ZRA Part 2 3-8-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, March 8th

Brutal NBA refs, Suh done?, How does Jarvis Landry situation playout?


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That in my mind. They right now caller number five a contests line at 786534079. You insatiable for packer tickets Stevie Nicks. India's every hour this morning a few of them. And we get so many action tickets mr. candles amigos Fuller or booted there. Always Millen from doesn't mean it's maybe maybe they forgot they had them in the news just announce it just take them mad bombers to do it try to set off will take. So right now caller number five gets a four pack for he and nick sets on March 21. And of course coming up about a manner so here we be chance 1000 dollars meet you guys at Thomas's reaction after the crooked finished. Of the lakers and magic last night magic yet means that it did named him an opportunity the end of the game to try and get a shot off. And all job by the officials as it comes Christmas a team that won the lakers. But Dennis you've been playing basketball and you were located Washington if you ever seen game end like that game and did. A story of how things. There with the cola that would whatever the case review I'm. The explanation was that if there's a clock malfunction after brutally jump ball we. I mean sex with a minute and a good road. He's had cents a suggests songs of the massacre of six U socks for the magic better you than me maybe now in in in. Yeah the magic losing is really when. OK you know always teams out there they won the lottery balls. The magic you know magic Sam probably bet said. And likes the game that they lose but can blame someone else write what they weren't trying to leers yes they get to blame someone. It's your fault we lost the world came with losing. The ball out again the degree night or not I don't know. I antagonize and lighting it up herbs and he had his big game down here against thinks cell. Good yeah I mean has been doing what he did it to sauce. Iran as a chance to thousand dollars it's a 790 Mankato money contest you can't take home thousand box every top of the hour. Texan border Ringo rain at two of those. Rain to 72881. And you register OK I don't have any now if you don't want it if you don't win this time you're next chances at the top the next hour to national contests message parents may apply don't Texan drive. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami and W as advanced HD true. Current market. So that you. Isn't that more often when there's bad caught the game like hey what are you Selig and we are lucky. You know I was Exxon. Screw around it's like yeah you know did you foul leveling out on now I am irons the replay it now he did you found this out you can call it looks that they missed that. More often I want what's happened. That's gonna happen. In any deal like your honesty half album melody in golf. I want blaming. As I tell us not letting you know since the since that he did just us process or might just took it to the woodshed and now you siamese so Harlem zone or yankees this is about it when he won the other night. Ought. Manes dragon action tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers. Tip off from American Airlines is set for 7:30 PM that means as Lou gets you started great parents 79 the ticket at 6:30 PM at the Miami Heat pre game show. Wayne Ellington is listed as probable for tonight's game. Do we we don't surprise students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas hi Matt on a Wednesday unmanned there is no media present but there's now been a lot of videos circulating the Internet for student cal ran into. Had a cellphone every he would. As in the cafeteria like you would look like it's hundred tickets and there's really cool. He went to some class terms to we spoke in front of the students it is. Very good work I Dwyane Wade the students very much appreciated his presence there do we have any dream we'd sound Tobin and I. It was okay. Yeah I've been back in the and and I think it. It is regularly is the rig blew up on this thing very few minutes and vivid. Okay. Two and doing had them on scripture is on yesterday non. News. He was very constantly they're not even turn ons community into annoyed me class with Dwyane Wade. Well is that guy in fashion he was so fashionable. He if you don't know you don't NN we're gonna get couldn't. Think they definitely could be fashion forward and unscrew jays on yesterday revenue yeah men put women's here a lot of that a lot of guys do that. A lesser cool well. Via demonstrators. Designer frames talk about the frames man. Gary had any sort of Mateo. And gust is a really good and some people. I did not amounts I told this before. I am. I feel a feeling vows if I was one way of all the guy like that to know do cool soft like yesterday like. And like it's it's got to be very fulfilling for Dwyane also he's doing a Great Dane he's doing something nice for all these fuel it's also got to be very. Personally fulfilling you know you always do something Mike that. You always say this but you large Jonathan's I'll get the hell out a year. You don't think there's any. School are students that you could show what you GCC flashes championship ring lot of young Jewish broadcast is up there and look him up humor my alma mater brutal North Miami beat you know and maybe there's some maybe there's an annuity Miami Beach that I do any you know he's sports broadcasters and you could go inspire those