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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, April 26th
Josh Rosen huge down here, Kawhi Leonard to Miami? Ray Allen Interview

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It's. Friday morning. But nurtured. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami and W acceptance speech. He'd show Miramar. Talk to Ray Allen and about 7:30 this morning calls Boozer gonna join us next hour. So he talks and me plus those guys also two guys who played with LeBron LeBron hit him when he shot the buzzer embers probably get some of that tree here but he got amber. Tonight is the NFL draft so that's where we're gonna start at 8 PM that begins you can listen to our coverage rate here on 79 did take hits. We will have. A whole mashup along with 560. There's a lot incest between the two stations going on in breeding on our first collaboration in my eyes fixed my. And inbreeding you. Men make a drab dumpster babies what's gonna happen. Well two in those who started the race salad and get people to an end. Slider every four minutes OK every year saying its ancestral ground saying regular gonna get draft dumpster baby. Hussein. Must say and don't listen to become British and I descent of the tennis. And the guts to vote with the loosely as the Japanese so it's fun. It's unreal when. Many dolphins are selecting eleventh in the first round. Miami Herald reports. That UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen could slip out of the top ten. Dolphins blew it to consider taking him. If you would like mine you ever he wants goes Jewish community. AK not Cleveland so we we would love want to come down here. Miami's had multiple visits with for sure you'd buy a place where Boca. On average era. The penthouse in amateur. About these this. The Marlins beat the Dodgers easy to say yesterday. The first series win of the season for the Marlins. DT real men don't hit two homers from Miami. Home right exciting stuff. Build up that trade value roomy so AD when you hang out. And you have like your passover is in and near your holidays right. You guys say like maazel. And light that's good things are happening and I am muzzle or do you say like. Behind after each years old timer you just go by you dame go buy or build you know these words mean are you just saying nozzles like our character resolutions right. The most part yeah and then you got emirate and then and Anaheim is like a long time like junior's life. Life. The cheers yeah so what's the confusion here. Do you say you use them you personally like they lose it doesn't want to ask not now because I've never heard are well known music how about. More devout. Jewish person yes horse is not the most relief recent being oh because when I did the got hot it was in amateur at the marina. And there was a lot of older Jewish people there and I heard maazel. And pay other kids doing. I'm. I heard her gum out those silly your very power vs power generation uses it. Yeah imagine them doing generation just doing that religious yours and that's type of oh way to you speak on how I speak I don't I don't and use those terms unused. You know I don't I don't use terms my every day. Light. It guess the best way to put it. Just roses he's in those terms not did it already at a Cleveland and a dear dear to do let his interview with a good number out just speak in street Hebrew. This split up update is brought to you by manulife firm 100% dedicated to your finance recovery biting the insurance company is where that. And speaking about those NFL interviews what's the deal with guys are saying that the running back from LSU gave three different answers. To a question to three different organizations or some in my I don't know audition on the. How would how would they know how do we know nations compare notes are. Terror lead the same question was asked and he gave three different responses. And it's funny bit probably based on where he wants to know mayor. That's probably my guess and it's the same guy that that ultimately was arrested Tuesday in an at his mom cells are so so mourner. If you just sit you guys want to play remain good bye to the island as soon as cyclist. So the New Orleans Saints right at the team the saints are the ones who raskin and announced that. If you're missing earlier as about it was a little more than an hour ago we borrow what shows it was sort of the show today. Josh Allen the quarterback from Wyoming is we'll put a kite he he's the guy who's gonna be embroiled in the controversy today in a couple years goes Larry to console. Any and it summons the dolphins and who doesn't rescinding Avant and his shot down if they want him where he had to apologize yesterday. For two weeks that were uncovered from back when he was in high school five or six years ago. Where he's just throwing the N word out there like it's I mean like it's every day and that and that's the thing right there what where people granite block. 