ZRA Part 2 5-22-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, May 22nd
Kawhi Supermax, Zaslow voicemail, Tool of the Week

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You. That's those voicemail. It's also news you know the big threat bad news or message you know to do so. A live. The super boys not to the big east stupid face. I. Ladies here perhaps. Weeks you meet it they'll know or should at least I thought. Eight tees off. Just goes like Linus. It's professionals. Do not. Audit found out on not just got a taste comic fan out all I. I. Now. Feeling you'll see turns it orange rockets. They've had voicemail. Otherwise it's. I guess. I had a segment boys now are much strain that Tobin has access your words why don't jacket so I have been doing warming. Hey let's say coach McCain's base located Jim Morrison's last season of the year you can hear cain's base all right here on the ticket. That includes teams run in the ACC tournament they play tonight against Notre Dame at seven and Thursday night against Clemson at seven and were carry both games. That's right here on ticket. In two minutes are now you'd have a chance when a thousand bucks. And wall security tool the week here in the 7 o'clock on about twenty minutes and Morgan have. A four pack of tickets to Tbilisi Lego land Emeril morning coming up in a couple minutes here has some reaction but the Cleveland Cavaliers even up the best seven series two games apiece. Last night as they'd they bump the Celtics terrible game it is in a almost two weeks since we've had a close basketball game the NBA player has been pretty lousy for a couple of weeks a year. And it's disappointing because. The Cleveland Boston and there's there's a rivalry aspect not necessarily between the two cities between Boston and abroad there's a huge rivalry there and the games have been poop. And the other side Golden State in Houston you know wait all year for them match up. Is it which leads everything's been leading up at the championship OK and everything has been leading up to Colmes state and Houston and the games. Had been Pope. And in the games in the NBA finals are going to be true. The games are probably not to be very good. In the finals okay Golden State against whoever they like OK we Bossidy can be Cleveland Oakland doesn't matter but I. I don't I don't think it matters I think that this is probably gonna conduct. Lot of times. And this Cleveland Boston series looks like it's going to be a lot and I mean it is going to be a long series released six it looks like it's got seven games written all over it. Normally these kind of series. When you get to the leader gains 567. The games and that tightened up a bit. OK I do think that starting tomorrow night with Cleveland Boston. The gains are going to be tight okay both teams in dollar feeling out process nonsense. And you know teams are going to be less inclined to take chances you don't make the mistake somebody's we face nomination after tomorrow night. I eat a whole league spec the rest of the way here games five and six net there's a game seven to be very close. In the Eastern Conference. We heard van Gundy last night talking about it they sit at the basically right now with this layoff that's gonna happen the next travel dates. Bomb both these teams are gonna go back and see what worked what didn't work especially the way that they're getting beat it seems a targeting beat. It was Stephen's comments was throughout that game was ultimately on the switch offs on the mismatches Cleve and it's finding ways to go and isolate. Some other mismatches on on some ball Boston's defenders so I think they're gonna look at. Which ones work which ones don't work and it's gonna be a little bit more of of a game war going on as opposed to just regular passing the basketball on finding out your mismatch. We've had a close game a couple weeks I I I do think the rest of the games we know boss are going to be close the other the other side I don't know because or going back or all right. In gold senior glad that tonight is in Oakland yes tonight in Oakland and the Eastern Conference series has gone back to Boston tomorrow it's. Hey you wanna 1000 dollars or get your morning started all you do sexson were a year year to 72881. Boom that's a good start your day boating a thousand dollars in excess stuff that our national contests message and data rates may apply. Don't text and drive. These kids WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SP HD true Miramar. As it is too much fire power in the other series it seems for the games to be close. You know I EE a blanket all of a sudden curry and Thompson hit 33 pointers in an eight point game now seventeen. When your betting on the other team or the other few players not playing well. As your winning opportunity. It's. And it worked as a little bit of preseason there is little hold your breath aspect to where it's I'd seen you know hope that Corey doesn't make the 44 threes tonight. But again I think if he's in continues make baskets as opposed the missing I think there were like eighteen for 22 at one point in the game. The other night and the first series they were horrible they missed a lot of I mean the first game they missed a lot of shots as well I think the only thing that separated him was in the second game they. They kind of did away with