kids. Or maybe you show up to Connecticut school broadcasting and everyone goes crazy and students take out their cell phones and girls are screen men. Or maybe you just generally you know do some grunt charity work cannot do for all the glory the praise and you know headline. When you don't like you Rhode goad you don't serve the homeless. Just as you'd be an honest person when he doesn't do it for the headline had he known pat yeah if you don't hear about it than on duty that. What year I doubt about it I don't know I figure I hear about it that's I'm on doing what you think I should never won an apron in the life. On the Ontario. That's not say that's not true it's not true argued and show you works zoo is mandatory in high scooter community yes yes right hander got. I wanna go on. It is just winked. Yeah. I get terrible state of Florida Panthers host the Montreal Canadian space not from BB India set for 7:30 PM Souza hasn't not attend the games. We for the game ethnic. Rate is can be flawed that's just one building calling it outbid Viacom color and I already got him modules stinks got it I get those points man. Yeah also in Canada in war but you brick floor. The hand curse was an amber I don't know if you were asking me if you honestly I lose my favorite NHL team I grew up. Always a Montreal Canadians spent but then when hockey town USA. Detroit Red Wings were crazy dude with you know eyes are men and chelios and I'd drink for you name it the whole crew they have there and I think they went back to back from Chicago I'm mistaken the whole big Colorado the jumped on the bandwagon all over and then I would get 25 big Macs because there were 99 cents Meehan to buddies and we talk all the big Macs on the way to the game all the time as we cross over the border McDonald's so expensive in Canada aegis. Foreman it's only go get mcdonalds super cheap in the US so muted 25 big Macs and a white pickup trucks side by side by side and head over to the red ring games. Is it does better in Canada almost better overseas waiter. Way lions and it tastes totally different so much different catch up in foreign countries get to number one casino mimic it to Turkey differ ketchup. In a different quality of beef we have a higher standard of people whether it has the past but you know you have USDA inspection grade. One candidate is another great and it's a both what the actual US credence. Drummond Montreal I don't mean wanna go to McDonald's and not in and eating fast food on Montreal. I do make sure that I go by Harvey's ponies and multilateral murder hobbies is so good gets your fast food but like. And now I hope Harvey's assumed that it herbs like McDonald's and when. What I studied tape because they studied in France and high school and when I was there about summer. I was high schooler so we ended up doing things like going to McDonald's and it was more expensive over there but still wasn't a missile cheaper than most things are worse. And man it was so much better. They should weigh different happens is just like a total different. Did you go to the McDonald's on the shelves and he's a wanna get a downstairs and I studied in and diss on Nona Paris blew my mind. I think that's really started the whole you can order on the screen. Before even get to the front a you know stand in line or your food this is this is I think where it actually started was was in Europe was the going in and ordering on on a screen like an iPad screen and you can wait for your food gets on you. And I remember the first time that I saw one of those you know touch screen soda is all. 950 euros is hell. I just. Not easier now still blow my mind that my dad actually came back to the table and sat down with that I can't that's there's so let's there's all that there's so much so and that machine can do is there's so many drinks that they IR TIC and their and they got a Coke I don't get it man I'm. Are instances I am ardidi apps that stereotypical woman in the sense that I can never make a decision about what I wanna eater terrain Gergen and so I don't mean Alice it was a pleasant way to match. Stick so much. When he hurricanes play their first ACC tourney game today against North Carolina tipoff is at 9 PM. Is that that he wanted to see endorsing North Carolina just after the just beat them in that court shot. Relative or an eye on. After beating stared here's what I'd I'd wanna see them I don't wanna see them again immediately I would rather see this as usual site forests and Newton Simon they're there in Charlotte on day. Right and this obviously it's pretty happy but at least Sonny hill there at least a plant in Chapel Hill I'll hang but the canes won there OK so lucky. Yeah you have to go to UN CNET go to duke. Probably Virginia or you know one of those two teams Dugard Virginia if you wanna get. To the. Coral Gables. Neutral. Yet no don't be extremely beneficial. That's on the with a minute we're gonna take its way to getting a North Carolina tonight and then they'll play the winner tomorrow they'll play the winner of duke Notre Dame which is right for. Miami new seats not if you want to see the on the other side of the AC bracket as you VA so. A unit together UNC and then duke and you BAC got to play all three teams potentially. The bridge water. Let cord judge. Three quarter length. Three quarter length court shot it's a pretty easy. Without Hillary corner. Let's court's job. It was just over the three point line on their front court. The bridge water. My poor shots. It's so it sounds