ZRA Part 2 2-23-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, February 23rd

Bullet trains, Keep or Don't Keep, Steve Goldstein interview


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And Omaha. It's not Steve Goldstein and Anderson about thirty minutes and he's the only man. We'll look. The pandas just got back town a couple days ago they were on a Canadian road trip for eight or nine days they work on the entire time there in the park when shooting a and they they did a great job last night they raise some money. Then a year is they they got them two points all right. And and Rivera Longo last night was a long time Portland residents are Berle Longo has been in South Florida grand yet. Time in Vancouver in between but he spent most his is seven and half seasons in Vancouver. And this year will be nine and a half seasons with the Panthers. And so we spent the majority to screw with the Panthers. And that dates back to the year 2000. OK so think about that you know Dwyane Wade Udonis has them the you know deals like they've been with the heat forever. They join the heat in 2003. Our rights. And cities that the man for twelve years yeah I had and the South Florida's mean he's been you know he's an active players in your since 2000. And the dolphins I mean I guess easily to John Denney Wright like minded John Denney start. Long snapping for the dolphins will do for a long time OK but John Denny the only guy who's been known where the dolphins for an extended amount time you know. Offense John David don't thinks about that. And and we owner of the Marlins Armenia for a few years and you know everyone's gonna move on Rivera long ago. It is is essentially the longest tenured in South Florida athletes is stay back to 2000. That he played for the Panthers. And hands. And delivered an impassioned. Emotional speech. Which I I I'm really appreciate I didn't see a lot of cancer in the game on in the middle the first period and someone alert me on Twitter hey did you see Longo at the pregame speech at a note that was happened sides go back and watch you now. Ands. Mean certainly very unusual for a goal a goal to do anything out of the norm and it is normal game day routine and let alone get up and give an emotional. Speech. For the game and yet you support everyone here's an Allen I was I was really proud that Roberta is is part of or is part of our community. Just slow wanna start off by saying that. I would impart when the living there for the last twelve years. My wife was born and raised in that area my kids go to school part when. When I'm done playing hockey bonus on the my life important. I love that city. Plus last week and was Valentine's Day I was in Vancouver. And obviously we don't know what happened and it was so hard for me to should be on the West Coast I'll be able to. Get back home and and protect my town so. No child should ever have to go through it's terrible. It's time for us. As a community. To take action. It's not enough is enough we've got to take out. The families of the victims. Our hearts are broken three guys. There's no. Not much to say it's it's heartbreaking. You guys are and thoughts. We've been thinking about you every day constantly. For the last week. And just know that were there for you if you guys need anything you'll be in our prayers. And let's try to move on together. Lots. Two more things. Just. To the teachers at a school. You guys are heroes. Protecting your children. Some of them that it may get trying to protect children. And that is truly what are your rulers and those people. Need to put on a pedestal for the rest of their lives. The last thing I want to say is since last Wednesday and I've been watching the news. And I've been seeing what good kids. From Douglas Coleman doing. And I am very very proud of you guys. Doesn't breed. Guys are an inspiration to all of us. And again today you guys are what's giving us hope for the future. Thank you. I was really happy with that I really was. Does such a great job by Rivera Longo. You forget that dude has been your prolonged time. Onions two decades ago. Essentially that he started who represented in this community and he's immortal and all fame Blair is really cool let's get to land mines its own. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you know. So I have a couple things and it comes this lawsuit so we're discussing with Thea sitting carrying verse. Jeffrey Loria as Marlins and jeers Marlins. Essentially. It's so another what did you section read the article out his cigarette lawsuit but it's the the article as saying that. The the issue alone was that glorious Pam what's claiming that they had complied with the terms of the contract that was entered into back in 2009 and under that contract there is an arbitration clause. So that this any claims here should be pursued under an arbitration clause and the judge so I didn't know they breached that contract are urged creation putts doesn't apply in that they can do orbiter claims her courts. And it's she also believes the city of Miami and county. More time to assert their claim. Kansas beat county and city's lawyers can be Craig Guillen requesting financial documents. From Loria three accord and and and start the discovery process so that's what happened this hearing