ZRA Part 2 5-19-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, May 19th

Rooting for Cleveland?, Freezing Cold Takes Interview


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Pain as a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Don't sellers are restaurant. That's only seventeen article when why celebration it is today Routt county convention center ticket sort of slows night on fox. Proceeds benefit make a way special led stakes aren't able leadership academy used could take it. And six embarks on each ticket purchase get your tickets today and Orange Bowl dot org Wisconsin can we do what your teams that we talk about. Dexter he's coaching one of the teams. All I understand it's as the predominant Zanardi and there's and I. OK so tonight tonight's. Tonight I'm going to apply to New York City rats the show today. And I'm going to let its hard is already out there it's a whole it's a whole big thing and there Yang Yang he's not be don't show to an assistant from New York out okay bye yet allowed its arts are there and on the a lot of lot of baseball peoples can be really cool is a lot of really really cool people on the planet. Didn't at the end I did again and eating. And the people the expensive caller to 9 o'clock. That's what happens when you invite me in the gala at the same week that the Dallas happening isn't singling you think at the hotel is so expensive. I'd tell you take an expert boy but I can tell you today compared to a mom don't think price. Hotel multiplied crystal told Russell what else out there she fights gonna told me about a month ago they're cheap flights were cheap they're she placed I have to know that because I change my flight two days so I can get back to license it's game on Sunday. I'm flying up cracker don't know Sundays or to make it back in time with cause you to admire in Israel and about time to buy a gallon I mean there isn't planning meg. How human attending a gala talent that we rescind Rel. Saw the nice amount of red yellow and people are gallons in gala where you are wearing are you wearing a tight Allah is great sure oh yeah. And I better not being witty learned through my way Aaron. On a morning nice a nice collared button down and and nice pants that's from eight you're not wearing assume it is all jacket or no because here's what happened here's that is not a black tie type of event no. And Els no definitely not by as little. OK he's the Hoechst. It's his event and he's the Hoechst. I asked him what keys where OK and he said he's wanna Holler button down. Nice pants. And media Jack because so the host is maybe jacket I'll really I don't know. I gained 75 pounds and possible while he doesn't do what Jackson is nationally super hot yes it does. 'cause we we we we coordinate our our tire for that evening based on the fact on how warm we have to be brought to talk to a lot of people run that's the reason why reps not impressed. I got back today when you used to be a little hefty. You never wore weren't wearing a suit jacket Buick onto a gallon got a suit jacket on Medicare and on and off again I was using my chance I can't see you in any gala not an idol Jack. Why the way our pal Phil on import told me this week Eric laws on the air aside there he's big boys well and he says the correct. He sane idea that your year is correct big key week we go to things. And we know damn well we're going to be Swinton and we have Jackie when you're mayor but that's why a movie is giving him I might do the jacket thing but knowing demo I do do reject that it's staying on the back and. Well anyway is titled there's no doubt it's a two rig when I don't show stuff we're kind of in their look like a million dollars out of the public that salad it's. There's not going to be any genes is not can be any sneakers. You look on. If you tell me I asked what it Tyrus. And you want to point out there's no jeans. No sneakers does that sound like a black tie tie affair I have never understand never heard of a gala that's not black pack you're gonna look like one of the wait staff. No more due to mourn a nicer nice pants and a metal ice I mean just Google gala attire at the very thing that I'm I'm I'm telling. You know color your shirt eating lavatory door and sure England it's hardest artists who met guarantee that Leavitt are to Wear a blazer I guarantee you he doesn't I geared viewers just picture him once in tiger. I guarantee and has Jack I guarantee we does that do what was usher by the way don't come here weren't quite sure by now it's black shirt. Limit her sting now let it heard so we'll stake it is my dresses up but you're paying anything. Then. A mordant black shirts black button down long sleeved shirt. I'm Warren really nice looking pants nearly a bomb missed and I'm probably have to fight off the one analyst at. So. Problem. Here's what's trendy now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you know. Yes I'm undecided by the way talk you know talk undecided or don't you dare ask Pataki's and I have to don't you have to secure the belt by the way you don't forget itself of course if you take stock India police could suck you can help out your outfit if you got good sock game but here's the thing here's the thing previously were re going to call hosted by talk. I am on the site by talk. And it has to be tough. There's no and don't talk to be old wrinkle if I show up on talk. And I see everyone's talked and I can make that I can pull