ZRA Part 2 4-13-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, April 13th

Jarvis Landry contract, Heat-Sixers getting lots of attention, Thunder TV announcer says something very bad


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So tires call ours and that your submissions morning show to give money dot com and announce another finalist. 12018. Hall of fame class. Pulled a week. At some point today. That person get a fifty dollar gift card Florida lumber the grand prize winner to be announced next month and will be inducted in great ceremony. We'll get a 500 dollar gift certificates Florida 120 teams although we call in selection brought to my floor lumber names have a ninety and FM one a four point 38 seat to the ticket. How excited were you when you woke up this morning and you saw Toby and the response that you've got a response from. Australia and parliament member in regards to your Goran Dragic and Simmons. I was excited I was happy that huge said yes but I think I wouldn't. Want attention and and so I knew we take the day or so ago. That is that is so great was I saw respond the first chip from like. Aren't I got any sending gypsum is all I got a little a little on the on the line here now at what Doug tons are real men are you following him on Twitter and out yet at what point did you decide you know on the good buddy of follow. He called me this morning and then you followed Al back wow. All right so he. He first decided you or worth the follow that's right and I that's that's how he blinked first yet to power move your ports exactly that's how warm you wait for him to falling in like all right. All of you up to. Yeah that's a good move right there. Really great. Let's get what let's get buddy on the show next week on talk this guy. Just here's accent are actually wants and I love how it's I love Australians talk I love here and then talk special Chilean are much more sort of an English accent. Alec debt to a lot. Which sounds smiled accidents the Australian accent sounds a little bit more drama than men in the English Jackson's. All well that the English accent that seeing where. And it does a proper English acts are not all English accents but you know proper highbrow English accent sounds highbrow than any we have being anything. I deeply committed to rich and smarter Smart busy speak very properly I love and Australians not not as much. I love it. I love English accents alone Australian accents or French it's not against and not on McCain's people fingerprint Texans are from women are sexy romantic film that Nana. No abuse the man off for me that's a must now you must come alive America we are there it's fun. Fun really do Australian jacksons are relating since doesn't turn you on at all. Oh and that's who we're talking about the resemblance sexy and it's that's a moron unsung but I only can talk enjoys what about Italian. Mac. Sexting. Oh yeah Italians like zebras sexy Australian sexting. Alec accents. News. It speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. We're gonna be joined in studio and an hour from now by a local local legend Israel Gutierrez. Which as one Dexter points out probably beer by Monday so that means. Thanks as a text or noses. The Eastern Conference quarterfinals start tomorrow that means gay line between heat Ian the 76ers. Tip off from Wells Fargo is set for 8 PM. That means coverage begins right here in 78 it is 7 PM at the Miami Heat pregame show hosted by Jonathan dazzle. That's going to be a fun ad buildings be Moroccan man like that's going to be fun. Atmosphere. Philadelphia is a seven point favorite. To open that series. Sun says keen waits. You go the way it is you know these guys it's. They wire and they weren't too to be they went about it we've kind of been hit utilities does that people will. Look I do think that we're gonna say we're gonna see if what the coach has been talking about all year as the heat with a thousand close games this year but it probably lead the lead in close games played to. He played like nine and we know overtime games unit 36 in overtime the league yeah overtime games this year they played a haunt of close games are in the regular season. And no coach has been saying all you that this is close games and helpless now a scholar policies and even if we're losing the close games to lost a lot of them. It's gonna help us or to be plainly Citron receipt out. Wincing. Text or raise in price sixty has nasty alien girl doing traffic during talks shall. And I heard her many times and always wondered why we don't pull that they wish pull that move which you get the good access the cool accent traffic Ers got the Gunnison in his kitchen door yet we have we have we have kitchen. In traffic guy you can't tell you just hitting Kenny somebody's sitting in his kitchen counter and got a close to a microphone. And you just must be in a very have a display is due