ZRA Part 2 3-16-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, March 16th

Flub Friday, Tool HOF nominee, New keyboard for Roms


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Did not flub it all. It was Susan and who's not afloat. What now components to a so. I don't like is she cabaret this is a Chicago Chicago yes is it Leila Chicago you're glioma in my in my only loyalist a lunar landing is spinning is technically what's called the young very young bones. Leo I love Mike let's say the name on the oil link to lay old Loyola taleo Le C I could have gone to school there. Loyola. My oil Loyola. Illinois the dumb name for school his car. Don't Drew Brees there are Dwyane lately another player neither of them. Tim Tebow has been cut the next Madonna back O'Dell Beckham junior Portland drills of the trailblazers are just is Winslow. And delete delete an organizational clothes and no organizational. Go hmmm go home to attend they. Another jet. Are we doing are beings of breeds bash on big debris field against James all craft beer brewing brewed and knowing straight losses. Technologically savvy at all the time teens eat eat eat you up. I have been I have been more I had I had been I have thought that the serious yeah. And send them. What did well yeah no. I don't wanna see. Maybe. Plump Bryant who has yet to hammer usually historic putts are once again how dare you don't feel that's what. He represented we'll do. You get sex in the Johnny organizers dry get paid big bucks and I'm here I'm here for yield and your your listening pleasure. Heated sexson Michelle 67974. When he TV has chance 1000 bucks right now your chance at a thousand dollars the top of every hour to 798 Maine and gave money contest your chance take on a thousand bucks and I got to deal. Is Texan norte zone ZO and he attacks that. This 72881. And that's your chance to win it you don't win this time in excess it's up the next hour to national contests message and Garrett may apply don't Texan drive. He speaks W he had. KM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. York Miami Hurricanes got stabbed right are losing to eleventh seed. That team that I couldn't say it's name in love Friday Loyola Chicago. He'll fit 604062. Last night here is what it's out of my. Talk. It's a loyal. Now. Now with duplicate. The complete. Miami has moved well. You could payments beginning and gonna come we only from terror and the five. We do that on. It's and I don't I don't like that call I think. I think we are I think we're a little too excited. I think we're a little too excited there I think you got to sell them more bombed out when he got it all yeah. I was a boy Jose that was egg acting. It shows he read the money here again I don't I do agree that I think I think we're a little too fired Brian by relentless critic Lou let's hear again put. On the. It's more loyal. Now. Bit depleted. Our picnic. Clearly influenced world war. Loads are excited I think. Natalie get. Donnie look at that city is actually excited I don't know that anyone loves hurricanes outside of players and Joe's exactly okay boys are right. Was that called sounds too excited as as the Blair had that's not yeah I I think. I think I think when that happens you do on the radio call like it is that the proper calls take off headsets and slammed on the ground. That's a Jersey yankees Tahoe jones' Jersey and he's not gonna go on this the the sad town whose leg was a frantic panic of how it's going but the ultimate good. And how exciting was the free throw missing is riddled balancing Alter what. All the you. More exciting ms. McDougall we had some ligaments Google. Isn't a shot a thousand all around the on the you know that's that's a sudden panic is you know it is about to go very poorly and yeah yeah. On the. I Haywood the panic or the excitement during the actual play but then I feel like right after. Loyola made that basket but then maybe that's known should change still a little less excited about the fact that they do is defeat at the end I managed to do it that way. It's it's the war so way to lose it was sick and in McCain's worthy team that got March Madness dock right up the you know what yesterday. Where they lose at the buzzer on a long story you're going against a double digit seed team no it was not three quarter court length. And and you're left you can't it is left to staring at the TV and most helpless feeling okay. That never happens in football is very rare okay that it happens in football where. You know it's sudden death sudden death loss is very rare in football. But I don't have them and hockey of course and and the rare situation that happens in March Madness begins even if it happens in a regular NBA game means the you know in the end your season and okay. Those like when the Panthers went to see you know and tocchet was tripped game OK game six at our calendars. And the Al underscored overtime in game six involves a new season is over okay when you you better than the hours and you need the islanders. That series but in the blink an entire season is over your left staring at the television that's what yesterday once where. A game that McCain's gives a better Mets seemed McCain's