ZRA Part 2 5-18-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, May 18th

Marlins sale, Zaslow's NYC trip, Just the Tips


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. I'll I don't. And so yesterday. Boom boom. Present in the in a row boom. Lebed's hard shell had role model. On the program again halo around they were swooning just so enjoy program it was so enjoyable to listen. Tonight he's great would it be as great if he didn't have the accent now. Well he's I mean he's done good things he's saying and their grades. He's had such a positive person any seen definite action is personality but the acts and the accent makes it. It helps in a major way yes. But it's it's so enjoyable listening to him. And I want a lot to have won every. Although it only gets you parties all the yesterday right they're going to be big. They didn't admit that a policy of people wanna him on again today oh really. And have him a dollar crime was hilarious hitting the nail on the head by asking Dan like how you don't cancel socially awkward as his. I would fuse hanging out liberal on and his crew would like dandy putting his hand on a shoulder saying one love then I just quoting lines from. Russ the far right. Styles trying to fit in your sand right and he's trying to fit and one love. I. More more information is starting to trickle in about Chris Cornell you're just tuning in out Chris Cornell died last night 52 years old lead singer sound garden one of the all time greats on a specially bombed out about it call me by surprise some walked into the studio here about an hour and a half ago toast from the shore. He's on in the mornings on right now actually oh. And he's been rock guy is connected in that scene you know and he'd. You're gonna nose as a marketing CD he knows that that's you know that's my guy like low I love sound garden and you know that's that's a group that's very tight with Pearl Jam all part of that scene in it's that's CNET that that ninety's rock scene. You know I feel they could idyllic certainly the eighties when a lot of hair bands and act kind of deal Lotta competition. And really old like each other. But that group in the ninety's those guy is specially in that scene opens up the world body's all friends they liked playing together and elect working together late lab. Rain and heard their has run across a lot because you had a bunch of people from the same. Storm comes in so it's not easy be jealous is very unusual but it he calls a slug like why is that I'm making and I'm better than him what you get a jealousy that way too. You glad I mean I think that with the grunge scene they were all kind of I guess is coming up yet helping each other maybe they figured that there is room for all of them when their music up popular which they would. Clearly you're relying yeah of course that was our hit the air right like you know you have been the sixties. The hippies you have liked the stall owner air. Like the seventies. And then you also have what we had. The groin chair is like Yvette how. I'm the heartland of the eightieth in a dry my hair out here. I can be used now. What is the two thousands. What is there and rows and so I don't know. I don't know that's not really my music scene anymore I mean there are some dance in the 2000 and older and he's a new kind of. Aaron I don't know anything anywhere else are finally you know how you have to punt and rallies and there was ninety's yeah really I mean I would they have Bob. Took over before that though I would they have pot took over the nineties and yoga. So more information started trickle in about Chris Cornell you got news outlets in Detroit which sort took place on late show in Detroit last night's he's a casino right. With a three year put you were staying at the scene in jumps in Detroit and and Ayers there's word coming out that he'd that it it it it looks like it may have been suicide. Now I don't know how many outlets are reporting this but on the net this year this. Fox teach points local local fox out there in Detroit is reporting year sources tell. Follows local for corn Els wife hold a family friend asked to check on the singer. That friend forced open the hotel room door. Or corn Ellis found dead in the bathroom some rounds. Our sources say it appears to be. And so more more impose cern to come out now look. And he's here yeah. Never know what what these so what any eighties at what one is going to joke because you look at it on the on the front he say hey you know you go back to 8 PM last night. APM us as eleven hours 8 PM last night. Hours before he may have pulled himself front go back to pentium front we have a freaking rock band playing short of thousands repeat what you go back to 8 PM last night he's on Twitter he sends out a picture of sound garden and it's a sound finances teach Roy finally back to rock sitting he's got a bunch of exclamation points hash tag no more BS knowledge that that looks like a guy who's really exciting I don't know if that's really him tweeting that there could be like a publicist or something about it that that looks like a guy I was really happy looks like