ZRA Part 2 3-12-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, March 12th

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Face a 790 hazards into play hooky with all of its art jokes. Each of the guys that shipping container they were to. To grow they believe is he teamed should be here who once you join until we feel this Thursday two to 5 PM it came to playing at three tenths it's perfect. And take shipping container bracket challenge ubiquitous shipping containers Beers your favored the winning Beers can be announced data national championship. Hands and be launched to live music. Tim Wakefield brewing is an independently own crap brewery Ed tap room located in the horrible heart of Winwood. Be there at 2 PM on Thursday with the limits hard show shipping container and am 790 FM one a four point 362. The tickets. So we know about the canes that is this Thursday and he won over the weekend the Panthers over the weekend as well the candidate got a great win Saturday night game they had to have. But it's stinky ranger team they blew a two goal lead they wind to go on overtime at 33. And they win in the overtime shootout Vincent true champ car. Had the winner markov scored in the second round tocchet scored the third round and the Panthers they get those two points. And just hanging around and hang around. Coming up at some points. On the show today we'll check in mother how to keep our cat tees and have another I know your hats profile. Joyce Landry now. All right let's get into this job is Landry was traded on was it Friday and illegals Friday Friday evening or afternoon to obviously Andrew was traded on Friday. And I think. What will we get a better. Gauge based on the tech signing Tex in 67974. After the skin reactions in gritty splits. OK I think he got a lot of people acknowledge that it's ye can't pay and that money he's not a number one receiver. And he got a lot of people who take perspective love to best player. Best player and you know he let him go and you only six when team last year so NB a lot worse now this year I think the and eight I think the attitude of the stand makes him pretty split on this one what did you find to be funny. And also really. Phony and you can't possibly take it serious. Is substantially isn't meant fans seem firearm for how many years on done now I'm done. Late trading Jose LA drug is how this is what makes you done on the stage of a top is can't handle it and can't. I mean not not yet to post season appearances in the last day you know sixteen years now and it trading joggers Landry who has appeared in a single playoff game. Graduate oust him. Got you got and a guy. And those you Bullard on itself phony baloney it's very funny I do think that there are dolphins fans that are upset about what the dolphins got a return. Or incest and covered his socks the cubs Sox there's no other way to spend. That you can't tell adult medicine a good return that you can't do. Now now maybe. Maybe. You going to free agency this week. All the free agency rumors are gonna starts. Seek out starting like today has got a whole tampering stuff that goes on Wilma cause I'm okay. So you ears are getting a bit of a clear pictures of one altered due to try to deal that put you know if you wanna make the argument that hey who over the dolphins wide of signing of a signed one got to meet assigned to guys. And say they signed those guys they're gonna fill these holes and they would have had a money and they kept obviously injury. If you wanna do that it's gonna make bag that case okay did you that's what you you can't make a case yet and say hey lately on return be enough. Yet NASA and return. What John Aiken a break we're also shopping or James or aren't at the turn yeah no one's gonna take him as a reason why all the there's or because he's. Every adult targeted he missed because the number. Why does he mean take on their number right. Siegel or scored on with a with a starting right tackle. That's all ski. Because it's clear that the dolphins are being able to block anybody and it seems like the offensive line coach situation has been a little bit of an issue in the last few years whether you're doing a guy that was there for being caught needle thing or your altogether it was don't blow it seems like whatever is being coached in that room is not being. Put on a football field. He's right I'd be surprised they found a taker. I would do so damn I'd be surprised yeah especially because everyone no news says is divot with a join us later situation sent franchised and everyone know. That if the dolphins. It if they don't find a trade gorge on genes are going to release so a team has betrayed me maybe get a seventh round pick from. The team that's going to trade for joined James to say our it would assign them when he's released more you know. On the you given any and I'd be I'd be very surprised the potion by. Be very surprised they want to trading finding a trade forge one James underlining would trade from right as a chance at a thousand dollars it's 790 man gave money contest. As you can't take on the thousand dollars all you do is sex nor read higher to 72881. Feel when right now next against objects are no big deal national contest message that rates may apply don't text and drive. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. One after amber does your headlines that you want again to more withdrawn slander subs a lot to get the dolphins got a fourth and the seventh rounder in return for Landry the last fourth round pick the dolphins made was Jameel Douglas get pumped up south well. Not not on a get out get fired a fourth round picks sometimes you get you get unearth someone. Your shot Jones a late pick greatly sixth round pick somebody under the guys did Brownback. Don't get excited. Service landry's now Cleveland Browns. Mamie hurricanes were awarded a number six seed. They play and Leo I love Mike don't say the name or. Leo let it lay old Loyola flail CI could have gone to school there to look. Loyola. My oil Loyola. Illinois and the dumb name for as it is. It's just don't. On Thursday 3:10 PM is that game prime diving through TV and games being played in Dallas. The Florida Gators opened its turn it around it pains by the way or saint Bonaventure or UCLA. McCain's when this week an immense next week and the inherently into. Look at that there is planning a gallon. I don't I don't plan on although. Although it McCain's war to win now would and way ahead of ourselves. But McCain's war to win sweet sixteen and made the regional final that could be worth making a day trip to Atlanta fortunes on the final four day a day each repealing fly in the morning. Drive an hour and a half of the keys to go for launch were you move enemy day trip to go to bass to CK striding file for. Yes. Yeah I know the final or is it is now the final board the very. I don't consider that I would consider that dude it would be a Saturday or Sunday game and maybe it would be like. Added I'll be in early evening game I don't know what I consider that to be a Dietrich. I am we don't get back home. To be a way it was. How slick it either and I like my house OK I don't like Colin Powell. Will be in my home like go to abort its and I sort of not beating her. There. Are strange strange man different animal 950 IBM as the tip for the gators game for a stable face in the zoo on Friday that's at 9:50 PM tip. Miami Heat dominated the wizards on Saturday 1292102. All that and as you'd even got some playing time years without public. You'd be good tip back there that just has studied the shot clock you. Oh yeah. Most of my you'd be great for the pace towards. And down and you do these plays like to look at every step he took you look at ground they were trying so hard to get you you block it okay. And every time he touched the ball he was trying to get a shot off where he was trying to get a shot to okay. And attended another jumper two and missed and finally they ramming and the ball down low amid a move and score on a hole. And cry broke through all of us step for step and a crowd goes nuts and name it they love when you deeds Texan man Aaron. James Johnson played great not when he had twenty points and five assists Kelly Nolan had a double double he but at thirteen points and eleven. Rebounds. It was awesome glee Rooter man who loves that he would he would three threes in the fourth quarter with hell happened to ban what is going on spam what do you mean. He played all. Got stored on Saturday night which flies out to mention him in any. The statistically plate Tony is in foul trouble had six points he rebounds what amber. This felt or saying what the hell happened to him happened here's a man for big men. And what was the blaring so you figure ban should have some decent numbers now are the sorts you played more except eight and foul trouble and beat. They blew eighteen outs in the play in the fourth quarter. There's a circumstance. And they're starting in tonight's. Well it's I mean 106 points. You would play. Well third Johnny know it played you played in foul trouble and they bloom out and blame the fourth quarter. Tonight's room floor monitor. Its you don't have the light on you and I. I just figured it was such a Mano. And it's really nice part of his coming to is is the fact that he was a scoring points of being on according during some amazing things. We are spoke rub him because this is finally changed shape commandos one game that he had two games is two games that he wasn't playing so much two games. It's hard when you got four big men like bush whose whose it's difficult situation is Hassan is going to play our rights and James Johnson makes sixty million dollars. Kill Elena and X fifty million dollars. He wants allows me to be caught a little bits Leo good to play problem. But those guys have earned playing ahead of them they have been we've all the time. Those guys aren't playing ahead of them you can't make you are in an analyst. Laid those guys that resonate and and the team is clearly invested in them. So. When you're playing teams that. You can't deploy for big men which is almost everyone. Assam was bands meant to be cut down. Sorting and tonight. As I didn't plan not one disease suffered a strained hip flex survey which happened during the team's morning shoot around. Dwyane Wade left the game with a mild hamstring strain here's