played so pour. Down the stretch yesterday. It is it there was volley after volley after all leagues it's like. Torre McCain's last four possessions not counting the free throw at the end when when they were fouled. Three of the fort possession before that took one to hit a jumper which which gave Miami the lead and the other three possessions San switching that shot. Turnovers we're triple off leg which is handing the ball off the big man in the paint. Oh it was Lonnie walkers haven't bowled dribbled office knew he had a balanced. And then Lonnie walker misses the Brito the first and the one who won the most exciting missed free throw and you ever heard in your entire life. And and the kids deserved so hard to lose that game they did it. You can't you can't stand to watch that game things he deserved when he didn't do dessert you sold hard deserve to lose that game and he did and you lost in the worst way possible. Cain's deserved all of yesterday they cannot serve when I gave him. Here's Larranaga after the game. The first thing is I put these guys did a great job this year. When we started the season we had five freshmen and four sophomores. Only one senior. Those are very young group just to make it to the big dance until it was a tremendous accomplishment. Secondly we lost perhaps our best player in Bruce brown midway through the ACC grace which made it even more challenging. To finish as high as we did in the season and make them. They didn't. Know course are group wrote a little direct. Block days in these grizzled look like camp. Look cans and I season. Overall it's disappointing I understand brown was out our rights but you know business it's also McCain's team that. May and you got your hopes up at the sort of the year. And you know they they they flame down a big way in the middle of season they finished pretty strong okay. But one and done to disappoint no matter what over all. Or are you lose in sleep I don't think so I don't think and the any realistic canes and had any high above. Envision that this current did this version of the hurricanes. Was gonna make any type run in this tournament having a lot of people probably when we talked about yesterday we do we say that McCain's one and done. I'm sure we talked about the Wanda and I didn't they're gonna draw at least one more round and you've agonizing. I think I thought we all had them going in skew it one more round I thought we had them winning this game anomalies. Well now I've filled my brat under that let its Arctic night I'd pick oil love a big load of you know the more you you have a guy at Nellis and I don't know it's that's really good. None has called by you I'll I don't wanna do that I'm just trying to be I didn't have a Arizona here to debtors are. I think at Arizona gone like this I had to go to the elite eight actually meets who men's bracket busted sorry. I have yet certain thirteenth seed buffalo blue Al fourth seed Arizona 89 to sixty you know you don't have to be sorry because. Everyone had Arizona are right I just I'm so yeah I know that feeling of having your bracket buster now I don't hear about it. 08 a year you're making me crazy the first round of the NC internment. Yet the thirteen beat the alarms and stun your bracket to more valuable racquet god Boston when the thirteenth seed advanced all you didn't have the number fourteen winning please tell me more about your bracket getting Boston and how frustrating that is what is the first time you've never filled out a bracket. Hate that person. Really seriously singled over the merger now and everybody's probably aware what happened here in South Florida yesterday because. It's all over national media this morning about the why you bridge collapsing on eighth street and moral mine. They're saying that. It's a possible accelerated construction. Is one of the main causes because apparently this is what. Senator rubio put out on his social media accounts saying that. The cables that were suspending the bridge. Needed to be tightened and apparently yesterday they were tightening the cables. Which caused the bridge to collapse and I don't know if you've seen. The bridge but there was a bunch of seating area that was going across that bridge like people were hanging out. Or or encouraged to hang out and we do homework can and socialize. And then I can you imagine being one of the cars that may be just got past it or came to a screeching halt. Feet from a cold high all the people from a view I saw people posting on social. Media that I I just went on this bridge ten minutes ago 66 now all of them have been have been reported dead but as busy as that. Area is I don't know if you've ever driven by a fight your personal its mobile urges. Campuses I've ever seen in my life it's massive and in the amount of students that are there is is astronomical. But there always is people crossing from the school on the other side H street to go to like a little shopping area for food stuff and and it if only six. Rate now mornings it's one of those scenarios where there should have been a lot more people on that bridge or underneath that bridge. If it's only six of those. For use on spring break app I use on spring break