he's ready to play a rock show is in join himself. Few days ago on his Twitter accounts there was eighty picture. Like like bouquet of flowers and it was an iso or insert Grammy to us. As a nice note to his wife. World lovely wife and mother she is happy Mother's Day yacht yacht. But I also so you look at let it happen is committed suicide he's he's you know we believe what's wrong with him he's got a great life nor that. But I remember. When Robin Williams told himself and cycle shocking to all of its and he would rob Williams I mean Robin Williams and rob ones out in public. He was EU authorities are happier sky ever. You know probably M Zooey I think we just didn't know is much did you know it wasn't rising to UP Ryan has newer. Giuliani is a very troubled man raids like bolt what we view of Robin Williams and I Tom we saw mountain public or what have you. This was a very happy man. Well I think with a Robin Williams agrees there is a shocking series 'cause he was self because he was a funny. Funny guy grade any I think we in the media is all the time. Making her lap in the same thing with Chris Farley that you look at Chris Farley Chris Farley wasn't happy as a person. He you know but his his vendor that he went there is also trying to. He was that he had he was a drug activity admitted I think it's I think it's always going to be shocking with. With comedic actors or car or comedians generally because when you see them their whole their whole act of course it is is Alaska Air raid and making people happy that that is what they do so. You know I think that that's shocking from that perspective. Musicians probably me you know maybe not at as a shocking they were in tears suffer from depression I think that's one reason that the horse and shot an even though Robin Williams apparently had. I'd had issues with depression for a very very long time we didn't know about it. Annie from the grunge era now you have what video that you're legends. The paso mayor Kurt Cobain. And Layne Staley and Scott we lend and Chris Cornell also Eddie batter his dreams. I was in the last year wasn't it wasn't you are my island just sixteen Scott I was in the past year to calm I think getting better measure sort of loan grunge icon brain and from that air yet and Seattle Yvonne thousand chains roll and end all of end Foo Fighters was and who fires as late ninety's mid late ninety's and obvious and you know came from there on. But. Yeah all those how about that 003 of those 44 man. Now are dead to them it it it if Cornell was suicide than to beat to it and suicide. One of them drugs. Which bears still. Probably connection between the suicides and drugs potentially we don't know about now. Right well and with and with Kurt Cobain you suicide but he was a lot of trust there's a lot of pain and as a result you wanted Timor's until. Right and we made by and who knows we may find out Chris are now also was was you know on drugs when he read on 01 or no he killed himself was it was right what it who's reporting gusts. Just being leaked it's a minus. Outlet here it says say sources tell local four that neo portals wife called and yet so I mean. Yeah I don't have I don't even Elvis second news outlet has this information now is an unbelievably eight is sad anyway I think it's me and if if he is he killed on a means to sell out and has a wife and kids could have been how it claims saying before you know it maybe was turned it. Do his thing. But sue headlines here on. Usually what's trendy now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. You don't. These headlines or front seabright GNC is DNC's lowest prices of the season sale now through June 7 line and diet and has to support fish oil and when he more. Change begins at DNC's like credits only season is march 30 through May. 31. Overhead and game one of the NBA Eastern Conference finals let them not exciting last night the cavs took a Celtics I'm not. Not only seven times you want I'll pull out of that you have seen a game here's what is on my. Seven seconds remaining in the ball game no voice to bring you misses that rebound a by the Celtics but this one is over the cavaliers play. You want an Eastern Conference finals. Seems like a long time ago is that we were talking about the cabins. And a big time struggle. On the defensive end. Academy. Day out is it does daughter brought regulars not yet happened you know. But today it seems like a really. Long time ago that we wanted to do and I mean never you know or 11 we're talking about. That this cat seemed not the financial Gennadi east if they continue playing like this and this is them. And relating continue playing like. I wolf is Elise the first. I mean look. You know the competition you could say we want about it in the first two rounds fact the matter is LeBron display in the best fastball this career. They did they they could be playing anyone you know they aid these teams could be a whole lot better. And it's still LeBron and he's still playing and out of this world. And as well as he has in his entire career and if LeBron James is playing in the past he has his entire career. He's