notable. You're gonna have that super long freaking tired it's gonna go down your zipper uniting and auto tunnel outside I don't Thomas not a. He's in no dikes doing business laterally and Toys 'R' Us under stress they're never not now number you can talk only about the bounce away and I never wore on their share Masako media in my hand at the top. I don't know or isn't camera Michelle you're in anger or right. I'm shown M much to my chair my showing me a clean okay all right well let's there's no way that levees not going to be wearing a jacket. They should only get there and I I am I am fairly certain that you're on the we're let me yeah. And then you're being. You should Wear time and did not. Downtown Manhattan New York Asia where Jack keen on now I have to Wear the tie AMA and how would you rather see you in a nice pair of dirt jeans with a nice belt tight fitting unintelligible is that it's. No jeans. No jeans. At what I was I was at while I was at the gala last week but I was I was outside the gala last week for Dick Keitel and everybody was in I mean he's doing does is crowd is different. Straight out prom style and easy yet. The question it and question to him was originally what is original question sort of is how are you going to during his suits now. I remember we talked to Imus I am I going to be wearing the answer I sure am I gonna be won one of not the rink at two. Well Los gentle powdered it on double and Mike going to be wearing one of my rings you answer that question. I think in the long and hard about it now. You don't even know would soon answer is no barter in South Florida another ring on now it's all seem and the overall readiness why this is why I guarantee it. You're scared of being robbed on the streets of Manhattan. Don't. Result not be walking this jewelry soaking in the clothes somewhere in rec acorda Pearl Jam shirt and and camel. Shorts and we order chip did you Marines did you get every as ridiculous allowed not ever that I know why he's not wearing it what you think because he doesn't want the person on a plane sitting next from the start asking questions all. And it's like I had not thought about that that is fair point I've not thought about and no it never prisons and you know here realization I'm so you can carry any time that I've worn my rings like you know I went to lob arm it's the last yum boss's office somewhere Anderson dress in nice I Wear the ring on the plane it's a compliment my degree high. I'm wearing on. OK so I'd not thought what you just said there it's it's it that's probably ruin it's a reasonable explanation it's not the answer. Are the answer after thinking long and hard about it OK at the gala tonight. A lot of baseball players' bodies on a lot of when an all right Allen got by you people actually earned our guess is that actually earned guys on our arena and yeah I can't okay punitive Cantu especially because especially because. A lot of them. Or at. Actually world champions okay elect there's guys who played for the Red Sox or yankees OK I would love and and my guests my guests I love the rings and I want Weber. Well my guess is these guys are probably not wearing mirroring is okay so they're not there and herrings. That they play eat it. And earned from playing. I I can't where I really I love to witness I recently I need a picture viewer and Danny post it up like Miami style. And you given the fist pound with the ring out front and had any don't know Jack and however it does not a got a I don't have an army. It's not happened I really think you're gonna for dealing ME. We don't know exactly you know I know time and when might be on my advisor Graeme IE no jacket no tuck no time I mean look that's common represents. That's now that's out. But I thought long and terrible and not on our enemy also Atlantic also there is a factor or not want to lug it out or more you know my personal data there is that factor. That it's a pain he had to keep cool room with a nice jacket man. And can go wrong but it's not necessary. And it's not necessary Jack listen I'm zero jacket represented a I asked the host you're having. Show. You come on now. You write I am gonna be rep in the show that is true and I think look nice man. I think emote going to be proud army doctors are down and you being delivered Jessica nice in the just fine. I I shouldn't judge you are right after settling settling for mediocre. Past the host of these morning jacket. Oh boo boo you are exactly. But I don't look I would look up on the look up. It did deer headlines and look up on the invite here what the if it says ending about a tire and every inch. Cut. Moyer gonna be a world heard the says black tie only these headlines abroad you racing and I'm not. Date you or backyard barbecues the next level with instant savings from Sam's clubs Avon electric smokers bronze at sea and when he more. Seem. You know it is a really good point that extra brings up. The people that are going to be there chances are you like taking pictures with people and you like having them and in their nice to put up your hall of fame right inner wall of fame what's. Pulled champions all the champions and the you would like to have yourself wearing a nice jacket standing nexus some of these people they're gonna be at this event. Collectively you actually got a nice look nice and little hairy guys it's bringing it there or curves and picking them up. Our prayers Allen manually. The NBA announced its 