ZRA Part 2 4-25-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, April 25th

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Run run the taste of perfection and award winning votes run run run that it's not just staged but nurtured. The heat season ends last night amber we'll have some postgame reaction I don't watch any of that Jeter stuff last night obviously was still a mean. So what did you see any minute media after the game you watched at UC Davis. Thing is that HBO real sports you come anybody likes to do you see it we are preoccupied with the game you sit and watch after the game. Well like of existed by sending go to sleep so I fighting this does not feeling good. So what's the whole thing and given some Benadryl or something is frowned on. You know Simon is bottled what you said yesterday not that juicy. Outages in fact there Georgia parts of yours that you know what admits to that Oleg Gumbel that act too bad from jeetz you don't like humble home not a Gumbel and Kregg miss. Jeter had ever been and I Jeter came off looking for. Really yeah got to seem like an excuse for Gumbel to go down there and gulf of jeetz and and not a knock allotted. That would Jeter's dad and at. Eleven target and that erosion Jeter journeys under virtual I was data suggests we don't nice guy. It Davis jeetz he was raised right. Now Gumbel was on would let it's hard yesterday it was so what was that interest because then you that you did get Dan involved in the hole. Deal there was that would to anything sync com I'm Brian Gumbel joining the limits our show yesterday. I thought was pretty good it was a sting hearing his perspective how the interview went. Especially after I watched it again in. And listening Gumbel live I listened to and after. After it seemed at peace in that listen to this morning. You know doing getting his thoughts on. Because the way it was put out there was no this is a contentious interview and so getting his opinion on whether or not he thought as contentious was just able. Would end and I mean. I think as contentious for a second what does he say there was that I. I don't know about contention and it was two people at a contrasting points of view and were being I'm direct and forthright about it. I think you know it is yet. I saw where people made a big deal lot of the fact that he at one point he said Doug you're mentally weak and it was not only as an insult to lose it was said jokingly. But. You know I I I think I think the question was direct I think the questions were fair. I'm I think they were pointed and I I think he was he. We help to speak to the fire to try to get answers. It was such false advertise in the whole consensus exchange which you would've thought. You you would have thought you were about to get Bob cost has been man. Based on the weighted that was described you remember that meant that Romberg Bob Costas invents a man who advanced sly city ended its share. And looks tosses right TI you thought you are about to get costs as Vince McMahon well this thing though. That that's that's in bids have been loves confrontation Jeter does not especially with the media he is. Is he's just jujitsu master at. Blocking the media nothing nothing phases him because Michael to his credit comes out of the games like. That. So you fired beloved employees he's wasting time he's you know you're a law on your in a lawsuit you didn't show up to their meetings they are great. And as you look at everything is going great by the way Gumbel thank you for asking. Exactly how hot it was and I know we we've seen from Jeter for decades his ability to be extraordinarily PC and talk around the media you learn. He learns from in the best place you can learn it in New York if you can survive the New York media then you are golden with any media and so I figured that. Prank double would be no match for his will ability to talk around questions and he'd handle a beautiful. Yes and it's as a result we heard the the tying the Google impart a thought it was the football game the football and go on among the four balls that went to meetings he has one mile. Sure you. Don't sense that that it's bad optics. Now because I have a job to do my job is just not yards out Derek you are. Or were in the process of getting rid of the best players on this team and isn't it your job as the face the franchise. To be at those winter meetings and explain what scoring and isn't that short responsibilities. Not necessarily there's more to a football game it wasn't just going to. Watch a football and there are meetings that were taken place at a football game so you don't think the optics of that were bad. Com. Well yeah obviously we're sitting here talking about it so yet optics are bad or Iowa when we talk about it's about the sport bad. Come and humble as heating up with a spoon c'mon man. Like there are meetings taking place or whatever meeting your out of the football game is definitely not more important in a meeting that can be had at the your first ever winter meetings and my hand the Garfinkel and saw something. Some consulting what is it about Garth sour note Garfinkel really at a meeting and that's the person you meet with as it not if there's a meeting happening at a football stadium. It's don't doubt Garfinkel. That's professional right at someone that granite and installed not all of the things socially. God knows we still think all class that think we