he's he's been all its games now don't be beaten Golden State okay. All he's got too much and Golden State has been. Equally as impressive ports they're ten now. Mean Golden State has has been doing what. You know Cooley who has been doing and you could say they've been donated against better competition and as well I mean you tall pretty good team. First round now or who was at Portland Portland's had that Colmes saint Pete in your right yep Portland was the eight seed yes. Blondes are very good but you told pretty good team. And we. You're right you're. About speaker said we're right Portland went to. You can use your conversation. Here's how do know that I met at a wit which when he was right it was it was I don't have both audio book you're. That's that's those are the press server. And that he answered your own and I think Colin Alfred and now. And running Kevin Malone combined score seventy points last night here's LeBron. I don't think we played. That great tonight we definitely should be able. In us we'll be capable of shooting no Kyle had a three or four enters looks that he missed you know we had a good stretch but nothing good energy and effort. Know myself was where it needs to be stone wrote question each coach wants. What are you seeing LeBron and JR Smith combined for forty points last night. Because that's not as impressive now running for seven they didn't mean LeBron adjustment much for 47 even more than forty Andre apprentice you see the warm up. Video of LeBron with a sure off. Taking a basketball Mecca like a baseball in his hand and throwing it from one corner of the court. Into the basket of the the oppose excited about school court. Just one shot one try but it wasn't something that he had multiple attempts at doing patty knows what I was one time. IA because you saw everybody walking up to him so it's on he's been sitting there by himself for minutes trying to throw basketball on. Yeah it is you don't know that. They did promise. There and every time if things do this at their industry. Isiah Thomas scored seventeen points on nineteen shots here is Isiah Thomas and the goodness of president. Or reaching just keep bridges that are relevant in the first. No they didn't do anything then their play and how to play throughout the season I just missed shots didn't get a rhythm. The next game definitely be more aggressive and to make plays in the paint in and make stuff happen but they do nothing like the wizards was doing multiples are doing it. The kind of play how they normally play. Unease and joining entire series Isiah Thomas is if you prefer the did you say they are getting into the paint wouldn't what is he going to do in the paint do you block boat brought women. I mean if if Isiah Thomas has moments where it looks like he's starting to get hot that's when LeBron is going to shift on over to him and Isaiah is not a real receipt of written. Any thing orchard trees made his interview on paint that's right and taught and it paints Brahma site 26 points in the paint and how it's closed about. Not a damn thing although the warriors might have sometimes I about it. During the post game interview you'll win the NBA on TNT crew Dana White announced that kind of McGregor has signed a deal to the fight Floyd Mayweather with the Indian TNT crew. It's really McGregor side is done I'm starting to work on the Mayweather side now white satin suggesting that he was with those guys. It's gonna call it an interesting that he announced it that way no I mean not seems like a strange thing to do it. I've known on the don't regret it can be getting that fight exploits get at least hundred million elf was a finalist undermine that this thing right. Writes. Out to McGregor possibly can pick and get half that fifteen I would think. Exciting. Eye on all the all paved by. William really know yet but not the aged and. International Laura yes off falling for what's going to be probably the worst night. Any result that receipt. I'll pay for because it is double what we got to watch it and a material I it's. I'm paying to go to watch from my couch and how he's for because I had to fight through grit and thanks a wanna watch counts. Atlantic would have bands and McGregor. Does poll and you that seem upon him when their number I mean what happens. Is now as an IOK. I. Kick and it matters I haven't EQ. And today's a good day now I. I don't know. I mean immigrant doesn't layer is Floyd. Doesn't lose either. They are going loses it that's absolutely a law but I mean it's not a loss left a legitimate a lot I don't know McGregor payers and not let anybody could ever say he'd legitimately a block and. The odds and done you know read and use it for common here every city as an. It's a loss. They did it counts the playoffs so you know that's WW year old I mean the other day a couple days ago dean amber does kick ms. in the balls you got deep huge loss. Same thing any Eastern Conference finals the senators look the penguins right to lining LB pat series you don't. According to the Wall Street Journal dolphins owner Stephen Ross made an offer of about 750. Million to by the Marlins