20162017. All and be eighteen or use the first team looks like this James Harden wasn't Russell Westbrook LeBron James go wider Leonard and in any Davis. Second teams up curry Isiah Thomas Kevin Doran and on to get condemn that that nobody you heard a maritime you blew yeah is Anthony who literally had to bow. That's a little bits they're thirteen John while the martyr then dream on green Jimmy Butler India underage jordin has on Whiteside is completely snug. Total votes at attempt seventh. On the center. Let me show it now with the spoil the thing I imagine you're probably well you put your shirt on you're gonna have the anti per sprint stains going on the side and Alec the white he'd anti purse or. I don't talk with a clear stop the critz a little bit of a shine on your shirt you're gonna be going through that a vendor to have that not lots of shine for me first or the growing on. The text or raising gala Eagles black tie event with a bunch explanation point I can curve that terrorists are hybrids not. It just did you get the word gala and I binge you gala is the good Ellen Weezer. You know why then you know and it shouldn't be called to Gallup does not black tie. I heard as a herbal black tie events where the person who's running it has to tell you no one's going to be wearing jeans or sneakers. But look not little friend knows you and sometimes your friends don't wanna tell you stuff they're gonna cater to your style. Knowing damn well you ask your wife right now a bay. What should I Wear this gear teach them back reject it in your critical article booby find out moved him like god dude it's cool this is how it always works for freaking guys every time there's an event you never asked the guy what to Wear you always ask his wife or espouse what you should be wearing to an event receivers get damn well you know they're guys regulate. New to show up who cares what drew weren't meant I just want to there's no doubt. Our team receivers all that matters to me imagine you know you're Letterman's talk about. Suit jackets and receiving get on the phone to name's not on and Willis has all Georgian Gordon Hayward meaning they won't qualify for the designated player extension that's part of the new collective partying in the bargaining agreement that can't talk these headlines. That would have added approximately fighters in 210 million dollars due George's contract. I tell you by the really ask my wife last night I got I got what's the route this with my wife study don't have three Jack. Probably I I had my time with not only your it's turning you know everybody dresses up in New York presenting all the listeners to the listeners a little upset with you right now. Either it exotica don't embarrass them yes there has hurt their very I don't know about you wearing a jacket Canada. Only little. RC judges everywhere in New York. James Harden in John Wall however do you qualify for that extension meaning that both players are eligible to bypass free agency it's when he nineteen at four years apart signaling a 116 million dollars to Wear contacts give him on the phone might I just Texan is seabees went. LeBron made ever seem prayer at the eleventh time that ties him with Kobe and Karl Malone for the most all time game two of the NBA Eastern Conference finals at tips tonight 8:30 PM on TNT. Vs self knicks hope to get one on their home court. Isiah Thomas says he's very confident his team. I read you detect Brohm bluegrass and it is I sent him a message last week my message and was dress code on Friday. Question mark. And you right back collared shirts. Probably. And assistant in my case this restraint my case collared shirt. Probably. Won't be any genes or sneakers. Globally and many also added. I'm might Wear a jacket. And tie on in the right here the men put on the right no this is a strange gala you know that. Jeans and sneakers of yesteryear which you're probably referring to are the same and his use of me and I issues I've run issues now it's a little bit him in style to go to the right as Paris sneaks in and he said there's probably no jeans or sneakers and an interest entities and probable and I'm in the right here. You think your boy that I know until an okay. Rights quite Leonard was held out of practice Thursday in his return for game three of the Western Conference finals is quite troublesome right. There you know but like get an idea idea that seated there was big difference between between. Choosing to hold him out a calculated gamble pulled him out of game six last round to be healthy and game seven. And him not being able to play last game number two because you lose that game six are old enough to be LB game seven bogeys fighting a game seven in your backyard any Celtic. You didn't need it. Where if you're gonna hold about a game too because you wanna trees healthy for game number three. Now there's a huge difference between having a game seven in your building winner take all and being down 020. Come on back home again school and say that's not a calculated gamble. He clearly was not able to play game number two and now he's questionable for tomorrow night that's that's a bad sign. Your NHL Western Conference finals the ducks tied that series up at two games apiece with a 32 overtime win against the predators here's what a time in my. Intercepting his Perry. Try to push it could face. Could perhaps go. Talk to redirect them read from long brought married. Him. Ups man. Four of the