to care any less furniture and it sounds ridiculous and he does strapped banks make your eggs and marvel. A roster linger on I sixty so much about sounds a bit better. Wade is awesome pumped about these playoffs. They're excited you know you get a group I was season. Carol intelligence and from afar she plays well they didn't think happened. I wasn't able to get in the playoffs. They come onto Osama. It's an opportunity give us this place we dreamed of being in that's in the playoffs isn't the best on the as a possible and players. You know was obviously anxious are you going excellent. Operations. So yeah I am I am concerned it would Dwyane Wade. He you know going to. The final game on Wednesday night one of the things that talked about in the pregame was what was most importantly more important and winning that game against Toronto was just on eighteen to play well. And in particular. When Dwyane Wade to play well because he has not played well recently and I I do think that there has been. What it changed but when he first got here this season. Ideally he was more of a facilitator. He was looking to. Make plays more so. Dan looking for his own shots. Which is what I feel like I could be wrong okayed its way if the goal has been happening. Of late what he's looking old when he has the ball he's looking a lot more sports these shots are. Then he was when he first got here and he's getting you know 456. Assists. A game now it's more. You know to Wayne's taken seven shots pain you know and somebody at some point in the game he's had seven feel all tense and he's got one assist. You know I I I didn't like him to get back to. What I feel like was when he first got here this season and he was more of a facilitator. That I I just I may have the wrong feel about and their ipads. Are those helping us because I think a lot that is. Dependent on him getting to the basket I don't think he thinks he gets the basket or he's been either. If he if he can't he's been saving himself for the post season it's been a bit more jump shots for Dwyane Wade at the same time you also. When he is getting to the basket and this happened against Toronto. He has not finished it lately. In the the old pillars the justice one's a syndrome now now all seen Scott several days off until they play you know tomorrow night is so. We'll see how that goes for him by. I I am concerned about Dwyane Wade Conant the playoffs dinner spell after the you know about us is Winslow is and that's the best he's ever played he was used garlic he had twenty rebound games really good what is it with with justice where it's like. The coach has that feel form than you do look at the box score. As late as 11118. Commutes it's the bloated red numbers but spoke was so impressed by what he does its core he's always been like that. Well I think that the team. Really really wants him to succeed okay they are clearly invested in him not financially but. They're clearly invested in him. And I think they see the potential yet they say they bought any funny he includes out of it. Then a year over may be overly a bit overly excited maybe because. They haven't always gotten out of him what they've expected to get out of town board is very exciting did you vote in the early in India click here at the beginning last year rain could last anywhere in the this year area. And now all and now. I set I set this set is often on the broadcast the other night to acquire I believe justice Wenzel is a legitimate NBA player and we actually talking about it were done with them at the unions Amelie were done with them we were having conversations about whether he's just read the mind for the rest of the season. I can't believe how mid season. A lot of times you get this improvement in the offseason. Hell made this season wasn't swayed returns this much better than he was going to present attributed to the way return. Wait I exam are totally ills we attributed the culture dozens and the way doesn't attribute it now it's poetry music. No he doesn't Winslow said that it was because he went back home to his neighborhood out during the all star break and that's what made him come back bullies simply as the doubters I think. I think. Upon Owings departure and how much they love him him and when he first came out of college and came here to play with the heat. And all of a sudden now you know he's back in and like it's almost like their daddy's home. And they're just laid it all excited about playing basketball again it was just. It was a giant booster shot for everybody else on the team that. Where there was a Sonnen is in his in his Alley oops serve or or there was justice Winslow and being excited about basketball game because it seem like. What's it like when those in his own head for a long long time the season and now all of a sudden. I think he found out that that justices this feeling a lot better about his easy he's