ZRA Part 2 5-15-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, May 15th

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Of the weeks we got to fort pack. The university Miami baseball game. And in the 8 o'clock hour with a pair of tickets season master menace gal go coming up I've seen a couple of times he's really really funny. And he just released a to a much Torre turn arena torque he's coming at median T scanner on December 27 the rights will say yup with that. We have a pair of tickets to see some. Asked Amanda Scott goes that is in the 8 o'clock hour also yup that also in five minutes dialogue going on in five minutes from now. You have your first opportunity of the day to win a thousand dollars it's with the tickets WTF the win thousands free contest. You detect in the show's 67974. That Chris Paul elbow to the booty last night Kevin's rant was so dirty look. Chris Paul. Chris ball has all the good it. Dirty veteran. Point guard moves out okay. The same like John Stockton was also meant that back when he played. And Chris Paul has taken the reins man like Chris ball is a dirty player he's got the OG. Small guides thirty moves that don't get caught by the officials he's got those down. And more on display last night man he was not having it from Iran. He was and he was cars and Kevin Doran in many adding you know the elbow the techsters talking about here. But ultimately the rants was Madrid's unstoppable he shoots over every when he seven feet tall. And he's got the long lanky arms so he's got the wingspan. And even though that mid range jumper is not the efficient shot anymore because. Teams like the rockets the warriors still they they like shooting in the paint and they like the three pointers okayed the rants. He's still loves at mid range jump shot and because it's on stop. No one can distract him front because he's way too big. But last night. From the get go last night's. Use salt these teams they all ready to each other OK it was what a minute three. When he was 63 seconds into the game they had to hard and it. And drain on greener. And and really hard and nothing to do knew it was trim on green okay. And dream on gets the technical foul because is he was acting like a fool. For the first half of the game yesterday. Resigned to fool dream on green. He gets a technical foul 63 seconds into the game. He he knows. She is what. It was all like jinx are just standing in front of him and it was accused peacock in a grand sinner like. Tedious it's her brownie was standing in front came on green engine hungry decides it all bodes Iran a hard and in the upper just like in. So we get to technical foul immediately started again and spent the rest of percent or do about everything into the cable. I think it'll lock to get the oil at a game last night dream on green too it's like to be too emotional. Our our from the other green for Houston as well a little bit worked up. Well but he's he's a key player that you know they think it was up to the whole third corner that Garrett but afford to lose you know a joke re disciplined cares. If drew rave on green gets thrown out of the game. It's a very big deal for gold and statements and angering and being emotional and anything now and then once you pick up a technical foul at that beginning of the game. You can't spend the rest they have still yelling at the refereeing is not kicker. And and that complaining about the officiating from chairman. Trent green's second outing as a davis' first values burst out. Forty ran over PJ Tucker who attempted a three point in the corner you ran over. And driven on greed it's yelling at the ref yelling at the referee that it's not a foul to rain over. A stationary sure. That makes me nuts when the players complain about fouls and an eagle look at the replay clearly fouled them. Credibility but Shrek look that's what reminds green gym on game OK he's a very emotional player does and be careful don't get trying to game. And I values of Larry's been suspended for games. Yeah causes steam NBA finals before Ruble and it was accused. Play like a body heat help you get thrown out at lucky because I'm Tony and regular season game gets thrown out. But the officials game a lot of leeway last night to really dead. PS don't out of a regular season game there. After spending across the street at a San Francisco Giants baseball game one of the finals like you don't learn learn your lesson at all like. The league is quick to suspect in this notorious man gas rightly he he is what he has patriotic murals soccer fans baseball bats is what he has. Rob was referring to one news. In game seven OK and years ago he was an 80 ball now begin that he was suspended play game seven. He need gain six I guess no game five excuse me. In game five of the wars are trying to close it out and the athletics stadium is very close ORACLE Arena so he was. Watching the bass will gain from a sweet. In the athletics stadium and by the way I mean all of the close of play and he made has been watching the basketball game in the stadium. So again then I don't among I don't know for sure definitely there's a baseball game yeah right fans hanging out at the I was a mean joke about him being at about dramatic the year longer he was communicate are you think about rhetoric yet the plan was that there are gonna win the game and and he just go to walk across the street because once the game's over he's not suspended anymore. Here right I could thousand dollars to his WTF win thousands free cot there's only need to was text more coffee. CO FF EEU to 72881. And then you register reveal when right now next chance atop the next hour to national contest. Message in diaries and apply don't text and drive. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. Yet go last night game was so intense he seems each other. It went all year long to get to this moment and you fell to read why the crowd was tremendous. Soul. Plays could be here if there was a whistle blown the crowd was sold out. Last night's and and Warner's really I mean they've really dominated the second half. And that takes that takes the life out of that building man that team number one else would the rockets can't one of the role of course they can't horse like him. But it takes the life out of the building where urges team number one you've worked so hard to have the best record in the Western Conference he get that home court advantage and you you lose it immediately like it was it was like multiple. Guys get it that Thompson was light and up from three announced a three SE that they were shooting at one point Tommy was like 60% from the field these guys are hidden. But but Houston was missing putback and missing layups and two footers itself a should be going off the backboard like that's a little things I was just killing them they were they got within three or four at that point time. An image is kept missing every time down the court they were either kicked off third leg Chris Paul thrown away a horrible past nobody can handle it. Or they were missed a short jumper or short shot in just every other times on the court the warriors were light it up you know that is the dispute got away from home and at the and a third. Post season games has to Rand lost with the warriors I think it lost. Who's who he is last year they lost two games two or 33 Max. I think it lost two games last year in the playoffs and one of home course was in the finals to Cleveland. And they've lost. What one gay two games two games this year. Right although Korean plane for trying to spurs grim plight. And to curry play when they lost the pelicans. Maturity is back the the answers these back into this game three pelicans one OK so is so he was there for that loss. So I mean I lost like four portal post season games with Kevin Durant in the last two seasons and curry didn't play at least one. This is not good long series. Ansari is not be a bit hail to take all six games just like last night when that was fun you don't like each other it was really competitive but. This is not a long series. Imbruglia. The warriors grabbed game one beating the rockets won nineteen to one at six Katie put up 37. Klay Thompson at 28 the Eastern Conference finals resumes tonight since game two between the cavs in the celtics' tips off city thirty from TD garden. To implement some word about mourn houses Morse tonight. And and again just a cargo back in and talk about the whole KD. LeBron James championships and who's better and abuse Kevin Durant the better mouse will play. But you you don't hear anybody from the Houston Rockets saying that I can't wait to tell my grandkids that I guarded or played against you know the best I'd ever do so. You know I don't know officers Morse flopping up LeBron and making them feel good about himself but you a lot of people that complement LeBron James the best of ever doing it. Not a lot of people are saying the same thing it would in the league even about Kevin Durant in as far as it to ram vs LeBron kind of think yeah here's a place that I go gala LeBron LeBron gets compare all the time to Michael join you never hear camp and during and compared my now or never moment like that that's kind of it for me. Okay if that's also it's been a thing for the bronze persons started that you're starting narrative in your careers of big deal but Nicole EC compared to Michael Jordan all time. Until he started doing everything that Jordan did. I understand but you know copying it and what have you and actually the only she self. Proclaim compares himself early eighties even at the point where can or Kobe wasn't that career yet they went that both at their MVP he's one of the book that when when. When a toll Birtley that they of the Kobe Jordan's ever have a after the Shaq Rica. But my whole point it looked as if a long time my whole point is. You know. Abroad it was a guy who was getting compared to the greatest ever from the very start because the height that he came to league. Colby eventually started to get compared to Michael Jordan's old to be at the start your career it's been an earlier career terrain it's never gets compared to the greatest ever 'cause he's not as good. LeBron right now oh he's the greatest ever again it is yeah. Conversation with a when LeBron came here he was being called Hollywood is how he's being called soft he's being called should really do forget this up it's easy now say. Oh yeah he's in the conversation of Michael Jordan. I think they should Michael German never do what he did when he came here if if if LeBron James. War not a LeBron James and exist. Doesn't exist. Would to rant during would be considered the best finally gets for shore woody get