1516 years old. I wouldn't speak that way. I don't get crazy about it is he's probably much every guy kid then that now and he was asking one way is differently than actually writing it. I mean making the enrollees in in a public forum. Where it's they are forever. I'm glad he and street stupidity I mean it's it's it's stupidity and sit mixed which is an obvious racism and ignorance I always hate. Goal you know it was dead end and Mayer yeah ERK. AA that I don't I always hate goal you know that's not me that's that's not the type of person I am saying old buddy. Are you ruling that I would pass on that one EU via the pass on the high school football team it's among his buddies. That that's what it was in because he was stellar athlete quarterback the team. You deduce that somehow local and passive interest in New Jersey in every Yemeni catch me use in the Edward because guess what it really isn't me you know the people give these is that some me please on the emea all of them you know. And you look at Dillard and. And anyway. LeBron James. 9295. Last night do I have that serious that chasers call. All of the final shot because and I would like to hear this appointment they are politically when one again. In the morbid coal from Indiana you know because it's a member of the pacers radio announcer these owners said we we didn't even deserve a team you know here are my same guy. Yes they are still do an ordeal mark boil Leah. We don't we don't deserve a team. These fans who we we don't deserve it and I just say I don't enjoy here in his final call if we don't ask and we have this one from Cleveland's. Tied at 95 Jeffrey could trigger. The far side you'll find LeBron Felix got my LeBron goes to work. Acquired a free to go. He sent to seek burnish his call. He. Amass her. Stochastic 32 series lead now LeBron had 44 points ten rebounds and eight assists last night he's pretty good. The raptors beat the wizards 108 to ninety yesterday Toronto takes a 32 series lead DeRozan put up 32 last night. The thunder beat the jazz 107 and 99. 20. Wes Brown 45 points last night fifteen rebounds seven assists while Joseph words 34 points the board. Outside a west rug in Georgia and in the thunder trailed a gimmick 25 an old third quarter by the way the George and Westbrook. And they did all the scoring. No one else to more than six shots. Georgia must welcoming did. All the shots to those hours a lot more and befallen shooting to write most or not they're both at Georgia I think shot better than Westbrook did Westbrook was under 50% he's always under the percent. By Georgia I think shot better by. They took him and look that's what it team is built man but even Carmelo just six shots yesterday. George shot twelve to 26 so a little under 50% and Westbrook was 1730. But no one else was in double figures no one else on the ball more than six times those who had a combined. 65. The noble taps. Got it done the racquets defeated the wolves yesterday once when he dew one up forces are moving on to the second round make the gun five games. The Bruins beat the Maple Leafs 74 in game seven. I love that game seven nation amend their shrines they try so hard. The plane so. Whole hard they care so much man cents a killer you lose game seven and the leaves were up in the third period they lost by three Eagles they were off. Early in the third period. I am looking at this article that Tobin just sent me about Kohl eyeliner and and his foremost likely trade destination. Don't do this. It's that is. As the whale home oh because one of these lord destination is in fact the Miami Heat center of Muslim rather sent spent on this issue governing sharpens. So here's what this scenario and hail according to under Snelling says that the heat we get why are some random dude on Twitter Alyssa and Andris now he's gone about spellings. Yahoo! and dot com rhetoric. Columns Newt cells. Who YE and patty melt mills would go to the heat's. In return the spurs and gets more targets Josh Richardson justice Winslow and bam out of by. Embryos. I I I I believe the spurs would be able to get better although it's not a that's. Good did it's not a bad package but I do think that spurs Deon dragon with a lot of potential I knew which indeed is an eco wise and it delivers a hundred members. You quiet I'll be out there and I don't like Wyoming this extension and he. I don't even care of that part of it's I I think if you and he just got to believe in being able to sell yourself to that player for a year I don't even think that you need to guarantee for many of these guys that think I think you can preach the culture and all icon it's often. You know then not have the conviction. Is that you can keep a guy. No but if if the heat are going to be in a situation where they're going up against Boston this you know Boston like this culture and all the practically over prior going to seed in wanna go to Boston I'll meet it'll scare away the other teams right knee Saturday saying he needed to put in a position where the other teams are gonna be willing to offer much because. Why doesn't wanna go there yet what did you think he'd have in their favor with this. As opposed to going to Boston. A big reasoning behind why quiet wants to leave that's not just you know the whole protecting him over the injury is his team wants him to be a bigger star. A lot of these other occasions version or go to Philly art have stars boss and they already have stars and as you wanna go there be the silent other guy when there's more. Personable as more visible stars presumably replaced like Miami