I'll ask what does I think yeah that's why it wasn't as populated as it could have been so I think. I think we're probably gonna find out the most those dust were from people under the bridge you described footage they're playing apparently wasn't mideast people on the bridge or not because I use on spring break this week. There was it was horrific and everybody everywhere I went last night yesterday they had they had all over the place. There was. Bruce I mean everyone was I mean I was at the at the hospital yesterday and he amp. At people I mean that's where I first heard about it the people who were working there were talking about it in my in my role in the international most of the national news. It's really sad you know it's really military. They're not going to be able to get a lot of these garlic a lot of these cars are and what they're they're not even able to move anything Reynoso. Nasty man ever really awful. There awful okay backed US ports hear the Florida Panthers set up the Boston Berlin is the reason yesterday. Melanie has I saw you here I'm Diana wrote an amber port. Goals let me ask you some a year where do we are we always have at some point in the show to dig deep pot cats. But another know your cats can't their profile because I I think Dow's best of the seniors campaign Toronto. Well I mean that's that's not my area Nazi you know I would did you put the word in to the bosses that we got a real eager correspondent tell what have you spoken with key Izzy and having a notre cats profile forest struggled via its you know its citizens at some production could. Pretty good. He's got an enemy or that smack habit somehow right. Joyner at 46. Saves like I had last he was he was standing on his head weren't true start of long Logan overcrowded. That I got some pretty good good. Two points primer. Old team gets. That thing. Said the news syrup thing was going to be two points primer you don't know anybody. I know a lot to us yesterday you wouldn't believe don't talk yeah lots of periods. On talked yesterday. Touvier it's. The Manny. And close out their road trip tonight against Los Angeles Lakers tip opera staple senators up for 10:30 PM that means coverage begins rate here in 78 updated 9:30 PM with exact blows my meat pregame shows that is back in the saddle. You notice. Are you rested up for tonight because you have taken about a week off will. Your job let me you know that could talk to me early afternoon after getting actual fan all right so let's the son jumped the gun the Alessio the nap goes and hopefully the dawn good. You know let's be RS crew RA and we'll see CO palace. Wade and wait tighter out tonight's. The dolphins made big changes to our own line yesterday might pounds see was released he declined to take a pay cut all of he. Told the Palm Beach post that quote unquote I gave this city everything I had I'm heartbroken. Already treated first Centre Daniel Kilgore from the 49ers he was the 23 ranked center. By pro football focus pounce he was 27. Yeah and Anna and I think he even you know just important more talk and run blocking. Kilgore was middle of the pack and right now just thirty what you look at a lot of the. Teams got to the 2018 schedule the dates have really come out yet but but you know keynesian policy planks a lot of teams sometimes like to. Could facilitate due to the size you could see to it Kilgore looks got a big lower body so he might be a little more of a road grader type of senator. As opposed what counts he accelerated and that was like a lot of polling in single blocking so. Seeing guys like Jackson for Jacksonville and a lot of vikings guys you're got a couple good defensive tackles Johnson and Joseph over Minnesota and according to a few other teams that are going to be playing in Green Bay and Oakland and Tennessee there's some really stellar topped one in defense of tackles on those teams so. It's going to be pretty imperative that you have a good center that would move the ball line of scrimmage a little bit just decree some holes. Amber your winning every guy anything else because I I do wanna get into adulthood so their they are remaking this offensive line and and we give offensive line expert in the house you don't Toby knows a lot about run blocking and and pass blocking so you got blocked the anything else amber. 39 year old John Denney is a dolphin once again ultimately and that's how. Stealing checks and steal cash I'd dolphins continue to make moves and it's raid yesterday that's next. It. It's. Amber's theme song right here hammered joining us Sarasota this morning. He thought I mean just days. Against the tests done she dog bit down she's hanging out with us in Sarasota today said he sounds a bit different you understand why. The museums that element echo looks like the out now they they built her studio. In the little eyes as holes are cavernous Nia who of course those certain radio. Hall. W doubles and radio wing. Yeah. And museum after every game on the ticket sirens Alexis has improved camera by its post game shell have you covered complete wrap up of the heat's win tonight at the lakers. That's lexis and Subaru that reply it's always an amazing deal wants my champion