compared Michael Jordan your best guess not yet. Example if he goes any rail if if the war is golf and have a bulls type dynasty in the reel off four titles walking up in the conversation. Just because at all. I think he's I cannot be in the conversation just because you you do a tunnel winning. And you're the best player in league doesn't mean you're the best player ever meet they're making a big deal done some of our titles Tim Duncan doesn't get called the best player and he was he was the key to those burstein as he did an incredible amount of winning just do the best land league and you went and deal with IC doesn't make you the best player ever. Yet and a lawyer trying to invent this huge rivalry with KD in LeBron in terms. Player ever I mean it's not in terms of the best player this generation your pulse and the fight he caught 37 last night and that LeBron averaged 37 throughout the first two sooners Tony tonight LeBron it's a monster game from LeBron. What do you guess answering point lights and at least 35. Even if he doesn't even if he came out. The vet tonight nobody would be saying the Kevin Durant it's better all time than LeBron James signing LeBron didn't over forty points tonight it's a big game for LeBron tonight there is getting well over forty that's great but what of the season ends and then tees wondering away from tying LeBron James is so obvious criticizing the result is narrative your building or relegate actually it's about actually my best guess is Kevin Durant will end his career with more titles on the broad and that's a better team. That's why LeBron might leaving go to 76ers steamer Celtics team are rockets team as currently constructed so it's more help. Your best possible who's gonna measure risen more champions LeBron to rants are no. I'd I'd I would I would bet the rants and he's he's back a LeBron right now I'm still got mentoring. And so there's nothing gave you can do say they gonna past LeBron in that narrative as it is better overall player or players shortly now know why. Because the bronze better to be a better. Let's seem silly they get every I think Enron's batter you're the only one trying to invent so I Philly at Philly you're trying to invent this like Sports Radio read a doozy it's not a debate that even exists on sport drink no whatever nobody would have that to develop browser be better than Coby all time before he was what you would you give you can't. You can't look at what you've done until you've done so until Kevin Durant gets through the same type of problem. It's harder just entered the league I don't know you're doing we actually Kevin Durant band Simmons or something coming ME. Is younger step in Europe and LeBron for. That soundly can be right. There in the big gap but we know. Look at what Kevin Durant is like eating there's still more to learn about what Kevin Durant is. It's really meant. How I mean like it do you you don't think they're what what what the storage bin of LeBron script it was stayed in Cleveland never came to Miami. If you are being looked upon as a huge Joker a failure of a career as he could never get his team over the hump. There's a reason he came down here. That changed every studies thought about it when he finally became a winner Ribble and changed his game you think there's more to Kevin grand scheme that we haven't seen Kevin or has become a tremendous defensive players he's been with the warriors we don't we didn't I didn't think. But nobody thought that when he was in Oklahoma City right now we know now. Based on what we know how late do you believe there's an article that growth over two years give you some there's northerly technical matter I think. Why is almost thirty in Oman Syria damaged you know more needed too late he's pretty amazing during and went totally covered does he turns thirty what once was it just argue that the bronze in the 33 had his best office of Corey you're of his career. Atomic her Kenderick can do that. But the president that's the product of the same just a little bit better and I can get out on the ground the last six years even better if if you're told it's a better easier to edit your. As you can argue whether it's whether it's and is it a better year or not I mean that's arguable some people still think that. Miami got his best years that argument you can. Have weather Cleveland now getting his best years or whether Miami got his best years either way there wasn't some drastic change in his game. Yeah it it would have to be some sort of drastic improvement for people start thinking that Kevin Durant better than LeBron James all time over I think it's. I think it's just a silly to say Kevin Durant could never past LeBron James at all times just as it is saying LeBron James could never pass Michael Jordan is a lot blows it. Nothing nothing abroad can do ever top Jordan is Jordan was six and now and that's it nothing can ever change that and I think that's silly you got to see up careers play out. I I think that specially bad head to head. Finally let's desperately want somebody to be better than the bronze aliens and getting dressed and I don't I don't a rat's ass about Kevin Durant under no I think you I had him rat's ass about LeBron James and so you want to acrylic is certainly doesn't exist look. Never I never denied that the project is an awesome player but if