finishing around the basket much better than he was many businesses have put backs and layups he's using his body to create separation and he's get net I mean he's. He's been he's been really good I'm I'm very impressed and you and you know what an. And I've been very impressed I can't believe diligent player when we were all talking about trying to rhythm and at that point it was. Couldn't get rid of you so bad mojo he had no values new values of the heat's. Gore on expects a playing game one even though he sat out that regular season finale with a sore mean. Jarvis Landry got what he want he got paid. The browns signed him to a five years 75 and a half million dollar deal 47 million dollars of that is guaranteed it's. Most guaranteed money of anyone receiver in the NFL. I now I think he's a he's a fifth highest paid wide receiver in the NFL yes you wanna go buy it but I'm guaranteed money average annual salary he's top five. It is the most guaranteed money of any wide receiver in the NFL and I'm by my counts it looks like the third most mortal money team makes all the money. Third most hole it'll money in the entire league but the most guaranteed money. And you know that that's more than Mike Evans who's guarantee is 38 point two. It's more than. 365. Sammy Watkins who seems wildly overpaid Sammy Watkins thirty million guaranteed. Or. The 355. AJ green 267. Penalties guys are on older deals now. Like coming in the next year to Dole's numbers are are are going to be. All know all these guys I mentioned you their deals are up 20/20 two or 20/20 forty and I was to a man who has Obama actually read Israel when he won and soon man long time. None of these guys drop anytime soon buddy congratulations for germs is agent. Congratulations. Man Yi you can't you can't given that money. Not now I understand and gentlemen's point before the browns got a different spots OK if they got the salary cap space and they like what they're doing that you wanna do fine. But the dolphins you you can't give that money for the dolphins. You gotta let him go just look at their offensive output and and what those guys are getting paid dukes are getting paid inning and Joseph who's not getting paid anything. Gore's like getting paid anything. Tyrod Taylor didn't exactly sign a monster deal either to go over there wanna be gone a year from now on the browser and as it's and then there's going to be an Austin aren't eligible this franchise quarterback on a rookie deal who's going to be here for a few years so. Financially I think they're sitting pretty obviously and they and they had the opportunity go and capitalize. On doing the deal would germs Landry put. Terms like you what was the biggest free agent out there in terms of wide receiver position because they're not doing deals and photo back camera now. Well from what I understand Andrew take it was happy to be going to Cleveland and that's one of the reasons it was a team in a position to be mayhem a lot of money yet. But it does all of that really has some weapons from a theater when they might be better in the gulf. And it's not outside of the guys that were mentioning here even if you wanna go by eat you know if the if you wanna go to the average annual salary. And it here's the order means Antonio Brown Mike Evans you Andre Hopkins Sammy Watkins Jarvis Landry I mean get the hell out of here. Isn't long and conversations that. Did they say it's beginning this thing before you insert trying to find a shop until he thought he was going to be in the top five of the wide receiver yeah and what we want it yet and should show nothing is yes and and I mean you can't do it if the dolphins what he only got four topic. You can't do it if you're the dolphins you don't know what the quarterback situation is here. That's for sure. I'd I think the dolphins are going to be fine at that decision. Calling cabernet had a workout scheduled with the Seahawks Seattle cancel that work out when pat Burnett said that he would not stop kneeling for the National Anthem. Gave the job to Steve Morse saying get the job deceit and more rights. Hurricane pro a year. Ego. More doubt. Yet he's he's better at Miami Marlins. Open up a three game series with the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight in dealing Peters is your race. All right so what's our notre at 710 what's our number what's our number 616100. Six was 6150. That's all the audience attendance at for the last Marlins. Home game they were out two run by their double a affiliate the Jacksonville Jumbo shrimp. Which in its last game record it's 6900. Instilled ST fans an actual attendance was the Jumbo shrimp like. Would my game Alec that I should collect those the farm team that's what my cat to fashion a vehicle that in mind that you animal and they you don't you read Jacqueline. Another area. Willie over the attendance was 6900 something and last night 5300. Will there