so more broadcasters should do that. Based patient embellish. They should tell you marks I want makes it more exciting okay. And end and held down his terms not mine around and then after the game like ABC dot if you wanna watch the highlights later on like man. Really went down the way the Jozy described. But I sure. As you know sometimes aim belt sometimes they'll they'll make it some more exciting like what make radio broadcasts more wonder if if if they made them. More exciting it may be gains more exciting. That bridge water. Read more shots. Let cattle when Wayne Ellington had a game that he hits 43 pointers every one of Mike Inglis is calls like. The reason Wayne Ellington is pulling up from half court on all since the race therm Brooklyn by the way yes everyone's texting us that there are Brooklyn's. All right Lisa is looking tournament is a park and all he could say go to it is a neutral sites will give Larranaga. Not gotten there you go. Gophers beat Steve thank Judy in New York he's Larranaga or nine yard got. Back in New York. There's no it's yards I would be down here and everybody called the learning you're down here so leaving is that easy why would he be Lara knew on in New York focus that's all I mean that's how that's how he pronounced citizen that he and I am I. Yeah it's the Atlantis is that. Isn't that there dies in battle Latin thing I guess why we vehement I would New York to be more a lot. And then Miami Larranaga various not man what are your name is your name it's gonna be Agassi anymore heavy car and he only saw article by land yacht got. When he came to Miami won nine jog on George Mason. Seldom. Actually caused an I mean I don't know anyone who calls that. This silly coach. Miami Herald reports of the dolphins have not ruled out release any Ndamukong Suh this offseason. You think they're gonna release and dynamic and Sarah. What's the number again on hints. So important it's or two to six and I think if they release and the lesser importance they can shed seventeen arena notion that right. The Garrity did man that's so it depends if I guess if he's gonna get more money 46 after the renegotiation and there's always gonna get this year and they re negotiated last year. They're much did it renegotiate or they push it a year back like maybe justice was number last year so now it's this year I don't know. I'm very bad happens I'll leave us a lot of money yeah I wouldn't be sitting right there and visited these very requirement that contract looks cognizant. He has very good conscience does it doesn't look bad because he he has great okay let's. But you're you're not getting value is there a bounty that's one against inside bringing back to obviously injury not getting value they can't all these guys we you're not repaid a ton of money. And not getting value for and you can live well with the Ndamukong Suh contract even though you're not get the value if your team is code. But you know what are you doing and you know paying guys a ton of money. Over their value. And and you also went six gay. Smaller if you look at it as a coaching staff to you know that's the resorted receive Miami has struggled trying to getting assistant coaches is because. They're willing to give the head man a decent salary. And then they're not willing to Peter assistance of the Shura city went out a lot of good coaches what they're doing now is are actually forfeiting some other massive salaries with it he millions the seven man's. And their car park. Parting some of that salary up to and give some their assistance would get a little bit better quality assistant coaches. Same thing should be going on NFL is going dominance who's going to be getting all 26 million dollars or guys that are surrounding them are playing for one or two million dollars like you how to spread that wealth I know you don't want to. How. An anti knocking its credit you need paid money to this today at the premiere positions okayed the premium positions pass rusher. EER quarterback. Left tackle and a quarter those and those of the green near position to you gonna pay that cut the highest paid guys and your team. Have to either be a cornerback. A pass rusher through to the left tackle he wants them to release him. Don't want generally symbol that price I mean how can you blame. Is because he's really good as a logical human who makes 26 million a year like there might be a couple quarterbacks at me 26 year and that's it. My high speed that we have that was meant point six mixology and you know what. Good for the dolphins they tried they tried they brought an Ndamukong Suh he's the best at his position. It has and it's not a dollar consumes all that and as Mort. But it has Marti got a guy make it that much money playing that position and not helping you wince and tell you went full audience but it's not helping new. It is not yet he's ahead. Over you know so they try to and it hasn't worked. So I I Wendy's rise of Princeton's Matthew Stafford who is the highest paid. Quarterback right you liquidate its Virginia position which is obviously yes he's making things happen. Averaging 27 million dollars a year. And Ndamukong Suh was not putting any points up on the board. And it's trying to clog the middle and possibly taken to people as opposed the one single person making 26 million U got to spend money better. You can't you can't pay a tackle how much money you can't do in this country is restriction 2060 last Coca yeah you can't do it. You you can't spend that money and opposition can't