Western Conference. Finals series created though. Crazy as those mom Texan says don't listen to them Jonathan you do you. Don't try to be like everybody else that's what makes you so good at this yet that's not true because she's actually texting my phone and tell me the opposite of that yes remarks on what I did I beg your mother know not yeah. There's actually is actually texting me and she sang all the opposite to what you disagree or not. Yes it's probably not saying things argument attorneys are using it either you know just doesn't dead giveaway were there but actually telling me everything the opposite to what you dissenter. He's telling you to put on a jackass on a then yes that's right look nice that's saudis the penguins will try to even it up against the senators who lead that series to alignments in 98 PM. Marlins well it seniority no they they did when they tablet they do they lost to the Dodgers 72 I'll give it another go at night 10:10 PM. Nickel Alina gets a start further bets on the slope. Rahm is an amazing. The bronze close last night's. Kaz and play a great game number one. When team one on the road conference finals but don't visits Syria Lebanon dole is a whole way we live. And United Airlines is buying in naming rights to the LA memorial coliseum elements of course where USC plays and where the rams play temporarily and I guess now or 20/20 rapists are hearing that air stadium isn't going to be done now until twenty to twenty. Try just got pushed back to does all the heavy rain Orrin. In LA so three more years now there and it's things out. We say is it's because of heavy rain lately Yasser heavy rain lately which is I think how are they on how to deal with a brain you know Southern California doesn't really don't know what's going on ordering and having. Yes supposed to back their construction. Ain't isn't construction companies from South Florida are no. Know how to. Work your brain usually rained yesterday so visited the latest here in war and I am leaning a scholar believes that he found a loophole that allows. A Jewish people to eat bacon all please please expands. I don't have anything to expand a run but slim may be able to help. Well it's I guess the event that no pork for Jewish people thing came from the book Kovalev ridiculous or whatever I know nothing else is getting very very apparently that apparently that book has found to have been. For priests only or you know a holy people whatever suppressed I'm not really fast. Allows you know it's not for pot the public so we're putting that you hang like the public this random people. They can eat bacon. And also pork is cleaner now a days it's tell us you don't always accused him Jews like Miki eat bacon you know house we do that speed eating. Just by how you are on sale has it tastes so good how dare you I wanna its elected to the crackle leading and not muy Turkey bacon many turkeys and raise any port and Burleson and Yankee group or Reagan days like construction paper. I cutie what ever he behind a brutal for a spot on a regular bacon and sausage on her hands repeats. All right so tonight in game two cavaliers and Celtics don't wanna talk a little mini MBA class we haven't done much that this morning monsoon that axed. Send in tandem thing on an all cash and it's. Folk song commune note data includes not just need. ASEAN are thousands flawed lumber for sponsor tool which hall of Famer we inducted Jeffrey Loria and this week tremendous he joins. Brian wouldn't understand. Heath Bell the three member hang in from the rafters by their underwear tool of the week called fame the 2017. Class. Featured Jeffrey Loria great great job. As we get amend the forty gets outs all right the current and hopefully soon to be very soon to be former owner of the Miami Marlins. Tonight he got game two of the conference finals it's on our air tonight Cleveland and Boston and amortize some than I am. What's the best way to put this I think I'm rooting for LeBron had bought one I'm in this way to put it because you know what. Looking back. Now I do not want them to win against Colmes Salem handling. I would remind you get back to land a second global let's let's focus on the braunfels. And it amber will you money well I'm altered her manager so. Go back to game one where they write it down somewhere what it takes I think you certainly alert an iPhone you remember. When LeBron does the whole turn his back thing to Kelly a winning in the ball between the legs and it's like are right your turn out like that small is going on your turn. You got to donate your turn you're all new defender okay your turn but that's that's what was going on there but I also think what's going on various. There's a little bit. Oh yeah. I remember the things you guys here in Boston you say about. Ollie I remember. I remember all those times rice commented as building a nice Loos those big playoff games on and have the help and you know booby Gibson is my second best player with the Cleveland Cavaliers I remember. The way you guys jeez talk about me here. And now I don't you. Like that's what was going on and there are wins in turn in the back to Kelly eliminate in the ball between the legs. It's I owned I don't view. I don't every guy and this team. I on this is my building now okay gained six for life in 2012. Emirates take your whole your silly precious little home courted and away from you immediately. And tonight. On the goal too low on news that's