so basically what this did. With this hearing but to get the ball rolling and now they can actually. Move forward with her game money hoods go also. Declare another thing when it comes to you with the Jeter group's lawyer team pose lawyer. His his name is at his last name is Christian and he is the General Counsel for the Marlins under Jeter he. Strategically. Took that seats behind the defense stable because of course they are asserting that they are not embraces claim they are properly that they you know. Been. Sony and so it wasn't like it was like he was sitting there are surprised. He was doing it as this it's this as you know as a strategy to show that. He shouldn't be sitting on offense table and so that's why. He was sitting behind. Which I didn't understand from what are you were describing it. I by the you're suggesting that they were Atlantic surprise. This case they know what you showed up he's a he is not really sure you'll support clearly knows that he's a part of this case. And that what he said it's not that. Lori is lawyers are representing both defendants caused or not it's just in this proceeding. Mr. persson and sad to. Bird for the purposes of this proceeding for that hearing Laurie is lawyers can speak for both the patents. Our rights gave money. The Florida Panthers defeated the Washington Capitals straight to our church iPad the game winning goal with just under twenty seconds left. Owning like we hear that's doing your chargers game winning goal I didn't say over the finish in knots in the gales very tired last night's. Then went through. As very strong words and I guess I guess he's right like right what wont be more emotional. Great job. Miami Heat returns to action tonight against the New Orleans delicate pelicans isn't tip office for 8 PM I mean it's coverage begins right here on seven and the ticket at 7 PM with the Miami Heat pregame show. Riding the girder will join soup all sky force to get some playing time before he comes back at the top. You'll be old goats back. That's right MVP. Champion with the Sioux Falls got forced back. Miami Marlins open up spring training played today against the St. Louis Cardinals first pitch from Roger Dean Stadium except for a 105 PM as a B stroller thing. Notre I don't know more loans in the go to a braves Astros game Eldorado do Marlins game. That try you know ride with Wright is right relative peace it's it's an Astros braves game. Some wild game. Allen of our hottest selling giveaways on home or read the time well these are glad to someone's game. Oh. Not as on her sorry Chara go to Jupiter. I don't know on May not yet incredibly it's now that triggers of the palm beaches that they're going not Jupiter tot mom's. Maybe they can do an Astros Marlins game OK that's your idea cover them and I'll be right. What's happening with its right around now with a high speeds speed train might get anywhere in one minute. They go to the same places that are high speed train is running as an. On social media must train has done. I I don't know and those are tests run I I I have a friend who's taken it several times from a west palm to downtown barter deal as I've seen him do it on social media. And apparently it's only like a thirty minute ride. They got the strains on black in black panther macondo. Big on that. Maybe that's right right relish having this. Promotion of the beast signal Condo now because of the high speed train and a trailer is investors a high speed train because I'll be happy to answer. Zeile on the trying to be like on autos which Raleigh you gotta get on my just like royals opener Troy always in the aesthetics the beast so hopeless now. Yeah first ever seen those humorous you know as trolleys that go around in Fort Lauderdale downtown for Lara what you eat dinner while you're on the trolley like mainly there for drinking. Or joy or drinking and. Mean like the bicycle ones that you have older yeah effort during the I period this group acts. I mean just. Why in your bar hopping as green line and then your drinking on it in your paddling as long also on rely on ruin its Fort Lauderdale another cool thing is they have they have boats that doing so you're on like this little like rap boat thing and you're actually sitting. At a bar. And your pedaling it and I don't know your paddling okay but you know bartender is just so into somebody's pedaling to move the boat. Along I mean it's like it's like a raft but with the bar on it's it is terrible idea but it looks kinda hard. Amy virtual you're telling me you been out would buddies you've been out drinking and girlfriend's. House and you haven't Beers and and you've turns your friend that she. Is even better Mozilla also had. I heard they're very fun. People say there is better. If I had to. Exercise. Because you out of your car while you're on AM I don't I don't know resistance is very difficult gives kindly compare without telling us sitting around here and you're also facing your friends doll sitting at a bar they want. If anyone advise media that either either hey I don't golf or beat. You got one less person panel on tell me. As Amy inviting you to that so I don't I just told you I want the imitation arm RI IIIIII. Declined an invitation for you could offer new ball moved. Lot of side George RS on you