do. Kris now. Tuning. What's gonna amber any else as a mines all right joy is Landry we have some news there possibly next. After every game on the ticket turns elects. Subaru Pembroke Pines post game show you complete wrap of the game Lexus and Subaru member of pines always an amazing deal. Spots by champion four by fours up polarism one Jeep truck and SB customization shot which came in four X four dot com also. Amateur going there are now well and yeah. No sugar on over there aren't. We're Dini done of these tracks that are next I got like this one up this is the platinum one the F 150 that I got I need to put a little bit toys like every few months drummer as a new truck and then every few months he's getting some that l.'s done on them down into Gaza you know intricate stock urban wants to customize their own star Fred none. You know to customize guy might not all of. As of that out of some money because I can't brag but also. He sees us or older had a customized drag liquidity Cutley what is he jacking up new jacket that explode or man. These or curtain. Really big you can see down low riding around in a Jack epics. Origin doves and Assad Torah scroll on the beach yesterday or two days ago. He'll likely Miami dolphin deal. With 24 inch dubs lifted and it had a satellite. On the roof of a Toyota crow move on and an AT and return the money interior. Matches the tents along with the exterior of the vehicles to the whole thing was just like open he'll if you did that though he just riot. Nicer car that's like that's when I was sent to be spent that much money am corolla that threatens. Them in a different group of people picked infinity here talking like that. It by the way guys are sure you've heard we are looking for this year's rule week hall of Famer OK who's gonna jewel Lane Bryant winged horse he'd spelled Jeffrey Loria art in the rafters and banner hanging from her underwear up there sending your emissions throughout or email morning show the ticket money dot com each week. But it pick a winner and that winner gets a fifty dollar gift certificates of Florida lumber and then and nay year. Out of all those winners so we're gonna pick the hall of Famer out of those ten weekly winners. And you win a grand prize if you part of that group of 500 dollar gift certificates of Florida lumbered to what are you eighteen tool of the week called fame selection. Brought to my floor lumber and aim 719 FM 14 point three EG two of the ticket when he mentioned that now that I'm looking at it it would be really funny if you know a lot of these guys are hatched by like a Bobby pin him like a diaper yeah. It could just be amber hanging in just sticking her pinky finger. On one of those crap I would idiots who marinade from now that she's holding them and somebody nominated. Now as I hear urgent nominating me to be schedule and I. I'm not a senior tiger's book is a hole and he does not mean all it is a luck. And is Cerro. Lehman's unless couple days and in mind people knowing embers deep dark secrets being good to see resident letting people know the world really need is now not us she is hawks as a pinky. Repeat either hawks. He doesn't see it on currency Rampage at the take a minor dot com I know you post. I is it's gonna live and yet conceded there it's still up for another probably twenty minutes. And all eyes are time limits of a good at all hours since why not and Seagram. Or you aren't it's a factor follower count as has risen dramatically over the last 24 hours Duncan and Tony Taylor is the idea now you've probably 700 in the span. Listen dissident 700 you're going to be disappointing to not a single thing is Jimmy posted the popular clamor I wanted to be deleted you look you'll in the video. What video. Maintenance program video really. I zero every day I don't see you as good looking old Obama's look at coupon on the video you. Told do you see you almost have 700 followers look at that 'cause I think you owe the people picture army. Ye know The Beatles on posts commute for. Now I don't reason I'll give you my phone is it do you tell me you'll delete the it was a tough to put on their Tobin Mike I think you did something yesterday actually on instead Graham. Present ourselves accountable yeah. Do some for my cats my house watchdog just am I giving your counsel publicity so people notice follies as for Leo all all or social media page it is. And I just want to make it look a little pretty and it was put a screen shot of of jurists are McAllen bass and does it like you do with your FaceBook account. So it up little flair to really got the picture of you from Christmas couple years back yeah great Christmas toy here where your lane on the ground. We have very handsome in its letter thanking. You ought to be disappointed when nothing is ever posted on that account. I I wanna get rid of it's I could figure out Italy it's such a good. Men want to want to have faced fits so optimism is gonna hack that paying and I kind of put a bad picture up there a moment either come out to you whenever I'm is compact I'm very yeah I mean that that will be the truth. I'm telling you right now I don't want that account and never don't tease mega. That's a shame does loads and against him everybody followed there. Nothing on you embrace the you to zappos as the movement in Sudan's very popular right now when you get with the times. And the face and tell him and the video is that they got on this mr. Graham it's like nothing you ever seen before rooftop all I am not. You have