wade. Oh all right. To my. Soulful songs that come out and into tomorrow. Neither of those guys are expected to play tonight in port winds are only take on the red high blazers. The blazers have won nine straight games I lose somebody. Tipoff is set for 10:30 PM the sound legs out look things that bad news for he steer that saying why not us. Or that. Members. Say is that pregame starts right here on seven I need to take it at 9:30. PM. And posted by we. Just is when delivers his neatly the wizards game but it suppose says that he should be good to go. The Florida Panthers won a franchise record eight straight home games in a shootout. Is going to be easy sitter and wins and do you can't get in that barn expecting my handlers. Ago they're just two points behind Columbus for the second eastern wildcard spot caps host the senators tonight. Puck drops in not one at 7:30 PM edit. From BB NT as well to get a bad news for this sector as yet it. Marlins manager Don Don Mattingly. Says Yuri you know we'll start opening day which is march 29 against the cubbies. Sound like I Sirius and considered it went out soundly Iranians. That summit I didn't say earring in disarray and Yakuza uranium its Armenia. What we're nice nice arena here you reign as the rain has really limit you and gate thing year reign ya and the managers not on the nightly either via. Earring yeah you love when my show went on and it is I didn't say Don Mattingly did know I did actually said Don but slim wrote in here Don Mattingly it's trying to get me to say Don Mattingly. And I actually said Don though we this guy to say. And your. Don Mattingly and says I think he's an energy guy. I think he likes the excitement of opening day I noticed really won that. But Jose in a sense when he does not their he's more of energy and what they hand us. Don't think Gotti when with Iranian because starting dance really opening day do it that bad that's that's so sad story sets hosts or you're a right I I like that dance really wants to be here OK I told yum I'm on I'm on dance really side ally you know the guys on beer get lost OK so complicated that and that but I Anderson would dance really meant OK so I I like what he sank. By Elise and Jose area and yeah it's like RAE young guy. The U hoping that you can invest slowed him they'll be here for a Lyle he's been steadily improving. A rainy I'm not embarrassed that he's starting. As Iranians their current state of the Marlins are X acting out because Iranians being the opening day sought rights but danced really Joseph Benes is our enemies you very sad so. Glad glad they went. The dolphins are reportedly looking to trade its 20141. Round pick right tackle to one James died doubt that. Don't wants him cost. I know he was a shocking first round pick. But I subtleties and apps and bugs you boss no way it if you if you if you get rid of first round pick. For their rookie contract and boss. Is not with the ball and always do. And Emma bus for the dolphins that almost the rails. I the georgians who Soros and play well would be his he has tape out there he has game tomorrow Durbin implying Berger will save us and any kid that he's not gonna be. You also got could only keep it next to all the time to a that plays a big tractors are my. He utters in on us and he's not. Going to be in good all like a hole early serviceable offensive lineman he's going to be in the NFL for a very long time but if you select a guy in the first round. That that that should be a god who you want to to assign to a second contract and the dolphins wanna get rid of him before his rookie deal on the Boston. They got on the play early saga which is good got to play immediately contribute to their team by. In a mean the the level contribution is having which are looking and I think in the beginning he did play well there's a lot of times we're talking about a new shining you was actually being. One of the names were talking about on the day of in on game day are talking about how good he was playing for young guys especially but. He obviously took a few steps back in the last couple years and I really do think that's true. Anything that anyone if you suspect still. Very serviceable benevolent and I'm not saying opposite of that under saying first round pick. It should be a guy who you'd desperately want to keep into Lisa sept incontrovertibly your franchise or tackles and and they wanna get drunk get James. Or even Europe to meet the boss only what they're getting out of room obviously. And that's our minds all right there you go. So something going on with the NFL combo line I was pissed off the other day next the. Against our bracket contests when it's necessary laws and taken out of dot com right now I'd register you pick your winners there you go. Fifty dollar twenty skipped court every round grand prize went to man came party for ten twin peaks DV. Twenty soups hysteria also brought to a GA Wakefield brewing it's independently on craft brewery in tap room looking in the heart of when would. Play to a piece of hysteria now at the ticket Miami dot com so I I I should I should add. That's wal free agency starts on Wednesday. The the whole process really does officially