the the isolationist as not as much as they did in game one. And they also have the ability to make baskets they actually put the ball in the group. In the second game as opposed of the first in the third. Boy got here amber what are we got today. The Miami Dolphins began OTA's today brain T an email expects to participate in all practices. Pool. Club and all in all drills do Mirza just. Kind of selective participation. Says he's participating in all practice times students get after it only got are they go the Miami Marlins lost to New York Mets team that. The series continues tonight Caleb Smith verse and Zack Wheeler 7:10. PM first and. It's. Totally out of that into it no. Libya's have you watched nine innings of marlin Nina this year. Yes or why outlawed the circumstances there man U I he's nothing else going on out there. And there was very early to go molds to start let's see what this is gonna look like and it's been awhile though. It's been awhile will you watch nine innings Omon team again this year. Ms. poses some is a noted ago but then again Don Manuel probably to peppers on the sixth inning so probably no. I am not watch nine innings and no one game. OK I am not watch nine innings and anything you leader. After the seven that things way too hot sunny afternoon but it don't have the roof open I can't against it there. So I united not state that game I have not watch nine innings on Marlins game on television. And I cannot foresee a situation where it will. The Cleveland Cavaliers and even up the Eastern Conference finals beating the Celtics in game 4111 to one and two here's what is conflict. Remakes clothes are in and remixed. Runways for high hills street gets picked up by arrows here plus grab and on the hill fired the freedoms of. Night and LeBron put up 4440. Thank Jane that. He passed cream Abdul Jabbar an all time playoff field goals steers the LeBron about accomplishment. It's an oracle from small city 35 miles off your it in Germany same category. You talked about. Companies one knows he's Briggs and playoffs it's like I was a kid wants to play also must know let alone your part that. That moment that that atmosphere. I think is pretty cool. Your score and feel rules mandated. There for a kid that really don't care much about storm. Thank Justin Thompson at thirteen points twelve rebounds Kyle Korver put up fourteen point to series continues tomorrow night in Boston. Tonight is game four of the Western Conference finals the two in the warriors in the brackets. Arm blow out city just. How do you it if you're Houston. How do you talk yourself into saying you know lay out forty points or cares it's god knows when this game tonight. And I I really think you see dead team walking tonight I don't. I think you got a dead team walking the Houston Rockets. I don't know I don't know I come back from 41 points now obviously the wars aren't 41 point better than anyone know once 41 points better than anyone. But I. I mean I ID a B Houston if the if you're gonna if you're going to be eyes of the yourself fear you you know you're not close this warrior team I think Golden State is going to loose. Bulk of them tonight. Iguodala is doubtful for tonight with his knee injury took off from oracle set for nine Pia was gonna be the voice in the locker room though you know for you guys gonna get who were a speech on on tonight. I don't know man and it's Chris Paul Chris Chris Paul's easy. He's the guy yeah. I mean he's the guy easier to bring the MVP of the league is not gonna go up there and say something all I don't defend his. Title as and as and B I don't see how he is I'll save that he's gonna say something that's not that's not his style though I don't see champion. Hardened style that maybe that may edit his blessings peso and a bell Chris Chris Paul is definitely a leader on that team 100%. 100% but does not many teams are the leader. That's true though I mean it was itchy you hated it but if you put it he wore the outspoken leader guy can't deny it is obvious and easy times is not the outspoken leader guys that wanna you wanna hear from its again it never says anything. That usually goes ahead and and almost and he speaks in that resonates a little bit more with Chris Paul's iron crystals that cause Goldman get work man. He's he's begin work period golly he's been knowledge using in this series. The capital's worst games seven shutting out the leaning at the reason here's what is not a lake on capitals radiant hour. Am man hockey. He ended down an anti queue up over an hour now and don't think did I did. But. Grade now it's. Yeah price them police still search bar and I'll Russians. Plus seconds slow and blue book there's not a fan. It's gonna do it okay. Eight games. You do it in a hockey calls you don't along with that. Man like image of him being year 30 this morning you're gonna go and I so don't wanna go to make Stanley Cup final I've never been hosting and you're fine a couple of card you'd call. And now not what I had anyone call relay Washington was the call right we have a station into employee producer Mervyn. I'm not promoter would have to tell you out of excuses for where you went slipped in his room. You are talking about a person who now lives in San Diego and has for years. And it was not ritual and it was not ritual whose only when I was gonna say it all out