plenty of time he's been happier days sleeping dogs like basketball. There's not a better up in the world for basketball that adds to grim math and that's not turn into wears better twitters that are for sports and Manning have predators might be at Seattle need is debates now it's I don't pass app for sport man hawking about it's there's wave or are you talking about. Follow hash tags. Argument what are you talk about you talk guns. Aren't. Give us in the camp trying to hammer video at IN. The ticket is at the ticket Miami and sir Graham got the ticket Miami at the ticket Miami are discouraged job. Is the NC grad though another picture c'mon. Screen signing anything big as a Zynga FaceBook profile I throw up my gangs I in the video which is the scifi I think is. Yet until ruled every handsome features for the auto gangs on building that's actually the symbol of running gang. Some now. If they're in the beginning and then if it comes out with that symbol I have been problem I could see that the problem very problematic. Army they just have to join the game. Is it they only strategy and you'd jump UN. Amber's gonna give you like that tickled that awkward handshake for instance like when you go to shake somebody's hand you over bend it like yeah. I can I can read the hands. Normally sometimes tournaments for somebody go shake her hand rather go all the way up to the wrist and might make it awkward or you Bender pinky and a little bit you got to gamble tickle in the middle upon right that things are quite 12610. So those are like those weird handshakes oh there are nobody wants the dead fish chances. Text rates and make it 673. Followers it looks like your Fowler count is our horizon at this point and you know often. And supermodel in Oslo what do you do what you do when you shake hands and get sweaty palm on the other and claiming and I've had FBI and her girls that I have that issue Muehlegg girls are sorting all the yeah I don't know how many guys usually Carlson I'm ready hall I don't know I'm just looking grew and like to the point where there hands would like leaked like drip roms sweat this Nacional and actual name out there your jacket glands burnt or whatever you guys are looking desperately to Botox or something your hand or something new and Jack that anchor you some and don't sweeteners and what we're likely would drip. That's bizarre now. Gross. Only my hands sweat. What people claiming hands was a happened. Not mean Lisa and I guess when. Yeah I mean I guess in your working out and lifting and dear OK down and talk about is you're living a life yuck claiming but it means so I think it would be the same thing rightly so we can mean there are scenarios where I know you don't get to the ground hands and somebody just. Palm just again lead yes on the on like Massa do you like that any system goes and CO. A fact at times it's not supposed to you know if you have thoughts ready can dish or a Sox. I just what gloves all day to embarrass my grass way yes way. Anyone amended all union. At that small and I take it up onto a table to approach here in immunity and are richer and years a year well. And little Paris and Vienna happens me at football games we are in their accents are we into anonymous letter certainly don't neglect mentions a gem Sarah. So earnings on a vast. And so are not sorry. So gross wouldn't say. Soup breast cancer and soup Nazis to press that's when like. You have some adjustment to that point oh no I understand we didn't you know you undies you're going to kind of soak up a lot of you walk around with way where in. Shorts for the rest of the afternoon super notes rose. It is very dim what do you is even talking about are now. Yeah good question now this segment has gone off the rounds on a solid budge obviously Andrea would do that next. Disseminated ticket for the quarters he ticket window to your chance to intake it's an upcoming game Courtis. Mining technologies plundering a local South Florida technology company visit them online at a court escort dot com sponsor by Lauderdale BMW of Pembroke Pines Marron L high globe as a Martinez your insurance attorneys keep listens it tickets when you went to a heat game hey osu right now okay every hour today we're given you for bag tickets are heat knicks on March when he first. On number five right now on the konduz on 7865340790. Will say yup the four pack of tickets seat heat take on the next. The yet the sixers tonight the hurricanes are in the quarter finals they begin ACC. Turn the plate tonight they take on UN seem tough tough road blockades UNC tonight. Likely duke OK elbow duke plays Notre Dame rip force you'll know. On going inside game likely duke tomorrow and if they make the finals are likely looking at Virginia you VA's number one jobs lost one time all year you've VA's number one there. On the other side of the species most of the conference and coach you in its best amazing ace he's really good big ten's really good of those ability to best. You make an argument he sees in the ACC the best. And and tonight you'll also had he can't stand is taking on Canadians which by the way about twenty minutes now to talk to can't degrade a Joseph Romanowski all right wins nor. Wings are. Winds are. Embroidering everything for the Panthers comes from wins are abating as there you hockey hugged coach Boehner. World and I am. Now since the Canadians are here today we are debuting. Keep Marquette since the Olympics are over. He is now correspondence back he has now busted into the the