but I now understand how it sounds in the video. That does not plan as a person a player husband and a father have been forced into point two global gains in China. I love the experience the culture and history most all the people ask your forgiveness this three times celebration I'm so sorry for upsetting anyone. You watch that I I believe him 1000%. OK as you watch the video it makes no sense that he's trying to make some type joke. May Annie goes another we ox clearly tongue tied tigers and how that happens you're trying to change towards mid sentence and you know the wrong word comes out to you mix up the words and I felt that forum because it's so it's such I mean he literally sent up appearances all it's all my hand BA league fans and China's. Who. Whom. We I don't understand how does that come out this is now. I don't Anderson is a liar right there is no live feed to trying to right its weird no one picked up on it you know no one picked up on his sounded like enemies no sense to me it seems like everybody in the room didn't hear well and somebody's editing it. People are editing it people are putting together on I don't whoever it is now saying hey I want to. Here should we take this out that that that is weird that someone who put it together was like hey Mila wanna record this again it's we hear so why we're. But clearly no one in the room noticed stand. Could mean if one person notice you'd think that said something like Kay Hudson generally do not known as possible that the edited together to make it sound like that word. Not god failures that video it's one sentence he spat now there's no video and policy's final show a video on film I am and it is I believe a 1000%. Jeremy leaving came out yesterday Jeremy Lin's yelled out of fall with them and and he's Jerry when was out there defending change directly gets it. It was a mistake that is the worst thing about the video again there is a live there is a very strange edit afterwards when he does say they're always there yeah. How can nobody knows we're and Cecil I'm thinking he's not really all I know it when he says it. He says it but that they do this weird does all the facts so maybe he was rambling afterwards that's normally when you reduce that in the editing of video. Not a bad of that from because he looks really bad and I mean he he definitely had not seen on purpose. And tongue tied. We say video and I'll say I should be under the break out gets all the weekend though one of a four pack of tickets CD heat of coming home game 7863600790. Right now. We get jump boarding giveaway he was your tool we didn't vote for we say of the Fort Bragg tickets for an upcoming home game. Total weeks. Thank you backed up and running around we're gonna show sponsored unloads on run that takes up. Section award winning we'll talk on the staged but nurtured and don't want them open line last. If you wanna get in for two all the week's 786360079. Game. Get a four pack of tickets in the heat there were giveaway here Romberg did you you watch the video JJ erratic right what do you make unit. Not a good look my god out of your it'll look at all clearly got tongue tied yeah clearly did not mean sending back and. Clearly it got my eye and bite me he didn't turn to correct himself a leg of our racial slur come daddy your mountains your tongue tied when Hugo owed. It now to Chinese fans he realized they'd sit showed to Chinese dance but he didn't its heat how can you not realize it but network comes out of your mouth how could the person or anything that sounds like that word comes out of your mouth I I don't. I don't understand I didn't seem to me like he was just hung tight as you guys are saying he just said that word he doesn't try to correct it but when he goes on and says something else. Forgive him and what about the got a hold the camera well and understand about the person I do not understand the office and they sit there on the edit everything. Tom how many times do you think they had to go over there's a lot of guys are saying suffered Chinese too as well there saying something Mandarin that are. I was saying happy new year whatever the year is or whoever their favorite team in doubt that would. It sounds like he said the beginning of what the Spanish like to call the church let us and people column checks for short form. And that's kind of mix between that or the eyes so I kind of a little twang to it but yet he definitely misspoke and yeah I mean this. Lord what could that word beat. Other than that the best I don't understand he's saying that mid send Chinese fans tried to change what they told in the say they thought it sounded better if you would change it around. And I think that says it is late getting out of this is my point on the type of mean he's saying daddy got tongue tied and I I think it's pretty clear watching that it's like there's no reason that he's gonna get out there and try and solar Chinese people like why would all you want you wish all of our fans in China. Having known as the great opportunities laurel I'm sure. Oh I mean maybe is it possible he doesn't know that's a racial slur that he doesn't know that's about east or in JJ Redick who of course later said is. Very very involved in symbol social causes immunity it makes it easy heat you be the last guy you would think war it. Solar. A minority all of you transfer to minority but would slower. A group of people. And it as a tool to week