who's us did you sleep but the good news show one time. Brits Herrera known who is not reachable for operators and then I love okay food label that the very different people not a single person was and yours now. And periods here referenced by no. I I would consider going to a Stanley Cup final game if it's Tampa if standard makes that I've never billion. Bomb. Comic team 7 eastern Colorado both Toobin on the lots. That's an expensive ticket man because. That is believe it or not that is a serious hockey town Tampa. It is a very very fast and the Wilson's throwing error occurred at the Pope or. Now I don't know man I know very expensive and broke while waiting game. Very expensive you're telling me the Wilson family museum doesn't have some. It does not have a little lightning wing now it's. Now. Carl Levin and Jimmy if Avis and find out who the owners of the lightning all we might have some kind of past relationship of a permanent Augusta is the only place I like is what my stock is on the rocks. I certainly got there's little bit of fox and an afternoon and then go and check out the game on Wednesday's. Don't. Good phones and Kris talks. That would be phenomenal unleashed the walks once they're on the how much you think you take his routine seven in Tampa. Not upper decks are we there to get the lower bowl or club level 800. And there it's so that is settled down at 800. Hello all six global or club yet to get into a little more club it's. It's the 3.5 is Kenyan. Three Tony five. I expected to be will be more expensive than that isn't like regular season Miami Heat tickets at a leg down in the lower bowl literally for 500 books usually thought of that much but they they get expensive. 325. To get into the lower level to get into the building Dow in Tampa. On Wednesday night's a little at 200 dollars that's doable. I didn't even get in the building earlier 200 dollars. We'll have must be fun man game Saturday in Eastern Conference championship. Run games anyways. She go Imus at a high stakes game like that I do a lot of frenzy turned up at the games and laws. Der Sar yes I would love to go don't ever spend that money and I don't know rooting interest. I'll spend my battery interest. Not spending that money you know and if it's not a final game. When I'm just gonna be sit there and watch images. So cool and end date this really deserves it more than any alien world but my my best run back home. They did the lightning the lightning had a raffle. During man. Regular season and on the last game of the regular season they won and the entire thing it's like to overturn a now's not no way unbelievable they had them on the ice and everything mule a whole family. So massively in band sounds appealed to go on the lightning so that the rich Richard. It sounds like. Now reach out there there being unbelievably hard working people. Deserve that most. Hard work and that's why we're presuming that they would the money through this morning and some of the Wilson's remember good people used little since it was a little is that it was there's an idea in mind. He also did did you raffle for a friend I did not invite could've fixed it words for this Stanley I definitely would have. Did Abbott has a few friends that are in need of some assistance to you that what you're doing and do anything to help them out if we must we'll call up the lightning owners who just watches those roots skin around. He'll frozen envelope trick. I know it's only a couple 100000 dollars hoods buster and a spot please let's do it give them don't. Sent to opiates that they'll get it and we're that would go I don't see adding money for this family yesterday. As they were able to put it did put college on the way you're right. Sort of pay off their mortgage Leo yeah it's crazy he's right by my guess is they have still O'Brien asked conga room. You writes a husband to pop my my best friend works like fifteen hours a day in Tampa everyday another island there's an arm and Dallas. Pocket change and a as very cool story. That you guys me. And the house. The spurs plans offer quiet Leonard a five year 219. Million dollars is an act deal notice that does that man hybrid that's been a little bit. I had two and nineteen million lit. Would men December adding I think when ever turn down the super Max no right I'm I'm kind of willing to certainly to some bodies or how do you turn down it's had a problem in my mind he. And in the organization during the years said. Yet he's ready to go in and hurt my feelings. To the point right got upset with everybody and they came back it's who hears toward 69 dollars I make double Popovich so fast I'd say you could say whatever the hell you want about the media. Yeah 216 million innings out of life be so bad it went to San Antonio Spurs who by the way or is greater organization sports is there is. How can you like be so bad with the San Antonio Spurs that 220 million dollar inning and exit in his state where there's no state tax. I don't anywhere. Let go anywhere and finally. Reportedly John Seaman Nikki speller back together yeah that's crazy gives us this ad is you've got way too fishy for me. Sometimes this is you replied I don't know I shouldn't wide sum total bell is just ran the last couple days ago solid evidence does good you know what to go to quit. I don't know what episodes use up a subtly adjust