begin today. OK you know I mentioned I got to the tampering and all at stopping and start to hear things begin today tomorrow. Because you know and on weights when he could actually sign on Wednesday. I forget when they instituted this rule. I don't know that it's new this year but they have that kind of moratorium. Period that the NBA. Dies where starting. Today like now teams can actually go if you can't officially. Side until Wednesday but that's somewhat in the NFL because remember for for ever. Midnight to do and so do decide to fifty million dollar content while holy crap gets crunch those numbers right quick even afraid to sort of in the last thirty seconds so we all know that. There's tampering going on. But now the way to do it is so they you don't have to deal with those kinds of accusations is they actually start negotiating that's up now. And Wednesday it could become official so. You really gonna start to get some free agency south in regards the dolphins beginning right now we'll see what they wind up doing with the money that they traded away and join us war. Don't into the freed up in the Joyce wintry trade so I should match now I don't know when that's sort of the NFL but simply a new thing so that's going on. During the call line okay and is broken into last week. As an opportunity to get to don't want until. So appealing Brett can speak to this. A little bit. May and I found myself assault foot hole you know who was The Who was the the player forget who the player was ruled. Last question yeah it came out of com by insane he was asked. It is mother's prostitute which seems to be you know that's that's a very popular question right we you know is your mother prostitute and also if he likes men. It is a sexual. And man I was pissed off I was more pissed off the mother question and the homosexual port where the book really stupid but I was more concerned about the mother part yet. April terrible one yeah. One comes illegal bird you know most of most jobs is certainly one of them is illegal of the old bird and then the terrible but I feel like. I feel like you know as the mother roster Boris is is so unbelievably disrespectful. Basket your homosexuals is stupid and like YOK. But those two questions to gather very problematic because if you're asking. If your mother's a prostitute which is incredibly. Disrespectful. And negative connotation. And then you're also asking your homosexual than that attack in that seems sort of category rate which is extremely problematic. There's no other way to interpret I. They're both so bad I don't know like what is he had to say actually on the coyotes or what is he was unbelievable when he was great Israel Gutierrez the way that he. He handled it was on highly questionable. The day after I believe that this bill does is aggregate right channels and Utley did in all wanted. The the name of the person on the team in the imposition of a person with a oh the front of cameras a lot. A lot of people want a person's name and listen to that person's name out person's gonna end up being dedicated Darius dice it get a kidney you can't say name mentally drafted you can't do it it's a bad look like you gotta get drafted first and then if you want to stay with team that no no you can't do entity drafted we you know they have psychiatrist sitting in the room with you. Basically evaluate your body language and what you answer to and how you answer the question what Israel sale on notice like you did you did the Genesis of what he says that basically is he was like look you are the reason why. Men stay in the closet and the reason I stayed in the closet close 31 is because I'm choosing between a career and exploit was a lot of dirty little reference I know he's at 31 really ignorance or owners or an entrepreneurial. Bomb so like he's he's like this tells idol Israel was when he came Alec publicly. And I'll publicly what many disaster may yet it's like forty. At a recent quote unquote. There are kids out there haven't made this decision between choosing a career in sports are being their true selves it kept me in the closet until I was 31. So or I think a lot of that was maybe it's the denial to lose 31 vote. Moderate islamists thing you know he's command post and make so. Bomb but a whole situation out there and you wanna tell us certainly you good. But what I mean he says that he came out of closet not ulee's any need to disclosing who was the one that was talking about around Atlantic so. Yet that's the reason the main reason why he said a lot of guys and there was only one. And FL football player that came out while he was active I believe any talk about another offensive linemen that contemplated suicide. Because of his sexuality and in his choice of being a homosexual man in a locker room playing in the NFL and you know the with a worries of the consequences of the repercussions of this teammates found out in company suicidal to Milli so he's like he's papers saying what. You are making this atmosphere for gay men are homosexual on the plane NFL very typical to. To become true to themselves why he adds dopey just seen Anderson you know in Atlanta where she had JC had a reports who Michael Sam