where he's going to be the guy is an actual glamour location. A debate dad's stuff don't four. Pocono that aren't necessarily just assets could. Any else hammer. Woods is reporting that coli in the spurs would have to repair the broken relationship of course and a tentative and those letters offering at super Max and him motives Barry Jackson is reporting that the you're expected to explore has on white tie trade this off season. Crime current Lavar ball is oldest son got a Lithuania. Oh man. We Angelo is injured and Le Melo is it getting any playing time. It's it's such a great speaker. I Eddie House amber. And finally a beechy which. I don't believe that we actually discussed this on the sound but apparently they're saying you know he passed away in Britannia. And he apparently predicted his own death six months before he died he said I'm going to dot. I'm not the case. And usually the case. They said is that his health I know he he struggled with a lot of health problems due to his alcohol consumption reportedly. Would talk to Ray Allen and about twenty minutes from now before we gets array NFL draft is tonight first round of what are we looking for next. NFL coverage of the first sign the ticketing to hammer combining forces to bring you draft coverage like. Americans AdAware. Never ever. So it's quite big but around Florida may give inspired rom and have you covered him into camp in Davie hard rock stadium Oakwood plaza and Hollywood. Sadly good butch Davis and a legendary Ken Dorsey at the heat. At Oakwood plaza. And Dave and buster's and open plaza Hollywood Dave and buster's eat drink play watch sports tickets draft coverage also brought to a Palm Beach Charlie. In number one draft choice Christmas in April the NFL draft. And all the coverage to be on both to ram and and 790 FM one a four point three HD to the tickets. And talk to rain down about ten minutes from now LeBron last night had an incredible game winning shot at the buzzer. At a volts raptors tonight do either of you watched the draft not on ESPN you watch NFL network. Sometimes in. No I don't I only want you don't like it I look back and forth. Between the tale I think the last time I saw the draft twos when I was in it. And I'll never watch it again real. 100%. I I used to love the draft basically early tee and into the gravel. Not valid before this job you know I only watch ESPN are as tired as hell watching it lacked smarts are all. I'm just aren't that I only watch ESPN NSR is are unsure of most of it is is. Awesome especially because their orders of the league you know better sometimes I think it has anything to butter meaning. Come on one of those people it's hard to get me off what I do it's it's hard to get me out of my routine and I am I watch ESP for my sports you know. Same thing with you know tuning into fox sports one or you know. What whatever other chance late. You don't support Earl alleges. Sounds like nurture all all of Hollywood sign of ever. Go on to greener pastures you know all watch Hollywood Taylor. You know every now and then watch Hollywood delicacies and vox mostly Thai and all listen I'll listen in the caller to her show. And a lot nasty mean no notes it's the war on Google is on the show radio yes and yet it's it's on fox Sports Radio onion and a yes all I'll listen sometimes in the caller I guess accounts. By. What she SP NE SP ESPN's sports channel you know some lunch I'll watch the coverage. And it and I knows it's a big thing going on over the last few days where it's the NFL that's pleading with reporters right not to hit. Picks. ESP. That race would not just that there's no way that's true apps Leno that your also be on fox this year it's on. Box seen tons of transferred. What's this seriously. It wouldn't be a brilliant thing about Kirk herb should join their coverage this year is no way it's on fox. Sony calls they have on an NFL great big cross on. It only costs. Are they following are all of him be like us not owned by the same company princess all our lead that's why we're doing that. I I have a very hard time believing that the NFL draft is on fox. If it is this is the first on here as I wrote. Can any of us figured outs I'm trying rain now scroll on the go. Mets got a new way to see it right. It'd sun and it's on network fox ESPN or into law yes he and deport their news what I don't know that you know it's Ana FL network fox ESPN ES PNC Indians can't submit more and more like the where is it not. The anchors on fox who does the covers on for leisure and my guess probably one of them and doing some stuff. One launch and I don't want Jenny just went door to his hand and industry manufacturing and my take a peek are some of that these ABC. Is it don't know he yeah he's our most you're right he has bought no C morning show some media well and maybe a woman now. Not into the Texas there a roster want to hear it probably going to be on the up probably Iran the united sooner. What's up to reality probably on the NFL draft coverage next. So NFL draft coverage tonight right here on the take dead yet the first round of the draft means it's on every channel. ESPN and fox and NFL network. Apparently fox it's been anchored by who who is it's held until just told me was anchoring it where they. Advertising your