ZRA Part 2 4-16-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, April 16th

Pop's schtick: funny or jerk?, Kawhi vs Spurs, Starbucks arrest story


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See here you don't look at this year's totally hall of Famer you wanna gain year nominee and we don't dumps one next month's end here and nominations you morning showed ticket money dot com. Sweetly winters get a fifty dollar gift cards this grand prize money is a 500 dollar gift card and the Florida lumber it's Hawaii eighteen tools we call fame selection brought you left Florida lumber and AM seven I Indian FM one a four point three. HD to this tickets. You see that the the Oklahoma City Thunder is a suspended. Their play by play man we talked about that twenty and the Marshal on Friday. Key Brian Davis I think Davis called for the cotton picket line and yet didn't you know reliable on the air and reference the way Russell Westbrook playing at her edge she's planning a crazy man of his cotton picker Maher had his cotton picking and -- some textures or or did you got some tweets were some people. Did make the point and I remember right I heard the bell in Britain ever heard this phrase before auto industry's many times. And I do remember what Texas said which was. I remember growing up people would use that freeze. In net. In place of the term. God damn. That's what I said the opposite GDP from wanted to say GDP of the announcers for term receive GD but in that split second of timing. He had to say something else because you can't say Judy I'm on TV. Right ease out of his cotton picking mind is and that is similar to determine when does the sentence structure or that the time that it would take to say the same kind of syllables. Now I think obviously allegations. Saying that that term very clearly has racial connotation but I also think they are crazy if you think that he. That he tried to to to be racist yeah outlet like any good I think there are no intentions and. Or oyster substitution but it would that's the problem is heavier. It here with it enough to not say a ged and on the air and you gotta be with enough he's not a guy you pair. If you if you listen to got announcers say that line again. You could see he kind of pauses for a split second you can see the big years working in his brain ultimately am trying to figure out how to say simply because he really wanted to say GP I think it's disappointed they suspended him now. I don't under the give them strong game you spend for the game yesterday. Adding on and now I mean include low light like the humiliation at. In going viral after happens I think really is enough that they were here Russell's comment on under no. Did comments after work natural when he said now. But they they did suspend him he did not called to gain yesterday. Thank kind of stinks but hey Noah and who's your broadcast do whatever you want. Let's get to headlines here mom. Here's what's. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you know. This white hot playoff update is brought to you bimetal law firm 100% dedicated to your financial recovery citing the insurance company is worth it. I love the white hot he's on the dress up anymore. So over our own door and that jacket shirt pants and now do her for the playoffs every year we we have to Wear the white hot. Heat playoff shirt and you know quote of her pants or want we did it isn't fun lately we dress down essentially for the post season. Like the finals are here for cheers smiles a war on a white dot. Shortened. Thank you can't put up on dollar yen in Jackson they don't. Jack you know we also where the teacher doing Diller's whoever wants blood but Jack's all the broadcasters we will Wear white. What we Wear white hot sure that a team gives us and we went to swear like decree not men colored blazer and Nolan on the playoffs they'll really they'll. Yet it's just down now central love. You weren't sure what what they're gonna give me a T shirt I'm aware that he should have been there bottoms you address of the bottom has sometimes black sometimes catch Steve. May be meeting of may get a little crazy are thrown a great I don't know we'll see. Manning he will try to bounce back tonight in game two against the Philadelphia 76ers. He gave up a franchise worst 130. Points to Philly in game one on Saturday. They lost that game 132103. It was a very rough game. In the second half to say the least. Boron and who was a rough the entire game he was four for fourteen in the game here's Goran talking about heard quarter. It definitely did a play defense. But most of us there are pesticides there's just make him so he can I do and I think a lot of so. Or you don't hear anything so. Do you feel. Try to get better and. Your first tour. ER a six and a half point dog two nights they were were also six and half point dog team number one. You feel real good about that have to. Sit Campion shock. Mostly on amber. Seventeen point fourteen assist nine boards sixers were eight teen. For 28 from downtown. Joseph I'll