Obama. There with a good inside filled the bombs poll there shows all over town. Well yeah white hot Vicky can count one so they don't you give a lot of money to pay all the rickshaw around the stole yeah. The owner bridge to find direction I mean I can point out as well as they planned but. Seemed like a good idea on the front. Speaking of for lettered on not to get political with the other things that there that the city is apparently. Considering doing what's the proposals not died yet is this spending millions on putting in. An actual trolley which is like what are numbered at mentioned the San Francisco's yes we debt that's connected to you like accord that runs a little above the street but the turley on the street just likes imprint is on trench. Do you really did because of being as it doesn't have a separate Olena apparently it's just in traffic and technology gets you down and and as the trolley stops. It's going to do is create more traffic is I am watered and what feels a bit. I can't really go into it a mile radius and I'm not sure they do you know what they're doing and they'd spend millions on it and creating job to do the Lauderdale in my wanna look into that issue that might be something Atlantic interesting. All I know is right Audrey to my friends I never said to myself you know what I'd like you and I'd also like to ride a bike. Homes I own sounds like you don't like fun. Or. Exercise many here old reports that the dolphins are going to cut Julius Thomas Ian Lawrence Timmons as a person many salary cap news that it does not make. I just have to and who wrote the article. And look about them wondering what may mean girls not just information unsung hero. Yes but how can you just say. Do these guys are gonna cut them because of his words you're back employer knows. Some column are gonna. I think people adding I think they're telling him. And sources in the building into a rod Goldberg article also a lot of super honest I'd like lake we all know the dolphins can save five million dollars by cutting Julius Thomas like we know they're cutting Julius Thomas I mean a lot of them very salty these guys know that they're gonna beginning cut but they can go out shop themselves around because of their stolen team contract. So it to just sit there like this can burn ultimately the way I understand I mean all this is gonna happen before. The middle of march or assault it's gonna become official in the next couple of weeks. And and then you have you have all that free agency stuff meaning got like a whole month until the draft and everything so I don't know that. I don't know that it's like teams around their spending money right now and you're under contract and he can't get your new deal like that's not happening yet you know. Did these teams are are are able to so they just happened late yesterday or two days ago. That this began with the franchise tax and everything like. I don't how big these teams are. Preventing guys from going out there. Now if it's one of those late June 1 cots worry you hold onto home until June 1 any kind of limited his chances to go out and get employment and make money but. You know these guys are going to be cut a couple weeks I don't think it makes a difference whatsoever like all the free agency stuff is gonna start around that I don't date is. For free agency it's obviously sometime around that's so but these guys mile like no. Julius Thomas agent has to hold DeMarre says it isn't it's it did you guys. Okay the very likely let you go in and you know these are teams that were probably don't look for you know public. Anyone knows that Lawrence Timmons whoever is Kathy is all we know they'd rather save the money than have Lawrence Timmons back you know he didn't do anything for them the last apple last year. Some of which is now. I was on the run run linked rob Goldberg is a bleacher reporter writer that's why I was so here's the article can pump your own M Goldberg was among the sobero. Originally reporting from Miami Herald any else. We had some big coming up on the rustling in our current articles Larry Obama and one Stan wrapped up a little more bill Goldberg home boy well rob. As bill Goldberg. Former lands falcons defensive lineman. The Carolina Panthers can reportedly sell for nearly three billion dollars kind of interesting. Now not so much our rights. And next. Huge segment it's called keep on the don't keep. Didn't want gallery walls. Think it's easy smash and tickets go on sale today tonight. You went employee combined. Think a lot of people responding to my questions about the high speed train first try around nicely drains all the bright line moon flood even saying that it's been closer per month between west palm Fort Lauderdale and galaxy get him like couple minutes no hiding anything it takes like thirty minutes. To get. So willing New York. From west from the Fort Lauderdale round. Where we're Lauderdale Lewis while the bigger but they're jamming it they're making it early and our Orlando to Miami and that's wanna eventually pulling that one blog again. Bullet train north and apparently the bright line is more east than the tri rail which is going to continue to run the thinks it's going to be more west just a lot of people are explaining to me just call. Told according already