ZRA Part 2 3-13-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, March 13th

The Koobs, Tool of the Week, Make Marino King of the Dolphins


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And I think as surging into loyalty it elevenths card show it's the guys the shipping container ports at. This Thursday from two to 5 PM meeting the shipping container bracket challenge. Pick which of the deer is your favorite. The winning beer is going to be announced they're national champs you can re launched our rights so check them out this Thursday. And tap room looking in the heart of Winwood beat their 2 PM on Thursday the limits are shipping container and and set an idea someone a four point three HD Tuesday. Check them unless her lawyer. I was gonna cost nine dollars lettuce or is it lawyer takes calling lawyers may mean. Now take. Michael what is his taking I'd take it is that resemble what factors are. Scum of the planet and that they're not they all right it's here he is a vet and speak. He paved lawyer's mind GO. Because of course everyone hates the lawyer until they need one. Which everyone needs a lawyer sometime around so this is the move is to insult lawyer as well you were also were hiring lawyers to help deal. Hiring lawyers to take on your problems and make them and their problems. But I guess Dan hired lawyers. Over a trademark issue for his last and and then that guy who owned the trademark shows it to the event and as I would like to use my trademark it with the lawyers which of course. The lawyers can't do that sort of yeah accents with how that client's direction and I'm got season this is okay you mean it's such nonsense of those guys blaming his lawyers. Believe it yelling to cease and desist okay from the sky who. Coins made in Miami it's a trademark celebs are entries Hague has an unmarked he would take it down. And and you know he lost money like you put a couple thousand dollars into the stuff that he had made so audio and champion of dollar toilets limited down obviously can't do you can't do. And the guy showed up the events. On around Levitt's hard taking a picture hey I'm the guy who you know he's always mania meant Miami kind of picked their best. It is true. Got to take our. And the guy says it was the lawyers I would heavily use it was fine hundreds. Texans that Texans and Eagles possession like Amy com on your lawyers are doing to an Italian here. Can send us holes and I and paying a lawyer Paul Sawyer it's not taking a picture of Maine and like Austria 2000 dollars but this is the new and I mean it happens it happens Simien and my law practice and do you blame the lawyers happens all the time to view if you practiced and you're law and your. Move by an attack and good for dad's old heightened implying that clients and pay there. Probably Google and find out whose trademark. Campground Miami their proudly we absolutely it's public record but. They ran as a chance and a thousand dollars 790 Mae and gave money contest suggest they go a thousand bucks tax credits credits. To 72881. That. Right now it's your chance take on the thousand box if you don't win get a chance X our national contest message in Derrick may apply don't text and drive. Speeds WE XY AM South Miami and WS advanced HD true. Jeremiah. You take on as a lawyer you take on other people's problems and then you often shoulder the blame for it which is what Dan is doing there. And believe me Mac. Eight birdies and believe at the results as a result and insulted all lawyers and unsettle lawyers are money hungry and then proceeded to. Dis invite all lawyers to his events he has banned all lawyers for his events. And I tell you I you I. My goal and a lawyer free zoning out beyond the. I tell yeah I. Would absolutely. We love to show up on Thursday. Is the how awkward would that be it was shipping container couldn't let me into the events then it would ruin DM told planned to keep the lawyers out I'm not here. Not here and there is an out of town other guys are definitely dress up party. Brutal damsel anti lawyer take any heat fell to the Portland trailblazers won fifteen to 99. We you have banana and it'll keep movement. Own whenever you guys texting each other during this now. Give him movement let's go slam. Slam on the tax stream. With the other lawyer in salt Goran Dragic 23 points just is wins while fifteen points thirteen rebounds Dwyane Wade and has signed missed that game. It's just when slightly excited even Indians game last night I just watched the a lot of people that's been about it. Good good a lot of guys a lot of people on social media allowed people really excited about Owens Utley. I trust that shot down alike don't know how. Army out guys say into an edited two plus years I'd say it's we. Okay the result let's not present like forty Vorbis that is some is some great number it's great for him. We're number 7303. You're talking about yes that's excellent yes that's yes it is I mean look he shoots his three's higher than you can Diawara. But it is amazing it is is next I tell you I saw like a six month USA you cool video our attorney teaser at this. It was. And