ZRA Part 2 5-16-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, May 16th

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Robert get a lot of support and attacks like 679 some forma results against that's like Romberg your life isn't it yeah. And I'm aware of it. I thought I was gonna go down early anyway so it was just you know solidifying Robert plug in is a week. Disaster says it's super strong as dummies saying that the new thing that was super strong. The atlas told your navy veteran here I sit that's one of the best decisions I ever made goat gets it now buddy my success even better and that. As as great. Nine. Them. I haven't talked to a single man who has perhaps getting that neither talked ever regretted bloody audio okay after the holdings over to recover is they are you got a gun and not Vatican deals us. Whenever I like the one thing that bothers me is I've heard. A couple different stories it's nothing compared to rewrite pass to go through literally nothing Todd McClure I'm a cooler and of doing it during the season on time and and he was laid out like he was laid up bad and he came back after like two or three days. Mr. running around again and those things will look like great who spent in the in the painful Texas says he may the fourth will be a boy. Equitable and I heard it's like even it's like ninety something percent double do you find that the difference between trying for a third and having it a different sects. And and trying for a fourth and had to be different now. Closer is science these days so he was really committed to having a full works and it being a boy he can't concern. That he possible and the fourth he may go that route you to do that. Of course you can do that two minute minute minute position when you're it's not it's not minute is not gonna be manipulating it it's any anybody who's your idea of eight viewed at drive yapping you and you freeze embryos. Some of those embryos are going to be female on some of those embryos are going to be mail you know which ones. You know it's one so I mean the doctor and I'll tell you you know you we we managed to have three healthy embryos to our girls one's a boy. And the only implant the boy. Really and on a left. Dixon says the Latin guy that marries my daughter he gonna go for. Her keeping her name and number one my daughters of America Latin. You have no say you know you don't control and the way my daughter's not merry laterally you're raising your daughter in south of Miami there were no so you were out daughters and students senior house and asked who you are speaks Spanish your daughters and no Spanish is their first language faster growing company completely Cuban environments under growing up in South Miami I mean there right where do you think they're not married Latin like were they meeting that was not lack Internet and. Pale disseminated it corners window it's your chance to win tickets and upcoming game concert another great event accord so mining technology partner Neil local self Lotta technology company. Visit them online at a court escort dot com spots by Lauderdale BMW Pembroke Pines and brought you by. Your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez called 305800. Irma. And right now you the chance when a thousand dollars the tickets WTF win thousands free context contest. Audio do aztecs in the word beef to 72881. Right now. The next it'll be into the next hour to national contests message in diaries and apply don't Texan drive. He speaks W. He XY KM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. to me. Congratulations man like thanks man yeah I'll look on the outside look and I think it's bravery in my problem regulations noodling and happy for 3 I am three kids in five years there I hate you and hurled. When we they're gonna help me nurturing I going to be abandoned that's right at least one of them like you CO OK I chances are. One on an all out of the 3 way that I am. Moment in my and I like that too much will congrats man I. Strange is they Philly actually Romberg who's been in a better mood these last few months. I feel like you've been my old sir are your approach to things candidates cry this planet. Honestly here's what I thought the minute that I found out I thought okay now are Malkin if it wasn't the case college is pregnant you found it wasn't a girl who met and I found out it was news. We we wrote it on a percent because you know in the beginning you just your and a milestone together as a waiter about right but then you realize that you really are but when you see little kids make you know you are. So. I realize that at that point time that I am officially. An old man loser now. Make it it's only don't you're you're not cool anymore. You have no business going out and acting a fool and a club three you have no business girls buying a sports car. You have. And when he or. Near forty year old like a re kids. Time to redraw that break went into court and it's looking at choose sitting next you should not looking at Q now it's teacher accused him that he's looking at three car seats you go on the back your heart. I am glad to discard it breeder realize that you madam I got my on the Lima my heart hurt for a little bit I was