new role of breaking down this panthers' roster okay does this fit his team is hot right now that leads and. I was as comedy you know and I'll win the era they've got to know you know now you know. I'm with him and so talked Agile not about twenty minutes one mile time fevered Florida Panthers Malta it'll Scott Mellanby. OK he was my Fave commitment there. And Giovinazzi relevant counter from the Melamine was and always. A parent or Mel B were to play for the planes may be I I'd adding they took an expansion draft news and regional hand there're so whereas before they're not sure I know is that the blues had a straight in the blues so you know after playing here for five to choose whoever was. Some are short it was before but and of course Joan not speed joined the Panthers their third year it was. His rookie year was when the Panthers made the Stanley Cup final in 9596. And yes I don't us rejoice about twenty minutes from now but. You see all this Wheeling and dealing going on the NFL right now. You know Michael Bennett yesterday was traded to Philadelphia Eagles on that. This is a good move for the Eagles Eagles Egyptian team their act like that's kind at CNET as Michael medics Michael Bennett. This so I get rid of him because he still really good and worth the money that they're paid him I mean it like. Clearly they don't believe that if you're the Eagles in your your championship Timor is a all right let's let's try and win now as much as we possibly can't wait there's more wide receiver right. Yet for some wide receiver is not great in the swaps track X a fourth round pick is of the fourth rounder seven and a fourth were swapped out yet he got back and forth they sent out a seventh. And. The other time is now that they need to build for the future needs to focus on today. And and you see how how small the windows mark. Because the Seahawks tell you there window right now with his group with a scoring group as clots okay. They traded Michael Bennet I added betrayed him and they're going to release which are true. So. Over the Eagles OK at at that that's the type of move that works for a team that's that's a winner right now. Although what was happening and make with a rich German yesterday it was an that there is a lot of conflicting stopped where. He's wearing his mom and his teammates came out and they are talking about they were says that he was done with C oxygen and sermon was denying that. And I'll be did you guys that play a lot of apparently weirdness with the ever determine. And Hillary yesterday and there's been quite a bit of weirdness surrounding Richard Sherman out the last couple years in Seattle I think he's asked her state as well it seems like there Don yeah. And a legion of boom is that this seems like it's official now until it seen it seems like they're a little bit done with with this group and it's growing it's a vocal. The vocal voice is then they continually had between Bennett and and Sherman an annual export goes big plays port. And don't don't don't forget Michael Bennet is you get the whole thing in Vegas where you know they thought they'd shoot in the casino and they don't know the soil is sure odds the whole big to do about it you know. That was this that was the middle this year right for this year sort of maybe it was. I think of ways bore I think they're done with this currency group I think there's a lit a day you know. Time times you know we we've overstayed her welcome little bit let's let's keep the move in and let's try and rebuild this thing but anyway. The dolphins of course have a situation going on what drugs if you right now. And he is not sign a franchise tender yet which which does it matter OK they find a trade partner it's formalities signed the tender you work out a deal mats that okay. By I'm turn it easier. This schedules a week ago that he had gotten permission to talk to other teams and try to facilitate trade. I'd heard anything. What we've heard no we've heard things over the last week we heard rumor Syria has. There is the pair's conversation and then there is there release of Jerry Rice run turns. More different rumors that a. Amount on the Internet I'm wondering what happens here when. No one wants to give up high draft pick for drugs wintry. And I talk about like I was the first round. But a look at second. OK like what happens when a team when no one out there wants to give up high draft pick for drivers and entry. Meaning that team knowledge they wanna not wanna give up by traffic but they also don't want to hate him and it's it's twofold. Which really for me. Really shouldn't be surprising. When you think that you know maybe it's possible other teams also. Don't wanna pay a guy who's not a top receiver like a top receiver. So what's happened when no one out there wants to do both of those things no one wants to give up a high traffic and hey not a top receiver like a top receiver what's gonna happen when no one out there wants to do both of those things. He's gonna feel incredibly awkward or wreck in the building. Triple earlier you thought your worth was something. Near your organization thinks it's one thing you think you're Sri values a lot more you've been listening to your agent the whole time he's been flopping your your with a bunch of these numbers and the dolphins and the being rights. And then. The end of the day you go back through. I don't even back to the dolphins wanna. Illini I think we have a very disgruntled player. Continue to bring America. I mean these reports other