OK just just do it's just do it's let's go teleport and a lot. Can't every heat game on a ticket does Alexis and Subaru Pembroke Pines post games targeted complete wrap up tonight eats when against the allegations bribe that it can rely. Lexis and Subaru that replied always an amazing deal sponsored by champion for by force employers and twenty truck. And as CB customization shop go to champion four X four dot com. All right. You don't win for this he got a lot of dolphins up out there as far as what kind of moves they're gonna make and how they gonna save salary cap money and this and that which by the way. It seems that there's some momentum building toward them getting rid of Ndamukong Suh warranty and that impression. I'm like am I mean get that impression recently and I I bring it up also because you had a report in the middle of the season from Jason market for a CBS sports right. Where said the dolphins they're going to cut ties with Ndamukong Suh is that that you know Stephen Ross and don't want them and they are a lot of money yet he's one of the high and he's really good buddies one of the highest paid players the entire NFL OK but didn't he radio probably one of the highest in the position once you have it but still if you're gonna pay him eat. Easily top slide in the entire league what does it cost the team next season and even if he's really good it's not necessarily an impact position. And it seems to X 26 million dollar round so what are you what are yeah. I know you have to consider that this is I mean the dolphins have one of the worst salary cap situations in the entire league and there are also you know not a good to heat as it currently sets. So how are you gonna remedy. There's a thing you got an aging defense offense who has done very very well and a large and part of that is because they're gonna a little bit push up the middle so you got Ndamukong Suh and it was even a Phillips I believe it was. Don't have the big push up the middle who also going to be using now on the defensive ends. In order to create that because we all know that a lot of problems come from up the middle guys like Tom Brady and really really good quarterbacks in this league they have the ability to step up a pocket they're going to be okay this defense events we'll get washed down by sub par tackle. But just gonna be able to run them by the play where's the court record to step up a couple steps and that's it. But a guy like Suh were Phillips pushing Mets center or guard back two or three yards there's nowhere for the quarterback to go along with the complementing defense events. That's where you have a nice defensive front that's for your getting a good productive defense. If they lose out of the middle. A greater defense event's going to be known picture well this is a good lead in tool. Our very important segment here which is called keep him. Don't keep them. I try to go over the rules but I thought that they play here. Good question whether or not develop and keep up. Yet you tell me whether they should keep on. Or don't keep we should they don't keep them a lot different than our other game so trying to keep up right and I keep them. What don't people will start up the man in the discussion and Donna can see you yesterday 26. Million dollar cap hit this year the dolphins. They could save seventy million dollars for a post June to cut record normal and a solid aero that could also have some relief they want to trade it would only be a three million dollar hit. Get something back for him. People don't keep them. I'm goal wins keep them OK I like Ndamukong soon on this team he's probably their best player he gives and that toughness on the defendant's side. I know you could easily say now would say it still you go payment time money and you could stick with them or you wind gusting in without him. Now let's say I run single and a bigger mistake you go I. I'd rather continue to have a guy who I can count on an outside the football the dolphins aren't expected to be a team it's gonna do much winning for next season anyways I go. I don't they keep. Hit and dobbs. Obviously series at great player even though. Kia how I haven't it hasn't been a supposed great enough duty trip affect era. Arab Arab winning. To this degree that you would hope that when you're having one of the most highly paid players in the league and yeah you know one of the best players at his position. So I do. Understand why the dolphins would consider running and there are a lot of other ways here though the dolphins can save some money we mentioned the other cuts that they party made. That's gonna save them a little bit of money and then there's other ways that they can save. Money restructuring contracts. Well the game with a brother 00 regs are gonna get those other players I didn't mention here and what contracts you can restructure game not only. He's done a zoo or don't get Madonna and you know him or don't keep him but there's more into I want to keep him is the weekend researcher some of these other contracts and they sure have hit. Exotic is terrible aren't any weak hands that I would get rid of him. I'm I'm in. Keep up. Point six million dollars and knows how much money. I think you could probably find two really good players and I hope your defense up for 