don't see and it never seen enough for it's a labor on the field. You want it like her finger is not in charge of the on the field any extra fee I was just just hit a CEO he just grow the business side of the team at the teams make money as a business. Then our singles during his job. It's got what you XY and south. Would you set six HD true yeah. Nothing to do with the operations there and I think we dogs brand building than Garfinkel who had 200 couldn't good contribution to be very autistic rock sustained growth and that was about gar regardless carpet at Mike's immediate telling them here you especially slim super creepy whenever we are a stronger thing. Need think they're being filmed. Is that usually when you need to Kellen you know you Morgantown in triple a ever Olympics but to clog up close. To system emerges Merrill was ironic and funny years like I let me it's his memory is I think in shots. And citizens limit always works he does awesome that it's. You Texan this just 6797. Fours as they dismissed Philadelphia seven sixes which are based on the quality of the teams that beat not to dismiss the wintry tacitly pointed out fat. Which was in that sixteen game win street's win streak only three of the wins came against. Playoff teams I mean that's it Siemens it fat this and know why I specifically when I brought up boys I presented to you. The win streak and asked how do you feel about that and the way to clearly feel about it now is. Yeah they only beat three playoff teams that streaking guess what they're still really good. Let's all. Could still be exit we effects laden and dismissing. Sixteen league games in a row on the regular season and impressive and our would come against okay. I guarantee the heat's 27 game when she played a bunch of bombs okay in 2013 you want why is it. To Russia. So fact that. I am gonna. This white hot playoff update is brought to you by O'Brien fuels and downstairs convenience stores where they are chilly steps beyond convenient the Miami heat's season came to an and they lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 104 and 91. What do you make of the sixers have the champagne celebration last night he'd never seen an MBA first round. Our John it was chocolate milk yet they don't let well yeah around what that is that's a big difference. Yeah his campaign would be premature British chocolate melting is what what do you make of the and I never seed out like tuck them and I dog Chapman as far as the milk spine you can't just campaign after the first practice. I like sobering so what is the meaning of the chocolate mount as a because as lettuce is brown. There's got to be some sort of insight being there and why they did choppers during chocolate Milliken Amy there maybe they said coach he's swinging. When you when the process works organ cover you in chocolate milk may be is always drink and chocolate milk it's got to be some inside joke and that's why I think it's. Appropriate. And you never see that in the NBA celebrating after a first round. Playoff win but I I think it's a little bit different what's going on with the Philadelphia team just because of everything that they've been through and also specifically. Brett brown okay the fact that he has been there from the very start of this and they. Stuck with them credit brave credit so those are sixers are sticking with Brett brown burying what two years ago Romney games that they when times. All mean for several years and wrote a winning less than twenty games and and he he had to sit through it team that is purposely trying to lose. And so I feel good for Brad brown it's good job. Tell you what I mean it's it's a little breath breath a little off base after the game last night where he's talking about. You know how well do we you know at everyone here is or actually. It was Eric Spoelstra I believe who said it's how they did the right way they they stuck together and that whole deal. Look the general manager they fired a couple years ago OK the guy who was doing the losing on purpose the guy who's blueprint whose plan was to get to this point right here. Like cats like they did not it was his processing did not stick together the league at okay jumped in here. And essentially odd date and co Angelo instead here he's been on the ship you get refusal to got. And the pirates and yankees sell. And this is not hear about that spoke cares about them retain the courts yet but it he's embraced them it's not a 100% accurate like the end it but like that's that's a weird 18 they fired the guy you're. Who is. In directly responsible. For the place that there right now that that's that's a wit but a look at how he feels. This any keep illegitimate a super bitter idea rooms and carry it think it's easy it is his process and we'll get to enjoy land. You need it's another shot now though about seeing the success because I felt like he was black I don't know I don't know I don't know the reason why it's. Really. I I I. Yeah because of the because its center ring getting. Only that everybody's due to it you don't how rare it is for the league to step into an organization. And held them. Have to hire this person to stop doing this we are forcing you hired this guy to run your operation because you and harassing us. That's sold reader what the NBA did in that spot Macon and get ready hanky and tell them your hiring. Right ankle Angela now this is now he's gotten through