be did not play and I game you'll also miss tonight's game. He did pass concussion protocol yesterday. Currently the seven sixers feel like they don't need him out there do you think do you think that what happening game one is is dictating whether or not they're playing in tonight's. Yes I don't have to beat him in deciding factor was the speed. And I think I think in my got a little bit more than time to. I mean it's it's helping their egg it's helping as a resisters game plan almost right now. With the that the speed that they're able to play way deep throat Joan Allen be out there it slows the game down Phnom. And my eight motivate us on Whiteside I don't know if there's a reason do that in the 76 or why not let them get all the rest he can get it you don't need an out there why not doesn't seem like any amount there. I thought he was going to be ready for game number one OK so clearly he's not ready period OK if you employee in the mornings out here tonight but I I do not think that -- don't that he won game one that Ambien would be out there for game number 20 I think that when he. I think that when he's ready and his sixers got a one game won by 27 point that he could've won game one like whatever is the six still the press the times okay. So on sixers. The only outcome that a surprising after two games. Is is the road team gets one of these games so the sixers can feels good as they want about the 27 point win at. And an MB is not played against snipers are playing again tonight because they're they're comfortable in the heat get the win tonight. Then the talk after these two games as well terrific job by the heat they went to Philadelphia they got a split its own home court events. She does matter to Samoa anything MA BO or signal and how throughout northwestern. Job good job of what's terrific job Dick lose game one by a thousand. If they win the game tonight the heat or hearing control and he did what they wanted to do and easily and in the series start chancellor after all is a good job and on a democratic or does a terrific job puts it sure rip big job would be taking both games. He took a realistic stealing home court advantages and a terrific job. Did he win tonight it's it's it's a horrific job and end their individual and that's all we want to talk about no one is no reference when some point in las. It settled out. And we talked to us on Friday last week you know that that after Abdul one playoff loss all like not the emotion goes goes. So for in the negative direction I mean settle. As of this base ready every fan base like this does have this fan base doesn't understand. How difficult the playoffs our. And that you're going to lose big games we. It before and you still get a nutty after game one loss on the road it was. Ugly loss now let's think of it wasn't like us are they going just lost just watching the last couple years of player impossible to get to a certain points on the team kind of accident says okay let's look to fight another day. It's Gordon get a locker room correct our mistakes get healthy again trigger we got to do a good not repeat performance we just did but I think you see that. If it's seriously hassle when you see that towards the middle to the end of the fourth quarter routine just like yeah whatever you know. Wash your hands of the chart at W awoke today let's go to move onto the next thing and that's obviously the benefit of having seven senators. Here's James Johnson right after that loss on Saturday talking about what needs to be done over the next couple days. It's a necessary response. We still got to go home so that play numerous times so. And I still like NORAD and we know it's for everybody else's system rude awakening to the playoffs and. I wouldn't even get crazy they lose again tonight's play I'm you know let's bring on home. You know see what happens here they go down 02 they did their thing on their home floor just like I did in the regular season by the way. And you come out here and and then you got to do your thing on your home floor so I wouldn't get crazy they want to see your ad spot. But I I wouldn't get crazy he'd come back home do your thing. There's gonna start yet. All you know I don't. That was articles are things that a steep and here's. Try new. Look at the film I feel we do. Would be no definite start we. Don't bring up the series hasn't started yet stop it could start tonight and that in the series audit he wins aren't Saturday that he win the series has started. If the certainly gets series and saute until the road team and right. Camera cell and is doing so incurred so why is it what happens if it the series goes seven games the home team wins every game to users on happen. Now didn't have well he's a great market and went out of business but didn't start while. At that he had incredible Kazaa like that that doesn't happen all the time that a series goes seven games known team wins every game affiliate does it happens all the time. When. And you have no proof. Tip off tonight from Wells Fargo set for 8 PM