I don't I don't. Maybe was a plan stable. Eyes you know follow around this kids I assume they're his kids oh is merely creepy then Lauren has. The Bucs beat the grizzlies won 212103. Which means the heat are now eight in the east. The Florida Panthers fell to the Ottawa Senators tried to hurry. Jeff Darlington is reporting that the dolphins are going to cut and comic and see you. It's part of a culture change what I'm quotes. That will likely become official on Wednesday. Armando sub arrows describing the team chemistry as a bad Ian toxic in the Miami Herald. Almighty god acts tactic simply refer gut tell you guys this yes you could review or I'd definitely lives down here and you know how I know why OK you know and why. Last summer. Okay my son to my son has basketball camp my my older one he does bank every diners break I guess spring break coming up resume Nassau camp any time is rated as basketball camp. And so he did basketball camp it was either over or win yeah he was over the summary is summer spring last year he comes home okay. And he's got an autograph on the issue on the side of the ship. Our goal what the hell is that. Now the secret that he wears every day but what the hell is that. Mazzola a guy who used to play for the heat's he you know use use at the this guy he's lived and he tees MI are able who is six Camry the signature. My guard who has and he couldn't remember the name. On man you really Carolinians. And easily now but he played for the heats and completed some guy it was only the you know try out the team in. You know spring and in training camp would never made it team clearly a pre season game he goes around town he would lately he'd senate. So so now annoyed like I got an award is who else like my son sue. Obnoxious. Signing the issue. I come to find out is Kuby Diawara. And and maybe even angrier they Yakhouba Diawara. Sign my son sneaker. Threat and he's got the hell out of here pretty include I lost that day right off icicle rabbits. Right idea. Are sort of like this guy. Admiral I vote against him don't wanna look at Jamal players shining. I'm not see. Billion them rattle my son's every day sneaker well battle here are some serious privilege and I hit sneaker is most can never now. Do you have any professional athlete dying anything right that's what this kid right here anymore and those kids are writes kids Lenny autograph as. Syrians privilege or in your own washing off the otter raping her national athletes now folly to video on soda at the coops. As follows yes. I do wanna guess actually okay how many followers does he have is the active guys who pleasures the act. Fairly active yet fairly active Kellogg's have been only counting on for. Alex have been a member or what its wealth can earn it. How many followers out it's where followers is former Miami for your cool buck Diawara have. 900. No way. I'm go I'm going. 8000 wall would know dizzy and 8000. Integrity of the gestured Zorn here. The I would think. Also other cities at 7000 I would think Robert is are there he he played on the way to do it a leader and yet there yeah. And 6600 reports wore respect all the little X respectable. Unkind. As a composite that the grooves will probably like a pen on a big story and it's all very content. I are you discuss that sombrero is reporting the team chemistry as batted toxic so exciting to Miami dog dolphins. Did a Miami Herald also goes on to say. It's not right or fair to say see it was a bad apple. But in 2015. He is about apple knowing the dolphins' only relate to him in 2016 got pattern in 2017 he worked words being better still. But at his course you is about CO so maybe he'll sign it interesting that now we're hearing. This kind of believe about Ndamukong Suh like we herded about our slander as way out there like we heard a huge I understand I guess it is interesting that. All the sudden that the Miami Herald is all over wires. Conveniently always reporting when these players on the way out to that these guys and bad apples in the locker room anybody else find that in on dolphins league opens click. Wolf first personal. The super stuff. Is it necessarily in the week we went through Wald is when I mean it's really anti ladies and all that right which is what you know here those years ago that's. That's ridiculous do what we know who Suez this this stuff isn't new but as far as Ari bleeping liar as far as this stuff coming out right now. Yeah we we we know why that's happening the dolphins are trying to win the PR battle here. OK the two biggest names on their team you could argue or leg injury in serial. The only other guy you would argue is there is Cameron what OK so arguably the two biggest names are or sue. And and injury and Alliedsignal up because you complain a year okay. And so of course on the dolphins get rid of those guys. Yeah they're gonna try and you'll see it in money wanna garbage I you know that stuff is gonna start to come out. It did use that in the locker room day in fighting only about me. Yes that's gonna come out and how to make more of it and especially when the SuSE becomes official tomorrow is officially