26 million dollars all right so what's your verdict good accurate not a game besides a key or get rid of them. No we all know explain the rules and I'll hammer out an and quiet Rollins are struck again. Here's the deal he and or don't you give an opinion and you say people. Or don't keeps what's your decision Robert got a too I about it or not Bosnia hurry. Sure it's lay injury he has been tagged with the franchise tag I'm sixteen plus million dollars on the can they even keep them. I'm going don't keep them okay dollars Landers a nice player. He's not nice players one of the highest paid receivers in the league it's the first time and history the league in players and a hundred catches. An average under nine yards a catch. You get a lot of guys okay whom get you under nine yards a catch and that's running back stop running backs get under nine yards a catch. I think there are other guys seeing get to fill that role. I think we see in a team show that you can get other guys who could fill that role there's no way then paint jobs and it was not a game changing wide receiver. I'm not paint him as one of the top three wide receivers in the NFL I don't keep them. Obviously we know that he's a sixteen point two million dollar cap hit now this season because they gave him a franchise stacked. That is a big problem for the dolphins even after these cuts that I mentioned that they made during headlines here talking about a team that. Can he can maybe be eleven million under the the limit the whereas like the Cleveland Browns for example her scheduled to be a 110 million dollar. Possibility to play my 110 million dollars is it like the limit like how like even posit that may think that the starting a franchise amazing. It back to Landry. The it is. That to sixteen point two million dollar hit this season is an excruciating hit for a player it's years still on the fence about what taping. This franchise tag indicates because they're by themselves a little bit more time here if you're the guy from minute one of the highest paid in the week when you could of course and he did that if you did sign him to a long term contract and that cap space would actually calmed down and tech have it would actually come down right because you'd be able to you. Spread the money out over years he might be a structure it's a that you get more at least this season but do you wanna lock yourself into one of the highest paid players in the league Dervis Landry long term. When you're an unsure about his production eons. We haven't seen him get an opportunity play with the rank him until now in over a year. I'm gonna say. What became against it or don't people think it. Podium keep got a terms Clinton's. Reasoning is because you need an office of motivate her once on the football union electrifying guy. And who the hell else are gonna happen there so I think that you know as polarizing. In the in the dolphins' locker room eyes as he is he is just tourism football field and and Ryan Kendall might have a different agenda coming back this year. Her one more before you get out here in Turkey of the game right now I don't keep yeah UN general summertime. Yeah I would imagine a player right now you tell whether you when achievement don't keep on I guess what 141. Round pick. 21 James. I don't keep them on an act or do you were you when you're not used to bomb roll call which one James bomb. How much you make and what his cap it nine point three million if they got rid of the rim as a result of the dollar don't people. Romberg. Just because he looks weird and people putts he mean don't series is joined James a boss okay had been his before it if you selected a guy in the first round. It and forget. Forget hunting him with a year left. If you're not signing him twist to a second contract. Taken the first round you have to sign to a second contract but did you missed. It signing into his did you keep him after his rookie deal expires that you missed. Two lost like Denny get rid of them and a short. Don't people. Steve Goldstein on emotionally charged knighted BB NT senator Max. I around for baseball at least five lucky winners in their. A chance see spring game between Houston and Atlanta. It's it's tomorrow it's this Saturday tomorrow one of flight of the ball part of palm beaches. And the winners in a ride to try Ira what beast to the port stop and think resulting in its going to be awesome scenario baseball a beast brought to you by 790 ticket and try real. The handers at a very emotionally charged game last cited very emotionally charged when could have ended better in emotional nights. And the a last second victory Steve Goldstein's television voice he's on the Rhine fuels and dancers convenience stores gas line truly steps beyond convenience. Goldie a lot for joining us here and you know I was I haven't seen for a few days now because. You guys you got back a few nights ago and how long morning on the road follows at 910 days. Yeah Oregon turned it basically Sunday don't. What amounted to one station got home around 3 o'clock in the morning. Yet not I was saying you know for the last week courts like man the Panthers have not even in you're not even here with everything that's going on right now and day. Or the only one of our teams that have players who actually