we're gonna talk about all time things or regular look at the end of their careers it's not gonna matter that Kevin Durant beat him more times in the finals well that's not where it's not gonna matter especially with Visteon is an injury on his warriors seem it's not in a matter what. You're trying to invent this head to head is a player again it helps LeBron I think it helps LeBron you go to the finals are sure if he makes it to the finals he gets to the finals this year. He loses to Kevin Durant because he's got a lot more help on the warriors so then it fits LeBron told narrative of this is why I have to leave Cleveland I'm really sorry to have to do this to you guys and then he gets a leaving go join a team that's RD constructed. In a manner that will help him win championships I think that's helpful to LeBron story not her fault the LeBron story. Boarded the when where he goes. Even if he didn't win where egos that it would be okay while it's because the warriors are too good if he's losing to warriors in that spot so it's early spring himself and about her position it's all about him. Being able to leave Cleveland in a manner where Cleveland is not going to be nearly as a side is they were last I don't know what I TV are different now helps hands. If he shows that he's just completely out matched no matter what they spend on payroll needs to go join one of these other teams that had a few years to construct itself appropriately. It fits his whole narrative so they're not going to be as well. I'm loses on that team Tutu Kevin Durant in the finals. Then what then he got to read up again for a third time in his career and he still couldn't beat him. If Kevin Durant wasn't on the warriors. This would be more of a conversation Kevin Durant was doing it essentially by himself and LeBron doing it by himself and it's a head to head match up. And it seemed maybe this conversation existing that's silly by the quandary the joy championship team and we don't keep this moving on it when Ryan didn't join a championship we you don't own. I champion. Around joint championship Tim Ike not were years of RD worry a championship to the Miami Marlins started three game series with the LA Dodgers tonight it's. Tony oh no on the mound for the fest Ohno it goes up against Alex Wood first pitch 7:10 PM Ali Watson Helena opponent. And the Supreme Court overturned a federal ban on sports gambling with a 72 votes. That means that states will be legalizing sports gambling bit they search years. Here's my kids' college fund what's double couple. By the way I mean it is that I wanted to mention I want to mention earlier why I think you know Mark Cuban made the comments about that his team is going to double in value now because it. The the ruling that now gambling can be legal at the state level OK and it's up to the states now they want to legalize. By the way really is not one of the states it's going to legalize it and I don't know enough about that situation. The saying is not yet this is yet yet yet they're saying is because of Disney World and the impact that they might have yet it's not aids and at a seminal similar to. It's the it's also that it's because of the exclusivity of gave me like dances with. Seminole Indian tribes so it'll take a Lyle preferred to be legalized here is never exactly very progressive state to implementing these sort of things anyways. 307. Mark Cuban is saying how his team is going to double. On. Television deals are going to be out Regis the next time that they are all because. We already know is that the main reason that the NFL is Cain and that the television ratings are so incredible for the NFL as gambling. Pleasing major major major role. And now if you of legalized gambling with all of the sports the television rights deals for leagues like the NBA. And even Major League Baseball who's playing every single day okay. Viewership is likely going to rise and TV deals are going to be enormous. Because the gambling. So I don't I don't see he'll he knows what mark Cuban's team but. It's it's huge for the value of sports franchise. On essentially you'll see the in arena gambling as well. And they'll probably find a way to profit off with a the end of gambling itself freight and we know the MBA thirty wants to do that the MBA thirty wants. 1% of Iraqi jails are going to be enormous made off close NBA gambling. And you are made via a situation where that goes to individual teams at some point you know they're gambling on the mavericks and the mavericks get some sort kind. From that rapid. Look I I'd I'd swami will the money on the side right Florida went let's go. Kamal. You know let them happen eventually is lesbian and it won't want an apple my phone rang just. Willy Nilly you will have some states implemented a code word on this next. And a hearty and how grade god not on this probably caddies are you in new York and now Mississippi I read West Virginia you'll have some of those states already have the assemblies before. For the NFL season start. I Lesotho Louis got a four pack of tickets are you on baseball we get set yup with you wanna get on board here. By the way we are conducting a toll call femur to moral finally tomorrow as the induction ceremony. But as a regular tool weak right now so if you wanna win you know odd goes 7863600790. You dollar some. You give us your