that so rate. And no I don't think Sammy he's gonna get another opportunity. And that kind of socks because he should he should be enjoying what's going on maybe just maybe person and millions. Khalil an eagle at Miami last night and scoring that was a lot of stop patting eighteen point six is a sea port street steals. Dwyane Wade went up eleven points and 31 minutes. Outside. The heater tied at halftime last night's. It's there it's. This style of play that you want to because you want to a low scoring game means is gonna be tight go into the fourth quarter and that gives you a chance to steal a game. So at halftime last night you're in the exact spot you wanna BM. And then you realize they've gotten zero combined points from your starting front court it's like how the hell we not down by a 101. I mean they had zero points from Whiteside Richardson teams Johnson at halftime. How are they not down while. Hundred. A son wayside played a series low ten minutes last night he scored two points he had three fouls here is weighed on us on my. Think the thing is his players you don't give yourself an excuse so you wanna look at C. Well you can be better at you know and I as easy to say that this considers wasn't a big Mans series. Pacific coast it is an airliner and found true. Don't give yourself an excuse is going to the summit or call what you need to work on you know mentally and physically and get yourself ready for when this opportunity comes again and that's the big thing and that's that shows you know your territory when government is saying. Opportunity presents itself cause it's 'cause we'll come right back fence are you don't think therefore I can be better. The next time you know when you in this situation. And down. And are also an envelope silent minute to see his growth you know from may cannot team to to skin triple doubles. To become a million other players so hopefully you're motivated from this and disappears and come back better next season. It will not be any uniform. Dwyane Wade told the media after the game that he's been contemplating retirement but he's not gonna make any decisions until the summer. Here's a weighed on his return to Miami. Amid a lot you know listen I was. Very thankful to the guys here that innocent to me would open arms when they did. And Tom in those I was only there for twenty and it was a phenomenal select I was their longer on Telecom norilsk the only skies and you know his likeness like family. And so on. And coming can be a part of this an unknown last season that make the playoffs in the coming in reaffirmed as well. Own these guns as they work so harness summer work so hard this year to get his point you know it's you know get back to billions think. If he is thinking about retiring clearly he has. Unless. The heat are going to be championship contender next year. Now would be pretty poetic time for him to hang it up. Because as you know he doesn't want to be the guy at the end of the bench at the end of his career that's all washed up okay that's not his style he doesn't wanna go out there and not area. On top of its. The way that he was able to come back OK. And he reviews brought purgatory. In Cleveland. You got amending of the relationship. With Riley. The way that he he was embraced again by the fan base of course. By the teammates the organization. And on top of it the fact that he's Aqua the value. And they have an opportunity. Coming together and go out together. In less he's coming back for a championship rotten. It is somewhat poetic way for aunt and. Put it it's that you're gonna come up the benches are guys like darts that's the best a problem doing made physical. It's exactly the best you got I expect him once when he AT and Dwyane Wade is still going to attract joins the guys eased into the best player in the series exactly too intricate road wins Pulitzer but to your games basically were Duane. And a wing and and and for that matter. Looking at the roster going ahead. Aside I don't see him being there. Tyler Johnson I don't see being their opponent thing ever Dwyane Wade I don't see being their new DOC being there so you're looking at a roster of Kelly Olmert. Jail. I don't even know you have you might move James Johnson you might move Kelly you have to also just figure this all that. Johnson Winslow Roger. Then. Want to want to be granddaddy again and we got help everybody outlook he got unum. You etc. who's probably came and got. Our people and I'm really on his earlier and man when it's cold YE and LeBron an and totally and it inexplicably soggy cousins and how well does Dwyane Wade is going CEO as a great sign up much mainly to play with boogie. As a bridge Nazi doing we're coming back but. The addition of some monster names bella make them think twice and will be hard to hang them up after that as the bush for waited ring chasing and Marlene double that I was there and tell us have just height adjustable to about having fun playing basketball yet you haven't but he has fun. Playing with the young guys on this hearing plenty study role he. Being a mentor more than people so I find out racing in I don't actually think he probably is coming back. But I do think he likes being a mentor more than that your realizing I think he really likes I think you really what lights were of these guys like just a sudden and listen he fixed justice and only twenty games. Is this is he and it is a poetic and