last all which Lorena obviously reject. I looks Steve Russ does Manning op pain billion plots like keynotes but I told you. When will we heard it's Stephen Ross was interest it okay although reports for Kamal mother some Darrell right after more than Steve Ross has no interest in the Marlins like did this. But there was an initially reportedly a month ago that Stephen Ross. Pot is is an interest in party. In the wallets and legged debut later saw giro came out it was like another others on insurers from inches an hour for two million dollars million and overbilling blizzards are doing that and not being interest in me clearly he is interest. No laws into. Knocked I think once you find out what they're looking for you're you're no longer and straighter move on to putting isn't the Alford is he I haven't in my eyes yeah definitely interested in some pointers from I'm interest in buying the Marlins are. Two million dollars by the Marlins yeah that's as red MI five on an agent or I'll buy them. You may I think word now and I had. And as you view this is this between the and it's anybody's. There are sitting on boards the ousting an island we'll get stain your laying low and upload that you out. Let's get to that sustain your Lan against let somebody that morning but the men be amount this year with Don and Aaron. On those solid bear ally he ESPN's bill Barnwell gave the dolphins deep plus grade or their offseason work the lowest rate of any AFC team who cares then the Miami herald's Armando sobero gave Barnwell a deep plus all of his work. Saying that the writer quote. Uses wrong facts incomplete facts and opinions based on bad assumption. And some kind that sounds like Dara stick it to bark sounds like there's blood feud sounds like there's a writer feared aunts and. Our bureau has given everybody the DR love a good media tenth now. Any ultra deadline all right. Let's out what to do just the tips about 2.5 minutes from now 740 you don't miss just the tips a case of start sending your questions now. You it's centered on Twitter used an hash tag just the tips or you can also send and on the course Wenzel Kia text line. 67974. Coming up next though. All right. Amber stay in her lane. From and when. And. Ought to stop restaurants and says the joining seventeen harmful food and wine celebration it is tomorrow tomorrow may nineteenth the Brown County convention center. Tickets drizzle is not a time bucks proceeds benefit make A wish Special Olympics and the Arthel leadership academy news the brought good ticket and you say ten bucks need to to purchase. It's it's eight Orange Bowl dot or. I keep sending your questions used an hash tag just the tips amber our girls got your relationship your era dating advice. Did an about seventeen minutes from now to me giveaways. Yeah aren't we have oil for packer tickets for the Marlins and the clock count talk Emery ever had some time for right now older people do in the 8 o'clock Cowell set yup we'll post it. Your show you are running high he wants any names on off unnoticed mom Ly New York City tomorrow you can in those what you're saying that Romberg nighter on the raise about how I. Players are extremely well Sadie I don't. I don't like I was who's going to scare Manhattan by the in Manhattan downtown new knowledge he's going you know Jamaica queens is always going man I can't and it's not like someone comes into that he had lived in Dixie and us hello Blake Cooper and Cooper city is not. So lord let me ask. City my old like I was being honest. How would you sunny out that extra. Like your your go to the GCC you're going to the rose from toasters and her on all might you not going anywhere. You were telling me during the break that your so scared in New York because now. A busy night do you go and that and usage went to a copy shop and you're up and it is dude busy on some things are happening too fast I'm Wayne and interview ever written to across he shouted to another big city including Miami because after jobs in Miami do tend to somewhat he didn't see me now they don't move nearly as I know it's Illinois Miami mayor of nearly as fast as lord I get a line that it's not it ordering like coffee dark coffee I don't know what that means you know our right to go go go. I just got jealous because you know every time you go somewhere new it's all about the food for me some food yes when he defined. Whether it's arm in Manhattan I wanna go the daily dose of the problem the coolest things that I enjoy about going to New York. As you wake up you go downstairs and within a block your out of unbelievable to have some phenomenal food and you're right back after hotel not the best proceed to tell me that you have a four hour window I'm just hurled around the world she's witty. Nobody even if you wanna see your hotel and the best thing about New York I paid the lives between Miami and York like eight months there is hosting a TV show in York my favorite thing about and you're on TV is I would get. Is I would get back from work so an IV and I'd be tired and I could order any means you could. Our I imagine it in the hotel room for I learned for