hurt. I was like it's over with you still cool it's your kid's story hey this what you got a lot of pressure on mommy you wanted 22 year old the content off on the white but now it's it's like three it's like who are not the only one of them around nine you know from what I understand from my brother three as a whole lot more than two. Yeah they are outnumbered. I'm done you know George anymore ms. initial findings of an 5050 shot after you have theory it's not as lopsided as the old wives are priced it okay 52%. I sombrero Robert fourth. Yeah your controlled with an undergrad and I you know I know where he still had a hot. Dad factor going on like you could still be hot that the only one need be to kids may be but when you got three line around it just like. That's not the girls are like is this no longer hide that thing like this this conflict walk that started that in Victor yeah like the Skype provides he's a provider now. He's not cool he can't come hang out with me and buy a one kid is like. Don't physically like I let wanna keep your one good thing but the into the chicks salute you might as well one game his daughter and all of a sudden I always got to. Who is kind of busy then. Or simmering with women. Ray lake like now it meet your friend on your attractive. Now even if you have 37 children. They're hanging all over you and you look at all haggard you know Hank very attractive woman there's an old mother issues whose Poland even if she's. You'll get that house who has eleven kids and yelling and I think that's probably an amount turn off and I'm in that Michael uses trap. It doesn't matter how lies and he had no matter arches will wrap. And Oates of vivid are all you have twelve kids OK I'll see you later and a trap. China again Maggie graduation of history and Al Roberts what is pregnant again with the I give him and again good job by the text or your region here is our EG you do that he's in the atom that's our well you know. In Tanzania is going to be awesome AM three weddings do you have to do that. Yeah enjoy a hot one all of my wife my Weis I think they took her departure prince the parents of. And that's that's that's about legends on I mean that's novelist cheap and then there are parties sounds terrible. And any of the sweet sixteen is right that that is that we're talking I'll do urgency here in this week I don't. I don't know if you don't you do it's can cheer when your fifteen aka he's sick he's. But you have three weddings man you know three tires to purchase for the problems yeah that's right. Well here's the thing. My my oldest daughter's school the bill is astronomical rate I welcome it. I'm talking. Dirt dirt nasty. Music you need to move to a place where you can actually some on the public schools that tomato why do I live down the street from what the number one public school in the state and imagine my address all those towns and and and so ironically my wife's cousin ran the damn thing so like yeah we can go there you want to open. Nome that featured a trying to hit daddy here's the thing are all going to be in the same school. At the same time and I'm looking at 600111000. Dollars annually plus. So yeah I mean that is light was truly truly unbelievable. And once we're gonna have and go so stupid. I was you know editor for bosses does nosy be broadcasting you got to at a book for coaching gig yeah if you ask seven you mention obvious 70000. Dollars a year on your children's elementary school educated. And the doctor he's DM children better all sorts harbored a semi there I mean they'd better go to. Harvard said you're cute guys have seen your hearing mates. And you are opened patio curing aids would be huge. Like that be some contained data on what you're hearing cancer as well you don't don't get me into the hole were able to put people on the moon but we can't cure cancer well so far payable farmer issues. Kind of curing aids. We're magical realty. And he doesn't have it anymore. There is this it seems like you have a lot of money apparently than we experienced in Ocala do we have any radio stations and a cal Florida we actually doubling it'll Florida and a promoter I mean I don't. Who hole. Other Everyman yeah its goal late to work at one end game film a little pellets arguments. And how the other girls. For two and yeah going to be born until. Their bodies about two years now okay yeah. That it remembered in the morning gains Opel but pol. Mean Paul bass for a good for you man I what do we got here today amber let's get him the basketball. Other than Iran Berg's pregnancy news in the Eastern Conference finals the Celtics handled the cavs 107 to 94 yesterday. Dylan brown what a 2.3 points Al Horford fifteen points ten rebounds speaking of Gainesville. Let's face an adjacent to it just ended at a big game is nearly eleven points in the you know that India they spread out that Olson team. I think Jason Tatum. These late and not too long meeting just a couple years to be better and Gordon Hayward. Like they're getting Gordon Hayward next year and obviously they're gonna get Tyree back and I I don't understand Howell. I understand how they're gonna have all these pieces you know like Pat Riley said. Last week or two weeks ago when he