shot in there and slim has the sound because when garrison adjoining area. This is pretty simple here when you look at it. This is a team that's trying to justify this question by asking hate. We wanna see how they respond to things however when you lump that in with questions like does your mother sell herself that and obviously comes with a negative connotation that being gay or just being called gay is a negative. Sosa dispersant B five shore but more importantly like Dan said this person needs to be placed in front of the camera and asked the question why do you think it's a negative to be gay because it's people like this who are keeping twelve and fifteen and seventeen year old kids. Mostly boys or interest in sports in the closet for longer it's people like this who are pressing the question or pressing the point of gay is soft and gay is not welcoming gay is not strong minded. And those are Drake keeping people in the closet for longer their kids out there having to make this decision between choosing a career in sports. And being their true selves imagine how difficult that decision is about to how unfair it is for everybody. It kept me in the closet until I was 31 while I was pursuing my career in sports. It kept people like Ryan Callahan former NFL lineman in the closet and thinking about suicide. Before he thought about coming out. So think about those things when you ask these questions and you're just trying to make your football team better because your making life worse for a whole heck of a lot of people. And it's a whole heck of a lot of people who do not have anybody in your league to relate to because they're too afraid to come out. Partially because of people like you. Look we we found out Jeff Ireland was the guy. And I mean it's very possible we find out the guy this time around you know who asked that question but. Man I I I so badly want and now they wanna. What I know the guy. And I guess the reason that I could look it it it's it's such a disgrace OK. The port though that I had the reason that I think it's probably harder for kids sit there and get asked the prostitute question is because you know it's one thing to be able to stand up for yourself my game now mechanic. My most what is. You know I feel like it's a lot different for you to defend yourself but you can't defend yourself the bears some unseasonably. Mother's sudden like a delicate reacting to you and your year with the mother the typing your saying that's defending yourself is what Israel saying. Without probable. Rational person everything everything is real sense spending yourself they and again accusation implies that there are some negative connotation to being a day at that got implies. That that is a defensive recognition that there isn't wrong beat processor and an is illegally being gay is not illegal being a processor is a lead but that's the point the point is that it's. If you imagine. Did you just say. As me my mom was so I can't believe it did you choose. Are you for it or not. Kids sit there the question that they ask just sit there are not the guy I don't get a chance and reinvestment dollars in US open the New York Giants have the most like he's in a slightly as human value happen what would happen. What happened in this can't OK. He was asked these questions. He punched the executives sitting on either side the desk. We found out that questioning got intense kid on seeks all on draft a bull and then and then the next day. We found out he punched that guy because he asks of his mother's a ho then what's our reaction. Because you're gonna say you know he can't control his emotions on the football field he's going to be the one that's going to be getting for a flagrant fouls is going to be in the when he ejected and the games can be a stretch in your team and organization. It is and ought to handle himself one being put in front of I guess it's there would there be media or anybody who's who's asking him questions trying to get him going or how would another player talk trash to him ready game and Audi react. You can't read or can't batters company because they say something to you don't like that a bit the record controlled so I wanna see one. The person looks like because I wanna know who the man is. Who is totally OK with ask indicated. It is Moses huh 00 I don't know who the man hours leader questions about all one and yet they're set up you know we saw mobile assault bulls or. Or it's weird it's like they're gonna tell you okay you're walking down the street and you have a bad. A gun or knife and there's another person on the other side of the street is attempting to harm you. What are you experts like to question Leo at questions are right answers don't know which is that the what would what would be your method. Of self defense and and there's a pair goes like if you're walking your dog or like in just a totally go loose. All over the rank because it's that evaluation is so intense. The stores 200 or 300 something questions and in the New York giant one and it's it's insane that you're sitting their taken in a value a site evaluation for. Hours on an answering questions it's usually silly he's doesn't seem attractive