delivery I ordered public Cornish hen dinner once and I ordered Thomas boom restaurants in me I mean just everything you could ever imagine a Manhattan and it's all your door he wanted to be. When I get there Miguel plain and Mattel the cab driver take in my hotel. And Emerson my hotel room. Elements times media the thing that endurance wanna go to I think. And Eminem know that go back to the hotel really missing out that's into your suit your backpack because we damn well know are now on and I know I bring a bring the carrot. That's why purges yet purchased the early boarding camp purchased nearly boarding selling get my ass now play experts and the hang up my suit. OK hang it up fronts and yet no I got a backpack. And I got sued this suit like a yeah illustrating mr. Libby did you're giving me their. Hunched over like you're carrying a giant weight on your back into giving me the physical does not need to sign my dad and I packed. And then you're giving me the here's my launch ideally baseball glove in my backpack because you know when baseball of course like baseball I love my backpack. Probably the basal hacks don't get burned on top my dome and I got to make sure that everywhere likely Pearl Jam I'll have that Hitler asked hamburgers Rodrigo. Oil resort packed onto for instance you have to you know given how slowly back underwear and on two nights in New York City Monterrey it's old all pro back out. And the two X six pairs on the moon and I thought 06 pairs does is it gives you religion and hotel right. Who knows what's singing Danny thing clearly amateur where you ready for anything and everything okay always over pack. Always don't pack underwear for shall OK and Sox got an extra socks tank onward dirty socks it's gusting but I'll have my backpack. All the girls and certain there probably Miami Heat shirt who notes and then also have mine my anger with with Mike Coates. Now you still Manhattan is incredibly safe these days straight CT lowered its safety. A more now the last summit in New York walking on the streets their persons ride a bike I almost got run over there yelled according to iron beginnings I. I totally amber it's or South Beach it's too busy. No South Beach I know I'm very comfortable South Beach and then he got the subway the whole subway experience I hate I don't know and I'm an airplane and I don't understand I got the money on the card when I go to put money in the car a talkative girl behind the bulletproof glass I feel like I don't know what I'm talking her bound and she's rushing me I don't understand. I am I am with you and everyone says who lives error oh yeah there's always agree using every day you suing you've got hurt our what I am. You know you can do it did to be very confusing and of course the first and I was ever on the subway OK and there about why they're back on my girlfriend. I'm a mom on the subway to the very for some like a Marty and happy with this experience had never been on the subway it's dirty and don't like people. And I get odds and on to slow down and went and on sit on the subway at the sort of war and sit on the subway okay. And the second we sit out and that doors close. Homeboy gets out. He's standing right next an ounce dowdy standard right next meeting he's got to make an announcement. Everyone's got to know what he's got going on he's got to make an announcement Andes is right next right next. And he wants a let everyone know he's got rates are right. Ernie is right next. You can't catch aids and sitting next to somebody you met while does demand not how it works first time ever on a subway. A Marty now look at voted in a subway I do next to me announce and everybody's got aids or are you willing to grab and robe before. Proof I. It works again IRL works does it matter does it matter you aids the last thing I want to hear any worse could it be if he then put a spy on my lap all right. I still wait expert in guerrilla wars I and Acer's spider. Be that he sneeze on your cup on your having nothing high. I I again on our eye on salmon Idaho sinner in my girlfriend at this point I shake my hand on his grill and I am not our and he starts to walk away but I'm. I'd do you recommend against having sex with him now. A yeah and he imagines it was may may despite what about it's I mean and then it's I mean. Again on our city and meadow acts that you know and it you know actually no. Science and no. We know how buyers is aware and we were particularly Alan there's a lot of studies done so how critical home and I'm not about my disease like a spider veins in armed and still relief Jonas of the food you composed with you got a restaurant you can be going to tomorrow night. You're definitely going to be your notes are inspired right well bore me on a gritty eat at the gala like it's boos boos events. You know sleep eat at Dallas there. Food and drink yeah. He affair brought them all eat at a gala to sit down and very eat the food you're just like pick him and I'm an only noses be a lot of very light you know feed. I mean a gallon I know you are very varied sit down dinner thing he is really expensive to go and they're trying