spoken and there are some. There's some truth to what he said where you know some I haven't too many good players is not necessarily with button okay. You know he had yet to many chefs in the kitchen almost and I think Jason didn't enough to ones who have better than Gordon Hayward and you got all of these guy who is who. Sure what look at what are going to be big time players Irving and Tatum and and Jill Brown's brilliant general and and Gordon Hayward with me and ask another panic coming up. They're they're gonna have big guys they got the next year they got to pick next year which is going to be Sacramento's pick. I'll explain that it in a few minutes here but they. Yeah like they got a lot of a lot of shots in the kitchen you know I wonder how that's going to work itself and. That is a problem I would love to have. But that is the problem it is it is potentially a problem but they can make commitment I think that's what you'll see end up happening raining all the make notes. Yeah today they can make whatever moves they want to get literally make what ever moves that they want police are so many pieces the officer blueprint of what our remarks right. Body marks who who all our guests as ESPN who who was the assistant GM of the net. He does the blame for the he was not the general manager you are I was happy kind of put the blame on him a little bit and our radio station is not how did it feel it's about our radio station tanks you blame beast. Assistant program director but that's what you guys did that. Well he didn't get the show large beast isn't our drummer guy drummers bottom box. East there have been snag your boss. LeBron James put up 42 points twelve assists ten rebounds last night but it is not enough to get another remedy oust JR Smith had plea for 27 minutes is zero points. Jordan Clarkson was a DNP Putin's decision. LeBron went to the locker room briefly in the second quarter. When he took adjacent seat and shoulder to the job. That's a concussion is family time not all day today and Alec that's that's a concussion scenario they're called an extranet the next strain and buy it that's that's likely going to be the big story today is did LeBron suffer concussion did they do concussion protocol. Is LeBron and a play game three now the lucky because he entries not a Saturday so that now works out while for that for him man for them. Below are and other out of fuel doesn't assign a rubber you're only had two daughters you know there was no you have three now right. A lot of people like that yesterday spotted the snake pit that is Oslo. Snaked their questions stone cold store owners. And reference that anybody can listen yesterday. We have Jonathan's doesn't who does what he does all the time minimum have a guest on usually brings back the worst memory or the worst part time in that person's life. And usually just goes and wants to re live it with them on the air. We set them up nicely though by remarks gentle being known as and recognized as probably one of the worst with who it's sure cool we were streams and yeah. Yes it is one of the more shades this release their nets and Celtics and it's why the Celtics are in the position they're in right yes yes that mr. But he I don't I don't I wouldn't give in the between mine national championship flag. Bob remarks. Who also as a Tobin will city just hammer away. Donors are those ago and only that's a good one Chad Pennington that's an that's an awesome one moss is. LeBron to playoff history lays down 02 he has lost more than he has won but he has one. The series a couple times and is down 02 and a seven game series. Says there's still a chance. So how bad was ahead on the baseline because I was an intimacy that such as the public's and I heard on the radio just thirty but it was bad you know he came off a screen or something or what was that I don't get the ball he was driving at the hoop. And eat you know as it was an awkward collision that ended would Jason Terry Adams shoulder. Crowding LeBron image hall gotta and TA news. You know city it was sitting on his ears on his knees for a few seconds and any got up bands came out rightly pays them to the next week Smith connects on the league game and it to the free throw line the next whistle he came out and he walked a very slowly to the locker room. And any came back a few minutes he came back this is early in the second quarter LeBron it's when he won points in the first forty was amazing amazing okay. Like I'm laughing watching LeBron the first quarter because we all saw it coming it was going to be amazing last night. And he could miss Yates when he one point in the first court I believe it's the most points ever scored in a quarter in the playoffs it's 11 points in the first quarter. And a Cleveland even led by ten I want what's late yeah like they're mile runs with them. That's the one thing that I thought about I was like that's probably the best moves that the Boston Celtics could have done throughout the series. Is clipping LeBron at that point in time it deadly was on her nose and not thirty blah it's gonna go down as probably B gained changing or possibly series changing move when it came to the moment. What ends up happening you know second quarter