be 5300 people in malls park tonight well what you gotta do yet consider couple thinks so Wednesday night was 6100 Monster Park. New York crowd it was the Mets of Casey got it yet in New York crowd there. It was all so so so you could say Hank editors. In the majority needed to Graham join that crowd is not Marlins fans. But then you also gotta consider it leaves. Two point nine miles away from the final heat regular season game OK so did that take away some of the crowd and that I wanna say some mean I'm I'm really tournament like some. Did that take away some of the grout. And then you also got to remember it's Wednesday night compared to nice Friday night. Putts now as the Mets this is the highly rates on hears about pirates so 6100. We don't over 6100. Or under 6100 tonight. Under. Although I don't know it did ear it is it is Friday night. Still though it's open his eyes Friday night crowd they've had was it was a the cubs series is that last Friday night crowd they had to her to judge I'm undermanned. Pittsburgh people. No not. Don't way or the other night get out of new Yorker fans were insane moreover no it's hard on over focus but it is a train hit lemmings that different CC was gone are now in her hometown. What's going on what are the what are the Wilson museum do what's going on and oh my hometown kid and is now as a responding to recent surge soda sheriff and of saying we've been advised that there is a massive Verizon outage in the Tampa Bay Area are 911 center is unable to receive or dial out any Verizon users. In the interim please use and other care what did your family to those urgent Sarasota. Put duke managed to. What's scary movies. En us about things happen and entertain. Couldn. Julius Davis and Gooden picked up the Sele. The rotary phones and go and. Poll. Emergency services please you know my family had the first phone in Sarasota and then she got easy ways to get a phone. To get a telephone. So there's only two families in Sarasota right telephones. And so the two families married into each other all. Opponents zest or is am clean and we'll talk about what it's a totally good teenagers could only talk to each other tiger owl yeah you do. You Elizabeth but without the snag. I don't want to manages to did you attend these. She wrote to you know she had flown. To ruin the ugly Michael. Republican party's interest and a though. If you heard him opponents are Iowa. Yes. Iowa I want to stupid cell right now that I've been watching on on Netflix and it's a show a towel. Friends. Royalty. But they speak. English accent in importance. As it did its French royalty in the fifteen hundreds. Andy speak Hebrew Jackson's there are reminded that stupid impressing you people dale and I do your. You're impersonating race merely adds live didn't fla. Somehow giving them British act and it is just better be sure it'll talk Baghdad. Stuff that comes from my mother is British but maim not to go put my mother was it my mother and Stanley was an actual Britain they'll try to tell time that you guys earned her an. Augustus why does she shame on laws accents. Conan Jimmy are famously very good pulled the plug on Verizon services here at the Kohl Center. They didn't want people we sit and listen bitcoin. Notes it had been ousted from Verizon to go ahead and just. Good sign up and give us the tartar Olivia can you give me though no comments. When you slice you want so what you call him son. This is the windy Santa. I'll say it was the Miami Heat play and that the 76ers now a lot of people see the sixers have won sixteen in a row of their red hot. They think nobody can stop on their greater role but might he might have been aware. That's up for them in that first round because the heat have had success against them. They beat them the last two times they've played that didn't happen December January that happened right in February and march Dwyane Wade any game winner down in Miami beat them. And we don't know when do well and he's gonna come back and if you'll be glad they're takes away some of the advantage that they have so until about picking an upset there. But that is a sneaky series watch out for the heat they've played close games they're very well coached they're very flexible in how they can go. That is a series I'm a huge buyout. Man oh man but William Wesley. You can match. It that you. It's based on this and mining act your presents the white hot hour on that elicited this okay weekdays from three to four began his team make their run to the playoffs the white hot heat our response by Miami Acura. My I would Miami Acura. Of and some caller from there like Miami Acura. Shot to how how what's. Out out and they wanna yeah. Are you and I don't even count accurately used to have one I like my we ask you I'd like another one I've loved one and I'm like Miami Acura you know. I like four letter dale BMW. You don't Wear any BMW dealership