four by four sampler someone chief truck. Tennessee because his agent -- gonna champion for X board dot com and also by AJ Winwood brewery in tap room Roger Wakefield chilly do you see it wasn't a list adhered to said. Brewery and tap room located in the heart of Winwood sides against what the name of the place was Jim Wakefield in Ari. Peter to this afternoon of course at the scud missiles Joe's sister got to be okay as Diego listening post and that's that. Such. And income. Fun. Was it did anybody go I mean I was really help lawyers showed up and auto Peter you are editing of the picture. That was that I got the picture of that no lawyers signs or you're talking armament. No lawyers weren't allowed in fact you were shamed if they they they tried to smoke out the lawyers who might run would go on stage for the music relaxing and the Buchanan was lawyers were out did they were outed by people in the crowd and then they were ousted from the event really equity stone it was like gladiator. Wow how funny without have been invited and Adam is a well but they've done look at they have done there and lettuce and tomato you have to scored to put the assertions though it has no idea it would have been like William Wallace being escorted to the stage and brave fought it thrown all content. You have the assets on eleven to 790 on 790 crime in Canada fecal matter. Now on and you got to show our managers discussing. But even yelling freedom as they're yes they're you know they're guys you know in opening their house coats and chicken or feels terrible about terrible. I would not have been happening Romberg. Trained sir soon yeah and as resident users who were mixed in two things jump on a William Wallace she's talking about sir seen chain Nia. I'm originally two episodes of nine. And how much do you celebrate our new wants. Wasn't. Buyers are mentally is more nuanced. Jim bones. Sir she's way I. Certainly is the game a bonus event very. Yeah and walk the same is not her only nude scene in game bone exactly yeah. She's she's featured so let me tell you here we got to all the week OK we're taking nominees for the toll calls into when he eighteen tool we call fame. And every Friday leading up to that we have we have ten weeks were sort of take isn't it may. Every Friday we are announcing a finalist for tool we called Damon last week was the first finals of Bill Simmons. And we gave that person a fifty dollar gift cards one element grand prize the actual inductees. Is going to get a 500. Dollar gift card courtesy of Florida lumber. And right now is time to tell you another. 2018 told week's final so yeah our rights hands. That's finalists in the winner the winner OK yeah dollar. At this. Week is may get dole now has he is go by me Galley is have a last name Jesus Miguel. Well I don't feel it don't put duels in the business out there about it but me yelled nominated. This nominee OK I will be here pride so. Me gal he gets the gift card for nominating. This. Finalist. For the 2018 tool the week hall of fame. And we will speak his name. Full ride. Oh. Oh. It is 82018. Tool of the week hall of fame finalists. He is a finalist to be in that state gas sand. That's right. Talk about a 305 you're out there doing championship party for the patriots. How they're doing champs and celebrations of the cavaliers and when you're cavs Jersey that's as fake ass fans it gets. You wanna do for the money that's why can't they answer jobless front but he can't go about talking a whole team there you know I don't team. That's a it's one the other it is not both they are mutually exclusive. So float right is joining Bill Simmons as a tool called fame finalist. For the year two when he nineties it's save once again this week. This week close vote yeah this week lows vote you don't worry get eight more chances for your yankees. To be a tool week hall of fame finalist. Speaking of yankees and type on the keyboard. It's a big daddy runs got hammered wireless mouse. And wireless keyboard brand new plus excellent at this morning. Whoa how'd it would have worked. From our from our company wonder how how did that happen you one day you complain about the keyboard one time on air and all of a sudden. You have a brand new keyboard stood up well I don't complaining about the keyboard for two years Annie nobody done another about. Wireless so little awareness shaking and it does all the classic on does I just peeled off went to town and those revenue one day. Wonder now process pat. KUBP. Out that's right you and he beat me. Amber gets the brunt of the my guess they complaints by. She is she she gets it from the bosses rock Robert doesn't rob it's nothing Robert and yet spoken to okay. And I I rarely get asked to do stuff. Hamburg gets it the most from the losses and sees it's in here complaining about the equipment Romberg it to him one time. To just mention that the equipment saw yesterday. And he walks in this morning and he's got a brand new starters. Don't mean I'm just such a computer savvy and technologically inclined individual I know exactly what it takes have a good keyboard and good mounts. I mean it's amazing is that keyboard has been stuck and the end of the number four he