release okay. So not that surprising given you any closer because the law to get to as far as dominance it was going to be released tomorrow and appears in and wanna talk about IE any housing and. It's over is officially released Lawrence Timmons Julius Thomas it's Pete is officially set to be released on Wednesday though team and and that's how mine do was talk. All right Ndamukong Suh is going to be released soon appear. We got that for you next. And. Since that bracket process couldn't fix it hysteria caught on its economic dot com right out restaurant directors. The neatest house it's Amber's wrapping ourselves well. To sit it out twenty skip part every round and a grand prize of a man came party for tenants when peaks Davey. Twin peaks of Syria is also brought by. Located in the heart Winwood played twin peaks hoops hysteria now at the ticket money dot com are a wanna get we gotta do to all the week co pays or give you a few minutes here to get on board. Fort packet tickets for an outcome in Miami Heat home game to the winner today so you wanna get him for two all the week 7863600790. We roll take you are nominees here you know how works and you couple minutes again on board. You can also text in the shell 67974. Primary battle there's a case began Ndamukong Suh was going to be released tomorrow it would appear. And any lesson. You know I remember who the national writer was but somebody had it in the middle of season a couple of okay Jason lock on for a not so he had in the middle of season that the dolphins were. Strongly considering. That the ownership was was done with Ndamukong Suh and we're gonna move all. Ideally was boy it was Rossi Ross is to be resolved on them that the only edit were done and and local reporters were. At and that's not true loss. Succumbed Parra yet asylum defect and I saw osu and wake over Ross's New York event that he did its business expo. From both of them suited and booted sitting at the table at Ross this thing but it's kind of weird now. Don't Ross obviously created this whole thing at the beginning in the middle of the season by basically saying he's he's he's cutting his losses with the investment you know but. On the whole is that's who's sitting at the table doing another investment possibly with a so that's countries. How is sexier robbery your nose tackles beastie draws double team and every place over quiet Ian joined giving gifts to Dalton's office employees is character references worn off it. Seems media line coach and linebacker coach be able to scheme a sack on every play and Ross looks like trailer park trash apparent about. When you make that. I think it's giant lead faults. Yeah he's probably very good player and we know is very good player. But again if you're if you're not. Jelling with the guys that you're working with their playing next to it doesn't really matter how awesome you are if you don't the other back of that the ten other guys that are on the football field which I don't see him as a big team guy. You know I see Ndamukong knowing that he's been the best thing since sliced bread for a long time now at his position and he he has a little bit of an entitlement tomb which he deserves. But I don't see him a team guy you know I mean other than the fact that maybe a one time when Keiko basically decapitated Flacco. And then the big big offensive lineman came in you know a reddish red Keiko and inning commend comic and try to go ahead and protect them by. I just I just don't see. The camaraderie. That you would have with the younger player than dominance who might be tutoring time. I thinks it was a great look he's great auto analyst thinks it was a great guy. To have on your team when you re a win if you're a team that not any good at the dolphins are not any good. You can't have Ndamukong Suh whose whose team guy he's a guy but that's OK if you got a great team you can't having Donna considerable. Take up all that money on year kappa. On a team that isn't in a position to once is an is as a mix is that they can't have endowment and seriously can't have that contract is as an ex. You know putting dom consume. On a team you know adopted soup can be me first guy on a great team. Also endorsed they are there but he but this team seems to be a situation. Or at least what coach wants. They they want guys who are going to be able to it's it's a man enters and younger guys who are going to be what do you know become an extension of the coach and what he wants. I mean it is like long John Douglas a couple of football OK I mean extension of the coach and dominance is an eccentric and dominance it. Although he added a great relationship with Stephen Ross. I don't know why we're now entertaining it dries me a little bit crazy thing to dom can c.'s been a great player for the dolphins you know he's been he's been great on the steam heat and spit it dries real crazy that we do this now to these guys that on their way out I mean not the dolphins move this sort of leak this stuff to Miami Herald and then how to run these guys names through the dirt on their way out and I just don't series and warrant in this case. Usually