that is the self learning area. For wanna Holler at me ordered a pretty decent to pull a BMW's already and that's that are not part of Iraq I wanna diet that I I wanted magnet discarded beer beer but that's fine. We can do Ferrari I do feel like I'm setting myself shorts worn an Iranian main rumors are pretty all right let's let's give Miami accurate a lot. The guys and we're really lying all Miami tees Gotti. Did new fans that are out to those are really nice the new phantom I rolls Royces and they are night that is true lord the role what is guy you know what shut until I want them Ben -- that show. Shall I know it's yeah. Do you collect soon I feel like Miami actors Rob Ferguson and right here not all those other I don't know since you got hazards on about Jerry on now. That's what it's keep keep on message usually you'll you can still you know yeah. Take it home take home. The white I need hours spots like Miami accurate the last three now so the savings that Miami Acura log on to Miami acura.com. The Miami Acura white hot heat our every week day. From three to 4 PM so that means that the best of Levitt's art show it was a time being. Right here on am 798 FM one a four point 362 of the tickets and this is the era. Normally not the hour. Exactly why are today. I believe shout out must know weekends host evening's host he is. He is doing the white hot heat our Miami Acura light not heat our so at least for the time being will be doing that from three to 4 PM very cool very good we could have the collection morning. Like how the weight high Acura. White hot our here. The collection could do the morning tell me very well couldn't he like an overall I really has measuring. So we had a couple things going on here none more important and told Owens that with Australia parliament. You may remember well Portland is out just went and you know I am Leary and these guys for jello the labor guy for jello. That's his position at parliament he said Gillibrand. A yellow brand is at a city in Australia and what his prime minister before us as little more excited Austin for the movie very early in the enemy prisoners are medium. What you may remember here this has gone back Seattle couple months ago on February when Goran Dragic was named an all star replacements. Over and Simmons. I bronze tonight to express my out right at the exclusion of a strident and women from the east India I all star bank. In a record breaking news rookie year for the Philadelphia 76 has been and is currently averaging. Nearly seventy points I rate now at this isn't a guy. He's already had five triple doubles and frankly no one with a T brain cells to rub together would want Goran Dragic on the tame either bank. OK if he doesn't like eastern Europeans OK here. An at large luggage at the time had a response to some than the effect unless Abby doesn't yet and you better things to. You worry about then. He was an app and then the NBA also are in demand I remember back readily memory very hurt and. They're gore was late he views that he's set them parliament was she was shocked. So Tobin has decided that he's going to stick up for Goran Dragic because he's Captain America. Logo. And he has reached out on Twitter. To homeboy from Australia parliament. And has gotten him to take debates. They had a bit of a Twitter back and forth I would call a spat it was very symbol totally. And they had a bit of a back and forth. And they have a best they have an actual Betts was buddy's name me and Tim wants to watts and he has a bet with Brendan Tobin. And now they're in the future Australian so you gotta you gotta hope that. You know they and you can find some put out maybe that we're gonna learn in my thirteen hours from now later. Eating just hours with the game's art even played there and played and he smaller I was in his. He probably is our neighbor enters enemies there tomorrow morning thing wreck meaning I don't is now he's playing Arabia got news a lake or on drugs is is how. Sparano needs still bothering him. Yeah or Hassan Whiteside tripped and fell and easy to miss the rest of the series like hopefully. Like if if that happens if we find that out the next twelve to thirteen hours or you call shenanigans insane that's all you news you had in nation that we don't have the if not actually how times where. Boy Captain America. Thank you and if the heat win and then buddy has so where Goran Dragic Jersey machines purchased on its own rights are. I'm gonna burst the bands and reserves around OK and he has still wary. And ownership brings you or. Italy got the Tobin and telling him that needs to be Miami Vice. Stays out and say that's and it's there if you will face you actually ordered Ehrlich is because these are popular right mr. Buddy you just get. Right. Yeah the regular numbers and sell the devices suite that's your so the other way around though. If Tobin loses if there in the sixers went