has been stuck in the down position for probably about a year and a half and politeness on the no when he what LeRoy in eastern whom ever that for what brought you on that board. Paulie here how good that's how long. Some are flowing hair. And the longer it's smooth doesn't locker enough and it. Wow. And your work done here in order. To hit me my best. Kept. Movies you know strong arms over what they are encouraged. To be grossed out ordered returned on my car. Shout out must do list. Rapid fire Ron this music might be how they keyboard guy sticking to begin with. Point. You know you're you're such a jerk Romberg OK so let me he tell you some and so yesterday. Sometime in in the afternoon late afternoon. Romberg was that Flanagan and pine crest OK and had a I notice I don't know rob is a flag in the blank rescuing their way through it would yesterday. The wife and kid. Hope he with your family not right so robberies that flank leaves and pine crest and had a I know this because B as an old friend of mine a high school friend of mine is general manager now. At the planning in him and binders my friend Armando okay. And he sent me a message. Yesterday afternoon saying hey you know run dog in the house and I'm like oh weariness and playing in spite Grossman. Result gold gold tones on the edit that I you know that I told you sale I'll tell nadir in my friend you know Thomas goes up. And I'm I'm being told now. That you remember your response and was always on being told now amber. That roberts' response to my friend going up them insane hey you know mom I'm friends is as those on to myself. That rom is a sponsor him was that he left that my friend and said. Does he think he's famous or something. What do you. Maybe this guy atomic and we showed him mutual friends. And rob Roberts responded to elaborate as they say does that look he's famous or some in the but he didn't tell you his opening liner Moses opening line. How does that look element commodity insane that Pelham you know me. Ka. We chuckle as on the best introduction and then my response was like he's very mrs. open. That's Cowell went down now I think he I think he left out he looked out his his initial hello. Come. I was supposed to come over here and tell you that I knows as low forced him right. Move. He left that off the table that me. Did he did he at least eighty disabling drinkers some then to bring some on the house's which was awkward and this and not even a desert are some that aren't at that meal deal know what's the meal deal. Actually the way that the real deal it's when you get baked potato and you get drink the big cup. I believe it because I know I got me a salad I got the salad salad which is a nice garden so with a leg on it and had a chicken on the top of the. That is that is funny osu he came up to UN said is as low told me. Introduced myself and then your response was to laugh and says it does he think he's famous or some open. Yeah he was like. A zone's ultimate come up it's and I and many egos make sure. That I tell you that I know you. That I don't answer why the mailing of an ultimatum or some then. You know go do this nobody knows Oslo. Is like high school as we had in BN's Rhonda amendment's right and that's right. And turn her. I dolphins remake that offensive line we get that next. Daniel analyst Sawyer because that's what worries get to that extreme on the ticket money dot com or even on radio dot com and Adam. Spirit South Florida you can hear us right any game as well my. Things up tonight Sony is a listen. In the 8 o'clock hour. You'll all at 8 o'clock guilt another chance when a thousand bucks a case to make sure losing at eight that's seventy man came money contest. So. It's too we have official word on what actually took place with. Mike hound C. Because. Seemingly out of nowhere yesterday. That all is very obviously have a plan okay. You may not like the plan. And the plan has some decisions that are clearly difficult. But they have a plan trust and I don't see any reason to trust him and now you know. The only successive U wanna call it. Mike Tannenbaum has had. As soon. General manager and I Anderson is not actually Jim and his team he's he's VP of real football operations unit soon saying the only success that my Ted Adams had in this type of position. When he was general manager of the jets the team made BAC changed game. Two years in row. But let's not pretend like they win nine games each of those seasons okay support of some world beaters and they got the EC title game. And they lost on the home field they won nine games each of those years that wildcard team managed to make a run okayed that that has less to do with what Mike Tannenbaum is doing more to do with the guys on the field maybe it will be a coach and from Rex Ryan as well. So he has not had eight on a success. Mike Tannenbaum I don't trust. But what you like the play or not they clearly do have and that's why I'm asking yesterday it comes as a surprise. That might account seed is out the clock is a good move. Why should this couple years ago. Okay what went county still may have had a little bit of value once you have had even the the inkling that he may not be healthy the