month. It's time for that too easy to love the week. Which is brought to you by Florida's numbered nearly fifty years or. Number 800 service already experienced homeowner himself for some of but it sophomore who visit the website for warmer dot com to why they are more than just numbers here the dog man. That would it is nearly adult on you know that the very dome. The year you'll open. Derrick here you go real solid and you'll crow. Anyone else seen previously a movie called isle of dogs and Wes Anderson film who's what's and is filmmaker. The filmmakers and overdoses are able to attend bounds you were seen it before the end those those quirky broke him miles dealer who tantamount yeah yeah. You know those those sent them always this it it's like cartoonists isle of dogs. All looks so cool. Nearest you you're the dog mean but. You know this goes. Tool the week every week you give us your nominees who gets some there in the hall of fame seat can't we don't nominate Jeffrey Loria Heath Bell Bryant wins or so hall fame inaugural. In dug deep. But everyone else is up for grabs and we'll then vote and we all warts someone in a four pack of tickets you'd take your entire route to an up come and he owned. Was second here Dave Dave we got collide. Yeah about two weeks ago Saturday. Market heart out I don't ordered big little five point 9 delay and 2 o'clock rock and Pearl Jam. And I get to our. Universe the Florida College basketball than how one bat or two hours or lowering the rocks they. I'm witty man evolved worlds dammit somebody else is on the major discipline on Ambrose fact that we got to go to classic rock solutions to your Pearl Jam and I are what are when he totally nude. I know I know it is clear that 1992 was twenty or 1990 three's 25 years ago because when I think of 25 years ago I feel like it's 97. 1970s like ball fifty years ago. All right here is saviors Avery got god. Well first leg you know pay below two weeks ago was not nominated for two little weeks inaudible we're good home. And referred to which you haven't been weakened somewhat but we record company got he heard the record score well didn't you run him out of Albuquerque over the if he acted like he's not responsible for. The mother not being there and you play an old. Are they good turnout to be raised by the moderates on the way the molded in there and I'm like Europe agreed upon the weather there are so I think. Should be the two all the playing debt and for that. I'd hang on I don't know he's acting like he's out responsibly he. He in his recent same and he's apologized for his role and all the eyes are specifically saying what he did. But he he would like to up to look like to be the father of the kid which the grandmother said it is never gonna happen. Here is a diva TV guide to the weekly got. I thought the big game of doing either that it. Or that they you have international iron. But the local wants that not they would go and surely it and Mattingly the other other Muammar. About a week ago surely there ain't he'd rather be without. And then at Buick dealer and that really paying that he why. So rebuilding. Our routine is that he got those promote their dispute that you could not pay. In public that you enjoyed being on a patsy Bob Hope they were able to do that by Jeter. But I don't Purdue tomorrow you can hop very in public. I came on here I I liked when dance really said I have no it's guy who wanted to be here in these you know he's Sony of other guys don't wanna be here I don't want to hear either I've. I like dance really set here is Johnson we got Johnson. But the wrong when they look so thereby and he shouldn't it over now while we're I've Hulu weakening Acxiom and I'm gonna go ahead and nominate. Argue because. Performance many people laughed and I don't think anybody should have been laughing at an accurate arm I don't care what anybody there. All right that is that all players were to Oakland's hard to argue that. Here is chase we got chased us. Our our total we can the end be Stewart because they had no where she also dark and you're by. We don't like when big ticket acute you're or the stick white jurors are selected an average rockets Jersey available. No key they only had to thirteen is okay. All right hang on and finally let's go with Mick Mick we got god. I'm going to give it to the guys out on the fly. Dubai. Who are apparently Amsterdam who couldn't stop boating and golf events in any given the go mart on how much a limit go to the. Our pentagon did did you guys see that he had talked about Yasser my one of the flight get diverted to spew more fighting is it would happen bought him atoms that is he wouldn't stop being well excellent. Somebody's actually gotten to a physical altercation with him you gotta you gotta fight that guy who worlds you dale. And ours are here are nominees. We got big 106. For now claimed Pearl Jam and only playing Gator basketball. We got a rake peruse the very serious we had danced really and Don Mattingly. We got birdie we get the NBA store and we got smarter who made the claim and Emery got. Meaning go with the. Okay news don't before are also we know Carter came into camp thinking about it overall that are running Kevin Durant gross hot box from him tell when you got. Bernard Toppert streak okay yeah is difficult. And let's see whom I gonna go with. Hey you know a go at the border also led see it seems it's it's it's it's not humane behavior. So