and told and asked to dress up like a kangaroo and he has to Wear a Benson answers he while being kangaroo. Rights. It's out there are the Miami Heat are they okay with doing like guys old school guys names on the back of the the Miami Vice jerseys we talking about a former players you don't you can order your Miami Vice Jersey and a lot of amendments sold out but throwing weighed one is like two or three months out you can even get them anymore. Are they okay with customizing and putting names on the back of Jersey that are yes you're about to players when you when you when you of the NBA store new customized Jersey they let you pull whatever name you want on it unless it's a player who currently plays for another team. The ball doesn't mean it's got you right. Secretly your name or you click the name of all of of an older player we used to play for the team but you can't go and put yelled and Simmons and teachers they want Molly so I get a Voshon Lenard meisters if I want deletes up what is your last name is Simmons. Great question. That's called but it seems ago lock good question. I mean that would I feel like that's pretty prohibitive that uses a whole lot of last name's John is an LA. Johnson is a pretty common last name if you wanna good pajama same question and if you sure you're writing your name Johnson I mean really now we can do it. All I don't know who you're showing your idea tell me your fill out all mine. Now maybe got a call do you explain sump and then maybe that's the way to get it done around now you probably have to go initially whatever your first name is maybe. So if your last name was James and you want the number six Jersey or 23 Jersey I have held ago you want to name is Larry Jane Gallagher name's Larry. Got to go but he has put algerians on this Jersey. Ripple. Els for liberal. Is that right that's it. I by the way that was Brian wins or the year they'll windy censor and what do you unending close attention to the game though. The Viennese that this is the game that I on this series Tony Blankley and he's a very good I think is a very good series all the nerds in this yet know this and yet be really get as the sixers. The other the new school type of analysts and writers they love this sixer team and rightly so when a horse is new school. And he is he is young or young use of the younger Mitch yeah he's younger issue I would say so. And I added this Simmons added dissidents that this sixers team is is. Very fun and very high profile. So yes aunt and they're finally in the playoffs at this whole process and it's like there Orion is now. So that's that's absolutely all on the younger side absolutely so. This sixer teams very high profile and heats of all are a very Boris did team. Okay around the league so yes they do think this is a high profile series or. Kind of found find anomaly in this morning again listening to go junior. Whenever the Miami Heat are referred to especially in the playoffs it always goes to either Dwyane Wade being the old head and being able to go and Muster up enough energy to go and take over the series like you did before. And then they mentioned Pat Riley. As of Pat Riley still the coach ever notice that whenever they reference the heat it's never space coaches poll and space between it's always coach Bo I mean it's always Dwyane Wade. And door and rightly yeah. Yeah why is that could rise phases and look he's been the face it team for over twenty years. He gets aroused a coaching I understand. I don't. Is there any other team in the NBA that they refer to the did the president of the team. Ultimately as a guy that the probably not lists in the headlines as as one of the deciding factors of turning the outcome of the game probably all I don't it and that's it but as far as who's the face the franchise a guy who's not a player not a coach. Probably not here probably the only team in that spots. Yeah and he's apparently Lisa and I just pulled and excuse do you believe that. Gallantly lookers like Phil Jackson was run the next which was up until this year like that that was the knicks last year's Phil Jackson became the face the knicks and he was in the same position as Riley. So the knicks were like that for fears were Phil Jackson and I even though they actually Christina they had forging is it Carmelo you would still get a lot of Phil Jackson being late inning guys as well refer to as you know magic Johnson and ball you know and that's to her talk magic gets loaded out the lakers these data yes because yes. There. That's unique. Yeah it's it's it will be different. Some could be in trouble. Tell about an ax. Comments that ticket fraud to buy Big Five from Florida made Cubans fired round. Never recovered from Vince can't Davey hard rock stadium are draft party Dave and busters in the open plaza and Hollywood. Dave and buster's featuring play watch sports tickets that coverage also broadly