book. They're advertising Joseph Clyde and trade and I don't know the anchors Troy Aikman confidential cloud and bring in in town what's gonna get you. A-Rod probably going to be on the coverage. A bunch of folks may be Ray Allen I don't know ray Allen's with a C on the Orion fuels and dancers convenience stores gas line truly sets beyond convenient. Good morning guys you do an NFL draft oversight seemingly everyone involved at this title drought this evening. You know that you'd spoke call. They're well now. Okay. Rays got a race got his book everyone's heard about the book and we welcome down here of course the book is from the outside my journey through life and the game I love. New York Times best seller you get it now available were books are sold. Every aboard here ran a one askew I'm Sherri talk about it in the book. He gay man he had games such a great film Spike Lee you're young you write it when you're in that movie. It did give me some stuff on acting with Denzel Washington media must have been super nervous or. All are you just such a competent guy the Euro came whatever kind of Reno you're participating in. You know the bogey at me when I mean there are. Don't know whether or not going to be good with the bad it will be you know about that point they've got they mutant college they want your BA. Oh noble. Any pressure to waste in that group acting is so we're seeing here although a typical is India because. You ought be you know I might there's been a lie like there doubted people all of bow out oh great because it is. You know he's tactic that point guard. You know you're right it equality. Is it where your your your quote they. And they won't look good so you'd need a debate look. Why they picked you because like you mentioned there yet a great college Chrebet your only in the league for a for a year I mean. And you're in Milwaukee okay it wasn't exactly that top media market like why why they pick Ray Allen. Think that the market because it was. Oh by. The director's. Spot is there a moment we wanted. You know if our in my view that it is doing it because I I. Well law is that I will be. That involved no Abby movie that being at the that they Wear. Being you know my. Oh you look at bat the ball being what they cut it way. Yet look back there's been this boat is or. They have the right or use is not believable well. The only bigger I'd rather have a map what where I. I hope the guy at. The boat out of the era how big bat well there's been a real. We got Ray Allen here with us on all time great he's going to be in the hall of fame when you eligible in two years are now does that sound right. I. A look at. Should oh this is your columns are high this year low grade. All right this year paint on and on them very embarrassed now okay this year brown was named hall of Famer are you is that something that you thought about during the your career or is that cement like when the career and like you don't they got a shot here. It. I think they're not were what they've they've been out part about it is I always believe that a big if you. I've been today. Everything that they appreciated that a complete then you know that I use you worked our. You don't have ever worry about the fate of great regret I'd rather do beta artwork. Going forward ray an oral and Dwyane Wade and trying to figure what he's going to be doing with his near future how long before you made the decision that you were gonna hang a month. How long did that take for you after the season was over. With. Well it is that they went way it is that you'd you'd take lightly. Is. Know what he's figuring it out you know your whole. Reared their old life back into orbit around Big Brother think you've been doing your stated okay now when well about the ball. It will open big step by Bo out of bad it. There though there's been there you know. Would be eat he. Probably poker if the bow of the court well. The over you know outlawed. You know you don't wanna be in debate is what you have a lot of players or well. What they did but our situation they were. You know you're getting out of these were all forward depending on you know Obey the certain and you know that that quite yet they call it is account. Ray's book is from the outside my journey through life and game I love was was there any one part of the bulk rate which was especially difficult. For you to disclose to it took to the public to people you don't note people like us. Well you know there's a bit of people. This is what the book a debate where they're at you know all of the word out there. You know I'll. Carl but based. Ari because you knew very well you're old it's. You go out there awhile like people read it you know written by regretted people you know that they've Burton credit early you know were. Are out there occurred but because you know they won't they they told viewers that you know while this is it took a lot of Kurt if you got this great. If write that down in it and it really billion though that the world would know everybody agreed it they. That what it eight bit per. Though is that why you don't open it would do it they they they probably. And what are people on there and it is it is you know it did take all of the of them out of a bill would it when it called. But lives out there