right think balls and oh yeah it's right that same city yet pour the beer on. And after I almost ended your season a few years ago that's right I only now. That's what was going on. Okay and for me. As an as a Miami Heat guy. It's an extension of what started. OK it debt it started here he was never able to beat Boston. He was never able to win there big playoff games. And then com news comes down here Miami. In 2011 what he did not win the whole thing he had an incredible. Post season win against Boston. And and every one of those years they don't Boston 2012 he had gained six in your building for life. You end and in seven games here Chris spot comes back you all know how that went LeBron James he was amazing. I feel like it's started here. It's an extension. Of LeBron owning Boston when he was here Miami. Is or don't know if you're really trying to steal a little bit in the slammer is what we're doing now where like you're playing isn't with the heat we're now we're rooting for the cab is as an extension don't wanna ever eat cats never had a lot easier land on the hunt brought it's it feels a little a little at that on behind LeBron. On the on the bra. Maybe you pay to be behind it advising you can't be the highly unlikely LeBron and buy it. You will be behind LeBron beat hi is you find it to be an extension. Of the heat eats that fuels this and tied feels a little sad. It's anti Boston the sad part is sad poured could be. Could be us continuing to heat. The rock act could be construed sent why would that be sad well I mean it's it's been a while. It's been a few years film and the brother great things for us okay you can be sour LeBron still that's mine. But but it Haiti LeBron and. Eventually I got dissipated. By a little bit yeah a little bit earlier so Ernie is not on an opposing team not. Bride never hit the bribe a loft for LeBron okay LeBron being down here worked out very very wolf okay that's for sure I'm not stupid. I AI I know what you know I'd I know I know what's what I know my bread buttered rights. And I'm never in with the Cleveland. I'm never gonna root for that Dan Gilbert OK I hate that city. I hate that franchise eight that owner rights. But honey and you can be angry LeBron going back to that I I I obviously don't like that LeBron left only way left only we did to Pat Riley only when does the heat's. By overall ILO for the broad okay. And and by the way and by the way now whether or not you. The lead around not to. Pat Riley's warning over its. Yeah I rarely is there LeBron thing I don't know it adds that's that's for you to believe we're not time cave you don't believe it all right like I can understand that. That's for you to believe monopoly. Your compound rile liar bill Katz in new outlook. On. IE I'd like LeBron and Boston stick it right till now not rooting against colts. I don't want I don't want to win again because I don't want that team to win I want that city to win. Now that donor when again mentally you handle do you hate this Boston team is actually friends doesn't seem somewhat likeable I've nothing against the personnel. I and I think it's a player he'd Isiah Thomas not because I like him not there's no longer those guys Horford Thomas router. Avery Bradley I don't prominence guy Marcus tomorrow but but I don't promenade those other guys know no problem. Blind but still that's celtics' franchise. That the matter is this money he had been exists in the heat of three times many titles as. OK you don't write. And LeBron on them this year he still owns them now and apart on island. And Starwood and here it started here self you're familiar your music right now number one and you sound like. It presents you sound like John a group who anything Puerto Rican is Smart he's claiming like not always I know. This mom is Puerto Rican and he'll be anybody who's. Partially Puerto Rican they're claiming number one number two. You might be like when frank Gore's cousins because francoeur has 737. Cousins down here in South Florida. Anywhere around the coconut grove or University of Miami area. Everybody claims Frank Gore to the fact you're trying to clean. Some founder ray now from LeBron James and finding a way to associated with. Beginning here when damn well know he began in Cleveland. I'm not cult long Cleveland into any into any meeting Boston. You know beating Boston game when he was originally caps not 00. Beating. Boston also different Boston team that's right. Or is this Boston team an extension of the other Boston's game in the hands are LeBron is an extension of the heat enhance our. I want you know and it Billy Joel and in the past. So on the joined what LeBron is is I think doing as you can you do I visa can enjoy it LeBron and because what we're seeing is the best player in the world play some of the best basketball that we've ever seen in our entire lifetimes and probably ever will see in our lifetimes that's what you can enjoy. When you're watching it not because it's some weird extension of the heat that you. Now turned into something that I. In light can stick and it is an anti Munich's engine heat I like him sticking its. Who Celtics and that all Celtic fan. Like my disdain for the cavs to mean is so much more fraction relevant that might disdain for quite a while I don't I don't wanna go at the Emmys is totally different I don't know when only now that it's ended caddies I mean that out you still have Dan Gilbert you still have. Some very