live in and around the parkway area that's been impacted that's got to be so tough for you guys. Yeah and it got to be a long trip an Alley. Toward the end the last 23 days and then the travel is you know far don't like each and that act to back games and how important excel. Now double it to Arnold and yet. I mean like Erie school or a draw down underneath. Luke yeah I would it was it was just it was strange you know an almost like a little. Area comeback can he wears you know what's going on the community. Told him kind of interest to find out I know locally here we have access to the information relatively quick and a lot of it is firsthand and and stories you're hearing from people that are on the ground are here but. You guys wrote there and and especially in the in the northwestern Canada how how far how fast and how much coverage was getting. And getting a garner throughout the rest of the country and up there and even in Canada. Yeah well you know they have already I was watching them you know you can hear and it can be your CNBC. CNN and then unlike older you don't like on Twitter all the local TV station and PBS award but I stream going at their cooperation oak. I was able to you know watch that play in it but it was staying in the Canadian. Cattle equivalent fox TE and it can be you're up there. You know he'll probably like Friday. They started having guest John you know they are show host talk about it and wanted to topic there you don't expect them. Golan. As much in Canada and the gun or really at all and I and all the time here show. I would it'll probably help pretty well and dumb you are dangers seem to get another country's you know kind of perspective on what's happening in our country. Goldie you tell slid about what the team was able to do last night's I saw they raise a ton of money with a 5050 raffle right. I don't probably close to 1000 dollars so they don't need all of that that there was other money that people could Jewish it'll donate like he walked into it. I can't put a dollar into the you know into the collection and I can't there's match every dollar that and donated. Ghost of our education on an adamant that there's only Douglas Parker and and there was a lot of people in a lot in relation all the players in a way it right after it happened weariness. Just on the Jersey so they are former guerrillas laid out they shall those were ten bucks leading all that money to charity and I noticed on and published. They could afford it if you wanna publicize it. By gum. You know every kid to play hockey league including one that was shot. Recovered. They were all became a public locker room so I don't particularly those kids. What I saw commissioner Bettman was there as well on the house on the Rankin and what kind of conversations were you guys having both on and off there about. With the NHL might possibly doing especially with the fact that you know Panthers are right here in the backyard and and also gold was that slander or the commission was here specifically because what happens. Ironically an elite black heritage site and it was in a long time ago and the commissioner was coming out anyway obviously to Connie completely alone. On the shell in every union per game and what you did. After weighing in ninety. There was a moment of silence and a little playing or not so. The entire game I know what I heard I didn't see it by. Incompletion feel like nationally. It was about 45 she didn't. I want everybody in the year but everybody around the country news happening in public school so I'm it was pretty art built into every building in the week. You know I was trying to explain earlier in the show Rivera long golf course he he went out rate for the game started and you address the entire crowd and an and I tried to. I tried to relay you know how significant I thought it was that Roberta Longo did that because you know hockey doesn't get as much coverage of course and it may get lost on people that report Longo. Granted he played for seven and a half years of Vancouver in between assistance of the Panthers buddies played the majority of his career. Nine and a half years as a Florida panther. And he is. Plate e.'s bid a hand there then dating back almost two decades OK you're going back to the year 2000. When Roberta Longo first started to represent this community. And that's full longer okay than any other professional athlete here in South Florida and I don't think that everyone everyone realizes that at it was really important ever Berle got up there. Preachers think why did you bring out you know he's also an Irish forced. All time in winds in the NHL it's probably the third bomb that year. So it was pretty remarkable you know in general he's in you know kind of publicly anyway a little quieter pershing he's real funny and Twitter and got a great personality by. You know you're right you don't hear it on Al William. And chromium. But I deluged trichet Albion pre out of miles away on the order quiet. You know one point in eagle at Q school are locked down. And I'm illegal eligible for a long time ago usually you're in the Summers wouldn't recording where I think you're building a new support woman easily being. What generation. Couldn't read it right. So you know here I eat itself already we are really