means coverage begins right here inseminated a ticket at 7 PM at the Miami Heat pre game shall be so easy to get group. So he's you don't have a a son played it well after the game about his playing time he says that he trusts now. What can Philadelphia stuck in somebody about some free frost easy cheap bastards. I that that was that was one of the united did enjoy it was when they were get excited daft the first missed free throw and and they still don't get the frosty is that he made second printer I did enjoy that you'll get free food on the heat. Orion so after the game that's silly and Portland are added to allowed us rotary nose eyes plan. I watched a watched a lot of basketball this weekend I saw at least a little bit of every game assault has more on some than others and easily and that includes Golden State. Easily Philadelphia was the ask route they were the most consisting crowd through four quarters it was he breezy atmosphere and you know what. I I got no problem with the heat they think he's going to lose game number one let it be embarrassing blowouts I don't have a problem with that leg. Good reality check and start the post season that. This. Everything you did in this game number one like you need to do some. And different and you are a glass half full Baghdad this morning. Games and kill us one what quality data sweet man. Game it's not a big deal that it uses. Even under a lot of playoff games even through a lot of playoff games with a with a better team frankly I mean this isn't quite the Big Three air get blown out the game and know that means nothing bigamy fine. And Broadway in the after the in the Charlotte when they lost restricted Charlotte that's right when down 32 had to go back to charlatan with a must win. Surely. Be just fine. Team anyone to even if they lose and you're not gonna catch begin crazy now they lose tonight and it was on Thursday on the spot. Miami Marla. In the last two out of three to the Pittsburgh Pirates that fish lost seven at three on Sunday gore hit his fourth homer of the season now. Marlon steak on the New York Yankees tonight 6:35. PM purse it's Caleb Smith is on the hill for the specializing in it's 630 Irina I don't know. But that is how they scheduled at its. I'm weird every time we do that you always ask why it's because they've been doing these. These on the like five minute. Extra intervals. Don't know what the old 35 no that's not the point that either now of course that always happens 705 cents and was at 630 let's give it 630. Oh I think you're asking about a 630 pot belly game is what he's always fired after ten after why is it at 630. It is that always the time that he leaves EDC and XO. On. Derek Jeter's reporters this weekend that we got to find a way to win more games. Rich this guy. Also he's not going up to not go to New York City weird. On it would tear the team he won't tell it able that he will be there best trades are made seats for that franchise that's weird. V you'd be there you EU would note do you would know would root for. LA do you weird wasn't weird. The Celtics beat the bucks won thirteen to one S seven in overtime. The pacers defeated the cavs 9280. LeBron had won 21 street first round games that streak is broken. The thunder handled the jazz. The rockets handled the wolves. The pelicans topped the blazers. The raptors held off the wizards. And the warriors blew out the spurs. Game two is tonight in that series the spurs are at the warriors 10:30 PM tipoff do you wanna hear pop act like complete. Regulatory. OK what do you want. So tired and it's. And what went wrong for you guys tonight. What went wrong for us yet this afternoon sorry boss when they played better. Coach here today he started did Danny Green. Basically on Kevin. This does that mean did did that work very well what. Did you watch again but yes starting equities are. Still not. Scared of them because you were reasonable juror have varied role. 45 inches by Monday night and told me jump higher and move quicker. And little Tokyo and don't be so good. On teen pop. Now and I hope I'm. You're putting the he's intimidated well probably yeah. He's intimidated and I'm from the guy he didn't say it's Irene I mean I'm I'm so ideas for an afternoon answer. It is in its enemy a pot has pop is so old. Hearing when it comes to do a lot of his political views that we've seen a lot of his U social views he's very. He he he takes approach it very much obviously cares about other people in and people who don't and you know necessarily look like him or whatever. And yet. When it comes to these sorts of relations with the media I mean he is just such a deep hole. It'll just trying to do their job. Did you think that what's is name had a good meg you've. Heard this. What about your chances and it has no time it is. Causes that possess something that just was a meeting on and go with and second game maybe start him right away was to this game two isn't it's WW little time. Well you didn't pay. So there. That was the best part okay it at the end it didn't