make you nominated. The border for diverted the plane we're gonna say of the four packets against. For an upcoming he'd argued are. You look at. I. Struck him. On the men assume. You aren't. And Clinton told him I'm like ordinary yet. Want what timeframe are gone ahead. Add. Man to all right hang on we all your information mix there you go he's our winner. By the way. Fresh off the press you know coconut grove arts festival was yesterday you know you heard a lot going on this weekend in the coconut grove arts festival yet the boat show going on. Billy the marlin look current Coke and a group. Getting booed. Left and right and apparently had to be carted. Away any carted away they had to come in there and get his ass out because he was getting. Excuse Colin issues man I'll get out because he's injured had he gone hurt because carted out of their be appealing to get ramadi here's a nose causing a ruckus. Can't do that. Means that tone is that Dowell has got the giants sorting and off the front of his face of the careful around him instead Tony act download announcing its. And dry rail wore baseball which beats. Five lucky winners there against him a chance to go see a spring game between the chance from Houston. And went on Saturday February 24 that 105 PM in the ballpark of palm beaches. Winners all ride the tri rail with peace. To the park stop. Take shuttle to the game. Listen the midday show from one to three your chance to win baseball would peace is brought to buy a 79 need to get in touch ride rail. Ride the tri rail would beasts. We are making enough promotion test ban. Why what's actually say it again and it's a game so there isn't an apparent suggestion and try real you're just reading your tri rail and bus would be the rough is the prize the president tickets because the trials for. Okay as you do get tickets yet but it should say that online and it is Russia. A kind of I think he's trying to glorify running trailed try real of them welcome to get a read to try real to stop the ballpark which apiece to secure the option accident Brian the tri rail. Are you gonna go on your own or you gonna wanna go beast. I I taught myself. Now. Remember OP LA they'll tell myself the solution is a really selling this trauma. That's my fault is ready. Oh tax rates in here I saw pregnant girl dancing to stir crazy on the front C section scar underbelly. Yeah so like guys not given the thumbs up with a if you do get close enough that a lot of strip clubs there you go into the next section scars. That's fine the pregnancy things seems a bit. Seems a bit too far that's what is assured supported single moms everywhere that's right that's right. I thought somebody sing I thought came out of the all star weekend is not a whole lot going on in sports right now we I was off yesterday Ambac today. Nothing really gets it was Morrissey also weekends concern you had you had LeBron of course talk about. You know that issue with the Fox News host that was a big deal over the weekend you know word if she wants him to shop and dribble. Why do they always have to talk. We know it is. And LeBron he responds ADR lock to do that battle things Al's big story over the weekend. I'm more of a 888 letter notes. You know. All the bigwigs in the NBA in the also weak and they always have you know they always talk again and from the microphone for the one or two times a year or more of the folks who spoke with a week it was Jerry west's OK we all know Jerry West is all time greats. And Jerry Wes got up he he's except in some type of Warner some and and he said it. Quote I'm gonna say this and I don't like to say things that are controversial but this game that's on bass oh. This game is going to overtake all the other sports. And quotes. And first hearing it you think that it sounds kinda race. But I think instead back for a moment. The fellas vehicle still can't buy a long ways okay. But the NFL is on the greatest spot right now okay is a lot of controversy strap you know uninstall right now. And while the numbers are still very very big and the money is very very bigger mandate they are. You know dropping from the last couple years took it on an up all swing guard down what's going okay. Even though the numbers are still very good. And baseball we know based on based healthy as far as money is concerned we know that it's okay by. With the younger generation based problem okay we all know it's our right begin slow. They're continued trying to make adjustments. You can't get young people watch nine innings you can't do it's. And young people on clay it's especially minorities are not playing as much as they used to and basketball. The NBA. How you could make an argument that it's not as healthy as it's ever been. Mean basketball would seem to absolutely be on the upswing. That's a popular government that's what's got a lot of great things don't sports I mean what what negative. Is surrounding the NBA and basketball right now NBA seems to be units from many spots so. I mean I think world war aways away from. Basketball over eighteen. All the other sports but it's as crazy thing to say is maybe even five or ten years ago. But parents out there with those because the MBA is so star alliance. With those playoff matchup you are in need LeBron to continue to be in this finals for the in the keep keep going up and up and up in the playoffs. Helium and authorities are down but there's still pretty monster with them