now that he's mad at how the dolphins are handling the all season and don't do nothing wrong with how they're Hindu and obviously under right now. It did they're clearly to a nothing wrong you know went out there wants to pay him what he wants me. Tony admiral. I'm confused opens isn't it eat eat. Did he sign a franchise tag how things are so he's accepted that but if he agrees so who sent a franchise type when he makes twelve million this year bring it makes a 1616. Probable talk is this of his last night there's there was some report on wall doesn't. You know the signing not signing he has officially he has formally accepted it so yes and physically signed it but it did as a formality if I do it scumbag move for the domes no signs he's slate bay bay have it within the building of the dolphins they say. That he is accepted our protest till. If he doesn't go anywhere else I mean he's making sixteen million dollars to play the dolphins season you'd think that he can't overcome. Being a little upset about palace offseason is gonna are we going easily you Japan while ago there's a way to end Oliver. He's very mad and they they've offered living on bill. A good. Amount of money he's very badly Jim bell league why why we do this every the first time we've gone through a Jarvis land I know clear Landry is telling us that season would dig a dollar throwing for what you're doing lately that's why play it would be upset about Arnie and how much money on what are your uncle and evidently don't. Right he does that and lecture to. I'm just saying that gave the year Jarvis Landry I feel like that there is way worse position Symbian like you're going to be upset this that this offseason fine. But I also feel like I did use the east has walked back into that locker room for sixteen million dollars. And also knowing that then you're gonna have your quarterback back in you can get your numbers in production up and none you can try to go get that contract again. And wall except then the dolphins learning style and it all and from doing the exact same thing on again. Well it was great but except for also don't forget there comes a point here where the dolphins also may want to negotiate Atlanta area I mean Eaton that can happen even with the franchise tag cracked. Oh yeah. Apps are either could come a point where the dolphins only injury even reach an agreement there. He did it again this wishing could work out where a break now it seems. Right about situation that the and that the day it's really not that terrible situation for tersely entered the. Posting about this says as a player who you've already spoken management last year probably my guess is his agent probably went to the Miami Dolphins. And asked them to our guys going knock out a deal early Gregory decree negotiate restructure get a new deal out for Jarvis because there's some free money on the table and they probably. We'll remember Dervis said last off season. I you are laughing and negotiate once the season started but they were turned negotiate around Elena let the accents though they came to a minority here and get on the of them will do and we know that's not so they probably told him OK you're not gonna do anything throughout the season when I can renegotiate that's cool also impose our football Minko look at this thing knocked out immediately. And then you know after a season of mediocrity. Great numbers personally. But again your dealing with a quarterback who they brought century was supposed to be in a Booth. You kind of feel a little bit of a sense of failure and you were set up to fail. So you're sitting here like okay now he wanted to postpone our negotiations we tried lecture it DiMarco well I gave you benefited on I came out to make the organization of dutrow the season missing you know what. Good I'm glad I'm here I'm gonna play for Miami Dolphins team this year I don't care about my contract as a great number one the season's over let's go and get the signal I'm out. Let's do let's get this thing done and then. Mets season comes around you got a horrible quarterback. You got adult horrible situations and you were set up to fail. Now if he does wanna go shop around princes of he did have a right hand held throughout the season he might have other offers on the street that my. I was trying to point. That was my point oh really you're living day you're talking about jars injury and sixteen million dollars and having the opportunity. You play with his quarterback again we need be getting into opposition to a point where the other teams are gonna want a comedy and all I am a lot more than they would right now sim we've seen about Cutler okay and now he's content held back. Which is an injury has the most catches. In the history the league. In the first forty years the NFL three those years wore what to handle would actually teams out there don't know what is production is like with good. Coming you're coming off of his numbers from his passing and he wants to get he would like what are badly wanted the best quarterbacks are one of the best wide receivers in the let's go to the but he was he's not Antonio Brown good timing has senator catches and that. All they got to change so you think somehow when he's with tangle again this year which he's been. Rate with Hannah hill three years that he's gonna do it again this year and somehow we can be home Antonio Brown. But I think you could argue that his anti in his part is we don't excellent proof. We know idiots which color would ten help would be a