seem like anyone had any more questions and is looking around the room when he pointed one guy out in particular said. Some didn't pick to be here. No way. He's just in general for the whole media crew not only be looked at one hurts I would be. Anderson I still might and it is why would you rude to him and that's what I'm I'm shocked that nobody goes back and there must be some reason. I you would I don't think I would be able to hold my toilet when he initially sit down. And he says what is what is he start off with he says and says okay what do you want to get what do you line I would. I went up so tight on him. You know pop what I want is to do my job my job is asking us why that's what I woods today. And and nobody. Ever goes back to him calls him how I mean he sat intruding immediately. Ride you do with it and in the media room mats impart some of my belly. I'm doing my job pop out of this question I would 100% do it. Look I would love to see him I would love to see liberate a woman is I would love you so bad for him I am I acting. Yeah I think that it it would be very difficult spot for him and nobody ever. Goes back at him it's just purer. It's pure just human rudeness like just for me Jimmie ended like each you may perspective it's just site he's just such a jerk. We'll look at general I'm not I wouldn't be good at that man and in general I agree with you you might not but I still like general I agree with you I don't think that the audio is doing exists. Particular instance justice okayed because I saw that I saw video and and to me it's pretty clear that he's. He's likely to get their ass kicked in and I. Sent him the older you can't little it yet but it eat you. You gotta be asking you about her team really did it it was neatly I was one is a set of person he. I don't know the first thing you don't when he got there actually was he picked up the Gatorade bottle is a current or skater was this here for. And never was doses of the does Joseph can light up every one like he wasn't. I don't think the audio is doing it justice he wasn't even that mad yesterday he was. He was he was being I mean he was annoyed obviously with the law but it wasn't I mean he wasn't being rude yesterday oh my god. I don't you know Hillary for your you're about to ask pop always bring you wouldn't you know what you're gonna you wanna open up a badly and I shot and you wanna open a bulldozer intimidating that's. But it's very intimidating it's a lot or nerve wracking to ask questions than you think is not really know very nerve racking and you know what's going to happen. Is that still shows like us that we're all to steal the audio in and make fun of it. It's a very nerve racking. So tired this quick yes you know Danny Green Diggins dominant young guns and a fifty points. We're gonna beautifully American. I don't know way it doesn't give me for game number two you descend. Well you didn't pay. So are you pop. Answered a question about things to Turkey is being fought even here yet and wanted to help a lot more than they are building slightly okay what do you want which is. You're obligated to talk to me as a hobby doing. I was so show you picked up the Gatorade bars it was to a known endorses them millions of dollars so Internet media's questions and yet these editor about it sort tireless. I really in general out of the unions are against it are using some jerk. Ridiculous and what went wrong for you guys tonight. What went wrong for us yet this afternoon sorry boss when they played better. That's not that question he needs it sometime response to what happened in the game the back question though is Danny green's organs aren't as. Coach Greg topics break we did better than three point. Third quarter but what's the biggest problem with that Microsoft. Our leaders I was there. Played a beautiful game they've got a good edge they want the game they're playing well and work. Why do you change and the board. I. The classics would forever. We're raising. Boys it was problem was the scene to see what usually centered. If you can't you show fear Tino is he should say no you give me a break. Oates you did meet pre pre pre and your question are there what is reviewed here is similar watch basketball. Other reported it's reported. It. Wet eye on what's your point is a prominent network that I am so we shouldn't have the reporters out there aren't enough to hold our conversation you wanna do you guys. What don't I mean and pops contractually obligated to talk is in his assignment reporter. Okay amphetamine and putts I had them pop can't sign the contract this is gonna talk to the sideline reporter is that promise is usually not do you see that he was in Israel as he starters and that bad that opens the door for pop its own. So tired of this 9 I am not forget. The any else. I think some parents. Let's get back to the a disaster that was Saturday night and what can change tonight snacks. My yes. Presents the white hot hour on the ticket we days in three aboard the as beating their runs in the playoffs why not