Tina seems. It seems full of weird always easy Jerry stuck up. Well no he just seems labored on me he's just like breezy with the rules and the and yet he seems super controlling again I you crazy. Yeah it or not he frankly does nine. Seemed very fun to to be you know and so I can actually you know no longer a. It actually made my wife feel more comfortable because she knows what developed ones look like that's as good man or they before. Which in and got pregnant. And then episode that she watched. One of the bell as sisters was. Massive like really really be trying to do like yoga thing. It used to knoller and her belly was hanging out everywhere yeah and pentagon in the way to reading them are not on oh here's a critical part of this went down pregnant. So my wife was like that's what the one sister looks like and that's what the other system. And they do exactly wins in four she's right that gives me hope. Is me we it would it would mean it is our hope that. Of getting back to normal. Oh because that's his it and then bounced back because it means you obvious she's pregnant now your life as she had like the whole I'm pregnant and I would not against worries in your way to bounce back wrapped to his already because the wife he's Phillies are to big below that's what happens apparently a marked the bigger you get. There's also be able to bounce back. I hopes I have eight. Any other lists and then you wanna decent country kids join you and your family have a Lego land off family four pack of tickets. For you and your family go light a lot of what you your boys junior crew okayed only a weird. You and your family okay a four pack. Stanley for bag tickets to go to Lego land that is the prize for two all the weeks a lineup right now 786360. 0792. All the week next. State radio dot com had been ill homeless seven idea dig down and it today listen to us anytime anywhere else wonderful been lines war tool of the week if you wanna get in 763600790. The price today really good rise Stanley Ford back Lego land all right conquer the dragon coaster. Driver's license splashdown build a raft river and a whole lot more. And the only theme park that has built for kids like to win floaters from now until July 31. Bring an empty twenty ounce bottle any Coke called product until I go and water resort. Ticket window and receive forty hours off a pork only or water park combo tickets. And elders good for one discounted ticket per twenty ounce bottle called coal product that has brought in. So a family four pack of tickets to Lego land that's pretty great right there let's get tool. It's time for that Tuesday tool of the week. Breast Cuba Florida lumber more than just lumber for nearly fifty years. Bloomberg's front and service quality experience the home owners and self sort of visit their website and portal without comment see why there are more than just lumber. Bias you know how this works. You give us your nominee. We're gonna vote. And then when I say yup with a winner all right so tool the week let's start out with Roswell give Roswell the first crack data glad Roswell we got. They are morning guys come on nominate my father in law truck pulling the biggest tool will be born daughter we were kind of waiting for like eight months and it. About to release before the wedding gown because of what you want them by an Israeli prime complete book. We don't Google Wave to the pitcher taken all underwritten by the right as you can go. And he called great blog she can go and I can't they got and I'm not want her I'm not walking out on the island am I won the wedding. The wedding they came in Paris or not they're a lot like Don Young. And now known and OO so what's. I'm brought on is solar of the repercussions like what's the relationship like now moving forward. Well she he basically pro and I doubt that he'd shot that day session a lot popular and important to have brought down. Dazzling her parents brought her brother has ordered on the other morning and yet that these dead to me that's wrong and I mean podium now ros all of it if you win you would bring him with you illegally and it's. In Norway and I mean I you. I trigger anybody but he has been on tour and the other pock book bank they hope so. It is a real opportunity to got coming out where but we're going to go to him. Hang on Roswell hang on May and it made me a better place for forgiveness and Michael and the bloods thicker than the Jain do it yet he's can't have necessary. Here is Chris Chris go ahead what are you guys tomorrow. The morning guys are well that's rope men authority independent. But not out by XP or what but Brit two and a half year old daughter. You know I repeatedly poll what are we await the rate they're they're they await the rate they ricochet at the Kohl. Now they vehicle that they're radical. But white at the Kohl. How did it it's show I'm a little bit hyper. And it's about it's about the stately. I'd say yeah cities locally as I said I'm old so allowed on there are some really bad stuff going on right now man and I hang on here is Xavier and Xavier glad we got. A local paper I would like that they got that that that merit pay will Spain beat Larry by Buick. About our company Cabrera I'm gonna nominate a Broward County sheriff ports shot we've been spilling dvds and Star Wars figurines on the Wal-Mart. And years is okay