in the sense that he played his first NBA game ever in his career in Philadelphia and he. May have just played his last NBA game ever in Philadelphia here is bowl on wade. I don't wanna go there are you gonna make me emotional but you do we start think about their talk about that right now. I'd love to you know each day. That he's been back I've just been trying to enjoy it. I didn't think that that this would happen this year I thought maybe that this would be one of those situations on down the line that may be at the U you know. A ceremonial. Signing to have him back meat and what happened so quickly it. He fit right in and and that just speaks to is his humility. Now he said it and one of our first team meetings that he was grateful for all the guys. To open up their arms to welcome him back to this team and guys are saying hey this is your franchise. But it the end it's that kind of awareness and humility and it didn't want to. Stepped in in and step on. Somebody else's role he just wants it and be one of the guys. I am glad that his final last night in outlook it is what it is by his final home game EU and Alex champ. He was excellent on Saturday afternoon EPA antitank. Okay trying to win that game four so I I like that it that's here if that's your your final home game as a good lasting image you Alec champ. At American Airlines re like that. The Celtics take a 32 series lead on the bucks and beat them in five games ninety Q2 87 Al or heard between two points at fourteen Boortz last night. The warriors eliminated this bird is nine united won in game five. Spurs' top priority reportedly in the Summers of course simulate quite flattered he should Tony Parker says that he's interviewing return as a back up next. And why is that like how fat exit interview go down. The man Merlin a. With his people maybe hopefully a lot of Internet I'll rely worse than another tyra the Brian James eggs senator Lott Ali and I don't. I mean gasoline getting called it pages ages some wild all the problems Russian World Cup that was essentially his accident area. Miami Marlins snapped its five game losing streak beating the LA Dodgers three to ask. The Miami Dolphins of exercise to fit your option on wide receiver Dante Parker he would make nine point four million in 2019. Miami can still cut him next march with no penalty draft tomorrow. Rockets ended speculation. He will play for the patriots. That's the good players come back to the patriots are shocking tonight is game seven between the Bruins and Maple Leafs face off set. Yeah it costs that are natural gas in Boston but still it's. All Amman and at least bandwagon tonight's I don't root for Boston and like when the Canadian teams advanced in the Stanley Cup so it hasn't drawn there. Like to watch the BI RS and a hijacked the van and like drove over march oh yeah I am. He's meant all that that is the and the your point there is a stimulus and dad are blowing up my mom was the woman told me about it she called the here we have been drowning her violently and we taxpayers texting NT about it I had no clue about it I didn't know but my mom was just you know she. Anytime you wanna get cheered up I'll I'll give you give your phone number my mother because she's just. He's one of those people they just calls that it's doom and gloom here again today I don't think on the phone when I don't know and violated casinos still on strike and I know Robert alms numbers yeah. See all the people they got killed in Toronto by the guy that got the vandals Jesus of basket and then I just such a scam ma. Like how is illegal to help my. All my mother and her best she's my AC circle our mock. Always a mound I have a four years old cold remote what are kitty corner mom. Okay yet yeah money Julian and a mama's Canadian arm and then it's very British is very Britain's. And when you saw auto mock. I come I'm not I do I scroll around 910 years old and really how young age I am okay we know them by then I had. Public parent and arbiter suffer this rolled around my so when it's hard to get armpit hair and it's and we Sergio let's not do it and it seemed appropriate just to get over manpower succumb mum on that pretty everybody did anybody dot shows called me tell me who died you know who's dying in. Who got fired who lost their job. How much money. She goes. This pipe burst wouldn't steal money to Howard got the house got hit by lightning so I need a new roof. The TV sucks don't want my mom and roof and I are you melting butter market. Is that globe is reporting that the pelicans and he cousins are working on the shorter term. Guy. His problems. And it especially stuff gritty comeback and today is playing especially the war. He gives us problems and his border reckon of 88 points a good the other night that's a that's a fun series right there I don't know what's his passer Rondo. This playoff run them and now what do bested the alternate tries super art in in the playoffs guy and not care or other regular season anymore. You had pelicans dealing people on. In the offseason that he. All of that is dribble he Davis Kimberly us all seem toddler and yeah. And I just mentioned that I have a Davis is coming here in the audience voting Nottingham bigger cast is probably doesn't love the Achilles injury and actually get deathly deathly dozens as you gonna give us senator often Achilles injury the Mac's got a trying to embody. You'll awesome. They gamble