ours sponsored by mining backdrop. Why is he not been so the same exit Miami accurate log on to Miami acura.com. The mining actor white hot heat power. Every weekday from three to four right here Ernie and 719 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. To speak to Greg Popovich by the way. The other the spurs lost file lost the borders in game one. And today he was asked after the game or you ask the next say practice about why Leonard spoiler possibly gonna play in the playoffs and and Bob gave all you gotta ask wise group. It's a very passive aggressive answer but it's also very telling. You gotta ask Hawaii's group. So it Amir's is here and not that we in no this RA ME and that we did right. There is there is clearly aid distrust. Between them coal wise group of and the San Antonio Spurs. Which is very surprised. Very surprised. You know why wondered seemed to be the the quintessential San Antonio Spurs die. Finals MVP. On the best players the entire league and I mean he is and also by the way. Danny Green and Danny Green spurs. Guard is the only. Player who is hopefully come out and support Weiler. As a member rafter at all. They had that AM meeting which they confronted quite Leonard Danny Green responded. On tourists you could be further from the truth or something like that he agrees the only player. On the spurs Suez at least somewhat offended quite winner Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili or the old ads is a have been very. And public soon and throw him in their two. Had very openly critical. Off Cole. Whose word you'd take you'd think he'll school guys that have been there forever that are basically the foundation again marina and of course of course. When you've got to kill quite the same way you killed dare cruise why he's important because tablet this still. It dissident and export. What caught. You can't sit on the bench and watch team is in New York Israel and I mean. Yeah yeah yeah on the bench he got you know you watch it's huge and what else. About your pristine box clearly. It was. Man I don't disagree about I didn't. I didn't kill Derrick Rose like he used to killed their parents. At least they're really on the bench cheer on steroids ere grows as there are times that they misdiagnosed something like what what is the meeting that's been going on around me he MBA about his his idea is that he doesn't trust them. What do whatever the reason as he has trust them it is going to be there and he wants to go to a big market. He got hundreds issued deal that they'll bring them you're not commissioner American shame organization and your teammates because you just wanna be there sure is the player always wins wins anything you know subtlety shaming easy you said nothing. But I guess his actions are speaking want writes noting is that is that he says somebody asked him this year do you wanna phisher or the spurs and he said for sure. Bush did doesn't seem like you'd it's just I mean like where he how you approach. I don't watch guardsman. You don't want unique they set multiple times we need you. And he's literally not yet but he's also a toy departments and others injured that Tony Parker says his injury it was a hundred times worse and allies and they really want them there. I I think it's I. It's pretty color ink to be here. Fantastic. And he has agreed to clear that she went on the table over its. The issue by the way speaking of which I saw this from one of the broadcast yesterday the NBA. NBA store. Has policy tremendous policy. They have a policy. That if you buy an MBA Jersey by player's Jersey. If that player. Is no longer on the team. Within ninety days of when you purchase the Jersey you've got to exchange. What he's able what you're doing your job when I ask you your momentum is gone back that way back in a dame and way back in at negative ninety Digg or NL I would love to exchange effort paddled very Jersey. Way back in the day if you buy an MBA agers player Jersey. And homeboy is traded within ninety days three months of when you bought the Jersey you can exchange it. That's a tremendous deal for the customer. Necessary. To do that's all I was doing with our Cleveland. Many days I don't know like five months maybe four months five months moment that. Yet too long. That's pretty cool I give it up for the MBA in that spot. So game two tonight he sixers. And they're I mean look I don't expect the sixers go 8828. From three tonight's. I also expect the heat succumb Alex I liked it got blown around in number one. Like they lost game number they're going to lose game number one I like they got blown out in game number one it'd be a reality check. But the Libyan batters I want them to be embarrassed from the loss. Because news. You're figure hey come out with some type of bed angry. In game number two. If they're gonna loose I liked Eddie and Marist okay you come out tonight and as bad as every heat fan feels right now. That feeling goes away so fast. If you get a W tonight. You're you're gonna talk about heat taking control of the