nominee we vote we say able to four packed tickets for UN baseball told week that's next. You can join us the mark for cancer this Saturday on court Lori L beach join us as we march her everyone fighting. This disease for more info visit marched for cancer dot Oregon. You and other men here to get in for tool the week's 786360079. Human sable four pack of tickets. Two who. And a company mercy money home baseball game Charles Barkley last night after the war his win last night changed his prediction in the series to the warriors and three. And that's. That's a bold Dixon and access here can't you already gamble on line yes put those gambling sites are based in either states or a country where gambling is legal. The only states where it was allowed was Nevada even. Those. The whole. Area is whether or Charlotte and the reason that you have only have your sports books and it. Nevada it's because I was the only place I was exception to the federal ban. That's soccer games of soccer games like in Europe Tuesday he do they have like a huge gamble at the stadium. No I examine casino gambling sports gambling is is illegal over and Aaron it's everywhere. Amazing if you go please accept this to you you probably can I NASA they expect to happen here they do you expect in stadium gambling to be at being here. Incredible. To be huge revenue. Jerry Lewis Bora this community she huge deal for sports on student or student tax at the way that some of these states tax marijuana like tax on it. You do to schools what you do that what do you mean they will now and now they know what he'll be illegal as sold globally accessible but it so what does that why isn't expected for all fifty states to do. It's cool I mean why isn't why eat that's like the same question of OK because Colorado is making. Tons of money in tax revenue why isn't fooled why is it legalize recreational in Florida right one because Florida's a very conservative state it's not in generally out that the outside of South Florida. It's not a state it's very progressive and implementing these sorts of things. It's always slow to do that so first she get with Florida can finally now Florida has made medical marijuana legal then eventually you'll see recreational marijuana legalized. Or enough states or done it. That he'll eventually see if federally legalized and then of course it will be illegal here. It's just how close we don't live and it in a particularly progressive states and eventually you'll see. The gambling here as well it's just they're not going to be on the forefront it's gonna take some time. Marijuana gambling should be illegal all fifty states to be taxed minds begin to schools boom everyone wins marijuana gambling you read it really seems easy marijuana in gambling yes yes not gambling on marijuana Knox is no such thing as marijuana gambling. But to make the thing. It's it just seemed so easy to make how high will you get with my brother digging and that's it. My brother was like trying to Greg drove business plans at me and one of them was. You wanted to be candidates consultants that merry go ahead and everybody else he wanted to teach people on how to grow. Personal shopper one because they assume right now in Canada your brother for your love grow four year old plants for your personal. Options are there. Connors nor is like how you're a small EA for Weiner is there a marijuana so. Molina my brother my brother knows way way way too much about it and I have no clue I don't know anything about it smoky day and a smoky day. Sued solely come on now. Time for it too easy to love the week. If you buy four lumber for nearly fifty years Florida numbers from providing service quality and experience to home. With the hose and you hang music missile that command and terrible flipped it up for in the middle terrible test. There's the question fatalities or lumbered I've come to see why they are more than just slumber. Really tells us. They keep shown. Chris Paul elbow. Into Kevin's are and last night's says it dirty old man set point guard move tritium a little bit of a hip pointer. No he was dog and rational most tonight Chris Paul to the grants. I had let's get to hear you odds all the week works you'd tell us your nominee told a week and we're gonna vote after word and we're gonna say yep today in the winners get a four pack tickets for. And upcoming Miami Hurricanes home baseball game but sought to Larry Larry is up first tool that we got Larry. Morning are already on about this tool we've not totally get it on. Go to bed let them I do they do when credible back in the air follow up on every block a bit below because. Article kid you not in their in counted are you don't know our body field or any daylight then you don't know where internal damage did he end. All I give them a little weed economic and they're either ignore that call of the day local bank Bogut constrained in the back on them by. I Larry King on its course rock help Pennington so coaches and trainers and he's referring to from Saturday night here is rod rod to all the weekly got. My little you to Toronto on our GM because they're. And Wayne K because you are out Evan and number one more yeah. In big law. To look around and got way they're pursuing my own out there who colts Atlanta on to number one he got it at a camp and not some thumb. True yeah I hang on