to raise a lot of money that seems nearly three pretty Leonard present as Saddam that our. 100% are trying to raise like hundreds of thousands dollars appealing to be a bit. Mentioned by the way that it has been on the day and dimensional sound like I mentioned it may be dead he did mention moving around. When you talk and I would argue match Dickie v.'s gala last weekend in Sarah's that I keep he's how long by lower talking about Dallas answer Dick writes it wasn't breast cancer is for pediatric cancer as time has been the V foundation he does when every year for cancer. He raised three point one million dollars in Sarasota at the gala last week mountains. You know. Know invalids LeBron about it when I was there. I drops. A body off of ours who was staying with us who had tickets to go so right to drop them off for the gala. And we UN had dinner in it was at the Ritz Carlton answers that it when I had dinner print tickets see everybody was attending the gala I have a ticket and. Gallons of I was short of the members life like I just really am Larry you don't get is how close are we targeted for closure and it's hanging now. This yacht you've never had a dinner at the rent I have I and that's hard to believe premiere. In this. Eight ligaments on the right frame of mind. L and the weather's gonna be like well what happened with Saint Louis happen again. A go or don't bring anything else summer or later. It's summer but the second mile one and she just. Pull a weather app and give it a little looks pilot my lesson you're right I'm just Milan ahead a little bit time does the worse I'm gonna say and those who won and a beautifully. Fifteen hours gorgeous girl I'd get on the plane I'm worn shorts to whoever brought. I'm from Oregon tomorrow morning without care did you not know Saint Louis is cold I'm wearing shorts OK and this is it's like I hope okay yeah yeah. So it's and and and I can I get on the plane blazes I get on the plane on amazing Lauderdale airport what new assignment here monolith I get on the plane and and I literally a person you know what's what's a little like today papers and actually I mean thirty's. Own a little. And right when I got off the plan literally the cab driver take me restore slick bites water. So cold would you want to Roush on campaigns over the weekend yet. Is giggling and I think line. Ash I just it's at 7 o'clock the last thirty earlier next. Listen brand cars what you're Emeril intersecting sets on Monday morning that responds by East Coast public adjusters call 855 Getty CPA. Or visit East Coast public adjusters. Dot com. So the news news of the day and talk about a lot this morning. Legendary sound guard in front and Chris Cornell died last night after a show that sound autumn played in Detroit's. You're just tuning in now that's been a major. Talking points and Ballmer on the on the show I'm I'm especially bomb an acute sound garden and like Chris Cornell whole lot obviously. And and that's a major loss a major loss music scene here a lot of people special over less you know recent years. Prince print prince the knicks okay brains. David Bo we. Scott Wylie and you guy is a those once a comet Tom and Tom had an okay. By that Budweiser affect me the most personally in my musical tastes and whatnot. It is is Chris Cornell I was stunned while walked in this morning very upsetting to find that out more more details and wind or cut outs of Lleyton might have been a suicide you who that knows you don't. I only saw that there's no details started trickle lot of mean only have a few hours ago spoke today so you don't now. But regardless it's that's a disaster right there. Very very upsetting it's it's really ashamed last night the AD NBA stunk. I I can't see the Celtics winning in the series. I can't seem winning a single game. And you don't have the Western Conference finals get it going and going again. And Saturday so tonight you'll actually no NBA for a thing just the second time. Second day since this post season has begun. A billion heaven wall another day there's there's days where it's felt like we don't have NBA don't know all tied I was sort of one of those yeah. Yeah I mean I don't I don't know day this goes is and I should I came off last night. Now is feeling walls while but IA I should they came off last night's. It's enough that this is terrible games can be a terrible series. Our rights. Sending you questions hash tag just it's it's heated sentiment on the calls rings on all he Tex lines 67974. Let's do it it. Are you know how it goes you send in your relationship questions. He sends a nude dating questions. Ellis I'll make it too raunchy. An amber she's got your she's Geiger advice Korea are Tass sagged just the tips or he gets and and what. Is gonna say my boyfriend just try to be slick and he taxes the tax line with the my boyfriend. Didn't realize that it shows the phone numbers you tax us and obviously I recognize my own boyfriends on the it. So he's trying to apparently set me up to return favors the as Mike Hart and I don't know he's actually detailed my car. These diets and diet I don't know lord he's trying to