doing too even though he's from Montreal aren't they point to going out and joke. Got Kruger when he found out quietly speaking. On the I know we talked to me in boarding and today man you know. OK do we knicks dealt with the award but now you met what it can't play the game I totally understand legal and I were. And want to go to Adam no plane animal they can wished each company got to do you want him to. You see kind of instances where reality takes precedent over over sports and I was wondering if any of the guys. Collectively were getting together and possibly talking about getting on a PJ and coming back homer being what they're friendly to that discussion of the come up. It really didn't Robert you know pro sports com. You know they're spirited got to deal that can be like a way to look at it. I think it really hit home after the Saturday's game they play quite benign it was so freshman we've gotten I didn't. You know guys are kind of been a whirlwind. And then it was two days off in Calgary in the next week's Saturday night in New Orleans also we're gonna paint anyway irritable gear and pat. And I shot it got to the point where. You know who will go on back there and they knew they were coming at you in against Toronto so. I don't think dumb you really Bible that they can and you know better than I do to throw out I mean. You know focused at. Add in order guy and you kind of program. Or asthma and the everything out but those two and a half three hours when you play the. It's like you know it's Eagles senior of those banners at a very emotionally charged win last night a last second win against one of the best teams and we Washington. And if I could sneak in an actual hockey question here. The pet owners there Goldie their holy hanging around OK Billy they had no chance in the division those teams are too good. But as far as the second wildcard spot is. There at their five points back we got three games enhance seed do the math that there's a right herbal. If they can we know you're gonna get an apt in Tom you're right you know they want it LS eleven games so you look at the number of games like they can. They don't play really a better than they complain because we keep playing the waited and playing. On the other Rangers are pretty much. I guess trying to lose which incredible that you're you know here's a big market New York to a great topic doing. It can't help them they are now in the rearview mirror. And they got into an all those people and they don't play him in the league joke he's gotten. Completely legitimate that it looks like it to fourteen range from one spot. You know look like the other team to be sure you aren't gonna get of course wild card. Armed and it got I think as good a chance that anybody is actually the way to quite right counselor at age upon and we. You don't stretch right which is pretty amazing because. At one point you know in early January your vacation day people are talking about. Maybe she didn't want me on their right around now our thoughts and I don't know if they can make it. Isn't very good chance in the first round play and match so I need in the state of Florida they don't like ink on the outskirts. I don't lose a brilliant game up in Toronto I was wondering if there's Tuesday night game against the lease is going to be a must win situations remember does that affect them at all. Regulate not a negative article you social or comic quake expert don't tomorrow can't even count on Saturday. D'antoni believes it's a six inch stretch starting you don't expect shorted on Saturday that it will really got they include a they should be any job so they're human human element it's changed so they got caught in it and we're gonna only moral and Toronto on UK. I think that sport unless they weren't quick to go heading to march. And then you've got you know the last three almost at a islanders sabres and flyers so you know he's got to win them I mean all protein to anybody because anybody by. I look at people that can gain gonna start out you can remote are incredible shouldn't. Pregnant or where am I think they would have gotten to talk eating pretty good condition. Great job Goldie and Smart right handers at the penguins that's a big one. And you've got a great work on the on the TV broadcasts I've said many times it's it's it's a great broadcast the three guys keep a good war. I'd called me. You know I love that you know a big fan of the animal okay pod and I feel like a moment something daisy got name Yang and and goalie gives the game and all these really good. Not a very good broadcast really fun I didn't see the finish last night I readily admit I've I've those signals very tired and the score the tying goal like two minutes left. And scored the winning goal with it's twenty seconds left I think it was. And you know that means right. It did well who did reply that's rights. The Canadian acts in the here Moeller and a pop into the gives you excited when you watch the broadcast and my feeling it's more similar hard core the more polar more looks more sort of red deer is pretty hardcore yeah I mean if you don't look at smaller spent some time his career to come back here you know pods and lemon near New York them all its it to. Very heavy Canadian accent. Amber's got you headlines snacks.