that's true away with a number one team in. They had slept also my LeBron as a matter of those conference finals that daily episodes I don't know but that is true here's Alberto got a little we got barrier up. This morning on what I'd say that people who try to get me out of business. Or go to the scope and peace caring or not. And they're trying to give me these are like there. I. At the Miami and so I brought it on. Yeah yeah yeah all right all right hang on Alberto INS and Amber's now I understand dumb I hear you man I'm like yeah yeah there is blogging days. They knew early scores this port. I understands yup now I understand here is Johnson who played got Johnson. Actually element and nominate and that's about what this whole Mark Ingram story they're saying that you can that under the current illegal drugs period the he. What they're not saying what he took the spiders blame it on America where four game banner forward here against their pension and not being EPA dot. It is communicate that high in the air and not have mainly been at all. I hang on Johnson is it sets with the Ingram suspension okay all right. Lets you are still voting here let's award some once and take it to you on baseball game. First Rock Hill Pennington and the fighter on Saturday night her corner who forced her to go back into the flight. We got the raptors general manager for firing Dwane Casey but now pursuing my putting holes are. We got the people are putting our Alberto out of business we owners and what's going on there gambling marijuana you know. And finally here on the NFL for not being transparent with the marking rom positive. Test and the suspension Cambodia. Boom. Can I you'll go where is the NFL more. Being so secretive about this issue with Mark Ingram to use that high profile player and they should be bit more transparent about what went on there. Robert what do you. I'm a Goodman my dude Albert and try to make a live in Mansfield from. There uniform you comment. Odom don't hide our language is doing man you're trying to. Try to make yourself a living man. Tobin or that bother us raptors GM decided jury. Okay all right. And I will break the three way tie here and and Al awards Alberto OK because dudes out there is to ease hustle and I'm trying to do his thing. Okay he's out there on the streets may can moves and the man has really been sick and it's normally we saw a bear itself. We're gonna say double the four pack of tickets for you on baseball league take your rule who accruing as you treat them out to a night out and mark light stadium how you look at. Yeah aren't much card number or older. You don't. I resent in my I'd hang on Albert's other ego PM game at MD NG not the man or their main course and our ranking grass Oberto. He is the winner so the gambling is a big thing okay in sports gambling being that the Supreme Court the United States yesterday. Today they ruled that EU you are not allowed to it that is not constitutional to make illegal but now states states are the ones that have to prove it's okay. And something like thirty. To legalize some like 32 states are expected within the next several years. Tool to legalize sports gambling which will which is amazing okay and it makes no sense to me why wouldn't it be legal. And just the idea that that you can you can pull that we may get to a point where you can pull an app. I mean how it fits. If Florida doesn't legalize which is not expected to even if Florida doesn't legal yet they will eventually even if Florida doesn't legalize it's. Walk and now be able to alike got one the other states oak came one he's gambling sites may be about one of these states. So I can now which is easily gamble with that site now. Wright is not now probably not there are calling out to be your sections like he'll have to probably physically and that's states. In order to use. Bats or technology but yeah I would imagine that's the direction this you'll eventually guiding it will start with casinos and and sports books opening up then and eventually able go to deal. States having their own law on online. Format I would imagine. Our book he's gonna go completely out of business the only thing that's to keep cookies in business is because. You'd you don't have to put money. Okay you go to these unity sports books in Vegas or wherever OK and you're gonna bet on a game coming up. Yet you got to lay the money down gonna buy the ticket OK and obviously with a bookie you eat you know cleaning money down. So Odom and that's it you know our pals out there mob feel so tied CE could probably still run block. On the side meets legal ports but you could probably still run a book on the side. I think that it's an intimate clearly posing as term moves the black market are largely removes a black market over time so yeah you'll have bookie is being put out of business with the legalization of sports gambling. You may see a four row where some. Operations. Account for that in allowing some sort of it has some sort of you know buying up credit or some sort of system where you actually don't have to put money up front. Let us see a difference with as opposed to marijuana and watch you know. We will marijuana to blot the product. You got you got the money. You know you eat you gotta you gotta pay for when you get products and like on same with with sports betting. You know