at all when you look at the leaked and you look at who's made it into the lean. And who has played in the league I mean it doesn't. It it's not as if we have a legal guys you. Don't have any issues with temperaments a war that you don't have any off the field issue is or that these Sega valuations in any way weed out some of these. The majority beat these guys I mean we we have all sorts of issues that players. In the NFL on always happened so what is the purpose of this is clearly is it doing the job I mean what tell me what good player. Is it drafted it was a great source player aeration and yet like edge exactly but it you know tell me what great player who's greats. Is in drafted because he didn't answer the question is your mother a prostitute in the manner in which the team. Very drafted but it's about a couple teams passed on and that may be wouldn't have you know they don't like a couple questions I came up. And I would lie and I would and I'd be curious to know what teams of actually passed based on you know those sorts of questions on a really good. I just like I understand what you're saying that we need to know these questions and no easy answer because we're investing a lot of money and you. The NBA doesn't do this yanked Jonathan do this MLB doesn't do this they're not investing a lot of money in in their tropics at top of its sports are investing. Guaranteeing money in those draft picks a guy you invest that money in any turned out to be alone. Don't you get now I understand you're talking to recoup all the money but. All the other sports they don't do this and all the money is guaranteed. It's just highly ineffective way to evaluate these guys a dozen others it doesn't work and it's incredibly funds. And a lot of sports like do you have anybody that's going off they handled you have John human cells and other sports do you have Jonathan Martin's that are in other sports. Recruits. The do you have these guys and others. Do have brought you guys down there spores have substance abuse problems in domestic violence problems and in any in who. You know they're the best teammate and on reminding you that MBA players would you know having guns at the facility and having breakdowns. In the locker rooms and whatnot I mean it's not just exclusive info on a lot more players in football don't forget one reason football. Always to looks worse I think than for example the NBA buy it you do have these problems are out all sports awards. Still outrageous the homosexual clash since there is your mother hole questioning know the guy is as an executive was totally cool asking me to hit those questions. And then goes home to his wife and Stanley and and and the wives like gala videos go to NASA gives moms. Amendment pledged their cultural bigger questions is as my guess is as on what point is that player gonna react and how severe is this reaction going to be. And that's said that the build. Bill base that answer his answer on that one question in the try to make it look like that's always going to be operating. Five years from now he sees that you're sitting there talking to a kid who's 2223 years old 21 years old asking him of his mom's whole. Whereas in a designer are essential right a job interview he's great he's he's b.'s head you know I mean just got out of a locker room with a much younger kids other kids who are. For that matter not mature enough to handle question whatsoever what's worse answer and got a when he asks are you homosexual is a guy saying yes or getting mad about being asked which source. I would. You may be is probably regarding your drive and out of turn around and said why you shop and right now. Grassley. Sent an army like when you're asking me out yes turnaround. Just for Veronica. See what he would do which is so like what's worst answer these executives are hoping not to get. The Internet being yes or reacting to knowing or being an assault on my next question are looking at pupils are looking at body so we get sold light. Portal plans to build the people who defends this sort of thing I say that the whole purpose of it is what Romberg saying is Jesper to elicit a reaction. And so the people who defended this sort of question would tell you that the worst dancer is the reaction. Not saying yes. Now the problem with that analysis is is that turned reality and that's why this question I don't know noting problematic. And not to an end discriminatory. Yeah I don't know that it's true reality. Neruda and that's a bit. Oh. You know look at this year's toll hall of Famer that's right it's that time again who's gonna join Brian wind doors Heath Bell Jeffrey Loria. Staying in the raptors by Amber's thinking. Not your. Senators missions to our show email morning Joseph the ticket money dot com each week or in a pickle weekly winner that when he gets did you know gift certificates of Florida lumber. And then in May and all of ten and nominees for the 2018 class and the inductees. We'll get a 500 dollar gift certificates of water lumber when he eighteen tool we call in selection brought to buy four lumber. Point 719 FM 14 point three HD tootsie itself. You know I had a buddy who who who text me on Friday was