likable pieces yeah and that I don't want them to win. A on the beat Boston. You want them to not damage it does not these championship or it's a chance late eastern coverage and guess who the hell cares and no one cares about that. I couldn't care less. Who would not careless. I mean in in into one. Need it in 2015. When they won the Eastern Conference champs are like oil bombed out Obama doesn't when a one Easter cup championship titles final spot. I'm glad because you know right because you know that what his goal is also because they hadn't won yet 11 in the finals couldn't careless conference championship means nothing now he hats. No ceremonies no no banner raising ceremonies for conference styles shows up there and. I'm not waste my time reading either way because we all know what's going to happen what's gonna happen. The cavs are going to make the finals. All anti social like overall easy bucket rooted in the finals and no I hadn't won in the finals or finals I think there might actually be it contest there and English or. I'm rooting for the warriors yeah I'm the worst about analyzing halves grunts I want to cavs to win another chain does slim uses deep pipe down and they're pretty pretty even Heidi down have a fairly near Cleveland love CI every year excellence and into the hands of CI a and an eye spy your rooting for the cavaliers CE. I'm rooting for. The warriors OK because it is. I don't want the city Cleveland to win I can't stand that Dan Gilbert he's he's mis morally bankrupt. By a man to Alec Evan grant. I don't like them and and I like the whole LeBron owning the rant angle he dot gasoline. And I I do I I think it would be interesting. Adding the firestorm. That would ensue. After. The rants. Can't eat. LeBron we even on the warriors would be interesting and bought new storyline throughout the summer. And go into next season with you know from from may a sports media perspective. That would be funny okay. Unity you know LeBron enemy about the pats winning another champion LeBron LeBron and the cavaliers losing it. Is not nearly as fought an angle. As terrain and and the warriors losing now LeBron cavs losing would be the best angle it they never won last year in the first place. That's the best single possible that's Don they won last year so what that said. The best story line is to rants can he knew when to not be able to win sly like that port that is IIQ. Can't root for to. What about sort of they're probably gonna drop surface and create now with the fact that green did what he did last year in the playoffs and possibly cost them in the finals and possibly caught some finals. You can try to make some kind of resurgence about green. To sort all year and ad that's data that's been a lot of white that's that's of the nearly as he continued yet means they are. That's you know I got I heard loud it's hard talking about yesterday where. Since. Dream on green called LeBron ditch him. LeBron is not lost Britain are priced well not rate the regains. The board three games right and regain since in the finals September's three games in the finals. And nine games this series twelve a no LeBron since stream on call in the ditch. And and the numbers are. Brian really hates that word. Danny and Wayne and a yeah semi hug you a bit and worst log on every woman's world ever juniors respond seriously idea it's unbelievable to me that men get so caught up without being called any word please Lyle lock and our series pretends that. Arnold you lose greener responded this way it was the other fellow that I called him pitch which. Which which is an east but for the bulls ugly dude play for Florida. OK a lot of free throw joking. Only a year and that's really ugly some years you heard data when he went on a list. Looks had to deal was hey hey they called the brunt of it LeBron responded by turning around looking up the newest face and saying I am not I am a father and something else. And I have a dream on ended in dream on not funny or somebody's on the frame on responded to him you're still habits. LeBron said and I'm a father of three in a husband was adrenaline of a bit should assume it hasn't lost since which amounts wanna look stupid right. Right is no dispute. Zelaya and remind looks like drama on Adrian and sending it back for kind of lose again to freezing cold tea snacks and these. One pops them. And I. Called earth is flat. Yeah how many times have you turned out of Miami in the sand and that is just empty seats pre news. Weapons are there like other governments in the electorate so much you wanna keeping the freeze. These patriots. Tell. Tell over. I mean you can't fix all to. Yeah. These stats ever seen Monday morning and it's bunt by East Coast public adjusters got assets covered call 855 get ECPA or visit East Coast public adjusters. Dot com. Gonna connect here with. Mr. freeze freezing cold takes in a moment here and beat Tyson about mr. freezer. Tell us he was on NFL network a couple mornings so premise that you showed me that you know him and you big time surprises slow time for herself and he's also bigger than I would expect you know you never really get their. Put a face with the voice usually in. Priest is a big Fella would mean bigger like he's my home in Israel is positive on TV are you talking about is a model an inverse. Not an arm and I'll DA's in my high eighties maybe I don't know fifteen pounds heavier than he's a bigger arm Miette TV cameras don't assume