Lexus of North Miami always an amazing and deal. And by Carolina auto body when your callers into knows only one place to go it's Christmas in April so they say about the NFL draft. All the coverage of BR an answer to ninety FM one a four point three HD through the ticket. Our palaces are Gutierrez will be in surrealists and about twenty minutes from now. Warren I mean might finally is concert at the time I mean it feels like it could be Monday so. He'll be here about twenty minutes now know. This idea was this yeah interior idea. Now his idea is a last name that he came in studio with us it was his 88 he wanted to come anyone's recorder Sandra so he -- little song he was here any drag any dropping unbelievable hey why did he wanna join us this morning is are not Syria mode Z gonna give us another hot buyer number they keep on working and let me just like China. More on this crap like is an impact guy you need to work at a car if these were the work. I think he let his get. I mean yeah all wanted to have a main Allentown Mauna talks an MBA with him and he offered to come and burst and so I don't know it's maybe wants to see us any bet Arnold shows or not. And any bit. He shows are not allowed he's going to be here last he was here he was here on time but that was awesome after he had little bonus is not here no yeah I was after he knows I don't think that cap and. Yeah. How did you get here after you were supposed to be on time and again it's the opposite. Let's let's do this year's this week's tool of the week whole theme. Nominee okay this week's nominee. Is going to get a fifty dollar gift card courtesy of Florida lumber we do in ten nominees now and we're going to win ducked to one of those finalists. Into the 2018 tool that we call theme here are the nominees so forth this is the seventh the previous six. Here is the nominee class the finalists bill cement zen. Flo rider and then Josh McRoberts program runs a row seen in. Michael will want you to run off that list not to ship and all I mean I and I tiring gnashing get in my vote 'cause I am on a tip now and I would of I would have been on that before. There's I was down on her but I mean she was so that wrestle mania I'm I'm huge fan out right take take back and its rights. What a strong puzzling how to divert a I am I am so I am still out there are now sexist. Michael will honor and nick Satan and so guilty to drum roll here our rights c'mon man don't don't look at me like that you know the drill. You just you you stepped on what I saw on. This week is nick Sabin is most. Well I wheel. And yeah. And violence don't yeah. This week's nominee is brought to us by Henrik and to hello and he is nominated. Ready for her. Please join. Next game I'll. Knicks made it. Well see them. Vote. On the Alabama coach were were were were I shouldn't even after common and I said this over and over and over again. These are all challenges to it. So Nick Saban is the six finalists for the Tony eighteen tool week hall of fame OK there you go well done everyone nobody screwed up. So congratulations to Henry he gets a fifty dollar gift card. So. I don't know if you saw us here Tex a rights and he Texans 67 nights and four. Did anyone hear what the thunder broadcaster set about Russell Westbrook the other day so in the regular season finale on Wednesday to thunder played analyst at Memphis native played. And the thunder broadcasters a guy called Brian Davis. And he. Y want to let you listen to I'll honestly was in the audio guy. I'll so so they call is an and that's is under broadcaster and there excited and he's. He's in the rebounds and easy and averaged a triple double. And a broadcaster Brian Davis says of Russell Westbrook is out of his cotton taken much now as cotton pick in the last about term. No I mean I'd I know it's it's it's a slew. Probably when I. And down that hello I'm wondering if there is some other monitors are there it like out we had decry any discussion about him using the term piloting anonymous whatever it is. Other ache try to use play again a couple nights and days or retire bike on this is needed to lose. This that I didn't do not bring it to fox sports on next year do not carry it over to television not a basketball during crazy they get up. Biggest thing would start to use it on. We wasn't the thing that they used to but the severed heads on back in the medieval times that that was true at the break those. Text or heroes knotted at the time and that's what the pipeline is if we keep hearing about this show that I am. Watching about the people times so that wasn't being slamming head on it yet it was like to it was a things as it was like it was a weapon and then they Aussie used to display her. And had severed heads on right so what if carting it said that's why he was due Matt term what it made sense. Well it's so so the broadcasters says he's out of his cotton pick in mind and evil