with rookies you do not paying for the service until you know collection day per say. Read arguably like didn't you do that with some sort of legal format as well. I don't now. When a credit card payment yeah when I NGU that with the legal format as well I would imagine that you putt I would imagine that there may be such a you know eventually some sort of medium where. Maybe you could do that the number completely obliterate the black market. I'll man while I mean just just betting on every single games and dehumanizing them it's gonna currently involved every little man. I. I don't know how to gamble per hour. We are going to cause problems because actually with legalization and of course you can have regulation you got seats implement programs you can actually have more state sponsor stuff for things like gambling addiction. You could have. Assist on where you know certain people wouldn't be allowed more. And more taxpayer money your musical is going to make so much money for states are you kidding me I mean from outside attorney in some perspective this makes all the cents. But Osaka talks MBAs and NBA playoffs last night the warriors they took game one tonight's game two and Paulson body marks in the ESP NE joins us next. It's a new home at seven night. I hit ticket now. It was those anytime anywhere. You guys team to the Eastern Conference finals that's on our air tonight of course last nineteen number one net. The warriors steal the home court advantage immediately. Let's get into some more NBA here body marks joining us me Ryan fuels and dancers convenient source Kessler actually sets beyond convenient former front office exact with the nets. Of course now on ESPN hey Bobby good morning how are you. Under courier good talks again last night did you see and need that team more than Golden State or does the home court not mean as much when we're talking about. Two relief teams. Now I think he's been I hate this day there in a must win in game one but that was a must win in street used it there and I thought that the old data it already proved. A lack you know or four years that they don't want a road win. Big game in the a they did so they did so last night and I now use them. Now there an uphill battle here that you know try to even the cheery you share that and I showed you how good this warrior team is. You know they were looking into that it has an injury to a year or you have so long when they get electric power finals with more players healthy and no Derek curry Thompson and green. Yeah I mean nobody beat him in any sort of like I'm. I agree I think it's a very deflating loss for use in they they spent the entire year again the home court advantage they spent the entire U waiting for Golden State's. And and you know it's essentially what seat car alluded to last week Bobby ware. You know that Houston's been obsessed with being the warriors all year at the Warren just assess when the championship. Oh you're right yeah I mean acting. You know which would keep it that are out it put that team together with all trade a year ago it eager talker and that our mood very defenders or try to guard you know. Ring ring Thompson yeah that was mind that there could. Go it is pretty much gone about their business in her back home or you know they saw on a regular even finishing second was fine. Miracle is news is when you're injured or you know respect I'm in and night and two years here. Are your former front office executive OK with the nets can you help us make sense. The success that the Celtics are having right now. I think that helped a little bit that the that would yeah. I. Believe we we Louie traded that they were no name is at it I mean it would engaged in order like we treated a Ebert gave a credit they go out make they got there any. And I think. It's a little bit everything you have. You know or Al Horford are playing at an all our level mood certainly under radar and under the radar. They have that next Mack and man up mentality that medical pot and there. You have two young players in Gail Graham and Jason Tatum who are not claim light and you know why are 1920 year old. And you got carrier here who you know has been really developed into it nice holder who you know are there. You'd be ordered out of wrote for another team and add that up with market more you ought to blend well and have a great coach and it just. It just worked out well for how that thought there would put together and we have and in our retiree you're all Gordon were coming back next year. And got you back that they expect are irked at night in the water I mean that there's a lot a lot of it being content that is what. Can keep it up or first round pick next year. The but the pieces of work and they're all interchangeable date big and you watch them how they switched. Even Erin being. They can all play multiple addition there may. I knew this team to win have to win six against Cleveland here they are one of great to speak it because I thought. The Cleveland game we would start revert back to me who bought it in Vienna spirited. Art you have a little bit do you want. And as a he says something about rose you're getting paid somewhere else do you think that as a front optics exact or former front office exact. Do you think that they do sit on their hands and wait for Kyra you're gonna come back and and just