remainder of his career. And how C apparently. The first was pals ask for his release. But then you'll also get comments. From Mike hound CI I don't back. I don't like the way that they misled that is the first in the came out we ourselves asks for release point yes r.'s police Weis is heartbroken. Well because he probably went to the table after them trying to go and lower salary mowers until I die given you guys having a deposit I've given you my hips and giving you my my my health my future I did everything to this team I've I'd haven't missed the game I've done gone above and beyond. I kept my mouth shut during all of the whole bully gate. Scenario if you don't everything. Like Mike Mike knows a lot when your team guy Mike's been a lot more. Aware of what people have been put in to the media and so and on top of that he's always been a guy that raises players and coaches stands behind ten to know what everybody and trying to coach so I. I feel like yeah are you become a deal with the trade one eyed in the face of your franchise. And I've been sitting on the table for you guys but when you're gonna come to me it doesn't take a pay cut. Like I don't think that's fair I had doubled I understand the hawk pro accountable lighted the gas for his release that is very true. Well that was rubbish after the leader presses it was it was going to be granted the mean. It's it's event that that's that's just the first word that got out it doesn't mean that they first came to him and said hey Mike. Played her this amount or you know. Maybe it was one of those deals away it's like they come to on to renegotiate yet he he doesn't want to restructure. And you know based on how low with a number was that they wanted him to go to maybe silly boy amaze what is released me. But B that's what that means he's asked for his release probably there's a double. They called his bluff. You call his bluff will then he was using his negotiation tactic and are like who watch this in one got a guy from 49ers. Well they knew that the government foreigners is gonna become available because they did before now has made that exciting and remember the other thing that happened because the other big miners do that peace total or they saw two. An extension. My dog is. I understand why did they sign in neat what these poor guys are going they're going well they're going in because it just gave Jimmy grapple law keep the money. So this is not sort of those things where there at a division right now the Seahawks are fallen apart. The rams are going all in civic good telecast back up they've been out of it for a little baby right. But beauty of that with the dolphins live don't forget they were hoping that they are gonna get rid of chew on James or find a taker for JaJuan James. There was stated they couldn't find a true they found favorable there's not a market for tackles with wave money's going for tackles right now so then you have to make a choice repaid JaJuan James and my topsy both nine million dollars apiece and allied sucks. So they found a replacement for policy at a cheaper price Angela James had to keep. Yet the guy that they got for him they they traded a seventh round pick for this guy and the niners seventh round pick. And he's gonna make almost half. Half of what counts he was going to make this year he is also started 39 of the last 41 games are right so it's a guy who stays healthy. If you wanna go by it what the 49ers set in their press release when they signed into an extension last month he's been a team captain and they love him OK and he loves so it's a locker room kind of guy. They have AD spoke. Very highly of him when he signed into that deal last month and now they also signed this guard from Chicago this Josh citizens they have. They have remade its offensive line while at the same time. Keeping their two best tackle the two tackles and probably their two best offensive line and in console and James so they've remade this offensive line. Essentially the interior part of the offers a lighted completely remade and I am wholly good would then moving on from bouncy yelled. Is CNET county Goodyear last year it's completely misleading. It's completely misleading. That that's a low cover you are greeting him on. To say that he had a good year because he played cassettes they do it like a city at Goodyear because he was healthy because he played for them and and that's a local our ills ago practice he LA commuters are able to data that is ought. That is low expectations that a guy had a good year because he actually played football. Because as far as how we actually played. And Greeks want what it was one little yellow ball eats when he seventh overall as far as starting centers and thirtieth overall. Run block I mean he he did ask you and all this guy kill or is not light years better than I am yeah is better. He's cheaper NEC's healthy original. I think the fact adjusted as well basically for Green Bay over to us. Over to the brown about the browns there are story. He's playing like oh great in south football. North slope and Alec brother used to running the ball so he's obviously a bigger body got a nice big barrel on the front room. Let me ask some