that sprees before OK but but the phrase of very obviously originates from slaves. In plantations where. Part of their their job what is was picking the you know it's it's yeah it's pretty easy to come up with the origin and that. Of that term. On and and he hasn't had ever heard that for is really noise senator. Smith. It's it's. Like I know how and what would ever use the phrase but it's clearly reads innate steal cotton pick and might get it. It's gonna instantly racist and as my first reaction yeah definitely but I never heard that phrase before iron that a lot. Yeah Niemi to. And it's certainly not of crazy you'd I mean I couldn't tell us heard every priest used before but certainly the origin and is very it has its old school the idea I've heard Allentown either I don't know I don't know where you would use it and and you know this Brian Davis the thunder release a statement and they're saying and it's it's offensive and inappropriate remarks and he apparently has internally apologized. I guess on an opportunity on the air if he wants this weekend when the thunder play. Blige. I caught a bad for him because. I got at number one and I know this from being on the air every day and you guys you guys should know this too I mean. Really what we're trying to fill time in your Hawkins and you're improvising I mean at any moment you could say some and you regrets okay sort kind of feel bad about that ports. And it and there's there's no way that he's trying to make some type of racial statement there. When he Sany Saturdays cotton pick in mind but obviously it's something that he should the senate because he comes from a very racial undertone as the race is about slow. They did it did it work originated in the in the south and it's very much and what it. What is that salaries. Although as a freeze apparently means it silicon disapproval to general term or disapproval signing and he used to prop prop guy I think. Music you're crazy UConn big in my easily freeze yet you know it's it's an A which only was when he was trying to imply assassin and even user Robby yet today obviously your. As a million. That's currently there's like either nobody trouble now maybe it's a lot of trouble I don't know but it and it's at this he's trying to. You know I try to say Russell is not a slave mom my guesses you probably trying to say GD. Like you're like oh you can't say that's a value in your mind you're trying to speed things up and cobbled another phrase that has the similar. Some percent of. That's a better job creators of broadcast time on. Here we all wanna cut a curse for Perkins and focus can't. And you know matter and so you've got to. Used in an NHL playoff games but to be this much attention around it what if that phrase was used in financial playoff game right now with a bunch of white youth skating around their race in making these he site. So why not right. Cotton picking lawyer appealed to change the sport can be won if he said about a white NBA player. And what their beer I was going to be able to count how you get to know that me and my guess my guess is there's not a reaction the year get the reaction because those. It's used with the black players involved and and that makes cents. Had to get that reaction IE I don't think you're again a reaction if it was a white player that it was useful. Still want him basketball right. I think so I think it's the same reaction. I'll keep a lot of trouble. Nevada about branded it there's the lake there's no way anyone. Thinks that he's trying to. Called Russell was a slave all courts by. Mock not my Russ. Known instantly respond their exactly adds that in the spot either I mean literally. Source in Norman of the bus for there's there's there's not immediately with a statement we don't approve it's inappropriate it's it's disrespectful and Elliott you use the phrase general rule from. You know general farmers that comes from back in the day when men used to have you're allowed to beat your wife with a stick whiter than your thumb our. Comments like the people keep using old phrases all the time not knowing what the meetings are behind number the origination of it is behind them. Did you use it because it was apart yeah trying to win at any any of anyone like rules thumb I had no idea what it comes from Amber's never heard of cotton pick. And I knew immediately you barely knew him you know immediately there's no way you don't know what cotton pick in mind me a war where one ends and means all come out of a clue. Roms is right. Meant by the way AJ green is granting a husband in the freedom to beat his way the race. Or are whip or ride or before you'll have a good else. But that's his job well Larry I'm doing ads have been smaller than a column for divorce you'll offense heat it whip her instead. You she. There you go humans into every day amber you're welcome. Our allies are good years may be in studio next.