he he gets his normal rest. It in early in the second quarter than he also left for several minutes as he went back to the locker room Manny wasn't he owns O'Grady to the couple shots. Gilead I think three points in the second quarter. And then the third quarter rolls around here in dual whole Lotta at all and he wasn't very aggressive he was super aggressive. In the first quarter seat now. Lucky got a bit aggressive again in the fourth quarter when the game starts again touch and he scored a bunch of points in the fourth quarter but he was it an island in forty portable double. It's it's it's such an indictment. Of of Cleveland where. LeBron. Can it can get hurts OK if LeBron does not been amazing. He gets hearts just for a few minutes OK and still hurts. Playing with a possible concussion he still manages forty point triple double. But because he was a little banged up. They get Linda was my double figures millions of us what gets like it's it's such an indictment of of that supporting cast that even if he gets a little hearts. Which still result in a forty point triple double. There to the team is screwed and you know what look. The general manager for Cleveland he tried okay damion they need a bunch of moves at the deadline. They got ready guys who were just bombs okay were dead weights. So getting rid of those guys what terrible way to dramas Paris not old gold and white out and let's waste choice though that he get rid of way they gave wade Schwartz. And I mean did they said it would you wanna stay here in your rules could be reduced or do you want us to mobile. And the other dog door it's and all those guys are playing. But so those other guys were dead weight to OK so the jump in church right. But for all the talk about like what great moves they war I mean look at these guys George Hill. Had three points last night he's completely average okay. Larry Nance zero points and never plays and we played last night because you know games I try to stump than in the second half. Rodney hood. Bomb two points last night been all four in the policies and Georgia Clark's in the bloody nose name okay. DN PO last night he's done enough and the policies and a bit betrayed in May has done at was an zilch for them absolutely enough. Will the one thing that I thought was evident was when I saw or heavily to a Smart that was diving out of bounds to keep the ball he was so good it was all good people on the court the effort was was unbelievable and it just to me watching the Cleveland Cavaliers last night it's like. It's almost like they're thrown up their hands and and and again you know and it is what it is an hour is going to be there hit. Follow our advisors and the chairs Jackson. Here is better than ever been all it is is Camelot kettle over here let me give your recap Pamela rebounds basketball passes LeBron James LeBron Jane take it up the court. The editors step back jumper or he drives the lane and gets in and one minutes. But that's basically Cleveland's game plan the the other guys was was nowhere to be found. Well OK. Okay I mean Korver had double figures bought that at Timberlake that he got to be ten or eleven point to get at it until it expects from them okay but you get nothing from anyone else like each endorsements. Just straight now. He gives you enough in. Hey it's it's not a good team. Today's game to the Western Conference finals between the warriors and the rockets to offer and Rana Sadr is suffering 9 PM. The Marlins doubled up on the dodgers' 42 yesterday real neat to 03 for four with an RB I double. Tyler Johnson confirms to the Palm Beach post that by next year we'll have a full serenity. Owning who has a paycheck and a triple B better spend money. In the NBA draft lottery in the suns have the number one pick in this year's NBA draft that kings with the second pick and the hawks have the third. The cavs end up with the eighth pick Boston did not get a lottery pick for the strapped so they'll be on next year and Philly gets to keep it's pick at number ten. Yet affiliate balls and he was so confusing last night because you got you got to rat from each team from the one pickets the lakers. Okay. And you know rep for Boston and a rapper Philly. I've never seen that before and the draft lottery can depending on where the pick lands very convoluted. Depending on where the pickle and the lakers reader given the pick the Boston when they're given to pick the Philadelphia Pickens of going to Philadelphia to Boston next year. Is going to get Sacramento's pic via Philadelphia. And that's this is all based off of the more helpful straight over to keep and retaliating it is a dangerous full lease the sixers with them mark L faults Jason Tatum trait but here's the thing. While it's obviously a really good thing that the Celtics are going to get to king's picnics here and kings aren't going to be any good again. Last not a great night the Celtics is was a draft lottery it's okay because. The kings were one of the teams like the lottery last night to get get an immortal overall pick but they jump from number seven to number pupils to sell. They made a monster league last night so for a team who was number seven and you know worst record in the league get. They're