series and they don't win the game tonight I still don't get crazy. The hold down 02 and a series is over. As it never happens that the home team wins every game and setting up for a long series setting up regain number seven I mean this series being over after team goes down 020 get out. Out here I get a little crazy Renato TO when they don't have to on me and not nervous. But let let's let's play a home game first before we before we get all crazy. You opened at six tonight as he should be too old beat up there makes that much easier on the Eva that your basically forcing us on what's on the floor for his feelings. I know I know we're saying that I've because obviously this appears to be not the best match up without John be out there but I mean draw on the eve. You're better with your wrestlers out there traditionally. I want to own beads and your your your master your date they are missing their best what are yeah. I got on I don't buy it at that it's better for them against that he without MB I don't buy it deserves that everyone agreed these runners on useless of them not being out there yeah he's he's he's one of the best about the best senators Murray comes to that they get even better tell about it with him. Well that's the kiss on the play this year. Don't own team won every. Which is one massive comeback by the sixers. That's as they can rebound and I can crazy after one game. Piece you played four times the regular season home team won every game and one of them the smoking Philadelphia Philadelphia there was 24 in the third beats. You feel as confident as apple doesn't open yeah it bothered could be fine you'll and a few guys in the swing last how am I am more intriguing battle tested. Have a tested I mean aren't we this is a fit. Come on I was me through the Hollywood known about justice he's out there though all Logan in all of partly coming up with team we have and. I mean what is the matter would have been I mean honestly though. What does it matter what what's happening and you know 20112012. Willing to wait what does that matter really matters he made it doesn't make. Any different Italy matters is in Italy Italy matters of the coaching staff. And it may know they're doing from game to him. And but then until a lot more talent speaks begin a coaching staff you being a coach what would you time to teach you what would you go and actually just signed up again on coach and again. Graduation death in reading your son's here's what do championship rusher on actually coaches friends seem Morgan rivals this year. Coach against most real so disagree so breaking down and analyzing what you saw on Saturday night we all heard just voter single one of those guys when we got them on tape saying. We need to go back and look at the film and correct our mistakes I don't know. Obstacle to better defense got a hold the open shots and the perpetrators OK you look at that there's really no threat down inside right. If you're looking at it's like there's no for them yes editing it did was in the outside aid aid I mean they they were terrible said two point actually. It's the people so you're saying that if we got to cross our fingers across her legs open their three point game is not as good we discovered what contest the shots right portfolio as I like him being you know they're gonna shoot the lights out and shoot the lights out but you can also defend better Eagles defend the three point line better I think part of it is is. Look the heat terrible oversaw home much in the second half in Philly did not tenable all in the second half. And that's an old filly run out on the floor and get those open three pointers in transition does not need to do about it extensively. He's got numbers on the other and the floor and he was so careless with the ball on second half and you said we looked very slow against their crew they looked slow. I don't see why we need to look slow we have athletes on our team owners that arts except Hassan and Kelly like and Dwyane Wade. This should be a team that can get open some of that took. Bothers me about besides what bothers me coming off again one person was looking slow with everybody else looking slow not has not Whiteside. Right settled down after one game. Mean my god like they're going to lose original guess what you're gonna was Lisa another game the series opener definitely going to really swept. All OJB show if they got swept. It is what do we shall soon be over is no reason me and showed Don would you be taken aback I'd be very surprised. Be varies rise and he's right there went down 30. Would not be surprised they lose nine goes on to opt out once and I also we're not panic I bring you back home Matsui to do on the road. You'd ever played a road game the sixers team aren't suited up. A teen on teen crime you heard. Next. Two guys here and a draft coverage coveted ticket project Big Five romp automate Cubans fired Rahm. Not recovered tens camp in Davie hard rock stadium a draft party Dave and busters in the open plaza and Hollywood Dave and busters