fish to see what I would due to return in the papers he did so before I get off the. This here and it is it is a terrible question but it has to be asked it's very important to know the answer this or our pal Mike LA has sagged just that snaps. If you're in the mid. All of horizontal hustle or are you noticed on other amber hunt and you porno lets one go but. You really stop and leave. But he do there that's. Let's talk but he do. We do want you to read it here partner. Finishes. The deed first no no easy. Don't what's going honey arts. We're talking about that's. There's an armored now. Really don't Zune owners that question yet now bumping and what's what he's talking about now. I aid and never been in that situation I've garnered a danger bullying and I aide that I had. Don't know what I'm a little bit of food killer yes that's me yeah and a bit bit of a turnoff. McCain. Let's see your hash tag just the tips. Added what what do what is I don't understand this question that's nonsense here amber would be a better owner of the ends as well. What yet question well there's no question their heads just a statement it's it's actually very factual statements it's easily verifiable. Because of course we were discussing the Marlins in Romberg said that he he's got five on he's Andrus and Myanmar on for five dollars and you said. You also Withrow and five dollars no actual article million. Oh OK I thought well you have five dollars on an ice said that I will also throw in money and all sterling ten dollars and then you got upset would mean saying oh man and a women are allowed in this conversation. And a that text or road and at that time. I would be better than new. And that's derbies I would not force into Ireland retire Marlins fan base tour of Pearl Jam shirts and we wouldn't have pro jammed every day at the ballpark which is exactly what would happen. His shot doesn't honor. I am shy you feel while the bark. Passat just adds also send your questions on the call springs are multi tech signed 67974. Buys a guy can do. In it in a relationship day in bed they'll be just a little bit skew freaky. Review. These questions are brilliant. Really at least insipid nice I don't questions are very very personal very personal. Is there anything that's off limits as long as legal. Don no boundary affiliates of the skies ask in their what do you make of that no boundary no boundaries excellent. Has sacked just that said sex and the calls brings a monkey attack signed 679 some four. Have you ever date a black guy hash active steps I have. People opportunist I am no equal opportunity employer John for my. He wants to know traveling the liver trouble with your boyfriend. And all of a sudden he slipped something into your travel bag. IE sex toys which was confiscated a letter that's in God's good joke. I have not had happened. And I would cut him if he does not be upset. If he got me if you got searched by then really I'd. Which Telus security yurigan at least you're in the bag and don't assert it adds a joke like it. Has sagged just the same sex and 67 knives import every get rid multiple boyfriends the same time. I mean hey now we're that would reveal that on our. And I knew it we knew we don't part of our food that's considered a good answer now. 800 gallons to the same time trying to figure out which when you like more never only a lot of work to be perfectly honest does. Enough burying. Let's see asset dozens amber to try to repay part of with a fever should should should you. Amber and I and and I should you do you ever supposed to be ended dating advice for you guys about your lives are not who speaks for me a little for the listeners. Now is re hoping the listeners of their dating a guy isn't really is are forgetting how just attempts work there's there's trying to get into graduate. Here's a good one hash tag just the tip my girlfriend is freaking out about planning our wedding. How to white calm her down there and a. And I am women I mean brides Ella. Splitting a wedding and seems like so much stress. Every girlfriend I've seen go through it and mean it just takes the hole on up and I don't know how you calmer down because she probably doesn't want you. Making the decisions I guess just beat Erin just try to be as helpful as you Canon does offer to help without overstepping her bounds thanks to. Most. Unity else there Robert. Are there you go. That's today's edition Justin's very weak Elsa. There was a wheat very weak I think we need to deal better governor theater explaining holes now. Very weak very weak all right there area. I know X wages and this relationship. And dating advice and everyone just want to know about your sexual habits yeah. This lame lame by you know it makes makes in an excess salt ball every now and then now. Or sex toy. That does so only good prank and keep their mind station number send us like remotes somewhere we got to go and airports a solid fun pregnant and I guess by overeating. Again. I mean how we'd knock tried again. All right let's see afar I. Do it next we'll see if embers able state Elaine. That's next go how should I have certainly been known.