gonna be. Significantly better next year than they would have been had they not jumped up to number two overall we're gonna get a really nice player. So since you still get a lottery pick next year that's are gonna pick. But it was not a great night for Boston this war is that draft lottery was concerned because. Sacramento is likely to be a little bit better next year than they would have been otherwise had a not one that. That draft lottery last night to look all we're also great being from Boston it was not a great night as far as draft waters concern them. Not an in Munich I'll I'll. Is that a Netflix announced a ten part Michael Jordan documentary called the last Anson Tobin is 100%. On his take promise that nobody need to ten parts and image of the other Cooper lord about ice and hard it's bike parts and arts student ten hours. Each of flour. He's an hour's. What ever done it ten mini mini thirty for thirty inning or easy he's the brightest fine but it. But not the thumping your ten parts. Says it's bit much and what is he dug opinion Kilmeny. Who's got aids and speaking of affluent Russians Robert during his of them Russian earlier we battled the spouse of very after the break. I. Oh. In 8 o'clock California where there it's seasoned batsmen out so it's gonna be a comedian he scanner. Compared to get yesterday it would look yup we'll do it again today to its once they all live nation. On Friday at 10 AMR writes. It a little more than out now hold talks in NBA playoff would George to dial out there and Los Angeles been catching them on on ESPN on the lots. Fans and also thought of this in the 8 o'clock other times com. We are going to have an induction ceremony. Right I'm in my we're going to have an induction ceremony the two when he eighteen to all of the week whole femur. Will be announced. We the class of 1010. Finalists and one of them is going to hang from the rafters along what Brian went Horst. And Heath Bell and Jeffrey Loria we're gonna have a fourth member inducted. And the person who submitted that. Wayne nominee is we get. Five until we get court courtesy of Florida Lama is a big day. But it really is news it really is a big Newsday a big Newsday I mean beast is now Romberg Boston. Romberg is now having three daughters that's right. Eight and we are finally. Conducting. A tool that we nominee into the hall of fame. Do you get to record the. He has two things that take a long time but they're worth it on the station promote ripped Tuesday's you know nine months. And then let's present an artist and the assets December I think where he got the emails that in. Go to rip tide now beginning to support but that didn't seem a little bit of. You see less and by the way in and organs in minutes or whatever it was it's he's there with me in my carried on their motive second the you see last night after the game there are a couple of really funny moments after the game last night number one at its high run Lilly that the complaining from Cleveland is already starting. Time run loose complaining that the Celtics are good putting it up. They're good morning get up out there. And Marcus Moore has said the best reaction where. Palette that ultimately get a word. You know what man what what what about organ grinding it out play in all played really well getting physical to. And and I kill yourself or dirty little I don't know but then but then you saw when they're taking the ball out again I think Kevin Love set up a nice little screen for for LeBron monarchy admitted to take the ball. But they were really close to good old basket. And it knocked brown down times news it was it was a decent little move Lindsay. I was I got I agree we're gonna up you know and and Marcus Moore is like yeah we're doing whatever it takes whatever it takes and he kept same whatever it takes whatever it takes and you always do and the cavaliers and their whole. There bearer motto. This post season and it's all their shirts and every team has got mark the Celtics their shirts say CES rise you know pass tag I see us rise that's their social media thing. For this for the cavaliers it's whatever it takes. Hash tag or whatever it takes so what is more skis India would do whatever it takes whatever it takes to win delivery takes. That's funny that's funny that's what it's called LA and and there was also there was also an Doherty of this Roberts you've made this kind of stuff okay. So reporter post game talk on the was up there to answer the questions and we just went over these guys for Cleveland to look. The trade clearly made an analyst season. Yeah you look back on it now and you know big pick you to give a grade after we CFTC a worked out. It's again that's okay because beat these guys that there had they been bumps could gives you nothing clock to give it up financed gives you up and George he'll get Xena and Indiana on the straight. Now you can do that when you look back and you plain result which sometimes doubly result is a great trait spoke ACL worked out and then again. At that time people of raising it up and down up and down. And one of the guys who. You know was and traders Rodney hood and I mean he's given an absolutely nothing monies accepted coming into the game sometimes