pissed of the Jarvis wintry trade real yeah. It and I feel like Felix the reactions kind of split I think adding some fans understand it. I think other fans are angry. Now was he angry about more than what they got returner is he just angry generally for the dolphins didn't offer him more than thirteen thirteen and a half which reportedly they offered him. What I got return. Today and compensation and the cubs or Sox managed there's no one there there's no way to stay in that now if you wind up getting something. In free agency starting today because he had the extra money as can make you feel better if your golf van it will make you feel a lot better OK why compensation. On the surface is getting a fourth round pick. I mean he he. He does have the NFL record for receptions in the first four years. And only got was a fourth and seven okay like the compensation. Stinks Brady was a franchise tag player raid a bush who was going to make sixteen this year alone I mean that has everything to do with not being able to get the compensation back. Selling big guy that you have on four year contract here's one of the best players in complete. Lord needed difference then. That in this situation you Billy Traber teams you can afford to low at some point offer him at some point very soon offer and the very long term contract and it it can't work out a long term contract with them are on the hook for sixteen million the CEO. I mean but that's the that's the same fur for any. You know like if your strong rate up free agents I mean to be the same situation team's only gonna sign and is going to be a fit in and to cap space. Ray but then there there's a guarantee that there editors got to get ball. If you're working an as a free agent you're able CU. Work it out and such a way that you had those conversations before he comes to your team right so that once the guys coming to your team you know he's down to assign at what ever your deal with Buick what ever. Price tag it's got to work with your cap wit in the browns' situation I mean they're somewhat of a gamble on their heart rate may egg they understand they would've made the trade probably they didn't have such conversations with its agent. A shot or not the same thing is negotiating with a free agent. I'm sure they did though especially in the dolphins let the agent a couple weeks ago talked and what they want like I'm I'm sure they all but hatched outs. The deal that they're going to sign him to. I mean from what I was reading there's only the really certain teams they could even have these conversations with adult sentence because of the situation Whitley Andrea because the fact that they knew to be on the hook for sixteen million dollars a seat and there's so many teams that had a had a cap space to hide. Something to trade from what I understand it's. The compensation stinks okay there there's there's no two ways about it I understand that being a disappointments. But the dolphins probably look at it we're saying hey we're gets salary cap space we think that we can replace him to be to hand. And they and they also get a fourth round pick this year and seven this next year they also get a fourth round pick this year. That's essentially the compensation. That they would have gotten if they released him. It is let him walk is a free agent like they're essentially getting the compensatory pick they would have gotten to begin tag him at the franchise tag. So. Here's the thing here's the way that I am I rationalized it. Yesterday as my my body was just all that's all we got was the fourth and seven that has the trail why is key and that that's light and reported seventh. And as a doesn't know what we've done this before where. All the are doing with what he did which obviously injury is. We support teams operate okay. Now let's singling good players Coca stars is obviously good player all right let's say it's Smart to let good players got. If you are operating like a successful franchise in Europe really successful business okay you place a value on your personnel. And when your personnel is playing. Although. You know the value that you planned them on the plane of all of their contract also. A great opportunity to be successful TV got as many guys possible were playing a bald. They're current contract. You don't want them Hamels so. When he's performing below his contract. You love paying guys who were performing above you don't want hey guys who are performing below. And tourists Landry is going to performed below war. The contract that he winds up signing with Cleveland Browns what the dolphins are doing and may hurt them short term it's how they'd better without drugs and without Jarvis entry but they better without drivers Landry spending that money in other places maybe. Maybe. And as far as the compensation. That they got for jars Landry. The dolphins can know we're only able to get a fourth and seventh round pick for joy obviously entry okay and I mean I I couldn't leave. In the weeks leading up to. This past Friday the dolphins fans out there who are expecting a first or second pick I couldn't believe me get a clue as to win this whole thing works. It the dolphins were only able to get