he would problem Mark Teixeira today was clearly discriminate Spiller putting out other David if it. You can look on where party actually got called shot live in the UV who are what Greg Pickett. Now and I know this is this a BS so all the stories is. Are. You good deputies are being here better all look exactly Teixeira played now guys you are at can't have a beverage group of cash. Okay I'm on the check that out I hang on hang on you Xavier. I mean that is that is a new bad about his leg is out as well as smooth and a huge that you're gonna steal from Wal-Mart and hoping that your you're going to do DL stint Star Wars fashion John. He would not unless I absolutely best friends about how they're Houston's got Israel obviously is in trouble this whole Auckland installment Doug without doubt there he steal it from Wal-Mart on cam today in bad shape. Equally there real rough here men I have got to yeah that is that's got to the deputy I would be clear about that period is up Mike Michael ahead of you got. I'm certain are good morning. Second interpret that burst collar way to compare your order. So that's what I saw him on my dual my my two little weak is and you order and Erica unmet. That being that posted online were aware there and I use your laurel or whatever the other alerted anyone that didn't hear rule I think I don't know what the hell yeah. Floral or Yani so you heard oral. Briere I don't know how you could not editor at laurel. All right the people are Yoni all right hang on Mike gets a good one let's look at the Buick has pressed play. The people who do period you guys didn't do it here and now we hadn't. Let's OK well time when does it tell us that tells you just include an throughout. You know contact page cup points to beat today but I'm Margot and whoever that will woods that winning installed ram herbs. Golf clubs don't wallet. Aren't real Lerner garage. That is totally weak. All right hang on lazy member Romberg last week Kia the beauty find out what element the deal was without everything no more golf clubs can't play golf never again. That's. All right here we go out here that nominees for a four pack of Stanley four packets are used for Lego land we in the father in law who refuse to go to the whites. Onto his daughter's wedding because he couldn't invite his his FaceBook. Girl okay you got the daughter who got everyone and how sick. You got the Broward county sheriff's deputy OK who's stealing what is it act. And figures you know as dvds and action figures out starters this season and every day for thirteen years it's all activities allegedly allegedly is the dvds backed repeat what woman is some listening good. Mus we know. So hot so allegedly those. It was out of five dollar barrel as it no really writes about our that's our we got someone who Whitley got the floral or Yoni whoever whoever heard Yoni OK. And we had a guy whose sole out of Robert struck who took his golf club good nominations and through this week this is a very good we I'd ever go ahead we got. Ideally the idea of making a two year old at the tool of the week but I'm gonna have to go with the father in law hill is so hung up on some. FaceBook broaden that he didn't want his daughter Donna I'll although all. It is true that mega Markel did just make it trendy and OK to lock yourself down the aisle still. You gotta sell for about what Romberg. I can't go with the guys that chose the giant over the family robbery you don't you don't pace is if you don't go to your daughters when you still gonna pay Fuller writes. Mothering there in the opener don't do you see you still have to pay another three daughters promised another one coming I asked my dad during Kurtz below. A few days ago and I'm. At a dinner we went to dinner in my data and we and we tried third out there and I said. You are you can you help us all with the it was a pretty soon I hope for your own way to the problem is that all of I'll let you know that spot not a sport you can't out it's all. I am. Hammel had gotten rough message from him what is contribution is so I said Jason Terry you've been married now less than that that may help determine where we get married do that you're not that it might be the word out. And and he was very big. She's opening maker and number get a little budget by a very. Hey I've got money that we get scrape together enough Muster had a good it's an old I am off to wonderful destination weddings. Well the fun is not the pavement to Mary saw the boy let's be honest though I go now father loves soccer play. And then I asked what my sister did. And then he informed me and my sister had mostly paid for her own language that I'm so now I mean I. Assistant us again is desperate facility of children's the great grandkids and they have. Mucho. Monies don't have a lot of money of zone. So likable became whole oval they may be tough to call loved all the sock. Looks like we're gonna gonna go get weather that one of low houses or have throughout the globes. Mary. Private jet them over the measly house in Mallorca. Possibly have over the south of France are gonna do some. Shenanigans work over there. We got totally did. Two weeks have to be. The father or mom and a Saturday at Texas and as well talking about. Some father Mohamed a drug withdrawal had to get escorted out of the wedding by a police are on the same one now