here's what happens in the locker room when it comes to guys that are really good that are veterans that know how to win know how to do things not a bill championships. Not a go ahead and you know talk about the we know during the patriots again but. They bring guys along with them in order to achieve greatness the good guys in the locker room the veterans the bigger guys the big names guys that are making money. Bring guys with them whether you wanna do the Peyton Manning who were grabbing Reggie Wayne wide receivers off of their chairs that are sitting around. Texting and looking at social media their lockers and saying let's go watch some film. The good guys the great ones will bring them along with them because they don't want to be as bad as the weakest link they wanna make everybody good. I don't see Ndamukong is the guy that wants to make everybody good with a Ndamukong local by himself and go watch film. They received really good you can have guys like that the team's not good EE. Net in hurts yelled. We haven't had any problems down here since maybe 2015 we haven't any problems and here in years with pal Ndamukong Suh is as a teammate it never sitting here discussing this like he's a cancer in the locker room. And that's because the dolphins sleet the snow Miami Herald which they've now done with the re best players on the doll I mean obviously I'm cancer in Italy and a guy. He answered ads are I mean he's they're saying he's a me first guy a mighty sue cares about CU at his core and their. Back to talking about what happened in 2015. With. Lets her out his responsibility isn't isn't to get everyone else on the team involved that's why I'm trying to say that if the team is really coated. Ndamukong Suh is perfect okay but it eighteen isn't good. And it got a bunch of young guys who are impressionable. Ndamukong Suh may not be the best guy taking a ball that money in that locker. It's similar in those speed is speed it's the money it's got nothing to do with. Ndamukong sue in the locker room or Madonna into is helping younger guy it's it's dumb money it's the contract was just keep it there. That is the data reasons true that's an easy reason period like that is the reason to visually there's no reason that then go in and have this other conversation about these guys it's nonsense is a dolphins don't want to pay him period that's it and and I don't have a problem with that. But we don't need to go write his name through the mud in the process he's been a great player for the office I'm getting tired of doing this is reviewing us all the good. Players on this team on their way out enemy come on now this is a third guy that we're doing this to. Whether it's funny is when this all came out menacing he has some clips from. So here as peace does he shut down the lock in for report when he was so adamant and leave all that erroneous and men in as strong word of uneasy right and in this piece is talking about how. Well this report came from a year ago and have more sense but now everybody in the building who didn't like sue loves him now. So now they don't a lot of now praise about this all gets because. Months ago the organization was telling. The reporters that none oh he's changed China we like how the Dolly it's who's behaving but because now. Yeah had a bad season which really had nothing do with the knowledge of CIL quarterback went out to the biggest reasons by far why war. 99% of the reasons that are getting rid of and Donna conceal. Money losing. To. Everything else want present. Nine Emerson the reason is money was. And what is the purpose of having this converse what is the purpose of trying to create this narrative both of others out of light cams Thailand can tell you're trying to do but I don't think you need to do that with your fans I think your fans understand that this situation that the teams in the don't want to hit that contract I don't think you matter. And you get any and all you know Sammy is though it's much criticized some bands dumping lots of work. I don't think the fans at this point are believing the dolphins like no break OK of course stage Isaak yeah as you know was problematic in the locker Jarvis the landry's problem I don't I don't really resume is problematic in the locker room I'm probably not working for Santa. Each ice usually a little bit differently and still and so for a guy who's cheap and productive and carry due to the playoffs the year before that. People still turned on him and then document that's on the LP ought to guess that is the right way everybody who was seven with him yet that's why do your thing get out and Alec now it's not working now it's gotten old. It's a two week we'll get back this. It's time for it too easy to love the week brought you portal lumbered through fifteen years for. It's service quality and experience of homeowners in South Florida to visit the web site today for a number dot com and see why they are more than just lumber. Keep sending in your nominees for to a recall of Famer in the books are open OK we we. We are taking your your nominees for the 2018 hole fame induction of Bill Simmons was