people criticize or put them to buy. Get to. Pick apart you know whatever it is they were criticized though. That they can inspire the body it is so people there they they they too could be no good in their own rape is you know. Have my doubt. You talk a lot about your childhood in his book as well which of course can be very vulnerable place for people. When they're disgusting things like that it happened in their past and you also discussed a lot about you came from a military family what kind of impact about having your basketball career. Well you know that the kid being younger news. That are written are that we're when you're younger. Mo is now they've they've they they're well it gave where it is that they've been well you know at ten years old. You know because. There's no way. Oh it will let you you do better in what I'd point out people that you know out the Red Bull is this your audio that the prominent I didn't have anybody. Or. They're top all of you know what are quote I did spotlight. Dream about Bo. It is you know it is important for. It would invite our it was our. You know everybody at -- if we are out there people rate. You know people like you are these people call you robot that would do is edit that. You know that is way more debate. And you know 00. But art people like you don't become open when it beat. We by 3030. The it. But you're very. What a great. Ray's book is from the outside my journey through life and game I love listen it's Miami's you understand him to go before talking about game six okay. The shot which ties the game into when he thirteen. I don't wanna ask you here you know I remember after game six and before game seven. One of the main reasons that I was hoping that you guys would win game seven was sold at that moment in game six what your shot. Would hold meaning for for the rest of eternity guess if you guys didn't win game set and if you're you're shot at the end game six wouldn't be as meaningful arizonans and. Yeah I mean come. On you know I'm not worried about dot. I thought our is that our I knew it got to that on that point. But. Oh you know big about. Note that the court a year you know we thought I would attempt there's been in game seven. But you know they want known throughout the dirt you know training here. The thing that we we do to a quote the year where. You know there's an easy up and you brought that sort give up all the game more you know all the per cent or player. But you know there's no it is it would have been beverage you. Are they get that situation. We've sort of beat it give up that became big thereby of that Lou Boettcher your biggest seller of all are bound by. You know that we got it it gave that it is the other being played out it is opening bit. Ray's book your best New York Times best seller it's called from the outside my journey through life in the game I love ray and so I've not known about the hall of fame is he on Simon crushed red lions ran. Assume oh. Yeah you guys you tell yeah I we love you right thanks a lot man I. Guys that's re down there. Your heart and soul her very. Now people say that some words on it then has the yeah okay not compared to the Alan and him man. He goes applies to be used you bush so in on the hall of fame. The fact is you didn't hire rise five years ago I guest we fourteen right Tony fourteen. Mornings a book I was gonna ask him Denny linger and I was like looking for perfectly memory right now Bakley never you never actually played so it does the clock doesn't start over. Can I am you know right now like I'm sorry I made me forget I'm a Sutter bottomless everywhere you know a little bit and. So all the great race Allan Ray Allen and it always interests me though we talk about the basketball when you ask the basket the great mass while players when you asked Nam. Aid they expected to an Al Famer they thought about it. Fastball and remain in the bathroom hall of fame they really are Ray Allen you expecting is that golf like he sued Dell you're DM near in the hall of fame Sadler. Well they may be LB in the broadcaster wing one day. Not debatable. I had a Emmitt. So deserts. Of the lip quivering sitting back in the chair and me he hates me. All they've not been able. There's like it Tobin so happy to have that sound tale about the second Becky and battery Allen's alto then select yes isolate this eaten. Reclaim this the next three years to shames of the conflict because they know about hasn't felt about that odd million and cries let from a production state I read a random moment of the riders on the. He's gonna ask you let eligibility now. That's close eye these look like a massive deer about to get ran over my transport his headlights just opened up like the Ohno so he's in this summer tour. This summer he's going to be is that that's just for you though. He's don't in this summer. Yemen so forty years I thought it's. Known in this year. Yeah it's you didn't get them all this level you should not mistake. It is ray. You know more beholden and then the guy donut hole under is what is ray is ray a 100% sure it is getting in the summer listen. This indictment of everything she's getting then he's Gannon. I got a look at them look up. Emmy it's possibly holds him a year early. To tell that he's getting in I merely