you know but you just like your size to Maine again. But it and it's not like he was on the phone. On NFL he was in a studio. For like ten minutes. On the NFL network's morning show couple days ago on sort of press guide national network TV ads and that's a big deal is under is fairly well Bryan. Yeah and it's its own dog don't really came from you know so he he's this year and deride fuel dancers convenience stores gas I truly sense beyond convenience. Fred Segal as mr. freeze from freezing cold takes morning. Aaron yeah I hope you weren't too promiscuous with that I will be saved all that pay for us. You know I didn't do I didn't do that hey open that they work. They don't you're ready for the hell of Scranton on network and are ready. How does this come about lately it is. They they just called the other and said hey we won a fly you into our studios didn't and. Yeah well 202 and hard to match you up here trigger. And title Brent. They all exactly come on this oh. At least think the only piece you come on the show but it's not like. I never actually thought it was a real. Images like that then. Recently they the producer acting on declining to me an email actually share and we are about to do is that couple weeks ago and then. We were about to. Scheduler and I had to New York anyway it will work went into act in. The package come on I'm wondering yet. Also is so you're going there anyway so worked up perfect. Right right right well I was gonna go on no matter what. But we are to schedule it broke wintertime it's not. Did you make I don't NFL's got a lot of money do you make them bigger flight. Late happy because uncle who were. I can't they. It would get it worked out I was cool with it. I can't. Apparently are clearly your tire worked out as well as your New York you figure you don't address nicely and were soon. On television moment yeah boy some really nice looking people and then word is out as the opening this because those attending a gala in New York City tonight and is telling me he's wearing a pair of slacks and button. You know dad here. Well whenever elsewhere in there but it presents ICK total gala that raises a lot of money with a Gleason here Heidi Pasadena. Yeah we here earlier heard gala you think I'm sorry mister free. I think not so regular gal gal moved into capital. I think I think that my tires going to be perfect but that may be double CNET could be freezing cold take by the end of another you know they are all right gay give us so we had a couple minutes here mr. freeze what do we have this week. All right I'm Michael will climb back in 1990 SI. Article in the Washington Post. Kevin Garnett. Prepped our Kevin Garnett is MBA look gold foolish move to go to the NBA. Straight from high school he should be steady per day CT. Could it mean he sees it this time he's one of the the wealthiest. NBA players of all time. It it it it I would say a study the AZT would be massive waste of time for Kevin Garnett. That's. A great take by by banning the bulls and as Michael will bond excellent excellent job what Ozzie and as a priest. It's really funny the Miami Herald sports account back in 200910. We did it occur right. I came to be and expand. And would exert that exactly. Yeah. We actually want their curry. Is better. Johnny Spillane. Dummies. Now I posted it and then a day later someone admitted it was them who guy named David you know and it. He worked over The Herald. And he said he would accidentally at the beginning of Twitter he had his own account. The only bad thing and has eternal and county acting like quote it arrow out they get nobody use Twitter than. Nobody noticed. Was it like it was never a positive thing back then and where yeah. That would get screen grabs and particularly at one point so how did you find it's. I was looking for how is looking for having an amateur at about curry. Back at the time could curry were having a great game on Tuesday night and is looking to coming around that I'm not curry. Drag and it's a good and then there about Leo Leo what time for war morning mr. freeze what does he got our art. And more importantly a lot of time talking about being a big star of the New York City. Right OK there it can't nauert lacked here during the final. LeBron is simply no longer in his prime sari. He is more like that man not Superman. You know look obviously it's a freezing cold tank like a lot of people including myself. You know would fall into that category I I thought that we Miami got his best years. And that's not true we're actually sharing his best use of the cavaliers right now you under an add on. Rhetoric great point we got a crime. Yeah I would wait yeah I mean essentially and insane the same thing for a couple years that we got his best years snap that's trio. Our. Still though it's still not those are good cold tanks but nothing ever tops the the original freezing cold take right mr. freeze. It's time it ethics code now I don't know. No no no the original freezing cold take is it's time the dolphins trade Dan Marino. Greg Cody has bet that it took it straight Eric and grant then portrayed Marino period. The alzheimer's attributed. Greatly to our. It's an easy answer yeah I figured I'd do you know freeze eagle takes. Excellent picks or their New York City get back on how but the NFL he saved the NFL few blocks he was already on note that the series leader rise above the first class. Right all right it's Amber's gotcha headlines snacks.