sometimes c'mon now. Any of our policy would be quite an answer that exit meetings has demonstrated any. That would be out awesome that would be awesome and that's a blind eye to new favorite team. Next just look at the Miami Heat they came into the game you just look at the team that just appeared to be lifeless body appeared to know what did destiny was because they had given away two home games in games three of four back in South Beach had to solve Whiteside and starting line which put forth among the most horrific performances. That I've ever seen from a big man he looked lazy lip with the logic eagle on productive. On and it showed that when you combine that would oil would be doing what he did would 1912 Benson does not have a do much with 1410 and six JJ Redick lead in the way. Yet again hit shots from all over the place a Miami zip so we didn't have a chance and I'd be remiss of neglect and affected the way the experience veteran three time champion a future hall of Famer really and have a tonight. It is just for fifteen shots and scored eleven points yet two starters that went basically school us. Also it was a situation where it was just too much awful Miami. To overcome the. Join in sales Ford Lauderdale airshow presented at a greater Fort Lauderdale convention and visitors bureau made it six. Pull our own feet don't miss the US air force thunderbirds the navy F eighteen. Get your tickets now at Fort Lauderdale air shows dot com its for the auto air show brought you by aliens and nineteen FM one a four point three HD to the ticket we've paired tickets that which will give way next hour. Yes uninteresting statistic good buried Jackson put out there I drew about three minutes left in the half. And all of a sudden one of the starting. Guys from the front court got their first set of points was probably James Johnson. Yeah that was the first of the whole half by the starters. Oh in the first half yes all on my net and none of those guys scored under the getting and that may be Assad to free throws in the first half. Neil I think the wrong courted two points in the first sadly goes to Hassan Whiteside free throws and it's very bad. See I I I got to be I carried her to ask the I'm pretty sure war to suck it mostly. I'm some of these games series and it does not watch the game he only looks at the box score because some sort he did not play well last night but you can't be tied at halftime. And say that he didn't show up last night and made it look like a team who who who knew what their fate was amenable. Did look like that yeah. How many minutes and they are now in the second half of the team what little but to Selig dating show what you're taught halftime absolute showed up yet but if if I can I could probably second his his opinion on that one because all the I didn't see much of the tour council I saw periodic try to do like different things going on your article periodically. So periodically throughout the first. There are watched all of the second. And it looked like a total different animal it looked like they were physically beat up the wounded. They were almost like you know what. Even their body language that's what they showed up in Philly looking like a teen who knew their fate. That's all right I want that you know you can overcome meek mill. I'm guessing Steve amazement did watch that game and it is that the game conceded for a distant Iverson yes I listen to it. Do you he was he was in the in the media room okay to see ya get it all whenever one there I knew when they came out to meet Miller was over with. I don't only analyst I got to beyond the mail not bill meek mill not meet bill. I don't know I don't know who meet Camilla is just got a president. Okay it'll flume and who who easy. Rappers as well these are regulated as parole is it good rap isn't good. People think so kids these days things Allen yeah what'd Boise is awesome thing meters is gonna. He also but he did you know to this point me bill also has put a body bag Madrid. Starting on the back by their arrival and they the rivalry and Emma Robert and Hendrick and Adam. There are both trying to get a an end to go to prison. Because I do you know what I I don't know let's why he had to go to prison when he does that years imprisoned Monterey and it. Be great vessel is on line in the gonna wrap salaries whoever loses probably go prison. Is that would make a rapper later so records loser prison. And we you know went to present golden rule now so why was he. Multiple times was his original arrest. And he was walking to a corner store within our with a firearm that he didn't have licensed Kennedy violated the parole you violated the parole for that won't legions of four years and smalls violation. He violated his parole by doing Koppel we Elise in New York without a helmet so his endangering himself and others number on a motorbike. And on top of that he. He got a fight in Saint Louis airport. That's like that's and more years in prison multiple years in jail the I don't know why you get out admin of four years right. No because the Supreme Court justice overturns the days when the extreme sports well in Hollywood and order crowd does this come and hang on to be in its race Robert Kraft top U. Jewish might get you to your idiot sometimes. So he eat it went to supreme court's not of the United States in Pennsylvania. Yes I assume it was in and pencil is that we're in Pennsylvania