shopping might lose some weight but let me ask them and they're look they're looking at a gore to move the pile. Look how much do you Smart ass when I say it is OK but as far as the center position is concerned. Does it make sense to pay senator ton of money. I'm not trying to be Smart ass. We know it makes sense to pay a left tackle lot of money and probably make sense to pay right tackle a lot of money does it make sense yet to pay your senator a ton of money it makes sense still yeah yes. You know those that did it depends on the offense and running but. It's receiving Bryant's armored don't know because I thought about this along time ago because if you look at the intellectual part of the game. Must saying that center's back in the day. Weren't Smart but if you look at what's been going on in terms of identification with the fences and the complexity of things and how now you're dealing with multi. Facet of quarterbacks that can run and throw the football. So you're always gonna have check with mes in what I mean by that is you're going into the huddle with multiple please call sometimes it's too running plays and passing play. And on top of that the senate to be able to go to the line of scrimmage. Identified the defensive front that they're facing and let's be honest they're never standing still also that is always gonna change as well so you're not having got. Only identified the defense which is what the quarterbacks normally did back in the day. In terms of where there throwing the football over there running the football but now the senator is almost acting as if he was the quarterback in terms of what plays are going to be run. And now this is where you can go ahead and dumb the rest of the offense of lying down because that's centers one called this the war all the the center makes which is the identification of the defense. And the blocking scheme that he's telling the guards. Always working with. That becomes the whole. What's gonna happen in the next I. As it is very important here your years on the among senators very very well known for its. Thirteen fourteen million dollars a year important like like I to tackle. A book I'll put it this way they're paying now senators. What quarterbacks were making certain quarterbacks were making. Like like durable Mark Brunell back in Jackson by the date when mark real showbiz checked for the week was 375000. Dollars that's what summer's are making their Mark Knowles like Macon who grew money. Most us the way you talked about offensive lines has gotten worse source from critics are getting horrible so if you find good ones you need that they're getting paid like the guarded Jacksonville's is cut thirteen milieu. I don't get as much to do with offensive lines or horrible I I think it's that defense is defense of years ago and bigger and stronger and faster. And offensive lineman. Always these active it's only gonna be so fast and so quick they're always gonna be effective it's. So I I think that has more to do and and the dolphins ones being terrible and it does seem that. And his love like bounce of the there's a guy and I was raised more than about higher power hitters don't work man like eventually. You can invest that much money into a guy who at any moment is gonna stop working he can't wait until the bottom falls out we talked about the Saturday you can't. Wait until completely falls out and I don't this is a proactive move but again. And you know like people Iverson thing or talk about practice. You need. Your offensive lineman to be healthy enough to practice with you. You need to basically simulate everything that's going to be going on and gain or do you ask any of the guys the hardest part of football is a preparation. The Sundays the fund that's like that's when you're drawn out just let your hair on fire and just going out having a great time it applying everything that you learned throughout the week. The hard part is the stuff that goes on during the week. Though the identifications are practicing the banging the president Khaled brings the workouts. And you're usually doing that which are starting guys and if you're not able to have your starting center who you're responsible for. I identifying everything in making all those calls if you're getting those calls during the week and also getting them on Sunday. It's a total different gay man right total different game. I and I am very hard time. Nine. I'm very hard time if you will with someone who doesn't understand the golf Megan's moat. I AEA he can't you can't get senate let me tell you like my county you don't see him go he was a very good soldier whose team for a long time but. How could you disagree with this move all right coming up next. Want you here on the show this is not happened a while and it's it's got to be sent. What are your suspect her. Penn wanna you guys on the show. I suspect. Primary concern your suspect. I'm always concerned themselves. So when you concern you don't suspect. Mean Philip whatever it is it's always my fault so yeah I mean I don't know maybe amber are you concerned that you are suspect. Nods never mean never suspect Walt wanna view is suspect. And judges as a as an open a scorer next.