last week but it tends finalist Bill Simmons is the first finalist first of ten. To send those morning showed its again Miami dot com but you know goes every Tuesday this time. Give you cancer has told a week. And we'll while relied you wanna get in 78636007. Ideally it's easier a four pack of tickets. Who's seen upcoming heat home game let's start things off here with Adam Adam go ahead and he got. I go man Tom I wanna nominee my friend are you now. And I he met this girl. And you know he's like he wanted to look up weather and then each count she comes back with plastic wrap. And he wrapped consult with plastic wrapping up with there which I don't. As towns listen is this terrible when it was a duty calls I ended year. There it clearly we call you just what recalls how would you go on there. Not only is it a true story. This is just terrible aren't paying your friend. I don't call him innovative. Things absolutely doing all right I got around there are hardly bat I ask are you here tie yeah Obama can answer yes or Iraq. Boom done so booty call on the theaters and it came out ninety's. T fox college tennis in turn and it took a fox. From the hole might get through labor fruit and a land scandal with a million always funny. Here's hobby hobby glad he got. Well good morning amber of the war you were in good morning. I am leg bag wouldn't great anyway 12 named Pia and wet in all a bit over. I don't know all. I. Did it. If you're banner that all we know that we're not gonna witnessed people Morgan nick named year and appear as all great. Yet that cook it I knew we weren't pop. I hear you and because you're not well. Kanye used are you still with a girlfriend. When you want to add the girl friends like I should iron. I older I. Nor did it act that would let an outlook hair and I voted no not who. Anyway get or deliver. It's like being under oath when you call our show. You have until it is really is all right that's hobby let's hear from Xavier he's got a chance Scott had. I'm Dora right to nominate to Miami Dolphins. Turns out attributed to the Florida Marlins would fire sale you now opted in premier rock that looks like a Portuguese QB BOU Colbert yards right now. Man and you would raise that up it's neither right. Outlook report triggered ultimately the tie here in Manhattan on Xavier hang on here's Kevin Kennedy got god. And Barack. Are. You redo number wondering is integrated JJ I give him a super boring. To. Yet we're all new guys that are here that we've got new years don't let them units it out and not having any ball the National Anthem. Very good eyes go a lot of playing the dolphins this morning along yeah. So all its behalf and wondering this because I was wondering there was not on a backlash going on because if you look at what was going on with the Marlins in the oldest medal in Atlanta let's let's let's let's dinner whether it's a delivers a man. Out of the funny and Mimi but out on Twitter yesterday with the Marlins then it's the Spider-Man. And it looking at himself. And says Marlins and our fans looking on the south concern in the same spot. Let's give let me an opportunity here let me go ahead oh local time and hey I'll I did and it's gonna let. And I don't doubt Beckham. Stupidest program. At a BM. Who has Adams aren't built back about a third oh Beckham out. I'm sorry browser is in the grammar yeah it was I think it was me I would hang out at being caught out and put yourself in that. Predicament. I have a funny thing on their Oregon I'd so here are nominees are rights we the friends who uses the plastic guys contraception. We got dolphins fan is not effective but it dolphins fans who are giving up their stand them because the team got rid of lay injury and and sue. We had adult franchise. We got because they're becoming the Marlins we get Stephen loss for the recent string of moves that he is allowing. And we it'll tell Beckham for the situation on on instead grand possible drug use and paraphernalia. Emery. Violate these dolphins nominees I'm not gonna go with the dolphins fans that now that it's their fault so much also beat there are some derby Kansas they're given up on the team now announcing they're actually giving up on the team I like Stephen Ross is an owner generally. I'm gonna go with the franchise. Itself. On getting rid of all these guys robbery an hour in which they're doing it now I'm frustrated with us. I can academic engineer totally samarra to go with. What's going Rossi via Boca Tobin god ropes. You go with Stephen Ross okay dongle with undone with a dolphin fans were given up there. Their stand him because team got rid of drugs Landry who played all of one playoff game in his career so far. But does matter not enough votes the winner today is Kevin Kevin nominated Stephen Ross Kevin you and for packet to its. To an upcoming heat home game how you look at. I'd hang on and our information okay. There you go. And he said in here are nominees that's 118 to the whole theme. To morning showed ticket money dot com we continue with the dolphins and on the consume conversation next. I'm coming out. Angela match. Pretty good right I'd feel