my computer's completely understand it you got the games quickly he did it feel like you and Jon Huntsman an opportunist is somewhere in your New York that the case is in your case all those weren't wearing your solar power. So maybe it's a Pennsylvania case either way you is the High Court in the stayed and then now I see you secretly early you know how. No he has another hearing Rima and Russell well that's the came out to the entry might have another hearing they'll they'll determine them whether their overturning his conviction he saw is not held battles and go right now he's all sentenced to those warriors. And is Robert craft involved. Muslim he's on hash tag free meek mill and a team team Freeman meets or hatteras there grabbed rubber Kravis because of Ricky rose and these part of me about music mean you don't cut the very first tile man he's a. A trump supporter and a meet new mills supporter. He's very diverse. Best of both worlds that guy and funny and edge you know rubber rafts that a one funny thing is it is Twitter doesn't forget meek mill rings in the team yesterday. And then all these tweets toppled from me Mildred and for the heat in the Big Three era. Yet because of course me emails all about Philly ultimately from Philly is off Philly and in 2010 years tweeting about how he's with Joseph Biden team Miami Heat now. And I promise that's so funny ringing of the bell does not they can what's funny is the fact that you called to meet bill. I think that means stand ready should not name. Las Americas Williams or something that's made here all right so maybe I wouldn't want any little. Not a Robert re meek Williams. I'm gonna rally and then off. You know noise is posted on the media. Yeah me bill show although you meet bill as the latest. It is to me personally bill. I it's my new team next. It's. On candy comfort in it. Fox News show. He's at and Bonser and he'll have an opportunity to play like sports. Urge Texas and Miami all ways and means seeing video and by Carol an auto body when you callers into no one is ago. This Christmas in April. About drafting. All the coverage right here. Money and 719 FM one a four point three HDTV. Nano is open and up and had entrapped him tomorrow. Optimum dose get excited that sank to absolve some options. Duck and excited. Did I hear right that are draft coverage is coming from ten different occasional yeah. Yeah it's really quite regular seasons ago. We are all. This is a historic broadcast hall. Nation everywhere as a first time network is battling out with 560 admitting that were sisters yet but we have our own LeRoy hoard. Waited dolphins camp right in the departed the Dewey breakdowns from two time rules bull. MVP we also had pieces that 56 table view him hall of fame banquet. Yeah he's somewhere else is well you're the. He's going to be live in the oak wood plus Dave and buster's and do what's Davis did I'm playing great plot though LeRoy as ago. He's in the that was Butch Davis Ken Dorsey and Alex Donahoe wants. What a breaking things down like beat Avaya. No hydrants you're here. Player profiles on its. In the mobile today is a whole loading not formally or again first tropical Baltimore Ravens great career in the NFL he's that kind of guy look bad. Rare physical talent sixth. For 347. Pounds really. Quick and athletic for a big man. 41 grabs the golf by the remarkable stretch he's got ten to disrupt the medical Shaq got big get into that back field because destructive quarterback. Make some runs stopped behind a line of scrimmage they'll be inside you can help that linebacker that line back will now be watched more. Freed off. The similar cut my grind payment on here now and not paper speaks is my friend. Coming up out of Cindy today. They do like to get their token Polynesian once and a while they tell me they love a good Simone and just bring back absolutely tired dads right. I I'll I'll just say right now I know I am not spend any more time on this and then just for a second here I am I. I can't figure out how the dolphins brought back Paul solely on for one they retirement pledges anyone can do that does any. Like you met been mentioning this for weeks straight and you're so disturbed by the music useless because the minute it happened. The Jewish identity if you would help it he's talked about all fairly good yeah it's so frantic so she put. She may end its Hollywood to retire in Dothan what is the matter I'm just. You could still say we we all saw it and I go back Byrd an. Island that's what you like. So it's changed a different program. It's tiring me. But that he had stellar numbers police here are some heat obviously just won his retirement I don't maybe this is doing my entire life to be of Miami to Atlanta got his adult life isn't that odd I felt like that kind of honor brits hot you know the one day ceremony at Gillick. And an honor for. Great players like Romberg really did not enjoy his time in Jacksonville he would not want to retire just a moment ago you would have rather retire while in Maria and so. It would have went to the falcons and set enabled you had a few good sounds robbery and when you go with the rams it on so I don't want it they would love to view the nor the way. There wouldn't be different side more and more I W a nice player but all right so you just retired yeah like let's just let's call it you know it's. And I think they did it. Nice is it is not easy it's