kind of wait and see what happens with rouge here in terms of other offers. I can understand that year which carried that he won't be. Are created a restrict create and to 2019 will be expansion eligible. This summer so it is certainly an insurance policy in you'll never act I think Ewing Kiewit. Where Tyreke coming back many injury might might in turn would be you know one party is creation. You will I am honored 8885 million dollar a lot of money or are player who's our group you know and you need now surgeries here. So I think we'll probably own a little bit about. With a bit of a holding pattern but they've got a lot of the problem there are calming note. The caught is going to be highly and bent to be big east you know mark Mark Summer Richard create all these. All these numbers are adding up here. We got Bonnie marks ESPN joining us here former front office exact course of the Brooklyn nets are doing Casey gets fired a few days ago was getting swept in the second round it's the first time almost fifty years. Then the number one seed has been swept before the conference finals was that it fireball offense. I think what I would not surprised I know there was a lot of people in the media that was outraged by it right is. I look. Latch you're getting swept that you're getting swept. The game up for performance beat it Billie a no show on the critical error or neck Cleveland series. And and it coach going in the last year departure wasn't gonna get it ended them he had that at that formal or somebody losing your job and I know. Owned group put it it is that a typical business especially for coach who won it nineteen year by. Now to procure them by a curator each year you know I never hire code and do you know in the tenure in Denver or more on how he inherited George Karl and I pointy ears and now. Now the key will be just not going to reckless he's in next year but what they'd it would play out so. But yeah I I do agree with it would move I'd be where you'll certainly get another job somewhere out by eight. I needed needed it and boy who changed it will animal always be here. Now body gambling is is about to be legal in in every state okay in this country we're gonna be gambling on sports like crazy very very soon if you had to bet. On why lettered in San Antonio next year or somewhere else where we put the money. Iowa today. Number somewhere else. I still I mean I think. What he'll be here in the next four weeks is still be a meeting between both sides cheer. Leonard and the spurs try to hack it out I don't know what they. It. Is this period they were gunned down a road you are ready that it can't work out. You'll know we'll know by mid July I mean that there attic there it is not our net or nine million dollar you Mac and you're not buying. I yen will will start what you're required by rumors will probably your article it's draft I. As your acting out it probably unlikely. Where would he be out here it really. How do we Olympic team are looking at who have the act that are bowed out the but what they want it to pop art strap there you want to have our our two coming in Marc how old now upon meteor. Package of players you don't go lakers are always it always in the mix here. Wit. You know Ingram in month of all an act that group there I don't know you but if you're out there and he'll speak a bit. Euro dropped it it out this year. And you have that pick going at Phoenix in 2021. End and they have a player that you don't know. There's a US. Players here but you know maybe maybe they're open their sport that Antonio my my bike. It was quite like getting along with anybody on that staff whether it's the players that head coach or the executives in the front office. What do you see going forward and in terms of the way to the NBA shifting from talent being one thing but all ultimately locker room cancers becoming another thing how do you notice that shift that Paramount ship. Going forward Anemia. You know I've noted that beat you put the super Max in the Max contract although good are starts he's more of a double negative year and I think. If you make a mistake and pay a player 35 to forty million dollars you'll see the fight for the foreseeable future here and I and I say that we're. Players like John Wall. And brought the west book who certainly deserve their money but now you want to look back at our chart and it got to a pat routines are going to learn the summer and that's why you are probably going to walk away somebody beat her. They don't want a player who you know maybe the chemistry is not right now locker room were coming off an injury and now you're Seattle Olympic archer. Great job Bobby always like avenue on the show thanks a lot. As Bobby marks and ESPN forefathers exact. Couple things on one robbery is always Q when you Chinese big words and you get wrong when I say there are Paramount shift its paradigm shift parent but it's Q like Paramount. Well that's not what you said though you sit out apparent shift amend its saying that I'd. I use that sent you use it wrong not not. That's my sag. Fuel that statement. You know if you want it Talladega that you know not exist there's there's a Paramount shift not. A real world if you wanna claim that you own that statement you can have a free to write mapping out all right that's that's Paramount. And that shift is Paramount.