free nothing about so I feel about. Pros and release a single off that album few days ago I have not heard some different you know I know right. Allen stood I'm getting guess it's sounds a lot like what doesn't it's a little while ago once. And I knew we got a new song out Zune library. So long zoo. Rumor and yeah. Lou. I know I agreements I am interest Sid but I don't I don't know I just. I had enough good the last album oh yeah yeah I've liked every out make it now now I don't legacy is much is you know other albums by yes I'd I'd like every one of their out. Do you think there's there's an album they can release that you wouldn't play or do you think that you just like them so much that you which is automatic like. No I'm I'm waiting for that day it's going to happen eventually that they make an album nice night and I think stinks now that's definitely going to talk to not have. Cooper examines logo today you to move were did they just hack my phone and get an album in the so bad. For them by the righty album it's a worsening and no answer and garbage I don't like every time you plug your phone and every time Harrell who. Get in your vehicle and automatically turns it on and it makes you go through your speaker you sue silver Heidi figurative. I don't know my technologically savvy did and I don't know you see my post on FaceBook and barely known on their on. You get text in the show's 67 ninths import no need to disparage sue his name when he has that fat ass contract. I do think there are the reason the dolphins are doing this the reared trying to get that PR battle is because. I do think that they are all I'm guessing the reaction there are dolphin fans. Who cannot fathom. Getting rid of Jarvis Landry and and Donna consider. Honest about why am I do you think that dolphin fans. Can understand if you oppose it in a way that is a lot more truthful by the way where this contract is just far too big for the state of this team find okay the what you did was wrong with that. When Jimmy hey you know what we're giving our beings our brains bashed in by the digits every single year. We don't wanna pay a ton of money for Jarvis Landry and elegance do. Pay it wasn't working and we needed different approach it wasn't working these guys are going to take up too much cap space which you can only do the party in a winning place but we're not this isn't working word not winning anything as currently constructed. We need to make some notes I think fans. Are reasonable enough to understand that to an extent I do I don't think you'd then need to go also trash the guy in the locker room it just. It just feels like a weird move to me that were doing this again third guy in a row third best. Later in Iraq I just fun and awkward that ever single time you wanna face the juggernaut that is the patriots. All five offensive linemen are making ceremony is one guy on the defensive line from the minute for for the Miami Dolphins you know obviously it could kind of structure that kind of used to her game where a team repaid repeatedly goes to the Super Bowl. But the starting five offensive linemen that really only need to take care McDonald ensue are making the same amount of money as the one guy that they're facing a cross from. I assume the contractors at ten down three years ago San a team that law I think eligible for his habit he remembered that river here. Though as it was Dennis the key was at all yet he knows me here is the guy at the press has been a member Tannenbaum was kind of in the background is like an advisor. To Stephen Ross. Used like he adds the Ross here and everybody kind nearly ten obamas get ready to swoop in because Ross who wanted to make of XYH the toilet bowl he always adult. Looks Ian Ross has never been natural pain in the big money for the free agency and any. The owner that's why don't agree likely to meet him tool that we don't agree without an all people are very unfair Steven Ross now he needs to do a better job hyperion. The people and they need to do a better job doing their jobs. Rate like this would be more and Tina bombed to mean. Then all I don't I don't Stan Ross I and an owner who's willing to pay 100 is willing to spend money on an on a state he won an owner. Who's willing to do the things that Stephen Ross is done. I want the guys in the position of running the team to run the team batter here it's not Stephen Ross to me I am. It's a fair question to ask what would agree with the moves don't make. OK I would not catch on his injury I certainly one of captain Matt price I think in Donna consume you can't you can pay a tackle. And he could be the best tackle weak which you may yard many years. You can pay a tackle that's. If your team that's in a position to win right now the dog is not even close to being that okay. And and tackle it's not a green your position I can't you can't pay that money. If it's not one of the four preen your positions in the league in defensive tackle is not one of those positions so. I'm I. Hate the moves the dolphins are making. What I don't I don't trust my tan and I'll make him move make decisions on it there's no evidence