amaze me take care but put a lot of heroes I don't know why it matters it's it's no skin off the golf exactly. It's coach case. And Mike had a moment to please allow my maternal turn. How would love to be in my I'm in the guy's probably read you know Lawrence. OK. Send. Sure that the yeah now one halves that are yeah and that's a right. And make no socks and got bodied buy drinks ghost rider or not and bring home sick that you wrote a QB they accused triggerman goes right with us true. So what does it please talk about gore on slapping and Simmons look there's no way defend that a bad job and go out last night that he could be slapped them all you didn't see you sit there and many smacked him upside the head. There. Is no defending any technical foul is no to Oregon and all downhill left and right after that was even those like at the start of the sixers Ron and got to go in and yeah it was the beginning of the end he can't do that if you're going to a bad news release slot smacked him right decided I had I always think in there. Besides advent period and kill him so now you got that the league semi I would my senior Matt. Dude just eat like alternate on video I am now you rule it got to the door on her door and guarantor hmm. Yeah yeah reef ball needs to answer. Skin in the game five peace man. And hand you can't send it down. It was almost what would say that Stockton slap. It did loudly and start due to constantly and slapped death Slovenian slap that's a rule was. At the back ahead disappointing Goran yeah I was disappointed today don't you can't do that thrown out there as a dad and her office foot through it in the game of happens. So I I I got a new team in an. More and what sports so yesterday. Okay. Resale for the international champions cup okay yesterday hard rock stadium. Yet the two games coming up at the end of July all right you got. July 31 I think it is is Real Madrid. And Manchester. Unite it. July 28. Is. FC. Bayern. And Manchester. City. I got the priests O'Connor court and I'm not democratic or you even know who those teams are did you discover card again. I don't I don't finally got it saves. It's always there a break glass in case of emergency. I got it there it's there. And I got the priest a code of horse. So like getting yesterday right when they go on sale of these these hot tickets smoke name is very big deal he's into a sell out things for tell me about it. That woolly. There Francis and the general once sales and a few days our rights and it's it's for. People like you are rights she you're a general on sale person RNC where we stand up resale person. And so I get on yesterday at the pre sale. And I I I I'd go to get tickets for for the lesser of the two games lesser of the two games is obviously Dana men and Nancy okay and united in Rem metric detail but the other one. I'm looking at the standings in champions league these two teams atop their groups. Bayern Mans series hell. They're both in champions league and a very good that's a good game two but much less expensive okay memory told you. How last year the big game which I think was a Barcelona and Real Madrid it teach outrageous I mean look like Lou probably expensive or you do this for investment reduce such go to nodal astle and going absolutely and don't slip bought tickets for for Bayern and and man city okay. Are expensive but they were at least reasonable okay. But here's the thing. I bought tickets in one of them supporter sections. I got club seats Europe buddhists yes oh yeah. Jump around his daddy your tiny I got tickets in its club seats okay. But I got tickets in one of the sections where you have to support. One of its heat which it is now. My new favorite team. Mayor and city. On the man's city let me add to get our romance it's any Darby got to get the scarf she got to get the flag at a you don't roaring out and he had a hand into an end to order party opens all that jumping all me and my son those hours actually I didn't want I don't they're to make him jumper I said war world man city family. Okay so that's my team among big supporter who covers their shirts. Oakland. Zero point zero Leadbetter find out all right can't be shown up in the opposite colors better learn a couple players names to the tumor. I'm in the so. Horner section that a refund that man so who got to get low to update any you held agreements. Soccer player tempering it short and shot champions league level soccer absolutely good timing on and a good very good these are small by the way that you're saying the name home. You Iron Man city know you're sick and it's not save you and everybody out let me entity is no longer in the tip it's. Well but during the season standings they were number one in their group that psychologically. I understand the really good and I looked at the standings and Premier League. Like I pour. In really. So you two or some that. That's why I support. Arab junior good to see somebody Pena movies marginalize you. Ice reforms at the Morgan's. Tutsis. I can watch rights. Don't lots. So that's money it's that's my new squad are right focus this summer. Mateen. Man it's uniter city which one would who used to me is incidents in incident and stadium a huge fan base which we were scar fraud to. All right while on the army and hot pink and I. I disparity empire from Miami a scene not not not not. Not man and which ones in your you know sit cement city that's my squad.