a fourth. And seventh round pick for drivers Landry. Kind of validate. Them not wanting to hate him like a top receiver. Ultimately get a support it and a seventh. And kind of validate August let me ask. Top receivers know I mean throw things at me if you want okay Antonio Brown who room Julio Jones. The Andrei Hopkins. AJ green yeah. If any of those guys. Were all under contract if any of those guys were available for trade the wage obviously entry was available for trade. You feel like they're getting more than 47 down. For them all right in the same situation with the franchise tag an advantage team ready you know money Leo that that the team does let's leverage is you know is not gone back and not lock or am I mean not that obviously. Does this I believe that and more about it not happen leveraged as you know he's not coming back and tell locker room if you know it if it at Pittsburgh Steelers say we all want Antonio Brown anymore. And have teens lighting up. And it's unit offers you the best value your train into why the old enough leverage did you know that I'll bring them back if they're too. It into ground was available. And you know for fat is in writing that Patrick Stewart not bring them back communal for a fact teens still lining up and trying to offer you the battered. Any other team is offering to you could trade trade for him. So why the whole leverage C sock went back. Welding Amy's saying terrorists enters Antonio Brown once once drugs to those guys out US is like a top receiver yes you want to be paid not here I mean and turning Iran obviously hustle points it yet I don't think anybody thinks that landry's eyes there is a little particular Eli Hopkins wants to do you guys see pay he wants to be paid as a as a top ten receiver and and fine and he and he's this seems like he's going to get paid as as a top tandem in the browns do we assume. We assume the browns are probably going to be a team to do that. But I do think the you have to consider the situation that's not as cut and dry as what people give give up stuff for Antonio Brown I mean the situation. Regarding only injury has everything to do with us as well grade and M I mean you are talking about. A situation with the dolphins where maybe other teams don't feel like he's had the opportunity becoming an injury browns or maybe they feel like they can get on an iBook but they haven't seen it. Either I mean it's not yes it beatle lining up for a receiver like Antonio Brown yellow and if you cannot you got an opportunity steel lot. More from Antonio Brown of course and you have. Yeah a lot more though eating you get a lot more than the fourth and seventh hitting a lot of team around everything you do around later and there's only entry I'm looking Alex statistical data are now and looking at the wide receiving corps that's going in 2018. Based off a lesser statistics. Dervis Landry is not even in the top does jump thirty some not a joke it's ridiculous or shall we have our receivers Mike Evans is ahead of him every other Marcy are Benjamin is ahead of. It's not your run numbers are advocacy is the most receptions and only. Some of these are even leaning or right it's silly do you think that his yards per carry were what that was affected by whom he had around in my esteem. And not so much by him and using that it because he was able to make those recessions that have the bosnians and if you had about our situation around them do you believe that and you believe that our slander to be a lot better than me. Have a better situation probably still is on the league leaders. In the OS you forgot to ahead of him. We heard so penny ahead of him they also have you know they also a lot of guys ahead of him Goodman's at a company that's developing Parker is even listed any evidence exists. It the dolphins. Well last fall and it's been forever since solvents and had a tight end is worth a damn the outlets had a tight end is worth anything. Charms and catch and under balls no when not the same patterns. He's running the same round and patterns ultimately begin in the ball the other guys get a good tight end Tom but I can honestly here's the move this is why because you're not going to be sending you have Josh chord I was and it's up in Cleveland right. That your guy that Dutch that your number one by receivers a couple other ones that are going to be there that that are you know our our role players but for the most part you need another wonders here it's gonna compare with your Josh Gordon just like what should have happened here is your Dovonte Parker should have been your judge Gordon and obviously now the Landry situation those would have been your two dynamic duo. Islanders osu and Cleveland. Injured you wanna pair that with a freshly newly drafted. My guess are they going to be taking a quarterback or no. All go to court back at what they've won four of us take a quarterback with the second first round pick in the first on the may take them though the running back right which I think he's probably the move a man running backs that early but when their special special. Notes that the public to take the running back. I'm more on this plus Amber's got a headlines next.