from his time here. Can't from his time with the jets. There's no evidence that Mike Tannenbaum as someone who who's going to be able to. To bring this franchise. Opt out from when their time and no evidence animates island wrong yeah action was officially vice president football ops out bub before they get sued god Daniel then that there because I was gonna say. You don't know what happened or is it what would happen if the dolphins had to do this culture change subjects gold chain so it's and trying to tell you that it tight that it identical to changes okay. What what would happen. If if the dolphins awards come out if Tannenbaum what do come out and say listen. The contract it's too much money we'd rather spend the money on several different places we've got to be better for team why many say that and that's your answer there. The reason he can't say it's because he also gain that makes him look about as. He also give back on it real well. And so it takes so let me the player who is one of the best players in the NFL and has been doing a great job for us let's make him. Terrible instead of just taking responsibility for why we're in the situation which has nothing to do with how that player that's why lock I into a winning what. Unabom dead and giving him Idaho that's why can't say it might eat you know Mike this white people don't people reason people get frustrated I think fans get frustrated with Stephen Ross. I had and a bit unfairly raising that the reason that they get frustrated with him is like when is he had a bomb on the hot seat brightly maybe he's a loyal to you when we talked about this before coaches. Maybe he's loyal to a fault. There's no reason atrocity and bounced going to be able to get this thing gone there's no evidence mr. Ross his firing people if there's a whole thing when he kept reshuffling power. And it was like to justify paying he should go to Ireland are our four man these weight loyalty we. Listen if I mean there's something to be said for that in the sense that you're coming to work for an orderly Stephen Ross. Then you feel secure in doing that great I mean you do want your employees to feel. Like there might be some security in terms of attracting people to come work for years so that could be a good strategy in terms of attracting. Good talent to come work for you in your front office. But it backfires in these situations were yapping your hanging on for too long. It's it's walking that fine line of making people want to work for you is an owner because your loyal because you'll spend money. Because they feel like they have some semblance of job security. And at the same time not hanging on too long where it. Mortgages that the future your teen. That's your answer them. As to why they they have to do this whole PR thing with culture change and trying to smear and a guy. Cool who is on its way out that's that's your answer would still. Because the reason we know he 99% of the reason that they're getting we're having sonic and so is the money and losing okay. And you can't come out and be honest about the money part because you gave him the money. Can't do. I mean you can do it but it just requires you to a humble yourself and doing that if you're can't bombing obviously he's not ninety obviously rather run on these guys. Names through the mud. We keeps and is there a time there's a problem with the front office we know what the solution is. Mickey talk and a culture change really happens as you want the coaches how Marino so many Marino the head of football already. It's enough. They they they they Spartan in the last time I went to put this dummy tandem bomb in charge make it Marino. I write to drop insults man on this and I am confident now I'm not I'm opt out of its and a variety. I'll based citadel Marino in the first place he's got a good relation without engage you clearly want to make sure the out of this thing works out. Make Marino the guy he's been waiting for it ever would just hanging out there just for kicks and giggles oh. And. What's rightfully his he wants to I don't know you die I have no idea that man I have not only wants the word how much memory you know they O'Donnell is there on about it. Being handsome Dan Marino. Block these aside and seems like a lot of work. Look letting go of players who perform below. Their contract is not a bad thing our rights. Jaw muscle injury from here on out is going to perform below his contract whenever he's gonna sign with Ndamukong Suh performs below his contract noise greats okay. Getting rid of players who performed below their contract is is not a bad thing it's not bad business these interest and. I like these an eye on any problem at all with these with these new I don't like how they're handling this may have. He's your removing the whole. Business and personal aspect of it you know removing a guy from an organization or team. It it it's a business when you would try to put his name out there that he was a cancer policy becomes a little bit of a person honest man just be honest about it the contract period each and give them not contact Amber's got you headlines next.