not on different guy but my god the father lost stories from other businesses it. Not a well told and we got. Many of the young who have the as a was okay all right. The bothered loss situation also that is that is to any American who have my clubs stolen nominate you to name and go there right so simmered down over there Roswell Rosalind you get a four pack of tickets were Jimenez Stanley L Roswell accrued a Lego land the right you make it weird bring up. Bring EA EAU new wife and I don't know yet maybe don't have kids yet so bring light nieces and nephews or something right yeah. Outbreak OK very good how you look at. I don't I mean I'm Russell you know information guide critic idled on the same people can't have children of lets not only say yes I don't know maybe you do of the kids but if you don't bring me you know brings. The judges. Thinner. All right congratulations Baird who brought. It'd be tough. It'd be tough to type. And Ozzie and call for. Cup received. Knowing that things broken not not not broken it all depends how you as regular coffee and coffee runs all reloaded now Google would this machine to get regular cup. We got an email from our boss beast yesterday is that it was going to be a week before everything in that Nancy Hoffman she was reloaded there's no court that he delusional hot chocolate the original French Renault there's no cappuccino all it is espresso and black copy. Is your boy they'll look the bishop. The bishop. But perish from the royal wedding Manny on Good Morning America is right there's a steal Jesus and all our oil and what he is a star do you race still all on TNT live yesterday today's Oliver Good Morning America now now it's beatable was he her Megan Markel was he like. Her. I guess at a Chicago went incest should know from Chicago or wherever -- Los Angeles orderly exit row on two exam LA is delicate game lead bishop I guess it well today no embryos from LA and he is in Chicago so how they pick him I'm guessing he's a famous. I'm guessing he's a theme is huge Jakes was an available. I'm I'm guessing he's one of the more famous ones on the content a guy that's I'm guessing I don't I don't know what her he was owner and dual connection was to him but he's got to tell a knock out. He did it big time minus you don't get you don't get to do royal wedding and washer a big deal you know my guess is the game six minutes that he took sixty. My guess is everything was to them minutes at that rally map how do you see how they arrived in the nose that was a remarkable what would happen to shoot 67867. Minutes between six and eight minutes all the cars pulled up. And then all the famous people are not produce new book the royalty they know what they do win. There on point I mean it was like clockwork. They know their Dylan is all of I think they gave him the six minutes and he took six. A. I like the royal snub you think that I like right I'd like. And Americans watched this royal wedding many other routing. More than any other parent and more than any other in a lot more than Kate William and exit costs and makes sense because she's by Rachel she's running cynics laws she's blankets and marinara and America's Americans but the biracial part is I mean that that event that has certainly enhances the interest around the world but also I think it is specifically when you're talking about Americans I think it's because she's an American. Like it. So last night to Cleveland Cavaliers they beat up the Boston Celtics have just tuning in now. They want 11110 to the game was not that close it was it was a fifteen point game the entire night. It's the first game has been decided by single digits and almost two weeks but that team was not close. These NBA playoffs had not been good for the last couple of weeks nothing but blow out year in the conference finals. And and for the most so I was not good Philadelphia Boston was excellent. OK in the second round but overall the the second round was not cool rates and the east conference finals have been and I mean terrible. Now I do think that Cleveland and Boston's going to be tight the rest of the way. I think the rest of the games are going to be close and answers but the other series I don't expect close games. And part of that is because like I think this does it last year or maybe it's starting in two years ago where the but I think it was last year where. So many blowouts. In the post season. And I remember right by her fury and I think it's rights which is because of the way the three point shot is used now. There is a much greater. Tendency for the games to be blow outs through and to be ten points or more because. So you know the teams are playing faster and their shooting more more threes. So all the sudden a seven point lead becomes a sixteen point lead it. In just you know 45 seconds games become out of hands a lot coming help. The warriors. Rockets scheme the other night. Goes a fifteen point lead at halftime. The war is won by forty warn it. What you wasn't the whole game was building and building and building to the 41 point lead you know there are fifteen out to 125. After two and a 35. Yeah it was a fifteen point game early in the third quarter. And it ended at 41. Lately don't get it at. So it's lack of defense or lack of trying to tables I mean sometimes that's gays I don't think Houston was trying to