has. And and soulless and this was an. Tower on Lou after the game one is asked. Why Rodney hood is playing in time Tyler was not pleased. I know you you're you're not get a lot of cash contributions and a lot of guys right now but why is ready but still the rotation. Because I want him there. What is the dosage of quote was he doing to show you that he deserves those minutes. I'm a key player himself. Can be better and not the last game game one he really played well for us qualify for twelve get in double figures so that's why we work. And brittle as noted in the he's going to be better median time dilutes the same thing to say things but that that that's always half because. I understand the reporter Andy eat what he needs ask well Rodney hood OK who's been awful but. Felix has got to be a better way to ask Matt. Wise who has. It clearly reporter. There's a Cleveland cavalier fans I know I've no idea what that's my guess is probably it's probably one of the Cleveland cavalier Reuters number one. And my guess is that he's actually a fan of the cabs because anybody. Anybody asked that question with that much I guess you could say malice at the end of it. This because he's afraid of the team is like Tony don't. The way that he the way that it's being I had no idea who he writes for what it is OK I don't know what is allegiances are. Okay our sets matches and I'm like oh publications nationalities and has weekly numbers they're they're branching off now they'll of their look movers and also covers he covers Cleveland yeah especially minorities to cover for Cleveland dot com and outlet Padilla politically. I feel like hand it it's it's. So rough way to ask that question let's listen the question was to get to Arizona and questioned but. I know you you're you're not get a lot of cuts contributions and a lot of guys are no it was ready but still the rotation. Funny I wanna there because of a couple things they're eight its questioning it's it's a direct question coach what are you doing coach yeah but also. It's it's it seems rude yeah does Philly gets is not your job. Yes it still is a good question anymore OT yeah. I guess and say there is there a more delicately ask you to one sounds like fan that's what sounds to me it sounds like. You know coach what the hell are you doing wise but why do rotation that was the owner Red Sox he's telling about it like it was not a. Yeah how are you asked that an idol idol subscribe to this period we need to sugarcoat things. For coaches I mean he's in a press conference he's being asked questions that guy's job is to question in the coats. Why can't you question a coaches are better he does get the and that's a it's a basketball question it's not an out of bounds questioned by any means. I I at a I don't know how SaaS I'd like that it was not really I went zero on the bush what is a delicate way to ask that you suck as a coach so why the hell you have my kids and they guys that why is Rodney hood still in the lineup. Boy in question don't set the question always comes into things insane running it sucks and it's also saying coach reed doing there. Is it to say it's that did it look I was doing in in regards that you're certainly. Doesn't mean these bad coach overall it time it was not happen. He was not immediately he can't see obviously his facial expressions he. Not please you know it really was told and it really was is arousal question if you think about it but he was an insult. But it was also questioned the same time echo alliance. Was the music to be posted after that guys question of coach I know you're not getting a lot of contribution. From Lotta the guys. But why why are you still playing Manson whys are still on the lineup. I know you you're you're not get a lot of cash contributions on a lot of guys right now it. Why is ready but still rotation. And coming on our show is aghast so it would be. Orszag to declare it would be 02 and everyone textures are. I'll play but he's anyways and it made in the press covered scenario pilot has to do that that's part of his job. When Tyler is joining us is it guests like everybody here. In this does those scenario you repeated it does he's just doing it out of the goodness that's part of Thailand joins as of the gas line and does logo though coach thanks for joining us things for your time we really appreciate you beat out. Certainly I can't I heard your lineup bra. Presence. Oh you got out. Got the break you have you have is that the precedent now we're doing it. P.s and even then again I know I don't do you I actually haven't even heard this in the IN GW easing is something that falls flat. But I have been tipped off that it's decent. We talking about questions. I don't know in fine and I'd unit next. We got Ray Allen here with us all time great he's going to be in the hall of fame when he eligible in two years are now does that sound right. Although they've not been able. How did that and give them. Time anyway error. Next hour he got a chance on a thousand dollars the top of the hour we're also gonna give away impaired tickets to see Sebastien mask hour ago and it. We will in ducts the newest member to the tool the week hall of fame we'll have a ceremony and everything. And