media did a hit yeah obviously in good season with Jay Cutler so arguably be at a better quarterback he would have had even a better season than half and he's got. Hill who has only had doubt that lies this obviously you wouldn't be sort of Pakistan hells on an unknown right now. No windows and abhorrent noble horse and you know you're seeing is gonna need improvement this year scandals editing color and that's why I I certainly agree with that but we also see him. With ten hill and and we know he's really good Tenet also what's what's changed is he's been really wouldn't. Production last year was really gotten. If he had Tom Brees throwing for him it would have been a heated or got it right yeah I were saying essentially. You're saying he's a tailback this here so his numbers are gonna be really good again and people are gonna see that it's not take colors onto most you know he's got a new quarterback and I'm trying to seize this. But we see he's really go to the. CNET out of Bryant and who's been ridiculed and asked to leave by every single person in this city that clearly again until we made. Play out so white people's opinion gonna change jobs in a year from now when he's got an elegant. Don't forget your new coach and coaching staff. And an office of mind to. Think that they can expect him totally build on what he's seen the bears the bears woods Gordon yeah don't hear that an earlier Oracle's the last in the league at non talking about these himself another year is though another. You really good case. First his first year where he did not a coach Brian tennis and did know what kind of game plan and it was good last you know. You know we're losing you enter I don't know why you X I don't know what he sees how good. You can actually we weren't saying that he was doing the right till I'm trying to aren't saying he was it. Verizon and what you're saying because he I'll and a leg injury that other teams impressionable age is going to be different a year from now because he's got a good quarterback Antonio why we've seen him with the good. I do think that there is an impression with the only injury that although he has tons and tons of taxes the production per catch and all of that is is maybe problematic for whatever reason. He's not being looked at as a flashy receiver and winds of change in the past season. And I do think that this past season somewhat affects him right because people remember what most present in their mind why does Jarvis landry's a good receiver but the kind of money he once. Is the very top top high losing money in a year or so I don't think that coming off of Jay Cutler during tune maybe maybe puts you in the past position of white. Is the freshest impression. In a team's minds when their value in the white I want you are what they want. You don't get off credit you know not get the you know given these teams enough credits Heatley he's had three years or ten always been really good let's channel late you're you're. You're not given he seems credit they think that the only thing they remember is one year old color like that's. I'm not suggesting that that's the only thing that they remember but I do you think that it harms him in terms of the free market out. There I absolutely do enemies got the record for four years catches you news anchor team to edit records using teams who have been into president him last offseason Eddie same things right now. Teens who would have been in dress and him last off season. He's got the record to forty years while the dolphins records and had success yeah what an adult and ball haven't won the dolphins off an extension well if you didn't like his client require the dolphins can learn renting an awful I admire the dolphins considering cutting and dominance do. I'm of the they are reassessing minute that it is not the best player in the league is that it is no idea that that is the conversation though what you see that ease the conversations he's not what you're rightly that. At ease this whole I'm not Ndamukong Susan necessarily worth the money he's easing cook outs later. It's whether Ndamukong did weather breaks and for the dolphins to pay that kind of money for somebody at that position always factors into this is not about. Isabel what a player himself is worth it's about whether the team is also in a position where it makes sense to pay that guys look at that is what he's worth it. I'm telling that they they went. Last offseason they offered conjures images Kenny stills and the Keiko lawns so they were trying to take care of their own guy as the gathering goats do lender. While the guys who didn't strike a deal with this Landry. We don't know exactly what those conversations were but we also know the kind of money only injury once. And right now and then all of a well in this sport and art that policy and position to you to pay it is nuts that. Is it conversation in addition to whether he's worth that money those are two different things right now it doesn't seem like anyone else thinks he's worth it and does want to give a compensation. Read an after rented getting and you get paid sixteen million dollars this season and maybe put yourself an opportunity to have a really good season and maybe there would be a team who thinks is where that next off season. Nobody thinks he's worked at this off season. Amber's got headlines possible that some ratings is where that next off season he has a better season the season Amber's got your headlines plus we'll talk to can't degrade Agile and asking.