seats in play what sports. T strap coverage is also brought my lexis of the North Miami. Always an amazing deal and by Carolina auto body when your callers in tow there's only one place ago Christmas in April as they say about the an about the draft. And all the coverage to be heard right here. On hand 719 FM one a four point three HD student ticket that to Fridays from now. To Thursday's. Begins on Thursday I think the first rounds on Thursday it is. I think so on and I'm pretty sure that would be gained six game I think you would be game six for the heat which would be you've got six. I eighth being yet a 100% is getting you answers and how does that work goes to their to hear that as a one on 1111. Yeah. I wanna I wanna bring gives up real quick okay Seles I was wondering when it was good to bring something about a right now so I I I I do wanna mention us. Com. And yet McCain thing and second. So what's going on Starbucks in Philadelphia right now area saw last week I want I want to mention some about that here still deviancy historian went viral course over the weekend someone reported it. Where at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. I think on Friday Friday or Saturday MV. A couple black men were arrested shown on Good Morning America right now couple of black men were arrested in a Starbucks in Philadelphia for seemingly doing nothing they were sitting there and waiting for friend and white by the correct they were waiting for a friend and while they were in the starting yesterday and botany paying rent that Bryant scored just write it win for friend and that's that told them and at which was true. And which by the way there are some that everyone does Starbucks just apparent. And suggested bringing their officers every laptop leader in the laptop is motor the price is that everyone dozens so so day they were rested. Locate or rest they were just in the start box and they were holed that they hold. The people there that we. You know we're waiting for friend and who knows what they weren't arrest warrant loitering trespassing. Yes and so the eighty manager at Starbucks and Cox commander Starbucks hold the police the police came the police are put him in handcuffs arrest and let this one the time of the please where they are putting him in handcuffs the friends in Iraq. The friendly old white guy the friends arrived it was a lose and they'll go on here so they were arrested. And everything. Okay out of the sort box and they 04200. Flights I mean they were. Completely civil and then civil law there and can't calls as well. They put up zero flight at Starbucks CEO he's on television library now they're all. Apologize noddle deal. Ellis isn't real way you got you got this. Hash tag boycott boycott Starbucks. On all over the place. Sit back take a step back for second okay and realize. How often do Starbucks. Okay. If storm blocks as some type policy. That only white people are allowed to sit and wait in store box and black people. You're not allowed to war in they're in their handbook black people must order something otherwise about the call the police. This manager. Absorb box store box. The manager at solar box should obviously be fired immediately. For for being racist and for being an old. And the rest your anger. Is. Who showed up. And somehow. This situation right now. And the situation what these guys in here cost and walk walk in them out its books. Putts looks a hell here the leafs get. Almost all of the blame and then from may blame. Most of this may juror who chief immediately when I doubt it bounced to the manager commitments in benefits. And. The hiring process to sort pencil trying to figure out some as racist okay so sometimes. The manager should be fired. Immediately. The whole east deserve. All lot a lot a lot of plane out to. And now I'm I'm happy to see the source on this Kevin Hart on Twitter yesterday okay new redistricting Kevin Hart and let someone else feel this way. Let's make one thing very clear this is not a boycott Starbucks situation this is horrible management. The manager on duty was wrong. It's that simple. That's who needs take responsibility this wrongdoing and that it a 1000%. Of the police and an argument to it it's a terrible job by the police. And it's a terrible job by this manager at Starbucks but. Need to step back and and and use a range per second hello we boycott. Stock all of that have been the men were not arrested from what I understand they were only detained in escorted out because they refused to leave apparently by the police that I believe the police to escort them out and none and then release them from from when I Anderson what I can tell you what any rhetoric officers and and I just look and I understand that luckily he gets what many well I mean that's and that's that's what's interesting it's. It you know I don't I don't know how this works in this Starbucks like I've never been to a star I've been to Starbucks is out there doing nothing a million times but I've also always. Ordered some thank rates I