get it right. But overall defense in the MBAs excellent defense is better than it's ever been in that leads more sophisticated the players are bigger and stronger and faster the better defensively. The legal overall. Look good receiver Jeffs. A I think when it I think speaks good defense and our league. It's the only sport it's like that Smart it you know a Major League Baseball pitching is going to be hitting. And it it in hockey you know the goaltending our goaltender you are right okay defense wins championship football defense defense usually get beat out the offensive football. But it basketball good offense could be good defense. When I mean I don't think he why is he says defensively minded team none. Why is those it to the front reminding Arabs all the more here's the thing okay the teams that win the championship the great and everything. OK it's like hey you know demons when championships yet it divas of gyms and also really good at all it's like the teams that win championships. In in any sport usually really good. You know everything would you categorize a cavs is really good defense this dance team know and also not gonna win. Oh an NBA championship I mean they might when an eastern conference on the whole thing. Here's the thing cool when a writer coach say were not gonna get beat on effort that just seems like you don't have the athletic ability. Or the star power or the firepower to an accomplished greatness you have to your kind of balance it out with just extra effort and top defense. I just spells out lack of ability to. She is so funny that sport and where most people would've looked double two games in Boston and while Cleveland they just they just got no chance. And then you go to Cleveland and it's completely different ball one quarter it's all important in that sports. And enix a little bit of sense from Boston's perspective right now. Although this happens all the time with Boston's perspective it makes sense because you're relying on really on on a lot of young guys. The only not young guy that you rely relying on for Boston is now more for. Al Horford can play the same home. But you're you're relying on. Browner. And rouge year. And smarts. And Tatum. These are very. Young players. And to that effect. Holman road is gonna wind up making a difference the younger players don't have the playoff experience yet the road the road playoff games. We're going to wind up being a little bit tougher. But it's the only sport that's like that as a matter hockey as a matter of baseball does matter and football media except maybe the weather. In the weather plays a role in football OK depending on when the teams or. But would basketball. And it's such a drastic difference. No reason or visit the intimacy of being close but her growth. Players support raising his eyes and oops the same size man. I don't have a good explanation boards. Like why should the crowd yelling. Why should crowd being loud. I think that authentic professional player and are on top of you in football knows there's inherent. OK that guy is easy to communicate verbally and all of you don't really need to make me -- and you're so close to a chilly outside hand signals but a lot of it is viewpoint lake when your on the court things at home users use the sight lines of yeah a lot different than it is other places new. Now. Senator through glass backboard seeing the color scheme behind that backboard and other makes a difference like whenever I've been on a professional basketball court which is a few times. It's like mess around a shoot around when you could when you have certain angles for you could lose the backboard or you lose the rim because of dollar scheme might get that I can understand that but. But dent in terms of just crowd noise for me that that's the most difficult thing with communication between quarterback you geek you're jumping offside penalties you guys and knowing when to start guys not knowing the play because you can hear it any kind of. Audible system that makes sense it and I'll put this in but at the same time though. The home field advantage for football in May that drastic it is in college ball yes you'll want to redo the kids. Will be your into your dealing with a motions and I think that that's what you get the NBA and I think that the reason that you get an emotional reaction from. Professional players the ambient levels because the crop can practically touch. College it's a huge U college that all my god it's so hard when on the college basketball it's so hard code makes cents. But at the professional level you know you're on the free throw line you crowds throughout errors money and it's such a huge and is home court advantage in the NBA. News and sports on like that's. Ms. out there yup pocket at the the play and they don't care also the team like Boston you are dealing a lot of young players bought that that's that that the outlets that age or income Boston's when it's still has an in this instance would all stand you can rationalize its. But in general. With the NBA it's a huge deal the home court eventually it was balls and team. Yes like I said you're relying on a lot of you on the guys OK and that's going to be a difference maker home and road. But overall on the MBA with seat every year. Home court is so did. Post game reaction from last night at your headlines next.