being pretty stark per. Premiere tonight and other stars in the MBA other on the Brian James nobody is the biggest and if he's not and for the east of the files are gonna drop off. Yeah I wonder what I look like that you know he's been in the finals for seven straight years I do wonder what the ratings would look like if LeBron went out there on what we're gonna find out eventually. Yeah I think you'd fine I think you're going to find out eventually that the ratings are not as dependent on LeBron James as may do we think that they are. Because I think that there are some other exciting guys in the league who people tune in for. But I think it's also the popularity of the sport in general I think it's how recognizable. The stars are in the NBA I think it's. How accessible they are in terms of their brands in their social media. Interaction with fans and the way that they put themselves are there and then the drama in the NBA as well all of that seems to you. Really speak to the fans and increase the popularity MBA and then you talked about and a decline in the NFL I mean I've been saying it for years and I think. That basketball is just going to continue to increase as. Football continues to. NFL game compares to all the NBA finals game seven right now I mean it's not even. It is so you can't even really compare comic as I mean when when you're looking at Super Bowl numbers are an at all. Finals I mean NBA finals numbers I mean forget about it at play that doesn't mean that it's not trending that direction and I do you think eventually it it's. The product with football is going to change. Unfortunately had come from my perspective but I do think that's going to hap pen because I don't think that you're going to get that just like that the young generations or not. Playing baseball all. Because the younger people tend to be bored by baseball I think you're going to find at that same generation not playing football because of the concern to their parents. Regarding the safety of football. And so some of those athletes are gonna play basketball not basketball the problem with basketball. Is that basketball obviously requires some physical attributes. That say like a soccer wouldn't Sinatra argued that eventually I think Samir vast. Athletes made played soccer when they don't send out you know growing to be you know 67 because there is an element of that where you have to be. For the most parts extraordinarily tall play basketball and not everybody turns out. Now why just seems like basketball on Natalie and particularly MBA that that it's just issue is runs smarter. I feel like there is. Lot of aggressive it's a very progressively into the and that speaks well for the future doesn't necessarily. Mean currently it's going to be as popular but it's a very very progressive lead into an appeals to young people and eventually those young people become old beat all of none is. Feel like there's a lot of common sense involved with a lot of the sub that they do. In the NBA you know tardy talk now about possibly change in the playoff format peak is you know imbalance between east and west and that's a new sting which wouldn't have been done in previous years at. You know in the NFL it's almost as if we're going backwards where Lou we don't even know what oh what a quarter receptionist. You know unfairness of the NFL it's it's hard to. Make a lot of changes seniority at the top the top I mean not hard as it's much easier to take chances. When you're not at the top and when your trying to get there you know the NBA. Isn't the NFL in terms of Sam Perry now and viewership the NBA. Can theoretically take more chances and trying to garner about market where is he and a foul I mean the NFL is one way to gallon that's down that's that's it. Rate and an animal can't really increase in popularity from where was ten years. I mean yeah anomalies and operates a lot that I close taking over football but I think Basilan a great spot you could there's a lot of negativity around the NFL. And and there's am I see negativity would baseball's just that you know as far as fans and losing interest is a lot of that going on what baseball. He's not have a young audience but basketball to seems beat growing and growing bigger and bigger and there's I mean out I don't know what negative there is around and the NBA right now is legal here's a human very very well. I mean the only negative the ever here with today's NBA is from the old heads you don't play the style of today's NBA but it. I doesn't really matter in terms of the future of the NBS advocates is not nom who. The NBA is trying to appease with its product or I mean it's trying to bring in the young audience what's more popular chandeliers and hockey or basketball. That's an odd yen Nobel Harlem search and put ratio like hockey is very regional do you thing like hockey's very northern period. And basketball is. Is you know marked out as does not bring our hockey what football is the basketball. And uses daily hockey gets no ratings mean it's it's it's not on the radar. It talking as well north but when you're taking overall ratings. Yeah I mean you did there NBC games of the week their NBC semi naked he gets no ratings hockey pelican in the is the buildings are full for the most part you know I mean they're they're big and they're in their cities. But nationally now so it's I'm close don't watch and nods went on big dvd image got your headlines next.