don't know like I wonder of this but does it change your mind at all this manager has also done mr. white people. I get it done if the manager had also had you know a waivers and some what you've been injured just assisting wary of the cantor calls the cops every time somebody's. Not ordering it. August shop. I mean people hang out just who with their friends doing war it hit an all day every day. All day every. Manager fired the police should be reprimanded I mean that the police could use common sense and figure out they don't need to perp walk. They'll boycott Starbucks though I become. Sort of into any wrong. We I not start it doesn't seem like it's anything to do it Starbucks policy. Snot. I don't I would imagine service policies that people can sit there and not sugar drinks. And thus the policy everywhere by any means I mean there are a lot of places that you can't. He shot is a very salty shop thing yeah and norm can't because he's not resting want to take a Booth and just hang out friends now. But coffee shops and yet how the purpose. Just hang out mean people enjoy yourself as a good couple out coffee and I mean like it happens all got hammered in by a separate retirement went in there. This caught storm books on. It is mob mentality the manager should be fired and shamed. Okay and the police officers might not use some common sense. I do wonder though what are the police officers supposed to do and opposition. It's let's tell the sauber disease got into him on Louie we won't want to do is out. Where was. In two and actually you are going if you we could tell there was a few by cops because they had a light on road kind of you know the bright yellow. Net jackets that they were recovered uniforms for for bicycles so I know there's a few by cops that are there is a couple. Patrolman they're not a not so much anymore because a manager it was stupid and the police are stupid and Philly. Since Islamic. Boycott Starbucks but man the police up there I mean you're out here arguably your manager of the year. Of your. Establishment does represent your stop get rhythm rhythm. Well there Marty issued an apology I assume that they are going to get it bricks and amber and her pressures on the series happened. He had the Starbucks CEOs all the players and the more Merrick you know call me a call which really got to obviously but. And. It's strange that when the friend showed out that this wasn't all resolve to him and it's obviously they are actually waiting for and usually comments CNET spots. Tell her do something. Journal apparently a lot of the other pitchers are in the restaurant as well we're saying wire they beat. Are they being escorted out whether being arrests. So that's not in the situation. Off I don't yeah I mean. This is hard because obviously this looks I mean obviously it looks ridiculous it it's I don't I don't know we saw much more I don't know I mean the police chief Hussein you know they did everything fallen apart I don't know if the police can just leave. People who these jobless men are saying are trespassing. Aren't gonna please can the police just walk away from not adolescents are fusing delete. It's there was no hold them refusing to block out the restaurant and heard the establishment payment it apparently made it. Asian badly especially especially they won grand Foss would give it gets a point where it's escalating there's yelling and battled deal are right fine lady got some open. But apparently I mean they they put him in more civil. Hancock couldn't have been more civil and they refused to leave and the cops are telling them to leave it right it in addition to that today it would it would have been. I mean these are stable would've been is supposed following the. Orders police in my spot but I'm glad he got someone cannot an an an echo of the whales soon about a company's got a somewhat some kind of collapse is not a tires and manager news that you do on you got to try to match and like the spot managers and managers on Meyer loves gonna come and important. I mean it's there are so it's not us aren't sure there's a million people on. In place that can quickly sweeping. In the senate and restore its business are you can put up signs saying that no loitering anymore like you say you have to buy something to your purchases are to be in a restaurant grace. It's gonna happen I don't. Think that that's not know I would think Italy does this rate that it's a coffee shop. And that no coffee shop and they need people to hang out. I think it's our restaurant job ticket a boost our waiter where you're taken off the table so they're not making tips. The coffee shop being allowed to just chill. And the reason I bishops dividend is that once you just hang out their hours and they're hoping that you buy more products. And they once you meet your friends that are yet to hang out in wheat for your friend Larry when take paired times generally sell more products. So annoyed with the police up there so stupid. As sad as someone I use their brain. I wish McCain on T crime next.