amble close out the shell talk to Jewelers in Ottawa and Los Angeles still old MBA with him I love that draft lottery last time and and so into it I love it when their unveiling the envelopes. And the team is not fairness enemies they jumped up McCain is regaining his bolted from number seven the number two. And the hawks were big winners yesterday to they jumped from like number five to number thirty haven't picked anybody none other at the draft is at the end of June. But last night determines the draft border okay that's a big deal Iowa and Phoenix held on to number one. And of course a possible number one meeting number two overall pick is this kid look good on church. Who Slovenian games ruining apparently he's a rock Slorc. Now there all I would like especially at thirteen advocate the money. That's America and what about the amount of money that he's already made playing professionally. I don't know I don't know much he's made I don't know if it's tonne you know but how much can miners get paid for playing professional bass like no. I know it and didn't play professionally only see signed visited there two more as an American American literature. So he's going to be one of the topics and of course the new head coach of the sons is. Was his coach in Slovenia this guy course golf club Cora Scott eagle eagle. And that's all part of Tobin plan now. Or on goes the sun in the month somehow we get that Booker Devin Booker is why they want paired Devin Booker with the kid they're gonna select number one wrong and it's a sounds like pretty terrible idea. Doug but I would do because which in Dujail and to build around the Madonna towards a clearly going to do Igor as their coach city can't have through those guys there right now that can't there's two good players now I know I feel weird to have it where it's not a matter jump right what you wanna do because. That embargo let's beyond just the losers mentality right now only dozens Philip the statue with points what you wanna do is give. Luka an actual leader and who better to leave him that he point guard we want a championship wit. You become basically the Slovenian sons which is which is a budding power plus you got Josh Jackson. I think I've had before I'm all for your plan is just the plan of all the mad scientist. One of the. We don't lower your plan it's the suns who I am not convinced would be four year plan people probably thought. They were whatever going to be able to fly in travel but somebody thought they could. I don't know it's the same thing you brought it but we're not always going to be doing things by fire in house. We should build something that's not fire to light up routes. It is now we have the lippold. Agassi where you don't compute exactly. So what are you got from a year hammered. So apparently. We've been told as Robert started doing the as as impression earlier we've been told that they have some fun once again but does that low impression yesterday on the Levitt tart shell has some talk about you fighting Stew dots as well. An idea what it would satellite give. Is as low was threatening me. It would put up. It's stupid to go up to appoint me and the beast. Of a tough guy. Since this. This this sandwich with you face. Some pets. To the ground and pound. Some. Meat Chrysler and its. Course. Drizzle naval war they would be honest stat on not to forget. The work pretty good. Mean this isn't pleasant time you know went to prison show let let let them imitate me. Did anybody here who made. Said would win a play it's not serve. As well. They've done is who does cause I was having a exits through dozens all in on jazz because he dogs as was crazy. But do I pray I get rid of fraud was saying crazy like neurotic crazy like I don't know what to eat for dinner. Or what food item to touch first 31 crazy missed two cuts and no late crazy spider monkey crazy. Two guys is all in on is as open will open on twelve honesty that's my friend easy once I got on that show apparently. This Mike Ryan petulant child. Moon man and. Does it. This is awesome just awesome. Grandpa. The most. I mean outsourcing everyone remembers I feel gamble members Darius Rucker I mean use including the blowfish years ago he's now solo artist remembers ever remembers Darius Rucker promoting the blob is right just notes are huge Ben Darius Rucker joining us here comes special interest in talking to Darius Rucker. One not only to likely to launch a lot I guess we're talking a while ago. But you're huge dolphin fan. The biggest stars in the entire World Cup points. Larry Nelson was number one he wins he was he number one star in pigs always rather Houdini ended higher world wave bigger than his duty and the blowfish. Naming naming day struck a song. Non renewable pitched well there are real and that's funny that you made an op that's on I would never know different unit up. Big store. You break. Does my in my grinding impressed in the audience. We are tired I'm over Mike's really unit impressions. Text or dreading and dad on means that impression impression was bleeping grade mr. We're getting a lot about news and you got on the tax on boom and bad news Steve. Because it takes a lot of skilled existence it is mumble the Mike Mike Ryan.