answering. You know Ray Allen is known he's getting his hall of fame for the last decade. Then two point. But like did you not get the memo that I'm definitely a hall of Famer. That's what we do so what now I don't know why and away you asked the question there's a lot of forty you know did you X Deaton you know do you expect to get in is that something that you think abouts. And like I hear this story. Alonzo morning did you memory 011 post you Alonzo Mourning he referred to himself as a hall of Famer is so it's only. Israelis into the Basque momma thing hasn't. He's the whole team this year man did the memo did not have. Yeah. 24 days ago ray Allen's hall of fame not congratulations and they aren't. They must change the rules. It should change the rules for him. Russia greatest shot ever. Sure things don't ask him we were in them and went on you David he gets thanked about that shot every day I would I mean. Faisal embers and out think him in my hog. That is true story though where where where go into that game. Mean obviously wanted to eat when game sevens I want them when a championship on aisles just like and it if they don't win games like no one cares about that shot anymore no one cares about game six it does not matter. It had been off. Who cares. Instead it's a great shot ever. That's yeah. You on that Rajon Rondo. Ash. By your by your sworn enemy. You Texans just 67974. If you wanna get in here and they'll draft tonight we learned that Ray Allen is not on the coverage need to not get the call. But we also learned that he's Guatemala and everyone else though and I'm still 100 essential gates and two in four years. Not everyone is on the coverage for the NFL draft tonight. And you guys know how I do this OK I don't follow on Twitter. You guys followed on Twitter and you'll love the spoilers figure in your okay what that you like to get the pick spoiled. No I don't I don't follow it and we're very proud of Italy put down Twitter during the NFL draft because I do not like it to be spoiled for me otherwise what's the point watch what's the Floyd's. All the sharing need to go to sleep sound might fire apps it's where targets in Pakistan. Ghostly. As easily walk up to the podium and you don't know what the hell does say those phony hugs from the commissioner. OK we'll do so so don't watch all good just listen to the. December 21 2017. Jason Kidd Ray Allen Steve Nash had 90000 ATI don't remember that's all that fame now and say I do remember that I think that's. Yeah catering analyst and now I really good. Actually thousand. Seventeen I do remember that now but I'm still I still think there's a mistake somewhere like on oh there's no mistakes he's a win badly for borders I I'm not sure he's older now. Are you gonna continually fight this I used to these colleges are now the hall of fame to wrong Ian Ray Allen is her own and his old ray Allen's not rock the whole fame definitely to hold him that he's getting yen. But I think it's gonna be eligible players need to be retired for only three full seasons before it becomes how little orange strident. That is not. We cracked the code and at least it changed when a fifteen. We've really it's against the ropes and would you not being wiggle out of getting Ron is normally you are mastered trying to wiggle out when your wrong. Change that it changed there was five years five years that's changed in forty years and Tony fifteen and unlike ground and we need guys even further down to three years the designer just make it in ducked anyone whenever you want to agree. All the favors reverend. But he deserves he gets to be in the super Oliphant. Yeah they should several theme for guys like him. Has ever received just in any sport has anyone ever played in any sports. And they're currently a hall of Famer. Good except the NBA which apparently now is three years yet we've five years so a guy has to be amazing. But at five years later he on return customers are all it happens every now and but you know farm and retired after a month you know as a guy and retire after five years double talking about a crazy idea first ballet guide and and on retire after five years. That ever happened as any. Would you. Muslims you and all was all along and goes out and how come back employer you'll man. According come back and play me Gordy Howe played very late into his Corey into his life fright huge you restore. And know how it is the only guy on the Rick would know how. 'cause the bees while they are all these old man's fight you have fun you said the. MBA at the end here expediting things. Five years. It ever came back yeah go over to Europe and come back may be doing well we use only don't really a year Manny animal Famer my guests. Will be. So even active player that has been a mole fame. I. Sometimes guys wrestled WW their kernel team and they wrestle that happen. Sometimes. Health and some odds are they've not. Been any future. In any given season there's I just found an article from 2014. And that is in any given season there are more. A way now eighteen current policy hearse made nice I think that this is talking about people they expect. To make all. Yeah nevermind sorry well the headlines extremely misleading. You make it sound and a drummer with Michael. This guy is a good funny too.